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North Carolina Newspapers

The western Democrat. (Charlotte, N.C.) 1852-1870, November 10, 1868, Image 4

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'ISiealevn '^etnactctlf dSlhavloH^i ^TStAS-^ *¥^ Better Late tlian Never. Life is like 8 rac« where sume succeed "While others are begiDiiiag; *Tis luck in soniC, iu others speed, That gives an early winniiit?; But if }'U chauce to tail behind, Ne’er elackeii jour enueavor; Just keep this whulesouie truth ia miod^ “’Ti« better kt« than ueverl” And if jou keep ahead 'tis wall, But uever trip jour oeighbor; 'Tis noble when you can excel _By h uoest, patient labor; Bat if you are outstripped at labt, press ou an bold as ever; Bctueniber, though you are surpassed, “’Tis better late than neverl” Ne'er labor for an idle boast Or victory o’er another; But while you strive uppermost, Deal fairly with a brother; Whate’er your station, do your best, And hold your purpose ever; And if you fail to do tho rest, *•'118 bettor late than never!” Choose well the path in which you run— Succeed by noble during, Theu, though the last, when once ’tis won, Your crown is worth the wearin^j, Then never fret if loft behind, Nor slacken your endeavor. But ever keep this truth in mind—« "’Tis better late than never!” CLOVER SEED, Orchard Orass So«d, Kentucky Blue Grass Sofd, Herds Gmes Seed, just rcctircd and for Falc a( tlie City Drug Stcre. KlLGOKE & CUKLTON. COLOBED paints. Another Bupp’y of “Trippa’s CoJored Piiiof p,” rc- seived aud for sale at the City Drug Store. Oct 19, 1868. KILGORE & CURFTON WHO WILL BE ELECTED? Thja is A question we cannot answer, but we can tell you where you can buy good Goods, fine Goods Md cheap Goodi, such as people need in the wjty of Hardware, Dry Goods, ISoots, ShocB, liaia, Uiiibrcllas, Faoey Notions, &c., it is at BAKRI5GER, WOLFE A CO S. Dress Goods, &c. The nicest Dress Goods wc Lave cvcrLnd to offer to the public. The finest stock of P.’e.ichftd Dom''6»ios which can be found in this nnr>vrt. and ’iny one w;xniing ihtm right had better exanuuo oti'- tit :k. Fancy Delaines, Popliii. GImch Mixtures, Japanese ClAths, Armours of all sty]..^. Hoop Skirts, Balmorals Skirts ot ull prices, Xftt Shawls; aldo a largo Btock cf a!l kiude of Shawls aud Blankets. flannels. Opera Flannels white and colorcd, com- BMn and extra fine. Ginghams. Ginghams, Alamance I’laidH, Lin^j^y, nnd other kinds of Plaids, all of which wc offer chcsip. Fine Cloaks. Don’t buy a Cl*>ak until you see ours, as we think you will save money. We Imve almost «n Noah s Ark in the way of variety. We only ask a fair show and a look with an unprejudiced eye, and thcu if wc den't tell it is our fault Call and see BARiUXGEK, WOLFE k CO.. Opposite the Charlotto Ilotel. Look to Your Interest. Come aud pay us up. Don’t be forgetful cf the kind indulgence we have given you, and if you don’t intend to pay please come and npeuJ your niouey with us who have favored you. Vou can find us op posite Maj. J. B. Kerr 8 old Hotel. Don't forget the place. A man that can pay ancl won’t pay us alter our kind trcutmem deserves to settle with some one •lac. BAKUINGER, WoLFE t CO. October 12, ISO'S. NOTICE. Ia eonsequcnce of frequent ilepvcdations on niy Lands in OaHton and Mecklenburg counties, situated on the Catawba River, I am obliged to forbid por- •ons from hunting or fishing either night or day on the same, or otherwise trevpaseing x>n iny premises. The law will be enforced against ull persons who may offend io that way hereafter. A. W. ALEXANDER. Get 19. 1808 8w 1869 ALMANACS 1869 10,900 Blum's Farmers and Planters Alnianac for 18t>y, juet received at the New Book Store. For eale by the single copy, dozen, hun'lrid or tbouand. Country merchants will do well i j give us a chII be fore supplying themseljres for next cea^on. Oct 1», 1608. IlDDY X BRO. Pictures! Pictures! 1 The lindcrsigned Photographic Artist, of Baltimore, Md , calls the attention of hi;* friends, and Uie public in general, to hi.-, newly opened PHOTOGRAPH and AMBROTYPE OALLI^R'?. where he ia i.ow pre pared to take A No. 1 Pictured of each sod of every •tjle and Satiafaetioa gucriu-.ted in every Pirture. Copi«# tak«n froui the M'lr.lli-t into tlie largent portrait Aleo pictures ncnil v fiuod i-i Rii)gs, Breastpins and Lockets. AH 1 or’i • five me a trial ■’ N B.—Parties di-tirinfr to lonrn iLe trndc anO ar LiiLiiig Pictures can do ro Mjij.lviiifr lo HEN'RV B.M MGAKrEN. Cl.arkUc, N. C. Photograph Gallery over Jainf- Harty’s Store, Feb 24, 1868. Next door to Ccurt-houi'e. A Total Eclipse of the Sun in 1869.— Prof. S. N. White writes to a New York paper of a total eclipse of the sun which is to occur in August, 1869. His notes of the track of the totality, calculated fifteen years ago, are as iol- lows: The sun will rise eclipsed in the interior of Siberia, on the morning ot August 7th, 18G9, when the shadow will tuove iu a north-easterly direction; then, turning eastwardly and south wardly, will pass over Behring’s Straits aud Northern Alaska about noon, local time. Thence, Dioving across part of British North America, it will re-enter the United States iu Montana, be tween 2 and 3 P. M., local time. Moving thence across Western Nebraska, it will pass diagonally through Iowa, passing over Sioux City. Dcs Moines and Keokuk about 5 o’clock. Thence it will move to the southeast, over Jacksonville, Illinois, acn.«9 southern Indiana, Central Ken tucky, Eastern Tennessee, into and across North (’arolina. and will touch the sea coast in Pamlico sound; and it will finally leave the earth not far from the Bermudas. It will be visible in all parts of the United States, and t«;tal over a belt of 100 miles wide along the line just indicated, the sun being hid more than four minutes. Thepo orest classes of tho Chinese people arc reduced to the necessity of eating almost every thing that can be masticated and swallowed. Among th® edibles with which their destitute condition has made them acquainted irc earth worms and caterpillars. By eating the latter one would suppose they would be able to make the butter fiy. ^ ■ • The Louisville Journal ungallantly says that woman, with all her beauty atid worth, should remember that man was the chief matter con sidered at the creation. She was only a sic’e issue. Blue Stone For sale at the City Drug Store. KILGORE & CURETOK. Remember the CITY BOOK STORE, Whore 13 constantly being received BOOKS, STATIONERY. BLANK BOOKS, Memorandums, Diaries for 1869, Wall Paper, Tis8..e Paper, in fact everything that you may find in a first class Book Store. Remember I am Agent for tho Wilcox and Gibbs’ Sewing .Machine, the most complete and best ou cx- hibitioa. Se« Circular. Farmers! I am .Agent for the .Maryland Farmer Magazine, printed m iialtiinore. Hand in your subscription— only $1. Last but not least, remember niy terms are S R. JOHNSTON, Next door to McAdeu's nev.- building. Oct 19, 18C8. M6ir To Teachers I would say. to avoid confusion and delay, you can be furnished at shortest notice any and all Books by leaving your orders at the City Book Store Oct 2ti, I8C8. S. KUFUS JOHNSTON. Bank Money. The highest market price paid for t-ld Bank Nofe.«, sad orders for the game aoliciied, at the City Bank of Charlotte. W. A. ^V ILLlA-^iS, July I), 1803. Cabhier. KNOX & GILL, Cotton Factors and GENERAL COMMISSION MEllCIIANTS, ll!5 ASmilh’s W/iur/, [LAURENCE L. PRINCE.] Baltimoro. ®iaJ“Consignment3 of Cotton respectfully solicited, aad liberal advances made thereon. Orders will receive prompt attention, October 5, 1SG8. bra Seed Wheat We have a lot of fine SEED WHE.VT for sale. Mc.MURRAi, 1>.U IS i CO. Augu'-f 21, 1SC8. The City Bank of Charlotte Solicit.s tho Accounts of business men and others, and prOiiiiiica Katisfaciion. .Inly 6. VV. A. WILLIAMS, CasTiier. NEW FALL GOODS A. SINCLAIR, at Sprtnys Corner, Would respectfully inform his friends and customers that ho is now receiving hia NLW STOCK of Fall Goods. Ho is offering a full supply of everything found in a first ela!.s Dry Goods House At as REA80N.ABLE RATES as they can be pur chased iu any house in the city. Remeni’jcr the House, tlie Old Stand at Springs' Corner. A. SING LAIR. October 5, 18C8 Fine Store and Elegant Goods. BUXBAUl^fe LANG Have removed from the corner store under the Man sion Houso to the newly fitted up store of Hammond McLaughlin near Outes’ corner, w here they have A Splendid Assortment Of Dry Goods, Ready-made Clothing. Boots and Shoes, Hats and Caps, aud every other article usually kept in a first class Dry Goods Store. To those who may pati;ouize them they will say that they guarnntee satisfaction iu Prices and Quality. Call at till.- New Store, 3d door from Oates’ corner, and see for vourselvcs. C.M’T. C. II. EL.MS is with Buxbaum & Lang, and will be pleased to see his Hcquaintaiici'S aud friendi and :issist them in making purchases. Sept. iS, IbGS. JUST RECEIVED, A splendid lot of Bagging, Roping and Tiee. at B. M. PRLSSON S. jUco, •'splcsdid lot of Country Bacon. ». M. PRESSON. 41ao, a lot of Cbeeee, at B. 11. PRESSON'6. Famera can come and get tbeir Bagging and t«piag,,to b« pa^ f«r ia Cotton. 8«pt 21, 1868. B. M. PRESSOX. BOOTS AND SHOES. 8. B. Meacham, {Tkt jtnl Shot Houtehtloie I'u First Xjtional Bank,) Uas Jast received one of the largest Blocks of Boots and Shoes, Leather, 8H0E-mi)INGS, BLLTING, «c., Ever brought to this market, and which will be sold •ft low as at any houso in the South. His goods are warranted as represented. Pricca will be made to suit purchasers. Call at Me.aoham's Shoe Store, ju«t below t}>e new Bank BaiMing and examine gooda and pricw. 7; MW; REMOVAL! REMOVAL!! Important Notice. II. M. PHELPS Ha? the honor to inform his friends and the public that ou account of an enlargement in his business, he has found it necessary to remove from his old stand, opposite the Court House, and that he can now be found at the handsome and commodious STOREROOM OX TRADE STREET, Next to STENHOUSE, MACAULAY & CO., where lie will bo pleased lo receive bis old friends, ensuring i them the Sitme attention and treatment they have always received nt hi? old quarters. His stock of SPUING AND SUMMER GOODS now in store will compare favorably wiih any ia this or any Southern City, aud will be sold at Considerably Reduced Figures In order to make room for his Fall stock. A full assortment of Dry Goods and Domestics. Drc.'S Goods and White Goods, Clothing, Cassimercs and Jt.nns. -V well assorted stock of MILLINERY in all its liranches. Groceries, Hats, Boots and Shoes, Notions. Hardware, itc , ccc. Remciabor the pl:iCO. H. M. PHELPS, next to Sttnhouse, Macaubiy Co's, At the stand formerly occupied by tho* Farmers & AlocLanics' Association. Wall Papering. Just received 1,000 pieces of Wallpapering. Al-o, 100 pieoes Bordering Paper, 2G0) air Window ('i.r- I tains, 100 fire Screens, ic , for sale at New York I prices. H. M. PHELPS, i August 10, 1SG8. GROCERIES. .Hiller Sc Black j Hav» received a large Stock of Groceries, consisting [ in part of Cotton Ties, Bagging and Rope. Siijrar. Coffee. Molasses and Salt, Iron, Nails, Leather. &c. In short, everything and anything kept in a first- class Grocery Store. Thankful for past patronage, we invHe our friends and the public generally to give us a call before purohasing elsewher% Oft. fH 1988. VILLBR k BLACK. It is stated that rags, as a material for paper making, have been so far superceded by Esparto grass tbat seren-tenth« of British paper is now made from it. The London Times is printed on paper made of this material. Already fifty thousand tons are annually exported i'rotu Spain and Portugal to England, at a cobt of about thirty- fivp dollars a ton PLANTATIONS FOR SALE. I wish to sell my Plantation in Iredell county, 12 miles South-east of Statesville, on the Mocksville and Georgia Road. There are about 500 Acres of firtt rate Land—100 of which is in cultivation, and the balance wood-land. On the premises is a Dwelling House with all necessary out-houses, cotton gin, screw, Ac. The place is within 4 miles of the West ern N. C. Railroad—surrounded by Churches and a good neighborhood. The tract of Land will be divi ded if desired by a purchaser. The neighborhood is as healthy as any in the country. Also. I will sell a Tract of Land containing 140 acres, lying on the line of Railroad from Charlotte to Statesville—about 8 miles South of Statesville. It is all wood land, and of pretty good quality. Call and sec me on the premises, or address me at Amity Hill P. 0., Iredell county, N. C. GEO. F. SHEPHERD. Oct 19. I8C8 Impd New Store and NEW GOODS. THE LATEST NOVELTY. Now arriving daily, aod on inspection at the Cor ner Store, GRAY'S 13L0CK, (nearly opposite the Coiirt House,) a large and carefully selected Stock of choice Family Groceries, Which we propose lo sell low down for the Cash either at wholesale or retail. We intend to keep good Goods, and sell them as cheap as any other House in the city. We have Bagging, Beards' Patent Buckle Tie, a good assortment of Hardware and Wooden Ware; in fact everything usually kept iu the Grocery line. Try us before purchasing. Oct. 5, 1808 W. W. GRIER & CO. Receiving daily at S. Grose & Co’s, A select* tock of Groceries recently purchased, which we offer very low. Call and examine our Goods be fore you S. GROSE & CO., Trade Street, nearly opposite the Post OflBce. Hams and Syrup. A choice lot of Sugar Cured Hams, and Maryland Golden Syrup and New Orleans (new crop) t^yrup, at S. GROSE & CO S. A. a. 5TSBET. D. O. HAZWELt. NISBET & MAXWELL, CHARLOTTE, N. C., Candy Manufacturers and Bakers. Also, Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Oroceriep, Confectioneries, Pipes. Tobacco, Snuff, Cigars, Toys, Musical Instrumeuts, Notions, &c. Parks BuiUing, Ko. 24, Tryon Street. July 27, 18G8. NEW STOCK OF GROCEIIIES. J. ROESSLER & CO., [At Kahntceiler's old aland, 2d door from Brem, Brown 4* Co't SiOTt^') Have just received a large and general assortment of Dry Goods, Groceries, &c.. Which they offer to the public at fair aud reasonable prices. The Stock of Dry Goods, for Fall and Winter Wear, Will be found to be one of the best ever brought to this ni.irket. The ladies are particularly invited to call and examine goods and price.s, Ready~Made Clothing, Of every desci'iption, for men and boys, is being of fered at remarkably low rates. CAPT. J. ROESSLER respectfully requests his Wanted, 500 Bushels of ONIONS, at Sept. 7, IHGS. S. GROSE & CO'S. SMITH’S Boot, Shoe and Leather Store, Next door to Dcivoj'i Bank, Charluttc, X. C., Is the Wholesale and Retail Shoe ment in North Carolina. Tiie quality of their Stock ii-superior in every re- spoct, and iMiequaled iu style, finish and worknum- ship. The prices are as low as can be atlorded They buy their Goods exclusively trom .Manufac turers. or have them made to order. The}’ pay no rent and do the business themselves, and can, there fore, and will .“ell all st^’les and qualities of Boot.s and Shoes at lower prices than can be found else where in this market. Every pair of Boots aud Shoes is warranted as rcpre.seuted. “One price to all,’' and “lair dealing,'’ is their mutto. Hammond & McLaughlin* (Af Oates' Lorncr.^ Have received a full stock of new Groceries, consist ing in part of A large lot of Bagging, Iron t.'otton Ties and Rope, Sugar, Coffee and Tea, Molasses, Iron and Nails, Salt, Leather of all sorts. Anything and everything in the Groccry lino may be fouud at their Store. HA.MMOND & McLAUGHLIN. Snpt M. WANTED, By the undersigned, all tlie new work that may be needed in the ^addlc aud Harness line. AUo, all the Repairing that may be necessary about your i premises. \\ ork warranted and perfect satisfaction ! guaranteed. I Next door to J. V. Bryce k Co.'s, Trade Street, Charlotte, N. C. Sept. 7, 1808. L. W. OSBORNE. WONDERFUL DISCOVERY! Leather, Shoe Findings & Belting. Their stock of Leatlier and Shoe Findings is most complete, einbracing every grade of Hemlock and old friends to give him a call this Fall and Winter, Oak Sole Leather, Upper Leather, French and Auier- and he assures them that he will continue to exert ican Calf Skins, Ki)>.^, &e. They albO furuish himself to please them iu the future as he hoj>es he all widths of Rubber and Leather Belting at Maiiu- ! faciurers' prices. I Ask for SMITH’S SHOE STORE, the oldest es- ! tablishcd Shoe House iu the State. has done in the past. Sept 'il, 18t>8. J. ROESSLER k CO. Fresh Drugs, A general assortment, always on hand, at August 2'.', 18C8. SCARR'S DRUG STORE. Peruvian Guano. In Siorc aud for sale by HUTCHISON, BUIUIOUGHS vV CO. PACIFI^U.VNO, Call on HUTCHISON, BURROUGHS k CO. OBi:il’S GUANO, For salo by HUTCHISON, BL’RROCGIfS & CO. BAUGHS SUPEKPIIOSPIlATE, For sale by HUTCHISON, BURROUGHS & CO. ZELL’S SrPElU‘IIOSP[IATi:, For sale by HUTCHISON, BURROUGHS & CO. LIME, PLASTER AND CEMENT, For sale by HUTCHISON, BURROUGHS & CO. Farmers can save inon‘V by calling on HUTCHISON, BURROUGHS & CO., to buyN ot- tou Ties. Hutchison, Burroughs & Co., G'.nfrnl Ij>te rnul Fin- lufvniih-' Aijcnfx. Officc on Trade Street, Cu.iiii.oiTi;. N. C. Sept. 7, lbt)8. Their Wholesale Department. They arc uow receivincr tlieir Fall aud Winter Stock, tiie largest and iiiost complete ever hroujrlit to this market, aud jiropose to sell to niereluiuls at NEW VOllK WHOLESALE PRR'ES. i Their being much less, and as they buy ! exclusively from mamii'aciurers. ihere is no rea-on i tawba county. N. is agent for the counties of Cii- j why they canuot sell at as low prices as the Nev, [ tawba, Lincoln, Iredell, (Jaston, Rowan and Meck- , York Jobber. All they ask is a lair trial. Remem- j lenburg, N. C. ! bcr aud ask for j For .sale by Druggists in Charlotte and by Drug- I SMITH S SHOE STORE, i gists generally. Next Door to Dewey's Uank, Ciiarlotte, N. C. Sept 121, Ih' S 3mpd Dr. Byrn’s Magic Pain Cure. Tills Isa new and wonderful Medicine. It is used for the various forms of Headache, which, in ordin ary ea.‘'es, it cures in a few minutes time: also. Neuralgia. Nervousness, Cold in the Head, and Weakness of the Nerves, is speedily brought under its inlluoiice. Ordiui.ry or mild cases of Catarrh in the lleud, can also be checked by its use, and pre vented from going further, which is of grc.-it impor tance, and evi-n cases of long stanling can be cured by persevering in the use ot the m'nlieine. It is per fectly hariiilif>s, .lU'l is warrantnl lo give s.-itisfaction. People often express wonder and astonishment lo find iheniselves so suddi niy relieved from all pain; yet the remedy eoiitiiins no 0}>l\iin, no Clilorolorm, no Ktlier. nor any thing of a narcotic nature. It is jircjiared from roots, barks, leaves, gums aud Howers, and is absolutely harmless, even for an intant. This remedy is a nervine, and is used as a liquid, aud this is one reason why it cures so quickly. There arc no diseases more common than those for which it is re- coiiunended. .Millions of suffering mortals would be willing to pay tilniii-t any price to secure a few hours relief anil rest, if th'-y knew of a remcly that would giv' immediate e.-ise. Then by all means be cured permanently by using the Magic I’aiti Cure. Price 1)0 cents. E. L. SIIKRRKLL, P. M. at Sherrell s Ford, Ca- August .‘51, 1M()!^. McLEOD & STEELE, Have just receivod the handsomest stock of Foreign and Domestic ‘ Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes, HATS AND CAPS, YANKEE NOTIONS, Hosiery, Gloves, Gent's Furnishing Goods. Ladies’ , and Missos Bonnets and Hals, trimmed and untrim- med; Bonnet Ribbon, French Flowers, Dress Trim-j mings, &.C., &,c., they have ever offered in this market, i Dress Goods. ^ We have a beautiful assortment—many of the most desirable etyles of the season. We feel assured in saying they are not excelled either in style or price by any iu the market. White Goods. j We have a full line. Marseilles aud Alaudale Quilt.s, Linen and Cotton Sheetings, Pillow Caseings, Piques, ' I’rrcals, Linen Duck, &c.. French Cloths and Cassi- meres, .Marseilles and Silk Vesting. Rock Island Cas- I simeres and Jeans at Factory prices. ; HARDWARE AND (JROCKERV, * A genei'al assortment. i \Ve respeclftilly ask our friends and cuslorliers to call and examine our stock, hear prices, before buying. Many thanks to our friends and customers for the liberal p.-itronage bestowed on us heretofore, aud we ask the continuance of the same. April 27, 18G8. McLEOD i: STEELE. Beef Cattle and Milch Cows I WANTED. j I want to buy good Milch Cow.'-—Cows either with young Calves or- Sj'riiigers; also, good fat lUef • Cattle, for which I will ]iay a fair cash jirice. for 1 j exj)ect TO be in want of this kind of Stock at least for i some months. j I also want to buy Dry and Green Hides. W. A. COOK. I April 27, 13G8. Town Batcher. NEW BOOKS! GOOD BOOKS!! I and Cheap Books!!! I .lust received at Tiddy's “N» w i’.ook Store,'’ Bibles ; of all size!-, from the birgest lo the smallest. All prices, 10 suit everybody. Prayer Books, A liiuulsome assoi tinent. some really eleg.Miil. •wliieh c.-iniuit fail to please the most fastidious, both in style and ))rice. Hymn Books—Methodist, Pri‘>byterian, B.iptist and l.uthi’ran, all the different sizes pub- lislK fl, can be found at our store. Albums, We have the handsomest and most complete assori- m"ut ever offered iu this market, which we ofl'er al Tobacco, Smoking and Chewing, which wc are offering at [irices which defy competition .lulv -i7, ISCkS. Nlsr.ET & MAXWLLL. FAMILY GROCERIES. I have ou hand, and am constantly receiving, a general assortment of (iroceries, such as Sugar, 'i'ea. C’oiiee, Molasse.s. Cheese, Flour, Bacon, Corn, .Meal, and eveiytiiing else iu the Grocery line I will sell as cheap as any house in Charlotte, and resi)cet I ully reiuest persons wishing lo buy to give me a call. I deliver, within fho ImiKa cf tlic City, allGio- cerios bought at my Store. A gool lot of Castings and Hollow-Ware for s.ale. A. BEURVniLL, Feb 17, 18i)8. Under .Mansion House. Stoves, Tin-Ware, &c. D. H. "bYERLY, (In the r>atn-mi:nt Store undtr Jfjugr,') Keeps for sale a full assortment of Stoves of every descriptiou, llollow-Wure, Tin-Ware, Jaj>an-Ware, ite., .Vc. S))ears' .\nii-Dust Cookitig Stove is a superior arti- remarkubly low jirices. They are Lippincott's make, j cle. and has given general satisfaction. 1 have sold and have the patent hinge, which, ^^ilh ordinary use j a large number within the past year, will lu?t alway.s, and a liille longer. I Tin, Co])j)er and Slieet-lron ork executed at short Catholic Books. notu e. ilepairing promptly attended lo. Mutilated Currency. Ragged and defaced Greenbacks. National Bank j Currency and Shinplasters bought at a small Tliscount, I at the City Bank of Charlotte. July 6, IS68. W. A. WILLIAMS, Cashier. ! Mis sion Bflok, llowers of I'leiy, riiristiati Guide (o styles). Key of Heaven, I’ath to Paradise, i^cc. Our .Miscellancotis slock is large, every one can find something to read, for a small sum. We charge notjiing for showing our goods—call and examine ; whether you want to bu}' or not. I Our stock of School Books is row complete. ' Wholesale bu^-ers and Teachers buyiug for Schools 'vill ceriainly find it to Iheir advantage to call and sec us before buying elsewhere. , I Stationery. I Sometliing nice just received in the Stationery ! Line Stamped initial paper with euvelojies to match, ■' pul up in neat one quire i’>oxes. A lull line of fancy and plain Paper and Envelopes. We have a full sto'.k of -lob Office Material, such as Bristol Rimrd, Printer's Llaiiks aud China Cards, : all sizes and qualities. J’ajier, I'latcap, Foolscap, \ Letter and Note, Plain. I Rook, News and Wrapping P.iper at M.-.nufaciurers ' ]jrices. .Ml we ask is an iiispeelion of stock and ' prices, as wc will not bo undersobl. i TIDDY BRO. Rags! Rags!! i The highest price paid in Money for clean Cotton ^ and Linen Rags at the New Book Store. DR. JAS. N. BUTT, Druggist and Chemist, WHOLESALE and RETAIL DEALER in Drugs and Medicines of every discription and kind, Corner Triuh" aitil CnVrye Strrrts^ CHARLOTTE, 'S , V . .Inne 1 o. 1 H(iS. TIDDV & BRO. I R. H. COWAW & CO., , General Commission and Shipping Merchants, 1 ANl> I Wholesale Grocers. : .\gents for M. Davis k Son’s (Liberty, Va.,) celebra- i ted \'irginia Chewing Tobacco. ! -Vgents for Lister I’ro's .Superpho.'phate of I.irae. I return my thanks for the liberal share of patronage heretofore received. D. H. BYERLY. March IG, 1S08. Under Mansion House. THE CITY DRUG STORE (»F Kilgore & Cureton, No 2, Granite Row, next to the Express Otiice and o]>posite the Mansion lioiise. A large assort!iient of Fresh Drugs, (,'hcmicals. Paints, Oils, Dye Stuffs, Perfumery. \c., will be Ibiindait this new establishment, aud will be sold al as low prices as any other house. B. F. KILGORE, M. D. June 1.'), IR'IS. T. K. CUtKTON, .M. D. TAILORING. John Vogel, Practical Tailor, I Respectfully jnforiMs the citizens of Charlotte and j surrounding country, that he is prej>ared to manu- j f.icture geni lenii u s clothing in the latest style and I at .'hort notice. His V)csl exertiojis will be given to render satisfaction lo those who patronize him. Shop I opposite old Charlotte Ilotel, next door lo Brem's j Hardware Si ore. .Jajiviary 1, I SADDLES AND HARNESS. Agents for Vulcan Iron Works, Richmond, Va. Pure No. 1 KEROSENE—it is safe and non-esplo- '■ W Il.i7IIIVCiiTOX, W. C., sive. If a lighted torch be plunged in it. it will ex- ! ^Vo. '^2 Xnrth ]VaU r Sfrn t tinguish it as quick as water. It is from six to ei;.'lit times as cheap as candles, and from four to six tin;*: frS brilliant. ■ Buy a Lamp, which I can soil for .'0 c6nts. and if : it does not give perfect satisfaction you ma}’ rettirn ! it. 1 have just received a spleudid lot of new Lamps, j Cull and see them. R. It. ro'v\\, jNo. w. cvMr.KO.N,- j.\s. n. i!t;,!,. June-'.', ISO'S Iv Chills and Fever. I am treating numbers of persoii.s successrully for Chills and Fever. If you are sutferiug this way 1 think I can assure you of a successful treatment, having practiced for over twelve years in a fever and ague district. Coffee. We have Just received a lot of ('(,ffee which will compare favnrably, l.ijih as to price and .iualily, with anv in the ciiy. Julv27. IMiH NISBET k MAXWELL. Preserve this Notice. \ou cangetat Dr. Jas. N Butt's Drug Store tiie > and ia giving them a thor"Ugh business education following sizes of INDOW GL.ASS: ' Special attention given to M athf.m.\tic,\l Ti!\i.\i.\g. Hx20. l'2x'2:i, l-2fJ4, HxlS, 14x2:’. 11x24, lOxl^ lCx2(i, lCx24, ISxl’O, lSx22, ]bx24, 20x^4, iUxSo] kc., kc. Attention! You can gof Medicines and Prescriptions at all hours of the day and night, and on Sundav. at JAS. N BUTT S Charlotte, N. C.. Oct 12, 18C8. Drug Store. Deposits. Deposits of Coin and Currency received in any amount and Interest allowed per agreement, and if I VaRNS. &c., &c. ^ A IA ^ AO i-1 1 4 1 : ; ROIiEIlT SHAW & SON, (^TUirtl Door from the Mnti^inn • ^ RESPECTFCLLV infoTm « i!,o p.,I,he that they have a lai-)r>' sicck of SADDLES aud il.VU^E^'.S ou hand, whicii they ofl'er to the pulilic at low prices. .Anything iu the way of Sad.dles, Harness, —' JlrnHrs, Mortiinj'ih-s, t',n.irs. Saddle Trees, Harness Mounting of all des criptions, ^c., will be ftirnished or made to order. -\s v.e are regular mechanic", we lliink it will be to tiie advantage of all to buy from us. AVc warrant our work. RKP.Ml’.lNG neatly esccuicd at short notice and tin reason iijle terms. R. SH.\W, Aug 10. y W. E. SHAW. notice" ~ Tiic j.artncrsliip lieretotore existing between J I’li.'tbaum. S. Anathan aud J. Rocssler, known as the fii r.i of - J BrXB.\UM k CO.'’ was dissolved by muiu.i’ ‘oiiseiit on the 2-"d inst—J. Ruesslcr with drawing from the said firm. Claims due to and by the late firm at Charlotte will be settled by J. Buxbaum. J. BVXBAU.M, S ANATHAN, June 2^1, lS6.=i. J. ROESSLER. J. E. STENHOUSE, 1 ALLAN MACAULAY, New York, j Chaki.otte, N. C. Stenhouse & Macaulay, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, lO'j Pearl Street, XEIV YORK. Having opened a House in Cliuilotte, near the , Prompt pr-rsonal attention given to the j«ilc of Post C>ffice, ior the sale of our own manufactured ; Cotum, -'o:ton Yarns, Naval Stores, kc., and the goods, we iuviie the attention of merchants and ; purchase of Merchandise generally, others to our YARNS. SHEETINGS. SHIRTIVGS. Consignments solicited. Catawba English and Classical HIGH SCHOOL, : ,vi; iryo.v. A', c. ; The next Session will commcnce the 1st Monday (in JULY ne\t. No ji:iiiis are spared in fitting ! pupils thoroughly for the b’ .-i Colleges in thecountiy. peciai aiieniion g Gl.'Wis SxlO. 10x12.10x14. 10x15, 10xl^‘. 10x18,! Tuition per Session of 20 Weeks from to $22.^0 ' 12x20, lOx—•:{, 10x24, 12x14, 12x15, 12xl(j, 12x1.^, i in currency. I ! Board in families from $8 to f 12 per mouth ; in' I clubs at about half these prices. j For Circulars mid particulars, address.I. C. Clapp, j Newton, N. J. C. Cf.APP, A. B. ■ ! June B, 1N.S. S. M. FINGER. A. B. : Concord Mills. OSNABERGS, CAUPLT CHAIN, preferred certificates of de|>osit issued bearing in terest at r»te« Btipulated. «l the City Bank of Char- lott«. W. A. WILLIAMS^ Ca«bi*r. Jaty «. 1»W. STOCKING We Jfr^ Cotton taken ia exchange for Goods sell low for Cash. I. MCDONALD * SONS. Anfuft 12, IWe. r«»«ord, N. C June 10. 1&H7. Superior Starch. Just received, in pound papers, a lot of Superior StarcK. NlSBET & MAXWELL. July JT. ARROW TI£B. 1 O ili lA OF THE ABOV M- X-T J V approTcd patUrn. mad« , the b«st q^ualitj of Engliah Iroa, for m1« by STSNUOUSE, MACAULAY k CO. Gunny Bagging. 72 Bates India and Borneo Gunny Cloth, for gkl. by STENHOUSE. MACAULAY & CO. Coflbe, Sugar, &c. 60 Sacks Rio Coffee, lU Chests Oreen Teaa, 50 Barrels Sugar—rarious grades, 15 Hogsheads of Molasses, For sale by STENHOUSE, MACAULAY i CO. A Full Supply Of Bacon, Lard. Cheese, Flour, Rice, Starch. C»n- dles. Soaps, Chewing and Smoking Tobacco, N«llg and Iron, Ac., &c.. for sale bj STENHOUSE, MACAULAY & CO. September 21, 1808. J. Y. BRYCE & CO., General Commission Merchants. CUAMLVTTK, X. V. PaHicular attention paid to the seRing of all kinds of Produce, Cotion and lob: eco. Highest casli prict paid for Cotton. AU ord«.rs ;voiu a distance promptly attended ‘o- . „ •' V. BRYCE. March 5, 18(iB. v, jj j i;Y( E WILLIAM BRYCE & CO., Cotton Facto IS, 29 Chmultr mui 5 i \ ,- rs. NEW YOllK, Devote spocial attention to the sale 'if t oittr :ri York. AM consignments to thrir address »: • by insurance from points of ahipnient. w.tu • . v 'l. out advice. Shipments solicited through their eorresp iinb n» in Charlotte. .AJessrs. J. Y. BRYCE CO., who wih make liberal advances on same June 18i'.8 1y Gold, Sliver and Bullion Bought aud sold at a small margin, and advsnrcs made on Bullion when desired, at the City Rkuk of Charlotte. W. A. WILLIAMS, July G, 18G8. Cashier. J. p. PALMER Family Grocer & Wine Merchant, .\nd dealer in all kinds of imported Wint s and Spirits. Old Rye, Monoiigahela, Bourbon and Cabinet l)oubl« Di.snlfed Whiskey ; Domestic Corn aud Rye Whibkcy; Peach and Apj le Brandy. JUST RECEIVE!) THIS BAY: 2 Barrels Sacrament Wine, *> “ Superior Kentucky Cid»r, 1 “ Old Nash county Brandy, 3 Casks India ,\le, 2 Barrels l.ondon Porter, l.j Crates of Bottles, Flasks, Demijohns «nd Jugs, Wood Kegs from 2 lo 10 gallons. I also invite the particulai' atte|itlon of Druggists to my slock of Port, Sherry and Muderia Wine, P.ranly and Whiskey, bottled especially for Medi cinal All oi-ders. Wholesale or Retail, solieitel and punctually attended to. Constantly on hand all kinds of Doniesfic Spirits on consignmeut. A sjiccialty nuule to old N. C. Corn Whiskey. .Jjiniiary 27. 18t>8. First National Bank of Charlotte. CHARLOTTE:, X. c. OjJh'c in Granite Jioic, 4th dour frmn the conur. Of»icebs. R. Y. McAdcn, President. M. P. Pcgrnjn/- Canhicr S. L. Riddle, Teller. Board of Dibfctobs. II V Uf \ Jun, T H nrpn>, Wm R Myers, R .M Oates, Wm Johnston, S A Cohen, John Wilkes. Deals in Bill.s of Exchange, Sight Drafts. Gold sod Silver Coin, and Government and other Securities. .March 2:^., 1808 40 Years before the Public. o a; S3 c; cc v: v: The Southern Hepatic Pills, That oh/, lovij knoicn and veil tried rtni'dy for nil BUlious diteaxeg, catixrd hy a ' 1)I S E A S E D LI V E II. CSa)-" Read the following CERTIFICATES from persons of the highest respectability LI ] KR CO Mr LA INT. Rev. Dn. C. F. Dkkjis, (August 2I5d, 18C2,) ssy^; “I have derived great benefit from these Pills, and have known many families and individuals who hate found them very benehidal, and 1 have also known physicians in excellent standing to recommend them to their patients For all diseases from dis orders of thi; liver, 1 believe tiiey are the bc“t niedi- cine offered to the public.” Rev. Joiis W. Potter. Snow Hill, N C., fJanusry oth, lSi3.) says: “For twelve years I was a gr*-!!' sufferer. .My liver was diseased. 1 lost u.y J-"''-!' and strength, and my skin seemed changed ia * s color by the bile with which my syiteiu vks ( ' r charged. I became subject to trequent and violxi*. attacks of billions cholic, every attack leaving ir.* weaker than its predecessor. The physicians had been able to patch me up a little, but my health ws« in a deplorable state. I had taken patent medicinei until 1 wjis tired of them. Without energy or coib- fort, I was barely able to go about a little. Atlengib 1 yielded to the earnest persuasion of a friend and tomiiicnccd taking th« HEPATIC PILLS, with nU confidence in them. They acted like a charm on me. From that hour 1 have improved. I have persever«d in their use, until now, by Ood’s blessing, I am wt'l and hearty. I had a negro man, who. as I belieTe, was stivcd from death by a dose of these Pills. My Doctor's bill was annually from $100 lo $200, but I have had no use for a physician since. 1 can confi dently rccommentHhem asa superior family medicine. These Pills are made by 0. W. DEEMS. No. 28 South CalhouB Street, Bai.timokk, Md. can be sent to any point in the United States by Mail or Express. I’utfi;—For one Box, 25 cents. F. SCARR. Druggist. Special Agent at Charlotte, N. C. Aug. 24, 1808 ly—Ompd B O ¥ A D A L i Purifies tbe Blood. For §al« hj DrMffslsto Everfwbere. August 24, 18!8 ly—Gmpd “ A. HALES^ Watchmaker Ok and Jeweler, £ji Xezt Door to the Mantion IIou$t, ChaklotTI, N. C. If your Watch needs Repairing, Don't get road and go to swearing; Just take it into HALES’ shop, He will fix it so it will not stop. He warrants hia work all for a year, When it is uaed with proper care. He will do it m low as it can be done. And do it so well it’s sure to run. .Tanuary 1. 1868. y Fresh lat reeeiTod, ia quarter, half and «Mi* Box** 3xAj 27, IM. NlVnf * ^ Jut

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