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North Carolina Newspapers

The North Carolina Whig. (Charlotte, N.C.) 1852-1863, June 17, 1862, Image 1

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,,.. 3 . .Mid ... .71 1SJO, -fl Vol. 'ix.'' V-A CHARLOTTE, N. C," JUNE IV, 1S6S. ans. t, J. holtow, TERMS; : .....,th.CarliWbir ' . rivn tmillDlia iil(iti:TWU ... bert " .--.-- - -- - - HinogiMinj uerteu nil uui mm . .itf ... ef tbe ye.r. N.p.p.r will be dl...- dren, jm. as one of Mr. Grant . servant. . Led untilaJl arr..ra. are paid ,.icpt t th. poured over tbcra a bucket full of water. ,'Jtijaof ! Editor, . The flames were extinguished, and while WtrttitmentainttrledslViie voiiarperaiaar (l,liat.orl.,tki..ised type) for tb. nrslweer. toortad. !!,.a.fromihrefulrpriet,rordfertiirioy Z. tut. Ait trlitamtult n.arltd mi.thlr r ,,1'frl, at l p,re,reror each time. "- M,Uly75e..t...r., NrMtiehit .di.f i. thair .dverliaamenu " . ..k th. -.k.,.r BM,,ti... ...ired r at will ke mterted until forbid tad eh.rjtd ao- MrdiDfly lTP.iimtttrt art author nee tari f otirn-' Load of tb South, r 4 .. Btta. Ind ef tli Wtb ! Imptrttl Und t tUw praad lay moanUiat ri tUm twtct thy " ' ktB,J Hw tay ootori.f taiet 1 B.l aol for thi. 1. aot for tataa, I ! tba 6ldt to roui . Titt ha.l doartr tpall to mc Twa art mj atlive boe 1 Tat nvora roll thy wtallk, l'm,IWl in Hit tta Thy h lit and ttllcy. bloom wilb health, Aad jrtra with torduro t Bat "t lor thy tri(ht oc.ia tlrtttat. Nor fur tby atore doe 8rl, too. fcolb. I eliag to" the T art my ait bowial It. tlood bcM.tu lull', elnit, B.lottd Ult and ton Oa litltty't killt, .toad tad tabiiivt. Wbtro N)utt't weaotra thionfj By Ttvpo't eUatie oaaltt tlr.tmt, W horo Goe'a oold did r ! Bat at'or bate I foand fair a land At Iboa, mj attito bvma. A ad thoa boat prood.r f lor ice, loo, Tata attar, tt.r fare . Pttrt bdt o'r tlt btr (tai.l dtw. And r'ro4xa't p.nwn wto Ftu acwaeo fi.agt btr r!t aroatd Rthf ioa lifta bar wt t Tb. lbta oado.r tbto to my bt.rt, Mj owa lortd atliv bowia, Aad Utttca't bait gih to tnt " it thiao U4 bltta ihf roty i'U 1 I.ikt eyltaa Itwart, ttioy swtttly tbia Tbotr hrtfU at pax at aa.rlat Aad grtea tad ftwiataa circle tbJm, W bart'r Ibatr fouttitpa rotrn y Motr eta 1 tto.n. wbtltt lofiaj IbtM, Not lata tV atlitt bomaT Lttd of the South intaarihl Itnd I Twcai ktra't a bllk to tiitt Lntf ta tby atoaauia btlttritt tltod, M.y'tt lod be btett and free ! Mty dtrb ai.tta.ioa't baner at'tr W.ta a'tr Uty ftflilt lotin Rat thou Id it coma. Ihtrt'i oat will die Ta eo hit natitt bomt ! $$isedl:mcmts. THE HEIGHBORS. BT MAR? C. VAOOHAW. CHAPTER I. have . ens. f.o Utir,.ber.I - " lie, eriek.y I weo'l we b.w T S.e th.t little Ctrl tiilir rr tber. I . . . .i o.'lilk. r.o.liv.,gM, make hi p, h.lf frighttotd to d.ttb V ' Th.t poor little girl I Will, of i a. .k- z?A ;!::b: :l ::c:M llitili. Up., with her little P.). lying a- gainst the .old .ten... l a.r. ..y ... w.t .irj r .. ..&.,,-.-.' . I dar. lay (he wa .11 th.t,' anw Will ...cringle, "..d lb. f.ry rea-1 -' iJ. - mil, taaoiiN.ii, tlj p1BCUII1J, band of want had I . why I .ru l-C driving b.r forth to beggary, but h.r. 8b. weuld. -r0UlLm!lb"'Tr.!cf bervoice. the quiet e.vil,,, of . . V, I. i i i t l. ,..-i. .ndtb.bdbo,l.ghu.gth.fu..of.bu..b! of Chi.... fir. tbr.w tb.m into , th. I., at th. .letbioe child wa. a, . .udd.o, ..4 tb.o .midst ibe exptosioo ef the mis sile., . tomethiiig ..v.Iop.d is d.r- ted down the m.rbl. ...p. Will, toe himself to mov.,,.h. lived, it was in.po.sibi. to .soeruiu. Lis pl.yni.ta who had vainly attempted to necessary diiect.ous for finding h.r the di...d. him fr. hi. mis.bieveu.purpos., ...rch proved in He '. w.tb we.d.rf.l Pr....oe of mind, ...tched k.a.t.a ny ... ana --.". - "'-";, eJ hit ),. ,f,4 wrarr.i i obttcl th.tra..d npo. h.r .ouch f r.g. by ..! child. Hit own hand, and face were bad- ' ly buroed in bit efforts to extinguish tbe b.t be never, fullered. la a few t momenti Will i toreann bed'ummoiied the iumate. of tbe aristocratio mansion, in front f which tbis scene bad taken pUc. Mr., li'iii ill t .....i.i. .I..... ....i..ikUfi n tll rant ran crying to nis inoiuer, iurt. WiiJougbby had ber on, and tbo poor child d L(!roieil , iUelupted to Mrs. illougbby and Mrs. Omit were B!Lhnr Tl. 1...1 liv.d tide br tide for ,,. Jelr, iudt;eJ from ,ie ta tb,t ' J " the same ' r -.. ...J. ye.r, to live in me noutet 01 lBnr u.,. AO iciliuiaey bad sprung up between .Doiy.uc. m.u ... ..r.v. r j , iiiuiiici, Jin iiv ivuivU , T ...,.;,-., Krother t af. 13 usbcrea into tno gnnug iiwiu. t.ft ,b.o from proximity and circuB.3i.ncea.--i ibe.e Mrs. .UougUb , c.r.,u..j co.e- - ..t cn. tTideDl, an accustomed victor, for th -.Wittio five ve.r. of their marnsue both lea, ano asuurmg ne i.uuioi., - " , 7 ;. '.?.. :. . r..l for biui. Kva k'sc, I bad been left widow, ith eaeh a little son already claimed mmi, mat s.e wou.u u J" . , : j ' j, t,iB w;,h deeD' and calls him "fatner '' and Joe salutes hitn Will Gr.nt and Joe Wrought, attended j responsible for tbe amount of the poor wo- beloved foends . But onl, w.lh d eep .nd s b,m .tb an the tchoolt, ,nd joined iu'tbe ni.Uelt to Li.n, sbe return.d home - gr.tuudc .nd c. m ..... l The, had been pi.) felloas from All .bat d.y and the next she-remained .n numbered .11 he. e tbrug. . .0t neT II. i f t b r re.urned, alter ' ,fbeir..rli..t remembrance, but so d,ff,reut!leep thought. 8l.o w.t centering the brought tumult to her soul 0lher binauvc were their di.oo.itiou. and u mpertuieuts. I future of the child which b.d been .0 m.ghtier than th.t she felt or experienced , ye-. of '"'T"' s i were tuvir ui'doiiiiuiji miu imhih .o totally un .ko the home that i.urrounded .hen., to t..e mo.ive. of, M.d... by .btcb ,he, - gowned that At bad hrrn the ca.M-with tbfir uarents. l.u.T. '.b- .A I -ulUi.o .-.uv.v...u ...v.s ault of Droxiiiiitr aud babit. than Htrouir li king Will wt au indjitd and pelted child, .nil a ttroiig propen-.ty tor nmcinei lh.i .....Id., cheeked .L.l.b. w.a .1-; .b.W, . 1' iinal ai of:.iU:;.c:rCdd:ne:; 'courte l.e wan ritllccf the feeling. jeomfortt of oibert so long aa La bad tbe ique.iionable satislnction of what he ealled t whom tbe uieurotd a Irue Chri.iia pan- her bihe.l rartlty object. ,l With such differeM training, the ehil- dreo of the-e neij-bbur. were ci-trbtially 'difftrenl their cb.ractrrbti-:., as a 'matter cf eourte. In one r.oe all faults i were fostered "and promoted, in. the flier I wbalivcr w.t uohlest and beat recalled the kindest culture. i?o ohtle H ill Grant, ; through mmcbitf. endangered the life of an iiauoeret cbiid. Jve Wi.loubby Imitated 1 Dot to imperil bi own to repair the wrong ef hit pity (.Slow. I An hour after the scene narrated above, when b.d ..bbed to alccp en tb, louo -a ,o bit mother, room rhen Will b.d .abbed biu.sell to alccp up- nh . hii i.ifBtf of eakt iu ouo hand, aod an expcu.ire toy in the other, Mr.. Gr.nt ttole o jI and proceed, d to her neighbor', . bsute for the purprte of be.nng the retult. 'of the ctttftrupbe. Sbe found the pbtsi- eiao, who bad been hurriedly summoned, . jriill wilb frs. Willoughby, aud engagrd io ,dretio Joe a burnt hand and faet. Tbo 'little girl, a. or. itjured, had been Erst latl.nd.d to, by the et.trea-ie.of the little pteterver Dd tbe COtuliianui oi nt neroic mother, and was lying orbing with r-. . u i bet a. eoailortalile at circumsiauce. wuuiu r Z U ' Vinr.b...... . wi.t, woman 'from whence be bad never returned. No d.l.y the hour that .hoald make her all j spca,, too, ,u o-, rcveren an ones j tu. , :. , :, , rtvs; txn . kiodue.t toatrdt ii.fniert, rattrenre lou- atrd an cnclot.a Utter to ncr rlUupa i i c r . , ,, -anb has to otTe'r of ip.rior...ud..u.pUpo',r..oa.,d.U.- r.u.a, .nd if rhe, would eo...eul to rtc.i.o -he was ...o. . "J.o "d Lnten ment-the heart a ru ij-o to.k. ber child like .he bu.b.nd f.r . her. to lo rc.idc with tbetu until her fa- I 1 he group had gathered id the bacxipeace aud conten.ment-the hearta tru. I admit, io Mr. Wi'.lougbby'. own led ' lo you wish me to send the letter, tv Z ' .., J. .... . J ... . ,, Tb.t ladv now t.t h.. Hng her .on in her 1 A , ; i :.t....i . ... (T. conscience i .wcudt by remaiuitig to assist Mr. W.I- 'l.ughb, in the ear. of the sufferers, th.riv., of the nurse sent by the' pby .ici.o, released her (or the ,,..e. a .i... i. u.,.. ii,. .l,!Mii,.ii thrown upon Mrs. Wilioughby'. k jt 0L.t co,ld be q iesi,ored ..1, ber' .El;iiu,t Jhe was .V.uti.ul little ere.- btlobiiine .r 1 ...... X r.. I L .r,,o, ,,.,-,....- ,.-... .---- , .woet, lice, wniou nan e,sai'e,J rl' i. ' . . . . , .'feet of the fl tines, tbe rich oiden cum it uiiun, iue inn ni oiuen cin ling all his aoguishwh.i. ...other .nd son ment the fixed her Urge violet eye. upon the thought tot of d.sobeying bis w,l , and "".P"" ! vied with ..el. other in ,uPpr.ti.g .11 out- the face of ber friend, then turning, pain- , forgot, ,u her e,en to wonder at It ski ted lb vubge w.rd tbat could add ,o e.eb other", fully, .nd burying her faco in th. pillow, ; a tec.ecy so s.r.nge .nd S. au Jet, I'ort J.ff.r.ou, Mount . S.d i, M J". re! .be moaned, M.u..,.., mam....," and her At imdmight Lv. stole ..lently to ler. on , the o t h, Now i.U.-, -! Mr. Gr.nt was a woman of qui.k feel- tear, and tobs broke forth unrepressed. her room. Always pale, there was a gr.y- don Coram Midole Island and M ,.,o rv , le ings .ad ber first impul-. w logo home' Surptised .nd terrified. Mr.. W.lloughb, ne-a resting upon b-rbo. .ha n the middle, and Patobo.,. .e.p ,rt, a.V inaict condi,n punishment ujon th.;. trove in to que. and soothe the Utile .tood for .n mM.nt within the l.ght of .be M.stie, L oncbe, .,,d U..que ou thou b ana .uoioi ou eu P y , T m01iieJ. br.rkct. thai flared ou each of her It passed aome little distance troiu tlm ecu- coy .n. u.u jus iu.u iu.vihco. v..vH... --r- " l.j .... ,l...,h.i;t. ,b. ir. it tx-.r at to i-ndan-er dwel 'Hut lb. ibouxbis of bis tears softened ber only exclaiming at intervals, anu iu answer u.i..u., - r ;-- :- -- - - - , , ,6 , ., i i i . n abetturied back to affright a. tbe cauirbt ires and buman lives. Uu the SoutU sue ; ri;v.'r; w.-r.-. t . - r;. r;.t st i h,J,wr in m.ka liule F v a love, the warm, teuder, subinis.ue, .elf-, of M.stie, it swept dowuto tuu stur e u.l.rea uxur auiiv .no niu net, nuwsu - .-ent. which b.e re,...d .,,1,, gr..e. ..o m.. .wi..oSbb,e.,. .0 , ...Jr. .1.1 I... k..l t.saui.i,0 cleanliness which tt&l)tmeu of ,etllllt, ,ven ,IU0g i lb most d.b.sing lofluencet, wa. apparent -i i... si..... ,idntl ih. child of extreme poverty, on. upon whom bt.Q laid, ut lb. tones ber man- ner. and ber iir.tiiude, unt.uetur.d by .cr . . Wilhugbby J0l lh, off io of lhr.d. ,pring and uncultivated. For th first few days, in a ort of half dtliriuuu the mo.oed continually of her motb.r, but who that mother w.s, or wberc illness before she consented th.t ber nuie one .ho.ld go out to seek ciarity. uer .nxiety when tbe obild failed to retarn eelar.tcd tbe progress of tbe disease, and , ignorant of what had belallen- ber, uer sui' i feriog. aUeviat.d only by the xtuuoes. oi I neighbor, scarcely les. poor ana lorsaae.i .i i -i 1 .v.. a; .A Amv ih.t Mr Willoughbytr.ced her to ber poor lodging. sbe bad been consigned to the grave o j pauper, a ,.w lC:bS ; V.inin t.n .ie.ure.-one 1 r o , , ber own. tbe oibar tbut of a young and " '"v.v. . 6 r - . . . . t infant's garment, or rxqui-ite fineness, old letters, and one dated but the d.y re ber iHue... and addressed to her 1 ... . 1 l i 11,1., child .0 a tremulous band, were all that re- 1 in a tremulous baud, were all that re- ..ii r 1 1.. frnm hich she I 1. toll of tl.a matiou from men uo str.nge y P" . fa She re.d . id ,..r.d the Utters cb . on. ."?-J'S ' w.V " dent . irom tbeir tenor, nta neen a itu v,- t,i,. Th f..l.,r U oul- .0.. of . f.u.i- I" . . . .? . . :.. . , if of treat and 1iiu I'uli station iu a ,ied a Iopl' time jb...L. divtaut city She heitatet ; .oout re.c ng ...e 1 utr .nuressea i in 1 . . , , , j 4 .1 r , wbere tbey mibl be am-j toui it Mr.. Wiiloughby learned that some ll. r.iam. , -Me they have never .cknowledfed, the K'ttor went ou o say, "and your tbey ettt ctt for the ci ime of ni.rr)tu oue so cbcure as I Hut l is child ha.itui upou them, for hi sake, that I know uot how they can relme, especially after I. who btve innocently been the eaue of all lb-se panful separations aDd dweordt, and am Isid in the uletice of the grave. You J,.xdLiejos aud smile, and though the golden curl that float around your face rc like mine, I know not bow tbey C.n shut their hearts agaiust you, my ionoceut, up-.,!. V ,Vn .the c ld , .t I.oglU ' "xh tuneniii; to be ioforiin-d of ber mother a deatti, .Mrt Willougbby told her .11, an f read to her all, .nd read to her th inestage uf her ded ptrfnt' The little one. yotmg s the wa, htd Ictroed in the seh ol of sorrow to control her emotions She lay quite still w bile Mrt. W'iMouhhy spoke aud read to her. ith only the large tvtr, that rolled down her pale cheek, betraying emotion Mr. Willou-hby, at fiiM altnued, was .ucrwarns cm ie-u VJ ,.e, -P'thj. ..ui. soiuiy . If so 1 ill post it at onco ti,..i.,i,i l.i r For a mo. After a lime this violent emotion exh.uv ted itself, .nd ibe.i Mrs W i-loughby. re- , tiring for the first time ,n many hours from , her aide, wrote a b.s , .ccouut o t ,. 1 event, oonneoleu wun tue History ot iue little one dest.iute, .nd d.s- pt.ched it. together with the toother, let- ur. to ih. grandparents. D.v.and weeks passed on. The mother', r ' rrr"' -sr-j i . i ' l ii.. -i ..i.. nose oearia na l'J"t ueon neceiou n e -ei- .iiii,.,ir. nf m ,m ftl nionv HUtnclellt tO . all expense cased by the eh. id's , ,Ue,.. .,,d th. that she had bet- ter be placed in ao aayluui ibe money ' that lad iiuli -aantl v returned in a blank tbe p. rtie. ce.ted CHAPIDU II Iu Mr.. WillougbbyV elegantly f.ruished jot dr. wing room, a young Udy jat .lone. frcot She bad dr. wo an ottom.o within tbe em brasure of one of tb. window, and half shaded by the fold of the erimtou ourtain, tat looking forth into the twilight atr- ei. It w.s not yet dark enough to bide the ex quisite contour of Uer feature, uor the lily T . . . , :. lai'.no?. of her cheek turtoundeii. ana as i. t. A in hrnr,i.lAn nf nhetlllUt curl.'. Inlbcuoligh. these curls were full if gold., glo.w,. but 5. th. d.w. b.U ligbt ,. . unmM .11 Mr. Willoaoh. of tbis Lour, tbey seemed dusky irame for her rale face. - . 8 be w at paler than usual now, for she was watching eagerly and anxiously for .-.. . -u... mi,, h.d nower i. .till thheatinof ber hesrt, or rouse it to tbe wildesf emotion. As she sat now, J window and hastens his toot-e wui,e bie These ninal arc 'iDteodcd to warn Mri heedless of the voiees of Mrs Grant aud I glides out into the ball and uan-W ,.,uy t0 nerl of ftlcU (,r(!at ftuJ geUftll disturbances . ..11.. j . .u.. k. ii.. ! ihmw wide the door before he c:m ru,, , ,.r u ..M,.n.r.i,p m .u,,a in.,,,.. Willouuhly who talked toge . fire in the back drawing-room, ber thoughts: ' .. .u . ..n tint itlnnff ht MBDH Dl IUO UHI. CTVU Ub".; liat.D.d intently for tbe roll- in, of the c.nisge that wa. to bring A. J ... .. . 1 .-i. to ber side. HI hailr in tnPfnarw ra P'OrllDJer cuv iu j the d.y. of her childhood, she remembered tbe pale foo cf ber mother a. she ast look- ed upon it, ere the went forth to beg upon, mbered tbe streets. She remembered tne leariu. iniurie. that bad introduced ber first to ber ktrrrtt Sha remembered tbe fearful be stre s She reea n ii.jii i.i v? - ,. , r , ..,.... orDbtn8ce .! hUiL. (jther hopes. .11 dion- me. , r g y fuf. mad, ber heartthrob p.infulTy vv,n ii,.r,t i,.,l hn.n ibn i. r.nt and tor. . . .. .: . . - . mentor of her ch.ldbood-be w.s ner .y r.nt nt artnrhtffn nAnif lurrouDuea auu uer 1 iii. iut ui bat he had eiUl-lisbed orer ber a.mucn wiuer open tutu .s poer which enthralled her whole being, ; hour of the night. Jue, very foud of betn K.. bad nn dira ta eseaDe. called "rDa" bv the nurse, handles tlie .rill I.-, b. I,.d ,tal,lihd O.or her - - - - . . T..ikt h. cl.tpd in bis .rms, h,.r tbe whirred bi. ifierce,,a,h PT,b ;iust,t hid inHlnil. ic nl-klfii4 J--"- , K".hr " ,rl I he the cUim of Joe Willougbby'e brotfierly I.i. ..r iitrmiiM that Kara al - ncom.ndsrtb.t .he would no longer a r a ami; room mere was a tun in ine.weauu. eager tone.,, and then Joo'a voico wa. be.rd ; . Mr. Grant .nd ber son aro both dead. ii.qiiiing for Ka. ' Will Gr.nt ran a abort c.rcer of em, aud Where is my little sitter! Why dont:diud, as might almost have beeu foreseen Kva eoiue to meet me, mother I Is -becul sue who I .thought would be first to con- a violeut and terrible death. It's nioiiu r a tbe poor student ufonhi. honors?" life was enwrapped in bi, and she did mt I tin here, dear Joe," Eva answered,' long survive luin. Soothed bj the tender gliding from ber retreat, " I only wailed kiudoess of ber life-long friend, M.-s W il till all the rest had done!'' . j loughby, went to ber resJ happy when tne Sbe eat forward, put ber band io bis, hour came that ber body might be laid be- reiuri cd his brotherly kit. aiib simple, eordiul lri)knesii,!ked bim . few que.iion., and sunk back into tbe that Will (ir.i.t t.rcuL'ht her. ' Fof ie r6l titne hoDeit Joe.. Uod ) , . . ra. 4ll, Lls beart trembled as ho held hers, and bis heart mm tr.m'e!v troubled as be looked into l ....... II. I,H nnt nrn hrr ee.r. ..a .... ..A .ni HrmiMle h..niif.,l .. vv ,n...b in Will al.o. Kt. ' .aid Mrs. Gr.nt) "see, be i. waiting im- : patie'jtly." I have, comiueacen nut a gi. nee cb'eckd her words. "Sbe shook b.ud with bim, and called him " Mr. Grant." because Misa Mortimer." - - ., i ..,.,. j ' Vll"' i'"ZZ hm ii, oilier none, uui . . . . . i : ; .1 ,.. ww-ptr io c io u. uu. .u .Uu.u.c. iL . ., i,... I niinm i,l iha irtrdim at tin ,, . " , , i O'clock. He must sc5 said, aud fornetm.g love th.t had died th.t night. tor t. was Iree at last, tbo tbra. ot 11. - . . t , - .-. ----- who would have led ber feet in the dark way. of t,u bad no more power fore-r. W.llGr.nth.d said-" My,u, will nol let her receive the- Utile beggar- ir . ber dauehter. .nd ao. bee.use I .ml . . i .. .in,.diit nnnii in niotufei' I eaunot make -'t J - i , i,Ui , h failed' j , , --l.!.-'r-'-i.i- ik niii' inurim min ig mournlully ...y to carry her crusbtd hop., to ibe .ontude ol ber cu-iuoer. ue dared to spetk, to urgo her to fly with l.i l:.r....r,l all Hi. te.ohm.,. of her innocent youtb, and to become, for In. sak.., au outeast from the sympathies of the wise and good. Then wheu sbo comprehended his pur i;: ie,utiou of bis purpoto, au J the w.s hence - forth free. Five years had passed, .nd Eva watebed once more at ilgbt from tbe nine win do-1. Again tbe crimson curtain eushroud ed ber lorru, but there were light, io th. room bevoud, that, jj'owiug tLroogh them, t .. e:n . il,. I.,r,i... nl lull icni a o r. iia.. .v, ... ... ebetX Uer lorin, rettiuioi an us traoo ful proportions, had .xp.nded into a rouund - td fall,... th.t g.v. a dignity ta ner pptarBe, g,c i00kcd happy niw, "nrs beat witb (patience upon u, ;,. paI j known footfall c.uRU Wr eaf( swiftly "round the wc'l teUll.mi beat vmh a jojful ini - .indow-pane. A "ell. man came mnrred cortK-r of the sqsure. He see tb, n,urc Bt the put two warm, arm about hu u-K,. lift face to hit with a! wWooniin.' kn - iw ' - ..... to superintend the I.,.. - wintry traps, d then leaning n . . .1 .1.. Uil in.i nniiud. arm. to enter in ruuru ..--,, - . ., , aD d , ;i. I LUfB. n iiivHUNvi " " " i well eomes tuern nun a cuijicuh- - , well come, t ad calls th they go dost em ber children, rro-cni.y d to dinner, chattrrin gaily; an 1 , the I an tne wnne. naruij mu r t quick ring cortfes at the door . j:"i. rll 1i,.!,t. man. with many lines of gray in his dark locks, lie is ere II Dl child be thought sleeping io.tbo grave itb , They go to the,, nur.o ! brinsr. in a Tjrettv, flaxcii haired baby. . 1.. um ; -uo.e v.iei ,.,,.... -.v...,., ... wbo.e violet eves, msmnia much wider oDec than is rroter at that I . , 1 , j u -i ; ii,n babe awkwardlv. and. bavins ; le.c of making it or,, yields it .0 the ,,- UP the When she returns, the whole party ther round the fire and convi ve pieaautly i touelher. or li-tten to Mr. Mortimer b ac together, or imen to iir. .'ion counts of hi. ttrange adventure spoa, too, iu low, leverentail toi counts of bi.btr.og. adventure, Ti.ey Irom Dis n:e or violence anu sen niuuigfuce, I side th.t of ber misguided, but be ove I child. Sida by side stand still the two bouse, to which the netgbDo-s, cause a i brides, lone aeo. One is desolate anJ ablludoDed ; iu the other .re light aud glad ne. .trcn hum.o love. lb. .we, tone o ness, sttcug human love, tne sweet tone ot childhood, warm heart, that beat for the t and safferiut'S of others, and tmt iu ih. BnftdfiaJ who U over all. blcsfejfor- er. GKEAT FUUi O.V LONG ISLAND. NxwYoRK, M.yVia Uue ot tne i:iom detructive fires which ever visited '-ong is- land, ha been ragiug for tbe last tour a ays, J ,,nti,a,1,.Mnuni,fr,ictiLrn Tn.' I brokVouVuear Stouv Biook ou' i.,, ... , J h, .hi. hnrnm - oil' oi ., , , i i,i, "l, a ot en tie farm of Joe J. Oinitil. ItuaJ- . , , , , i in) i i,r .nept over au area of at least O.i.tnU si lare e. of the Ore.t toutb li.y. where many Darn, ana out ouuuings , e u , A "rilS ."Vi? LV e II ZZ ta ,rrt,.t U, pro- ... r 0 jr.... . j A despatch from Tort Jcflcrso. Ma, 22 - dV"'''' "''"' at Irom .wu,iwu to t.ouv.uwu s.i l T-.1. M r. ."v... I in .Mohild voiont'i e-a i-iui-au ,e. instant It appears mat iue .1 ; 1, L p0( . ... -" - c ' el,;or, . goo,j j,ke .s well ns a good fight A torj u ia circaU;i,u lbat oa dav of his arrival iu Mobile he weui into a dry goods establishment, aud alter bargaining r0r . few articles, hau led ihe ciott i" u ! kee bill io py meut. f li Utter oould uot ; U4Ve been more aurprised il a bo nh -she.i ' J--'--J-;-';. ; looking the customer in ue , . don't Uke th.t kiud of money here, sir " Vou dou't," was tbe reply of tbo soldier ; " Wby hamtour fleet got beta jet V " No," answered the dry goods mau, " aud thry isn't going to." " Wei'..'' vr is t'jc ft;. lny Wi'l 09 uero Biuiiiv - . taken." Tbe clerk ron,e i iurU b ; j - ,. . . j -as see. sly - for tk. t rev lyly t put eiri hi hat ani mrt revost Mr,h.l . tbai. Tub British Storm Sionals It may , interest tnsoy nsuiical readers to ; m of Slom s- n used in note tbe vstem ot Storm Siunai, used in fjrilisb 11 , ' Porls l" u"col,,)n 01 Aoinirat rnxroy, mo ( Maury of KngUnd bj foUowcd bJ bad e,t-3r oa 50Ill9 j,or. , ,, ... . , , ... I -...,1 k-in,.i.., -MWii.wvw-ww...,.M.,.ui-wiM 1 "His'is ate inaJe by uichbh ef two cq -one ef tb f.rm cf a eoae, and it otijer . .,,!i,L,,.,,' ,.,, a ,. i;h Mie pij.n, ,0 fc:j(,,8 u g4;e j, pra. Lnble, and th-t -pproacliHig fr:n tut .Norm. A cone, wb ot.ut .hor that a gi'.e i probulie, . j (iial it j, ap. rv..M,..6 . . . -v arum aione 1 show, that da. v ro.s wind, be ! tad froru nearlv ouoosile Qartar. ' . , hvcIj. A uu urum g re of diiH'arous winds, tbe provable .nd itl ' rtction being shown by tne pwiuon of lLa , CCUC A Gallant ArFAin. A ooropany of Confederate Caralry, ibe name of which we could not learn, a'uebed a cen-pany of Gen. Wool' Vankee Cavalry, yesterday, near Ziui S'tatiou in iiouthauiptoo county, snd af'tr a hharp fiht of a half hour killed two, ' captured tin Captain, Firt Lieutenant, (itvsu priyates, aud tut the b.l.c.e to d.'ht. The prisoners reached here last nirM,t daring the most terrifio thunder Morui, and were safely lodged iu jail. W. ou'd Lotlt:aiD the at tbe late ho'ir it wkich we heard of this affair, but i,l tadcavor t do so to day, and also ren der fui! justice to the braveJCo'.fcderates who have tin notiiy uemfjued tueiiiseUcs. Tbe (.n.-oiicrj aro. ini.l to be ail sine looking ukli, q iiio intelligent, anJ remarkably well dn-.--td, We sreured their horses also, winch ir? -iitl to he valuable. J'ettrsburg .Vffis 'A I st, uil. The's M..VEMSrs rs Stono Itiveit Yesterday moruiUj.', the enemy', gun-boats hgau aifc'orcus and indiecri tj.inate hhel'.itig of the neighborhood of Ss C3?ioovil!e. The firing comir.ued with creutcr or lees rapiuity durinz forenoon, bit did nut U--u'.l iu any piji:cuir dam ou ciri-ide Djriutne afteruoou, tbe tivinu ceasi d, b it t'n-i" uvuiiher of the ene- mv l'dd-co. t-i, iL-reispn. eini oar- anchored in Jiono Uiver, wLile thirteen other weie repjru-u co uv vut-iUs the bar. t0 jav pro?abiy develop tie mean.'og 0t t;lH unususily iari fijtiiia 13 J.iues Is- Hid. La-t liijbt. tiie town wa fail af rumor, ofviioui degreei ot' po-i.-iLiiiitj ; but, a. He coaiJ ttac nonL, of tue:n to aathenlio 10'jrci-s, we CJ:idu: ojriiives to the fac'. v hive as?ertsined end civeu above.. ch irltston Mercury, 3J. Trie Uattls The Confederate force, attached ou Saturuy. and gained a com plete victory. The right to call the action a complete victory to the Confederates is Cstttt.lne d by these facts: 1H Ibat the drove tbe enemy from .11 liues, a distance of three back ; d. Tbat thev tou all tne enemy's artillery that was in those liues i 3 1. In it tbey took the eoc my's camps, itb cverythin,; in them, tent. m -inu. ig, v u,.u.,Ui IOc.s, w una am. 'eial.,eu f j oi m m c.mps; tin inn tne onieuera- icicarne"! also uie reaerai loriiucaiions, rcdoubt'i, CLlreucuuieuts, and retained pot' session ol them These ''nets give indisputable ribt to claim for the Confederates a victory cf the most entire iiui. Kichmoml Extmxner . Wc deem it proper sgaio to caution ail dealers, uieiuiiauts, tradesmen, and our readers geucrahy, agaiusis altered io bills oi' the liauk of the Slate of ftoutu Caroiiua, raised from genuins $Z bills by pasting the figure o orer the figure - on '-c iueda,iiious. We have seen some well exe cuted, so far as .ho pasting is concerned, but the ujargiu above aud below, aud the promissory worus, show plaiuly the denoiui-u-tiou It will be well for all who receive Bill, of the liank ol the Stale of South Carolina, to examine the mirgin aod the body, to sea it they c.nrespoud uu the more prominent and ceu-'icuojs figures of tbe distinctive weda-iou Omr. Cor, Fn M Nashville We tbat gjctleinati arrived here yesterday from .Niisaviile, who teports ibat Aody Johnson was iM'jully kvied ou Thursday fast, by Kx Governor Neii S. Krowu. lirown wat ur 'rested by AndvV order aome tnuo .go. to be sent to Line -In Justus up .icrtn, wus paroled tor a le.t days to attend .0 soma bi'siuess i h'; g. u'lemau says Krown was sn afued before Andy last fhurtuay. when, ior sojio provocauou, lorowu drew . retol ver anJ idm several tunes, endiuj tne lire .T tiie seomidiel ou the spot; aad tbat (j-ovn was lung in half an hour there af ter allot' which vie bear tbe gentleman sas lid witnessed. A iuuti- ConjaUfacy, 1 Ui I ll Coni rtl -We uudi island lbrouj;b names who Ictt t. ono.:i yesieiu.j u."iuiuS. iul brin. wn heard Moud taat Ii a T peiim- ut-Jutnirk, but at the time tney 'left no ptrtioulars bad transpired. The firuii lasted bat short tuna. Mibit

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