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The North Carolina Whig. (Charlotte, N.C.) 1852-1863, January 12, 1853, Image 1

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Urn M0tih I C. WIlLIAMSON, ! Editor. . I. HGLTGHJ Publisher- VOLUME I. 3NT. CL, XZL:DrTX.AJEr 12, 1858. 3xrxjivi:."Bs- si, HOLTOW h WILLIAMSON, Fkopriktohs. TERMS Th Norfh-Carnlina Whip will be afforded lo liucrilKTt it TWO DOI.I.AIJ.S in aav-uce, or . . . n-i i vii I'H'i'V r'fe'NTK if i. l it bu yed I'ur three m..i.t:.H, i.ti 'lllliLlS pill.LAllS at the end of trie jcr. i pill.LAKS t te tiia en tiiejcr. , .; riio"ie.:tn inserted at One I)llar per wiuore preme Court, rroviues lor turui&Uing J uug Mii lia. II""- tvl"') tUu ,'r"t ""tr' ' i'h oue copy each. ,KJ,.mliii.llre..t.hr0,,t1i,uJiite. Courts., 21 To asct,rtain the whole amount of a,,d. '..""l :?,;rI"ri.M faxes paid by the people of North Carolina. n !,i ..i.Nv.mi the r. iful r pne, tor .iivertiavn by ,,,, yni, Ajvitrt 'iiiiiiu iimerti'd inuiitiily r qj rlT'V. " V " " '" , nilily 'i .5 etali per aqujre C r each time. XT !l I- ttera rv.t to Upnrt me,,i miirl Im directed to the Kuitor. And ll l t- .i Al .. m ...... ... t. m f flli.f. nt-llil. , ' ,i tui ruhlianer. All ii nera nui ue pui-piu or t-i-y will not be t. It. uueti in. IT I'ajrmenta run be mdc to either. jj- Puttintiatera are authorized to act aa agcnti. crass Of the Acti aud Resolutions of tho Ocner , , ... v..i. t.,-n,l ," "., . . , at us i?cuou iu , 1'1'IM II1 Vt'T I incorporaiiiig iue iJuu ui viiiiriuiLe. nuan uc inaiiiieu a uuuru ti u ' ' The capital uot to exceed 83 oiiio, iu directors, H of whom shall bo appointed by 1 An Act concerning the .Seaboard and gbarei) 0, -J ald of sui)serjp. the Governor and council. Rojnoke Railroad Company. Pr-.v ides for tioll t0 be opened ou the 0th January, 1853, 1 44 To amend the Uth section of 39th ch. uuilnim regulations by the Siate of Norta lt Chiloii, Statesille, Lineolntoii, and of Rev. Stat, entitled an act concerning di Carolina aud Virginia in regard to the rad ; h(Jch ot((,r .,a(.M as lne connuissiontrs at, vorce and alimony i lows the Company lo construct nram u i . . i ... .i. . i:.... I.... ...... in roads and works not exceeding ten miles iu kiiy'th, &e. 2 To incorporato Literary Institutions aiiJ Rencvolent and Chnritablo Societies. I'nvide that any number of 1'erious not than seven, desirous of forming an a t Aiation for any of the purposes indicated, ihad acknowledge their ai tides ot agree lucul before the C.erk of tho County Court, a La shall transmit the. same to the Secreta ry of State ; on receipt of which, the tiot'- eruor shall issue Pi ttilU Bociety letters patent, dcclarmg the same ana tueir buc- lr0vides that any live or more persons de- lars to each county, annually, when a like tessnrs a corporation. . . 1 sirous of forming a company :'or mining or sum shall be raised by the county socit tv, 3 To amend an act f-.r establishing pub- ma,,,,,.,,,,.;,, II1!1V fii,. thtir articles of to be distributed in premiums for crops, im hc landings, and places of inspection Ac. ,gre,.IIK.llt wjt!l cVrk of the County Court j provements in land.-, implements, &c. I'r-vides that the several degrees of flour )( upo t,je clt,rk-g Cl.rtificat 0f the IU0 , 50 To extend the time ol perfecting titles ball hereafter be, family, superfine, Cue, ben? j,, tiie oflr10C 0f Secretary of State, to lands heretofore entered. and cross middling ; and inspectors in this ,,)(J Uoyt.rllor Kimli i9Sue p.tct. de-1 51 To declare what persons may inter-' State to conform to tho usages iu adjacent clari)lc,saia company a corporation, with the marry. fHat0S' powers and privileges incident to bodies cor-! 52 To amend an n'-t concerning the 4 Allowing furtner time to .Mirnffs to w draining of low lands. make their returns in dectious. .JH To Ponfirtn ti,c eslalili Lmcnt of the ' 53 To amend an ac'. to incorporate the Allows twelve liistead of eight days. 'county of Yadkin. Wilmiiutou aud Mane'.te.-ter Railroad Com- 5 Couceruiug the embankment of low o, To ar,ortion (l,u representation in pany. Proudes for he app.-intm. i.t ol a grounds. Provider that when cmhankmeiit tie jjouse 0, (;ollmtous gmol.(. the several State director, and an aei.t of the State in proposed to be made mu.-t necessarily pass countjei, iu tl,U State. Gives Cumberland, peneral meetings. through the lands of another person, a pcti- (;ranviie, liuiifoid, Chatham and Wake 54 Amending the 55th chapter Revised tiou shall bo presented to the L'ouuty Court, three members each ; Davidson, Edgecombe, Statutes for tlie belter security of personal t.y wiioui a jury snail tie p .oiuie.i 10 enter upon and contUmn the laud aud . ases the dduiages, Ac. 0 Vutiior'uiiig the probate of all deeds m l bill-of sale reiiiiirni' regitration, be ll'e cScrks 0f lUe C-UUt t0UrtS 111 B"y K-tberlord, Sampson, Warren. Wayne and prisoned lunatics. Provides that insolvent V"WL.l : !to. Ghowau. and Ricbmolid. - T T. -I f ,l..-in.mi.f. ilkes, two each ; liuneombe, Madison, hur- lunatics confai.e.1 in jail may be sent by the 1)ur. i 74 Incorporating the Lumbcrtou and Co 7 To Provide for the appointment of a Vaikil), A.,e, llladeu, Rurke, Cabarrus, county court to some hospital, iu or out of "lk bink Road Company. Ilumll..s j.,., ,k 1;.lj (oninany Superintendent of Common Schools aud for av( (;,, the State, at the expense of the county. , ting the Haywood and re. t ob-trTKlie pa-a-e of other purposes. To be appointed by the n,,,,,,.,,,, Hyde, Lincoln, Mar- 57 To amend tho act of l4--4, to Chapel 1.11 Plank Load Company I , "f t t ob t u t aoa ... acc o. Legislature, with an .r.,uaUalary of 81.,oo; till) Moore Na.,h, tb.slow, I'asMuotank, Fer- provide for the establishment of a State , tho Gu.t aud Graham : llh .V, read ,li t, visit every portion of the State, collect ,, Uichi. ond, Stanly, Stoke. Imn,,, Van- llo-pital for tho Insane of North Carolina, Plank load Company. , 0 j o lay ot a public read from Sal,- M!r .rinii, further nm. 1 ' , T ' ,. . ' .,' ....i'. i t,..' 21 Incorrorat ii? the Haywood and bury by way of Jouesvnle, -n Mirry county, '""""I " ,-- cy, A exauuer, IiruilSWICK, VUlUWCll, vaill- mu an utt biiiiiuciucuiui to iue saue. i rj- . o - .1.1 -:!. , .i, . ;.. ,;;.. i;.., .;.;., i ,..1 tn u..iiir the miu ileations Si ... r -:.i r . m. :.. .i si.. Titt-lioroULh P auk Roa I Company. through Nukes county to the llgiuia line of Teachers. Col. Calvin H. N iley, of Gull- Jones, Lenoir, McDowell, Monlgomerv. Per- perinU'tidcnt, by the Commi-v-ion. r-, who ford, ia elected Superintendent under the q1i,llaWi Tyrrell, Washington, W atauga, shall forthwith take charge of and superin- Act. illaywijod, Macou, Jackson, Chowan and tend the. construction of the biildi-ig. To To repeal an act of 1-50.51, to pre- I.alliiii one each. hold hi.s olUce two veals, with a salary of vein the obstruction of the passage of fish at ;J , To prevent the ftealing, taking or SU'OO. lulcts on the eaeoa.-t. conveyins aw ay slaves. Provides that the 5-s To divide the State into eight Con st Toaiuciil tho f'tascttionoflhe actof off,.)(;c fiall L(, pUMjhable with death gressional Districts. l-ll,conceriiing Common S.hools. Makes whether the slaves were iu possessiou of the Divided as follows: i provision tor ieeunng sues for school off,.njt,r or ot lt Di.-trict, Currituck, Camden, Pa-quo- b mscs in cases of difficulty. I ;)l ja facilitate the recovery of debts tank, Perquimans, Gates, Chowan, lici t- U To rep-al in part the 25th section of ,i , -j,1,, , prnvIHAa ford. N'orlhanmtoii. Halifax. Martin. Ucrtie. ' "-s.""" o ' t . ueu. i.arierei. VOiumous. v.urruaca. orccne. vi" ivi mc Bpirouiiuiciit ui n .oci ic.u u- . , . tae .-i2n.l chapter of the Kcvined Matutes. ... ,.. i.i. uiu .... . K nf.ii.i. ... .... I. r.t ai. a ff.iin na I.... mrfta tlie l.rgl-iaiurv to lliecfc on iue IU .'luuvinj ol No.euibel, 1 -52. II T incorporate the Rank of Yaney vilie. Capital SJtiO.Olltl. 1-' To amend an aet for the re-assess- meiit of lands, Amends so iar as respects the town of Wilmington only. 13 In relation to the collection of part- ner-hip and other debts. In trial for debts ot him, uo admission or acfcnoWleUgliieiil ... . ,i ly cither partner, after dissolution, or by j maker ol uote alter statute ot limitations shali have become a bar, shall be received s evidcitco to repel statute of limitations, lut as ugaiust the partner or maker of tho note doing or making the same. The time parties shall not have I n resident of this -.ale, shall not bo given in evidence, in sup pori nf the plea of statute of limitations It To inn. oi. I the 53,1 section of the 3lth chapter of the Revised Statutes. Provides ta il accessories to felony may be indicted ;.. .i ... i. i :... Ml II1C COUUty YIIHTi: lll. ll. J ui loiiiiiii-v ... 'iiuuty 15 To establish tho Farmers Rank of. .North ( .iroiina. Locates it in Elizabeth ' ity, with a branch in Grcciisbor mgli and a capita! of 8 0.l,0.,0. 0 To amend an act ti incorporate Union Institute, in I'm hdjdi county, a Nor ma, College. Makes the Governor cc ojicin I're.-i.leiit of the 1 ard of Iru-toe, who hall make a detailed rep rt to each Legis lature. Loans $10,000 to tho Trustees from tho Literary Fund. 17 To amend an act (and tho supple ment thereto) entitled an act to improve Cape Fear and Deep Rivers above Fayette ille. Provides for the increase of the cap ital to 5350,000 and, of tho additional 'fck, the State shall take $0,0(Ml and in dividual 84O.OO0 ; when 820,000 of which is subscribed by individuals the Public 1' reasurcr shall pay over 840,000 ; when in dividuals pay the further sum of ten thou- "and, the Stuto shall pay twenty, and so on i iinia it. i . . t. .. . : . .. i until the la-t iiistalmeiit is paid. Persons wlio have advanced money for tho company, iy subseribo tho amoiiut of their claims ; and if 8120,000 should not complete the ork, 830,000 more may be raised by sub scriptions of stock, or by bonds on tho faith ofthe receipts of the company. When the S-'itloo are paid, Governor shall appoint three Directors and individual Stockholders three. Money not to be paid until all the ork is trader contract and contractors have I given bond; and locks and dams near tho niouthof Capo Fear 6rt to be finished, then at Joues' Kail, Silver River, Red Rock, ic. i 1 To tho capital stock of the BaukofWadesboroughfourtuousaudsliares. 10 Making tnc bonds of the State issued on account of the taycttevillo and Heuteru u" anoui Plank Road Company, transferable, " Ci -o uuvci mug tut; jicjto. wi ui me ou- i i- . I t - . . .. r it o . Provides that Clerks shall return to the Comptroller a statement of all the taxes of iue county ior every purpose, 22 lo extend the time tor registering grants, mesne conveyances, powers of attor-1 nt y, UilU r fcttW at4 dtit:ii tends the time two years. 'i.i To do away with collateral war ranties. 24 To amend the 1st section of the 64th chapter of tho Revised Statu!.'. Provides . tliat when any person shall die intestate pos- j States, ana to lay off tho btate mto elec jsesscd of personal estate, leaving a widow ; toral districts, &c. Provides that the Con . but no child uor issue of the same, one half grcsMoual Districts shall be the electoral ' of said estate shall be allotted to said widow, j districts, and two electors at large, and the residue distributed as uow provided j 43 To amend an act incorporating the bylaw; but leaving a will, aud the widow dissents, she shall only be entitled to one . -j nf ,k n.nn, ..-latfl. ..... - . , -- --- T . - -f PI I Charlotte may desi-nalc. J . ... .... ' . -U loincorpuraU;Lharlestoii,iilueludge in the sale ot its bonds. 1 rovidus lor issu aud Chattanooga liailroad Company. Pro- ing coupon bonds. vides fur a capital ol 3,'100,'iuo dollars in 40 To refund to the Treasury certain shares of 50 i!o,!ars laeh, by individuals, ' money and for other purposes. for building a road from some point at or 47 To authorise the County Courts to near Little 'i euiicssee Kiitr, iu .Macon Couu- pay the Wardens of the Poor. ty, to the Tennessee line in the county of i 4 To defiue tho duties and powers of Cherokee, iu the direction of Chattanooga ; plank road companies. and may be organized when 3(M(o00 dollars j 4'J To encourage agriculture, domestic shall bo sub-cribed. manufactures and the mechanic arts. I'ro- To encourage the investment of cap-1 jt;ii f(jr luullu,, allj manufacturing purposes, ii.,i:f,.I lr,.dH , w imunr. Randolph, Alamance, Anson, Deaufort, ller- tie, Ca-wtll, i kvelaud. Craven, Duplin, Fors-tb, John-ton. Mecklenburg, Ncrtbatiip- r,r r.i, hing personal estate of non-resident by a bill iu equity, but no decree . . . ,i,tars by a lull iu eon ..... ... I .ek. I..1..L..1..I ..... , i.Fnn..r. i r nn pninti . n 1 1 r . -i.ri-in nnirnr. ni'op im- r . . , . - , , . , ,,. ,. i-'ii, -ill, Mwt.i-vii, "...i -.itiui.aui. ynu, .w. t vv. ...... ,.w ....... v .. , . . .,. -. ., , r. wl l;iitii.ilIol'il I il-llli.u If l." tV.ashlli.r to be made until two years shall have ex- Lenoir, ry ue, Greene, Edgecombe, On '. t :... .. i:c f .i l..u ....I ('.. n. r. ministration, Ac. I 32 To protect the rights of persons owninv ticrsnnul nrotiertv in common. Where one of the partners is b..rrcd by the act of limitations, another paitncr not so karr(l(i Inay iaintain suit. ;t;( To r,.,,HatB tlc form cf linds issued r- .... . s, , Author!.. rn;n,m l.nmls. SH;, coll.,0tis to be psyalde at New York or u, Treasury iu Raleigh, if pre- fcrred bv the purchaser. 34 'Jo amend tho act incorporating the Rank of ashiii 'ton. 35 To confirm tho establishment of the countv of Yadkin. 30 Fixing tho tho time for the biennial meeting nf the General Assembly, (third l. ,.,.!,... I,, V ,,'...r 1 37 Sunidement to the act establishing t In. ft,.!!!. v nf .1 i.t'nii I'nr nrciin'ziiKr u.ii. 1 ' ---c o To amend the act ineor-vorafing the Raleigh and Gaston liailroad Company. 30 To lay oil the State into litty Sena. torial Di-tiitU. Provides that the districts laid off as follows: 1st Di.-trict. Will, t.' ..' ..i. ... i.11'in... a -v .-.o. tn., 'asquotunk Hint Perquimans; 2nd Camden md Cunituck; 3rd Gates and Chowan; 4th I am len. Brunswick and Columbus; 20 Cumber- T ..,.11 ...,l II,, In. .".il, Y, .i-il.-i, .,(.... l;il. an net tn nuieiid an act liasscd at the session solue point in the Hertford ; 7th Itertic; Mb Martin and Wash- of 140-7, concerning the Depot of arms determined. Capital 8500,000, : i..n: 0th Halifax: 10 Edgecomb : llatNcwbcru. Pays the keeper 8150 annu-! 30 To authorise the union ot tho Groom I lift ; 12 Reaufort; 13 Craven, Carteret ally. i ville and Roanoke liailroad Company with and Jones ; 15 Green and Lenoir; 10 New; 2 To extend the time of tho payment the Petersburg Railroad Company. l 1 1 sitirtuor 1 ifiiiiitti h ns oir in i. ill- oi me uouusui ouautjuiu uim iiuauuito uun- land; l!l Sampson; 22 Wayne; 3 Johnston ;l 03 To amend au act of l"!"-!!, con 2 1 Wake ; 25 Nash; 20 Franklin ; 2? Warren; cerning tho militia and court martinis. 2H Granville; 29 Person ; 30 Orange ; 31 1 61 To appoint an agent of internal im Alamanee and Randolph; 32 Chatham; 33 provemont ou behalf of the State. Allows Moore and Montgomery; 34 Richmond aud him ten cents mileage and three dollars a Robeson ; 35 Anson and Union ; 30 Guil-j day while eugaged iu his duties. Not ford; 37 Caswell; !H Rockingham; 30 M,...klenbur" 40 Stanlv and Cabarrus ; 41 i ' . C ' . y ...... ! ltnn nml Davie : 42 Davidson : 43 Stokes 40 To amend the several acts 0t the l,l r,.r il, 11 AJ, Snrrtt u 1 Vi k ii : the Cime 1'car J.iver. above tue mouth ol vine. .' 3 .... . .. . ... . . t. l r. Ai..,-... J' Tn Tipprrnl the fcllm and nuttln ' of ise ti 45 ilkes, Iredell and Alexander : m c ross v.rec nu tor .uti. . rni-i s. , n - i - - - - .. , i.!. It '..II 11 ...I U'. -.1 lilt Tn mnenil tlm ebrt..r nf etlso Ri. tllllbel" 111 ilo.ail S tTOCK, IU tilO COUIlty ol 111 til illirKC, .'lOI'Owetl, Vlliunyu an I ti ttinugu , - . . . .... 1 1-. 1. . . .. V.i, rniiiri.nv IVOckiniiialU . I I1' II Lillicoin, tta-iou ami catawea ; ivuiu- vt .a..f;..-.. v.,.... j. "T . . . .t v .t n v 'a r ..f....i..,j ii..l.n,. .nm,.n..nn.l,e. 1I..I.. 67 To direct the dividends on tho stock 43 lo mcorporato the North Carolina Sail derson Yancy and Madison ; 50 Haywood,' of the State in tho Wilmington and Man- Steam Carriage and Plank Road Company. ! pany liailroad Comnnnv to be naid into Incorporates a company with power to con- lo , . ... i . . .i li el e.ia Tn ..mi. ml an et tn amenri the net iCrLAE"iSii.U ltZ ions of the Act of 1849-49 to the Hind, and the time for which the tax of 575 is to be levied to 7 years instead of 4 ; and makes the annual appropriation tor the institution eight thousaud dollar, 41 To incorporate the Atlsnticand North Carolina Railroad Company ii.d the North Carolina and Western ll.ulroad Company. Provides for a Huivyrf the mute from Ooldsborough to Ueaufoit, and the route from some point at or near Salisbury to the Tennessee line, to be paid by the .Slate, (84,000 for tho Eastern and $12,0110 for the, Western end ; and gives a ebarter to a coin- j pauy in the East, with a capital of 8000,000, i aim io a company in me ivesi, wnu a capi- . talot fe.i,uuo,uuu to construct saiclroads, in dividual to subscribe one third, with a right rurttrw. J lo ihc StMf, i uiiiiii any nledra except such as is implied in the appropria tions for the surveys aud the reservation,) to take the remaining tw?4hirds. 42 To provide for the election of Presi dent and Vice Presidents of the United North Carolina Railroad Company. Pro- vides the manner of paying the State's sub scription, and tbut the nflairs of the cotii- .1...I1 l. .. .1 I I 1 ia 45 To increase the revenue of the State . . vides for the incorporation of county agri- cultural societies, aud appropriates lillydol lbertv. 55 Prescribing how persons shall be pros- eeuted tor keeping lusutlieient lences. 50 To amend the act of 1 " 4-40, to con- annointtnent Washington and 'lyrrell. '-'ud Hyde, Reaufort, Pitt, Craven, Jones, 3rd New Hanover, Drunswiek, Colum- bus, ltluden, Sampson, Cumberland, Robe- son. Duplin and Richmond. 4th Wake, Franklin. Warren, Granville, Orange, Nash and Johnston. 5th Person, Caswell, Alamauer, Chat- ham, Ilaudolph, Guilford, Moore aud Mont- eoinerv. 0th Stokes, Forsyth, Rockingham, David- son, Davie, Yadkin, Surry, Iredell, Alexun- dor and Ashe. 7th Catawba, Ga-ton, Lincoln, Mecklen burg, Rowan, Cabarrus, Uuion, Auson, Stan , Rowan, Cabarrus, Union, Anson, Stan- id Cleveland li Wilkes Watauga Caldwell Ihnke crford McDowell Henderson Run- ,e Yanov H iywoo'l Macon Cherokee o'u aud 'Madison ' ' ' ly and tli Ruth comb .llll'll.OIl Sheriffs, to compare polls, shall meet at, 1st. Windsor: 2nd. New been : 3rd. County ... -, ... ., scat ot lilauen ; 4th. ixmistiurg ; .tii,.ira- ham ; 0th, adkiuville ; 7th, Charlotte ; th, Ashevillo. 5U To repeal tho b5th chapter of the Statute of ls50-51. 00 J o amend an aet of H 10-4 to make - - - real estate assets, 01 Toaiueud an act of 1S4-M), entitled road Company. passed. 05 To legalize the transfer of the rights .. r i. ..... .... of the Cape Fear Navigation Company, on the 1 reasury as parv o. mo literary. ........ Rail Road Company. Provide that the Hoard of Internal lirprovcinent Bhall ap- point three directors, and no more, in said company. : (jj T0 continue the coniniis,ion to re- i vise and digest the publio Statute laws, i 70 In relation to will and testaments. A Hosted copies of wills Tiled in the office of Seoretarv of Stat... shall be ti.L,.,. ........i-i deuce, 71 To amend the Revised Statutes for the better security of personal liberty. 72 To brim? into market tho lands pledged for the Western (Turnpike 73 Explanatory of an act cc concerning insolvent debtors A ) PARTICUL A 1 i 4i-u"i'-VV PBJ'IC NATURE. 1 An act (o amend the 4th section of an act of 1832-3, compensating jurors of original panel in the county of .Beaufort. Justices may lay additional tax to raise the amount necessary to pay the compensation now allowed by law. 2 To appoint commissioners to sell a portion of the streets iu the town of Shelby, and for other purposes. 3 Altering the name of the county seat of Stokes. Changes it to Danbury Viiniit;s Ik 17 ldliuui V. li-o - . ,i . . . t uniji iuj miu 1111; i i niiniiii.'iim. .miu- 4. To authorise any lilteen justices of 1 ?" '"j he act incorporating ufal.tur; Company, in the county of lian ,,,.,, J , , J . , .. , the Caldwell and Ashe J urnpiko Company. ,11.1 the peace of Craven county to appoint Su periutendents of Common Schools for said county. 5 Concerning the distribution of the school fund iu the county of Gaston. Lite rary Hoard to pay fuud to Chairman of that! county. 0 Authorising the County Court of Dup lin to sell a part of the public lauds of said county. 7 To amend the Rev. Stat. c. SO, for es tablishing public landings and places of in spection, &.c., (so far as concerns Wilming ton.) H Authorising the wardens of tho poor of Lincoln to sell the land in said county on w hich the poor house is situated. 10 nav tales lurors iu Columbus and Onslow the same as per.-ous of the original panel. 10 To provide for paving tales jurors in llalitax, a-h, Granville and Sampson. . t 1 .1' . . . .1 1 . . 11 10 repeal ail act lor Ilie Letter or- conization ot the County Court of Pa.-uuo-! tank, passed 1-50-51. 12 I tl.r -In nf.fiir Cnwrti nf Randolph, Alamance and Cunituck. Makes! it unlawful for Clerk to ..ive. ccitifcate to Judge holding Court iu cither county until ! 12 0 clock Saturday of eath court week, . t.roviiied llw. liiwiur i. iin. IhiI-Iii.iI rnrlipr , - - . .. ...... . - i.i 10 pcrtegt titles to laiius elite! eel m the county of Macou previous to loth March, lr-52. 11 To establish the dividing line be tvtcon the coun."ies of 15c i.fort and Craven. 15 Giving LXclunive jurisdiction to the kSiipcrior Courts tor the county of Manly. i 1 icur nor.ii i" i n . hm i.itloii ami and Cane Fear Plank Ro"ad Conn.anv. 17 Ineoinoint n.f I ... av.ttcv e nn,l . ' i 22 Incorporating the Concord and An son Flank Road Couipanv. 23 To amend the aet of 1-50-51, to incorporate the We.-tcru P'.tuk lload Com pany. Authorises toll gates. 24 To amend the aet of 1-50-51, to in corporate the Fayettevillc and Centre Plank Road Company. Authoii.-cs the stockhold ers to change the terminus of the road at Centre, and to make the same at such other place in Stanley as they may deem ucccs- Gap ofthe lilue Kidge aud the Hieh Moun sary. tain near Welch's Store to the Tennessee line. '25 To establish a Road iu Catawba Appropriates 83000 arising from laud en county, tries iu Wilkes and Ashe counties. 20 To regulate the pay of witnesses iu H In relation to common schools iu Mad "e eouuty ot lli uuswick. ' -ouccruing ilectio us iu leauiort county 2" To pay tales jurors in Rockingham and Guilford counties. 20 To attach a portion of Wilkes to the county of Alexander. 30 To authorize the county court of Per quimans to sell a portion of it-public square. 31 Appointing commissioners to lay off a road from Salisbury to Virginia. 32 Incorporating the I bane and i ud kiu Plank Road Company. Capital not to exceed 8"0,O00, in shares of 850 each, for cou-trueting a plank road from the Fayette- vibe and Western Plank Road, to leave said road some six or eight miles of A.-helm- rough, running to Salisbury over the Yadkin i at or near Hick s lorry 33 To incorporate the Charlotte North r i:.. ...i i i... ii ii....t.. I! miiiu, vnvim, i id t- oiiipany 31 To amend an act of 1-50-51, to reg- ulato tho pay of jurors and witnesses iuCra- 4 ven. 35 To incorporate a company" to con struct a Railroad from some point on the Capo Fear River at or near Fayettevillc to coal rcgiou hereattcr to bo Superior Court of Wake 3( incorporating the Salisbury, Mocl;s ville and Wilkosborou-h Plank Road Com pany. 3:1 To provide for paying talcs jurors for the counties of Wake. Ae. 40 To ineoi potato the Lumberton aud Cobiinbus Plank Load Company. 11 To't the name of the county sent ot Yadkin, from WiL-on to Yadkins- v 11 1 - -;".T.- ! ,r , ronus. aim ou common loans; ant. wiiit mi iomi""" tin m v piunm o fo-t. build .plk roadFaycncerniu.tlicMD.weUTurnpiLoOo.p.iuy.l ville tube coal mines. Capital S2,500, with ' iho privilege of increasing it to ?200,000. 4 4 To prevent the obstruction of the pas-1 sage of in the w aters of Rlouut's Creek and it tributary streams. I 45 To lnv otl a tmblio road from Enoch Vannoy's Mills, iu Wilkes county, to tho: Virginia Line. 4li I'm, i.lin,, ft..- tl.n ,..... nf it,.. public road from Roddies river to the Ten- tiesseeline. , 47 To give the County Courts of Randolph aud Granville jurisdiction over tho sale of real estate for division anioug joint tenants and tenants in common. 4S Amending the charter of tho Ashc ville aud Greenville Plank Road Company. ' Ad Incorporating the K'tustou and Snow fli.l i'firnk lloal Compauy. A 50 Incorporating the Tarborough and Rocky Mount Plank Road Company. 51 Incorporating the Win-ton and Wilkes borough l'Juiik Road Company. 52 Incorporating the Spartanburg and liutucrlord rlank Road Company. 1 F.' .. 1 . ... I I ix din count . To incorporate the trustees of the ''-,,'' . , ,, , , ... i .Weslcyan Female College, Murfreesboro'. , TTv Tr t'"' 1'oleson and ''H 7 To amend an a, t incorporating the 05 To amend the 4th section of the aet of i 50 Incorporating the Kingsbury and T , .,, ,', 0 J iiocksville 1 lank Road Company. .. To Lay off aud establish y oil aud establi.-h a public, road from Lincolnton to Greenville, S. C 5") Incorporating the Swift Creek Pla:ik Road Company. 50 Concerning tho County Courts of Edgecomb. li ) Regulating the pay of witnesses iu the county of liuni-wiek. til Incorporating the Upper River Nav igation Company, in Cumberland 02 Incorporating the Rutherfordton and Cleveland Plank Road Company. 03 Incorporating tho New River Canal Company, Onslow. 01 To provide for holding an extra term 01 UR' p"wrur court ot alio. ! (ij Incorporating the (.ree.isborough and . UcrP Ulv,'r 1'h,llk 1!oa(1 -0,,lI,11,l.v- . ' "i-r""" ""-"' -v.. ...w tow 11 nf M a r-11 all. ! " . . . ' Joproviue ! r iioiuing 1110 coumy ;al1:' superior courts in the ah Judicial cir- CUlt. . T"corPori'tin? the Roanoke lorry and 1 --"ipiko C , 0J Repealing the act of 1 S 1 1 , to alter lllc ,umiu ol holuing tho elections in Edge- iCOlliUC. 7ti Amending an aet entitled an act to incorporate tho Rich Mountain turnpike company, - . 1 1 : : :.. n .1 t .. . 11 v,ouceriuug ju.y inais iu v.oiuiuuus county. To prevent felling timber in Ilo ls Creek. 73 To provide for paying talcs jurors in t!-e counties of Northampton, Wake, Stokes I . I. J V. . ! . 1 x . 1 i a rorsyru, v-aiawba, jat1u.-.n, viaiige, Appropriates $500 arising from entries up on land in Ashe county. 77 incorporating the Locksvillo and Iiiils. borough Piauk Road Company. 71? To amend the charter of the Ashe ville and Greenville Pin uk Company. 70 To amend an act to incorporate the Roanoke Valley Railroad Company. s0 To improve the public road leading from lloleman's Ford, in ilkes by the Dei ison county. ts2 Concerning tho militia of Rutherford county. 3 To incorporato the Caswell Plank Road Company. "4 To repeal an net to alter the time for hold ing elect ions for the county of Edgecomb, s5 J o incorporato the I edee l Load Company Mi Incorporating the Haywood and Ral eigh Plank Load Company. s7 Supplemental to the net to alter the ... . ... . me between tue counties ol Lunconibe ami Henderson, SH To amend the act to incorporate the Roanoke and alley liailroad Company. ?0 To extend the power of the co.nm.s - sioncrs of navigation lor the port ot U a-h- nigton. 00 To amend an act of l-5:)-51 to incor porate the Greenville and Raleigh Pi Mik Road Company. 01 To repeal in part the 5th section of an act ot l-o.M, to establish a fniperior I' f .1... ., (..,f U'.i I.... V OUl t. 1M lllO V'-'ttlli w. ...m.i. 02 To establish a public road in the coun- ty ot .MatUson. 03 To incorporate the Wilmington and Tarborough Plank lload Company. 01 Cunct ruing Uutherford county. 05 To incorporate the Salisbury and Trent liiver Plank Hoad Company. 00 To incorporato the Neuso lliver and Snow 1 1 i 11 Plank lload Company. 07 Incorporating tho Tarborough and Enfield Plank Company. 0- Incorporating the French Rioad Riv er Turnpike Con, pany. 110 To provide for a re-asscssmor.t of the 1 ......... ..;.!. :n iftrnirnln limit, nf llin ir.ll 11.11 IIIUIIll .III. .ui j.-l MIV .iitil.o w. .... town ot llocktont. H. To incorporate the Robeson and l.iclnnon I rutin noun c ompany. 101 To amend the 1-th section of tho 31-t chaterp Rev. Statutes so as to author- ie upcrior ' ourt to bo helu two weeks V . ... IT idCflllliTV Oi ,ew itaiiover. 2 To amend the aet incorporating tho sVnirv nnd Tavlorsville PlaukRoad Com- J 3 To amend an act concci uing Ruthcr - f ,,. t 1 A .l. 105 To amend the ebarter of the Yadkin Navigation Company. loO To incorporate the (oily Navigation Company in the county of ISladen. 107 to incorporate the Wilmington Fire and Marino Insurance Company. Ion To incorporate Haw held Volunteer .regiment. 100 AntWisin.r n miiinritv of tho acting Justices of Macon to abolish jury trials iu the county courts. I Vim'-vfe' 'fTS I 1 1U At fi ALL . 1 Incorporating the (jiecusborough Jlii- tual Life Insurance and Trust Company. ' Incorporating tho Trustees of llills boro' Academy. 3 In' opnriitin'r the town of Jonesville, Yadkin county. 4 To amend an net incorporating the Cape Fear and Deep lliver Steam lloat Com pany. Changes the name to that of " The lrotucrs steam Joat l.oinpany a Incorporating the llillshorcni'jn toal ' v:..: i r j' .,,,.,.,,,- -iiiuii" uii-i iinr .uiiaiiKinuminiiii. Raleigh Savings Institution. Incorporating the Frankliu.-iille Man- ,! 1 , ., t r i 1 1 Incorporating the Ladies benevolent !a ... , , , .. fu-i . r'oeietv 11 tin; tow 11 ut ihiiini.ton. 1 0 ' Ieo.nnratin.- tho North Carolina 1 o - Mining ( oiiipany. 11 To confirm a grant heretofore issued ; to li. II. Stanmire. 12 Amending the net incorporating the Anson Plank Road Company. 13 To incorporate Catawba College. 14 To amend the charter of tho town of. Sal bnrv'. 15 To incorporato tho Guilford county mining company. j 10 Authorizing the commissioners of the town of Smithville to convey to the con gregation 01 St. Philips a certain lot wilhi tin? limits nf said town ntion which a church oditicei now stands, jT (Werning the Conrad Hill Gold Mining Company. for the better regulation 01 the towu f w ... 01 . union, naiimson county. j., To amend an act of 1 -50-51 , to in ; corporate Lewis' Gold Mining company. 20 To enlarge the powers of tho com missioners of the town of Newborn. 21 To emancipate .James Langford, a slave. f , To amend the act incorporating the Washington Mining company. 23 To incorporate Robeson Institute. 21 To amend an aet of 1-50-51, to amend an act for the incorporation of tho . t,jwn o(- Wa.-hiii" toll. I 'i To iiitornornte the Muturl fiisuranee I Company in the tow n of Fayeteville. 20 To ineornornte the llladeii Steamboat ! Company. 2i l or the better government of the town of Lincoln and to amend the existing corporate laws of said town. 2" To incorporate tin mutual insurance company iu the town of Fayettevillc. 20 Incorporating tho liladon steamboat company. 30 For the government of Elizabeth v. ii y. 31 Incorporating tho Ph'vnix gold min ing company. 32 Amending the several acts for the government of Tarborough. 33 Incorporating the Wilmington Firo Insurance Company. 31 To authorize Dr. A. M. Powell and others to erect a bridge at or near RulTalo Shoals. 35 To amend an aet to emancipate Lu cy, a slave, and her children. 30 Incorporating- the Manteo Mining Company. 37 To revive nud continue in force an act of 1-50, incorporating the North Caro lina manufacturing, mining and land coiu- pany. incorpoiaiuig l craeverauce .'uuing Company. 30 To consolidate and amend tho seve- ral acts for the government of the town of Oxford. 40 To amend the charter of Davidson College 41 Incorporating the proprietors of the Wilmington Ccinctry. 4J To amend an aet incorporating the Washington Mining Company. 43 Amending the at: incorporating the rt.i.... town or Hay otto. I roviding for the assessments ol the real estate witlnng tho cjrporate limits of the tow n of RocKlord , 10 Incorporating the I ayettev il.o lee company. 47 Incorporating the town of New Sak tn Randolph county. l or the better regulation of the town of Loui-burg. ! 40 fo amend the act incorporating the town ot Uiiul.crton. ! Ml 1 ,,;i..r )!,.. I.iirn nl'Trn- . i.v v. .vi .. . . ..p .... ...... v-. - . y . 1 51 Incorporating the State Agricultural Society. 52 To amend an act unending an act of l'sl to elect a magistrate for Wilmington. RESOLUTIONS. 1 Upon tho resignation of Chief Ju-tice Ruffni. Expresses regret at the resignation, aud admiration and gratitude of the LegU L.turc and pec pl for the di-tingui-bed pub lic services ofthe Chief .1 u.-tice, e. 2 To pay l'eri in llusbee six dollars, for services a- Clerk II. C. 3 Furuishiiig the two Houses wiih funii- fnr.i -V nr.ronpi i tiW S I I II II I t it f it-1 I louse. ....... ..j j I 4 In tavor ot Beaton t tale for money advanced for post: ii e on Snipreme Court Reports. 5 In tavor of James R. Dodge. Allows j 8122.7 1 amount of Clerks, Sheriffs, Ac., fees j in two informations to vacate grants. , 0 Rcritiiriiig the Secretary of State to! ' procure the names of acting Justices of the 1 eaoc. 1 . T. . -..I a. . T . r Te t- i ao print uic ntqiuii 01 x roiesscr x.m : mons, tlnrty copies tor each member S To pay Charles Tully Wheeler twenty dollars for nrenarin- ten skeleinn ninn - i : 0 U-ng Nonh WuHii Provides for the payment of the States Erst . instalment of SlOti.OuO. 1 10 For furnishing out-hno maps for wem- bcrs of Assembly. ' H Iu favor uf Claries Latham BlM-rifToX Washington ecmnty. Rotunds SlUO by lun overpaid. ! 1 o turnisb the library ol congress w ith certain volumes ot tho Acts oi the Geu- cral Assembly ot tinspiaie. toncei uing the 1 ubhe Treasury, I Authorizing the 'i reasurcr to borrow not ex- reeding G2U0,00t) to meet liabilities of the ,tate until the meeting of the next Lcgis- latino. 14 Id favor of the d ior-keeper. Gives them twenty-live dollars, the usual extra al low a nee. 15 To furnish, the Governor's residence. Appropriates one thousand dellals. 10 To employ additional aid for the en crossed clerks. 17 In favor of Thomas Latham. 1 f Calling on the General Government for an appropriation to deepen the channel at tho mouth of the Capo Fear rier. 10 Iu favor of Win. lt. Lovi ll. 20 Iu favor of abolishing the duly on Railroad Iron. 21 In favor of Georae W. Scarboru'h. 22 In relation to selling Railroad lion. 23 In favor of Walsh and Ashly. 21 In favor of James Fisher. '.'.ii In favor of P. F. Peseud. 20 Iu favor of Joseph 11. Anderson, of Virginia. -7 In fmrr ttf Gprr..e Little. Vavin-f llim ?;oo for a avc ufled on tho Ralegh aud (ia.-toi. liailroad. i Iu favor of Samuel II. Young aud others. 20 In favor of Josi pli II. Rouiliteh. 30 Authoi i-ing the Governor to furnish ; I'l.i.m eounlv with llie standard of wei.-lits ai,d measures. yj -po furnish a set of standards weights , and measures to the county of Alexander. 32 Concerning a road through Pango swamp. 3i For extra allowances to clerks. 31 35 In favor of l'ynuiu V. Dell. Concerning Public Anns. Allowing Samuel IVareu and other 30 the u-o ofthe Public library - . ' 01 in lav. ir of 15. r, Moore and Edward Stanly. 3s Concerning the Public Library. 3 J:i favor of Rufus II. Page. To pay li i in 850 for making a tabular statement of the population nf the State. 30 In favor of ltuftis If. Page paving .101 dollars fm- m-. mm.i,, n n,,,., n,..!-.'.!-..'.', land-. 10 41 In favor of John Smith. In favor of William Thomtison and ot hers. 42 Tn favor of J. A. Pool. 13 To provide for the distribution of tho Heport of Professor Emmons. 1 1 To pay extra for additional engross ing Clerks. 45 Iu favor of Matthew W. Uansoui. 40 For i.-suiug a grant of land to Jesse Cole. 17 Fiirni-liing weights and measures for Jackson county. 1" In f avor of II. P. King. 10 In favor of Samuel Macon, for storintr the j ubl ic arms. 50 lle-oKitions relation to Marine Hos pital near Smithvi'l'.', GEN. EDNEY. We learn from the Washington corres pondent of tho Philadelphia North Ameri can, that "It is announced upon authority that Mr. Ednev of North Carolina, w n iniiiiated and confirmed as charge " Af t.'Lis . Guatemala, at the heel ofthe la..t session, will not proceed upon tiiat mission, f'-r reasons which are understood between him and the Executive. Tho correspondent thinks that the Loco foeo Senate will not (ill this place, or that of Judge cf the Supreme Court of the U. S., (vacant by tho death of lulge McKiulev,) tl;i alter 1'ieice comes iu to noiuin.ito eol'ocos. Lo- EntmU'IUse. Perhaps no strouger evi dciiee can he adduced of the intriuaie value and unrivalled usefulness of AYEll's ClIEKKV Pi: TuttAi,, than the fact, that in order to supply tho demand the Proprietor has been compelled to build an immense block, oc cupying a large part of a square on one of our principal thoroughfares, five stories of which ls to be occupied by his Laboratory for tho preparation of tho Cherry Pectoral fljr ,hu Iirciiratiau uf lhc Ch a0Ill, As this article has no t., ,lie pubHe faVor solely bv curing di-ea.-c, this fact" is 's, cu it.- ti;tiic.-ioi-:Y.'.' -L.Vt. .v wou its way ir its success in oiuo comment FIUST TWO WEEKS OF CONGRESS C'o.I)K.-tU. Wuss. Wc mu-t do something about the Tariff. There is now a surplus of Fif teen Millions iu tho Treasury, aud it is stea dily increasing. lJi iiia rnts. You forget that wc are com ing into power in a few weeks. Surplus nev er troubles us. There io no need of acting on the siibjcct. WfgK. Oh ! Ahl Yes! tobesure! Wo forgotton that little circumstance. The surplus may he considered the same as dis-po-ed of. i!,u,i. I THE OLDEST PRINTER. ! The oldest living printer iu tho United States i-a man named Carl y, in Yorkvillo S. C. Ho worked with lu. liu.-.-cll on tho j lloston Sentinel over half a eeutury ago. i.i... .iv jet net- ihiu c vati.ui; u.ui! is Ut years ot aie. " . I "f " a mistake n- suca is Yorkville. -V. WA g. FORTUNE IN SPITE OF ONE'S SELF. W. 1,. .in that a sale took nlaee in this earn that a j 00unty a few days ago, amounting to about S 10, (UO, of laud which would not have sold for half tho money until the PUnk Rox 1 was built through and near them. Thn oB-ner never subscribed a cent to build the ! Ibiads, but haggled for damages agaiust tho j Cl?nipxn'iv8 P.t paKig tLrrjh Li-- hai-i !

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