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North Carolina Newspapers

The western Democrat. (Charlotte, N.C.) 1852-1870, July 05, 1864, Image 3

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W KBTJfiitJSl £>EJMOO£i.A.T, -OilA;Kl^oT'±’Jl^ IS. O. cstcrn mocrot. CIMKLOTTE, IV. C. Tii:*>«lny, July .1, 1861. SeC'uet Organizatioks.—Wo have noticed in I The Sr.lGE of Chaiilestos.—The yankees two or three of our State exchanges statements in have now been beseiging Charlostou a few days o%’er | regard to a secret organization wliich is -~aii.l to ex- one year, oud are no nearer acconij>lishing their ob- ist, imviiip for its object the overthrovr of the Con- ject than when they first commenced. They federate Government. At first v-# wero not (lispo«ed continue to shoot at Fort Sumter, but Fort to notice the matter, believing it impossible that anj’ stiU bids yankee malico denauce and hurls WEWS. KILLED AND WOtriTDBD In X. a. Bfyimenls in the laie Batlht in Virffmia. FBOM VIBGINIA Conij.anj II (from Mecklenburg) 35ib Regiment, ia set of men here in the South were wicked or mean ! occasionally at their batteries. The shelling , . . - - enough to engage iii such a traitorous scheme. But ■ city is kept up in wanton spite and without the least gJand^atiac™ evidemly preparing for ■“77 \ ~Z ^ ^ Confederate, which first made the statt.- hope or prospcct of effecting its capture; therefore j Two deserters from the Yankee fleet in Janies river, I HI- 4aii> into jUitKE Cot.NT\. On Tuesday j recently reiterated it. and says it knows ■ it was pi-oper for our Government to send a number ; below Dutch Gap, came to Fort Drewry on'the tl,c. „f T,,me..e« „„a K. C. 'b" rtTv.lf torios. and deserte r.-, e.stimated iu number at from | of this secret organization ].->(> to -m men, made a raid int.. lJurke county, N. ^ j„„rnal of la.-t week says : And the of the yankee shells. But it seems that>the yankees ; the torpedoes in the river; also, the obstructiong sunk have no more feeling for their own men than for the i hy themselves in Trent’s reacb. The deserters say the C. At the time of writing this, we arc not in pos-! . , . ■ ' n t • from one of our rams seriouslv injnred one Mon- . r 1./- .* , . .r I ' “A few days aga a private in one of Gea. Lee’s =“*‘“ren of Charleston, for they continue f-es-sion of any definite or acurate information con cprning the operations of the raider.^, but give the details as wc learned them verbally. The raiders were led l>y tlie notorious toiy, Col. Kirk, who j.ounced upon the Conscript camp (Camp Vanci ) about daylight on Tuesday morning, cap turing all tiie troops present, con.>risiing, k is said. regiments, a South Carolinian, called at our oflice the bombardment of the city as usual. If they ehow r i, ■ t , and informed us that there was no doubt whatever regard for the lives of their own people, how can } ^ent*" dat"rTleadTiuartersr i{ some 2)U,Junior riesfrves and a few camp guards. i on his return to h's regiinent.” ’J ho camp is .situated about :{ miles this side ofMor- ganton and near the terminus of ihe Western N. C. Kailroad. The camp wns de^tro^’ed, together with a temporal-}’ depot and a few cars that were stand ing on ihe track at the tenniiius of the road. Wc* the loss in tliis way i.t small. The engine of the existence of this organization. He had evi- in i • ^ ' .Tmm owti.. denoe conclusive to himself that il was at work in r^ople hope to escape their vengeance if ^ June _8th. North and South Carolina, and also in our armies. should unfortunately be conquered a«id subju In the army of Gen. Lee he knew it to exist. He ] gated to yankee authority ? had seen the ritual, tlic signs and passwords in The Sexiou IIesekves of Mecklcnburg county were organized into n Company last week, and elected R. A. McNeely, Captain; Dr. J. M. Strong, 1st Lieut., Samuel Garrison 2d, and John S. Neely E IJ Benfeal Uioogbt to be killeU; Corpl. Garrison in thigli severe; J W Thompson supposed ■ to be killed; \V J i31akcly in hand sligbu W W Duliu in wrist seveiT; J C Ford arm, severe; John Heroo hand, slight; R A Hall finger off; John Keenan in leg, severe; C N McCall in arm severe; W A Roberla in ^ thigh, severe; Thos. Woodall in foot, slight; D W Hor- I ris in tbigh, severe. ’ j Prisoners—The following are supposed t« be pri-^on- I era. A D Alexander, A S Rarkley, C A Foard, J Si ..V.V4 . V . 'O'- - -- - t. -- - ••• print, and he prDinised to us with a copy. Considering these statements we think it impor tant that the matter .'hould be fully investigated. jt. (Gibson, }I M Hunter, G W Harris, John Montgomerv, is, J Ueroti, J )’ Packet, S L Roberts, R L Wilson, E F j 'White, M \V Morrison, B M Campbell. to- : .. _ „ -o_ iof; SIXTH REGIMENT. , Petersburg, and advancing ibem at some points. His j List of killed, wounded and missing in the various bat- eavalry, alU-r being repulsed at Staunton Bridge on the ■ ties near Richmond between 30th May and iih June, altemoon of the tJCth, retired in the direction cf Christians- : pr.,, , ‘ ^ To .he Secretary of Wan The enemy was engaged to- ; uay in, apparently, slrengthening tht if lints in the irontof ville, where it encamped that night, and next morning and if such an organization mtmbers ought to be brought to swift punisliment. A citizen or re.“ident of the South who would join is found to exist, the ! 3d. The Company consists of about 90 members. uttached to the cars, it is aaid, can be easily re- , orco-operato with a secret or open organization for paiied. ^ tlic purpose of overthrowing the Confederate Gov- Tlio main body of the raiders did not visit Mor- gaiiton. . small party, it is reported, went to the village and were in tiie act of stealing R. C. I’oar- soii’s harses, when Air I’earsou fired on them and killed one. 'I’he others fled. 'I’lie villains remained but a short time in tlie vicinity of .Morgan ton before taking the back track. It i.s .slated that a number of the Junior Reserves (about .■>()) escaped from the raiders und returned to Morganton. A largo force was soon collected at Morgantou to meet the eni my, but we suppose they made their eseiijie, tiieugli pur.suit wa.s soon commenced. in aiitieipatioii of the advance of this raiding par-‘ ty fui lber tlii.-j way, tho Ilonic Guards and detailed men of tliis [ilaoe, Salisbury, Greensboro, and other pdinl.s along tli(r N. C. Railroait, were mustered and gotli n r-ady for service. Companies wero also formed at ( liester and Vorkville, S. {^, ready lo eome to our help if oceasion required. A large foree could have bi-en assembled here or at Salis bury in u few hours if it hail been necessary. Frirj jiKi! i’.Mrj 'I’he i;dit‘)rof the Salisbury Watchman writes to bis I'iiper )rom Camj) Vance, near Morganton, as follow.^ Camt Vam k. June 3'.). r)ur troops have eome np with tho raiders two or tlin(‘ niilis bi'vond I’ieibnont S|irings, engaged them, uiid sent back for reinforcements. It is sup- I'osi d till' ( iicniy has bci ti reinforced. 'I'liey car ried of}’iVom tliis jihice about I.IU Junior Reserves aiiil ofiir't rs. including Commissary Lnig, and his ^lssi^t.;ln(s. larteiina-ifer Kveritt, and bis assis tant.'. In tlu^ engagement at I’icdmont, Dr 1’ arson was woundi'd in the knee. The drumnuT from Camp \'anee. a prisoner in their hands, was killed by the sliot ol our men. Several of tlie Junior Ueserves were woiniilcd at the same time, and a number of t!.* in t"ok lliat o;ii>cirtunit\- to make their escape. A nnnili. r ofnigroes al>o escaped in the confusion ot’ the moment. The dfstruelii'i, of property lias not been so great as was ( \peet( d, thougli it i.s conssderuble. The depot at tlii.s place* v.illi its cnnti nt.', which were not large, and many of the siiaiif ics at the camp, in cluding tliice liundri'd statul of arms, and eamp 1 ro]H'it_\- Ilf a miseellaneous kind. 'I'lio engine of tlie train destroy( d was not much damaged. We n ar-li( tl .Morgiiiiton last evening, and were very kiiiilly reci ivrd liy ‘.'k* people, mostly ladies, and only i( fi liiis inoining aft('r arriving at the coii- eiusion that we v.-ere too fur behind our force in pur suit ot' tiui { iicmy to ill' of any service, and that the evidently small band (d' tin; raiders would be cap ture d i r scattered Ik fore v.-e could possil)ly reach tlifin. l!ul a courier from them this morning repre- ^t iiti d that our ]>arty wantel reinforcements, and wc again turn our faces towards Morganton, !Uid will jirobiibly ]'ress on until wa shall meet our friends. 'i’lie raiders consist almost exclusively of Tennes see and North Carolina deserters and toiies. Many of till i!i were known 0 boj’s and citizens here. .Somo fi'W Indians among them. R. C. I’earson, Esq.. killed one of them two miles from Morganton. They an' rogues and rascals of the first water, and bavi- robbed several citizens of negroes, horses, niiiles, money, chithing, provisivuis, cVc., tVc. Tiiey are si'lendidly arnn'd. Major MclAan at Cnmp ^’anco was r.o!ifiedon .'^atuniay morning >f (lie (ories rolUiing Mr Tate, but he disbelifvetl tb(“ report of the .‘{(Ml raiders. He li ft on Miinday, having made no efl'ort to guard against (he marauders. J. J. 1*. Theso reserves are only to be called out in home , , , . , - .. ^j.llespie verv severe ■, r L ,1 r,. . —T 1 . „ I tiieumond Dispatoti of the 2J contains an inte- ] Co I)—Wounded : Cant N'eill \V R.w iVfi !»«• «ninii- defence, tc repel inva.sion of the State. ^\ e hop ; resting statement from Capt. Jos. U'aggon, of Rich-; tated, Ed Powell and Jos Smith slight. Missing. DK that no oc Jasion may occur to make it necessary to , mond, who fell into the hands of Wilson's raiders and Jenkins, Johu Ferrel, C GriUin. call out th.i Seniors at any time, but it is right lo j ‘^fcaped last Wednesday. He was present at the Gffht : Co K—Wounded: Capt J A McPherson severely, Wm 4.T1* 1* i'ii« A. * 1 I* • Il tn u u to n Xwi \ cr v\ c rc l Ii 6 \ 21 u k ccs w ^rc J c il. 1 Da v is i\ I^oIj L \I tiriiAcW dAn ctotc^ ti si v H \v* i 11 i m q eminent and placmg our lives, hbortj, property and , organize ai d prepare for emergencies, so that every | The Yankees said they expected to take tl.e bridge ieverely. dan„ctou.ty, u W .ll.ams our all at the mcrcy of Lincoln and his cut-throats, j man who ct n shoulder a gun may be ready to assist i without diPiculty, but *our militia fouKht better than ! Co F Killed- I.Jent n Y Mptmno ftpn A ' in driving back raiding parties who come to burn | fthey liad ever met. Capt. W. ..a;s their i Wounded: J M Heck severe. ’ ^ ' and destroy our property and maltreat women and i ®®''ere in that light. | Co G—Killed: Itev .U M Miller and G W Bostain. children. The man who is unwilling to fight in de- through the country the Yankec3 ftola ; Wounded; R P Miller and A G Gibbous severe. Miss, fence of his home, and save our women from tho 1 m ^ I f power of Lincoln’s brutal soldiery, does not deserve i ^ es loye . P, b IIbilker severe, G F Allen freedom or a residence in the South. j FROM PETEliisBURG. ''K'r t v u nn n w i ^ c e> _ _ Co I—Killed: J N Check, H C Butt. \\ ounded: R F I The Raleigh Confederate has been permitted to copy i Barbee and J Smith severe. Missing: C A Jone>, II A To the list of contributions published last ! the following letter received by a friend on Saturday i Maun, 11 A Monon, — Wiggins. week for the relief of soldiers passing through Char- i | Co K—Wounded: J Christopher severe. Missing: J lotte, we add tho following : ! .^'asto.v, N. C., July I.--I arrived here to-day, after | Barton, JEc^os^ J. C. IIardv, Surgeon. ,,, rn . , ,11 in -nr u x- j i a journey of two and a half davs from Petersburg. I Chas 1 Alexander I bag meal, Gen W H Neal 1 j jon’t think the road will be repairt;d through lo Pe- ham 1 bag Hour, Williamson Wallacp 1 bag flour, 1 tcrsburg for a month. .ham and 7 lbs buttor. Ur J M Strong J bag flour ! All the fighting for several days has been on the rail- and 1 ham, R Bllunter 1 bagflour, MrsDr Asbury ' road near Reames’ Station. There was a heavy fight ! 1 ham and 51) lbs flour. J. II. McDowell .50 lbs. flour. ' there yesterday in which we got the advantage. The 'i'lif Watrbuiaii of Sniurday gives some additional pm- ticnlars. Tlic cni-iny w'ii‘ pursued to Yellow Mountain in Miti lu ll county, wbi ii-our trorips attacked tln'in in a strong jii'silion on the nionntain, without efYfcUng much. It is tlionght that several of the raiders were killed and wouuili tl, and it is ii'iiorti d that the tory leader, Kirk, hail his arm brokm. (_)n our side one man, Clark, was killed, :ind a f' W woundi'd Among thf wounded is the Hon VV NV Avi'iy ,‘ii'vi'ri'Iy in t!u' groin. Dr. I’t-arson in the knee, nnd 1/ieiit I'elti i'of Cam|i Vanee, in the foot. The follow ing prrsiiiis \vr:e robheitof thi ir negroes, horses, nuilos. nionev, ji-welry. and clothing : .lohn Sudduth, AH Er win, i' .1 l'iA\ ill, W' C Krwin, Robt PiTkins, Kich'd Mi- elioiuix, T .1 and 1* P ibToney, and Mrs Caldwell. IMPORTANT \V.- direct attention to the important call of Major I'.ehols. t!ie Quartermaster at this Post, tor negroes to fake lip tl].' rails on the istatesville Kailroad. to be used for re- jiairiiig.the Kiehniond iV HanvilleKoad. The-worl; must hi-done, and the .grinds must b^ I'urni.'ibed inmiediatelv. Col. T. I Grier 2 bags flour. Dr. W. S. Davidson 1 1mm, 1 middling and I bag flour, E. C. Davidson 1 b'am, I shoulder end onions, A. H. Davidson 1 bam, 1 shoulder, 1 bag flour, 2 gallons molasses and 7 lbs. butler. J. E. Caldwell 1 ham. — ----- 4. ♦ Nuiitiikiin rri:.M.s.~The last news from' the North states that Gold had run up to 240, being a considerable advance since Grant started to cap ture Richmond. This indicates that the yankees have but little faith in Lincoln's efforts to crush the r(^b(‘llion. Tho democratic national conventuin which was to have met in Chicago oil the 4th of July, has been should be executed n.s a traitor as speedil}' as pos sible. Lot every true n'.an—every one who desires to promote peace hero at home and .secure the final success of the Confederate cause—be on the nlert nnd r^iort what he can ascertain about this secret organization which is said to exist in our midst. Wo hope tho Confederate and Journal will give the authority for- their statements, and muLo public the .”ames of all whom they may know to be con nected with the treasonable schf .me. I’rompt ex posures should be made so that tiio public can mark and ,^izc the traitors. Since writing the above, wc find an expose' in the Ral eigh Conser\’ative of tiie existence of the organization al- hidi'd to. A Bajitist niini.ster of Chatham county, the Rey 0- Churchill, exposes th - combination and wains the pub lic ag.'iiniit it. - % ♦ New Fi.ouu.—The first now Flour brought to this market this season, arrived on WednesiUy last, 20th .June. It was made by Col. Thos. I. Grier of Steel Creek, who sold forty bags on the day men tioned. Col. Grier has alwaj's acted commeiidably and patriotically by selling his surplus provi.-:ions as tho public wants required. In this way last 3'car , ho sold so much of his crop of corn that we are told he scarcely ba.s enough to feed his bands ftiid stock until tho next crop is gathered. He has shown a willingness to do nil he could towards relieving the wants of non-producers, and trust Providence fof another crop. Another fact that niuy be stated to the credit of Col. Grier is. that be has invested all the money l>e has made within tho last two years in Confedeiate Bonds. — ♦ -C- ^ — The ni'.w ai)Ii:u Genekals.—Some weeks ago a list of appoiiitineiits of Hrigadiers was pub- lislK'd, and among them some five or six from this State. It was generally Fuppo.=ed that these ap pointments were permanent, but wo learn that they were only temporary, except in one or two cases. The appoiiifmrnts of Grimes and Barringer to the commaiul of Brigades an; permanent, becauso thoy take-lhe places o£officers killed, but Cox, Toon and Lewi^ only command brigades until the return of wounded or captured oflicers. So. also, in the case of Ramseur's appointment as JIajor General—ho fills tlie position and draws the pay of a 3Iaj. Gen’l until M;ij. Gen. Edw’d Johnson, who was captured, returns to his command. The way the Lixcoi.xite.s ixtexd to i>ux- i.sii CoNi EUEitATE (iTizEX.S.—Andy Johnson, the traitor, who is the Lincoln candidate for the Vice Presidency of the yankee nation, recently made a speech at Nashville, in which he foreshadowed the [lunishinent to be inflicted on us by his Governmeiit if it can get power over the Confoderaoy. lie said: “ Traitors must be punished : their plantations must be seized and divided into small farms and sold to honest men. Tho day for tho protection of tho lands and negroes of the authors of the rebellion is past.” • We suppose every southern man who is not a fool fullj' comprehended what subjugation or submission meant before Andy Johnson made bis speech and proclaimed the purposes of his government, but it is well for our people to be reminded of these thingi lest they should Iqso sigUt, to some extent, of the immense importance of the ponding struggle. There may be some who have no disposition to Continue tho struggle lor liberty-, but certainly they will never agree to see their farms and lands taken from I men defence and support of the Gwvcrnment,” bo them and divided out among European and northern : so amended as to levy an additioDal tax of tliirty paupers and negroes, Andy Johnson’s “honest men.” We imagine there are but few men who would ifco themselves rendered hou.seless and their children beggared, without making an efl’ort to resist. There fore it is fortunate that such men as Andy Johnson sometimes ma-ke public speeches. ' ])ACOK.—It will bo seen by a notice from Major In Grecnsborg, on the 28th ultimo, by the Rev. Mr Tucker, Mr 11. II. Tnte of Charlotte, to Miss Lizzie Hill. city cannot be taken by Grant- All seem to bo conti- dent of our ability to hold the place. ' fv The enemy continue to shell Hie city every day. | of \ ork District, SC. Some houses have been badly damagrd, but few jier- j sons have been killed. The enemy’s loss .=ince the fight commenced is : thought to be iiO,000. (Jurs about l,.’iOO. 1 Gens. Hampton, Fitz Lee, W H F Lee and Chambliss, \ met the Yankee raiders under Wilson and Speare, and killed, wounded and captured 3,000 men, 1,500 horses, all their artillery, (15 piece*,) all their wagon train, baggage and ammunition. This happencii on Wednes day and Thursday near Stoney Creek. They also cap tured 400 negroes. Il is said by soldiers to be the most complete route ever seen. CONFEDERATE VICTORY. ^ On the 28th of Jnno, by the Rev. S L. Watson, Capt. ; U. I). Stowe of Gaston county, N C, to Miss S. C. Tate At his residence, in this^county, on the 2?d ult., Mr Robert Fulwood, in the-3Stb year of his age. LINCOLN rON FEMALE SEflLNART. LIXCOLNTOX, N. (J The Fall Session, 1801, will open July lltb, aud con tinue 20 weeks. Regular Tuition, $50,00; Plano Lessons,'50,00-, Use of Piano, §10,00. I will take as mauy pupils to board as I can accom- The Richmond Enquirer of the '2nd inst. has been re- j modate, and will char;^e them as little as the stale of postponed until sometime in August. The national _ , . r . 4. • . 1 1, » 1 • ceived. It contains details of a cavalrv' fight near-Sap-! the markefs will instifv. committee of the paity met in \\ ash igton lust-week , cimi-eh and Reams’ Station, between Gens, llamp- j For Terms, address for consultation. It is not known who Stends the ! ton, Fitz Lee and the Yankees under Speare, which re-| S. LANUER, Tiest chance of being nominated in opposition to ^ inJuly 4, 1804. 4;pd r . » T 1-^ _ * i prisoners, iiicliiuinff some nerrrot's; we alt o captarcu Lincoln and I remont. | their wagons, ambulances, K-ipokon gnn.s a train Mr Vallandigliam is still at home in Dayton, Oliio. carriages and bup^gies, wJJch wt'n* stolen from private TAKEIV UP. IIo was endorsed with shouts tif welcome by tho Democratic Convention at Springfield, Illinois. It is said tho Lincoln Government will not interfere with Vallandigham if ho keeps quiet. TIio postponement of the Chicago Convention to tho 2l)tii August, is understood to be a triumph for the Vallandighatn and Wood faction, the object being to await the issue of the present campaign. If Grant and Sherman meet with decided success the Convention may promulgate a platform pledging tho party to a iinivor.sal amnesty of the rebels, and nominate a man identified with tho war. If Grant is not succcssful they may adopt straight-out peace resolutions, and unite on a candidate who has op posed war and whose first act of administration .shall be a proposal for an armistice with the view to a fi nal separation. A correspondent of the Chicago Times says Grant lost /U.OtIO men trying Lincoln’s plan, and is now trying his own. The Federal losses to the 3d Juno in the battles near the Chickahominy w'ore buggies, wJ.'eh were stolen from private . . , - citixen.s a^mile in length, together vith clothing, silver ' conimitted to the Jail of Meckleuburg county, on ware &e o • & t . jjjg jq.[j of June, a boy who culls his name UilEW.and It is reported by prisoners that Spr-are was wounded in ^ si'ys he belongs to Mark Battle. He Fors his niastrr the fight and that Kautz is in our pos.session, disguised as ; Kdgecombe county before the war. but when a private. j the war broke out ho nio\td up near Goldsboroiigh. Petersburg papers of the 1st report that no fighting in I He is slender made, weighs about one hundred and fronf: only the usual daily bombaidnient. It is thought } fifty ponnds, and is about five feet ten inches high, tol- that the enemy would open a terrific fire on the city on j erably black. He says he has.beeu out. nearly all Ihe the 4th.July. On the UlOth the enemy made a feeble as- ] year. The owner will please comp forwar l, prove pro- sault on Colquit and a d( monstration in Grscit’s front, ' perjy, pay charges and take hiqi away, but were easily repulsed. No fVars are entertained of the j R. M. WHITR, Skcriif. result when a general engagement takes place. The peo-j Jul}'4, 1864. tf. | pie of 1‘etei'sburg are hopelid. FROM GEORGIA. Marietta, July 2.—A very little nnisketrj- firing du ring the p»st two days. Yesterday the enemy att!mpted to'take a battery from Gen. Cleburu’s line, it is supposed with the irlention of concentrating and making sonie de monstration, when ours opened on them and was respond ed to very vigorously by them. There was constant .shell ing, with slight intermission, along the whole line up to 6 o’clock this morning. Information from the enemy’s Announcement. We are authorized to announce W. S. HARRIS a candidate for re-election to the House of Commons from Cabarrus County. He supports Gov. Va&ce’s re- election. _ - July 4, 18C4 . te-pd. .'VO TICE. All persons are hereby forbidden either to trade with and cquipinenl.5 of a Federal regiment at Princeton A hundred rebels were .stationed at Mayfield, driv ing Unionists out of the State. Guerillas are becoiniug troublesome ia Southern Missouri. TlieJhicago Times, of the I8th, estimates Grant's losse? in killed and wounded North of Jan:es River at 7(),0K) men. Sherman’s losses in Georgia at 45,- Ut)0, and the total Federal losses since the first of April at fully 160,000 men. Despatches from Grant’s army, of the 18th, admit ^j,yg the loss on the two previous days of 8,000. Bulletin copy 3 times weekly and present bill to Mortiinor D. .Johnifou. Citixeai!^ ol' Cliarlotle and .IBcck- IciilHiigr County. j Sixty-five Negroes are wanted to tear up the Iron on the ! K 15. » StaU'Sville Kailroad and to load the trains. Gen. Lee’s j Piirsunnt to order of Court, I will attend at the fol- army depends for subsistence for supplies to be carried over j lowing place.a, viz the Danville Railropd. Your interest, your patriotism,; — your very salvation, depends upon rfie promptness with | which this Road is repaired. Citizens of Mecklenburg, j no appeal is nety'ssary to urge you to your dutj-. Let ; each man send what hands he has. They are only wanted A Stuinoent Tax.—The Tax law passed at | the late session of Congress contains the following scction: See. G. That section four, paragraphs one and two, of the act approved February 17, 1864, enti tled “An act to levy additional taxes for. the com- If this appeal is not heeded, impressment will be re.?ort- ed to. Gen. Lee’s army must^nd SHALL be fed. At the first call. Iredell county sen'50, Salisbury 40. Will' you. citizens of old Revolutionary Jlecklenburg. be less patriotic than Rowan and Iredell? No, we know you will not. Then send your negro/'s promptly to i.iy (Wicethis morning, and save the necessity ot impressni-iit. as un- ph'asant to me as di.sgratvful to you. R. J. ECHOLS, Maj. & Q. M-, C S.A Cliarlott««, .July 4, Iritil Newton, July 25th, 16C4, Statesville, “ 2Cih “ Charlotte, August 4th “ Shelby, “ 8th '■ To collect intcr6st from 20th .Maj-, 18G.^, to 20th May 18G4, on f.ll jiidpnients rendered, in the Confederate Court for the district of C.Tpe Fear, to June term I8G2. Executions will issue for sill amounts not paid at these times., , I). SCllEXCK, Rrceivcr. Jiilv 4. li?i;4 4t ' Fayetteville Kosin Oil Works. Our Oil Works ure now fn complete operation botli for making the crude aed refined oil. The refiuiug jnocess c.xtracts the gum qualities, and makes it the Hunter's InciinUarics and Murderers.—A let- be.^t of the kind ever offered in this State. It is a fine ter from Lexington, Va., says: The Yankees al- lubricating Oil, and being extensively used on all Rail lowed Mrs Letcher (wife of the ex.Govemorj only , , J 1, f -1 ' Tanners oil now in use. We offer none Iut refined, ten minutes to leave her dwelling, wuh her laniily. j( jq be good. Prompt attention given lo MOORK, CASHWELL k CO., Ctpd. Fayetteville, N. C. per cent, upon tie amount of all profits made by selling the articles mentioned in the said para graphs, between the 17th day of February, 18G4, , , J • u n afld the first day of June 18C4, which additional The houso was then hnd and destroyed with ail , „,.jers. tax shall be eollcctcd under said act.” | its content.s, except a trunk of clothing. , /. .u T i Captain Matthew \\ hite, brothcr-in-Iaw to the ! July 4, I801 [1‘or the rax se^ FSe] j j ^jgneral Paxton, was sick at home, and thus i ■Ihecifccl of tl„8 Cth bcchon ,s to require, .n j A. B. n,\«lll.DER, llogg. IlioChicfoflhoSnWstciiocJIcliaitmeiit of i I “O'“ “ I'risoncr. a| ATTOHXhi AT LAV, , upon incomes frcm t is so Z ' day or two after the Yankees left, however, two • (Foimetli ofChilton & Magruder, WashingtonCity,D.C) the late Colonel Cameron, c ’1* I t'l'i *1 1 wci"e wuiMiit umiu^h thc woods near the family families to Counties in neo'^ f ! „r .i._ „,.f i,i o o — j North Carolina, that the State has on hand a supply of Racon which will be sol . , iiiio ovt4iv»-. juo*.. liiiiiv ! i , 4 ft-Ai- ♦ rt \ itate has on hand a supply I jg mjjgpgjQQj been intended to , ^ ^ i * ,,r Id for tho use of soldiers’ | reach the cases of such dealers as, on the passage \ ^ tl*- i>l :'d. County Commission- ' of the currency act in February, raised the pricc i ‘ . . f f IV -f T V i • 1 - ♦i-^ f V home, and discovered thc corpse of Capt. White, cr.s, in want of meat for soldiers familio.v are di- of their goods onc-third, to meet the tax of a third ^^^nds by which be was mur- l’romi>t action is m e.'.sserv in ordi r to furnish O. h. Lm-'s j j j correspond with .Maj. Jlogg at Raleigh. | on the currcticy, and then refused to rcccive the ! m-n.y wahsuppbi^ I he hamls will be kept but a f-w i currency except with thc third off. This was » — — The Yanki'.f. Congi’—The efl'ort recently ciiuivalent to an increase 6f two-thirds on the price , itly ciiuivalent to an increase f)f two-tlnrds on the price •Niinonv Sr.\KKi>.‘*—If any one thinks our poo- made iii tho yankeo Congress to amend the Consti- of their jroods. No one but fhem.-elves will regret pie were seared on last Tuesday night when they tution so as prohibit slavery iu all the States of the that Congress has ^thus retorted upon them for were arousrd from their bi ds with the nnuounce- I yankee Union, proved a failure for the wont of a tbcii extortion. l>ut it is a ha.d ineustJre Upon ini'iit that the yankee raiders wero expected in Char-! v.itn in fiivor of tho measure. In tho ! neither advanced their piices nor e scoundrels Icft^Lexington in haste, or prob- Claimo ol* Deceased Ofliccrs and Soldiers. Wiiso-s, X. C , June 20ih, 18C4. The undersigDcd has been nppointed a Commisaianer to investigate, collect and pay over to the pftrries emi- tletl thereto, all elaiois fur bounty, arrearages of par .ind allcwaoces, due to the represeniativea of deceased oflBcers and soldiera from this State The parties entitled are: first, the widow cf the de ceased, if onjr, if there be no widow theu, secondly, the cbild or children, if theiy bo such, if there he ntilher widow or children tuen.* ibirdiy, the fniuer, iftl.e'e V-e neither widow, child, childrt n or tnther ^hei,. tuunh Ihe mother of the deceased, and in jofnul; of o!l tlie then, fifthly, the exeoiiuir ot «'jminis’r!nor of '-a deceased. The or clarn'i'n--' inu?t fur’iish h.'p c; their affidarit, and that t vMe dl.'^inieri-stcd wita'‘'i8 « ' to thexelatioDiihip, and lu u’.'. \>bere ibe i^ini- ant is not the wii' jw, the ufliiinvii iuu?t negatlTo ius ex islence of a claimant or claimauia ot u highiT order The Justice of the Pcace, befora^.wbom iht- afhihifit id subscribed must certify to the ^'dibility of the wit ness, and the Clerk of ihe County Court must certify, under the seal of the Court, that he is a Justice of tho Peace. If the claimnnt or clnimant.^ he a child or children of the deceased, and he. she or thejf be tuinurs, the claim must be propounded by his, her or iheii guardian, and the fact of his being guHi'liun muit be ccnificd to, uu- dcr seal cf the Countv Court Cleik. • Wten the claim is niadu by an etcculor or adiulnis-' tr.ttor, the fact of the exetu'orship or administrator ship must be certified to, uudcr seal by the County Court Clerk. • All 0/ thtsepaper* thcuid It tent in duplicate. Any person directly inter»-j.toil will bo InrDishcd, upon application to me. with a proper form of these papers in full; a copy of which, for the greater convenience of parties, will be forwarded as ss'jn as may be prscticn. ble to e^KJfa County Court Cler'k. This commission is intended to facilitate the collec tion of these claims, and save the claimants all ripense. Parties inteceeted may mnterially aid me in the In vestigation of their claims, if at the time of forwarding their papers to n»e, they will Inform me of the date of the death of the deceased, where he died, was killed, whether or Hot they or any tfne for them, ha?e received the personal efTects which deceased had with him at the time of bis death, and whether or not the deceased (if a non-conunissioned oflBcer or private,) had ever received the State’s bounty. It IS very desirable that all claims should he forward ed at as early a day ds may be practicable. In all caacs, give the claimants’ Post Oflice and County in full. JNO. A. STA>’LY, Commiisioner. July 4, 1864. TAX 1\’«TI€E. I have received the Tax List for the year 1864. -\11 persons arc requested to inform me of any taxablej that may not have been returned. I will atteod at iTieToHowing times and places for the purpose of collecting the Ta.ves, viz; At Sbaroa, Tuesday, July 5fh, “ Steel Creek, Wednesday, “ 6th, “ Berryhill's, Thursday, “ 7th, “ Paw Creek, Friday, •• 8tb, Charlotte, during Court week. “ Long Creek, “ Lemly’s, “ Dewese, “ Hill’s, “ Harrisburg, “ Crab Orchard, “ Clear Creek, “ Morniug Star, “ Providence, June 27, 1804 Tuesdiiy, July IDth, Wedueiday, “ 20lh, ’Thur3day, 21st, Friday, " 22d, Monday, “ 25th, Tuesday, “ 2Cth, Wednesday, “ 27th, TJ)ursd.ay, “ 28tb, Fridav, * “ 29lh. R. M. WHITK, Sh’tr. IXOTIC'E. An Election will be oprned nod hf'ld at the teveral Election Precincts in Mecklcnburg county on the first Thursday in nest (4tli day,) for a (Jovernor, Members of ihe Lcgiilaturc, aud a Sheriff. June27, 18G4 K. M WHITE, Sh’fT.- To the CilizenM o‘.IfecS^fionbiir^. C»r*iti.OTTE, 27tli June, 1804. Fei,ix)w-Citizess : The earnest rolieitatiotiS of try fricnd.s from various portions of tho county, have in duced me to change the purposa expressed in ciy Card of the 24ib ultimo, and to announce my ^.imc for rc- election to the Senate.- I hope to meet you at the Tax-gatlierings advertised in the county, and to i?xpress my views to you on thc various subjects, interesting the public mind. Verv respectfully, June 27,' 1864 te' JOHN A. For the |!iegislature. Newton, .V. C., J me 14, 1264 ■ Mb. Editor: Please .ni./’.i.n;e t' tl!- cilisens. of Lincoln, Oastou and ( a'p tliAt I ■ m a candidate for a sesi i'p il' .--ieraic orX'/rtli C.irijMua. and will give my view .-i 0 .iie ,;re^ir of liit day as op|>ortnnily betore the 'i; ; ’hhig election. _ Yours tiuly, M L .McCOi.ivLPv. June 27, 1864 le Will practice his profession in the Courts of Gaston, Lincoln and Mecklenburg. He m.ay be found at his rc.'idencc iu Gastou cuunty, 2J miles igouth-wcst of Brcvnrd s Station, except on Saturdays, when he v,lll be at Dallas to attend to busi ness brought to him there. His long practice at the bar i^nd his experience as an ably more uiurders or house burnings might have j offuer in the army, will give him f.icilities for the ad- iiia.-ked their track.s. ] justment ar.d collection of claims against thc Govern- , . " n I I he bixt\-four "ho ^ doubtless pay thc tax more cheerfully ho crowd 111 front of tlio ; voted iiguuist it were all democrats. Uiily four de- •' true that a stranger might havr fright exhibited by oniee, judging from the noi^o (d' loud talking aud seemiug confusion, but this resulted from thc zeal manifi^tiHl by those presi nt to orgunizo for do- f. nee. Xot even the»men who appeared on tho groniul 'without their shirt.* wore alarmed, but onlv i two-thirds vote in favor of the tnoii.«ure. supposed there was ' amendment and (JI against it. refused the eurrencv at its face. And there are tte bi toii'davliglit. he is simply mistaken. It i.s ' House of Ilepresentatives thci vote stood f>4 for the 1 , • ,1 t f e .1 - .iiv u. 1 such persons, though perhaps not many 01 them ' mocruts voted with the abolitionists. j Although the measure has been defeated for thc present, there can be but little doubt that it will yet ’ pass. In fact the yankee papers declare that it will and must be ad >i>ted, as there can bo no I. nion with io-k Herald of a late date contains the statement Wc are pica.sed to state that Governor Letcher eluded their grasp. They would have taken a fiendish deligbt in inflicting indignities upon hitu. —Petcrshunj Eriircsx. Lt. €ol. John W. Lea of Cas- eady collected it in . ^^(,11 county, has been promoted to the Colonel cf lers.—ftcville Ob- the 5th Ke^iment N. C. Troops, vice Garrett, killed. mcnf, which, when of sufBcicnt amcuat, be will under take to proEecuteot Richmond. Julv 4, 1804. 4t. Ii^nroliillg: Office, Charlotte, July 4. The following men will report at my office imme diately; B ('ashon. Dr Joe Davidson, S. A. Hep, J. T. SifTord, J. N. McKiany, V>. A. McQuay, Jos. E. Knox, F. S. I’UOMOTION.S.- than those who have alrc advance out of their customers acrvcr. * | Capt. I»ichard*^Yat York, of U ake, has been 1 ’\\-jn p. i^jttle. TUE PkFK.NCES of rueilMOM.-Thc New ^ J^^ih^ Lt. & Coun'ty^Enroulng Officer. Lt. Colonel of the I7th Ilegiment Troops in place ; ‘ Eiirolling OIBce, ) Charlotte, June 2bth, 1864. | ^ ’ - i The Captains of the 8jth and BCtb N. C. M. will send To tiie Voters ol‘ tleeiiieiiiliiir{^ County. Some time ago my niiiiit' wua tiro i ».it out ii> connec tion with the iipproaching «lecfion a* a Caudi'tiae lot n seal ill the House of ('oii'iiious. For Uio iiOio>r which my friends iuteiideil ’■ coiilcr upon me, 1 h -reby pub licly tender my sinceresi th:tnk^. The interests of our .culfering country ' emaud iiiat no good man decline tu aid her in fier hour of trial and that fae should bo rea dy to sacrifice his own individual interests and com- ■ fort to promote the public good Mature deliberution, ' however, has iiiduced me re»pectfully to decline to be a candidate at this time. My honlsst convictions arc, that just now 1 can more effectually serve niy country and State at home in producing bread for thc army and our Soldiers’ families than l^y occupying a sent in the Legislature, especially wheu there are candidates for re-electioe before you whose course in the Legis lative balls of ourBlate has been not only irreptoacb- able, but ei'erj thing lliAt liODorable patriots cou?4 wisb. I am with many Ihank.^ your humbie and obedient servnnt, A. B. PAVIOSOS’. June 27, 18G1. _ InrRAYEo, •" From my lot in Charlotte, in .Uareh last, a whiio muley COW with brindled spots. U is not knimn whero she was raised, us she wa? purchased last Fall from two Irishmen who lived in the suburbs of town. A libera! reward will be paid for tnkiog her up or for information concerning her wbTreabouts. June 27, 1864 3t-pd P. M. BROWN’. WOO ^ 1 will b« ready in a few days to Card Wool. Oring •-0 the bigti price paid for cards, I prefer carding at old prices and take Wool^ Tallow, fcc., for fiay. I wish the lady of every family to see that the cucklebur* are well picked out, nnd send one pound or one pint i of soft grease for every ten pounds of wool. ' ' J. .STIREWALT, June 27, 18C4 Mill Hill, Cabnrrus county. WOTICEi Merchants, .Millers, Manufacturers, Tannera and D»al- ers generally, will please call at my oflTice on .Friday or Saturday the 1st and 2d of July, and pay the Tar of 2J per cent on gross amount of sales from April 1st lo July 1st, 1864. Those who have not paid their 1C per cent additional Income Tax will also please rail. D. O. MAXWELL, June 27. I8C4 It Collector 45th Diit. 9 Quinn, whom : irtjuried by 1 igress. uuroneiuits can injure the msti^tiou ....j the explosion of a shell at her house in lower by stealing negroes and allowing them to die and against them. ‘T'ort lieauregard, conimand- }jlandforJ, died oiglit before last about 12 o-clock. rot out for the want of proper aitcnliou ; but they ing the Chickahominy on the east, ia a magnifi- Xhc wound was a terrible one through the head. | must remember that tor every one stolen tliey will cent work of military art. It is fourteen feet thick, Pctershunj Exjirtss, "Ihth. be required to pay the cash value in a final settle- and euuntiug the eajinetvce on which it stands, is - —^ • ♦“ N. C. IJi giment, for a IVtersburir Express ment. The llritish wt-re required to pay for ne- oKniii one thousand feet hisrh. “Fort Lee.” com-* RePORT OF THE SalT Co.MMISi-IONER. '> e Sharpe, promoted. , imniediately a list of the volunteer's from their compauies. July 4. 1864. K. H. DAVIS, I.t. & Co. r. 0. to get Iiurt they had belter stay away' from Char- Jotte und the hornets’ nest region. Wo arc indebted to Lieut. W. 1$. Taylor of Lieut. Taylor is now at his home iu this place i RAIN.—This section of the country was blesj,ed with a i but now, says Thompson, the thing is impossible, j the State of nearly seven hundred thoasai^ dol- wouuded by a shot through the baud.* I good rain on Sunday evening. | and the people know iL , j lars in thc price of salt. Kahvjh BACON FOR SOLDIEH’S FAMILIES. STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA, ) SlBSiSTA.VCK DkPARTMF.ST, > rtaleigh, Juue 27, 1864. j TO COUNTY COMMISSIONERS; 1 am prepared to sell at cost, to any of the counties of this S.ale, for the use of indigent families of Soldiers, a portion of the Bacon accumulated for ihat purpose. County Commiisioners, who arc in need of bacon, will commnnicate with me. • THOS. D. UOCG, Maj. t C. 8. July 4, 18C4. 41. WAWTED, An accomplished Seamstress, competent lo do any kind of sewing. None need to apply but with the be*t reference*. A liberal valary and a pleasant borne >s . oflered. For particulars apply through this office. . June 27, 1864. tf j *bar£¥y I Wanted. 1,000 krtisbala Batley, and a large quantity ' *f IJoj>s, for which Ibe bigbest cash price will be paid. hi. Ift-NZLEll, I . I.,»ger Keer Breweny, June 27, 1864 . 6m-pd Charlotte, S. C. Ohar. Ktifb. Railrojtd. 1 On and after the 23rd of June, 1804, the paiieuger train of the Western Division will leave Charlotte at 7 10 a m . and •ixivfl *t 2,4b p m. lune^T, 1344. B. S. GUION, KtJg- k Bupt,

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