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North Carolina Newspapers

The western Democrat. (Charlotte, N.C.) 1852-1870, October 14, 1856, Image 2

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i J'Jl .N Ml'.)! It A1. ‘ CHARLOTTE j ii3i; «i:i^i^. niAi.i. :: I H'l 1.1 mv i i.i .mmni'h I-- I I: , I /•V' /; iii-. t- 1-1 i>V' 'U It IH ' ■' I'M I (..•fMi'i' !;.■ •• nr.* l-M.k !■: ’ l::i* t'.-'t.- Iiil'i! '.v|, l%"if U l: 1; Jt;l ii;t: ;';i( t ’:*■ I'iiLii'' Ijiit it' l>'i- IM' III! - • -1) li ' s to i: Ir ' I'll ill ti. - ! S: 4- ;.f(j'|ic;.C.‘ iu 1I*-1 !■ Ill !• I e»i.i-c t'i.'- f ; u l.-i "1 t 1 rv *‘! i i.e\ ■ r\ t 'i il 1‘ ; ai'ii^y ■■■ ci'e ! I'l. .1 t!. : ■:.l .1 irei. c. 7 i:-.r^rrr. j, |. i: l\ ( iil flute Wiiit "'•:k ill b(‘ liiiit ';t‘!l’C'! ''II. y.-Vi:'"-. f )!■* iii'‘ ir r!,i- 1.;; 1.:;: -T^ iill ..I' i> {ijtu-i'iiiir I'll Mr. I'lv tJi»- ■ -'till in* i'twi-i'L ■ ■- -g ' THE CROPS. Toi!-\ o IX Kkn i lckv and Tkkn'es- ; sr.K.—A forif efj'oiitleiit t>f tin- Now York ' JfMiriiiil «'♦’ ' ".iinnTc-, writiwg from Kv." till til* 23tli ult., t “ riie past f.jur (lays, e.Mjiiioucing cii 21st, tin-' u'eatlii^r luis bTii ' ci'l'i tuf tlio .si n'Oij, uiul vii « i ^tuul IV. M.m.liiy/J’iu:sJiiy niuJ \V( diioJuy. wi-rtiTi- willi li ;ivy. killi;?^ frxst:*. Xiirlit Ij- t nc la.'f tlu^ tin nuw;:i‘ ti r whs • ti) til'" fi'i‘ s'r.v icr* on tli‘ .'tiil wjiter iu lli>- iii'M-uii;/. cnv fi;/!!!!! -t iu\ fi.i' k. \V- iinv*' tt a s*,-in sucti •■J-. M) 0!ii Iv ill till- si u^'.ii, t"!' V'ars, itiiil it- i I'l'on t!.f' tiihaccu crnji l.ii> lii.t II (ti'»-*l ili'ti'ti'’’!i. I'roiii v. lidt J ' u witliii* n »l(>yor l\ n-. ii!i.I pr'aiDiiur*- tlif j/raulli n.iijcd : it i' t-uiiKl}' !t!,U v.iltiri iioiio of it in t!ii' I .' L'i'Mi h'*‘iit;.'i'ii't Jii'j. I il • i."t sut.-tljiit it •■uii i'.- i-l' iuiv vuluf »t nil. jrUDICIAI* PROCEEDINGS. Bladen Si pkbiob Court.—Wbat is the ma'ttor with Bladen ? Wp learn that her criinina! dock^'t presented as black a cata- Joiriie art has probab'y ever bcc-n seeu in North Curolina. V’in^t. r-nnie tlio of the Stuto Rsstinsit LoimI'im. tho property of C>1. Jos. L\«in, tor Jiurplarv. Vt-rdict, (a ordinary in ca- OUTRAGEOUS CONDUCT We learn from Mr John G. Elliott, that after he had carefuUy prepared al>out thirty acres of good wheat latid, and had sowed some twenty acres of the sauie, some un known-scoundrel jot woundrels, after uiglit sowed it all over with cockle and cheat to gether wiUi the ten acres which he had j not yet sown down in wheat. This ex- bur:,lar\.) gJ>h\ of Liircen\. Iic j anvtliin" fr niennm'ss Avhich we I name time and place of meeting, wea Ci iv, d ’iV Ittrlit-s and was di.'Char^ed.— | . ’ , ~ » , . .1 litiiiicdiaK Iv- theri-uj.on aniti;.-r bill wa.s ^ f,and u-ain-st him bv tlir Grand Jury ; but i too severe tor Affair of Honor between Messrs Botfs iinil Pryor. The Washington Uuion contains the cor respondence relative to the aflPair of honor between Beverly Blair Bott.s Esq., and ilr. Roger A. Pryor of the Richmond En quirer ; also a card from Thomas P. Chis- man, second of Mr. Pryor. The first letter is> dated October 1st, from Pryor to Botts, requesting the latter to later prom EUROPE. Halifax, Oct. 8.—The steamer Niagara has arrived with later dates from Liveopool. Ko change in the cotton market. The London Times alludes to a ramored alliance of those Euroi^ean powers, who are di*=posedto adopt it, respecting the ?nimu- „ity of merchant vessels from capture by nicn of war. A special meeting of the Berhn cabinet has been cousidering the Sound Due.** ques tion, and has decided in favor of capitali- S25,000 P’lrs QT BOOTS AND SHOES. Charlotte, N. C. CATALOGUE OF GOODS AXD PRict^^ He»vy double soU Brogans, domestic lacture, all numbers over 6, »t sT**** oak sole Brogans, northern man- ^ jiavo ever lieard of, and wc- know of no ' pous. It urges haste. The .ooon.l i,f.o,u Itolts to Pryor, nr.m- j fortifying tl.c North »i.i« .U h„a car, d. ; o. sue .» o„ r.goou. a„. j I ofhe Da.,u.,c ...d l,a/o u,oved some troop. ?C. xt. tin-Stnt‘ «rninst .Suruh, tin; pro- | I here nuist have been three lu coinpHiiy, ; , to Kalafat on the lett oank. \ pi-i ty of Wm. Me Kity. S:uiu; ofTcncv*. same as three diff.'rcnt sized tracks wt're plainly i from Fran^^i?; J. Smith to Mr. ! Political affairs are unchanged. j vcriiiof. and ,-aine i.iini.-hiiit nt. j disooveruble in the lield. ^Ve hope every i p^yor, some spot nf‘ar Washing-| The ultimatum of the Allies has btien | 'l inrd. htatc- against .Sliudrach Tl)omp>on. I ^jj^eover tlie actors | ton as a suitabic”placo f*.r the hostile meet- I delayed a few days, in order to give Naples , for -t.-aling cluck.u.s. Guilty. JW lash.s. | tran.action, ing. The w.-apuusto be used pi.tols-dis- | an opportunity to make concessions. | wLicli'vt rt'lorthnitli sularnii.'torcd. (wo i.ii- ^ ^ i.i tnnr«ii t^>n —time of arrival at Wash-! The contemplated expec ition is o : ;i' r :ii ;■ •'iiii der.''i with cou.'iderable vim.) rutnili. .Slnte u^’^uinst I>unii*l D. Mc- iJonuld, for tlit* iuurdcr of hi.s brother-in- law, Xi-ill Ferguson. Tni.s case occupied tbf ;i^n atfr ]>ortiun of two days, and ri'sult- j'orl.- .irui ;it I. > I ir till 1-Tl - ill t!l ( d l'_\ N "1 • 1.1 1II l']>- ;.l l'.;l Mt i l.l> >1 1 llil I'l- t> l.t' >. till ?*ll \\ I If III;" i-\ V ; \ hi: Ni 'V Oct. :>i.—'I'lie KCv-on.ntH I'r.iHi till I .(.'>11) iiiiic »■) ^-ro\v \v.r.'- • ’.lily. ;>;i'l in-t oi;i i;i titty iji iu-vrs in tlin-o prompt vi'rdirt of gnilty of muwli-r. iiiiili'iii li.'titli.di'i il. tlii'Tf iire H)iin\ \slio Filtli. .State against riionia.--M:I.iennon, !Illt t 111'I • {iinati‘s ill not 11 I. fui-tlip niurdcr of Klizabetli X. I.)avi:s, his st» p-daii^r'.iti r. This' was connncnci d cl w.- in >11' I ti>>!,ril. l!.i t!:; 1 Ilf ;’! 'i'll, , U (‘'f.l-tit'ltl'Mliii i i.iiiiicnM- ad \ ant' actual ill tt riiiiiic t ► lintry. 'I be a fciit!.' I ii^alii. I i!m- t!.c tiiiia'';.', ■■ and l>^»■^cul I- itij-ci- till- eliariit ti r i t its V’ tlic con-'inniiati'Mi nf ~-a::i?.v.-f Mr. V I-.- p;i!t} tlic ■'1‘. tli','.-' ;i s 1 ■ > t;i::t V. ill ;i, Tni- tr'iMl >j>n -t '!-■ *, riiii * vt i*' llic-. .1'1 \\i:h tf;. ir ii s-i-iilv Mil jiM.-ijIrl'it;, i SII ^iu•lllastt. in llic ItaltHkCc •.■.’licji 1 ■rs !‘t. MaLc ■-••I', ;1,"' l.i.~ii>ry lilt ifi;!'-iu, cx;i.iii;,c . and if >c« ni.s illv t" ("ai rififc i!ic 7’ju: .\i:K\N- 's Ci.i ro:-; Cj;oi>.—'i h- J.iilN' liuc'. J rise 1 )£ i!iuc:tt. ot tlie '^.jd nit., n fcrrin;^ tn til'- j)*> \ailin;^ impression that t';cre will ite a -fii'Tt ctitton crop tlii.s year, :-i! \ ; i ! •‘> 011 V.I k;i iv.’ will bf‘ tlie I'a.-e in this re-inn of t'onntrv. Die Arkansas liver have snfi'ered more iVoin insects and ra:T:>t!iaii inany prt-vi'iu.s year. When ihi.-! iiTfi.'e 'i'ullcy lails to make its u.-uul vi-'lil. th-' ]rosjuct for [.lant* r.s inurt be ^■lotiiiiv intli'til elsewh.-re. Thc.e are huiiiy‘TIM d cro; s on tlio Ar- : hansas liir liat there are more bad tlinn i.;oi>d. And slionld an earlv frost I’all, the on i'ridav mornin£ and concluded on Satur day, by a verdict of guilty, rendered aft(>r loniinutes’ consultation. '1 he only jilea set up was that ot’ inse.nity. >n Saturday al'tiM iioon. J vidge Dick pro- arid bring them to justice. | tance ten paces- Mr Elliuti, Iv this act, will be the lo.ser I Monday morning, of tlie next cri.-p of wheat amounting to SMmo two or lluee liuudred dollars or, more. Mr Elliott we have known for inanv ! midable clmrdcter, and consists of eight ufacture, a good urticle, . , « nailed ««le Br..gans, for minej* aud Railroad, good, *« double sole, round s^am Brogam, ! L “ single sole riveted Brogans, a gooj aiticle, ' single sole riveted Brogans, a shade lighter, “ single sole not riveted, Brogans a shade lighter, * “ Heavy single sole Brogans, infe. Tior stock, * Mens’ kip Brogans, a good article, No \ (Webster) I fiO The fourth is from Prvor to Botts, com- i steamers ready to sail. The expedition is ' i plaining of delaj, and u'rdug the latter to very unpopular iu France. Austria has ' tsomodiiy the arrangments as to i^horten been uotiHed of the contemplated e.\pedition, 1 the time; aud al.o to change the place of no obstacles. I meeting, to some spot near Kiehmond. Lord llardiuge, the Commander-in-chief years, and know him to be an inollensive j iv'm to Pryor, refusing of the English army, is dead. The hunk «)f France has raised the rate i “ No3,Y.F.d;i 3" -- -- ^ « lined and bound hip Brogacs 1 Q'i 1 r “ “ “ calf 14 1 “ ’* “ calf, I 75 2 j Gents’caltCongressGaiters, peg, 2251007^ ! “ cloth *• Pat. tip « *i nr... line calf sewed bhoes Oxfir 2 •')0 to 3 00 2 r»o to 3 00 man—atten.iing to hi.s own business and je.vind change. always permittiiifj others to do the same, without let or hindrance.—Salis^^ Herald. An UxFoinr.vATE Akfaiii.—Last even ing, about 0 o’clock, a geiitlemaii, who liad registered his name, at tiie American IIo Tlie sixth i.s Irom Pryor to Botts, accept ing the first propositions. Mr Chisman savs in his card, thac he of intereot to G per cent. I u(iunet d s(‘ntnice ot death on Mef-.ennon j ])_ \y_ Fi'Li.En, from Granville, N. and McL>onalil—the executn.n fi.\ed ior j undoubtedlv a lunatic, sitddenly fipl'atig Friihiv tlie 14th of November, lint in both | cases an t!pi-( al was taken to the Supreme j . '■ ‘ 1 into the street and inilicted a severe Court. I’oiide.s, there renif.ined in jail, Lane’s Pkoi'ositio.s.—Gen. Lane, of proi.,.Ji^d' t7'lk.tli’ foJoiid 10 clmngB tlic> n„ti-sl»vcry notorloty, raak"S O.o plucc to Xorli. Cu.oliim, ivl.icl. was rc fus- “"'K'-od proposili,.,. a.s a mfiuis to d.-cidc ,.d. Tluit I'rvor acccptod tl.o fist propofi- j t'"-' l«iidmj; diiric.dt,oa in Kaiisaa. ll is 1U.08 under pr,.test. dci-id.-dly ricU as a blutt game." Monday m,.ri,i„g, Mr Chisman had au I pn'posili.m is addressed to A. . IV,m, his seat, a.,d dnuving a knile, r„>l,e.l ! interviov with F. J. Smith, at , I'oniphan aud A. G. Hoone, through 7T„ duel to writing, and made all necesj^ar\’ ar- j loutoselec t . , . o, c* t. lie I . , 1 . . i.„ , l>‘*lder.s. born and raised in Sla -e states, one pii.soner, Ileiirv l>itmun, free cob,red. | iK'lt'etlv enraoe.!, without any on a charge of rape ; two, \V. W. Smith i ^ause whatever, and but lor the well direct- | t7iree"o-Jlock ai.d iJanii l Evan.s, charged with the murder | ed blow of a gentleman, temporarily di>a- « ‘= Pat. “ a'“lp'a>n, 3 00 to50 Mens’ fin** kip sewed, (Planters) I 7.ito-j O i (.'ents’fiae patent leather Gaiter 1 I0to5 0u ♦* “ D. S. Quilted Boots, and stitched, extra, ) Qui.ted Boots, stitched,ex. 8 r,u •• No. 1, 7 00 « heavy cab’, I). S. .sewed, Planters’ Boots, very cheap, 5 * calf, 1). S. peg and coik Boots 5 00 *« t‘ fine calf, cork sole, and made wiih copper nai’.s, - “ PP* “ “ 5 00 “ heavy D. S. c.iif, plain bottom, 4 m “ “ ‘‘•P. “ “ 4 00 “ “ “ “ and heav^. w>’ts UGOtoSfo " Hungarian, common, 2 (,o crop :i he iid\ aiJii^c.., 1(1 pi "Ml jit a'-tion to tli(- iiojie t hat netinii >11 be nn :ieessar\'. If >« : .-.hion be Jchi vid luilil '•vert ar'ts tf a^'>:ii *M an •■-oii.jijitied •ni the .'Sdiith, it he ail'i.ded with hl.iiid>hed. for overt aggre.'s.'iinis w ill nit lie utlenijitcd until pre- pnniti'Ui is nindc t'l ui-c Itiree. If Mr. I'reniont’-' ch' tir.n l*c lu-ecplet) us a d'-ehi- r.'ition of ivf.i’. and the Soiith .-cei de iinme- diiitely, in all l.nmun |iml.,tl>ility the war will pmet i d no t'la tl'.er than tin ijt e!:uatii)ii. Ily [irofiiiit M Cl .-.>i*tii we shall eh'sc the iivt-nu'v, (if I’e'h ial '•'•ri iipfiiiii and Mr. e our people i’loiii inlln* iu*c>. I«i \» lileh no people. liU\\c\ci' \iilMiiis. >honhl hi- sulijeete-l.— lietori' tlei,-c iullLicuccs eau be luuUL''ht to bear w -l.:i!! Ill' bcvond their rearh. liv proiiipt -^eei s.'-icn wc .“-liall « ri et a (tn\»-rii- inenl eiitlth (1 to rcccive the Jillegianee i|' all our eiti.v and t'> reeull iVoin the )'cd- »ralscr\iei . ui h nt iln ni ;;s icniainin if. -At h n-t >nc-| ;i!t it tjie mililurv oliieers ’f the pri .-ciit I i cniinenl arc nvtives of the S..HII1, n:;d \\iil i.'ot c jirrv arms j-gainst her. r.iit we mu.'t Mc\t :• p I'liit tl'.cm to be eoin- miinded by ,b>lin Cliarhs Fremont. Ke nm-t never j. 's'C-^ th- rij;ht t.i freal them ; dcM-rti rs, b it mi his aec^s.'ion to power, he ^h>uld iind tin alri ady in the service ot’ another (••!> •■nimcnf, erpinlly logilinmte ith his HUM. 1’mmiit MCI ^simi will paral- i^e the military arm of the present Govern ment I'V withdi iw ing tVoni it many of its best idiieers. Dduy will e.\pi the p( rple,\!tii‘s of u di ci'ion between the orders oT tie ir legally 'juaiillcd ^'oaitiuunier and the e;ine -if their nati\e Statis. I’y pruui)>t SI i'c>-si'n we check at once tiir tlow 'iito tin' pi'e.'i nt trciiMir\ of rc\o- nues der;v» 1 finin Soutlu rn connncri-e. and divert ttio>-c vcvi nuc.' to a (reasurv ivhich «ill be u>ed to dt ft nd. and not to de>trov The .^mih. \\ e tran>l’cr T'\ct-uti\«' pivtruii- age I'nmi a Ituvcrnmcnt which u-^e^ it to dinglv short, sinee the | ‘»f Benjiimin (Jrl»t, and sevi-ral on charges | bling him, ^icrii.ius eonset|ueticos may have resulted. He was captured nnd safely lodged in j iil, for c.\:'ininatioii tliis morn ])!a!it d atU r tiio aj>pearanee of the |‘-1 larceny, and ofKnces of minor grade insects in the sjo ing will not reach perfect , *'11 of which go o\ er to the next S[irin; maturity, while the fall rains will inaterially dania^'c. bv nu-ans of s( eonil gr'jwth, and hy rotl;!i'.r tlie early crop.'’ rur. Wr.ATiu.ii and thi: Top.acco ('i: n*.— In tliis pi>rti>*n d’ ^'i;■ginia, f-ays (he I’eter.'i'urg In!eHi;:eneer, and a.“^ far as Term, f)r want of time to try at this ’I'erin. , ing. 1-ay. Ohsen'tr. | Should his friends in Xorth Caioli _ j oeive this infonn^^lion, it is advisable that some of them look after liim.— Coliimhia Thifcs 0 th inst. b' — , and onu for murder, to.dc place. Alex’r | GENEtiAL Ei*iscoi>al Convention.—In wound i reduced the term.s of the proposed . 'tribune, as follows upon ,he hand of Cap., T„os. llov... He «'> -■'-S. -d n,adc all Vou hundred aotua, slave rangenu nts to avoid the police. a mu already been engaged iu this eon- , Pryor and bis friends arrived on the ground liiet. Atchison, & Co., among the number; i Ditchers ami Miners’ Boots, 2 30 to ■! Oti in the morning, and be- ' and 1 toselcct one hundred actual non-slave- | BOYS’ DEPAIJT.M KNT fore the arrival of the oi-posing party, the bidding settlers of Kansas, my.self included; j Congress tiaiters.Pat. tin aial or : we being the t.urtv invaded and having the ; ’ . ^ police appeared. ! right In” elec-t time, plate, di-tanoe, and .. Upon the appearance of the police Messrs j 5,, preMUice of j Prvor and lr\ing fled to the woods, but : twdve nnunbi'rs tif the Senate and twelve I subsequentlv Mr Irving and Chisman were j members of the of IJepre.-entativcs | ^ ' 1 of the Unit»-d States, one half of whom 1 ma re-, arrested. . ( .shall be .^elected by each party, with the Randoliti (.'OuI:t.—-At Randolph Supe rior Court, last week, Judge Peixm presid- iut:, several convictions for minor offences liaecn crop has not been injured by the slight t'ro>t d a few days since. IMhiiter.s now are. or ought to be busy in cutting their tubaceo, for the weather is fine now for that iuir|>ose, while it’t safe to calculate on a mucli louLrer continuance of it. we have heard from in X. Carolina, the to- j Hooker, ayimngman agr-d22. of previous , Protest.inL Episcopal Convention, now ' ■ ' * ' ’ ’ ' ;rood character, was convicted of inurdiT- ' ■ • „ , i.i- *1 i 1 ^ _ I m session a 1 hila(.!elphia. the debate on ing John Chavis, in August last, by shooting him with a rille. Chavis was a married man, said to be of mixed blood, who had seduced the sister of Ilooker aud enticed her olf from iiome. Ilooker brouglit her biiek and iinding Cliavis lurkiug about, repeatedly warned him olf, and rinally disfharged his rill** towards him. not in tending to hit him, but tluf ball struck a the ameii...ij'ent to the Gih article of the Constiin:’.,n relative to a utiiform mode of trial ol Bishops, I'rie.its and Deacon.s, was soon as they arrived upon the ground. Both principals after consulting with friends, consented to proceed to Richmond i ill custody of Tyler. Chisman states that after the arrest, and before reaching the city of ^Vashington, Pryor's friends proposed to Sniith, that an ’.osed Mondav afternoon, wlien a vote was other lueeting take place soon as the ree .g ! Snow Ast>Sj-i.f. r in SKpi rMUKi; .'—'I'hi.s is a strang‘ aiinoinice'.nent. but neverthe- lc:-stru- ! for we saw it with onrfnr;? e?/f.v. It wasisecn also by many dthers, in this place, on Tuesday la.-t Jtli of September. It is luedles.s to say that overiN.iats and lires are in ih‘m:ind. Strange—strange weather tor September.— Cuacille, (iu., Stmtdanl. I I'liosr IN .Mjs.=;is>5jfi’i.—(,)n t!ie niglit of the‘J 1th ult.. a severe frost was experienced in Maeoii. Miss., wiiicli it was feared would damage the uuripe cotton iu Kemper and t!ie adjoiuing counties very materially. taken by l>ioeeses and or.h.Mv, The vote of the clergy was. yeas IS; I)ioco.=e:>, nays, 10. "ihe vote (jf the I.aiiy, yeas 11; t>io-, nays 15. Maine was divided. Xcw I Jersey, Iiidiana, iscoiisin aiid Te.xas were nut represented by Laity. Ijolh nvnt. onh rs of *Nc\v llampslnre, \ er- , , ,,, , y, , 1 , i facts, that anv attemiit to secure a hostile lihtMle island. Maryland, Moridn, ■ n , ’ meeting will be thwarted 03' persons not concerned with the matter, but friendly to J. M. 1 iotts; and feeling sati^tied from the I physical condition of Beverly Blair Bott: weaken and divide the South, to uiii' which '^ill I1.--C it to ciii|v(i]i,p,.,. \\\. proti'ct our citi^ 'ns Iroin corruj'tion, nnd tciudi tl.( tn thnt and ihMity to Southf iii intcrt:*!* iii'o iht only av(';iucs to honor and emolun.cnts in the Si utli. IU pro.mj't Si c 'sbion we prepare for con- ibct, it o7ie he in'itabh', and met t it a.- a iialion meets lorcig;i war: by delay wc in- 'itettttack and rcsi-t as rebels, unor^’an- izt d, unpro\i(h d, without a teiisurv, with out H military turec, and relying wlioHv u] - on the n!idi>ei[dim d \ alor of o'lr citizens. lAcu then we .-lu uhl trinui]ih, but what disasters, '\liat b!o;'d.-licd ;-hall wc lu't avoid hy prej aration. It will be said that we sliall be wursc oiY lifter scfcs.'.jon thun before; that n..w we liH'r the fugitive slave law, and then wi- shall Iwne iioi c. Wc have now u fncirne slave hiw which brings bai k no .vbive^, iii;d is a M'urcc of c\crhisting outrage on Southern tili/eiis in pursuit of tiu ir pn>p- fi-ty. As a sep.irut,' nation wc shall have rt veiiui' cutters und custiiiudiouse idllcers to prevent suuig^lin;.r, who will also be re- juired toi'Hi.ture fugitives. Wc .^hall havi- prcventiiuj instead i-f sluun cure, 'i’hen, us n.nv, fugitive slaves who reach t’le, Xorth «ill escape. But then nua>ures will be taken tt> iirev. nt tlu ir «hii'.h now are iiiipo.-.-ililo. Cut olf tVom political con- Jiect:o;i with hosiilc po\s cr,, slrivorv \\ill he under tlie proti i-lion ol a U'ovcrnim n d^‘Vot- id ;ts ^'re^ crvation. \o t;o\ crnment but its own will havL* p.uvt-r witiiin it> limits, or h.ive aecf;'s to it for misol'.ic",- purpi)ses. I lit' r\ i'r!h>i,iig ilin i>l tlii> >li\, rv oontro- M r'\ will b,> tVon\ the hind, and we .shall hav.- time i.nd o|.|i,.rtunity ^.-ivc our all* iition to uiln r ii!.".tteru. and t(> ie- \»b’p o ir n-ourees in peace. ATTEMPTED SUICIDE IN CHURCH. Some days ago we mentioned that a tnaii them to had attempt* d to ^hoot himself in a Metho dist church in Philadelphia. Th»“ following is a mort' full aeooimt >f the affair, as w e tind it in a letter tVoni the Iv'v. Cooke, tl.c )iator of the churcli wheri^ ibc set lie occurred: ‘•Jur-t as I was in the ap[dication of my s4-rmon, September 7th, when a deep solem nity seemed to vest upon the congregation, a man rntered tlie dotir opposite the middle a\>Ie, and depos.iting his hat in atx-w, walk ed (bliberatciy into tlie altar, and taking his po>it’un in front of the commuuion table, drew 0 five er sij; barrel revolver from beneath his coat I l [i to that mo ment I had continued to speak, though the movements of the intruder had c\ idently gotten the uttei'.tiou of the people. Asia drew his pi-fol out. some supposed he was goiii" to shoot me; some that he was a madman about to shoot into the coiigrega- t’oii. and wlint others thonght of, it is dil^i- cidt to tell. Sonic fell to the lloor to be ser'encd frt-m bullets; some were petrilied w ith fear; many ru'hed tor the doors, nnd many frightend females and children screamed without stint td' lungs. 'I'he poor fcdlow, however, had no intention of injur- limb and glanced, striking Chavis in the head, llooker immcdiatily went to the Shcrii'f and surrendered himself, making the abovo statement. The Asluborough Hulletin savs that the verdict of guilty of ^ , *1 .1 ■ . . 1 I Ahijama, Mi-sSouri, Kentuckv and Califor- murder, under these eircumstanc(‘s, created I ’ - i v-.unui intense excitement, and a petition to the ' C'-i* I»oth orucJb of (jovernor for a pardon was signed hy the ! ^^'tts, I t‘nn.'\ h ania, Delaware. ^ irginia. tiudge, the Jury, iJrand Jury, members of i X'orth and Sontli Carolina, Georgia, Louisi- j that Pryor ought not to shoot at him, he, the Bar. oflicers of the Court, and the ; ana, Mississippi and Iowa, voted nay. The j Chisman, can have notliing more to do spectators present. ! Clergy of Connecticut, Tennessee, Illinois j with the mutter, and closes bis connection land Michigan, voted ave, and the Laiiv Wake Si'perioh Col’UT.—The follov/- 1 ‘ r t i- ‘ to miMi.. n;iv. Iho Cb rgv of Xew Jersey, Indiana to tlie puOln. ing, among other casep, wore disposed ot ■ • . . -- . .1 i J.* il c • i 1 11 1 ' and \\ iscon.siu vuted vea. Laitv not re- at the term ot the .'superior Court held here • ^ wi> uui n. last week. ! pi\sentcd. Ihc Clergy of Te-\;is voted 1 h(^ State vs. Wih'v J. Loyd, indicted j Eaity not leprcsentcd. f'rbiiramv. Counsi.! for the State, Mr. 1 he amendmciit having tiiiled to receive Joxeu “ Calf Shoes 1-Jo to 1:0 “ K p Brogans, good ^ “ “ “ K«otl, No.2, 1 OOtol lt> Ijoavy Brogans, D.S., good article 1 2;j ‘‘ from medium to ^ , poor 75 10 1 tv) Botts and liis friends, who staid at llock- ■ agreement that the blood of the par- ! Vou:l s’ calf and k!p Brogans V.") to villc, Md., about IG miles from Washing- ^ tics thus selected shall settle this vexed | “ extra heavy and good 1 0,Mo I 25 ton, durinff tho ni'dit, were arrested, as question, und save Kansas from further, “ thick “ '« 75 to 85 ® ° ! outrc.ffe.” 1 “ “ 1‘Sht and co.nmon r>0 to C2 I UADIES’ DKPaUTAIKN T. The Cleveland (Ohio) Plaindeah'r I Ladles’fiuo Congress Gaiters, duub e soles and has a lett» r from Washington, stating that Chase had written a letter there, telling them that recent developments have put a new face upon affairs in Ohio; aud that unless sjieakers and mimev be sent iai- . inediatf Iv to operate with the Fillmore nizance.s were entered. Smith dc-cdinctl j then, but g.ave encouragcinent that the pro position would be accepti d after the tor- malities i»f the law’ had been complied with. Mr Chisman closes his statement as fol io w.s : ‘•Beinir satisfied frotn those and other men, the State would go for Buchanan. Attorney General Bachelor; for the detVn- ; a constitutional majority, the penal C 'de ■ dunt Messrs. Lewis. G. W. Haywood, and j prepared by Mr IIoti‘nia!i, of New York, | P>usbee. 'I'he defendant was convicted, nnd on Saturday at l:,i o’cl;)ck, iu pursuance of the sentence of theCourt, he was brand ed on the ch( ek v. ith the letter B, and whipped. The State r^. John Lishly, for larceny. Convicted. The State vs. John Mitchell, for larceny —horse-stealing. Convicted. Tho State vs. W. W. Fort, for getting possession of a bond payable to one Cross, and toariu" it. Convicted. THE LATE DUEL A7 CHARLESTON. The Cahrleston papers ctuitain a histo ry of the circumstances which led to the death of Mr Wm. 11. Taber, one of the edi tors of the Mercury : It appears from the correspondence that of the amendment being ; ap]»eared in the Mc'reury .several ar- I tides signed “A X'ullitier,” commenting _ j with much freedom upon the political char acter of the Him. A. G. Magrath, a Judge of the Federal (Jourt, whose friends had ! placed him before the voters of Charlesttm, I in anticipation j latilied, cannot now be considered. ^ I American Bibli: Union (Baptist.)— j i This body, recently ill .session in Xew York, i I after transacting varioius busincs.s, has ad Gukat Flood in Xe\v Yonv.—Fifteen Lices Lost.—'riie Keesvilb'N. Y. Jiej>uh[i~ can, of the 4th inst., contains details of a de.'tructive flood which occurred at that place on fh(> morning of the 1st. The Ausa- Ide river was swollcMi hy the heavy rains of tii(‘ day and night preceding, to a greater lieight thiin had been known even by the memorable Hood of Ja-JJ. The uiiper dam foxtd, loiwinier, wiihhcflH, 3(io “ fill*: Coiigiess Gaiiers, tlim sules, wiiU hotds 300 “ fine “ " “ without tips ‘’iKitoifiU “ fliip^ *• “ “ 2 00 to 2 jii “ fiiifi Ficnch kid, aide laced Gaiters, ’ifA) “ line Pide lactd, hick aud iliui tolti*, I.'i0io2(‘0 “ fine to common *• “ l '5iolj(i “ tine u-jat B.juieP, best amcl.:, flaunt 1 liiu (I. lor wiiiier, i", “ fine -;oai!i >otrn, b st OMiele. twilled liiud liC “ tine uoiU Boon »•, No.-3, t\\ ilU d hi td i-;j “ ' tiiK! .MiJioceo ai d kid Boots 1 ,V) to 1'.‘i *• tiac patent leather ai.d tancy lop, 1 •c'.’S 10 1 fiii “ line Icailicr Boutcp, a very lair >ln e I Oii “ tine kip ai d ealt, a \ery {.'oed ^fjec J “ ti.ic Diucii IJouis, all kii>, j -^i “ line (.^>ll!•r ss cnamc!( d ar.d k:d (Jaiieis 1 TiO “ tine patent Itaititr and tnanipl .Misiei’ Suot'S nnd (JaiterF, all grades, pin-i a varying liom "intoi ;'! Childrenti' Shotn (•(( OVEIi .'tllOKS AND KUIIBKUS. lieing broken, the torrent .swept away mills, Gents’ BufFalo over-shoes, for winter {2 ((1 actories, shops and buildings of every de •ription within its range. Mill TllK LADIES. WE have received a large .stock of FAXOY SILKS, liOlLEl) BL'K SILKS, t'aucy aud s.did colored DeI.nines, Cashui re?, i sleig'i cut i ubtieis & over shoos, l Oft Huhber Sandals, one & two straj * 1 O'l Ladies’ Buffalo Over-shoes 2 SO “ ( boh Over-shoes 1 5i> Ku her l oots 1 Ift “ “ Buskins ami Over-shoes '■) “ Sanda’s 7j .Misses’ Over Shoes .*iOc. to7-i DO.MKSno .M.ANLTACTrUK j Sh p made Boots and Shoes constantly on md every kind of DIfES.S GOOD.S f..rLadi..? 1 a'“l rnaoe to ord rat short n. tee, fioiii A'car. The best assorlni'nt of D.e.s.s Trnnmlngs j hest imported stock. ,11 Maiki.’t ; all kinds ot Lmbr(-iJcry ; wliich \no j Gents’ fine pp Boots, warranted f8 ueotlering to sell at veiy low piic- s. Ladi; s’ j i). sole brtid bottoin.-s, Dutch »lgc 8 50 Hoots and Shoes, the best assoitnienr wt* h:ive “ . Duti li ever had and at lower prices; J.adie.j triiuincd j edge, footed on old legs, to order GfO Hats, while and colon d, tho aud wc thir.k . Pp. Foot, d on old 1hi s, to order 5 ^‘0 rh ■ ‘ ‘ ' ■ . ... pn tticst ia niaikct. Cloaks and Shawls, Ohiuelle Scarfs, ladies’ siik and lamb\s-wool Vests. Ho.sieryand Gloves, 15 Its of all vnriefies; a lar;^c vari'-ty ol K.hbon.', Ginghams, Calicoes, Flauucls, Linseys, Mcae.hcd *5L blown Sheetings. jouincd. Iht j'tincip.d sulijcct " | as ;i candidate for Congress, to succeed the j We feel very cunlidcnt if th.‘ladie.s will gi\ claimed their atiention, was the new Bap list translation of the Scriptures, which is now going on, and the attempt at which has caused so much grief to other tccts, and op[»osition from a laige jioitlon of their own. llie Union contend that they are ing any one but himstdf. As 1 stood iiuiriciliattdy above him, 1 saw him distinctly turn his pistol and place the niu/./dc agninst hi.s left breast ! For- tiiii.itt ly f r him and others the rap mashed without »'Xi>loding, and before ho had time to v iirriu'ge for the fuUilhncnt of his suicitlal purpo.>c tho deadly weapon was taken trmn him. livery barn I was loaded and two (>f them dtnibly so. He had been a memher of the chnrcl!, and .=(une fifteen months since had fallen by the power of strong drink! IIo was the lirst to report lus fall to me, and I did not espose him. For a year he gave evidence of a genuir** rctormation. He has receiitly fallen again, and doiibtless tit;dor a sense of slmine and remor«e. more tlitin half demented, selected tin’ altar ol God 011 which to immolate himr-elt us a des]«eratc atonement to the Hon. William Aiken. Edward Magrath, Esq., a brother of the Judge, took excep tion to these articles, and, without asking the name of the author, held the editors of the Mercury accountabl'', and challenged j both. They both replied, i>rotesting that ! the demand was an invasion of the liberty j of the press, but accepting the challenge. Mr Taber and ^Ir Magrath met on the field near Charleston on Monday afternoon, the XiOth ultimo, Aftrrthe exchanjre of two I’hc State vs. Guilford, a slave, the pro perty of Col. W. II. Morning—charged with the murder of Mathew Peebles, of do not attemjit ;iny Johnston. Vcudict of guilty. Motions | improper innovation. In regard to tho j were made by the pri:-oner’s ('onnsel for a | subject the report of tlie Committee on • new trial nnd in arrest of judgment, which ; Engli.-h Scriiituros was read by Rev. Mr ' were overruled; and the Court, understand- Wbee’ock and ailootcil 1 ing that the ma.ter of the slave would ap- Thrropo Lt . diob.r- ^ele d ^ peal to the Supreme Court, did not pro- j . • 1 ' r/f • , ’ nounce a formal sentence on the prisoner, ! ""’V " V" not be agn>ed upon, and a third exchang. but merely iixed the day for his execution i t';‘nshition ot ^ „f .hots ensued, with the fatal result already the >cw Testament, as to call tor ti'.eCoiii- ■ noted, Mr Taber having received the ball mittee on 1‘inal Revision. It stated also, ' of his antagonist in the head, that since the translation of King James’j Mr John Heart, tho other editor of the version, valuable Greek inaiiu-scripts of the ■ "’as also upon the ground with us a call Ijcfore huying we can show them as large and as well s*lee.t>d stock of Goods us c;ui be I'ound in western (’.-iroiina. We know our goods were bun"ht low ;ind wt^ are determined to stdl ihctn on as good terms as they can be Viought elsewht re. Call aud see us,a.s it will afiord us plea.'ure to .show our goods wlu ther you buy or not. Wc know wo can save vou money. *BKO\VX‘, STITT & CO. Oo.toher 7, 13CG. 11-ot —Friday, tho 31st of October. Having appealed, the judgment for e.xcciKion is of course vacated. On the civil docket, the onlv causc tried that excited much interest, was that of | Now Testament had been di.scovercd, wliicli his fiiends,und, after the fall of his partner, Xancy Howell r.t. Thomas Young, charged with the seduction of the plaintiff's daugh ter. The jury returned a verdict for $100 damncres.—Jial. ^tavciard. ArxEMfT To Mob a Judge.—The Cass- liscloses the existence of many errors in the received Greek te.xt froni wliicJi King I;i the Mr Heart, through one of hissecuids, noti- licd the acting second of Mr Magrath of Mr IL’s readiuc He is now in a hosjdtal. God f , . ^ , .til iL. icuvi.iivr.-? to answer the demand James version was transhited. I;i the , u- 1 at . , ,, , , . made upon him by Mr Alagrath, whoreution case ot allM.chem..s,,heConmmteeap- „,e second of the latter replied that they proved ol d... phin doM.-od l,y the Hoard, vilie (Ga.) titandurdofTharKlay last, says; I'“'‘’I’’' “iK™- When Mr. Edmund Rhett, Jr., heard of We lea.n tliat a crov. d „f „i-n undertook ] le.crned editor.s of llie challenge to the. editors he imnn diately to mob Judge Brown in Court in Marietta. ! hundred years !U-e generally agree*!, ^-rote to Judge Magrath, acknowledging hi.-'t week, tin account of hi.s having fined | 1-^c pioceeouigs were closed by ;i scrinoti the authorship of the stricturi's imoii him, several *f them lor disorder in the Court 1 truin Dr. J. S. Bell, of Ky., Chairman of; with a view to prevent the meeting bctwern Gents’ tine calf Shoes, to order 0^, 3 .^0 *• heavy kip sewetl Shoes 1 ”5, 2 t'O J..adics’ fine (alf Shoes and Boots i "a, t) i “ heavy kip “ i ."0 K^Goo s of our own maniifacfuie are a 1 Aarr nted not to rip. Pncca by this i atalogue are for ca'^li on'y as the j_f)o*ls couhl no: be soldiit the v*’rv Iww li^ure mentioned than lor cash. The above comprises but a huiall jioriimi ol our stoc.i, as it i-s impossible to cniirueiiitr ev ery aiticle in an udveitisemet t, su flut it may be understood without seeing the gooui. Cns/i /irit'f a of Jit lls per rumiing foot: •3 inch li I lids $ :ii “ - •I •li “ » AdiiiaBB£^«1ratOi'f^’ $alc. On Til' sd:iy oi Court we* k, th.T '.iHth of Oct., G I will sell at thcl’ublic Sipiare, in Charlotte, th*; J iollowiii" property, hcionging to the estate of I 7 ' i ii. II. biuw ley, dt cea,S d ; ]0 Shares in the capital stock ol the Charlotte aud S. (.'aioliua K:uhoa*l couipauy. 5 Shares in the capital stuck of tlie (,'harbittc and Taylorsviili; Phtuk Road coiapaiiy. 1:2 Shares of ihti capiuil slock of the ii:mk of j ( harlottc. ' 10 Shares in the Bank of the Slate of Noilh Carolina. One of llich s Piiteut Salamander Safes. Au extra lin*'Buggy, but httle worn, manu factured in Charles ion. Also, 3 NEGROES* v(l H in*:li CaiiiU $ m Si 81 ‘ “ 01 i8 1 9 “ “ f>K 3. iii “ 70 3G IU “ *• Te 40 10 .i “ “ M 44 1 1 “ “ 83 48 114 ^ “ Hi .sa 1 ti ‘‘ “ l5 50 An elderly man and woman, and a valuab!* boy, about 27 y* ais of age, who was the body seivant of the dfcea.sed, aud who has had cou- -siderable experi* iice as a saltsiuan In the grocery business. A credit of 12 months will bo given. Further terms made known on dav of sal*-. J. M. IH TCIIISOX, Oct 7, I'f.'iti. [I4-4t] Administrator. G.\Ki>ixiiu,, .Vic., June -il, io5i. LEATHER BELTING. Tho public may tit pcnd jn getting the b»''l articl*! that cm heliaiJ.lhcy will run Htriiiglit) hold their wiuih, and run ii> the iiulhy- 'I'iit'sc bant's arc made *jf the best oak Ifiiiitril leuihcr, and the eolid pari iis* d. Tlit'*! joints are pi.t togi thcr w iui« i-|»iOjf cement, which ullow's liieni (o be u->o in diiiap pliicex, w)thi>nt any elVccl tl'« joints, 'I’hc best '*1' copper rivtl;* uf**i. Au a.HNorlinent. gcneially on hand, untJ all kiiiiJ* ; made to order. I Al.«n. MA(;iIINH BELT CLASP, f«r couci cting Uelts or liutids t' get her, tu ranoa I Alack incry j 'Fhis U|;isp is made of plates of rncl»l ; tbitcd out o;. the iiiBi:J: making teeth Kli»|f ! enough to prens into the Bell and hold ii, j vvilliout cutting into and impairing itn ftreiict*'* t is the case wilh makiug lioles to l»ce j throuvli. or othrrwisc. It is, wlien apf'lif** , the B* If, Confined logclher by j screws, (made tor llie purpose,) «•> as 1** kwid The marshal and ofiicers of Court ' the Board of the Bible Revision Assucia- the other parties. But Judge Magrath. not ^ ^‘^sed iwo boi- on to every panicle of the Belt, thertby being present, camc to his r( lie!', Ilefi.ied : [ion ojj and imprlsont'd sevtsral of tho mcbitcs to I jj.^ the extent of the law. i ot Fiof. VVooj’s llair Kesiorative,and can iru- retiining its wlif Je strength An asSoft™'"* llarm-mv of all the licvylations being in the city, was not enabled promptly , *y say u is die ijr^ aiest discovery oi the age tor i alwi.y* on hand. restoring arid c.iauyui- ihe Hair. lieloie using it i AIs .. S,ii„.ri,r f.AHR T.KATIIER on lian. Ldveii to Mr.n.”’ be mcrcifnl to him an*l his family I” to interpose. He state.s, however, in hi reply, that ho had taken the most eftcctual ■ uow aiia ueJ its original olor. I a^g,«y as alna-,, ol —^ ' .p .. ... Gold.—In tin:‘A \\ au.— Ibc military op- j orations aga■tl^t the ludiaun in Florida is to b arricil on. it is sai/l, with incroa.^ed vi;:tu'. A letter t’nuii Tampa savs; “l‘y a h'tt*T from F«ut Myers, dated S pteiidu'v l‘.>th. we are advised that ‘Jum per. the great chief d the Arkansas Semi- uoh R. will come down (in accordance with to vot as iui_v!;.-.dy ; aud. so fur !•> ability i the terms of h reocnt treaty >" eonccriicd. tin y nre ah*’a*l ot t!:*> ' at liii.jority of the lri.*b and t/' ami « thcr forci-ii citiz. Hf.” ■-T Thi F.lkhttru ( WiiLv.irth countv. Winconsin) Indep. iid* nt - au ultra bhu k- r* publican {'apcr—;'avh .• " 1 l.e iicgroe.'* arc ju.'t n.s ip.iiidi cntith'd Fuom THE Akcfic Uegions.—Captain ! means, circumstanced as he wa.s, to out n uici.d u 10 tbt, wui.d wnhoui the Jeasi lear, as niy , f»ole and Upper Leather ol every deecripti"" . ,* ar ■ T.> 1’ ! 1 I • r 1 i 1 _ case was one o( the woisi kind. ( con^t.intly on liufid at low nrices. Australia, Mr;Ientiy, Commander of the ship Lady | st*ip to tho proceedmgs of which ho had ; I C3^ paid for GrrLror I>ry ui the origin of Franklin, ha.s reutrned wilh her to Aberdeen, j bee.i n*itified, but it proved to be too lute, ■ LAND FOR SALE. ropounded the , from the Arctic Region.s, and reports that! time fur tho meeting having been fixed The subscribsrr uow offers f*jr .sale that tract lollnv. ing novel theory: Ho set out by de- ! when he wa« in Iloorath’s Sound, he wa-s | lj»'ur prior to the arrival of the cars of Land ou which he formerly lived, situated in clarinj his helieflhat gold is the petrified i |_,j. o.e E-qninninx that some’of their «" >'■'> city. C.ins'rgZ’n.'ofoL'^of .'ji^VadlaV.Xrol- BOONE & CO. Charlode, Oct. 7, 18.56 3m and the autl.oriti*‘s at Washington) with a lb lrg:iti*m,’ and try t > induce Bowlegs to rcinov*' to the ost. It he cannot suc- IIOYl 1 IN t'Ol.’.Miivs—Wc Ic.’iru that ceed in that, he will bring 100 ur 500 of OM the night *’f the L th iust., a nc; ro man his tribe down and ficht in conn» ction with i . tli* enijdoymcnt I't Luk*- I. Yates, of th*- troops, as the tVicudly Creeks did dur- t o!-iT.ib>i.> county’, but the property of j ing tho war of I836-'40. It is to be hoped minor h*‘irs. rc>id* nt in Franklin, cut lh«ii that th«ir services will not be needed; but thr* nt ol nmnher negro in the employ i if they should be, they will prove a most of \!r Yates, ( au>-ing ahc.i'st iust»int di atli. j vahinble ally to the troops which will to in Tic ni!udui r tl*d. aud has mad*' good li.'t! the lield. so t!iat wo may e.\peet exciting • , ' I times this winter in the Everglades." remains of matter whicu was once animate; • 1 i 1 . . . J . , . . coiupa:;iur.s had seen, a long wav oii lu a * and accompanied as it generally is bv ; . , • Midnight ocean p. bbles, quartz, crystal, and other • ^ 1 night last a brutal murder wa.s conimitt d p!f» aud**inf ' erected ou the ice. Tne Estuiimuux had 1 •„ w-.r; t, ak . l> , 1 Ug aud most ot th . i , m bt. Maahew s 1 About 1- *. clock aiming purp*«t s. The tract contains about ^ Xo. 198 Kxcliange R »w, Colcmuia, &• C- Acr*'s, and it not dispos«;d oi soont;r, will b5 ^ ig t'reek, aud within less than half a mile of i On Friday P^“uk Koad leading from Charlotte towards cominitt* d There are on this laud a good dwel- 1 suVme and marine debris, he ,ras of opinion : . ‘ tod , St. Mauhe.’s l'ari.,h. About 12 o’clock ' »Ltw I n mn ^ petrified fat or marrow of , theii hrd visit some bright j Mr James McGrew was culled out of his LEVIN & BAK£R, BROKERS, AUCTIONEERS AKO COMMISSION MERCHANTS. a I'cculiar fish which once floated over the tnetal, and on their second visit some more, gold fields when those fields were beds and Afterwar.;s they had seen two white men bottoms of the world's great oc« an. In tcut. [iroof of the hypothesis that gold is nothing i It was repotled among the natives that more than the “petrified fat of a peculiar | these and other white men had perished fish,” the lect jrcr showed specimens of : from hunger. So far as Captain Penny ■iuart2 in rhiel. marine shells were embed- ; can judjje, he thinks that this tnav refer to ed. Mr Mooney also alluded to tho fact the same pany from ivbom Ur. Kac'obtaine;! that iron exists in tho human blood, and ■ the silver spx>ns, «fcc., which identified the arg.icd fro;u that position that g»dd might bed ed'tcfd fi-om the marrow of fishes while men with Sir John Franklin and his party, t, and u, J L . . J „ ; esui>sed to public vt udue in the town of Cb-ir. i bed b^ tne asrassin, under pretence of in- . luue. ou Tuesday of October court (inst.) bein" ' Estat*>, Stocks, Bonds, Negtoef, qui.-ing the direction tc the Providence the. *icth day ot’the month. ' “j kiuds of country produce. camp-ground, at which place a,cet- ' i HEFEMNCElS: ing was then in pr**gress. W'hen within October?.. l.")-Ct-pd ^ i John Caldw«:ll, Col. K. C. Anderson, tour or five steps of the gate, a gun was discharged—the contents entering his left SMUT MACHINES. aide aud producing almost instant death.— I *'^«d a supply of v/. w.oumvau. nwu. The murderer then made his escape, leav- i ferTnV at'^lm^ LaurensviiJe, S, C inrr = t 1 r U' I CASH, aud waffan-i F. F fi«H-nviUe mg, BO tar as known, no clue for his ^ ted to give taiis.action or no tale. detection and trial before a human tribu- ^ genuine Anchor I Kankin & McLean, W.S. Brand BOL I LNG CLOTHS, .t CTreeosboro, N. C. flsher. BrRRQijGHS * ra OetoVr? iftVv icr>t nal.— Ornngfhurf’ Southron. bia, S C- J, H. Willey & Co., Charleston, S- O Blair &. Brothers, Charlotte, N.C. , Hon. C. B. Sullivan. Hon. J. H. Irby, 8»ninc> ieming, Lanrensville, S, C. F. F. BeaUy, Greenville, S. C. Dr. Edward Sill, Salisbniy, N.C- ... - .... o Qiiiaff A >o«’ Wit- J- Hi Sal 1st Pis’t, 2d " 3d •• 4th “ f»tk “ t'.th “ 7th “ t^th “ klecti^ PRI The cH dent of day thr day of ni’ighborl Mr Bucj nre Inddl with a g»| beg to danger conH*biH rratic )>n| the Stiil{ cmisider crtions fJ many \ot| the impr^ inri*li out their lo.-ing th^ one m-igl v*it» rs whj W*' ‘oj nifijority Xorth Caj ilat«-s, tiul und luiv*‘ h*'ld tnuu d*‘inocrati| jK'opb*. i: take plac iliatm. ll members * r. .\udit und l'rei| iu or*ler the Stat*‘ iiv Fillm^ r*'Kult. the .''tatij Li'‘_'i~bitu| hV Ivaiiia. 1 n (lliio,! tor:i* \' III Indi I’llicers nj k I.OW -liot H:.\Tl'l Jililet cop ei;rh on tl w. Hold] of the Coj urilti-n iu| houndin' prodiicti*il richly r*- An*> nil F.sfp wb*i lor f*ir has conui ll** says try is bet I nnd *1* in*i| h* sitjite.*i Thk IJ St*Ml Sllli K.-id, of pe*'pl*! *'f j at Ki*rni‘ Wi- nod and Coh‘ tain couij •leinocraej largo audil Pt BI.K’ dard snv’ nufl eflicil Countv, fJ ineiit. by ] 'i'H in Amotinf I ncre MeckleJ Cabarrus I son dell $4,111 The NkwsI’.VP^ pCTsay.s the trial, i] the will of only a fewj cnlhd at paid for h| f»y saving! tjpou by tj tance. seem to '^110 ha« pJiper in will. We hoj ever bo Wills reprj pay for

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