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North Carolina Newspapers

The western Democrat. (Charlotte, N.C.) 1852-1870, October 07, 1856, Image 1

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an if it ' u Monr -M;, I '■ .. , - iMr:; I' V. ■a! 111 11! . il i ) ■V ( ’! .i \ 1 > I Il ; .1., |N.. 1 ' ■ '■ •m 11 1 '•h, . M l. :■ IM . bi II ■ .y .'I '(t'.i'il [illlt t-' • !I1UK li lliirii* i L ■ li* ■'!! 1 dr» ^IrSlOIl ot il'' 'M. St ill*' Mativ*'- ;r:iy. I 1)0!- |,' si!v r •h |au((viill |if« nb!'‘ j| only p: ii'i; \Ni> >1'. '”1 A I aniih 1 aper^^^olcd (o Stale Inteilisi^ence, tlie News of the World, Political Information, Southern Ul^hts. A^riciiKiire. Literature, and Miscellany. CHARLOTTE, MECKLENBURG COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA. TESmVIS $2 PER ANNUM In Advance. OXI". OO 3XX lVt£xixx Stx-oot, / : \L DOJR SOUTH OF SADLER'S MOTEL. ^ TUESDAY, 0CT015ER 7, ib5(). VOLUME 5. KTow Sorios { 14. j Jll. S's' Cf C X u C m 0 C V rt t Pu^li ihed every Tuesday— - N \vil t’llil iilul JM'fU- - ... 1’, M.-irki't'. iVc. . ;■ r. .{ :• . i:. : .i'lilK'C,. . . ..f‘> 0!) " '--r ■' i - ^ 5'» ■ : . ; I , ■ \ ! 1 il 111 ut t !h- \ '{ (•) \- I : 111 • - - Il- 1i\'c /(/'/• .'iil*- . . • ■ ;■ ■ I i"' -IH'C Slll>- s 1 . j M ^ I u :-i ’ th c*!>y ;;ru r 'll'i-r.' \'in> iiijiv wi'li . : t-> ■-. > i'> '> I'v lu-'iil. ;it ADVfcKTiCl^^iG. i‘ I... ;• . 91 i I, 1 : “ ] / !'u ;i I: ( : li .. V.I>\ ( \- ' ; I.' , - ;m. '.Ill, 'i (.(. ti - !: .t •,! , n - '; ^ ■ 1 ' . ' ■; iil M l I (■' l' >v (»i;^ ■. , ■ !: : - iiwrki 1 uu t j,. t '■ r :■ \;]\] 1..- ’ : . :i' ;i :: !i. >-l-ui 11 ■:! \ Wll.i.IAM .1. Y V-; 1,-^. L,. JB-: L i3"i’L i liic . ■ ■ ! Ni l.-!.' . 1, •. - r::-' : . i % •1 I .ill..- I; ■ . r .V. , .il .1 I’ . . 1 ' ' 1 11, . I I ■ , I:; i •', r ‘ J ‘ 1 . «yk •at '* «■» -«•/ ' -M 4 1. i:. I' \ \ i-> V . 1- \!.l •- \ . r., d. i •. .1 \ t M S' 1 .1 !i. will 11., .1 11. ( ; K. • ...1. ( n\ i. ; \1 \ , \ (■ ' \ l.i.l,!., .1 I I. W I [. ' *N. \ • .1. »:i\ 1 !!>/.!., . .. J >S. 5 i 0.1^0 IT, C;»’ tias- 1.1. hi-. -:s TTolxxcilolo EMOlliAGE THIS KNOCKIXG. roil SAI.i:. ri^HK nnl.'iVi{ru.,1 l.c-s 1,-av.' '■niir. un.L ntl.-ii forsalo s.-v.Tal v;.l- J. tor.-turri h;> liiauks to tlio.v * i.'d'iiis in till- ( oiiiity ot Mi ukli/ubur^. who tavoii'il him with a cull ilur- -N. ( . 1 il: first 1-kimwn as in^ t}i-l;i'f year: h* would 'I'lie IKoiiie Tract. n-sj> fi;.t:'ully iut'orin ill'- public that {■ t. ,, ;,1 !“■ ri to tli*‘ Mac-lilii'' ( 'iIltUDl.tlf:- #».i A(‘I4‘^, oh thr waiors ot Rttdy i 'rtek, ■'^ii"l> i'lnii' iiy oi-c-ui>i* (l by ilt ;4«rs. & t uiniir.idiou-' 1) u i: L 1,1 N(, Wiusiuint, ivljoiiiiiij; Mr. J. Ivudisill’.s ¥t uni n I'.'i:, "O'jd lauia. car- i’kiiiiri" Mills, wh' ic h- is ]tit-]>ai'-'l to cX' cuti- iia„'e ti'ju.'t, and ail o!iier i.» Fr-^a -iH "'"ik in liis line u-> clu-ap ami as ir'>od n can nsclul Uuildii;. - 111 I .\ceiltlit oidt.r and piobaljU’ ii'jt b - dtjuf in tli*- ,''t:tt'‘. tauipji.^scd i>> ihorfc o:i any other laim 111 the c' ii,IV Tiirniiicr oi ,\!c. kle:.!>:,i-. 'l i.trc is al..> a ;n-i ai;d > ,v‘. * “/ I Ulllll^ ^CreWS, Uep.Ur- •Mi.l .,.1 Hoi;sc ^^^ll (ini rmnn- |,y ua:cr. ai-u Jj|r lioilerS aud EniTine.S of all aiioilicr-il..; (.,11 iu,d I hii I'hcr on ilu; tariii. I ho -\ i i • i iai.d IS III aii i \Cf]l(.'in .siaic ot (‘iiiiivatioii, |)ii, a-a'it- UC.SCTlpuOflS, *MaKllJi^ tllKi J\C- pairirig Mill Spindles, Wood Plaiiiers. Making; Ploughs, hon ing Wagons; and in Iforse-S’lioe- ing, ^r., wc will yu Id to no on3 r>r wi-;u-, an.l disj.nirli. Int-f- r !iti;r Siii'i'v si •.>"(. cotiunoii ditto .'is] • ''d tiii's, or .-.ircl {il;i.rc. J li.-m- aN'i (-rt cr* 'l an Air Funiniv' fjr inoml- iii.:^ Hrass. which atisw.-r> finely. I'lu* j>ubli‘can iiuw ;;. t bias-; and cnuiiiositioii (•.i.stinp;s h\' cail- in2: »r til'- abovi- c.^tablishnicnt. ami tuniisiiiii" I'.Ufi-ni'. >ld l!ra'> iti dt»*d ovcrat arfhiC'*d price, ly ^ f'.iaicd, wa'ei i d.and iia^ .i";.. Ac. > ui clca;-- td 'and. It IS altoiw-ihcr 1 PC o[ tiif lll'!^l dt s;;able |il(i''III tilt" k;iI it! C'uiIi!y I•! M* ''k!i.'iil> Ir:/. I \\ isli '-c.i dll.'. !aim lif'wcrn ihis d.'iti; aiai tiic ii'.*-! ut Jaiiua';.' iii 'if, ai.'.l %>, , i ia!;i' j.iiii-iuic in .'h AVa. : it t‘.) t.iiiixj will) iuay r.,;i ' , ;i. 1 n'-'.' v.|..h til’s. 11 Asaotliiea’ ■' ■d, i!ii.- -atiii i-t ..di!" h- I, conta'iiiiiL,'•-M"'. .\i ;i . w.iiiTi d, aiid luiV;.i • oil It a lafi.'- iji.aiu fi'. 1)1 .\i-t ii.'iiT iiiiibei i-'iiivi-iu. t.) a .''aw .Mi'l. '1 ;).a'i i> j.,ii()\v II Ur. iIh- I'me 11 ai 'J rac. i al.- ) U ;rh tn d .‘ksfioiihf'i* Tfivict • i; 'Il .\l;).;;c'.-(’if( K in Mt i !. ■ id-iiiI'O. tainin^ ■ i" A. I ;,iAMi a- ihi lit a M nc'J’laci. Tiu.' with n '.itiii';-s and di-spatch. OiJ (’opncr aul l ii ,'i I:-, v. i d ;iii;i.i>\i d :di a - I' d d .VI llinw huiise 1’.: a^s wanli d. Ocii. Jackson fur liiiciiaiiaii for j I*resi(l>iit ill IKI l. ' j The Na.'-hvillc {Tcniu j^.'f o) Union of the | Icth ult., contaiii.s a curn-siiondtnice b - j twfcr. Aiidrii'v Jacksiui and .luilge Cutron. u'liicu effectually cru.'hi-s out tlie wicked and malignant invrntioii that (Ji n. Jack.■^nn di.'trusted flu; intfgrity, lidvlity. and aliili- tyofMr. JJuclianaii. .Tudjrt* (’atron’.s kt- tcr givt-s the .sul.istance i>t’ an interview witli (Jeiieriil Jacksun in 1811, 'vliicli ^llOw.s that after Mr Van ljuraii v.rute lus anti-'l'i xa.' letter the Old Ih*ro came out decidedly for Mr. Buchanan as the doinocrutic candidate fwr I’re.'ideut. and recoinmrnd the delcgatep From the *V. C. iStandard. OH, COME TO THE FAIR! Ci3nifv:il i'ntrlliofiut. Oh. c, to tlie Fair, i i»l ic«. \\ hoever you are, | I'he annual returns from our Church, And hring Komething with you. whatevet j (snys the Presli^wrian) H'* inado up hv the i Stated Clerk of the (Jenorul Aseinhlv, j which have now been extensively piibii.-^hed, i pre.ent sevi'ral points of interest. A cotn- parijion with the .stati.-tlcs' of la^t a «ar j sliows that whil^t in t-oine respe't.' there is j ground fi»r encour.igetiient, in ot’iirs tliere i i.s reason for regret and luimiliation. ('oni- Vour fowls of rare blood, and your shang- I "'e find that the number of Synods and Pre.byteries re mains the same. Wo have 4T more can- it be; Come one and come all; \ our State makes the call. P rom the north and the pouth, from tin west to the sea. Bring your horses and kine, Youv sheep aud your swine. didates than at that time, 3 more licencia- ■o d oat \vi 11 uaaJ'd, I'.ed hcs (>ii the r..- -i-1 :,-id. i 'L'> J V .1: \ J Si !I .^isoiher Ts’ael O’ l.'i:d Iv II- oil !i!r; watci.-i ot Si,;i-ir ('rii.k, in M-I kli ii!)iir_i CDUnty, (■■iii;:i'iini4 fd.j Ack-. I aisDW 'li to si'il iny l;i- iii‘. ;i-! m Assoiiiob* ' ‘ Ai-;cs, on S: ur ailjoaiui^ tli' li ; . ■■ lit .‘>1 ri'-ii s J. pi:rk’v. iiariotfi', .Fan. I, J'.')(i.—tf htvis to boot; And whiitever you do, I’ning vour fa.‘-t trotters too, present at tlie interview to support liim in j The crowded trac k’ s chances to ttike and I more ohurchcH. di'pute I Jiiid more communicatits. There liave j been C.> more licensure.-^. 11 mort- ordina- Bring on your leathevwork- tions, .‘j.', more installations, M more pas- Also, your featherw.n-k; {..^al relations dis.olved, 8 more church,-s All cunous productions of nature and art; | „rganized. and 1(J more mit.ister.s received C ome, with your tap-estry, | from other denomination.^ than during the Also, your w/;>-estry, | preceding rear; whilst the amount of money Paintings mo.^t rare, for the eye and the ' ,„.tributcd exceeds the ~um in the report heart. ' '■ the Baltimi're ('onvention. It is scarcelv nt'ce.-'.-ary for us to allude to the high character of Judge Catron, the author of the letter reftrcd to. lie is at present, and has been tor nuiny years. c»ne of t?:e jus tices of the Supreme Court of the United States. 'I'lie corres]»ondence is as follows : Trael. '!i u.ii'-:-: u! I'aw ('ii. 1%, m M' ck'i'-r.lmr. , '■’ .1 lull- I'io Ai-ii \vi li wa'rii d, and i>'i \V( !' d vs ,'ii !iii] d I,, s. o‘Ma -1 l.'iMii' V.'K 111 ‘-'hi\',n at a:iv’ I'llH' !■ 'r> :i liy a;.,ii.i-.nioii lo :lu- . r. i:i r.’ii :!’■ i‘ iii ntiniu rl I biiiie .\Li:i;iM' \v.\i.!..\n;. BOOKS .\ T I II r, CHARLOTTE BOOK STORE. nMli; .VJ:\V ilASi:, or V,\M{s 1 IN I'lir. 1'au Wisr— }i/ ilnhvrt ('nrlhnt. 'I'Hi: Ai>vi:\rrRr.s nj- ha.i.ii nAitA in I'lirk'y, l’i !.>ia, ;unl l>*u.s-ia—Kliti-d b\ .famrs r A N'11 ()} ’ 1' IJ! I'/tr in our ll nii:s.—>llr ot'til'- lllo,-t illtfl'i ^thi" NoVcK that li i> I.'.11 wriit 'h in mmiv v. :u->—l>v Jhlut r>!iu. I'Hi', Ml sIOI'M ot n'liiarkabli'and Inti-risl- ing llvi-nt', contaiiiiiiLT i ii.-torical Advi ijiurs - oi .M; vlIAll 1'. ji.w n>- and iiuid Ills. Femaia Scliool. I »X S .Si :;...ii V dl br u-uni d. "u Mond:,\ I; S ji:. ii;!i.-r. 'I'f'iiiiii lor Tuition as FoUowo: .■'■1' ." ■ ■.'1:.;) I tpiiy h' nd- '. . ti' ■! J.: .:ici]ili > "I .\ 1 iUiik‘ti'- • ■ . ! i - ' i ■ j’liN .S'! Ill .■>; • ■■,1,’ . i'-i:!|ili\-. V. ':!i lii ■ n-i-1 l' (i nb.-, \:.:!i.: : I', ‘) :iio _.'ii,i;y . ii :ir.u". W'lir- i:. , : 1 ill J- ' ;o U'Ktpbv, \\;-h III- ;:d j-hllns,,. i.') ■ d \ V.T kJ - ) V./ i i r! i:j A iS . I; - - I. I.I- -- ' ■ ■ 1 .11 '; d Ml. i ru 'i :i lis i ‘i; MS? \ ;t i ie! i «»• I* : ; , )i tiii i'fo, (i:( rt;- . .i'i , K'.iiEil^, (!rs. v>il!- 1 ^yc- t:iy.>.=3 ■ i‘V , I’es’i'iiiLK t\, 'r. tii‘l Vii-.l. ■*, \ v. tlr. :.I i \ r;i; li ri.i;- . , -j ii!'- VI. K ; r. I. . :i 11.; I! I 'idi'. '' ' ' . : 1 M ...I': til hi- ' i^ . I' I ' : ii \ V. .1'. ■ s’ /■' hru ■nst. I • ■ : I r w . \o ■'!. ■ . M : 1 c TAiLOriKC L‘STABL!SHMlMT. 21 a.E'.\-|-E:8.i: M "i' : and ,\ nr'i’ii! 11 I. (;, \ .-p: .'liv . A (■.. Ac I'r >i'‘ 'c IIM 1 'i 111.' VO i (; 11 i I. I r ] .■> * ■M ■U''i-!n'i>;i;;iric ;:iid 1)-i-t i'.i- I ir.-i\ving .. r.i i ;i; r ‘ . Ill ■ M 1 l.'\ii’i-i-;. \VnUid bi Vi !_\- nilU b I M- iiL'. i 111 h! i oi h |l.ll|i>!lS. i;0 nvi- ind'-b’. li III ' i V f.\' mi: i >)i 'ill til. ■.•a,- !'■') I 111.:! I(. h. r.LAN't’HK I 'K A b’WOt >I)-a Talc ofMod'in Lit'.-. K\'I\\1N(; 'iWLl'lS—b.'iny: .n s'icctiou of '.v-.ud vi'ul and sii]) •nntuvid Stoi'a ■'. tvaiislatrd t i’iH tin ('hini'>i-, 'i'ink.i'h, and tornian, and coiiipili d by IhiinjSt. (.'lair. I-K.McON nr MASdXKV. . . ('oiita;n;u^- a d fiiiitiou iifa!! ii--coaiiiiiin:c.ib!i-t. inl•^. 'I’iii- Trie' M.clonic t'li.-iit, t.y .1. L. 'ross. L rill' I'r-.-Mason’.'' Manual, bv Il -v'nd i'v. .J. Sli’W;]; t. 'I'd .V 'V >[.i>o!iic Tr'isf'a- Ho.'ii'd. l iii; ODl» I’KIJJ.W,';- MAM'AL. bvth- i; . A. i;. (Jra-h. id>\vi;iK iv i:\xis';. Ch-.rloi:.-. M:'-cb 1. H..ok-S. jl. rs. Bring fruit and bring wine, Bring the ores from tlie mine- Bring your lu'edlework, girls, Uiglit along with your curls; basfjue.s, and _>'oitr boiinets, .tlceves, and your capes; And bring, curiously wrought. And with mysti'ry fraught. ( li W. I? A VIS, Attorney &. Counsellor at Law, Carohi-a Female College.: '• '■ j ' ii r. - \ ibis I In-:i I • ■ -.iiii- I * “'jG.—1 r -IbtL ZH3 O "^T* X. a. I'l 1 I 11 i 1 I'll 1)1’. il" ■ ■ .-I.- itioll, uillil i .-1; r- tc’ I'li: ' : .ii;';. . k- '■'U' I.; . '. i-iity V, . :i. !i. i; i:i.d 111'i d'.ii!i '"(-i'l■; tb - u-^n.-d ciii-b- o' i.n: \'b S 'i nc , .-in.l ..':;iii‘, i.aidi ;;;id • ; . ■ >. >7': p r - —'-it. I'l - li11... . .nu: sic. 0,1 IV,. i;;, ;\t„. • t’ •> ' 'r ' ‘ I;- ^ 11. ' • ill r c.i naiiu ica! ■ •! -I I'. 'It - I 11 a-- i .a'.li. ouii."i I'. \\ .'ix-1 .u (•' s. lY''., i'V >; lii ■■ s c;i ilicir . i« i! Tou ( ' ^ ^ 'I . !v. W VI.SH. {'■• ■'idtiit. I’. >■—'r'ic iisai'i; III iIk V 'ltii ni.., jia^ I'n u ii- a.arkat':', -.i-id >1 itmj Ke i' r- a,, '.V;ili ihc i \.'cii!uci "I.-;. ■ -I ol 'i.i!. Til ' slnlr:!,' alb rit d in- 'I . ovvi-,-1 smU'':! i.ilv i,.i ii-ii.iu home. S ,)r. l^^■ —■ 'F. 1{. \V., I’r BOONS & CO.’S BOOTJi SSiOi; llr.UMiTACK, Sejit. It), I8.->G. Dear sir: Will you be kind enough to i state me your recollection of certain re- | marks, and the cuiversation that occurred i on your Ai>it to the llermitiigein the spring i of ls44. between my father ((ieniual Jack- ; .-'Oil) iuid certain delegates from .Vlabama, ' I think, on their way tlnui to attend the ! Baltimore Convention, and j'.ist iilter the ' letter ot .Mr. \ an Buran ag.'iinst th‘ iinne.x- ation of Texas ai>]>eared in jiut lie, and ■ gretitly oblige yuiir friend au'l obedient ser- Miiit, ' ANDREW JACKSOX. | .Justice CatK'^V, of the Su]*reui'.‘ C(-urt ; Ilf till- C nitcd .''tat«-s. ! X \.silvihLK, Se]>, 17, ]8.-)(!. i Dmr Sir: In your note yestenlay you ' de.'ire nu- to state my recollection ol eer-‘ tain remarks that nccurn d in cui\«-rsation ! in my jiresence at the Jlerniitage u 184-J, | letwecn (Jeneral .Jackson and others, in ! regard to the prob;ible action of tl.e Balti more ('onvi iition, cVc. In I' ll, when the delegates were o:i their i way to the Baltimore (,'onvention ti'om ^\1- [ abama and Tennesst*e. (Jen. .ItiekMiU wrote ' a noUi to (Jen. Armstrong, the }>ostniaster ;u Xa>]ivilK‘ saying “that he (Gen. .Jack- ] sun) wi.ihed to see and have a conversiition | with some of lils friends on the sul>ject of a ; proper candidate to be presented by the ! con\ I'lition, :ind t> cotue early next morn ing to the Hermitage. ’ (.en. Armstrong ; ith all tnanner of work, in neat order dis and my sell drove up very early; nor do I . rec'db-et lu tlu r tiny oth'T pi-rson indicat ed in ihe note got there in tiuu*. A loiiir i ,,,, ^ , i>ri\ ato oiivoT.-^aUon \\ ns held l»v (im. i you \ e al! done youi best; son with those he had inviti-il, at which i And the .^tiite will b(> pnuid of the progress j for ]$o3 by Ck (,)ne' very chcer- i ing fact is the apparently increasing per- I manency of the jiastoral relation, th *re The wealth tlie earth yields both above j having been an excess of 21 installations and below. j number of pasti>ral r*Iations dis- liring the peach, blushing meek, ! solved, vhil.-t the report of the last vear Like the ro..=e on the cheek | .^ows an excess of oulv 7. (»n the o'ther (Jtthe tair ones wh(.-ll come, and not lhi»J: theniimber of communicants received >f a btuit! . . . . « ■ on examinati'>n is 7!.‘l less than the num ber reported last year, and those receiv(>d on certificate 120 less. Upon the whole, your these /igiires show that there ha.s been i progress as to the general healthfulness ■ and soundness of the churches; but as re- f gards the enjoyment of spiritual blessings All tliosi" “wee little garments ‘‘it various and agu;ression on tin* kingdom «.f ilark- shapes. ness, there is no spec-ial occasion ftir en- J>et the matrons too come, j eouragement. Our attention, parlieularlv (Though they s.ddom leave liome.) ■ ‘'‘•'•l‘-'^'':i"t‘cal With their counterpanes fine, and their bed- frequently directed to the com- quilts so rare; ' fe'v revivals, and though a more With work of all kinds i ’“T'py afterwards appeared, Which their careful hand finds j surprised to find that the So much jdea.siirc in doing:—l^^t them come ^ lioin the woild f.tll below what to the Fair. j has heretofore been reported. We trust Ye mechanics, well skilled, your Hall be well filled, jdayed; T^et the grounds, too, attest 1) A if., !) . 9 ■ i»l K s* • ■ ' . 1 iii .i,. I'-v iii.iM tb ' b •: M I X \M';;u A 1 KM i:i.i: ii'. i':c- -■ 1 f J, n n (I n ... " ,; . ■ -*.0 i' ■ - ■ ' . . . ‘.re . ; , ' \ rt HKS tVnni ' ■ ' ' 0 \ - -I. a rii-ii ;> • * liioi;:n)f(‘ Ji'Vi. Iry, ( aains, tvC. !o;- casli, nr on sL-: i - I' >M V- id: > i'Ti'!.’ A so\. ■ d. 1.1. ‘iiowni.i: ' r.^ /ill 1;!) ciilur aiinomirfii 1"' 'i- '-‘bv. til l! ho » "i \v r- I- I . la;; a 1 r r.. a-^r,rt- III! o; n.’.v [| J'assiijieres ' fir Clnit Iciio n's wt a r, and will i 'iuh :;1 .1 :mail pi ••:'i!,'ir iiiad.-to or- f iii - to the 1 lest style;-. .Shop iic\t ' ■' f ■ 1 'a ’Crncery >t r*. 1 ^ IS. :'i._l1 1). 1,. ki-:a. l>s-ssoliiiUo3i >r E*arlEif'r.»iiip. of 1;. K:ii.|iiii:inn A: (’o.. has tiiis * tV ! . . >■- d.'SiiiVt d. by liiutisal i'linsellt. All - ' ' 'i- \'oi ]■;. .i'l iiv bi- cnrly j.av- ■i‘. K.) .pmaiin. w iio v, ui Continue tii" iib.NO'.'. n aci'i'Uiit. at iln- ,,',,1 stand. K. KOOI'MANN. ]''.LIA.S A ( ulIKN 16, ISoD—tf J ) A t) n ro'd n f .U"'Al U.iliJ XW X XiSj-j ,V. KiNZEL CO., Proprietors. 111'. ua''iT>i;.::a'.l li,i> taken cb.n'i;!’ ot' the i.e.v Ho?;d ri“i-eiitjy iT.‘cied in tlor iinmc- iliatc \ u'laity ol till' n-’po; o. tie* S. C. cv N. C. KAIL ROADS, il « Ei'.ic’ioUe. and ' iicy 111 \ il>* i rom t in* 11 a veiling piilii ic ami ii.e ('iiii.;ijiinity neiuM'ally a tr'L'd ol ti.'- iiM-nts (>i then e-t aid isii.iiiM. t. Our Hoiinf uill hi* i-."pl ia all icsp.'cts i!ot inlVrior fi’ any otln*r icoit aot.d, whet her rt’iiard be had to t So' tal b* C.| to tii.^ i-ii.iito| t at' I i’i)ii^ of'thi^ sice;'- i:.u' upai tm.'iit-'. d o liie traveller.'^ on tin* liai i-!iu 1 1tills ;taiid is p.u ticiil .rly dc.sira- i.i'.ii toard iti lull vimv id ‘dif* Pi*- pols — ,ia 1 to biiird'M's ot' td'* -'ivvn we wili iiiak'' It .IS li.'si raiib', \vc li.';'.*. b.ith in r*i;anl t.i acrna; .a.ida 11 on ■ aiid terms, as atiy otiicr c-tablisa,ii-iit. No ellort viill b.* ' ..ired Oil our part i.i ::ivc ei;tirc .sat isl'act 1011 to ad v\ ill? oi.n lavi.r u- wrd their patronaje. KlNZl-.L .V CO. . I i.t'l •’ will be a lelOr!«iig‘: SSAES Kl’pf ill the b>":t '-tvle. in ti', ’ bas.'iin'iit of the .\u:;iisi ‘2(i, .'mu Sl-^.X3X3X_aIEIi till.'XCi r ■'Hi (\ -\V ^ t ■•^1 iv :! iMM'tKS SOI ri{ or nu: iior>r-. S. M. iiowj':i>i. [3 a \MN(; made more ext. nsivo prepaiatiou.s n ■ ;'or 'l.e !\Ianut'actu;i’ ot asKi lb- W'.abl vesp. i-'t'iillv il'.r’.inn the citizi'i'.s of N'l.ith t‘aieiiiia, that he is mov prepar' d to tii;- t'lnnish !N\a>ni.e:!S iii«:\E>s ot‘ .a stip.-iio: iiiiaiitv. of' Ins oirn iimniffadHn. al ih-- ‘ ‘ Very Lowest Possible Prices. 'V\7^ix‘tixx.g; JSrvdcllosi r>y leaving their ordt-rs. can bturni-hed a.s low a.s they can procure the same at the Xonli. April IIS. I'vit)—tf S M HOWF.T.J., 3133.3.x. JpOl'lXXXXl Is reiiio’.ed to till ir XK\\' S'l'O];!'. 1)1!!( K Opposite Ihe liURi\T DISTllK T ■’^11 Iii’]' tliey will be ]deased to th'ir old j’rieiids ami i-u-^tomers. ijoonj: a ( o. j (■liarl'iite. .lll' v 1 'ijCi.—If n.KASANT VAl.l.KV . SAiA), Valuable Lands and Residence. . :-iibs('rio' r li;i\ ing d ’terniiti.-d to r-- li iiio-. i- i.i tile boutli-A\ '-st otb rs tor sale HIS LANDS, 'ilnat ' in I.aiicasti-r 1 >i.':iiet. on ik. roail fViiiii I,aiica.-'t''i\il!e !o (.diaviott.', '22 miles tioui I.;nieast.'i\iib'. ■■iiid d mil' s I'loui Mon-o\v‘s 'ruin ' >.U, on till ( diarietlc aiid ^'outli Caro!in;t IJail- i:o:id. 77//: iinp./i: TUACT .'.'Iilaias ii\e'i'vi aeii -:. 'i'll /•: '{) L Ii i: Ii T 'I'RA c T (•.iiit'i;ns tv\ I !iiin'1'-. il au.l '.■■\ enty ;>cves. riii.) li'.1 two aii'i a iiiiit iiiiles south ol' tie ilonie Tract. 77//: mwi'Ki: 77.M(’7' cuat.'iins iw o hiiii'h'. d aiidsevut\ acn s. and ii'.; one mi].' oi' th - Home 'i'laci. Til,- whole Lands a;'e well adaptevi to the jiro- ilr.ction ef 7>7’77>.V. COirX. AM> ^’/,M/.V. The L.-inds are in a higli stat.'of cnltivatioji, in ;i iu:Af riFi'L. unAi/niY uiKnos thickly Si t:l. (1. with a nmr.d and iiit Ibgei.r coin- nunuly. I'pon th.' lloai.-Tr.'ict tin r.-is a l.i:^..- DWIILLIM! nor si: \viili nine rooiii.i and a lai'i''.- (.lining rooiu attach ed. Also. J a ODD s'l’oni: iiorsi: .';niTicji niiy lavq-i-. Tiiis has Im*.d a c.ijida! stand t .r tli.- .-ab o!';_.iod.-. ior upwai-ls oi'ihi;t_v y.-ar.-. and is t. .\.'o, .1 g'-.-./ (,' ii an>/ S rcr, Ji'iri,^. S.'i/blt\. Crihs. e-o../ .\- nrro ^-'fH 'HS^. al’.l I'ltil' I CollVi uiejit and ni Ce'>;il V . ird;.'l:l’'.j,f wi:h a ^S'l il of rrin: water. I: is alic.;ve:!i' : or..- ot'th - in-i'i d -.'irahle. conv. - ni'-nt. and b^ st iini)rovcd pia'.’ -s ta fi. ■ co'Uiiry. :'.;id d i' ': ■■■ .} su. li lamps' a.\ d 1 VP no riiMKyrs an-in K. iik.'t. I h.' nwi-bling and in st (i' tbr- JJuiidiii::s ale n.-w. h;o ing b-i n nE( 'Ey TL Y EIiECTE I). The binds wiil he soid to^eth*'!'. or divided to suit ; i puvciias-It wiil atfoid lie’ plea^uu- to I I smnr the la.yds i to pl'rsons wi.'hin;r to 1 xainin' 'i'be terms wiil ; ’ be maib- I I’.sv aii'l accoiainodating. I am i nErEli.MIMCD TO SELL. \ htivin-.; pinch.asi d Laud^ in ArkaustLs. P. rsons d .'irina: to piirch;ise iii;»y. tlicr tore, conu- j 117 77/ (’oypiDEyrE. j that I will sell. The Lanu.s aud Iiiinroverueut«. ' I :'"el assured, wiil pb ase. Mvaibb'es' is •• IMeasant Valley Post Office, i Lancaster D tricf. " The OiBce i.s at mv Store. CiCOKGC I>. 11 ECK11.\ .'▼I. I Julv 15.1’^'^*—tf bJen. Armstrong ami mvself \.'ere present 1 Av. II reeolb'ct. 'I he C eiieral had been a warm friend of Mr. \ an Burf-n ; nor did I know that he luid chaiio-i d his mind till that morning.— lie then concurred with his friends jirescnt (liaf it was nd po.-.sible for the democi'atic pjirty to ( h ot .Mr. \'an Buren in the face oi his lett(‘r condeiuning the. aC(]uisition id' Te.\as. Mr. V an lliiren being out of the question, the next matter of discassion was, whoot' our ))rouiii;ent frit-nds was qualifud to till tin; high olliec .f I’jesiib-nt. and carrit-d with him the elements of r-uceess in a con- ti-.'t with the eminent leader on the other side. .Mr. Cilay. who it was not d('ubted | would l>e the whig candidate. We discuss-I you’ve made. JI>>! ye Farmer.', attend! Of all classes the friend: I't.'r if your work should fail, we would "•Jure" not at till; liriiig the fruits of your foil, '1 he lieh cr('.'im of the P(dl. In its varied lorms to tho Farmer's own Hall, : Svn()ds 24 So come right along; j pVesliyteries 108 'riiere’ll be music and song, \ Cbiiididates 21!) And dtincing all night, so the papers d.) sav; i V'f ,p. 1 . 1 , ■ 1 ‘ ! Adaed >n Lxannna- J he latch-string hangs out, 1 r, -(,.j .Vnd our people, no doubt. | Added on Certificate 4.7HO that this circumstance may make its ap propriate im]iressioii on the hearts of both ministers and people, and that till may be stir themselve.s to pray and labor that the next returns may present more cheering ^ results. j We have received a copy of the Minuter I of the Xi-w School Cleneral Assembly, but j after Carefully examining it. hav‘ not b( ( n ; .ible to find that it contains (h- usual «^t*n- I oral Summary. Why it was omitted is not I exidained. liy reference to the aggregat(' ; tables, however, wo liave rolleetf'd a few : of the items, whicli comjiared with the Old I School, areas f»llows: I I\'eic School d the iitness i.f our friends, tuid gave our be hapjiy to see you bynightand day. ■ Total Commtini- opniio;) with entire fret'dotn. When we got tiirough, 0(11. .laekso'.i s;iid he did not (b.'uht that ^^r. Bochan.'in oug-b.t to be t!ie i.ominee. \\ hell we ri-turned to tlu‘ parlor a con- siderai'le number of gentlemen were there, and othi'rs were coming in fr')ia Xashville. The Ci'iiversation, of (-ourse, turned on poli ties and tlio jirobalile comple.xiou of the C'Uivention, and wh;it it ought to do, Sonu' one asked the (.Jenerak bluntly, who he thought .should b'.'selected as the candidate, lie proin]itl_\' i epiii-d: "It is n^t poss'lde What a time it will be! If you c.)me you will see— ' Ilctir the speech, p('e tho crowd.s, and the I brillijiiit array; j Como along then—conic all, j Like the leaves in the Fall— j And your trouble and travel Twill amply 1 repay. ' j Lo the .State gather.s here. At the close of each year; canls 1 :i8.7«j0 Old Srhool. 148 482 240 12.:W2 I),2U(> 2:i;{,7.j.'', I N( in TIIK Pi;l( K of Sh.K 0f)OI)K. — A Paris coirespondent s;iys-“I am afraid the ladies v.dll comjdain thi.---year, for silk good.-! v.-ill increase in jirice; lljere i.s a riif- of fifty [HT cent, on the raw material.” for our friends to siqiport Mr. Van Buren ; II, r honor's at stake and she calls on ns all in the iace (^f liis letter opposing the ac quisition .-md annexation >f Texas; amongst our ..tiier trroniiiieid. friejuls I have no h(*s- itatioii in sayinf.c that my opinion is, Mr. Biiehanaii should be seb-c’ted by the Con vention as our Ciindidate.’’ 'I'la re v.a-re several delegates present, but 1 d.) not r(-c''llect :iuy out* of them ex cept Mr. Turner, of 1 luntsville, Alabama. The foregoing account is the .substance of ir.y rectdJeefioii of the conversation to Avliich your note rt fers. Mi;st respectfully, your otiedient servant. InlLX CA'ITIOX. I'o Asvnrw Jacks^>n, Esq. To prepare for the time When she shows in her prime— C'Vi U'C. turn n deaf car lo her heart-stirrivg 'II? ni)Hi:iHLE DicA rn.—'I he lie. j })0s(0r->i tells ot a .strange kind of death pun- ^ ..-hment which was inllicted on a (yhineso I criminal who litid conimiMed a dreadful murder. He was wound -vith cotKui, sa- I tsirated with tallow, j.lace.^ being- left lor ; him to breathe. H«- was then dij^ped like ! a monster candle, until he prese nted a mass ! of tallow. In this way he w:is stuck up on j hi.-s father’s grave, lighted, and kept burn- I ing until hi.-i Itody was consumed by shiw * decrees. - I's’ Bh’iI.e.—We hnd fliimpse. Then come to tho Fair, Whoever you are, .-Vnd bring somc-thing with you, whatever _ POISONKIJ nv EA'l I.Nfi P.)KK Bf.IUIIKS . Come one and come all; inten-.sting little girl, Nancy Jane, ^ our State makes t’le rail, | ,laughter of Mr. J. J. Wall,oh*, of Koseviile, From the lulls of the west to the shores of: died on the 2nd inst., frr.m the effects , of eating a bunch of poke berries on the j Friday precetiiug. Thk (illEAT C'.IMF.T OF Ir.’ilk- book not tiften alUnved to be seen !»y the “world's p( oplc.” It is cntitk d, "A Ho- We havo I A Cure for Caxckk.—Mr David Cul- ' a day ..r two since, of a Shaker Bible, a on a former occa.-i.m alluded to the proba-' pepper, of Kussell county, Ala., request J ^^^"'"Sf'^n'ro.-^^-ntyear. ofthe us to publish to tho world, for the benefit Comet of 12ti4 and Lwt!. with a tall of 90 j alHicted, that he ha.s been cured of degiecs and much historical celebrity. e Cancer by the u.-e of the following recii*e. ! no^^ perceive that Mr Hind, a distinguished j,fj hdicvc.s it in an infallible reme- ' English astronomer, who has furnish(-d th best account of the comets r.bservt d durii;;; many hundred vears. luis enli.-rted Prof. iy. Sacred Jtiid Divine le>ll the Loril (lod of H'-avcn lo tin* Inhaliitants of the Earth. U(-Vi-:iled in the Society at Xew Lc- bation. f'oli:nbi;i county, .^tate nf Xe'.v York. United Stati's of Ainoiicti.’’ Tiiis edition w.ns jeiblished seven years since, at , Littrow, of the imperial Observatory dv f'«r thi-i dreadful disease ol tlu' Shakers” establisliiiieiit at t'anterliury, X. II. It [o-cteiids to be a rev( lation, anl the tc.'tiini.ny of i-leven mighty angels is L'iven. who attended the writing of t’le rcdl. ()i;efd'the aii"el is named Con-st.le-teac- .lao-mon-siiue. and another Pre-line-tlanan- vr.s-ten-va-ren-ve-ne—It is liound in yel low. according to tlie orrU r froni on high.— 'I'he buok ajipears To contain passages from Scrirdure. iilter'd amended, enlarged, or curtaile.1. willi orginal addition^ or im- ••Ki:i IFF..— Take an equal fpuintitv rif the roots d v.iiite ashe. blae-k sumac, .and fat lightwood nr jiine. and boil them in Vienna, in his inquiries. The n'sult is tlu 'y >t r unti! a strong tea is made, nti i use it discovr rv of the original chart and observa- *water, ten, c'X 1 1 r 1 . eottei-, mil(v and all otiu r lievera'^e.^. und tions of the celebrated astronomer, l abri- nothing salt or greu.-y. Take new tar CU', arul thosf) of the Xureniburg observer, .and sim-r it over a s]ow fire until it form.- .loachim Heller. Their opinion.'supported ' a tough wax and apply it in the rhape of a by that of Hailey, comfirm .^Ir Hind in 1 plu'ter to the cancer, over v hich first his own, that this inagni be momentarily lookeil f.jr. its re-''.nnear- 1 ex-,.... , »i i i piui d:iy or every otlier dav a.-; rri(..t con- ance, says .Mr Hind, at hand. ; venient; tiie canc-r to be kept dry. Ifthi- *• • ; remedy is toli.)W*d, without rr-gard t" pain Tiin Doctor ano II op.s.—The Editor ' bot!, i,o great, and all stimulant.-, are retrained from, .Mr Cui- unnrm .'ir Jiuul in 1 t;.incer, fiver vmcii nrst ?nificent comet mav ' '>.rr...sive sublimat.-; the plaster , _ * . iiUii curro>iv(* to l>o rc*n*wod i rr*- p pCUl - ( fivr-rv tfhiv ir . proveinents. as they are probably desired, -Mfdical .and Stirgical Journal eome.s ^ g.jHruntees u perfect am^ f-peedv to suit the peculiar noti'.'Us of the disciples strongly in favor ot hoops. He say.- ; cure. We give th*, recipe for wha*t It is cipe ; anything of it^ of Anne Lee. It is a very curious volume 1 nothing cati bo more appropriate during wo-.-th, without knowin —even more r. thougli of less heat >f summer than these light frames ^ ^ ^ pretended antiquity, than the .Mormon Bi- j raise the weight of the skirts from the ; Pre.sERvixg Bt.'TiiiH.—“Iti.s said” that ble. A copv is ordered to be sent to everv , idp" atid lower part of the back. He coun- { butter wiil keep for a long time if cach king or potentate in Christendom, and one moderation, however, aud caution> the ! pound be treated v,-ith one ounce of the fol- sent to the Governor of Canada, some time since, was returned or refused. —' Lo’cel^ C ladies again-t making very airy sprites of themselves as to take cold. Y^es, ladieH, V'An-a’-e nf th» rrcjj^h. lowing composition, rccommf-ndeJ by T>r. Allen, viz: Salt two part.-i. Sftltpeter one pnrt. BMgar pa^'t^. I DREADFUL TRAGEDY. The Kochcster Uwio//, of Thursday last, says: 'Fho ivaders of the f'nion will ro- . member thiit we piibiislicd, n few weok.J : ^ince, an ac«'otint of tho elopement of u ; married lady from IVut Hope, (’. W., with a young man. The guilty pair came to this I ( ity, and wen* pursued by the injured 1ms- I band, wlu) WHit-«l liere, armed, luid r('s«dved ; to slioot the destiMver of bis jK^ave. Aft r a ) cha^e of .«ome days between I’ort Hoih\ ' l*ocbest*r. and Niagara, where the parenl:^ c'f the woman reside, the parties became separate d, niul .'ill bi-came quiet, but the husband only re.served his wrath I'or a fu ture eicca.-ion, as we then predicted tlmt ho would, and l.i*s at lengtli aci’ompliscd his purpose, by slaying in cold blood the .-ic- diiot r of hi.s wife. The hush ind is named (4eorge Brogd*-n ; that of the seducer was 'riiomas Hender- S'.-n. Both wer‘ young in»ii. natives of I’ort Hope, wlio have been educat“d and rose to manhood together, and both em braced the same profession, that of the law. Since the intimacy of Hende rson with Mrt*. Brogdi n bec**me known to Mr. B., he* ha«l devi'ted himself to re*venge. Tlie wife took refuge at the reside-nce e>f her parents at Niagara, and llenderseui e*liub’d tho pur suit e>f Breigden. and ne") doubt visited ids wife at her resielenc»’. On 'ruc’sdfty evening lii.'-^t, Hcnderse)u came from Toremte) to Port Hope on the ste fimer .-Vrabian, and it is asserted that ho was on his return fre)m Niag.ira. Brogden expected him, and repaired to tho wharf, armed with a loaeled re> dver. Soon after the boat ^\as made fast, Hende rson ivent inte> the bar-room e>f the boat, whicli ^vas e>n the side next to tlie deck. Just tlie-n ono of the oflicers of steamer came to liitn and teild him that Brogden was on the wharf in sciirch of him. 'I'he warning came tero late. At the ne.\t insl«nt Brogden fired npon He nderson tlirougli the window etf the boat. Tlic ball passed int^ tho back, under the .shoulder blade, through the heart and out at the brea.‘t. Henderson fell excbiiming “I am shot,’’ and immeditvtely expired.— Hi.d not (lie ball been spent passing through the body of llender.son, it would havo doubt- le ss injured the friend who .stood in front of -him, and who was warning him e«f the pre sence of Krogden. The uflair create d intense .'sensation in Port Hope, where both parties \\(;ro well known and have re-spectuble relatives re siding. A coreiner’s jury ■were^ e*ngage*d Vf’sferday in an invesfigafioji of tlu* a/i'air. Brogile n made no attempt to eficape, but appeared to be in a measure satisfied after taking tho life of tho si*duce*r of hi.s wift^ and the destroyer of his pf’ace*. A RUSSIAN MISTRESS JEALOUS OF HER SLAVE. The Allgeme ine 7.titung, of the 21st of July, gives tho following illustration of serf dom in Ktissia, aw e»f recent eiccurre nce ; Among tho se*rfs owne*d by a widow lady was a girl whei had been breuight up with unusual indulgence, had received ii superi or e ducation, ai.d acquired nianne rs fuJ more cultivated than beleujged to lie r cla.«s, to which advantages was aelded the natural gift of an attractive perse^n. At an early age i-be was eipprenticed at St. J’e te rsburg to a I’rench dressmaker, and liaving at tained to seimo skill in the busine.'js, she wa.*! after a time oflered jirofitable employment. 'I’liirt he*r mistres.s permitte d lu-r lo ac cept, em the usual jiayment of an ohroh te) he-r.-e'lf in lieu of [personal service. The girl ceuielucte el he rself v.ell in he r fiituatiem, ac'iuirc'd a knowle dge of the; French lan- guiige, and forme*d babit.s of consielerablei refinement. Hero slu^ attrae’tcel the notice of an ofHcer of the rank of colonel, who, iu eluo time, proved iiis attachtncnt by ofl’er- ing her marriage. 'I'he girl accepted the proposal, and nothing remained but to ab- tain her free'dom of heu- mistress. 'I’lie pur chase mone y tho colouel wa.s willing to pay. 'J’his eiught to iiave be en regulated by tlie* ohroh which the girl had paid, calculated at so many years’ pu'rc-liase. 'fho »flicer. however, was not elispose*d to -»H)l :il>out the price, but t.n applying to the mistres.-, to whom he* unfor*unaledy explained bin pi’.rpo.-;c. he rece-ived for aiisw(*r, that on no tenn.s wliatever sliouM .‘'ho emancipate her s!-.i vr. Every e fTorf r-a^ ufed to sh;ike the rc- .‘•eibitiou, whicli »)j»ne*ared unaccountable ; but arg-jinent, e-ntn-afy., and m;ne*y were alike iMiauiiling, and thei lady reinaine-d inexorable*, giving iu the e-:id the- dun to l,er . J)stinaey by ob-e rving that she would never see; her sci t t>tke prect-dencii of her, as she -.voulel (le> if inarrie-el to a eidone-l. while she was herse-lf l>ut th** widow of /i major, rhe ni.atch was necessarily broke*n ofT. and tho girl’.s pn;.-'p(;ct of happines.s destroyed. 'I'o coin{>lete lier inis«*ry, he r mistress revoked her b-ave^ of ab.sewee, un«l or*l(-red her imtnediately to return to her native \iliage. Arrived in the village*, the* unhapr>y girl, nccubtomed tei habit.-i and comforts of civilized l;fe, wa^ e-lothtd in tli*' coarse.- garment‘d of un ordinary peasant, and was forthwith ordered to marry a rough niovjik, of the same ela.-s. K**vfdting at thi.s tyranny, and refusing to obe'y, hlio wa« flogged, and though sh* still n'siste’d for awhile, a long continuance of cruel Jiud de grading tre-atment conquered her ju the end, and she was force*! t.> submit t> the miserable lot entaileel upon her bv th»- wretched joalousJy of h»*r h*-«rtless. rti;> ♦ r«*Rs.

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