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North Carolina Newspapers

The western Democrat. (Charlotte, N.C.) 1852-1870, August 19, 1856, Image 4

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t-j Ji. ’k, ;n,i . .'tiriinti d tlx- dmiiapre to Ik- >1 to -l UIkI liult •“(>. 1. • 1; L- -.’’ “ \ .-..ia l' i. ‘-iiliJ 1 will V v.m t-vt-ry «>t t!.- i h-MiiukLr l»!ii>I;: >l itii'I IimhiP’. W !;it- r V.'lii ii !:- Ik m ttlo. i.i'• iii: kt 1 >1 ti il 1' I'i'V ii:t- lor i:iy P'^CrEP pkuparation of r-nT'^CIT FOR riAPKET. -I ll." •! l:i t 1 iil art. .1; 1.- t in u fr Mad, •r- ill: t.) mJ' u I;. . t I i; t U cl; liu\ I n . ii :n t.if vu I ^t: .1. t.iit. Ai >ia^ t .is:: f. 11 iii- 1% inall- n .! i.,ili i-p w. i!, ■. ; 'J h'i.'i' ^ • i .-I M-. alul 1 . .. ;. I l.-.l: 1 :. ■' ‘'u-ii ■ : I 1 t I. V..-11,- r:. fl; ri! V mI' you; HI know .ir\.”—Aiul till- ■ I .-ui- 'il t. f.r it; but lii lil.i utli-r hi‘ Ctiulil i 1 1 icr • i-oipj’it r itli Limi- A fit. i\ i.-,u ( W i!' u* I'fi' I - : ■ 1 I ^ — T iif t» St (1 .v\ ii a ^ ii-icr lruci,containins- 300 Acre.i, tl, I i ll II a:i‘i ' “i^tT .hi:.” I ne'er on that lij) for a mi:icnl liar? cazcd I> it a ihcii-i^ai.iJ bi-s 1 iiii-; A . i I l.a\fc fhounlit tliat ilie ii.b e&\vji;ch rai.--*d, JIuvv clc.i^hitul ’iwuuid be i! you’d—kn int. Tijpsi 111- iioi !=o angry for v hat I Imve done, .Nor bay you h v(. .-worn i.) t'uru*- n ; '1 lit y lit too poialuiz to>liun, ,\ijd I til.'._dit t'lat yo i c-!:.::d but—!el rue. W!;i r; yoi.r Ii[> wi;h a \\i.;'jtr flo.-- to in\ , cii' f i., Oil, ili.iit; h-ivv bc'v;!'-i' iu( t iik-; -Ai.n ; ia;;i, dif.- tvf- of a \’( !.i s s; ok. \ our (j fc etmd to s:iy j “U wui.ld—!et inc. 'I'i.i II f'liL'.ve the trai..«_r ard !mi me riniain, l or, :ii II II I V m.'.i n j ' n:(; 'I'Lt i! .il! Il l iiif try ilie t":;n-..; (-.'rK'n iif-U.n, , ' Ai.d I'll d> U'i you vv.sli ,[ yi.,—i- t !:*e. ‘•I’M. i.i:r vor.-’ l:'ri !»-“s oC (ieliu'bitti!, so i inj't.iiL' i:vy ii;':*, 'I'l.-.ii a iSiov.sand wi-l-.ts l)«sei you, I vtnv tiy the !.■ ctar tiiat Jiipiier.'- | p, 0.1 ce;i.iiii oi,d;:ioii.-^—IM let you. II you s'.vc-ar by iny ci.arni- dmi you’i! ever lie true .\i.d !ii:ii no oiner Jai!it I slwiil L' t yon, ; IJy Kie siars tliat rjll to..i d yo.i si.iuinit o! bli.e, t'.r, i'Ciliai>, rii —ril id \ -ui. it not iir^i(J iiy a [a5.“ini an lift tiiiif as wild, l'.i:it II! ik aii i!ie vn ti;ta tiir^et yon, Ii it alliciion iiii.SLiliui], S 'i’t, kr\n.t and mild, \\i\i a.-k 1 '1 kiss. 111 I,— rii !• I von. I£t;t3 was ucvrr oSlt*t*«‘fil {>r£)rcl The best Plantation in Meck lenburg County. ,1’.'"./'/' iiz/i-Jl'i/'ir in (’irolina. —A verdiiiit iudividiial, ap- j TuE U^K OF Ikci \V,>ltus.— A man, ia j A S^^ eet } oung a v , o tec ^ pr)ucl.( d one of the delivery windows at I great ulariii, rau to lii.s Mini^tl•r, to tell him and symj>ath«-tic fige ^ re urni ^ the J»^^t idiico, a short time hiuce, aud ud- . he could see fiujtsi on the sun, and he wus from cliurch the otlur a\, drt-s.-injr the clerk, said: j afraid tlie world was coming to an end. "Do you kt-i-p heads here?"’ ^ “ 0» don't be afraid.” said the good Mlii- "Ilead.-!!” aii>wt?red tlie clerk. j istor, “it’s nntliiug but a phauta.'uiagoria.*’ ‘•Ve., head.',” v.a.~ the rejdy. j “0, is that all I” taid the frightened man, ••U,” respoudeu the ck-rk, “you mean and went away quite relieved. .tan)ps.’’ A vi-ry sintirt lawyer iu ihuington, N • “Well, stamps.” had thi* nii:^fortuno to l«>.«e a suit tor a .\ stamp \va.~ produced and closely exam- client w lu) had every reason to expect suc- iiicd hy tho “outsiiier.” “Ilitw Miuch for tlii'?” a>Ivcd he. ••'riuee c*-!,t.'.” ‘•Sup[insi: I take a hundred, can't yoti kt me have them chetiper? ’ “*Nu. not if ^■»*u tiike a million.” '■Tlit n give me a dozen or so, for a sani- pk-, and if 1 like theiu I will purchase a (juantity.” ce.'S. I'he client, a j»lain «dd man, was as- toundvd hy the lung bill of costs, and has tening to the la'vyer's oilice, said : “ 1 thought you told ino we should certainly gain that •^uit ?” “ ?!> I did.” answered the lawyer, "hut you see when I Uroiight it up before the judges, they said it was coram non jndice." “(>, well, if thev said it was as bad as languidly upon a sofu, and iu a serious tone exclnimed t ••Keallv, mairtma, I irmst decline attend ing ehurci) with you in future, unless we can obtain a ditVerent pew from that we at present occupy.” "Whv so?” asked the astmished parent, "liecause,” rt'plied the incipient co:}uette, “there is a persui in the udjoiniug pew who stares at me like a i»e.>-t; and 1 do assure you, my dearest mannna, tliat I never gave him the slightest encouragement.” E^ Tl.e „,.„, liv. they have to put sticks on their her for their wrinkles to run out on. UF*Why 13 Q man who gets knocked dow at an election, like the world we inhabit ? B ^ cause he is "flattened at the noils,” ^ J. & E. B. STOWE The clerk eiitt-red ii»ti> an e.\planation of that,” replied the old man, “I don’t won- AOTici:. X (,'ONSi:Qri:X('E of having lost by the tiro wbicli oeourrt d iu ttiis plact*, on^ the iirning of the xJ7th of *^I.iy last, \aiious Notes and eUuins against numerous pt-rsou-s in this aud a.ijoining eountit-;^—m liich notes and claims, be ing the pn.pertv ot K. t’. iSnxi-K, A. liETH- the natttre an! vjilue d‘ postiige siamps, der we lost it and he paid the cost, and a i m; A: Ct>., and others, w hich were placed in my showing that it was imi)os.~ible for liim to bir fee itesides, and went awav sati>fiel. ^ - _ . ' whom any ut such clauns «ve still ^tan^^lug uu- tlu ir pnct* or tlic'Mi away, \vln*n srtilt-il, are hrn hv duly iiotitied. that unU*s8 lht‘V rniiu tl tin- !’i oviili iK-i- d t-i t :l: r 1.1 n t 'I i . ■: t. II'. A .1 at - :■ li i:..- .. ^ .i' i ni. ! . i-ei! iu - IK-.l I ■! 'lolll t I' bi : il'tk-. li' i :■ i; I- ] it ill Il I 111- e r i: a! til.- h-whei l it* ■ ;.iin 1 ■ in pri 1 1,1 cut b 1. .II:. t •iMi'in--. Hut will I).- ri f. iitl.i ry. •pi r'ti- I'.r V. :li tl.r r (' -t t-..l, .-.1 II: I V.lii- 'l i- cut by lb e -I I \v -. ill- 11 V 1 !' r !e : tlni ! 1 1 'i III 1!' ity (-1 loll. ii!(_ .h ni 11 ii 111. "1, li": 11 t', " ■ lilCt. , tl e 1 ii 'if. I ■■ 1 ill ;' liii - tie pi',.:-. r In; ;* (- liiiie- f r ( .-le i;n , it of the ( iirt iiid h i ifb- ft iii il ; blit V-' '( II til 1- i:ii, I'e i.i (ill. (!e: 110 \ t ll, it.s V able i in lil ,e in: iiim-1 ■ iiii[ min-d. . '1 1. is e.V- ti" II fi . '11 ill’ If-.' '••in I'iily 1 ,e 1 opi r- . -.1 ! 11 1 I i;.- but! : l^l- (■ 01! !on :iL;l ; 'n in 1 ■ ' 1 fi ( ,-t ji: b'l-. -\ii OV er 1 . r hi.iiid l;ol "1 1 . -p; iil-le. e d r '■ of tl tl ll.iL- s. IlMt bi !•■: ill ! be i, bl'.^ t 0 n ini dy ; !uiy (1. fect^ w hi. '. 11: :«_v nlir in tl: t- \'. 1 .ikill,^ "f th .- Iliii- . liii. ■ r of tl: I nil >tive ] .: H\ e r W hie! 1 ( Irive., ■ Im . II V’,' il i. ' iil ll-i- ‘ iil il : lb Th(- I- iiud Ab,b itniii .'ott oils iU' .- pt ■l-i 'ell'l'd jii 0 .^1 I'V 'i'' r : l: .11!.' t ^ 1, .ot oil (i(-(- > - int of 11. 1" i ; '1 i iy -■ 1 ■ tl.i ir s( ^,pb-. biit mei'il V b. ■ 1 •e 1! ■■ are Wi !1 iiiin (1. In 1 lil '••Iviirj: .i'lt ■ -il i r .ipe.t .should 1 •(' 11.- ■I to e:i(-l. on ^ .i'.v I in'i ii ■ i>*‘, ai.'i , ii.l t!.i- onl lion ^ i.i y lor a 11 ^ Uii :ii. ir. uoi! 1 I r. 1 li'-i •• i'al.-o /i g^OOll *S Loi'c-ilousc r: ^ 111., i-i: I.'.1I s. ’I'JTi , p)oj'.it\ .i.:- ' il iiiil-ft iMiin ( h;i lUitTf, .]• ti.- lo Ko I-, o:i ill*- ii;:»:n loa.l to on- . ..I :l. 1 111- 1.11 IP 1-. in ;ill I 1’ U" »' eon - i'll! .ill, aiiil coiituii... a i;u.iiitit_, ol hue buttoiii i Ul(i. The other Tract, Ailjoin . Ihf e, iii.d ront.iius 'l lii i il! (> a \>.'-II iiiijirovi'il lariii, witii ijoo.l l,-.ii;iliri--. has I'x ■- .i-nt 1 nnln-r on It, it iii'-.i ! w, am! a’ (-.’ton ti ll l'l;i‘r I' ai:ooiit!iis r...'li .1 till- ,i!)ovi- I'ann.s ;i i c . i-'irii'' estiites, anil \\ 111 III- r ol l on r ii'on.i'-b- t'-riiis. ,\ I'lil y on t..'- I 1 i-niiscs. .1. ,M. w. ri.uw. .(n!y 21'■no _tl .rt 3L* 3n3- U* o 2.' G^cHlo- f I Mii: I .'.ri' 50t) .1 in lie HI, i_\ ;t.g oii ilic wa- t.'i' ol I’lat l!r:meli, 1 1 niili s .-oiiili o! 'ii;irlott-‘ I’t i'o.iS w t.-liiiiii to ;ii,n i;iire, Will,;d do Weil lo (-all ai.d-i'i tl.r iln-insi l\i s. li ih;s iiael In- r.i.i si.lii (• t lit, (ilIlKi’ IIJ.NC’lS i.t i |i,aily aood, near at liani), e'i;i bt- [in.eliiiM d i;;nni 'ii.r lei in.-^. 1: I’lK ii' be I'lo.-e \\li > m .rh lo pii:elia.-c a .small !::i i, ilii V ca.i also b - aL-coiiiniod ltd in liie same 111-! Jlbo' llo. d. ,\;.s 1 l.ii riiif, a l’lai;t;it:..ii witii ! t) \ w;l!i a L-'I' d S\W a:.d a (;»!, !>"'!/ on till- u;rt IS ol - n;ili t’l. .111 ( iKi; loin-, wr il t.intx i i d. l’o>si"ioii Iu I e i;ivt a on tiie 'ii'h day ol ei nibi. r lu .\t. .IdllV J Ptovait iii-e, May I'.io.—i.m Valuabl; T; Lands and Re.sidence. ■' u i.iiil ill.I 'I'ailor N \1 ■-. o' hef: :i.l ’1 .’-'III '1 i.iV. 1 . ;it |i; :i iiin-'t li. I.t r.;il|t.'t!i..Il, ]\ iliL;’iliri-c .-ir.*! ;i lliill 1 o! ‘i:,ry, on' ibi- >h--ri;l:'rt Fold ii.ii .i'm.ill h lil a niil'.' lio ii die .S:il;.-bi.i_\' anil r \,iie I'i.ii.k lli'iid, iiiij''nni:4 tlie ot Mm: :r.-, S. .M i.-:i>, Mii;litW l.oel-e 'I'ui.' Had c.nii.i.i.s :#> III' sul)S(-ii'it-r h.ivinr d tirininiil to n-- movi- to til.- S.uiiii-W'i St od'i-r.s tor Side HIS LANDS, situati- in L.uieasti i nistriet, S. on the road iVdiii I ,.in(-ast rvllii- to ('biU lo'.ti-, 'J'l inili-stidin I.aiii-iisiri vili'-. iiiid (> mill s trmn Morrow's Turn >iit, on tin- (.’b.'irlotte ;iiul l^'omli (’iniilina IJail- K.iiid. 77//; 7/0.1//; TIIA'C'T eontniiis livi- limulii d aen s, 77/ /; CO I. II !■: n r ri: .-i f: r eoutiiiiis two liund.'-d and srvnity aevcs, ;ind lii s - two and a hall niib s soniii ol’ lie- Homi' 'I'rai-t. ■ 77//; 77.Mr’7’ ' -oiit;iiiis two inindrt-d .-iiid m v uty acri s, ainl lies on'■ iniii- t-iist lit til-' lloni" l iiK-t. 'I’ll'- wlioli- l.anil- an- w.-ll adaptrd to tiu' Jtro- 3.-GS \ l.ii.'i- ;ioili.)n ol'wli (-il ;s well Imi- bi'H (1; ihi- i m;i ..d.-r i-. ninli-i ii le 'n Sill 1)1 (-iiliiMi ,on. •.! ill s iiai'i IS a .--i.i.ii ^1«‘il ! i» H , .li i:. i;lt abi.iit SO \ ;is ill... .'ill,(I I'. ,i.j 'II I ii: .'■a .slnjiv, a lia;.d- •ini' [i: ■ 111 t'f laiulf l:om llif nr adn-.v nione. 'I'li'-ie ' ii' I oil lln- Ji cm.-I S a (!vm i! lit; li .lisc, a in'‘--t ( \i'i iii iit li.nn, aiid orhci eoii\ iu;e attach- I d ilifii '.I. ’I'll'' .' ii't i i.i. 1 . iV.-y of ill'- hi'111 will nia’iic it a Sii'i' in\( stnii'iil lo i!ic nu:'l,:i'ei. , . .. i i, i ■ , ,1 Im- mad.' iii',,i.Kl itni- Call on ! ‘'‘tmity. I pon tb:- lloin- 1 met tli-n- is a liii-.- diietion ot ('OTTD.X, COliy, AM) CKAIX. 'I'll'- Lands are iu a high stiin- of cultlvatiuii, in a niiArriFrL, iiealtiiy iiiiaios tliieklv srttli-d. with ii ami intt liji^i-nt om- TKIfvi' a ■ : ' ai : IIV, N. • a:i;al: iii,"1 iiiid C'S bv letter | -WX I’.kOUN i b.iie: I n- if mil- -l..i ild breiili, tbere ti’-e nl- 'i ■ i.lii. ii'iit niiiiibi r left ti.1 .'i-eiire t!n- bii!i iV‘im III!! tiii;r. Tin- rep-, too. i> m1- d .' i nil e\''ri.s«- to the planter, as it U'Uiil ly 'ir;; - ii m-;i li a:, it eii t*. aud li lice in i'.ill'rd to I'pjdy il without ."lint. If si\ lop - are (I t!ie .•' iivii;;’- of t!ie balrs on t!'i s.di- Uith t'-vitii^ 'iiii be>[n-ii.'ed with; 1-r v.ith ( lii-e p.'i.'kiili;' the bii:,'L'-ing will nil - t. evi-;i if it d n-s liot. there ean Im ho w a-*.-i ■'e at the ^ides. !' tom tin.' mode in whi ‘h » uttiJii' ;ir.- v-li.ix- 111 the if tlle ire pi'.i'ki-d iu tin- : r in l.iy; r>, t!;e u :irta;';«'oulv oc top. bitili.;!! and etii!-. Tl.- l.-i bill. ^ 4.i..i;.,d ill' .■-ueiind\- iim! j.j-opcris',-i \v «'d Up witli t'-. ;iU! ill till- bfr-t iin.tiinr. Al ter the bn!r is t .nii'd out, a’vi i.l t'.e eo.u- liio.i ("irtoui of .-.\j.ii-iiig it to the Wfiitlii-r. It lU- v.'irl!i --uli- riti''. pi. kill;-am! packing !.>r till' iM,i.i,-t, ;t eiTt.iaily is vvorlh pr.»- atht-r. If these piirii atti-lided to, the eutt-ili Ml,. '. from thi- w: .'in' trieilv ■il 1 r.’ tM l) t-v'iit p.-r p pi i piired in a ( in r. t!ie prodiUM-i' iV.i'.u mil- to !id iiii.i'i- tliaii il .l.M's when ■ h' ' i". "1 il'.diiii-rent maii- CONQUEJRING BY KINDNE.'SS. 1 o;;,v K;;:l ii 111 ; . ■ i. ■ i' a eli.V(T liiiii; Avli ) e:ii;’e t > ine I'li ■ i:,i\-, ;ii..I >iiii! • \\ i.:;.'. I W ,illt \ n;l to . ..:il>' iiud : ^;v,- I awiiy. ’ " l:y,” .'a- -1. “\\!,,itari iir«' ; .1- 1 -.i ;l ^ .tv EgCiE': X_30.23.Ci ■ I I I I'l 11 11 - r I 1 b. r /ii-i n -r di'-1 roil - of 1 ri'in>>\ 11'^, I tV rs h;s \'.i| I'i.inl.itni'i I ir ' il.', ■■■ n!:iiniiiL'' "'il'l .Vi'ri , r,'iiii{ si'i mill's .'^.iiitli of ( Ml. - rl I 11', d 11 I ly Mil tin- I’l' ne ;ib..iit 1 mill- 111 wiierr tl e- eunN in|ibili d Wil- niini;ton, Cii irl .Iti- ainI lJulhi r,.if.i !{.iil-R l\ ill In' Il e te.l. S lid ia:i.| J:- b.itli verv lit-.ill iiv iind j'rtv !ne‘. i\I- I'nr w' -oiti.l'; lbi':e i.s iibont 1 I'l iien s eI'-,'io 1 |:ini!, 7.') :r"'b I 1.',. I ed, :i lid I b. bilaecf U t li i m iirovnt. I’lie \\ ooil.l.ilid IS 1 siii , wi-ll limli. red. There is il t;0 111 il 1 1111‘ i; Il >11 .1 I. d ,1 11 1.1 III r 111 C: ss:i r V Out biiildiii'j'. lii'‘-Ii .iti- (iin I Imisi-. iilso ii lii'siriitc S.. w Mill, ill! ill ^ii..(l iirdcr. Siiid |il,ii'e IS onr i t till- b* st !• (-it 0ns lor ii tjood III ii'ksiiiiii, 111 ti.e (- ,ir;(\'. ,\nv |)i-rsun wil,- i! a lo |Mii(-.ii'(- -Ill'll il I'l ini.ition. Would do uel' ’• Cill i.n 1 ibr I b.tiisc] vi's soon, ii> I a ' n\i"U-' I > si.-li. . ni:ide euSy, to ■ 111 '.le i'tl;eli..s r. II. Ki:.NNr;i)v. J Illy ‘iO, 1 S '»^) —I f S'ott ^ VI.i:. ^ j ' II f. uii'b ;-d!u:ni 'l otV'i-' sr\-i-r.-d va!- I n il'll- fn ins iu In.-('..iini v i.f M. i kli iilmr"-, .N.l'. Tb. iiisl IS know II iis Ci)E23r Ts’arl, (.'"liriiinilt;^' r»:J uti th-.- !(iv' (’rci'l;, lUT (*\IV iJSja ,•1. an I • eiirs \-,'i in i'.'.viiv said 1. t:.. y ;i:.d i m-ist t’.o'.v, •• r:;,y ; i Mating;, iui'l Hot hii\ e it. •• What " Vo:i ni'i-t v.'ke til.'in." 1 li.Tt 1 iiaV( l;.'t timi til d.) jn.^v >aid I. •• 1 il. n.'.t sc- but t'.iiit tin V run.” "If you don’t take cufe of thi'rii. I shall." 'a;-,l the r in «n;;er. " \\ h;it do y la sny. 'Squire White !'’ " I oanrot takr (;ire of thelu "di I'iiy f T aU dii-iia--. said h hav.l t’iin^, 1 > > o!i in- Wc:tt, unit I hi'nrd a terrili'e i«.l-;nIlingKmoivthe^,.i..... The next mw . WMs, t.'iiit tliree (>t the;n wei'e mi>>i!: \- o;ii atid f >iiini tin tv-rriblv di'iu!. ;iml tlirowr, into tin- bi; !;e-. •• y.'w," I. .-ai; tc, h , tlie plllll'ii l.Lm." II! « l\ ’• m.iki r's t’,t in. I.-it li t t!i 1 n!: I'Mt.";.' (•; y had t.T.i th \b ; m IV UilillS ot ii;:s 1) \i i; i. i, i ,N(i 11 1 -K, ^ ii'd bil n.s. I'.i;. 1 la ;i b'i..r-i', aiiil all oilu i i.iiliiii- m e.sci .a-iil Old. r a;.d [,i.... d b\ . .. iii.y o:!it i .;ina m iln i ll ' ' ■ i ' ;r . ;i Ii ;.d S,l U ',i..i 11-'...'e \\ 1 II tiiii riimii;; |.v wiiii-i, id.-) i: .• i II il i'lii il: d 'I ;.cs1k 1 on I! I liinn. I be d :■ Ml an I .\e bci.: .s'liti- ii-!;v;i:ii>n^ jlii iisa■;i. - .a ; d, 'I, il w.iifK d,iihd lia> vii j .\(-u s ot eit ar- a I ■ ^ a'' i ,i ii;i i- 1 III Ilf I be; d( s I a l)le i.-i s :;i - ... :e; '.il- ('.'iiiiiy lit ,\b (-Ixifiit.ui l;. 1 vv.^ll sr.l i!..^ la. Ill 111 iwi ( 11 ill,, date llie lirst ut : 1.1 y 111 .M, u d w.i; liik'- [lUajure in slowi-.i^ it ili 'se «!i.> II ii\ I'j.l Iu ti'f ;t. i a..-o t.i .-.11 '3'a*arl iiorsK \\illi niui- rooms aiel a liii fi; (!in;ii'.r riuini ;iltacli- (d. Also, J cool) si'oiii: iiorsi-: sniru-ii'uily birge. 'I’nis 1ms bi-'i-n a (- ipitiil stand bn ill'- -all- of goo,I', I'or iip\\ aid.s of tliaty vi ais. and is \ i t. A l.'o. ^1 goof/ (I /)i ll iiisc and Scrcr. f-.rh usice Ihir/is. S!itl>/d. ('r/lis, S >rro n • iiis(s, Orn'tiirr'{i Ilmifi/-. and otii.-r eonvt nii nt and uici-ssaiv buildin";^ u lib ;i Well of nil!-: WAT nil. It is altogi thei oni- of tie- d siiiibb-, eonvi- iiii'Ut, iind iini>;o\ed places tn the countiy. iind it i.s riiri-1 y sneb LAM)S AM) IMPnOl KMESTS ;ir'* in niiiikct. 'I'lii' Dwrlling .-iiid most of the Huildlngs arr iirw. having hi u u i:c/;A 77. Y' /:i: /-:cn:d. 'I'b - liinds \\ ill be sold to^i-tber. or (!i\ id.-d to suit It will atfuid me jiU-a.'nu- to SHOW TH!-: L.iMJS wisbinir lo i .Kiiinin.' 'I'li.- t'-rins will I'V iind iieeoiniiiodiiting. 1 am J)i:ti:iimim:i) to .s/;l/., having jiiiri-hiisi d l.iinds in .\ikansas. Ti-r.sons desiring to purcli.isi- may. th. rrfort-, come 11777/ roM'iniiM'i:. tli.'it I will SI-11. 'I'ln- Liiiuls iuid Improvenieiit.s. 1 t'l el ;isnred. will lili ii.x-. .My addi'i-ss is "I’li-ie:iiit A’alli-y I’ost OlVioe, Liineasti-r I)istrii-t, S. C." 'I'b'- I’ost Otllci- is at tnv Still.'. i>. s!b: KisA :»i. .1 Illy 1.'), 1 —if A Ton* SflOI the fellow turned upon his lu-i-1 and -at'part- t-d. "breathing out threateiiings aud slaiigh- ' ti-r” against an (-.-tiiblisliment that wiis too .-tingv to "throw olf’' or give stimjiles. nTIitumjrjTirFi-^ i’.\ J, C8. \'KUY aceiininmdaiion atVi'vdi-d the juitroxis Ji li ot till- ( ii.Ma.o'n: iio'ikl. At this Iloti'l is ki pithi- Stage ()ttiei- for Ilkiinl A' I!a.Ml r's daiiy liiii- of stiig'-s iVotii (^'barlotti- vi;i I/.iK-o.nton, SUi ibv iiiid Kmhi-rl'ordiou to A.-he- ville. C. Also, for thi- line of'rri-wi-i kly .''tagi s from Charlditi via Mouifx-, 2S'. and J.aucasu-r, fe C. to Camd '11, S. ( riitre-iis of thi- Charlotte Iloti-l convi-yi d to and Irom th»- d, pois bet' ill t'harge. 15. Ki:i;i;. dan. I'.')!;.—:;iu '■■‘"’’j .li. S'. ' Tl’ won.1> ri spi etfully invite tin- at- ii ti'iiiiou ol ill.- |)ublie to luy Uoii.''-.^li.sj3^ ubieii i'sii'iaii'd ;l doois nurtli- list ol Ken iio- j t.'l, w hieli is iiow open for nguhir and trt.nsient ' lioitidii.-. riiilieiiliir alleiiiioji tiaid to f-edinc- I boi.'-es at eiili- r ol niy i-iables. All kinds of dr.i- I vei.~ u ill liiid ainjile aeeoniinodaiion at iny 1 !lin ilia'sand Im.-^, sbid ."tiibli s ;ind jih n'ly of wa- I ter. .Viso, till kinds (>1 .siiiiihing done, lunse shoe ing. buggy or cairiage repaimig, or in-w tim-s made i.tu aii‘1 mit to ordi-r, as goud ;is c.-in be I ni,-idi- in ChatkiUi-, on th'- ]iiemis. s. And I s:iy I to the liavelliii:' ]iubh(-, tb;it any thing in the w;iy I of livery conveyiince, ciiii hi-had from a saddf'- , borst; u[) to a euaeh and four, at the sliortist no- I tiei-. Any one e:d!ing on ns in eitln r branch ot I our liiisim ss, no p;titis u ill he s|iared to ;^ive sat islaction, S. II. L‘l'i.\, I'rojiriet^ir, F. M. il!KA, .Vgi nt. 1 Mav-.>0, I'Ot;—tf I [77 7 vn A lit '// r\ 11 n 71 'i/j al 11:( u li XI 'V u vj j) rn’iiii S new IIot(-l is now cjlened for .BL the n eeption of regnltir ainl Iran- I sieiit liiiiirdi-is and the tni\eliiji^- |inbli(-. , I'A ery lU'i dful arr;iu^ nu iit Inis hecn made to in'oiniite lb.- eonilort ot tbose w bu in:iv .-■top wilb nil-. My rooiin are larg.-, well \entii.ite(| aii'l j li.-tter tiiriii.'b. 1! than iiiy 1 lot' 1 in Xorth CiUidina. It is inv inti-ntioii to tiiake this a I’lK.'^T CLAS-S iioriiL. My Siidih-s ;uc large :ind well-snpplied with pioveiitler, and I am [ireiiiin-d ;it ii iiionn-ni’s no tice to .-'Uiiply tny cu.-'tonier.s svitb Jlorse.s and (-onve\ iiiu-'-s to iiny jiart of tin- snrronndiiij^ eoitn- try. c. S. HliOWI’rujirietor. .lune 'i 1, —'.Im i 'rii'- Sl.-ige ()iii(-e for the 'I’li-We. ’.1 v l.ine ofCoiielii-s to Salisbury and .\slieviile, i' ejit at the Wiilton I loiise. NEW PAPER. ^lovli riistrift (Cljronitlf. ^PlI 1^ first number of this paper, devoted to I Jitati-'IJ i^'bts, irr .speetivle ol.N.itn nil I’o!' ilii s. will b - is.'Ued in Yoi'Uvilk- about llie 1 Ot b ot'.-\ L’i I’S'l'. 'I'bc |t;ii*erwill bcm-iitly print- I d, weeKIv , witb entire i.BvV Ironi the l-'onndry ol L. J(dmston vV C^)., I’bi 1 idcI[)!ilii, at’I'H I) DOKL.Mib |)i r iinnuin. Snci; rrieiids .is b.ive i-nl sted tlu'ir Fetvices in our bt-iialt will please lr,iiiSiiiit tin- names of i-ubscribers to us by tli(* time ubi'VO iiiuned. A l iit^o 111 j1 the first, number w.i; be prii'ted, .1 ii'.>rdi nit jjood oj>j>oi'luiiitv tu u i dling lo iidvcrtiso 'rilO.MAS J. EC('LES, Editor. Au".i'). iSjC.—3t. til per.snn-- bi- liKide I ('AlMiOi.L rn'^iiis l.-irge :ind splendid tliree-.storv bitild- Jl_ illg. on th - east sid.' of (.'llester J), pot, is now o|ii'ii tor the aceomiiKidatioii of jierson.s tr:i- vellinir by the (-ills ur otherwise. The I’ldjirietoris wellawiue th;it nothing short ot ;i will indue.f il eus- lom to this, st» recently gotten up; and allhotigii Very solii-itous ol iiaiionau'e, be n frains liuin those thousand-iind-one jiromises whi(-h h;ive been mad(- only to be broken by manv of his illustrious predeeessi'is. Ib contid. ntly hopes ihat he will besustiiiii'd. and njion triid give such satislaction and aeeomuiod;Ui(iu :is will send him on his wav n-jiiicing. d. L. CARKOLL. Che.ster, S' Feb. *,>(), 1,-36.—tf 2i 11!Ii-}1 0ID iH'DfSIi, ( IIKS i'Fl;, s;. c. By J. K. NICHOLSON. 'I'll I', siibseriln r resp* etCiiIly inlorms bis Iriends and ibc [lublii; tf citf r;i I ly, ■ihiit bis house, lino.»n as the “K.iil lloiid Hold,” o|)|i(ivite the lu .slt r I).-pot, is |)('ii tor the rece|ilioii ot rejfiibir and ilii >'iii T., - ;■ a. 1 I a..',i \v - 11 on M . \1, lie'- ( I, ..i^ ;i, \i,, ,ii-i^i A.-., IX.. -A : a- iiie !;e, M lie 1' !,n;ii is U. ,1 .;..\,ii w,:!, •l id :i,,. ,|; i S \N( ii Wiiiiii iL a:.d ■; will find tluit 1*. I ;..iul. 1 i*i:o v\ ,:-ll t.i i IbjoJ hi:- • 'I la; d ly i-i; on i w . Meek'eni>iir_ o.'.iniv, i . : 1 also « .."Il to S' 11 niv AeioI Ik'I .T^-'il irorth of' J'anii^ and- Iiui!di;i o- Lofs. ^ X ihe (ioM K gii.n Ilf \'ii'giniii. (('n'.peper ('o.) to b,-divided iinitiiijTsi lO.-tMi sub>ei ibcis. un lb - 17th of S'jireinii. r. fur the beuelit of I’livt IvoViil Feiiiid'- Aei-.ib ii;y. Sub^erijiiiuiis (iNi.V I'l N 1)01,1.\i:s i;\( 11 : otn- Indf down, iln- r.'st on till'delivi'iv liftin' 1)i;i:d. Kvery snli- SI-!i'ler will get a ihiiMiue- J.ut or a Fiirm. r;ing- iti;: ill \ idiie tiuni Kmo 0(1(1. 'I’bese Farms iiud Lots ar> Mi'i.l so elle;ijito induce s. ttlenielits. ;i suniei- nt miniber b. ing n si rvi d. the inen ii>e lib.i tnii d, eoniiiiniiii^ -217 iu tin- valii'' of wliieli will comp -tisate tor iln- iiji- pari UI low piici- now a>ked. 'j’lie most ampli.- S' emity wi'ii to- e-;\. n f.T rbe f;iiihi'ul p'-!lorniai;ee ol e.iniraets iind j>i ■.iiiii,.'' s, ['i. More ii^-i iits ilie want.'.l to (ditain suli.-eii- b'-rs, to whom tie- most hbi ral indue nients will be givi n. Some .\;;i nis w;;ie thiit th' y ale iiiak- i;!g !::‘‘ii'0 per lu.'iiili. .\dvertisinr wiil be done fir evi ;y Ag- iit wh. n-possible. Tor full jiarti- l ulais, Sub.^er:p-wOUs, AgeUv i' r~, \v.. a|iiil\ to i:. j;ai Port ]I'>y;d, Ciiroliu'- countv, ^';i. .'i:',v 1,1'. t;_;.-s.-.s-i(i i ird, in ilie sanit 1 .( s. w; w.iieii (1, ailil lia\.nu on it a lari;'- ij'!!ui. y oi . .\i-eili ,,t liiiiln r e inveiia lit tu a Siiw .Mi:l, 1, :.,wn a • til'- I’n Ibil Tiiui. ! triinsieiit boarders iind the liiivelhng pnblie; iind lli it be is ni;ilun;r cveiy e.xertion to di- I serve iiiid sceun? a eontinniiiiee ot the l>iiid I iind piitr inairc, wbieh biis liit lici • forp ■ b( i n » .Meiidi d to bi.n. lie H itters himsi-li'th it every needeii a rra n ^ eiiien t been niiide to ' iiroinote the eoinfi.rt i,f ill! who stop with him : bis- ro. ins are airy and w ll.hirnisbed. bis si r Viinls iire iillentiviy in.ii obedient, iuid his tiible (-.n'l:inlly siipjilied wilh ibe best ol the season, so Ills irii inis w ill not want ii.rv iitti nlinii neet'ssiiry to nmkt- tln-ir tiojourn ph-as . nl iim' ilrecii ble. Ills Sliilib's ;i re ilii'nisbed >vitb [ tro'id boslli rs and i n iibtiiut uicc ,■( provendi r, .ind be is prnpired i.t ii imrnienl’s notiee to | siipjdy Ills eiislomi-rs with priv ite convt yiiii(-( s 1 ot eV' ry sort, to any piirto* ibc surtoundinir j (oiiiitry. i lie desire.; III ritiirn bis ncknou li'dirnu'nts' j lo tin- pnbin; bir pist t'.ivors, and sid ;eits i’or j t’.u; lutore ( tiually liberul sbiirc ol j>atrou- j ' a i; •. j .Xus' ^20. l-.Vl. .' rl Bil.BC' I'VOm a: is ;;i- that all the Notes and A -(-(lunts of cV ’o.,and 4lli.S«»ii «V !>;• nict, are trans- f.-rred to th - undersigned, for tli:* heiietit of the cn (litors of said Firms vespectively, and tha th-V are in the hands of .1. 1\. i).\xii;i, tor immt - diaie eolb-ciion. I Z' Longer indulgence eaiino b.- givi-n, as tin- debts niii^r hr paid .iOlIX ALLISON I), c, J'., IS'io.—tf J. K. D.VMF.L Inipork'r, Wholesale find lU'tail i)K.\i,i':ii IN' .\Mi;i;u'.\N .-vnd i.Mi’(.)!tTi-:i> C3rUa.i::i^ !^i±To^ (»WLlNti and Fishing 'I'aekle, 'I'idde and I’ockei Cutlery, Walkin^r ^'ane^?, li.'lts ;uid 1‘oit iMonies, F.-rcusslan C’afis, (5iin-I’owder, 1‘iitent Shot :ind U;dls, 1‘owdei Fuisks, Funchesand lielts. liird Hags, Nippb-s ;ind Wn-uches, Washing liods and 'I'ieklers, 1) og Chains and Cidhirs, (!un-Maker's ^laterials, A, e. tV:c. Vo!caiiic Tire Arms. : i58ri.3>, vi2Esa.\g:s & i»in_ loading t'rom (> t-> 'Jl balls, and ’.-m b.- diseliarged \\ ilb ;ri ;iter raiiidily iiinl certHiniy iliiui any oth r I'lstol ur liul -. 'Th.rty ciiarges ciin 1) - loaib'd and diseharg.-d in tlfiy si cotids.— \o c.-ip, no priming, no recoil, no l;di-ral dis- (-h;irge. The biill is a jiiit. nt loaded ball, on the Millie prineiph-, and is perfectly water-jiroof, and goi-s alwavs si 111-', and s.\i'i;. .Also, Sharp’s i'flebrattd 'riirowing a ij;dl witb [> -rfeet aci.-uraey eif:ht bun- died yards. Also, li vulveis and Five Shooters, at Alanutacturer's piid-s, to tin- tr;ide. !». f b:s:i:i.a^i>, A'o. FVJ. AluinStrret.ojj/iosife l-hiale Sijwirr, IlU/iiiioml, i’rt A 1)11’f/).M.\, of the Fisi (;ia«s, was awarded hy ibe Virginia .\b cbamcs’ Inst', il:c I ro- inoi.oii ol ihe .Meehaiiic .-Vrts. to Sininiel Siiitic:- liind, ut II clnu ind, lor a (-;ise ot iuns, I'lsiols, and Uille.s, e.\hbii(d !ii the L.vh biiion ol aiiicbs ol .\nii;>K-iin .Miiinilaeiiiie, held in die ciiy of ll;elr inoiid, on the Uith day ol >' vi inbet, IS.'iI. .1. A. HLLVl.N, 1‘rcs’t. J. \V. Lkwkm.en, Sec’y. [May’ill, l^.'.iJ.—'.Im'l ~ EAGLE FOUmY, ' K B V iS .T90.\ g>, JE2-£XliI:XL, Canj Slrctt, bctircen Pearl \.7)th Streets., .M A.NL'FAcri'i; i:s LoroiisoJ iVC* 10atjjiX'cbe- |4‘i-.s. 3C ;i 11 - IC o:t 1 ;;i A M> all d seriptions ot .Machi- tiery. Sliili >n,'iry l-bij.'ines ol any reipiired ()'>Wer; also, porta bb- Mngiiies, with ii d Cidi-d ineiit over any olln rs beretol'ore made, (Irom -1 t.) 41) bors( power,) on w lu-i ls, iind so Well iid,ipted t>) t.irmio^^ pur')oses, irettiiii!' lumber, A:c,, wi'b improve 1 ('ireiilar i)ort,ible •S.i \v Alills iilt,idled, ol J ~t, 2.1, ami .‘1.1 cl.iss. ■Mining M i. him rv, (I’rist vV, S.iw Mill .M.iehi. ebinerv, For^ini^s iii:d 'r.)b,iCC0 F iet'iry FiX lures ot eV(-ry kind; also, I’riiss and Iron Castings niiide lo order. V. IJAIIM. Ricbniond, M ir'-h IS, 1 S.IO.—-(Jm appear immediait-ly Jiud close up tin* same, by note or cash, I shall be compelled tu lile, for'h- with, Ihlls in E(piity, tln-rchy subjecting such ticisons to additional aud unuec.essarv cost-i. S. W. DAVIS. Chavlotto, Juuc 10, 1S5C.—tf The C'liarlollf* Hiitiial Tire* liiMiiraiicc Coiiipaiiy, iJ'iONTINFE.'^ to take risks against hy I'lre on Houses, (ioods, 1‘rodiice, iN^c., at usual rau-s. OiHci* in lhawley's Building, up stairs, :\L n. 'I’A\ Fres-dent. S. I’. Af.FX.\NIJKK, Vice I’resldcnt. J. .\. yoim;, 'I J. n. wiiiri:, I J. ll,C\li'SON, ^ L.Kecutive Committte. C., I A. c. s ri:i-:M-:, J J. II. W >N, .vtrent. JOHN F. II{\VL\, Secietary. July'2 2, 1S.-jC—tl Wilmington, Charlotte, & Ruth- ' CMi.iigJLt.ST4>A^ s. t'. - ' i ^TKIt'T ATTKNTION will eriordton Bail Head. , ^ b.. ,nven to the sai.- of Cc.t. OK STOWESVILLE. GASTON COUNTY. N. c Having op.-ned a Iloiwe for the s-,1* ^ then- goods in Charlotte, desiio to can tcution of Merchants to their House, ■' goods are know n, and a call from biiverev,. lully solicit- d. They also keep a i^ood of (iroceries, and will endeavor to tiu-rir n •■«o. CToC™' E. h. STOWE Chai'lottc, N. C., April 1, IcfeG.—tf ' ^V. lUSjiAILSFolilT' COnnilSSIOlf nERCH lYT AND AOtNr For BALTI.AIOIIE PH1L.\I)EI.PJIIa PACKVTs CHARLE.SToy, s c^' LIBF.RAT. advances mi.ii- on coiisigiu.unn' produce to my uddiess tor siicli. * fcjepl. 11, lb55. 7ly, C. J01L\S0^\ FOB irj li DIXir and /q \ SOUTH ATLANTIC WHARF ClLlULLSlO^isoc^^' Aug. 10, ISS.-ii. ’ FACTOR, ’ Cieiteial ('uiumis.viou Merdiaut AND ’ Receivings, Forwarding Agent ])H I N 1 ant to .,1 II- t o a n order ot the Hoaid of 1 >i-.j^g-ig^ii:,! rectors of Ix' given to the s:d(! of Cot- ! ton, (’oin, \Vh( at, Flonr, .'ind j other prodnc*' consigned to nu-, for sab'. Also, to rlw' ret'eiving forwartting of Goods. Will make liberal hiI. . Vances on Froduci* shijip.'d to me, to he sold hi ro. .... ,.. . I . 1 ,■ 1 1 or tu b(-shipped to auy of the Nonbi'ru.Siutlu-iii" the \\ iluiin^ton, Charlotte and h uthevlord- "• Charleston, S. C’., Fi b. 19, 18.50.—tf F. ANXU'-U.-^ON. «. n. uKYxoi.ns. A>£>I:K^^0A KEV.\OLDH OIFt O OOETEt J3 AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, XO. 10, KOANOKE SQrAKE, ^Vorlblk, Virginia. I'ay artive att»-ntioa t.i, the sale of Flour auj other kinds ol I’rodnee, avoidiiifj uum'C('.«suv rhnrg»-s and rt-ndering wompt ri tuvus. ilay 20, —Ij~ ton 1,’ail boad Compatiy, l ooks are , op'*n lor suhscripi ions to the ajiital Stock j of said Uoud. at th.* Itock Island Store, and . the odices ol Wrn. .luhns oti, ('. .1. 1-o.x- and ; S. \V. Davis. All bo feel intereste I in tlie ^ honor and pro'pcrity of the old N rth Sta e, | are solicitf'd to come forward and aid in tins j ureat work, th o iy real ]>iiblir enterprise \ that ha>i ever spruii'j; upon our people. j ( IIAUI.F.S ,1. b'tjX, S. U . 1)AV1. W.M. .lOHNSrON, i ,INO. A. VOlINt;, I .lOMN W ALKKU, | I.l.KOY SP . LN(;S, li. il. DAVIDSON, Commissioners- Oct, IS.'-I. 2U. ^ 13-11 j rUOFHSSOli WOOD'S itAu:i«i! &(i.isTO.\ it\i!.-RO.tD.| IRlSf CuSl^iTFI. 'X U«i k«Mf ilatcish if imSfsion Mi it. Oflicc, ? K* \i.i:k;ii, F- b. S, l~.)(i. ^ AS Tin-: NOIM’II CAROLINA K’AIL JsL KO.\l) is now eompleti-d to Charlotte, no" tic( is h'-ieby given, that asBd Pi*o(lss(’e 15rom>-hi down th;it R(j;td, intt-nded for transpor tation ov( r the Kiileirh (Jiiston Iviiil-I’oiid, will' be received by this (’omiiiiiiy :it tin Nnith-C.-iro- lin:» Iviiil-Koad D -jiot in liab-igh (ow ind jointly by th(- two ('ompani(’s) and will be transpor ihi-nce without deliiy or > xtr.-i (-Inug-e; ;.nd ,Hirti-d . ^PTIAT all tfn- hahf nmrgray ('.'ui he nslorn? goods , -I- pei-feetly to original grow th, so far as th(-ir 1-signed lor the W’estf'rn Mei(-hants and others | hn-ks are coiicerii* d, does not admit id a diM.i)i;l«'- aloiig that Road, will likewise be delivered at tin SiUin- joint. All dues for freight must be paid ;d I*et(-r.sbt;rg or 1‘ortsinouth, i.-.xcept on way tr-. ight, which must be piiid iu a-hance or on delivery «if tln- XI loils. .\17verv eiroit will be made Iiy tiie r>;Vn-'rs .'ind gi-nts of tl - (S nip:i!iy lo gi\i' s;itisf;iciion in lie t ransport.-ttion ot (loods.-md 1‘iodiice. Owm-is and ship[i. rs of (luods ;,ii reiin, sled fo have them di,-.rinctly marked, .so tliat iheir d -.^ti- nation niiiv be known. R. A. HAMIL TON. Fr-sid -nf. [F.h. in.—tfj sides It will cnieevf-ry pos-ible d.i^ense ot iht-Rajv w lieilicr d( vidojK d as diii.tlri.fl, i »hint', or iii ihe sbaiie of eiitaneous: cni|iiii>ns—even S'jald-lifBil— ai (1 111 "lo poPS b!e will it fail of cininif, ai* if by nniiiie, nei vons or per.fisJ’Ical beaduclie, aid il nsi d a wef k by ihe yonny, ie‘iii:iily, il ":li pi( ser\i.- ilie color, anu lo any imaginable aee. ■( p die b»n lioiii laliiiigr Office of Charlotte aiicl S. Car olina Railroad Company; .li-N-K ‘jt;, i.s.jG. Ffc/id ai d p It’K/aiixpurl, /«., Jmf I'-[iii. iM f SSI s'. ( ). ,T. \\ 0(:I) A. ( • ■'k.vts;—N^niis ot ihe 13ih cainr i» Iy it) linrd' I’.:k i'l.-i d, pli ase Iind ihil iy-» iglit dollais, it Uiij; ! ilic iiiinn ni lui llair K( sioiaii\4-. I have si !il j :i‘l. * * '* It yon (-boose. VOII inav .".’I si fl^ i d ./.ell hodii - llaii If (Slotiitive; I tlin k I ( iiiiK-ii I II. It has W')rU( d m racles in this place. 1 fi" 'iii I man si.k SI h iii! s, that wtis bald, ai d it Ictrktl ntw hair onl ah o.'j r h:s I.e.'ul. Youis, tc.'^ptcihdiy, M. II. f.'RIDI.IiV. ,.. M r,'W. .iMJhrj J ^ H. {{. O'Jice, VunJaliu, June 2\, Ififfl. I rr.r i Fsy i: \\ »k i,— j DI'^.M; SIR; 1 lake pleasure in bcarmt; vnliir.ta- I ly tesiimony to ihe tic“llince ol youi llnit 1>',‘- I it>i:ui\(-. Tbrt e momhs nu*', my ban wn.s u'v I “tay. It is now a d:iik iirowii, (ihe original rnlnr.. TAiiirr OK Til lit, Kill | lictireen ('l/urler,ton and ('iiar!‘>‘l . ' yo'i,an'j wlueh, troni th*- i*snb in rii.v e«n f.-iw. I call most eoidially ii comrnei d to oiliiit, I''ii'st tdiiss, Me:isnrement, p r c. ft. Hogsheads,, Riinvls, do Do. I'ish, Hulfbanel.s do Do. Flour, Siieks do. ’^OO lbs 1 >1). do. loo lbs Do. S;dt IJlacksUiiths’ l!el- ) lows, all sizes, ^ fhickets, per df/.en, Corn, per bushel, \\’li. at, do. Coii'. e, per HiO lbs C.iinlies, do. Ciiei-Si-, do. On and after the 1st of .Inly, I,~'."d), the above I'iites ot Freight will lie charged npnn all tin- Through .\rtieb-s (-nnmi-nited. Alloth- rs will b- cliargi (1 at tin- pn S' nt L(jcal Ratts. T. .L sr.M.MlR, [.Tilly 1.'), —tl*^ General Sup. rintenilent. lo til) 2 l.ii •> (1(1 1 7ti Ml 40 hO 0 . .'')! . UJ i; Cl) . 711 70 ilMeilU r- s the _'.r C A A I I'ck, i'l TrarJ, S.uar CiLi, iU;:.' the 1- children went II...:' ’■I- d atid .'ilV At hi-;, I t'.e 1 r;i t\ d lb' lil I'.e '!. >v:: •*1. I I! « It W hr.’ke in' t!i.-'.n rtmain a -tii! !y-. t' ■ irri. ’ ’ tinn ' 1, r. 'e'-.Vll, d : bv ;r( at hu'te at.d r: n. :t;>r 't -’.'■'I Acies, Oil i' 'VI- iKU t .1 .SI ai"i I als,) t I sei; -luother 'fi'rarl, y I iij,. ^ l’:i\v ( let k, in .^b ■ k!er.h;ir_; '■■■• •••'■» e-'/'a.n. :i.; ]•! . « wi-i; vv:»tvK'U, at.d : >i- ■ ' a'wi , ill., , .V. il w . d. , > ' ' ’■'i*s,_ .1!' w.,. sii.ivv,, iit any liiiie to w , 1 \\ ,-ti j.,;', !.y oa'.ion • - 'bf ' ■ 'I : ,vv ,i ' i,', . . i:i :i . III' . ■ ■ h J I b ene -M.lJLUr \V.\L1..\CL. \ ■ -• f- / A .'v{ n /.I r» T) u A 7 n jaxixiiJ jtuaI t; .■'ir. you w c-'rn wl.'.r ..f n;y tlnd HI. " IJ.lVi he. " V.-s. fn Id, " " 111 yo.n- t'.'!,’ " ^ I's, Mr. ' 1, •• hog • love (.'I ii \ oa inow, t!uy v.-rre imole to enf it.*’ " H-nv much niitchi(-f have th.'v d ir. y.'in!, r , :it- "vn ill m\ IK.I.IUlj 'I 'Wit VC 1.1 a. I’i.n .di i,i-f U..I .s VV.,d;sli ; ..ui e.ii n, vv ,11 a:. ii-;j w,), d. ii.d ill J a.i t ,v;-. ; r .Vitad, ::i^ lli ii'i-a d a.i i,:.ii ; : I'ei s'r vn .I n 'I'-'.^s, a ^ . J vvi ,i and s, ;;; '. il. d in; "i iia d 'iiat e i ;ie s ;r|'.is>i d. V; '■ pii''n w i.i p':‘c.,nsf ^ s,:c:’. a iibin-.;r,.iin. v‘.'.ii;!ii do WfU k> ca.i and J-) ■ t->r tlie.iisi i\i s. T/i!i.M.> maje tu s"'t the n - I -I, ■ l‘h:ise'. W.M. I*. ROHINSON." f irjie'h. -.iid I. U ell. oii he went | .I .iy "—u Stop Eihiil CD \N OFF. i-rw.- ih cey. d aw:iy f';i.m tln- K-®. subsciib. i ' r .'i.l.-m-i- Ut ar \Vood-L,iwn \111N, ■ ,1 st.Ill '-.Ju• I V, . C ., on Suilii,I V M • o! .l .iie'. 1 i.e^rr.. n,im d ^ Xliiiit.'hl yi.irs ol .,!;(.. r.liner yi How ( ■■•.iplf-Miii., lib.lilt ;,.t .'} or 6 till In s bii:h, St !i)ii .y f. .rm. -v. I _ b> i. in .nt 1 1 ■ • '>r I .■)! I pi.tuids, ill,I is sl..w .1 s|i-. cb vv in 11 'j)iiki n lo. llf* b id vv iieii he ie ,t, c. i,>;)i r a ' pint-, U'-.. v , i,.., ne . -iC > i. li •, 1.1 le.k W'.o; l.a'J I no .i p i ir of r.m n .j- t." i! li . oe-iUii(ie sin,' s—is cl'.t l. s Vei V dirt V. II t I k im cliier cii'tii;-', aiul i.,) ciU',o is 1, le . A n -r li. s !• ;i V I n J I Wli! ;e y rAL.NI'Y DOLI,\R> )'..r his I' liTi -y I.I ni'- .it lu-iii-- or III a'lV o' tin- ii.i- lll.;- I- eihty j li - s>3 liiilt J - I ni'.l I . t . I .',11 n:» Ilii 1 '■ >■ .r,- i, tii,. b'-niu:' (•! h ,;: , ^ I, O . I n 1.' t: a • h - V.' . S ; : , J;; f., r it I r i >: !. . I •v l; j.ay FIFl'V Di>M. VKS, i; s rur I-! n :li 1 ' 111 i—.» !;:ii stim ),,r li;,- ; !10.1 .liii! f.'iiv c i.iii t til. pi r . :i win. >: >- y-.; i.iiii "tf, it i'. sli .ii ' e r i.e pcr- su .1,. V i .. i..e,r "'vn n i'j «. LF. ' .\T>1;R S.MITH. G .S' .11. Jii'v S. 1'■.7.').—’.f a®aKi':!;rjn }^lo5» ihc' ESir.;aivayI -VN AW -\^ trom th'* suliseriber, rejiiding in C hesteitiebl D.stnct, South Caroliiiii, on Siii.diiy. I bt ^'id ol .1 111 V, a l.e- gro boy by the mime of St.NDY .>l()i'K. S.iid ne"r» is .-ilniut ijl) or 31 years ot ai.'e, tivo !*-» t si.v or «'i;:;!it inches high, .ibont a fiuirter mnl.ttu, his r^jtlnr thick lip.', and I bi lieve lyis a small sear on his iippcr bp — liiis Very sniiill tars tor a ii(-;rro boy, is very lik(Iy, has h ng hair when combed out, and biis },'' in r.illy worn it plaited and tiid witb a String' behind on work d lys. I hivt- reason to believe thiit Siii.dy h is iicoii coiivi'vtd iiw.iv by some p( rson ; and I will }:ivt 25 BS«*\V:t|-i I'or Ins di li very to me. tif fur bis delivery *n j ‘il. so that 1 rt'Cuver him. .My r« sidence is a short dis- laiK e soiitb. of .M' Uroe, C.. and also ii sloir* (llsliinet? West ol {/■ In sleifield CoU rl-11 o ii.~c^ S. Ciirolina. JOH.N P. GA'I'H IN(;S. .Iiilv f', 18.1G.—^i* J-i"i'bo SouiIk rn Christian .^dvijciitc, of Cbiirleston, will pb .-se copy one month, and , , t’orvvitrd af'('oiint to .M r. C., I jd tie’s Creek P.O., styles, and up(.in lerm as low as at any Ma l';iion co'jiity, C. * . tahlishni' Ut in the Smith, All ord' rs fn- Marble w(;rk. ad'ht-ssi-d to the Re-'pi ciliillv, vi'ins, r:i)v\ ard wor,coTT- I'tnrt tinrs, Ja.,Jitiie 2], 1H£X I’ROF. O. ,1. U «)')D:—As 3 011 nre nioiii in' mnnnlactnre and vei.d yoiir K i ently d .'•cmt-iid Ib'iir Rf-stoiiiiive, I will siaic. lor whotnsni-ver it may coi trern, that I have d il.aid kin.wii iii>- ( IS 10 nse It—ihat i have, tor f-evt lal y» aiii, boi> 111 lb-' habit ol lisiiiLi oiher Hair !» stoiaiivci-', #riH ibai 1 ti dy-niiH vasily siipenor to ui.yoihii I know, li eiiiiii ly eb ai ft s tl.( bet d ol daiiluil'i anti wnh one tnontl's propt r, will n M'af *'y ii'-i-on’s hair I » die color aiiJ H'Xiire, fivin” ii a In ahliy, i^oti «nd ylo-.-t^v acc'f’- aiiet; .ind ;dl this, wiihoiit dscoloiiin; ilif laif* ibat apply ii, or ibe dies- on vvbleli il ’ Would, ilu rt-loie, uconinu-nd its i>i- u evtiv ore desiroiis (J br.vni'j' a line (.olor ai ,i u .iciir;' n) t »'f lit spectlullyouts, W H.SO.N ivLNt^' 1 iS'i. Louix, Jvr.e -20, lfc'3- j FRf)!-'. \V( ODi—.\s you are jibmiMt) (n j and vend your t cf ntly d:seovetd Ilnn I.’t j ai.d a^ you ieqn hi my t.pmion ot ii, I will ! ihni my hall wa.t, a b-v\- mondis ktv E'*' ' and alier n»ing tvvj bo'tles o| jonr llmr i>‘ K''*■ I live. It resuiii'd us 01 if:i nl cdor; tu d fi* '-*■ **P' (iluntion, fill d.udiril lifis ds^fipi*6''^ lUfii 1>7 hi'iid, and i have befn ircnbied wiili ii" dismal!''*’- bit! iiciiiui; ol ihe Bcnlp. 1 am saiirli*il. ■I'S' diof* , who use It, will lioi rC'grei it, as ii t-'i'f “ ai’;»f‘ an_ee ol liHvirii; been te.-ent'y 01b d. 1 am i.'.f-i*'• i -d, iheieloie, 10 ri comnit i u its l.^t’ 10 nb'd ti 'I'l .■..ill 1 1 I I 1 1 ; d'siroiis ol havini; 11 bcaiiiihd h nd ol hflir. uiMUess. 1 hey w ill k' l p f,„ hand the be.sf and I 8,n, yoiua. e.o. F. I., HTI'^WART. m:u iiiAisisiii: vAu^i In Charlotte. ^B^HL .-'tdiSClib r.s have 1 stjibil.slad a^Iiubie JL \';ird, on the S; (-ond siiiiitre south of tln- Court-Hoti.,'-, and n-speeifully otf r their services t‘) all who may d. sire ;inv thing in their line 01 handswni -st kinds of Foreign ;iml A mericitn .Mar hle,;tnd he pn-piired at all times to furnish .TSozaaineiit^, ;j*ave AJuhtel I’h( fs, I'urntturc Alarbley TLh!(. Sff/lj.i. Marble Shp. i^v, 'I'o any pattern, according to tin- most 111' Saw >. IRUL L.\R SAVv S triiiii 1'3 ;o I’l.'i ineh*-s, for ^;de at July '^2. ISfiC—It B]?.E.M srFFLK>. !2 0KK8:T ^3^ \RL.S this o]ipoitiiuity ot inlorming the -3-^ public nerally, and all w bo int' ud ^-oin''- to KiiU'iis iu panieiilar, that he int. nd> tu ct.*ii^ tiniie th.' Saddle and Harness Diivini>ss, At h,s o.'l stiiinl, in Springs' Corn, r Buildinir, whvi-.- h■- ini- nds to k'-* ]> cou.-^!;intly on hand a --'.tpply of .’^a:3i!h‘!ai, ESrifl!r«. I9ariie!^«,6cc O/' Hvtrij IJtr.scripiioti. H.' :,i'Il ls life r, .sp. ctfully inviti-d to c.-,ll aj,j 'iipidy iin-iii'. Ives. :i' ev.-ry artieie in his line W;;; : aft- ; 1 d on the naOi:! reaMjiiidile t.-rn.s. li ili* V I It i ,\« done at ihe isliort-.'t r.otlce iind w;ih n '.itn'-s.' .md ilisjialeb. Cnjr' . F. b. -2tj. ]•'.'>(■'.—tf ^'a>!j Pah! I'or ^ I ^ ilL iii.;iies: prk-'-p w ib bt‘ piiid for Hid».s I L ^ s. -M. 1H»V\ LLL. j 3 tlnors s. ui!i i-t tlie .Mansion Ilotc t ( harlijtte, Oct. 'J), 1S.;C—Giu 1 iNa’o'txoo- A [)(rsons iii'iebit il lo iis nrc warned to J.\ P>y np ininiedi.i t. ly. "r they will (ind till ir .\..l( s iiiid .At-coiinls in I be h 1 mis g i a n t'lli'-tr b.r enllei tioii. Maiiy ol the ebnms art; ; 01 loiii: standini;, and nfd>ody Ciin compl iin, ifj a is i,,^i nuw m.nbj, it is loret d. ' K. A: J. LoNEK;.vN. N'iv"mberG. I>.').». l.'iit 1 I‘ROFL.SOR WOOD— I D(-ar Sir. Aly iiau had, for srv'ral yen i h*-eoiitiny pr [!iriii,r«'|y f>iay, Bceoinr“f''“^ , hiUKiimsii wliieii imdt-ied ihe c*'nsia..t af-i'l c*!-’’ I ol oil iiect f-sary in d'e.i^smg it. \Vli n I C(,ni™'^ ripprovt d ' n:'ini' your Ifair Re«iorative, aboiii i»" •0'"'*^ rlaiblei.s- eoiidiiion; ai d havini; us US" till widnn th Inst iliit e wet ks, >1 : to IIS naiuial color. Ol d assenitd a t‘otn(M*'“ li'iitre tft/aily to be prt teried to ihose pndi*"'*!^ KobM-ribi-rs, v.-ill mt with prompt atte„ti„n and , ' 'r' ../I ,,.'11 L , I *.i I .* « 1 tfiC 4i){iliC'l 1 lJli of Ollx i*V liflV i'tlitT ptrp** ■ ' n th’ ’t1 ,‘‘i Id' "’■'‘'"'t ' dis- have ever u.m d. 1 u-sarti it r.e «ri ii.d P'ltt h J b - publK- ,s patronage i, r.-,sp. etlully .so- article for eveiy 1 dy’s 1. wheiju r to betird '• ‘ ' LLi'^N A: Ale(,Oi. , Hrir R'^sKJintivi-. or for the mnu'le nnrpo^e Charb*!t.e Feb. J!), — ly I’liARLOTTi: , or for the mniple purpose ' ; ifiijor Ix.aiui'ymtr ibe Lair. You have perm. , to rt-ier t*i me nM who entpria;ii any Joubt ol I [lerfornunj' all that is cla-mrd lor ii, , .MR.*^. C. .SVMO-N'n^. Cincinnati, O., Feb. 10, 1851. 1M'l inul rwiin: sutiscrib.'rs having formed]vcs ■ I into a com[>-iny, respi ctfully teijtJ, j- th,.jr ; IVa/erlotfn, Mast., }loy h i»nd mai;ic l owers ol your Hair !.’i j t ed by .lanuary ( oiut will Le lound in tne bauds ol an olficer for collecti n. .1. F. JI.-WJV. T. D. GILLESPIE. Oi-f.23. i.j-tt Sei\ iCes to th'- peoj>le ot Cleirlottc ati,.! the cotin- virtiji s try gein rally in th ir lim-ot business. Tb.'V ;irt: Three ni'inih;* since, bejni; e»ce dmfily jtrep-ircd to iiirnish .^l muiiii nts,( irav>-str)iie.i.j.\Iaij. pureha;i/-d. and soon cojnfuei c« d lo n-e, 1“® tb'p; and It soon bf’i'an to tell, in restotitif.' h'cki* to their native color, ai d the ban, tl * ■ tb Smith !N"otioo. \LI, persons indt-bted to th ? firm of IR- W I.N, HI (t(ilNS iV Co., wi I r>ii(l J. F. Irwtn or T. I). • iil'pspi* alv*ay=! ready ^nd 'b-Fit c -.s, Furnitun-iMurhb , Tabb-Slabs,.\In"ibI,. happy to sett e. Aecount^* and Notes i.tjt set. p-"' p^du-iu cut from Marhb-, acVordinf' Mill- nn..-i approved t;i.ste aad Styles, and upon 1-- in.j.-t accommoilatintr terins evt*r otJ‘ rei iii the country Tin y rviH k. ,-p constantly on b:;n'l ib - h.-^t d. scriiitmn of Kgvjuian, Italian aU'l .\mervan Murbb-. All orders, l.,i' any anl4-Ie, addressed to the.snb- .sei.b -rs. will ia''et -.vith prompt aUi-utitm, and will • • [i,'ick-;d aud fui vvarded wiih the utiuotil care au'l d-spatch. . , . .vard is Situated on the north-west corner the highest I of the Charlotte Depot Yiird. WM. TIDDY d: SONS. Jan 8. I35C.—Iv PROF. O. J. VV'()OI)i_Aliow me «o ai'fs b* ISau«i \Vaiit(‘«i. UfJGINS Jv H.^KTV, at ti '-ir Store on t-ie corner of ,\Iaiii and Trade streets, will t'uy cotl ,n Rags, atjd g>\ c market price. Glivrlotte, March 4, )85G.— ly io»:ns 111 Mieir naiivt- coiur. ai a me nae, . belor/* d'y aid har-h ai d lalbi ir otF i >*oli ui d :.'!o.««y, and it eeaf-td fallin«; 'lie rtisappeaicd, and the scab) lost all ibe d sas:rw*\ itch tiif, so annoyint; hebire, and now, I j lutrk, bat ft el yoimi; ai,.n'n. j Jiespectfnllv, voiiTs, etc. c[l\rle:.s wiiitnev. jrT'SoId at 111 Maikei street,S,. r.oins. M I ri. 316 Bro.'idway, .Vew- Yotk.atd hy .Scan * ; (;harlf.*t(e, N.C , and by Drugsrifts everyv'hP'’ j .-\tl kinds of family patent medicines for . I the best pop^iblt' terms, at Professor 'V ood ® *■ ; hahment, 114 iMarket street, f^t Louj>. I Julyg, ]‘-5G—3nj o A •t j of all it 'J’h.; ' Th.r 1 ft'-vvart 3 Mick i The ^ ■? THE Kev. A, ■s Char| P i*eH 1. A-^ M (^ullou-^

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