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North Carolina Newspapers

The western Democrat. (Charlotte, N.C.) 1852-1870, November 06, 1866, Image 4

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THE WESTERN DEMOCRAT, CHARLOTTE, H. C. A LEAP FBOM LIFE. I )ent n)j love a book one da\; She l.r.'Ui'ht it Lack; 1 laid it by, 'Xwas little cither-Lad to fay— yhe so strange, and 1 so shy. J3ut yet wc loved indifferent thinpi — The pproutin" buds, the birdi in tunej And Time stood ptill and wreathed his wings IVith rosy Uuiij from June to June. For here, what ta«k to dare or do? What peril tempt? what hardships bear? liut with her—ali! phe never knew My iicart and what was Iiidden there! And she with me to cold and coy, Seeyj’d like a uiaid bcreli ofscn?c; Uut in the crowd all life and j iy— And full of blushful impudence. She laarrlcd !—well—a woican needs A mate, her lifo a«id love to fharc — And little caress spran;r up like wtcd«, And played aiouud her elbow chair, An4 years rolled by—but I, contenf, Trimmed my own l:imp, and kept it brijjht Till age's toucli my hair besprent With rays and glcaros of'bilver light. And then, it chanced, I tof^k the book Which the pLTu.icd in days gone by; And as 1 read f^ucli [lassions shook My soul—1 rictds mubl curse or cry. For here and there her love was writ In old, half'-f'adfcd pencil sijrn; As if she yielded — bit l)y bit— Her heart in dots J.rjd undcrliiics. Ah! silver fool!—too hte to look! I know it; let me here rccord ^his maxim; Lend no "trl a bo(ik J'niesj you read it allrrwaidl NEW FALL GOODS. liuortothc Court JJousf.j Churloth', C. IIAWTV & CO., Are rcceiviri" a froo‘1 snf>|ily of Pry Goods, Hardware, Groceries, CIUjOKKin' ami Cr.ASSWARE, BootN iiiHl Sliocs, llatH iiiid Caps, wliiili will bf soM low (’.ill aii'l c.xaniiiic our li.illTV ('0. Chiuiolto, (l‘ l '22, If GROCEEIES. ♦Siiprar, fN)(ri P, CIm i Xo. 1 M:ickci el, Pe|i|icr, .Suil;i, (iii.-cr. .'''ciiqi, ('aii(l!i tf, .SiiiilV, .tc. JAS. HAltTV CU. Jliarlo!t‘, N Oct 2 ', iSc;>;. tl‘ jt\% ,?s ILV or 2s a e:«. The Si:!..-ci iliri L.ivin;; UioociiiU J lliciii;(-'lvCo to- gftlicr in llii- Grocery Business, iit the Ktaii'l lr-i ( In('.jr,‘ l.v .1. M .Sainlera Sc tJi)., oil Tr.i'ic .'trcM't, an- no'.v ).rc:i'.i'(Ml lo .'iiiiply the coiJi'tiy v. iili nil kiii'is ol (11;()(' •; li! ICS, aiul i-i’i'i'y tliiii;:- i;-;i.illy !v|it iji .i ’■ i (.'( ■•■ry .Store, at sueli prices as Kill c;ive .■'aM.'Cai ti'oi. All kiii'ls 1)1'; V Tiviueo iak'Mi in exiliiin"p for (lOiiil.-;. Call ami m i- us. \Ve «iil Ir^al you riirlit, and sell you G-ji'ds as che.iii as any Iionse in .ciiariulle. J. M S.'.N I'KliS. A. U. IIOMKSLV. Oct. 22, 18t:0 :iiii Hoys' to Compi;i>misk a 1>ebt.—x\ corrcspon ' US the foll'>wiiig: j (>nce on a time tii'TC were two Polish Israel ites—one named J*. who lived in Ch!irli>st.)ii— the other named L. rcsiled in ColumUI.i. It 3ceni.5 there was a diti’erence in money matters Ijotwoen them. 1’. oAme to Columbia; L took jsriis\7%r 37*xn.M. II. B. WII,LIAMd, a. B. MEACHAjr We Lave associated ourselves in the iMERCAX- TII^K UL’^INK-ScS, under ilic i!vle of Williaiu§ A iTIeacham. .4 s»es8or*!« Office UNITED STATES LNTERNAL KEY (5th Bistrkt’, North Carolina, SALISBURY, Sept. 22d, 1866. Ic complinnce with instructions from the Com- IEV.,| NA, ) him with a bail writ and in the absence of bail qnuintKn^'es Ht any time iti the (PARSON BL'ILU- was committed to la;!. The d^fendarit sent for two doors from , . . -.V 1 '• 1 r I r- I ■ I- Wll.LI.V.MS i MEACUAM. iLo plaintifl and f-aiJ 1 have no friends in this ^ ,f town, but if you will release uie and go to Char- *’ I lesion where I have friends and money, I will Williams 6c Meacham, ' ],ay you. Thi.s wa* agreed to; the plaintilf pro- i ^ pro,lnce of all kinds on com .ceeded to Cliarle.'tun as the ciisto«Jian of the de fendant, in tlie hope of'^•■tiing his moni*y. liiit lo I and behold I w hen 1'. entrajiped L. to Charles ton, he (I’.) had a Iciil writ iisu -d for L. and p it him (L.) in j iil. I- beii^' iti the lion’s inoiith, a"r-e.l to ‘■cttle upon the terms that oaeh man .should p.-iv hi' own costs and settle the law suit, — f uhihi h!t (I'll!in inn. Wc iiiteni keejiin^ a large and general assort- miF?io«er of lDtFrn«l jjevea-ye, I hereby designate inent of all kind? of Gt >OI)S. We will V>e plea'ed tfl ?ee our friends and ac- Fill tod Wioter lBp«rtati*i, 1868. Ribbons, Millinery & Straw Goods* nii.'.-iun. All Goods consigned to them for sale will lie lao'ni'tlv atKii'led to. WILLIAMS k MEACIIAM. Sept. I 7, tf IRHSTBOKe, CITOR & CO., ,he ralio.i»g pl.c„ I. .hi. Di...ric, .h.r, .. A,- . IMPORTEBS AND JOBBERS OP se.'sor or an Assistant Assessor, and a Collector or Ribbons, Bonnets. Silks und Sating, \ elvets, Kucbes, a Deputy Collector will be located on the days re- Feathers, Straw Bonnets, Ladies Hats, trimmed and spectively named, for the purpose of weighing and j untrimraed; Shaker Hoods, apj.roprirttely marking under rbe InternHl Revenue | JVq 237 and Lofts of 239, Baltimore Street, laws, (Act approved July 13, 1866.) any cotton. iwn which may be bronght tolhose several places from' M .4 E 1 the places where the same was produced, in the same , Offer a Stock unsurpassed Id the United States in district, viz : | variety and cheapness. SalMury, 5/aW/^-Mondajr, Wednesday ,nd I solicited and prompt attention given. Friday. CHARLOTTE Steam Eeiicd Cjti4f Mtii(iie(«rj Wliol«Mile BM4 Iteliiil. The subscriber U now manoAMturing all sort* CANDIES, CAKES, BREAD, *c. Ac. ' Plain and OrnamenUl Cakei, for Weddings and Parties, always on hand or taade to order. K> »t »hoH UtTUllSON, BlRKOlGilS & CO., INSURANCE AGENTS, OrrOSJTK FfllST XATIOyAL JJAXK. Life, Accidentalj Fire and Marioci Oct 1.', ISCG. ni'TiniSON, Bl'RROKiiJS & CO., I s U II A X c i: A G i: T s ANI> COTIlIISSIO.\ .^1ERC'ilA*’\TS. OVruSlTE FIRST iSATIOSAL DAi\K. oy c()Nhicn;i:;nt ; ?jC) Tun- iriiiic I’eMivin!! (Iiiano, L’O “ I'lniii- di' I!,me I ■ iist, _ 'J') “ I’a .'I iik' (i 'la nil, ■J (>ni;;i\ lia'.r.'iiii''. 300 llu.'hels Wliile Flint Corn, 100 ‘‘ J'ifteil Meal. E. .V III Tcin.'d.v. J. c. i!rKHuL‘f:n.S. K. a. S!’«ings. Uet 1.', I'C;. ‘‘SPRINGS’ CORNER.” 1 now (ill'er to the puljlic a Cl>.)IJ'J.iyriv 1 ALL STOCK i.f STAPLS AND FANCY DRY GOODS, Ilardwni'e, .Sliu;». and (Irt'cerie?. A.' 1 u i.'li to reilucc uiy .''luek very luw liy the ' end of the prese!\t ! will sell al unu>uully ,'l!i;ill p!':)!i'.' t;) V,’II ()!. h'.S ■> L n i’.lid llr>i.VlL CLri- T(t.\IHl:S, lor ('a.-^h. Seft ’Jl, IHOG. A. SI.VrL.MR. Ifosx, Slit*e5», d'aSile, Arc. T \vi~li to ciii.Miro 100 fat 11')"', \veif,'!iiiig from 150 poiiiiil.' ainl upwards, .'MV .'jO j-er inoiil li, ei,iiiiiiieiieiiiir j llip 1,'t (if (>el')t)er. I 111.-') want to l)ny one lilin- j dred head (d'^'ood fiit I’.eevp-, iind one iiundied head j of .Slicep, and 0 or 8 ijood -Mileli (’ows witli younpr i Calve.. Tlii'Se liavinir iniy of l!;e aliove will pieare call on rne at once. 1 will jeiy a fair prii-e. W. A. (.'iiuK, Towi; r.iit'jher. i^ej't 21, 180(3. tf J . ES I; X 13 A I- & € « ., (2c/ IJoor from the Cotirl llnnsc.) CilSA^D 0PE\Ii\0 OF THE LARGEST ASSORTMENT OP g-ooids. We are receiving daily a beaaiiful Stock of FALL coniisiiiig of t’a!icots, I*eLanf.«, Poplins. Alpaeca?, .Mtriuue.i. Hoop and ,)JaUu(>ral Skirl?, J.icoiiets and Cambrics, Hosiery, I.ADIES’ II VTS AUD CLOAKS, Ready-Made Clothing, Boots aud Shoes, Trunks, Notions and GROCERIES, anil a preat many other articles, too numerous to mention. IILXHAI'.M & LAXG, Corner Store, under Mansion House. Sept 2fc, It'OG. WITTKOIV.^KY &: (^JJr (tccen the two Drv/j Stores,') •\rc receiving a large and varied assortment of 3F*£i11 £txxc^ "V\7"lxi1;ox" GrC3 C) U S. BOOTS AND SIIOKS, KHADV-MADE CLOTIIIXa, &c , Wliieh they are desirous of selling olT at WHOLESALE AND RETAIL At a small advance on NRW YORK COST. Cotiiitry Merchant.^ and others are re.=pcct- fnlly retinpsted to call and e.vaniinc this Stock of Goods before niakin;^' their jmrehases. WITTKOWSKY * HIXTKLS, Opposite the Democrat OHice, between the two Drugstores, Charlotte. Oct 1, 180(5 tf Conrord, Charlotte—Tuesdny, Thursday & Friday. Chinii Grove, Ihirrislunj—.Monday, Wednesday and Friday. LiiifuluLoa—Tuesday and Fridav. U. K. HELPER, Assessor. Oct 1, 1866 tf Terms—CASH. Sept 17, 18C6 Smpd WHO WAITTS A P1AI%0? Several Patrons of the Concord Female College have requested my aid in securing Ciood Pianos NORTH CAROLINA RAILROAD For their use. This has induced nie to mak«^ ar- f'ViaTitr T’" ' with some of the best manufncturers li/nangC Ol 1 ini6. ; which enable me to furnish instruments of the firtt On and after Siinday, September 23d, 18G6, Trains c//m at reduced prices. lean save each purchaser from $40 to $lt)0. Price lists of the manfactnrers will be sent to those who desire them, to aid them in making selections. When selections shall have been made the money can be sent to aie at my expense, by the Southern Express, and a Piano will be shipped to the Depot the purchaser m.->y designate. Each Piano sold will be fully warranted. Address me at Statesville, N. C. J. M. M. CALDWELL. .May 7, 1866 y will run as follovs : GOING EAST. Mail Train. Leave Charlotte “ Salisbury “ (}reensboro “ Raleijih 9 40 P .M 12 01 “ 2 50 A M 8 00 “ Arrive at Goldsboro 10 45 “ Accommodation. 4 30 A M 8 40 “ 1 00 “ 9 00 P .M 1 00 A M Leave Goldsboro “ Kaleigh “ (ireensboro “ Salisbury Arrive at .Charlotte GOING WEST. Mail Train. 1 50 P M 5 00 “ 9 55 “ 12 .')2 A M 3 10 “ Accommodation. 1 30 A 11 C 20 “ 2 20 P M C 50 “ 10 50 “ .Mail Train rung daily. Accommodation Train does not run on Sunday. .Mail connects with C & S C U R for the South, and with U & D R R and R & G R R for the North. Also with the \V & W and the A A N C R R’s. E. WILKKS, Eng. & Sup't. Oct 1, IS'JC. i Wil., Charlotte Sc Ruth. Railroad. j On anil after .Monday, the 17th Sept., 1806, the 1 Passenger Train will run daily (Sundays o.xcepted) ' on the Western Division of tlii= Road, as follows: -T!. .^lOODV Sc Dr. J. i^l. E>:ivi(S^oiB, Offers his prot'e.-^sioiial .=crviee3 to ihe citizens of C’liarlotte, and the .'urroundini;' courary. Sept |0, IH0I3. SQi' A 8}..U'r\did Line of new ai^d bcautii'ui CLt.).U\.S just receivi'd ai Uct 22. A. Sl.VCLAi;: S. A clioice Line ol’ Swi'S IJI inkt r>, jn>t ! re'xivedat A. I .\CL AI i;'.-:). j 22, ISO*;. Kofk !>lanil Cassiinorc and T\vrr'l>;, in I t Ijeir\arious stales and iinaiilie-^. a I ;va_-.-: on li;!!,d, I at factory [irice.'-, at A .'r^ l.N (M.A I Il'.S, 22, It'.’i;. S;irini,'s' Corner. ]\ol jet*. Ai>plieation will lie iu;ide lo ll:c' General A.'Seinidy (d'North i';'.r.>lin.i for an ai’t of ini'orpor- iitioii ()l the ('I'-.vvelaud .Mineral .''piings Conipauv. t.U t 22, iMJi). 1 111 WILSON BROTIIIJIS, ire now receiving a conijiletc a-sortnient of PALL AND WINTER GOODS, consisting in part of DeI.aines, 1‘oplins, Del?a;ro, .Alpaea, IJoinlKizine, I’rint.', l)olne^tie.•'. W oolens, lii\.-.-i '1'; inuuiiii'S. A lar^re Slock of .\olions, l iannels, l!lanke(s, IJats, f.’aps, Hoot.', 11 oes. ,'te. la A i i> w A H b: r A eomjileto aj-^ortinen; al lower rales than any oli'eic 1 in t!ii-i market, t'et 1, Irt'lo tf Respoetfnlly inform the pulilie that they are con- ttantly leceiving additions to their large Stock of Ready-Made Clothing, Boots, Shoes, HARDWARE AND CROCKERY. They invite an examination of thtir Stock of 1 LADIES’ DRESS GOODS, c.ontisting of every variety of Goods in that line Al.'O, a full a.=cort!i'.ent of GE!STLi:.^ai:.\’s ri RxisniXG GOODS, in large supply. These Goods will be sold at moderate rates al ]VJ/OL/:SALE OR RETAIL. CO., Having bontrht (>ut RIGLER & RUBINSUN, now occupy their old Stand, I%0. 5, GKtiHITE ROW, where they will be jilea.^cil ♦» have their friend,= call ami see them, e-iiecially when they want anv thing in the CoXFECTlUSKllY line. Our Stock con sists of Candies, Raisins, Fruits, Pre.=erved Fruits, Nuts, Spice, Cloves, Citron, Cur rants, Extracts, Lemon Syrup, Sardines, Lobsters, Matches, Blacking, Smoking and Chewing Tobacco, Cigars, and many other articles too numerous to mention. R M. UOlilN.SO.V. M. D. L. MOODY. Sejit 10, lSi;ij. ,Sm GOING WEST. ARRIVE. STATtO.SS. LEAVE. Cha rlotte. 7 00 A.M. 7 50 A. M. Tuck;isegcp, 7 r.5 “ 8 ;!5 *• llrc'ard's, 8 40 “ 9 25 “ Sharon, ‘J ;',o “ to 00 “ Lincolnton, lo 15 “ 11 10 “ Ch erry ville. GOING EAST. Cherryville, 1 00 p. M. 1 50 p. M. Lincoltiton, 2 10 “ 2 40 “ Sharon, 2 45 “ 3 30 “ Urevard.5, 3 35 “ 4 10 “ T uckasegee. 4 15 “ 5 10 “ Charlotte, Ry order of B. S. onoN, Scpi 17, 18tiij Eng’r & Sup’t. Gbn’l Slpt's OKKicr;. CtiAtti.oxTE & S. C. R. R., \ Columbia, ,S. C., Aug. 25 , 18GG. / AND JMACHI9IK SHOP, .^1; criHAxrlotto, Xtr. O. Ifl. MARTIiir Sc CO., Having removed their Works from Stowesvillc, Gas- . ton county, to Charlotte, respectfully inform their old [latrons and the public generally that they have I opened a Foiiiiclry Sc IVIacliiiie Shop I at the old Navy Yard lot, in the cit}- of Charlotte, ■ where they are prepared to make ail sorts of I CA.STIlSrOS . For Steam P^ngines, .Mills, Factories, \\ ater Wheels, Cane .Mills, Farming Implements, &c. &c. Particular attention will be paid to repairing of all kinds. All work shall be done in the very nicest style, and the best material used. M. MARTl.V, JOHN WILKES, Jun 25, 18GG Charlotte, N. C. ESTABLISHED IN 1840. Iteductioii of* Rates. On and iifter September 1st, the Local Freight and Pa'senger Tarilli over this Road will be reduced as follows, viz : FROM CII.\nLOTTE TO COLrsiRI.V. First Class Freight, 75 cents per 100 lbs. Second “ “ 60 “ “ “ “ Third “ “ 40 “ “ “ “ Passenger Fare, $7.00 through. Corresponding rates to intermediate Stations. Through Tickets to Charleston and Augusta will be on sale within a few da>. at reduced rates. JA.MES ANDERSON, Sup’t. Sept 3, 18GG. t^'onntry Merchants will find it lo their ailvan'.Tge U) give us a t.ill and exauiiue our Cvoodi and prices All are invited to vi-it oiir Store before making their purchases. Wc charge nothina: for shoiving our Goods. .1. lifXIJAl'M k CO , (.•ct 8, lytJG. 2d door from Court House. El). \V. CltOOV. KtiWAltD LO.NEttGA.N', KO fiBOtSE ON' THE EUROPE AX PL\!«. }dF.ALS FURNISH ED AT ALL HOURS. Traiiyieiit and Permanent Boarding. .'.'i'enis for the Celebrated “Nanseniond” River Ov.teis, ol'wliieh a constant snp|dy will be kept. T IS E IS 4 li Is stoekeil with the choicest Wines, Liquors, Ales and t,'i;;ars. GROUT & LONKUG.AN, i)et 15. 18G0 6in Pro!)rietors. ~ BlirNETT, McL>MS TEAUL, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, No 30 ]Vhit,hill Street, YORK. Litti'.ii.M. C.v.-ii Ai)V.\n( t;s maui; j)x C'oxsi(;x.mi;xts. Cotton, Tob;ieco, Naval Store.'), anti all sorts of Sotiihern I’rodnee will ha\e the special atleniion of R. M. OATES. D. W. OATES. R. H. OATES & CO., (Successors to Oates, Williams & Co.,) GE.^iERAE GROCERY, Produce- and Commission Tfiercbants, Charlotte, N. «?• Aiig 20, 18GG. .^m I, S WIl.t.!.\MS, oi Chai lotte, N C. A. C. i;i..\CK, of New Orleans. F. W. W1I.I.IAMS, of .New Orleans. IIE.\RV V. IVIE.IiEVER, PORTSMOUTH, VA., Commission Merchant aud Dealer In Provisions, Lumber, Lime. Cement, Land and Calcined Pl.aster, Coal and Salt. My Wharf adjoitiTng the Seaboard and Roanoke Rail Road Depot gives Shippers cf Colton, Tobacco, .\aval Stores, (irain and Slaves superior facilities ior SALE, STORAGE OR SHW.MENT. Farmers^ Merchants ami Manufacturers will find it to their interest to give me a call. Portsmanth, Va., Sept 17, 1806 Im Smith's RA i«:s:rv. ! have opened a I!.\KKRV at my old Stand, op- pn.-iti.- the l’rcst(Vtcri^in Chnreh. wlu-re will he kept , c„n.-t;in:lv on hand IVe.-^h nnUAD, 6’.I A'/.'.s', .^c. 1 •'!' Innis, who Hatters himse lf that he nnder- r.i:i:i!ies sui.jiiied at all honii, and on reasonable : handling Southern prod-iec—he having been t( I'nis. keep a full 'iii’jdy of (l!iK».\i:s (M.I) .st.vN!*) j Ne.vt Doou, I’.am;, 'IIAI.>TTF., X. C. i We have made an:’,;;;;enient.-; to .'idl O f> T A: N 23 « S-: , AT NKW ^(MvK PiMt I'.S. t ( 1\\ in nnv * lily, with I he ad'ii I ion ol' l'iei;jiit. We v.ill d'lj.ii- i-ae any bill pn'eha-ed tli.Te. All we a^k to laek.' is the NEW Voiiiv JultliKK.S' PROMT. j Call anil ocamino onr l,:’.rge Stock of ! ^ ots aud Shue.s ^ole aud Ipper I LEATHER, ' I French and .'.meriean CalfSl^in^, : Lin;n_^ and I!n:ding .''kins, Rn'.l'cr atiil Lc:'.;’:rr I'elt'ng, and t^hoc-Fiiidinof ev.;y di,-e:ipiijn, and yini shall be suited, boili as to Ql'AI.Il’V A.\!> P21ICE. 1 also FAMILY GROCERXES and ?:ii;p!ii.--'. eon.-i.-1ii g id' I! icidi. Flour, Laril, Sii- _ar. I'.dice, Te ts. Cliei se, Fi^h, Sardines, Tob.icco, Ci;iars. ami all line Ciroeeries. A share ot t!ie public ]iatroiinire solieiteij. I have bei-n long in bn^ine^s lure, and am ileteiniined lo keep iip niy re]'Utalion for tilling ir"od artirb-s :it lair prices. M. I). L. .MtUiIA’. Sept 2 4, l .-i;'?. If lor the la.'t its year: min^fion, .V. C, t.)et 8, l.-'GG. engaged in business in Wil- Cm Fir.-'t class (lood.^ m.ide to order ! I'-^‘-''y anirle a; r.-.i.ied as ri prescntcj ! ! No -Vuction S'.M k ! I 1 No Paper or W.'i i!, n Soles !' ' ' tfsiT OXE I'KicK '/•(/ M.!.::; ::’ n. R. SMITH. Jr., & CO., Oct 15, IRC‘3. Iri l.:hai lutte, N C. M S305 «E. On the 1st of November, to meet tlie necC'Sitie'J of the limes, I vill lurnish DAY I'OAUU at jVo per month, ily tagle wiil be supplied with all the juarkfl aS'ords. FRKSII 1'.'II and t)VsTi;i;s will J.e receivfd regularly. Every ettort will i.e made to keep a first class Hotel, and by atiintionto the comforts of the guest, to met it the pairouagc of a liberal public. ,C?mnibuses will bo at i!;c P.pct to carry passen gers lo the Hotels and to private hv)usc5. A long esficrience in liie Hotel bnsiticss guaran tees me in promising the guest all i!iat an\ reason able man may require. W. P. .MOORE. Attached to the House is a Par well fitte.i up and supplied with choice AVI.VLI^*rtiKS. ALE and CIG.VRS of the most favorite brands. Oct l.-», ISCG If T. W\ ^P.lRgSOVV, WITH A. SINCLAIR, Wifi be happy to see bis old irit nJ.- ami customers at Springs’ Corner. October 1st, 1S6G. WOOD Yz\RD. 1 have est;ilili.-hed a WOiij) Y.\i;i' in the city, ; «'.e’’e I sli.ill ke( ]> Wi.r.d nt one piiei' the yeur ■ round, tireen and Si a.-:,;ne.i Hiekoi v. (hik and I’ine. • 'Mivercd at a moments ii'iiiei*, by the held or cord. : l! 1 aiu liberally snstriir.c.i this «i!l be a permanent ' in.-titiilion, an I I sliali bo enabled to I'lirnish Wood I ^it a great IV reduced price, j J. M. DAVIDSON. I S,|.t 24, 18GG tf j osuoun;:, cAuinxiihii & osboilne, cii.MiLtnTi;, N. J. W. osr.oUNi;. ui kl’s TEXAS LAND AGENCY. ; \V. L. AJJ^X AXDKU, Nacocuociiiis, Tex.\s, I A TT()i;M:y at la ii', I (I’ormeily ot Lineolnton, N. C.,) . .\gent for p'lrehase and sale of Real Estate, and I liirni-liMii; sn-. li iiifonaation as muy be obtaineil ^ froni pulilic iccnrds or pn’.-onal e.\:iminaiiott of ■ '.'-J-ct Ol eiKp.iiy. Persons wi.-hinjr to purchase ' bonus in Te.xn'. clicaji. ivill do wtdl to consult me. - -V'l leMers asLlrig iniurination must enclose a re- ■ niit ti Il:;i-'i:;!EsrKS—(»pn Robt D .John.'ton, Clint lotte, : S' t' ; i[,.u 1) L -Svvaiu, Chapel lliil, N C ; lion Kemp P i;.-!!le. Kaleigh, N. C. t Wt 8, 1 pijti. pd c. U. T). OSROnXJ C. I!. lit!:l;l.K. Ii. O. WoliTII. CEO. M. DEWEV. DICELE, VtORTII & CO., C o sia Ell K M i o IS 711 v r e h a is t s, Stra.t, A'/:n' YORK. | Prompt ]ic rs' atteati'.n to S.tics of Cotton, I Gcneial Produce, with (juick One ofthefiini n-.:;y alw lys be found at their l)i!ice, near the I'oiirt lli.ure. Ciiarlotte, Oct 15, lf';r;. Inijid Cuioii State lit Aoi'tli In /.’y/'ry—7’.. Tnn. I.'iji}. William II .'NMipson. A.lminiM t :itor of Win'ain Rii;^- stair, against llilii.ud J Wol;V an-i oiii. rs. It in tliis c.;se to 'i.e saiisfi. tioti of th'‘ that I). -M.irion Uos.-and .S.irali I,is wife de' Xaval .Stores and I elm US. . ,« e;it 1 T. 1 .'’.inp 1, Augs. G. Meyer &. M V.SUFACTfllEtiS CF White Lead, .‘Saltpetre, V.uni-he?, Co.| Lamjiblack, 1 Ci'.ir lendants. rc.'i'ie beyoi;d the limiis of this ;:r.te so that I' cannot be persoi;;il!y ,-er\» d iipcu iheni, it is tl.iret.'ie crilereil by the Coini that j.ublica- tion be made, foe si.v weeks sn>a.e;, Westeru i'eniocrat. cemmat.dirg !!;e:n lo be and an- pear at the no.\t term of this Court, to be heh{ fur PuttV. Paint; No 100 L-.‘miard Street, JiALTlMORE. Jaly 17, !80G On)p l ViaABL^: H(;lJ»E ;\ND LOT FOR I 0FFI:R AT PRIVATK SALK, 'SfK DWELLIJ^G HOUSE AND LOT Oil the Last the T'iwii of .S:;Ue.viiic, situa ted a frw hundred yards from the Public Si;u-ire. by ’he 1st day of Januarv WILLIAMS, BLACK & CO., COiTI .IE I SS I O ME RC114 IVTS, No. rjG Ptarl Street, New York. Siiecial attention given to the sale of Cotton, To bacco, N«tval Stores, Varn and U;mcstic3. Consignments to us are covered by Fire and Marine Insurance as soon as freighted, from all Depots on all Railroads in North and South Carolina, and Georgia, and from all Southern shi]i)>ing ports, through to New York, whether advice of shipment is received or not. REFKREXCES. G F Watson, Richmond. T .1 Corprew. Norfolk. W T Suthcrlin. Danville, Va. John Wilkes, Pres. 1st Na. Rank, Charlotte, N C. (’has Dewey, Cashier. State Rank, Raleigh, C. R M .I(dins!on. Pres P'.v. Rank, Columbia, S C. F M Gilmer, .Montgomery, Ala. Wells, .Vilair& Co , Atlanta, Ga. P .''cranton, Augusta, G.a. Wm .lohnston. Pres. C an 1 S C Railroad. R R Riidgers, Pres. W and W R Vt' Las;iter, Director R and (i Railroad. A P. Rncl;er, Pres. 1st Na. Hank, Lynchburg. (,'reovv, Nickerson k Co., New t^lrlefins. W G Hot>inson. Pres. .Mech’s k. Trad's Bank, N. O. Poadliy. Hill k Co.. Savannah, Ga. R 1) I'oft, .Mobile, Ala. (Jctobcr t, iaU(i 6m I-IIDES liOUGUT AND SOLD BY S. M. HOWELL, Near the Post OHice, CHARLOTTE, X. C. September .3, IStJC £5- HI- .M A.VfKACTfltEU OF SADDLES & HARNESS Nt^tir the I\jst Office, C II AH LOTTE, N. C. £-^7'' Hides bought and sold. March 5, !SOC J"P^ TAILOR Sc UU.\CAi\, CHARLOTTE, N. C., WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN DRY GOODS, Boots and Shoes, Hats and Caps, Hardware, Crockery, &c., Respectfully inform the public that they keep con stantly on hand a general assortment of Goods in the above lines, which they will sell al wholesale or retail on favorable terms for cash. They invite attention to their large stock of Dry Goods, Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps, Hardware and Crocker^-, aud request those wishing lo purchase to give them a call. Tin and Sheet-Iron Ware, In this department eveiy article can be found that may be desired. All sorts of Tin and Sheet-Iron Job Work done ut short notice. Cooking Stoves, j Of all sizes and patterns, furniture complete, in i general assortment. Fairbanks’ Scales. We are Agenis for the sale of the celebrated Fair- bank;s’ iScalcf, all sizes. TAYLOR & DUNCAN. May ’.4, 18G6 J. Y, DRl CE Sc CO., General Commission Merchants, CIIAIILOTTE, N. U. Particular attention paid to the selling of all kinds of Produce, Cotton and Tobacco, Hii;he.=t cash price paid for Cotton. All orders from a distance promptly attend ed to. J. Y. BRYCK. W. II. BRYCK. March 5, ISGO. 31erchaota and dMleri in Candies vllj i;qj it to their iaterest to potchaae fr«m me, ag i give satisfaction both id price and quality. Orders from « dlstaocs attended notice. J. O. C. LEISER, Ooe door ■oath of the Mnnslon Hoai* Tryon ttreet, Charlotte, N r March 12, 1866 j ' EXPRESS COiHPAIVIJEsT^ The SOUTHERN EXPRESS C03IJPAXY h»t» moved their office in RICH.MUND nnder the Spott. ■rood Uotel, Main street, between Eighth and Niuik streets. The Southern Express Company arc uo« prepared lo forward, at Reduced Hates, Cnrrencj, Coin, Valuables and Freijjht, To all accessible points in the South. All goods shipped from the .*Iorth by the .\danif or llarnden Express Companies will be fr«n«rfrred to the SOUTHERN EXPRESS COMPAJiV to com- plete transportation. Jg^ Goods shipped from the North by stenmshli and marked to the care of Southern Express Com- pany will be promptly forwarded to destination fre« of charge for commissions and dray.age. Arrangements have been made with the DnnrilU Railroad Coropanj’, and we now receive freight for all Way Stations on that road at Uie same rates ai were formerly charged by the Danville Railroad Ex. press. Goods called for WITHOUT EXTRA CHARGS and promptly forwarded. SOUTHERN EXPRESS CO.MPANV. RICnMOXD AXD DAXVILLE RAILROAD. Noticb.—To give facilities lo the public on tl« line of this road for the transportation of small I packages by Express, an arrangement ha? been made I with the SOUTHERN EXPUKSS COMPANY by I which their wagons in Richmond and Danville will , call for and receive all Express Freight iuiended for J this Road, on notice being given at their office, and I their wagons will deliver nil Express Freijiht arriv. ing by this Road FREE OF ANY EXTRA CH.MUJB FOB RECEIPT OR DELIVKRY, and ihemtegof Express Freight will be the same as charged by tUig Company. I THOMAS DODAMEAn, Dec 18, 18C5 tf Superintendent. Chari.ottk, Dec. 18, 18C5. All freight forwarded with promptness and dii- patch, it being carried on Passenger and .Mni.'trnini and not on slow freight trains. Rates as low ai by ‘ any company. T. D. GILLESPIE, Agt. IROIV AIVD CASTIi\'Cii$. 30,000 lbs. wrought and rolled Iron, Castings, &c, for sale for cash or barter for corn, oats, pe»», cotion }arn, and cloth of ditl'erent kinds. My Ulatt Furnace is now in oi)oration and I am prepared to fill orders for Machinery, Cooking Ware, Ac. Terms cash. I want to employ some good hollow-ware Mould ers and some good Miners. i wish to make con* tracts for the cutting of 5.000 cords wood; also for coaling. Apply soon at my Furnace six miles F.ast of Lincolnton, N. C. ’ J. W. DERR. February 12, 1866 ypd To Bakers and Confectioners. AlfI.llO.’VIA. A large quantity of Ammonia can be bonght low by the Jar at Sl^ARR’S DRUG STORE. February 5, 1866 W. GOODMAN, of Mississippi, A. P. MERRILL, Jr., of New 7ork, General Ccmnissioo Merchaiti, 3G New STREEf, NEW YORK. We have made an arrangement by which Nr D W COURTS, hue Public Treasurer of North Carolina, becomes interested in all the business sent us from that State. He is not associnted now with the firm of Bennett, Van Pelt & Co, New York. We hopo bis friends will patronize us. Dec ?5, 1865 tf At the Old Establiished l>RUCi $iTORE Of F. SCARR, may be found everything in the I Dri.g line, of genuine quality. Februarj- 20, 18(J6. A general assortment, alwavs on hand, at Feb !8G6 SCAR R’S URUG STORE. The Southern Ooiri.i5a,n.3r Offer uusurjiasscd facilities for the shipment (from .VUGU.'ST.A and points SOUTH) of Cotton, Cotton Goods, and heavy froights, fo--.Sav.annnh, New York, and all points .NORTH ami WEST, Through Receipts given on which Insurance can be cflVc.tcd at lowest rates. Internal Revenue Tax will be paid or Bonds given by this Comi>any, in accordance with regulations of the Unitfd States Treiisury Department. For parlicultirs aud rates, incjuire of Southern Express Com]niny. Thii Companv is now prepared to forward GOLD and silver COIN, CURRENCY PARCELS, AND FRKIGHTS, To Petersburg, Va, Danville, Va. Gieen.ooro, N C, Kaieij,.h, N C, Goldsboro, N C, Lynchburg, Va, IJri.^toJ, Tenn. Saii.'bury, N C, Weldon, N C, Wilmington, N C, AKD TO WAV 8TATI0N.S O.V TilB _ Virginia and Tennessee Railroad, South-Side Rail- PCII»ioiSW ! PeeiMBOBlS ! ! roail, Petersburg Railroad, North Carolina Railroad, The under.-ignel is prepared to jret all old Pen- ' ^='‘''on Rii'lroad, Wilmington and Wel- sioticrs rc'tiircd to the Pen.iion Rolls and collect ' ^ ■ C. Railroad, their pay. .VII pen>ii)!iprs in the Revolnlion, | ihe war of 1812, and the ile.vican war. appi)' at j C. JI. nOBINSOV. Dti. H. II. BOni.NSOM. C. H. ROBINSON & CO., Commission A Fomardiog Nerehantii) %V1L9IIJVC!T01V, If. C. Prompt attention given to orders and consign ments. Jan 29, 1866 tf J. M. « and widths* II once to C. W. DOWNING,'S Office, Charlotte, N. C. -1/ To LETTERS, HONEY PACKAGES, AND SMALL PARCELS, the c n;:!y i>f I iiinn. at the Cu'irt House in .'.Umroe, I Possession can be had on the S;h Mo!;d:iy alter the -i h Muiiil.iy in -Viigust, i >‘''Xt. The Dwelling House is 40 by 32 I'cet,.") rooms ' o. .• .1 - 1 .. . _ . , . below atul 4 lire-placcs, 4 rooms above nn;l 2 fire- ’ phuPS. a j.iazza in front and back of the dwelling; 4 good kitchens \vith brick chimneys and lire-tdaees. then and there to answ er, ple.i.l or dennu-, or j'ldjrmer.t prc confVs-o, w ill lie cntejed against them. Wi'n. ss. Thomas D. Winclu :;tcr. ’l, > irand .Mastei" ot sai 1 t.'ourt, at ofiice in Motiroe, the 4th d.iv of (.•(.tober, IbCiJ. T. D. U'iNCIJESTER, C. M. E. 3D-(^t [pr. p. Iv. $ ; u] Fish and pure Tanners’ OIL, For sale at SCARR’S DRl'G STORS .\pril 2:!. I'Si;!’. K. \\\ »i:Cl4U IT||, n^ * JEU'M^LEn, (J 11 All LOTTE, N. 0, Columbia, S C, Augusti), Ga, Macon, Ga, iMobilc, .Ala, Selma, Ala, Kew Orleans, La, A.VD TO WAY STATI0S8 O.V TXJf Charleston, S C, Savannah, Ga, Columbus, Ga, Montgomery, Ala, Jackson, Miss, c. w. I^owsiins:, NOTAHV rrJ5LIC Office in the Carson building, uj) a;.irs, nijdcr the ■M:es t'rj;itii>'' o;’'0''. Regs leave to inform his old patrons of.Mecklenburg Charlotte A .S. C. Railroad, South Carolina Rail- and adjoining countiy. that he has resumed the ronil, Georgia Railroad, .Macon and Western Rail- ^ a Hour room, loom house, wheat house, and a I'ood “bove business ia his Old Stand, where he will be road. Atlanta and West Point Railroad. Southwest- | smoke house—all in good repair—a well of exceTleni *“‘l’r.'' attend lo all orders f..r goods iu his line. , ern Railroad. .Southern Railroad, aud Alabamaand i j water, milk house aii 1 wa^li hoii'o. a carri.ige and All Watch Work ! Mississippi Railroad j j ice house, a large stable with 2 large sliedT. corn promptly attended mot moderate charges and ' ^ Goods shipped by Ihe Adams and Harnden I j crib and tirst rale cow shed nith t; stalls and a ror.m warranted for twelve months if not abused. I to set^the milk pails iti; calt stali and hog pen at- i He will keep l onstantly on hand txtcJ:LG&, Setts, Rings, Silver-Ware, of the latest s’vles and purest t|uality. TABLE Cl'TLEKY. Clocks and Fancy .\rticles. ,He will make to order RINGS and other Jewelry of v-Tgin golil. All be asks is a call. June 4, ISi^tj Cm tached; a good garden, cl jver and cow lot. { Alsio, •> Acres ol* liHiid, - «ell improved, attached, for truck patches. .More desiralile property has not been olfercd in this town for sale. J. W. STOCIvTuN. 8iitC;vi!'ie, Oct I'l, l°00 Express Compatjes, and marked lo the care of the Southern Express Company, will be promptly for warded to destination. Freights shipped by Btearoshlp to onr care will be forwarded by Express without charge for com mission or drayage. If orders are left at our Office, poods will be cal led for and forwarded bv first E.vpress. SOUTHERN E.^PRESS CO. Charlotte, Anj. 14, !865. IlINES of Va., WITH 8HORB BROTHERS, Successors to Siioan, Ras.ngy k Co., Importers and Dealers in China, Glass and Earthenware, No. 02 Vesey Street, April 9, 18GG Cm IVeW York* For Sale, A superior toned CHURCII BELL, with iron frnme and yoke. Tcquire at this Ulbct. November 27, 1865 »f llifirh 8hoalfl IRON MANUrACTXTRING CO., Gaston County, N. C. This Company having gone into ojieration, solicit the patronage of de.alers and the public. They are new prepared lo execute all orders in the best style, from the superior Iron on their properly. The fol lowing articles are enumerated, vi*. : Rolled Iron—round—all sizes. Square “ “ Wagon *• and axles Flat bar “ for plates Tire “ Band " “ Hoop “ “ Nails of all sizes. Tacks “ “ * Brads “ “ Castings—heavy and light. Ilollow-ware of every kind and description. Stoves, Pluugb-shares, .Mould-boards. Ucariug of every size—light and heavy. J liorije-«hoe Iron and nails. I The Company will shortly be prepared to produce , Railroad Iron, and to re-roll the material with ex I pediiion. All orders promptly execnied. I Application to nie made in person, or bj letter at the work^ or at Cbarlolle. Address FRED. D. STUAPT, High ShoaU, Feb. 12, 18GJ.—tf Sup't. Southern Express Company. The Southern KspreM Company has opened com munication with all Northern and Western States, and is now prepared to forward Freight, Money and valuable Packages safely and promptly. Messen gers leave Charlotte dally, connecting at Raleigh with Adams' Express Company, and at Rictmond with Adams' and Hamden’s Express Compauiea. Letters will be forwarded by this Company lo all points South and North haviog no mail facilities. T. D. GILLESPIE, Agent. Charlotte, Jane 19, 1865 tf FiRE”r Greensbora' MHtBal losnraocc Cos Capital 1500,000. One of the safest and most reliable Companies in the countiy. Insurances eflecied on as reasonable terms as an}'company. C. W. UOWNINO, 12, 1»C8 Agent, CNiarlolte-, K p .-X *1 K pi ol Nl ful wi Re «u| f.i([ all r«i S(J Sl| €. nl|l loit pat^ an thil ipr'i tie I A ll red!

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