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North Carolina Newspapers

The North Carolina Whig. (Charlotte, N.C.) 1852-1863, April 29, 1862, Image 1

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.... v.-" -.-.n ., I1!. Jelqe 16o0, lo UoqKdoq; Spur -Duty' OHARLiOTTB, JST. C., APRIIi 29, 1862. NO, -k. VOL.. 11, "MRS. T- J..HOLT0N, ikiiui ako popai"ratss.' .' TEKMS: TheNorlli-Oarelina Whig willbeaffurdedteeub important intelligence to the ftuall cow--ribre at TWO DOLLAR in advene. i TWO ,,.. of Colonel Morgan,' still occupying .ttb, end of tbe year. NoMP.r will bo diaeoa-! lerey mi Ceuiargo. , , tinned aniilallarrearagee ere paid.excepialtheLi But to vigileat were the enemy, and to eti ooi tlie Editor. , j eloeely bad they besot the readt, that it wat i J...).....i.;nurill)ii Duller oereaasre ..iJ.rl .i ! kietrdaua but alnjoet (tit Uorlaa,tMia!dtyp)foTthoSfatioar. mi ..i.r.....Viiiiiiaiuu. l!oirtU- .-m-v2'"".vs..:. .r:.: ; r-.n cBt liirhcr S alio a oaocun i i p k mad from the rrl'r"i'fo,,,'"tUr,,l3r .L.- .... 1 nil mmrtttlti muntblf Of ,M.rt.rl,.at$lpra,u.Mfachiim.. ,..tUIy aioi.Ur.iar.f...lit"- r?m. wh. M.di.f tw TltfiZ .M,rgl,r' - ' ' O-r J.l..ur....otUri..d - Be OenUo With thy Wif. t Dile 1 for ltt How many trials vim; A'bogh to the tf mj be email, ' To it a( (Mat . H gvmlU horb pwbaeo lhl lip May aprak a mermoriaf ton. Tbe brl maj kt wilb biadaesa yet, Aad jy t be Ibioa.owo, B faalW waaty bre o paio Tia amii'i lot to hear ; TU yiald Ur what aitppott ya caa, : A oil all bar arrows atisra. Ba f tie ! far lha Mrel baarta. At timra may ha'ea griaf, And a paltiab ward, t Mtf aaab to iad rMr, B ftitU! foe wakiwdaaaa now Me rcasi angry awrm, Tht all the after f are of lfa, la '" mty strife la caim. Be f enlle ! aae era perleet Tkaa'rl dearer f.r tbaa Ilia Thee, hatband, bear and atill forbear Be genlU te tby i:e. I'r t sa TlisceKaiumis. JE AH BRU50 ani tiii: flV,V X. TT T AC bv a. .coktrro.v man. Msay who took part ia the Mesieaa eampairB, with Taylor'a eemnaaad, will deebtlese recollect among the ouartermae- ler a men, ooepica aa .woaierej, . what noted expreaa rider of the name o liowilTlh caore readily call him te i.deeteae mmd from the fact ef ait navi arm I thick it wa. the rlfht t eae aad alio from the dathiog appcaraace he al- wave made oa bereeback, beieg invariaoiy .....J .L- ...... ..;,;..J ..J u.bra. k. .... i. ,K. n.rt.r.aster-a .tahle.. These noble aaimall he managed with the akinfe'.oest of a ranchero, freoacatly aiing ki. ..ik I kn till IB IOC CCB trel of them. Jeaa wat a Frcaehmta, who had teea aerviee ia Algeria, aad bad rendered him- telf ejuite famooe oa oar liae by numerous danng feet., each at conveying importaal despalcbec where bo other txprctt ridert coald be ledueee te veetarc, euiuag ni. way, tingle beaded aad alone, through the enemy 'a picket.,, charging ia darkness tbreagh their eanipt aaa Biveaaet, aaa oy amcrouc ooutequeat hairbreadth ateapea. ia eae of which be received tbc wound ma- kiag aeee.sary the amputation of tbo limb referred lo. Oar little Freechmaa watoac ef these eeaetitaticnally brave mea, who sever ex- glued wiadew, teoa after whieh they heard Bcrience tbc aeataliea of fear. Ia fact, he IBa removal of bare, aad then the door he bad little idea ef the word. Tel withal :tg ppeaed, they were invited, ia a Tory he waa possessed of mack prud.uce tadaa- fnandly manner, to enter. ...... .....:... wi.k r.iJ V avealiAB' T L - . r.. . J .1.. -.1 ... ; . . a. v. .f ..iirt wbieb oarritd him tafcly tbreagh them. lie ated te lay - "Let me bat teleet my own none, aaa arrived, Jean bad bo doubt were Aiueri give me a brace of trusty revolvert and a ata bortce, and beleaged to bit frieadt, drageen tabrc, aad I will guarantee te ride ' be had preceded aiai. from Moalerey to the eily oi Mexico, and I ()n the threshold of the hoa.e, tha trav if aeed be, pan every camp of the eacmy lri were met by aa old Mexicaa, who oa my way 1" J with ao hospitable ciuile, bid them a hep- At txtrtvagtol at wat thia beatt ef py eveniag, aad politely metioncd them to the Frcuehmia, 1 have ao deabt ae woaio, oheerfelly have cudsrtakeu it bad he beca to ordered. At tbat anxious period, aherily previeu. to the deeitivo battle of Becaa V'itta, when tbc baadfal of volanteert lift to garritoa the city of Moatcrcy were larreaaded by uere ilitt ten tiiatt their owa aambcrt, ajid whea the detl of tbe eaemy't tolumnt wee Met in ererj diroetioa during the day, and through the night every bill top and I mountain vide mi illuminated by their tig isal'firea. it became necessary to convey j-p,gibl. u oaeo a eeuimunicatiea with . ' . that post. Th. ... i. the olaeo were efler . ' . T n ..; fi large rewaTda to induee some one or'aatirea of hie class usually are. licsiaea ..... . L . I. a.J..t.L. tt,a ..rilnul lUn Ttrrtnm lhrt Wai A. old WOHiaD, ku, lu,r, w, Bouo among them '9ka M Um .t. Had Jeaa lrttBo been at, the applieation would ot b.. bee. mad. ia Xu. B.I that eoarageoaa n,.a wa. ab.e.t at Saltilla, wtUhJr k fc,d t,on sent with despatobca toUeaeral Taylor. . . , I Tbo caartormaater bow made a requut tioa apoa tho Firat Ohio Kegiiaent, q-iar-' tared in tbo plate, and to yoaug priates .immediately to attempt the passage. . ' i TL. ,.T.Mm .f thai knit In Mam wan , ! -i.Ji. 1 .nJ nra.Id.d itk exeal. Lt k.r..i aad'weli armed, ther tet forth ,'apoa their poriloas ride. equal, in fact, te a Caetilian. court. For tb.c .rpoao he eiMa.u.d Lis : , Scarcely bowerer, bad tha Obioaos left j "I am ao Amerieaa," aaid he. i retoUere, looeened his sabre, and directed , jibe plate ben that fearleee and faithful "No American, wilb an expre.sioa of sur-' Josa wo see also te L.s arms. He was a - eipresiaaaa, Jeaa Bruno, accompanied by prise "then what countryman are yea, j bout to let bim.elf from tht wmdow when ' a Sleaioaa said., galloped up to tho corn- j may I aik T" ' ther window attracted kia ; i maadant'a quarters, with relara dospatahet "I am a FrenchmaB," replied Jean. I attention. Stepping lhtly acrois the floor, 'from Lead qoartera. "Oh, then," waa tho aniwer, "you are he peered out of this !t, and perceived a, j Aetho officer bad all eoatJenee in the almoit half dpaniard. But. if I am noti pole leaning against ti e buildup, wuhm ; 'aLill and elperieaee of the Frenchman, be muck mUtakeo, you are here with those ! reach of his bauJ. To thu was attached a bardly gate kim time lo dirwioant from his : Americanos, after all I" I lg f rawbide Tkwru was eeident-1 1 panting aicod, ken, ordering a fieah ani-i There was a peculiar maDBer about hie iy some friendly a-nistaeoe below, and draw-. mat, he requested Jean to tierl forthwith, boat, aad a ocrttin tone of eoico, at ha ing the ropo through the window, they 'with a duplicate of the deapatoh that bad made taie laat remark, hal caused a feel! were pronded with a :ure sod safe meiatl !beea giteo to ibe Ohioaae. hirer ready ing of aaeaeiness iu the mud of the French , of decent. It we the work of a moment Uogiee a cheerful obedience lo all orderi, man, and for a few m.ments he made no oaiy lo tie one end of this te one end of the j tbo Frenchman snatched a few mouth. fule reply ; and when at length he spoke, aer- rafters, and ao drop cautiously te the , iof refreshment with hie guide, and was aoea tiag that bo was now temporarily ia the era groaod. iagaia dashiag, with him in eompaay, out pley of tho American, he heard aiound,' As Jean, who was firit to descend, 1st of the city. . ake a half aappressed aigb, from the young, himaelf (rem ibe heard hurried . It waa hie intention, if pose hie, to orer- ' woman at hi aide. T0,c,!' 'B room fcel" 5 Bii '"nmediatfl- takc tho yooag wien, who had proceeded I At thia moment Jose returu3d from the ly eeral men made a rush for the attis ; ihim.inord.r to ..eeriein what route they tuble, and approaching Jean, whispered : tkl next instant a oarbine tbot was heard, purpoeed to porrue ; as he bad delermiaed 1 . "I hope. Seaor, the.o people arc friend-; followed by a cry, of terror, and the body ; 'to follow a different path, in order that ly -, hut thcr is aomethiag about tha place ' of poor Jo.e, who waa tbat meaieat atop-. should oao party fail, the ether might pos- I don't like. Tho other building are fall , pmg from the wiadow, fell with a crushing aihly saeeeed ia reaehiae tbwr oeeuoeiioB. ' u -fj.. w. .k..... aiiker wauld I ... ....... " - - - , . , bo auore likely to pase the outposts of the j Startling at was this report, which in enemy aodiecerered, thaa if they nailed hie own mind waa corroborated by tha man thtiraumhera ' Bert -'the people ia the house, and eon- ! J... .d kieealda hawaear. had crest- eim i ka Fmaehmen that iber had fal- cd the ford of Aoga Frio without falliagia lea u.o a trap, be preferred bis presence moat praeticafcle moJe ot etonpe. n sue i with tbo Ohioaaa, who, ia obedience to ia-, of mind ; aad knowing it would he worao thue reconnoitenng the p .ee, a dark object streetieca, had ridden rapidly, till past thchsa folly to attempt to caeape from the af.proaebed from the shadow of the baild- i first line of Mexieao piekett. place by force, aaiumed a tranquil manner, ing. and beckoned him to follow. It wat j Beyond thia eireaw, coming apoa aard.j.nd inquired people if tbey could the girl who had gieen him warning of hia greeelly eeil, Jeaa lost eight of their hereea' 1 aupply himeolf and compaaioa with supper, danger. He waa about to join her when - tracks i and nnd.r the gaidanoo of hia Iras. WilU lb, m,m ....d tacaaaoltea ia ,1hrc'ttr and 't, and aiperieacedoompaaiea, left tho main :,ptrttioo .f lh, J.a. eentrifed to "FP1' "1'" terck.t teor. of M.x- road, aad straek oat a narrow, ;o(B,0jel,e .ith lb. cide, and direeied "Ucd out and surro.nded the place j and rar.ty traeeled male trail, whieh lead- ,iB1 u kp . ...j p.0 ,be . with J himt nclcsed m the ring of - iag direetly aeroae (he meuataioi, would ; , ,bila he watched lbo two mea ia the eager raaaas, whi.o ike girl, pe.a.iug to lake them, by a Beater rout, to 8srralo. k,tte- ward the side of tho mouHain, made goed Ik. l,.i. ... ... enina aavaat uiilea be i r.' r,...v;. ..1 t,..t V... ..r. her own escape. : lV. raad. aad twaatf lot bv tike mOBBtaia .path; aaJ by thia roate the guide a.aured J... el... eU a!ta.atb avaid the aiek- tc and aeeata ef the ! Tk- .r, k.J riJd.a Lat a faw milaa . oa the trail, whea tbey came agaia apeB the , traakt of tho Obioan.' These were readily dMlinga.ebcd, from the fact . . r v.r shod It ..... ike had freqaently Tcy and Serralvo, taut aad had bow Mexican bersei were sever saea. is ssama that tha yoant mea .tiMj bclweea Monterey D1(1 asra ei lais tnori aui, aaa avw taken it. .nil), dc'IloBV,' " eipiteaa ...v. .... .i,dia alowlv the vcrrc if . ferbaacie cliff : and aaea rat- lpjag tbreagh aome littl le grassy valley, earns, whea they mteata to refresh watered by moaBtain streams u .... .. . f-- .......... ,.fr..L .w.;. ..;-.!. .. .k. n.b herbal. A .B ttl.6t ore. took the travalera iliU -p,0 lh, path , aad Jo.e, tk. ... i. .ud ill t e ehaaia draw rcia al a aheep rancbo net far ahead, and await the retura af day. Their route wat Jaogeroac in the a'oeoeriiy, aud Jeaa, un- ,a,p,ua of barm among the simple ran- eeaaeated. they reached the plaee, whieh with ,t( rate, of .abstaatial buiIiiioes, turroua d bye high adobe wail, had more the character of a hacieada of acme wealthy, prtprieter, thaa aa ordiaary tbecp farm, ta(, f-td the galea tout, aad ail about the yhot appareatiy retired to aleep. Afur ealliag teveral lime., and knocking .... k. tW.e ba.rd eaiaaa withio. aad thea a lieht appeared, at eae ef the na wUbia' whieh were acvcral, two of I which, that appeared te have been fresbly eater. . Heturaing tae .aiuatiua, .u .u. . v. -if two Awerieant had net rtecBtly arrived. "No," replied the Mexican, "we have lata ao tech perteaa, aad they eanaot have paised oar plaoe. Had they aome, they weald have beca ae weleeaie ai yeartelvet, ScBcrct " Tba fallow'a maoBera waro'.ooortaoua. Tbara waa aa aapeara.noa of renpeotabilitj aaarOTa gontlaaoM about bi. Tba tight without waa dark, aad threatcoiog tain ) aad It aiag kis koraa to the caro of tho faitbfal guido, Jtaa, winking that tha Ohioaui mijht bavo baca aa fortunato a bimialf, in obtaining sholtor from tho coat ing atoran, entered the boaso with a fooling of tuuoh aatiufaotioa.. Ia Iba largo room, wbtra Lo atatad bim aelf, bo found, beaidea bit lioit, anoibar Mexican, whose eeunteaance waa not of a I i . k.. . ..U tar prepoiaoaaiag charaeter ; but tot much mora forhiddint than the dark skinned ! who teemed to be the inibtreis of the house, and w here teteral persons wore movio,; a- 1 and a ather pretty young Senorita, toibout and speaking ia wbi-pora to each whom tho Froaehmaa immediately direo-j other. Jo.e'a window looked upon tho rear , ted bit complicate. But the girl r.o.iv of the h.H.., and out upon the broken od his adraaees with appareat indifference, I roeks of the ..ounta.n side. But tho du- aad bo obserted tbat sbe frequently leaned , taoeo to the ground oa tb.s side wa great , ber feoe apoa ber bands, as thoagh suff.r-! too great to leap, but at the expose ofi ing irom pain, or aexieiy, ee uo i.ulCM1 aha ocea.ioaally looked upon him, with aa expression of .neasioei.. Ae the expreo. rid.r, like moat of his eeuntryaiea in our army, had acquired a j ncrtcot kOOWlea?0 Ct tie CDanna, tuc oiu , Ueaieaa remarked tbat for aa American I American i be spoke their laneeaeo remarkably well i or euspieioae-Ioeking fellows, wno seem lo m t b. -eri!U i ..(,. .r !,. .IJ and tba two mea I wilWr,; kidding our travcllcrt a eheerful . j .-j ..n:... .nn ik. ik. Lf.rdia.ihip cf all tbeiafnts; while the girl vli.:jr- ... j;,. remained behind for fB(BJ u tB,ir aUepia.r.placc . , , u1 ihtm ,a (B ;DBfr apirtlBt, lart f umber r0o-frem whieh a riokc- tori ei lumoer room irem which Uddef w ,of( , ' . , ,, , , i "Up there, Seaores, said .he, ! vo'e, e"8'1 intended f an u fer pother cart at well as those of the straagcrt, "yea will uDa vaeaal cats, utt isne ipoa m ; act. if yeo plea., diriu tleeperc apca the ether cots tbey sleep aoanCly from fatigac. siuy butnoi nochet !" (very good night ) And le9B cpprachiog her faec lo the ear of the Frenoumee, the added, ia a wbUper : "Fer L. love ef bod, S.oor, fly from tbie plaee 1 i if ' danger Walt till all is qwei, d etcape from the window of the 1' Uf ceurte, Jeaa wat bow coeviaced tbat tDaaB Baw 0,t ef the, lair beiag cut of daa thetuipiteot ef hie guide were eerreot. p.r He kuew hit eeemiet would pursue The plaoe, without doubt, wat a readetveut BjBJ tl, being familiar with the wild eeaa of gaenllaa ; and hia owe liie, aad ibat ef trT 0,ijhi easily track him out. the Mexicaa, hia companion, wat detarui a-j Many aad varieas were the hair breadth cd apaa. escapee through whieh the brave express- However, witheat commuaicatiae h;i ilis I man passed ere ha made seed hia escape eevery te the man, he groped his way u the spot where the girl had directed bun to aaa tbc eel, ana tcatea Bimseii upo" , oae, wkile,'Jee took pciseseiea ef the eiaer. j Jeaa now looked ahoat tha place, aad ia the eb.ourity feand himaalf ia a large at .' tie rco a, doveted chicly to the aterage ef mane, ana taoeiet, aaa taea toobkb ae weald naturally ceeunalat. about a Mexi caa farmheute. At each end of the apart ment wat a small, epea wiadew; aad by the dim light which ctraggled through them, he noreeived two other eets. uneu wbioh ' two pertona were lytug, covered, faee and ; an, wua -aexioan .e.ea. There was temething ia the bresthlett repose of the sleeper, that startle, tae Freaehmaa ; and eaatioaaly appreaehing eae ef the cols, bo stooped hia heed to the face ef theoecupaat, aad listened. Net a sound was heard there waa nose of tbat heavy reepiratien pccaliar te the wearied deeper. Uy degreec hit vuioa became ao euateued to the obscurity, and railing a eereer of tho scrape, bit eye fell epea ibe faee ef a corpse 1 He immediately recg aiied it at that ef eac of the Ohioaa. Uerrer-atreek by the eight, he motioned Jeto te hie aide, and atrippiag dowu tba cavilling, expoiid the bleedy clothing of tho mnrdared mat. Tba Moxioaa woald bars uttered an ozolamation of alarm, bad aet she Freuebman plaaed bia band upon biiioutb, and enjoined lileseo, aa their onlj'ebange of esoapo. - ' Tboy bow examiaed the other bed. It alio coDlaiaed a murdered man the other unfortunate Ohioaa. The two yoong aaea bad apparentlj snet death in aleep. The had been atabbed to the heart. After making this fearful diaootery our trarellere held a baatjr coniultation. Jean repeated the warning of the jouag woman, and direeied Jeae to ezanine one of the windows, while be iaapceted the other. That to whieh tho Frenekiuan went looked upen the court, ia whieh were their horses, .-- -..... decent was ea.y enough, firet upon the J roof of a low oatbuildin, and then by the, project. ag corner of tne atone building to ; the grouud. j ..-... ". .u - mr-ed to attempt ibis passage, eren into the mr-ed midel of the guerilla, who were witbia tho ! w.Ig. up o.u..u8 r. u--. 1 to lost hie hold upon the rone and to fall ipon lo the ground. Though considerably injured by tkc fall, he did not lot his presence of mind ; and regaining his feet, looked about bim for tba Death to the dsjtUUKV il'tt' t'.uria . 6butL0,, fierce rebkc taufbt tiekl ef the Freath rehear gang, at tbey man, aad rattled "ho' f,8r mom "n" d rah;ish where he wat cndcavering te tc- ereie uiiuif u. Finding it impetaible tku. te elude his ecemics, Jeaa bow determined to cut hit way throagk them. He drew hit sabre, waieh he placed aader Lis handiest arm ; aad taea with eae of hit revolvers charged uooa tkc zaerillat. -They were well arm- ,n(j f0Ught with a ferccieas bravery After disebareiar the six barrels of one r0lver, each of which di.patebed a Mex- iclDi tb, f.arle.t Frcnohman bad to resort ,0 iabrc ; aad aa hit aoailanls gathered lboul Dlmi B, ,i, bowt r,8u, 1B efti tlt ,0 ulg Bj8 , be " baill a barrieade of dead about him ewa words, greatert a- Wim Kiadiag tkc way .ew epea te him be mti, go,A hii u ,h, rotks, toward 1 sbiah tha rirl had directed him. Kut wnisu iua rm umm uinvi. from the mouoiaiat ; for through that Ieri if bt, and until be eauie within tight ef .'he wbite wailaof Serral ve, t he jnerilia, iufaria ted by the lea ef their comrades, eeutiauvd te pursue him ; and more thaa eaeo they were almost within toucbiag distance ef him. At hoe limes hie ingsrt itched to preat the trigger ef biipiatel upea Item, but prudeaoe dictated a better coarse ; and filially, when th. day was aeariy peat, exhausted with fatigue, huuger and excitement, he reach ed the oamp of CVonol Morgue, and placed in his kxadi tho datpateh witn whieh ke had beeu entrusted. Iilavd Ten Ve uaderstand tbe dee J patches have been received in this eilyj from Trealon, forwarded by partiea who( had ma-le tueir escape, giviuj tnio of the ( partioal'.rs af the currtader of the Island. The capture was in ale en Tuesday, ear! m- baring first either thair gun iuto the t tiver, or renJered them aeeless to the ene- tuy by spiking As we have already sta ted, our transports and the tloatiug battery were se Jtlled. About tat thousand of oar troops e.oaped ; the reiaaiuder, estimated at two thousand, wore prioacrs.---V'-,'t;ij i 11 'i int. j Fu&THKB. FRO.H TUB FlUHX AT So U 'III MILLS. The steamer Arrow arrived here I ae t night, bringing a couplo of our wyuu'l- ed, and tw Yankee prisoners, liiemhers of tho 68th New York Regiment. Sim also brought 1 , 1 t)l pounds ol atttiiuo'.iiun i:i some ten or twelve bores of 'i lb. aer ihot, captured by O'jr forc.,.1. Wa gathered the following particulars from soreral aboard tha boat, who were eu- gaged in ihe fibt. Tba action began at 1 o'clock, at a poiut two milei N'erth of South Mills, wLiiher our forces had proeeided far the of at tacking the oaetny. flr r eon-isied of six eoniDaiiite cf the 3d (Joorgi iicgimeul and McComae Art err. Tho conpaHiPT-wero uut iau, and tho whole Dumber ot mtu oa our may he stt down at from three loCe hua- j..,i . - The enemy's force, by their own admis- tone, l.e entered a Lease, exchanged his .ion, through the prisoners enured by ui, uniform for oitiaen a cbtlc came b.eK eontiited of fire regiments. to t,( hired a hor.o at,d lu-y ai.d ne- The battle la.ted until .r,l o'clock p. m., driver at a livery atabk-, aad started wheu our foroes were ordered to fall back lor the river at tae nearest poiut. on their .entrenobmentH at South Mills liu had pre,d,d but . huie way until a whieh they did in good order. I he enemy co.if le f inoa.t eucral ofiKtr.-, bteitj emoamped ou the ground, but during tbo pot tcer.t cf hici from finding hi.- Baine on night tbty made a regular atampede, and Lin trunk in tho cM. came up and accos so fearfol were tlu y of our proei-M. that, U1 hiru as Cspt. .M ;n! ornery. Ho repu an they fled, they burned tU Lri.l?es af- dialed thff taui" a:d uis uaiae was Jai ler them to prerent a suocesful pursuit. en; tbat he was going to his bciu,e frou The caiualties on our side are few, con- towu. They tolu him that they knew bet si.tiug ef six killed and about twenty five ter ; that he was Caft. Jlourgoiiu-ry. of the wounded. The eneray a less is very great, rebel army, was tboir prisoner, end mu.t bat cannot be arrired at with e.rtaitity. go with theui. Quietly remaikmg thut they There is reason to beliea from tbo state- uiufet know u:om atou: hia and his tu.-inef ments of th arisoBcra that they lost many tlati he .'.U hiii.aelf, La turLwd ai.4 started of their olEcer; and from all we have been able to L'fcther, it U probable thai eU'eiuent .....,.. r iL.I. U. eiht or nine hundred, will prora correct.-- XorfoUi Day JSook. AitAiaa at Savannah The can, of Monday, say : Oq the banks of the Savannah all seems quiet. The enemy, few in numbers are eiiil lyeg ia ear ir river, and, i-o far as seen, lo reinforeeiuotiU ba?e ri &ch'i theni. They bare not a force vqual to au equal on the city, aad its auguienuiiau would seem inconsistent' with tue prniut; demand from other points at the pre-eat time. McClellan will need every man he can draw into the field for hie operations ia the Peninsula, and ihe Federal exigen cies out Waal are equally pressing for ail the troopt at their command. Meaoile, we ara not id.e. The military &ui:.ority here are uein all means in their poar to strentH-.u ur dtfenoes and make tu .vu i Ui -pieguable. C?me in what numbers Le ;.i .j, the enemy will have his hands fail ia Lis march apoa Savr.anab. A gun-beat came up Freeborn's Cut yes terday foreseen, to within about two uuie ef ear battery at Caution's Blaff, bat no tub waa (red en cither aide. A jTeleral propeller also cam on th- i river yesterday, and ired a shot in tho ui j rectien of Maekey's Pcict, but it foil far short ef the mark. ! Thi Battli near CoRisxa Wo have tome interesting ad rices from the batttu fioldt of Shiloh aad Pittsburg The-"-) ne ceuntt assure the fajis ,hat iu ih-se e ue ments the enemy was repuised o;i evary eecasion. From riit we can jiatlirr rrjui the "eporlt e' officers engaged lo tho bat tle, ear loss ir both eua miee'-i wa ssj it five thousand in killd, 3ir l-i, an-! mis--iag. The eBeuiy'a loss wis st. it nvr s ty five thousand killed aud wouticcJ. Oir forces, in falliug haek, to Oorinta, were n-Jt pursued. From information we have .'t a- red, we have but little doubt tbut Geo. Basil was killed . Tbeic is no doubt that the icuu u? r Cerinth wat cue of tho mot sauuiuary ia history ia proportioa to the umbers cu gaged; and we have reason to beiiive tiat odieial report. will iaorese tu accsunt of our lo-s. Oa aecount of tbe jrroat i!-ts;;ee ever which the dead was trea. '.L- h'. tic field did nil preheat as borf.j.o re. laele as the coutraeted field al Pjnt..:j, where tbe men were killed in musics and an acre of open grcuud was d. ltd i:h dead, ia mauy iuwimco.', several feet deep RitkntonJ Li .miintr.. IlKKBV DbPOT DtiTKoTEP. The pb'u App'.i!, oi ihe I " 1 1 , pjbiiLi a di--paloh tiai J. A. Carter, Aent at il-ory Aiatioa. 1. aud O. It U., dlt d -Vpnl 1-', to S. M J uea, Seperiuteodcut, nmtii ay thai tbe Federal cavalry hid s'jrrouuiid the place and kept alt perious luside tbo linst until they mde ready, whan tbey ordered all private property be taken tut ef the de-pot and sei tbe building on five, 1'Ome wa iu the depot abost five car lovls ef Government hlorts, wbieb wure lot. Tbc hek ar.d p i p r a beioiia l im iiompany eved. Tbey look uo prisoaer, aud immediately left tbe place. An Eholisu Opinion or ths Blrmnu or Obr Cotto.i and Tobaciu The Leu don I'imes, ia au editorial, says mat tuj time oannet be far diatant whea ibe Sosth must cither tcrreader thei. C9it?n and ta beeee or burn tbeut If tbey ;ive up thuir erop la tb. in vadett, w. may cen-ider ihe y intend to fiaoeuinb. If they give them t the l!a:ue, all tho worst that can hipp!i lo taem win aava nappeuea, aun ma. of eonqaett whieh Merer ctn bt ptrjormtJ will have eeuimence-1. KXTRAOP.DIKARY ADVENturo. We fin the following interesting account of a rer txtr&ordiiiary adveiiUie i the AtUnt Lo'ijeileiay, of Friday laal : i esterday evening, Oapt. J. T. Moi.tom cry arrived fr-.iu Loiiiuu, nrhulier hi L.l gitu wb u the irea first llihtd tht ik- ,vs of d uudi.y'a great he'lit. After etay ing there till he desired to return, be left on the Memphis and Charleston Uailroad oti Wrdnreday night, tho 0;h, and arrieed at lluuljvillc iicxt nioruiu no one on LuiH dicaiuin.j; that the Yankees nere in tb piece He waf m the hindmost ear, Br' 3a l'19 trtia etoped, he heard sonie one siy,"thy Y-tuk ;ua havo got ;" and looking out he them thick as bea nmusu u: tn, """ "'" thfl liu.' cl tho tra: out, took a basi out of sijl.t. .ea lie q liokly stspped street auJ wii soon liie oui.ikirts af tha hac' wi ll.ty tl.tu. ppi-d on t'r.5 rdd-ide fo hat uii'i aon-.n lu-.-ro-.-a tie.' ;ou.i'i in a CflU. (Yanktei .v.k u.u so i.cir, , I Ley were 'ooth ?ry tit.--r U: atcbiujj the proper u:oi:t;.t, their Uteu- tion was direetcu to th" oejro..-t. drew a cisiai licw Li-i feu-:. fJ.i iu-iuuhj put a iroae-i t-se i of ol', who it l-oiiit lit and e ,i . :'.: r, Lo reel a 'Vv CiAtr.esti. i rt uin- bij way ,--. i.i.,: b;ic a illt, hu saw ti.e La- j. :t a 1 . ed at. 'I ol J: MttiitiiUv . ti L U' . : Le jr'.t uii Yu;,k" ; tae jraunJ. ho tne river lately, turned the iie.-ro driv-r lack wilb the Lorre ;ud tu'-rT. ard ;o- Li-'-.f ferrud across, jut us c:ij c. srn irmi..i aa it.ounttd reeu and could tied no r Thoy di.-cbarged v.thout effect. He took u.s-ie bis way t Cnstta i. Li.rc lant eveuiug. tii rai'icg a regiment ! ; . TLii i it tha kiud of : tne Uj . j I -i-," A M-i'u.ud au ciSt-er Li m2 w.l to serve under. ?C3tEa of Da jHi'MiitUF FACai'ifcR. Tr. rone" eiiixea of Fauquier eouLty, we ieara tbut on Suiida) moraiug last, a par y o: lau.:c4s i-i:vd the Lease cl Dr. iiay ,. .;:.auiit. oi :-al cm tv, aa-i that while iLj oSi.'or Ij CJiLUiitii a:iiiupied to !-.tra:' i-.-.o r'.ie cuainher cf M.ts Sau L. ii -, a uiatr of me looters. He was in: .nu-.'d Ly Lr. s uam.4te tiut this was his diliter s pi'ii.3 chamber, slid thai if ba cri eti m toroiti;: tr.e t. Jif u woum aut bim. In r.-po:..- to ti;: tne ciiu-er orny laujoJ and tui-ivl the bolt of tls door, wui-u D.". aa-iuuU knied him. Ttie sol-iiu.-.-, Lcariu lui report oi the pistol, qoiek iy rjj iu "..ii lij'iioh.d t:.c gal'.:ut Uth-it- ('' j'u... jl: is uuu; .'siary. iL-u ot Vir.i.sia. ycu i;h-j hv i.-e, chiidrea, tis, cr stet-harn, read year fate in the ieaiii et tait noble man, if joa do not at oiie icavo yoar and euiist under tba Flaj of L.bertr- D.-. S. if js a vu'.l -:inn of hiii respectabiiity, ua rep rcated Fauq tmr coMuty two cessions in Uo loser hsc of tUe Leji-lature. Ht age was au;ui for -tiv-j. ii icfiJiion.i "we-. Falling B.u k cr " Stomwal:. Ja.'k.. i.j.s- -'Tut Lyrcliji'g lras lr )-n roe eii'er who a.Ti.-d tiu-re ea Sat ui J if Li.'bt, thit i nora! Jaekson was fail ins back' in perfect order, and w'uhont the lo-j ci" any stjros 1; i appeod to be hi- irticniiou to concentrate i.i K-roes rita F-U'ir. who had 'd the (j I i 3 S, UF.d ul V All ti .ui tl.? Valiey. itclading ;ga.n d -u the baf.l-i near . t;aj rc :ov.d to Lynca u -i it o .-SthUiiton aar i).: tl.i: i hdk i. .niuy bid : Si ' il s: U !!. a thai 8 1 .1) ! ; r it-ortr. r r . roacbed tl the tram were ia em's army anl t fret eatVtv. en Jac. lb fet- A i:.v 1 1. .ni at..'.. at Mxu-a, ,y, r- a ;i nl '! v,ertf d. n;ia:at-.-d . -tli! tl- I t I : 1 i. in 1 : nil u be a. . nd b a sii.'t la I : " r.t i j ij.-in?i' i i .. i, - ' hie l'tn :i i :- Tie it ep il4 1 tbiu ,-n.u " - v, in l:i A i ii. j . , n : and XtMrricaa .ue. Old) llJi-'auS nf .ulBi a; i0a wa tho-igi.t to ie i i,','lS oouoie .

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