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North Carolina Newspapers

The North Carolina Whig. (Charlotte, N.C.) 1852-1863, April 15, 1856, Image 1

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i f, Jj;mi'B-' si'.uu Jyi itf-i- JMW.uiJiuiiiuV'wuiuj.iuftg .jgmLjmjijjjiauj' huum ujm,ii ',ju,iUiyu,itJJij.n.L .gas tirqe lo tioc, to your fiouitfrn, jo ijeqr Sufi;." VOLUME S. CHAR-XjOTTE, 1ST- O.. APRIL IS, TIIOflAS J. HOLTON, F.fJlTOR PllOI'KILTOR. TKK.MSt Tl.p .rf1..(ar.ilill.l Whin Itill li nfT..r,lf..l I.....I. criUr. -.t I WU IMJI.I.AKtt in .ulvaiicr; TWO " . . . . i. .1 I 1 IfH .VI. L'l t"l' V I 'L'V'I (j . , IKIMiAII!" A.U HMI 1 h.MSil iayinrh( I d.!,yeillurli.rii.i.iiil..ii'lliUI-:i:i)u..AHS at tin-1 ii of Hiujiur. N.i mk r ill l tiixiu.. i .mi.. I umil ll ;irr.:Urf i.l, 1 in .l m the ..a. n..ftl...I.1,l.. T,.,ll.,r per 1 ti inn' nt le, tlm tu.'tMyni ) fur the firi mi-rr. l ml , -nt'l s. m-ii. 11 ,r 1 ,, 1. 1 , 1.1111 mi uiti.r. . t run iu Ji l r t i-riipfMi.Tit an.l b.i:rili'' S..Iih i-hurfru . Ol'B DHL DH ODD. T y 1 1 I ic i n, i'n I f P tlt Willi)' Ifrhili il, A'ti (iii! k tr Kt-.if Iik- ruir Our riiiMrrn kitr ; T t;i' ful I ' even, A..I tli lx.itiiilr Hi id f tf, A"i In t m.iim our b ) ImmhI Wili 'J o riw like nyri tlitrr ! Xf,- tr r.:.fJ rfrwfnii ftf fUtitir '1 m I . f..ui4 t! I Ani fr-'tii l'it ton ib of I, linff 4 It ti (hmi'ifi 'nine thronging f-t "I'nc I'lfnt u l-iii 4d4iiy, Tir t .uitJui . n.i I- . I)', S ftir to ("k Uji. 1 '! bright and lii'ittlff.B Wim vi titirii o t tmi (or tl.t. I -if tl'h i "fl4 itt ttiU ! no.' t irk vfi .tinl nntiHiiiri; ii of! Ic OVr bru 'i o.i f b r 1 1 ( I , Vl nrf afitll' rr likr I1 r uu! inp In IMc rM( litf -f tlir f.kc ilir rtfirrl .( At", I I U. j loliv1 1 r-f jf t...r T"-t t"f i.- I. vr ! vmtj Atl it'rif inrlui fli d Cti ! n tj Ut ft ! iiM'Uiitti'f ( hit tht ? rr wtlb Ihr f)rd. I.tki- .t thr bfil.t Ihii nl Summer ru !.! rll- n iroin lr lt in y,1 oh it is 'trif rth l'u .'-de irom trtM like ll.eni J An 1 yrt lr Uiou!'! Mi!tifiMDg "I'if irtf 011 urti ttir - An -ft run tl ttta Kc4titi.ul Ti.-t H.c oMi l.oin ; iovr, (ir. I ft rcn lifif t'tfatt, I, fcf trnrir f It it- c (hi f I "1 g f ife. Then rnli niirrv ti r? rrt. Ar. i v p c Unt ttnnk of lh- I 1 lh p. ft 'tlij grvitr Kprintf, M h n t 'r trrn nt wn f i.'rr u, Aful ti r ir,m t -.if b -niiii( ! ' .r ktin ittat winter' f."'.j ill in c.ilil attl !ifn. y k; A' d 't g I Jilt v rnUTii us I btoi it'b but to tic iinrous. trs:-; sisacsAHr taps, II V MART I.. MEAW. l .... -e. .: 1 .1.. i.l t I'll Bill .llilll, lllll HIS HIUU H.a W , ken it into bis bead to nd you. adrift.' j " Why, what can you mean, I'hilip?'' j 'Only that ha was talking ,ery earnest- ly with Mr. Ogletbron as I went into his C .1 rooui ju-t now, an 1 as thev ceased vi ry du- '. . crettly on my entrance. I took tic liberty of waiting outside the door till the cotin-r- ... , . vioti was resume!, aim I liearu cnougn to satisfy me that (nl-thvop has who is about to t ike your place. nephew 1 h.k. ...,.... r . v..... w... cariivnjr. 1.' il riijl, 1H 1 1 1 mure I upriUl BIIU ingC IIUOUK. 1J r. JK'aiC ru w Ills ii'Jicq mi ntai.jiit; li. iiiiiIi: iron, tlir prir, liir uiiverlii.iri tir ' , ,, ,. .. , . .... I . , , .. , , I Kxrhm.'r in Snulli . . T. , j .!.. ... word teemed lurn -d into hit Irani. hat confusion, and turned to Ina dealt to a , RicnangM in jouui . 1 . ..1.... . ... .1 t .1. .1 .... i...h ..1 x .i ..... 1.11 . . 1 it 11 ci. 1.. 1. ii 1.1... iti . ' 1.. ........ 11. 11. iA.i ....i.i... q.'.'n'r'ly. .i'tl tr "luar.- f-r rcb lin.e. oulJ be not pive to know the contents of! what wan due of Hichard'a salary, but first : l . r ' c,"nt-. "el!l '' l"""e ,Q Nortl1 ,,i..iiih.v 7j eui. jr nunrt lur each tm.a. I. . ,A , ' , , Tarolma merchant.-, tor 1 j , ..-r centum. Ae , . . the letter ? louht e it re ated to t ie tiep-1 tikmif gome papers froni a aecret drawer. , ilB u ,hv nm.riii'.n il.ou r .,);... r el m airciJs. ' I . 5 . ' . . ' ' lln Minvmg operali-jti they rclixu " A hat did you overbear 7 Wednesday, replied elr. Ileule. .ir. v.ur-tirst error will prove alo your la-t. nri fnder this policy our lianks can, as " Merely a sentence from each, (lle- j lis informed ine of il. May 1 ask the mo- j lliehard sadly left the store. On the tnor- soii.e of them did last year, make from fif llirop said, So you think my nephew will tiro of this an-ret and unusual proceeding row he entered on the duties of bis lew hit- teen to twenty per cent on their Capitol Lave no dinWlt in tiUin th. tdaee of tour j n w j t head cleik;' and lh-ale replied, ' None i whatever; the other clerk, I'hilip Wablm, j lias been in my establishment a long 'ime, I and can pire him a litllu insight into our , . . . , , , r I- l . . ' liii-iuess sITiirs if need be.' I did not wait to hear more, but that is enough I think." " So it would seen,,'' was the ri ply, iu a tone of deen despondence. " It is itieiit ,i, tl. o!-l man to il seioit-rro you, am! eij nlly strange ; if it was Me now, I should ,,ot think it so odd, but be Las all : along seemed to think so much of you. Hut 'lii jut like him, always doing Koui'.thing out of the common way." j lliehard Vilki,, was too sick at heart to reply. He turned to tho desk and endeav ored to concentrate his wandering thoughts . . li.- .- Ti ' I up n Ins work, but n vain. 1 ho pen drep- 1 ' , 1 ' ped from Ins fingers, and leaning h. head .... 1 - i . s 1 1 .... i on his iisipi ,egve lull scope io in. sorio.s-- ful and indignant feelings. W hen the two you were disturbed in mind. This was nat- ,,,, ( y,, here after so l uig au a!.. elite ; and gentlemen emerged fiom Mr. llcale's pii- ural, and I was fur from blaming you ; but believe you are not sorry to meet me in .0 vale room Lo stinted like ono guilty of a ' it affordrd me opportunity for a test w hich jrod company. ceeret erimi', ami snatcbing the pen preten-I I had peouliar reasons for desiring to apply t ,. ,. It EI I.T. ' i lis 1 1 i " 1 nt ii I.xrtti y : It is w ith the great- deil to le all absorbed in his duties, llisjl penned a brief nolo lo Mr. Ogctbrop, ,.uit-lclion w, IB).,.t yor Mxcellency in flurried mnmicr, so different from his usual Rave it to you to Peal, and watched your af- (.), ji0o.l company now, .u.d hope we shall quiet Composure, was noticed ly his einply- j ter proceeding from that window. 1 thought be favored with it often.. ' er, who drew his own conclusions therefrom. ' the temptation would prove a severe one, Mr. Oglcturop was returning to his home in I and that if you arose superior to il I need i TnK Flsu Dl NN Kit When Lou! Kr.-kinc ltiltimore His friend accompanied him to nerer hav any fears concerning yea. I was Chnnecllor, being asked by tho Secre tin: steamboat, and on returning elo.cly ol- was right, the temptation wai strong too tary of the Treasury whether ho would at crvrd bis two cleiks as be sauntered back j'.i'g for your honor or integrity to with-' tend the grsnd niii.isteiial fish d inn r at thr and foith through the store, l'hilip's up- stand, I saw you open tlm letter, 'twas e-jmd of the session, he answered : " To bo pearanee indicated nothing unusual; but Dough. I did not ot all wonder when I euro I will ; w hut would your fish dinner b Kit-hard, though Lc had partially refund beard of jour applying for new Mlwaiion without th (Jrtui Sy '' his customary composure, could not prevent a flight hesitancy and constraint when re-! ply ing to Mr. IJeale'g casual rciuaiks. j Several ley after, Mr. lleale brought Tl ' 1 t Aiicuaru b.,l..r Ir. .,,.! ....I .!...; i . I., . .. . nn.t.nffipn Ln mit In .1 lim.r A t I .1. r . . name tinie lie cent rli!ip to a neighboring More 0Il buneso, which would detain him ' I ' ' tim he then returned to hi pri- vate room. Left lo himself, Kit-hard gazed " tbe upermription of th letter long nnd 'how who wan to jfiirpl:int him. jiiclinrri iPMtaUMa turning hU letter over and over. f ,WL could he not glance into it? It a-! . . . r. . I lltot .ealed be would betray no conGdenee j by doing o iiiokI of the buMnefts letters 1 were given him to liwcr, and certainly to 'no one living would Ur reveal the contents, I 1, , , 1 , .1, o I whatever tbey iin-ht be. 1 hese reflections ' r '. overcame his Mrong repunanco to the act, 'with a trembling hand he ojiened the letter 'and read I I I ' 1)(!AU Sill I wi-h Tour net.bew to nr- rive, if pos.ihle, by Tuesday, the thirteei.lh. . . i.t ou that day young ilkili.' year will Have .xpirer-, and it is desirable that bis J. lit ALE.' The blood mounted to Uii hard'.s brow ts be read. For an in-ttnl be foreot the con III IIU .iy. ed he!, i, ..i la. pi., w ard. I ti, to be di-rhargn! lo make rocui ,for "tie of his fr. iu l s contie, -tiofi. I nn ,t!.ai,fjl I opt hed ibo Utter now I tan prepare for hi., treachery.'1 j iib a calmness that urpri.-ed himelf, the clerk i.ra!rd the liter, and dropped il in the post as In; lad l. rn directed. On , liis way batik U IU t n.p'o) n,. nl h U.d . at the counting-room ol a merchant, whom . as one of Mr. lieale's acquaintance be well 'knew, lliehard wi-hed to make iuq iiiie iu an indirect way for a situation, but ahilc . . . l, was Mrivmg to form aome question lo tbi. end the pelitleman caa.e to l.n reuel. I.y asking if lie knew any young mau in need of a situation whom be could r con, men 1 to .. ' Lull, as be had a for a ciel k. I'.u li- i i .it l St. it....:. : am ci;er,j oiiereu uiiusr,,. ..,r. urns ! was surprised that he should wi-h to leave lis old place, but g aJly accepted hi in, hav- iti2 lona adn.ircd the iutegiity and strict ' at plicaliuti of the y oung man, w bo.e pr.ii-e.. le bad frequency heaid from Mr. Ileal", The yearly 'alary wa named; it was one hundred dolUrs more than lliehard was now ! receiving; and having engaged to cute ; and having engaged to enter on of his new place on the following . the duli.-s of his new place on the following ; Tuesday, he w. t.t with a light heart to his old en p' ..yii.ent. He did lwl meiilion l.i h : intention t Mr 15 ale, and ro the week p is- ...,l.;.l V, !..; .-;.;; tl.. .r IU .... . ... press lin tori jreU t.-clillcs, l,e tKlit his neau ur i i i.r, neiiu. eoin-n u.ty go . , i. -r ...i ... . i- .. r,f .-i,e , net A "..nit .ri.-. Il.vve, ,.. oitnd a rater luii.t. em ei.cea 10 l.i in v if ol the threat, ned I ow , , .. m Vir..i,ii nr ,nli C.r, l,"r.-. , fr, l,..r Por"" 11 y r- ' sianama, iroin trio , r , , .... ' ' . , , , ,. . on the table to conceal the fa t gu-lnng '. rS-.,," .r ' ou " -ar.,lri,i, or turllier ' " ,. , , , . r,, , .i. ' n:ei,t Mr.C. regarded as nothing more than H.e ten.:-,,, and sto.e tha ui'Tation at iii cnipioyer auniieiiy. , . Po'Hli lor tlii'ir ur'iv. liut w lien tliey con- . . . . ,. . ' . . . ....,: i ...r...i i .. .. , ,. .t,o ' Four jeara ago," he muimured, litter. .... . . ... . .. , vc-ceni to oograiie tlieirown paper, to en- .. , t-,.,.. mi.;..i, iw. res, t,ii i eanvas-in the, The contractors fun,il ; ... i.egrei , a unavailing able 1 1,,-ni to carry Oil tins trade 111 nieli n ., r .......... - , " a vc . four year, ni xt I uesdav, I enter- ,, , , . , ,, , . . , , .... A . ... .. . , been hi mai ktt lor twenty years and ur- K 1 1 " 'T to I , .it, .tnom.i y in nu.i in c. .-.mis. iz . si.i .ie, ill III; C ear, CUIU lOlies. 1 ii.t. l- JI n.l it flttr tlir Lint til i It i III II . i i ' ' il.,. IV 1 i l-.lini. r,' tl, . ..a.ii.I, ,- ii i- , i :..,r- .l.lli. i h I ,. tl.i Vn. il.-.t ilnv l,i. ' .. ' ... ward lor the nomos.! ot education and in- ' "" ' "it""-il legi-Litton o, the eountiy. ,n u.ei i.gjr-, Molt .ill li ail o cat. on to reprove ine for the slight- .. . ..... ...... t i. i i oZc- cilize. n rishl to r-miilutn tint! tit , . ' .. , " ,' , ,'. i ;,i. .In ll .1.... ,..1.l i..u,i,. m il,. r, .tr.1.. Tl!,cl or over-i-ht: Mem and ..... .. , ,;. ' "rr """"""'" " ". or.., n, u, Vir.,;,.l,. r.r,o,,l trnn, ' pr.jnU on which it was asserted in the mi- or i, nanees, they stole tl, ,e ,s, I liav.givcW no c,u.e for coin- . . ,1, tl r,.K,ld nut tU, Tjr.. VTt Vl'l Committee 'o DMriel'of Columbia a ' -rily rertof the CommiHee on Territ,- h- Cu,,.iU help,,, FCopU mi. aim litis . i iii eiin mis is mv re- i.i . i i .. ' 1 ' 11 l"",- ' . o ii . ...on- ..ii. i . ... . . .i . . . ... . r,es I i:it I he itn "sieti ot t . . iss.siir' aris it. selves sto:e Whatever til si.umu. vw.ti. . .. ..... v ...... . . ., ....... . , .... ,- , . i.-i .- , c.i . r .1 hoped he had not ni.-i his employer, f..r Kich- tnmk it was your first departure Iroin the ard bad a wi-h that the latter should not straight road, and though all business con- hear Low hi treacherous fchrinii had been n"Ction between us has ceased, yet I would defeated till the U-t moment. i not wi-h to injure your reputatiou lyre- ... . ..... ...... .. u Monda? evening l.ichard knocked at . ,. ,i j tne door of Mr. llcalu room, and in as few ! I words a possible requested the wages due I. t- i i. io nun, as ne was cngageu io go io anoiner house on the morrow. . 1 I mi. liimn , T mill iiici.r.Ai.i.11 tin... c 'iv.l. .1... i...l: I VI. II I. ii VI. o .. 'oil Tour Part? I believe I cave you notation. It provatl aoreeable. and the ad- , . - cause for so tudd.'ii a determination to quit my employ hunt did IT" " No cause 1" lliehard repeated, Utterly, " ( )h, no, sir, no cause, of com sr the clerk t .1 1 .1 1 r.l i . is onl y the dupe, the fclavo of the merchant, , 3 ' and has no right to complain of any conduct, however iniquitous, of which he is the vie-. tiin." 1 i oi;r rfiresstn n ratio" ottt c! -lace, young man, " replied Mr Jlea'e, coolly. "Ij asked if 1 Lad .iven you any cause of of-J fence. I kmm I have not you falsely iin- agine that I have, and thus imagining, voUlouor and integrity, have done yourself a great injury. Nay.noj , questions I will I you all. hi the day j 11.,.. AL I ).,!.. i uh. l..,rA 1 t.t.l'twA m I T ""Vl" -i great alteration in your looks, your words'.,., , ,, llf . . i,.,,,,, ,, .1 t . I . , i ' J.itisi.uuru io v -ur w hoie tomluct. 1 su-jtcti-tl tit once .. ,r, .. . t, ...... c ; ' . the same. J hey are miimi ou toe rcuieot l'bilip bad overheard our conversation and , . ... I I 1 . 1. 3 rcpenteu il to jou, in ooii-etiuetiec oi which you tlionplit I was acting treacherously to you, and that you would outwit inc." Mr. !onlc ceased, and looked fixedly at lliehard, whoso whole countenance was mil- f,i.,il ill. Mil-Ill. s tlm true mil lire rif his ... .... i.nnd ( a- l.rniia it I ins pain v In Ins view. B. ...... , In li i -t indignant feeling lie had not till this moment thought of liii dlroliclioti of prinei- O , ' b" 11,1 IW pic in opening a letter not intended for li inspection ; now he was overwhelmed w hame and relllore, lor liea naturally ' threw thoni ou the table before the jount; man. All thU U at an cud now," he aiJ, 1 " but you miy ace i.ovv ui,jut your auppo- aition was to me, how injurious to yourself, as I aid awhile ago." . lliehard eyes were intently Lent upon .1 11 .1 1 the papers, Uuo was iu the merchant ... handwriting, notice of Richard ilkins having been admitted t junior partDcr into hi, old ctabli-hed hu-iiiess firm : the others .... . w'r necessary legal paper rtialing ... . thereto. Jiichard continued gaxing 011 ihem if fascinated, till the weicLaut's voice lroke the fpell. peil. . ' II . - 1 1 . laiU It VIIUlu, lUlllii' . IMi nv-i ...l....-l n 1.;... ....1 .1,..., ,rt r.. m viviiiPjij ... w - " - " I ..' I , .I'l I ...II. 1 I . -. 1 . I I" . I . -..H.H. U ' , 1 1 I I . - . - leats , . . . Mates liaun ' mi lie anils t lieieni t he nn. u """ " " .' v uu-, - . '" erv reason to f ace ill VOU. i'jr- '"""'". '"'' rWl '..', i'l it tvry , ; . . .. .. ,, .! r.,!ir,, :, , -rim..n IV t I.t w 1 .-. hi.ilt road. let t . . mz incse lour venrs i nae uwtnn, u". . . .. . , , ... , . . tie exeliatiL'C ol sehoo lali'ls ill eeilnn cases. ! ' i-.-.v.... ,,. - terilv and faithfulness, I had dicid.-d lo son-, any self indepcndciic, ..iiioiil' the con lake you into Pat I net. -hip as you aet I v the-e dnetrir- of tho newspaper p-s in this State, t , . ,,,, we h ill have a r, form in thi- important mat-paper-, rreparid neany to loom lis ngo, ' 1 ' ' ' 1 J 1, r. and that before Ion.'. 1 here is too and only wanting signatures a:. J ,..,tc. My ,;,.u ,, oo prcal a ,piri( of friend, Mr. ( Ijilethr.'p. had freq lei.tly men- mn and enquiry abroad even in the Oil tioned his m phew whom he much desired Not th Slate, lo prevent an organized eliqiu me to employ. At hi-la-t vi-it I agreed to do o. It was my intention l" give von an agreeable suip,i-e lo morrow, sud , llirlt su.r.i-e .omorro., suo.mrle- fore, I desired to keep all my arrangements Prr,.ti fortunately as I now see; for my !,;, 'fr,,hlcd me to test ihe strength of P .. oh if you cu,j or,ly forgive n,e, Mr. y u ..fx ......niiel, ird, implonnglv. "It 3, tuy ilT:.t ,.rr )r j ,hi, r(,c,ard-l am ill prove my last ". urn itll ,ijC in. i.i. , ( ., ,. Ml-: - t j i 1 or a:l at.sivir .ir. Irfale quiet.y p'l h.'t . I I s . i ..i-t.. money lie nan COUIiieu over io i.icnarii, and picking up the papers tore them inlo -u, ,11 fragments. Ihe youg man looked1 sadlv ut,on them, but knowing that ronton- stfanee or entreaty was alike unavailing with il.e Hern man, h by a strong effort conqut red his emotion, nn taking up the money lowed bis thanks and farewell to his late employ tr, and turned to leave the room, As he U.d lis hand on the door knob, Le .......... paused and asked, in a still (a.tenng voice, if M r. Curti w as info: nied of all t Li. " No, I did not think it necessaty to fpeak t it " Mr !'. e. lor I had reason to vealinj an act w bich 1 thought you would ,, i t, - . regret. 1 ou will find Mr. Curtis a more in- duigent rmplov. r than you are leaving, your -ui i .i -.i .1 . i... salary will te larger niiiu n nas ueeii urie, so that on tho whole, perhaps, y0u are no itt f 1.1. .nr i,il I I.Oto for VOI1T S'll'i. that tOlir J .. . -II .. , . 1.. .'I i s. ,d, lion to ins previous salary wasot great ..... . . Use ; nui wnav touiu sueiive reiiiorst- ior me act by which he had not only lo-t so much 'in a pecuniary point of view, but al-o Bat,k I ' ' I- . i I .' . t 1 1 mnnediatt ly in bis own t stimntion 7 lie .. profited ly the lesson, however. 1 ears af. u-r he found himself in a po-ition pro-per- ous and enviable as that which ho had for- I I I , , I 1 ' t ,:,,.: yn.Ho.o.l, but n hi. dying .la; j he never tried to banish the humiliating but salutary recolleetion of his first and last V -intion from the strai.-litforwar 1 t..t!l of - o I liRKvlTY. T it- following; is the annua ... .... . messaoe of the Governor ol New Jersey, in , heartily glad to II V BEQUEST. Yri,mthe Lexington " ) Mn. : I notice tha the Kdltorof I lie liu'.lelin in hi last tiuliibc devoti s near- 1 i . ... . .1 . . . 1 . . . . -' "."sot o.r . --.... a.neir I I II It (l 1 IUIUC VUIHIIIUIIIUUII'II IIUIMIMHMI 111 . 1 .... 1. - 1 j me i-j ag homo ioorinrce nno. , The extract below U the only portion that j A,,,o,,2 otlu- grievances. I-;,.-, Cor- ! rcpo,..J..l,t charges that the V,,uU' of the .1, receive riottl. Caro'in, and Vir,i,,i .. calls for a reply 1. 1 rnonev ou deposit, nay even :u-n iln-ir own r - ' the p. cuharii.nureof t he inquirv, and of the I ',r- K """,d the oru,,iire of sane, 0! .11.-. n.u any other 011 en. VaV"'" X . mate.ial upon which invesM-atioi. mu-t no- I 17- a'"l howed that its coii.-.itunonulity , brought hard in,,.-,: Il.,-i;.e -pl.-i.dtd nafa-u'':'-'. "nrt Virginia. . . .... , l.nd Ui, ner....isi...l l.v 1 1.,. ..lii.U.i.m t.( il... rail cali-M, ff iI.'m eur.rt I r.i--l,t harl inrtre prnliti on the nec.fini s of the iiuhlie. !,il r'" !lisy e ,rue for ii.'ht wo know, aJ thii.k Tiite liW y it iV( -.t tve -ni,M '"'ru n1 "le 'I''' correspondent to aimwer thU qile(.tion if ,ie Nonh '.'arolina lianki prueured not ejchnnge in this w ay, how are they to have any for saie at ny price ? The Iducti of the b'tate, the chief means of cupplying thr llanka Willi r-x.-lmnce, are r . ., ,, ,, quite all cent out or it and oo;d in other parti for i0TI, (,allj. pjpV-r, to who-e in- otitutions the exchange thus crested inures Therefore our Hank", if they ould fumi-li j ,,.!. ; 1,..., ,,.., ;i . ......i. ... 1 1 . ... . ( .',.',! it IvI ' V "'" r . r;";' lll.'W ll'Jf .1UI III 1U UUV L'UUUP. il L UUIIIIM'JlL'.l to" alr'oud fl)( tili jou ou, ' wt.ou hand, of course are d.-po-ed to make i all th-v can out of it : thev cannot afford . . . -r all tuv can out ot it: Ihcv cannot iitloru , i;.....J..m . Tl. ... r !..... - .:.:i. j.. .1.;. ....i . ' .. ..I....,.," 1 iuic a iiiiii iu iiu tii.. miti iiij ini r" ir "il :i . to rule the Mate muel, longer. 1 lie people are j; ttiiij; tirco. Heartily siett, nt f. i it tnei', who aspire lo the no -ii ion of Legi-la- r,lric,, ,,,,:.. ,.r. . , ... i, ;., allll.cir wealth, position, and influence as p 'i: iciaiis, and private g Mleiueii. to bear UP" the m.-mhers of the Legislature while it is in sess-on, in such a way. and to Mich an .xtetit. sto make cverv ,,!irv. j ; tl. ro, , :l ,lr.... ., n f,,.rn.,or to tin i'r o.. In fact this ha. 1 .eeome so com- irion . i lan, ui:n i:n? verv s inori rf swaggeriiic tin so , -enricinen a.sumr. c "ins t i fl.i.h . t .... t .1. . I :. : 1. ii"iiieo, f ne .-i.-iie, aim e, ners, i lis insuir . , ,,,.,,,., ....,. ,t ,. ,,.t " fV.i primus, Yns .rc" luhnn .'' )il ti conclude, I w;!l ask the IMItor of toe Jlit't'tn ono tiue.-tion ; and when and when l.i has an-ncrtd that correctly, he will no longer draw wrong conclusion- from correct premises as he Iris done. And he will sec, or .,, .ri.;it!y mistaken, tint the Hanks as now organized and managed, are to hlarne for the produce of the State seeking foreign f 'r 'nf- ,1,:'t lU cost of scndin a rarrol of flour was nre- (,1ty 0 Wil,,,,,,,.,,,, Norfolk, I'.iyettev ille, lVterslurg, New heme, l'icb- in 'tni, ( harleston, and l-aul.!t, where w nuoi an uur .'lercuants a nu i ,n iners, no wouol al Tll-lltl 1 . - r trading with 1 hiladelpliia, ami .o yT VCI,.l their flour an,l other produce? f.irlv t0 ftic Sotit h Caro'inn ami Virginia Markets. And why pray, would they act '' iiup-itri"! ? Simply because they can hr,..r.t f.v,.l,..nA tl. rr. ,, t fro... ll.r..- . " ... ,. iighlhs to one-half percent . notwithstanding (1k, ,H1,jc tijts 0p ,j1(,s States in the ifgrc- c,lU, Mount to near forty millions, where- ?. i, . i .i" -. our iaur.s inarge uieu i-um'miiu) one "" a ,0 l,v0 P-'r rcMum lor it,.j same ill iien-. hi. ... tn-rfc too wnen I II tr iniuili: uti I, ' . .. . . . of the Stnte, is not vet four millions of dol- . - .. ' . by specu, at. ng ,n exchange, and shar the commercial community to the quick, o , , f fo,f.,rilT the indusfrv and euterprixe 01 tho otate. Is stretlgllien. nuilu up, beautify and adorn our grca"t and glori- ous old cominonweahii, as our Hanks should ...!. . ..:.i.. . i:...i .1 .... . riiiii-iii ui'iu;, i- uiiii nit-iii nun ' . ' . ... . cotitrii -tt-u, mercenary luctves, otlermg a inlJ,0-c ,remiuni to our merchants and others to send the produce of the State to foreign markets. To talk of trading w ill, "'Ir " W II f'! I, till'", ! Pll' il V'llT'I'lI! x iii-- - tl " ' ; .,r... ,h. mIi .1 . 1. ........ a . a stuhl,0rii imrossihilii y, that is nil. As we ague-o well w here our trade should go, I regret you oppose the only safe and cor-1 loin n iiieily lor this great ami grow nig evil, ! Who can bh'tne our Spites for styling Noith Carolina, a strip of land between South Ca- roiina umi v irgnua, when our people inns -...; 1.. I A nf l), u..lrli 3 " " "v - ' as so innny geese ot their leathers, to buu.l x , ne.t of our en.ioi.s? . , . , , , , ,, ,, I fiir the banner of rt torni, Mr. luill. tin, fc,Mj ,triU for .our ,:.J.M ml 1P ri,hisof J . .. your connirymcn, Hows fall in th rig ,M jsnre that an your .jXivtioti and ro, the ... t . it..... ris;ht parties; and winie thus .ngaged, it uiil b. rial r!o,io t. ui-b vo.i an.l the It.'t.t- tin a long and prosperous lilt-, as v,,i lie the cas l Il.t.USTRATIVfl A I HINT. lr i-i etcher : Norton was noted for Lis want of courtsov. ! When rdcadiiit b. foro Lord M insti. bl on - r ... .,,;..! .;..i.. i... ..! I . i ceit unfortunately to say, " .'ly loril, I can .- '. ..... ... uliistraft the point in an instant in my own Mr. t o. lamer Ihin proeteo-. il to show that Virg about, one piece was worth person: I myself hate ttro little vtitmn' ('ongre.s bad tu-ver befor., tho year I "-Vi -twtrti $?iU mJ $M0 ahno-t pine gold Th ju-Iee inniediatcly interposed, with one coiiiuntte d the sut.j. et cl Irivdc-m or slave- Anothe- pi -e wa worth about Jl'-'i) in ot hi Uandest siuiks, " We all kyow it. Sir j iy to be xiilu-i wly di-cAissed aud d : urunxed with quart will sever! olhet i'ielclicr.'' vpswi by inL jUjiiars of Territory, aaJ I wort. fra J uZ13. CONGllKSS. .IT. 1 1. 2, l'-.'O In flu-Senate yesterday, the TreMdeiit culled up, t Im ep.-eial order nt one oVIoek, nnd Mr. (.'lay ton ieumed and fMieliided hi-remarks upon th "eiie- rl Mihjert f the Int.. Naval Advi,ory JSoard. '11,- immediate motion before the body is tho resolution ofhred bv Mr. Iver- hu to appoint a select eommittee to .-xamine l,l' V" ''- and t0 rc,ur.' !be V"01!' "P' or, w.... .. ,t hcI-.J. liut ,1,. ,1c hate l,a, 1, ' 'r'' P rt,ak. n a i.!e rn,e. and from la iudJlued, t-on-iderable personal feeling j Nvrih i -tei n St,,t,a t,u ler iisexpr.-s -ane-must niiiiitle with the deduction of reason. ; "n""- 'le 'l'erred to the li-i-lat ion of Soil is to ho Icared, in the progress of a i Co".-rc!H relative to the Tenitory of I'.n vague .i. hate on topics o delicate. ' ttwi", of Orleans, (a part of the l.oui-iai,a thai more, nerniior.v mav he eneer..!. rd la be i-uie, of a temporary lhau is l,r"'"!? nit1' tefirl to then, also Con usually produe. 'l cel. by di-eu-sion.s npon I Rr,'s iiSXl1 a I'ower of regulating the the strongest pnrty topics". We are certain, j r-d.!ioT,j ol slavery ; lo which he addrd that Iv t'lad that no ueh rear,. table incident has J a T"WvT ty regulate implied a full ptr ol y"et"oceurrrd. The Senator from 1 Viav. are ' control, finee it had Leen held ly the Su "poke in reply to a recent speec h of Mr. ' Vr"'w (-'"r' ,,,!lt u,"!l'r tl,,! I'" r 10 W llou-ton for son.etuo hours, in the course i ia"' "' Trr v-''!-'r"-1 n :,s cn.p tvl.t to of his remarks defending oiue of the of- ' Pas " 1 'r P":'1 111 lieers from the Retiring Jioard, mid aniiiiad- ! 'lr- ' ;- "rXt pioe.eded to analyze the or- . . : Jiueiai vertiri" upon son,,; cf the femleinoi. whose!59"'0 "vt" '""sas I errttory. ami inaii.tnu . . r '.. . . . . ' I . 1. .-. 1 -1 .... I 1 -.1 . 1 ...:. 1 f , 1 1 1 c 1 n i T,rikMin n;m n mifCiofi i.t h.. m. ' 1 I 1 I I I A i!ioof thalllonrd. Mr. JJell replied to for- liou of that ISonrd. Mr. J.el ....... . fious of Mr. Clayton's stri, fires, and at , Imir A I-: r.f. L' llio Suii'if.) .11 .n. nri 1 tou,r O't!o';k 11,0 S-","te Jj''"Cl. ln Mou'e '" l -'nves, tl,. . . .. ' , ,' - ' - v i-.i.v s iim. . passeu by I, lai .-c in n jorif y. Aiiioi':-t the , ' " iii l'i.strict to dtciee tin: sale of real estate in certain cases. This is a measure of great in I'ortanee to l he people "f the city. A iiil wa- inn o.iui f'i by Mr. Meat-bam to ext.i.l the juri-dietioii of the Corporation of Wash ington over lie; lower Miistelti l.raneh l.iioee, and to legulsi'.j travel on the uppi III ( oniiinttee ot the W hole, the l'residerit's Anmial Message was further discus d on tin motion to nfer its several j arts. Mr. Warner, of Gcorgi-i, and Mr. Allison, of I Yhiisyliahia, Moki- on the 'lavery question in reference 10 t':e disput ed juri-ili. tii.ti of Congress ovi r the sub ject : and this closed ihe 'lay's proeei dings. At'itiL 3 -Tn (Le Senate yctenlay, accord ing to a getir ra i utiucrtaticing of ! li preced ing day, the ut- finished 1 UsitiOs. was def.-tri tObllow Mr. Kt-f sein'i n to deliver Lis vims ill. on I li .- ( '. i t r -.1 .....I 1.. n n A.I...I t.t nii. "i p....-..- nectcd with the bill for the greater eiucicn- cv oi me nrniv. j no . . r . t 'i'l H'IU',1 lit'J U'jun 111 III.- t Aliij-lliuil Oi llio . ,, , .I-.., , ( lay ton Iu , t r I rent'.', the cent ral tenor r r . ii- r i . of Lis riin-nk. bung in fj.orof the Atne- ,, , . i r:tan iiilciprctalion. J.ut loing, as lie sal,!, : , , a iiintii est-dc.tiuari.iii lo some extent, he , , ,- .. r.l was opposed to assc-iting our views by war, but prcfcrit-d dilay for some years, wlieti the inevitable pr .gre-s of events will have rendered uiitK cessn ry any f irnia! settlement of the question. Mr. Cass spoke at some letig'h in it p!y lo the Senator from Maine. I and took oee-tsicii further to 'xpind what' has falhn from bitii in the various d bates en this topic. The opinions of the venera ble Senator are so familiar to the country, and have been so much more lal orsti dy expressed, that more is needless than this allusion to thorn. Mr. 1! 11 then addressed i Lie Senate in explaiiaiion ot some persontu parages which had occurred between Mr. Clayton and himself ou Tuesday, ackiiowl- cd-iiu tint li" bad been bitrave.l into in.ii- , , . sual wnr,,1,!',0' Int'gugc by a n.isappresen- l"10" o ,!lC fc,'Ba,or s. ""-'"i""? upon a -'ub- lectin relation lo which be was t xeeeiiingl v . . sensitive, r--.-iipl.cil now that he was mista ken, he tendered the olive-branch to the Senator from Delaware. After brief expla nations reconciliation succeeded, and tie amicable intercourse was renewed, w hich as the Senator reinaiked, has been unbroken for twenty yenrs. TIip Senate shortly af terwards held an Kxccutive session. In tne llousect In presentative, three ot me . . n 'imu l-u .-, mm me- eionts bi amendments, were eon.i',-!ed, viz: the bill !us,,.lI n,,,; ,hat the en -li ter did i;-t for paying una!.! and other pensions, th, j mjvo till. ,rjjl ullIll ,e r,.Crit-d su.-h no. lei nmliii . M-iir-oiu i::t oris lor re Mihtnrv1 . . . i .... i i. - i i i - 1 ,,.,, .,,,,1 1 1 ,. i;, ;, ,... I, i'l 'l b. ' Aoaii.tny, ..mi ui 'i.i.iiiuiy ti i. i in , C on milt, c t.f Ways and Means hud reemu-1 mended a non -eoieurrei.c- in the .Vnate s , tiineiidin, nts to the two fir-t . named bill4, i t.l I fi.- II niKii ;ni .nf ?tl T 'n rri'.ilti iii Tit! ;i f i r ti ' . - ; - . . The di-eii -ion ,,;,-, in- at.., n-1 mt-nts to 1 1, t deficiency bill w as r u, tinned until near foi.i o clock, w hen the llo-i.e adjoin -ned. It a I til he ."; t'.ite e-ternay, 7T r (. oilamer, ot ici nu i.t, pr u-. I .... . 1... I v" ' I special order of the day , to ili-i-iss tl I j Ij ' f the formation of a Mile Constitution in Kansas, aim tne g vnd the general relations of tl ..i.,,.. tm.i- rti-.,I r!-,fit-. to ll,., T..t. , - tc-ry. lie t-oiniiienctol a coinpreLen.ive ami compact argmuti.t Iv adverting to w int 1 ,, . " , , are culled new view. ! the Constitution, -i., et to which be a .sorted that the ., . i- . i -.1 -.... . ...... . . . .- i.iet ii uit-u eeing i- us j, t-gnain pro. i (hat the v. ie laie. The t i-l 1 . g-s", , ; , cjf the eo-intry w a. held to be tie best t-x po- .ilinii ol' t b o t 'on .1 il at loll . lltld ot the ti,,iv..r. ot Congit-.s utiucr that I onstn' u ! ion. 1 r-Mii i tin- in, re literal ami t, tual interpretation, 'of that in-ti iimerit it was argued thnttveii the exi-tt rice ot such a thing as slavirvi eon Id not be interred, ami hetiec it wa I Cpi.p in N out it Cahcliva The Amcr-by- a l-eft rr ii.-i- to the pr.utiea! leeishition of 1 i,-nn K:u.lo, published in ti,f County ot the oiintry that it was removed Ivyoml contr.wcr sy that three provisions of the Cm- stitution had In n ml rod 'iced to cause ot the ' xislenee of that iioiiiespt- in-t i r u 1 ion. I maintained tht Congress had assumed to r-g,'lll,e !' iu-titution of slavery, tir.-lly, ; fy ToluLilin- it r. here it .H1 nut exi.-t, or v here it exist, d to a unall cxiei.t ; and, -t eondly, Ly not di-'tui hing it where il al- r. ad had perm n.ent fooling. Congre-s having thuM-j.Ceially lrpi.dated 011 lh -ub- ject ollavery in the Ten itoi ic-, Mr folia- icr inferred t hat Coi,giu,s h.d the power to ' . 'U ';' 'I ' ' j -i ' r ! at i.M, u o fo, nun field tliut to ilcliy It wh-. to .leiiy put upuli t!ie roh.-tituli.iii were mo-t competent lo fx- ruineiit. : pu'1,1.) others, for the pu:p..- of ., ,uai ircieariy eiiir'ooier, ine uterine o, h!lt " P"l'lrly called "spatter ar,r. '''' J l,e relalim, of Ine t .m-tituti.,,, ... 1111. .1 iiimi ui mi ........ ..... ... .1 . 1 1 - - j cussed, Mr. '. meiti'niniiii fimt 'l e C-m-ti- f ,i. ., .........,i -1 i,.. over was needless, Mi.oe the Cuh.titu'i v a- li.ole'. tut i isi'fir tti anieiiir I, t.-nileil to more that) seven ot tin' election tlistictof Kansas, quoting for tin', purpose from (iovcrnor ll-eder, from ,-, Mi.s-omi iievsptiper, am! from a c.:u:p;,ri-mi - !' the votes wilb the census taken ju-t hefote the election. At this stae of bts remarks Mr. C. gave wav to a motion to postpone the i further con-idcratioti of the subject uiitil to- day when it is expected the Senator will conclude his retiiaiks. In tie House of representatives the bill, inakiiii' approptiations for the payment cf invalid pensions and for the Military Acad- einy were con-idered, and the Sthate's a- i mehdtneiits arlly concurred in and partly uisagrced to. J be principal part of the si tin t was oecupied, in ('ommiitce of the holr, it It toe deficiency bill, the Senate's ar.ieii.l nn ntsl eing e.inv s-i ii a' lunch It !igt Ii. got their u:vw y 1.) Me ling ! How maiy of The discus-ion was upon the item for print tin in set up on a liifnng capital, get ton ing the n port of the Secretary of War trans- si hiiu nl. cl goods, pit thciiion storesbips, J. Ill ! I i I I ! 17 I lie 1 ili'lill"l "ii ill.. ,i i ui SHI .... it t ii mi an ..... .1 i r .. i u i l I t I U i iteu iic . .I.- ..':.:. .1 .1 - ...... ... .1...; i.. ... ii.iit..iu,t - i.. ntii, -hi n i r't in. iviiu - fi ... ., , m- li . laeihc railroad. 1 he sum pi opo-ed 1 v the . r ., i , " Seiiat.' for ctigrii ling the maps ii nil -!-..,-. ,gs . . i . i - i- tll-'.'.th1, and, in addition to the points . . , , , - . ' , , r.ns.'tl as to the best mode of executing the I . . ,. , , n. . .. . in. , - j ,.. t s. . . i ..,. ,i, railroad to the I.cifie w as con-idere. I. 'J'l.e comu. it tee rose without coming to any tie- cisio i on the nuestion, and the House ad- jourr.ed. yationn! Intr!hi:ri. rrr. Fatal 11a il Un.M) Ai'tident. A sad ae cidcrt occurred at Thoma.-v ille, Davidson ' County, on Friday last, resulting in t'ue dtatli of Mr. William Allt a wry wor'hy yo 3,.0I al,0ut '20 vears. lie filled ', , , ' , .', . . tho t ost of l on the lreight M am, 1 - ". t the time of the aecidei.t, was iv the act of "cutting off '' a car. 15. fore he had got clear, the train started threw !,::n on the track am! he was run over, crushing one thigh am! ', :md cue hand. Hi. leg was c input ated by l'ocnr S. II P.-tiuli mi, on tic evetiitig of the .-ame day ; but the se verity of the shock .ml the b.'ss- of Hood, was too grea', and the sufferer died en Sat urJay l ight. i There arc conflicting r.-port- as to low this accident happened .- 1 lie deceased, we ,..., v, ,o .),.. ,.;.,,. . i,,,, ;. ; ., ;... I , i . . l.,.,.,. hat deet-a.i-il rave In tleo Jlie Ca-e. 11 11 lias ,;oi, win, u.'llli- , , , T, 1 he duly investigated. 1 hi- uiath i- ,;u..',0 j , ;, i , i fc i11tice. The ereatest ni-'' r- (u).o j jj, ,m.ri. j , r, pa rat ion to iho-e jIO 8ufl(.r in , 1M ,,f a hl,, leinlcrly ani TtlK 1'IK I I K Cl'INTIlV Kl'.IlT StPK C". -In ..ur ru el.t vi-it to Ib-eUi I gb i ,n w e - i and conversed with many fiieu Is trom 1 s is L - . i . ...l.i. : ... 1 i- l .. . . ... lltOtlu , .Alison, aiiu l.lf bt'iot-isoi .-i 01. 1 g. nil - erv. 1 he I if ivc coiiiitry h rignt -iu.: up, and no mist-ike about it 'i i.t- " !"!. coun try is in a bl.-i.-.e i-f entbusiasin l'i't'.ijOio an-' poijclson ; an i th l-i-tintics on both. idcc cf the livj Till )-. v C liiie lo the in'o up lua; ol ui.-s in vvs of the Yadkin, wi.l m';', August and Nov en 'oer lln.l e who arc ignornt of the N-it'o-al A r'e.H.isiii per !.. stol do. p ft I 1 h the (if tltiij; ti e bos.iiris 1 the ga.l .i.t potp.e liiing tht-rcilon.'. We know tn wl . . . , ' " 1 ' uu v -''c;,J- Franklin, N. C . states that the slaves ht :be I'orti- ti,-1 1 mine in t!v t coe.t.ty, now the prnperl v of T. K I hoin as, H-ii , found a i,.w linvs ao several nugftts ot fold, ma- A STliiKlNti riCIL'MK. The San Franci.-co Cluui, ice draws .ho fo;,OB ;., , .,;,; ,,;L.tljrc 0f the of thai e - cl : ' c have hard times in the city M mo-t p-ople '"any pe, p!e leel. What Ins made these , ,,d tunes : .Not the golj m our placer., guU-l,. , ravines,,u,. pi:'r:i v. n.m- 11 1 k.m-. -Ni-' thelailuicol our -ol 1 mine lias ma.lo ''" liafl time-, nr they liau, not une.i. Iri-M.r iu I, sou, uinicprn tt.c 11, tue ives- i!. 1. Nave 11.-- iu.i.iei.-e iirinir.ition, tip ii.e.i ieulab'e CIMin 1 er, (lie ship, that eou.e tali, the hi : 1 1 y t-iiuiate, the j. r :. I po-.ih' fill a 1 u vl. eli 1,11. l.t he our-' .None of these Mia I ro-.ii. ht li -1 1.1 t. in.'... ii hut lias . 'I hi. i" ,1.1 ci- -1.1 at- s indliT-, ill all pi ion-, iii all r ink-,, in acejof the city. i'hev ,a, e !oi:t il il. What Lave tti y .so!rii? I'very thin 'I hey ioie into office, and theit stole what, t In v were put there to g.iar-i. I hey s,jjt. r,ijt-.l,. of oilii-c as w t II as in of fice, stole all the land, of the city. 1 hey sat a- i lliects, and grai.ted a w ;. v the inheriiaiice of the eoi poi -.-ii ion to each other. 1 hey acted a- pi iv ale iil:z. ns, ami " gobbled " up all lie !al,.i which t he fleers had hot stolen. Tiny taxed Ihe people, and then stole the taxes a.- last ;!g th, y c:.ioe into the treasury. They 1, aneii to t hi iiim.I . . s the city 's fluids to buy lie tin's land-, a ire any stolen by as great -eou'.ii n 1- a - I hi in -el v es. 'J hey put I he city i. p. :.t am lion, -old her, and pocketed tie i'a-h. When there was no more land to steal and to -ell, no more cash in the Ireas- V I , -t'ai ami I 1 u li wav Willi, they lied out -crip by t. The eoiitract- e all tliev could. iit.2 tlie Uovcrniiint tionary , fuel, bran- toitul. iho-e iio-e w ho ran away t-y stole through roiiuli I he Courts. cli al, uhd liieiu ev i ml.) iiiiiifly. l l.. y even stole the city . money wit!, winch to buy then, .elves ohl medals in praise of lie. ir .n 'J bus ihey ion ot;!y atole ail ihe it nl r-.t ate of I he corporation, her taxes, and her future receipts by -tcaling her Klip, but in doing ail this they slolo lur good name, and l.-ti. her poorer than li.iz.irus. inl they stop tln-n; and then 7 No. When lie eiiy had noiiiing more tor them to steal, stolu from each oilier, and have been doing so t vi r More than one half the law suits aic nothing but limit under the form of law. Jlail ihe lawyers of t lie ei;v ilo tiling, ui ,K i a il.x'gt- and quib- b.e el l.ivv wloc h would lii-grace Chero- ke..- hob to Stnte i'lisovi. ,i.o the walls of the J?onie how many 7 of our iiK-rehants who roll and wallow iu wealth as., ..... v.-ii. injiMtiMi-, i inn iissi"!). , . , , ... I , l or. that i7.egoo.Ia w cie " t rule. ' " bui n- i t 1 : ii , i , . ft, a ml r.eii uay -ell tlieui and roike'.ed. .i 1 the nioi.w. ,, P , , ... now many f bankers sto.o the niinct e .i -.- . - , ,, ...... v..... r .,. ..,-H".- i lion m-nj ff our Kuini ge. l eiie u -to':u t!lk. nive. of th.i: tii.l.bor, ,-ini friciid.7 Ifow m my women -ni.: ihe aff-'Ctioir iVe Viet rather of their female fVi.-mls' i-l.i ip! '. IU iiiany ot va'io.j. ela-.ds sjU- all r-i. r moIJ of the capitd bnu..t here ly our own C J'-.ntrvi:ieii. and f-p-. ',..'! - 1 - foie'ghers ' t in tn.ei t ' tl!:, how tie y sfob through qiaitz compai.ii s ! (!., hive th,y. i-tu!e t hro.igli fraud iK tit mortgages, loan., ir:Jy ' llow they stole t wry ii.iv. ( iri I !i 'h sjjTo indeed be was nor eortide. d one u;.li-s lie did. 'J his i--i'l ilio cl i:.:ii a ! , r.-e p ir tlou have lo tin tif.e ff gt nth in. n, t v . w io ilia day ; I hey sw'.e 1 ngel; ,.s:d not gilinto lf,o St t'e 1'ti.Cl-, i.l.d a t tlcl,. l-i. a;.y o-io w orid,-r, t hen, that ire l.ava Lard tinie. iii the city 7 Crt tl.t-ie be pros ptiity win-re ii.-.esiy tlo.-s i.ol re.-t it i. e bottom of society .' When we .-tti ct tiroii the immense sy.t.-ms of punlic aiel private pi under whieh Lave grown and bui.-t lik lr-ters here I't years, should e nu: rather wonder liat t lines are not wor-e 7 Is it rot strange that any confident.-!, between linn, a: y re' upon gov..tnint-1-t r-. mains 7 T.-i k of l ard tunes I N-.liil,g but villainy Las brouglt them upon the c-tv. Th, h-. nrt. ,,i ,i,, - ii rotten Cold baa turned to a tiivi. ai;d a king, nt.-l tiie crowd wor ship it. I'eiL p- I i,o pul lie won't thank u Kr :he.-e tr-iit..- It is a,, the m. ine wc ask no thanks. And e do t,ot care a fig wbef'uei- what we have wii'tep rdt-ase. or not We ' at the haJ of the pul.'.'v." inve i l bed, ttll u.. so ; if wt iave till lis; it we. have tone u drl ll'w. ' n, ;t -X! e: . : , :' . ij.,, . u). a.. ,;; "' ''" I'11''! h ivetionc all. And voa tl, ail i:ont-st -.-ii by you; vics, and ciiiiios, ::nd iiieai,si-s.t. Think, reflect, li.lorm. tUi 1 riiitious public, church no in'. -ers as well vs world luembers. Tho o. vil that trout le. you is in y,ur pockets. 'Ihe Lard Pints you eel your own vices have inaiiufavturt-j. Who that has tueatia ' will invest it here, w here half the people won'.,' try and stesi i, ' Hsr.1 t'tves, th ou Jesei ve tin m until repentance and re form pi era i e you si. d the city for Letter, t'oise .ftaitng, robbing, cheating, privately, p it 1 cly. legally, cea-e lo di-grace the nsu'e I toe ci y t'niou.hnjt tiio w oi ol, a ml bet -t.r I: mt's w;i. tome. Tin y oue,t nut until then. Tn tot o,; ian, if IkMBI.k. Or.totv Tho ll'-tormer '. ingle cuntgeu trom a sln-p-herd's but mugii. the A'ps. M. ianclhou w is a workman in an ar-ne.iei '- shop. Mar. till T, other w-is the- cl. :':d ,.-' a p .,.r ,;,.. l!r. Adam Clarke wa tha cl.uJ ( Iii h cot'ers. John lo-ter was a wvatrr. A,- drew Fuller was f ,rm servraiit I'r ris..n, Irtin-lanr of the llrLIu into t M -r-l c-e. was a last maker, bey. I'r. iiil-jt na a tsr.. J t,.J"!

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