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The western Democrat. (Charlotte, N.C.) 1852-1870, July 05, 1864, Image 1

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O IT* XT' X O TI7 ON TllK VV^KHT SIDE OFTKAfU- .^TRKKT ■CHAI}ACTBR IS AS IMPOBTANT TO STATES AS IT 13 TO INDIVIDOALS, AND THS QLORY OF THE OXB IS THE COXMO.V PROPERTY OP THE OTHER. $10 j)ei‘ a 111 Lilt a IN ADVANCK>.^.^. W. :5I. Editor and Proprietor. CHARLOTTE, N. C., TUESDAY, JULY 5, 1864. TWELFTH TOLCHE—N C H B E R (18. 21!" MMOGSAT, ^Published every Tuesday 11Y w 11, f. IA M J. Y A 'r i: s, ifDlTOK AND PBOPBILTOR. $10 IN ADVANCE. Iranbieiil adverlibeui^nts uiu»t be puid lor in advance. Adve.tisenients not marked on the n>auugt ript I jr ft specific time, will be inserted uulil forbid, iind r*hnr|;^e'l uf^'ordinjirly. AT^ ACT tv RKLATIOK TO TWK MILITIA AND A GUARD FCiR IIU.ME DKFKN'CE. .Seo. 1. Be il enacted V)/ the (jteoeriil Assembly of lue .'Slate of North Curoliuu, and il is liureby enacted by tlie auilioriiy of the same. That tlie exemptions from service iu ihe .Militia of the Stale, shall l)e for the same cause.s, and to the same extent and no farther, that are jtrescribtMl in tbo-i\cls of Congress of the Con- Jedcratc .SMti's, firovi'ling for the cnrolliii--lit ot men fur tlif jiiiblic defence and erantinp exemptions from the sani‘,' ommonly cul!-,;;:Le conscription and ex- em;»lioii ;ut-i. . , , vS,-,:. i lie it further enacted, That if sliull be the ihit\ '( ill i )vti iior ij > to be enrolled ai a (fuard Announcement. The friends of Col. WILLIAM M GRIER annoytice j him as a candidate to represent Meckienbnrg: county j iu the Sennte m the ensuing An^^ust election. 1 March 28, 18(i4 te-pd i Carolina, passed at the second extra session of the General Assembly, 186'. , o • Sec &• Belt furtber enacted, That the Surgeon Gen- einl bv and with the advice and consent of the Gov- ernor, may ap[)oint surfrical boards, not exceeding three, eouiposed ot two cfvcU, who phftll de- dare by their certilicates ihote person? who shall be Pietiipt’ from service nnder the act lo which this is an iwtiendmeul, on account ot mental or physical disabili ty, and they shall leceive the pay of their lank and • - ■ • li.ivtline exoeiises, to bedclermiiied by the Adjutant- who has pro»en to be a prompt, active .'ind fViilblul (' ^neral [lublic servanl, many of his constituents desire nts re- *^Skc 6 Re it further enaclcd, That the Guard for election, and hereby Rnnounce him a candidate for the homo defcnce, ?h6nld they be called into service by Hon.-e of Commons at the election in August next Mr ihe Governor, shall receive the same pay, rations and allowauces as soldiers in the Confederate States’ ser vice, and sliall be subject to the rules tvnd articles of war of Ooufederftte States. Wrstnn S.finorra-t.! CHARLOTTE, N. C. -H .. JPORREST’S LAT13 VICTORY. At correspondent of the Mobile Advertiser, FROM JOHNSTON’S ABMY. Severe FiahHinj M ABiKTTA, Jaoe 27.—Aboat 10 o’clock ttlui For the Legislature. - j Believing that the county of Mecklenburg has been ; well represented in the person of JUHN L. BHOWN, j Brown is a good business man. and the services of such men are needed now in our legislative hails. March 15, 1864.. pd VOTIIRij. Sec 7. Be it further enacted. That when tlie pressure of public danger shall not prevent the observance of such a rule, the said Guard lor home defence sliall not be called into service eii manse, but by dralis of a num ber of men from each convenient company, so as to make up the ajfgreiiate force required. , . Sue 8. Be it further enacttd, That this act shall be iI^ force and lake effcct fro n and after its ratification. r.ead three tiibes and ral.fied iu General Assembly, this the Mlh day of December, A. D., 18C.T ^ _ ARRIVAL and DEPARTURE .Tlesweiiserw OF THE SOUTHEKN EXl^KESS CO.MPANY At Charlotte Office, Daily. j . For the Legislature,^ ! The friends of E. C. GRFEIl. announce him a candi- I date for re-election ta the House of Commons from I Mecklenburg county. ; April 11, 18C4 te-pd Announcement. Monkoe, N. C., March 12th, 1864. We lake tbe liberty of announcing Col. S.\MUEL II. W’ALKUP, of the 48th N. C. Regiment, as a candi date for the Senate, to represent the district composed of the counties of Unicn and Anson. SEVKRAL CITIZENS March 15 te-pd of Union County. SUPREME COURT. Opinious have been delivered in the foHowini» ca8e.s: By Pk.arson, C j In Stale v. Black, from Aphe, direciiii" a new trial. In Bowers v. Strud- wick, from Oiange, dirt'ctiu; tlie clerk to state an account ciiaipiti*; the dtl'endants with tlie value of the negroes in 1S58. In Waltou v GatUo, direct ing a fiftiordii. ‘ !>)• Ijattle, j. Id- State v McNeely, from Burke, venire ile novo. In Orange, affirming the judgment In Adams v Jones, from Orange, affirming the jud>!ment. By Manly, J. In Beire v Murchison, from Moore, affirming the judgment. In Bingham v Richardson, from Orange, affirming the judgment. Iu State V DucNvorth, frotn Burke, no'error. Per CuKiAM. In State v. Jones, from Ala mance, declaring that there is no error. wntniff from Tupelo, Miss , under date of June 15. ' 'gives t^e at.nexed account of Forrest’s late fight. ^ enemy, ooDsisting in part of Scho rr, .. 1 . f T 1 f- ■ nelu ii, tSIairo, Palmers and Loean b corps, On the 1st of June, Ot d. t orrest moved East- attempted to gain p05.!««.sion of the forUfication* on ward. lie had been apprised ^ our left centre, held by Oheotham and Ciebaroe, , torce of Iroia O.UUU to lU.UOU was bciug fatted out ^ jbey marched defiantly up in seven lines of battle, in . eiuphis “n cxpedmon to fehurman s aruay, j troops rc-served their lire until they approach- in charge ol 40U wagon ot supplies, ahd for j ^ yaid>. of tho broaat-^vorks, whea t e purpose also ol lurnislitng this much iuore ^iigy opeaed'witb grape, cannister aind mu»(:«try, transportation, with a large ambulance train and etaaiei great havoc in their ranks. The fire j twenty.fout'pteces of artillery, with the troops that j ^ ^ destructive thit iho cneiDj coold I »ceim.p!uued them to Sherman Hi.= force, consist- ; drivoi back with th* loss of bo- C t-"'g "''Ij'»wo brigades, immediately returned to ^ jijio n,Mi 1,000 mao. Vie captured about V Atkiiis, from pouncc upon the enemy. Rucker’s brigade le- . jqq prisoDers turned from Oxford, and Johnson’s command came 1., .J >1 ■In, .'liTiC I Ilf t ' .. ■ \ -I- th.' ( ot'i h itl,: llie .ill wiiiie male persons ii it already 1 .ii ivi,«- i 1 the Confederate Mate.s; be- o' ( i^^iiicei) and fil'ty years, r. in j ii.c; ; llIl^ I'liii ijiucrs uot nalii-ul./.ed, who i, . 1 ri- nleiiia in ilie-.Siaif- fur liiiny d.iys bft'uro ! .1 ii I, ' exre j:l 111 J' persons lilliiiif the oilici-S .Iiidtcs of the .Sii,.r'-nie and .S .ptrior j .1 ly Jand KijiUly, siic iin-inixTS i>t ihe >i'iu:vul j I\ .1 1.1 -lie ,llicer.s of the , Drjiarl inents of ^ ; '11, PI til of.kc- Stale, Miiii,-t.-rs of the Gospel ■ >■ -(MT il ileiioininations ot ilie .State cliargi'd witu 1 dii'i'-sof . hiirches, and such other persons as j GoM riior. fur siiocial rea.=oiiH, may deem proper . AIU£JV£S. From Char, i S C. Railroad V 30 “ N. C. Uailroad 6 20 A., T. iV i>. Railroad 9 O') “ • Wil., C. t R. Railroad 3 15 P. M. DKPAUTi;. For X C Railroad C 20 A “ Char. & S C Railroad 10 00 ' “ Wil., C. k R. Railroad V 30 “ “ A., T. &0. Railroad 4 00 P. M. A. M. (ind 9 P.M “ and y 25 “ M. and 2 00 P.M and 1 30 “ For the Legislature. Please ftnnounce H. M HOUSTON. hsQ.} ft ciindidate for the Commons, from Union county, in August next, and oblige June 2V, 1S64 tepd at ihe election IIIS FRIP:Nt)S. down*lrom >i'orth Alabama Thus this force, though not half as large as that of the enemy, 'ifas at once, and unexpectedly to the enemy, concen. trated on the Mobile and Ohio lload, and just in time to head him at Brice’s Cross ll?«ads, sis miles from Baldwin. Skirmishing began about 8 o’clock in the morning by Col Rucker; (Jol. Johnson soon came up and assisted to hold thu enemy in check; Col Lyon, with his Kentucky brigade, came in of Internal Improvements held on Saturday the , before 12 o^clock, and (Jol. Bell s gallant brigade 25th June, the following appointments were made; : exception of the 3d Tennessee command- ^ j cd by Col. Barteau, who was sent to the enemy e " ( rear—tcached the field at 1 o’clock. The enemy eetned frustrated by this sudden resistance on his State Dibectors—At a meeting of the Board mbji'ci- ol •■xcmption. s.n lie il fiirlher cnart..Mi, Thai all persona above the iijfi- ol li'iy, \Wio may voliinleer for i>ervice in said icuard lor lu.ii’ie defi nce, and shall be accepted by a (Jiipi.iiii 111 a company lor tlie same, licliiiii; liu-ri 10, aail oli It is desired that all Parcels, Packages or I'reight lo j 1)P forwarded bv either of the above Traiiij, be sent to | this tJllice U.Ni: Hoi r previous to its departure. | T. D. GIIjLEyPIE, Ajjent. Cli.iiloUe, Se]'i. ", 18G^. tl For the Legislature. We arc autiiorized to .Tnnouiice V\M. C. SMITH as a candidate for re-electioif' to the Senate of North Caro lina, for the counties of Union and An.=on. J«ue27, 18G4. te J. - A- Announcement. We, a? soldiers, respectfully announce Capt. J. B. Directors in the Atlantic and N. C. Railroad j C'empany—Lewis C Dismotid, C R Thomas, A T Jerkins, M F Arendell, 'Council Wooten, .fames M Parrott, J H Peebles and Council Best. Wil liam II Oliver, State Proxy. John Everett, John 1) Flauner, R S Tucker, C W I) Hutchffis, John Berry, C P iMendenhall, J> A Davis and Wm C Means, Directors in the North Carolina Railroad Company. Ralph Gorrell, State Proxy. 4 R W Lassiter, J B Littlejohn and George Lit tle, Directors in tho Raleigh and Gaston Railroad Company. Dr E S. Crudup, State Proxy. Geo W Swepson, W W Avery, A M Powell, hall be deeniPii to il b.r held lo service therein, riiher or tor any ^p^'A/ull dul\ 01 expediluiu iis till' comuiaudini^ otlii ers ol re^riine.its or I'oniiuuiieo, .i i'i.iduijr lo the n.^lurc of the particular =i rvi' C m ■luestion niaV dcleriniin-. .Sc,’. I B^ il furltii r i ti'ii'led, That ihe Governor .-.III”!- all per'Dii.i eiirolli'd in [lursiiiim t; of the Iwo preredinj' set lions ol this act to be lornied into ci.iupaiiics, with liberty lo elect the coiiuui=sioned otri- I rs of such cotnpaiiies, and iheiu'C iiili) b.illalioiis or r.'^'imeiits. briffades and divi.sioiis according to his dis cretion, an I he shall appoint the tield ollicers ot such o,itlalions, regiments, brigades and divisions, and fiiiall i.'.-ue eommissions in due foraj to all ihe oflicers aforesiiid. Sec. 5. Be it further cnactcd, Thai members of the .Socieiv of Friends, ooinmonly called Qu.iktis, inay be i*xeinpn*'l iVoin tbe pri>vision >f ihis act b\ pa\ the ‘■■um of one Iniii lre>! 1 dlars accordinjr to an ordinaiice of the Coipvi ntio!) of ihi> Stale in Dial behalf, r.itilied ll!th div.'f Miv l-^'i^. Provided that when a MOURK as ft candidate for Sherift’of Union county at our next regular election in August, and ns such will ' Murphy, N W Woodtin, F. 10 Shober, Geo be voted for by M.\xy .®oldiers. , p Davidson and S B Erwin, State Directors in the Feb 1C, 1804 tf tlie i.iuakcr shall linv. .)i .. i l •he sum ol live ^ . ■ !l u' tjrrss Ciil 1* '1 1 II not bf K i|'ii • lUlplion Mil I' l 1 Sec Til.*' uic • ■ ’• ‘ be called lor aciv, c i- ; f!ie Stale ,i|.'aiiisl irivi!'i ';i . cither bv reniinenls. baltalj 'n or bv liraft.s iir Vfdnnlecr.s Iroiii ■ liscreiion m.iy direct; shall iie t!iroii^-ii the olHcer,- r.p[iointed .■h ill .serve only within the limit terms of duly to be prescribed levied miller .A- mI‘> ■ in jf liis property j the ac! of Coll- i rc-';ii.l. Iip shiiU 1 :iev for his ex II- defence may ; ir in defcnci.^ ot , •pn:,>s in\asion, . • c.i aiiaiiii.'s. oi mdwe, I lie '.line, .is he, in his ■ u’liier nis cumin.uid, it>. Iiereiii provided; of thi' Slate, and in bv ihe Governor, not Tl Be it f'lrther enacted. That all laws and laws comitiij within the meaning and pur- i 10 oO exteediiij; three niontlis at one term. I bey, or so man}’ of them u9 may be ai any one time called into service, may be o^^;anize4 into infantry, artillery or cavalry as he innv direft, and the infantry and artillery may be mounted if he shall so determine, the men furnishing ihcir own horses and accoulrcments and arms, when upprovcd by the Governor, on such terms Ua he shall pri’scribr. Sec. r. Be it farlher enacted. That the Governormay lurnisli to •■.aid iroops the _arms, accoutrements and f unmiriilioii of ihe State wh'en called as aforesaid into j ,i- tive ..erviec. and shall prescribe rules for their return ! ind to prevent the waste, destruction or loss of the j t-amc. Sec H ehiases of . , , , \iew of tii!3 act bo, and liie same are hereby repealed, j Sec ;t. Be it further enac'ed, Tba't the commissirms | of'oliieers of tho Militia, called into service by this act, | suspended only during the pei-iod of such service. | >ec. 10. lie it further enacted. That this act sha!! be ; I!. I'ort e from the dale of its ratification. U i'ilied the 7th dny of July, 186.T ] ^ Aiiiendnieiits to the above Law. i \N \('l' IM AMF.Nl) AN ACT l.\' RICLATIUN TO i Tllt'^ .\11L1T1A AND .A. GL'AUD FUU IIUMK I)1vfi:nce. i-'Lc. 1. Ho it cuacted by the General Assemb'y ot the State of N' jrth Carolina, and il is hereby enacted 1 bv Ihe .'.iithortiy of the same. That neither the Govern or of Ihis State, nor .the oflicers acting under nn act r.ailicd on the 7th day of July. 18ii;i. euiiiled “An act Ml relatim to the Militia and a Guard for Home De- j tence. ' shall call out for drill or muster the persons enrolled under said act, ofteiier than once a month iu eompmiv iIiiH, or oftciier than twice a year in battalion j a h iUs sli.-.ll take the pbiee of the , lor ili“ iiii::itb in wbich they are ap- ! \suen ille iii-j actual sei uce to repel 1 ro;.- iiisarnctioii, or to execute the H«TI€E. OhncK Sot riiiiH.v E.xpkess Comp.v.nv, ^ Chi^ulotle, St pt. 21, 1803. j III oniei to avoid misunderatanding and to make our charge? ct’»nfoim lo the lialiilitv" fts.snmed, this (Jonipany lierebv jiives notice that from and after Octo ber 1st, 1803, sbipii'-rs will be required to place their- valuation upon each package before it will be received Such valuation will be inserted in the Company s receipt, and esUibliih the li ibility of the Cotapany for the amount. The act of God and the public enemy only excepted. T. D. GILLESPIE, ! S'ept 28, 1863 Agent. T^ilorixxsJ- JOHN VOGRL, Practical Tai lor,respectfully inTornis the citi zens of Charlotte and surround- iug country, that he is oropared lo luanufaciure gentlemen’s clo thing in the latest ftyia and at short notice. His best ejierlions will be given lo render satisfac tion to those who patronize him. Shop opposite Kerr’sIIotel, ne.iEt door to Brown & Stitt’s store. .iQ.jcWiawnaW- Jan. 1, 1803. If ASlU’llY are now prepared to furnirh otherwise, a fine article of Copperas, English olVered in market. Druggists and ■ Apothecaries supplied with a chemically pure article, .\ddress TA1 LUR & AS1>UK\ , .May 5, 1803 Charlotte, N. C. WilmiHgtou, 4'bariotte & Uutherford On and afier Monday ihe 25th ol May, 180.3, the Pas senger Train will run on this Road (Western Divi sion) daily, Sundays etcepled, as follows ; (iOl-VG Wi:ST: AitlllVE; 8 l.’i A. M. 8 r.5 9 2f) Aniioiiiiceiiieiit. We, as soldiers, respectfully announce THOMAS R. MAGILL as a candidate for the House of Couimou. for Union county, at our nest regular election in Aug. next, and as such will be voted for by .Masv Soi.dii:ks is the Armv. December 22, 1863 tepd Western North Carolina Railroad Company. An- durson Mitchell, State Proxy, and Jos II Wilson, Alternate. Joseph H Cannon, Charles Wood and John II I Lcerv, Directors in the Albemarle and (Jhe.sapeake• Cana'l Company. John N McDovvcll, Stale Proxy T.^VLOIi A by the ton or superior lo any 10 Ij ARniVE: P. M. 15 f>0 20 53 15 LEAVE: Charhjtto, 7 SO A. M. Tiiekaseege, 8 20 ’ Ureviird, I» 00 “ iSharon, 0 30 “ Liucolulon, 10 05 “ Cherryville. GOING EA.ST: LEAVE: Cherryville, 1 I 30 A. M. Lincolnton, 12 25 P. M. ijharon, 12 55 “ Brevard, 1 25 “ Tucka.seege, 2 00 “ Charlotte. Bread and Mtat.—Wc have seen a letter from an officer who has recently traveled, on offi cial business pertaining to the quartermaster’s department, over the entire State of Ala bama, and also a large ].ortion of Mississippi He reports that the crop of wheat now. being harves ted is excellent, not injured by rust, and that tbe yield will be very great. The growing crop of To the Voters of Union County. j corn promises an abundant yield. Flllow CTtzE.Ns : I am a candidate for your suf- j From the satne writer we have “a low estimate fragcs at the neit ensuing election for Sherill in the j oi the bacon tithe in seven States J’ 01 tiie .lis- County of Union. My connection with the army, how- sissippi, the aggregate being 21,000,000 _ pounds. j This quantity logether with that which is impor- ! te(i| and the beef supply, will unquestionably For the Legislature. The friends of Col J-A.MES M. STEWART desire him to be a candidate lo represent Union county in the House of Commons of the General Assembly of North Carolina, and therefore announce him a candidate for that oflice. many CITIZENS. May ;iO, 18G4 te-pd front, yet pushed vigorou.sly/forward and endeavor cd to overrun our forces. Tbe fighting for the next three hours was severe, and charge alter charge was made, column after column was hurled with head long impetuosity by the enemy against tts, aud’by us against the enemy. At 4 o’clock, the 2d Ten nessee bad reached the rear of the enemy, and Our loss, owing to onr men being protected bj breastworks, is very small. Mabijetta, June 28.—The Bovere puuisbment inflicted upon the enemy yesteiduy by Hardee aad Loring, rendered them very quiet to-day. Ooo of our officers, in authority, called to the Yankee com mander that, as an act of humanity we would cease firing aud give them time lo carry oflf their wounded, as they were iu dut;ger of beiag burned alive, from tbe woods being set on fire, which was done after the ocuon. In front of Cleburne’s division alone, tho Yan kees lost over 1,000, while in front of Cb iathauj it was much greater. Our loss was R^lall—160 will cover it. A sergeant in Jackson’s brigade seized a shell while the fuse was burning and throw it from the pit in which it fell. He was prcuiotcd on the Ueld by Gen. Jackson to a lieutenanoy, but he modestly declined it. Sergeant W. J. Waltho, company I, 2^^th Tcnnossee. legiment, Vaughn's brigade, leaped over the breastwiuhB and seized made a furious attack. Ihe enemy at tir.''t sent . standard presented by Gen. Buford-to the 27th back a regiment of infantry, then 300 cavalrj’, «nd ; [Hinoig regituent, wrested it from its bearer and becoming still more alarmed at the obstinacy of the j i,roiight il triumphantly to camp, for which daring atiack in front and the appearance of a force iu bis j Hardee presented it to fhe {-allant ecr- geant. It was inscribed Belmont, Union City and Stope River. The enemy made a desperate attempt to taTco Kpnesaw mounuin. He attacked cur works in columns of picked troops, the heroes of Missionary ridge, but Loring’s corps drove them back with s loss estimated at 2,500. ever, has for some months removed me from that fami liar intercourse with rou that would generally be de- anee t HHs ‘n^Lie^^^c^; wi^.t^^w I prove sufficient to i.ed the army t^til the next hog repealed expressions of .1 desire that I should become [ crop is cured. It the tithe or bacon amounts to a candidaie, 1 have consented to d*=o—though under vastly different tircumsiances from those which iur- ronnded us four years ago. .Many of .vou have realized the hardslTips of'war aud ihe dangers of battle ; but without recalling the pasu, let us look hopefully to the future, and pevmil i:ue, in grateful ackiiONvledgemenls of the favors I received at your hands then, with many others jirevions 10 that time, to ask your cordial sup- poit non'. If elected, I will use what industry and ability I possess to fulfill the obligations of the ofHce iu such ft ma«u»r as, 1 uope, may ever be satisfactory lo you. On the coutrniy., if 1 arn not elected, I shall consider that you btivc done no wrong and that 1 have no right to criticise because j'onr siiTragPi are against me. But 1 am fully sensible of the disiiflction conferred, by being elected to the posilijn for v. hich 1 am a candidate, and shall be as proud to reiieive your votes as 1 shall ever be earnest aud faithful to prove mvsdf worthy of the responsible trust imposed by the same. And, in conclflsion, allow me to hope you will remember your friend, aud on the day of election a ticket for the same. W. 11. COLLINS, Co. A, 1th N. C. Cavalry, March 2S, 18C4 pd Gordon’s Brigade. For the Legislature. We, several citizens of Union couatv, announce C. AUSTIN, Esq., our present v.orihy Sheriff, a candi date for the House of Comaions at Ihe election in Aug. next. ■Monroe, June G, 1864 ic twenty-one millions of pounds, what is the aggre gate quantity in the Coufedvrate Slates?— mond )yhi'j. A gentleman recently from Richmond fells a very interesting little incident which evinces something -of the state of the public regard for General Lee, and his thoughtful kindness to our €ick and wounded soldiers. During General Lee’s recent attack of illness he went down to Richmond to recruit his hfjalili. While in the cars he ex pressed the desire lor a bottle of port wine. At- t«r his arrival, his wif>1i was talked oi on the streets, and in less than ihreii hours three hundred boitli^s of ^rt were sent to him. Of the number he re served one for his own use, and sent the reniain- def 10 the hsspitais lor wounded solders. drill, which I’ ltral. (onipiiiv Irii! poiuU"! uule - lllMKiil.. !■ ■ of -■ ' It ► h ■ ten ■rtiT, .11' V resi ie >i ev ‘iilj :im 11 lie ;iono me ill. .’ ; . r pii icted. Thai Ihe G .vernor I ■■ •1 U) use tile Guards of Home De- . 1 i^e r arre-tiii,:r coii'cript.- luid de- !. ihey sliall iiol lie ordered iipiii this 1 I'uuis ot' the counties in whicU ihey r coiiities aijiieeni llieieto j il fn.lher ',ed. Tliat in addition lo the contained in the act to which this is iii' there shall be exeinpl t'lmiily cominission- ••r^ .ipp r.iile 1 under an ad rniiiled ".Xn net for the re- ii'.'f of ivives and familici ol soldiers in the army,’’ rcg- mi'.lers, blacksniitlis '' ho h ive e.'MbHshcd shops, n•■ee^'.lrv operatives in t'actories aud toundrie.s, the .\tt irnt'.v General, Solicitor.s of the severa. cirruiisar.d *'1111 niio,'. pbvsicians ot five years p.tiii lice, contiactots wilh the State or Contedenite pnveri.ment, one editor to each newspaper and the necessary coiujiositors, mail carriers, profes.^ors ill collegco aud teachers in acade mies; PioriiJfil. that this exeuiptioii .jhall only apply lo tho drills speui'iied iu this bill and not lo servlcc when the (luardt'oi- lloiuv. Uef.'ncc is called into the 4'itld. Sko 1. Be il funhvi enacted. That for failure to at- li'ii I the battalion or regimental drill, each deld officer fhall forfeit and p.iy one hundred dollav.': each Cafitaiii .i;;d other olfi^oers w ha >ha!l fail to muster and drill their companies at the limes appointed, shall forfeit and pay fiir (-acli failure titty dollars, and if a ron-cotuniis- sioiied otHcer or private shall fail to attend at any drill, he (.hall forfeit and pav not less than tive nor more than twenty-five dollars; Frovided, that every absentee shall bo allowed until the next muster to make bis excnse. The fines shall be adjudged by regimental and compa- ,iyc ourts-mariial. and judgments are to be entered up Hud the finei collected iu the samo mode and in accord- 1’VC'*!!!'tli' provisions of the Militia Law of North Fare, six cents per mile. Soldiers going lo and re turning from Ihe army, half fare. Passengers are re quired to make the jiroper change, as the Ticl»et Agent cannot furnish change for every one. A Freight Train leaves Cherryville for Charlotte at 7 o'clock, A M, Of. Mondays, aud reiurus same day. For Passenger Trains transporting Freights, 50 per j cenl to the tarilT rales of freight will be added. V. A. McBEE, Master of Transportation. Lincolnton, May 2a, 186.3. BV J. «. KB^KK. Proprieloi*. VERY ..VCCOMMODATION afforded ! Uhe patrons of‘he Charlotte Hotel. i At this lio'r 1 is kept the Hue ofDaily from (’harlolie n Asheville. i 1, 18U1. J.-B. KERR. Announcemeni. We announce JOSllUA LEE as a candidate to rtv present Union couniy iu the House ot*Common= of the I vjyg of the divi&ion.s are app’'0])riated exclusively to North CaroliniiiiiS lie adds; “One very pleos Yankee News.—The Chicago Times and St. | Louis Republichn.of the 23d, announce that the i Chicago Convention is postponed until the 29ili of j August. Gold in New York on the 22d was 255, j and"closed at 20(5. 'fhe Alabama had burned the 1 Yankee ship Rockingham, from Callao. Gen. Lee’s Davo the Biblical Recorder pital near Richniond, of o-round, has ;>0 surgeons, i chaplai ion's, and capacity to accotnniodate SOOO patients. rear, sent back all his cavalry anJ cjuiinenccd a retreat. Ilis forces in front were driven in dismay, and the whole body of his troops demoralized W agons, artillery) cavalry, infantry, negroes and wounded went buck in one conf\jsed mass, block ing up the roads and runtiing through woods and holds Over two hundred wagons titul fuurt.cen pieces of artillery were abandoned in less than one liour after the retreat began. C)ur farces pursued until dark and then Camped for the night. The greatest injury inflicted upon us durinir this cn:;a?ement wa.s bv an ambuscadc O V Wilson’s ind Russell’s regiments, of Bell’s brigade, suffered severely. It is unfortunate that more cau tion was not exerci.-ed to prevent such unnccc.9sary dimiagc. The number of killed and wounded in this fight.^on our side was over three hundred Tbe loss^ of enemy in l:illed aad wounded was near a.thousand. Ttie enemy’s force was four brigades, two of ca valry, commanded by (Jricrson, and two of infantry, ail under Brig. Gen. Sturgis; and the commands being full, numbered not les.^ than 9,000. Two negro regiments served as a train guard. But few negroes were captured. They made good tbeii escape. Tho pursuit was renewed early in the morning, Gen. Forresi following before daylight with hif- cscort and 7th Tennessee, tighfiag the enemy until the other commands came up. At Ripley, a des perate fight ensued, in which Bell’s brigade aud Lion’s greatly distinguished themselves, charging into the town and driving the Yankees frotn every stronghold they had taken, killing, wounding and capturing five hundred or more. The enemy took the Salem road, and were pressed every inch of the way. A terrible ambuscadc was given them by Col. Bavteau, near Salem. Having gained a posi tion on their flank, in advance of the column, he dismounted and marched his command within sixty yards of the road. As the column on, the road was crowded w'th infantry and cavalry. Otic sheet of fire from his line, and Imcidreds lay /lors lilt coinhiit. Chariiiiig immediately, ujion the Voad. .siili fuiilior CX' ciiiion was effected until compelled it) give way. The 05th Ohio regiment, which was in the rear of the cnlumn, and hard jressed by Col. Lyon, surrendered. Tlie vaiious troops ol Gen. Buford’s c.r.nmand in this, the second day of the pursuit, captured a thousand prisoners THE “ORPHAN FUND” IN THE WEST. Mu. Kditor—In the last fourteen day.s I hu/o delivered twelve speeches and ecrmoriS iu nine of the* Western counties. The Bubscri|)tiou8 Ixtvc 828.910 5,180 13.tii>0 3,460 been as follows: tJabarrus, 8 1,000 Buncombe, Linpoin, ' 13,576 McDow?f!, (Meaveland, 15,120 Rutherlord, 7,669 Cnldw'll, Hendcrfion, “ 4,883 Catawba, Making in all, if my hasty count be correct, 397,- 418. lo addition there are donations of gold and of a tract of land, value not yrt ascertained, bringing the total to about 5100,000. In some of the coun ties other donations bavo been made since I lelt. The labor and travel have been severe, but greatly chccrrd by uniform kindness and hospitalities. I have brought from tho hills sv?ect myrh lor mem ory. 1 published appointments before I knew that Gov. .Vance was to visit the west. We came to gether.—It is but common justice to say that IHs Kxcellency in courtesy and endorsement of my mission did much to make my tour profitable and pleasant. Indeed all right-minded men of all par ties are ready to aid a work so catholic, bo patriotic, so just, and so noble. The subscribers in tbe several countic.'! will find the subscription papers in the hands of the follow ing gentlemen: Lincoln county, Col. Micha^, Cleaveland county, Dr. Miller, Rutherford do Dr. Craton, Hendersoa do Rev. Mr Burnett, Buncombe do Messrs. Taylor & Wtjod^ McDowell do Rev Mr. Hdwaide, Burke do Wm. F.’ MoK^.^ioa, Ks{., Caldwell (So J R. V- ilsoii, Lsq., Catawb;i, do M M. McCorkle, K'q, It is earnestly requested that thij nubtwriptiona Geuetal .Vssembly o' North Carolina SOLDIERS of CO. I, 53d N. C. Uegimenl June 20, 186-1 te-pd Announcement. Salem road b;:ck to Ripley. The result has been I that seven 01 i/ulu hundred more straggling Yan ' kees were cau.:lu Grierson and Sturgis deserted their commancs*beyond liiplpy, and fled to La- Reing nhseni in the battle field, I adopt ibis method of declaring mvselfa candidate for Sheriff of the coun- men oftnccoun ty of Lincolti. Having served as Deputy for eight i hospitals, and i years. I feel myself fuliy competent to fill the important , goiae of the UiOSt j position, and I hereby reepectfully solicit the aid of uij Jjijg of the city there once or ing feature of this, and in fact all the hospitals ol — i Richmond Pefer.«bur‘', Ijvnchburg, and Chariotfs Granger . , , Uiciimonu reier. uui y f,?,’finrU ! The ouTragcK commtUed by the enemy tn ' v e. 13 the large element ot. lemalc.s owe nnas j ... '' , 1 n r ** ILns th. attendanu. Son,, of llic «rj Bra. wo- 1 ejp.cJeU all forni.r example. the Houses friends at home lo iusuri my election. JOHN M MTCH.AL, JnneO, lP6t . Co. K, 49th N. C. Troops- A Card. Li.ncoi.nto.n, N. C. June 3, 1864. Ma Yatks; Having been asked by persons in several i . taching themselves to particular wards and divis- iuti.s, I'haf Ihey might work to better advantage, short titi;e since General Lee’s daughter was a letter for u wouudcd soldier in the in- wriuu;; I “Tell my molher,” said the brave boy, that companies from ihi.s County and numerous citizens, to as I fell 1 saw that grand all kinds, Oruers solicited—Terms IVOTIC’E. I am prepared to cast machine irons of hollow-ware, salt pans, .tc Cash. I will exchange lion for Hacon. corn, cloth, or pro- vi.'ioiis ol aiiv kind. J. W. DKUR, Sjiring Hill Forge. bystander asked, ‘ Do you know who that is daughter ” icir to our suffering heroes. ’ Jiilv 1st. 1803. y-pd. wAKRr/r «AVis. fine llor«e can be t'ound at my -lable in ihis on the .Mond.a.vs, stables of Tue.i- W. T. This tilaee. during the present season, ilavs :uul Wednesdays, and at Si ill, in movidonro, oil Thiirsd.iys, Fridays and Satur- diics. Iri'ii;!. jixiv dollars insun'nce. R. RABK. announce myself a candidate for re-election lo the next ' A ^ Legislature * in the Commons, I have consented to do writing for you? That’s Gen. Lees so.° WhiUt ihtre has been muchj:aid about fiLiing the I ^ imagine that soldier’s eyes opened sHjlit- offices with men beyond the military age, it is due to , .. j-. ^ Bra"’ is often to "be seen roinistvv- myself and to the people for me to state that 1 am J- - • f-r- wittjin the miliiary age, birt it is v. ill known to all who know me personally, that 1 have been an invalid for the lilt six years au.l entirely uiifu for nriiitary service. I will further slate, that I have been before iin examininj.' board and discharged. Hut, whilst I have not been iible lo go to the army, I have endeavor ed to discharge my duly faithfully as a citizen and representative, and will be content vriih the decision of the people upon my merits. A. COSTNER. June *5, 1861 te From Johnson’s Isi-and.—A correspondent of the Canton (Miss.) Cifizen reports an iulcrview with Lieut Jesso -Mill.s, lafe/y from the Yankee bastile on Jobnson’s Island. Lieut. Mills states that on the 1st Febiuary last, tlnjro were 2,437 commissioned officers Cii the ial..nd, the iiori-cotn- miseioaed officers aud privates Laviug beuu all seut number, four briga- Arcber and •coloncb, 62 29 adju- . , 111 I k I ' tants They were distributed among the diflereiit wronsa, and knocked down by buck negroes in tbe tanis. xiicy • b 1 ■ ^ Southern Mates, as follows: prcfcti^cc oi ihcir husbauur*. 1 ncat* are souiw u* the injuries that the poor jipople of North Missis sippi have had to tiiduri*, aijd it is things like i sa.'* thfso ibat nerved the arn.o of Forrest’s soldiers lo ippi fi'.'ht like demon.s and to pericim deeds of daring dy, 111; . , • n unrrnialled in history The Southern man who na, 4J; lexas, ,4/; Maryland, IJ; Uii:>cclIaije0U.-, would not fi-ht noW, is unfit f;r freedom, and 29. Of this number, between five aud u^^ buu- ou.^ht not to enjoy it. • transported to Point i^ekout, Md '• he Misii-c:=iLi.i F. jirir AV.rj. givPH tho follow- Icr an exchange up to tho 2d of-May Jaet. ll>0 ing facts derived from Forrest’s chief quarter- Yiyikees conducted the exchange ulphdjeHoaUy, raafiter: Norih Carolina, 332; Tenncssccj 298; Arkan* IS, 278; Alabama, 270; Virginia, 250; Misai'xf- 24 >; liouisiana, 17>4> tieorgia, iU4; Iventuc- Missouri, biy, Florida,,'>2; Sotlth (’aroP- Cotton nn 1^,,^ 1,000; .o«„.l-d 1,500; c.ptared Also 200 wagons; 50 ambulances; 1 formed by Dr. Siix, the Columbia, that burnt cotton is one of the best arti 2,000. wagons; with cas«ions; 500 mules; \m MftTcll 1, 18l't pd . \OTICK. The flria of WILLIAMS, OATES k CO., i£ this daj (Jan. 1st, 1S61) dissolved by mutual consent. All persons inter^5ted will call uuj close their accounts wilh either cjf the iiiidersig>n,'d. L. S. WILLIAMS, L. W. zanders. January 12, 1861 Kioctments. Arc, Mav Tl»e Peopich’ Tichrl. von THE SEN.VTE, roL. WILLIAM !»I. CrRIKT? FOn TUB COMMOS.r, R. U. WHITLEY, J, SOLO.MON RE!P. 16, 1864 tepd elee next to lint, wbich can be applied to a wound, pieces of_ aflilley and shovels, £.carcely more . - , - -- - . ■ i- bur-ned 0- scorched and Mibmitted to fhe .same pro- cines; 10 barrels of whiskey, it is instantly wet ihrough This is owing to axes, carpenters^ tool.s, etc , in large numbers the defctruction of tne oily principle which it con tains, which oil prevents the healthy use of cotton on wounds. except iu cabcs of woOodud oflic«jrs, aud litd cefef* iy reached tho letter D when Lieut. .Milts left. He states that, on account of tlie Confederate officers declining to receive tlieif rations on fa«t aay, (8th of Apiil,; the Yankee authorities withheld iheir meat rations for three dayt*. This is a contempti- blvj mcanucsH, quits it keeping with the charaetee- istics of the VankecH m ejthibited during the war. ' Capt. Senimes is tiiill In comicand of the Ala bama, and cruising iu the Cbiua Seas. Lieat^^nt of South Carolina, is io command oflb« i rauco. ScRipTUBES Received —The Bibld Society of tbe Confederate States has received reseotly a Dumber of cases ot Bibles and Testaments "Mr* Stenhen A. Dougla.~s is Vice President of tvans, — - • ' n„r,J/>inx the Ladies’ ^•.l•onal I.eas«« »>■.>« ‘"'"'iS'*! “ purpose is to cansume DO foreign fabrics during ^ Spoilt-—Tho Yaukecs made a the war. _ at*Treotoo, :^. J.,-Vhich according from The KnglUh garden pea, picked from ' tbe vine to an aocoupt published io the *" ssri”';:"' AVd“?L'^ drc?"^ iTn .hr ."b.ii “ A BL.\XK DEEDS, WRininf-, for >(ih' nt this candidate for re-election to Mecklenburg county. Mav l?>-t fill army orders. AGa.— SoHthrrn fViristlnn .Java cofTcJ^ in color and flaver. 1^09% hj the explosion, e‘'tim»t*d at $9,000

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