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North Carolina Newspapers

The North Carolina Whig. (Charlotte, N.C.) 1852-1863, April 01, 1862, Image 1

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"$e fhie to 6oc to youlr Soup.Hj, Qpd to jjouir Sniu." von. 10. OECJ5lXjiO,Tbi,I739 3J--0-f AIEXUDLi.X, 1862, MRS. T. J. HOLTON, KBITIESS AND FKOPRIITRId. TEKMS: ' ', . The warm, aaotkerly feelings ef a woman It wm b. Yl, a eke ipraig forward, a- rait ii Mr. Leslie's bruit. 'Very leader- gar lo greet him, tke cold reserved oipres- I j tk lifted tba litlla foadliag front in law lioa af kii fa,ilruk lika tka akill af death bad and bara it ta the fire, wkoie warmth to bar heart. Ska J raw berielf ap with a ,u ,. 1M t 1 'foi sa: tka me af its purple Iimbaj. warns aria a and silently mtiad kit ta rwi V';-Bih2 ' bt '' ! " ih,r ,h' M jusi left- ? r nni 1 tux iNii kiftv ci'MTo.r n..n...i k. piananon eeeempany tog tk obild thai i ed himself, sod oemmeaeed a ooafuied a- dilated for three monthe; and TliRfcE DOLLARS ""K'1 ruwu apea meir preieeuos. it lh end of the yean Nepaper will be diecon. j " Well, let B.S keep it," (aid Mr. Leslie, iiaued onlilail asrearegee are paid .except at the we ttTt B kilJrB af aar swd aid tkii opt,-. .1 the fctfitor. , Bay fct tbf 9omf0rt f u, ol(j Aderti.en, atnt .ll.rp.r,ar , U j, twi4itl. , eomeiea tnd lglinorleo,thiaiaed type) for tbeiratitictr. I ' . . . , , ... .,BaSjceri.ror,.cl,C;MUa.uca.(.rtM. ?7L"ar ',r''Jr toward r.M .riiae-ieata anei $!ienfl"'a galea eharfed 5 per arbapa tka tkaugkt ef ker awa aablened ent higher and a dmiueiion of 33$ per cent, will fBfaaey for ske never bad a childhood be .i.derrointheregnJarprieea.roradverlieer.ay r1, t,fr, the speaker I Wieutal vitien. the rear. Adeertieetnrnte ineerted monthly or i i . ... u.rfrlr,.ttp.r.,.r.fM..cht.,.. ataUlfV1V7.fc"L"j,'hV mtnV - Cap .Uethly 74 eenteperequereforeaekiime. , tain Leeiie kad rehered. her freon ika rfr..Ti when eending in their adtartiaamaiite drndgery sad bead age heaped upon herby mutt mark (ha number of inaertiona daiired or I a maiden aaut ; so e wander she pitied tke tt,,.jr wili ke inaerted Until forked and chaffed sc. j desolate. e-rdinfly. . " If yea are willing t adopt Ihe lab,",.. .n...-i.-,repiia ker buabaud, I hare certainly Be lekjeetiea. Ska skall ba aar daaghter and bClne we aill eatl btr Laara. ar tba Snow-Fluke, for was ska net wafted ta us ia tbe uiidit af the norm I" loatka, yeare west by like pkaatemi ia that quiet kaue, sad what changes did Time bring! Tbe roies tktt decked Iks bridsl of tke yesr were net fairer lhaa 'theie Ikat kieshed on Laara' ehcek ; sad tka itsri were not bnghtor tkaa ker eyei, aer the wiadi sweeter tkaa ker oioe. bbe preiiat usaiiea here, aid law ba lire at" "Visa Cattaga Na. 5, Etmwoed Plaee, ob the read ta Newkary," ak retarnad. He teak eat bi 'tablet and wrote the direttioa isyiog "I sbsll da asyielf tba pleaaare af ealliag ar your fstber roea, per bap to night." He banded ker kis card, aad tkiy parted after he had begged Laa ra teargire ki rudaee ia questieiiag bar. "' Lope," he aaid, "ta Sad a friend assosg aa she returned bewia tke tald all ta her friend t they' repaid her confidence by me ta eaaiaBiate aar engagement that wai . imparting ia return the story of ber early palegy for not aalling ea her fcafere. She interrapted bin with aa impatient jieture. Upon her fair white bead glistening the riag af their engageaaeat. Aa be gaxed Bpea it bis faee flatbed, kis Toiee faltered, bar he aaid ; " Uoeply aa I regret it Miai Leslie, I fear it will set ba eo&Taaiaat for to ba sealed at tbe altar oeit month. The ebarrasied conditiea of your father's af fair and say awa preat waat af ample Dieaa for bi lnaiateasaee, eosapel me to ask aa iadefinite peitpenemeat of tke af fair, ar perhaps tka dinolriug af tke bead allegether." Her face grew perfeetly white with ex- eiteaieat and ber dark e;s lathed with life that bad that far been aeduleaily kept from her, aad ezprened the theaglit the might find ber real parent ia Signer Merce des What a blew was this ta Laara 1 Ske as tbey rolled away, only left ber dearer to the heart af kor pareat and la tki dec'.in ' ing yeara of Capt, and Mrs. Leslie, wkoie! eleiiag daya were"made bright with plenty! in tke laxurioss heme of the Hnow Flake ' " Cast thy bread apon the water, aad thai (halt Sad ii after maay dayi!" 'HERE'S TOOK MULE." We met a friend tka other day jait ftem Priea'a army, who. related ta us avcral amuaing storiee wkioh aaoared latl all m that dapariaieol of aur triumphaaa army Our friend eay that Geo. Parson's amnion was odoo ordered to march soma twenty or twenty fire mile ia ane day, and wi:n ooiy half rations at that. As a matter of cour-u, tbe dirisioB iuarehed, and filled tbe ordfr From the Fred TicV.Ktiur; Sewn. WHAT TTK H.WB TO KXPKGT. While we d not kr'.iaTe the Yankeae will ever get to Fre'Hckalnjr j ez:pt as pri. son'isl uj rw amleiifuti to -re tha pablif; t'sat tteie U r. r 1 -rround fur ap prek', yet it ii ii t,t thai the eiaeuct a the .-.rtiol'.c iuad'gj on ear tail akfiu'.d bo Ma.l knrwn. On MorflaT aV-int 1 .."iOO Und.fl t RK.a 1 1 o r i an i aaa na eiaiwa apon tne Jjeinei tnea i e i to the Tory letter, as MisHeuriam arj wont wat not tbe d aughter, then, of ttie geat!Jt0 do. And at sight they Lad pitcL;-d wemaa who kad nartured ker infant years I tkeir lasts, eaek meet went about prepar es tenderly ; she wae only tke ehild of their j ing its scanty weal. The wicst of a galiant adaption aad a foundling ! Ai the Colooel in that divi.ioB wa, perhaps, in a frori u reaii, cnti'rt.'. t iv :i i h.r( : tin y w S.':i a; irrt it wr.!r- tl at i a n- to be , pro- nuar i-iiera niis.t t seorn, "Hera ia yea aaswar." She laid j hun grew brighter ia the West and iuiveri mnoh won condition for bread ted To arj Abtant S.etar. 'T i a iuof lima, drar i ter, I le at b Ihie, A id annf a weary Bight and day B.uee Iben hate paaacd e'er . The bar left their turner trace t I'fxjn my ckeek aad y, Th'j hie tUf ht what thou did'at try ta teteli Tint 'le not hard to die., l'tt bten long away, leer titter. Many BiaBtna are gone aad paal S aea n thy car wore face I looked in I'liiot lu'. "Ti a loag lime ta lac ttiea net. And tu an lane; it eeeme ; Bat all hi tna night I iit tkee. L eiaur, i in j dream. 1 kate triad I be sanitated, Vat wuea land ej' I aoa, Aad dear U and wiaaing werdt, I er thiiid of thee. And linn lli tear My eeirit weapa, Vnbiddea fi'la nua eye -Aid la a nomla da 1 leag I' aim Ifay kraaat U tj. T'er., tbto, my tromttj Aiea tiater, T'i wlien I wja with the. Aad thy aiftaaed etea, dear aiater. Were kmdlj bent en me. Mone, . , will lata aa lhau heat land, u fondly and aa well j Ok! lei thy lata k ante tka Thradgh lilo a to y epoll. I wauld net ruJ tby brow enter, Wiln grief lhau eia'at al kaal I iuN u te'l tu aiater. Of the laiie-ineta i feel. 1 !;oa art gron if old, dear mil,, Yt' dot than know that I ko teeai o calm and Cult!, Kra tkea would giJlj diet lisccllancoiiSe proadly : b tor the ring from her finger ed in the oryttaliaed branch af the rar ai if it bad been a riper, and fluag it aa dee trees, making then gorgeen with riok tka greaad and tramplod oa it, eialamiag, ' prisnnttio knet, tbe tat eagerly gaiiag "Mroaary man, tbue I abkor and de.-piae down tka read that led to the oity. Htr yea. Ileuaeferth aad f.irerer we are ttraa- I watehing wai teoa rewarded by the dark gar," II looked baek to gase upoa ber ' eatline of a bene and rider ia tke distaoea, a ke left tke reem. 8he etoed there as a 1 and at be approncbad and drew rein beside eaperb animated itatne in the attitude of the gate, ber heart beat bi?h at the reeog qaeealr seera. Caleb Ruthren Barer fer- 'aiitd Signer Mercedes. He entered, aad had grown dear ai life ittelf to her adopted ; got ber look ; it haantad hita for maay a after tbe aaual ealatation eemmeaetd ab pareata and Mr. Letiie fauad great delighr j day aad heur. Tbe night wit bat a little raptly. " The ttretg retemblanee of your ia the ca'tit akioa of ber yaang aaind. VYhau; elder when tbe fair reaad moon looked daughter to my dead wife and strange pet- oho ae teraa year of age, as Bear a with a beamiag glaaee through the tall 1 eemion of ihe locket eoataiaing both our than any other, baring but a tuor.e! or bread and enough meat only to tutisfy aboat ana third of the party, aud all fui feriag with Imager. The uiager supply was prepared, and tba table tprttul, and tbe Coleuol and frionds aboat to &;i-fy tbeir hunger an near as t'uuy oculd wita what they bad, wbea .a tall, lantern jaw J. hungry looking soldier eame up to tbeir camp-tire. He had aa anzieus oeuatebaBce and when he tamed bi faee towards the table, hi rery eye balls seemed to jiagie, bile loOKiur upon it. ihe Loioasi i'i t BQ'l : in M'ist'T u I 3 irik.. e tkey eeald jadge, a great ahaaga eame. wiadewt ef the reem where Laura lay a-' portraite, kave called tne hither to eight to ! looked at the toldier, then upon hi mun, n iinuri ai wapiaio Lieiiie aieu, oeqaeam-1 eieep, oaiwern witn tne .wartare oi eoataa- aa aa ezpianiatien. ear, ijtaiaj, n sn tag kits a larg fortune. Preeiaaaly be kad j ding thought A few tear jgliateocd on her i year daughter ?" keen far from rich; bat bad managed to; fair cheek. Suddealr ibe awake wiik a Sk, i. ol." renlied thaladv with to art ; jit. upon oiu pay aoa a linen anaauy. nan ign. tt eaaer not a ta trri. e rea.u- gathering ia ber ayes, " aar by adept New their etyle of liviag wae nteeetarily liee of Ike tituatita lathed full upon bar ky duty aad mutual lore," and the feo greatly ablated. J bey left tbetr qaiet tbat ike tkruak baoa appalled. ortared ( kiaed th fair brow of Laara who lat by I name na waur to retias ia taa eetuy man-1 ia miary it wai outer ia aaew mat pover- : ker aide. aioo of the deeeated relaiire. j ly matt be ben; that aba aauat go forth i " Then ihi it miee by all tkat is boly," Potap, apleoder, aad nagnigceaee were ! aad itraggle with tbe wild wavei with ue 1 be ezelairaed. "Look ob her and apea ow tbetr atteadaote. bertaat eame aad tireag arm to leaa ea, for he wat falee, tbit pietare," and be ditplaytd the soft the brd with the acceptba of one biaa weai to ao toeir fiaetag ; tney were ear ratsil O tie ia taa were oror io aer- dark eyee and queeuly brow of the lady i reuadtJ by gorgeoua furaiture, riek old aalf maay times to eceaitjm ber heart to portrait, tkea ealled tkem to note tbe itrik piotarei, fair itateee, aad eoatly terrieee of tbe eeaad. ' ing retemblaaee between kimtelf aad the gold and alitor, that made life teem like ej H,.BJy Father," ihe marmared, feature of taa geatleman. It wa ail the fairy tale a reaad af ploatara and gay ea-1 kBooling resareally, 'Let tar atreagtk ke aoie tare a few deep liaes Tiate had left toriaiBBieat. Wore yeara waat ob aad Laa- s,Ttn m,. apon hi brtw. ra wa a wemaa, a belie, a beaaty, the ad-j wi emo,tt, aad geiog 1 J. f'U.4!l yoa my try," ke reeuaed, mired of all admirer. Jewele that might .w. m.rrP .J,.,.J w., ,,l ; r i I- . . m.. r; or rtimt ma " tkea pasted with a firm tlcp into tke room . - i ,n ,f gpaLi,b detcaat, but Irareiiag af bar parent. Brefiy ah related to them at an early age ia Huagery, became ao tba iae.dente of ber meeting aita lUlk- qjaiated with aad married the fir Tberese ten X'tuincke and tallied with bar near the ue Lie-: We ta our La vra: a tian ef .1 l.i.ll to i bare won a prtuee a raooiu naeirsle bar fair, round arm aad flatbed oat ia ker fcigbt blaok Lair hhe was the aekaowl odgod heireta of Oapl. Laalie'e rati wealth ; bo with wa nagralified ; friendi earreaaded and then upon the table, aiid oenoludcd that by way af Bolitcaeti, ahhoub beped he would aot aaeept,) bo would iarile the tol- 1 dier to anpper with bim, and be did o, and iVnf.f;k"8 r:.s t fondlyitbe iaritalisB wa eagerly aeeepttd. As Blve a-.fritamc-'. i-'n- toon aa all partial were tested around the i'-r' :''' board, the soldier wa requested te help ba Income nf ie : hiiutelf, waerenpoB ke immediati'ly took , ' ! little orer oa half of the meat and ail ef c-tnur vii-j : i H ftat.f that ' ance. lie eat hi meat up ia piece bardly wits, ums amsll enough to swallow, and would place .Blotter arid p?;urs ; a ehuuk iu bi mouth, giro it on griad and athnv i'kv YaK.-e then cbake it dowa. This coup de tult i txi: oif al or tut aateunded the Colonel and jnott, thai in- ''. Ru ' : etesd f eemmeaeing tbetr eupper tbey iiu- F"'1-'" mediately laid dowa taeir kairas aad iorki and waieked the toldier uaiil he kad de voured half he kad oa bi p'.ite, wheu then th Adjitant broke ailenee by attmic' that the meat ea the table waj the lea ier est be had erer eatea thai it wa a i;li 't.'irojgli ij ai.o;uieui L "My poor lamb,'1 laid Capt. Leili, at homo of her pareati , bat I wai aajuiily Hf ika male that had been killed kbit ereu . i ,i t ii Ll i5:. il.ia a Bar aaa eae wae nappy, nappy, aa tna gko taacluded he opened kit fathsrly aroit, ttewti af forBiin a eentnirtcr araia.l the '3 aeeidenlallT. and bad it not been fr I UBi coixpa world gooa, for tbe dep ef her Bd k wPt bdob h, bratt, lorgetfai that t0Ter8t. Hr ettatti wcr efleatd. i ke feet that he happened te ke ou theK nature war yet tetled Wat it aot natural tkat many iheald teek to win tk keautiful girl I C.ieb Kathrta 1 Ugolher fMt f.r ,b, faur. waa a jwnog man oi iaaeu wea io uia iiii rior wa peiiahad.bit face aad Igere hand tome. Captaia aad Mr. Leelie admired bim, Laara eeuld aul plead iadiffereaee, a ehe kad prornieed and a few more aaanik would make ker bie wife. Did they judge rightly ia tkat tkey called Ca- t.k Unit.... .11 i. .1 ... ...j .j t " ... .... ... a ... . -J j,r, more. Let at tee. Suddenly Captaia Letlia grew abitraetcd aad eed. He wae freqaealiy attest freta botae ( be tarried loag erer the goldea gab let to " look Bet oo tke wina wkea it wa red," aad at sight, loag after tba family bad retired, bie reatlet feet were beard pa aiag the library leer so til the gray dawa broke. The blow aatno at last, tbey were peaai bi rath acta bad brought ail their ee!y by flight I eteaped tbe prison fjr I croand ut the tiiae the teeideat eioarj'i Atthtygrew more ceaipoted, tbey diacua- wkieh they dctigntd. We fled te thete I d out hi tkrat, to that he vkiid Ll:d ed tegother plant fer the future. The next , aboret ia taa firtt fr'endlr vettel, aad here ! profulj, it would bare been rery tosa. Bay omtueacecl tbeir reniortl to tbeir new for thrte yeara fortune and peace smiled : 1 u eioaei lai be wa gial tnat toe i:u:i heme. All the rich faraiture, picture and 1 upea as. At the end af that time I receiv- ' meat wat to eatable, and congratulate' the ataluary, with Laura cettly harp, were ,J al inimatiaa that a noted O'intpiraior I u941 'ke fact, that the "little male ' left behind to ba laid with the b- and had , in dying eenfutstd my entire iaae-l"bih weald be killed in tke moraing wa greaad. Her piaae the retained for it e nee of tie nefarious detiga laid to my ! f' "d be knew it would ke very lender atefulnati, aad with ao aerraat and bat a ckarg, and that if I wr living and would ! od nice. The buagry4soldier could stand few relict of forner graadenr they oemuea- i rtarB.wy property weald be restored to me. ! loader-hit itomaeb revolved-aBd and Y wire verv yoang tkaa. mv dau'kter, 1 aenly lamping up from taa table, he rao Te a itianger, tbair eettae heme kad a j batyour njetherbeiBg aniiouite aeeompaay blackjack thieket sear by, asd with a levely look. A few graeetul treee threw J, aiarted all ber feeble tlregth in embrei- treaaendioue beare, he eried out : ''Were a their ihadowa in front of the little garden, deriagriek robe and a cleak of left roie- Jur Mule 1 Here's your Mule ! 1 Here's kloomia with aumuiar floirara . witkiu the bead latin fer rou I wear. I tkiak over- Tour Ule ! 1 !'' and did net eeatd shout- imall room were fietb aud eluaa and filled worked hanelf, f?the day previeu to thai j iag until he kad tbrewa it all up, and waab- - . As 'appoioted fer anr departure ka wa 'ilriakn d bi tiak out with a buwtet of uratmr. sP'':;iJ StEOIiJl . - berlasd. uu (any te f,t q jau.tHU'c, -j bar a u of .:' : ituiiiiio-; is ie.u.i ?Olk iI,!V.M fefcn opiai of tun:; Forii.-t II AM LaAro5i' ii.. . . i. Who a a i i -mean irre- ' '. -her hors ru - irr'aia acoo.i' .: i fir e'ad !d- i-:Ld .: . .ijt i to 1 i:, Vir u car- - ii--os . r ii l'o.u Jut tuaca .',!lJ lii'.n- lau-ie so lid i j j.ive as -i.o I. ' Si! with evidoaexeef refiaoment aad title weeke weal by in the earn tweet ealm ejui el, Ihe tene af tuiad ia thi nofortunat family grew mere peaceful and retigned. letel Tb.v who bad erown nc.uatom.d te " " "V wu" . V FK '-JT pertenal habits ef noble espeaditure ; who l'"ked l" kad deemed their wealth ae eabauttlei at ', ,'V9 dowa aitb the fever." Tea shall not wait for me," ak aaid " Qa, I thail toea b well, aad then ju com fer me." I did ge. I kined yen uiy little daugk LAURA; O It. hi ANMA M. UATIS. the tea, auuai new laara the elevationi of grandeur for the kuaabier walk of life. Oaplaiu Letlie bad in aa evil bear beea tared to the gaming table and forgotten ta th aeeureed exoitemeal ef the play, bit keaie, hie friead. bit (ied. Madlv aad j t .t it: the UlfiwcT it i, i.i.'-','i and Si. . . -l. v-.J. f'j, Le i ; vs a'to j:'.iee J i i l.yi tbt r.ti w iri; i'ha .i.. .! ic x, of j .!. i. .:;.: umut at their dear eld home had pai bandi of aa utter atraager aa , ter. at voa lav aelees : I rave There a elderly, ear worn man who had jutt oorue enibraee. aud we parted ferever. I from a di.Maat laud aver the eea ia the re- Uft ai! tbe fuada I eeald tpare, aad aa 1 1 paled posi-ettiea ol great wealth ; yet wttU- thought a truny aerraat, bal as it proved, oat kiadr.d or family. Ai the auuimerlUjy coahdeuoe wae muplaeed. I was de weal aa, Laara bumbling all pride to tail laytd a long time iu ttaataetiag my buii their fall a forlaae bulled htrteif ia em-, ntit affain i wrote eouiiaatiy, but my ltt- reekl.telybeataked the bulk of ki. priace-, - w-t.,, wer. aaiw.reo:. At eooa a. pe.ttklo ly fortano, aad lotl. N.r wa. this all, for ,h tkoP of l retained aad went te the plaee where I kia three richly ladta ahipt, that were "b u ,,rrJ ,1)4m Dora kerielf i kad left ber. Ska wa not tkere, bat eome freighted with areeiea thiuge, sank at when the wealber wa fin, aad the walk, I aid remdaat in the neighborhood told me .i.,m. in if ernk. laon Um Lent kanoath tke. a airakoa mf thougb leng, md to inviferato her. i aha died a ekert time alter my departure. The wind daebid fitful ge.t of aad i.f.riaaa lika a reed beaeath tka ten.-! "7 ) k "tl aad pa.s.d ! and w.ik me to her grave. Tbey ad- netl " by a dark, elderly ttraagerlwb aever fail- aid that the fsitblet eernag woman bad ,C.u'-,ir I"! ,Vr..V."r'-i-!,b.fLa.r.-. dt -'J a b. .eear.d all my w.f.'. and jou, C apt... L..1.. and b.a wife wer. . tu.j -1 bafleUf ffk Sfj .mfor,aa 4 , .ght and o.o. eh, beard h.ia .y , .eyed away with oar ehild. I .ought for ihe ceavereauou ta wbib thy bad bithar-1 . M , ... ..j b I very like Tkereie, bat ir canaet be." I ber ia vaia ; 1 returned to my owu iaad ; ...... on for.airkt ..nt. ...k. . "u" uu" w,""r " " W' WSIRIB wea.i- uw. - i -p-u a -- "a"" i h, .,,r. . . ... I Ik. .U. .n I I ..M. b...r Ia ll .t. r,r..iu'.l. ,t......l ik.ri ' f,lt tB ,f O"""1 bar neck j I have foaed you. Ok my daaghtar V give way. it anppeu aewa upoa tbe tide-1 Sue sprung ea iate bit armt, " father 1 it wae all ihe laid. Without a word Mn. Lealie left tbe room ritb tO be.n an. kad lanaad into aaii.nd . Ik - ... - - r - 1 euu iiiinaiu iviioif hi uerou i ui.kl .. , , , , " . , . , .... , a.l. K..L.M k. .1.. ...L f tk. r.1... f.e k. fm tar. Tk.- k.d .till tk. '""reij along to me .Bep or Ber employer, i eame tt to uie n.r., . gr.,e, . itkoat. A nbaar Ira a-lawed in the errata " aaauity pre ainuiea a r.ty over in. -n..e( ;- r;-i--"-- -- walk, kat era k a.ald .too. to ,iok it an. ! t,v Fa.b.r asartiueat. tkat wora a .laaaant aad homo- ; ' ltetB ia tk abeapeat poaihle way like Tbe goldea baade of th oleek u1l otlge wae take in tke labarba af era pointing lo tka hour af, wbea taura prepoiea to i.e uie addeoly there was a akarp riag at tk i "holare aad eaeeute embroidery lor tke deer, and than tka taaad of retreaiiag foot- j ikoP r ba aity. tpe. Captaia Leelie wa a brave man, j It waa tka aigkt before their removal. bat ae be roa t go forth iota th ball bis: Laura sat a loae ia the epleadid drawing ife oluag to bin ia aa infirmity of fear, t room baeied ia bitter thoagbte. It was a " Stay, my hatband," sb bciought kina ; 1 awt luaamer v aad th auaoalight swept " eerely a boueii prta would be krad 1 peacefully over the graeefal tree that grew at tkia dead boar af tka aigbt." Beside tb kaleony and laid it white haad But h wrBhd away hi aria from ber apea th dewy, fragraat flewera, that glie Cr-p, aad proeeeded t open tba door. I teaed lika stsri ainoug tka 10ft, green leave, bathing waa vmble ia tb thick darkaeti; Hut Laura keeded aot the beauty af tbe bat areientlv thev beard the faint, feeble I boar. Sbo waa aiuaiar witl. bitter inteuei- A bad Komanci or ths War. A train ea the Eaat Taaaeisee and Gsergia Kail road, OBVtyiug lb 23a Alabama lini ment to Kaoxvilie, rau off tke track neir Cleveland. A number of the aeldivri were injured, aud " one mora uafortunile," ct whew the feilewiag tad t'.ory is teid by iiia Kuoxville Kegitter, lost aer life : A girl, iu uaiferaa, who was with the i': diers without revealing ker but wbe did net baleng to thi regiateat, was .si;:.,i oa the plalfonn of oae of the ears, u.l .ma her lege o badly ruiued liiut aiiipuitioii wai aeeeitary, and both were itua i ii', bat without avail, sad deata put au ai to ber aufferiag latil night. Ske give her uamo at Lilly White, uud teld a tad aUry of woman wrouBM. 6h bad diiguited hertelf in male a:iiie, ami joins i thi regiment wit b tbe eipc:an:i ef liudiug her deceiver, wuj n i;i ..-e army, and avenging her ahame. iAVA v u oi t u t-.! iiis U it-. .s. A corri- . r. 't.-ti-.'v, V'h't rfu -.,u, a point iva:ui.b, :.:ftiu. ee - of . t ''' i si je are ..f.01.1 w.i' --: lin CfrFt; Dr. L J. KjUth, ia a ti tka l.aiiralurn ll t jl'l. r Hills lii but retently returned bringing an infauti -w;i. .i UJJ f i;lu a, . .- . .I.. ..... -f . k.. ! r ...... j , tut for Coffee. He etys : uliag of a child, and preeariag a light, ' fuad a large baeket i tk perch. "'tb soma auriottty thy bore it ia tb r lighted parlor, aad foldiag bak tke 'tpping it wbieb it wa nvlopd, the form of a beautiful iafeat appeared. lie little ayei were oloted ia tflet !aabr, "d a luiiU that told of aagtl viiiout, ri u apea it velvet lipe. A dainty rebe ef "o, riehly embroidered, aad a oloak of 'f', roie eelered satia preteoied tk little eriu ; od freai iu t)aV ,B,ir,l,4 a k f geld, hang a tmall latktt af ailitue oriai wrkainikip. ty Vr th faltekoed aad inceaitanoy af tkota luinsner frieude who surrounded ber ia the day f priority but aow bad left ber ta feel the oeldaet of detortioo, while a dark aigkt of trial hag over ber bead. Caleb Katbvea, ber owa aSaaeed husband, kad left ber ia ber faliea .orluae : at least, be bad not sailed eiaeo tbe atwi af Cap taia Litlie poverty beeam kaown. Ok, eeuld it be tkat ke wa like tbe reet ? She beard tke aeuad of a familiar footatep up- a tka marble stair of tk balaony. tsbe rot aad went out in tbe moonlight, aa the bad flB dn bifr, H meet her lrr- tb dark (traager wko tteed Bear reaoked dowa fer it aud .haaded it to ber graoaful .y. oua.u.uae. mm pemeiy. . kit . robe n.hly wrought, yet of a by-goae 'Madam, aaid ba ia aa agiiited veiee, patiera, and a little satin eioak witU its "will you tp aaid with w aad allew me r.e hue beaded by tiui. She laid thoiu to exatuino the iriaket attaeked te tail ',, Sinor MerteJe knee, b kid them ehaiur aad tbey all wept. The Market tana ef R 'Cerlainl v.' eaid ike. laaedin ii t!i k. i-f. Tk.-... . . . L.,i quetl and banding kim the locket, lie me, fram the former eoantry resi- tUd d.v.i.piuent ot tbe oaaeoue ti.auM . a leek it aad fucking a se.rel spri.g, wkieh d.u of Captaia Le.lia. It wa. plain the ! ' U-Ts Ja" ' tbohadaet flew .... ,ud die i .nnn.n.-l.a ..r,n, w.uia. k.d ri. ! S"frc8- It pos.e.te the of o.3s , , . . . , -"f 1 . O oieteu two pioiaree , oae, ma very eeaater-, w.try ef ber eharc aad left tbe babe at part of Laura horlfj tk other, a dark, ! C.ptnid Letlie a door. It wae a it re atately lata, and areand tke rim of cold ' union. I aaaaot ito to tell voa ko thev that eaeirelrd .tkeae tw faees wai eagrav- ; ,1 waat baek to the dear eld heme wiiu in with The graiu whja burnt contain uewtrJ of fifty per eent of photpharic acid, wuic act injutioaaiy ueu ilia whole bou; tiru: lure, la the rc.i" it etl'teiuiiiy prrn: ed ia the fioeat tipaaiib : Carlei Mercods." viug the phetphate of lime, whiaik .:iii- tutei upwards of fifty per eeat. of tl.e bom ia mis. it .Till ot i: ; iifr i- t'n1 if r-ir !l in be. io j- :-f-t t iIi. T,. till I'd 'C t C -l; Tbereie aad pietaret, it itataei aad niurtuaring foua- i The Yaaeo Haaacr ttat)t lht Mr. Jeii tain : bow tbair live wr all maua Brii at ..:. .c xi.i.- F.i. l.J. .aid tk. ., k- ' . l. J ; : t k .... Mesariano, oi tae ura. -aw-...u- . f, a - i iu kue iiaiiiai wi uajpj nn- Agaia, Laura, a tae daaghtar ef Signor Mercedes, reiunud ber former proud pesi lieu to tociely. Oaee more tkrongi f flat ter eurreuaded her, and ameag tbeat Ca leb Rutbvea hattoned te " baw tbe kues " to tbe divinity he pretended to adere, but the bad prated hew false and bellow were hi prelettation. Laura letieai of ad- vertity tid net been ta vain, tne peer cam yea by thi lokt tkat ae belonged I my wile I ' "I kaow aot," aha replied, "it kaa been ea my seek ever aiaee I eould remember, and my parente never teld me why." "Yea have parents tkaa!" "Yet, air, I atu lb only child ef Captain Leali." " Leelie," he repealed in a mating tenet "why, b waijtk fount r nr f my r I V, eouid i"ri be v m ,. - from mr'i ni'ii r. J , t mi.i n i aikv U lie in- kiarkidala, Xw Uria, ba pr.oatd a pleudid bra batte'y. 90siating af ix of iivj- " !,'.. pieect, oettig 540,000, to enoourage th tueji. povi. raiting 'of aa ar:illery eempaay in that J'jV.'l p u'atr , eouatry. A New Ku- 'imiiu be ll t.v b M a. a io-s i. '..) Vii'a .-. a o:-l fvr it ) i ir Gen Wool ha appointed Lieut De Wiu Clialen at a Censor t th Pres over tu leaiued to leo aud kl5 kor, aad Ike yean, jotwipeptr eripoadiat Irotu ki duiiivi ,,,;, 1 If lie tiirA. nrffu oatti j . -i 1

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