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North Carolina Newspapers

The western Democrat. (Charlotte, N.C.) 1852-1870, December 29, 1868, Image 1

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\v>j. J. Yii^: Hditor and Propri«-;tor. T-r,!is"f Suisrrij^Cun—Tiihkk DuM.aus. in aclTiuifcc*. CHARLOTTE, N. C., TUESDAY, DECEMBER 29, 1868. Jsetentesntii towb*—rbbibi «h. T II i: Western Democ2?at i-L lii-i.- iiKu j:v WIiJ.IAM J. ^ATK.’S, ivi:tiu’ rir\;l l*r(»j)rictor. SALE OP CITY PROPERTY. In ac-coiilancc wiilia I)ecrec olttaiaci.l at Full Term | Rich Without Money. Many a man is rich without uiouey. Thous- ;r 0 l)oil:Uii jicr uniiuia iti advanfo. ■ will lu' i!:>i( r!c.I at rca.stumljli' i.j- ill :i--coi‘l.ince witii toiitr.ifi. au V iio:.''r.- fivt‘ in Iciijrili will , -rl t'iir :it il'iv(>ri isi 111^ r;llv«. Robert Gibbon, M. D., I’il VSK'IAX AM) sriK'.KOX, 1. 1 J. P. McCombs, M. D., ii:- j.i. 1 Sf) \ |.j :!ii- citi/.i"- nf : -I i 'iir; i.iiii Ki.^I V. .VII c:;!l~. f:.)l li ;li i y. j l '.'i.j.tiy vlfcll 1' 'i lu. .■ ill ill' '1 l>cW-Ji!i|^, I'JI OJ J ll.o A. W. ALEXANDER, Surgeon Dentist, li Vl>l,Ol"i J., (.. I (■jj>,.uir ll(>‘ Cfmrioltr I . ('in • I'l! i;-ul’i,"l on 'riic;-'!.-! y-:, \Vci!nL"-'i:;v-i, Dr. JOHN H. McADEN, Wiioicsalo and Retail Druggist, ril.\i;/.iiTl j:, .V . p ^ " 's' V iimls ol lueii with nothin*; in their pocket, and 1 i.i.lic in (. h.trloire, on Tucsrdjiv, tie lIJiL . i ^ \ nr.y of D. T. n.lKr, irnU, tUroe unin.proved City Lot,. Without cvon a pocket, are rich. A on ToM-gc ."^11 ■ ft, ' in rear ot Miller \ IMuck's .Stoi c.) * a soou sound constitution, a good l)i-ing :i i>oiiion ol the property belonging to the j btouuich, a jjood heart and linibfl, and a prottj CNt.ito ol !h( liit(; John Marty, decM. ! good head piece, is rich. . Good huncs are better leiiiii, 1_ moiiilis crodit with :ip]Mov-d Hpcnritv. j than pold. toujrh niusclesthan silver, and nerves I.w 7, ]..;s 4vv i and carry energy to every func- ■ j ti'in, are better than liouses and lands. It is Administrator’s SeIg j better tlian landed estate to have had the right ini^tn.iuroi the late John .M. .^j.rin-s I | ‘"-‘r.‘‘“'1 mother. Uood breeds aud will sill on .\!.,i.di,y the 28tli of Ii.'ceniber, ut the ) ^“^cds exist among men 08 really as among I'lildic Si;nai 0. 20 .-liarc-s ofstock inihe First Na-I herds and horses. Education may do much to to develope good ones, rich who has a flavor of wit nu«l fu if The hardest thing to get i.ii day o!''.j1>. S T. Al.tX.VNl'KH. j along with in this life is a uinu's own sell’. A iKc. 7. 1 4w Adnir. ciuKS seltish lellow,a de."ponding and complaining I lelJuw, a timid, care burdened man—these are LAND FOR SALE. | ail burn delurmed on the insido. Their feet may On Tin*»d;iy. the .'.ih of Jaiitiary next, I will ,'^ell, I limp, but their thoughts do. A man of ibr- i> .\.i!i:;nisijMior. ilu' Tnu.-i of l.aiid, containing j t une, on the bi iulc of the grave, would gladly iili.iut S' VI nty acrcs. npi.M wii:eii \\ in. lilaek formerly J j,art wilh every dollar to obtain longer lease of iiv. J. iiiiU'.s iioiiii ol' Charlotic. Tcnii.-a juudv ; i Sth'ftl, ('Itff t foifr, A. \ I^ank ot (.liarloUe; !^400 ol l*rclerriHl Stock in j clicck evil tcildciices, or ’ , . -,,.1 i;..^id,.uc e. one door ,>^o.,th old Stnte ^ ^ ^ $oO(. llond I jg who ha: . u- I I . . • • } ■ ioiin. A: Oiiio Kailroudt oiin*;iii\, onUwr.-^CMi j • i • .^4 kn Oil il.iy ol' ])'•• 1 4. 1 Groceries and Confectioneries. DAVID IlKN'Dl’.USON, Adiu'r. ;!w].d !l .1. " '.:i T! I :i I : r-c ;i :i'i u i l) -t li e?•■'i sto.-k iif ITK I! ,I 1, I’.-.ltn! !;i I . \ a 1 II; - In’'. 1 'y • Si.v II -', r a ii‘' \ .Mid ' ■ .'I' -. ii.cli he is dvIerniiKij'i lo si-il at i h- DENTISTRY, a y w i c k & 13 1 a d, .1 I ! I'll f! ri rl'vl'i ji, Ivn i-T ' i r j I'l i J. Y. BRYCE & CO., ; General Commission Merchants. I CHARLOJTE, N. V. .V!.'^l!i;'l' .V .M A.'sWKl.I, arc now rtccivinfr a large | I’articular attention paid to the selling of all kinds and well .■^i l ‘-ici| Sioi.k, coiisi.'tiiip; in part ot I I'roduce, C otton and 1 obacco. r.ajrjrin;', (,'ijrar.s, iSnulF. j 11 i>:lu.''t ca.-h price paid for Cotton. 'I'ii^s? I’l-ppcr, .spice, i All ordii's from a distance promptly attended \! 'I.i'Si -;, liacoti. Leal her, Clifest*. ! bK^( I'.. i::ro, 'J'-.l(acco, Soda, \c . j -Marcli ISf'g. W. II. DUYC'E. In !;.'M c\ci-j liiiiijr in the (Irocery line, cheap for ' ~ c:.'!i /r CA.:lraii>rc lor coniitry produce. \A/ TTiT.T A TVT BRYCE & CO., HT- ^ n I Cotton Factors, Nisbet & Maxwell, . . | 29>er and 5 l^nuh Streets, N E W YORK, (’li'.oly \t;i t;u:.ic; in\ Ts an 1 doa li‘i> in > oiiieelioneries, To_\ Mu' 1 i.siruiocnts. Notions, &c , have a largi’ 'lock an 1 o!!\ r I hem low for ca.'-h Nisbet & Maxwell, Bakers. r-n'li," 'UjipKvd wilh plain ;iiid oriialiieiital Cakcf^ at -^liurt r. i:;ce Drderp proinptlj' attended lo • - ... i:,,. i.„ I I: ' :l I!! I ■ , . l.l ' -1 I ! ^ I", j •Ki ■; .! -■:h I '" \> 11 r 11" li: n Mil"'). i;: vceV x Just Received, a T'r.rlv ;u ;il I'lulir. .V !i;, i:i,s MSr.KT A: .MAXWKI.I Devote fpecial attention to the sale of Coiton in Kcw Vork. All consignments to their address arc covercd by insurance from jioints of shipment, \\ilL or witU- ont advice. Shipments solicited, through their corVcspondcnf.s In Chail.iite, Messr.s. J. V. JiKYCL & CO., who will m:ike liberal ailvuiiccs on same. June S, 18S)H ly The valne of the Late Ckitton Crop. The production of cotton in the Sooth, though not so large as was expected, has reachcd the amount of two million bales. This is as large a yield as that of 1850, and half as large as that of 1859. >ievcrtheless, the high price that this staple now commands brings up the money received for it to a figure equal to that of 1859. The culture of rice has been much reduced flincc the war. The increase of price per pound, however, has very nearly brought the value of the last crop up to that of 1859. These re.'^nlts are very gratifying, especially when we rcflect upon the conditions under which the late crops of tncse two staplcajrere planted raiid raibed. >Ve doubt if any people lahoriw^ under so many disadvantages as those of our section, could have done so much. The idea that is so prevalent that the Southern people lack energy, is not found to be borne out by facts. That there are lazy men here as elsewhere, is true enough, and the system of slavery in this case, as in many cthei'S, brought the vices of such to the surface; but we have yet to hear of any |i(tpulation that with such limited means and such disorganized Libor could have accomplished as much as the South has done. It is our firm belief that under the new order of things the cultivators of the soil in the South will make more money than they ever did. They will be forced to cultivate smaller quantities of land, and to make u few acres, by diligent atten tion. produce far more than their former im mense e.states. In addition to this they will not have to support the swarms of negro women and oliiklren. the feeding and clothing of which in slavcholding times cat out all their substance, making pi,‘iiiting a very unprofitable business ex cept upon the richest lands.—Xorfolk Journal. Now Firm and NEV/ GOODS I'-i^ H 'd )i:n iii^ rnriiH-d :i rarluoi^hij' 'I,.- .5. E*«I3 3.rSP’^ A: « 0„ [•ii’ j' -r ■.! roii'hlriil!n! r it,-3 *s I 'ii':s i Io s* f bs iiT And G Jilts Fa.’iiishliig Goodi Biibiiiess, I I-.- ' lli- ir 1'ri'''i'!.- nli'l tir j.ili READ THIS. We ask the farmers lo call at our place in tbeXavy Var>l. anti i xaminc oiir stock of PLOWS, IlAllUOWS, WHEAT FANS, Corn .Shcllers, Feed Cutlers, and Cider Mills. AVe llVr lo the public at greatly reduced ctill especial attention to our COTTON SCI5.VPKU. .\lso. to the best Far»n and Koad AVagous—all made in Charlotte, N. C COOK & KI.LYSON, Manufacturers and dealers in all kinds of farming tools, Charlotte, N. C. (»ct -Ji;. 1 Pi'S. McLEOD & STEELE j Have receive! a new Stock of [ Fall and Winter Goods, ; n'liirh Ih. I I'riri’s. iiii-.r stuck coii-=is!s of I.allies’ Dress (looils. j ri.|'lin-', i; p. l'i!i'pr.‘“s and .\tiy'inin Cloih.J, black. ; wl; 11 r .1 tj 1 i/olin i d .M.iliair Lustres, Merinoe?. i'tdain.^:. I .SLc. ; i.adies' Cloaks and Shawls, best jU:ility and :ti : ! si_\les: a ]iretiy line of l.adie.s' Fur.'; (.'lolhs. REMOVAL New Store and New Goods I :: iT i li• i r s! I , V, i: de.- I a.-.-iiacrci^ and Veslings Gonts’ Furnishing Goods. KiK'k 1 I,.!!'; I'assimores and Jeans. \ good stock of Vt'iii((• Iino N% lliiibroiderit'o, iVc.; Domc.-^tic and Knit Boots. Shoes, Hats, Caps and Hardware* V. (- i'! -;!!- .li'ully a-k our uloniers iiii 1 I'rii-nds to all ) e\!iiai;ii‘ our Stuck bi-lnre Imyirg ll'iair U'. iiit, w I,' w ill make pr'.eisuit. We are deier- li: III ■ I I o II. N.;v H;, l"i;s Mrl.F.OD STEKLi:. Gonl?i’ Purii.i^.hing Goods : ; .. • I ,1! - . r:i.1:11 ■ -. ■ ; V. .\1 1 lidi'!'- 1 , T.-- ■!' all i,i-i.:-. I'rJ.. . ■' I-. I -1 I.' V ! ■:' ;i l i n a r I r..^T j M . r.-!i.i II! 1 ; i..! , li-r i!'! ■; id .sliui'll!. all i.| ( 1 ■■■I " : lai-', an I uarrarilcil ; f!.\TllF.NCr. b. I’RINf K.] J. D. PALMER Family Grocer & Wine Merchant, ; .\nd dealer in all kinds of imported M incs nnd Spirits. Old Itye, Monongahela, IJoui bon nnd CaVunit i>ouble Di-iillrd Whiskey: liomesiie Cnrn and J{y e W hiskey; I’eaeh :ind -\j']le I’lraiidv. .11 ,-T uKcKiVr.u THIS day-. '2 Barrel.- Sacramcm V. ine, I I'l “ Su]'(‘rior Kentucky Cider, I 1 *• Old Nash county lirandy, i •I (’asks India .\le. i 2 r.arrels l.onilon I’orlor, ! lo Ciates of Hottles, Flasks, Demijohns and Jugs, j Wood Kegs from '2 to 10 galleiif*. 1 also invite the jiarlicular attention of Druggists to mj’ stock of I’ort, .sherry and Jladeria Vine, I'randy ami Whiskey, bottled especially for Meli- Huving removed to the new Store in Me.VDEX'S JliOX FRO XT DU I LI) IX a, .\nd fitted it up in Ihe most approved manner, I am now prepared to furnish you with all kindd of Men's and J joy’s Boots and Shoes, Ladies’, Misses and Children’s Shoos, at the lowest market rates. Also, French Calf Skins, Ujiper and Sob: Leather, Rubber Beltingof all sizes, Shoe Find- iiifT!". Hats, Trunks, &c. 1 buy nothing but g(od.« from the very best manu- 1 factories, and guarantee them to turn out a.s repre- j scnted. I Hoping that j’ou will favor me wilh your orders, ! and call and e.xamine my Stock, I remain very re- ! sped fully, S. H. MEACHAM, I Dec*14, 1808. Sign of the “Brass Boot.” :;i! a: •1 V I i. I : M a. I 'I U i ' 1 l^-.» I.': Vrll t IP I lr(! i)\:i\\iv\ y\\:sT. ■I V KNOX & GILL, Cotton Factors and (; KX KU A L t'O.M M1S>1( )X M KRCIIAXTS. .\f/. 125 Sini/h'.i ]i'/ii:rr', Baltimore. { 'i.nsiiriimcnts of Cotton respcctfullv solicited, ! purjioscs. All orders. V holesiile or Retail, iii'l !:i..-ral ;i'l\anccs made thereon. ' j solicited ami punctually attended to. Constantly on i)i(b'rs wiil receive prompt, .‘iitention, i hand all k:nd.' of Domestic Spiiiis on consignnunt. , I,.- isr,;'!. c,in ! A .specialty made to old N. C. Corn Uhiskey. . ' .laniiarv -7, 1 ^l>8. Deposits. Deposits of Corn and Oiirreucy received in any nmount and interest allowed per agreement, and if i preferred eertificales of deposit issued l)earing in- ; tiTCri at rates stipulated, at the City Bank of Char lotte. AV. A. WILLI.VMS, (’ashitr. J;.ly 1808. WEST GREEN NURSERY. Fruit and Prnamental Trees. 10,(XXJ Apple, 10,000 Peach, 10,000 Strawberry, t'irrauts, Uooseberries and Green House Plants. Catalogues sent on application. C. P. MENDKNHALL, Proprietor. Sjm'i, J. Tnuiu.EV, Superiutenilcut. Creensboro, N. C., Dec 7, 1808 Ora 'I'ii i M M i'!'S. i.f a’l k;:nls, k.'pt cou- :.'f, i .'^'•1 ! :•» {ii.“ 'i raut* u h- Confectioneries, Fruits, &c. f'..ii!'i c ti'iii rics. Fruits, Canned fii O'ls of .'ill kinds First National Bank of Charlotte, i UAllLUTTE. X. r. 1 ri i ii'i. \Nii i;!;r.M»:i'.. ^>r an kin.i-. i'. : . ii'lc'i III “aI i''laci ion piv: ;i. :.iini.l ai p('."-'-iit ii- I hi- II 1 ni ivcrt!-.i I'. >\ li.-i ii nil r I I II II'I- a n- i in it', d t o j;i vr . .•.’u- .'^tcrc' al i ifscnt nci-ni'ii i| hy ; I ;... 1,1;, ;i .'iiuM a i li"! r I;.-! nk i •’j; i i iilisc i ■' : .1. J. 1 llil.LirS, I >>.•.... ^ .iAS. II. I ! Bii.vnp OF IiinrcToRs, i R Y Mc.\ Icn, T H F.rcm, AVni I? Myers, il .M Oatc.s Wm .lohnsion, John Wilkes. S \ Coheu, ^ 'I- IT \crit al V/atcli and Clock Mi’cii’, \ AMI IiK VI.KU I\ • ’/T //\/-; II .iI (r ■'/( I/..''■ .•■Ii/i’'', ,''y.r v'' I /-'.'-, .(■•. ; A -' ; i--;:. cii.uti.oTTi;. n. c. i WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. ; \VcHkou*iliy A: | ■ i ni' nou in sSire (';!■ iil’lhc l:nnr'l Sl.'clvS nf liool.- I ’I- 111 ..'i^ii! ; o I i.i' II.1 ’rM't. i . y k'‘i '> a I'uVi a""!'ini'Mit nf ail kiii'i-= nf Ii'xmN, I I' ;v.,'l -iii.-.t r'’!'i:i 1 i,.'.I'iy ra'i'. ! 1 r I'nuiii' V .Mi-r» i.a:i;s and v. •mIi'-mIi.' biiyc;'.- .-1' .'ll .1' ri-^iil |'i;rr'i;;t-'-;ar^' rc'jM's:- ■ ‘ ■" V \ ; 1.1: U" ;!i is II: ; :^:i; ti'. i-:;! >:n k nf I ’ i- Is. ■ Hiliincry and Drcss-Makirr. , \ ■ ■ .1 ' > 'I ji.'i;! :i; -111 is ii''\ .i; • I III .M : ,■ !:;! • ‘ n ■■ . ^ :i‘ - .1 “T.- I Ilf I,aiI > a i:.'i» c ii; k ill.lie ■ . ^ i ;a ii.o ! sivK-s. v> : r i'KuwsKv \ niNTi'.i.s, ■ ’ ' I;•! iv.'!'11 I il I w :I I'm on ^ t QUERY "• I'i.’’. da^'y. 1. V l iil! Si'll'!; of ry, J'risisijsA.c. A;o , iLr I.'s aiiil ihc I'ul'Ilc I'ciiera’.i; . ‘ • i ■ X '; !Ji i >1 QUKRY is j.r-,'parc 1 to .-'rvolnr ^ latest STYLES y’’ - I' li.its, Dri‘~s iii::Uii!j:. ,.^c. CITY BANK OP CHARLOTTE, /.. I/'.',’ ST. .w;./.v,s’ t :s \ IS: b:, c. .\. 'A I M.l \ M (’\'\!iru. ■ in i'T. 'i i.M.i /,/,!!) S >r. 1)1. /.// C> p. »i. ’';i^ ^ i.Vir,' 1 ai; 1 ri'H::-! it^nnikiii- '■ ■■ ‘'i' ‘ a laf;.''', in .i'Tii iiii] invi d Kir 'ant ‘ -'i: -. I'i’i’ r-' -dj-.r!''!' iii'lui'i'in'-n;- In ' Ii • • -1 VI'S I),'pi«;is nil 1 lil I'l i'^t nr ij'i.lT- / ' I ''.i '1. i'.'.i'rnri. |]X' liai a!! I o'. 1 ' dr,i\'.'s d'r'M'liy cli uii p; ;i..,’:p:il ■ ■' W'tM al \.'V, V"'-k V .IL-S. •' ’.I:- I I'liicric j l-l i ccelvc'i at lb M. 1! 1*il.Kll S. i , Cir.-.niic I’mw, oj.i'.^ile ih- Mansion House.'! (• finite li(;ic. -ifll (l(>urjr'nn ihc CODlcr. O 'l r.i, 1 M’l^. j I OfKUKH.'I.' Cliariotte Female Institute, i n. Y. McAdcn, President. M. P. Pcgram, Cashiei CllARLOTTK. N. C. ! I- I-''”''. Teller. Plif' next .''cssioii will coiniaence on the 1st October, j.'--','', M!\il cn’iiiiiiio until .’intli ol'.ltine, IM’.^*. Tur .^essinii isdividc'l inlo two terms of‘-i* weeks I'M'-.i. and pupils can be entci ed for either the v. hole s--ioii nr !nr nnc tfrni oi’r:ci;i;s and iNSTr.rrroii.s; l![.'. 1!. K: r\\ Ki I . Principal, aii'l In.'-trucior in Menial :!irl .M'Tal 1'liilo“0]diy and MaIlicmaIics .’lOHN !?. Hcitw KI.I., A. M.. Natural Philo«oidiy. Ciu laislry and .\i'.rient l.anguagos. Mils. .M. .\. I>i r.w I.I.I.. Knglish IJrunches and Sujier- iiilendi-nl of .''ncial Duties. \Ii:s. C. WiiiTK. Knglish Branches. Miss Mxrovnrr T.;, Knglish Branches and I'r-iH'li. ■'Ic'. I’atton. linglisli Branches and Music on I'iaii". i’ii'ir BAr't\vs, ^'ocal and Instruinenfal .Mu.sic. \li’'. .! I I I \ I '. P vT'fi'N. Mu'icnn Piano. I’imr. i;. K. rini Kr, Drawing, Painting and Modern La 11i:! iji-n.'-'S jur Tiimt,f'10 n\(7,-.i;: I'l .iv l Hith (;•( ; i/cN i>cnsc. fuel, hghts, wasli- i:;i:. \vith iiiiiion in Kngiish Branches, 1 .‘’.0.0(I I’uii 11 il. 'i I V rclii'biis, Prima ry Dej'firt iMcnt, iiO.l'O Collejriale “ 'Jo.Cl! Aii;-!', nl and Mo'lcrii l.aiiguages. Drawing iind I’.ii II:: i: l:. .''ri/. at ti''u:il cliar.ircs. Fnr ' ai'.d I'ataln^iu- containing full pariic- - !n urili.'. \c , a■^lros^ Ki.v. u. r.ruvn’.i.b ic SON. Ju’;v '11. l.' '"'^. ( Iiarlolto. N. C. Raisins. 100 Boxes and half Boxes R.iisins, of) Drums SecUless Raisins, Jm‘1 received ami for sale byi STENHOUSE, .MACAULAY & CO. N’ov no, lPti8. Important Fashionable Arrivals, FOR WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. ("//A’/.STJ/.I.V -1A7>> A'/:ir IX. 1/?. Deal" in Bills of I’xchangc, Sight Dr.ifis, Cold and Silver Coin, and (lovevutncnt and other Securities. March If^'Oo Concord Mills. Having opened a House in Charlotte, near the post Othce, ior the sale of onr own manufactured gooils, we invite the attention of merchants and others to our V.MINS. HiiiniTINtiS. Sli-1 llTINCiS. (».-;N.VBi;i;ii.s, cakpi;t, stocking Y.\l'i-NS, i^c., i^c. jgh’V” (’nitnii taken in exch.nnge for Goods. W’e sell low fur Cash. J. MiDONALD & SONS, .\ngnst 12. ISilS. Concord. N. C McMURRAY, DAVIS & CO., [ /■/ S Xttr Jlh'ildaiiJ.) ll,-!Vi“ •!!'! jTi.-'ived a full Stnck of Goods, consisting of Groceries, Dry Goods, T-T 1* ca. x>sr a, X* o , cfc o . In t'l 'ir general as'urtmcnt can b_' found Suuar. .Mola.'ses and .Syrups, l^r.ciin. F-.rd. I’ie^-. I'hei se. Cot!I’ll Tics, Bagsriog, Rope and Twine. S ill. l.eaiher. Candies, Crai'kers, Pickles, i.i, .Soaps, and Wooikn Ware. Hardware. Naii-;, .‘'hovels, ."p.-.ilcs, llocs. Trace Chains. Table Cutlery, i;e., ^cc. Boots and Shoes, Hats, Piea'ly-Iiiade Clothing, Notions, Confection- criis. \c. Thankfi.l f'’T p-!st patronnge, they invite their I'ornicr ciTslomrrs and all others ^vho want to pi;r- c’lr.s ‘ on fair t rms. to give them a call and examine G.ioij-; ,Ti I ]iric;’S J- ' i’iO'lucp and Ca>;h taken in for G, , U. Mi Ml'RRAV. DAVLS t O. ooi ’J:''. WANTED, 1’,1'if Cattle. Mill'll t ows. Million find Pork, nnd (iri'i n an 1 i'l v Hides. I’he uijrhest market price will be paid. ■ 'V. A. COOK. (),.( 2i>. 18i’.S. Town Butcher. 1 can V'O foun l .it iLc .Store ncTt to the Democrat Southern Express Company. The Southern Kxpress l.'ompany has complete coni- Tiiunication with all Northern and AVestrrn States, jin I prepared to forward Freight, Money and val- ’ uable Packages s.'ifely and promptly. Messenger." leave Charlolie daily, connecting at Rale'gh witii j .\dnms’ F.x]>ri’ss ('onipany, and at l?ichmonl '.vitli .\dai-iis’ and llnrmb n s T.'.prrss Companies, i Letters will be forwardid by this Company lo all ’ I'oints S' Uth and North h;;\iiir i:o mail faciliiies. W. P. HILL. Agent. ' Charlotte, Jan. 1, IfiiSj The Southern Express Company, For the transportation of n;erchandise. \ii;uabh packages, specie, bat'k notes, bonds, i.S:c.. fcrall parts' of the Souih and Sor.thwcst, in connection with ADAMS FXPP.FSS COMPANY, have e«trtLlished ihrir agency at ;',9 BP,f».\D''. NKW 'i'tiBK. where orders to call for goods to be forwarded South will receive jirompt attention. , Merchandise and vuluables delivered to ll.irnden’f' Kin.^Uv’.^ .Vmer^'an and United Slates Fxi'reif.''t'nm- paniesl for the Southern Express Couipanr, will re ceive ))ronipt dispatch. ! For particulars, rates of freight. Ac.. &c., apply *t , the office of the Southern Fxi'ress (’nmpiuiy. 69 i r.rnadwav. or al any other olTice of the Cn j'liny. , Ja-.iunry 1, 18l’.S. H. B. PLANT, I’rrs’t. i Pictures! Pictures!! ■ The undersignrd Photographic -\rtist. of B.altimore. ' Mil , calls the attciuion ot his frienils, aii-l ihejiublic i in genertil. to his newly opened PHOTOtJR.VPH and .VMBROTVPK G.VLLERV. where he is now pre- ; part'd tu take A No. 1 Pictures of each and of every j sivle and litiish. Satisfaction guaranteed in every i Picture. Cojdes taken from the Rmallest iuto the I largest portrait Also pictures ne.itly tilted in Rings, I Br«u-tvnis and Lockets. All 1 ask is, -give me a I trial." N. B.- Parties desiring to learn Ihe tcanc xua art I of iakintf i'iowirefe can do po by applyinjc tp ! ilEXRY BAUMGAHTE^J, ' Charlotte, X. C. Photograph Gallery over Jame# Harty'a Store, Fob 24, ISf.'i. Next door to Court-I»ou«e. W. RICHARDS & CO., ("HOI SK OF ALL A'-t r/OA>’,”) Respectfully beg to acfiuaint ihcir numerous friends inJ the public gennrally that they have on hand and are daily rccoiving Goods for ihc occaBiwn, «uch as Liquors. French Brandies, Jamaica Rnm, Holland Oin, Old Kditucky Bourbon Whiskey, Port Wine, Sherry, Madeira! Claret. Champaignc, &c., Kcotch Irish Whiskey. Groceries—Family and Fancy. Rio. Java and other Colfees: Powdered, Crushed .V. B. C. .Sugars: .Molasses. Syrup.^, Oysters, Sar dines, a gool assortiuent of Cheese, Sulmons, and 1,0!i!> other articles. Their estensire stock of Dry Goods, Cloth ing. llatH, Boots, Shoes. Ac., kc., are all new and selected at the best and chetipcsl market by one of ibe I’firtui-i's—8. B.VUM.VNN. Bi^. .V comjrlete stock of Hardware, Stationery and various o'iier goods. They otfer these Goods at priecs suitable to the caj>acitj’ of those who )>urchase. ONE CALL WILL SUFFICE. WE HAVE NO DRUMMERS. We mnn.Tge business economically, and purchasers will derive I hi' lienelit. Mining Goods .\ conipli'ie Stodi of Miner’s Implements—Rope, IKinp, Blasting and FFFG Powder, iS.c. Mr B.\U.^I.^NN deem.s it unnecciisary lo make any comment aliout hijiiself. His friends can testify :ii to liis fair dealing. CJiarlotle. N. ! House of all Nations, opposite Dr. Scarr's Drug Store 1 D‘.*c 7. 18'i.S. 1 CSaptions Of Laics and Retolutiant patted hjf the General A*temb/jf of the State at its late Henion end ing December 21. Ad act in regard to obtaining liceoto to prac tice law in this State. [Provides that «H per sons who have heretofore obtained license from the Supreme Court to practice in the late County Courts shall be allowed to practice in the Supe rior Courts.] An act to incorporate the N. C. Mutual Home Insurance Company. (Creat'Ca certain parties a body corporate under this name, to insure against lo8S by fire, lightning or tornado. Requires the deposit of $20,000 with Public Treasurer and a subscribed capiul stock of $100,000 before any policy ie issued, and aaikAriMa ikb- iaiue of policies on both the Mutual and Stock plans ) An act to provide for the registration of voters in all special elections in the State. (Allows all persons heretofore regi^tered to vote iu allsjw- cial elections, and rcijuiics all other persons to register before voting, subject to all the re quirements of the general registration law of the State.) Vile Componnds. The following practioal illustration of the re sult of uiade-up liquors may be of some iotereat lo thoM who “go iu oo the imbibe heary." The New York Cumiuouwealth saya: “One id impressed to seek a reason for th« number of murders and sudden deaths whiok ck now so frequvntly reported, and in doing m, there is one 1 rightful source to which to trace the cause of the evil, and that is the amount of uiade-up and poisoned liquors now sold to the public as a beverage. In a large majority of the eases of murder reported, the murderer hai been found to be laboring under a specioe of insaaitr produced by the poisea Cs a made-up aiua called liriuor. At any corner yon may ind ■ I couipt^uder of p.iisuus, ^ » business to he prevented. dollars' worth of strychniue, or other p)ison(Ju« drugs, will impart to a barrel of beer double the strength of that value of hups, and with the present skill in chemical preparations, hardly a gallon of pure liquor is neee.'^snry (o produec thousands of gal lons. Tlio City is flooded with these poisons, j called all sorts of uauies. The best brands of An act to incorporate the Land and Lumber j champai;no are whollv produced in this country Company of North Carolina. (Authorizes a j,, gueh'pcrfect imitations that the genuine can- capital stock, not exceeding ^l.000,000, and re- ' ‘ ' quires §25,000 to be subscribed btrforethe Com pany can organize. Purpose of the (’ompany : Erecting s;iw mills, plaining mills and all kinds of machinery. For the manuiacture of doors, sash, blinds, barrels, boxes and agi ieultural im plements.) An act for the relief of Jas. F. White former sheriff of Gaston county. (Authorizes the col lection of arrearages of taxes for 18()G-’07, pro vided that he shall not collect from any person who makes affidavit that lio has already paid. Authority ceases July 1, 18G9.) An act to amend the charter of the Cheraw and Coalfield Itailroad Company. (Authorizes the construction of the road I'rom such a point on the South Carolina line as may be selected to a point on the Wilmington. Charlotte & Ruther ford llailroad at or near Wadesboro, with the privilege of extending the same across the track of said road to the North Carolina Railroad at or near Salisbury. Allows the Company five years to complete the road and changes name to Cheraw and Salisbury Railroad Comjiany. Pro vides agtiinst discrimination in favor of either \. C. or S. C. Railroad.) An act to provide for the holding of municipal elections iu North Carolina. (Prohibits non residents from vot'ng in municipal elections, and ten days residence constitutes a qualified voter.) An act to re-enact and confirm certain acts of the General Assembly authorizing the issue of Stflte bonds to and for the Tarboro’ and William- ston llailroad Company, and the Chatham Rail- rottU 0mipany. An act to amend the chartcr of the city of Wilmington. An act to atncnd the chartcr of the city of Xewbcrn. Resolution in favor of Sheriffs. (Allows 10 cents mileage for each mile traveled for making election returns.) Resolution allowing mileage and per diem to members banned by the Fourteenth Amendment. Resolution for recess from l>occmber 21, IStlS. to January 4, IStJU. Resolution providing a Committee of Investi gation. Resolution on Tobacco tax. (llequcsts Sena tors and Representatives iu Congress to endeavor -to have said tax reduced to 10 cents per pound ) Resolution lo raise a .Joint Committee to in vestigate the management of the Bank of North Carolina and I5ank of Capo Fear. (Hinpowers the Committee to examine books, employ coun sel, and send for persons and papers, and rcjwrt what legislation is necessary or practicable to secure tlic best interest of the Statu in these in stitutions.) not be detected if perchance a bottle should be mixed with it. Tho amount of California wines oflered for sale is very large, by the made-up manufacture of certain establishiucnts iu this city. So with other wines and liquors. Nor are these exaggerated statements; they can be verifi’ed any day by the a.>«>t‘ssors of internal revenue, and tho examination of the liquor. Rut can nothing be done to stop this wholesale poisoning ol' tho community? Must every man who tikes a glass of wine become a possible mur derer. an inHiine homicide? The evil is OBO which cannot be overlooked.’’ A Warning. An interesting case was before the Court in Richmond reeonlly, which we will mention for the b IMH' fit of our colored friends. Wo are re minded of it by .seeing til.' heroine, the other day, (,'aroline Palmer, ('aroline is a colored woman, and she has recently returned from llich- mond, where she has been pri>secuting her hus band for bigamy. She say,s .she has landed them both in jail—meaning Clark, {her husband,)and Iiis newly married wife. She gives an amusing account of how she went to (’lark's Ikiusc, where he was enjoying the society of his latest love; how she was threatened and otherwise badly treated by the female inmates of the house; how she had them tirresfed ; wliat tnok place at tho Court loom, &c—all cf which we have to omit. We simply want to remind our colored friends that, .since they arc free, thcj’ will not have such Ireedom In getting married and quitting, as they had in former times. They will have to do like white people—get divurccs. 1 hey will have to go throuuh a regular course flf law In the caso above mentioned, tho man and his last wife will both, in all probability, end in the i'enitentiary. Caroline says .'ihc is the more incciificd at ( lark’s Coiidtict. because his last wife is not near so good looking as she lierstlf. Ilow the times change I—DuitclUv Tinus. — 9 ^1 The White House—A Stoiy of Love in the Kitxiben. “I was healing plentiful gossip upon old \^ ashiiigton, the other day, from an old lady resident, when she ali;;hted upun this anccduto of romance, a.s.soeiat d wilh the olht ial term of John (Quincy Adams. .^lr.'‘. .\dains was a iiaughty and her favorite nephew 'was one lien John.son lli lleii. a young .student or lawy er. Hellen going often to the White House, saw there as a dtmiestic or servant of his ikunt a very beautiful Iri.^'h j^ii 1. Mrs. Adams suspec ted nothing of his susceptibility, till one Sunday night it wa.s rejiorted to her that her nephew Resolution providing for the appointment of „;,8 escorting the’ home from ehureh. .''he uphraidi d the girl severely, who replied that slu; could not prevent Mr Hellen a (’ommittce to inquire into all the facts attend ing the jmrehase of the site for tho Penitentiary and other property, with power U, send for per- | f„Howinir her in the- stre. t! The young sons, swear wtfnes.'.es, and report on or Le.'orf; debarred from se iug the girl fora good Janiian 15, i liH one tlav hh*- Mr llclleti ■ 7 j had married her. She lived in retirement iu Children S Sight. j ilus city lor many years, and her children rank What is commonly called near-sightedness has 1 among the most e.\eellent and reputable citizens increased greatly within the last half century, j here. Of these there were half a dozen du«tin- and it is time parents, teachers and guardians I guished for tiu ir a| pctiranee and character, understood more about it. Children arc often I ( liflou Ilelh ii. one oj them. Avas for a while law subjected to severe punishments, both at home | partner ol' (Jen. 'J Kwing. One of the and in schwl, for oflcnccs they cannot avoid !-iris marrieil .Vttorney I'ant. of Jliehmond. Tho possibly, from defect in their eyesight. .\t a | lather is dead. If li\ing he would be a septu- teaehers’ convention in Boston, last week, Dr. | genarian. 1 .sive thi.- pii‘c«- of Kitchen Cabinet Henry W. Williams, now one of the eminent j history, and bejueatii it to that promised Jen- oculists of (he country, had something to say on I kins who shall swoop upon the old clothes of the near-sighttdness of children, many of whom, j antiquity some day. and trace the holders (here- he remarked, h.iil Jcfcciive vision years before ! of down to th‘ir buttoii-inakcrs. Mis. HoIImi it was discovered. Some'very clear-sighted : is still living in this cjt v. a stone'H throw from children could not use their eyes steadily for j the general postofhce, and her children were any length of time without blurring, owing to a i staunch and splendid I’nionists daring tho war, defect in the accommolative inmsclcs. a hriel worthy to rank with the legitimate Adams rest enabling them to see clearly again. They j family. M rs. .\d iius never forgave her nephew wcre.ipt to make absurd mistakes in reading. ! and to studv poorly, which teachers and oihcr?- j Selling out to Close Business. GREAT BARGAINS! $70,000 worth of Goods must be Sold!! H. & B. "eMANUEL ’>fTor their immense Slock, for the next (30 days, at ; and bebiw cost price, j ^lust be sold by 1st January next. I Clothing, Dry Gooda, Hardware, Groceries, Hats, Boots and Shoes, Crockcry, aud 1,000 different articles, AJ AND BKLOW COST PRirE. Wholesale and Retail Buyers, now is the time for Bargains. We are detecmlned to close out, and will sell. Kow u Utae to buy. H. k B. EMA5UEL, N«xt door to the Mantioa House. Kav 2, li?W. 2vx thought was owing t-fj idleness. ]>liiilnc.'>s Kiiue times supervened in a single day. Many indi viduals were horn with a slight tend. iiy to myopia. an«l had near-sightedness brought on by studiousne.s3. Near-sight«dncss was not known among .savages of uneducated racca. and appeared most among th >se »f the highest cnlture. The eye should never be atrained to .see objects it could not sec, or d«;voted to too small ty{*e or work. Children who were ambitious to keep up with their classes often were allowed lo go on till the ej'cs were rurneu. These cases often began with slight syniptoms. Such children should not be compelled to study continuously, should not care where they were in their elaases, should keep the head erect and hold the book up. for loving her lion.'-ckei pi-r. and the event eavt a shadow iipnii ih:it adiiiinihtrntion. But who i.s the v>fr"'; at th> 'li.-taiiee—rath'T, who is not bi'tter tl.:it :;il thi.s occurred VH Fl'.l’iT.—We often fi igricultural rxclianges. as 0 enquiries to the beet ]>IKI> in our A^ means of preventin'.' bird- from destroying fruit. 1 he answers to this enquiry arc almost as various a.i the birds, nnd most of them as difficult to ap ply as the birds ::re to catch. The mj6t effective plan wo ever tri' d was. by killing, ourself, or luring some, boys to kill, a number of Chickcn or .Sparrow Hawks, skin and stuff them, then place them on the tops of some of the trees in the orchard. But few birds would attack the fruit in an orchard with such app'.rcet enemies to meet. The stuffed Hawks can be presenred for Teachers should aid the child as far as possible, j years by being carefully put away after the fruit 1 he object of educatiim, the doctor said, was not I is gathered. Try it.—Arheville Nem. to cram, but prepare the child for duties. | ^ _ ■ .. .. - ^ . _ ■ —, , The Revenue Commi*«8ioner decides that when IjOST. j land is conveyed by a father to a son or a dangh- Ilo*t ?omewhere in Charlotte, on the Ifhh of No- ' ter, or by one party to another, iu oonaideratioB Timber, two proininsory Notes and two CiTtifjcates ^ of uaturi love afiiwtion, and withont Talvable of Bank .Stork. One Note made hy E. Kye Hiitehi- I adequate consideration, the deed is exemtA son to A. C. Miller for $225, wilh a cred.t of *oO. ] ^ ■\lio, one Note on James F.lwood for $64.22, dated j“““'P ““v May 16. liMio. with a crelit of payable to James Wilson and James Flow, Administrators ol A. C. MiRer. All periMns are warned against trading for said Xates, as no one bat tha Administrators art author- ited to reocive pajment. tee H, IWW 2wj>4 JAMJX W1LBOS. A geoiua out West was invited to take » giBM of poker, but refused, aayiog: *‘No, 1 thaAee ; I played poker once, and to wear nauken ^ts all the Btzt wintwr. 1 have bad m tait* for thatamneeflMntBinc*.'’

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