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North Carolina Newspapers

The western Democrat. (Charlotte, N.C.) 1852-1870, October 14, 1856, Image 1

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ppo- [>ub. all ^ice [’S. M'.-a IV. hth OH I***'. I*est till.:. ;1. ■•'1.1 M;u K‘^1 F>v. ! til- k\ - p ■!v, . I'if .r I'' lUi- [Mi.ii 1, ■■ -.1;, I'll" 11 ti tli. '•■111. .1 u... Vf' 3 V •Ii,. 1 i'. it !l . r t : ' 11 ■ \ ■ I.- I : JNt. 1 ■- 11= 1^ V ;■'(!'■■ ;it ll. • ni l * •■: I \\ I I. a t' AR'l' >, l)f n .. ly a I .•’ " .1 li:* '■• ini'i::!' ; iii!ir' ~ t\;' i * •' . r' t- ll.>1: >...1 >; I'r' hii ol ’■ - id I IP?’!- •I. !-l 'I'*' .lllll'''■ rinv. * J m 0 1'' ' llrrli "**' LpTI f I*' I Vot Oi:*y bi V I’r: A Iwh-'-p--; ,3i’. ‘If A Family Paper, devoted to Stale Intelligence, the News of the World, Political Information, Southern Kig^hts, Agriculture, Literatar«« and Mbcellaij. iL Oy ANK riM>i’i:ii; i >i:. CHARLOTTE, MECKLENBURG COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA. ($2 PER ANNUM TZE3!E1.3M[fil ) jjj Advance. CO OM. Stroot:, ^ ONE DOOR SOUTH OF MANSIO.N HOUSE. ^ TUESDAY, OCTOBER 14, 1856. ^ VOI.UiMK 5. 3Mo-osr Sox>los ^ [v;uvi|5KU 15. c5tcrn riiK N1-:w GOODS. .Published every Tuesday— tin- l:'t. t Nc\\>., it lull illld iicril- '!' tin- Miirkt 1~. cVc. r,,r if in inh iiiKT .i-> (10 If J.iii'l U :f liiti .'ix It’ |,:ii.l;it': i-t!i- . \i.irii!i“ii ; • Aiiv jM r-Mii ' ‘i By virtuf «fa of Trust to me mailt- by S. II. Jv*a.for purposi-s tlu-n in iiK-utioiifd, i'* lit 1*1*^ f \V^*' ' I will sell tj the highest bidder,III the public square, VlllVViilV » T a i.nym.i .^hail lu' .suM j i„ the Town ol Cliailuitc, N. C., in October iie.xt, That Valuable Lot & Stable in rear of the Mar^ioii House, Charlotte, N. C”., misodeXjiIj-a. 3\r y- A JAPANESE MEDICAL SECRET. cherni !is til “ i ll' Oct. 7th, 1 HKKM .V sTi:i;i.i:. ;lis ‘J ."i'l f tlif \ nr. :» (M) Kiliii”' us li'. i‘ III ir yii!»- iniii'il l>v til'* ini\iiiK-f >:il>- EMBROIDERIES. Swiss..lucoiii-t iV l-«lL'iii';’M »-V Iii.-ji rtinf'H, “ •• l-'lliUlK’ill^'.S. (’ollai-. DR. FRANKLIN’S ONLY SON. While the name of Franklin has been .so proinineiifly before the public, it may uot The historinn of Commodore Perry’s ex- , be uninteresting to give some account of pedition to.Japan concluUes tint the Jnpa-i his only son, William, about whom we nose are deficient in knowledge of medicine ! think little is known by the community at and surgery, but he ?ays .‘«onie of their . large. Unlike his fuher, whose chief claim IFOIin'EOlJi. now occupied by S. II. Rea as a Livery and Sale iStahle. 'I'erniK made known on day ot sale. 5Cr riie above sale^ will take place on Tueiday ' medical preparation.s are very remarkable. | to veneration is for the invaluable services the - th ol October Couit. producing most singular effect. Of these,; he rendered his country in her greatest Spptember -li, IBjf)- R. I{. KING, Trustee. -ts. s lit) " ill n I ' ivc a 0[l V iil.-rril>i ini'l "tlirrs ulio iu:i\ w i>h iiioiii \ t» U'. I'iiii do - " I*’*’ iiiiiil, :;t ADVHRTISING, .1 Jti ];i.c.' .'1' U-'s, !or ni'iiiili.i, I.*.•••.I f.a Or-. 7 o.-t. ■ i)iiii-k nii'l lilt '. I’.KT-M .V. STKllLK. BOLTING CI.OTHS. i;i,‘i:.M c'. .'^iKr.LK. 1 To The Farmers of WESTERN CAROLINA. Wo arc r' Ct ivlnr the hir^fst Stock of (I.) no i: “ lUKt ,t ( 'n -! -, i'i»l I \- p. I lilihl ill, .'MM i; 1- - li:^l ;1' 1', ino:i, lllU't ■:ni 111 I' .()i.;il ill ...,1.„.. 1 I; , , li> hr- 1,, . i.-. |i . 1.1 II '1 ran -i ii^ : ! !’ u' ill :k1v 111 (• I'i.i' aiiiioir.ic in ail\ iiiicc. .\'lvi rti I'lnriit:- lint iMiir'.itl .n 111 lu'i ;-i’i]i| I’.ir n s|n'c;t^- tiiin\ will k. . I t. .1 'iiitil fiM'liid. nii'l '!,nk wiij.i.wi .1. ^.\^l; 'I-1 HARDWARE OF ALL KINDS. llIii:M STKKLK Oct. 7th 1'.'/;. LADiES DRESS 3iLKS. Larn.-vt . lid iiio>t vaneil Slock ever £i ■ (iiTcil 111 thi-^ !i ark'-t. !!!;r..M vV si'i’Ku:. O t. 7, isir,. ixm i A/ I says the writer, there is one spoken of by need, the .son, from first to la.^t, was a de- 1 Titsingh, who saw its application and its j voted loyalist. Ikforo the llevolutionary j conseiiuence ; and from somo of theoflicers ! war he held several civil and military offices jot our expedition wc have ho^rd of this pre- of importance. At the commencement of j paration, of which, we believe, they have the war he held the office of Governor of 1 brought home specimens. Titsingh thus , Xew Jersey, which appointment he receiv- write.s : “ Instt-ad of enclosing the bodies of the dead in coffins of a liMigth and breadth ('lolliinir ond llan!icarf nf all h ntds. , . , . , , , __ ’ .. , 1 , 1 1 M'l'oportiouate to the deceased, tb'*v place Rl'0;;ail tin- best m maik t, and j ^ i • i lK)ii;rl,t b. furc the a.lvanc.-, N.-jrro K.-r.s. ys and : the body ni a tub three feet high, two feet Liusfvs. Nf^i'o and 15 d llhmkcts at vciy low | juid a half in diameter [ii ici s. Hats and ('aji.s of all varit-tii-: A B^ai*;?o StocSfc €51* Oroceries, euiisi.'tiiig in jcut ot'Su^ar, Ctilftc, 1’hIi' Kiipr ed iii 17G3. When the difficulties between the mother oountrj' and the c»>lonies were coming to a crisis, he threw his whole influence in favor The PtXNSYi.VAM.\ Dacgain.—We believe that there cun b« no longer any doubt as to the combination betweei; the black republicans (Fremonters) and the know-nothing.s (Fillmurites) of IVnn.syl- vania, with a view to defeat tlv« democracy, both ut the State election of the 14th of October and at the Presidential election of the -1th of November. The following are said to be the terms of the compact: In the first instance, it is agreed that the Fremonters ajid Filhnorite.s shtell combine to elect the know-nothing candidates for canal conuiiissioner aiwl the oth«*r officers to be chosen by the State at large, as also the candidate.-i for Congress in.the districts where the Fillmoreites are vl.c strongest. ,t,.r at tl... tu,., ami twu | „f loyalty, and . na.-avorod to ,,rev.„l tlio ‘''“• k rcl.ublicans fcctattliul.ottuin. Itis.Iifiic-ilttocoiiecivo ; Icgislativo assembly of New Jersey from strongest. It tlio rct-iiU of t tf %ote tit ( 'a'liiriilatr' Inf tni’ic \1 r>LlN DLAlNS I’i.AlD-S (■ ASH M i: U KS, lillKM .V STKKLE. \ 7, is-,*;. LADIES vi:ii*v LAKi;i: 1 i."..i;ii. CLOAKS. ' I’Ol 'iv, \ . r_v chi’Jiji Tlii* 4'h.*5r2j>jlr TI5!Ui;j3 ^ ii )\ riNi r.. t.. I. U 1 ,1.- ..1. Ik.ll^ r. vi-.uil vati-0..1C ill ri'.i'.Li:- I !-if. (.....d . I’,. Ik.nvl. \ > ^.liltr-t |lr-s li\ ili;r . A ;it r>iu,.r.ii.j, iiji (.n (Jiiiiuy :ind Jhindff l!a*;‘i;ino', the lar:^f,st stock in lu.iik' t aiiii boiijiht bftm.' the advance, :ind will b ■ Wold at co: ivspoiiding low jiriccs. W'c liavi- f>-fry and any thing that may i»i* foinid iu a I)ry (mkhI or Oroecry Store. Oiir (louds were liungiit cloM-. ami w :irr (/(ttnniiiiif not to In- ; iindi-rsiil.l, and ail Wf a>k is an examination of • lur pixuls ami prici .■> by CASH or pnnctiial pay- ; iii;^'custiiniers. It you want to ■■ your nioiii y • :tnd liny •riuii> cheap, c.Tllaiid see iis heUire bny- in::' els.-will ie, as it will atVord ns oreat ])le:isnre to .'liiiw you n h;tt \ve Irn e, and ••niivincf' you we .;n e Vdll liioliev. ■ JU.’oVVX, STITT, CO. Charlotte. —.'jt.')w-7w M. It. T \ N I'i. li. III. S. 1’. AM \ \.\1‘1'.!=, V.ic ri-v..;]ei.l. J. A. \ (»i N'-, ] .L 11. Will n„ I J. II. C Vl;>' * J- lAi . i!iw ( ..aiiii :i.t . •. n\ i;iMl \N', ' A. c. sri.i.i.i;, j .1 II. W IL'i K ■ !■'. .lOMN I'. n.’\'. 1\, . t , .. J.ilv • , I . - M mvi. ?a. J. ^'15 'I'il..'. d...>l- n 'r...:iel'- I.. III i 1;. i' 1. > 4 m.3£: -J.', I'.-.r..—[y lasis. u'ti'Ai, I!s€* LL 1 >1M'..'^SI'.. cut .Old .. ui )ii;el-• by til \ !J ' III tlliiil, I..III. ll t.:. BONNETS ■[' 'iii 11 ■! i;i 'lie I;.:, .'t s’ !'• h .ir. -t i:..t^->'. ( ;,arl..:t. . IM. l'.>. I" n 1! \ vr..!: .''T ki:"i;i\ f.i» ,.i: ’. li aiii] gnwsj l c! l)ru;s. su- inih, P.iiul (\»m\ (liilS't Slu/J'., P(‘riiE!ii( i->. 'I'oiii i ic. LVKii ori Li:- i:i> IN 'lllls MXKi-l.i. iia\ ili;j' [iMiri M V::;.| : ti .1 'I' hi'l-'I 1> ■ l.-.;| .i: llf -J.M I.l' :t-..i .'L- 11.1 >.- ■ lirid (I.-!.,I. i :. .\lclvo\ W.IS r. ,L -VleC.iy iiit.'i.'.'’ in the A!! cull- .! .■( ’i.v. ^V., r. J:5. R5. ]tl ^ ’ 1! 1';!!ial lii. . tin;.:- I th; c i|i;ti:i>!y. will \\ 1 lin.ii:’ inil. ■ .11 \\ ''.1. t I 1' til tlr ( >• 111 • V \7~ \T I C(.!l. lu r I.II ihe !ai la. I lie I e. hi\a’Mii, pieasa:;!- i !,riiid li.i;- . ’.,1 A.'tt s i)t cl( a’- i ■ r • re I.; i,n- iii..^’ tl ] :.:y el ,M. cklellluiriT. 1 '.'\.--!l ! 11 d,i:e :i;id :!ic li st ut' j inl.- ; : a- :e lit >li .\\ ;iig it j IlJ ^et; ii. ll l.n.i. d ami u;u-£'V\ , ....... , (jiis. U isi- ii,„i Ciliis-. r.;llv. SSvf- V; ■' !« H.|C lO !:» »>« v» i\ a nini^ '11 l;i'^ ■ ji a:i III a Saw .\!i;l. 1 iiil '1 i:;ei. \V;^!i ll) ll M I'l- i’.'jrl M( t Ill::, coi.iaiiiiii! la ,M lie 'I'la.'t. I'iii ! il-\(iliiii^ h.iiisi ll 111 on iIr .A E51JK Mv' \ IK.'.' .1 h I 1 1 1! \IM>. \r. f; 1. 1. ■. I I 1, ('\H M .y C, 1 NLW TAILChiisG [STAtlLICHNUhT. > 1 I,;;,: V 1/ : !i ,r ( liic (i o Slli1 no*!l i», i:. M II. WiM Vi‘ Tfh \ ■ 'V ,i;.j; IM! tke 'r 'i:i\t. 1',! >iM '.tte:!. . 1 la', ll til \\ ll ■ i .'l'Iit I ('iiifi r. I If V tei'l HI liesit.i lie' pr.-> ..I- ll ti w.i:. s m 1 r.i :ii:ur l'>i' At ll hill'd laiiii • w;;. !;•• sli ... II a; any tunc to 11 I-.I |i;i’e!i.; e, liy a.' i'lMtioii to ;ht I',) hve^ 0.1 lii. iihiiM' ;ii ,iiii>!i d 1 Son it alukkt \vall.\ci:. :i i.tle two (iirni? I ri ek. in ,11 .\vn MlUMT l>. r oil I :■ |\ iii'i oa llio lei lel.i.lirii CO!i;;t V— ! If tl I til. \ niiit;\ containing to lie r.t II o $50 Reward. Ran away trom the subscriber, on the 3d instant, riiy boy NKl); saiii boy was pur- i 1-’* , chased Ir. ui the estate of .lames L. Davidson, ^ . j tieceasetl,of rrovitlence, .Meckl-;nbnri; county, 9 ll!H|>ai35 • and is extensively ki.owii in th t v!cinity; he r tlh- Sioi khitMi r.-- oi is about or 10 years of age, T. feet, 1 () or 1 1 . I. Ill iu ilie tewu I.}' it,dies ill heiiiht, has had an a^m broken, ami ■ !.i. ' , in 'j.d 'l;,y i.f >c- disl.iured slightly, do i:or r . u eiiibpr which, \. IL t;'. i(>N. I’je.-i.kiit. : he is intellifient, and black. The above re- i-.\ ! ward will be | au> (or his deli . ery to mr, or ft>r his lodj^iiicnt in jail, so 1 can yet him within filteen days from date o. this, or for his (lelivtM yor loii^'inent, so t'.iat I can *;et him ill any lei:"th of time, m.d extra f r t very shid put into him will be pa>d with pleasure. Any inloriiiation concerning said b iy will j j,,., ) he thankfully received, and liberally rewaid- ; etl. R013T. S. llUNTllY, Walkersville, Union Co., N C. N. B.—There are reasons to beli. ve thet he has been enticed awav by a white man. S*-pt. 1S.5G—tf ' -V \' 1 ; P riiiath ;ii ;y 1 11 liiiiis. If ill llii.s i > p! ut'e-sienal 3J’cTt2?XO.'3 I’.eil i.ltVis fur sale >■ veral val- n :h • ('ei’.uty ol’ >.f'ckh iibiir:;'. I'he liist is known as EZonjae T ('.'i;:.:'iiii7o’5 on llit wau ;s o: !I id/ Cioek, I oinai.'d.oi.s I) V.-K 1.1.1 .N; lior i:, -..,1 IMM,- ■ 1 la. . li- .;,.-e, ai.d a.i )tii!..l.i- I.i t-,\i’' i!. at uiii ;■ iiiotialiiy nijt i-,1 liv ill'..?-; Oil a:.y oiL 'rlaiia i.i:hecoan:y t;le!i(» :i l:. ‘1 . :e is al.'O a ai.d Saw .11 Il.t;,■■ wr.h l^.a liiiilii^ l.y \\ri!er,ii Notice to Builders. ^ilK uiidersi^rned invite prui'usa’s for the erection of Collegt’ Ibii'.dinps at navidsiin to cost from :{(i to .f:.')!*,!}!)!!, the buildings Ilf briciv on rock louudation, three-storie.s hi^rh. coven (i with tin. 'I’lie contractor to fnrn- i^ii all tlie materials, ami complete the work.— I’i:.ii> :nil specilications will be exhihited by the ( liaiini;;!!, at any time, after the Jst of 1 h ceniber. The eontraet will be closed at Ch:irlotte. tm ihi' i '-'ih da\ ol 1 )ecemlit r. Any memberot'tli 'coin- mitt.-e w ill communicate inl'oiniati'iii on the sub- i ft to p r.soiis d. siri’ii; to contract for iln I’uikl- ine-s. DRITIY L.V( V, Chairman, I). C. A. }*. Davidson. ^ 1. \V. Osp»l!M’.. 'Charlotte, N. C. .1. II. Vs n.soN, .Io;iN Kxo.v, Ch ■>!'i villt , S. C. Com'.^man, Concord, N. ('. Aitcil. r..\Ki;ii, ? V ]). A. 1>A\ I.s. ’ •'k.soui\. N. C . -M. Ik ( ^\ iiiniii"(on, N. f’. 21," Th. .'^ali.'b'irv Watidiman, IJ.tli igh St.'in- i dard. Weekl% 'arol:ni;in, ('tdiimbia, S. ('., plea.^^e )ji\' si.v w.'. ks. Si'pt. l(i, IH-'it)—(hv U,. pi rsoiis iif.lehted to Us ure ’v:;rm d to ]!iy up immcdiatily, r (hey wil/ find tilt ir Note s and Accounts in the hmds of .'in .•liiei r iijr eolkM tion. Miiny ot the eljinis are 'luir j^t ;t iidi it;r, a ml m.hody c;m compliiii, it a .setll'. iiiinl is not now made, that it is torced. i:. &. J. LON him; AN. N.iV'-tiiher ('), l''.l.'». I.I 11 N ('• )NSE(^»1T'NCK of having lost by the fir.' which oecurr. il in this place, on the mornii!.:.; of the -.'7111 of .Miiy last, various Notes i \v:iH ud, and t'd- | claims a;jfainst numerous peison.s in thi. and ’ adioininir countie:—which notes and claims, be- inli- th.-'~]>roperty ol K. Stkki.K, A. Ur.Tll- i N't; iV Co., ami others, v ii:-. 1> wen jilaced in my hatiil..' foi collec'ion: ,\11 per.'ons. therefor\agaiiist whom aiiV d ^lu■h claim.''aie .still standing uii- settleil. are hereby duly notilied. tliid unless they jipnear immetliately ami close up the saiin', by note or cash, 1 shall be compelled to iile, tor'h- ui:h, r>ills iu I'.(|uiiy. theri by .siil-jecting such p^ rss'iis to :i1(litional ami nnneee.«s., v co.sts. how the body of a grown person can be | sanctioning the preceedings of the General compres.sed into so .«mall a space, when the I Congress at Piiihulelphia. efibrts, limb.s rendered rigid by death, cannot be j however, did but little to stay the tide of bent in any way. The .lapauese to whom j popular sentiment in favor of resistance to I tntide this observation, told me that they | tyranny, and soon involved him in diffieul- produci d the result by means of a particu-j ty. lie was deposed from office by the lar powder called Dosia^ which they intro duce into the ears, nostrils, and mouth of the deceased ; after which tiie limbs, all at once, acpiire astonishing flexibility. As he promis(‘d to perform the ceremony in my presence, I could not do otherwise than suspend my judgment, le.-t I shuitld con demn, as an absurd fiction, a fact which, in deed, surpasses our conceptions, but may yet b(‘ su.iceptible of u plaiisil>lo e.\i»liiiui- tion. especi.-illy by galvanism, the recently discovered elVects of which also ji])peared As might be i-xpected, his opposition to the cause of liberty, .so dear to the heart of his father, iiroduc(‘d an estrangement be tween them. For years they had no inter course. When, in 1784, the son wrote to his father, iu his reply Dr. Franklin says : “Nothing has ever hurt me so much, and !it first to exceed the bounds of credulity “The experiment aeeiirdlngly took place Whigs to give placc to William Living ston. and .sent a prisoner to Connecticut, wiiere he remained about two years in East Windsor, in the house of Captain Ebenc- zer Grant, near where the Theological Seminary now stands. In 1778 ho was ex changed, and soon after went to England. ! There he .spent the remainder of his life, receiving a petision from the Gov ernment for the losses he had sustained f«»r the State i lcotioii justifies the measure, it is then proposed to run a dtmble elecli»ral ticket Mr lUichanan; while, in the contrary event, the Fremonters will not rtin any ticket, but will support the Fill- more electoral ticket, on condition tliat they (the Fillmore electors) agree to cast their vote for Fremont, in case he gets in the other States more electoral v*tes than Fillmore. The know-nothings may have the State offices with their patrontige and emolument, jjrovided n.s a reward for this act of liberality on the part of the Fro- monters, they support the black republicati candidate for the Presidency. It remains to be seen whether the vt»t«‘rs of the (dd Keystone State will allow them- bis fidelitv. He died in 18JU, at the a^e i , , , . ,, ^ ° j selves to be driven wherever the wire-pull ers of these two parties, for fheirown selfish in the month of ()etobcr, 17c-'J, when the cold was prety severe. A young Dutch man having died in our fiictory at Dezima, 1 directed tiie ph\ sician to cau.e the body to be washed and left all night exposed to the air, on a table placed near an open window, in order it might become com- [iletely stifl’. Next morning .-several Japa- nesi-, some of the officers of our factory, and my.self, went to examine the corpse, which was hard a.s a piece (^f wood. One of the interpreters, named Derby, drew from his bosom a SunlocJc, or pocket book, and took out of it an oblong piiper, filled witha coarse powder i*e.sembling sand. This was the famous Dosia powder. He put a pinch into the ears, anot'ier pinch into the nostrils, and a third into the mouth ; pres ently, Avhetlu'r from the elieet of this drug, | or of .some Iriek 1 could not det ct, the arms, j which had bi'eu crosseil over the, | dropped of thein.^^elves, .md in less than I twenty minutes, by the watch, the body recovered its tlexibility. I attrilmted this phenomenon to the Jiction of somo subtle poison, but was assured that the Dosia powder, sd far from l>eiiig poisonous, was a most excellent nu dieine in child bearing, f’or disease of the eves, and for other mala- ! ^ haM' died fcince its or purpose.s, may to draw them. mil of Cvmmervc. -Jonr- A QuKsriox OK Vkii.vcitv.—We pub lish a letter from Mr McMasters, editor of the Freeman’s Journal of this city, in re gard to the position which Mr John Fre- c fVected me Avith such keen sen.«ntions, a.s I mont occupie.s before the public in regard to find myself deserted ill my (dd age by my i to hi.s r(digion. He has denied, time and only son ; and not only deserted, but to | again, to clergymen and laymen that he is, or find him taking up arms against me in a j ever has been, a ('ntholic; yet Mr McMns- THE EDUCATIONAL CONVENTION. ♦ TO THE PU15L1C. I take pleasure in annouiuitig to tho publio, that ii!l the .•irraui^eiiicnis for l!i« EihieatioiiHl Convention t** be liclj in SaI- i.«bury» on Tuesday, the 21st Jay of Oolo- Ikt (iu.stant,) luivc bv.-n cuinpletevl. Evtayi>ts of di.^linelion have }*ro- eiired on all subjeets proj**sel iil the pre- liuiinary nieetinir in O'oMsboro’ in M iy last; ajul from tho reii.ible iiiformat^>n in niv ptjssessioP, 1 ftvl ;Uith(»rized to say, tli.ot the ensuiii;,^ I'oiivention promises to be the most respectable atul iniposijii; ono of the. kind ever aasenibled in North (’arolina. It will f..-rm an iinjHirtant era in the ed ucational histury of the St.ite ; and from it will probably ‘late new ccinbinod nnd sys tematic eti’orts on thf' part of ail tlio fri‘ii(l.s of the great cause which calls it tog;(‘tlier. In t! ic naiiii* of that cati.'c, and on l*chalf of tlie (’i)inniittce f I’n ji.nratii ns, n cor dial iavitjition to attend this C'oineniion is a^ain given to all the friends of ICducation in Xortli C’an.iiina. Let no one st:iy away for the want of a special invitation, as sucli conUl not be sent to every imlividual—and let it l;e distinct ly undei-sfod lliat it is iinportniit for the leading Schools and (^>liejr,*s to bo repre sented. leacln rs and »'fVicers of Comm*)n Schooln are particularly reijuestcil to attend,—and iiidoc*] th* invitation is special to every friend of Xorth Carolina. All wlio attend will be furnislied witli free n turn tickets over the the Ii’;iil Koads of the State, and the pe*ple of Salisbury will freely cnt«'rtain the delegates, while ther^*. Tiie (’onvcnlion will perhaps organize 'I uef^day «*vening at early'cMidle light. WILih', Ch'n of Coin, of I’reprirntion.s. October 1st, cause wherein my good fame, fortune and life were all at stake.” In his will, also, ho ulludes to the part his son had acted.— After making him .some bequest.-^, he adds; “The part he acted against me iu the late war, which is of public notoriety, will ac- ter.s challenges him to say so over his own signature, as he will thereupon prove him a liar! The matter ha.s now come down to u scriou.s issue. The public generally are not so much interested to know whut Mr Frement’s religion i.«, ns they nre to count for my leaving him no more of an j know whether he ha.s been guilty of inten- estate Ik* endear ored to deprive me of."— I tional and wilful deception. Some of Mr The patriotism of the father .stands forth | Fremont’s warmest friends now doubt hi.s all the brighter when contrasted with the honesty, and nothing will satisfy them but desertion of the son. u direct statement from him. It i.- really a most unfortunate position for a man aspiring to the office of the Chief Magis trate of twenty-four millions of pcc*ple. Tho Western CluistiHn Advocate gives j The letter of Mr McMaster.-, however, is a the following summury of Southern Meth- { stinging cpi.-stle, and the Fremont men can odism : Southern Methodism has now .six ! no longar laugh or ridicule the matter out I}i.shops—the IJev. Messrs. Soule, Andrew, i countenance. Eet us know whether Mr Paine. Pierce, Ctirlev and Kavanaugh.— anization—Drs. di.-s. An infusion' *>f this powder, taken j Ctiper.s and Bascom. They have to attend even in j.erfect health, is s.-iid to have vir- ! t"enty two annual conferences, besides tues which cause it to be in reipiest among j I’acific, embracing an immense re- the Japanese of all classes. It cheers the j Virginia t(. Texa.s and the Indi- .spirits and refreshes the body. It is care-! Territory. Some of bodies arc fully tied up in a white cloth and dried, after Ihirge. In South Carolinti there are being used, as it serves a great number of j over 45,000 colored members ; in Georgia times without losing its virtues.*’ i more than 20,000; in Alabama nearly 20,- i OOOtVc. Whole number of traveling preach- Tiu: Wa(;es j Fremont is u man of truth or not. Either I Mr Fremont or Mr McMaster.i has told a glaring, unscruj)ulous He. I—A'. Y. Day Book. Hon. P. S 15rooks, of S. Car4dina. has been nomiuated for re-election to Con- {rre«s. • A Frem)XTi:u.—Jo.shua R. Giddings, a supporter of Fremont, .“ays: ‘•I look forward to the day wh«>n there shall be a servile insurrection in tbe S»»uth; when the black man, armed with Itritish or Xki-di.kv. ojikn-.—It ■ ers, l,ih!4 •, superannuated, l.W; local, 4,- I bayimets, and commanded by liritish «>lfi- was n-centlv stated in a New York journal white members, 428,511; colored, ^^ajl wage a w..r of extermination T T •)—- i * 1 o >.» against the master; when the torch d the that there were no less thiin twenty thous- ' K>l,0ft4; Indians, ; total, oJo..}Uj incendiary shall light up tho towns and cities of tho South, and blot out the last vestige of slavery." Tiik Inventou ok Pk ki.ei) IIeukixg.— Some of our most valuable in^ entions are of 80 simple a character that the only won der about them ti-ems to be tlutt they were never found out before. It i.s said that the Emperor »f Kussia has just returned from a vi.'it to the little town of llorgo on tho l>al- tic, wlu're he took part in the ciTcmony of laying the foundation of a monument to the memory of the fisherman IJeukels, who finst Introduced the plan of preserving herrings bj salting and packing them . Formerly the vast number of herrings which w«?ro captured on the northern and western shores of the empiri, were l to the world by tho rapid decornp.isition of the UjMikels conceived the hajtpy idea of salting them, and having in.structed his neighbors how to preserve them by this process, w»*nt him self to Finland, and taught the Fins how to d(>al with ihc fish. As a I’eward f*r bin imblic sjiirit, the nnme of Iteukels has been hand« d down to posterity as a benefactor of mankind. The Kmp»‘ror (’harles the Fifth vi-ited his tomb ; iV ter th(; Great granted a pension to one of his decendants, and now Ab'xand‘r has laid the foundation stono of a monument to be i-n cte«l to his honor. OnsEKV.XTioNs ox TMK .Moox.—Scicuco has been emibled to find out niRch concern ing lunar mountains. 'I’lie elevatiim of up wards of a thousand have been accurately measured, on the scii-ntific principle that , ^ the length of the shadow indicates the heiijht Iho above represents the character of i r .i i i i i - i , . . • . . . , . . 1 of tbe body behind which it i,^ cast, provid- 1-.-V A n fi n n n X (.f u Xi ^ \M> !i 'M \s i l.-. . f I T!; 9 A -"i)\ ' I' ! V e.| . .-I'l I . I,,. ,,,, 1 -r'y I -c.'iviii; a ! !.'■ .n t; ol hail.I'.nil • .111,! f I- !.!o' tie- I'I.'vt c ■! 1, ;i! -d ill k I lli-'llt et ra>!iioii;i’»?ii‘ ( hains, Le. A’l o- wiiicli n-ili n . , ,M irw‘|ore.|-ll. or o;i -h-e,l ' t.i luilleniir .! 1 Tilt >M \s I K' >T I1'K A >-ON ' ' .lull ■ 10, I !i.;i; 11 roa'I to »'on- •;p t'*s 111 ^ood coll et fine bottom rcii i:s !-oi; w Al^. !- nsiiioNu:ii: 'i'lir. Mih erilx r ann.iiiiicc.s to the puldii- "eiH riilly, tiiiit he is now rt eidving ;i i-ir^^e u'iM.rt- meiit ol new i’iolhs, ( assimer(‘s AM) , tientleineirs Wear, and will xi'hl to: (’iitih at a Kiiiall pr«dit,')r mai.'e toor- r iiceordinir to the latest s'ylcs. Snop iii'.xt I t 1 l’.lm>'Crocerv St re. S. pt. 2',). IS-'i-^.— lu'.-i 1>. L. RK.\. iHsKoliitioiK oS* K®as’ja5€r?*!ai!*. ^■11 IK tirin ot I>. Koopmann ..V; Ci>.. has thi-^ ■ 'lay been dissolved, by nmtaal consent. Ail i.;.tke I arly p'ly- w ill continue tive on lii-i own :iocimnt. :it the olil stand. 15. KOOr.MANN r.r.iA. .V (’oiii:\. Al3Xi.:iidcr 3C’0 ixCA'v.'.!5. Well iiiipro>eil, u it'll a iioo.l '.tii'l i-.tai i.o.t o:is i!'.v liini; h- .i-’'. ai.-l ail tlie iiut li.'us ^ nefer>uiy lor a l ii a!. Ill m.)0 ! ri’pa r. Thei e ;s ;i'so A good biore-Housc ON 1 -1 r. !■.:i s, I'hi*; i N'peit> !.'S Hi iim'. I't^u Char’ott''. the (■ ro‘;s Ko on 1 ll- . o;-.L Tie' 1.1: i> m .>il r. dition. airl cte.^laii s a i;!ia:i:il_ i.ii;d. Tiio other Tract, .-\t'ioiiis th-.* abo\ e. ami coiit .in-i This I- also a well improvetl larm, with 1:0.".1 bnil.liii-s, bus rx.e :ent i imber on It, a ^oud ineai! w. au-l a n;st-rate cotton Ciin. 'I'her - i- al.'O >.n tiu.s plaet* a d ;;33iS i’oth ot' tio* above tanu: ami w ill be sold on r ;i' Apply on tue pi onii-'. Charlotte, .lum' 10, l-.'d.- W. 1)AVL. .V our opponent.'?, and teaches us what w; may expect from them should they get into and diss(dute women in that- city. One I T he increase l.'i.-t year wjis over 23,000'— grciit of this fearful infirmity is the } The Southern Methodist Church now num- low wages which are paid to the great body | bers more than .‘JOO missions, domestic and of n(“» dh'women, as well as to most chi.sses j foreign; 270 missionaries; /0,000 mi.ssion of females, except domestic.?. Imagine a 1 members, with 25,000 pupils in the mi.ssion widow, with two or three children, thrown ! schools. I here are missions among tho upon the world without means, and cimipel-1 people of cid(»r, the German population at I mont men would endorse Giddings’ re- 1 ^ (forty-five d»-nees ) tho led to make a liviinx for herself and little ' the South, the Indian tribes, in China and I marks, but it is characteristic of the hatred ones; hov.-cun she do it by sewing?—how California, (now the Pacific Conference.) entertained towards us by that party pav rent, purchase clothing, fuel, and food? The society has been in existence since ed the inclination l»y whieli the light falls is known. Whi'iiever light falls on a per- power. Wo do not cl.arco that nil the Fre- | are eeMral.lo estate ii ^!e terms. .J. .M. W. FLOW. Jnlv 2;), —1( 1' ■ •"iis indebted, will I'll ai to 15. Koopniann, wli ('AKiioii m iiorsE, rglHlS 1;,lire and spleiiditl tlire.-story build- -H- in;.:-, on the ea>t side of Che-^t. r l>epot. is now itpi n for tin .MeeonimiKlarioii oi p. rsons tra- V ll'.li^ by till c.'trs r,- oliii I'w >1'. 'I'h.- riiip;'.- lor is \v,-ll aware that nothing sht'irt of a \V«‘il-k»*|Jl Eiioii^r will induce a cn-^- tom to tir.'. so rec.-ntly -i.;t. n t’.p : and although verv solicitou' ol jiatroiia.j , he'refrains trom those thoii' ]ir,.m:s. s ■which bet 11 niaib' only to be broken by many of h.s iilr.strions piedect-sors. II- contidently bope.s that be will be sustained, and upon trial give such satisfaction ."ind aee*nnni:Hlatii>n :i> will semi him on his wav rejoicincr. • • J. I.. CA17KOI.L, Cli. ^tr, ?• P., Feb. 0;^ rf .\otice. rH^lIlL Ta?c List.s fuv b-.Vy, are now in niy B iMiid.'.and I hold them n ady tor iusj^-ction. I remtest all persons toinlbnu me of any taxables whiidi mav not be listed. '■ .\.ll'p 'rsons have lot paid their taxe^ for I".')!, irill >:urfhi com. up and fnr/i orrr noir. J-. C (iKllilJ, >he|ill'. Aprils I'i."*!—tt :KTo‘tioo- LT, persons imiebteil to the firm of IR WIN. IIUOC.TNS vSi Co., wi.I f'lid J. F. Irwiii or T. 1). (Jillespie always ready and happy to settle. Accounts and Notes r.ot set. ’tied by .lanuary Court will be lound in the bauds of flii otiiccr for collection. .1. K. lUWTN. T. D. GILLKSPIE. ()et.-2:i. l^-i‘ B«tei*e.'liiiS >\olire. ^1 rn:( D/ijX'iiiinilii to Im >/ (JOOJ) LAI\D- '|T1K subscriber is desirous of felling; his I plantation, lyi--i: in Mecklenburs county, on the Nation Ford Read, and one mile west of Morrow' Turnout, on the Charlotte ano ■South Carolin? Hail Koad. The situation is a (b’sirable one. I.eing near the junction ot (wo public roads. The tract contains 30Q ^oros, i lies well, is of a dark sandy soil, ot easy cui tivat-on, and proihices well—about 7-» a'res aie untler cu tivalion, and there is 70 or 80 acres ot the best woodland in the county. 1 he balance is lying out. has srown up with pines, -BirBran^h-'iunm^^^ I g^cat city who are beset tract on which there is some • by so many temptations.—Inq. SVPKRIOlt BOTTOM. shadow fiirmetl beyond is ( xactly a.^i long n.i the body is high. When the sun shines bv Destiji-te i'oxi>iTiox OF Kaxsas Em- , this ineliiiiition upon the lunar mountains, AVe arc told that the coarser kuids of gar- j 184.5, and from iG8,000, its annual receipts .p.j^^^.-r-S.-The Peter.-burg Express has a ! Iheir shadows are cunseqnentlv ns long a, mcnt.s, such as pantaloons and vest.s, are have reached nearly -91/0,000. Southern j now made at rates h> W, Uint an industri- | Methodism^ha^ made rapid advaijces in its | Kansas, stating that times are v. : y hard, | fidls with greater inclination the shadow lengthened in a ratio known to the mnthe- matieian. Thirty-nine of th«* lunar moun tains are found by Cstiin.-ites taken iu thi.i way t» he higher than M»uiit lilii'ic; h’x are about eighteen thou.*-and feet. In illustra- ous female, if she toil for ten hours a day | educati.mal efforts, having not less than ; approaching, and there are tliroughoiit the week, even if ready at the S.000 students in its numerous colleges and ! needle, cannot more th:in three dol- i academies. In 1845 its Sunday Srho«d liirs. This sum would be scarcely sufficient ^ Society was formed. Now there are over 2,000 schools, nearly n.‘j.O(X) scholars, 14,- 000 tetiehers, and 17,0()0 volumes in the libraries. Five thousand dollar.*! have been collected for the tract cause. many destitute of any prospect of braving its severity in their present penuikss con dition. All tho fighting had been stopjird by the activt nieasure.s of Gov. (ieary. It to provide food and clotbiiiij for a single woman. What, then, must be the condition of a widow, with one, two or eveji three, helpless little ones to tiike rare of? The almshouse, m- a course of infamv, are the ■ * * * o„lyallirnativ,-s, 'i hf tkl.l for'lV-.nalo la- j ‘■il'NKr.Al. IM t.KS roll I'si.Ml Gs.ix.-.,- I»nr is I1.-1 -iitlicit-iitlv 'vi.le iu this cotiiitry:, in his, on .l^iieultaritl Cliein- | 'I’hey were then in c»ni|k,inie:. of liiiii- ' there should be more avocations thrown , istrv, gives the following rules for using dreds ; th**y had family circles, and looked opt n to them. Tiiof-e, for example, who guano. attend stores—and that is regarded a high- 1. That guano is best applied in damp er and more profitahk* Uucthan mo>t others ■ or showery weather. — find it exceedingly difficult to get along. o_ That guano should not generally be especially the ca,-'e if they reside gra-=s land in t'. spring, later than April. .3. Tiiis i- at a great di.-tances from tho centres of trade, and are compelled to pay omnibus would be well for subscriptions to he taken j tion of the delicacy with whi-h invesfiga- up to aid Soutlii'rner.s now In the territo- , tion.^ relaliiig to the h(*ight of lunar niouii- ry. The Missouri Republican de.-cribesthe ‘ tnin>» have been carried on, the Geiman a.“i- difference between gidiig and returning eni- ; tronomer .Moedler ban dist;nctly seen n igrants : 1 nhadow in the moon not larger than three They were then in conip.Viiie.( of bun- ! pp,.„nds ofangular me.asurrment. and which eds ; th**y had family circles, and looked | . . * , i* * , *1*1 '* *1 I • i- "V a 1)0(1 V not exceeding twontv- hapi»y; they took quarters m the rabins *d I . * " steamboats, and purt(K>k of the luxury of * '>ght fe« t in hight. and a plenteous table. They w(*ri: thrifty looking emigrants, who wo'ubl do TuikxxI.v:. Coxv«ntiox ok th:; Eeisco- honor to an}' new couiitry. I'AI-(Jhuk( a of ihk I^.xitk^ .SrATKS.—Thi-* We now see th«*m in srmad.s of tens and * . , , ■ • t 1 > t»-eutic,-cri,,|,le.l, , ru„i al.|,ar.-„tly I poverty stricken—crowdi rl upon tiie d**cks j Philade'lphia. on W edne.*/l:iy I;ist. Thesta- That when guano is applied to arable i of steamboats, almost begging their way j the Chnreb iu the United St.-itc.i, hire : to purchase one iiieal .1 day (dinner.) . should immediately be mixed with i back to the homes tliey left but a few in addition to their boaiding at home, and either by harrowing or otherwinc. to attire themselves in neat aj)pa;-el latter constitutes an important the circumstanci-s. 1 he bes months before. And civ'il war in | I*-'"* f j has wrought all this mischief—doomedmany i 1,74-> clier^\ nien ; ♦•'^>7,012 coiniiiunic.'ints ai)pa"el This I 1 nas wrougnian ims im.-cnicr—uoomentnany 1 1,1 4-> ener;^\ineii, coiiiijiiiiiicanL'^ taut item under artificial manures in a hopeful heart to de.spair and death, and ; a„,l 1,1 70 candid:ite>.r,r the Holy orderj. ’ (reneral should be put on l.inds only in ' ?f«^'*-»‘t*’Orcd the lives of hundreds more, whose 1 , o>“oi i ,• n . 1 :st ,,oss,l.k.eure particular crop ! k-w. ! T'"" 1 »■«> is remunerative emplovment; and this will . . . , , -i ,»i • * ' I intended to be grown, anu not with tho m- upplv in an especial manner to tliosc young Meliordte your condit.on not by ‘“going west.” hut by buying g od land susceptible ol imnrovement'and possessing market facilities, and social and rooral advantaj-*:?. “Nuf sed. and boc ROBT. H. HARRIS. Pineville, P.O., N. C. ?ppt. ^0,—p‘ri$-2.'2.')-3w r>osTOX, October 2. The CoTimon Councill last night voted an invitation to President Pierce to visit this citv. There was some opi>osiiiou, b'U the j allowed to come in direct coni-act with the vote wa- finally earned. | Eced. tention of assisting the succeeding one.— Each crop should be separately manured. 5. That guano before application should be mixed with at least from five t4» six times its weight iu ashes, charcoal r.r fine soil. 6. That guano should on no account W Washington, October 6.—Young liojt.n and Prior, editor of the Richmond Enquirer, are hero secreted. Arrangements hnd been made for a I.o*tilo meeting this mor- ning. Washington. Oct. 7.—Bott-, Pryor, and their friends were arrested on the ground by the police this morning, heforo exchang ing shots. They will proceed to Richmond this 0>'Pntng iu otistody of oificer-'. contijnation.s; 5,084 jnarfiaj^in, and 9.0fi5 burials. In Virgitii:u, tber^^* are 1*21 clergy- meri ; 0.017 co!umunlc.nit.-^: 3,856 Sunday .Si.'iiool pupils, an 1 67b U*a»’her^, and tliero have been 817 b-iptisms .-nd 678 confinni- tions. Iu North Carolin.'* there are 40 derjjy'mrm ; 2,-‘?24 coitinauniivints. InTen- n-’ssei‘ there are 24 Cier^-m»'ii, ai:d TS-I cfknimuniciint-i.

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