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North Carolina Newspapers

The North Carolina Whig. (Charlotte, N.C.) 1852-1863, April 15, 1862, Image 2

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M . r WV,'. J 21or b (LarB ma (Wlpig. Ci 0 I charlotte: Tiifsdaj, April 15, 1882. j CTT Tt. V. .k.f.el 10-. cr l.rnjir, ne con. aiiifc to ct.ind ti ear eatborisad agent. H ! r,-:. o.-crre for the V.'mo, blanks or sdver t .,-r.:: n!a. ant! -eriijil lor !h:,-ae. Any fwrsotiB iiif .b:ii; who Day u bim wilhin liiree month M-i.t rcLnre tut Wuw fur two dollara. Tic me tuber, 2 hat u: t t -.e all k inds oj ctuutry pro ante in cit'iui'te Jqt the Whig. Uggs, JJi.tter, Laid, Chiclens, in J act anything Ikat is ike tnutktt. ... , . . v ;,r.1l U of cr country fncuJi who lotecd j pvit! tubscriptioDS rood, wili t jfi-r a fvnr upon us by bringing ititt as, ,1 bsion us r .-.-K,.e. ... , , , , a-u nu-iti for several days , ; o:.e c( cur exchanges the Kichmond i ilx' Kh.t t, vln bsa bfcan.e of it e w&u!d( r'u' to slow S3 re wouM difiike t lose! , M ft!. ...1 fr-r. our lv.ito tlaeo ! V,"e It etaied in one of our ex- ' V - V - - . . u I 5.x-. ara fcaiP?. tbeir .MoifS te their ( ii't it U a grst j':! wo cruii net get .ctue of i hero a. it to be scarce and ! ii'-rs iLii th? p!ir.teri in Louisiana and would lowsr the c ar at it sure.y Prorr; tte Ca;rp. Ve lope those vc'.uijtters in Gcltls-::r- tl. 1 1 are te.-dicg tep and norf-papsrs j .t siiff i- 1 a that sp-f ears tj be their fcet-c, tr.j j eav taey fear Lc4hiag lot etakesl i!.cy rnurt claruj tcai vita uiC.-ie. j The Giiibi. 'e f? it ftiteu in car ex:5 1 oes that thr LiJ.'e are rai.irg funis for a Gun-Boati Lr u. State ard Ccnftdc rate ttrvic, to be : ... . , v i ' ta ed the"0.d Ncrth LHate," have oar; ' i fuir L-ii? frifL li esodercd tbe auatur, evrr. sr? ihfj iriiiln to contribu'o a rcite i j5W ,biy bave :.e, vte . I , .. :i. -ti iToit.bIv. j i ha A: . . ci sac i.-: rt.tli, Sjibera Mvktbly uneui tu:s cam- j it tLii.k the rca- twicdze tbst wo ire iir tbaie of cur' as; kulri'-:d bad bt-, - - -l-ru 'ri-nds have; - tiltd-.ta,:, . Saak.; ter c i- triutci in, cri. j . j " T 'tor"' j j. .act acLievem.ak of i . iVvit has q-jick-;e t ' I i I t'ls pB'jitien of 6- Us is; .r! " Aassea-! '..';.. 'i. a-.i it uisv be test aihr tb? wo. id bis in .'. i"!-st9a bia. Vhat i-ekt vi :;.' a.ii Le, esn ,'.L.i, we fuel fail well i :.ffre.-ive tpirit of tic it wi 1 le putasd to I tl aarattsgs. d! a tritle chss'.et ' , . .'.! trcaj W.-eStUea XUU I je.sJ iioai Swater,! tat Xar.oieoi. wat ; j t . .1 . I ,r?.r. a, is.1t ueoar atsa Ut u : .hJr i List ttvr tarre.'.-i e-tLa-is-ii; we sy, The ea.tiiiM atcad Ly tac froaa , ti.t iiettsr iivt ev I ii,ia!t J OsrS alu U; a ,-r ti.s ui-U-r;T ktb.svtmsat Ut;y Stb.avtmsat J bit a'titcksd, is ciiaiustd by tLt the lutrr j id Lost is-ur- tu rije lo snsrt. Culi'tioi.a Cl bn ilolia M.ih t..c r fcr tl:e caii.-e L y t StU':- li " It uss lapsed fcpi Rack, In the Senate yesterday a reso- f r om K' ,Ve'. 1 'T eoii.Mau v.e eifc-y which wss Urn 1 lotion was adopted instructing the Commit-; ed lJ Maner'n Mite Post, U. 3 N P'-t Xte victory of 1 tee on the Conduet of the War to collect muti lie reckoning, jnl euterti M.b'le n f-,rtlJr,a st Fe-t'evidtBce ia rerari to the batbaroiM treat-' J B,tV cf ,U ''J"1 "'' f ' ! ' fjrUM " Ai -.nt of the ITei.a .Sner. aad ..Hi.,, b. ' The Is M was f.rnt.riy tb, tender. it'. s M7vi w.ts tLc I auxee , U rtb1 afuf b( fcaMj- of W L. A H,ae .11 lLat could W b aurueaereis at tbe lata bat . , , j tie in Missouri fell in Ibis way. We skeu'd j'O'i at his c?)Bamei.dl . . .. , . 1. r ear ki heart, eraua tr.ii'.-.-ui.- cf t:.e ic.l wl-ssc ibltitilt b i waa -j) aud t-ibl te advance, be: siau.fa aa i,i',:-n tue ealiojuies wbieb! Loa e ni-fcu.-o! rsr.koirr. i,a.l act a2ot,by( dtiurouiy ui :( i j- Lit frce aiik thoso of ' b sr. rJ, kaa iUu lureaiog hiusalf into lie !.' ni'ii mi is. in; t lit i i:r.i pieroed to the heart by an enemy bullet ... i-"- luare wiR iiDgtr .bout the nam. of Albert Svdney Johnston, and grateful peopla ev- . . .1.:. ;tl .latha er repentant ox men luj-ai.vw, -hie memory with immortal honor. Tie regret which f,vary one aast feel who hi uttered a word against the fair fame of this eminent martyr to our eause, w ll ma Loot Drove aD effectual check to w" ' the vieioue nropetuitv bituerto so hoerauy t iuc -ibiwu r r i isdulged for condemning military ieacr I before knowing the circumstances which eontrol their conduct. CITIZENS MEETING. Chaklotti, 2J. C, April 12, 1SC2. la accordance with a call wade by the Commissioners of Charlotte, on Saturday nioruieg a large number of the inhabitants of the Town assembled at the Court House at the appointed hour, when On motion tf 8. A. Uarris, Esq., the lion. J. W. Osborne was called to preside as Chsiruian, and K. II. Brilton aad A. C. Williamson, Ksq., requested to act as Sec retaries. The Chiirman having explained the ob ject ef the meeting, On motion of lr. C. J. Fex, it was liti-oivot, mat tea iiwi noes, wn , , ' ,,, of vYr of tha Confederate 6overament. its m.e and aii- paj On motion of R. F. Davidson, Eq , it was fro!vtcl, That tso Pastors of the sever- al coDretatiene in Charletto be requested . e C0Dgregslius ha ds. of ;lie cit;Iea3 tbat they take under iin- jaediate eaiJeration the propriety often- dering their BclU to the Goversatnt, lobe h J 10 ttem P"P ia defBce of the country. On mc.ion, it waa Tf solved, That Mayor Davidson bo re- !. d authorised, tj tettniUBie,ie tko sense of this meeting to ; tbe Pastors ef the several eongrsatious in i Charlotte aad to itn the See- j ret3rJr r M kTtJ out the de-j sires of the citizens of Charlotte. Oj motion it was luso.'teJ, That the papers published in Charlotte be requested to pablisa these pre eeediags. On luetioa tht aseetiog then adjourned. J. W. 03BOR-NE, Cfunrman. ' V: "?B,IT0:,' UecUntii A. C. WiLLIA.MiOX, J jo OW) rKKMlCM Ton SALT SPRINGS OS, VYaLLS.-The Lagrange garter publishes , Corrependenco between Mebsrs. Wn. P. i Beasley, James A. Kinder and Ben). II. Sighasa, members of the Legislature from, Troun eeantv. and liov. Brown, ia which r 3' . , .i Tu the Govsrnor, at the suggestion of the tares setiliCBieD rlt named, offers to psy " a re-! w ari of &tc ihsasand dollars to any per? en j who will discover any salt springs er wells ia, tnts Btate, wnicn wia sucra salt wauri'""1"! ju. u .id isnujti. of a iiiitab! rr.alitT. ta uake tbrea i Tbev ai;o look '.be silver from sevsri! hundred busbeU ef salt per day, provided , jfc ,,-riage or welia arc located at sush j ia'aud poiat as is free from attack by tbej gnn noatser mc enemy, ana not to no wua-; t in Use then ten miles of the coast." r. ... .r-m s.wnMn.Tv i .... -r ElisTO. We learn from Adams' Ran, a.. P...." u-.rt.,t.r .V..t .k. ; udmobubed bv severe wunishucnt infiictcd on ti.e by tbe lleleomte Legion aad their'"4 e'1- All tbrcc struck by n s iui ( e.Kpatri.t.of N.i.en-s.M.ers s and Salvos ' "f"" M lf,f m,u k,lied ,0.,h,u ! !"V: vJl '.LH Tr? !i Littie iidisto, the secbce, of the brilliant victory of cur t.-oeps above named. I Lit- tie Llisto is a sma.l inlet, separated freat main islstd, by tje little iidiito Eirsr. CharltUm Courier '.th. ScMura EiCALirr whether the rebel have enlisted Iadians ia j laeir service, lit. Summer ssid it was viceat we wtre ia coafiicl wiiii a peep'le lower ia the scale of civilisation than ear sclvss. IiiMxis of A. Sisxlj JuuittTn. We learn that the friends ef laic diauag silks ibiiiiary Uadsr are preparing to have bis rcBssiits brauzbl here for Usaesrsry iater- nseai. uis sister olc or more nsiees ,Dg sejecraers hsre. His wife is ia;CaIi- for sis, aud tbitLsr, st se.T.s futars day, Lia k-J . I : 1 - . i i Atlanta Commonueuith, 1th . " uij ss ooiriau ir peraianeaa wuriai. CHAilB JJT till RaLKiSH. A Federal ; r ..... r.t. k. ... . v.. .- w o.v Tax iwUALiTf or TBI. , ' . I r . V, , e-e-e. . .t . -.::!.'. ifidspen-, was Ersd at tbe Loa.s'lersis Stssaser il al- rs'.ip, trey : i " i!i i eigh, on felarday Bjoraiaj, and persusd by '.V.t. oualiSed!'" iu M !' w" t"4" U d , 1 laerc gunaoats caras lo ths assistsace i:ZngTd , 0f.;- uan.torl.aai ika Ua'.i.k waa f,e.J retire. Day Hook . .2 Ar.?HOOTXI3. IbC eneruy bSVC OT - ! gsix-.d in svsry army a csrps of slsrpuhao- j teers, waese exclusive busiaeis it is lo i sLoot our ocers. It is believed last Gen., : aave a simitar corps aiiaeaes to aur owa ,,. , ,t . , l. r . ,..t r....-t. l. . ere esitLl. Ska - , j ... ... . a, - -- fc. " Kutuer was currett last evening that a yankse veistjl, loaded wi;k cotton,', furniture and other sffu, salcn front the Sea Island plantations, bad tone aauere on Kdiato le- e. " .see. 1 urnirin ..irtmtti ih TUI DOUBI.K-BARREMD SUOT GUN At A Wiapws or - War. The double-barreled sbot gun, properly fixed up, is th beet gun for quick and decisive work ia use, for the following reasons: Tbej are generally of that length , which shoots hardest--they are very heavy, ard reooil lest with a hea vy load they are ef better iron, and bet tcr made than any wir gun in use they are all stub aad twist, that is, all good ones, I and , therefore, rarely burst tbey cost I from twice to ten times as much as other !.,.. .j ii,.f. r.l,.u..t. fc ,"'!;. 7 . . : ,er material. At the beirioaing of an ao- beginning tioa tbey shoot twice in a second, aad to rounds with tbe shot gun well charged, at fifty to sixty yards, will out down any dou ble line of men, and than the impetuous charge with the sabro or bowic knife will do the work ef death. " But bow is the shot gun to be fixed up? Why, every guu should have a Urge tube, to suit war powderthis is' all impor tant and indUpeasable. Large site ordi rary tabes drilled out a little trill do well. Eaob g'jn should have an iron rammer, and a pair of Minnie moulds perhaps tbe round mould would ba more convenient, and each gnn shaald have a eatire bayenet they can bo eiaily fitted on. The poneu ho! J be supplied with ball cartridges both Tbe horitoatal aecnraey of the saot gun is equal to that of the musket the vertical aceuraey is near enough for all purposes Maob has been slid of ruing sigbts. ub coel, deliberate men, tbey laigbt be of beae fit, but to the excited soldier on the ild of death they are all a humbet, where ei ther the elevation of the ground or the dis tance is chauging every moment ; for un less the ai'nt be raiici or bsrerct at eve ry variation of two hacdred yards, the renin sight is only a sooree of error oe iuca i is easier ia cuea n ius nsu ... .,b . .i . f . vstion of the piece than al the true thtince , aud the ri:ht guagt ef the sight. David i felt himself eueuiubered with the eintifio anuor of Saul, 1st with his simple armer ; which he was ued to, he felt sure of victo- j rr, and hu convictiOD1were veriSed. Hej that is wiliinsr te lose Lis life ahall save it. I end be who tries to save bis life will lose it. j Let him that hath two gum pie one t j bim that bath now, and' ho that bath bread,.; let bim divide wilt. Lim tktt bh Lone i L-t co man now ssy that aacht thai be ha is .is be. Uy it all on th. .hen of his eeuntry, liil sietory ptcbs upon our i I banner. Exchange. ! During the bombardment foar men woun- Tan RaPFABANo?iL FRonxa. The ' dad thr had lo-t a leg aad ess aw arm. Fredericksburg Herald, of tie 4 ib iaat., Nvar'y a thousand shall of the lsrgl sine eayj thst the FtuersU sti.l occupy the cjui- j were thrown iuto 'he fort from the Federal try North c the Bar pahanuocik, ia the'bat'encs i country of Faii'juicr, and uppsr edge of talertl, and had not aUeitified to erv the river up to cur last auis. ! We hear that . lively skiria.ib took pises ; between some 4'J Texa sccun aod a par ; ty oi me enemy eanj yti-.erasy norma,'. ...... . above St2rd C. II. One ef tbe Toianc W -Atla.nT. April ll.-A geatlemsn who ears lie IrosLt down a CoUail at oneotift (i-?ribth ou Wdseday nijbt states h'-s shoU, judging freia tr.c sty is cf w ' worn by bias. Ite Sc:r f.ii iromj bis saddle in fu s.gbt of the imr. W-N.wa it l-tr nu , n rye nave it on pre.iy gio i aau.-r.iy. , that whil-t at StkCjrj C. !., tfje ' dtiitroyed and iuaitriicd the rceoia. of tte cJULtyo&a ripen i tan n earsi private in tbe Ljborbood, aud ;rpelrated evf.ral aiacr acts ef iafmy. WcCNI,tD X9 THE Skibmi-3 or Sail"- I DAY. Three of oar trocr" iueub- cf i ijservia iz uienl. who wero d c Sa'.urdsr in a stirmiih with the eriemt 1 . lew Ycrkievto, arrivud ia th; city ye-iti-r. day ereiiicj; by tbet York river train. T- lBm were o tue arm, tbe n-.ll- The wouw Jed nun wir convoyed to tiia t Georgia IIopi:al on Cbureh 11 ail V.ic'i j tnond Hxannner. CeuaaiaDiler IIlntie, of the Confederate jua'boal O ii.-i(cii: jre l so the 'id iaUi t eff Mebiiv, tiie Yask'e "rhoooer hij'L Chay ItSou Courttr, I Chattikooua, April 9. -The Confeder- Tbc Salisbirry (X. C.) Vfatehman x-1 ,,e tlet3rj on gaDd7 was complete. Be preecc. th. tbst whi-ks, a. l i po... 0) F-airaU ties k tie been the eaase ef nearly all our' ' disasters. Ibere is no deubt that tbey 1 d B(I - "hoo 4,000 orisoners have contributed in a great decree to bring taken wsg them Gen. Our les in k 111 them aboct. i et ktii waunded is freai 3,0u0 te 4,000. . I Anril 1 0 Deacatabes raceived vaster. ,,,,, iaay LxeJ tbu l.uoeiu IsHcrs ia tUe ieuaoi oi aer Eeur narrii, and a.aed bar; busband to read theai, U I C U P. M T. j ' i-r ir rum s.i'aa ..-.. a "'Sir' Itliwi.wi.r, I i , i , I i . T Illil .-it cati.nuer. of n.a .' (Mil factory re reiju.tta lo uieit at lie Court ! iloaac in o.i fuur-day lue lit i mat tut, l" ' r'" 1 r,M"""t i.-i ft tbe itu us.f.e , e.l,,:, ; M.m. I ,.t,u s v ' ' ' " " " in pirauri or proxy, must be' A. a. DAVIIOK, Or.-, of li e !-lui.,l l.:rs. torn M, le:2. t LVotice. j rai'lK MA',11 fiATf.So j JL ly !' iei'i.-l.d 1. a' M ...e urg conn .i rii 'i Tu..ij. v o l April ( i.untr eu-t fit, as there i huiiUe.s el j "r"u"': to he lllMi'i.1 t JOiii WAJaKEli, Vhm'n Aoril i. ltd. Jif - . -'. Tailors Wanted, ! r. jj- wu iniir.r, journcyni'-n ii,ra can tied roMttent erriBJnyniertt , n.n.'eri? .T. V. fpT'f viiailt:e, i . A(-rii li, I liu JtAGS! HAGS ! k.-M Mid f..r KAdA nt !li, Kneel..,, t. n ""-J I ,r r.. . iom thi H Um Democrat, Latest From "Richmond. IhcnMOMD, April 13. No newt here of any importance. Occasional skirmishes take place on the Peninsula. A battle is believed to be imminent. A During Act. Atlanta, Ga., April 13 An Engine and three cars of tbo Westers Atlaatio Rail road was etelen by unknown parties yester day. The telegrapbio wiroa were cut. A later dispatch sayc eight Bridge-bur-ners, who stole ear engine and oars, have been caught. They were sent by the fede ral army from sheibyvillc to barn oar bridges and thus prevent reinforcements from rescbing our army in Tennessee. Surrender of Fort Pulaski. Savannah, April 12. -The following is from the Savannah Kepublioan, of this m3raiDg( 0i is fully credited in official circles ; It is with sincere regret that we learn that Fert Pulaski, after a most gallant c f ence against guns vastly superior to our own, surrendered to the enemy at two o' clock p. in., yesterday. Corporal Law, of the Pbcaaix Rifles, stationed at Thunder bolt, brings the information direct, lie , , . , . . e i . , reached the fort at nteoolocl a. m , yes- ,c . Wrd.y, aud started on bis rsturo trip after tbe flag was struck. The surrender was unfleeditienal. Seven,large breaches were ja fce geulh waJl of frt fc lk, . . , ,,. , - b"'J f "S Protl guns at kug . Lan diag. All the barbstu and casemate guns esrio on tbst point were dismselled. Tor,btU na4 eutered tb Magdtino, and , , . . cler brctl n&l1 Dc0 1 10 ' ""MnXS p" . wf r P'P iitireiv ibrocizh the wail at every fire. No ' lives tttre lot. Th f-rt w eiuiininded by Col. Chss, H O'.w.-iu I. 1 be garrison waa about fivs Laa.iroi biroog. . TI,,. ll-itilo nt Priiith there was hardfightiog on Sunday Monday last, but none tine. The ' It onfederaio lois wss aboat Ire tbousand ki.'.ed an'! wounded, fbc Federal !os was ut 20,000. Among their kilind were eo,r4;4 Bueil and Wallace ; this is oco- . fcr:od tbroub ether aouroes. Up to Wednesday nigh I, seven thousand Fciaral priiouers had been sect ia. Gen. Puik's division drove five theisand of the Federal troops into the river ; aboat two thonsaud were lot, and many officers ' captured. ' The woods in the vicinity of the battle ; ground having taken fire, many of tbe wounded on tot. aides were burullo tcatb Oar forces were compelled to destroy tie. erntaurmloo cspt.ircl for want of trans- portstion to r.ev. it to . fl.e. ef caf.ty. Tbe army, it is stated, is disorganized. au l there is no prosaeot of a renewal af the fi2bt. Atlanta, April 10. Our Ion at Co u'mu is five thousand killed aud wounded. Tbe enemy's los is wiucli larger tVc have twenty thousand reioferorael4. Tbe three dsysarnaittiee aaked by tbo Federalitts ends on' Fridsy. Twelve thevssad small arms and a large Lumber of cannon were taken ireoi tbo Federale. Car, troops arc ecafi dent. t . ,, .. .. , day toe at Marietta say that Van Vera and bis co-lib sod formed a iuoction with i , Leaure(.-ard eu 1 ursdsy night. Basil at- tac'aed the cotibiusd forscs oa TTcdnesday Biarnia ' anl wss repulaed. I I lifj SlraillCr V irfrillia III Ofk Xonrot.K, April 11. The Virginia aad . a'.ber steausrs af the Coofedsrate fleet left the Lai Lor at ksif p ist six this noraing. -i No Sring wa heard as late as la e'clsck j from tbe Cent. Virginia wsnt to ataweH'Sj Point. The Monitor is afriad of her and i l keers wull under the runs of Portreic Men- roe Uur vsmels have captured three) piiStfs t.vo b.- S and a Schooner. All in! " ., ' ' J OCLOI.K, P. M. The Cenfuoeratc fleet is off firw.,1 s Poiat. The 'Monitor' is un - : def the ir il.a t.f Karlr.n M.nrn. T.l.a ,, ... . .... "an. .a anu i we aeerees nave necn I. ' ' o.snavi ir eapinreu veaneie. j 6o'clv;k, P. M. fight yst. Aaethcr! brig was captured by the Virginia There " was a fr.nd .tamped, uf federal bri2c and i scboouere this Bieruiog on the apprtaob of ' ...... ' ,snt tirgtllt. ' . TlicJlarkeU. COEEXOTBO BT WILLI AMU & 0ATB8. CHARLOTTE, APRIL 14, 18(3. BACOK.Hams, aew.-...n.. Sides, lb.. H.r raa, .....! Shoulders, ... 96 87, ..23 SJ 00 24 q 00 SI 00 .....35 & 00 ..... 4 W SJ O 30 95 fa) 300 I1, .. . Butler, Beeswax, Beans, BrauSy, Appls, ...... rsscb CstUa, -- fffii. Kin . Ib...... lb ,buih.l,... 75 (a too (al 160 '..ia! liw ft 03 57 lb 75 U M Java - lh 60 fa 0 .40 to) 00 Cnil, ASBitiB, bpcriu., Tallow, Corn " bow Ckiekeas, Cletb,i:psrs, .lb CO fat to .....tb -...-so . (a as ku.ktl StO U0 bub1.. 60 . , aa--" a ...yard- 95 00 -yard 50 - tO ......H ( ts bbl...-.....900 M 950 EE lur,M... a. blfS .4 re.ilberi,.w Hides, tirssa, .... " Pry Urd, Muttca, Ib JO Ib.i C Ib 19 lb.- JJ5 tb.M t a OJ c 00 00 J25 tiO CO C 00 00 00 V0 00 2oi 00 00 00 90 00 00 3 ISO 135 115 ou 00 00 00 lavuret, .bbl.NeJ. 140 (y ..Kitts 450 (fj 180 ....f.!. ..00 ( buihel 100 (mi ?, N.O vr.l. Meal Mulletk( VVilmiulo)...bbl... Naila.Mertbern,. .lb. -15 (, Southern,, 8 (a .bual. el TO (a, ... Ib 00 .buahel...l0 C .bualiel 150 (- .buabel 1U0 .buehel -95 5 S (, ....ib 15 iy -f!- i 4!f ..kck IIS lb ti di, -buabel 141) (! Oats Pork Fees ?oUlee,lrieh,., ' Sweety Rice . Sugar.Letaf, ttruwiiy... ntooe.W are....... Skit,.. Te What, while,... red, buih.l 115 (9 Wbiekey,. Northern, gal ... l to ....75 (- !i. Carolina... .ga... Woolbugt Uoorjia) waabed, . ....... 59 ( " " unwaaued t vv Varn. bale- 950 (& Come to the liescue I Cpt Wm. Ixe DaTid.toal eomuaniiinr Corapa. of 1. 7th Kefinient (Cut. t'aiapbell'a) N. Care has Troops, is innoii la swell tbe rtnke of bia L'oinpny to lite nuxianoia B umber aothoriied by lbs L onlederate Male lonfre. The wililarv ebtracUr sad abiifY of tbe earn. mauurr oi'lbe Sr Tenia Kajimcel te luo well kaowa to Ded commtal. Ail pereons Seaireus of eaterinf oae e the bal drilled K'fimsnu in I've CeolMerate service, huvjIJ app.y urxncdiatrtr to K. I. UAUIWO.I, who is uUoriied to eahsl Pien (ut tbe abuse I'ompunj. Trie L'oufederata Bounty i dejsiUd 4t Die Urmcli ttaa ef N. C. in Ibis place, be be paid recruit immedieU! after euliaUuf . April O, 19W M ri'BLlC NOTICE. Whereas, it has been raaorted to the Vie ilence i Committee f'r t barlolie Beat that a few peeono in the lowu are depreciating the I on Icile lale ootee and H. C. Trea.urv n..t. e br refoamg to use ihem, end by bayios np One, Gold Bullion sad Oileer rials I tasriaoaa ratea ef premiem iherslere be U Reaoieed. That this Oenmillae Suoks upoa sny loch rmrM n enr evidenee of anaoondnrse en I tie parte' tbe per. one envied ia it, snd thai tbey sail on all good eitisens to report any e.-ita of the kind wmch may eonieeato toeir knowledge, that the tumuMttte may publish the nms end tiae aoch c.iorae ss ll.ry may deem nscrsssry. By order of the VieiLa.ti'C Comimi ef Char, lotte. April 1, le6J. 9l AtlaiiticrTeiin, & O..ltailroad. Tacas. Urncs A. T. A O. R R. Co., ( Cbarklto, M.rth 17. ltJ. As tbe last inatalliocet ef hUick subscribed to Meealrnbiirf county, is due on the Stlst ol April, all block boLJrrs ia arrears are requested le make Immediate peyrovat. ('oe.tracloes have faithfully performed therr du ties anj mutt be poid. Tbe ainuant le doe from Stockholders. CoaM forward. PAY LP and gel your certificates. JI. L. WKISTON, Treas. March 35, led it The Corner DRUG Store, tll.4ltl.OTTi:, .V c. I-;. SVK IILTCIIISO. &co. cV oo!d reepeetfally sail the attea w w Ijud ut liw public to tneir large and coinpieto St ies uow being opened for the ripring Trade, consisting ef Lrua, M tdicines, rti.mita!s. Perfumery, Fancy Articles, Oil, Terperlme, Bernmg Kluid, Also, hoi. Pure Medical V tne snd Brandies Canton Teas.Picid and Caardea Beciia, eke., etc, J.nuuy 17, 1B03. 43if Delinquent Tax Payers ! A Rt you eter going lo psy your Taxes or do laV yos eipect me to p Iheoi for vou. I em I em harraeard with claims against the toemly. no '" y Hy up yoor does m sriort time I ahall proceed Vi colicat them eceor ding to law, I luu.t hats money or prweriy t- ; make it not of, your duty li yur conatry natr r aa hotieet men ought to prompt you te pay jour i a xes. W. W. UKIEK, Sharif. March 4, IfeCJ. Tan JJark Wanted. 1WANT to purchase a targe quantity of laa nark th. a heaawii and will psy five IMIars percora oenvereo at the Isn yard or Jour IM. lara per enrd loaded ou the ears on sny Bail Koad aoy disiance not exceeding 40 miles. I .11. 11 I A 1 I.I I It Mareh 4, lC2. 4S.3ru Mill.le oi r, : in IHE largest stock of WALL PA PICK WIN. I lil)W MilAItl-- I'lllMU Tl-.llw; a.. in the Klate, must be sold in 'ill) days, to'niske room i or oilier ouainess. All those wanting bargains had better Call soon. ( Those ta tbe trade will do well by calling on. l . W. II. sjCWUTT, lUC'U to, lfbl, . tf 0psile Pest Utlice. . - - - I M lliU III I 111 Bl fl 1 I Sill. It IT W. K. RTITT is in Charlotte for a Jl few days only, and te pet some 8 or ' eblebedied recruits for Co. B. 43 Keel, N (1 ; t... tk. p..... . .ii j ! ilw ultU. " " " ,M ... L"n.1- Stiu wi" ,,ani 41 Sto's ef Brown, i late et ntitt. Cbeilolle, jet,'. . " For Sale. BY virtue opw Deed of Trust to ino exi-cnied en the 6tli of Feb'y, I860, by Jolm O. Kib for certain prpoca therein menliuiivd, I will proceed to aeli at the Court Houee door in the Town of Cbrrlolte, on Tuedav of April court (it beinff c.c 2Slb day of the month,) fits talus.' ble likely MEUROES one man, t)r wemsri and one child. - ' J0HK A. YOUNG, Trustee. Uy M. L. Wkwton. Atfv April 8, 1869 4t. ' To the Poenlo of North " " Carolina. A TTHEREqi'EST OF PRESIDENT DA V13, 1 bars underUken to collect all of the arms now in of private citizens of nar Slate r'o that purpoas 1 have invested with authorit. to borrow, purrkaae, or, if neeeaaary, to imprea. them. 1 am satisfied that it will never be necea sry to resort to the u.eef the Isat named sewer" PsUiolsof Norlb.fsre.liua, our soil ia iuvaded ana lliouib wo bavs men eaeugh to repel the i'nva ders, our men srs useless unless thev have erma" Upward, of liO.OCO etaad of arms are iow lyinV umIcss tn our house j these srms should be eollco. ted and plaeed la the hands of our noble defenders None but a arena or di.loyal citiaeu will refuse' te eemply with thie reqaiaitioa. will immeuj. ately sppuinl editable a(ente to e;o throujn every eounty ia the Hi ate, empowered to burrow' pur. Chase, or, if necessary, impreae emu; BUi jn meaolime let rue entreat all true patriots to send ta all r their maskete, riles and doahis.barral shot gens (good, bad or inditTereut,) Ui tbe sheriffs of tbe ditl'ereat countiee whom I lo herebv au. Ihorisa to reoeive aad pay for tbem agreeably to tba attached schedule of priea, and draw en me for tbe ainoar I neceesary, . t or (sob rifles sad lueskeU, 113 an IJO each accrtiiii to value ; g ooo eoabio.bairsl shut ius from 014 to A3d, aeeording to value j oilwr arms and parte of arms according to valaaiioo. 1 have ales been reeueekd to purcbe old scrap iron, whrtlmr east or wrought, sad of ail weights, for which 1 will pay for the former 1 cents ptr pound ; for the latter, 4 cents. W.8.ASHK. April 9, lOttf. 1 at. All the papers ia the Kute eapy three Ituies and seaC Bille to SJi. W. S. Aahe, Uicbmsnd, Vs. ciuiaoiiiiiroTJi, Jies liKes JSV.MOalCXalXe tllAULO III, ,.t. TW VI r. Tropnetor of this llotri ia JEL altil at bis post ready to fui. fii the dutieeef" mine boat" lu ti.a travelling public and others who may call on hint, and be llaiura lumerlr that aa eoorfortable cjoartera can be ionnd with Ami as any where in this vicinity, being Mtuatrd near ly ia the centre of Charlotte, Business .Van eili and ibis llt u: most Convenient and arsirabie location, lie has been engaged ia the buems st this sued nearly eighteen year, aad ri lint time be bee made several additions to bis Turner bouse, sad it has been greatly enlarges and im proved, presenting tn front e two story VLK ADA 100 reel in length by 14 fast in itflh, handsomely sbadsd by trees on lue side-walk, slfi.r'na a pica, sent promenade at all hnnre ef tbe day. Tbe House has beea thoroughly farms bed thro, out, aud in every part of It ere. lore eon.f' rl ire abundant end tangible, especially in the DI.MNlj RlMJM. where the "inner man" is "renewed" , dy by day. , waamti um nuiii uiaiiwiiii. "UI rvom lor 100 bors. aoandaatly furnai.ea f'' ""d trvender, stiendsd ry arc o- ifipf hoetlrs. Ike Proprietor frelr Xlofidaal that with liraN-g experience and many .o r aeeac l f r .:iir rt t . his dsire to please, he le (" d to . tl. r his Inicu anl the " rest of mallklnd,, aa loany roinlnta as moeh good ebeer as wilt be found anjwi err. , pefnai-e a l ine more ew IT At aa s rate vs lbs Charl-ute llntr). J li. KKRR Otfirr 19.IS39. 3iif GOEiD J GOSljD ! ! FIVK IIUNDKi:i) WANTED AT BUTLBZi'S Jcvclrj Store, OpjMsitc Kcrr'i ll..rcl. N. li Tic highest caoh juice jaiJ for cold and silvrr Janunry 1502. tf Wilmington, Uurlulte and Uulher - ford Hail Kond. VMlt-KM JJlvIalo.N. ON and after Monday the liui inaUnt, the Passenger and Mail Train will be run on tma I toad daily (Sundays eieepted) ae follows I Laava. 7 00 A. M. 7 45 " 0 15 0 40 " Asaivs. 7 43 A. V 8 lu " 8 37 " 9 W " Aaaivs. Charlotte, Tut.kasr.gee, Brevard, MiaruW, LincoloUJn, GUI NO klA.ST. I.Sa.f II 00 A 11 13 it 0 13 17 P M. l.tneolnlnn, Aharon, Brevard, Tackaeegee, Lharlolle, 11 20 A. M. II 45 " Vi 15 P. V I H " M. Liy order. V. A. M:liKB. Acting Miaier of Traaaporlalion. Lincolalon, AprO 4, IKol. 8-tf J. S PHILLIPS " .7 ; It i I. I.YT T ill' on, HAVING lor.te.1 in t har lotte, reetlul IvsotioiU ashsreol puuhc ' A complete eeeortinrtit ef C'loihs, Cseairiures and Veaurige always on hand, which will be made to or d r at the shorten notice, after the latest fashion Shop thrre a're Sou 111 of the Msnsloit llouse. iaif StfHtmtitr U7, lei'J. 4 lA. pcisons in.l. Mcd to the estate of I. j ilndoraon. dee'd.. w.ll make payment.--And all persona bat Ir.g clsime against the rtte will present them duly auiheutiflelmi lb "n8 prescribed by law nr this notice will be 'fl bar of their retovrry. I). M. IIESDEKS0X, V. HEXDKIWON- Mareli I 181.3 lS

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