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North Carolina Newspapers

The North Carolina Whig. (Charlotte, N.C.) 1852-1863, June 30, 1857, Image 1

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I .),, i -'Be true SoD. fo jjoql Soudhj, nd io Hour fiqfij."' CHARLOTTE, 3ST. C, OrXJIHJES SO, 1357. - -C -" ' ( m&xmtn& THOMAS J. HtflTON, EDITOR &. TllUI'HUTOR. TKUJIrf : T-tt N'orlli.Cnrnlin Whig will b fT.iriled Inset.. Icril.rrt t TWO UOM.AU8 TW O IxIl.bAU? A.N1 r'ir'TY t'K:iT8 if payment bu i ...-I l'.,r mrre uioh thai! nil TIHiKK IkjI.LAI.'sJ It the cml ef the yrmt. Nupupei' w ill le ih-on. 'rti''l!'l, nu ("er.n Brairp rnirfru jut . .!.. l . . ..r kiiI. luc'icri nn oeauriinn ni .uj per cent. will h,("-...."... hi tear. A iiMruu.M.ur i.M iira hmmhih ut i ! -i- .. i.i r. ...h ...... k....; iwnii'.y. 5 m hh'iWm(.i lime. - J rYM"ter$ ut iU:L;hu to .rt. .erut. . Tat fu'iluwiDg liar are iii.rrt .1 las riqae.tof tg'i fcauls frwud. . T v (Utur is vnkauwa, but tii-t itwi avt WMtWr a ll Ut ulli. , (DEIST THE CifiJEI. Wluls nlare vm Mrtltsf i .ItiMtr. t.i rrst And U.t i..t buMr jritSM sboii nu in b ! i,-.r(il)..e-1' l'''l.0:.ui) r. u..t Ii dctu ii.. oit-inu I a ii urn J n.jr In 1. pt,t kf farflan I pawsrif to lir r'. .. ""I.L. -..., .ffed m v h,.7t W.H.. ulr.u.i. ii. inuuli tee i .iai..r' prt. I In tffinut o Iimvcb Jus pitymg fujn tl ;ioVe iillt triurhhi nunirn In -.r ll.i life a rsDMiiii he i.ffi r'd In Jive Tail radaOToed Ht a w jht list. 1 iiiUf.'J hum nt. tu-u luintj ac r W'ait man Af cninr -sMArt il.i. tr.i sir e..utJ be When In I .I. . r'd tw It on tl, rolrt j n.unil T.m kMrlint bj..a last n r was luswi. u..l.lall .rrfr are id,ecei.l .t ll. tnrrard r. and ..Ifi-I.., .1,. .1 ... F., . . -rrrf j..fc i .1.. L'a:. . . i-"- 'At.Tinia mull u tuiiiauub iy n yiieoj lue Uilin. T ,.,,-n1.h,.1(d,,On,l.n,M.1,:,Trl ,',eJ,,,ar"' ilicn-Miibr, working claHt only a pru.ter, a porl.onlesa Much as KW Whit ,iKl.,,r...rl.U.,.atvi)t0,il..f.,.iiU,. . T . '""'J orW(f ""'.wo flovenly, journey n.,.n, a fortune tetker. If you bad .ci.awinga of coukcienco, mu 'i-. Inr .r I, r..i,, ...... .-.. i ,1 100 "cvoui nor 1 00 or Id lv . A mere lialtei-i till lionoruble iTolersion. hir. and in nf t l,r;,i.M l,rclf ,,,K k. r... ii. f ih;..;eU ?m lMN,te uU ,,,r ,!,',r " n.Zk.k UU' b",i,r"' -wj ar-pM - - - (viands, delicious cake aud pj; uiucb lo II rt. b.0Usi.rni. ihrU were rawr. , the eatisfuetioo of our bunpry traveler who WmiciioiBil.iiiD(f.BJrw stow i.(tlwi d.l,,,e, red la be a young man of aomo Hren- SoHeepwv.hVsf ft-rv.t I.U. pr.vrrs ,xi ""v. ill, cou.ii.anding, of hue sp- T-t us w'sr ksawia'av with bis and pie.saut manlier, lie aoou, t l: . i- i 1 i- lera . -r : I arpt u bt-Ufld hi.a. 1 Mtii htm bis a-itue . lie anawreJ lis Jsn :uiii Iis.vcm 1 tte. I tl. r rsoWttief ( vim I 't I'. ' 1st rup M naial s.l"uia kul saawH l-y 1h sii.s wt.icb in tudsr, .ri. htia 1414 iihi . And JI 1 ullr lut thu . ' nw of hi. txrmw in hwr hint remt Al.-euJ mf heart 1 l I'' I 'I 1 lunik tk.t iu? s.nt k'ti 1 r.l'i. tul so tt'i.i!c Ic.irs t.f ri-jiwntJice li !. t tvr eiiJ fluw. W.iu . sous f eltiitn I 1' d tiy ltiftm us I, Uu nr 1 d.a uMlr.l w l-i. lv nt w e intl iid i nis liv Tuy sins wUich arc mny I fieely lurjitt. I ran dms tin rjB tn stxcsil it brHid A s li.eijUil Jlariud, UU fU.r l t'eii T .iiH'ct. ? us il. i.e my iii.i fofem n And till iMvrits seturis ...c 1 titk to l.rivin. Tat Ha wf r.b (tury is a tu'l'wg n 111 d W .en liil rwl ::va. 1. uu lruni).tl shall wmnd I hall Hii n V nt tl - jririi, ll.e . rst anrl ll.e tears Ai d i.f lut levity irrijrr ti. 1 1 bnuslit-d my Itaf.. " - - I .s r- w t-i .? t- i r r-y In ... .n.innf rbie "If 1. .11. rtTit a'.ili (jlif y. wrtli liht l.ts ai,J !ctc Mr mul lit. a in r .piorirnf f rv tli.ll ns I I 4So mt ide air.iif v w it" ttictHiUei ayesi iflistcllimcmis. ATM V.Of t IIIUIMt Af lM'tUCHAlY. an imhijsnt kiLATru r cov. yi.utu at f ut ' wniTr. tioi'K." II.. I 1 A iH..iiint a f ft. ,1fl.i it-n. ltvir,,,the.e.,WMfi.. rnlt,.,l Kr.nee. '.in, or sr.y of the old countries, to as as- "ciated with so much romance and porge-l ' (rsndeur, In wbicb there would be a t 'iiteaut ;,T5rsi:!r' of lords and ladies, i frimis and riMtin, Uiagniflcent pnlaces, haunt-: I t-i-tlrs and "Iwnit tnona-terics, it would k" far In if e aaeetitnbln t Ilia orrst manes til a VI if ill ISiUMi avna t.lil li.ri. ia this land f plodding Yotike.n, "railronds, tnanufaete riss, aud e ittoti sjeulations ; never tiels-as, I ill endeavor to piti a yarn wbieh, f y tho JT, i not ahog.-ther a yarn, but faet aud unvarnished truths. ' ' " ' 1 I hd the pleasure ef spending a few days rwiiily, nntiimod t.overnor K, with riitin?utbti friend of tuine in llirhmnnd, nd while there heard the follow ing eflnver '"ion between the wife and daughter of my iit : 1 Lai me, bat Impertiaeliee I1 et;!atm ' Liyie K , a she scanned a braut'ful ""iotad notebsndeJ by a servant. ' Wbt oerja-ious voui stirtri-e. my dear?"' .... .nreu li r mother. I " " llathrr y ihdijtiattoii ticvtlier, at b. iug -ed, and cve-u urged, to take tea tin- even " Mrm lwnr, thf! tanners wits. . " An I why alnMild you liot, my dear! ' ' Think yea it wstild be proper mother, ' fr the daughter of . Judge K , oih- of the li.ict and B.ost distiligui-bed men of eity, to smiat with atteh Uw-Lrt-d ' "-hi,ie t..,. . . - . 1 ImU d, u.y daugbter.if they are me- j ii.uio, tlty are people well te do in the 1...A..1. a.a!l . ild la the' fid. re-tat.l,bs. niow . aateeable. and "y way wartky of yenf eoqwatutatire;'' " Keally, mdlben" ontinucd tbe young! i.i. .- .' . . I HI V ... ..I "I .aa . I li, "'V a. e invsed "her nietf hriid. 1 m i di-prv-ed tu Ihiuk tlUrerritlly, and o lr fmm 'jsgaraging, I prefer alu.yn being rtwov tl as far as poseible fi om tho iWi"g tlai-a- Uside,' lovr . is" it, expeetrd thai J 'liould enjoy myself iu oM'rrs with aucl )""p!ct whose, only talk would lu (lout tbe tu, the market, auJ thoir.owo private ".feriu Quite ao inlolUotual Ul4 u lete "'ii. it be, i..otber,'dear." ' .'. ;. , r "'! ! fie, J.iszi, , fia V IJut I am to ilawe ,J' '.hi.' ' I've shown rou too nidi'b iodul SsU'it Je are apuilt ; to I matt esD, Bw set about repairing my parden, mid pluck wu nui nun tare era It Ho loo line. tome mt down me, Wc, t,d I ill giv 3uu jour niri jt-Mon v or hi v ...... - -.t ... peri,ce by rdat.i.g to 5oy . Mory, 1 trutt will lover youi pride, and n.oke you a Lett.? flnmn 4 r.t.t. k j j l. i -"-,-" priue, . "-"B-yr, i. woi a aromiip, t.y crea- ture, but one Willi too H In I I.A a-I.I f. 1. . .... "j 1 "wnu ui ncuiii auu pieninirea linking but mi.ll preteiif-ion to relig i rmtior t .d cnouuli. but ort ,r,.. ,1 . k . , . B""d "''J ralot, on (bo other o, v o Many, rigid i (um j . lirx pon- railing npiuiikt ibs aorl.l, Oit-pleas. led at anrtbinir Ilk aocial and rational en- 1 joytneiit, and abocked at the lasft inerri - eut, il.i.cuip, playing, or any aniuenieiit that the heart, io ita fullness and rWdne, piompta the young and apriphtly to indulge. So, then, avoid exiremca of every deeerip - tion. - llut tothe aiory j '.. Knieen years apo, Hale in, in Virginia, aa one of the inott lovely villapes iniapit. - abls aiioated in the heart of the pretit valley of Virginia, jet lOii.nmndiiip a uiajr- niticeni view of the tolJ outline of tl.e Al- legbauiea and the lilue l(idp 'i be vil- I... -. . I I...U . . flap contained no Luiliiines of itwo i. tip of t L r iii a inaciiifiei-iit t'Mie wrtit, Jibe prinrulTrrtid. nt of one e.f th 1 Old Yir- giuia arifiocraey ;' tha other, tb only inn, a rmall. quaint, vet tlranant boure. ne.-tli-d in tbo tent re of jba lo ii. ,'lb f-ropririur 1 P' - , . 7 . W'"' cthc-r oi I he Mate; the other a i vui o.i.uw, wi oinv iiwii;.' oi peuueu on il. .,..f.i. ,.r i.... ..ii. .. l .: i i . vm.v vi tauir, iuivu w.a bui lc"K ''"I" f films tbrougli ibis retired ilii. Aud the advi bt of auanner was always a uh I jett u( cuiiueiiy aud intercut to ilie fiood t.ji.lo,, as u is alaaysao iu liie aei-luoed villages slid iniis, iu lh out of lLe- ay plai' of Aiueiiea. " To (hi little iun a paily dn-s'ed, ytt weary worn ti av.-lcr piekid lis way one loieniiitf in I he autumn of le . 1 ba bus- I t d:nt cf frankness and suavitvef luanu. r. iiisinuaud himself into the pood grace i f 1 ill then he bid her a sorrow fu a tearful j tbe hostess and her dau-l.ler, with tho li.t- farswell, and departed. trrof whom be sj pi-nred to le much stiuek, Years pa-sed and atiU the m.fortunate for b wi aa lovely aa ibe waa m at at l stranger . un leard of and almost forgot-igraot-tui. . , , , ten by fie goe-d goss'ps rf Snlevn, and even I " I'oes-ing charms m t unlike and .1- by the otic who caused bis misfortunes, , W.o-1 equal lo ono i adore,'' exclaimed tbe Kmnin White, berelf; yet there was one io young traveler aduiiiiugly, as be placed that little village who still gave lim a place. himself before tbe f paikltng th afier fin- not only iu her memory, but also in her beait. bit rr past. " and expect ere long lo lead to lie altar, and with whom vou are' uvuLucaa. i-.ju.iin.c.i, ai ,-nc uvea umy in the mansion alove the village a. I uudur- atood " "Wball Emma Wuiiu!' inquired tbe LosUss. ; Mien m mr .lini I n...l V...r .1 ---- - J n . ... . ..- . the springa some mont!. ago, n.-o unu en amored uh her. wooed, won, aud bow come lu claim my biide.-' " She i a beautiful creature, indei d !' in- , lerposed Augu-ta, the bo-te-ss's daughter, ' but somewhat proud as is ber father.'1 - " Not so, indeed, gelitie Augusta : if she has pride it ia nothing but natui ; maiden ly pride, a hick every lass should have ' And vou say, Mu Augusta, she is quilc ,welij well, 1 an! let pleasing intelli- Ci tii't re-tiain me to tiiiit, and to tuorroir i I will gio the tsir cue haul ren, I t'rast, an . agreeable surprise.'' Lilly next wortiipit as eliq iei would p rinii, the young man set out with buoyant i bestt and bitli hopes to tho mansion. i wo will precede hire, aud look iu on ' bis fair be-tioibed. ' Ilia magnificent pallor of tho mansion sat Eton. White and ber mother, liie one '"'" - P"" ! 1 the either iulerroja- ""S rvant, eVt And vou say, S iiiibo, b.' lodged 1st ing at the litis .' ' Yes, ndsse, de cook iy le dare now. " IVe'll. you Call r-ttre-au-l -o. ..,, II is. and even a I expected i I thought it was him as be- rode ps-t ht" - Well. bow do yot. intend to llu!T bin. ..H i l ui thinking it will ! c a shan.clul and delic.le .u-i,,,.s." M S-bfiiiirfu!. infiiTfl W hvu Aurnrv L")- psn introdue-ed him to me at ih springs, he brought him forward a one of the law stu dents., n ! neit as n poor printer, as he is I'll never forgive Mr. Logan. " ' lie i not to bltinie, n.y dear, be '. Li pupil ; didn't tbe letter s.iy h w a. a jour trey man printer at A 1 , hut in pon.-ulera-lion of bis promising abilities Mr. Logan -.i j undertook gratuitously to liio. biui to tie barT" " Will. Lt all that, I II never marry a 1 timir nrii.irr I rft.l have a fetiiler i.:. ...J . !... r l,i. n.ahn.l ,111 MU. VI.V- , -I'. .. jj. - ...... t ,1... ,,,erl hi... sii.i.i-i,,d v. so I anted Irolll the '.,,:.,. ,i.. ....t but no I will be ..j b U((f r idgmnt." i ,. u t u,,,rif in that matter,1 Jar I'm di,,osed to think bonotably ! 0 but la, m- 1 if be isn't at tbe door ,, I scarcely bud -ho ilo'ie i-pkiiig when our Lero fiitt-riMl, and with a beait ovoi flowing j wjlh jratitude and love, sprang forward to1 rrPt ibe object nf bit idolatry ; but ima-' f,c bis surprise and dismay when be rc-j .n.. I.i. iiiinii fto.l rli.t.i!. V it 1.011 hit re-1 'e. - ieed onlv in return a cold, di.-tai.t eour- i..v whieli fioaa hi blood aud rooted hiii. lo the spot. the spot. Jlcwildercd and astoi.isLrd ataiich! . .-..'i t 1 f t .:. i -i....t. ...i t... I...-,.. .1.. irTtMtII'r tlltlll li .1 4.1 I UT II UI III," . lit ll llfcu I tt eettu 9 .. . ' .. . i or t xrlaiiauou to the uiotni r, w ho perceir- .. . 1 ....l ...... ....... ....., f, I Ind her! Mie answer eum .ui a 1112 o.r ji i.r... r...i.".i"w.... "'"-fis i .r.,;,.. I.; , ,.i in ...a . - . b! in that nuee her daughter return from the Springs, she bad, sfter matiiti reflection nnd examining ber beatt, tbouglt it lest to dissolve the i ngagctntiit that ltd bcp iuad l.ctrte'eu tlelll. . The tuddy el.eelis of tle'suitor Lf cam of au a-bv j.alei.PS, aiid bis ldoortie'S lip quKCT. A like .11 V'f'.eu tc-f, as le faluttuijly eiXclaiuied "And wherein is my offence ? liavo 1 i mci iled t ,ij nood hcvens! .,d is tl.;.. . .t:. .1 t " i i .i.l the gentle, the te.uler, the coufidihi: Emma iirncu i nia i L'uo'i ueavens i ana li-i ... ax- ... - .,i?e7" " Kir, tlii ls ii.,t M .tags of Iheutre, to enact fcenes" now .puke uj iho daughter, n i . :. . ir . . . i. . , iti ii buuicc 10 k no it in areevcr io be Mranj.;cr to inch other. You attempted to.tennuce HiiHued with tlu.hes. the fair be niu. u is u.ui'iiiv. deceive tue auu oasg vourse I oil lor a vin- hit ..!.a.i . hnnm ....I T A li . t. lih u look of merTJhle eorti and contempt, ptonoly aatk-d out ol tli roon,. tiverw lielineil with dinuay ami fturg to tLe ouitk, the vouns man nit panilviud 1 imny moment, tut recovering tomewhat of the i-boik, ro.'e and starred out of the 1 room. ! ' Alssf bow rrubcd were bi bnpes now. :iVctived, alighted, wronged, conCJeiiec bc- tiMcd, by one ahotn be adored end love.!, ' a!s ! loo wi II, and for being a " low. bred. bnce inecbunic ?'' And rusbinp madly to the im, he sought this room and threw binixelf j detperately on bis bumble cot, from abich be did tot rite for two klip, ticnrv month ; .r.. .. . ! . ' , gooa lumiiy, as i once lotiuiy ti.ouglit, we ; orroed ovcrber pat cowluct. ber fore i ion, i. could be united, but as it is, I canno.t and ' disnnpointinent. btr puni-bn.ent. vet in a to mv will not de?c nd o low !' " and as the voiiih fw .Tr.. ..... I - - j - - -. ...... .,,.! m ,, . ... - . iiji, vu v nui'c I band, lanv tbua criokei alic tossed bcr bead, and ' K 1 I.-il il,.. 1,.,, -;,! . note tvc,Kr(!ic unwonted disappoiuiiiient and cicile- mel t of the inoruiiij; bkd bioubt on a burn- iug tV-vi r. l'rcm ii.oiii till nijil.t, the patient ra.ed a wild maniac, calling and eoi jurinp! bis Kn ma to ecme l.ark to him. nnd it Ii ' Iii tnd qucrulousne.-s, we-jrVd Y . .- " . .l'uJrMC,.',n fU-psir d of reMoilng biui, and rengi ed bnu o inc care oi me eernio ugn-ia, w no -,..ii A i.:. i ..a :a. .t ... :.u li m Mm liii.huc uigufc biiu u:ij nuu ui remitting Ufaiduity, bote t uh bis imle-, "What is it! what is it!" rang around" rilily, adtniiii.-tercd to bis wuias iib kind- the circle. ii.'i-fc and foothtd bis irritable spirits by tie J " Why, nothing more nor less than that' g-nrV-t word-: nn l treatment. tl..; hero of my ftory baa jut catered this ; .Kill ally after tue luju of ffveral woclts, room," replied the Governor, as be pointed 1..? b' jran slowly to i.over, and reason re- to IU diitinuiibed aud attonishtd friend, turned onee more. Wheu having entirely 'amid the plaudits of the uMcuibly. r. eovere d, he thanked the kind hustc?s and1 d:iupl.ter with tearful eyes and heart over-' flowing vritb irratitude for tbeir liudncis iu W,C,""S 0cr lm '""e' ,ud iW4. He called August, bis pre-crver, Mt puardian angel, and told her Le owed to bcr bis life, aud that be would ever bold her in gratrful remembrance, and though be w ss I ben about to depart and would not fee Iff for years, y. t when fortune smileu . . I l..l.ll I:. ur.on him a-im, she sbouM boar from biui It was the Lo-tees s oatigbtcr at. j . . e- n. i.i inr . .v.... .v.....-, Uirhinond was crowded to oveifiowing, for 'the Legislature ws in session, and bad brought ils u.u:il rcliuue of strangers, offioe j ami pleasure seekers. It was far the gay- est s. nxin the cardial bad seen for many - !''; aii.l balls, parlies, soirees, picnics, lo.lov.ed each other with uuabalcd zest. ; 1 Gorgeous lights streamed from a scote of wiu.lo'.vs of one of Pearl street's stateliest tntiu.siou-, and sounds ef music and revelry an; beatd wilbiu. Lu.-eious and sylj.h-like foi ma slip ovtrthe richly ca.-pctcd floor, ! vd grave geuiteinen sit comfortably in the- bark jrouud talking politics, gossiping and aflunriiig ttie light-hearted, the loreiy ami happy beings around them. We will draw r.-ar one of those small groups, that one near the chandelier, consisting of two gentlemen and a young lady and li-ten and a we arc ine-ng iu matters, but little harm will ensue if we are caught eaves-dropping. I ' It is just as you say, Colonel White; the Legislature has done but little as yet, still I think they have redeemed tbomelves some w bat Lv oue judicious act !n appointing our voung friend K , to the tflh judicial . judgeship. " A very proper appointtnent sir, very ; but ider he is now see, the servant is! itist usheritiL' him into the loom." J.a nm I pa, cxe.aimea , , ,..g ..u, audtlly, " bow interesting he looks, and so young too, to be a judge. - lie i a clever young man Kmma, and ab.a too, or be would not have been Uonoied with tl.o responsible oU.ce just . uitt.n tuiu. f ... i Introduce in pa. ' " Mot assured y I wi I do o, and here ho ' ., ' ' 1 comes now. ; A pleasant ev. i,,nS to you, gentUmeU -(0. White, pray how do you do vjune we. , t "-"-,' -' r .. 1 .. . I ... -... .i n t.i. rM-..x.rit v nu I o m v I.UULI. I in" - j - - j daughter. Judge K , Miss White. And with a low deferential eouitesy tho :.dv L-iccled the ireiitlemau and seated him beside her. With mauy au art and well did . .. n..,l i.iv;., r, .t sue aiie-ii! i iu auiuni. , .. v , . - ber.seif into tbe good graces of the proinis-j ii.g young judge, lut her efforts were io ! van., Her arrows wee ...ueu - o-.., of st. el, ai i.d the tounteuatice 01 uic iuuse tbe while, wore a contemptuous aud ncer- ii.g upre-ssiou bafUtd ail her aits and pei.eiration. Heavens .' what a face ! bow lovely, Low ongi liol Put methii.k I should know that coui.lenaiice !" exclaimed the judge, as be caught the beautilul black eye of a lovely lad y in a distant comer of the room, riveted ujou biw- liriOll bim. " WboT tbo youug lady in th YA ho: tho youug lauy in u-- . vet mantilla I ba! ha I male my proicge. abe is an orphan; ber parent was , MatU-t A. 11,1.1 u Sa em. iriuia, ao ueiwa mu i i l.. imdnr in v eharer. and riuht . , r. aiono i s' - - ' : , - - .11 ..inn - ami uiaid. 1 would not have -- -i brooghi her here, but she aeemi ao sad aud Miel.ueholv, that Pa would make tue bring ber, thinking i' '"W1 aomewhal rerive bor dioopini! spirit.'- - - " It is, it is, Iho P'e. ,lic ficntle hearted ugustal How fortuuato I Pray Miss W bite, excuse iim but I know you will, wbcu I in form you I am in!,j a p.inla ' --tbe poor joi ctrntd,;:lteJ 'a3 dnied 1 many Tears .coin Ihelittle vili.irrcnf P!.n. " .hJ -..I. i...i. -j' . ".. . o ! hastily crossed the' il l,nl.. I . ' n ... j a. . ' . . over her foil. I It ws the lovely Aul-uh, ami with doat-1 , . . .. n ' . v ' mg licart, eyes fparklinc ith joy, and couu- tuffcred by the cb as fcho un- ,i i ! to tha altar, .he ooul.l but aeknowlcdire that Jar j unihment jWiia iu.t, aod that it was uirnted. Judpe IC- and Lin lady Lave lived j i .t- . .. iiniipiiT lopeiner ever uue.. tut f.intna fciue. White unhappy girl old maid. id ftiil epiter, an " 8o now, hhi'ie, my tory is ended, all but the, ietiuiTHKtit," " Denourmtht. ?'' Ves, f .r you lu ni-1 kiioy, your dear father is the hero, and I the bJroiliO ; be the 'bao-born unchauie,' the ' foor priuter,' and tha ' Imj-teKs'a daughter. 1:1 " I'arJon, pardou, u,oihtr!'! and, a the younp Mi.- throw ber-lf into her mother s nun-, she voacdiitur to be to tclfi-h. no proud acain " Ami you will go to Mrs. lluWj,tt'i tbi. j .v.,in.. i ! " ()h ! that I will o.olher wu tileaaire "I I company began loudly to applaud I fioy. I" , concluded bis nniiiiia-i, wheu ba bid them ccsse as be too . ! e i -it... . ' I . nau I!tlIU(ll an t-ut III (WOttrlleil 1 ) BATHING., Once a seek is often enough for a decent 1 ,,lite ian t0 wash tilu,cl!U 0ker; BBd t Uetlier in auiiiier or winter that ougU to Jjtf j0,,e w;,n soapi warul water and a he's Lair bru.b, in room shosiiie at least sev- enty degrees Fal.renbcit. j;utn Le tateD early in the ftioru- . . . mg, lor it is thai the syrUm po-es.-is tbe power of rcacttou iu the highest degree. Any kind of bath is dangerous soon after a meal, or fatiguing excicise. No mau or woinin should take a butb ut tbe close- of I tho -Jy, unless by the adeiee of a family i physician. Jlany a man, in attempting to i cheat his doctor out of fee, hs cheated ' himself cut of bis life ; aye, it id doie every day. The best, safest, cheapest and more uni- ; Ti r.-ollv acce.-aible mode of keepiuir the sur- Jui;e ut llie fj0tj j cicsn, uesiues tue ouce a Wecj BasUjng with soap, wsmi water and Logs hair brush, is as follows : j s (oon g, y0U g,t out of bed in the! ni0r;gi ,.b your face, bands, m-ck and ' I ...... . i.. .. . V. ...... i. . .r put , our ft , 01jCe f3J. ti0llt n n,;uute) : fu'ing ibem bri-kly all the time, theu with tbe towel, which has been dampened by vvip. j Jg the face, feet, Sic, wipe the whole body j well, and bard, moulb shut, breast project- jug. Let the whole thing be done within five minutes. j At night wlcn you go fo led or whenever ' yrm get out of bed during tbe night, or when Vou find yourself wakeful or restless, spend ' uiKun. , nuu. IU IUC VIUIG UUIHI Ml MIKl I liomtwo to five miuuies iu rubbing jour. vbole body with your ban!-, as far as you 1 ran reach iu every direction. This basal tendency to preserve that softness aud mo- ! bility of skiu w Uicb too frequent washings' of the skin will always destrov. j That precautions necessary, iu connection with the bathroom, is impressively signified i ju tuc diatb of au American lauy ot refine- nient aud position, lately alter taking a bath soon after dinner : of Surgeon Hume, while !one in a warm lath : and of an emineut New ioiker, under similar circumstances, all: vtithiu a year. Halts Journal ol hrulth. MeiNS. MollAT 8 BaLI.(Vi.N Am K.NHliN. This distinguished seenmnanied hv nuda , sltccestfu, aceusiou frou, Newark ou Friday alternooii last. u;, ju Um Wofk mJ tU (Urt . bU. ( J , bo baJ M i. ... c... .1 . :.. nn an luiLL.'iiicu ui in eiii-v uvc cuum iu me in. olosuro. Tbe ascent was beautifully made, , .... - . '. 1 he passengers evincing latle or no sign ot f(,ar The wind was blowing at the time from auj 0J the bailoon Wok a north-easterly direction, which was changed . . . e to nearly doe east as it rose ' hiehcr. While passing over II ulitt't Point it wcut into another current of air E. by S., : going within five miles of Southport, and ' " u !" thou changed to au f. xu. direction, an- . ui' at U p. ui. at thuton, Middlesex1 County. Connecticut. The distance travelled was Ho utiles, aud the tune occupied 1 hour) land iiU minutes, i De greatest height they . , - s., . ,., thermometer indicated ol degree.. The fastest sailing was betweeu Soutbpoit (over tbe Loug Island Sound.) where tbey made 60 miles an hour. In pa-singorer the Sound j tbey saw the steamers auderbilt and Con- I liecticut, and left tbtui out of sight iu SO I uiiiiuies. It was quite daik when they laud- j ed, aud from their inability to see clearly, tbe balloou tu anchored in tbe tops of some trees, from which it was extricated with some difficulty, but without material damage. A writer in Hunt' ITagaziue suggests a new plan of cxtinguishiii:. tires. Ilia simply saturating tbe water of the fire engines with common salt aud potash, very cheap articles, which, actinjj together, impregnate the wood 1 so that tbe flame cannot spread any further, i. e-,tb muriatic acid flies off and tbe Sods remains a upon a glazed surface. Tbe suggester of this idea even goes on to say that ninny a Bre, wbieh ia withiu reach, might b stopped wiilout any engine, by discharging iiuelj powdered cUj, Lunjj or cLa'.k, ikrougb a labs ob tbe lis.-. KANSAS NEWS. i I'KMALE OFFICE SHEKELS. Tdt'F.KA K. T June 12 A ungallant correfpondent of the Rich- The Fire State Les-islature U now in Via-' U10nd So""' rUi"6 from Washington under aion, and bmy at work. LaH night GoT.tdllte of 1,19 7,b "'ft ,a,: ernor JlubiiisOD sent in bia meysrgc. It crea- " There are Home strange seenes, which ted a scnsulion, and is said to Le 00 able may amuse an outsider here, iu the opera document. ; lions of the office beggars. There is no re-it Tbu Legislature are proecdinp to perfect for their importunities. They keep a close county and towm-hp organizations. Gov.' watch on nil the di.'p;nsrm of Government Walker and his suite are disconcerted. No bounty. They waylay them in private places, attempt has been made to break up the and they even besiege tbein in their bouses. Legislature, and would not succeed, if Their arts are pretty well known abroad, made. 1 but there is one feature in their operations St. Lonis, June 10. tbat I, a stranger to political matters of The Democrat aays that W. A. Phillips ! Washington, must cotiiuss 1 wsa not prc bns been chosen a State Senator instead of ' pared for. This is the lurge number of l':iited ijtatei reiiator in "place of Col. Lane, females employed in the ehiacter,of ofbee Topekii rates of the 1 2th instant state beggars. If is oiiito a little sii eke of policy that a quorum of both branches of the Leg- on the part of the maseulire bi pgars to avail isluture were busy at woik perfecting the ' themselves of the tender pleading and elo county and township organization. Gov. ! quent arts of the softer sex. The fair pelt-1 llobinson'fc message bus beeu scut into the j tioners show ibe bachelor l'resideut no liier Lcgislaturc, but bad not beeu disturbed. '") i and in the anle-roon.s of some of tbe CiurAQo, June IS ! IVpartm.-iits, too, you may see any number Tie Kansas Free Stute Le.4,lalure nut ! of resting females, from the ages of six at Topeka on ibe I lib iust., Governor lto-i ,ecn to txty, demurely waiting to binn sent in hi- iw.;e. It reoiuia ud. 'l','lr M jI,,'0t eVcr' ""' J "''''T- iii.mcdii.te and thorough organization of tho 1 ,,ou ol "fic bp:""i 'Xlr iitif hi.iian. t.te Government and coditication of ,)1P ; Utere may le observed one or two old ladies p..,.iw if,. ;..,...,nr.l..r r:f U',.l. bhek. wearing tbe most mournful coun ter; contends that lie Top. ka Constitution ' ";'r',- keeping mode-tlr in the enr is the only clear eipies.iou of ibe popular I "f " of rooU1' " ll0- J0'1 be u,r7e v. ill ot Kansas. I"""1" ,ul ........ He thinks it incompetent for the l.clgh- ' I""'0"- "'"out " everlasting norr-.-,nes of boring StMes longer lo exeu-ise soverti-iity ,'"r f"'"" ,'""",r9 r' 'l'i,r" 10 in Kansas, and declares it ii.,po,sil,ie for f'ovide for some deer hu-Li u l or b-prful fiee fsiute mi 11 10 vote at the bo'-u" elniion. i'0"- , , r, , He concludes by sving be will maintain! , 1J'" tU ai.te-rcoiu of tie D-partm. nt of tbe position ol rcsihtce to usurped auti.ori- li-t-f 'Tom.-how or other, .s esp.c.lly ty at ail Laa.d. and at all times. besK-ged by te female ofTtc.-I.ear- , ami . T jlhii accompli-led and ammblo manners rr, , s.r.'t.s. June j wnich pee.uiiariv distinguish Mr. Thompson The corresponuent ot the De-ml at. writ- ,U cflieial sta'tio,,, a- well as it. theptiv.-.te l.,g from Quiiidaro on the lttth in.-t:,.,t sajs j r-u .,e rm ,0 Jiisti ,,;, ullMl. tli at the Leg.slature adjourned on tho liiih. i .nm iIls. , e M1,iiur,,,sil r ,D0H,h Atu prov.d.t.g tor taking the census .; p- (,yf n to . ,lllcnillll ef hl, CIl!U,,trv 8mt! IiomtuiK an election ou tl,e first Monday iu i fraIit coul,v. .. T, laui,s Urs,,"i, bis1 August for State officers and lu Kieenta. , rUudi order for nJi vi.ittra, and there is fives to Congress, and locating tbe at at of i fX " 0 veu for tll)! Li politi,int,s. Gov, at 1 opeka, wer- pnsped, as alo I liir.,Pln ,lie ot,,cr j, y to ,h, Seere- a joun resolution unuer mo JopeKa coi,s. t ft .l.r.. e. .1. . n. h .r : .. . tuuon. provKimg lorme appointment ot Dve niUM,j t , ralllPr fld,.rl 5llll marshals whose deputies shall take a ccoSU. , WM cti,)c;ti ou offico-bear's e'rran.1, immcdtately and make an appoitionmenlof i hd ho ,.Btrou,tillltlj oeeunicl with . t tb Mate, which shall give a be mile of uotljj, jier f a)1 Hli0Ol;it , l,er l(l!r more than Ue-uty members, and a House ol (lown in f,.0I. r,rppargf01.yi j 5Qpr,e. to 8l,7" . . . . . , ,, . , ! appearing iu tbe august presence. On a borne of tbe Territorial County Judges j .ud,ic bloolljillg ,irl ol not more il,;.u have j-rououueed part ol tl.o cc.iisu.slaw in- j ,evt.llteen tun,nierM, rUslcd into the room, oj erative. I all a n'o V.ith txciten.e!.'., and w :.i',ig, wi'h it is reported thai uovc rnor alk. r ha. been ...formed that tl.e Constitution will not be luoui.ttedto tbe pvop,e. THE NEW AliCTIC EXPEDITION, Capt. McCiintock, tbe con.niander tf the new expeditiou in search of what may l-e :aiid advanc.d with quite an air ot exp. eta learned of Sir John Franklin, has w ritten a J tioii into the S.cretary's room on her owu letter, which is published in tbe English rra"J-, .Ia ,L,! w "'"'Uts she . , Ireturiud in a very eoilat-'ed stat " '.veil, papers, giving some lEferesting raiticularsl . . i-1 . ... i .i ' ,b e what did be say! whi-pered the young of tbe proposed enterprise. Wc make the idy. ' He was mighty polite," replied the following extracts : " I intend to sail about tie end of Juuc, 1 from Aberdeen, aud proceed to Harrow ! Strait ; ascertain that the prnviaions, stores, i 1 1 ... . ,. . , , , . , and boats lett at 1 ort ljeono rl stul iti-ei-lmr T i, a i.. .1 .. ... ,- I Island hv the recent searching expedition' ... ; , .1 .1. . e e i are in good order, in the event of my bavin.' . t it i . u . .i . i . ." to fall Lock upon thetn ; examine the state .i : tu i j -c i of the ice in Peel Strait, and, if practicable ' j j . . -. :. . .v.. i 1 proceed dowu it into the unknown area. i..i.i r .,..... i t . i - . i . L iivtuy I uu. ruiVlT Ilvjr, & IO I e- . i, . i it . , , turn to I'ort I.eoriuld. and rroee.-il ii.nv.i i, ii .i i i . . i, .,' . , . Prince lSegetit s Inlet to Beilot blratt, and ,, . i ..i . , there make another attempt to pass mto and ; through the field of search to Victoria Laud, , ' where I shall wiuter, and iu tie entiling' Sitk,.mk CoL'UT of N'oktii CAP.e mn a spring, before tbe thaw sets in, complete the . The summer term of this Court commenced entile exploration and search by means of 'hi" city ou Monday last. That day ami sledges drawn by nieu ajd by dogs. t yesterday were devoted to the examination "In endeavoring to reach Yktoiia Land 1 "f applicants for licenses in the Superior an ! it is my intention to avoid, if possible, any (County Court. In the former, the fV.iow risk of becoming involved in the ice; ai.d,:i"p gentlemen were liceused : should I not eueecrd in rcacbiug Victoria ! Massrs. J. A Englebard, au 1 P. W. U us Land, 1 will return to Jleilot Strait to pass! ted, of Kali 'gh ; John D. Shaw, of Kieh tl:e winter, as we know by experience tlifl ' moud county, W. L. Saunders, of Chi pel the retreat of tbe ship from there amounts Hill, aud Messrs. Choc!;, Sc-benk and Mac almost to a ceitainty. From Victoria Land P-jald, w hoso places of residence wc could the homeward voyage is equally certain, but not learu. by way of Bearing Straits j Iu the County Court, licenses were grant- 'Ihemeansof accomplishing Lady Irai.k-!cj to the gentlemen whose names compose ltns object, the completion of the search, tlie Ho,;, ;, . and now placed at my disposal, are ample. I T i . o t i v T, j i . , i 1 J:;tiirs !. Areritt, Craven: .!.-.. n . 1 he vessel is ii three tuasteil screw el:0oi'0r ' . . , ,. , i . -,e r . . -t 3 , u . -i T.eht. with tt.fetonsa I and tori.i.iil.'itiKnil j-...-, ---i r .. .., the topsail roofs from the deck; she is dc cidedly a clipper drigomiily built, 1SW feet long over all, 320 tous builder's measure ment, with light draft of water ; trunk engines, of thirty horse power; crew num bering thirty individual.-, including an Es quimaux interpreter. Almost all will be old shipmates of my own iu former Arctic voy ages. They shall be fed and clothed as in tho Government expeditions, and receive double pay. I therefore anticipate no diffi culty in keeping up precisely the same disci pline asJiat which we found to answer so well in't?2!iwree Arctic expedition in which I have served. M Tbe vessel is now in the hands of Mes srs. Hall. Aberdecu. for the purpose of be ing fortified, by means of doubling, extra hold beams, stringers, Ac., to enable her to withstand ice pressure ; and upwards of 100 men are at work upon her. All Arctio men agree iu pronouncing her to be the best adaj.ted vessel ever selected for Arctic ser vice. From her sharp midship section she will rise to ice pressure, which would crush i -1 e 11T.J 1 ti rpred under steam, when deep, is expected wo repetitions of this exp-um. nt, woub be ; to be six knots. She will carry fire weeks' I Tilcl fu,urp- S,,,; att,d on ,hB i-n"-fuel for full speed, aud two and a half year' j f'"1 though driven out of the house by the provisions; being enough to last us for a ! ,1",J'8 crll. "u'd " remain uncarcd . iii tl.e sines oi a wau-siueci vessel, iter ....o..d winter, should we unavoidablv be ! detaiued." io. -j f i. u i... . : 1 . " J.a 1110 l aiu I'lrs. i, i.eiv i . have beeu suffering ll.e bigamies of doatl, for three mortal weeks. First I seized .1 it.. .i;.. ,!.hI,;. tl Ufi k....n. am a f r . 1 shire of the brain, which was eiceeded by a ttoppNgs cf tbe left vei tilalor of the heart. This give aie au iuSaiuatioii iu the borax, and uow I'm sick with the cbotoform morbus. There ' no blessing like that of kcaliL, yarikul-rly wkeu ye are ti.-k " , y - . . . rool , . - f . au of ,riulr,, fo!do(i aip of fool.f wMch she designated to tl.e elderly hdv, w bo, it, was ber eompatiioP, as -lur ieath-waiiiint.'' Alter spoiling and titter- l!, ?r '' V'lV u!l't' i.ici; . iooat-u su.-j-:eieus; ' mciit the old lady like a elei teal apt oiot- UiU-ter.d up eounig.-, . old one, " but, Lord, that am t uoimng. V very cood story is told of one of the Cabinet officers, lie had just cot out of led at an eailv hour in the niornint.', .'! , L.eiore e-omiiieuciiii: ins io.i)4i iri.ueu .ui-w ' . . . b ir his pailor, which adiiiiiie'd, when he ws. , ,' , , , , J e j; i- tr r sudden y brought up by tiuflii.c lum-eli taea . r -. r' . t i i i 4 to face with an mtc resru.c female, who tad , . , . . , . , , , , been patient y awaiting htm, and who ha.i , y- ,. . .6 ,,' . ., - determined lo to ahead of al the other nflu-e :, , , , beggars. 1 uere is said to have been a sud- i . , r 1 s -1 I deli vanishing of tl.e figure in I lie guo-t.y .... ....? lilht-shn t, while the lady "ere , , ' . , . der," of course, at the appariti ' 11 ereai... J " mur tioii. uraves e aswei i .o in .v. ii'.uipeoii, i so . . ' . . ' 1 kin ; Leonid J. Merrit, Chat bam ; Joseph E. Cailer. Hertford; Hugh F. M scDugaid, Uladeu ; '1 houias W. Coten, Gales ; James T. I'.nis,' Mecklenburg; r: 1!. Davis, Hertford ; William J. Montjont-ry, Mont gomery ; Jacob Ti-c Brown, Guilford ; Chas. W. Egerton, Franklin) llusrh J. Gaston. Wake ; Carey Whitaker, Halifax ; James A. Wright, New Hanover ; W illiatu (J. El im, Cumberland; Frederick D. Poisson, New Hanover ; Henry K. Pryan. Wake ; John J. Fuller, Cumberland ; Kory NcNair, lth-h-mond ; Joseph W. Steveuson, Craven ; I'ld ward 11. Plummer, Warren ; .lames G. Me Nabb, Alabama ; Julius A. Itot-bius, Kan do'.ph. Hal. lUpiHrr. A Chicago mother the other night to -k tbe sdvire of one of her inik,hbors and in stituted a new discipline fur ber infant daughter, six woek of age. She had be. n troublesome, in the evening, fretting tin t crying ss children will do ; hen the mother was told that if she would put it iu its ct'h in the chamber and pey no ortcftticn to it, it would cry itclr to sleep, ami atu r one or otild cry itclf to sleep, mnt :r "tt'l tbe noise censed,, on gr up stairs stealthily, that she might not awaken it, she found her chil l dead '. The .... . . i . . . i . i . i i i chid died lu a lit. I lie mother lias a loting i l . l . . '"' " over persuaded lo do what aud what will haunt her a .cnr as.-le lives. I!iBirr Treastrk It is estiti.3t.-d "by a California journal that more than fifteen million, of gold now lie burtud in that ground tu various parts of tbe State, at-creiei iwii'.y tjt safe keeping. aa ai Wasiiixotox, June 13. Ehost W'AMirNGTOK.- Tbe Cabinet bad a special meeting to-day to eonsider the ques tion of an overland mail to California. Tbe President bus recognized Enrique Y. Kallue as Contul for Chili in New Yoik. h is sard tSat fjol. leicbardson, of Illinois, has declined tbe governorship of Nebraska. Judge Stiles and ("nited .States Marshal Dotson, of l.'tah he arrived. Euicry i. f'otter, E-q , eX-numler of Congress from Ohio, has been teudered and accepted tho appointment to one of tbe va cant Judgeships of Utah. Another has been offered Mr. Kekles r.f Indiana. Tuos. II. Dsns, Esq , of Mississippi, has been offered . thj Marshalship of tha tadie Territorv. Mr. Cumuiinga will be agsifi ten dered the gcre rnorship of I'lsh, and bis acceptance is considered certain. Tbe impression it almost amounting to s certainty, that the Postmaster fieneral, to whom the whole subject baa been referred, baa selected for the California wagon road. he route staitiug froiu Memphis aod run ning via Port Smith and Donna. Anna, is Mexico, to Eort Yuma. j FAi'tmn or TiiiU;.C.i rrU'M San Fran ji lsci'. According to a Matejtiet.t pref.ard; j for the London Economist of May 16, the exports of treasure from ait Francisco for i t?i moMhs ending March HO, 157, were as follow a : i iToN.'W "Jerk - 8,"i!(J,4' England .... i,tJ2fl,fi4 China .... cGO,iS., New Ur!.-..L .... 214,00 l Panama .... ldl.UPl Mnuiira .... 47.1MHI Cai-iitra .... aj.nys Mexico .... 17,3i)tl places - 80,31.10 1 fl ' Total first quarter ot I ro7 . lti,'j.lj8l."4S Total first quarU'-r of 157 - 1 f,43ti,t.j f)ecierrse in 1?.j7 - 12,40J i Km.rm(iji 1. i i I'kr Found. The MarysviHe IKrald sajs that the Iowuievil! -Tumuli Company, at Ccnireviile, have found the largest boulder containing? gold, perhaps erer struck in California. I'p to last ac counts, they had extracted $17,000, and had not yet ascertained its full size. They estimate the amount of gold it contains, at not less than U.'.'t'i". This boulder i s, fair sit e.ff, to one from Australia, which the Eiigli.-h papers have i.-iiei.tiy mentioned as b. ii.j on exhibition in London, and whieli w'.igbs, (qtiiirtz and gold.) 4.)M pounds and i valued by atiguttie iudivid-ial, at JC .'0,(100 er fioo.i't-ii. AvniMiTF. To M( s-.;t i r..K.. TLu follow ing letter was addressed to a Loudon paper i '" Sir : Allow me to h-iinl you tbe fallow ing recipe as certain prcu mive to attacks of inoq.iiioej, black tjie-', Ac. : glycerine 4 oz., oil of spearmint 2J drachms, oil of tur pentine I drachm. The i'aco, necis, band, in fact all parts exposed, to be rubbed with the mixture. This was jiveti me by an emi nent American physician previous to going into the Stnte of Maine on a bunting expedi. tion. I ifvcr knew it use ! without perfect success. A Hau Casi We fre..iei.tiy bear of fire-jtooi antes being blown j pieces by lurguhr-, but l.i.-l week, in Chicago a fire, proof safe l ie'W a broker to pieces. lie last ibe key. The lock, door, sides and top and bottom of the saf-j defied gunpowder and steel. The means of meeting his engage ments were iu-ide tli" light tiling. Hut ao much time was lost in ti e effort to open it, ti.i't the broker could not borrow or " cany over " in the last half bo jr, and his credit was mined. In the tis'ir uti ve language of Chicago, he " went up.'! TiiF IMitn Statts Est'fx.ttfsn Expe- I'll It.s. 'i he question, says the Washing ington Star rf the 1 1th, whether under tha law, the rusults (articles collected b) ;iio uited States Esp'oring Expedition must be transferred to the keeping of tbe Smith sonian Iustitution, having bee-u referred by tbo S. crctary of the Interior to the Attor l ey G'-nefa! fr opinion thereon, tint fuse :.u..aiy Lu ueioitu in il.e . fui .nmi i ej. Tin: C.t.e ( F Mrs Gkv. GaTves. --Judge Morgan, ol New Orleans, rendered a de eisi.'ti n few davs ee, in which lie refosed to dt:-iared void the decision of tl.e Su preme Ourt of that eity, ordering tbe will of Paui. 1 Ciaik to be probated. The Delta says this is su sddilional and all but Glial step towards the attainim-nt by Mrs. Gaines of the rights fir which sh: hr.s I ecu long e?uttftid!:.. Gov. Wiut.ui, i f Inmava. This distiii- gtii-hed t ntiedoitt, has aec.pted the- Uaiasica to II. nil. tetidinu to Li iu by tbe President, v in ltdt the eity yesterday r bis home iu In liana lo make his rr. in. merits to return to ashiuetou, receive his iu-tructieui, aud prj'eed !a bis -ost of duty by the loth or -i'Jlh of tiext l.ioii'lt H .r'f.ion fuioii. Pi Rsi. nu. foh I?ttiiiAM'ts Saks:. A Mormon Fhlor was preachiuj the beauties of Mormatiism in fsli fftt lei, Lngland, j. rais ing Prig ha iu Young r.-i a saint, and e . cry thins el.-e that ws gon.l, was pu-tied from bis ros trum l y the Uihabilutr, aud dunked under tbe lo .ui pump. A v.-iuug luck of tl.e soap lock erder 1st. ly arcosted a Yankee st ere of our hotels as follows, " I sy, f.'liow, sou.e rf-'plo sy am a Frenchman and some take ma for an Etaylene now what do yon say I sm!" ' Why, 1 think you are a duru'd f.-o!, re plied Jonathan. Vt'ly is a hungry l.y looking at a pud .liug iu a cookshop window like wil bor-e! Because he 0..d l-i butu-r H La, liaii 1.1 in Lis iLo

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