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North Carolina Newspapers

The western Democrat. (Charlotte, N.C.) 1852-1870, November 17, 1868, Image 1

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\vi!. I. v\r K.irron AN!> Proprip,tob. •• > .—’1 i: I:' r. T»i 1,1.r:', in CilARLO'r I K, N. C., TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 18t)8. )seventeenth volcbe--isi!bibb 84#. T n i; I IkN. GhANt’.S rAKINKT.—Die Qll,Vf Xulirs \ 3^ (^1X1.0 Cl? cl t-' Cii;:igol in iii;iiiui':u-Iu:in" a Ciibiiiot j I I i;i BY i‘’i' Irniit. Ainoii^ ()tlu.“r i^pociilatioiis. tlie | ^ ATKS, Ktliior atnl Proprietor . I)‘'l’ars per uitiiimi i, • .'i-ni' v.iil l»t‘ iii*('ii I'll at ,r ,ii MI-''ii ilain-f u illi I'l.ill r.irf. .1,1 V i.o::i‘r- Ilf iivtT five iiiK'14 in will '• i liir :;t !i lvi‘i! iMli-vi. Robert Gibbon, M. D., -IIVSH’IAN ANJ) SliUJKON, T,-,/',ii Street, diiii (i.Ur^ i Olio iN.iii- ti.v.ili oM Stiift Ciiiik. . 'a .11. .iniili-.uii s i'i ii- irni)t. j New ^ ')fk Herald li:is tli! f'olk.wiuji; j ‘ Diiul)tlcs.s the South ^hdiilJ :i|>pear at the a'lv.Tnop. ■ coiiMcil Ixwrii. aiil H>!iIoii. ol'Nurth Ciiroliiia. iiiiiiht hiivi; :i.‘iC‘:itas rcprc.sontiiii; tLu Department rousoDJibU* ; oj-fhe Tnferiur.” It is said that Ceiieral Grant will not rosiLrii The Result and the Future. The fiilluwing, Ir-tiu that ostelltul and trul} Cori.'-crvativc ji'uriial. the I’altiniore .Sun, is b> apprnpriate to the prcM*nt that we copy it: Xow tliat the prosidiMitial campaign is cl't.‘^*d. there is one plattnrm. and hut one, on whieli all p.utic.s and all .seetii>ns n»ay, and must unite, il we arc to regain our I'ornicr prusperity and haj>- I his military office ui.t V jiii-t j)re\ioiis to hif> | pai'^v. inau;^nrati»ti. and that he will stnm^ly iirre the ' •' whole country, one ; appr.iutiiieiit of (jciieral Sherman to be his sue- j ='"'1 indivisal.le. In order to ensure thij. unity ' ,-,..v.^.,r I there must be ^e^toratlou ol’niutuul eonlldenee. J. P McCombs, M. D., li'.",i';i;;I stivii-i'p to llu- Cili/tiis >jl' L’liiiiiiry. ,\i! call.i, I WANTED, ' Bvof Catilo. MjIcIi (,i;Wf. .Mutiuii iiiul Pork, ami (.11'l i ii aiiiJ Im v Hi.Its. Tlu- lii«;lu'ht market jiricc ■ will 1m- j.aiil. ’ W. .\. C(K>K. j !>c: ‘Ji'i. Ib'iS. Toivn liiitchrr. ' I (.ill he fijiiri'l af tlu Sfurc Ilf'S! to the Dcnioci'at ' Oiiv-c The Siamese Twins. A correspondent oi‘ the Richmond Whig has recently had the pleiisurc of uicctini; on the cans the ‘cclebnited Siamese twiuii, Chang and Eng Hiinker, Esf|s. It was generally supposed they were absent it Kurdpe^Jwhere they were to have gone to have the ligature that has hound them together »inoe birth severed by a surgical opera tion. But this visit was defened until sotne time during the coming nionth, when the twins will eUibaik for Paris, in the hope that snrgiciil si'ioiice will bv able to achivv*! their earthly sop.i- ratiun. ere the death ol OHe Uiakivs it eueunibent if not of niut''‘*l atiei-tion. and to tins end the ! ,,, the terrible experiment. 'I'liev werequite dead pa.'t mn.-t 'je buiied and loi^iMMi. t\in it I fonjujnnii'jitivo sjioaking freely on all stibjeets Agricultural. Wood Ashes. The virtues of wood ashes hav« iteon often ex tolled. but the liirmer is still too cureleea of sel ling or wasting them. They are snuietimes com pared with lime or plaster, (^gypsum) as if their virtues were pantile!, but tfai.scoinparitkiu is uiade in ignorance of the compositiou ofaskes. The ashes of our foiest trees contain all the inorganic elements that make up vegetable and animal bodies, inclnjing of course the elements of lime jujd gypsum. Ash«;s are, theieioie. a feitilizor for all our crops. They e«mt;in fn ni ten to , _ tweuty-five per cent, of j>h.] hate of lime. beside.s it eaiiin t be fbrg* tteti. e uiust take anew | oven their mysterious connoetioii. which thev i l"*tash. w>da, Miagntsia. sulphuric and carbonic jmiiit of dejisirtnre. and. dismissing Ijuiij >ui eon- | as a disj>ensatiou of I’rovideiice. (.'ban;;; aeids, lioie feiiiplaf ion the tliii'gs t hat are behind. I'' jj; s»uiewhat heavier and taller than Eng IJotli tiirward in the labors and the lewaids of a now I ..i ....f fy-.u, gj^ iu hei”lit. fil'tv vears of era trt i. velcpt iii*’!)! and pio^jess. .Mr .Jubn }|,,irt:rev. ■'^k1n wiinkkd s!)rirfllei! ami \;i-j soil Around Trees The opening 11 Uuht«’uiug the »*>il xround the CHARLOTTE DRUGSTORE. | dosiie of the great bulk ot,the Nurtlurn \d:il !is has deelar»-'d his belief that the hearttelt j i '^. uJieii w ilkiij -thev nre-s (•!■ >^e!v tn-'eih ■ i- • • • i • i i i I juw. HiiLii H,iiKiij_ iiH \ s (i.-.stu I'V*-'**-j louts (it trees, eitiu r in the sprmii i»r full, /ur the llroik 11 ll.Kl-l. i Xt .V, A. W. ALEXANDER, Surgeon Dentist, ' ti \ 1.1.O'I TK. N. C. the CharloUc llniuli'l P-'iiLiliii'!. I U • 1)11 ’l'u('H'lti I 'M','. WeJiR'Tnlay^. F. S(’ARR, Druggist and Chemist, I Kt'C])> l(jr .sail' puri.' I>rug? and Chciiiicals, 1 Patoiit ML’ilii'iiu-.-i of all kiinls. j Va^lli^lles, I’aint.s, Oils, \Viii(.lo\v Glass, ii*., of ilit- i first i|iialify. Ki. ios(.-in- Oil Nil. 1, l.iiinps, liiiriiors, kc. I Piiy-'l'-iaiis' |ir*-.scr;iition- ami Faiuilj. ' s j iircp.iri-il wiili ^rcal acuiirac-y. I (.‘oiiiiiry .Mfri'iiunts sui>i)liu(.I with Drugs. K^-icii • ecs, ic. !■'. SC.V1!1{. of the mots, is of great value in pri muting the Aceompnny- |,cjltli ;mil vi*:or ol the tree. All trees, whether Dr. JOHN H. McADEN, W: o!L'3ale and Retail Druggist, cn \i:l.nTTE, .V. r'., ., ■•.I I I ;i:ni ’.V 'il .«cl'c:ci -'.ick of I’l'l’il, I , ,ii.c-al.'. i’atiiil .Moil i ii|. . I ;ii;i 1\ \1 I' ... - If.: \ a 111 -Ik 1r .'■‘i: , lal.iV..Ii.l \ . . H II c!. lie I' li ci la.liv.l to soli a! llif . \ ]•! il : '. ’I. !>'i.7. DENTISTRY. 'r ! a y w i c k & Bland, 1 :: •■.. [1.1 rl m-l-'ili! |I, H‘lii|. | i In-i r |.r’.Cc'^- j - t.i ' l;i-jiu III ;i i l:i r J " 'i'ij.-i r niiii i-u i .'I | ;t 111 i.i I) |i ill . .'iiiil (.-mIut i'I tin 111 ■ j'.irtii-^in Ntw Vm ii ,'i Ilf' ;ji tl. -'r r >!ili-iK'i.,.- u ill'll caiici. .. ,i I I'- t uuil llnu.-i', Traiie iStsei-i. ^ i‘i. 1 >i;s. r;iri‘y a suffii-ient number of States in the North to ensure their sueeess. and their eonseijiient (Iroi’.d of the reviv;d of civil convulsions, w hich Ii'd to the ndi'jiting of a eoereive policy in the i South, with all its riuors and sufferings, toretain ] their political asoendaney. must be so eompletely i dissipated by the result cfthe l.ite tleetioiis that Important to Planters and Country Merchants. ''ti' y af^md tn treat the Sumh with ; elenieiirv and iiKiirnaniniitv. On the other h:inil. * ■ o .1 t-i,. r . 1 j purp.'Se of lettiiii: iu Warmth, and afl'drding a IS tn tJlO Fv 1 nl I *1 n *•)(• f |*( )I| J t 11 J s J J II t t (I t 111 • 4 rl*! jlj 11(1 l*'ll ll>ill - j 4 ‘ I * 4* '• 1 1 1 i t , , ^ 1^. i’... noiij ini.s pMiui K) uiL 1 rccr iiH,‘Uium l'>r t ho c*X))Uij«n»ii and dLVclopciiioiit I ty, and the oppnrtunity is n w ofleied in (km. | ;|]|y l^ei-ps his light arm around the neek and ‘ ' I (trant s ch.'ction to give strong and practical resfin;; (.m the shoulder of Chang. (.\pi(ssioi) to that dt sire.^ I he extint of tlu , ji,nr (li,>m was a sm of hng s and a daughter ol j or ornanient;il, youug or old. indiiienous e. nhdenoi^ manifi sted in .eii (jiatit by the l .rge . chan- s; the l itter named Victoria, a blnoniin- | exi.tic.are vastly beui fitted by this proeess. tiiaj..nty he has rtneixed ought to add to h.s ui^ | j,,,] „f .jxteen oforduiary medium height, e.v- ) i„ e„.ehards, the .soil about the trunks of the ‘lopona(.‘!ice and officiciic} m C;ui\iiiir (>1U hbet.iH dc*VL*lo[ioinont. and rcuiarkMMy l':md- ] ■ ind patnntic si*ntnii*‘Mts. J he ajipr(‘lu‘n>i(>n ul j ^oni'\ ili 'iiu^h a .strict fauiily liken*‘^.s tu the party which su.stained him uf their ability to i Blue Stone. A fre.-li supply ol Purr Ulue-.'Mone. just rporivv-j. . Oct r.i, iM)b. K. sr.\iut. New Firm and NEW GOODS ! ■■■ I rhaviii}' fornicl a l’;iitncrshii' ir 1.1 .5. Paill.LIPS A: ’0., ■ j.ip T.'.- ■ i)‘ ■.•'iij.Iii.. tin;' the Horcitatil A: (I Ociits Fu'’uirfhiug Gk)od3 Business, , ; I. -j. . i 1 i.i!\ .11:111111 I lu ir Il icmiM aiiit Uic jjiil) : ■ , iliv. ■li,.t';ii’\ arc imw ri'cciN in I ln'ir s: ock ! ■ . . :iii'! r ii.i i'N. C'iiisi>lii.^ ol all gra»k"‘ j , ; ■ I'..' . i. | 1 & Ve^linsx.l I JULIUS T. COIT, Cotton factor. Commission AM> I S 11 I 1* 1* 1 N (J .M E i; (’ ri A N T , I 11 IKL.OTT1:. N C. j f fOirt tif'uf Juor tj /Jrtm, Uron n «j' i'u jr Ilardivnre Htuvc, I Sitiir.i. IJaviii"' ( .•i-'ci1 11 iii\ .iiiarij;. incJils ivitJi I am iii'W jiicji.-inii u> iiml^' lilicral 1.V.S.1I .VD\ ,'.N( KS (jii C'otloii wJiieh will he j [M'liiiiiiily liii warik-(l, tVi'o (il eliargi', or it will liu I iiclil nr .')i'lil in iLis luarkct it ; o 'It-.-iiri il. 1 will re- reive Cotloii at any ot llif lUiHit.' Iniuteii tlii^ ]iuiiit and ('oliiiiibia. anl t lie iniiiiiy will lu' lin-wariK li 1 imri t'liarloile l>y Kx]«re«“, liiereliy saving t.nif aiitl ex- i piiisf. I CunsigTiaienis uf .-ill kiinl solicited, eitlicr for FaU- i li'jre or lor .sliij.ini-iii. 1 ^'liail gi'i‘ tin- business uiy clo.-est per-;( aliiiii.on. ;;ii'.l kIiuU iiy lu i.ioiiin:c tiir interest of the Plaiiicl '' ; the South, whieh h.:s bi eii ever ri'ady and anx- I ions ♦! meet overtures cf re:il recfineiliation more ■ tlian IimII'wiiy. e:in be nmre e.isiiy won by a .'Spirit I (if eiineiliation .iiid liberal'ty than by eonijiulsion i aiul nienaeo. It can adajit itself to all the puliti- [ enl rofjuironients of a new I'rn. if only they are . (lii'tated in an e(|iiitalile and fi'atcriiai s])irit, and le.ive uiisliackli.'fl its enerL'ies fiir iiiaterial re- • eiiperatiiai and advaiicen'ent. The solutinii ol all diffienlties is not sm nnieh in any ]i:irticiil:;r , legislative poliey as in the spirit wliieh anim.ate^ leiiislation. and il'this shall he hmiestly patriitie : and bretlHM'lv. if the words I'f (ieiieral (Jraiit •let us li.ive peace,'shall indieato the ahandi iiiiieiit of a vindietive puliey. the future regeneration and s.ilvatiiin ofthe country will he put beyond a doubt. Any nther course, while it may gratify : the jiassions ( f unajtpeasabic revenge against the 1 reter t.y i.eriulssioii to Hon. .1 W Oshoine. Gov ,„,rc-hased at the indefinite detri /. 13. \ .uicc; I. W. Inwev ( o., li.ilikcrs; hll.-t «... ... . . . .National iJaiik: l'>rcin, Jlro«u\Co.; liutclu^on, liiir- inent and et.^t of all these material interests whiih rnaplis .V (' S^pt. l!s. I.. (.'Iiai-iiittf ISi’iSi 1 [ V;i ,• • V -i: :ii.' lcr>- Fiirni.'LliiDpr Goods: I ^ ; I i, ’11 i.'i- rv. IT.! ■' ; I i , I ; 111 ■ 1 ' .’I . . . ■■ I ’ : 11 _ i:■ ^.1 i:.iiim! in II- ■' 1 I'.-l a !il .-li ii! cn I. ail (■! 1 ■„ !•> L : . -il cvir.-. aiul \»arni!i!»'l THOS. W. DEWEY & CO., Bankers and Brokers, ( jiahj.o ti /.:, c outer iipnu oiii mcoii'l ycjir of liii.-iincss uii the arc of supreme concern to all .‘^eetion.^. Eor j henrauce. moderation and patienee should bi‘the Cdiitroiiing sentiieent of all .seet ions, and then ! this great republic, the n-fnge df the oppressed j of all iiatioii.w. jinl tlie hnpe of all the friends of lihorty throiighnut the wnrld. will emerge front its trilnil.itiiiiis purified and .strengthened by tin tlu; twii).=:. ('hang is blessed with seven other daughters and three sons. Eng’s son is a very iiiteHi*;ent boy of about fourteen, named W'illiatn. He re sembles his father very mueh. and smiles when he tells you he has five brotheis and three sisters, besides eleven e(ni.''iiis. 'I lie fainilii s reside in Surry county, North I'aroliiia. wheie they li\eoiia hand-onie farm — their own prcperty. 'I'wo of the children always aeei'iiijiany the twins on their trips- this indnl>;ence bein school. trees, and to a considerable di&taucc from theui, in every direction, should be carefully broken, i and the upper .'Urface. to the depth ol'three or four inches, removed in the spring, every four or five years. The eg^s of the curculio and other insects, are deposited in this stratum, and if not removed or destrny d. will piuducc in>ects the ravages of whieh the succeeding year will be productive of far greater luss than the expense Ilf removing the soil, and replacing it w ith euin- p"st or Iiiaui. It is an utterly hi pele.-.-s ui.d..T taking to attempt the cultivution of fVuit. '.Nlieii no measures aie resorti'd l.ito (ih\iate the eonteire'l b\ tin iis lor iiiei it ai j i-jtal ravages of ihe defest-ihle and iii'idinus foe. an l tin? remedv iiuw >ug"ested, is by U(» means i!xpen>ive, if wi‘ take into eonsid(;raii'>u thi- ad vantages otherwise resulting to the tiees IVomits appheat ion. Anyijood soil, taken from the open fields or cultivated lands, may be used as a suiistiiute fl'r ciiinpost. and a very small i|uantity will suflico. Even il no lV''sli iiiatter is applied. I W'luld re Dr. Livingstone. l)efinito accounts have been received frnin I>r. fiivinust me. Sir Hoderiek 1. .^lurehisnn. under date I'f Oetnoer l!th. addressed a letter to the Lond 111 Times, stating that in Deci'mber. 18(i7. tiie Dr. wrote letters from the interior of Ai'rica Liivini: iniormation that he was detained from ! ^.oiiimend the reiiMval of the surface snil. ami pro(('ediiig upnii his discoveries by a war among j ,vi,uid repiaee it when convenient. ( hip nia- the native tribes ; but that as soon as it was : nure. or old dung covered with straw, answers i.ver, h(' Would eiiiitinue his explorations (jf lake | vvell for this piirp ise.— Cor. O’l rmuntowii Ti U: Tanganyika, suppor>ed to bo the source t»f the j Nile. j This lake is about two hundred ?U(1 eighty ] TIjq Farmer. Miile- long, its Northern end being about three j ^ ^0,,,,^. hundred miles South of the K.iuator. 1 wo hmi- i i„;,,.pe,„U.nt and yet so IVee (Irid aiul fifty liiih's to the Ni.rtheast of lake Tang.‘iny;da is the Southern end of l.iki' \ iefi.iria, which undoubtedly flows into the Nile. Whether there is any conne ihes’.' t.wo great inland is not I be ol" i IVnai vanity and pride. So rich and yet so in- : diistrious; s » patient and persevering in his call 'Iheie ..... .. liich liu^ht yet known. ■ ..j,IJ ■ , : iiig. :ind yet so kind, soei il. and obliging, tioii Jttwi in I ihonsand noble traitsalmut him wine up iiis cliaraeter. He i.s ;^i“iieraily h ispit Jjlo I lir't ly of O'loOi'r. aiiJ ri'tara oiir lliaiiUs t,i i,iir oi'l frii'iiil' an l iicu rrioml-i fur tlirir custom air! im! ri.!ia;rt' (iiii'iiii^ lli(' year iii.iv cli.sini^. W e ;.rc Mow i>rf‘iiai\‘il w.tii fit'rv or'l'':il Thi'i.U‘.:li w inch it h -I d. ijeet ot l.)r. Livingsione s p!'..'«ent expedi- . with him. and ho wont .“et a m.irk If he iinds out tliat .such i.-- tin; fact, the ! non IS to discover .whether such a ‘'""•'-‘•ti'*" ,„u. and .sweat it out of y..u with a double ! 1: 1-ht ol'the iJivcr of the riiaraohs ; G. D. Broom, H riKST . Increased Means & Ample Capital Of Union County, with J. Kuck & Co, 'I'o ti'aiisact :iny sate ami ilcsirabli* liaiiking IJumiics-s ; I will liave been disei.ivu c d. ar.d fiu‘ Hi eti'r will i j aciiuiri' g' ea'iir fame than ll;.^'beell tlu; lot of any 1 I man sinei’ tlu? ti:;iei,!’ ('r^un.bus. 'li.(' ijouiitiy j i I'll the I'j'per Nile and its .Lircat lakes i.-, (U'M. riije(l ; conipo>ini interest at another you }*re welcome. He will do you a kin'diiess witlr ut expt ctiiig a return by way ol coii.p'*n>ation; it s not s i With everybody. He is i^enerally n.ore honest and sincere — less di>'d to deal in a low and uiid..rh.ii:d cunning than any 1 ci iiid !'\ 11.' X!; . u ...• ! v; II il.. . ! :■ |i - I I . ::l:ll ( 'I. ,!:.i)i:s ilMMMlMfi:'. ■■ i \ 1. ji /I' 1 .'•u! J lull* '•n 'ho \in\ii:NT. I!'. .11 ii.f \',-l V IjO.-l iiiny be oiVcrcl i:s. W, '.vill rcci';vi; 'l('im.sil. :iiid ;i.-i ■.vlii'ii Iri't Oil tiiii!? Will ji.i\ iiil'Ti incc I" .liir.'iTneiit. \Vi? Imv aii'l NEW >■ Mime nil call, ami 't uii .-niiie accfinl- •1! (InM Miul .''ilvcr STOCK. ~ Co a'i l.ili ls, '1' lit I.CIil Cull .vU.:c:^al: I « • ! TTINC .\NI> KKP MUlN^i of ..n |,.’lv attcmli il to mut I'atiHlnctioii pi\i-n. j \\ r ,>.1! b-- fi.i.ii l :‘.l I'ri.'-.'iit 'n lh(* rei.-iii ever t!ip ■ 1.. - ( Mil?'-. h'Tc oiir fri‘. U'K :iri- invilcl to pi' «• j i. .-ii]'V I be .^1 or>' ;;a! a# ''v.' „l|.: im;s i r.f ii.-i ni'icil b_i ' : lu ;r iJaiiiviiif; lloil.'C J. .>s. .I.A.-s. II. Cltil ! Com ami Hullimi, l>:iiik Ndtc'. \c. Will (l'.,''-(-i;i;i , li>r ciisl.iiiurrs ^ bii-incss {):i]icr. I’lin-liasc anl -i-ll on cuiiiniiii)ii Siiicks anil I’xniils. aiul jfi%e (.ur j best a 111 ni iiiii t u any i>t Ii't mat ter ;ii t 1u‘ l!aiikii;g or i Urokerage line entruritcd lo ii:*. I Revenue Stamps ill kiml."*. I .\U\«yson liaml f«*r sale. Ilouri of biMiiiess lo .“Ilit dealer.'* .ind custoihcrs. TIIOS. \V. DKWKV CO., Vt Hiiililiiij; (formerly Hraiic'.i llunk.'i one Ijcldw Siiiitli s Shoe ^•lor^■, Tr\on St (.’liarliittf, Sepi. I . just Confectioneries, Fruits, &c. I oiileci ioJierics. Fruils, t’anavii iii.iuis of alt kimj-i receiveil at 1>. -M. llIfil.LIll .'5. rnACTICAL Watch and Clock M ik3r, AM* I’K.M.r.U IN /wi:/./: v. i im. h .17> cl'h iV. !! VKLOTlf:, N. C. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL \Vitlkou>ikv X \ CRACKERS SoiK. Butler, Miislircon, I.onion. Cream and .Milk Crackor.s--fr».^h at IMUl.KK S. J. K u c k & ' on hand a large a-^'ortau nt of (i t’it')CKniE.S, I w iiicli i!ii y w ill Si'll Im'.v for easli, consistiiij; of .'>.000 I’otiiids Ir.iii TicK, I 'J. liales liap:jrili,:il. ; I’iniiids IJ.ieon. elf'Hr rib, j l?i>xes Camiles. j large lot of Fish in barrel?, Lalf-bar- rels and kits, ] Fine lot of Crockery Ware. ; Clicpse, Sugar and (.'otloe—all grades. 1 Molasses—all kind«. j Hunch Yarn, Sheeting and Shirting. ! Tliry li.Tve all kinds of goods gt'iierally kept in a firf^t I ela-s (Miieery Store. ! Oct isiiH. J. KCCK k CO | people of tln^ (Jrcat Race inh; ; — ! l-iuds that the .‘-^in i-liincs on. ai i READ THIS. j Wv> a'-'V the fanacr.s to eali at our pluoc in the Navy I Yard, ■■in 1 examine our stock of I PLOWS. HARROWS. WHEAT FANS, I Corn Shellers. Feed (.’utters, and Cider Mills. AVi.- tur(*. I-ook at him in honle^pun ami g( ntlenicii; l.iu'jh. if you will —but, 1 lie can laugh back if he pioases. rray Iju.k, i;l:evc me. CtGARS i call es|.cei,il attention to our COTTON' St’l'..\IM;il. ; ('entral AiVica. b'lrp:; !o! of llavaaa and do^ie.-tie Cigars, cjieap I Al.-n. ti. ihr- b-ost Favm and Itoad M-agons—all mad I :,s a perfect Eden, .with a elimato of perpctuil 1^; j .Spring, abundantly watered, pi oductng every- j odifico of oovernn.cnt and the lord^.f na- 1 ih’.ni: that any r 'n eartli l)ri!ius huth. | I fitted with valuable minerals of e.ll sorts, and :is j ] liealthful :is any di.^triet in the world. Wc eau now d'^cern one ofthe olijiMts of the .•\byssini.iti expedition. 1 ho far seeing go\ei n- Tnr CoTTON WoHM. — It Iuif hi en.'sutiirested inent of Kngland Inis secured a jieimanent foot- (],,> ^,1.;,, is worse since ‘•free dom can;e.' injr on the Nm-tbeastcru coast ef Africa, having ,,f j- j. period ol'i he long had the cntrancc to the Southeastern ei aM ^ear whieh faim work e,.mmeuc.s. In slave I ot that vast continent, hetween them hcjs this m.onsidorublo pri'pjirtiuu ot bud wa^iluriicd j wonderful region of the Upper Nile and its lakes, . ,i,i^ j ujn'u which Eiiiiland will found an Empne f ulK i «aid to have bcni th;' planter’s I as vahniblo to her as India. hniidied , safeiruanl avrtiinst the jior^icfual rceui're.ncei>f the 1 from this tiu;c will be m.'cu millions of j j.f'the worm. 'l lio-e who hold this i(ine fho iiya con.-ideiaide firop'.rtion of tiie iii;u.t use est.i's j l.-nge or small, according to the eliar.ncter iii.v, ;i;i 1.- the i burrow .'om ■ tlu •‘.'••r fmir inches , .... _ri(ji;i!(f. wln re the in-ect makes for it.'cli ! Rut what will become of the dark tri’xs n-w ; ^ ei atiii- it round with a .oiimmy ! inhabiting that beautiful recoil!' 'I he i i been theirs in Austrtili.i iS aw.;;: Mig llicin ui 'ihcv wid bo driven I'ai k !•( j arrowing up as il'by imiLiie, j desolatiort of N'«"jroland. whe ..I’thc in the a restiii- phiee. ei at:ng it T' llir.d wh^ h exiii!c> from i time it eli:iil"cs to the (dlrys:!!i^ st ite. I ....iiiiw (ill * itieil wh^ h exiii!c> from its mouth. In a .-!i it : by I ill- l.ox iir r. i .i.i a‘ 1 'J’.iys III' i.ll ivioi-! at i nCKLFS, i l or sale by the dci/.cu or gulloil, at I ~ I Fancy (iroeeries iit I .Suutf and Tobacco ut i:ici.!:irs. RHil.KK H. UKibEirS r.KU.KR s. KKJLLf'v s. in tjl'.arlottc, N. C M:n.iiructurcr3 aii.i dealers ton's. Oct ‘2r>, ISO?. COOK .t KLLVSON, in all kiud.s of farmiii}; Charlotte, N. C. ISiiileiM .'Slocka of tii'odM ood'-. II.i;.i\v in -Niri'iiiie .il’lte,' ! r.'imhi 111 I h mn ri.e!. ki'j. a fall .-i* ir'.li'..-iit uf all kl'.i I- oft ■e: 1 u'.ll It ri'iii.;'. I::ib'_'. leu r.-i!.-., 1 ■ iiemirv \I .t.'!;-! to s nii'l \\ imle^nb' biiyi'rs .*■ ' . ,1- \. i!: ■- rei:iil j.ur.'iu.scr.'. an' ri'nuest- ■■ 1 t.i .■VOli'lif r!'*.. l'i;e.JIl! I'l''. !ll -ti1,*k nl (i.»(Ml?». Millinery and Dress-Making. ,\ '|'|.:IV::' ' .1( parllllell! i- ib'VO! ^ ' !e.'. \v iliTr t ]| •' I. .. I j.": i ;'!'..:i.ei i_\ mi.i i>i iln. WiTTKoWsKV .V i:iNTi:!-S. I t.i Millineiy tun! II !:jvi' 'vnrk (k'lie DBIED BEEP, I’xiliigna Sausage and llutfalo Tongues, chcflp nt lUGLtKS. BIQI.ER Manufactures I’lain aieJ Fanc;> ('.■.luiie.''. fiivap by the bov. CITRON, 1';ii raiiillai.-ins. 1‘riiius, Nuts, .Iellie.«. I’rC'Crvcs. j ^o., at l).\l,l..\S .M. KfC.i.I.i: .S (iraiiite Ibiw, oppo.-^ile the Mansion House, j Oct l'.>. ISiiS. 1 forest, and m:'.n bimsilt forn.s no exception t' , tho univoisal lawstau.ped upon allnatmeby tin { li it (d'thit I’tirnal —S' rl"'!: .Ji.iinml O.'I. isi'S. 1’ ■uvei'ii iht* !',v.) iJi'iii Siorsa. QUERY 1' i' -.' ',\M..;. .. of ry. fc'o’issnnAc. Ac., 1 . ' li.e [lul'.ic p;ci:er,t''y. -k' l!'.' i'\ 1 !I; M. in!! 4 QLT'^HY i til serve her LATEST STYLES J- ill*' 11.i!'', ii.aKiii::, cVC. CITY BANK OF CHARLOTTE, T.;m>F. ST.. itfii.nixi;. t ;i \ «i.oTTi:, ^ W. WiI.l.UM.s. r.\>niEii. C. N. t-i. LL 1 r, Ti:li Ku. Hours /'nr.ii S u. mi. I.'li G m. il fiii' -'a'lk I.:; ■, M 'id Il 11.i' - 1''iM.-il.irs i:.-i ,N. I tiiar j;. I ;.nd refnie.1 ;t.s n.Hnkllig a l.trei-. n;''dern p.niu ovi d Fire and tl'. super.(ir ;ndi.i ‘.inc!iis u> I'iv. -■ L» ‘j>os;i.s on hnvritsi or other- ■ aij.j j^'lls Cdiii. r>eil.eii. Lxchaiige and old I'.'. a..,l ui.ivv- li.r. ciiy (.u all |>;ir.eipal !i>' w. il l I.: Now V irk 1 Charlotte Female Institute, I I ('HARLO'iTE. N. C. i i The nest Si-.'sioii w;ll oominene? on t!;c 1st Oeti.l cr. I i.Sii8, and e*>iiiiiiiii' iiiiiil :itUh ol .luiie, isiiv. i The Session isdiveifd into two lernii* of weeks ; e.ieh. and juipils can bo eiiiered lor either the whole ! • e.'^un or lor i iie teiui OFFlCF.llS .\ND LNSTUrCTOrJS: ' I’lFV. li. V)i r.wri.i.. Friiieipal. and Inslnn'tor iu Meiiial , all.i Moral l’'iiiosepl;y and M:ilhiiiial:c- .lenv 15. I!i nwKi.l.. -V. .M-. Natural ! !iii..-oi hy. ^ I':i.-i!iistrv and ,\li''ieTit !.:!!i^tiaj;cs. Miis. \!. .V.' I'r i:\'. Ki.i.. F.iiijlish liraiiclics and or- : ii'.ti'udi 111 Ilf Social I'uiii's. 1 .Mil'. Smiy C. \Vuiri;. English l!r«nehe.». Miss M\!!ii\KLT T. Lo\^., Kn;;li¥h Brandies and', Fnin-Ii. ] Mr.s. -\. C. I’ktton. Knglish Br inches and .^li^sic on j I’laiiii. j i’r.or .V. I’.M Mvss, Vocal and Instrumental Music, j \!:!s. ,Ifi.i.\ C. !’\tto.n. Mu'ic on I’lain*. i I'lioF. Iv. K. I’lijetir. I'rawia Languages. iL.rjx-iiscn jirr Term nf ’20 M »■«.?; ■ 15i.\r l (\rilh r?'ri/oxpetisp, fuel, lights, wasli- ing. &C-.) with tiiiiioii in Kuglish r.ri«nciies. Tiiition, d ly sehobirs. IVimary lkpiiririii;nt, “ Colb'giate -C.u'- Music. JLucient and Mixlcrn Languageii, Driiwlng .iiii; Kaintiiig, rx'ru. al u.-ual ehargvs. For Circular and l'’atalogi5C containing full partic ularts US 10 terni>, &e , nddrw.s j Rev. R. BnUVELL i FON, J .Tiilr 27. Cb«Tlrtrr». K. fl. I hut am thcr cxemplifie:ition of the uni\cis:d l;iw | j of natund selection, bv whieh iu th- .strugo!.. i;.r I iife the woiik nico gives ]>I.;eo to tlu; str.niL" I ilirou;.;hoiit tin? v. hole range ot creation. 1 lie j ~ I niieroscopo shows iu :i ilr.ipd wiiter the ieeliler ; j D-A.VIS & CO.5 1 .iuiiijalculcs displaced by the ; wo soc 1 (III Bri/r,\ X' W Bvthlimj.) ! the Same results iu the in^octs that infest our ! Have just received a full Slock of Goods, consi.siing of ! LMrdons ; the same con.-e(|uom es arc dcvelo|^K-d i _ . mi J . in the fish of everv brook and the be.tsts oi cvei ! Groceries, Dry Goods, I 33C a, r 3. ■'S7«r a. X* © » cto o . and 'ells J j„ (ln.i). oyneral assonment can be fei;nd ! (?i.itfec, Mdla.-ses uiid Syr4’.p\ ! IJ:o ;,ii. Lard, Kiee, Cliec-i', Cotton Ties, l’>aggii!g. Kr.p..,- and T«:iu>, .‘^.-li. l.catlKT. C:iiidiv-'. Criu’kei .-I, I'ickirs, ,^11'la. .''ciaps. and \Voudrn-W are. Hardwai-e. Nails, Shovt'ls. .''pa-le.s. Hoc®. Trac(' ChniT’S, Ti.'ile C'.’.t’crr, ,^r., ^;c. Boots and Shoos, Ifatu, riC'idy-nia 1 ‘ C!.otii!i;^f. Niiir.ns, ('•j'afcetii.'ii erirs. i\;e. Tiiankful for past patronage, they invite th-ii fiiriiier casiotii-i.- :!:id a!l ii’li rs who v..inttopur chase cn fair I i'l iiis, to give llieui a call and exannne (i-ir.ds iind pr^• s I’roduce :i:id I'hsIi taki'n in rxchnn?c for McMrKK.VV. IrVVi.s CO. C>ct 2t'., l.'^OS. iiiid ' I r»'- riii',; c.i'is it forth in th:’ iorui ol .1 p.ej ite its Species. i)urin_'the sii’n;n*r spri I • • i 'Haiiis till fiiie tho whites, and Hnally v,;ist;' aw.iy. | i , I .' - - . I till.' ].i'.cess is sovenii time? repi.'atei workin;r into tiic iirouiul on c^ieh !l JUST RECEIVED, \ splendid lot oi l!aggii;ir. Kepoiz iiml T.i*. 11. M. ri’.i:.''.' . At ON S. B. KOOPMANN A NKW ANn Sri.KNDII) STr>( K OF Fall and Winter Goods, .Vow in Store, consisting of .ST.Vl’t.l'^ an'l F.\Ni ^ Dry Goods, ('bi'hs. Cn«s'nirri'!t. lin^k I'lnn l fiv.F.eudy-trad' I'li-iihine. ll.ii.s, (.'aps. hoots. Si 0"S. Noiioiis. \c. A full as^ortiin-nt of Ladies’ Cloaks and Shawls, fif the lati-i s'yle ami Fimhion. A sfli’tidid Soick of Dress Goods, *rrin''iH. ^^e'prc^s C(t,fl>c. Mohair, IV.plin^. Dc!a'.nf. V iLvr ,.j-;ons. tlio wcM-iii rolls itself in a wiirmth of the suiiiuicr ]>i oveuts the lll•' e^ biding in theeanh. whieh n itiiro b.d.s ,t wiuter.— Gitlir.t->ii A K.—I'or tho bi.'iiefit of littU i'll I someiin.'s sufhu' with thil agoIli7,'n^ irive the followiii:^ 1 .-^uro cuie. vir.: p-!l up '11 it il p'll' but i'iste:ni fit 1 lu-se oe- le:if 'fhe sity ot' do for :ioii. 1 ht! earaelie. wr .\liieh is s;i;d t‘> bo let of cot toll blit; ii;j livjiper; ^atle'r it up aie Oil i;n 1 iii>-ert ;n th-: e ir. .1 lie. iiiid d:p Put il flauiii l ! folks, affli.- , r-'iiicdy. I '■ 'J ake a j libl.iek 1: ' * I lU :ivj i.ii r the Ii.jad t I kf!ep il wai;ii. It wil' iutc relief A Ct nioi ' I>'vi>K‘ K Iv i. viui i'.sr.--:>:‘>7.— Gilt-Ed^ed Paper. -Tbe Hermit uf Ssni York” cluits in the Trot Times about a utiuiber of tliiogn id tuwD whicD will Ihj*t repeating. Among them i« the fol> lowing in reg,irJ t*« fiiiaucieriug, proiuiklorj uutc.«, Hud business triuiNiGtiDiw : C)ue of the most pecnlia^ phaaes of raercantil* life is the «l«*aling in pruuii^sor; notes, or. to use the comuioii term," "busioess paper.” The traf fic in this species of property nenorinoiu, and it is estimate j that half a luilliou of dollars’ worth (if niercuntilc pa{K>r is bi>oght and sold daily in Wall hticet. There is a clais of business men who bavo a prediiectit>D for shaving notes. They are that cL>s commonly known as “utonied men, ’ whi Bc 11 itnes h.ive a magic |>ower with c.nshiCTt of banks, and w lie*, in times of pressure, are tbe of the Kti-eet. , There are a doz^n noto-buyers who, taken to* g**»lior, c :t udlliou or tn' ttt^thuir credit, most ai.y Ly. and the>o fufuls fitey will rotidiij ex* change for little slips of paper, sigiHnl by certain piirtics. promising to piy. etc., etc. Some of these men arc exceedingly careful, and touch none but the very, or, as it is called, ‘•gilt- cdj:ed," wiiich just now cannot be had for better thiin eight jicr cent per annum. Othera take more risks and buy .scconJ-nilc, whieh one can got at from twelve to twenty-four jkt Cent, t’ommercial notes are divided into various clashes —th ere is a gnu er's j>aper, dry good* 'p;if>Ar, atictioneei’s jiiiper. A:e., fi r each of whieh some one will have predilections. These notes are sold by means of brokers, and this kind of broker age is immensely picfitablo and highly respecta ble Ralf Wells, the eminent Siibbatli School worker, is a uoto broker by trade. At present our banks will discount any good paper, but they nijuire two n;inie«. vihile, on the other hand, many oi* ( ur heav -Ft business men, as a rule, m\er cndoini* the ]'apcr of parties who buy eoods of tlu ni. '1 liey have notes drawn to the orders id‘ tin.’ signf rs. and tin'}’ eau be handled in iiu ini) -rsunal luiinner. A iiew standard of credil i' ih. ’.•(■fo'.-e established. 'I'lie question now is not whiit a man is worth, or how respon sible he is. but v.iil h:.s note sell well in the street. If the hiKtr be (fie cii.-e he can buy goods and get credit, whether he deserves it or not. We lia\e km wii the note of insolvent nieo Si lling at a fair rate w lien g iod men could not i:et credit ; ;i!id a e.ise oiiee i-ccnrr4.'d like this: A wished to buy a liiig»; (juantity of ojiium on si.\ montlis, but his piper w;is refused because it Would not sell. J». iln ugli not so good a man, makes a note which will sell. A gets R f > buy the opium, which .\ takes, iind a ‘-swap” of notes conelude.-i tl,e transaclioii. altir R fails, l.'nder liiis artificial state of lhin;3. a bad notrt is u:i\en in place of a g n.d one. and loss falls ou SDiue one. .MercantiJj credit now rests 011 the way a man’s n >te will sell, and this will be in- flueiited by the amount in the market; and hence it wou!d not he dilTieiilt to injuro the credit of any cone* rn, sh iuld any ompctitor got hold of their pipur and ruah it on the ktrcct. For iM'taiiee. w ishes t) buy nn invoice of in- di go. :iud !iiis :i rival purohnsvr iu B. A knwws his (.nly Way to j;ct the article is to strike at 1) S credit He goes into the market, .md in two In.urn has invested it in R’i paper, which ho then i iiijiloys a broker to hawk aboiiL the street. '1 ho broker phiy.s hi.H p.trt well, th** abumhincc of R‘s j)ajior is freely can- v;;‘-sed. iiml fears are n.aturally su^iL'csted that a ri w may be I n ^e souiew h re. Rcfore bu.«ineM» lr.ui- arc ovej-the work i.s done, and R niaj 111 v. r know’ tho nsasou why ho b st a gK>d bar- !.a.u, atid when he piys the •SSd.OUU referred to, he little lreams that by thi.** sharp practice his throat was so nearly cut. Note brokers may be soon in all street going to their offices with their large jHirtfblics under their arms, for thej generally lock them in some bank over night, and at these offices you c«n get sny good note ciibhcd on ten miuutc's noticc. Ihe broker knows who will buy certain names, and hence he loscn no time in running iibout. On the other liand. ‘' ich m>ti; buyer wiil probably to day hav* .^,j!).(diii in rcceividiUi paid in. whieh he is uU.\i u.s to immediately in bills rectjvablo, and he at nn' e pit ks (.ut of the broker s |H»rlfoIio s'.ich p.’ipe..' .1.- lie liki'i be-t. The secret rcasou whv n.eii f. 'i ill 2vA.' i Ki'k will be imind in the way their i r.d-d i:i W all elroet. Any eo'.icei :) wh .i li ruh .-e-uid b; -t for a fV»w ^cars will '..;o il'.vn. i ir tl: • vt ;.soii that this Will pro vent tie ill from b.r. .1.;; ^'Oods in .m aiK aiua^cutiS ii.anncr. In this v. ly th * laiiurf^ of the largo !i luse id Ri.\'. u. Mi .S .niec i.‘i (.0. w.ii* pr.>j he- sied ye;irs bt foie il t k ].1: - ', ior while they lal a profitaid • trade and buiil two uiarblc otores in l>idalv,;!y. yet thc.r ji'iper went in the sir*« t» at two ami oiie-balf p» r et iit |.er n.oiith.and this kil'c'l ihei.i 011 the l.oig ruii. l)i‘alini; in notes li.iijl’ t.i one J (■eiil:.;r d mil” r, I'lid th'tl i.'i tor- ti :i ia!!v speikill;:, ijUJci.-; dopblid i;n lie ri |. :: :ii .1 (jT t':e or-I'-.', who kiliiws wbero ^1- i ;. I ■ i. ai; l will ii'.t il ./iaid a bii»'ne“ \,. i:h i'I il y y t'l u> I (Jf !. bad IlOt''. .^..:iii.;i:i: s. i: v.'i v> r. /•'.g- r is t-o I'pt e’.e.j fi r th* bilker. :..s vr'vcn iu ihe .^I art inn case, wl.i' ii is mw ht i- re th fll'.•t-ei.l.'; - note :it, SeVi,’ A curious matrim"u:;il aflair li n jii-l ; r.wi.-i.ire 1 ! iIic nevt il iv j II Rrooklvn ; ihe p:irti.-s at'- r ' i ' b;;-h id-- le'i t known to fi;i;e. but their hittvrv i^ ue.i iil; .•.'•I.:!. i interesting. Ten years I'l;.) a couple, re marr’ed. nK>vc*d from t'l the viiy (’hurcbe.s. vrliere ness aii l pr sp^ 1 tb l.u-h: ltd .'. t upiu hiisi-, '1. i i Ls b'.'Hics.s at his off.ei.'! was better 1 ti..n at h ua’, f^r bis iirirr:e 1 lif.- j ,inh !p]»v. and. ab i i!' five ye n> a^ i. tie- p:.i',ie 1 ^eeave n div-ie-.. T to-j, j^rridu.illy | i' St trnv'-.^ of »•..( h it!ier, aod during tiie p-i-t I c ir eiieli of th''iii inarricd. a;id 1 ;>th to .1 p‘T>on i h:'d been divr.ri'- -d. 1 h ■ two hii-bjiid- Were ; lie i. '■ . Ol' w 11 : il I ". '■ ' v.i'“ d.iiie iti ;i \ abow' reUrred t ti'.n :-tati J a ch -u: p .ii(' *. A nian buys a p r cent difcouut, and ;r r-i it I' V sd-; at twelve jkt eenl- e' i v;, (i ■' Sin.p' v by I Ite fact ■ . iit'.d f •. i.i-'i ii* it loii;» rii -, t/)Ui6 ' - t , III. . : .lour p.-rlii This , ! i...inuer i;; the forgery I V ‘ think tho guilty par- e r i •!a'o pritoo. -.rliich rl dy 1 ■s r. ri !-’t any r'.ito. will throwII t..:;i FiHE An>;rt—It instntrd that uinoty-fiveout rif o'crv hniidr-'d iiuitauces of tbe buistiii^ cf^ ib.uhlel'arrell'd cun ciin be traced to detects in t!i‘ leit b.irrf l. '1 ho re^Kiu is simply that the ■r, and :i fi w weeks ago th* one ' l i'.'lit ij UK*t tr 'luofit'y ur* d and rckiaded. pcr- Ali>o. n 'plon.^i 1 lot ofCountiv Lncon. ii. M J HI-SSU-V. Al§o, a lot of Choc!>e, »il R. M. PRr.S.'ON'S. fisr Farmers ctn r.''Tiii? sn I jrct thi'ir Dag^;ng ano . I'aiW-ii:g and Modern | l5;>oinj; to he pai'l lor in Cotton. i 6epi ill, I80S. B. M. PRF.S.'soN. Almanacs! Almanacs!! 1.000 BLLM'S ALM.\N.V-'S 10 supply the de- neind just rt-eoiTel at the Citv L>ook Store. (1c' L=6 I’- .’nilNSTON. Gold, Silver and Bunion Coupbl and sold at n Ficall margin, and advancr."- made on CuUion whea dcairfd, at ib« City r»i.k c; C’mrlott*. W. A. WILLl.AMi', .Tn’y \ ,mf' .Stock of Millinery Goods. A fiii! lino ( t iiite ( 1-". Lac s an i lirubro^lrrio. Mv U '-i.! 'II {/•.■rarf::i fit is ■•■jnodeie. consistirip of I . . ■ . , 1 1 • • 1 1 , ’ 1 f i- 1. ■ j- l i ill VNKI TS 1'l\n.\KL*, :.c. jwhobiid inarn'.d the divorced v.oinan. invit' d I h. j Men t uics to the k'ft cue being auKhargea . . . , ( the other h.iTuc to dinner. Inja^iu-- th.; end. r .,iico. Kvcrv tiinc t iie ri>:hi, barrel is discharged .o!.^rrJ.fuaf’c^uh'b iTl‘caal'fLll ard ' rassmc.t when tl.e h ippy husband inO.j^uoxl | the ounpow^r m the hdt is pulveriwd more or as cf nijilcte an assortrnint as nny l.ouse id the city. ; Iii wilc to bis friend. H-th were ti>0 well bied ^ It-.- !,y tie shock, and the Settling ot tbe graiUK v. ith r>;r'ird tr. pric,.^ tl.-y win sold as Ciicnp, , to have 1 ^e ne. and so the dinner p.iss^d off j leave.s a »pioe between the rharge and the wad- if not f h.-aper, than any f iher h .use. ; somewhat frigidly, but withu-) actuil unhap-j ding. Ilcuce when tbc left barrel ie dischsfjped AH I a-^k is an e-c uninat'on of rny ^=tock Vcf--rv ! p;n ss. j it frCf(Ueiitly exjilojjfi The>e accldeuta, it » pi!rcl>!ii«in^'. as 1 f*el snr" I enn pbu'>» tke uio:-t I '] jjf. rec'pi^;nt r.f tho d'niK-r court>‘*sy icvited I a«Fert«;d. ean be avoided by sending tho raiu-r'.>4 ti;e t'tlu.'f to y> home with him soon iifter and I bouie w ith e’lie or two smart blows iuto the non- i iastiuiou-. both as to t.i-^'te and price. Wholesale Lujcrs will find it to th"ir im'-r M to ] dinnor. little thinking, as it srivc CIO a CHll, as^u.y is larg» and i wdl sdl a. | \ ■ j., reiuru the cowpiin.ei.t short profits. ! _ __ '. _ t. r Nov. IPCS. B. E00r.MAN:>. Cashier. The City Bank of Charlotte Solicits the AecainisoJ buaines* nitn and jtueri, and proniises satisfaciioo. .Tn^y V. A. WILLIAMS. CaAIer. in every ptirtieular. It turned out that each h .d marrit d tJie divorced .spouse of the other, iiud it was inore eatis&ctoiy to tbem to know that each was eatirelj pleas^ with the arrange- Bwnt. So inuc.h fen- the dt nwtr'iBXWf dtEchargcd barrel every tiiuo the othor ie rdloaded: — mm • — lo Oonncoticut. a i>oy of twonty Jjss jaatmaifc ri«l a widow of fifty, who has scroR cbUdren. Tho eldest t» tix year* older theafciiBew Older peopK) «o«etiixtoB oal^ fe iBkt^ estbis =>7”

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