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North Carolina Newspapers

The western Democrat. (Charlotte, N.C.) 1852-1870, June 28, 1864, Image 1

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O IT’ IT" X O 33 ) ON VilK ^ WEST SIDE OF TItADK STRKMT \ •C1IARACTEH IS AS IMPORTANT TO STATES AS IT IS ’ TO INDIVmUALS, AND THE GLORY OF THE 0^'E IS THE COMMON PROPERTY OF THE OTHER. SlO j)er am nira ———IN ADVANCE Editor and Proprietor. CHARLOTTE, N. C., TUESDAY, JUNE 28, 1864. TWELFTH VOLCME—tl II HI B E R (27, THE wmiM MmmM, (^Published every Tuesday,'3) liV U'lLLTAM J. YATES, KDirOU AM) 1’i:i)I';,|1;T0U. ;5^3T“ Transioni nil ,i-rti-'-iiKjiiis inu -t be jiaid for in ndvaiicrj .\>h ortisem( i,ts ;.ot ii):irk' i! nri tho innnnscriji* f r ;)i- if.'i' n'iii Ijp iii'i rtc.l until foiliiil, .'ind cli^xrtT‘''l ;i(‘ror*iIriy, AN ACT IN Jti;i>ATii»X TO 'i)IK MJ.Mi-IA AM> A GLAKU rui: lit Mi: Kk'.'. 1. !!■ it rii.i'' '■ I',- I' A-?cii:l)ly of llii‘ Suv!’ ',f N .r'li (' "Min.I, ii:,.! it i- lu rcby enacteil : V lliP nllioi iIV -'i'. ■ h" ■'ni', tlic rxt ni|)ti(ins ironi ii! t'li’ Miliii.'iol tliu .''Mti', ^li;ill in; lur tlie . 1,1,. im;. 1 , M.i t‘i ti"J :iin(; (■'.'(■lit iiiiil noM'.u:ii' i', t !i;it ar' I'" ■ I li' ■ "I •' ni'(\,i: - of I lie Oun ■ f. 'ii.r ' . pv i■'i!:u' n-r ciirclln.i'i.t if men f,,r t’lr f -ii'' :'n ■ jr.ui!ii';_ \ :ii; 1 i-in.s from ^ji(» ;iii; , ■■ ‘-iin. CM:! ■ , 'ui auil t’,\- ' niptiDli :ii't ■ Si'i-. 2. !!'■ it lurtliiT c:i -(•(■ d, Tli;it it ^iiiill \i(- the ,i,(lv ■ (1 iVi ; :rir I ' ..-c tu 1'^‘ ciirolN 'i :i • ii >:ii:i.r(! ('..r li'i.ii ■ l'-rrar:c ;ill .vii '.r in.lie ji. i io:i' n >r, ulrcmiy ciiriil' ■! i'l ili^ , ■ , i. I'( M li fi.iii'-ii rati' l.c- ,.,| |.,i. 'i^.. ri;.-:;;. i-ri !U.d ii^iv y; ;u , r.'.'i.l., nt in ::;ij .''M'.'-, i[i'i';t'ln :> t'-'.'.' ii.'ttii;ali/.-u, who iii.'t* 1. ■ ill ii.- i'lV ihiriV (lays bL'lort* sii.-ii I’lii nl, I ill.:.,-' p. r oii.^ lillii;-' tliu !)•' (! .iV Til 'T, J'il;.-- ii:-- ;ilil ,S|iorii. |- (' art.- f L . V ^11 i l'-'.|'i':y, i',i II. mil. r I't i!ic ijrner.ii ■- .. iihly i'!. i >..•! r of till- (l.iv. I'll ; 111 'i\ - '-I .\I:'ii t-'i-.' of lli(' (I’o^pcl I't I li'' V. 1 .11 I. a -ir Ill • ■t li.S’ itc lii ^c.l w 11 li I'..- of , :i i 11-:,'-an! .Uli'll 01 lu'l’ J'fl'i^.ll-; IIS ti'.c 'I 'ii'ia'ir, 111' -pf. ial rc.i-,iii.', may di chi projK r ‘ .1' I, t^ -,;i r\- , i;.l. .:i, I! • Ii , cnaf-l'-il. T!, it all pr.-.^on.' abov*; I'.. ,i_ ■ ii v.'i.i may :• !'.i- 'i'i\i''(; in .-.ii.l li’i' li'.ai.' ‘i f.'io 1'. a ad -l. ili lie ai'crpl "d by ii , i,.':Mi: .■■.I'lhc amc, .'litll bf dL-ciii'd to i.-.;..iri 'ii : . ali.l .-l,,’:l b'.' inM t-i . ; vici‘ tlinc ii;, 'T iH-r I \ '.ii' lor any pi" ial dhty or e.qu'dii inii t!.'- '■ imm ill ;!ii;; v;:!!. r ' ■.!' k 'i"i''al.-- oi comp'j ■ i; .111..; Id llic lUil'Ifc ol' 1 .1C p a r' i C'11 :U' -^crviccill ■ , i( -rion m.iy dcU-nniiic. .•^c . I i;■■ it fui'lli-. cn.’. t‘"l, Tli;’,! ilie O.ivinor -',i:dl .:■) " al pcr-'.as c.;r’'!. d in piiv a iiirc of the Ipri'i . -1 i i.^;- i'ciioiis of i!;is act to i).‘ f.irnud into ' itiipanit ', with lilKTty to : !• ' tfc c.iuni'.i'-.'i' •, 1 dii- . ..r-; ol' Uili c.)iap;inic>:, a ;i ! 'li"a"r iiitn ba'ta I r. ii.- oi' ^■inii'lit '. briij-I'll - a 11 d d i Vi.'"i, ar. .,r.i ■ 1,1; to hi dl-- • a-i ion, a n I h" !i'II iniji'iii't tii" licld .-.■'i,-. r.' of.-^ii.h . (.italiiin-', n-i.-i'ii.iit'. brijadc..; ;■ id divi-.-io;i:;, and : "all i- ii“ cDiiinii inn ■ in dnc Inrm t.i all thi; oliici'i's a lori'said. li*^ I lin(!ii-r 1*II.1 .■ I«■ .1. i’ iiii.i.ii.i'i’s t l' t'..' r ,i('i'ty of 1-ri' nil:;. . .jmm.ii.!', n.ivd (^ a ik''i'% maydic 1 ii'inpti 1 from the provi. i.ui ol' ll.i.-; ;'c: by p.iyi.ii; liic - .11 I of line hiiii.l rd il dl.' i ■ .. i' • jT iin;' to a a ... n id the I’u n \ cii I iijii ol till' tl. Ill ill: ! b 1,!, r.-'ii' .| (he 1-lh d.iy of M ' . "!. I’.' iv; 1 m! th it w hen a Q 1..1..C1- 1,..!! I.avo p.,' i -'r '..i i 1 'v!-'l of hi; pr I'ty I lie ,'Ui.i "1 Ii ■■ liiiii.l; i ' i ■ n".d' v 11,■■ a -t i I ('■•n- . a;' .1 the oori I Ill l-i-.v d !;■ - I'lll II ii be ■ .'’. I 1 'r, p ;y ''.iv irn of ! i.)a-;y i -f ''i, .■ ;■ c nipt ion n II di'r t Ii i ^ .let. See D. Tlmt the ^al■l , ,i. r I f" :' !. i! o : ..y I.■■ I *'b f on! serv ;• ' a ■ i ■ .r in di I liie .''t ite •ii_Min.-. invi’ i"ii liid li ipi'!''' inv ;.mi, ;tlicr by re^^.nient', c nn ;. i a:. i ) ... , or b V dls ..O' \ d a'i' i : ) i 'ii ‘ li. M ' hi'. i a 1:i- di ereti ol m'v riiia- l: ' .1 b" . t hi'’ e. o: "i> a-i, lliron/ii th. i.;': ei'~ : 1 a-, li.a'i-ili I' ovide.i: hull .errc only wilhiit : ' of ti.i an.i in 1.- ii- Iiity to 1.1 1 I'..' (: '. ■ ■ .r. !;.,t rlr e.''II ;:'l. t ... a !• I'li. Tl’ y. 'ir.^n in a py of till ill a- 111 IV b,' at ar.v oae time e'.lle.i i i: tn'^ cr licf, tn.iY be or M’li/i -1 int.i iir'aiilry, a:lillL-iy or c.ivahy a.s lie in.i\ '. nd thi- infiii'ry and'oi iiliery tl -y b.. iniiiiiii. d ii III' ^;!i; 'O i!‘t.; r 111 I n', fli.; men 1 irai / th"lr.iv-ii h aa ‘ .; . .,;r. aNaii'i a nil» ii.-:i I l.y [|;i. (: iv. ri. ir, i.n - i.di tc.-m.-; :i i lit sliail prc.-1'rin". S.-I T. n. ;• a 'd. Th n il.e y t'.r::. h lo - i' ' 'r .. ■ an.. a. .ulr. i ni. l .I'iiiniiiiiti'i’i till' .■'Ml.- 'v'. ’ I I ; af'Iinto .i.i,ivc «ervi.e, •,11.1'i pi^ i ;.b lir tii.'ir return mid til p.. >i.!.' the .la.'ti..:. (.r 1.: of i'.c Kaimv .Sfi V.e it f.rthev e-,- ‘ai, Tiia‘ all l.iw? an.', cbuisi'^i i'f I.IVV.-; e.oiiiII;, V. i'I 'ae la' ..i; ii-‘ iiii.l pur view' ot' tlli.'^ .o't be. .a.d th. inic li.-ii'iy n|.ea!' .'i. Sec. lie it firth 'i' 1 :. th" CL.naii -■in'..- of’otlieer- of the M ■ 1 it;a. ei.'. I iriio i'r\ieo by th;^ act. arc ■^il^iu'ttde.l only dnriii/ thepeiiidof stieii ;a'r. ice. .See. 10. I'c it fnrtlicr enaetc.f That tliisue; .l.all be in force I’roin the d.tie of it-; ratificat'on. jll.Uilied the Ttli i! ly of .July, l.-'o.l.] Carolina, pas.-cd fit the second extra session of the (J(’iicral A.'sembiv. ISfJI. 5. lie it further ''nactrd, That the Surjreon Gen- or.Tl }iy and with the advice and consent ol the (Jov- ornor. may ajipoint snjrtricul boards, n-ot exceeding three, conipo-ed of (wo [ hy.-^iciai'S each, who shall ile- chire by their c'TtKiciite^ thoie persons who shall be ('Xtmpt from service under the '.icl to which this is sin arntndment, on acco'jiit of i;j‘ or physical disabili ty, atiu they shall leccive the [lay of their rank and ti.ivclini' expense*, to be delC-riiiini d by the A'Jjulant- (; . ncral. .S. i 0. lie it further enacted. That t!ie Guard for lioi.ic dtdetice, should they be called into service by t!,e (lOvernor, shall rfceivp the same puy, rationf and alliiwauces as soldiers in the (' nd’ederate t^tatce' =er- vice, and shall Le subject to tho rules and article.s of war of ttie Crmfederate .States. Skc 7. lie it further cnactod, That •.vbcn the pressure of public danffir shall not prevent the ohser-vance of Piich a rule, the said ('iiaid for home dcf nee shall not be called into service tf/ bn! by dratts (.d a nutn- ber of men from each convenie'nt conijiany, so as to miike nj) tlie iifrprofrate force reijiiirod .Skc 8. Be it further enacted, That this act sliiill be in force and take elfect from and pftor its ru'ificution. liead three times and ratili -.1 in OeiK-ral A.=sembly, this the J4th day of Dcccnib'.r, A. I)., ARRIVAL and DEPARTURE «r (»F 'rilH SOI 111 Hi:KXl’llES At Charlotte Office, Dsily. Announcement. The friends of Cor.. WiLLIAM M. r.RlER annoiin'^ him as !i candidiMe to represent Meeklenbnr;,' comity in the Senate at the ensuing August election. >f.irch 28, lfcG4 te-pd - For the Legisliture. lielioving that the county of .Mecklenburg ha' well represented in the [icrson of J(.»HN L. lil’.tiWX, who ha.' proven to Ue .a promjit. active and ta'ihful ]iiiblie serv.-’nt, many of his constituents desire hi.- le- elc' tii/n, and hereby announce him a candidate fur tlie Ilou'c of (,'i>nnnions at the election in August next Hrown is ii good businessman, any the services of inch men are needed now ii' ouv I*^islative hulls. M;-rch '5, 1H04. pd VtjTERS. f0Ej5tern ISrmnfrnl GEN£HAL LEE. CHARLOTTE, N. C. (’OM^ANY For the Legislature. The frieii'is of E. C. (iRIER aimonnre him a candi date for re-election to'the House of Cumnioiis from -Metklenuurg co11nty. I Aiiril 11, te-pd Announcement. I Monuok, N. C'., .March 12th, 18C1. ! Wc t ike the liberty of nntiounciiig Col. SAUl'EL II. WALKUP, of the -bsth X. C. Regiment, as ;i (uuili- ^ diite !'or the Senate, to reuresciit the district coui{i(;sed ! of the counties of I'ni'jii aii'l An?on. ! SHVKRAL CITIZENS I .Mai'cli 15 te-i' l of Ur.iot: County. A. M. and 0 I'.M “• and !i :i5 •• U P. M. For J ilRI VJ-:S. 1 Char, k C. iiuilroad 7 .'!0 .N. Railroad C 2u A.. T. h (». llailroiid y 00 ^^’il., .V 11. Itnilroad J 15 j>i:PAiirs. X C. Ra'droad G 20 A.M. au'l 2 00 T.M Chur, .'i C K.ii' 10 00 “ and 1 ;iO “ Wil , C. 'cV P.. Railroad 7 nO “ T. .V' O. R.iilroad I 00 P. M. It i-; dc'ir'd tliat all Parcels, Packages or Freigiit to be forwarded by ither of.tiic :\hoVe Train?, be .-enl to l!ii- (I'lii'-' UNri 11.II It iircviou.-: to its'lefiai tiire. T. 1). UILLEriPIH, A^^rut. Ci;ar!otte. Sejit. 7..180J. tf Orrtri; S' t'Tii '.nx I’xi’iik.'S Ci.mi’.wv,') Ch.iriolte, .Sejit. 24. It'.;:;. / 111 order to avi:;.l mi.-under.'tttiidiug and to 1 I’.r cli.iig. co:;f rt'u to the liabi!i*y a.-^.- iimcd, this Coii.pany herebv i.i'-a - m.tice th.u fn.m and after (a-to- ber 1.-^1, 1 .'d.--hii'p": \. ill be refiuired to place theii- v.ihiation unop. t acli package I'.i fi're it will be received. .''"I'h valii.ition u'ill tie in.-efted in I he (^iiiipaiiy’s receipt, a'.id e.-=’abli.-h tile liability of the Company for the lunouc.t. The act of (lod and the p'.iVdic enemy o'lly e.\cej ted. T. I). CiiLLl'-.'SPlK, iSupi 2f^. lS'j:i I Announcement. j We, as so’dicrs. rc-iiectf.illy announce Capt. J. K. •MOORI^ a.-i a c;'.ndid:i'.c for Sherill'of Union couity at our next regular election it: An^iist, and as such will I be voted for by M.\my kroLui3l!S. : Fell. Ill, 18i;'t tf ‘ ' I AESJSOHIEfeEBSCilt. j We, as soldiers, re~nccif'i!ly annotince TIIO.M.VS ' R. .M.\ a candidate fi'r the IJoiise of(.'oiinnons I fur Uiiicn couiity, at on'' ni .\t regular election iu .Vug. ■ next, and as such m ill be voted for by ' .M.vnv i.\ THE Ahmy. Pecejiib; r 2'2. l.SOli tcj'd For the Legislature. i The friend' of Cul JAMIJ.S .M. KTEV.WRT desire him ; to be a candidate to repi;esent Union county in the I Iloii.-^e (if Comiiious of the (Jencra.1 .V.-^sembly of North I Carolina, and theiefore .'iniiouiice him a candiuale for I that*o!!ice. M.V.W' Cll'IZH.VS. M.iyoO. l.?Ct te-pd Au-er.t. •lOH .N' VoCF.L. Practical Tai'pcc'.fully infctti,-: the citi zens of ('harb.'it e and surround ing connfry. that he is prcii.ired to manufacHtr'“ g'iitlemen's clo thing in the latest ?ty;j and at short notice. Hi.- b'e.'t exertions will b-_' given to reu'i.'T s;'.tist■ac- t ion to thii.-e V. h o pa li i'iiize him. Shop opp;'i; ■ Kerr'Hotel, iic::t door to lirown i Stitt's . iole. •• .Ian. 1 , lSO:i. tf T.‘iYl,(jr; A.SiJUI.”!' a;.' n.r.v niep.iied to fiirni.-h by tlie ton or otlu r'.. Ise. a line nrlicle of Cuppera.-, ■iiipi rior to any Fii,di-h oll' ri'! i:i market. I)riiggi):|; au'l Api,the paries suaplie.l with a ( hemicallv pure article. Ad Ire.-s TAVI.UK x ASlii'RV, May .a, l.'C..'; Charlotte, N. C. Vi(liitrlotle & Ptiiiherford A-X XjIH.C> j5L3l>- Oii and a. fi er .M oiiiiay the 2.'>th of.May, Ifiii:!, the Pas- seii'.-er Train will run on this liuad (Western Div^ sion) daily, Sundays exceptL-d, as follows ; GCl.VG WEST: .\RP.IVE: S I.*) A. M. 8 55 “ 0 *’5 * * Hi 00 “ 10 4,'j ‘■ ('harlcdte, Tiicka-iecge, Brev.ird, Sharon, Liiicoluton, (,'he rry ville. C:(*1NU E.VST: ARRIVE: . M. LEAVE; 7 :i0 A.M. 8 20 9 00 “ •y 30 “ 10 Oa “ LEAVE: 11 30 .\. .M. 1-.: '^5 P. .M. 12 55 “ Anieudineiils o llic aboFO Law. A\' .\' T T'» .U!!:.\ > .\N A' f IN REIv.VTlo.X Ttt Till': Mii.iriA .vNi' \ Fiui Dl'KK.N'Ci;. Sv'a' \. lb- it enacted by the (5eliev.ll .Assembly of C' • Sta.te ot' N.irt'i Carolina, and it i-' her.-by inaeted bv the a 'It hiirit V of t lie sani". That iieil'ier I he C, averi; IT of thi-; St,>:e. nor the i.tliei • s act in;- iit'der an a^'t ntitii'd on the 7th day (d' .Iiil_\, l.sil.l. entitle.1 ■•.\n act in rolati'iu to tlie .Militia aiol a ^iaard tor il.iiiH' l>e- f.-nee, ' .shall e.iil out for drill or inii. ter the ,i(i'.-o:is » nr,die.I uadi r .'anl a.'t, o!t- i;"r than .i:'. e a m.mlli ii. .iiip.'.nv drill, or often v twice a ;.. ar in b.i.ttaliou .'I'lll, u'luch ’ lio;i di.'il- sh .!! t li.e t'l ’ p!'.i i- ..t til-? c iiiipaiiy lii'ills for th-- ni.iiiih in wlr di .'.reap- p limed, mil '.-- wh.-a c..” * ! illt-i l.i-l'i.-l .'--:a ; a- to ripel inva-i'i.i ,ir appi'e.-s ia.aiiii'!: n, :.r t ’ (.\:.e:jte the I.l'.v-: (if ^he S; \'. , l’>;' it faiiher enicii-.l. That ''n C. i',,Tnor vliall have tin' p.-.\.-r to n - the Gaaid' iif ll.oue i)i-- f--nco t'-T tiie ',ver.,%-,x •i',' ".'■"C'.'ip’.' ail.1 d"- serter -: !'' ' ’I. llii-y la- in'deic.l ni'on tliis d ity lii Viind th liiii'' ot , c,.11111 i-,-,-. in whiel. thcv reside or th" .a-'iiii-.i- ., i; .. . ^ Si. ■ .'!. I’e it tiirthe! 1 u.i.-i, 1, That in .idiii:’o!i to the eveuijitious . ontaiiied ill thi a-; ta wa.. h this is an .-iiii'-iiduieiit. tllei e .■'hull be e\i-\iij.i (aat v 1 .-aiiiii-sion- ■ 1 ^ .ipa-onti. d iiiu'.er ail a.'t a.ii’. ;_--.Va a-t f->r t he re lief of w.v,' .I'.i.l fauiilies ol ■•'.-I;'.'.' ;.. ri lilar Iiiilli i^ hla.'k^iui:hs u!. '!l.i\-‘ ci.;, .; ,'l -1. .1^;, ii-ei.'.' .''; . p.-; .(lives ill f;.t:'t ies and *’■ .a,’.,tii... .\;‘..)i"’.-y C a :-al. .''..!i’. itors id’!:: ' .sc.era. cii'ea'l aa l c nil . . p’lV'i, i.iiis .if live year-' praet'.e. 1 a'r i '-,r ^^lth tl) ' S;ii, or Coale i -r:ile g''■eri.aH'iit, one e-’'' 1',' (.1 each new .-ip. r a-.i! ,\i' m . e-.-'arv c.i''.O! s, naiii i-arrie:'-. p'a- . .a'-i ine.-l' -.os and teacher.* in iieiiile- inies; !’r- 1 i\i,,t t\ii- e.\v;n; .'i ,''':ill only ^I'ply to the ilriil.'^ speeiii.-.i ia ti.i' liill ind n'-i I'l service when Cue Guard tor 11. ao- l;,i'. i..p.; into tlie lield. 4. Re it Uu th' r ee,'..,'tf.l, Tl:.-\t for f.iilurw to at tend the hatl.ilioii or riaiiau-ni;il lii-ill, ea. h lield ofliccr :di id lorleit and p-'V oik- hau'lre.; d'; t.icll Caiitain and other otIiee:s wh.i di ill I'..'; t,i r.i ; ; rand drill th.'ir e.iiap:'.llies a! I h ' t iaie-; .i;.'. a :, . a,;l I f ,,, I', '.t and |V.V\ I'.il- . l- '.l f.iilu"" fifty bi’! v-a ;-ai il'n -ll-.'.a'.rai.:- si-'U-, 1 .-Ti-er or piic.Ue .sliiil! fail ‘.o .ifen I a; anv drill, he sh.i'i ’,.r; it .iiid pay not less lh.i:i li.a. .r i.i than (aoiity-liv(- -1 dlars; I',- vidt'tl. that every ab.-i, iitee shall be iillowed U'ltil the n-'Nt ttiuster to 111 ikc his excuse. The fines sh H i^. adji-.ilged by r. giniental an'l compa ny courts-niartia!. and. judgments arc to be enlered up and the line,; collei't>-d iu the .'.i:ne nin'Ie .uid iu accord- uace with the provisiou; of U'c Miti'.ia L;iw of Noi tJi Cherry ville, 12 15 P. M. I.iTicohUou, I 12 50 '• Sharon, ! ! 20 “ lirevard, 1 25 “ 1 53 “ Tuckasccgc, 2 00 “ 2 lO “ t.’harlolte. t. Fare, six cents per tniie. Soldiers gdng to and re tina.iiig ;'ioi.-i the army, half fire. Pa>.'i :ig; t's are re- ijuired to make the juoper change, as the Ticliet Agent cantiiit furnish cliange for ev.-i T one. A Freigiit Train b aves Cherryvillc for Cliariolte at 7 o'cloek, A M, 0'.'. Mon'l.iys. and re:iirns ?anie il.iy. F-ir Pa.s.setiger Tr.Tii!' transporting Freights, 50 per cent to the t.irift'rates of fn-iaht will bo luMi d. V. .V. MeltKK, Master of ansj ortation. r.incoliiton, .May 25, iSC.'l. • HY ,P. 53. E*3'SS6S. •??!;tVERY AcCoMMo!)ATIt>.\ airorded flSQ 5^* -Mlithe patrons of’ho Ch irbilte Hotel. .-\t this llo'' J is kept the line of Daily .Stage.- from CliarUitie ;i Asheville. Oct. 1, l.siii. J. 15. KERR. . Tg the Voters of Union County. Fki-lp'.v Ciri/cNs: 1 lUii a ci’-iidi.iate for yuur suf frages at the next ensuing election foi' Sherifi' in the ('ounty ofUnian. M> conr.eciion with the army, how ever. lia, for some months removed me from that fami liar i.'teicour^e with you that would generally be de- sir'iblc. liut, tru.'ting that 1 may have a due itllo'iv. :'.i;ce I'or this seetoiiig cnience, u ith a vic.v to reiica'.c*] expi'e:^il'ns of a d.-siie lh:it f should become a c.iridi.lal e, I have -ansented to d'j s,,—though inidcr vastly dill'efent eirciimslaiices Irom those which siir- riiiniued us four yeai'S ago. .Many of jou li:ive realized the harii 'i.ips of war and the dangers of battle ; but \\ilhont ri calling the past, let u: lock hopefully to the f.fture, and penu't me, in gralefal ackiio'.vledg-'ni'^’uts of the favors I received at your hand.- then, with many others previous lo that limefto .tsk your cordial .-np- po-t now. If ebete.l, 1 will u-e v, !iat industry and ability I pus.-ess to fnltill the o'oligai.oiis of the .liicu ia o’.:ch a m .>;'.ier : s, 1 I'.opo, may eve ■ be sii;i^:'.lelory to yo'.t. Oil the cii.liary, if 1 am not clectcil, 1 .-hall Col!ri-I. r yiu havi done me no wroag and that 1 lu’ve no right to criticise because yoiii-sulfr-i^rcs are a-j-ainst me. Hut i am fully sen.^ibie of ihe distinction coiifei'red, by being clcctcM to ti.e position for u hah I all', a iate, an 1 shall be as jirond to locoivc your vu:"'., a,- I shall ever be carin .'t and faithful to [ ’.lOve myself worthy of .the rejpoiis'ble trust iin)-osed by the s;ime. And, in conclusion, allow me to liojie yon will la-member your friend, and on the day of elcclioii a ticket for the .'.line. - W. il. CtjLLIX.';, Co. A, 4th N. C. C.ivaliy, •March 28, 1 i^C 1 pd Goidon's P.rigade.■ Announcement. V,\i)Ki.N\ii.t.K, April 18, IFCf. I am anthorixed to .annoucci' Co!. W. If. A. .Sl'MIlR, of the 2fdii N. C. Trooi).s, a can iidate at tii^e election in -\ugiist next, to repro.;ent th. ji.-ople of the ci.-uiitics of Yadkin, Surry, Alleghany, A = lu and Wata,,,.:.i in the Seuiite of the next Legishiture of Nijrth C;vro!in.i. Rcsi'octfully, R. I'. Aii.Mi'iKi.n. -\pril 25th. 5t The Pc*oj»5fs’ TfickeS. I'Ol: TIIK SEN.VTK, COL. WILLIAM M. GRIER. FOIl TIIK C0V.M0N:5, R. T). WIl'TLEV, J. SOLOMON RKID. tepd Ihe crop? in Alabama, says an J^xcbange, are rem-arkably fine. \V heat is full and compact. As there is a much larger breadth of land planted this year thau last, the yield will be large. Corn, although backward, is proiuisiri';, and the hog crop will be much larger than last year. Tfndir Merciks of the Yankees.—The Vicksburg correspondent of tho New York Tribune gives the following account of the condition of the negroes torn from their homes by Gen. Siierman in his raid through Mississij>pi : “Sviiie 8000 slaves, of all age? and colors, roach- ' ed here yesterday. It was one of the saddest spec tacles witne.ssed for a long»finie in Vicksburg.— : 'Dip women and cliildrcn were nhnost starved and | half naked. Such a terrible picturc of abject want - and ^(jualid misery can Ticitiier be imagined nor poitraycd with pen. Many of tho women ami j children were sick with ievers brought on by tho i greut f'ltigue and exposure of tlic long march from Meridian, Enterprise. biitnian, and other plaecs Wjll not the tViends of fre'sui'in and tho huttmne philanthropists ol tho North come f"vward at once -and with tlieir hands rescue ijnse liberated slaves from premature graves ?” As there can be no more political capital made ! out of them, these homeless wretches will be left io peribh. IMP • — Tin: .Missis.'^ii'ri Uli'iCkade.—New Orleans ' papers of the Cd itist say that navigation oti the I .'lississij'pi river lias received a check. Tlie rc- ' bels hiivc planted b'ltteries at (^)iumbia, Arkaiisas, ^ and Greenville, Mi.vsi.s.^ippi. and three stcaiHPrs, j the Henry Amos, Olive I’ranch, and Mississij»jii, ' vere ' lying abnve the furmer place, unwilling to : lun -(he gauntlet. i Greenville is on the cast bank of tlic river op- ; pcsite Point Chicot. Culun-bia i.-«.on the we^t j bank, about fii’ty-l'our iniks Lelovv tho mouth cT ; ’he Arkansas river. At this jioint ihe 3ii;vissipj-i i makes a very abrupt bend, and tifler running east ! ibi at five miles another short ttirn is fur:iied, atid ^ bci'o, oa (lie left bank is Greenville. The two towns are'only about a mile apart. Information I cf the blockade was brought to A'icksbiirg by the j fug boat I’anihia, which arrived ;.t tl!-.',t port t'.i : Tuesday. LMic ran the guantlct of tiiO lattories ■ in tlie night \i’lien she left our gunboats were I endeavoring to dislodge tlie rebel batteries, which j were pretty well secure.l^b^’ a liigh iovee, in which fhc rebels had n:a-le emhrusures for their guns. "i’liT, W.\TEK WiTC'ii.-^The Savannah News says the steamer ^Vater Witch, captured tlicre on the od insf. is an elegant side-wheel, in sjiicndid order and repair, and now lies tiiis side of tho bat tery at IJi'ulah, ofTiccred at'd manned by tho Con federate Navy. Tiie Vankce ofTi(,'ers lud just laid in a large supply of New York ‘\good tiling?,’’ and they are very palatable to and highly relished by l.iout. Carnes, in commt'nd, and his gallant ctTW. She had a largo amoutif of medicines on board, and tlie ship had just the day before been provisioned; an of artns too, and in every way well lifted out. The prisoners number sixty five men and fiftoen conunissioned and war rant officers. » A SKETCH OF GEN. FORREST. The Atlanta Register publishes the following A gentleman of our acquaintance, who belongs sketch of Gen Forrest, written by a person who ambulance corps, upon v'sitiug a room in is intimate with him : which there were scveu or eight wounded pati^jots, 7r.,, rr, , T struck With the gaiety of a eoldier who had 1 ha%c just returned from Tupelo, where I spent just had u leg ampurated. Upon hi8 ciprcasinK two da}s with l onest. I have listened in his cn- his surprise and pleasure at the cheerfulness with campment to stones of personal adventure that which he bore his misfortune, the patient said he tran.scend in exciting interest all that are narrated did not seek to conceal from himself tho serlon.s in books, and t.iat were tolu in song and story, be- ^ mature of the loss which be had sustained,- but o.c nig u err^ntr} Io.>t its attractiveness in the that there was one apprehension which weighed absurcl pages o* Don Quixotte. Lot me tell you • u,ueh more heavily on his mind than any with re- w lat I thin.v ol I'oircst vvhat I know oi him. gar i to tho consequences of his misfortane, and There has not been born of this revolution a morn remarkable son. He is in trtith the offspring of revolution. Had there been no war, Forrest would be dibtingaish(d solely for excellent good sense, !il.s.indomitable ncrgy, and the success that dis tinguished him as a p'lantcr and tradesman. He from which if he could be relieved he felt that he should be quite happy. When questioned as to the nature ot the apprehension to which ho allud ed, he said" it was that some accidcnt might hap pen to Gen. Lee. liistantly, all the other woun ded men chimed iu, each one declaring that bega'n life in the utmost poverty. He was indebt- anything which had already happened, or could cd to cl'.arity for bread, and f^or nothing to books When I first knew him, fifteen years a^o, he was very poor. Ho camc to Memphis anef for a time was the proprietor of a livery stable. In this business he was not very successful. When a “fa>.c” y^'ung gentleman overtaxed his horses. For rest was strangely inclined to punish the customer. He was nof p llo becatnc a slave-dealer. ]>y bis truthiulness and excellent judgment as to tlic hereafter happen, to himself was not worth think ing of in comparison with the fear of what might happen to the Coiiiinander of tho army, and they all declared that the sentiment was universal among the troops* \\ e very much fear that the modesty of Gen. Lee induces him to underrate his own importance; and yet wc think the sublime incidenl ol the 12th of May, when he was desirous to lead a division i>c value of negroes, he bceame the agent and j ur- into action, and was forcibly prevented, ought to chaser ol^ Maxes for the planters of the valley of have opened his eyes, lie is at this moment “the the .Mississippi. Ho grew lieh api.ce. When the ' foremost man of all the world,” and his life is w ar btgaii he hi.nselt was ouo ul the wealthiest J more jirecious thau tho life of any qther individn- planters wliose home was in Mempliis. ihs credit I al whatever. It was thought a high proof of tho With niGichacts and br.iikers vva'^iinitloss. His , oytimatc in which the courage of 2Vapoleon was capital wa.-' more than half a million dollars. , held by his men,-that he should ha\e felt himself At tho beginning of the war he aniu.«ed himsolf | so secure of hi# position as to promise them the for a tune by running the block.ide from Loui-^- i evening before Austerlifz, that in the battle of tho ville to .Mciiijihis. He brought out from Louis-'I morrow he would keep out of danger. There can \illo, when tl'.at city was occupied by a large Ted- j he no doubt that they fought all the better for ths erai force, hois'js and etjuipmeiits for a company of ; assurance, and there tan be just as little AorM cavaJry-. Ife then undertook to raise a regin;ent | that the army of Northern ^"irginia would, could ol mounted men. 'Ibis acco1npli>hed, he joined they always be assured tiiat their leader wrs out of -Vlbert Sidney .Johnston .it Dowling (ireon. In danger. And General Lee owes it to liimself, to every encounter with the enemj" iic' wa.^ the vicfor. ' the cause, to the unbouudcd afiection of his esuo- fie killed the man v.itli a sabre who thus lost ; tryincii and countrywomen, to tho love, passing hi? life alter the war began. His vietitn was a the love of man for woman and parent for child, entertained for him by the rough and stern war- hy Kenfii- ky renegade, a hngi- fellow, wlio bestrode a powerful horse, i’orre'^f pursued hin. :i mile or two. ^fhe Kentnekian finding escAjte iinpi-.'sible, j tiirned to fight 'I’licir .''abros cla-^hcd. The skin ; I'roai the back of the Kentuckian’.s hwid was ’,ieeh (l off. iita'.igered by t!ie bl-j'.9, the Kentuckian could ; not parry tlic next stroke. Forie.»t’s sabro passed j through his body. I His nc.\t achievement was announced at Fort Doneleon, whence he escaped v. hen the jilaee w;;'? ‘ surrendered. He rode over the battle field of SM- ' riors whom h'c leads, to gratify them in this solo re(|uest—that he will take care of hi.s own safety, and not cxp'jso himself (o danger xvhe/e he cau possibly avoid it.—Ht\hmnnl Dix^tatch. A Waruioh’« Death.—It "was evident to the phy.sicians that death Svas silting it.s clammy seal ujoii tiiC brave, open brow of tho General, and they told him so; a^ked if iie had any last niessa- ge.s to give. The General, with a mind perfectly I'ih like nnoihcr .M-jrs, was woumfed, but only i , , i .i , i- • • „.,dJcnc.l I.V ™l„ ».|,i;i. «, uM l„.ve c,.i,.i.,ne;i ] '''"1'' ‘"f “'“J® ii'SJ»lll»n ^ hia l,c llosr.ili.l. tl. I.i,*c..i,liicl.‘»ill, . 1 “' ' iicu lie uirected that liis golden spurs be given os a dying momento of his love and esteem of her husband. To chc staff oflicers he gave his horses. , .So particular was he in small things, even in the ■ d}ing hour, that he emphatically exhibited and ! ihustrated t!.e ruling passion strong iu death.— 'lo one of his staH, who was a heavy built man, ho said, “You had better taka the larger horACj ho wiil cany you better,” Other mementoes ho other men to the hospital infantry and cavalry he was uniformly succcs-fisl. He next captured .^lurlVceshoro’, with a garrison stronger tiian his own f’oreo. Tlien came hi.s famed pur.'uit of Streight. "W hen Streigl.t had surritidcrcd he conqilained to Forrest that ho (^b’oirest^ had dceeived him a.s to his stiengtli. ‘•Here,” said Forrest, ‘‘are yuur arms, tlmse of your men .shall be returned to them; here is an open field: we catf soon setile the question of valor ; ’ o, - I, *1 , 1 disposed 01 ii: a similar manner, lo his youDC —number''are nothing. btrf*L'ht wa.'* silenced. i i i e. i ' i ' i jo ■ ' 'I, he left fiis "ioriou.=; sword. May 10, 1864 7««T3C'5':. I rttn pi'epiired to east niaehine irons of all kinds, lioPow-ware. salt pans, >Vc. Uroers soliiited—Terni.^ Cash. 1 will o.\ehaiii;e Iron tor IJacou, corn, cloth, or pro- vi^ien- ol anv kind. J. W. DEP.R, July 1st, l.^dO. .v-f’J- Sjirir.g Hill Forge. CnMSSSJr.T Tills line lii rse can be i'oui. at tu> stable in Uiis p'.ice, du. i:,^- Ihe pj'eienl teasoii, on .M*'nd.i\s, Tue-- da>s V. . .; ...sdiiys, and al the stal'U.' f W.T. a.'.t, i'. i‘r..','..’uu'c. Ol. Thiirsitays. Fiidays and t>;'.tur- dolhir.' iiisU'a'.ice. ii. RA’JE. d.n s. l"! i. The firm of WII.Ll.VM':. OATi.'."' CO . ii this day i.Iati. 1st. ilis.'i'i\;ai i,v iiiiiiiKil consent. All persons itilei'tsted uii! call ai.d eluse their accounts wiili eilbcr of tlic undersigned. L. WILLIAMS, L. W. .'SANDERS. ,Ian;;ary 12, 16G-1 lU.WK DEEDS, Warrants, Ejf'ctmonts, A'c, fur siile at this Oriice. We arc authorized to annottnce R. ii. WHITE as a candidate for re electiv-u to the ollice of bhciiif'of .Mccklei.bnrg cou:;t v. May K-'iU ‘ pd Offioi-: of W' stkun Pl.^m: Ro.\d (’omi’a.nv, ■> Ijincolulon, N. C., April 1 I, ls04. j I To the Stockholders of the Western Plank P.oad j Conipany ; The Confederate Ta.v on the individual j shares in this coinp.Hiiy wiil be jiaid bv the President. I C. C. ilEJiUKU^oN, Prest. j A pril 1 1 Pd t -It We-t. P. R. (^oiiiiiany i ' l?S';iN55S«i>TS8 I LINCOLN COI NTY, N. C, : TIIREI:; MILES EAST OF lUO.V P. O. The proprietors announce to .he public that this ; Funiilce is iu full!, and will iu;*ke cafiings of all kimls to Ol der. .-Uso, Pig Iroii is made and oti'erod for sale. ' SlliPP i REINHARDT. .Miircli I. .■jin-pd. Surgeon Gtueiai’s R.-^'LEIGll, N. C., Ai'r I piop'jse to establirli iu the city of R.ileigh a. niauu- factorv for ARTIFICIAL Ll.MliS. ■ The ol j'.'ct of this ent rpiise i-' to ?npp!y these nse- ^'iil articles to all soldiers t'roni this .St.ite'. ho have iiefii. or ni.iy be, so niaiiued in the service as to reijnire llici.l. Piivalis ai.d non-co’.nniiscioiied oflicers will be lur- I'.isLia! g-.i: ;ii:,jUbl.-'. Loturni^.'ioiiC'i i^flicei! ■« ill he eliai u-'d the .actua'. cest. I'Tse'a'-1 soldiers ari-re.i’iested lo corrcs;:on 1'vith the uuderfi^rned. iji\ilig nani('. regiment, rank, locality of aaip'.itatioii. and the piecise no .i»ureineiii uJ the' rt- liie.iuing uu'iiiiier. I wish to etiip'.oy a ii'ii.-.ber of competent mechanics ' for the'abi ' e n.-.iu; d p.'.irpose. -Mi su h are invited lo comniunicate ininiediatelv with t'ds office. KDWAllI) WARREN, S'jrgeon General of Xoith CarSiica. May'J, IStJl “im FOR SAI.E. : A few S per cent. Confederate Bonds are ofre>-ed for sale. Old fives or new issue will be received iu pay ment. JOHN L. UROWN. I May 2, 186-i. o'nd Office, I ril 27, lcG4. j CuiiE FOIl Incrowinu N.-\ils.—Corrcspon- j dent of the Medical and Surgical Journal recoin-' m°nds hot tallow as a curc for the jiainful effects of ijails growing into the toe. Wc have tiied it j and believe the foll-jwing to be no cxagg-c-rated ■ case: ' j Tlie patient on whom T first tried this wa.-; a ' young l.'uly who had been unable to put on a shoe for several months, and decidedly tho woi'.-,t case I had ever seen. The disease had been of long , standing. The odgeoftlie nail was deeply under- ‘ mined; the granulations founed a high rid::o, part- : ly covered with skin, and pus constantly oozed Irom the root of the nail; th'- whole toe was swol,- : len and extremely l(nder and painful. 3Iy :nodc of proceeding was this: I put a very small piece of tallow in a spoon and l oafed it over a lamp un- I til it became very hot and (propped two or three ; drops between the nail and granul.itions. 'I'he tf- , I feet wa.‘* almost magical. Pain and fci.dorness wore at^once relieved, and in a few days the .Tiin- ulations were ail gone, the diseased jiarts dry and destitute of feeling, and tho edge oi' the ntiil ex posed so as to admit of being pared away withuut any inconvetiience. The cure wn.s complete, and the trouble never rcfinrrd. ] have tried this plan repeatedly since, with the same sati>ractory rt.'ulfs. The operation cati.sos little if any [ ain, if the tallow i- [iroperly heated. roN'S or an FiiiToii.-^An Ki.gli.-b writer sa^s: ‘‘A ''ot.".l editor — a- coinpeient ncws- ' } :iper conductor—is like a general or a poet; b'irn, not made. K.'cercise and experience give facility, ■ but the qualification is intiate, or it is never mani fested. C>n tiie iiondon daily j'apers, all tiie great historians, novelists, poets, essayists and the wri ters of travels, have been tried, and nearly every one has failed ” “I can,” said the late editor ot the London ‘•Times,” ‘-fii.d very seldom a man of common sense.” Nearlv all successful editors have been of this descrijUion. A good c*Jitor sel dom writes, much i\r his [uper—he I 'a-ls,, jndg'.'S, selects, ilictatC', alitis and to do ail this well lie hus but iittiJ time for composition. 'J o wiitc for a paper is one thing—to edit it another. mm • ^ A (.J.'a,LANT riuvA'n;—During the severe ar tillery duel on the j!d inst., between j.iTtions of Caskie’s i^attalion and tho enemy’s batteries, a 32- pounder shcii, thrown by the enemy, struck the parapet over one of the gntis belonging to (,'uin- ming’s N. C. liattery, and foiling over, fell be neath th.e gun. ■ Scarcch had it toucficd the earth in our wojks when ]-ri .ate Janies P. Pierce, of the detachment, seizintr it in hands, hurled it over the embarkment, thus sending it where its explosion could do no harm, and probably saving the lives of many of his comrad-js. Major Cas- ' kie bafe forwarded this gallant soldier’s name to i Gen. l?^uregard, who expressed his admiratign i Df the noble deed, In the recent ficrce oncbuntci with Smith and Grierson, at Okolona, Forrest himself killed eight men Two of these fcii beneath his heavy blade. His men watch his battlefiag. They gather around it, and will follow it into the very jaws of death. They *know that b’oircst himself: ever fights be neath its folds. He loves a fiirht as other men do a game of cards, and say.s he can’t keep out of one, lie is constantly urged by officers, soldiers, and citizens to avoid needless exposure of his [ er^0Il, ^ I'Ut ail in vain, 'j'iie noise of battle is the only • music that ravishes the senses of Forrest. Ordinarily he is mild and placable, but when maddened is a very fiend incarnate. He is merci less to a man whom lie su.^pects of cowardice, and the most e.xacting of all comnianders. He is six feet in height, perfectly jiroportitmed, and endued with wonderl'ul strength. His eyes are blue and have a' very mild expression, hi.i cptcplexion sal low, his liatr very black, his f>rehoad very broad, His worldly matters closed, fhc> e^-rnal interest of soul engaged his mind. Turning to the Kgf. Mr Peterkin, of tho Episcopal ChiTch, and of which ho was an exemplary member, ha asked him to sing the hymn commencing: “PkOck of ages deft for me, ^ Let mo hide myself in thee,” he joining in with all tho voico his strength would permit, lie then joined in prayer with the mia- To tile doctor he said: “I am goiag fast I now, 1 am resigined; God’s will be done.” Tbu» ! died Gen. J. K. 13. Stuart. ! Anecuotk 01' General JouNsroN.—During ' some of the recent movements up at tho front, I (icneral Johnston had occasion, as is-often tho case, tacu^fablish hi.-^ headquarters one day under a tree ujmn tho field. Soon after he had dismounted from his horse, and his manner nervous. He is never still, and in j auj while his staff were gathered around in readi- f-or orders, a private of the General’s body guard came up for the purpose of planting the headtjuarfcrs battle flag Finding some difficulty in piercing tho earth with the stafi, to which the flag was attfiched, the young man drew his sabre, and commenced punching a hole in the ground with the point of it. “Stop, stop, my young man,” said the.General, smilling, “you musrn’t make a pruning hook or plou:;h-5harc of your aword It will be time enough for that when this war is over.”—Atlanta Rji^ r- social intdrcourse laughs much, though never boi.® tcTirasly. He delights in telling stories of the achievements of his men. He s.ays his am tiic truest soldiers that ever drew sabres. His wife and son are with‘him. The wife, an excellent woman, u-iafiecfed in her manner.-^, of profound religious convietions, by h( r excellent good sense tuid n;any virfue.s has kept Foirest out of many a row. In her presence he is always jen- tle and kind ; but now and then, even in the i.jid.-t of the monotonous duties incident to idleness in camp, he yields the un l ry to his ungovernable temper. A Traditfo-V.—There is a charming tradition connectcd with the site on \vhich thi temple of Solomon was crectcd. It is said to have been oc- cujiicd ia common by two br'dhcr.i, one of whom had a family, the other had none. On this spot there was sown a field of whcrtt. On the evening succeeding the harvest, iftc wiiiat having been gathered in sepcarate'shocks the older brother .«aid to his wife: “My younger brother is unyble to bear the bur den ai.d heat of the day; 1 will arise, take of my sheC'I;s ati’d pl-wicc with iii'* without his knowledge.” The younger brother b;ing actuated by tbcrame benevcl'-:iit motives, s-jid within iiini'-eil: “My elder 1 rotlicr TioHc; 1 i'-'i!l contribute arise, take of my shocks and j lace with his with out his knowledge.” Judt'c on their mutuil astonishment, when on the following morning they found their re.=pective shocks undimini.'«hed. This .course of evenf.-; Gen Grant’s 'I’actics —An old officer of the United Staffs army, who .spent two ye ars in Ore gon in the same regiment of.^ragoons with the then Li'iut. L. S. Grant, once told us that he wa.s the most rtckless man in the service; wa.s famous for spurring his h(#:->e over chasms in the ground, making hini leap over the immense fallen trees of the forrcsf, and in engaging in anytliing wherein there was danger of his getling bis i.eck baoken. He was well known in his regiment as an officer spho had little sympathy with liis men in their h.-*rd.'hipR. He has fully sustained this character in the commarid Of large armie.s. In aff his operations along the Mi-s^i'sippi, he toek no account in plan ning an attack of how many flien he would lose, has a f'amily but I have. The'"only ,ue^tiiju «ith hiin was, could he win a to their .'lUpport; 1 will victory.—Micon tvnfi'hrate. s with- —~ Bkast I»rxr.F.R.—The Nashville Press of the lOlh io hard upon Ghoul Butler. It says: "A c have strong faitii in Livater—still firmer tr;.n.'pircd for several ni-hts, when each resolved rel'ancc upon our own cxp-.rience in physiognomy. Looking upon the portrait of Gen. B. F. Baticr, we read in large poster capitals, “an avaricious, cruel, cowardly, se.'.faal Beaut.” (iov. Pierpont’s statement in regard to hi.s doing.s in Eastern Vir- r-inia, docs not avitooish any one even lEoderatelj bkilltd in reading the humati ('i) faec. We doa’t think it wa.s becoming in Jeff. i)avis to outlaw hia old crony ; but it i.s certainly tiic ChrisRan du ty of ail ihe rest of mankind touatuithcmalize and abhor th« greasy scoundrel . in his mind to stand guar 1, ami .« dve the mystery. Thev did so: when on the following niglit they mct'eacii other half way bet'^oen their respective shocks with their arms tuil. Upon ground hal- h/WtTj witli such as:*seeiations as this wjis the iem- ple of Solomon erected—so sj acious and ma^ctfi- cent, the wontler and adniirafi-jn of tho world. Alas! in these days, how many would .sooner steal their bP'ther’s whole shock than to add to it one , single shcuf.

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