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North Carolina Newspapers

The western Democrat. (Charlotte, N.C.) 1852-1870, November 17, 1868, Image 2

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SThi? ^emocval^ ©Karfoll^-, The Forty-First Congress. Tlioii;;li rifii, (Jniijt i.- t-j bo tlio Prcfcklent >f thi- riiltol St-ti - ulti r M: n'!i 1, 18G13. he iv;ll iK.’t Inivi: f^r.cli ;.u ovcrwli'jiiMiii;:; K:idic:il ill t!io lu xt I foil.' oi‘ cursed tlic :i:itii!i j'>{- til" four yciirs. Tin- I'yrtioth (.’oiifrri'.-.', iiicluiliii'jtlif S'iiitlnjrH was fjiu.- ’■ : liti--aliv ciividiMl; lli.aii-j.lH Ifi- Jkii]Ofials >- Rjiilicnl ii::ij' riiy no M2 Ac-fiirdii:!.'t') tlu- Lu'-t ii'turns at liMnl, tlii; politiciil coiiiplcxii'ii (il'rlic next lluu-u ol J’fp- re8oiitativ(;,s wiil bi; ;i.s I'olif-Wii: lindic.-il-i J )ciiiccr;its 1 :;s 77 n.-sj'rify til 'J'wo-t li iils Ilf In this (Mlfiiliitifiii it is iissuiiicil tli: t tlic I’adi- falr' will (•](•(•'. flnrc ('()ii'_'-ri .'■S7I.0II in .Ni v. llaiu].- sliirc next ^lardi, ;n;d two oft in' foi'.r (nlic clKiScii ill (’i>nTicctiv,-iit ill Ajtri!. il; in t!;i' latfcr State they in.iy iH't srfuic liut one. : was llio ;:is(‘ at t!u' ('nn;jvi‘.-sii>nal i‘Uctii>H t' 'i’lnis, it will }| ‘Seen tbric the lir.dicaN \\ ill ii'.l ■iiavc a tWD-tlii’(]s vf'tc' in llic |-'urtv-fi:>t '^s tin y liavn in tlic j icsciit. ('oiii;icss. Xut mily will t]i‘ hrnKif-rat' Invi' an ( tlCt ivc wm'kiii::' iniiiDiM- ty bui aiii'iii;^ tln iii will li" nu n nhi> will n.ako tlif'ir mark cn die 'I'iicir infiK'-iicc is r.iv f() be felt. .\iii()il; i1h;S(' wlinarc !ir:' ly tub'' csjior-ially pruniiiK nt an- S S. (’"X. and .Janu s I’rooks f'i‘ tli's city—tlir I’l'iii.('r tin- n.nsf i iTi- oiont jiarli.'UiK ntarian wIid li:i' Jn-rn in llic lli'USi- during'tlic l::st tt-n y(;ar'.; ■ " itli tlio p'ssiblc cx- ccjilinn ()f‘A!cx::iidi r H'. Sti iibi iis and the late Thaddcns Sti'vcns,' :ii:d (he laffcr a very useful member by re,'isnn his ab;Ii! i(‘s as a sjicaker and his jiinrnaiistic facilily in !\and1in;.r statistics; S. F. Marshal, of llliudis. ::iid iMicIiael ('. Kerr, ofTndiruia. bdli .'iiiL'ularly flii-icnt me n in any deliberutivP bddy. fii:d di uMy s^tiu the Ifouse. booaiise of tbeir ImiL’' t A]n^r:c!i''■ in tbe ('a]iit. l; Paniel A\’. \^j(>rhres. of’ Indiana, a ready speaker :;nd debater, and ni'Te a maieb in ddiate fi‘>r any (i])jMiiient whom hi‘ is likely to n;( ct at ^\^^shin”t(ln; .Jiiilu;e W imdwi.rd :ml lleiiry H. l'\)st('r. of l^■nns^ lvani:l. bi tli n.en ef more tlian ordinary nbilify; and .Joseph Il .Fniitbof Ore^ron. • if whoTii report ^p■aks in v iy laud itory tern::-. Ill all tilcse Leiitleiia n. and ' thi i ' who :;ii'jht bi' tiirntioned. tli ' ]{adie::]s in the House will find fbemen v.'ortbv of llii'ir 1, a:id. we ni^'ie tli;;n suspect. advovsai-i«-.-with, w!’.' :n tbvy *.vii! be I'l- h;o!ant to cro.'S -^words. 'I'he I’atlic.ds have r>‘ eh'cird r. nnn.berofthi ir bri^hte.- t liirhts. at the lio.'id of wbieb i- f’ciija- min 1'. l)iitl’r. ol' M::ssaeli;iscil. , 1iy all odds tlic sliarpcst man in debatcon tiu'ir-idc of the II( use Aihoii^mIh ir other e!iai!;pii Tis wlio ha\c been re-clecte] are Holiert Schenck. .Tolin A. Hin*:- ham. (Jeoi'LM' S. I’oiitweli. dames («. luaine. William 1). Kelley. K. 1!. Wasbbuine. A. Ijoiran. aiid .iames .\. iarlield. :’.ll n’cn wbo h;:v(> attained ]'rominenee in tlie ].resent (’oKLnss by re.'is.ui of t]i(‘ poor stiili' of whieii the Hadie'.! por tion of it is comjMisi il. Tlie iJ.'dieals. hiwever. will miss tile eo’,ins( !' of'riiv.iM, us Sti Vi i:s r.nd dames M. Asbicy. ol'whnm ibe i'ormer b:,s ^',i;e to bis last .'•.eeouiit. and the laiti v to^'f tie efvtain aeeoiints the mer.' nienti' ii '.f wbieli i.wer ro- f!ee(e] much credit upon him. 'i’lie ('onntry will be ll;e i'::inei by tbe iiiero^se of Democratic licpreseiii.ativc.; :i;id 1'e'.ii'cratie brail','; in the nt Con. ];c exp, rieiicc of the last two Cl li'-rc^ses -i:’,''-h(.w;i l;i;\v d'^';-1 r;,i’.s u thiiiL;'it IS f.r ( ne ]>:;r!\ ti' h,.'.c ;:n ovi •.v.bel- ’uin;^ majoi ii y in tlie n;iti.'icil I'll lu !■; aiKi th"iie(i (Ilf 1 )eii;oer;,ls ill tlie I’l it v Mi't Ci nur-'^s will b(' too t’ew M cli;-ck all li.adical le;::.'I.itioii. they will stiil be str icj' enonuli in numb, rs and brains to pri'\ enl a i pej ii ion of mncli of'thi- ill- advi.^iod and h,;sty :;c;i,'n wliiidi bas wei! niLh inaib' the mere name of ('oni:iess ;i 1 v woiiland a rcjiroach in the opinion of all Ic.iks; — A’. h'.rpr, ■■■■. - - « ♦ General Grant's Polit'y. 'J'hc fullowi!i;r jiai.aurapli is extraetod from the New York Journal of (\jmmerce—a paper neu tral in the late canvass. it woiiid sei'ni. from tlie terms I'li.ployed, to speak by authority. If .■..e, the importanc c of its statements cannot be overrated. W’e emplia.'-i/.o ecrt,;iii }>:;,s.sai:es to attract to tlieia particular attviition ; ‘•(ieneral (iiant is m t a Radical, a;id \vk. ii.wk TllK VKHY HKIIIKST A IT II i >I{ 1 1 V K.'lt S.Wl.NCi tt|at it is his j iirpose to sep.nate If from (lie cxtremi.sts, and to rally aroe.nd him ;i .'■(roiej body of the better el,''-s of eit!;■ •■lis, w ho .-l;a!l draw unto them congenial allies from all on.u ters. and booumi', as they would deserve t ■ tie. the party t>fthe country. He is aiso i xti emelv anx ious to verify his party watehw, rd, ai.d to ie:.d the Country at once t.i i KAcr. and leiiewiil pi( s- porily. This is his ]mri»ise and r,oi,nee; n '!eny that it is a noble ambiti(.ii. Not hin;s. l!‘a. p, ;i- tician, and with but little experience t r .-.kill in civil lilb, he diios not, as wc think, at ::!1 realize North Carolina News. SiiocKi.Nfi.—A innn named (Jauble, 7 or 8 miks west (d’ this jilacc. was with some drinking companion.s OH Sunday afternoon last, imbibinj: prc-tty freely, when a bet was made between him self and cne of the party—2 jxallons of tar a;:aitr.n one fpiart of brandy—that he. ('auble. could drink a (y//o’,7 of brainly and walk home (about a mile; before it Would throw him. He ih-ithl: th :ind started on hi.s jourm-y. his companions followiuir him to sec if he could make the triji. When about half way. ho ex- elain;ed. ■ well. beys. I've lost the bet,” and fell to the grotiml. They left liim there; liuta nei'jhbor j-KiHsin." with his wagon took him up and (virried liim to hi.s home, in an ins-nsible condition from which he never rccoverel. He cc;tseii to breathi! at-1 o'clock next moming. 'J Ik; (kx;c:usei has left a wife and one cliild. not only to mourn the loss of a husband and father. })Ut to bear, tliroiieh life, tin; remembrance ofthe folly by whieli he passed to tlic jud-nient — Siillalniri/ .\orfh tiov. llolden has appointed J 15 Xeath- ery a din ct(a'of the X. C. Institution for the Hcafand Ihimband the l>lind, vice 1). Pear son. resi;_ned. £t;y .Mt. X’cbo. .Judiro I’ear.son's own precinct in Vadkin. irave a majority for Shober and for Seymour and l>1air. 'i'lu; .hulgo was present at the e-ectii ii. JPr- 1‘Iat. Vote of North Carolina. Below we give the vote of this State Vy coun ties. We «oujpare the vote fur President witli the vote for Governor, believrng tliat is a (airer criterion of parties than the vute for and against a Convention: a tuLirnnr, the dilhciilties in the w ay 'UC;l succi> cove-ts. We do not !'ay that he will fail, for he has undoubted jduek. and. be>idis f, v.r ye:;rs oi jtafronago at command. 1!k v. ii.i, iiA\ i: TllK Al>\ U:K A.M> 1 IJACTICAI. AH' oK mO!K ■>TI$ONIi I'HlENItS WHO Dll MiT I .vi.i.v i.\ri;>:- MKi»r>i-K \\ rni 11 Hi.ic ai kaik.s. He w ill, of course, be first flattered andtlien I'lUiidlv abased by tho.e whoso alliance he disdaii.s. l! Sun.iu r is left out in tlu' cold. accordinLT t the j'usi !.; pri'uranime, there will be heard .at Wi^iiinu::,;! a howl of raue every tiii.e the wi:,d i,i tlie Ka't Hth e South is treated kii;d!v ;;nd jn.'tlv. C.K.NKKAL (.JliANT !l\>. Iltt \ WVKl.V i I::: m'isKI'. ANI> TllK M K.\sf 1! F"' I'- -'ll-.i'i'\STKi fi'iox ij}; HAS ,\S iii.s ,\i;K A !>t II'i'r.!'. he will soon be clas',;ed by the Lladieals of hi> party as ‘‘a rebel .-ympathizer." !nnt on throwin:: away all the fruits ol the great national victory. There is a large cla.s.s of politician- whose sole test of ‘‘a rijihteous ]>oace" is si^ne t’orm ol'.■-eeu- rity for the permanent ascendency of p .,ty at the ^iouth. Thkukcan i;k .no i;r.sT To i h’k l.AM) UNTII. THAT IDEA is A I! A Ma ).\ K D; ami i! this conces.«ion is now made by their chosen leader, he will bo stigmatized most unsparim !y as a traitor to tlieir camio.’’ Kxi’Kdition Ai^ Ci ;>.a.—Th,- X. V. World has a long account of a filibust. rin- ex pedition agaiii.-^t Cuba. Col. (Jeo. W. ( of Walker’s Nicaragua pxpodition, command:i;:r the movement. Nkw Oklean.^, X”ov. 11.—This evcnine’s Tinieg has an article, giving tlie rumors and le- ports cun-ent as to the det;n!i ofthe Cubaa is- pcdition. It says ; “An organ,zati-ii in this City and country has been in eorrcsjioiidenco with Ouban insurro.'tionary leaders.'’ It .s;ivs ii^. statouicnt that throe thousand men will leave the city, in 15 days, will prv.bably turn out to be truej th;it a number ot panics engaged in tiiia movement have already left this city^ with pass ports for Cuba. -It III. Siiilni'l- nnrham’s majority in the 7th Dis trict is (stimatLd ;it upwards (d‘tj(») votes. A Xr;iii:o Ma(;isti!Atk Ai!I!k.-'Tkd mil I’ 1 Mi'KlSdNMK.NT, — Justice K. T. 1^1‘rry i.'sued a warrant for the arrest of (Jarrett Move, a m.'gro .Justice iii .James City, on the complaint of Collins .Moore, negro, for false impi isoiiment. Move fame befbre the .Justice iiecompanied by .Mr di-hn X". Wasliingfon as counsel. (,'ol!iris ]il ioed his case in the hands of Hon. (’. C. Clark, 'f !;e counsel on both sides argued the legal points involvi'd. at length. From the evidence, it ap pears th;;t .Moye issued a warratit for Cilliiis to a]:]iear befure him and .miow can've why he .'^hould not give jtidgment against Collins in a ease in which he was interi sted. He refused to apjiear. ami Moye. ignorant of the faet that he could ;^ive judgment in Collins’ absence, ordered a ('onstaMe to bring him before his Court. Col lins refused to go with the (’onstablo. and the latter sent for the .lustico. When .Move arrived, he w;;;- armed with a gnn ; for what purjiose is unknuv.n. He soon cffeeied an entrance into Col'iiii.s’ house. :uid told individual that he eaii'.e to lake him, dea.d or Collins then v.ent with him ]ieaceablv, and stm.d his tria.l. '1 he c‘as(,‘ was in.]:oi'tant. ::s involviiiLr the limi- t:itieii of the p( wi is (.f oflleers of the law, and the liability of a .he tice id'tlie I’eace to bo held r' spons'.blr for any inl'ractii.n of the law. whether I!.; de tliioiigh ignorance or malice. .Justice I’erry. in his decision, establislud a precedent v. hieh oaniiet fail of h;iving a gooiK'fTcet. Moye wa.- I.ound over to :n;swer the ch;:rie at tin; next tel 111 ‘,f the Sv.perior Court.—N'icIkih ./' t.i-iial III' ('iniiini ;■( . Ciiathaiii Railroad Eontis. .'^oir.e I four C'ti mjioraries. in stating the sub- sianci' ol our reci'nt :;rticles upi ti the sidiject of tlu‘ Cl::i!h:!';i ilailroad. Honiis. siy that the .Icur- nal intimatitl’.'it the State will hereafter r0])u- diati; tlies,,’ bonds. A'\’e are the last person to ailvoeate or even intimate the rejiudiatioii by Xoitb Caroliji.a of any legally contracted ik'bt. .iial th,' n l'usal to p;iy any other is no repudia tion. ^\’e attemptdl to show, and we tliink suc- eessfu!.’}'. that the i.e;.',isla!nie n;adc tlie appro priation in defiance oC the Constitution of the .'-’t,',ir. a;id We kiiow that they will never be jnid unt il a dee;s;on of the S'lpremo Court is had uj',.n tiicir leiiality. If that tribunal hold them t,i be jus! 1 bligations. and the honor ofthe St;ite is inviilved in their paymi.-nt. however I'luch her dishonor was involved in tlieir issuance, the l'oli|, r> wiil find no stri.'ii;.^er friends than our- selvc.' in demanding a prompt payment thereof. l!nt so loiiL^ as there is a doubt in regard to them we .■^hall be stout in our resist:;nce. X’^orth Caro lina is not in a condition at this time to increase her j'ublic debt, and unless bribery was^d. as charged, we cannot see how faithful representa tives could havt‘ so sac'rificed the intori:st of the State. ()ur old JJonds lie in the stronj;-boxes oi their holders, with coupons unpaid, and the ;nti'rest rapidly ;iceumulating. For these the people d' .\orth Carolina havi; value reeeivel, aiid yet they find it inqiossible to moi't these le.n.'.ralde .-ind just demands. And yet strangers, who Were boiiownm thi' money with which tlieir :'i- iJ.ihi was ],a:d, vei(.d away illegally, incon- '.d.'rately. ami. we fear, corruptly, millions of dolLirs. Can they really desire to force the State into b.-inkruptey'/—Wi’ni/aijifim Jinnniil. • - • Mm — — Discharges in Bankruptcy. Tlie Xewbern .1 ouvnal of (’omniorce gives the loilovi iii;;- list of names of 15ankrupts who obtained t iien- final ibsidiar-e at the late term of thi' I'nited .-■'tatis Histi'ict Court, held II.r the District of ramlieo. at Xewbern ontlie2titii ultimo—.J ml ire l>rooks pi’esiihng : 'i''.fii, {'iinili/—Kdmund H Henderson, Cal vin I’erry. liCWis Miller, Le >poll I>aer, .) 31 ivuhf'-on. (> It Colgrove of .Jones. l^Ioses Pr::e-. .Jonatliaii Vvlialiy. IMward /lcvo, Stephen (i ilarrington. Kiclianlt! Cobb. ^Villiam 31 Wat son. Alex C J.atliam. Sidney Tuttle. Ij u'i’.r (iiHvJif—Jcsluui iiouse. Josiah Wooten. K:ch.;id li W ooten. ro(,„.'_y—Kli II K F Perry. Jo.sepli P. Hanks.'Funiifuid Mercer. roi:il:- (‘,.tni!i/—ch;is H Dennett, (loo A 1 ittieaii. ^\ 1,1 1 i'dleiiix. W m A .Ioiioh. ilenrv King and .f .J Hale. Hu”h J^ Pryan. J.diii L PMidgirs, I’.iniiett 1} J>awience. K ]> .3]cXair. ('oliii .McXair. James W Ivni-ht. D H Parron. .losijih \\ ;li;foid. Win C Trevathan. Irwin 'i hig- ]K‘ii. \\ lii II 1 o>V(.lI. Klij ih \\ diiford, .John Pest, Ualph K MaeiKiir, V/m J FJwa.ds, Kiehard 11 ioihain. (' —Wiira.m I\ J.ane. Sen.. Coun cil ]’e.--r. Sen . S.amucl R Stieet. Calvin (.i i\,v. kins. Xiehi his ije.'«t. David P Kvcrett. Pitt —William H M iy. James 3Ic- '■' V>:;n. Levi ilawson. J.imes H Forlies. Jo.M.-ph Id. F H Jarman. William L Cherry, tir.iy o!>!.. (i.orge tJoyner. l\.’:!■!■ r! c,.r.ih/—.Jesse G (JrifRn. T'avid H i'arr w. Thomas 11 Dioui.t. John G PLunt, (ie. rge 11 Pvinn, O V\’ Telfair. (i.i.iifj/— P Davis. Thuma.s P (iilllam. IC K i’.iake, A J Iline.-*. (\ir*-,rt Cnunh/—Aui^ustus Dudky. Alamance, Alexander, Alleghany, Anson, Ashe, Pcaufort, Pertie, Pladen. Prun.swick, Puncombe, Purke, Cabarrus, Caldwell, Cauiden, Carteret, Caswell,, Chatliam, (.'herokee. (.'howan, Clay, Cleaveland, Columbus, Craven, Cumberland, Currituck, Davids:on, Davie, Duplin, Kdgecombe, For.'iythe, Franklin, (laston, (Jatos, Granvillo, Cireenc, (! uilford, Halifiix, Harnett, Haywood, Henderson, Hertford, Hyde. Iredell. .Jackson, Johnston, Junes, Lenoir. Lincoln, Macon, 3Iadison, Martin, 3IcDoweIl, 3Ioek!enburg. Mitchell, .'Vjontgomeiy, Moon;, Xash, X'ew Hanover, X'orthampton, ()nslow, () range. Pasipiot.-’-iik, Peiiiuimans, Per.^oL', I’itt, Polk. llandolph, Kielimond, liobeson, Pockiiighain, Powaii. IV lit lierfi ird, Saiapson, St;inley, Stokes, Surry. 'rransylvania, Tyrrell, rnion, Wake, Warren. Washington, Watauga, W’aynp, Wilke's, A\’ilson, Vadkin, yancey, 9CG 3G(j 226 1)78 015 1300 1280 1203 783 104'J 77'J 828 383 474 881) 1410 407 1823 J8.> 0l>2 131 G77 l.'M 33SU 1757 431 1070 522 UCl 2337 1102 142J 800 448 2512 782 1731) 3080 0!)0 403 571 795 td) I 841 214 1345 5! 12 1192 541 315 528 07 (J 1702 543 718 1007 740 3.)08 188!) ■}08 1310 898 803 8,si 1775 399 1514 1195 ](U5 1412 1100 1332 1(»18 398 75S 830 105 237 758 3332 2219 790 309 1475 1429 909 708 20-> 1007 494 233 843 019 1040 G03 957 781 875 G.;i5 1002 617 514 905 1429 1057 1151 250 407 207 930 823 1401 1234 883 821 723 1488 1158 314 122G 004 050 1840 598 1479 1314 091 408 290 5Si 808 1518 500 957 441 8;i8 593 502 3(i5 921 5(!3 1910 120 220 735 1018 2231 803 720 1834 511 529 8^^ 1247 93 033 002 1252 11 f3 1018 407 1108 549 447 59t> 231 392 719 23 f3 944 350 304 1229 537 883 72() 450 niaj lit. ? 1102 1055 351 510 UOO maj. 15 1002 020 1318 1517 1372 878 1085 110 940 uiaj. 4 834 1955 488 17 05 maj. 25 092 000 050 512 3535 1590 410 1843 000 1025 2757 1202 1431 878 1050 024 1227 753 1(»72 09S 1090 000 1111 maj. 397 000 898 1402 1131 1540 520 000 1037 951 1493 1082 901 835 maj. 07 1582 1473 787 1370 078 Predictions'•about Gen. Grant. We reproduce the following articlc (says the Goldsboro Messenger) from the pen of one of the most eminent writers of Virginia and distia- guished journalists of the country, that our readers may learn the estimate placed upon the character and abilities of U. S. Grant by a good judge of character, and one who has had gtKxl opportunities for studying tbe character of him about whom he writ». We know too little of the President elect to say whether the opinions held by this author are correct or not, hut we will «tate that the article was written early in April last, and wo have seen nothing in all this time to indicate that the j writer was very far out of the way when he wrote. I We ask for this articlc a careful study on the 1 part of all our readers, and ask each one of them I to form his own conclusions after having read ■ and thought on it. I ▼ Wc shall be perfectly satisfied should Presi dent Grant follow the course below marked out j f^ir liini, for we liave snfhcicnt confidence in his ; pers(;nal integrity, abilities and firmness of pur- : to trust him as a ruler, and whatever may ; be the upshot ofthe whole business, the placing j of him in power was no work of ours. W e were the regular army, he ha.s risen to the supreme X)mm&nd of that army. lie has made 'himself a nooessity to the Radical party. Strong as that party has been and is still, it is powerless with out Grant, and they know it. He knows it. This day, were he to side with Johnson, Radi- calisni would go to the wall. He does not side with Johnson, not because he hates the South or loves negroes, but because Johnson represents Constitutiontilism, and his game is outside and above the Constitution. He is seeking daniinion, and he has almost grasped it. Whether the wis dom which has led him so far be hi;i own or another’s, the fact remains—Grant is the power in this country. Call it fortune, luck, what else you will, it does not change the result. He will use the Radical party as a stepping stone to the Imperial purple, and then he will strangle it. He is a man raised up of God for that purpose. He is remorseless. His heart is flint. His will is adamant. His fondness for horses, for dogs and cigars, his bad grammar, his silence, all, do not the least unfit him for the part he has to play. When the Courier des Ktats T’^nis said, in quiet derision, “he talks lit tle and thinks less," it uttered a good joke, whicli all enjoyed. But those who will be at i pains to look back a little, will remember two ■ Foreign News. The Common Pleas (’ourt in Kngland (ful] bench) have decided that the common law duu'i confer stiffrage on women. The London Times publishes the ba.«is of set tlement of (|UCStions between the I'liited States and Great Britain. Mixed Commissions, two from each country, are to be appointed to ad judge of all questions since 1853. the date of the last Commission’s expiration. England’s rcFpou. sibility for the Alabama’s operations were re ferred to Prussia. If the decision is favorullo the American Commission will investigate tho claims. America waives the question of reeiii;. nition of the Confederacy. The San Juan affair is referred to Switzerland for arbitration. A special dispatch from Ix)ndon to tho Xow York Herald, says that the conviction prevailji there that the Tnited States is being lunu. bugged and Reverdy Johnson used by Priti.sU sympathizers with the “rebellion” and Southeru exiles in England. Lefiwich, Democrat, is elected to Conere's from Tennes-see. One other Democrat is elected. To Kent, not permitted to have our own way, and now let ; "i'Pirtant facts “lucky fools” history^, of Jaimurythe raluaMopr.,p,.r(v the responsibility rest with that party who. in ! accepted the command of the armies of , their hunt for a now lease of j)ower. have caught | ^ nited States on condition tliat he should , cunsistiu^ of two I5rieA Store nou^os mi Trinlo i a very hui^e tartar and secured for themselves a I absolute control of them. SeconjJ. he has j Street, nud tUrec Uwelling Hoii.'-es. Tlie almvi' j i o- ! perpetu.d and ufficiont iiiiutcr. i persistently icfused to Stand upon any llepubli- ! perty will be rtxH'd publicly on Tluirsihiy iif S'upv- i Here is the article to which wc have alluded: i platform, and has forced that party to make I j him their candidate without any public pledge ' FOR KMPEROR ULYSSES GRAX’T. j whatjsoever. Those two. put with many other Three delusi,...s occupy- ll.c t^SS, PW'O Orant is forhimsclf and noonc else. I He is no ordinary man. He who would rush : his lorions airainst Jirag", cntrenched on Look- » U . to.aeuute i utuy lo party a.vctnuanty, ^ Kapidan to tho Jameswith 80.000 dead and cam tliat tins country may bo governed per- , . 1 ^ i 11 t n i anently by tho Federal Leldslature, to which f 10 Executive and Judieiarfshall bo not abso- "’ounded to perish in rather than ad- 000 m;ij,211 2754 maj. 198 2109 3410 045 maj. 2148 000 1490 15!H> 789 000 niaj.:^00 279 (M)0 744 714 (»0i) maj.219 959 1412 000 maj.3.50 OOOO maj.2(:0 593 ’ 422 121.') 801 small portion of the American people who are able to think seriously about political affairs. First, The moderate Republicans who are, . .willing to sacrifice liberty to j)arty ascendancy. ' ‘ di maiieti tho Executive ana Judiciary lutcdy but relatively subordinate. Second, That wini: of the Democratic party . ■ i - .i.f ? .. • which is represented by the Xew York World, 1 'r'* awful responsibility of starving ten dreams that tho Radicals being ousted, the Gov- , ^ fo low^-countrymen at Anderson- ornmont may be restored to wdiat it wa.s before i the war and the Constitution re-established, i game of war as recklessly and coolly m/.,,.sthc in.stitution of slavery, and the heresy fZf- ^ ^ f as they esteem it, of .secession “‘‘‘‘"/‘I ! e"". Third, That win-^ cd' the Democratic I a State or throttle a Continent, ifthat State rior Court week, if not ilisposcil of jiriv.-iirly l.i'lin. that tiuie. For furtiier purticulars i-inniire In ii: absence of R, .-V. Springs Nov «.», M. L. WUISTON. .\jrcut. House and Lots for Sale. A House and Eight Lots are o!Voi-ed fur siili'. vii. uatcil near the C. & S. C. Uiiilroud Oi'ihii. Th., House is ft two-story fruiiicU kuildiufr. in r, - . n ,1 * t * 1 , ouu .'louiiiaiii, who Strewed the line of march i -—^ - r- tinwilh . tosacnhco libeity to party ascendancy, Kapidan to tho Jameswith 80.000 dead and "'ell of Water uml out (iri^nin tiiriL This foniitrv iiinv h‘ cn>voriml ni'*r- ? .. _ ' qu the l>rO!uiHCS. For information apply to Kdwar\l Ma>.KU'u. ,,v this Otiice. mit a defeat by sending a fiag of truce to Lee, and Nov it, 1808 Inipd who, to carry his point accepted without hesitti- Selling out to Close Business. GREAT BARGAINS! $70,000 'worth of Goods must te Sold II H. & B. EMANUEL party which is represented by the l.a Crosse Demoera't Continent stood in the way _ and its adherents, wlu4 numbers in tho North I ^ ^clf-containcd and pitiless he is ! I ,, : 1 .. 11. 1,1 n. the mnn of ail others in America, to master, put becoming consideraLilo and whoso unrefloct- , , , , , i . * inx f.JIo'vers „t ll,e muy be by k™!',''*"'", "'i;y'nm|,lc .ut of cxistcnoe lL-,1 tl.c liniid.' '''' r?','-'' " hoi, the V. n III iijdu- ; . I. i uurato a new ora of poaco, prosperity and hap- ' better. of his l,lo,s, llic' r. ,„uli=(i„„ „f tl,. |,„Mk dvbt, ,-„„i ; ^!"f ^7 "’“f = ..,.rWi.g or tlie ivurkins i,v',|,!c, «ill i 'lOlM '»■" »'oH- rate a new ora of poaco, pro.sperity and hap- ^ ^ i ... .. , 1 i> 1 r Put he has taken sides with the negro and under a iierpetiial liepubiic. > i i- Tt : 1,:, 1, ti,, ^ i.. : t n i will ^rind the whites ofthe routh under his It lb nigli time these delusions wore dispelled. , , tt- i i- ^ i. . I'cloiul U-gUlutuvo, lin- tliat tl,/t' “""“''J; »"' d;»po..,d. 0'-'5 738 '1'iJo‘r a jierpetiial Pepubiic. OOO maj.253 52!) 459 000 maj.101 maj. 135 1902 maj. 432 727 1018 827 391 ;8 1931 417 14.j3 1047 maj. 333 953 1531 4i)5 1752 maj. 430 ' 1504 1403 oooo 000 783 818 000 195 811 3433 2308 !i55 303 1421 maj. 371 893 810 00(» 000 2149 000 341 8SI5 1(‘90 2290 1045 859 19I7 588 000 1054 1559 185 878 Oi»0 1059 1513 1530 085 maj.508 000 744 i ot mai- 41 ' 3:}9 930 29.).3 1053 348 318 14S7 000 1107 022 maj. 109 I.c.t-if!ati„o, CVH, ir it WCI-C ])o,„..cnitic instead I f “ IntFrialiJD. to er l!adie»l, «„i,!d. under a svstctn „f cenerf ! '•>»ttvc, ,sufin,^.e, „eOTe»'t„bc c.«it,dej,; reprosent ti.e .t.„b a..d its ,,,i5sioi,s. 1 Hjf slnV).-.';; * f .. • boirun between (rrnnt and Congress, it will side i J tie ciui.stuutioii cannot be restored, minimi t, . i i cl-.,- : .. 1 . „ 1 ■ I "ith (irant. i’rcsTdont in name but emr/eror lu sla\oi\ aiul secosion. Ma\ery secured an arts-I ^ :t.,cratic representation, and seco.ssion was the overmaster .New Eng- ! sole .sifc- tiard against eon.solidation. If a State | of putting his armies i liMv.. ti... . ... r 11 ; motion. In this way nTul tbis nionc, blood- nut tlie rJLlit to sccoue neacMMullv, every , , , t ^ t i • ri^ht which it claims must in ease of di.^imte, be | , rov>]»tiou nn^^ ^u established by ii.rco of arms, and armJ lailiutr ' accomplished peaceably^ 'i he Re- ! (as in tlie late war; the Federal p,nver, whether ^'snppeared. the Empire w.b I it be controlled by the Exociitivo, the Le^isla- i ^ wdl not have a gix.d I tivo, or Judiciary, becomes, so far as tho 8tates j but we will have the bos-t possible are eoucerued, sapreme-i» a word, it is despot- circumstances, and as good as inost I I governments in I'^uropo. All sections, all classes, ! ‘ The h, ipos of Prick Pomeroy and his fulluwer.s. I " I ^ 1 c» 1 1 • • . ' IV MI f hr» nf in/iiicfrxr ; .^ortn rind ^.uth, do not merit serious refuta- tion. 'J hey are hardly sincere and they are cer- A( — A ]'. \\ liii.iins. Jas H Avont. (i I ■ II ( ’, ./(/'I'y—di 'iiii F Carr. e hrive seen i;o I;st ol iiiscln.rues in the Dis trict 1’ Cape Fear. V%'e hope soinci>f onr Patt ern cotemporarios will publish the list if anv have been finaiiy discharged.] Gov. Soymonr’s majority in the State of New York is estimatel at 12,000 and that of Gov. IIofTman at 37.7t)0. 92.2 H 73.000 84,348 71,780 (irant's majority 12,502. Indian Smnmer. The ni'iine of Indian Summer, say,'; a contem porary, it is well known, is given ill America to the brief period, often in the latter half of No vember. (d uarm, sunny weatlior, usually prece ded by some davsid’ frosty atmosphoro. The ori;.;vn ol the leame is a controverted cjuestion. 1 he first 1 nited States history that met our eliiMlujod said that tho Indians, in their improvi dence, were in the habit of procrastinating the work of gathering their scanty food for winter till tho cold snap ot early November brouirht them to their thoughts, and that in the warm weeks succeeding they did their hunting and gathering, and hence "Indian Summer.” Tlie New Fngland tradition is, that the Indians be lieved this season to be caused by the southwest wind which prevails at this period, and whit h their good divinity, v', wlio re.'^Ided in that |uarter. st^iit them as n sjiocial blc'Ssin"", it h,!s boon .sometimes said tiiat tho term Indian was ^iven to this period because, game beiiiLr plenty :it tlie time, and tho hazy condition of tiio atmosphere favoring their near approach toani- mais unsuspected, iiiade it a special Indian hunt ing season- and il is believed that all who have had exp. rieiice among the Northern Indi.viis concur in the general of these state ments. 'i'liey do but little hunting till Septem ber and t )etoLiei j and when November Comes they -athcr up their corn, rice and meat, and sl.irt on their winter hunt into the forests. A ( liiri's IN litdi i;i,K.—he Colundjia S. C. corresprndeiit of the Charleston Courier, writing i.n the 2d. gives the following account ol the mislortuiies of a circus: ^ ••Vostcrday two mile;; below Polton, Anderson i>istriet. the special train transporting 31au;iulov and t arrc.II .s Circus ran off the track, without doing any d.imnge. 'J hey reached thi.s city at 12.30 p. m. to-day. rind iniiiiediately their eJiocts were attaeiivd at tiie .suit t>t creditors in North C.irolina. Maginley conlcssed judgment, and took the train for New York, his home. '1 ho circu.« company was broken upj tlie employees, some forty in nnmber. roamul about the streets, not knowing what to bo at. tainly wild. '1 he repudiation ofthe public debt is chaos, anarchy. What then is our state? 1 Looking to tho past, wo now sec clearly that the American revolution, so far as it was sup posed to have established the right of self-gov- ; ernment. was a lilundor as well as a crime. Tho ' e.xporimont has I'ailed signally, and (for ages to ! come) hejielc.-sly. j 1'ho cjuestioii of soce.esioii, which remained in I dispute from the foundation of the I'nion till I 1805. has now been finally decided, and the : sword has left to the State. North as well a.'? : South, no rii/ht't whatever. The authority in ! Wa.shington is paramount to all other authority I in the land, and none need or dare gainsay it. i War being emled. it remained to decide which ' of tho three branches ofthe central rovernmeiit ! should Control the others. Ilencc the long and ■ bitter struggle betwi'on Andrew .lohiison and Congress. '1 hat struggle is dr.iwing a close. Ours h as been, heretofore, a Presidential or popular government. A few weeks hence, it wiil be a Congre.ssional oligarchy, and wo all know what to e.xpeet from that. This oligarchy, inflated by pride and mad dened by passion. Ci'uM not. under any circum- stanccs. remain long in power. It is nf.t an oliirarchy of aristocrats, but of dcmai'o'>-ucs. ^hey have neither the sense, the discretion nor the breeding necessary to the maintenance of iheir high p,isition. Already their heads are giddy. Fortunately for the country, they cannot re main long on trial. They are c^>mpelled next fall to go through the forms of a Presidential election. Still more fortunately they arc forced to jircseiit General Grant as their candiilate. \\ 0 think it fortunate. lx;cause we believe firmly that (Jrant’s election is certain, and because we believe that Grant will jn'ove their master. Many will dir.-eiit from this opinion, which v.e have lung heid and shall continue to held untii wo see re.-sjn to change it. Man}’ will be ollended. but that we cannot help. There is, in onr Opinion, no earthly chance *f the restoration of a IJepublicaii form of government, and if we ^ are to clio(..,io between a Senate of fanatics and a j ’] yrant like (irant. we declare unhesitatingly in j favor of the latter. j A\ e wi.uid n urh prefer a limited Constitutional I mnnnrciiy to a d sp,i,tlsm. Put that is imt p>«- I sible here. In Kn;:Iaiid. where the frai.cdiise is i .. . 1 I land will repose, the fruits of industry will be gathered; civil liberty will be extinct, but there will be a fair share f>f personal liberty to those who behave themselves. Therefore we hope that Grant will be Fmperor. A Wisconsin man paid 8800 of the national debt the other day by hiding that amount of greenbacks in an empty stove in which his wife subsequently made a fire. Mautjal Law in Ahkansas.—Private dis patches at Memphis state that Gen. Clayton de clares martial law in eleven counties in Arkansas. WM M SHIPP, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Charlotte, N. C., Offick i.v Dkv,£;vm B.v.nk l>Lii.i>i\u. Nov. 0, 18(>8 tf EXECUTOR’S SALE. As Executor of W. IJ. I’ai ks' lust Will, I will sell on Tuesday, 1st Deuciidjer next, 0 head of Horses and Mules, 20 lier.l of t'attle. Hogs, (.’oru, Hay, Fodder. Fanning I'tensils, 1 set f-iiiitlis’ Tools, 1 four liorse Wagon, 1 one horse Wagon and numy other articles. J. L. I'AKKS, Nov ‘.I, 1808 .'>wpil Kxecutor. Oflfer their iinuicn«ie Stock, for the next CO d■,ly^. ai anil below cost price. Must be soM by .lainiary next. Clotliing, Dry Goods, Hardware, Groceries, Hats, Boots and Shoes, Crockery, and 1,000 different nrticle», AT AND BELOW C08T PUI' E. W'holesale and Retail Buyers, now is the tiiae for Hargiiins. Wc are le(erniincd to close out, nml hUI nil. Now is the time to buy. II. & n. KMAM’HL, Next door to the Mansion Uoui'f. Nov2, 1W;8. 2iu A CARD. I would vo,«pcctfully inform iiiy numerous frii U'N in lids !M>t‘tioii of (he State, and the ndjoinin^' |ii.— iricts of South ('arolina, that the cud for which lay IMiysician reeommended my engaging in some aciiM* pursuit for tho restoration of nty heiilih. lufki u dijwn in the autive duties of tho (iospel Mini.siiy, h,ivinj{ been sufficiently restored to enable my I'ai iy return to that work, Inuve now tleteruiined Id out my entire stock of (ioods by the 1st of .hiiimuy ensuing. At that time 1 expect. I’rovidi'uee peniLi- ting. to re.siniio my tninisterial labors; uiul iu to enable me to do so. my friends caii nid we l y eaUiug and jiurchasing my stock, which 1 guutnaivv to sell them al (illEATLV UKDICKD ri!H fS. Those who know me need not be int'ormeil tiial lliis is no advertising iloilge to yivocure trade, but a j liiia st.'ilement of facts. Tho public who may favi.r iii'> with a call, as well as the interests of the I’iimcli "t which I am a .Minister, will, it is to be 1io|mm1, In; benetitted by aiding me in so laudable a purpose. A. SLNCLAIli. NovU, Sjirings' Oorner. (’hiirli)tli'. Pocketbook Lost. Lost, on Ihe -lih inst.. between the Davi.s and Rea Notice to Debtors. All persons inilebted to the Kstate of Wni. Hosh. •leceased, are notified that their Notes and Aeroiinis arc all due.—Some of which are of long siiiiiiliiiir. ricase come forward and pay up. If you i.Liaimt pay all, pay what you Can. J. P. UOSH, Adiii'r. N. B.—I can be found in Charlotte nt almost tiny time. J. 1*. K. Nov », 18G8 3w WANTED, Hy a graduate of one of tlie first (’ollopes of Vigiiii», Avho i.v competent to instruct in Ihe Higher Kiigh^li Ih'anches, ijiilin, French, Music and .Matheiiiaiii'-*. and who has had several years ex]ierience. a siliei- tion in a private family or an Institution. Ildrrim ci exchanged. Address HKLL.iH. Nov it, 18(18. Box i:i4, CharloHe. .\. '• Select English & Classical Schcol AT CliAPJAJ'iTK. N. C. I expect to open in Charlotte, on Friday, .fanii.iry Htli, n select Knglish and Clus-iral SeliM.l l'"r boys. The Scholastic year will emiiraee 1' ser^inii-' of M weeks each. The charges will b» .'^80 p\rye;ir fur Tiiit i‘>n. .'^:’'o ... , . , . . , for Hoard and Tuition, nayable oni-dnilf a( ihe t>r-, on the new town road m Ln.on county, a j i Application may be mado to Iti-v .\. W. Miiirr, I’ocketbook coniaining $18 in (Jreenbaeks and a receipt for A reward of $•’> will be given for its recovery. S. W. HUNKYCUTT, Nov !), ISOy 3wpd Winche.sler I’. O. 75 Hands Wanted To cut Cord Wood. .Al'p'j wiLKi:.«, r.ut'E & CO., Iron Station, Lincoln county, N. C. Nov. 0, ;>w Mecklenburg House. “COME ALL YE Hl'XtJRY AND THIRSTY” TO BILL COCHRANE’S, .Vml regale yourselves with liis rich viands and his inimitable “FLUID 1'RKl‘AUATIONS. ’ You will D. I)., Charlotte, or to mysidf at .\ielville, N. Rkkkhk-vces—Rev. A W Miller. D. !>., Tim- W iJewey, Kstj., Hon. J W Osborne, Hon. Z U Vini' Gen. Jno A Young, Col. Wm Johnston, K \ .\Ie.\'lt'H, Esq., Dr. F Scarr, Wm .M Wilson, E.-| Dit. JOHN WILSON, Wilson School, Melville, ^. ' . Nov. 0, IS'(>8 ‘!wj»d Dr. W'i!:»on graduateil with the first disiln'!- tion at flic L'niverrtiiy of N. and has been fi'i" i;ir4nyyenrs» successful teacher. He is well to Ihe l.’ijnfederate soldiei.sof We^ter:l Noiih iii'> liiia us tLe Surgeon of the 11 th Uegiiucnt N. (^ Ti Consignment. COILS UOI’E SUITA15LK FOR liALLI.V'i find the best of Fresh Fish, the freshest of fine Oys- Cotton, for sale very cheap to close ci'H- ters. witli all kinds of (r.VME, and everything else j signment, liy 30 atiorded fiy the market—all done \ipin first-rate style. His Ronrbon County Whiskey surpasses anything yet broiigii! to iliis :i;:irk t. and so does his Scnpper- iiong Wine und domestic I’r.indics and Whiskies. He is determined to make his new Restaurant wor thy ofthe city. Come and see for yourselves. He has ihiee DILLI.VRD T.V15LKS for ihe aniusc- STENHOUSK, M.VCAULAY cc (». .“^trietcd and wlu rc the i’.irliaTiietit represeii's | ment of his tVieuds, and several for sale cheap. 1 m. tho laiidt d interests ::nd the vested rightsof the titled gi'iitry. luotiarehy is the natural s-.ijucneo. i^ut ill the I iistid States, property and intelli gence do not i-nd cannot, while uiiiver.sal safTrage ubt«ins. bear rule. Empire is the natural seijuonce of I’cpnblic-s. ^ and tiraLiL may make hinifidf Kmj)oror without I l-'i- ? another war. '1 hat is the best we of the South ->1lo 'S-0 l!.s., for sa*le f All the Congressmen elected io Jjoaisiana are Democrats. Democratic majority about 50,000. a.' well as the North can exject for some years to come. In the c nvulsi' u which occar b"i *re the next decade, the South may reasot:- ab'y h jM? to bo free—if that be a bo^m. as things are sinct' the d-e.viiiall of African slavery. For tiie })n.sci:t her interest is an Emperor instead of a mob of m.osters miscalled a Senate. Nor need the ?outh fear Grant. He is not the fool he is said to be. He is not the Radical he is thought to be. He h:is played and is still playing his game for absolute power with com- summate skill. J’rom an obscure oatca^it from SALT! SALT!! DIRECT IMPORT AT I OX. Now binding. cx-15rig lienie Howard, direct from Laverpod, ACKS LIVERPOOL SALT— full, clean sacks, weigliing Nov 2, 1W;8. Clothing Our immense Stock of Clolliiiig must be soW wiili- in the next 00 days at any sacrifice. H. & li. KMAM'EL, Nov 2, 1808. Next door lo Mansion Hou“c. FRE8I1 ARRIVALS OF China, Crockery and Glass Ware JAMES~HARTY, (Next Dook to the Coi kt Hoise,) Is just receiving • very l«rge stock of for sale from wharf in lots to suit, uT j China, Crockery and Olass Ware, lowest mnrket prices. Also, j Together with a good assortment of Ilouse-kc'i j-ing 1 .->0') .'':ieks -American .“^itlt in I.ivor]>ool Sncks. ; articles, conBisling of Knives and Forks, Sjiocn-, l.(H.S) .*acks .\aierican Salt in iJurlap Sacks, Aflout and in Store, for sale at lowest market prices, >>y 0. G. PARSLEY & CO.. Not 0, 1808 2w Wilmington, N. C. ALE AND ^EER. MILLER i I5LACK. Agents, Trade street, for the lUclunond Ale & Beer Brewery, Will keep constantly on hand RbEIl and ALE by the quarter and Lalf barrels. Not 9, 18C8. MILLER 4 BLACK Castors, Bufter i’rinln, Ladles, Tubs, Churns. IJiieii- ets. I’.reiid Trnyi*, itolling Pins, Steak Bcntcrs, Tci* Kellies, Stew Pans, Gridirons, ko. House Fnmishing Goods Of every descriptioH. I hare the most complete assortment of LADIES’ BASKETS to be found ii\ the City—Alarket, Travel ing, Key and Piet Xic Baskets in every Tariely—and Willow Ware genentlly. Call and examine uiy Stock Oct lt»j8. JAMES HARTY I •)»II rl' nil |.. r o I «;.! 1 111" ) It t ■ 1.1.1 II \ I ,ii\ I III I', ;iic i-'l't II J- ■I. I i.'l ('i 1.) Th I i"i II 1>. I ■ T I'll' a 1 ; II' r :,lvl t'. ll 111 I el vj il.l- I !ii| I ' ; 1 II;.; : llJ -,,iil| . -Ill >,l.,jj 'lull I; 1 (• .‘-iiitJ i’ll 1.. b' F \l iiril till, Mr i 11 .r (. :1 III ) "Mil )l. "i n eid blll'J I , Il I lol ^ -ll '■lal • iif .'^lol .‘•I otl Kdl ' l.*v

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