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North Carolina Newspapers

The western Democrat. (Charlotte, N.C.) 1852-1870, September 23, 1856, Image 1

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|-cn n ill* ftH !! I:.; .1 if NV II hlllll;', li:il (i. ■M It .1 r.N III ‘1 a •Ith' '1 i:v. .'lUiin- \ ( I '■ ullH .' It I'l'iirt il |i ^ , I'l’r. iolil l> |o\ t’tt (I rM t It III ''lii >. Uiw >, nr.ti I I li.ln:ll, |r itiiv l)r aril |i; ; • III - liai;''' •V.. I h V "I • liau. IN •. :»■ I |itl Iitl't ; n'''. o ; :i V . 11!" -I' ll III l"> l( ill-'-'- Family Paper, devoted to State Intelligence, the News of the World, Political Information, Southern Uig^hts, Agriculture, Literature, and l^liscellaiiy. ' J ' » JLi 1 tj o -- - i.ipiKtix ANr> oi3l Stroot, ,'NE DOOR SOUTH Of SADLER’S HOTEL. CHARLOTTE, MECKLENBURG COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA. TUESDAY, SEPTEM15i:U lb5G.~ PER ANNUM In Advance. VOLUME 5. NUMBER 9. O37’JE7’I033 or I III’. TERMS OF THE PAPER; (TIdo Dollars ;njt;ir, in V ■f'i y V -f r -^ A S i) r i a © mis. II. .1. ckaich, lZ>rojsjs 3Vto.l5Lor, Tlirt'f doors' bt-low 'rrottfr’sCarriag; Mamifactory € n.inL0rrTE. April 2--‘. Jy nils, wiii:\i.AA, H>iroiS23» Opposite llie I'o^l-Oflice. A Lfj l>Ti'l'SSKS fin niul im iii:n]r l>y tlif coll>r!\ti-(l A-I5-C iii-thcd. and ^val■- ruiiti-d '1 til. BONNETS Triiii-:i'fl in ti;' style, at 1 ijt• >IMi{‘i• • -? II*tic*‘. ('liaiinttc, I’fh [‘2, —tf Tit VUi'] PMILIi’. riiIIC'I'. 1 \'KI> and ojicntd the k1 aaiosl v aried Mock oi pjiixj-iriirt'-a. i ri pcntly vi-iti 'l Xi".v Vurl;, !iinl s( • 1 ti"iii lli‘ "'id iiii'l I' ■ r.dry i.f ( :m>.«', K A (M AM i iV or ■■'iiuiiiib .fiuiljioiuiblrcr'iipr, ■ V I [M'V 1» (II 1 V « •ni !' ^uu' ' kiim* ‘" ; nil III li Us ni lirfti luM I [HISSH'” 0l lt! tiiaii'''- ' ;.1V. ‘ |0 I"’' Pll'fT j u h W ■l.ecnni'!, ^oiulr"" only :i:v. Ir A' tUerr.-" Ji-aU-. '•» ^8 i ifllC. ni il P. n-’i'aiiMl 1(1 t,. XJ5oJ3t . 1, t 1 Hi ll till 3IS*- f 11.w'l :.)!>■ I:i as i)rugs, ?rh‘tlit*iues. (hem- icals, Paints, Oils, IViu- dovi illass, Putty, Dye- Stnti’s, Perfuniery. Toilet A*'tieli‘s, &c. offer- KD IN THIS MAHKKT. .\!l «'t’ whil h will l»c sujil ;it xtrnncli! sliort I'l'olits, for rvvsii. I (/'/ ,'■// r-MPr.Ti riON—an! if you want artic.h s in my lin**, m11. y'tu ghtdl he satisHtd, both with ri'i^Mril to price anil q'lclilij. cU’nl!y, • II. M. l’iirj’rn \Ri>, :\r. ,d. l{ Intlt sail v‘v III fill/ f)ruis'^ist, ( ; IIAMTK JJOW, ISO 3. irhittc, May 0, U’ rAILGRING ^ESTABLISHMENT. ? (H l,l»in the .lijutis, tmtl ;'«r f?; sjf -'f tl.' ^ r '-M' iii-d ''r 1 .A ft oKui.i;.^ i')U VMlMil.KTS non ! Ci.i:i;K>’ I’.L.WK; la ■-!I I'I' S .»\s >1 !.-T'i:A'l'KS' \1’ I'OllNK'i S’ tMi'l ;r 1til.' I 1 ! :io. I, 15 0IV. in a 1 lavni' ! :.y til.- !i.i, !;r I iui: I i’r.!> L'iJ _ ■ r‘in;ta-« ‘i:: 1 1, Wi ll liiiDWu in tliis Ouinn.nni- t -1 -'.I lii’sitancy in sayiii;; that tlu-y |):-i ] .M't d to !.’ivr sati.-taotinn 'iS any '-I ‘:iV ■•hiir ill in llii> part nt'the country: tiy i ' ■ ajip'ifaiinn and >tt'ii t ;it*i>ntii;n to I ■ , ih y linpi- to ni-rit a lional f^har'-ul' : :i ■ I Jnml l;ts \va' r;iliti-d. l-'a.'ii: ihs ii-ci-ivrd nn'tilhlv from tlw bi-st a!.. • !.i:\AM>i:i; a lkxiklk. ii'jaist 1-^ I'.'t;—tf i AMllOXABLE TAILORIXti I • 11 a ,A„\i i,Vi '''u' \ ^ HAND. xa-ir. h tf; rV r-’ 'rilM siih'crii'cT annoiinci’s the piililic i^rfturally, that ho i'^ now m- -i\iii^f a hir^^i. :U'.sort- ni'-nt of now riolhs, (’assimcres N I> ,■ ,' I’ r (J' nllciiicirs wear, and will 111- srii.l ■ r -"ii ■■■h ;il a Hinall protii/ir laai.’o to or- (Ici acconli'i ■ 1 I till' latent s'yles. J^hop luxt (liK.i t , (.roc*ry ^^ S I't. -i.', iS'il.—lU-lt D. L. IITA. IE3S3=S7X3:TJ1?J'3E3 ^()ri.D infiiini his i-ii'tonifrs, that lu‘ has V 'I' I a ih’ rii.i.-u lati-iy by Mr. r. M. i: tin-'-.- doors . ;i'^t of tli-. Charlotte \11 woik il.iiiliy him shall e.\i cnted In ;:i '!ii'-t i'or whleh in evi-iy insranee, ). Villi il- i-. r^-quii'i d in -.'ash lieforr takinpc the 1. ;iway. AlJiX. liKTIH Ni:. ,!'i i —;’.\v Bttos of tljf I);tn. Kii.i.ei) by I>iGHTNiNrr.—Oil Friday moriilng lai^t, about 2 o’clock, during a se vere tbundcr storm, Mr^. Sarah atsou, n widow lady residing in town near the Hail I Iload, was struck and killed b\ lightning. She had aHs*n from bed and was at the fire-idace lighting a candle when the acci dent occurreil. 1 he other inmates of the house were aroused by tlio cry'ing of htr little son, and eiforts were made to resus citate her but they were unavailing. She w:i^ a vciy c stiuiable lad_\ , and by this aw ful disp(‘iisation of Divine Providence three little boy‘; .ire left )ri»hans at an early age. — [Sailsburif Hitmirr. 'J'uii'i.ixo’.SK.—Paul .Stillman died in Xhw York, Thursday, from exhaustion, con.-=e([uent on the amputation of a foot.— lie had worn ii tight boot only two hour., and produced a wound which re.sulted iu the hts.s a foot, and hnally of hi.s hfe. 0;:i: ( V Tin: Tku k.s of 1>l i:glaii5;. From a confession made by a rogue, now in j:iil at Hartford, Ct., for various burgla ries recently coininitted in Farmington, it appears that one of the gang with whom he was coniuctLd. travelled through variou.s towns seKing poli.-hing powders, with a view' of ascertaining where silver plate was to be found. In visiting dwellings, he was always ([uite bold in following the inmates to ad jacent rooms, to test bis powders upon sil ver spoons u‘ plate, lie made a memor andum of what he saw, in a boidc, iiriting particularh thbse housi's where a dog was kept. A Ciooi)>N.—'rhe Cincinnati (.iaz- ette learns that “.Vyoun^; and handsome girl, residing on Sycamori; street, attemjtt- ed, on la>t Sunday evening to connnitt sui cide by swallowing a largo dose of laudfi- inim. Soon ufter taking it sho ruod the rash act, told what she had done, and be came! exceedingly afraid she would die.— A physician was called in, used the stomach pump, anil yesterday the girl was doing well, and not only likely to recover froui the etl’ects of the poison, but also from :i lovi- tit. that it seems induced the t\i(.dish attein'pt. ‘•Oh, Doctor!” said she to her physician, " wiuildn’t it have been horrible to have killed myseif for such a timid fid- liw as ’—; v.l.y. when he lu ard of it lie said be alwa% s thought I was a blamed fool I" forgave him the many wrongs he had per petrated towards their city and their g'ov- ernment. Hein" answered in the aflirma- TIIE l.EGIJiiL ITI KE. We believe that the following is a eor- I rect list of tho members elect to the ne.xt live, he tied the handkerchief about his evc.s j Xorth Carolina Lejrislature: ! himself, and while calling upon Jesus to i forgive him, the word was given, the sol- dierb iired, and the .soul of .Sulizar took flight j into the spirit wcrld. 1 New Mate'uai. for 1‘ '.i‘ER.--'I'he Cleve land Plaindeokr says : “ The Planet has brought down from Lake Superior a thous and pounds of mos.s for Dr. Terby. of De- ■ troit, who ha.s been making oxiierinients upon it in the manufacture of paper. 'I’he , Doctor says that the moss makes a beauti- ^ ful white paper, without any i>reparation j if the raw material for the cmninon paper mills. In all re.pects it is ential to linen j rags, and can be found in unlimited quan- ! titles on Isle Roy ale and several other !o- I calities in the vicinity, at a very small comparative cost.” A gentleman, Mr. G. W- Stell, re- j siding near Petersburg, Va., caught a neigh bor in a beaver trap ji few mornings since, j Mr. Stell had experienced considerable dif- i liculty in keeping his watermelons quietly i “at home o’ nights,” and hit upon a beaver j trap to solve the mystery of their disappear- j ance. Accordingly he set one, upon the ! pl'.n of a steel trap, though large, without i Icclh. In the morning, instead of a thieving i negro, he found an honest neighbor fearful- j ly crouching over it---fast. Imagine that j neighbor's feelings! j ♦ « ♦ - — j A .Max that 1ji:mevi;s i.n Misir. i Some phih>sopher remarks: ‘-.Music not [ or;!y improves a man’.-' tastes, but his mor- j als. It gives him a taste for home that I amends his habits wonderfully. AVe be- j lieve in music, and candidly think that one I tlute will do as much towards driving row- | dyism out of a iieighborliood as four police men and a bull dnr.” DE.MOCRATIC SENATORS. ('amden and CurritvtJ:—J B Jones. dates and Chou-an—Dr. R I)illard. lVushin"ton and .Martin—Ches.son. yordtampton—T J Person. Va.sA—L N r. Battle. Ttarrfn— vViHirvni Eaton, jr. Franklin—I* B Hawkins. Pitt—^l J> Carr. Onslow—E W Fo!ivilIe. Duphn—W J Houston. cklen}>urg—W R Myers. Lincoln, Gaston Catauba—J H White. Huthcrford and Cleaveland—Dr. C Mills. liurke, ^IcJJowell and Caldwell—W W Every. liuncomhe, Yuncy, —David (’oleinan. -\cw Hanover—Owen Fennell. Edgtcombe—H T CLirke. Crreene and l^enoir—J P Speight. Wayne—C H lirog-den. Craven—J Miller. Carteret and Jones—W P Ward. Johnston—L B Sanders. If a/.v—O II Wilder. (Irantdlc—C II iv Taylor. Orange—P C Cameron. Chatham—R E Rives. ('uniberland and Harnett—DMcDiannid Samjison—T II Holmes. ('aswell—^ P Hill. l*erson—J W Cunningham. llockingham—G I) Boyd. Stokes and Forsyth—J J Martin. The Popular Vote for President iu 1852. The following is a table showing the pop ular vote fi>r Presideut at the election in 1852 : Popular Vote in 1§5*2. EZCECUTION OF SALISAR. ALKKU, tile new' President of Xicara- Screus. Ue?>:i’r- !'/■ Boilers anil oi’ mH ' lijitiiiiis, Mr.kiiiLi: and lle- Mill SpiiulU's, Wood i liii'Ts, Mukiivj; l'lo\ip;hs, Iroii- : \\';i^;)ns; and in llorse-Shot'- : J. \V(' will yitdd t) no on-j .. . imv-w I'.'ir, and ill I' :- 'il. Ilii'T- i p . il an A' lov iiv :! '-M Wfri.i n X UlK'iij .’.KWIJ.UV. j/,„ s. f-' >N have just r.'- :a,:d will r.-gn- V ;n;-'•I'iditinns tli'n'fto) ;) ohoie** stock nt ii i •.lie :in 1 ra^hioiKtl.!.- WATCH 12S tVoin :! 11; ; c J d lu.ik'-r-. Also, ;i rich assort- nnT.: lit ra^hiOiiaMe Jewelry, (liaius, A:c. All of which will be sold low tor cash, or on short lime to Mui!i'tn:il di-ali'is. 'I HOMAS TROTTER SOX. (’Iiarlolt.-, .Iiin.- IU. l'-')t‘)—It ^ixca. I- urn:n 'I'i: for lU' in'- pii-':.-c:,n !-y c-iU- nr. ii’id liirni'l'i’.g r;'.t a r'-due. pi ice, O'. l Copt' ■ aii'l s .1. rr.Kb’Y . .1 \Vi gna, ouiiiiues to \>unish all who his govorniiK'nt. Marino Salizar, executed on the -1th nit., by Walker, at Crai.i^la, was a prominent ]*olitician iu Xicaragtia, and was a candi date for tlie Presidency. The El yirarn- gHcnsc say.' : “•.''hostl\' after his arrival in thi.-i place he had fill iiiterview^ with G‘nernl Walker, which lasti'd a few minutes. When it was tMided he returned to his place of confine inent, and was made e.wave th'At .> ('’clock, P. M., of the same day had been determin ed upon for his execution. He appeared to be pr(‘pared for the announcement, as, from the nu>ment lie was taken, he was well :»ware of the usual penalty attached to tlu^ crimes of which he had been guilty. His interview with Generid Walker took place about eight o'clock, A. M. During the remain der of the day he was attended faithfully by Padre Vigil and other fathers of the church, and devoted himself, without interruption to making his peace with an oftended Deity, and standing in tho presence of tho august niiijesty of the King of Kings. Throughout the afternoon bo prayed eariie.-tly in front of an image of Christ on the Cross. As his fnial hour approached i tho holv sacrament was administered to him, and his spiritual advisers exhorting I him to keep his mind fixed steadily on his ^ ^ ;v) i Redeemer. His devotions were not disturb- >\ (N, V§ >N v) (D\) I ed until the ofiicer upon whom devolved the ‘ ‘ ■ ^ I - f his execution entered the apartment NORTH lAPiOLIlVA ELECTION HELD ArciL'.ST 7tii, ISotJ. COrXTlES. 1U)( )KS ‘oir M. Cn/iRLOT' "111. !\ 1)1 ' 1 W I i l.-‘ l lli ! \i: \. \ l'\ i '• I ! ^>OOK STORE. 11 \s i;.r u:i.\ Vi; \its ■■I . 1,'ihi it 'l./ltllll. : -• 11 H\.IJ1 1*.A1*.A i; - ■ ; — I'.dili'd hv pr‘para t ions kl 'Mixi'i; id -;i ' bill. v-*. i.'-; iu'.-ic .'-,.ii\ ''-a) '! 'vt .1, H iii: i>r.Ai:\V(M>i)-:iT nIX': r.vLi'.i'lg a J'Siiitiii in -lilli;- XoVels ,_j,y //,/,« lid lur-'i' >t- Ad\eui:ire> l.-ul'-Mod. rn AVlXt; made more extensivi l'«ir t he M iuufacture ot aiKl It .-.oiiM resp'ctl'ully int\>rni the cit;z ns ot N ,rtl, ( .ir..iina. that h‘e is now prepared tur- i-„,,ii-h a:ii> of a siipi at the Very ■nor quality, of hig oirn nunii'Jitcturf, Lowest Possible Prices. li siij) ii!:iinr;il : -.1,Turki'h. ; //. fr// St. I'tiiir. : a s,'lee';on ot ;>'Viis. ival)"i!at-(l nd to'niirui, and l.rXI'(>\ OF FRF.F.^^ ■ ' ( iitita’Minu’ a d> !in;t;on In i-iiimnnnicable lerin-i. i t- T. Ill- M. ''.iiif ('hart, by ,J. L. (,'ros.. > r i'- V' ■ M,.> Miniual, bv Rev'nd K. ^€7\7rtxxtixxs I.os r>v 1> aNiug thi'ir orders, can be furnislu d as low as' thev I'.oi procure the same at th«‘ North. April I."', —tf S. M. IIOWF.LIj-^ jE=L E3 3VX O ‘V Xj- BOON^ CO.’S T';.' Xew M .- T.listle i in: ol>lM .\v. ■ A 15 i-i;. 1-"WKTH ' . March t. I-'.; r.oard. MAXl'AL. by tin A KXXISS. ltoi)k-Sell*‘s.r NO. s. W. DAVIk. Attorney 6l Counsellor at Law, LOTTE, .W €. ~FT5-ryfc Is removed to their NEW Si ORE, 3, r.RlClv r.ANGE, Opposite the BURIVT DISTRICT wwfifppjF. thev will be pleased to see their Chnrlott--. .lolv I'i*!-'-—II' tluty o in which he was conllned. to inquire wheth er he would pri'fer a standing or sitting pos ture in front of the soldiers who were to fire upon him. He preferred sitting; and the same chair in which General ('orral was ex ecuted. was placed upon the spot selected for the occasion - the precise place on which (teneral C'orral sufti red death. When the evening dress parade conclud ed. a iile of tv/elve men were detached to e.\ecute the decree ot justice, ^^hile the main body of the troops stationed iu the city formed three sides of a square in front of the wall against which tho prisoner’s cl'.air w is placed: the detachment ot tueUe standing a^out liftecn paces di.'taut from the wall. The prisoner having announced that he was ready, ho was cscorted to the place of his execution by a guard of tour men and the venerable Padre A igib who ceased not his pious exhortations. Salizar w:is dressed in a blue ch'th jacket and f'oarse diirk linen trowsers, pi eventing very much the appearance of a sailor. Ho walked from the guard hnnse in his stock- ; jj|frs mid earned in tront ot him a erucitix, - upon which he looked much earne^t- j ness and to which he addressed his prayers. Having taken his seat, the Padre joined him iu a short prayer, after which the per- ?on« assembled around were a^-ked it they Alanwince, Vlexander, Anson, .Vshe, Biirke, Buncombe, Bladen, Bertie, Beaufort, Brunswick, ('abarrus, ^ Catawba, Craven, Cumberland, Chowan, Columbus, Camden, Cartei'et. Cherokee, (.'aswtdl, Chatham, Caldwell, Currituck, Cleaveland, Davidson, r»avie, Duplin, Edgecombe, For.^ythe, Franklin, Gaston, (^ranville, (juilford, Greene, G ates, Haywood, Halifax, Hertford, Hyde, Henderson, Iredell, Jackson, Jones, Johnston, Et'iioir, Lincoln, Madison, Martin, McDowell, Moore. Montgomery. Macon, Mecklenburg, Nash. X'ew Hanover, Xorthamjiton. >nsh)w, (Irange, Pasquotank, Perquimans, Pitt. Per.son. Robeson, Rockingham, Rowtin. Rutherford, Randolph. Richmond. Sampson, Surry. Stokes. Stanly. Tyrrel, Cnion, Wake, Warren. Wa~hin; Watau gi" Wavne, Wilkes. Yadkin, Yancv, rton. (5J)o •j:r* ;wU tm 5fi2 (»2U 410 o7'2 4-J5 ■l'2o tia^ 1173 .'ilJ 427 1007 ]i)17 219 ,*)44 97S (i7D au4 Kllil 1404 H07 71.3 SOS 1078 ,)28 :i.')8 422 ;>l.i oS4 2,‘17 ao.3 24;} ;«>2 a*;*; 2.J0 :«)! 07.3 42H m") 217 (■)().") 1 l.j 22! > 102.‘i llt;9 641 r/.H) •M.i 72.'> >0I 7r2 lo.‘Ki i;21 4't;} li:i W!t) 7! *7 :>.> !«;» 720 l.-,41 754 215 1.37 1145 :_I25 ti.lO 507 411 ;>i»2 (i71 751 77.1 42(5 400 901 41j iJ24 1510 50.9 0'j7 245 ;ui4 401 ■loa 220 11:37 t)20 1.58 :.m P.i92 (ilU 225 155 802 mi 1.18 995 i«;i5 351 .‘351 350 551 ‘,m ;{!>7 ♦ )H7 125() 255 229 744 274 290 311 299 074 7.-')2 741 ;3!>0 J52 95 424 490 23“ 1080 49(J :m 708 ,331 079 310 07(> 1010 1378 708 500 4tJl 437 ^74 275 472 1170 1*J8 3^8 428 .‘{Oi 1201 7.5"i 349 9ir> 400 320 7.34 ,5()9 95S 008 409 539 404 42t* 9t)8 784 157.3 291 589 107 493 c::i2 1120 1 HiO 438 55*j lit,9 82.3 353 1113 1503 1080 744 7.39 1225 571 432 459 537 73(5 3.35 ;s.32 (itJS 351 572 2;i io:it; 499 614 ,37.3 7o) 5-30 7;i.3 211 ,‘3i7 1024 1107 1522 (395 771 111:) .‘3.30 .304 77.3 078 773 IKJS ti’^5 1070 50(» 240 90. > ^ i 4 7;i!» 100 121 S.‘ }.3 l(i93 fl9 ‘201 2.37 i;i:K> 009 G;i;3 810 015 111 7.30 708 505 481 51.3 833 408 I (j()5 j 158 I 5.35 I 928 230 I 3U!3 ! 473 .302 j ,374 i 211 i lUi2 425 140 1.38 1199 580 155 189 92) 334 1.33 994 20.39 I 289 I :3!>2 I 2.34 I 584 I 393 j 501 ! 047 ' 1349 1 KJO i 180 I 817 i 2(!.3 I 2‘22 ! 2.30 j .34tl :{95 ♦i77 I 72,3 ; 31*0 ti23 9.3 570 428 108 1045 502 34S 710 381 009 , 4.‘39 . tni5 ' 7 1 12-1 .350 407 579 49- 797 309 27.3 1121 101 377 392 274 1204 320 KXOW-XOTHIXG 8EXATORS. | Pasqnotank and Perquimans—Jno. Pool. I Hertford—1» G Cowper. I Bertie—J B Cherry. I'yrell and Ifyde—F M Burges. | lieaiifort—Allen firist. | llalij'ax—M L Wiggins. I lloiran. and Davie—Dr. J B Ramsay. i Cabarrus and Stanly—E li Gibson. { Anson and Union—Dr. Myers. Surry, Ashe, Yadkin and Watauga—A liryant. Bladen, Brunswick and Columbus—A J .Tones. Jiichniond and Itobeson—A Dockery. ]\Ioore and IMontgcmery—S 11 Christian. Randoljih and Alamance—M W Holt. (i«/(/on/—Ralph (jorrell. Davidson—.1 W I'homas. Ifl/Ztts, Iredell, fyc.—R Parks. 17 DEMOCRATIC* COMMONERS. Alamancc—D A Montgomery and Goo. Patterson. Anson—A J Dargan, W M Picket. Ashe—Allen (Gentry. Burke—F P (Hass. Buncombe—A1 Erwin. Bladen—G M White. i'atawha—G P Rowe. Craven—C Kelly, II C Jones. Cumberland and Harnett—.1G Shepherd, ,J Stewart, E Bethea, j Chowan—.1 C Biidlmm. 1 i'olumbus—I) T Williamson. I Caswell—Win. Long, E K Withers. Chatham—R C Cotton, D Hackney, T Bynum. Caldwell—C W Clark. Cnrritucl:—S B .Jarvis. Deni. Free-S Alabama, 15.038 20,881 Arkansas, 7,404 12,193 California, ,34,071 3J).(il)5 100 Connecticut, 30,359 3:3.249 3,1 (JO Delaware, 0,293 6,318 02 Florida, 2,875 4,318 Georgia, 1G,())0 34,805 Illinois, 80.597 9,900 Indiana, 80,901 95,2i>9 0,934 Iowa, 15.85.3 17,702 G,60ii Kentucky, 57,(itxj 53,800 305 Louisiana, 17,2.35 18,047 Maine, 32,.343 41,t*'J9 8,030 Maryland, 35,077 40.022 54 .Massachusetts 5(>,0G2 40.880 29.1)93 Micliigan, 3:i,8G0 41,842 7,2:37 Mississippi, 17,548 20,870 Missouri, 29,984 38,ao3 N. Hampshire, 1G,147 29:997 0,095 Xew Jersey, 38,55() 44,305 350 New York, 202,083 324,882 25,329 N. Carolina, 39,058 39,744 59 Ohio, 1.32,520 109,220 31,082 Pennsylvania, 179,122 193,508 8,524 R. Lslaiid, 7,020 8,.375 044 S- Carolina, (Electors chosen by I .egis’e.) Tennessee, 58,898 .57,018 Texas, 4,995 13,552 Vermont, 22,173 13,044 8,031 Virginia, 57,132 72,413 Wisconsin, 22,240 32,058 8,814 “ Total, 1,393,089 l,590,:il)5 158,123 ed—all tell you of that work to do. How b^autiful your lives might be made, re who have power ; do yc ever think of it ? Look back along tho life you hnve trareled ; havo you built any temples whore simple gt>od- UC8S may worship ? Havo you planted here and there a tree that will live when you are gone, and yield fruit that, as it is pluck ed, will call forth sweet memories of your so journ here ? Have you ever made your name a household word, or have you lived but to build houses and buy merchandise, , and erect an altar and a templo and a mou- ument to corrupt and peri.shiug self ? How are you to answer thesequoelions who etand up before tho Omnipotent ? N(»t then with a laugh or sneer, or a clod marble face, for the thousands of opportunities that you have murdered will rise up in that hour to condemn you. COUNSELS FOR THE YOUNG. Never be oast down by trifles. If a spi der breaks his thread twenty times, twenty times will ho mend it again. Make up your minds to do a thing, and jov will do it. Fear not, if a trouble oomes upon you; If tho sun is going down, look ap to tho stars; if tho earth is dark, keep yo;ir eye on heaven ? With God’s presence, and God’s promises, a man or child may be cheerful. Mind what you run after ! Nevor bo content with a bubble that will burst, or a firewood that will end in smoke and dark ness. Get that which you can keep, and which is w’orth keeping. KKcctoral Vole of 1852. No. of Electors. Pierce. Scott Duplin—B Southerland, W il Ward Edgecombe—R R Bridgers, J S Dancy. Forsyth—J Masten, J A Waugh. Franklin—Dr. L A Jotfreys. Richard Rankin. Grattville—T L Hargrove, J M Bi T B Lyon. Greene—A D Speight. Gales— II Parker. Haywood—Dr. S L Love. Halifax—Win. Hill, J W Johnson Jackson—iS R Dills. Jones—A Cox. Johnston-—li H Tomlinson, Asa Barnes. Lenoir—^ W Bright. ljiiU'obi-—X P Cansler. ]\fadison- --l)v. J Y'ancey. iMartin--?> W (Juterbridge. ]\fcDowcll—-J C Whitson. J\[ecklcnbnrg-—W M Matthews, W Davidson. Aa.s7z-—G X Lewis. yew Hanovcr---Y II Tate, S A Holmes. ?\orthampton--~^\ W Smallwood, J Mason ihislow-—l^ W Humphrey. Orange—W F Strayhorn, .1 F Lyon. Pit/—Dr. W J Blow',.p]d. Moore. /^erson---ll II Hester. Bobeson---Giles Leitch. Hobeson .Morrison. liorkin Jlou'un Alabama, 9 9 Arkansas, 4 4 California, 4 4 Connecticut, 0 • 0 Delaware, 3 3 ; Florida, 3 3 ; Georgia, 10 10 ! Illinois, 11 11 { Indiana, 13 13 Iowa, Kentucky, 4 12 4 Louisiana, 6 6 ! Maine, 8 8 1 Maryland, ■ Massachusetts, 8 13 8 Michigan, 0 6 Mississippi, 7 7 Missouri, 9 9 Xew Hampshire, 5 5 1 Xew Jersey, 7 7 j Xew York, a5 35 j Xorth Carolina, 10 10 I Ohio, 23 23 i Pennsylvania, 27 27 j Rhode Island, 4 4 j South Carolina, 1 Tennessee, 8 12 8 ! Texas, ! Vermont, 4 5 4 1 Virginia, 15 15 I Wisconsin, 5 5 Total, 290 2.34 Wk are soon Forgotten.—We havo often thought that man’s pathway from the cradle to the grave was a strangely incou* sistent one. Life, ’tis true, has its strange and eventful scenes, mingled with sighs, shouts of joy, smiles and tears. And yet, with these manifest sighs and tears, there is a cold philosophy lords it over our being, and rules our immortal souls by shutting up the very fountain of tears. Day after day are we witnessing this cold philosophy [ of the- world. Man’s death and burial cre- I ates no sad thoughts beyond the circle of j the home where he was intimately 1*2 j known. The dio and bustle of the world I goes on as ever, tho hearse and the funeral j train sweep by, and mayhap a few of our j fellows on their way to the haunts of busi' 13 j ness, halt but a moment to ask of the de- i ceased, and then walk on forgetful that a ! heart has ceased to beat forever. Even j the mourner’s tears that gush up with a I seemingl3>^ ceasless flow, are soon dried up, ! and the veil and scarf, the dark badges of I death are cast aside, and the lifeless clod of I the valley forgotten, amid the pomp and j airy vanity of a vain glittering world. Btit i such is life. If we die to-day, the si.n will i shine as brightly, and the birds «>:ug as J sweetly to-morrow ■, not a wheel in the groat 12 ; machinery of tho business world will cease, ! and scarce a voice of mirth be cheoked.— 5 1 This is life; how rapidly it passes and how ! soon we are forgotten! ^ I Jov IN Adversity. All birds when 42 I they are first caught and put into the cage, I fly wildly up and down, aud beat themselves against their littlo prison ; but within two or three days sit quietly upon their perch, and sing their usual melody. So it fares with us, when God first brings us into straight; we wildly flutter up and down, beat and tire ourselves with striving to get LIVE FOR SOMETHING. The smallest insect in creation has its I appointed work to do. The atom that floats F ; before us, the softest zephyr, the faint^’st I ray of reflected light, each has its separate j free, but at length custom and experienop portion of labor. The/ all exifit for a pur- will make our narrow confinement spacious pose—either for good or evil. Seeing this, | enough for us, and though our feet should as even untrained eyes and uncultivated iu- j io the stocks, yet shall we, with the tellects must, how culpable are we if we ! Aposties, be able oven there to sing praises havo no aim before us—if wo listlessly j to God. arise and move around or worse, if we j Remedy for Injuries.—Have any one j spend the time God has given us to improve | wounded you with injuries? Meet them ingham—A M .Scales, T. Settle, jr. : in soulless pleasure or contaminating ac- | ^ith patience. Hasty word.s rankle the ^ \ rr Ml ^ tion. We may be poor, persecuted, sick, | wound; soft language dresses it; forgive- erJord—lA. 1 om.«, Amos Harnll. . . .. . . , ® .. Butherford Sampson—-0 P Wbit(‘, J M Mosely. Surry-—li E Reeves. Stokfs—^ F Hill. /’w?on---D Rushing. ir(//.e---X G Rand, A M I..ewis, M A Bledsoe. arr?/i---Wm. A Jenkins, Dr. Thomas Pitchfctrd. lJ"ayne---V. .Sauls, E A Thompson. Ynncy---\ A Pear.-on. 80 K X0W-XO'F H fx; COM MOX E R8. Alt rander—A C .McIntosh. Brrtic—D Outlaw, ,Tihn Wilson. B'uufjrt—J R Stubbi, J Eboru. lirunswick—T D Meares. Cabarrus—C N White. Camden—D D Fereljee. Carteret—W Runiley. ('herokec—C M Stiles. Davidson—J M Leach, J P Mabry. Davie—W B March. Gudford—D F Caldwell, L M Scott. E W Ofrburn. nes.s cures it; and oblivion takes away the scar. chained to adverse influences, but no cir cumstances can absolve us from a work to .To. We may be blind, deaf, crippled ; He who permitted our adversity, gave us our 1 “r*A DoEfi It.”—-“"iou Tommie, mj appointed path, and the light to walk there- ' saying in. We may be Bunyane fahut up in prison, i I just said confound *t.” our limits circumscribed, our movements j “Why, r.iy son, mother’s astonished to clogged, but os far as wo have capacity j Thut’.s naughty!” we can all write pilgrimages. They may ! sayiJ wor»e than that sometimes. I be written in patient endurance of suffer- I cusses right out- -just like anybody.— ing, in holy trust under the darkness of af- U rtf', ^'■ide- fliction. They may be written in penitent tears, and tran«cribed by angels into tho books of Heaven. And the work we do. What shall it be —for good or for evil ? Shall wo exalt or drag down ? bless or curse, build up or des troy ? One or thy other wo must be pursu ing. Our every look, thought, and action is reflected in a pure or pernicious influence, Y'ou know all men cussesJ” “Ah, my son, gentlemen do not curte!—- Low trifling men curse; but geutleoien of good manners and good sense c.on't.” “Well, anyhow, my pa does it.’’ “Run along to play Tommie, and be a little man. Don't say such naughty things!” Enter /’at^cr.—“Pa, are you a gentle man ?” 4''.7(*.3 4(>,020 5t>.709 44,17.5 4(),tJ20 44,1/5 Bri^^'s maj.. - 2.085 B.'s mj.l2,.304 Ifyde—J C Jennett. HtnJerson—Jo\m Baxter. I'edell— L Q Sharpe, A B F Gaither. S\Ioort—-W B Richardson. Montgijmerv-—,] W Crump. JIacon---lJ W Siler. J'nsquotank—W*E .Mann. Perquimans-—,] .M Cox. Rowan-—^ F Hal!, yt'o6Gilt'S Leitch. Randolph—li B Elliott, A G Foster. R ich m ond . Stanly---}il P Waddell. T>^rrell---J A Benbury. Washington—H A Gilliam. U’’a‘auga—-(i X’ Folk. Wilkes—A W Martin. P Eller. yarfA‘?n---Col. Speer. 40 Democratic majority on joint ballot onJy 56. “Ycfi, my son: I try to be one; but what j by the minds revolving around our sphere, i ni*^kcs you asjc such strange que.stions, Tom- 'mie? Who says otherwise?” “Nobody, Kir, but I wa« a thinking that somebody tilled me a story—you or ma Momentous power! thus to choosc or reject! j A work to do ! You are not excepted, I I woman of fashion, nor you,'p- j ; ing nmn. Through the walls of adamant i are bulit up around your soul—though the , ! thick draper}-of selfi.-hnessi.s folded over and I over your heart*, the voice of tho Eurrnal ; ! will penetrate, “Live for something.” Tiie * j very heaven that bends blue above you— ■ the very earth beneath your careles.s tread | —the flowers of humanity that bloom along your pathway—the weed that withers under “Thomas, what do you raoan ?” “I jest means, Pa, that you oussas, and Ma says g.’ntlemen don’t. And I know yoa do; cau.'.o 1 heard you cu«» the oarriagu driver t’other day, and 1 'iave been iaying it ever 1*11100.” “Peggy! Peggy! come take this boy to bed!”—^Mobile Tribune. Donnelly wrote homo recently that Mo- your loathing glance—the yearnitg of your j Graw had died from an “affection of th« immortal spirit, that cannot be suppressed ; 1 throat.” He was hung la>»t aeasoo in Citl the voice within you that cannot be silenc- 5 foxniu-

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