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The North Carolina Whig. (Charlotte, N.C.) 1852-1863, March 18, 1862, Image 1

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VOL. XO. OHARLiOTTE, 3NT. O.y ZjOlICKC 18, 1862. 20, SO. IIRS. T. J. HOLT ON, XDIT1E-H AVD PniPtlliritKid. TERMS : The North. Carol in Whi; will be forded to eub ,.ribere at TWO DOLLARS irf advance; TWO j..idr,.rll,rre!i...nHi.:nlTHBKEUOMARS it the end of the rear. Nopaper will be di.eon. to biumelf aa tbey aaceuded. tmued iihIiUII arrearag are paid, except at tne j I will take ibe bundle DOW,' (aid the e.ti mot the Editor. widow, wiih dignity. (J 0 ,,-,, . eould0' consent to let C T eS liicnr lent, t hi a aixed type) for the Prat inaer. ( .,,. ;,. ;j .1 .. ...... . I -it ..I. :. .-.! 85 ce, ' T0U ""J '. Ibe man-' 1 ll Cake ll to r ,.... i, and Sheriff's Selre ehred i5 per your Horn. cn i hiji'eri ae deduction oi 33J per enii. will i 'I'm tne bundla down, air 1' eaid the be inut t"rm the regular pncn.for rfertier oy : jdew, witb flaabiiiir eye. ih year. Adr.rii-n..nt. m.erled monthly o, 'J be limn alrarted aurf had nearly let it narlerly , at i per aquare lor each lime. Bemi . . vainly 75eent.per.,uarefo, droP- However be threw II tub an imp. p,,...n. when .ending in their adverti-emem.' j" h lower stair, end muttering Hurt inatk the number of in.Mone deairod or j a eurnr, turned aud left the ball. ll,ry will be married until forbid and charged ae. What anade you aptak eo crossly moth-v-ordmfly. (erf aaked Annie irfjalniaalraareaotliorned loaela.arent, , Beauty In all Things. r i- w ft au, eini 4'e levise. Tra'e aeaelf in la ran bow That arebea m'tt; , Tuerc'a boty in the glace. Ufa luvely uildin' JJ i'bera' b-uoy ia Ine aunarl Tint ( I'itt the gSowing wet, Whro ti i J god'a parting biu DmuM liitioti bfcl. 7 iiere'a bvaaiy in ih daw drop Tnai aawrkke on l fl.iwer; There'. bwuiy in te eun-hiiir,'a b?u4y in Hie bvera ; Ttore'a baoiy in lha iui gema Tlt aitina 'oil oilier blue; Titeie'a be ilf ia bo.ue. 'Uend.hia AaJ luva lt a tui.d ui ' There'a bwaa'y m the lunna bma I' girl Uo vrrtnl l. I Tatii'l tft'ulj in te.a gr-leur Oi the a.ra elna f.ling ae J'4 iMoty in the rivei, At bttiy lit 'io bro-.k ( T bey i" I'teeuaabme Oi very .i.ul lk. Ttere'e bciuty in the l.rab, and TiMrv'e buty i Ha . Tbjl thru (racrl ol bianeliee I very (nii" brrrl- ; Tuer' b. n!y m in 'ay b ade U (Klibl (Ul'Ui' IlUC Oi ! thcra'a b-.olv, gUd,iie baaaty, 1 llerj I iiu ) i w. aiicous. 1HE iOKTrAi: ; it n THE LOST WILL r MRS. MART A b.MtON. CHAPTER I. Mather, we that oar hiuae once !' Y. dear.' rrr.lii-d ibe pale eooiao, eaaiing a lobyirig loo ei mo 'p1'"11" d-.,.,., .... huru ia that front chm ber. 2j-i huiry on, dear, it ia our. oo Ion- the boumy ef thoe who had robbed tbotn, ff Wold your abaal about your obeat, and many other impeitiuenl ibin!. I won tlie wind ie tery cold.' dcrpapa waa o patieal witblhoinl I ni I bey were meaidy clad, both motber .ure be could't belu it if ilw.i tbeir home and daughter. The farmer wai pad forty, 0uce, you know, if hi brother ailied it to fi; year, and the daughter not yet h oi ' tteniten. Aanie Liw wae not beauufjl, io ' eaid Hobert Sonthey. And berle ber face wae a rare bleudintf of hie 6on eyee rovid egaiu to the portrait iru ability an I intellect Tbey peed Tbi noble face aeeiuod lighted up arth a qmekiy along over the well trodden enow, iruating aruiie, ei he uainl, aud yet, il waa tu l wended their way tewacd oee of the ej,i. face a child of only .even year, lower q iarter of the oily- There tbey1 'oe old i. thai aouain by tliia lime !' be lrav.r.ed the Inag, i. I looking alreel till aaked, caraialy. bey aiooppad bafoie a narrow bopJoor "(J, about my age. I aaaure yoo fhe'a a lod eoleit-d. j very plaio lookiug girl. Toe paiuler ideali Any work y.t, Mr. Meae!y !' akd ibe id that face widow, ia a q net tone. ! Kugenie Kartlett waaboth vain and heart O yi'n, and im,' aaid toe into behind .d bad not eteu ail enough lo c ju the eiuoter, ' we bare plenty cfbirtauow. a .ufaer dt-leel. She bad lauoied thai Shall give ou a bundle!' And be oaat .he loved more than enoe, but never till a glanee, haif iuipartiuenee, half aduira- ' the poet face of Hobert Saulhey met her vt lion, toward the yoaog girl. ioo, bad ebe in reelity known the true What ire your price.!' aaked Mri Dart, meaning of the much uaed, touch abuaed 1,1 1 word. She fancied ibal her beauty w Well yo ioow w. generally giva ' irre.i.tible it a to .erne nun, but not to luiliiag .birt U eommoo., bui hitu-be hked t call tbaie becau-e be otteu la.t'e jou you know, why, I ibink wo 11 met Mr. Hartldt, wbo w.a a liberal patron pay t.o eh.lltng.. Slan t I take it bome'of the arte, a good aeholar and lutertaiiog fr you' Ite a heavy bundle, too wueb ! ecnvira.iionin. but for the haudaome daugb fur you to carry.' ler bo bad notbiig auore tbau Irendab.p- Tno widow be.ii.t.d. She bid d.o.''rM,J lh,t- ...... ..wing for tbie men before, but ah. did not be, however, fancied that h. w.a tnt.r w.yiu which h. looked at ber . in b.r-..y, that ha waa de.per.tal, daughter. A mother', heart take, alarm , tn.uiored of her ebarn.t, aud did not 11 a ...... a n.e.uoo. or ul.u.e. Ann..: ae too preeiuu to be eipoaed lo rudeoea. ; lie w.a the; oue, only U.r oauguiar oi a widowed heart bat tbe buudle wa. too weighty for either mother or daughter, io be ooucluded to let il be brought. ' You can a.ui H by aud-ly,' be laid ' 0, 1 an't gtt aiy body It Uk it I tnul go myself. No inconvenience, I as sure you ribt oo my way to .upper. Mi, 1 wild I could offer you one of my arm,' be laid coarsely,' but they happen to b. boib fall.' Tbr.y walked ok. till they came t a ?ery ordinary-looking home, wbo. steps were eord with Children. 1 lie. wan nailed Never mind, child. Jlelo me OP Hair. with it,' laid the wide, recovering her equanimity. fcbe had area the tailor wink eorota the entry to a vulvar looking man wbo come out from a room .near by, ajd Who- repulaiiou am Doue of llie beat. U dear!' It waa .aid vary bitterly, ard alibi be art-ache, a niotheraud daugh ter enierecd their own neat til tie room, an ado Chamber lighted from the ceiling. ' Ii Kfeiu airiie, d eo l it ?' nauaed Aa tie, looking round. Whet aeewe atren;e, my dear !' 'That you ehouid hive lined and I been born tu the beautiful ureal bouau. and af ter all be reduced to tee garret of vuch a p!aee aa tbie,' replied Annie Wbo live there bow, mother "' 'You have heard roe eay before child,' replied the another " Your uue'e ilarry end yoitr eou.iu Kugroie. Te-ir uncle Ilar ry, your faiber a brother, married my air ier poor Aiiuie ()nu ere named for ber,) abedied ef-re your fateer did, or we abould not new be euffeiiug in penury, or be for ced to take iu.uli Iroiu our lul'erere. Wrii, it ia borne,' aaid the )ouug girl, Ht.Uf aroaod,' aud nolo bad a oue either. New, il gel Ibe.e iriia doue why, we Can buy a beauiifully thick kal to wear betaeen u. Suali 1 make tea to tiigbl ? ' Yea, if you please,' aaid Ibe mether Ml ling wcaiiiy liaaa. 1 it undo the bundle aud eott ibe weik.' CMAPIEU II. Hobert Soatbey, you are alwaja aland- jiag before tbai pieiural' 5o cried a beautiful, bie.b brad girl, as aha catered '.be apletidid reo. Liiou room there at'otithe touug mau, g t:iV upon . (q ylpb-iike bur aoled aiibio a ui ' air Irauie. I Yuuig iieutbej turned round Lat'iiy a rarely ti.icilcctu.l lace waa bi aud greet- I u iu I'liimai gin wi.u ino. ' 1 eanuol help aJui fiug tbat picture,' ' be aaid : ' it baa a feiuaiiou far tue wbioh I Oatiuot iliait to inj.tilt. I there au oiigiual, er i il oue oi tuoae geeue areaiu I fxcea that artiota nomrliuica lnion under jtbe peculiar luapiraiiou ef beavea V I ' U, il' bo,' eaid Kupenie, I I'ghl.'y, but a eou'iu of mi) i , I believe Ibal I, 1 , beard ppa ay 0. hc l lie Mug now, 1 believe, but dear tue, tbey'ie dte.dlul eotuiuou aorl of poople. l'bcy ! tja.'ited Uobsri iioaibey. 'I mean my aunt and cou'in Tbey are ,ia reduced circuuutauci1', and I uu ler-iu-J !.ui.iebn );0l 3 far dou thai abe takra ! woik at the ahope You mie, and 1 aup ipo.e you think I ouhtto know more about jlheiu but I ati-ure you it ia not my fault iin :ue they would not conent to make !il Ib'ir home here, papa baa tirbiddb Due lie have aujlbing to do eitb them.' j 'Hut why did .they not Hay ?' aaked Ro bert. M), they bad aomo foolish notion, of in- dr n.a leiie eaid tbrv oul1 not live oo that ho aoogni lor near., u. u..--.-. anind, not wealin. How long did tbey cccopy here ?' Mked Robert Soutbey. '0, till aho wa. .eve. in fact, that pi lure wa. taken the year niy uncle died There wa. lieo. aboal lb. will, nod keo ib found that it m really is firar of my father, the widow left the borne and went out Wcet, where the bait resided till within few year.. When then tbey eame back Bgaio, father offju'4 tboiu a bowe, but tbey refuned. To lell'ibe truth, I wa not eorry, for I thought my aouain wa. a gawky. How oould it be otherwise! no boarding .cbool privilege. I auppoae bor n.ntber baa been ber teacher, but dear m. be aan't know moch.' Robert Souibey glanoed at tbe .peaker with a look ahe oould not bava reliabed, bad abe noticed it. Fortunately ber eye. were cant down. 'Do lei u. change lb. .abject,' aH. Eu genie, with a little .tart of impatienoc 'what did you think of Uaurdaiio. la.t nigbt ! Warn l it aupurb T J. positively , adored bitu for the line, 1 mean.' I Hobert tiouibey acemed quite indiffarfnt I whether .bo adored bim for tbu lime, or for j all fine, and replied to ber areb look with . a quiet, almost a contetiiptuoua .mile. 'l'be 'Barber of Seville,' i I think tbe moat cliiruiiug of operas,' eoutiuued lu- gonie, 'don't you V 'On the contrary, I diatika it tbe mO't,' replied Hobert O. ia it po.auiB J Wny, ery-body goe iuto rapiure over it.' rvp.ied blugeuio -1 dou l egree witb evarvbar'y then,' bo aaid, q ii. ily. ! have but little auipatby with everybody.' Sba leod aa if .lie did cot know bow to t-ke tin. deolaration, aud it anneyid ber to ace bia eee again wauderiug lo tbe , portrait. I 'I 11 take it down and burn it,' .be an grily ijaculated to har.cif After a few more common place, Robert JSouibey took bia leave. He walked about until it wa q .ita tt j light, aud I lieu reujewbeiiug an errand in 'another part of lha City, be retraced bia atepa, Waa il bia guatdiau auei ibal prompted bim ? I He had nearly reached tbe place toward. which lia atepa were betit, wtmo be fell a light touch ou bia arm. He looked down. There wa the face ef tbe portrait, only more mature much wreier io exprc-iou. Hie bt art baal at il bad never beat before. '.May 1 ark your pretreiioo V aaid a aweet voice eouio one baa folloed uie and rpok u to ai ouoru than ouce, and 1 ' the lip treiub.ed. the eloquent eyei iwam ia tear 'Certainly, 1 mil protect yoe,' aaid li ben Southey, drawing ber baud within bia arm 'and aa to that ncouiidret over ibere, I know biui be ahouM be c ia-.tiaed aa bo daatrve. He a ill before ioug il bu ia uol careful.' Tbe man met hi. .ye and knlked along a baek etiecl. Il wa Maely, the keeper of tbe .l-'p alicp. 'I about i not have bean out alone -at etob an hour, but uty needed utediciue,' be aaid. aa ibey walked along. Tb. fair girl trembled ticc-iely. I bey moved rapidly away, til', tbey came I to the mi.ertble buiiuiog w ber. lived An- me aud ber tnetber. Ai uie'a cheek burn Jed ae the youug man aotfud,d the atepa ! and opened tbe doer for ber. There were I loud and diaagreeable .oaoda up ataira, the j entry wae dark, aud poor Annie aiood beai jiaiiug. I ' Ibey are very poiaj and qiarrelaome, aome ol the famiiiet la tee rootua, abe aaid, timid' j. 'Step a moment,'' j icilaied Robert South ey. Aud knocks! i.ckiy at one of Ibe (ioora. 'Leud mi a litit to l.i ton youug I lady an ataira, be eaid, to tbo woiuao wbo appealed. Tbe oecupant of tbe roana berried to li.-b t another cradle. A. ah, gave it to bim. ! placed a piece of money iu her band, which rha wa Doihiitg loib to lake ind de.-iriujj Abuie to follow bim, lb younguio weot aa far a obe directed. Tbe dier of the garret itood cpru, aud Annie'a mother, witb a .iraojje in b." faoe, looked out toward Atiuie, a aba came up tbe atairi. ' Thank tuia grutienan, mother, for hi. kiodnaa iu protecting me from inult,' eaid Auuie, gejtly. ' Hat I left you aiek 1' ' I am wl new !' exclai.ied tbe exoited widow, ' and here i wbai cored me.' She brld a folded paper in bar band Toe will the', wa lo-t ! tbe will that lawyer Crau dll aud oilier w.tueae knew be made, ia here io my band ! It ia daud a j;ar ialcr than the one bia brother baa Annii, my child, thank tod with me thank tiod !' Sue had poue into tbe little garret room Annie, and Uohen Soutmy loilo d. The la ter tntde no apoo.y be full ao q'.ainiod uh tbe cireu utaro.-a. aud to il tbeiu o. face wa radiant it wai lha picluro qiirkencd iuto beautiful life --tna eame lunoceuoe of esprea.MOii, tbe aame epirttual lovei'iiea. 'Annie, you know how aacredly I have kept tbi little Hible aiaee your fatbr death,' aaid Mr UaMl.t; 'ou J'S tiiuta of pacu iarly j y or afflc iou reading from it aucrod pagea, beoauao it waa Ibe oue your lather u-cd iu hi prtvato devotion (In day be waa til, but not yet nick enough to be coufieed to in bad, he aaked in for a piece of green baii. 1 biouhl it lo him aud went .oiuewhere I forgot where. When I returned tbe Bible wa eovared I aaked biiu what be bad covered it for, and be replied with a .mile, for you. I thought be referred to tbe poible event of bi deatb, and il made me ad. After that be waa etruek with eeanpleie p.raly aia, and neither .poke nor moved. (Jnoe before, when tbougbl to be very aiok, aud under tbe influence of bi brother' etroaer atiod, be made the will ia wbieb Mr. Bart let now bold our lawful right. He had a itrauge fear of hi broiuer I never knew why be could alwiy. control my poor k.iband. Te day, after Aonie waul ,e.l, I got tbi. Bibla ind re.d it, lying apon tbe bed. At I opened it, 1 thought the eover felt itr.ngely ilipperj, and eortoaity lea me to punb it hither and Ibitber, until I felt ur there wa. a p. per andern.atb it I unpasted the baize, and there, folded ear.' fully aoross tbe back of tbe .acred word, wa the will. U. praiaa Haereu! We are poor no longer.' ' Will you alio toe to transact tbi. H inea for you I' aaked Rooert Soutbey, tur oiug to tbe motber. J I am a lawyer, aud it would giva me peculiar plea.ura to aerve yoi, a. I am aequainted with your rele nt..' One glaneo at tba noble face before ber, dceided tbe widow. Sba accepted tba of fer with thank. - ' I will find yea a better bom. than tbi., to morrow,' .aid tbe yenng man. ' An un cle of mine i. on tbe point of Visiting Eng land you ahall immediately be put iu pos reMioo of a part of bi. bouse. Tbi. i. no Lome for you.' Annie blusbed, for tba look be directed toward ber wa. full of meaning. She felt a be did, that tbeir meeting was do chance eircumxtance, but a direct providence, aud bia Gna appearance won iusemibly apon ber heart. ; CUAPTERIII. It is ery strange, daughter eery slraofe 1' exclaimed Harry Martlet, walking back and forth hurriedly you are ur. !' ' Certainly I am lure,' replied Eugenie BariUit, witb flihitig eye., lifting ber bon net with a apiteful jerk ' doa t Robert Seutbey lit rigbt in freut ef us! Yes, be eame in aith that Annie, that low slop shop girl and ber mother and you abould have aeen bow epl.udidly tbey were dreaaed tbat i. riebly, Annie Barilct never would abow off, .be isn't Capable.' ' Tbat ia very atrange 1" repeated ber father, walking more quickly. ' It cannot be.' He mopped nbori, a cloud of perplex ity gathering acrca bia feature. The beautiful Eugenie wa aavae. She snubbed her maid, aud kicked ber lap dog, end broke tbe Sabbath twenty liuiee before night eaiae. Tbe next day the mystery wa. disclosed. 'There wa oo uae in disputing the 'ill in .'contending agaiuat tbe powera that ware but it broke the merchant down. He bad ! loat previously ia foolih speculation, and t baU ou bi. bod tho bauta mtiA o foai tbouaand dollar wbieh he bad managed to aave for hi daughter' pottion. Tb wid ow offered Eugenie a borne, however, and he waa too thoroughly humbled to decline. She felt that il was ue!ea in attmptiug to earu a living, for ahe bad barvly a auial terio of auy eaaeutial kuoleiJ.e. She could play a few taaea, abe bad painted a few laoi.icapes, embroidered a few collar and worked a few lamp mat there her acquirements ended. Bartlett, broken down aod eocfcituoe smitteu, went to Cali feroia, and there be died. Robert Soutbey . ' , l c j m.rr.ea Aun.e on. year auer .a. unu.-g way reported engaged, but wa fear will never be married The Yankem on the March ton. Wim CHEsl Kit Wa learn tbat the Yankees bad reached Berryviile, in Clark eounty, en Mouday lent, ou tbeir way to Wiocheater, a i nupposed, Gen. Jackson was sending back all of bis heavy baggage aud prepar ing to civa mem battle. Tbi ia ibe ub tuc of intelligence received ber., by iet- ter. from 'iucbater yesterday. Berry lle i. about midway bet-.e. Harper Ferry and Winchester, or nearly filte.n Btic. fr.u, lha latter pent. w.ea. con ternatioo, we ire told, prevail, amongat tba inhabitant of tbe .ountry, and tb. fate: of ibe Valley will 100a be deeded If Jackson has troops enough (!) there ' need be no fears of the reuli. P. S.-8me the above wa in type we I learn that everal regiment were ecut up te Wiuche.ter by Gen. Johnston and that a fight waa expaoled to imi off yesterday. The reult of tbe expedition againtt Win cheater will dubtla decide' Mc(!lellan couite with reference to aa attack ou our line at Centrevilie. If Bank, .ucooed iu vaiiq iiahiog Jacknon, hi column aud lo C.eliaii will be apt It make iuiultoeoua in.vemeiit on Ceatreville.or wherever Jonn ,tou' army may be iu foroe, most probably on lb lino ef Ih Rappab anooclt. Lynch burg Virgini , I'Htint. Gr." Sterlino Paici The eommision of Mjor General ia the Confederate er vice, gloriously woo and grudgiuly beaio ed. ha been forwarded te thi emineut pitriot and uocoaful bero. Wneo tbe .omioatioa waa eut to Ibe Senate the ual lormality of referenee to a oommittae wa dipi:ad with, and the nomination waa at cue. and a it were by aeolatuatioa ceuSruied. Gra.ted earlier, it might have reused Miaseurian and oai.d a favora ble diversion, and eaved us from tbe diaas ir of Tennessee ; and we hope il my not bo too late atill lo achieve r.ult. Au7. Whig. TO CoLLtCTOUS Ot CuitOSITIE. '.Y. would suggest to thoa. who are amateur of curiosities that a eolleetiea of tbe varices peoiiueni of sbiaplasters that bow fljod the land will ba eery inlereatiag te tha next geaerati.a. A friend of ours has been pre aeuied with a silver quarter (the only one extant wui?u La is saving to la bis i pesterity. j Patiuotfc Letter from ax Alabama n. ,. . ... tl . .. ... v,kaujji:i, llllMt, U.K. Hlue, OI lUS- aaloosa, write, a private letter to one 0f hi. relative, at Montgomery, Alabama b ",u"u," which we noa in tne jvautrtner. He an oouooe bi patriotic determination to leave tbe pulpil and take tba field. He breathe the spirit of hi State in tba following ex tract : I Lava dona all tbat in one wa. to belp the country ever aiooe tbe war begao, but now tbat tbe cload grow. dark, and tbe periU ioerfiaee, J feel tbat I tnnar ji my ell to ibe noiy came, ii aa wo oouuauen lo gain ground and met with do reverses. I oould have gone on in the usual course and given encouragement, money, and prayers, as heretofore : but now 1 feel that peroual sacrifice aud Daril must ba added. I. am uol aoting under a bety impulse, but eaim- ly and in the fear of Uod, and I cruet life! ud all in Hia hands, wbo ba never ceased to be graoiou to me. A ealta survey of; all my oonoection in this revolution brio?' up notbiBg of regret, nothing that I would not do aain:and I determined from tbe first that it abould eost mo something, and, if need be, everything ; and that resolve I mean to keep. I nod, too, every day since it baa been known here tbat I am going, that other are itiflumsod to go with uie. I have a firt rate Sbarpe's riSe, oue hun dred ball cartridge, aud rh same number' of rifle-shell, noae of wbioh. I hope, sbail! be uaatnd. I shall taka a pood aucnlv testamanti, also, and hope never to forget my minuterial calliug, though not going a chaplain, now loo 1 shall be gone li arn not able now to say, but I bope until eur land ia free from tbe tread of tho inva der, and our eternal separation from tbe infamous Yaokee nation a fixed f e t . Aud it' in ibe providence of God I bhall not como baek, I truit I shall not die in vein. I am better pleased with tbe spirit of the people here for tbe last few day tbao ever belore. Our reverse have brought out a mere lofty patriotism, aud kindled a ster ner determination to fiht it out to tbo end tbao ba ever been ehoen linoe tb. beiu bins cf tLe war. ; TOE MiaaiMAC Wa yesterday gtea ' ... e .i " i-- i soma brief aeeount of tbe irgiuia, th 6 ' j great antagonist of the Eriossoa It.ttary. The following additional particulars with! regard to lha Virginia will be read with iu-j : Once lb. wai th. pride of the IYaera! Navy, and considered tbe fiuest of her elm afloat. Being at tbe Gosporl Navy Yard ben ibe frirbteaed Hessian fled from that i iuatitution, luey attempted to destroy ber, but faiied ia tbe uadartakiug. Acting on tbe biol of tbe New Ur.eans " Turtle," the Government determined to make a Nor folk Turtle of tbe Mammae, and workmen ' nave uiui uuoi.y euggu ua uer ior nai I L . I -, -. . 1 . . I . . , ( t.mtikUtg Dieul0rpbc, they have effected ia ber general ap- pearauee. From a firatalaaa frigate ibe l rased down till lb .urface she p'eaent a bove water i no greater than that ot an or diuary canal boat, aud on that surface no bail uor abeliacao take tff ot. Throe teat below ber water line tbe iron platiog, four iuebei thick, oa olid. oak, teeuty eight 'iuehes'in tbickoe, eommeuce and ruus upward from each side, .loping like the I roof of a boue, aud belug, la tact, aa iron I roof on a float. ug bouse. No spar, no J meats, ao upper works of any kind aro io ; ' ' . h,bit wluaut ilJJlir;,Qd F j 08 ,lruok ou 0,r au'hl. Lrci the ebiuinev are oo spiral o( iuU ; irmilTh . b.lBh -av. to wh.ah U.,,, lulmov.hlv on tho M u tempt to beard a leggernead turtle a ber. Her armameut oouaits of heavy guus on . .. .k .n.l 0,.. .t Vi.tM ...I .h. 11 Tha ireu clearer in freut is uppoed capable of U0P 3 e dividing a Yankee ship iu two equal por-; liou. with great aicety and dn.paioa. i Gaiturb of Tut srMsisn 'Aacsolia j The York JUral I, vi di.oh 7, ya : Captured A private letter from an ef- fleer to lb army ot the Valley, to a re-ia- live, ia Lyuobburg, aiate inat a akirmuii oecured near Cberiestowu, Va , on Satur - day lt, bstweeu mall delaouuieula of the opposing armies, in wtiicn tue vauaai lost overal men killed and wounded, seventeen taken prisoners, aud left in our baud, a flue battery of four piece af oauujii. -- We also ee it laled toat 5JU Federal iats bave beeu reooutly captured at Sjeioy viilo, Teon., by tue Cutederate . Toe Federalist bad gone there to c:u a lot of Government sioiea, wbea tbe table were turned upou tiicm, and tbey were aeuau- The Enemy at Ship Islasd. Tha New Orleaui 'J'rut DelU, ef lha lSib.iayt: Captain Guyer, af the loop J jf. D.ivis, a reliable aud truatworiuy tuau, arrived bare ihi moruing from B.ioxi, baviu left there yeaieiday. He aay that beloro iav ing be could distinctly, with the aid of bii ..I... namiL antl.lia of 100 lOliUf I VJ- . le, iu ibe ueigaoorbood of bip lalaad. 11 also alate toe euemy ha been ludui- at worn, ur saver., u.j. F., landing large bodies oi iroops oa cnuon l.laad aud tue tisa Jcieur. T. P'.Va and And. rsoB diatri.ts. South ,v...K... .l,.r. .r 'jij dietUierieS. wnicii ..v i- Sim K,,.h.l f Drn. or use .. - 600,000 buhel ptr ysarl Exempting Printehs from Militia In.., u , , 1 u 4 1 " e are imiavtareot OMn'li! OO'in- I trJ oa the ': of thi earth iu which prin. . v mpL' u 1 OU! "'uw exopt in V iriina nii'l wma el tii loty, S .nitli. - 1 era Sure. Ii i no iu"K urope. lierr , not- ! wiibtahdiiig tlm cxistenCB of Mui,u'ti; uovernnieuii', l h important- ol tlie preaa to both the Govei liiii jni nu-i th p imple ii so well unrleri-tood, t ii at priiit--ra are ex einpted from a general levy of the pjpala tioo. Maeb loor.; sho'tld it be so ia u tree country, where the pre.-s i retjarded a the palladlain of liberty. V ar not .lurprn. - ed to bear ti.ut it, i.- ilpctdnd'y i. hniiiun-nt oi la ooutne. u ut din- ii i that law for the exemption of printer from militia aervico nbouid m enacted lo refuse tbi i to ibe SouiiiHrrt poo plo of the pros t-j shut liiem out comji oto ly from ail inteilir!iC; of -iffi'ir in vh ch iey r" "O'P'J '" " from tbe,u tnc-uuv-: t pitttv.',a aria eury rbioh the pr.;M daily pur. "rtl1- " c ""f'1'16 va.utj tin oouiueru cub m ' ' j a: u patriotio press I nthout it, th.y won i amk mio apathy and inurtion, grope M it banison deprived of im w.ita away lika utroiij: men bereft of fjod and water. UUh. Dispatch, News or itie Steamsh ".Vas'ivxllb" AT TUJ NtiRTH. i'he New York thrall consider tbe safe arrival of the Naajvi:!e of'io a Confe derate t a-s a pisce of jtsjI j new for the Uuited Sc.ut.3. l ay thu-y have I mueu of tne sa;no : The reported arrivil of tb rcbl 8ttatn- er Naahviilo at Wilituntotj, N. '..' . i con sidered ratfter 'd it-va itii o'.iurwiie, a it is tasrri ior grau'ei tuat liia Navy Departniect niil it D u tu it oi.') uo;s tot agatu a:ip oat to se. Kvr .-ince M.e left Liverpool, and w i known to be afljt on 'be hig'n'seaa, thire wjs not a siiip o-vur that looked at the luuni.f iiis vtuhout &n appre&eDion tail h Qini rc a J tin-re, soma fjue mormug, of tl u cpt'ire or Jca . truction of Home ves.-el pur-L.n li-r vjy j age to or from Kurope. 1 hu Un'ii'rwritera' ; lists he toat ibere are to day betac-a seveuty aud eighty New York veel. Im. nfi,' l port alone, oa the tracs wi.iuit the Nabviiiis must have taken, ai.d, under . ' . . ,, the ciroiiiuUuao-it, ii ; " maivei to it aa cf ttaem taTe eo0iptf j. CiPruKtD ur -j .it: nir. m f it-t ntiUt aiuce to vouu j; Honry L. Batieii an : J in a email boat I .r luo sti of thu city, i .'1 ) ri.iun, let's p ; ?;' i: is vy . in:; iinporttut ii ..-oiitci.e" t i i r u.i-ki For v.ek uo tui.-t. tii-in w.-re ra?t--i -ed, ar,d tue auii. tv ol t ;u-i r iiui.a: wn moat luicuit. I'maiiy, ail douoia on tne sat.jec5 were re.uovtd by ariai fr.-irn the fort. Tiny youn iii'-o -et o'jt ou their return with a mail, and liii not l' ' far when they were overhauled nni Ciptured by Ite water pici.-ts of tiie euv.iuy. Ttiir an ail , which Ltd a w -. i 4 t u c t e :.t:.J 1 j it, was thrown ovsro-jirii and jn. 'I i.e -n-, eray discovered tne iuoveu:. nt aud ff-Ct. i for il soma timj, but v '(.-:: -r '; i ree or not, was not ea-crtaim-d. li.ey 110.0 prooeediitg toik f in ta'i ! v -f par tie at tue fori. uc mnu'i :m.-tcu i. The Now York Tribune following: Tne ton listen a:j mnC'.'i tiie Wltil d.':iili t e liii lia- lie- to a rumor taat frei'ieut L' u- i ; Clared In puipjse. to tikii uo'j mand of the arujy, ana suppre- tti lion iu V 1 r i u 1 without far her .el- The credit of pian.uu- the v,ct r,eh ba j.t eav.d u Iwnt.eity and lu:0i is luntlv accorded to u:m. W of action upon ti.e Poisiuao finally adofited uu iou te The actual exjojiioii of it 1 bo l' iu person would be a apier.1i 1 :?. in an in the ouuiry c.iuid so aa.,-u eutndiasai a o i rtsUiru lao oaiid.-ti-jo No 1 Tne deti.U oi' the cipiure of ltetluer M,,,,,,;;,, win, ,t).j.)ba' b ttla jul;l Csroii'ia, t,lU til)g ta run oat f V, ,;,i!e, 11 f , & l4.l u,.rti. 8ji tnre.v . , L ,r t. t :. . ci.j, of l,JJ bates of t;u vutuicij at t' S'ie wae bound for Havana. Tue ei : -'' of a dcx.'U or more oytr boats, on it- r way to Now (.hieaua, n:n cti-iderab! y i:: nm -h tbe supply aud iuorwaae l ie p: iu 1 ot deiioiou art.ole io tiio L'rucnal Cuy o; ie beldoui. Si'rinhent Otiya:: The Iv-i'---t miner iarn that '! J il '. Duiniahed a tcfj severe but a .uiwit oral order iu r. inu t- tu- j -u.i : o j r t'a.tle tiojpt iu e. Ii : .. etery oajjtatu l I C-i 'ni ,c pauy. ud o tni: '' call lie roll, ana rvtry mat) is Dot, wouuued, Ol an will be oouitiuaruncd !u,- co rviiiL' t.ia woau l.'i froiis tnt I in .red. J U.lvll l ( W4n nxn., tJ ,ho f!?! J -b(kt)J(pr wi b ,;,- ft . pretext tie vuicev Ljs IOl 51I.E B IMtKt. the ''.eatei.t Dav.'ffK p i t: i.' :it : h t: o t ie u- f d jt . - are in.. n v t "a of roa l1oJ!-oll i I barrel abot gum I'ut found .eatterod tbou.i'n t uiiny. LjI them b breugblmio raquisitioa at ouee r v

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