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North Carolina Newspapers

The western Democrat. (Charlotte, N.C.) 1852-1870, July 12, 1864, Image 1

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O 17* "17 «N X T!l V. WKST SIDE (>!•’'I’ltAIM-: STHI:KT ^ •PTTAKAfTER IS AS IMPOT^TANT TO STATTi? AS !T IS TO ]>'D!Vir>ITALS AND TIIK (iLORY OF THE ONE IS THE OOMMON PROPBRTY OF TllK OTHER. VJ 4J • -r? • rn^-f vr J ^ -i —i ^ Edttot? \';i) Propkiktok. CITAIU.OTTE, N. C., l^CEfSDAY, JULY 12, SIO i>er nnu\ni\ IN ADV Vli:I. TWELFTH VOLCME---K UMBER 629. WEmiHrMiSOCIiAT, ‘V('iy Tufsda},(3) ijy VriL 1,1AM J. YATJCS, KDITOIl AMI CltOl’IUKTOU. ij ''3 1/'. - 3'---^* §10 IN ADV ANCIl. ■ • ;/• ii i.t iid\cili- Iinciiti I'Hist l»c paid Cor in d \ 4, i:; ' ;;''t on the inan:i.'cri^.t. ! r . ' f'K' v.'Ii hf’ in.'f: t;-1 until f'orl»i’l, a;id (■'..IV ' '1 oc. iii-d'.i t.'ly. .'.N ACT IN IMlLAT’uN Tn TIP-: MII.ITIA ANM) A OTAitD i(»i; liii.MK l)hl-KNCK. ,Si;r. 1. I;.- it.,( iia.'i'-1 livlhu ( AL-.-rii;lily of Un: S of \ ir'ii ('.1 nil ill.I; :i:i 1 it i.s !. 'loby i-nncti-ii ;iv till' 111' I lie '■■mil-, 'I'lrit the cxpiiipl ion.' fi'n’ii . t \ i II 11] n. M II K! 1 (if 1 lu‘ iSt n' 0, flia !1 In? l\ir I lie - i:nr i-.iiiiid t')tlicf;uiie cxtr'iitiiiul IK) Ciirllicr, tu-' I'll-1 il;i I ill llie ui-t' of (J')iii;i'c-;s oi' the Cuii- : 1. I-.:’" i'liii;^' f.ji- llio-.i'ii'.-olliiif'til of'men ■ ,'ibli'-. ■i-'l'i'nc'' nii'l '.'r^’iiii! ;.- rxcniptioiis I'roni til" 1'!!'■, c.iiiiiii'iiily cull 'i 'ho oouscri]itio;i iiiiJ cx- j'lll :\;-t .. -.-2. I’ i‘ iinlh. r t .). ■!, .'!'h.Lt I' ^'..1! be t’le d'li •>■ .i ’ h ■ 'i:i \ I'l .ior t’t t.) be oiirnllod a "-ufird I'or li'iiii'-'di-iV'.i'’i‘ ;ill w'lite t.i-ili' ii'Tjoiis not Ireudj I'll rol l'''l 111 the . rrvicc I I llif ('i)iii’i-di‘!-a!e .'-i.itc.-^, be- t-.v '., !h'.':i^'i - ol I'i^'.ili-cu iil'ly ye:’.;-.--, ri-. i;lvnt :n l!r- S':;'-. i!flii-;iii'_.: I' ;• •"•^r r.; ir>t n-i; p ali/.i-i(. v.!. ■• h:ivi- b'-i'i' !■' i'|. Ilf ; in ll.:' .Sian"' f.ii' thirty days lii rm-e Ill'll i-lil 'jilin iit, i'aCCJi! ili'r [ivi-suli.-i lilllll;' till!" Oi):!-' -- 1)1 l',o. . .. II, .1 . ■ ul' I'i ' ;--:i-;- :n‘‘ :l : 1 j)i rior ' l,.r.-,- 1" '. h j .it'-, l!;" 1111"’;!,-r-: 'il'ilic (icii'-ral r llic olli i-r.- ol liit' ^:'Vcim1 Oi'p.'irlnionts ol' Ciiml A -"lu' the i; I. Ill" ■!■; tiir .-II' i' ■; .Sit, :ifiiI 1(1 I - : i-lri ■nior, I'lr 'i( l-vi Mll'li . i..' it Ill flit V. V. h Ur, '• i.i ol liu' Jo-in.'l ir I- .'1 ;.v!' !i Caroliiiii, i.r>.3.--cd .Tt the s.-coiid ;;!rn Fcssii'n of tlic Oei:tral sciiiblv, l.'O!. hue :>. l!c it fnrlhi r fiiarti •!. Tint the S’tirr-Trr; (',rn- crnl by nnil with ihc a.h ^-c ;\n 1 con.= -iit of the (Jov- uinv* M[ipolnt tir'/ie.'i 1 bn;vrd>, not i*xc* **iiMi^ *hrce, coui]io>d of t'.vo [diy^ii iaiis c:i-h, n ho fhall dc- cl.inj by llu ir ttT'/.fi'at.-# iho:e pi-:ti- who ^ha_l! be exr-nii't fi-otn servire nr'h-r theni-t to whirli thi.-; i.*? an iiiei;'1 met!t, on iict-oiint ol ni(-ntal or iihy.sieal di^abili- . tv, !ind they .'hall icctive the pay ol their rank an I liaviling e;i>e:i.sc5,*to bt dc!I:mined by the Adj-itunt- 0 encral. Si;r C. I’.e it fiirther enncic.l. That the Ounrd for ‘home ikfonce, .“liould they l.r called into .';er\ i-c by iho (jIIvet nor,’i-haiI ri i. tiv(* tin; pnii:L- |'-i'y, rations and .".llo'vanfe? n= poldier? in Ih" (’ -ril'-detate .'''ales ,=i r- viee. find shall be sti'ijeet to the r'lles aii'l artiele.' of war of tilt Confederate Slates, j ."Skc 7. lie i! further enactcd, That wLeti the pre?,-nre of ;iiibiic dni:-/'T r h;-dl nnt j.i-evcnt the ( b,-ev\ of siK-b H rule. the .= aid (iiiard for home d.'f'i-n e shall not be called into servii-e r.ii Tin.'isp. but by di-a:'-' "fa niliii- ber of men fi oiii e-ieh eonvenient eompai y, fo .as to inal'ie np the ntr^reprale force reiniirtd. Skc >. lie it fiii tiier enactcd. That ihi.'act =!iall t.'e in’ force and take effect fr(,in and after its r^tifi'jution. Iff-ad three time.= nnd 'a’ifii'd in (leticr:''. A.«.embly, ’ tliiii the l ull day ot'December, A. I)., IH';::. I ARRIVAL and DEPARTURE fr or Tiii: sorTii!-:i:x co.mtaxy I ' At Charlotte Ofiice, Df.ily. ; AinnvES. From Chur, k .S Itaiiroad 7 nO A. m-I !> I\>’ ; “ N. Jlailroi.d H ->0 ai d li _') “ “ A., T. .v; (). Kaiiruad 0 00 “ “ Wil., C. i;. Itaiiroad 3 Ij P. .^I. * I i-’ui- -N‘. C. I’ailioad . G 20 A.M. aii'. - ; “ c::..r. >V ('. i: ;!’ro'i 1 10 00 “ ar. 1 1 i “ Wil . n. Hailroad 7 :!D “ i A., T. .t O. llailroad -1 00 1’. M. To lie t iiii^esss oT iii.oTTK, 27t!i June. I'-iJf. T■'^:M.'|■^v-C'ITlz^:^•.s : Tiie earni'st .=olit-:ialioiii of n;y frieiuU from \anon? iiurtiona id' the comity, h.ive in duced me to chiui^e tlie pur; o.^^e e.vprejvfd in niy Card of til'' - t'h i.'Itisiio. and to aiinp'itice in'- name for re- election to 'he Senate, I hopi to nicet you at the Tax-jriflhet inf.'-; advei ti.^-ed in I 111- ••eniity. and to express inv vir'ws to yoir o;i the v.-irinnij S'ltijcc's.. inttrcf ti: g tlio piililic inii’d. .Jiine 27/18C} te .1( »11X A. YOrNG. Aiinsunccmpnt. The frii'iids 111 (’!.. W 11. Ij I M .V (MilKfl nnnoinice him as- a ca!ididaii- to ’-iMirc^i-nr 'oi-k b-n!-ni t; connty in tbe'Seiiale ai the eii; .ii.u Aiipru^l rlcction. March '2r*, 1^04 le-jid Till] SECR:/r, cath-boHiid SOCIETY. From the Ruloiu;h Conservative. TIIK CONSPIPACY EXPOSED. A scerct oath-V>ounil Socictv, of a Ireasoitaltlo cliaiarter, cxifat.s iti Xm-tii Cavuiiria. Tiiore c.m be t>f> (iouijt of tiio fnct. ‘ 1'lif prfHd’lio.s Iif-Pii arr>il- 'iniiy nccuni'jlatin" nn'l is now ovcrwlicluiiri". 'j’li'^ nainp.s of sonic of its traitr.ror.5 le:uj( rs sro known, 'ri'oir plncrs of^nsseinlija^e have I'orn as- i-ertaiiK'il. I'l'ieir el-nnncis of “eonin-ituiictiiion'’ li.K'o Ijtetj rli'OiivrriI.! n.s an cvidorice alike ol the extent to wliicli treiison has ventured to its flnj:iti>t.i'i rtnctrinr.s in our n-.idst, and ofiiio po.itivpnc.=.s of onr km^wlcdLre rc.'pppt- dueed to join tins association, will.out duly con- , you think it will do. .sidenniT the con.^equences of their acts, aud with t«go to soaiebody. no stijpit-ioiis as to its real object. ' * iu ffUoh we Wiiuld Fay, in a spirit of kind adnio- ^ * HitiiMi, set youi>eIvc3 rii-ht liofore Ihc world, by j abaHiionini yonr evil associates, and standing up i n’Tnliiily for ynnr eoyntry The Scarfcf Cord in- j It mny be of some advun- O. CHlTvOIIIlILL. . Sr.\TE OF North Cauoliva, \ Chiuham County, Judo SO. 18G4. ) Thi.! is to certify that Si!as Bcckwlth appc.ircd -ca.. ol pruvin- a bndge of security a-ainst thp^ before me, one of the actii^g Justices of the I’euee, j en-niy, may serve to invoke the dopredations of i„ and for said County, and testifies tiiat !.c was a tiu.sfl who otherwise would have protected y^.ti to u.enjber a secret organization ia county- CO r..\i :jo “ .■■III- "11. I,' r I n:;'l . .I'.-h other jiersons a.s d r s^'tis, i;v'v deem proper 1. Tiiat ail p'.-rson.- .al'iove the a'j'- ot liltv.!) may vidiiiiieer for .-i-rvii-e in-ai.l (inaril loi liiHiic dc'.''iu-i’, :liid siiall be uci'i-jitcd liy a ('.ijo.iir I.!' a (-o;-.ip.:ny the .^aine, rhal! lie deemed to iii-ioiiii I in-. I to, ail I .-'..ill b;' li'.'l'l to service iliereiii, cillicr t;ciii'. aliy or I'.ir aay .'prcial 'laty .jr e\p;"lit i011 ll.i;; . !11 .1 .•cii'.-.liii;;- 1 o till' n.'it 11 r iju.- I i.iti i;!ay di-t ert'.ii .''I'C. 1 - l;.- i! Hi rt!'.IT )i:ill I- III''" all pi't'soti'- • vy pr 'din i;wr ■ I'f ' '."h '- .111 '.anil of t!u ,;a;ei'.:; or ■ particular .-vrv; in '.v i; !i I: OTt ( a-'. -tc ! I :n :.!led Ilf 111 i : * 0 t n ^iiii' St'. Iii'i'/.idi- i^iiid ill', i.-do ! ion, an I In . a.iU appoint ih r t 11011- .all i or.' :i . I. r.-.' lit Cl '111 11. i.> bt i ivii- in .luc Tl'.nf tl..-' fioveri-ior in pu!'.’I u’.ce ofilie t'l b.‘ f.:: - .I'll into tl'.e co-nni- ■ioti'd ofli- ti'-i; i 11’ > b :i ia lions or IS '-.-.)riii!i;r to hi'- di ;- - 1;. i.i oi'.ii'. rs of tuch '- at: 1 ilivi-ior-. aud iwMli It* :iij iiu* Oi.'iL;t;r.s l-'l, i-xcliipl nil lit. of till- ^ •he \'aa\ri- ' li e :■ mil 1 .1 01.1 I U '. ni- liati ii.' IV ol T-i .1 iiiy i u.of t!.;: : (■ . .1 a; to r ia t':at I’l-i'vii! 1 . :r, rat:iied ih.-! ',vhe!i a 1 !.'i: I’O’l !. Ill l:'vi'.; l of hi> propi'i'ty Tar- nil Icr the ;i.-t of Coti- i.'ti la'.v a!o-''-:-M.l, lie --liall ii" r.' jaii'i'.l lo ]iay any ^um of la 'n.'y t'.ir hi; ex- I'liiiiti.iM nii.lcr this a'-t. .Si'c I-;. Th;.t till- , .,i.l ':ii ir i^ I'.ii- home ib-!'-nee may 1i' call' ll iiiit for servi.-c l.y the (Jovernor in lU-fcace of the Si'ilc !i;;-.\iiisl iiiva-ioii .iit.l to .upprc.'.s iiiva.sioii, cilliiT >iv rr j'nisc;.:'‘ ;a,i'i.;>. or com pan if■/i in or bv.'ir.illb or v-'iiin'.' .-r.- i'luai the ;i.nie, as li;-, in his ■ 11-.T.''i.iii la V t.iroii,;h the . li sli-^ --I V.' on!_\ t.-iai 1' 1 i!\ t. •n-'. V i;-. . :..ill b:' i;:i i(-r h i.- c :a:.ia :: ,1, ITS :,piiititrc.I a-: h'rein provided; v i.Iiin t'.;. li.iiil ' of ihi- ."'I'Uc. a.N'l in bi'--'i' r'.'. '1 by (lovtriU)!', not , '.I'I I'li'.'i •'! 1.''^ t o!>'-'i''.".ii. T;'i.'y. or so many of th M -I- 'n-.y b'' -It .iriv one time called int ) .sen-ice. may be ■ - ]/.■ 1 i'.f'ni‘ry. artillery or ca.alry a.s he ni'iv ''.I'I'.'-*, .iti.l the infaI','vy iiiiil artillery ni.iy be m.iii'ite 1 '.f he s'lal! so .b-',err.iiae, tlio men fiirni:-'hiiifr tlii-ir own h('i-'e-- and accoii 1 reinent.-' and arms, wliett ni.-iro\i'.| tiy the Coveriior, o'l ,-iich ti-rai.? a.-- h.' rlialj jirc'cribe. •Sec. 7. 1!.‘ ii fm-lli.T (-nacti'.l. That the (juveriiormay I'lrni-h III said troop-.: the arms, aicoiitremeiita an-l aininiinil ion ol Ihc Slate when calied a.s afi.res.ii'l into iictivi' service, mill .-h.ill i viV'.-ribe r.ilej for tiu ir ri-'.arn and tujuevii.l 111 'iv.i te, 1 ^';-iu-ti';n or loss ol the Sec-. ’ii-' it f'irlh(-r enacteiJ, I hi’.t all la'.v.s and clanse> of laws comiii>r wilhia the ineaiiiiij' aii i piir- \ics\ ol tiiis .i;'t i.e, a:; i til.' :.u'.i:• are hereby rej.r.'.:. .1. l> 1’ i: *':ii''’i:'r 1. Tb:'.! the Pom’.d i'.n' of i.lh .'1 .if t':e ’’ i!i! VI. i-alb'd ini') per vice by ihi.- act, .'r.'.i'i'pi'll !' ! ,.'dy'l:-.ri:'.j; ib.e '/''ri.'.l of such servicn. .'■ , 10. Ill it i'l,’-'' . I !. T!;-’t jhi.s a.-t sh;-« be in ii'fc : i',.;a tin dat'.' of ’ :',tifi'.'atb)n. [tbiiiiicl the Tlh .1 ;y "f J'ily, .liaeiHlniruts lo tlio above Law. AN \IT re .\'!K\I> ,\N ACT !\ UKl.ATID.V TO rii" Mii.iriA ,\M> A (;c.\i:i) n*ii iiu.\ii-; DKKK.'Cc;.:. S’- ' 1. r > it enai’tel by th(v(1 ener.-\l .\.sjentb!v of of North Caioliii'.i, and it is hereby enacted 'ri’y of the j..m.>, Tim* n; ither the (Jovcni- ,'r o! '■ i'.i Si v r.c.r ;he otiieers aclinp nn'ler an act ••:iti(ie.! I ll t!)e 7th d.'iy of J'-ly. ISi.;'!, en'iih'd “.\n net in r.'lati.iti t'l the .Militi.v an.l a tiiiani lor iiotne De- '. ' .'l.;;'l c.i!i oiU for drill or ur.L-ttr the p^'r.'jiis -.i:d a oiu ii'".' ;Ii.;n .la.'c •. m-.iath i:i >r o;':, a.T tlian a y-'.ir in batMlicn '’'.ioa .h'il!' -''.-.ll ta!.“ tiie rl.i.--;,' of t'.r''" ■■ fur th,' m.ititli in wlii.h tlvey are ap- u.icn ii;:i> c. 'ta;'.! .'crvic,' to rv';.,'! ■i'i - ■ !'n. or to r-; .';'iiie the ; I: d- 'r 1 ' -.ill Parc-els, Pncka^'cs cr Fi-i-i^jhl to I bo fnrwardc.l by either of the above Train.s, h.' sent to thi.s tilHce Um; lloLit previous to its departnre. T. D. (ilLLKSi’H-;, A-eiit. Charb.ttf, 5!: pt. 7, 18GJ. • tf r\«TL€’6^. (.•iiRi; Sot riiKitx I-ixi'iiEss Co.mi-.\ny, I Charlotte, fc^ept. 21, ISO.'i. ) ; In '''ider to avuil i;ii.'U:i'lerstanding and to make onr ehai-;;es conform to the liability as.'iimed. this , ('otnpatiy hereby eivi-s notice that from nnd after Octo- ' ber 1 -t, 1. hi; ;■ 1:' v. ill be’r( q'.iired !_o place their ' valnatio;) r-.ion each packa;,;-''before il Avill be received ' ,Snell Valuation will be inserted in t lie 'ompa ay's ' receij t, aiid cstabli.-li tlie li .iiilily of the Co-aiii.iny for ' t!'.'’ ittU' 111'.'. Tlie aut of (lod n'.il the public ei.i ;;iV I only I xi-i'pte.l. T. D. (J I LLKSP IK. I .Se;it 28, I .sij.-! Airi'y l. I STT'^ »—> -t; T «■“> r-y!' 1 -a- -^-n. »«a n JOHN Vdl'JiiL, I’racticai Tai lor,respe(-tfiil!\ ii’.fovn.s the citi- •/"n.' of Ciiarloite and surronnd- iiifr consitry, that he i= prepared t'l lire gentleman's lo- in the 1 '.t.-st riyI.J and at .short noti.-e. liisbe.-i exertion? will be f^ivi-a t-i m; Ut sati.,'i.ic- ti 111 to those’.vlio [latronizo him. S:io;i opjiO'ite Kerr'sHotel. next I’.i' ti. r.:-.>\vn k .Stitt'.s store. •Ian. 1. I ^ t f €' 5" S'* i3' . 'v T.WLt^r^ .v: A.SIir li^■ are now j rc-pared to fiirni-'h by 'lie ton or otherwise, a fint' .-nrtii-Ie of Copperas. sn’'i-:'ior to any Kllv.'-ii^h olfer-d in r.iavket. Drii,>;-"i#ts and lieca ries sup]died with a chemically pure art; -Ic. '.Vddrccj .Mav .'. IPi;:! I For the Legi'slatnre. IJelievint; that the comity ol .^!el kleiibnrfr ha.s been Well rcpi e.seiiti ll in iJie pei.-on of J(>11N 1-. I>nOUX, who has I'roveii lobe apt .mpl. active and faithful ]iiiblic seivai.l. me.ny ol his ccii -'itnents de>ire hi.s re- ’ election, and h, reby announce him a candidate for the IIou.«e of ComiiK.’is at the cle-lion in .Vn^rnst next Mr ! lirowii is a iroo.l bi.siness man. uii.t the services of snch . men ate needed now in our bgislatin- halls I March 1 o, KSO-t. ]>d VOTKP.S. ' For the Lr'gislature. 1 I The fricn Is of K. (ilillii; announce him acaiidi- ! date for re-eUciirn to the llon?e of Coic.nions from ! -Mecklenbtirp- county. I April 11, ‘ to-pd • Announcement. ' .Mo.NiioK. N. (’ , Miirch 12th. 18Ct. 1 We taki' the iiberiy of aniiouni'inir Col. S.\.MI'KL II. W.\LKl’P, of the -tsih N C. Ibpiment, as a candi- I dale for tlie Sena.e. to rej:reseiit the district compo.ed i of the counties ofl’niou un.l .\\isim. I SKVi.itAL CITIZKNS I March 15 tr-j d ol rni.oi Couiily. I For the Legislature. j We. .several citizen.s of rnion coii.ily, announce C. ' AI'.'>'f l.'s, l'].'i|.. onr pretiiil w orthy Sheriff, a' catidi- ! date for the lionse of Con; nons at the election in .\u;. I next. I .Monroe. .Iiihefi, lPo4 te , , 1 • 1 , , •' , . « BKvici uiKuuiibauuij ja a*uu t'uuniy — tlK last drop ot their blood, or lo direct the hand j the object which, he thought w«a for no «ood Tm jm-smcc i!i the vinrlicatjc.) of our cutra^jjed laws, to the corntry, and he therefore irisfccs il -Jktinetly Ur il, poFchance, the late. the o.jnqticrud should j understood thafh« is no longer a uieuil'cr 'of Haid .11111 01 loi- po.'iiIv.iTK'.-^.'s or (>:ir KRowic'JLTe rc.'=pppt- f- 'l conadinp to the | ovi'anization; that La was led into it by Lad inenj itjg the or^anizaUo!) fhrough w hich if seeks (.■» ']c- ^ tlio luiirvue lace, you Invo but . [)ut haviii*^ left it lo disgust, be those iti 8troy the (!onlederacy, wo would call the attention i iV^a broken reed or a rope of sand. | power »vill panlon him, and ho pledge® himself ns of tlio public to the lollowinir /«rAs, which have i pa.^^on, and noilhet ; a good and loya; oititCD, never to be led astray b^en disclosed by the initiated. 1. The organization is known as (he II. 0. A. Socifcty — the letters standing for the words ‘He- ri/r.s if Amcricu.' 2. its uiotto is ‘•Truth, Honor, VicUlity and i) 'Ihe Oath is as follows: ' n-xths nor promises would serve as the slightest I i:iif fdiiiicnt to ils giatification. An.ongj such' thieves as they have shown themselves, there ; I Only remains honor enough ‘to hate the traitor’ while they Inxnri.ite in the fruits ot[ the treason.’ j .Ihe incaiicst of (lod’s creatures would surely have I j an ii.dcfeasiblo right to des)ii.«e the wretches who ] had sold their country, a«.J to betrtiy theiu in ro ll. COUNCII-, J. P. ^ i . '‘ ‘f •IM \ For the Legislature. [ The friends of (\>1 .JAMHS M. STKW AR-T deslrfc him i to be a candidate to represent I'r.ion connly in the House (if Commons of tlK- (leneral .'Vssembly of Xorth C irolin.i. and therefore announce him a -aniliJate for that ollicc M.\NY CITIZKNS. May ;:o. l.'^i'it te-j'd For the Legislature. Please annomice .'I. .'1 llltl .Si»i.N. !•.sv , a enndidale for the Cjiniiioiis, fVoni I’nioii Comity. at the eledion in ,Vu^ust m xi, and oblif^e JIIS 1-itlLNi).''. June 2 7, lsij4 tepd Announcement. We aniioi.nce JC.'^Iil .X Ll'iK as a candidate lo :c- pre;eiit riii,n i-omi!y in t!ie lii.asc (if Cuuimons of tlie tieneial .\semblv ot North ('s rolina. SliLDlKUS of 11. I. June 20, 1.^114 te-j.d .'‘lod N. C. l!eL:in.-iit. .% E3 S . A\'e, as soldiers, respectfully' annoduce TIIttMAS I II. .'I A t; II.I. a.J a caiidi'rite for the 11 uti>e of Ci.n.m.ns i f'T I’nion county, at our next rej,nlar election in .\ii;,r ! next, and as such -ivill iie vot( il fur by'V Soi.iiiKiiS IX Tine Ib'i-emlier 22, l.-^O;'. ' tepd I, A. li., ot iiiy own ficc will and accord, aiid in j turn for tkcir hoait!(’.--s porfiily. Von need expect the prtsence of Almighty God, do hereby and ' nothing from thf- V.tnkces, eve licreon most, solemnly swear, or affirm, that I will ricvir reveal the sccrels of the II 0. A. to any in-r>on, except it be to a true and lawful brother Ilcr» I lunhc-ruKuo promise and swear, that 1 will not eonlcr the dejiree of the Hero iipon imy [icr.'m in the worlil, except I am authorized by a lirother who ha.-^ power to do ,«o. I furtliermore [ and swear, tliat I will not give the .eecret woi'Js (if th.j Iftrocs in any manner than that vviiieli I.shall hereai'ter iveeive it. I lurtheruiore {iron.ise and swea)-, that [ will not write, cut. paint, print, or stiiin on anything moveable or itn iiiovi aide, whereby the nccrtts words of the 11 O A. may he mtide known. I /nrthermore | roitiise aiid bwi ar, that I \iill not .-^ieak evil of a brother lliri) before his lace or behind his back; but will ive timely notice fd ali apjiroaehiii'r daimor, ‘hut State or North C.:uo!.ina,1 Chuihau.' County, June 29, I.80 I. J* iiiis is to certify that Benton Mollnntl, (^- H Holland, J B Long, end 11 31 J^ugg. appeared be- iore me, one of the Justices of ihc I c-ace in and even if succes.sful, but. ^“'1 county, teatifying that they bc!oi>^ to a contempt and ,=eorri; wliile tli'e curse? of your own j organization in said county, but believing it people will cling to your children’s childrc-n j wrong, have declared non fcllow.ilup with it, throu-ih all time. Kemcmber, too, that the eves I the public generally to understand I /if every tnio man arc uj'on )ou, and that nct'as I misjnd as to i(s object, and as good ^ you mny, ih-ffciu^n )V- ittevJtv.hlr ‘ ! loyal citizens of their country, they wish it To those who hove acted np the agents of the '■ ‘"•’’I'er understood that they will not belong to any enemy in di.-ssemitiating 1 hi:-infamous plot among | organization, and they pledge their saored ' our p(-'op.le—to the iiigh priest.u of this most dis- I honcft mou never to cugago lu anything I graceful se’nisni—wc would ^iniply sny, that in- | ^ tendency (o injure lUoiv couutij; aud ! stead of securing ,«alvation in a ‘scarlet cord' they ' the authoritjea will ptirdon them tH' ■ their nii.sstep; and they promise tliut they will I iiiiuliiu’ myself under a no loss p.. nalty thin o! haviiio iny lieitd shot ihromih—so help the due me pei-l'orm- (iv)d and keep me steadfast in tineo of the same. This O.itli is prtcoded by an iiijmiclion to read tin; lid Chapter ot Jo.^huu; and Liy the (|Uestions, ‘.\re you willing te keep ii secret'!' Are you will- I itig to he (|Ualifi'd to i'? If afliimiativo ins-vvers ; ail' , anil b;’i;riu 1 ' I i 4. The sigiif- arc these: Ordhutrj/ Sjn: Two 1 [ fingers on the iiiouth. Aii.swer—One finger pa.-is- 1 ed by the eye, \ (‘f dintro^y: IJight fist elo.sed on the breast ’ **‘'0 Vet fiiid peruitiotr ill a ■huijipeii one. ' 'ri o ^ Jill' Sii'rct, ()Ath hound, nnd Tri'axonohlt- f^on fpiran/ fuUj Cnnfirmed. Since the above was writterij we have received ^ the billowing cumnuiDicati.jn I’lom tJie Kcv O (. hurcliili, of Cliatham county, which willfully i-xjiiaiii. itsself. 1 he order oi the ‘Iltroes,’ if has been a,«certain I ed, was imported Irutn \ankecdum, and it was ex- pres.sly devised titid concuc'ed for the purpose of sowing the seeds of disloyalty and treason in the I C.'iiledi late Ptatfs, ur.dir the specious j'iete;:tol TAYLUi; ASUrUY, Charlotte, N. C. Vi iIn5i!i«{o!5, {'harloai* & I’yJ.Iiei lord XI.-a. z o ^ - '•:i .uni after .Mon.lay the 25th of .'lay, l.Sij.'!, the P;is- senj:er Train v.ill rt.ti on thi.'- Ibta.l (^V(■^tenl Diii- si'.n) daily. Sun lavs i "('ejited, as fullows : GOING WKST: AiriMVE: LK \VE: 1 i Charlotte, 7 30 A. M S l.-i A. M. Tnckasuege, 8 20 •* ! S “ lirevar 1, . 0 no ■ “ ' ;• 2;') “ Shamil, :i .TO “ 10 on . “ Liycolnton, 10 0.') “ ; 10 '!.■) “ (,'lu'i ry ville. t;UlNG i-;AST: ; Aniiivr:: ' LEAYK: Cherryville, 11 :-!0 A M 12 If) p. M. Idnco.lntou, 12 25 P. M 1 2 .'iij Siiaron, 1 2 j ! 1 2'> “ Preva nl, 1 2.-1 “ i 1 .-k', “ Tueka :eege, 2 00 ‘ = 2 b'l. “ Charlotte. (he S bv t ii c111 Ol.'. 1 nil'll 1 oinp.inv .Irill. « hich b ' .'iniviin dr,, poi','-. 1; md.'_ illV.l-il'.i • I, Tlia* till't.; ivcrnor I■ u.;r,._ of iI.TiU' 1 le- ■._ • .;ii '■ a'.d ' ' I r !''r('d iipn'. tht^i ■oiiiiI ie : ill \vhii'ii 1 hev Sic. 2. r>' it f'."‘'.ier (r..-.c *hAil h.ivc ill'' p.IV. , r 1.1 '1 ■ ; Icii.-c I'.ir till' !.-:'-p ' ,1; ■ ,'v:. r-: C -y ' .I'llv r 'y.m.l th.' limits .if ih. re'ido or tilt'counties . eiii i. S. I lb i! fuiHier en:;"ti .1, T;; : ; • cv. 'Mi'!i ' ''-I'ltain ■ 1 in the -t iijji is an ami'ti.line.;'.;, there shall be cxi^npt ' icnty conimission- cr app .ired under an act entitled ".vn act fur tloj rc- ll.'fol n:'.,' f.tinilie.' ofrwl.'.o . .11 the a.nny. ' i -, . .'t Uliib-:'. II!'.' ksu;Mhs who h:'.ve e.stpbiishe.l sliop, Mi'cessnry operative-; in factories and foniulri.,c, tin, -'vnoiney Ciciieral, Soliciti>rs (-if the seieriu circuits au.I • .iiial'.e.-, ph; of live yi.'.rs' pr.ictice, conlr.’.ctors «ith the Slate or t';', one I'Jitor Fare, eent.s ;>er mile. Soldic-s jroin.u' lo and re- t-n-:i-i;i>r from the an: y, iialf-fare Passengers are re- (juired to make the j.r >per change, as Ijie Ticket Agent cannot fiirni-h rh-injr- for every one. A Kreiprht Train lea\es Cherryville for Charlotte at 7 o'clock, .-V -M, 01; -Moiid.iys, and reuirns saine day. For Passenger Tr.-iin? Transjior'.iiie; i'rti^^Kt. ou per cent to the tarilf rates of freight will be aiidcd.' V. A. McBKi:, Master of Transportation. I.iiuooliiloi'i, M.iy 2j, liso;;. HY .9. El. 6ig-MkES, PB"0|>i*i‘loi*. S'^VKKY ACCt)MM01)ATl0.\ afforded For the Legislature. M e are autlioiized to annum.ce W .\l. C. .''.Mi ril a; a c:.nilid..ti- for re-‘iection to llic Senaie of N\,rth I'aro- lina, lui' Ihe couiUieS of I’liion and .Vi.iou. June 27. iSiM. te iiunouncenitni. We. as sobli. rs. respectfully announce Capl I* K M(.)ti|il'i as a candidate fur .''herifl of I'nioii eoutnv ai onr next rej;ular electioir ir. .\ii^ii.-t. and as .sucb will be voted t'or by fl.'.NV Soi,iii!;i;s. A Card. I.ixeoi.Nro,v. .N. C J line 1S.:4. Ihc iietrons of ’ tio Charlotte Hotel. At this iio'fiis kept ’lie line ofDaily St.f.-oiii Che.rlotte u .Vsheville. C t. !. I'-':!. J. r>. KKini. jiBiSsicSieBee I ai.i u to ca^t machine irons of all kinds, hollow-'vare, salt 1 .’.".s, .tc. Ur ’ers solicited—Terms (’ash. . » 1 will exchange Iron for IJacon, corn, cloth, or jiro- \ i-ijns of iuiv kind. J. w. DFiir:, •luly 1st, lSt),l, y-P'’- Sprincr Hill Forgo_ to each n-'.\ -p.i'icr aii.l th ■ triiers, pr ; '.-s [•t lie :; /’. ' ■ ■' I. '.hat ;!'■ ■ *' p d; ill.' 'p'.'ciri'- ! il' :■ i; f U' H' -ne I':--' ■ S : i;,> it *'-ir r . t ' ’ -Mali->n or re '.r Y1 . -• ••tHT t';": . I ’ '.■ ' " f ’ I -'i.'. he sh I’l t'or; i weuiy-,ivc be alhiv.'i d . co"Jpo.'-:t.>:.. 1 'iiciiera in .■lea !c- .'hiil! only atiply to ; )t • 1 > rvice wl;e:i 1 the fi’-ld. ' f-.ilurs to nt- ", '-.i,’i tie;-.! i.flicer l.iir.'; each Capta'n ..Cl".l, in’. ut.\l .!;• I'.nd p.iy one hu:; Ir.'.i d illiccr^ who shall f.-ul to ui';.:cr and'driil ■ ■ :;-.t tlie limes a|,])oi;.tc.l. .1,, ,,,jj I tif;y do'l.’is ^in.l i;' -. ;i.i;i-conn .'ts- r ir private shall tail Jo attend at ^lnv,l-^il|, ' a.nd piav no! b'ss than five nor more than o i.i.irs: I’, ’I'iucd, tliat every Rbseutcc .'hail u!;'il the next ui '.ster to tiinke hi.» e.x-u'p. ae !. :. s shall be a.ljudged by regiuiental and eonipr- ' V.' "iirts-inartial. an.l judgments ;ire to bp entcre.J tip ' i f the tinci collected in Ihe same mode and in accord- ■'\it!; tHc pio.>i.'.aa of the Militi.! Lavv of North ;\OT3,'b’}. The^ f.rm of lUl.WI.SMS, KATES CO., is this .lay l^l, IoIjI, rr....i»;cLd by m'utual C'.nseul. .\1*1 ’ ,';-sons iut'.'r( s'.ei'i u'il call a;id cloie their aecuiints nl.!; either cfthe u..,'. r.-iu;:ied. L S. WILT.IAMS. h. W. SANI.)!-:I!S. January 1 2. 1 ?’ 1 l>i.i.-VXI\. 1F. 1)S, \\ arrants, I-'it'ctinent for sale at this OiFice. Tliv Peoples' I'ioket. . rou THE SKX.ITK, COL. WILLIAM M. Gl.IER. FOR THK eOM'VtONS, R. T>. WHITLEY, ■May 16; ISCl tej'd •Mu Yatks: ilmgug b> en ak;d by |ier.-ons in sev('rai companies fi-om^rfis Comi'y and numerous citi;' .;s, to aiinomice niy.'cil a caiididaie for re-eb-ction to liie lo xi Legi.'lature in the Cuuiuioiis, I have con.'i iitcu to du so. Whil.-t there has bicn much .-aid 'ili.iiii lilliiiij iIjo ofiices wiilt men beyuii't tlie milit iry au.'. i' is due lo iiiy>('lf and to the j'CopU- lor me lo .'tale ihut 1 am uiitiin the miiiiavy ag^'. lie,; it is wjil l.ii.iun to ail will) kiu.w me ifcrsuna.lly. ■ that I l;a\ e b; ■ n an iuv.iliU f. r the la.t .-ix year.s and entirely iiiifil for uiii.t.iry service. I wiil f ur! her .-taie. that I have lieeii licfore •jni e.xamitiiiig board and dischar^.-1. Pul. hilst I lia\c not been able t-.i go lo the army. 1 have eii,iei>\or- ed to di.-cliatge my liiiiy faith^l.liiy as aci:i/,ii and retiieseutat ive, and will be'cc.i: cui with the .Icci'ion of ihe people upon iii_\ merits. .V ’C( t.STN K1!. June (i, Ib'rl te Aunounc ement. n.-iiig absent in he b.itti.' lield. 1 ad"|.I ihi- mctliod Ilf di-cb.ring m\.'eifii. .-m.iidaie t'..r Shei iift.f the cmin ty of Lin'-oln. IJ.i ciiig m;m d as heputy fur 1 ieht j years, 1 feel myselr^ illy ci'riipetcnt lo fill tli(.‘ iNiportnni j position, iind 1 hereby r. sjiei tfiilly solicit the aid of my I friends at'home to in.-»ire mv eleciion. I JOHN M. MU ilAL, I, 18C4 ( o. !\, JOili N. C. Troop.s I S-'OS* We are authorized to aniu nnce K ^'1. WIIITK a' a eandiriate for le eleetion to the olnce (if Shcriir of .Mecklenburg county. ) May 0,1 ^04 ‘ pd - ' . . To thc5 Vo-ers of Union County, ! Fi:li.o'iV Cn-!/,i;xs : 1 am a (-andi-fatc for yuur suf- ■ frage.--- at the next ('^'-1 leciii'i; fur he-.ilf in ihc County ofCuiori. My ccni, uith the army, lir.w- ever, lias for some r.ionihs r(m i\-' d me tn ni tln.t fami liar intc.course v. itli you that w.iubi g. uejiiUy oe ite- sirable. Put, tru'iing that I may iiaxe a due aliov'- ance for this seeming inconvenience, with a vievv to rejiealed expressions of .t dcsiic that i should lu-poine a eaiidida'ie, 1 have cOii?eiiled !o do .-o—lhoui;h under vastly liilfereiit ..ireii mrtaiu e^ from tho.'e which .ur- ronn.'ed us four years a_L;o. Many 0/ _\oii have realize.I the hards' i|*^ of war and the daiijfers of battle ; but wuhciit rccalHnt’' the pust. let 11s look hujicfully to ihe future, and pi i init me. ii; graw lu! ai kiio'.vledgi mcnt.' .of the l'av..|-s I received ai \our hands tl.c n. wiihniai.y o'heis pri". ioiis lo that liii.T'. to n>J'; your eoidial .-up- piit IU'W. 1" 1 will li e wha' i .d.iflry and ;';!iilify I possess to ftilliii the ( iili:;alion- of the otliie in Mii-h 1'. inny.iUT a- I I'oj.e. may ever b' satisfaciory to yon. On the contrary, if 1 am not ( lectcd. I shall cv*i;^ider that }:.oi hi;ve doiu- nie no wroiig and that I h-AO no ri .ht to critici.'e your sutfiiige* are a;^ai’.:.'; me. Put I am fully sensible of ihe distinetiun conf- rrt'd. by beinc elecfi d to llie ;.osiiion for which I am a candidate. u:id f)i;il! be as proud to rcceive voor \otes as 1 shall ever be and fait'hfui to ]irove myself worthy of the ro^jionsiole trust imposed by the •Fiinie. Aud, in conclusion, allow me to hope you 'wH remember yonr friend, and on the day of election a ticket for the same. W. H. Ct'LLIN.S. Co A. 4ih X. C. i’avalry, .'btrch 28. IS64 pj Gordon * Brigade. never herealter bo caught in such cn organiaatiou II. COUXCIL, J. IK A RAY OF PEACE ^ '•’he happiest augury of peace, (says iho Mobilo Register,) which the telegraph wire? have flashed to U.S for two years, is the action of the Deu:ocrat- ic (Conventions of Kentucky,^Uhio and Illinois. They have sent delegates to the National Conven tion, 'vith instructions to vote ftr a pcace plalf'jrni framed u[)on the principles of Long’s specch. At last, then, the banner of truth'is being lifted over afiordit.'g jitoiectioii and giving amnesty totliose ! tbo heads of a peoj;lo wiio liuve been stuggeiiii^ in wliu should become irutiafed at:d f:ike the oath.s, iii i passion, blood and darkness for ihren ycjrs. Oh! tven, il.e eandi.Jatc i.> told lo 'repeat his name 1 the event the V’ankee army should get possession | tliat precious banner! If the Chicago Conveiitioc ' of the particular section i,»f ecuptry in which they j but have the illumination and the couragc (0 lift might reside In thi.s way, no loubt a nuuiber ol | it up and plant it as their rallying point in their timid and uiisiispeeting [jirsijns, with a view ol i coming struggle with their enouiica, our tntnjic'', saving their property, and possibly choir iivcs, in j the enemies of freedom and humanity. Mr Long, the contingency suggested, have joined the nrdei | of Obio, was the brave and sn^gneious tf;s.n iiiii! lelt hand ! the r.jMUh. | ‘,’ ])Ut wc leel coididcnt, that every | who, like another John tho Baptist, cacuo Le- 5. 'i'lie'words of'tlie il () A., are: ‘ arc i honest man who has been entrapped in this tii'.ol ‘fore to herald the banner of pv-uce. I’ointing it gli oiny times’ ‘\c'^, but wo expect better.’ j damnable invention ol the enemy, now that the •Why do you expect lietterl' ‘iiecause we look for I object ol the orgauiz'Jtioti has been exposed, will the rord of oiiiwdeliverance.’ J otiee declare ‘nou-ielioWship' with it and expose Al.sji, the wi rds ''I'lirn ’ ^Dutij,’ atiij 1 "l*ole cotieern. A\'iishi,i(j(ij)i,' Hill be compfchended by tho in- f’oi met). 1} '1 li(.^scii[itnral allusions refer to the etory- of Hahab t(ic Harlot, wlio hung « arnrh’t cord from lut house-U) St euro the [roti which had been picij'.iscd by the jjiiis of Jcshiia, for the as.sist- ance fti.|-itel them wliile in .Jciicho. Ttie idea i.- to hang out the sitnie or sofnc sitiiilar sign fo tlie Yankees, so th it the;,jn:iy reeogniz'' their Iriciuls and atl'ord tli.em protection and relief. b'nitn tlii.s exjiosition of tiie SecrclR of tlie nsso- eiation, if iiiiist l)e plain, even fo the most confi dent ot its members, that tin.-ir niacl.inafi'jn.s are iindirttood; wljiie, at tho same time, it r.ia^t Seivc to convince the unwary of the existence of :i most diingerous eons[iiruey agtiinst tho Cottfederaeii W e exiicct to be able to obtaii; in u short an aeeurate list of all the membeis of the 11. O. .\., together with its oflieers, placos of meeting, mi. of coniir.-inic.itio'i.s, S:c; and though we m*y bt' in- j prevent its subjects Irom telling the secrets. It j do..-..'d to spare muny who have been un'wittingly j also h-is secret words and .lign.s, s.t every mcnjher : inveigled into the organization, its ringl-jadcr.i iiad : may be ri-cognize.l; and the manner and way that ^ better Ixtrnre. ’ | a pei.?on is brought ii fo this concern, are calcula- i The objects of.thifi association arc prcemincfitly ] t.-d to deceive. 'I'iu j arc taken before the person j \\ e 2pp( iid to the communication of Rlv. 0 ('hiircnhill, who is an upright man and a minis.ter of the gospel, of the IJjipii-^r persu’a.sjon, in the I I out to the great Democratic Jiabel ot the X'onu, conlu.seu of tongues and blinded of ptiFsioiis bv the cunni.'ig of its adversary, hg proclfiimcd in Ji 'n siijno linccs. lie told his irjditory that that great speech was well pondered in n month of pre paration. Was it not the wcli considered voice of iiif’ party ct the time, and Mr Long the honoro2 county >t t hatham, the certiticate.s ol J^ilas lieek- j and chosen instrument of preacbiug a new anA wiili and Henton llollan.J^ (r 11 Holland, J 11 j life-giving political gospel to a great party reft and ng, and ]1 .M ?ugg. The- ceriilicates are dulv | scattered by the gtorm of war? It boro tbche sworn to, and a"; the certilicr.s are utKitrstood to bt j marks at the time, and wc pray God, nhtt wc si's men ol truth atid \eia';ity we presutne no one will now is but thu first budding of iLc sweet ripe frnit dare to imiicach tli^ir testimony. ' “■'© will have that gospel ia destined to bear. Some fcTv wcekn tnore to s-ay about this Secret oath bouti(l conspira cy hereafter: Chatham Co., N C. Mr I'Mifor—.S’/'/';—I wish fo .state a few facts ior th(! benefit of rlie publi(% generally 'I'here is a secret concerii in this, and other counties, of out i li('lovrd ()ld k'tate its name is'‘Iloroesof Ameri- i i ea.’ 1 ts objf.’cts, remain .bji;cts, lio protection ' fioin the enemy. It has 0110 o!' tlie hardest oaths ago, we outlined u platform Lr tho Northern Democrats and expressed the belief that they would grasp permanent power by adoptinij it. Wo are equally^of opinion, that on any platform hav ing a single war plahk in it, their chances are hopo* lesi3. If, now, the Chicago Convention take !VJr L.oiig’.s speccli as the guide fjr the prinoiplea it shall put iu issue before the North, we have no more duubt of its triumph ihan we have that Lee -de [ attached to it, has es et been inve.rted, so as to ' J«hnston can whip Grant and Sherman on any day in which they will give them battle in tho' open fleld. I trcasopuble. An uv.'.'ispi cti!." m;ii; is app-' | who is lo ani (^uestioiied as to his desire fo bave his {.j'oper- ; Oath man ask.- t! tv protected-in the event ol taids. ' Ix the bate , eiet. lie tells him he thinks he can. ani (Questioned Ur llie Oath ‘.o tliern; theti the t tlic candidate if he can ke'eji a se- i tak( S, iie is made to believe that snbjnoaticn is in- ' tells him there is nothing in this against you eith- ' evitable; the siory of the IJarlot is rel-^fed to him er ]ioliiit;ally or religousl}’, nothing but whaf is [ ■ right and proper. Having this asjurancc, tlfcy j j procecd. 1, a };oor deluded soul, wciit into this THE TITH3 TAX IN NORTH CARO LINA MA.Tf^R .McUae, the goncml Tithe Tax (!'ol!cp- tor in North Carolina has kindly furnished us with 'j'hen he ' statement of TitWcs collected in sai.l • I i St!.te up fo the 1st of June, 18G4, of the crop ot ( 1 as indicating a mode of escape fro!)i the evils oi >ueh a l:ite; the Oatli is then a.liuii;i.'tercl, and th( objects of tiie society fuiiv ma'de known lo him Tfie ll( ru linds to his surprise, p-’rhaps, tisaf. in thus attempting by ungenerous tiiid iiiipatriotic efforts to Secure lavotabic V_‘vm;3 for himseif and lii.s hoU:-ehold—in tfius seeking to prosper upon the miseries of his frien(is and the downfall of hi,'« eou.itrv — he has bccomr» the member of an asso ei;ition r/.ser/tiie Ya}ihfi:f thimM '>6», as ii Covert and cowardly means ttf t-i ■ subju gation and-slavery ol'fiie South«frn people. He is placed in :i.i direct atilagonism to the aiUhoiitics and laws of flic Confedeiacy. as if ho had taken tlie Oai' to i.,iriColn. or had enlisted in the t'lortii- ei'ii army, lie beeomes retilly u f-py, a eotispira- lor, and a traitor, in the full-st m“.inin'.r of' Mtese v,-(neis—-ubji;ct. to tiie ])enai?y or death at tiie hanits of the Iruig-man, and «i'ii no redeuiptiou before him save that atfonled l)y tho utter |^;iii of tin; iain.1 wliicli uave him birth. In .p'l'iof (i;' this, it is only necrssavy to refer to titat piiition (if *‘thr oath’ whieli binfs eae!) nio’n- h'.r to assi.'t a lir ither llrrn, and to “gtvc him timely notice of all npproaehing dan.-er.’ This ob- iii:ation neces'iit.Ucs th" h:!rb(iring of deSiTters— giving of aid anl comfort to \ atikec sj ir-s — con veying improper information to the enonijr—and unholy thing aiul for a short time fhoui'lit it was I all riglit- and, during that time, was the of] f-iiiror live otlif r.': bePtiintng deluded with mvHclf. \ But, thank G(.d, my eyes were opened to see what | 1 had done for myself ai d other.s. 1 at onee de- ! dared non tellonshin witii the concf-rn, and I ^ prayed to (iod to foigivo me for uolng so vile a ' thing. And I beiiu'.e tjod forgave m..- for it Then I told some of my friends triy thoughts upon the subject. I am a man that wish‘’-« to .'erve tnj' j • Jod and do my dyty to my country. I think I atu a loyal man, and always have been, and 1 do , nut want t(j be in anything that has a dis'h./yal ten dency. I Auain, 1 thouolit ojwrny brnvp "bnv, who was lightifig i', r our in'IppcRdence and of all that I bad done. ■ ' It wa^i said ioj that, ul’t lii im; hIjo b.-long. d to, thi.- concern w^rt? e.:p.,Cveu to .ul\‘ for Mr llolden. I kni.w that I could do tl.a!, fir 1 have ever been u warm su|)porier of Z 15. Vniice, an.l cTpcct, irpermitted to iive to get to the [.oils, in .•\iigu«'l iiixt. to vof(‘ fur him again 1 w;iuld, as a tjiend, .'■ay to ail those who h.;ive boon delude 1 and led, to coiue ri«ht out uith this thing a/ o.icr l',.?peei:Ally d-j 1 in>i't upon ail f/wf/ I’n'U to come Sweet Potatoes, 38,410 buihcis. 11 isli, “ 2,713 “ 613,400 “ Coi n. Wheat, 1G7,4SL» " Oats, 88,€82 “ Shtal Oats, 979,75^i pounds. Kye, ' 0,341 bushels. Huckwheat, 724 poundfl. I’lice, Sheaf Bice, 52,44 S « Hay, 4,496,01« « Fodder, 11 ,i7h,~}2'i Cotton, 229,885 “ \Vool, 35.993 •' Tobacco, 2,469 •• I*ea?, 7 073 bushels. 15 ans, ' 30 “ Ground Pea», 3.2^1 “ ^Jncon, 2,801,1^2 pounds. Sait Pork, 82.143 “ From the 10th Dlsfrict no returns Laro- bccr» made No returns from the 9th exccpt from 3 coun ties. InthcOtb, SlokcH aud itockiugbam UiOde no returns. l-*ortion.s of the’ 3d make no returns. Kight (,'oiinties of the 1st and two in 2d distri'cti have m»ido no returns • In the two latter di.slriot*, where rettirns have not bcc-n uade, the Counties me, or have been, In the hands of li>e enjfiay. 'i'o- fhe jK rformnnce of any net. howrver unpatriotic or out; and 1 would .‘■ay to all of ihetn that have not bacco is not collected by the Tithe Agent, though tn asDnable. which may be demanded by such as as yet been brought inr’j this miserable affiir, not it appears that 2,4G9 poands li-^e h«en turned give tlie sign of di-tn-ss ijut no; delude hi:nsclf, with the reflection, '.siidf prt servation is a law of nature ’ iSuch an interptetati.jn wouM justify the craven iii his inort tbject cowardice—the traitor in his wiide+t dream of trea.-on—the villian in all that can b^ conciivcd of ]ietfidity. The of (Jod and taan regard all such conespondfnee, plotting.?, or at- teniiits at making terms with the common enemy appears to accept of ativ propo.s.tion, that may b'Vniade or ‘ overt.) the Govcrnincnt.— H'iV?/z »')> j/on J'tnrnal ufiered; lor 1 tell you it is a thing that ought not — to esi.sf. Our au'!h.;:ities .s;iy it i.s treason, and I F’ag Stuj^ of the Zlth.—.Mr. K. 31 CoKUELI,, lear it is. So all of y ,jl, who arc now kc-flping its who lelt Pct«>rf,burg on the 25tb, cilled in at our secrets; co.nic right out. Tho oTtb is not binding, ofTice on f^aturdav. ^ He says that onr tnwp.s were becau.Te it is outsiTio ot everything that is reason- in tiM linest kind of epirits at tb? time he left, and able and right 1 d.t not believe that an individ- perfectly confident of whipping (iraat’n army uaf is either morally or If gaily bound to keep it; whenever they oCer battle. Ibat they arc well for the Oath is in itself 1>.) as 1 have-supplied with provisions, afld in cxccllcnt jcaltu. s crimes. de.serving a Itlon’s death and a traitor’s ' done— go to your God and ask forgivcncfS, then He brought with him part‘of the dtaff cf ibe battio iooni. No subterluge or sophistry can'furnish an go fo the G n ernor of j^iui State and by the mat- flag of tlic o4ih, all splintered and sc»r^cd, sent ter open before luui, aud ask forgiv(snc£S, and you home by the Colonel to^)e preserred as a relic of will be pardoned at, for »e buve a Governor the fcccnfs through which that giorioua regiment who tried to do right. has passed.—^alitbvry Watchman. I have fiaid enough for this time. I may coaie escape i'roiu the consequenccs of so delibor;;te and wicked a conspiracy against liberty and country— from .such damning guilt in the climax of a nation’s struggle for existence. .'!any ror»d but unsuspecting men have been in* a^ain. So, .Mr* Editor, you can publi.-h thi? if, The roads to wealth are economy nt>^

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