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North Carolina Newspapers

The western Democrat. (Charlotte, N.C.) 1852-1870, November 17, 1868, Image 3

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^^Scstcrn ^cmocrat, (Sharloiic, Ti!!-; Wkstkkn Dkmocuat kruii pll’t I Sct- itos two ad- tlie ipou- ro uble, the K?k- luair • cw kails lUlii. leru srfy pu'io b'1'0- f pe- l^oro III V frh.- r*‘- |r to f f I. ai }S, line li'II. pi>- hiy i V ♦* »u liso V'y tit le r ll.y \vx> ks. Iiis UIl ^11') of I bo kts f^- kut |sh tH, lii- ICH i; 1^' •I- ^ ^ ‘S , ImwToH AM> l'l:nl']:i K 1 fU. CHARLOTTE, N. C. November 16, 1868. The Eiectioi!. In :nif'ihcr column we returns from all !,.■ ( ..liiiiics in Ndi ili Cai-oliria but one, showing a niMjority of I2,.V;i'. Some of the retiirnrt .ui.J s..nie uro not. We think the official • ,1»ill i f-i]ii'e (ii'iint's majority to 10 or 11,00>. 'i :i - (■„n^Mc.'-^ional ilclcgat ion stan«ls us follows: 1-1 J>i.'iiict—(/’ L Cotjb, Kepuhlican. - I “ Uuvid Heatcn, llei)iiblican. 1 II L)ockery, lle{«ihlic!in. I'-'i “ John T Deweese, KejxtMicua. -li “ i (j, lli'jiublican. ' “ !•' K Shober, I)uinocnit. 7iii " IMuto Durham, Democrnt. V. rihiiik ilierc is St ill some iloiilit about the result , ■!,!■ 7iti District, (»ul tlie election of Durham “cems ticralij conciMlcd. Tlie latest returns give i, ii;i a iMaj(ji'ity of 277. — I--: W I-an“ gratiti e'l to know I hat one gentleman . \|:. / ylaii'i whi> recently vi.'-ited ihi , j.-lace in co:i;- , 1 a tiiiiitberof others on a lour of iii.«j>ection, , ; l ;; farm trjar tliisCitj-. He l.ou};hl at i i^.c i.ricc. in a good nci^rliborhotjil, arul is • ! U (• !;ave no >loui;t others will soon re- • I 'i: - ,-crl l.;n . . ivi'i’i-n a li-lf cr from Col. liecliert of l[ag'rs- M I . -Irinnjr liial another parly of .Marylaml- '.- itiii- 'cciion about the I’oth inst. We li' 111 i'r:vate information, :i num- '■1 .1 I S |irftcr lo locale in i!ic vicinity of 1 i,.'i u .• iIjiisc liavin;; I.imls fm- ' ■ ! ixiiT.v n. .'111'! iiiaki' i;j) their miiMls as 1^> 1 I I- .ii-ri- lit '.vhich thi-y are wiilinj: to .sell ■ I" r.i."U ili:;t u.'iile Some ol tin' eiti- ■ii • .'ii'oliiia ai'c iiinviiij' nil iiiii'liT a mis- J;: •I'.- :iiiil (Nijjit.-iL.'lj ofi)tlur .'^t.-ite.- i -.1.! l‘> -a!iu;. 'J’iiosi' whd arc b'.’iv- I ■ ■ ■ n^jjic alii-r ;m lilli- if [In' v ibi ; ■ -r 1(1 ,-ai-,f njoiii-N cnni:;.-!; Ii^ bi-iii^ :lniri ‘ The N. C. Legislature. The Legislature re-asseiubles to-day. The follow ing new members have been elected to fill vacancies occurring in the counties named : SES.VTE. 10^/( Dixtrict—Sanipson, Cumberland and Harnett —John .V. Oate.*, Dem., rice L. D. Hall, Had., dee d— a Democratic gain. Tld IHftrirt—Orange—Maj. John W. Graham, Dem., vice flon. Josiah Turner, Jr., Dem., ineligible. 41* Diitrict—liurke, Caldwell and Watauga—Maj. A. r. .\very, Dem., rice E. W. Jones, Esq., Dem., in- eli*:ible. Vlth Di*(riet—Diiplin and On.slow—J. G. Scott, of Onslow, Dem., vicc Wm. A. Allen, Dem., ineligible. ‘lAth \)mtrict—Caswell—Stevens in place of Hon. IJedford Brown, ineligible, a Hadical gain. noLKK OF BKrBKDESTATIVES. ]| ayn>>—Dr. Sniith, vict Rhodes, Rad , resigned— a Democratic gain. Culdiri’U—Maj. W. H. Malone, vice Col. J. C. Har per. Dem., ineligible. Xeir llanover—G. Z. French, Rad., vice J. C. Ab bott, promoted. llarnctl—Ben. C. Williams, Dein., Vice'S. S. Slew- art. D*»n.. ineligible. Jhtytrood—W. 1’. Welch, Dem., vice Brown, ineli gible. Jackson—E. M. Painter, Dem., r/re Col. Keener, banned. A Good Speech- u a : 1!' 1 ).'i: ii'iu in Wasiilii/t'rn, an.I a 1 [ iiuuL'h - '-a!! ti' .-.Ol- him, il i.^ >ai'i in t.i -I I li i- 1 iii i: re _v I.) W a.'lii;ii;:Dii. (ii'n. Ili aiit \va- v.c!- j cl'nAils. blit 1k' rii) sj.ccch, ex- i !• ri-, (liiii,, lie jrave tJie military striit- V. uuo-l ail\ ice : ! ^ ■ I I c iiiany nt yon i:i uniforms. You ■ via!' ajco, and you c.-ni m.w l:iy j i.a.'i’i i' 111 !iavi‘['cace. (looil night, j utaorillcs of \Va>iiiiij^ton tendcreil (icn. | rrC( plion, but lie i cjmt'd to them as '■ I am very ;r!ail to meet yi.ii all and ■ ■ _ ‘I-(n:i'rra I uImI ii'.iiH. l.ui Iiiijicvdu w:ll>jiaro ■r-i:l ili iiioni ion. as 1 live licre in this ; lili lie to rec>'ive iiiy fi ii i.ds at any '.I i;i-| i.iy. 1 nuicii ].refer liavini; none, i : .11 be hi-ld i\ itli my Consent. Ti> receive . ii;y tjiie, eithei- hereof ;il iny re-^iilence, ■ i;i -liiy lc’ni'.nstrati>n, will be miicli more . iM.’ic. all'll hope will be airi'ceable 111 you. I .kr till' di iaoiistration all fjr granli'd, and ■ .ii '■ _\ 'lar 111' 't i ve I lie same.’’ ♦ ♦ ' ' ill'.in Miivkmi:nt.—.\t a meetinjj of the i i ' 'sf I lie Wilaiiiigion \ Weldon • I h: I'l in \\ ilmiiij;ton laal week, the follow- : '■■•■'ii::: .a was adojit ed ; '■ i'liat the 1’ri‘sidenl and Directors of the ■ : ■ a .V Weldon llailroad ('Mtiii.aiiy be. and are j aiil Ituri/C'l 111 institute sucii legal Jiroeeed- ■ .-ta' \ may 'lecia necess.iry lo lesi the le;;alily | ' ’ 1' '• ! '.i.u t er LT.iiil ed to I lie ('hat liaiii I’ailroad. ■ i;;j :!ii >aaie lo ('iiliniibia, S. and to jire- I I": .l'liii;i nf t iie s:iiiie ''' i.' i'i- all !inciinsli!iitii.pi)al and extravagant ap- ; . i; I .'Ills i)i'I he l,r;_i>lai It re like the one for the ■ ili ii'i i;,';ilroad. will lie resisted liy every lawful i.'. if l)je>e .'ii.pri'jiriations .".re not slojiped, i i -i|'!i- s;;'.! i„. ,ivi i -ljiirdened with taxes and the Ce t'..!;ki-;:j,!,-'| I ' ' i; ("i.'iiiKT Hit; OrncK-Sf^KKKlis—Tt issiated ■ I i'•111) ;i 1 (J I ant has orderei] hi.sprivatc Secretary ‘ m i: aj! Jetlers ai ]ilyinp for oflice. Congress. In the late elections the Democrats gainw! enough members of Congress to jirevent the Kepublican.s from having a majority of two-thirds, as heretofore. The new (.'ongress will not assemble until after the -Ith of March next, and we shall not be surprised if, when it does meet, a number of those elected as democrats and conservatives arc not expelled or pre vented from l.aking their scats so as to give the Ke- publicaiis a two-thirds vote. It is very doubtful whether those Democrats who cannot lake th;; iron-clad test ojith will get their seals. Now that the I’epiiblicans have control of the (ioveriiiiient !'or fi^iir years more at least, they might be magiiaiiimoiis and almlish the test oath. ^ WtiAT ViHiWMA Wants.—.Not politicians, old t'i);rii s. (,r fiissils of other d.-iys: but live, active, inlel- lifren; i-iiizi'iis. Such men carry their success witJi ilii i.’i. in an i‘:irnesl d termin!ili(n to let by-gones be tiy-gniies. These .ire the men who from the iiHtier- :il' nf tiic ii."iin!ain-. the I'erlility of our soil, the :. lva:iiaL’-i s'it.'ei i 'i lo cotnnierce and the mechanic arts, I'ii iii ihi' ii/ riviT.-- and boundless resmircis ii:' \ 'i-.'i.'iia. '-.iii ii:;d xv;!! work nut for her a name aii'l !..riui! ’ -Iij ' lii.r :' .any ..,lie ever ei,joyed, i M'l will) w ) il I -it '■ !i' r ! o I h" h i,u;!ie:-t. pinnacle of 'I'iiI-is I ill- class nf cili/ens we I y an- linni liiirnpe or the' Nmlli, ■ llri i'll- WeI'. '':MC Xurjlilk JliUihdl. j 'I'lia! :ly Nnrlli ('amlina wants. (Jur I )i‘‘iij'le j'.iy less at!e!ilin:i to the fuss of mere' >ii)!iiiciaiis and place-hiiuters, and more lo their uia- I ti-rial interests. llusiness and v. orkinji-nien of both i ° j jiarties slieuld now unite in eirm ts to stop exirava- I ganceon the part of all State. Cottnty, City and Town ^ ollicers. I’oliiicK should no! be allowed lo enter into i our Cily elcclions. There is too much at .stake with j business men to jeo[iardi7.c the prosperity of a Cily ; 111 gr.ilify mere parlizan feeling or give oflicc to par- Mistaken- Vice President AVade made a «pecch in Ohio re cently, in which he said he ojiposed repealing the tax on Cotton because it came out of the pockets of the rich men—the class that ought lo be made to help pay the National debt. Mr Wade is very much mistaken. The tax comes out of the pockets of the laboring class—the men who work tor wages ; and for that reason the laboring class, white and black, ought to oppose those who faror taxing Cotton, or increasing taxes ou any sort of properly. If the farmer, merchant or properly-owner is heavily taxed, he cannot afford to give high wages to employees, and will not do it. Congressmen and legislators who impose heavy taxes on the people, injure the labor ing portion especially. The Public Debt The following is the statement of the public debt of the United States ou the 1st of November, 1804:: J)cht livnriiKj Coin Interest. .') per cent bonds, $221,;j8J,400.00 •j per cent bonds, IbHl, 283,077,300.00 C per cent 5-20 bonds, 1,002,312,2.30.00 ^ ?2,107,577,050.00 Drht lirarituj Currenri/ Ink rest. Cerlifictttcs at 9 per cent, 58,325,000.00 Navy pension fund, at 3 per cent. 14,(KH»,0I)().00 The Late Riot at Asheville. From the .VshcTille News. The lollowii)" is au exact copy of the report of the L'orouer's Jury, who, for several days wore closely confined in cxaunnin*; the case of the death of the iicgru who was killed iu the riot at this jtlate on the day of election. It sultstaii- tiaily corruborates our stateiiioiit of last week. The Jury was conipot^ed of stuiie of the very beht men in our couiuiunity, of both parties, and the investigation was conducted with fairness and impartiality. A.'^iiEVii.r.E, N. C., Nov. 9, 1808. The Jury to iiHjuirc the cause of the de:ith of James Smith, deceased, find that the said Jumes Smith came to his death, while cii^aired iu a Kiot at Asheville, N. C., on the afternoon of Tuesdaj, Nov. 3,18G8, from a pi.stol shot in the right side of the face extending into the neck; ; said shot was probably fired by Milton Ledford, i although shots were tired, about the same time, j and in the same direction, fiotii pistols in the hands of Jesse Crook, Gaston McDowell, William A. IJlair aud William Grubbs. The jury also find that the first stone or missile thrown came from the hands of said James Smith, decea.sed. The Jury further find that shots were fired, :*b»:t the same tlfffe and in the direction of the white crowd, from a jiistol in tlie hands of an unknown colored man, and a pistol in the hands of .Simon Henry, colorcd 72,325,000.(10 2,95C,y50.00 I I'lal'iial 1 \va;.t.lid ii' I !:■ r thev will r;i.j jildfurcd Debt nut Presented for l\ii/ment. 3 year 7-30 notes due Aug. 15,1807, June and July, 1M08, Compound interest Notes, matured June 10, July 15, Aug 15,Oct. loand Dec. 15, ISiiT, and May 15, .Vugust 1, Sejit. 1 and 15, and Oct. 1 and 10, '08, 5,128,310.00 Bonds, Texas indem nity, Tretisury Notes, acts July 17, 1801, and Jirior thereto IJonds, .April 15 1812, January 2H, 1S47, and .Marcli 31, ’-18, T r e a s u r y N o t e s March :!. 1803. ’i'l'iniioraiy Loan, I 'erl ifieales of luilebt- edness, MARKETS. ^ New York, Nov. 13. ( oKon unchanged—Sales of 1800 bales at 241. North Carolina Bonis, new 04J. Gold 1.33^. Livkhi>»m(L, Nnv. 13.—Cotton quiet and unchanged sales of 10,(kxj bales. Breadstutfs dull and un changed. Sai.i.stiu i;V Maukkt.- New Com is selling in fmr market at .~,.j cents i>er bushel. Seme sales have been at lower figures, but above indicate the piesent ruling rates. The crop in this section is a heavy one. Pork is beginning to come in anil sells freely at 12J cetits per pound.—.Snli.thur;/ \orl/, SUite. (iiKU) I'KEld.No.—The following dispatch wa.s transmitted by the As.sociated Press: l/nrtjurd. Conn.. A’ivr. 4.—The street-s are thronged with people, and there is the wildest enthusiusni. A pleasing feature of the celebra tion was that a Seymour and Blair club came out with torches and joined iu the proce.ssion. bearing a banner inscribed “fjot ns be friend.s.” 1 hey were given the head of the line, and were received with tumultuous cheers. Teacher l^anted, (One who ia qualified to prepare younc men for College.) to teach a School for ten moBtns, in the neigiiborhooU of Iloward’a Mills, Union tountj, N. C.—to cumuience Monday 4th January next. Address G. D. Broom at Charlotte, or cither the undersigned at Wolfaville, N. C. S. B. HOWARD, WM. MclLWAIN, L. K. RONE. Nov •>, ISOS 2wpd T. W. REDWINE. 250,000.00 151,011.04 487.500.00 445,4!l2 00 314.800.00 IS.OflO.OO Debt liciiriin/ no Lite rent. U. S Notes, 350,021,073.00 Kractional currency, 33,413.‘,185.42 Gold t'ertificates of Deposit, 1'.1,710.840.00 '.3,723.04 Gkokui.a.—Additional returns continue to increase (he Democratic majority, which, from pre.sonx indications, will reach forty thnusund. SdiTH C.vrom.n.a.— Ret urns from nearly every county in the State show a Hejmblican m.'ijority ol y.llOO—a l>eniocr::(ic gain d‘500 The J ury feel it their duty to say that the *>iuce the election for the new C'ons-titution in ■ April Simpson and Hoed, democrats, have been elect ed to (\)iigress. 1 he other two Congressmen arc n-jiubrR-ans. liOUlSIAXA. per cent (lawful money) r>ond.'« is sued lo I’acilic Bailroad Co's, 400,151,808.42 42,104,000.00 ii'i ' .\ri-iiii:\T. — We regret l.i learn that Mr \Hi-v nf Iredell county, met witli a serious n’ "Il rucsday nijrlil l.iMl ill li.'iriii'ii's Creek, on i'"-\iilo road, about 2^. miles from th'U Cily. ‘ liii'I Iji-eti here lo market, and was return er. and while caiiii)in,u; fur i!ie night, a tree I ■' ir.s wa^ron. crushing it .and its contents. ' I I .irri'l of iiml.isses. nearly a sack cf cnfl'ee, "liier (irnceries badly d.'iina^ed. Mr -\lley 1 's as ciinsi'ler.ibly injured. suggest to wajroners to be careful in selecting vaig gmnii'l. and see that no or half I I'l'i s arc near. ' iv,\ Fakmku.—S. R. Johnston, at the Citj’ ' (next lo .Mc.Vden's new building, I is ^.1 ;i;e ('.irolina I’armer, published in Wil- ' N. r. lie will receive snbscriplions from •'.I" want a tii-st-rate Agricul'ural work. — • 1^ • ^1 - ■ — M" ; ii Nkw Sta i k.—The Kochester Chmniele 1 nines out in favor of dividing the Stale ■ ^'Il k. iiiaUinfr a separate coniiiionwealtli of . ' ,1-ifi n j'.'i iiiin eiiiliiav iiij:' the eily nf New 1 I' i'i'i)..i't s il'.it till n.-nne nl' the new .'^tate i ■■ MiTiiianaii -n- 'i’a'asiiany. 'I'i::- la-! sji;,:- ' ■■ ' :i "W ~ till' V j .■ I.. 11, 11, hi;; it nl' i he ■ • u ;ci"i;s " j • i.n''''|i;' ii: uj'on New Voik s having : ■ r .s 1 \ 111.111 r. !i':i.a iili^.ei-t is 1,) laake roor.i fi:r liun'::rv j I I !'i ■ ■ >.n ‘.i , il !i • n.a-le 1: he next (11 ii I'al ■ ■ 'I' i.nit.aii'in nt' a le-u cnniv mil m ticular individuals. Let good, honest and faithful men be selected, and let all unite upon one ticket. There are enough good men in the country to save it from ruin, and if they will unite their efforts, con demn corruiition and inconipetcncy, and use energy and industry in their several avocations, all will yet be well, and peace, goi>d feeling and plenty prevail, einpt iiiniimj the iillv iiul ririin/.. — « ♦ The Florida Trouble. The liadical Legislature of Florida impeached the ila lical (iovcrnor of State fof crimes and misdc- nieanors in ollicc. The (ioveruor is a Northern man n.iined Keed, and went to the State merely for the piir]iose of getting otlice. He is accused of lying, bribery and corruption generally. Gov. Keed. how ever, is not disposed to be deiirived of his office so 1 I soon, and has positively refused to vacate unless the : Supreme Court decides against him. The Lieut, j (ioveruor now claims to bo the lawful Governor of j Florida, and is trying to oust Reed. The matter is before the Courts. -At a public dinner in London, recently, the ' lion. Reverily Johnson, U. S. Minister, expressed the following sentiments: “.Mihougb a Southerner, be always balieved the Union should be preserved at any cost. He extolled the heroes of the war, and particularly Oenerals Orant, Sherman. Hancock and Sheridan, and Ad mirals Farragul and Porter. He believed that the .\tnerican delit would be })aid in gold, and said the .\merica!i people would have been ungrateful if they had not elected (jencral (Jrant to the Tresidencj'. In the course of his speech .Mr Johnson also said : •'Whatever diificulties have occurred between Eng- l.-iiid and the rniicd Slates, 1 have supreme pleasure in r:aying they are about to be removed. Little re mains to be done, and before the close of the year everything will be successfully adjusted.” ItetV rring to tl;e financial condition of the United States, he said; “We have contracted an enormous debt, but I tell you with .all the sincerity with which a man can speak, every dollar will be paid in what the world recognizes as money.’” We ]ircsume it was not generally known, hereto fore, that lleverdy Johnson was a (irant man, but it seems that he wa., and of course the President must have known it when he appointed him Minister to Kngland. With most of the Cabinet at Washington, and all the office-holders appointed by the President, against Seymour. Iiow could the Democracy succeed. In fact, the President himself was very lukewarm, an 1 said iioihing to help Seymour until just on the eve of till' elei iioti when he wrote him a letter, too lal'' 111 do r.v.v gmid. We never could undor.''land uliv t!ie KejiiiMicans wauled lo imjieach President .liiliiiM.n. for he certainly did them more good than Iianii. Total debt, -Viuount in Treas ury, coin, .Vmount in Treas ury, currency, 103,407,885.77 10,405,033.47 2,041,002,572 00 113,873,010.24 Am't of Debt,less-cashin Treasury, $2,527,120,552.82 The foregoing is a corrcct statement of the puV.dic del)!, !is ajipears from the b(>oks and Treasurer's re turns in the Department, on 1st of November. 1H08. HUGH Mi('ULL(M’H. Secretary of the Treasury. The above statement shows a decrease in the debt, less cash in the Treasury, since (X-tober Ifct, of $7,514,100.13. The New Vork Herald .and its correspondents are so unreliable that it is Inird to tell when it pub lishes the truth. Here is a statement whicii it jiUb- lished last week from one of its Washington coires- pondent.s : civil officers neglected to take proper precaution to guard against the occurrence of tliis riot. We believing, hau they doue so, it cjuld and would ha%'e been prevented. G M Itoberts, Foreman, J W Raynolds, A II I’olk, S (j Kerr, Isaac M IJroyles. Jno 15 Wea ver, J S K Summey, (J (.'owan, AV M Farriss. J E liay, E L Cunningham, 11 Lindsey. I^I. A. liK.V.NK, Coroner ol' Buneonibe county. State Penitentiary We learu that the Commissioners appointed to locate the St^ite Penitentiary have fixed upon a point ator near Lockvilie, on Deep Kiver, Chat ham County. There were vtirious excellent in- duecmonts offered to the Commissioners to lo cate it near this city, at Selma, Johnston County, and perhaps at other points, which would, in some respects, have been preferable, but the in ducements in favor of Jjockville, we, pre vailed with the Commissioners and influencod tht'ir determination. The extension oi'theChat ham Railroad to Lockvilie, which will be com pleted iu a short time, obviates many of the ob jections heretofore urged against its location on l)eep River. The building material is there abundant and an immense water |«jwer for ma chinery, and it is said to be a healthy region and abundant in provisions.—Ralehjh iSentiiii/. Lncendiaiusm.—We regret to learn that the barn of Mr F. A. Archibald, eight miles from town, was destroyed by fire on Sunday night the 8tli inat. Four good mules and a large quantity of provender were destroyed. It \v;us the work of an incendiary. Mr Archibald’s loss, we un derstand, is from SI,300 to §1,500.— VoiieorJ Pre.^s. The vote in this State, stands: G rant 2G,552, Seymour, 81.742. The Demo cratic majority is tilty-five thou.sand one hundred and ninety. In Lincolnlon, on the 12th insi , by Rev. R. N. Davis. Dr. T. H. Means lo .Miss Nannie Lecrafl. In Salisbury, at the residence of John M. Coffin, Lsi(., on the lOlh itisl.. Dr. J A C Brown of Missouri, lo Mrs M K Gray of Randolph county, j In Salisbury, ou the lOth inst., Mr J. A. Allison I lo Miss .Vlice G., daughter of Dr. Sill of (,'olumbia. I In Morganlon, on the 20th ull., Lieut. J. H. Scales j of Henry county, Va., to .Miss Annie H. Avery, ! eldest daughter of the late Hon. W'. W. Avery. In Greensboro, .Vugust 25th, ('aj)t. N. P. Foard of Surry county, to Miss Lilly L. Walker. I In llsileigli, onlheHfth inst., Thomas Badger, Usi|., I to Miss Kleanor H., secoud diiughler of the late Jno. I S. Biyan. .Also, on the Olh inst., Mr Robert N. , Jones to Lueretia B., daughter of Col. C B. .\llen. Also, on the 0th inst., Mr Archibald Nichols of Orange, lo .Miss Sallie F. Rogers of Wake. In New York City, on the 20th ult., Mr Clayton Giles to Miss .Mary .V., daughter of the late Dr. Thos. H. Wright, all of Wilmington, N. C. At the residence of Gen. Hagner, Waiervliet Ar- setnil, on the 20lh ull., Air John C. Washington of K.iiston, N. ('., to Julia C Ptylon, daughter of the late Gen. Beitiard Peyton of I'ichmond, \'a. On the 2Sth nil., .Mr J. L. Jidin.ituii of Vork coun ty, S. C., to .Mrs. M. A. Brison of Gaston co., N. .\t Trinity t'ollegc on the 20th nil., Mr Wm. G. Barbee, of High Point, to Miss Lou C. Frazer. In Reidsville, on liie 21st nit., Mr Mortimer Oaks, to Miss I’annie R. Holderby, daughter of ^laj. Jos. Holderby. X>XIE3X>. In this counly, near Daviilson College, on Ihc20lli DlSTllESSlNf’. Accident.—A few days since, ull, .Mr James P Henderson, aged 73 year.s. 31r James Patterson, a worthy eitizon of Ala- In this City, on the Olh, Henry Klug«iu(r, mance county, was handling uu olduun, notnut*- | 3^’ ycar.-j. - lie leaves a wife and several chil- 1 . 1 J I ;» I O' dren to mourn their loss, posinii It was loaded, wtien it went oii, the cn- i.. ,i ; . ,, • i^ .i lu tins countv, on the night of the th inst., Air tire load pa.ssing into his body, inflicting a mor- j John S. Ale.Tander, aged 70 years-an old and highly tal wound, of which he died in five days. The Weldon News says that the Superior Court has been engtiged the greater part of its sittings in the trial of negroes for various offen- i cos, entailing a heavy expense upon the county, ■ . ’ , • • lit I 1 f ’ 1 icnce. in the 8.)th year of her age. I as nearly all ol the criminal blacks are destitute i i„ v,i.-k- eo„.,.v n.,. -aa of means, and the whole expense of their trial ! devolves upon the county. Is there no possible rsspected citizen, and a member of Sharon (Presliy- terian) Church. Ilis end was peace. J. In this counly. on the 27th of September, Logan Henilerson. infant son of J. G. and Frances J. .McCoy, ageil 1 month and 24 days. In Vorkville. on the Hth inst., Mrs. Rhod.a Law- ‘•The movement in favor of giving Grant the unani- ' remedy for this evil, (it asks, j or must the taxes mous vote of the Ekctorul college seems to be assnm- ' yf thcViunty, which sh'juld go to other purposes, me a shape that promises results. Several demo- > i „ .j abominable nuisance i'allowi ing a siiape that promises resuus. ou\erai iieino- ' 1 ^ cratic jioliticians, mostly from the South, have }iut | ^ their heails togelher and agreed to recommend loihe I i 1 1 i^lectors of the Slates which have given Seymour a j 1*^ IIlRED. A\ e are told that there are majority to cast their votes in favor of (irant for ; Sfiine four or five negro offenders now in jail, held President They urge this step as a grand stroke of by the County for the payment of costs, who are policy for the democrats to adopt at the present junc- j ordered to be hired OUt that the amounts lure. By castiug aside parly considerations in this | instance and giving Grant a unanimous vote for the j Presidency, they contend he would be lifted above ^ all petty distinctions of democrat, republican, con- | servative and radical, and made lofeel that he isihe President of the whole people and as such free Io deal with the issues of the hour in a spirit of enlar ged and liberal slaicsnianship.” Washington Items. Jno. n. Gilmer has addressed a letter to the President exposing frauds and corruption in the be secured. They are doubtless anxious release, and would thank almost any one would make the necessary arrangements tho tShoriff.— WUminyton Journal. It would be well for other counties to hire out criminals instead of keeping them in jail at county expense. may for a who ! with In ^ ork county, on the 3d insl., .Mrs. Cj nlhia B. Carroll, aged 02 years. FRUIT TREES, &c. X KW G .\ H1 )KN XI' RS K RIES. J. LINDLKV & SON return their thanks lo the public for j>asl favors. It is needless for them lo say iHiich. as Mieir fru’.ls arc well kno\Mi ihroiighoiil liie Slate, and many ]iarts of I lie South, and have siis- liiined tlie highest reiiulalion for the last thirty j'ears.- They have now on hand :!5.MM» Fruit Trees, Vines, iltc., for sale the jire-sent season. Descriptive Catalogue forwarded on aiijilicalion. containing prices, &c. Address J. LINDLIOV & SON, Nov 10, 1808 3w (ireensboro, N. C. FOR RENT. I will rent, privately, the Dwc-lling over Springs’ Corner, now occupied by Mrs. (iilsou as a. Boarding House. ALSO, three Store Rooms on Tryon street, now occupied 1)3’ Messrs. Fninkenihall, Hill iind (,'ross. -\lso. the Rooms over above Stores ■VL.‘'0. the Store now occupied Viy R. R. Rea iu ‘ Impartial SuFFUAtiE.”—Dispatches state that in Iowa and Minuessota, the umendments Revenue Department, and urging the President! to the constitutions of those States, establishing to action in the matter. ^ | -‘impartial suffrage,” have been tidopted in the ^ Ruilding, and tho Dwelling House on A meeting of citizens and capitalists to fur-! late election. In Minnesota, according to the ii,e Baptist Church street—the properly-of .Mr^. W. ther the Air Line Railrotid between Xew York i census of 18t30, there were but 250 negroes, and the West, via Virginia Central Road, was | which would give about fifty colored voters. In Iowa there were 1,079 negroes, which would ! give 214 voters. 'The majority for the aniend- I ment in Iowa is rep .»rted at 20,000 and iu 31 iu- ! nessota at l!,000. EXECUTOR’S SALE. .As Kxecuior of AVilson Parks, dee d, 1 will veil at The election in South Carolina, Georgia, Ala- I the residenee of Mrs. Lafferiy, on Monday the 7th of I bamaand Louisiana teaches a lesson that poli- !>>;, one Horse, one P.upgy, and a .juantiiy of 1 tieians ma}' study with profit. It is evident that in every Southern State, in all future elections, ,\ V,';i:-Iiingto!i ciirrespondent i_' ]iu].er. tiais speaks of Ihi writing to a ;ull of the re; '■ ’ ' .m i V,;;rnii cuuutu'>, to be ealied > ■ '■ \ ■>M IM t'l iii.iK- plaees ;^.r ..tlice-veekers. ^ ^ '1"" '!u' M-.yei- ail'! l'i,;;.'e ,if this : ■ llir I't . lill-,,; Ir;'. iii.r ol ;i!i\ Tiie li\i ~ III perseiis on ■' :i I .• Si'r.i'M !y i'reri il, i.a-i w i ek a ■ -:.;.i'lie ! Ii> H.-i^rnii a;.;iii,; a njiiliej ■■ ■'' y t.-i'i ;;ii I iiiij ! n'O'iit New Advertisements. ' "l!"ti-ie—V. M M:ii I hews. .1 r. ,,'c .1 LSteagall. i ; I ' l iy tor —I'.obt F Davidson V ' ''^:;le—S P .Mexalider. Kxeetilor. ■i:; 1 Dwi'Uiiig (o lU iii —S 1’ .VL'xamler, .\geut. ■ '■ D.-lii'ir-— I'.iyliir Dunc.-ui. 1 inter tJI'o-l.^---Ml.eod ^s; Steele. *r K ti Nui -eries—J l.iii.lley \ Son. tJrccnsboro. : ' .‘^iii]'[ . i> on liie N (' Railroad. ' \'iiir liitere.'t—.V Sinclair. 1 iV'. I. iiutectil nL T.cs. iNcc—Nisbet Maxwell, ii.iiiiiii — lialioiii (iiay. . .'lire: h .in. J ill W.'ire. ie—Taylor i Duncan. ■ ■■ ■ jii n rec-'.'ived a! t'.io City Book Store. i‘ii'.r itia'le ot KoeK Island ('*—il ivoopmann. \':i!i!i"l- V. A I'liok. To«n Butelier. N. rmots, Siiees, \e—Buxbaum li Lang. 111 Uel.'tors -A Sinclair. I’l'. id'. ;;,i—-las II ('arson. President. W 1‘egram, .Agent C i S C Railroad. Ill Aaiite'i—.vp[ily to G D Bri'uiii, Charlotte, or i>r T W Ui d-.viiie, WollVville, N C. •I" i":' J'ale—-\pply at this Office or to W W Peg- * ai the C 1.V S C Railroad t-V lelii'ie eleeiii •■Tlie driVriie 1 D. t!ii)or:iIic leaders here declare t|, ii (irai'i ' ( I-,tilled 10 receive a fair trial in ihe L\e' '.;ilve eiiair. T!i"V s.iy he sl.iiids uni'ledged i.i:inv ].., Iti!'i n iH'■:;! 1111:11 li in any )'ol.-y. and V. ill a.-.';' liie 1 re-i b-liev liil l t e;reiiintanee- tlie nii.jt lavi.ral'le to h’i:i>-it. bill iiiitaviirable to llie e.\ire:iie i.n.a>in\-^ K:i iieali>iii. .\ {.romineiit ofii- ;;n. arii:v' \'. ..'I ;is Ii ieii'hy III (u'u. Graiil s e'. .-I"!!. :;i!'l ku'iunt" be -"i;.ewli;;' ill his ei;nfi- n I'l.iikeil !" '! !>■ General wouM call '! I.i'.ii a-' a'lvisers o:ily sfale«!’’.en of kiinv.ti I'.serv.iiive views, and that an es-niember of Con- > 1: mu Illinois of i!ic Democratic school voiild Ill'll aro t n;ri lie the tir>t selection for his Cabinet. The Consir- vative men in Washington yield gracctully to their overwhelming defeat, confident in ihebeliet that had Grant not been uoialnatcd by the Radicals, he would li.ive been by the Deinocrnts, aivl that his autece- dents iiave all been l oiiserval ive." —— — Cen. IJi Ti.KU.—General B. F. Butler has been elected by a very large majority—greater, indeed, than he received before. The electitm of this man is a bitter pill to the Radicals. Tl'.cy believe that he goes to Congress bearing an uiiap}»e;isable hatred against General (Jrant, and that he will endeavor iu every way to cripple his administration. He is also known to desire to fill the place of Thad. St«evens in the leadership of the extreme Radical wing of the Republican party. Moreover, Gen. Butler is in p!ssession of many of the secret* of the liadicals which he will not hesitate to blow upon them; and this is wh*** ’ - ^ in sc.ssion last week. A business committee of fifteen was appointed. Gen. Grant had a long interview with Com missioner Rollins, at Rollins’ office. Very great excitement exists about Revenue matters. Im portant action is expected. The reported sailing of Gen. Longstreet for Mexico is untrue General Howard, Commissioner of the Freed-1'"“'‘*^^0^' " acting with the men's Bureau, has submitted his annual report. ' to gi%e tlu!ui the major.ty. ^ It shows an expenditure of ?3.(i77.00U. 'Ihere i interests he in that direction, and were expended for school purposes 8800,000, ofi they will not be slow to discover that hictand to which sum the freedmen paid 80.000, X^orthern j act upon it. j benevolent societies 5700,000 and the ]^ure;iu ! ^ ‘ i 8‘Ji.OOO. lie thinks there is no nece.ssity forj'^' ‘ r\-KT ^ 1 continuing the ]}ureau beyond the time fixed by j COMBINA.TION. | law, Jan. 1st. He proposes to continue the j The subscribers would respectfully announce that ' freedmen’s hospitals at Washingtf)n, Richmond. ; they have a very extensive stock or Staple Groceries, ’ Viek.sbunr, and Xew Orleans, and estimates the ! Toys, Notions, .Vc., consisting in j '.. 1 - , ono loiM M't I .• ' J'iirt of all grades ot ( oftee. Sugar, lea, bait, .Molas- | expense ot S.. doing at S90.000. i he education-| ^ Raeon Lard. Leather, Rice, Tobacco, Snuff, al work among the Ireedmen.and the ’ of their claims for collection, is to be continued until Congress takes further action in the matter. Affairs in the Treasury Department in refer- eiu e to the investigation of frauds, tire in a cmi- sidi'iable muddle. The I’resident is determined to have, il jMissible. a full investigation (d’the flaud^ perpetrated, let the blame fall where it may. But a strong and apparently almost invin cible combination exists to prev«nt the truth from being ascertained. Xot only every oificer but every who is willing to testify to prosecute the offence, is at once subjected to the merciless prosecution of an unscrupulous combi nation, which includes some of the must power ful officers of the Government. The Congre.s- sional committee has lent its aid to this combi nation, and done all in its power to arrest and suppress investigation, but the proceeding is to be carried out. Thanksgiving Dat.—The Governors of North Carolina, Ahibama, Michigan, Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and other States, have designated Thurs day, the 2Cth instant, aa thanksgiving day. This is the day set apart for the same purpose' h” tho ‘ ‘ r” properly W Kitchen. This property will be rented for the year IHiJ'.t. S. P. ALKXANDLR, Nov 10, 1H0.* 4w Agent. (,'orn. Terms, I inoluLs credit. S. P Nov 10, 1808. ALEX.VNDKU, Kxecutor. -\11 per.Jons indet)lel lo the lale Wilson Parks must come forward and imike si-lllenient. and those having claims against sai l dcc.asel must present them v.ithiii t!ie time ji>cscriSeil by law, or this notice will be pleaded in bur of iheir recovery. S. P. alkxan!h:r, Nov 10, IHC.S 3w Kxecutor. Just Received At the City Book .Store, H.AND (Ifficers. for C('Unty I’igars. Pijies. Cheese, Crackers. Can Fruits, Oysters, Piekles. Jellies. Pickles by the dozen: r.-mily. plaiTi and fancy: French Candy: ull kinds of t'ake Trim mings, pre]iarcd Mince .Meat; al! ki!id- of F'ruits and Nuts, foreign and domestic; Ornaments for Christ mas Trees. &e Wludcsale bill.» and onlers filled promptly .'•.nd at the sm.i'le-i! margin. Stick Candy made cf pure Crushed Sugar. Fresli Bread ilaily : all kinds of Cakes made and trimmed at short notice. Highest cash prices pjiid for all kinds of country j Protlucc. I They sell the famous “Coinmon-Sen«e Sewing Machine”—price Sl^. Call and get one. Come and see the M.igic Wheel of Life. N.VT and ('H.VRLIE will do their best for j-riu. HALTOM k C.RAV, Nest to Comer Diug Store, Tryon street. Nov 10, isoy tf CITY PROPERTY FOR SALE. RARE CIIAXCE FOR IXVESTMRXT. LIME! LIME!! I am -\gent for .• everal Lime Kilns, and keep con- slaiiily iiii h:iiid LIMB for Buil ling and Agricul tural purpo.-es. tanners wiihiiig Linie by the Ion will do well to give me a call. W. AV. PKUHAM, Nov 10. 18i)K. Im Agen? C. k S C. R. R. Rock Island Goods. 'LtlIlll'»i>, made of Rock IsI.uid Cioods. for ssile by B. KCOP.MANN. Some of the mo?t desirable LOTS in the City, em bracing Eight or Ten unimproved Lois, near my residence, suitable for buildings, and several busi ness Lots in the most improTing part of the City. Apply to ROBT. F. DAVIDSON, At the Furniture Store, opposite City Clock, TV/’t . ' Gas Dividend. The Directors in the ('harlotte Gns Light Company have declare 1 .1 •'(>i;;i aiinual dividei*»l of jicr cent, in gold coin, payul)lo ou anl after the 10th instant. JAS. U. CARSON. Nov 10, Iw President. CHARLOn'E MARKET, Nov. 16, 1868. CouKECTED BT SrzsHorsE, Macaclat k Co. Piano for Sale. fine Rosewood h Octave PI.A NO. as good M new, with Stool and Cover complete, otfered for sale. Apply at this Ofhce or to W. W. Pegrum at the C. i S. C. Ra’lroad Depot. Nov 10, iMiS nil iJ: NOTICE TO SHIPPERS. Orru'E N. C. Kailru.^p Compaxt, 1 CiiAHLOTTK, N C., Not. 14, 18»>8. j By recent instructions, received from Headquar ters of this Company, all freights phippel via Oold«- boro to New York will be charged aa follows: 1st Class per 100 pounds, $1 60 I'd 3d “ “ “ -lih “ “ “ Cotton per Bale, Nov ift, Isos Im 1 36 1 20 1 10 6 60. 11. M. nuTCHARD,' Agent N. C. R. R. Co. McLEOD & STEELE Have received a new Stock, of Fall and Winter Goods, Which they offer lo Ihe public at greatly roduced prices. Their stock consists of Ladies’ Drees Goods, Poplins. Reps. Empress and Abyainia Cloths, black, white and colored Mohair Lustres, Merinoes, Delaina, Sic. ; Ladies' Cloaks and Shawls, best quality and latest styles; a pretty line of Ladieo’Furs; Cloths, Cassimeres and Vestings. Gents’ Furnishing Goods. Rock Island Cassimeres and Jeans. A good stock of White Goods, Embroideries, &o.; Domestic and Knit Goods, Boots, Shoes, Hats, Gaps and Hardware- We reHpectfiilly ask our customers and friends to call and examine onr Stock before buying. If our goods suit, wc will make priccs suit. W’c are deter mined lo sell. Nov 10, 1808. McLEOD & STEELE. Look to Your Interest .'\s I am now selling Dross Goods, Ready-made Clothing, Boots, Shoes, Hats, in short CTcrything found in a first class Dry Goods’ House, AT COST, in order to close out business, the public can buy Goods of me cheaper than in any bouse in Charlotte. Country Merchants, who are cash buyers, will find il pays lo buy of A. SINCLAIR, Nov 10, 1808. Springs’ Corner. STOVES. Sheet-Iron and Tin Ware, &c. T.WLoR & DUNCAN have a large assortment of Stoves of all descriptions for sale. Cooking, Parlor and Bo.\ Stoves of the latest patterns, with fixtures of the modern improvements. Call and examine these useful and comfortable arlicle.i. Nov 10, 1808. TAYLOR & DUNCAN. Notice to Debtors- We have a large amount of money due us from those we have accommodated, and we now earnestly reiiuesi all persons intlebted to us by Note or Account to come forward and settle. If you cannot pay all, let us have a part of the amount doo. Nov 10, 1808. TAYLOR & DCNCAll. Not 10th Sage Wanted, By \y. A. COOK, Town Butcher. Store next to Democrat Office Groceries and Confectioneries. NISBKT & M.AXWKLL arc now receiving a large and well selected Slock, consisting in part of Coffee, Bagging, Cigars, SaHff, Sugar, Ties, Pepper, Splee, Molasses, Bacon, Leather, CneeM, Rice, Tobacco, Soda, &o., &. In fact everything in the Grocery line, cheap for cash or exchange for country produce- Nisbet & Maxwell, l.'andy Maniifactiu’ws and dealers in ('onfectioneriep. Toys, .Musical Instruments, Notions, 4c., hare a large stock and oli'er them low for cash- Nisbct & Maxwell, Bakers. Parties supjdied with plain and ornamental Cakes at short notice. Orders promptly attended to Just Received, Fre.-h Buckwheat Flour. Nov 10, 1808. NISBET & MAXW'ELL. MATTHEWS’ HOUSE, (Fornii'rlj Kkkk’« II(»TKL, Charlotte, N. C.') ^11^ This well known House is IIIIB now under Ihe coulrid and management of undersigned, who solicit a share of jiiiblic [lairon.-ige The House has recently been thoroiiglily rejiaired and refuruished, and bo exer- tirins will be spared to make patrons comfortable. THE TABLK will be furnished with the best the m:irket affords Refreshmente of all sorts can alwayi be fijiind .at Ihe Bur Till- ST.VBLBS attached lo this Iltmse wfll be fonrid siifticient lo accommodate the Horses of our country friend;: who uuiy prefer a safe place and good feed. W. M MATTHEWS, Je., .1. L. STEAGALL. Chariot 10, Not 10, 1P08 8mpd NEW STORE Trade was very brisk during the past week. -SCO b.Vi'.'« Cotton were sold at figures ranging from 21J to -1 j. The market cloiied dull on Saturday at the latter figure, in consequence of a decline in New Vork and Liverpool. Flour in demand at $0.75 to $6 25 per sack, accor ding to 'jualiiy. There is no material change to note in the prices of other articles. Butter,. Eggs and Chickena in BUXHAIIM & LANG Have removed from the corner store, under tha Man sion Hou^e. to tl’.e neuly fitted up store of Hammond •V .McLaughlin, near Oates' corncr. ^Vc have nn entire New .Stock of Goods, which we will sell at greatly reduced prices. )ur stock consists of Dry Goods, Clothing, Ilats^ Caps, Booi.s, Slioes, Trunks, Valises, Carpet-bags. Dress Goods- Oi;r Goo'ls are of the latest styles, and & belter assortment has never been offered to the pub lic. nor at lower priccs. riunuel" of all descriptions, Ginghams, Linseys, Aliimancc Plaids, kc. .Ml of these we offer cheap. We have a fine asiortment of Wool and Felt Hats, both lor Children au*l .Men's wear. Boots and Shoes, Our Bojl and Shoe Department, for Ladies, Gents and Children, is complete. No other but good arti- clc> kept. Wc have a fine lot of custom m^e Boota for gi iitlemtn Call and examine, we offer iheui ciieap. Ladies'Clo.Tks. Shawls and Knit Gools. In this line of gools we can offer great inducements. We call your particular attention to our ClotMng Department. We have the finest, beat and cheapest stoek of Broad- Cloth .^uits, Cassimere Suitt, English Walking Co»t». BeHTer Suits and Over-Coat*. If you want to see a fine stock of Good 0nit« call on us, we will offer jou inducementa. We have the best Bearer Orercoats ever brought to the market—call and examine then. We take great pleasure in showing our 0*odi. Gire nt an earlj call. BUXBAUM k LANO, Charlotte, N. C., At Hammond k McLaughlin’s Building, next to Brem, Brown k Co’a Hardware Store. Not 16. 1S68. Take Notice- All indebted to me by Book Aoeount or Note are requested to settle without further notice, or I wfll place their iudebtedaesa in the bands of ao officer for a$>Ue«4ion. : Not 16, 180^, ' A. SINCLAIR.

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