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North Carolina Newspapers

Miners' & farmers' journal. (Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, N.C.) 1830-1835, September 14, 1833, Image 1

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1HNER8’ & FARMERS’ JOVRIfAL*. PRINT I WILL TIC*CII YOO TO riEKCR VOL. Ill# '7* , "—"'■ ' '■ ' . I J- ■ II, , i» PLHUHHKl> KVt;RY 8ATLRDAY, liY '»'»»>«AS .1. lI)I,TON....tif ARlXTrFE, MKcl4I.E>HUlMi COUVrVrWoKTH-C'ARoilNA. W Hi J or' THK KAtlTH AMt> BRIWO Ol;T rKOM THK CAVKMNS OK Til* MorNTAIKK, WfTAL* WIITII WUX OUrK STIlKKUrH TO OUR ANU SUUrXTT ALL WATUBB TO OUH U8K ANDTUCASURE. DR. JOHNMN. HATIIRIIAY, M:t*^rE>IKF>K II, 1833. NO. 155. lungs and Huch an extent of oxygenation of the bloou, aa arc adequate tu the wants of Ui« individual under difTerent occurrcnc«s. In funmk*!! the chest is shorter than in mulfs; TIIK iinrrtx’ Sc FarmerA^ Joiinlal r fliid I”'**'!"****** Saturday morfiiH(f ]t V»’ |>cr annum, if paid ia «dT:uice; Tr* pJUrt and Fifty Crntt if not paid in ad- .mVlsninim ,ill b, «%•'“* '»motion of , h*’® rilw i» more extcniive, and more fre- w . _ :„u- . ..j...1.— ptrwliarly injurious to the sex ; especially as tiiry are more disposed to consumption and other chronic aflertions of the lunps. Now A ijSr*l di^coont will be niad« to tlio*c wtin by 111'’'J i'OnartadTcrtinemciitii ^,.imunif«l*d for publiration, the nuniU r of nui«» be nottid t>n the niaripu of th. nwmw-' f'Pl'. Ihoy » ill bo continued uiiUl Ibrbiij, M**! ‘harged accordingly, t vH cooiniiinkalion* to.lJie Ivlitor muit come ' ■ , upa*it*, or they n»ay not be attended tf. i,!xm'RF:»'ro T(»uno i.adiks (T MR*. ALMIRA H. L. rBCLTa. •• have before remarked U(«o the f» (I. ii* of this volume ^irarl- 11 fcJiouId t rv vune lady, as it ia i^»euded |«rticu which our schools, nnd ncadcniieo, anil col-1 Some punningly disposed person of Pitts- legos find it so difTicult to impur*. Tliis burg, has communicated to the Eklitor of the latter conideration, in my view, has i(n- Mercury, of that place, the following Con- menso weight; for our habit of pronuncia-; versation between Mr. Webster and a gen- tion, »pMiking nnd reading are first formed | tieman in the shoe trade. It is scarcely awl in childhoid, and in the donicstick circle;'true as the editor remarks, but the wit is nnd being once formed, it ia a tusk of cx- pungent and jwinlcd. tremo diHlcuIfy to alter them.” grammar. “ We do not often hear people say, I if, Punning Conrersa^Ton.—M'hile Mr. W’eb- stcr was in company the othor day with a number of gentlemen, Mr. D. remarked to the ligaturus in the fanhionable droas arejy*’**®^* liut ludics ivho claim to lie j Itioi, ‘ the day iroa’ci/t warm, Mr. W ebster. well educato.1 not unfrequontly say, » J trill' ‘ Ves, sir, very. 1 prosun)e from your 7 • .1 I» 1 • I ■» .1 ^ observation, that you ure iu the shoe irade.^ lay down, usinj the word lay, which iS the; , , . . , . , , ... lite observation excited much laughter, lower part. It is precisely here that in case ; P'’*^ ^ verb to he, as if it were , inquired, ‘ Is that aic/, Mr. D ]’ Yp!«, sir, that is my Inst.' placed precistdy on the part, where the mo tion should 1k> the grcuteyt; that .is, the ‘ 1 hope you will cxcu^ thii cvt at your hvginesn; I beg for ({varlers, and hope if your fwlirigs arc hurt, that they may be ea- bily luci d.' ‘Never mind Mr. W., I never get my hmtllcs u|> in the way of trade.' I am happy to find yo«r temper koop? its i)f fracture of the ribs when we desire to!^*‘e future. We often hear adjertivps im stop the movement of tlie chest, we apply ! pr«r’''ly as adverlr», ns “ she Ionics ', and promised some a tight bandage, though rarely do wo vcn-1 instead of heauilplh,. Will is be in the bands of mre to ranke if so tight as llte ordinarj' j^ Aort Ihne.;" corset.^ The efll*ct of such prewure U*gun ' iH>pro[)cr use of two auTiliarics is /v (;.r their perusal, although the young ai an early peri«l of life, will be under- in the anecdote of the fur- U.ih KXi'H may read it with advantage.” | *tood from what ha» been stated in regard eigncr, who. falling into a river, piteously [Aw Yijrk Mirror, j must jield to it; |t')irlaiinr,|, «• I viU drown, n*>body fhnll' *^a^; I y&u H'itfl'l 1‘a^e occanon to rilYJ^K^AL EDUCATION. I their abapo becomcs ptrinanontly altered ; i ’ I hat foreigners shonld tlitis mis-j . n ttiih iiuinv (itlien who have L i .l • . i ■ ' ‘ Not at all, sir, you cannot *rr «n mv n'* ‘**T’>‘'t'^r’J*Jithelower ,«rtof when 1 uuder.taiKl the threL of a sh.vro in tlic education ot the y ung,, destined by nature for the h* art and i rpfi>octs«, is n.;t slran^c ; Uit those ■ y„ur’ ( cl that physical education has i(yny,(jj„,„„^hod ,1,,. | wbo fcfudy the Diglirii grannnursliwild np- ‘ 1 am pleased to find Mr. D., though ycur n.iich negU-cted. lu the mental effort! ^ ^ i j,n,ctico th- ir knowledge, that »hall,^rm-k may be rw»i down, still you tmurn in ,,HUhoteac|rt:r«,asweU 8apupilBofthw |^^^^.^^^j^^,^^^^^^^^^^^j^^^^^^ TI»c >‘‘''J '« P''^'^*> .'insular, «ir \vmrl meins fi.r I nm 'titutimi Imve been obligedlo make, m or-I. . .u i i.u .u i i Wa-tuUt while iri// in the s;nnc nor'»(in aiid ■ »oi, ^ir, by fl?r/ mean., f r I nm I - influence on the h alth, though slow, is cer- person aiiO po„yj,n.p^ ^.^ur whole sole, and every ■f to attain tl»e dcsirod ataodard ot in- 1 j^ pr.xluce consump-1 implii.-*; a rc.H}lution or dUermiia- thinp to bcot, is'favontble to mechanics.’ ...ual improvement, much ha* been mif- f.Hir.dation for ills it ! | ‘ Vou are rigl*t Mr. D. I 0«ol myself r«i, liir-o^b a ir.^tect of exercise. ^ ___ _ , ^ j k. | ^ ■""■' ■■■i-w . _ i Law tob^'soby/jc.tofstrongest Irieiidship i«jciK*, languors irieepleanirsK, indigca ii. and a Ihousani other ilia tending to nhif; the mciilul Dcrgics. Aware as all are of this danger, ronnectei liifMiii* of knowledge, it la to be hoped terminating .i.iimi'dittto cnij>^e of the diw.aso was the!*^'***’ un;is«iiiinng North-C irolina, tX wiae, aud sav wc are scicW r^J.’ . , , , ,, 1 I ’lce in oliTaining a few thousands, and fttl ' ^ .1,0 1,0... ..-Ip..,. „„.„^r.,rb..r .0 ^ ,c„„p„,_Mr. Jamoa II00.I ,nno„n. ^ .!» 01 |„u, fello,..c,.„,.n, ll.oc^ .. o,:,pro. ^ Lo;.sla,u«. . blood lu the head.'’ V* ithinthe laM three days, wc Iwvt; . , , oped 03R®nTS * locr^j'nl ".ir .■'ub^criptK'fi to !. ‘•I Ii»diana in t.ic f.illowiug eloquent and ap- .'.i\ i>n,)it by P-. it experience, and re- i i r M.inv of otir wralthv, a>»d mw?t respectable ‘ propriate n'idro.'S. •* fir as jK.^ibl*-, bv a systcmatick ' , '“’** • »«» pr per v rn, a i citi/.' os, hnve p' t yet had an ojij;«>rlmuty to j Read Uiis and irerp; if you ran.—lo ofexeMv* tho hcalth *bich has ^ Condemnation, ^..ur ho..k.. some be ing absc-„t on jour-County-Fel- which they have r^'ccrvcd.—'IVv may be iic\ s and otjkcrs out ol tlibwi%. ibis is ; “ \VhTe yotj see tl>e hen fi r*fi ■'•d. ... irerp !! ! if you ran.—To : scratch there von’Il find a Lug.” You have i.ll.-mr., or female gymnaslirks, i« J »T,,fun iniurv A bu.«k n-.t f.K> wide i ''‘‘‘’r.’ ^‘'*= ' n.v pennis*ion to elect me v(hi/ honorable bofeduca-l , u ' j jandnncw of ibc cn-mly. ^ he Ncw-York-1 ' in the n- xt legislature, and i .lh reirrct • ' j *rs may think we b..n,st of sm.Ml things, but ‘ ,|,^t ^ knowle^I^e of n.j splendid » ’ , TOllier than impedes tbe c/Iortji of natun* | w Lrn tne situation of our country is taken ige in Ibis.! : ^ I into cousukirati-.n. wc arc satisfied we are I„d,anap^jlis. every mo- . i r uncomforta- who was here | candiJatc.s procure length; vuur ..uu.,-. Here time'^. . f tn-m Johnston (oih= ot tbe.r m^t wealthy ,,, ,e« :.lrr.ndv of the 1 . *nd ii.nuc... jl cilmM.s) cs»un*d US ycstor- ,ead them in public • * spirati->n, ia probably CQiMluctn-o lo l;(*8!th. day. that they shrc'd not be behind ii«. wiibout stoppin g to spell many words. Ml l). tweeu llie miDd and ,, of t!>e U’ ‘-IHor^, s!ir up your (' ,nay U f.ishionaWe with our would-be jso mndo a> to pnnc a support t« ih^ bKly ' not more tuii, or show or brag; it is actual . . A ['.'•'i! rly becoming a branch of educa I ?’ive, however, seen w • ..f you apiH-ar to engage m int»: , , .n,., cousuhJration. wc arc sai.slico wc are I„d.anap^jlis • rrliKtauce, aa if every mo- ,, ni»l uncomforta- E'*”*!';"';'" here | candidates procure lengthy hand- •,t t..!;f nfrom your aiudiea »ere time J** ^ tn-m John-ton (oih= 0! the.r in^t wealthy Lo written, and sign their names . With tlie view — — , ,,, - - - - .J c«..„Kcd.U. 'heUl. men b„l to n..l, in my Wrncd o. I \i t >1 n «Hir p easant morning wa * ^ ^ nioderato' coinprcs^ion of the rhcst is some siip(>»rt from Duplin, ond we hope lur Although my compltxion is not the fair- . Ly h-.m.- to be coyotcd as an unncces- ; a very lu^^ral subscription from Samp-on, j 1 assure A »iid tetlioru* tai>k, and youthful limbs 1 , j * ' U'> ,i , *^hoii!d ro ctnint''rvHilii»g f 'henie intervene, (j,y brothers and sisters are all white 4 1 1 I '*'’*'1 'Vef.el thattlM^ Il.uid from llaleigh to ' r ' i»on.- and vou well know that 1 ■III tinira ai-rn dragged lieavilv along,' .1 •. • ii i, .1 1 l 1 .1 i n tree i>orn, anu you wen unow inai i , .V "’“'•y “"ISO rather, W,bnr;;f.,n ihriMif-h thi6 place, will now „ll „ual,ficatio„s I »rfo) toic le. )> age a in irnii y. ut>e of tlicin which i» to Ik; cun- ccrlainly l»e efitjcfed. of age, R'sidenre and size. John Randolph . »fl) »alk in a t»n«' aummc/ uiorniog ‘o t I'i'^ase i» t us know you are doing, of his Indian bl.iod. A grave seua- -r .1- rk ‘.Uml Ida, will not affoid a j ‘ * AFmTATlON'. and I ill again ial'orm you of our increase lawyer, too, of iny h«»norable ac- ' ul phv .iral exertise, but pn-icniing ' “Some ladies have appearml lo think it'*‘ a »'"taUe tini.'. it is contemplated by q^ja„.taiM:e, who once in New-Jer- ■ . , 1 I* r • . I I 111 }." *»’ti’ke the ^.uitecription list to a sister who hoDor»;d the family •I *.!h .1 Invdy picture ..f the wimlMiicd , unf«nnininc to read or speak in an audible ^ County. I’ublic opin- „.',h ^ black child. W by may * „f nature nnd art, teod to raise in manner, aiTcciing a low and lisping tone, ion is M'tting in our fuvor with a strong and | of my sunburnt cotnplexiou? •>r iiKiida eheerliil images, anl to lea*l probably from the idea that this is ao iu«li- steady current and must prevail. 1 wo • 0; .ii;;ht to tlw’ Aiitho'r of all good. I cation «f a geutle and delicate spirit; but I ; time u'nths oi' ('ovtininrr.—\ poor country minister ,11 1 . 1 pro'enn nt were i4.t.nsivc to mnc-ttntlisol |(,telv arrived at lloston, and immediately • Jli.^ie you who have become inter- trufct you Imve all loo much taste and r kxI tiiccuir.ensof Wa>ne county; now, we rare- rt.|^',rp,i ,o the houso of a relative, a lady ‘! in tbe dilTiireiit branches of natural souse, not to feel how faW and ri Jirulous. |y meet anolMinate objector, and find none carried a merchant of that city. i-urticuUrlv bfitanv aiki geology,! arc such noti.ns of female deliracy. The, ""lOng ''I'" influence wth j^irtios were ^lad to see him, and in- ... " ' i...!*! It 1*' the people.—“ 11 Wult, the large and ucal- vi'eH liitn to tTi:ike fLeir lioiis-'e his biime as 't I uiid anew intfrM in the works of. time has gone by, wheu it was necc-sary tor ' . ' , i,ill,r—is true to tliy 11 dM—tlie jiiiiar is iruo 10 |,g declared his iiiteiiti(»n of remaining in "Sr. and new nkitivcs now lead you .a female to socui ignorant or childish in or- h„ ,^elf; if her citizen.s U(iA:e in time to the ti,o city but a day or two. The husband ot lui.illo ovir ila mid aikd setjueatretl der to bo inter««ting. Women aro now ' immense iK iielits they have it now in their the ladv, an\i(Mis toshow nttcntion to a rela- l»H'ked u[>on as rational iR’ings, endowed |>ower to s» cure,.North CaroliiiH is regenc- tive and friend of bis wife, ttM.k the gentle- „.h cpoMo of n...„d , „ „„„ „ tj^ing-ly j™;;; ',‘^^1"' b.H,rHi ,n duly lo gmnio a hi|.l, rank ii, Ihe gei.liuiuon.’ . vL.ilnl,..n, mid 11,0 n,r.cha„t, after o lap* of eleven days, found that, l>esides lodging “ ' * a branch of physical education, dan- ' h; recnijimended by physicians when ' ’•''d ii'.iTely as an excn iie, it acems t lialtiA f.j the objections which many uc against prumiKUous dancing asscm- "nnerted with physical education arc drawing ani tiling, and indeed 7 (Hirsuit do|N-ndirg upoii bodily ac. with ignoranre and Accidcnl. On the 12th ult. MiiH’ipman bearding the gentleman, a pretty con- In I .P nliin ' **"*'" ^Jol. |s- s„]eniblo bill had run up at tl.e liverv stable, redince to plain- „f Hartlord comity, Md. Accordingly he went to the man who kept scale of intelligence—Kven beauty has' learned, that connrctctl folly, she mubt give pn'cedi , .. ,,| uaruoru couiuy, iuo. Accordingly e»t features irradiated with inlclligoiK-e and , „.asdrowiHd while bathing at Isewcustle, #tab!e,'and loiil him when the gentle good sense. 1 speak not now of a ball ora i I^elawnie. was in tho 2lth year of horse he would py the bill, fashioiuiblo party, whore external appear-j^ lew weeks since he passed » Very gmxl," s:ud the stable keeper, « I . „ . 1 I 1 . f .k ,!the Navy Board ol Lxamination, which understand vou.” Accordingly, in a short atice chieny is regarded, but of tho great, „n,l rt'ceived tho appoint- time, the country gentlemon went to the sta- thcm? will l»e considered un4er the j theatre of human life, where character de- | |„(>i,t «>f a passed Midshipman, lie was a |,|p^ ordered his horse to be got ready. Ii' u 1 fif icconipiiHbmruts. “ Ui'litt;; oil hnn«:b;ick is a very healthful 5- well as graciTuI exercise.” Tb.llT LACINO. ' 0;i« more «ul>j»- t connected with physi- '''luctiioii ii tbe habit of tight lacing: '.'iiabling you to comprehend the rnunuer '''■ "hicli ihis practice becouies injurious to '"«ilh nnd dcstrmtive of life, wo again rc- f'Mn Dr. Warn-n’s lecture. ‘‘ '’ftiiru hiis so contrived the human chest *'»'t the,?; i| ,111 su|>eTfhio(is play of the Hfts conijMisini; it. It* movements an* just ‘ufliciciit togi\e such au cxpaneion to the fl.ipes it.self; and whore all fiml their own I Midshipman on U>ard the ill-fated Hornet, bill, of course, was presented. “Oh,” ^.rl„«.t ;..t..lleri and morals iK^inir the obtained leave of ab.sence but a few ,i,g centleman, ‘‘.Mr. So-and-so, my projter level, intellect and morals being the graduating Rcale.” RKADINC ALOUD. “ To how many othervs lae tedious or use- Iras, bourn of life, mr.y a female imparl lioth of delight and improvement by the charm of reading well. If a wife, she can sulacu many a season of a husdand's weari- nosa or sickness. If a mother, what an ad vantage to her offspring, to have before them, as they are growing up, a h'ving model, in tho |>crson of one whom they are led to rcvcrcnco and love, of an accomplishment' trcmely healthy. gentleman, “ .Mr. JSo-and-so, my days previous to the heavy gale olT Tam* relation, w ill pay this.” “ Very good, sir,” piro, which ciuisod her gallant commander (|,p stable-keeper, “ please get an order and crew to find a watery grave. I tjjo same as the [It seems remarkable, that the only per- tnoney." The horse was put up again, and son iKslonging to tho Hornet, who was went the country gentlemaa to the . . , 1 11 n J Lone W'harf, whete the merchant kept.— spared when she sunk, should afterwards .. WHI,” said be, “ 1 am going now.” “Are be drowned ; so that tho wholo evontiiully ? » ggj,) the merchant, “ well, good bye, met with a watery grave.]—Zfa/.. sir.” “Well, about my horse, the man j says the bill must l>e paid for bis keeping.” fjettcrs from Ncw-Orleans dated the 6t!i •• VVell, 1 suppose that’s all right sir.” lilt, state that the prospects of the crops ofi “ Ves—wtdl—but—you know that I’m your lK>th CBttoii and sugar, had not been better ' wife’s cousin.” “ Yes,” suid the merchant, for several years aad that the place was e.\-i “ I know that yr-u ar'. fni! i>nr horse is Ui't Health of the City We are suprize4 to learn that reports uD&vorable to tha healtb of our City, are in circulation in some of the neighboring coijnties. If ther« be a case of serious indisposition in (h9 place, we are not aware of it. IndMd, con» sidering the increase of our population, wo are blessed with more than our usual ex. emptioD from sickness—Raleigh Register, Supreme Court—Asdetlbtlesssome atJ*» lety is felt to know what course will be pur# sued by Gov. Swain, in relation to the va» caocy on the Supreme Court bench, w® have made enquiry on tho stibject, and find that it is not in contemplation to coq. vene the Executive Council. The recent Term of the Court having been suddenly brought to a close bj the death of Chief Justice HBNOEnsox, and the commence, tnent of the neit, not occuring until after tbe Legislature will have been several weeks in session, no necessity exists for any intermediate appointment. It is much to be regretted that the application, which has more than once been made to the Legis* lature, to empower any tteo of the Judges to decide causes, should not have succeeded. The propriety of such an arrangement, i« now made manifest by the great delay of justice which parties must unavoidably en. counter. Although a large number of ca. ses were argued at the late Term, not on« was finally disposed of, it being usual for the Judges to defer the filing of their opioions until the whole business of tho Court ia gone through with. i^. liemarkablc Occvrrence.-^Oa Prldny last, while the workmen were employed in levelling the Rail-Road in Newark, Now Jersey, over a piece of low spungy grountj a short distance south of Market street* between Mulberry street and the river, they discovered a break or crack in tho road which they had previously levelled. Shortly after, an opening presented itself, and the earth began to cave in and sink out of sijjht. Several loads of dirt were thrown in—this also disappeared along with the ground which continued to cave in on every side, until the opening extended about sixty feet east and west, and one hundred and fifty north and south. As tbe earth disap. peared, a body of water presented itself and rose towards the surface. Several thousand loads of dirt have been thrown in, a great portion of which has sunk away, nobody knows where. The hole is now partly filled up on tho north side, but a considerable space still re. mains open where it first appeared. Tho depth or extent of this cavern has not yfit been ascertained. Whilst the work of til. ling up was in progress, it was discovered that the level ground on the east side, covered with stumps and roots of trees, a. bout 60 feet by 100, was rising up and forming a hill: it has now risen several feet in the centre near the hole, and slopes olf gradually in other directions. Large cracks arc to be seen in diSerent parts of thia raised ground. These are the facts: but whether it be a bottomless subterraneous pond of water, op a bed of quicksand, or some other mysteri. ous agent which sucks in and devours such vast quantities of earth, we must leave to tho decision of the more learned advocates of Mr. Symmes’ theory.—Ncvark Engk, W'e have seen a specimen of Cotton ClolJt manufactured by the Merchant’s ('ompsiny of Ihis place, which has been pronounced by good judges to be equal to any thing of lh« kind ever made in this country. Th« same description of goods made by the “ Peters, burg Company,” are so advantageously knowa in our market, us to render it unnt* cessary to speak of them. We are pleased to learn that the Cotten Yarns of these two Companies are much sought after, and that whenever they have entered the Noxtiieiir .Markets, they always attained the highest prices.—Petersburg Times. Exhilarating Gas.—During four even» ings of this week, a gentleman called Dr, Coult, exhibited at the old Museum the ef, fects of Nitrous Oxide Gas on the human system. Tho scenes that ensued from in. haling it during the exhibition, beggars all description. Some danced and jumped, o« thers cut up singularly fantastic tricks, but the greater portion of those who inhaled it became extremely pugnacious. Some of these, though placed within a strong enclo. sure, managed to escape from it, and attack and beat unmercifiilly the audience. Ono stmng fellow, who berarr.e on taking it a"! furious IS an enraged lion, sprang over tho euclosure, and drove every soul out of the room into the street, beating two or threo very severely.—Pittsburg Manufacturer. We learn that Messrs- Darrett, Andrews and Smith, of the Theatrical corps, have been arrested in Lowell, upon a charge pre ferred aguuist them by E- Case, Esq. ol not pursuing an honest and lawful occupation. Their trial is to take placc to-day before tho Toli- e Court ot* that iow n.—Atlas.

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