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North Carolina Newspapers

The North Carolina Whig. (Charlotte, N.C.) 1852-1863, May 22, 1855, Image 1

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MimMisyiMuaii-utt.iu 4 ft! AAJ-. in JVM -Vlll ! - J.. - i i ( V . 6 CHARLOTTE, INT. C., .3VX.i.3r 5325, 1SOS. z -w i 1 THOBIAS J. HOLT ON, El'iTl'lt A. I'U.'1'HIE? JK. TKUMS: 1 i N -Mil ritrnlllia Whig will lip .itTunU-iJ In .., ,. r .1 TVVtl I.AUS 111 i. Iv-.niii-, I w , ii I. Vl! AM) HI- TV r KYI'S 11 p . v - , 1 ,. I.vni I'm 111111' ii 1 li, .i u.l TllllhK I i I li ..t I'll- 1 ml 11I 1 he year. No p.iT will , .... .niinuiil tnilil .ill un- 'uni, ex- w l ..I Hit ..j'litlll ol' lilt K.lllt Is. -i, ill-. im-llU inn Itiil tit l lilt I., )rr , n 1 '1 h.iis or h-i. In i h sued lyif) i r lite 1 .' 1- ;H li, -illtl -." Celit-I I'nr c, it'll Cill tliCf I i:' K. rlist no III a nil Slier I ll 'ft S.i h s 1-lnirccil -,.i ,. r i.i.i. turlnr; .Hula tit ii uti inn til' .I'lj m r , t. u.:l In in. me I'tiiiii Un reeuUr iincm, Inr , - --. Iv !l i- A .1 vet Inn liu-llt nisei. . if''i ,,f qntrtiriv, ! ft per pi-u-irc f r i 1. 11. .Sriiiiiiti'iillily 7-S ctiiti t-r biu.ire .it. no. I i..'i:..i.ttr arc utilluuizi d to aet as iigiiilii. Mill' WBV to a shade i"lf lllihnniiv tl.oii.rt.t ' r-im ll ft.. h.. ...... !,. .,, ami feelings, an, I it evident that the- MISS EUNKL11Y, THE ESCAPED NUN. iii-in mining; poilll Oi IMS 1110 wis at hand. Ho Mood now tt prui (lie Mop ij life from which (lie late of after years lu i-t take its ca.-t. At this tiiiu r in nn by tlic rial 10 of Kelly look charge of tin' school. Ire was an old tenche r, u careful observer of lutnati nit- t'Jiv, nnd a renllv cood man. Lou from publishing the work. Ac. and its trial Wo have stated that Miss Bunkley, the young lady who etlected her escape from tbe convent at Emuiitsburg, sued certain publisher in New York, who had. accord ing to Iter allegation, obtained the MS. of t'tmn Ms lltmlml Ttarrlleruf Wntiimtliit. A MAIilllACK UNDER PUOTEST. lion of the first of tbesas sufficiently plain, " spiritual director" every secret thought, (lie inteutioa being to tiricli the religious every incipient stntalion, every impulau of! et-tubliithmeutM with tin! property-it tbeycr hu nty. ; jij jjU(.y Stone, the young lady who po.sseHH any of the inciiera of the comniu-l How e.-y, then, for an cvil-Ji-posed ron- ,.18 fr,..,,,(..,ty mil,e ... t,nearain:e upon From Ihr Ralrigk Star. Til UNDER COME!! According to the uii"J)iviul I account of the proceedings ot the rraukliutoii Convcn- uity, at it is more likeljthcy would donate fes.or straithily to inline into tlm imineeiit the anti-nlavery ro.-trum-i in this eit v. w as ' tion n imblished in tjiu Staudard, the Know action a for an iniunction 1 e.-truiniti" tlm it vriftru 1 1 t .. ! . .. 1 i - r . ; oeieuuatil.i, .' iewilt iV Davelinort U L II 11 r i 1 1 .1 II Ii 1 1) Olir ill .1 Inn id 1.1..1 ..... . . . uiveii him a blufl uiithoi itativ ! wav. and it to the iusttution to ihich thty aro at-' ud trusting heart, whose portal open to tacbed, than di-ipooe of'i any other way Lin fall, the germs tf new thoughts who--e her fortheominu book surrentitiouhlv Tho 1 bt'"'g prevented by thei vow from retaiu- growth, ciieriMied by his daily care, will . . r n . 1 . '.' . : j. i : : .... :. c. il ; ..;i. ... ,.i ,i;,...,,i HIJ II. IUVIIIILI l L'.l, t'll'll I I Wa lllt, UP IS "vvil nil Ik null nil lil'-'Uil. kuu t. i t. vi the case, placed at t lie di'iosal of the Path- vegetation of feelings aud desires. If any er !?upmor, when they tssuuie the habit, tiustrunt suow it.-ell, any reluctance be in hia iii.-tiplint be was tritt aud oinwaver injr. The lir-t day Im puinod at llu tenclier'h de--k cf our ncliool. was ino-tly devoted to watch iiu' the movements of the scholars, ami htiiily,ng I lie ilipo.Mtion wi h wbic bail to ili fil. I pmi lu urj-f Ih iry bis re-tod with a kern, marchiii" piniice I evniciilly innue liu.e of him durinii the is set down for to-day in the United States Circuit Court of New York city. The de- te miu nt s allege that they purchased the married on May-day, nt "a farm-house Nothings were awfully used up, nay, among tho hills of Brookficld," to ' nearly exterminated from the land. A blight Henry 1!. lihickwell, a lender in the western 1 sketch of a number of speeches against this anti-slavery movement. The marriage cere-! devoted order is given, but tho big thunder, mony was performed by .Mr. T. W. lliggin- and whole park of nitillery is given in the eon, of W'i'iccslcr, tlm pai lie.i t tbe imp-' precious, sweet savored and repentant con- j,eacn, Of the other two obligalons some expla- niaiiifesUd to answer theno artfully-diiposcd tials formally iirotesting again.-t the laws of lessions and relations of Mr. A. J Li natioms necessary, aud tie peculiar ideas inquiries, tlio ol'jcctor is soon rpnetoil l.y (',llm)nweiilth. eonc-rniii" mai riaL-e. of JoLiiston, which on account of its cla. inculcated by the priest i( regard to their tlio assurance that it l the duty of her pjr- liiwi,,,,,,,, coiiiiiiunicates the protest to hie beauty aud its unexceptionable purity, copyright from Miss Uunkleya agent, and ,"enc'1 ' "nservance, wUl perhaps, prove conie.isor tor lier oul a sake--that lieist, Worcester Spy, n.s follows: of thought, sentiment, taste and morality, that bo alone is r.sionsil.ln n l?..r ; novel and etartliiiL' to the unsoiihisticated Hie authorized medium of communication I . , , . .. .J we eivo entire for tho benelil of all who mav olars. following is said by she N. Y. Herald, to ''"""" "f the world w illsAt, to whom Jes- between her nnd heaven that ha oceupins I ttitl(0ut (l ri.,,t,WL., M.,l0 of ll.u'iiiiriuitr o( de'ITV U) ste ,uc1' exbibitious. Here it is "-'''"el be an exli art fiotu the book, wbi.-h is enti-; uitl,al cimuiatrv aud docttiw are unkuown J be place of tho Almighty in refer, nee to j Qur n hUm of,,ow j rc,',t to ' ntire : ' j tied My lWk, or tbe Veil Iplifted." stu''",s'. . V , . , Lt'r T "U"' r re'r'.u,v',t!t "" uiHrria :-a 'svste,,, ,v which ' m:, and j Etucl. said that he ioi 1 tb Knotr- l''l,,ut A re Uteous, , or MMcr. i'Uuri fcy Ut be iegai-uc.1 tf hbg w nbes to .vo.;! Hif. ftr- o; -,(at o(( . , b I SoM -m lMtmore U!t ,umnier iki I first d.i ; but on mm i It vi ti n in ti mn riiomi n ' the -proml iis thai 1 1 . Kellv ili-ilveil MiiiinT lliiirv I'll.,! i: Dimislruus Inflnnirt of fuinniU Siranst In- il J'i o'n 1'ic t 'It-it V mi uu i nr. i!i;iu: tlli ! let me I'niiik oi II.- in n, W'lltn ti'iuln ii'iri'.rllln Nky Ami ii l i; r V muilim ;.ri' ii i I ire it la tin nilui in-y hy ; hi n w.i ve ui ii .. n nl .m.;u .ti !.-i ik n't r Hi i li .i.i tn il hri ...I, ' I i III rt 1 i-H; Il .Hi-1 1 ny III-!! 1 . r I K men iii v n. . i ui nit. ; i nii: ! u i :i I' I n lid , a It. r I in '-s, I ...k lioin 1. 11 il.--k. I "Have. ill in tl.i- book . i " N .' ," J i ii d I " II nv h li have ' i 'I 'ii t k tiu , sir. ' retnenil-i v." " I In li 'in in i -1 b-iy," sa',1 il . " I 'o on l even ol lier t.itlier, trot nor, soulos.-or or any J.iiest; but mark Hie iliitticlion should on ot thu la-t taeiitiom d eins--especia'.ly a priest of M. Lazare, taKC her hand, with til.' i' Hi I l.n v fin il I J l , trr(fitutiuiis vl Ihr low uf ( liiislil) Hi- lalry Jrnlnnsy I'rirsjly (ii.,uliuii. I said, at the conclusion nf the lust chari ng lln-i up. hi he point ol tcr, that convents, ninl religious eommiiiii- w liatever intention, khe mult not withdraw in l.e went to t l.i l.ov s sent, ties ot a sum ar nature, am t'ni.iinl,l.. i.- it II. r mi nf .li..ili.'ini..l. mur ,...i- i'i piimri! -linir hiint'cr bis idle-; n ilher moral uor bodily health. As re- over all others. ii up i he duty, latl red piiuitr ! grJs tin ir tii-a-trous iiiHu"nce on the phy- Again: A sister is rc.pired by If r vow ' Meal frame, there ran be no doubt, as I of cha-tity, not to look a lian in the face ; tn 1 1 r loimeJ more than is hnve satislactonly bhown, and it is not de- not to rai-e her eyes v. Ion si c-ikiiiL' to, or asked i!ie teacher. ' hied even by those most interested iu nti- ' addrr'svd bv. the PatlierSimeiior. her Con- perilous and d ' . , r. ,. ,. ,. , mi'; me niii'ic auij iiiiii, uni: is me nil.-- .njniiiii iu j'u itiiiiwi t; lust punnm-i . jjeilil' rule, not to tone i I 'f lia'ri of a man not purgatorial hres, ami secure future ti ll- . , ,. , i . . in-., ii.i iu iuji ii i r na.r, ui tu, ma i o , band. It was with my hearty concurrence, in that city he met nn acquaintance, who ... nl l..1.n ..i .... . r...-. fire till, mirlKr fi.r nnin ,.r I ...ii llml I . J . J . . .1 ' en y . 11 ll B ilia i irr 101 n uiiu ei I lien, i uni, r . . , . , -,. , , . . . , . .- , , . , . . i the re lore, that the ( lowing iiroti t was had been ot li!- house, in .(ohiis. .n cou:itv, tliiiip lirnnnlit nn 1 .tl.ifl.lli fli. t-i-i 1 nf tl r . . . ' ' ., , ,. . , ' , , 1 !ll"l M;"!' -l t MtliOiio (. burcli, w nose every tnount .mJ , , , ,. r i in 4 I solilimiM , 'lli I leenii'' iroin c li 1 1 1 1 in i io ii i n r u 1 1 1 v , has beeu watched nnd iliiectcd by their " spirit nuptial at others i 11 ua! gui'le,'' (should yiild theinselves entirely II. !ll"l M;"!' I as a part 0 t;. iiioim. 'Hid 1 M ild it to von, til iv Le induced It dti iiLewisc. T. rum I..- r. M hi!..' W" ni kiiowlcd'.'ir our mutual a(Ti t tin'i, by publii-lv assuming the sacred re- ,i latiouship of and wife, yet in jus o ' .:. . i.. i .. - I bohliug them. 1 fes.-or, or any other priist, nor t petmit ' youthful mind 1 tic !lo!her uperior of M. Jose tib s in her tbouehts to dwell uinn an indiviuiial of .serve wicked asinraiioii " in the wonu wiih- a potent iii'i ul to huh VI d ( ieorj.v. ou atirtidid school? Il s ever since I can her remarkable letter did not attempt to the other sex. If she l.iak this rule foriout, it m.1 easily be conceived, that controvert this point, although she main- thought w ill ot r-lcun 1 rcsei ibed ! relirious eomiiiu'iit y, ln.-c number- i''',', reckless taincd that it was the result of the iiious bounds operiallv w it b CL'ir tl to a in icst. ! secluded from public observation, nn teacher, with mi u h seventy, and charitable offices to which. the sisters she is commanded by the rules to arvmaint trusted, bodily and spiritually n the el ilie li. ,: t:;:iiiy Mai von have had devoted I liemsel ve. in attondini' bus- bun and the SiiPtnor w'th her fault, aiid.ol priests, its swav must ho inor" coiitroliiiii'. thrown twny I'i von know how much ' pitals and minislerii g to the sick. Hut the reijiH'st a change of place. Hut mark the I its power inlinitely gieater. Shut up mid ii'.i haw I .'-t U Lit scjt il a niati do fact i, that mo-t of the sickness iu the distinction ajain if her Confessor, the ' deprived of intercom n or communication to his control, and even see no dancr in their submissivciiess, or evil inlcntiotis in bis assumed power and sanctity. 1 1- .1 . r ... : i i... - II llic touiei'siijiiiii tdll 11 1. -'JUll I Ul ;,- 4- , r . . , . . . .i.v.. ... .mi... nti. an.i "u in i'i iiiiiiii', n'j emol aluniL' iiitlueiice on the i , . , , , . it' in ii '.hi it. ii-i mil- lllIJI .U l till Hid in a ure en- : .rc.- i I" ( ale tillli . II riiimii.C "I V-I.I I , " P 111-1 V 11 t I.'.'. Ji'lllie J : ille'n K ii.i . 1 t . .1 I .:.', I ,: ll-iin. iii I'll. Ill jti Ii r i j, 1:1 ; V oil . t iii'e school lit. u l ii ii i s ninl si . I I 1 1 J w,ll he m 7" Y -. sir ! vi' i' i 'lice " A lit dot hi V W 1- li nil Vi' sn 1,-ii'H -nit, iit'ilns man 'I In- t o bad I; u ii- i!h:i was : lent . 1 l,t Mr. Kel'v t ai I'd! d m ii .i rln i ks. ill . ul ; I s ii'-.:ri ul, s .ire U ; ' '.nn ul 111 III l .( a . kin.', in this way i u w.'il be l "0 old t I.i n, w liilo jour coin' .iniotis - nn- l.'H. ii a! !c ch'pl.-yineiit, gj-id I ir li--1 hi ug. me I ii iii k ul II' hi .'ii n. t m il ni. i .ii, i; ii. .irli . nr.. . .Hill I II il I in .r i" H". s n ;. . 1 1 f ; ul ul re.l ! I, i f uni j I n.'i -I ln.i' k ain le. .t nip li'ili ii el' llciwn, .. j ii,i I,,.. I. hi I" lb yon nti'w l ied the boy, in a boarse, wi-li I bit of loiiiiiitiiiity arises from the unlimited and Superior, or any other I,nrist. order her 1 i'b pan nls relative nnd IVii-nds, and to ro to laburioui servile dutie, and exhaiisiiii!? na- to think of tin in faiorabh.ihe is comnien- M'liriiiK by the law of hiuliaii iustinel, n . . . . . n . ....... . . so doing, lor she Jirovfs hersell ; painy aim uireciion, ine iiiinaies ol II re liable i'.:i. ,o teiieln-r iw tl.-it ''i'i on I'll' . -ii.I Ii,-ii: n.ii t he i-mrii-d scholar l i f'.re bind ' ii he b" ' l,i a. I, lie I c sail " I W !-l -l .HI i .... i . . i . . lure i. v nai arc lermeu devotional oxcr- cfci s, the f.itii'uiii'T forms -ii, I attitudes in obedient. . 1 institution implicitly submit to the cui. lance which are more assiiiiiiateil to lurtures than I would here folicit the rnet attention ' of their "director,'' iihd rgnrd his in t meditation and worship. of the candid and honest naderto the dia- junctiiftis and admonitions as "oracles di ll' wcakiic, sickness, and a shuttered bolicil craft and cunniiig icte displayed. ; vine." To him they resort in every trilling constitution natural results of overta-ksd If a young git! is thoughcssly betrayed dilhcmt t . in every petty trouble, and, ae ti ciow up to stri iijth had been the only consideration into an infraction cf the 'ules just lueii- customed to view him as a wi,-.o aibitcr and . - :....i:itii. . . .. ..... . , i . . J . . -i-lirtT. ..I.-. i . . ai:aiii-r. w nicu I nvi to conleud, 1 tniiilit still tioncd, and discloses her er'or as reciuired, iinaiiiuiu moiiiici. no uinn, ai ieai, is bi hcid and have bei n ail iimiate in St. Joseph's un the prirsti, to informed, either take ad- placed to their conlidence and obedience, si t-o yreat unuilling one, ccttaliily, as I was thorough- vantage of her coiifc-sion oi not, as he may .Until they become pitiable or willing ijciims I'i an inlat.t, ly conviuccd of the grievous mistake I had f 1 inclined, or as Uis iuluiiioiit of the to tbtir black-robed and black bcuited Le- a ion iiioniiis I'li.U'i'js, and w no h..d heard him make some few remarks against tbe Catholic religion and against foreign paupers ciowding to our shores. This friend remem bered the expressions, and soon reminded li i ; u of llicm, uud then remarked : " Now we have the very thing to put dovvu the Catholics and prevent these foreign paupers from coming to our country. On enquiring further Mr. Loach learned flint it was the I. now Noiiiiii'' oi "aiiiial.'oii that was to el bet thi-, and he was solicited to join, noth in bcinjj said to It i in about oaths or pledg es, llu partially consented, and after dark ins fib nd called nt bis room nnd proposed a walk. 'J hey went out together, and after i no ii'iii.ii ahle man going some n-taiice, ins menu put the rn- aiid whicli ho man should quiry to bim, could be take an oath ? His reply wis that be Mas not in the habit of We j rotest especially against the laws taking oaths except w hen a witness iu Court. which gif 'o one hub nnd riualiy, bowcvci, he concluded that he 1. '1 he cu-tol ( I' bis wife's pcr-on. 'would see what kind of an oath it was. He I he cxolu-iw' control and guardian- was taken up ii pair of stairs, 'and he and ship of tln ir children. other candidate were jtuek back in a little II. The side oni rship uf h and u-e of her real estate, unlc ly settled upon her, or placed in the builds the oath was administered, and he was in- of ti u-lees, as i,i tin: case of minors, luna- viicd to a scut. Iu the course of the sitiing lies and idiits. the president of the Council made a speech, I. The absolute ri.-ht title product of .di noiiciug I'rc.-iiltht i'icrce and bis ad industry. mini-ti ation. Mr Leach who had ever been our part, iiuili"s ii.) yam-th-ii of inn ..!uu. tarv ol.e.liciice to, such of the resent lws e to l i cognize I be w ifo rational being, while he husband an injiiiioiis perioritv, investing bim ul Marriage, as rd. as nil inilej'f ii'ielit they c infer upon 'h .mo liiitiatura with legal Jiow would exetii-e linsiiii. rs w l r personal, ami room for awhile. IJeJ was then con si pii'iiuiii- ducted into the lodge or council room and ba l ' be- committed but till they would not have character of the offending sister li ay d 1 t 1 1 1 1 n . an I ti- .t .i r, ' ii, y t tin r !" i.ttuts cliii r. I.! t III,. tiiink of lleavi n, li 'li ne til tl.t lul ' is hi ii r i v i n. ..I tit an i.-n's mai ; i ; 11 r i (iture .i t g , !f":il Ih-Hi! - Pi' In , , ,r Iii , t ij r 1. 1. 1 I. i tin. i V. II ! n ,i u I II li 1 ul I I me I inn it t :' 1 1 a' l',. 'II k i fe fii vuiut I'i lin'iti, i , -.inn il i hi 1 tiirgn c, r .ih J'liii' fiiei tuna i ' f HI rm, .. L' 'll l- r 1 1 ii I -r'-et nit ; VA ' ieuiiip In ,i : till. In nfc I- ll.he i r li (i ! ', t H, nr 1,,,: 1 1 . r. i ' n, M,v II, l".ij. traycrs. I with proved uOicK-iitly tioteut in uri'inr? me tothe termiue. Semetiines polirv Uinv induce My rccolli etious of my novieinle at St. lie laid 'le-perat; venture of an attempt to escape bim to express a holy boriol of the offence, Joseph's will always be associated wilii in kind friin its walls. 1 call it a lep-r:it vvntiiie, br the sake of exalting kia own auetitv, Cuiitt n pt nnd l!io,rance of th - in n, stop after because a failure to aee.uiipiib mv obint e-teci illy if he eiilei taint an aversion for bo u-e their ad v anl.igi i and tlnir po-i- ehool is ili-n; I i, not b nil. iid, for would have beeu attuiided with con-efpiences the penitent, or may lieein her an unsuitable 'ion fur the basest purposes, and with I wi-h i i 'i-.-i-t y-u il J i-aii ' which now I shudder to contemplate ; am) suljict fir his h-Iicmi-j. Un the other tbsnkfuiacs for my t.-eape t"iii their in- (icm i-ii ! ik I . Irii.;'j it. to the no ti'.tli'ig c-iuse rould have prompted on band, should their ow n vile desires induce sid ions snares. It was a oo'itchipiatioii of manor s f i . tor thi r- s nn t liinj in ttiurt, the detection of which would have tliCiii lo plan the moral destruction of a the peril to w bii h I w as exposed, that tint the t.'ieof t'.e v : e which fill upon his exposed me to feartul puni-hmeiil. Uut i-ter, bow great an advantage they possess suggested the idea of r- ape, nt all ha?, irds, ear tli r t n, , tided strangely nn, and he otln-r iuccntive, combined with the physical for it accomplishment fcv this dm tiine .f from the in-tituiion. 1 eouid have I urtii- thought, loo, a be looked arou ol, that the and mental Buffeting, I constantly eudtiri d, pn-sivc and meritorious obedience I To be toil, privation nnd bodily iU rd, ns irs regarded bim with foired nic to make the trial of c-cspc from plain, the w bole matter a noui.ts to this : the consnpn :iees of my own rashhc and tli -in umi 1. A dim a puce, the atino-phere of which Iranicd the si-ters are taught that their vow ol obr- impfiuosit y ot leciing, t ut the lutuve wore with danger and pollution. diehce is supreme that (lie exprested will too dark and terrible au a-peet f"r me lo Thi-. part of my subject I approach with of the Superior mut bi regarded as the r,'"V' nivself with quietness to ri-1; its doubt and diffidence, and feeling, which voice of Uoi; and that if the vow of chas- evil. It as not n.t re sii-picion, vague sensitive minds caa fully appreciate. Yet. tit v is violated by the will of those cxer- conjecture, or a f-l-o interpretation of el. ts or language, that in- Aithoiigh the I wish t know the circutiitances and causes which right by preserving inviolate the vow of Conversations and m ti ins of individual nve never learned luiiuoncca my ction at the same tune. obedince. meint'ors oi the commiinii v. tlio seen t my - ". Alii ngainst laws wliii rive to the 'widower o nun h largtr ami more petina liM.t nn interest in the property of bis de-Cea-i-d wil'i thnll they five til tl.l; wiiisw in (hat of b'T ileeeaseii iii,s,aml. (. 1- inaily, agnin-t the whole syti in by 'which tin) 1 1 -i; .- 1 i li tiinr of the wife is lining in ii li-ig' ,' so that in she neither has a ifgafcpart in l-t o tin; s binder e niiiti n un e tlloilgbt hruke in oj sonie i n u-e, be vi a tli a : i hi t o e. Alter tin- ,-Liol hi bis mine that, from 1 fc'iit-g lo be happier wis Hi-lei. .rd. fleorge siis, ended luo-t tates the ehoioe (,f In r make a w ii!, uor sip nnine, imr inherit p Wo believe that nnd iqiial 1. un, an t toiled, excel, t for ic.-niciice, imr can she or he sued in her own rop.'rt y. pel s mal imicpi lull nee ights, can nevi r be for crime ; that marriage Henry ii in,-.. nod iu hit ,et till the leueher conscious ot the purity of my motives and cisiujf authority over tbeni. no sin can be signs, look, inci ca.! e l In :u lo ll.e n.-k t-onviuced that the puhlie htc a ri- bt lo in puted lo tlieiii, bfcaun they are doinr .:v. ' said Mr. Kelly. " I wish 1 1 knovt the circUMi-tancrs and rer mIiIpIi ri.'ht bv nrpsrri-iii" iniwil.Hi- tbn vosr f km. ii v it I S I. Wistcltans. i;iiti;i) sciioLAU. I an"i about to relate, r o'lciit in ii. ir country, and wm luo, us should be giiitdc 1 ' t- a. I win have un inteie-t hi cin- l I he iiii.idi i.l was br i.l.hl t ) min i ! ii-g a complaiiil madij by the Inient f any in.. Ill lliOi; Why I- " .-.-plied tl, Hie, s;r. in d, ti o pour b i ei iicroiis tears a th it n ii fur thul you Y.,.i b.'.k "'I llil.hl hod llob'idy never hi 1 )s me," V "N ib id y i.eve- cares I am po ' bright, ai d you look make a .mart man. m M ign irint '' s'lUKS iuccd in v determination. influenced my action at the same time, obedince. nieinbor of the commiiiiily. the Conscious tuat it is due to mvelf and; As the re-ult of these pernicious and He- tcries ot the, and other circnm-frie-nds to declare it I shall endeavor lo moralizing doctrine a lanietited state of stances which I h ive not ri laled, ( hrc.iu-r di-cnarge this unpleasant duty with truth things, I grieve to say, existed among a I cannot speak with sufficient knowledge of and candor. portion of the commuiiif y. It was Homo .their imp ut,) were siinple ctidenen, t mv 1 entered llie institution of M. Joseph s time, o little su-jiioion of the truth was own J'l'iginent, ol tlic alarming p complacent impression nnd 1111- enleitained, before 1 uudentood or appro- occupied should be an equal and permanent part nership so n eogni.-d by law; that until it is so ri cugni"d. married partners should provide aa:i,-t the tallica' iniustice of the present laws by every mean- in their puWi T. a sound and eoini-taiit Democrat, said this began to waken him up, and for the first time he suspected some political movement in "j position lo the Dcuiocliitie party, of which he was afterwards convinced. Alter the council adjourned ho told his friends of some things that displrast-d him, when be was n--ured he bad hot yet got fail ly into the merits of it that he had only ta ken one degree, and kpiir i.otitiiig that there wire two more degrees ho must take to have all the beauti-s of the order reveal ed to bim. Mr. L. dicidcd, as he bad got into tin- ' snap " that he would go through with it, ami tho next iii'ht he took the oth er two degrees, which made him a ' -jon of the Siies rf '?();" that being the name of the order ift-T taking three degrees. Ho wa then solicited to '" some papers to en able him to establish a council in North Carolina which be did, with the understand- i bi licv" that where domestic diffictil- ins tint if he Concluded not to establish a ties arise, no npln-.'il should be made to le-'al council that he should return the papers trilmna's undi r the exi-ting laws, but that ami Ills ill. jii.t the one ii t io Ir . , !l " Yoil l.a.e very 1 in ti .11 il try I for I entered the institution of St. Joseph' time, o little su-pioion of tbe truth was own judgment, of the alarming po-ition 1 t, ai it may be contended bv the kind hearted t'-acher got plicit belief that auiuiij the "Sinter of ciated the sympto-is rf the malady raging thoso interested in ci'iieciling the truth, s w Ii ,'i.' bi-t iry and while Charity" 1 should lin l an entire devoted- around inc. H hen the light dawned upon that my mental vision was distorted', and hoilowed bis evi's. he said : Hen, an unselli-h, pore dedication to the my mind it was accouinaiiied with a shock rny prejudice . -o strong lo admit ot a calm. 1 ecu wrongly li i a t'-d , ' oorge service of the Almighty. 1 had beard and as if of electricity whicb paralysed me for dispassionate, rational deduction from what v , but tin io is jj j. t time fr read so much of their pious life, their car- the moment I almost doubted the evi- I aw hd heard, 1 f el most n liiclanlly If I will try to teach you, ti'-'t efforts to comfort the afflicted, tend dene of uiy en-es but with the reaction compelled, fireciing thr- obji eti -i-. t Icim'" the sick and conole the dying, that I en- was formed the resolution to escape at all Hate a-i incident, concerning w hich there till difficulties should be sulniiitti d to the equi'ililc adjustment of .11 mutual ly ehosi-r). Thus r"vrrriieing the law, we enter our earliest protest against rules att, customs which nre unworthy of the name, since tine v iul-'te justice, the essence ot ail law. 11 I! I'.!, M'KWKI.L. 1.1 'CY siTONH. lack. After he came he sctit the papers back aud demand- money, but never got it. He was .'fly ili-gu-tcd with Know Nothing- d.) r l i .iii d I,. '- I. . w n- I, ti-iichi-r il b. i tii- w as p rio--ly nog i iii. i go sci, o', ior and cuin- I d il V- I : 't'. the itll 1 t .a i li'l CSS . ago, when I was a nn -ill boy, i. ol in the tow ti nl . olars. there via- a buy named 1 1 11 lather was ,'v poor iiid the unloi lunate buy had t-i qii nee. tie-orc came to in rig.'el gamo n- but bi -t he had ; he w as rough n his, fir l.e had ii : ',l up in l In- in. 1 1. ne r ; In: m r nit, for ho had never had au op tor e i ll ation. ' n -.Iter season, poor lieorge lli-nry I the same n-at in the school room a- a hack c o in-r -eat, away Ir' m the -'io;:ir and there In- thuiiibed l is , i primer Tho r-igged ooiiiiiiion of i h gave a homely e;,-t to hi. whole ranee, and what of intelligence there have been III his round niiin'i-, was d l.y the "outer c-venn.' " of llu- seldom played with the nthe: fir they scciiu I I i -I, in bun ; l ot did, i- . it while, j un "I'll tln-IK III in, he wai so rough ho was . I off out of tiii- vv ay. u her pa--i.d fhe poor buy coldly ti'i'. while oiliir bo), in better ' r, i.Miilly noticed. Ill lb" school, bury was coldly treated. 'flu: g;. i led I. nn, and then called I, i in ," ,eel-e ,e did hot i i ved n-i iii'-c nl i . 0 to I 1,1 ! , be vi a- li u-t ' I 'he i saw I vv a r lu g! ,wo. Mr I ti e buy tin m. : n n il -ii i We . 1, ,1 II I I 1 i ... an i nvi his Ii On tl, llicl.oed , I I so,; 1 that w poor b 51 lit id wl.i .III ji be ir- w t.o I cine i . t a r . t - I Vi .i' 1m -I -a It w i - In !i 1 I. I and i i him to i lull f.r nt wit with tear lu d in the entry "I lint 1 wis speeulily disappointed. 'I he r u-s color tint iu whicb the sisterhood api.caftd aits were to my eager glance, gate place to the soni- ! kin '!-- ti bre reality wtien I wns emKlc-l tu s. e tbinps tlio boue, aright. My anticipations were utirealitvd,, ce. uiy feelings shocked, and my ciithuia-m, the sick and conole the dying, that I en- was formed the resolution to escape at all Hatu a-i ir.cidetit, c Yeii l q-iiekly utter d th" boy tcrtained the most exalted ideas of their haiards, only hastened Is its execution by can be no misconception, e trm t t n, ci. Yes I should love lo perfection.. The short time, loo, subsequent events. And here let me add A prie-t, who had ) engaged iu ex- iin I d n t want to be a bid boy," be I remained at the institution as a vi-itor, again, for I would lint be miunder-tood, erci-ing his pastoral fundi un nt St. lingljr add. d, whiie bii with tho assurance of the Superior, con- that I do not mean lo include the whole '"eph's, was about to b ave tin- institution. ith unwonted animation. firmed the favorable t (feet on my mind, and si-terhood in one awn ping charge of im- and a n custiuuniy, the sisp rs were re- 11 V i r oii,i-i .I to riiuha-e lii'.k" f r I hereforc. be eariie a member of the run- morality. Far from it 1 Many arc pure quired to tiii. r the room where ho was could b arn to read mutiny under the most propitious iiu-q iirs in their feelings, nnd sincere in their de- stationed, and -k t Messing nt his bands rge 11,'ii-y left the to vie matters in the most friendly light, sires to serve (ioil, I,. .-.ever erroneous and pre ions to hi departure When my turn -ud-loutided they intv ' f ; many would be canic, 1 went in with downcast eves and glad to be free t'. th.-ir bond's, and, like clasped hands, ai is riij lined, and km-'t to a liberated bird. 'nf caruls nt their release, receive the expected benediction, lint, in- I ninui i i v upoii 1 by a Henry com- from lever heat cooled dow u to zero. AI- l .irture. Iiilraot'om o moral duty and salutation so unexpected and inappropriate. il'i-g i:: good i irn -t, and the though lunuy were pel feclly sincere aud con-, depn ituns from right are tin) const uueiiecs 1 stig'gen-d to mv b it and I.nilif illv Never did , scientious iu the practice of their devotions of the sy-teni, and the errors of the sister- most unconsciously, 'no words ' Mb, I utli- raiiiant and sudden as; and discharge ot their duties, yet among hood areju-tly ruargeable u the revcreiid er : lut hetore I cuuid recover mv com n o i.i the h ibits of the : the -o so much siipersiiiious reverence pre- guides and directors w ho inculcate duoh poiure. seizing my w lists with his b it hand I v ai leu as io excite contempt and pity. 1 nl-( mischievous tenets. nnd encirciiiig my waul withim right arm, the teacher treafi d him with I lude especially to the respect paid to images, I As might naturally be expected, an ex- bo drew mo tow .11 d bim and imprinted a n l reipi-ct. the sehobirs followed I which although the ( atholic church says, t- tisivc system of fa nntisni prevails within kiss on mv lace belm" I was aide ., t, ic-i s. eiiilricc. lot I ta li lit fi-ar of the cuii-es others, as 1 have and Lefure. are in- t id nt the pr ..ure "f his h faluati d with their bit, and no inducement hi ad, I felt tin; impression of a ki wuuld be sufficient fur their voluntary de- my forehead. Startled and coiifii- r I, d I.i ii uk J-! , 1 -i, Ol kind in--a. an I rernet. ths sehobirs followed which although the Catholic church says, t'hsivc system of favoritism prevails within kiss on mv face befm the exainplc, and tin; n lit was they found ' they are only intended to direct the mind the walls of the institution, not only as re- from his rcvoltin in the ti ii lor I it ii 1 1 1; youth, 'me if the ino-t - to a devout contemplation of the originals ' eards the Mother Superior, w ho dispenses compelled, from pi I'1 gen. roin, aeco'uuioilatiiig, ' were here viewed in a light that savored nt . nmulgeimes and partialities among those on qucrn cs, i-i ne siieni i uspcciiiig mis insuii. i v mates in the w rld. i idolatry. In the garden of the Superior. I whom she can nl y, or w hoin she w ishes to iiig treatment. What could I do? To ed since those w here we were sometimes permitted to walk, ! attach to herself, but with respect to the w hom should I apply for redress u I noble heart and trul ii'u Long year have school Loy days, (ieoige Henry has be-! i placed a statute of St. Vincent the found-: priests nnd certain member of the commu- t'-ctionT If I had eoiiplained to the Mis e,n.e a man of middle age, . vl in all the ! er of the order. No one passed it without a ( i.ity. Jealousy also e-xercin'S a potent in- ( tress of Novices or to the Mother Superior, country there is no', a man m' re In loved lowly and reverential ohoi-niice, and I have : fluoncc among the sisterhood. It is no rare of the insolent outrage to which I had been and re.- ' i ted th uu he is. An I all is the ! often seen nnd henrd it addressed as a living sight to wit lies tho features of a beautiful subjected, I should have been denounced ns r--ii It ol on.: l io her hav ing do le bis duty. 1 being. Many of the sisters would approach 1 girl convulsed and distorted with passion a base en I uni inn tor of the "Holy Father," Vim v ho i,i e si-ho -I teacher roinenibi-r it timidly, with their hinds clasped in the w hen she passes a rival who exult for a and punished for the oflclioe, and per haps the rc-p in-iiiilit y that devolve' up on you. attitude of prayer, and after a profound , season iu the triumph she has achic veil, but i ; but I will not mention this siispj. A II.Mil' Mnin ill III K MtNKIts. Maryatt is i icditi'd with the following : One ol the miller.- in California died, and hiving; been lunch respected, it wis determined to give bun a regular fiiutrnl. A digger iu the vicinity, who report said hid unci: been a powirtul preaohi I ill the I niied State-, was called upon p efheiate ami alter " iliinks ail r.Hiiid," the party proceeded wi-h hi e-iiiitig grav ity to the giave, which had been dug at a distance of a bun ire, 1 yards f-ini tint camp. hen this poi was Ii a. ii o. t ie cliiei .tiiig li.iui-ti'i o in, men -c I with mi extempore praj er, during which nil kin-It round tin1 grave. So far was well; but the- prayer was iinne -sriiy lung, and at la ! -nine ni those w ho knelt begin in nu ni siraotcd manlier to finger the b i-e eaitli that bad been thrown up from the grave. It was thick with gold; and an cieiloincht was imiiif dlntily apparent iu tin- kneeling cauwd. I poll thi- tin- prcacln r stopped, and inquiringly siid, ' I' .y ,'.s 7 tioldl" he eoniiniied, "and the I iche-t kind of diggings : the congregation are dismiss ed I" fhe pour minner was taken from his auriferous grave nnd w as hurried elew hi re, nnd pro- whilst the party, witli I lie parson at their head, lot no tune in prospecting the new digging. In this country of free be tin dl .tlliellori bet l alike drilled to your schools, there should a i ui.iiion, exoiniui, in ncseccning lones i n class . All are " I'raj for me, father ! are and outnel, nnd ' The older or " professed sisters" are who poor deluded victim soon has to cx- rion, if su-picmii p( lieiice the same sensations of anger and which then tilled revenge nl her desertion for more attractive foreboding, and even now caused shudder at Us ri-mciiibriince. it were, the thought of my mind will, boriiblo Pic to I,, I i le. I i'i,.' , tie t m" : i ' ' tt i'V : : i n. :;i:i ' 1 1 I . Mid -"II I "s I I "f 1 d,., .me 111 liii-chii I. ..:i l the mole id M: k ri'-'.v th it h itlou lor nnd n li,, t. ii I.i aud . p'. n :i n l r a H li'l :l lull '', ol l.l't. ,l,r Lij -.1. s ii -s way. i t went on l ,r seliolnrs wl had i.a-se siinp.y l.e and with i ii pi in I at ho ,, the more weak the child, the us ire earnest treated with much more leniency, nnd lend objects of priestly desire and favor. -I'liubl I e you' endeavor to lift Li i in ufi and ' a moroeny life than tho novices. Many of The power conferred upon the " reverend . aid bim. i those rather advanced iu age occupy their fathers ' by the Popi-h doctrine of coiifes- i i ! own moms, where they are served by the , sion, ntfords them groat facilities to nccoiii- young iiiinates, nnd not compelled I ntleiid : Jon h their purpom . I lit utmost impor strictly to ail the services. In the " com- taiioo is given to a strict and punctual ut inunity room'' fhey have " parties" with mil- j tendance at the i o..fos-ioiiul, which may be! sic nnd refreshment-), and to which the, truly called the throne of the Catholic ec- i priests are invited, hut none of the young,.,-; clo-iuitii; ; for, armed w lib the self .'i-suuied si-lers are admitted, or allowed a share of ; authority of Hod, in who-e stead he ollici-i the delicacies provided for the ocea-ion, nl- ' ales on eiirth to the suppliant slaves pros Lie II An O II illli in CI II odi vi I ai were ol on to ti e be. poor ir- or'- tl cli.'l.lcli.'ed and swole " b lh :lll. I I i'IH: pli'-u III-1 to III' l-iiig.'iler iivui -ay, w In n o'i u tin y I ui nn an jot scute 1 himwelf at i the, i I , nnd bis vote was d that he bad hit paper", ibe-ri" In' W" lid produce v. nl m.'i M l I. lied and I, it pap n. nat "liol.ol i 'V o heed hot 1 I! J i V. I judge id tl.i i lung t lo I. ,' suppun-il p ipers, th: i 't U l iuiiI lite thoii'di for tho luo-t part, it is their duty i trafed befoic him, he dcnl fiom thence the 1 one of those sh r . ' . J 1 ... . ... . . . . . i i i .. i. .. i .. I low WuMF.N tvtl.l. tlK KIVB ur land-; buds are petting mighty particular about; their tenants as well in their lent.-. If a body has hnlf a dozen child i on, nnd ol course nmre need of u house than if ho had I none lit all, ho is wry foully told that ho cannot have the pn un-cs. j " Have you children, inadain '" iiuiuired j Tilt: VlltiilMA IllAM'iNI' The diamond found nt M anelicster, near llicbiuoiid, a., several inoiii In ago, by a poor man named Moore, is now in New Ymk lor sale. weighs 'J.! J carats, nnd is represented ns the large-t diamond ever found iu North America. It i about the si.c of a large hazel-nut, d" great brilliancy, nnd quite smooth, lu the centre of it, however, are several small black speck". It i" said it was put in a furnace tor molting iron at In me C'l 1,1 til jTuIIJ inn, and had never visited one of their lod ges since, lie regretted the oaths he bad taki ii, and prayed Cod to forgive him. Do warned evi ry body, and cspeeiaily Demo crat against the older. Ho said some good Democrats might he .seduced into the order, but they would lo t stay there. No man who desired lo maintain the Constitution and allow tho piivilegcs giiirantied by it, could remain in the Know Nothing order. It- principle were repugnant to the Consti tution, and in cnilliel with civil and reli gioiii tieeiloin. lively member wis sworn l i support the candidate designated by a majority, lie had no choice, no freedom in the matt'-r. The minority must ui ren der everything to the majority, without e vt n tho privilege of it inaining passive. The older aimed a death blow at religious lib eity, I'-r a- i in; tn ;.j ii ity ruled in ?very thing the tendency wa to nttack on other denomination when the Catholics should have been put dow n ; and the re was no tell ing where it would t nd. strife.i and con tentions, and even blood-shed would be the probable result. (Pic thing revealed by Mr. Leach will probably somewhat astonish protectants ; nnd that is the candidates for admission in to the K. N or. Ui live sworn upon what tl.' y ou suppose, protestaiit reader 7 a Bi ble .' no indeed, but upon u t'ost. On en quiring the reason of this Mr. Leach was informed that it was to keep out the Cath olics, who did not regard an oath taken up on the liible, but would come iu and get their si crtts and rt'W al thcin ; hut when the rni.s was presented to thctii they would not take the oath. Thus K. N.'a steal a symbol of Ciiliioli'-i-iii for protestaut use to put dow u Catholicism I Mr. Leach concluded by c xpressiuii- bis It sorrow that he bad ever deviated from the beaten track of Democracy, and asking that he might be received back into tlm fold, declaring that he knew "Sain " and ili-ii.-eil his principles and would fight bim to tho end." It will be seen flint Mr. Lench declared tli it he had joined the Know Nothings, but ol -1 nd V, w hlle In', poor lell-iW, I out v. oids ol one and twosyl- t ll k' pt his distant seat ill the I t Li r bud tu ik lowi r in tin la'ion, nnd ihe unfui tanati; boy f ti lo d than ev er k of clow in -h indifference which .1 s 1'nl'iiif i.-Hi AT Till- K. N"--The Lime-ru-h Chronicle (Ireland.) of April a I, has tin; foiio'titig p iiagl aph : " Yfsl-rd.iv, ( l iiday,) the ship .)cssi, with lilt six pa-sen-i r-, 1. -li f( Montreal. This n-..i i. capable of nccr, mmodatiiii' live bnii'lre lion iu Am lo prepare llicm. J I occurrences and nets ten ilde iuiiithciii.1 ol Ihe enure h to t he ilio iu the " community room" of course I can bedioiit and rt fraetory, tli.-peii-e. hi " ah give no aoeount, as seminary sister are not ' solution " to the faithful and submissive, aiiowed to enti r there at any time, except and prescribes the " peiiuneu " to be ob- uieti summoned to the presence of tne Su-i served ns an expiation lor sin. sonted hi black who was irjn r of a lad y in modest I looking; nt one ol his lnnt-i s liiehmuiid, where it remained ill a red heat had loll them : and as it ii well known that for two hour nnd Iwinty minutes. It win the Standard and other Forney and Pierce then taken out and found to he uninjured rcs-ei has published what they declared ,ii"l I.i I' r t!-:ii i io r. l! was val.n.i lu 'i be 1 1 .1- ami i -n -rl ixpo-ition of tlm ilichii oiol at hull li.oii i inl i.oiiai.s. secret of the order, we give to the public i two of the obligations as we find them iii that expose, to show what character this 't'.hati'.'c, was now civ- lavi:ij fir An. mica. I, but the K no ,v N -thing fae rica, lias deteii'-J many from perior, or sent with a message. Hut enough passes without to excito i.-orrow aud dis-gn-t. It will be recollected flint I mentioned the confessional, he is empowered, in virtue of hi arrogated poeiiion, to pronounce queries which, from the lips of others, would be deemed flagrant insults. Kneel- three vows required to be observed by the , ing there, the young mnideii answers qucM sister of Charity, in common with the nuns j tion calculated to eradicate every feeling attached to all Catholic convents Poverty,' of modesty woman' highest charm nnd Chastity and Ob-cdieuoo. Tbo i:ito-rj-rcta-'lay laro Kforotlo inquisitive K-aruh of her just fini-hed and in perfect order. " Yc," anid the gentle mother, " I hive seven sir, but tUrii ttrr til tn tin' tiitmlt iiiiii!.' A sigh and the dew of u tear gave inipre ssiveness to Ihe painful remark, nnd without further parley the bargain was clos ed. Her little flock were waiting for her in the ilnir 'lt iiiml nrculul tho corner, nnd were delighted to hear that she bad found a snug house so speedily. The landlord says be shall m-ycr trust a woman iu black uftcr this A novel illii'lrati ni nf wlia can bo cx--mi'lcl fin i iii nn execution I'm- debt re ct-nil v occurred in one ol the .New 1 oi k courts, t John (irant, a teacher iu one of the public ' schools, became indebted to Eliza li. 1 1 nlnies. and she, like a tlilllty hon.n -keeper, levied upon certain of his personal elb-cls, among which wns a good watch, ttriint contended that his yvntcli was a part of his " working tools," nnd the matter coining before Judge ready witness gives of himself. Initial Obligation : " You do solemnly swear upon the Holy liible and Cross, before Almighty Cod and these, that you will not divulge any quo-iiun now proposed to you, whether you in conn- a member of this organization, or not and that you will never, under any circumstances, mention the name of any lit.osovelt, be decided that the timepiece ot , person or persons you may see present, nor a school teacher wns ns necessary to his oc-1 that you know such nn organisation to be cupiition as a hammer to thejuechanic, and iu existence, and that you will truo answer that it wat coiteUutlj i-xcuii-t from execution. ' makn to evt-ry quostoii asked you, to the

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