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North Carolina Newspapers

The North Carolina Whig. (Charlotte, N.C.) 1852-1863, July 01, 1862, Image 1

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JEST ""Sc iHe io 6o5,'V Hour fiouptlrj.-'S .o-ijoulr Duty VOLi, 11. 3STO, 14, ..H. , . aasvtl VI III If , iNl HI" :H tl 111 UBS. T, J. HOLTON, KOIT&EiS ANt rKApatirniM. ' TERMS: f).,Vorth.CarIiaa Waij willbeafford.d tosub ': iiL ercrj mark of reaped and courtesy, .;,ibr TWO DOLLARS id idicTWO ahbooiih au air of retriut and uneasiness DOLLAR? AWD FIFTY CENTS if jjjn. .l b. ecn)ed Q Jft tb, .-yJrwrAh,,:'T""yi' Tb. Brni.h officer were .ilent. and at- utiin el tb toiler. . to mew s nut tney, manga .aim idu serious, puiu. iutj u. o " .u.B..rud.tO.D.U.rp,..r.'e,icc.d no articular emotions, sate the'.like interested to preserve the name of libl.i..iorlM,this.i.4lyp)frtli6rlin..r.. jae .... r....rkrnlmyinM. Uoertad- wu.-c-.u a-d Sh.nfT f "f-J "miV.L'U mT.. i:.V,1!.,.nt. ,nrud munlbWer (,,. ; . - , . . a..-: ate u m i r j - r.iuini wSca acadiav in tbeir idvertinient.i r' VL,!L?r.Tn!lfr U.j, ,lb-,-ud.Dt,lrb.d.Mc 1 '' . .. CrPiaa.l.f.araori. l llotirg.- Al! et .Unc Mmi Plon. tby e.f tic.fl e tl.ra . stray pxlict I s fhoa,.. be walk o bia beat la aid fro. By a r4Wwa kid U tho yefct." Tttfb iht feea lav alow!, 1 ""f"!) M'l,,l. .ke alar bve. with U,tt l.tftt.f Kerp jwira lor tbe arm, i ale.fnrt;. I li.f.'a oif U. efnd f U.. run aentr, tread A b tranp from tb r-rk t b fawnt.ra. Ad lb. f tba ew lh low ttaaala-bcd, K.r w, nlMHM. tb aaoutiUi.. II a oia.aet flia ).a bi. f. d.rk aed nw. ..fO-batile; 1 K.rl,4iu tb. spring, a g.H.Dt ..plain prevailed there, was at length broken b, but .1. for tbnr kiu and Munir. , a. a J - ; ldc palU lu n0Olls, and be , t0 pick KU, .. .fleer 1.', r. ofV: , Ho, to th. 'sJjJ., u.i.i.b.d G.uer.l; 1 . 3 "T" "ar. b iu. ...rTfi. d y ouug Eu-'ln.b uiaif f ruibe fir., and Hie ' -J "JT -k ' !- Jin-we out. aU lb iaib rattle. t ' ,,,,, . ,r luta fcds of ibo,. biing Irom, h. bee-.i pCr.....o.. honorable me nr,. ?0' 2 a..', tear. were frequently see., .0! . t er seen. nd was o.t .v.fe.y ..-?. jbe -ueUncUe .11, lu,.-r.. b. U.d or L , 0,0.1 y a. g UIlfUas b A ur:eDelili mhith route and .. then ensued Allien .lor., lb. tw-aifbt. wwrd.rcd. 1 be iopleof Mo.moutb cnty, 'ld ibern loge.I.ef buMne.-. wbuii. iinaion ..iij bun , whi.e bd Me laiitu ou . F mean- 1 fccver beforo '"aed-' I can iojaj;in. V?b.a.--wal.i.r.Ur..-H --"I' L'i b-om cf , be murdered tb. beuevont .meer .-red "' f "m" .mi ets own teare" j 11 Run . u, Our long cav.loade, TH,.,u-u.eb.M,.f.i-l p.,u,,.o forredre..- a,d .bed,. nc .0 .be restraining influence hii ' -. and even ,n the centre, 0,tt..l,bi.ftUw..cbfi...,.l..,mmt. , Ibi. g... W t a. eweraepe "de it k.ud.u- oa h.m "" " ,b 1 ,f li of unflinching cour.e bad already had upon' 1or"t ol wbat ,lbo "act dinSr a ul,l .en.. n-.vif.. dene. biir. ... A. ne.a co..,m.nder b.d no doubt tbe, bel.e.ed b... wne, he ...uounced h.a namo ou the long )ut of tt"nC' P , as tt tbreatenad, galloped aiWily. a. MI.IM M mm .n.lln, ...L...,,, H,lunl : JU - .. , , . . . r,. ,..... A. ... n,t., . pv.,er (" b.l..ler aaleep- arua. . F.r,b..,a,ctbe,...,lle.vnftt,d. J I .ball not, beaa. I conder it a 'together nnoiceaaary, trouble jour hxeel-Th.m- .. u.hie.. br,rbtl, a. tb.n, !ocy with ...y .oia.adeer.ion ca tbi traa. Tbat ha tb lev ,t .btpokca. att.oo. Candor oblige me to be explicit 1 .....j . t'.is bi.. od vbta low airinard To sate tb iuhoeet-t I demand tbe guilty. j W.r. pledged, Wb ever unbroarn t Then dr.wir.fbia !rev rofW, .r Hi ,, lis d.aleantai. tbat are wa'.linf," Aad fatbera bi ! "P " HUc.' A if t-j keep duwa lb heart aw.Hiof . lie p.a tba fuvntaia, th blaaled pa tree, Ta fH-tip ilcr'r '" e'7 y.t eaw.rd b Ibrowgb ii bread belt I'fbt. ' , of Toward tba fora.t HdtniJ .. . . j .t... ...,ua ih. ,.,,, V...,,h,,o.B.gbl..d.roo.,fl..binf f III..., ha. a 0..L:-M..y.r by!" A.d tb Ufa blood (kbint- and pL.biitf . All otet alowg l.-nifht, Nas.uad save thrh.flh river; Wliil anil fall tb dtw en tbe lae f lb dead Tb pirlief off daly forver miscellaneous. Tin: LOTTERY OF DEATH. AN EPISODE OF TUB REVOLU TIONARY WAR. 1 th. subject. In th m.a.iH.iiu lbe comui.ud On a bright, baatiful moraing in th. of tb) post of New York had devolved i. m ioyoaa month o'l lMay. ia the year J78J. io porarily upon Gcuer,.! Kobert.ou ; and that an upper apartmml of the Black Hear Ion, officer wrote to w a.h.ti.Mu.., d. pr.o.nng in tba old town of Lancaster, in th. Slat. lb. aleru ooutv. be had riolv.d upon ; but f Fnn,laoia, avsember, a group f military mo, vent.n in liumoer, aou all effierrs of rank Fourteen of Ikes, offioeri wore tbe uni- forma of tb. British army, while the re-1 aiaiiiing three, on. a man of middle age, .0 wbos. templea tb. aoger-marxf 01 11111 were just discernible, aod the oiber two, yoang wen, were dressed in tne oara uiue b th ffi uDiforui. which war. worn of tba Coatiuenlal troops. Tb. wearers of ih scarUt uniforms wera , . 1 . .I,. iIm.. r. unarmed, thus indieaiing tut tuey wu. rriaentr of war I while the three in the (sore sobr aod unpeelacding blue wore, uspeuded upon their left hips, their light dresi swords. Tbe eldest of the American Qjocri, a. Lit thoulder-strapt aud epau let indicated, wa a brigadier-general. His two aompanions bia aida wore the insignia which proclaimed their rank to be that of eaptaiu ; while tb liritisb officers, with tbe exception of one, a person past tb. moridiau ol lite, wera of tb. same rank a tb twa Am.neaa aid. Tba ef Ik Briteaa waa a major I The utmost quiet prevailed in tbe Tittle 'room which these aeventeen-men complete. ' ly filled. Brigadier-General Ilogaa- for It was n thai offioeri't quarter! the partj was assembled bad received tbe prisoners j.bljrea VeUr,D Major Oordpn, who , . , - t t. . j, wlseodeavoting to hide!., could have no .ftot on the general and of grief which be oonld nofeontrol. final dee ,ion. He ...ured General Wash- TL.. i.rAo.a.r. w.r. Dot for bUu.lf ! ioL-ton tbat h. would tldly every . . . avtnnaiiiw ia wAitfi.rr rifi. r ftii i irm ' ." . ' - ..... were .portion ..... . .... ... .,.,.,..,,; .J,, Miin i.j v..i .'i . .1.- .... r T.nrit t'..T... - ' ..rT"". 11 II. Ibtl tblt iKIIl'Tll. OU 1 110 I W! II 01 Octobe' previou., surrruder.d bi,' fore.s, together with the nou of Vorktown end Gloucester. .fib- tori., had been marked villi lb. I . t -autoo and cowardly .cm of outrage : hut about ibU time tbev aeemed actaated ,ty a .pirit of moat devilish t..ligii;.- i--'e,-i 1 r w . , waanot rqiialt d by t akioued savages aiib iwaeauot equaled by tbe cruelty ot tbe rea . . -u qo m iB.Ultcell h,TS ,M.rBej u Va akioued savages aiib :wboui they aer (ft. ro.,rc,. With re-oict to a late biuittou bad ia vain solicited tbe IirOJb eomjjsuder in chief, wbor. bead- qu.rter. were ia :Se eiiy of New York, to i.- ...j ..... In ii.or murder and wbicb would ataia, as digracefull a warfare between tba tod Sir Jry CUaloa. attd bi mcccod Thu 1 uu ia coauanana ol lb Oitiuu .coop. Inter tb. Cr.t of e. series tana WarbmgioM ! tbat i.ftccr : "UlAD Quaiiem, Wlat April, 1TS2. mit uj,r togbcj- tbe orders of hi, super 4,Sia Tbe .aelo.ed rrp.e.r.itaiive of the tor, of bocver painful a nature ,l.iey might ir.baLit.nt. of Monmouth, with te.tiwieeiaN prove. He aaia he would save their feel of tb (acta, which eau be corroborated by ii.i by funber preiiuiiuary remark, bat other unquestionable evidence, will Liitig would tu.uiedia'el) procecJ u iho buiiu-- before jour Kieelleocy lb. ot wa.ito.i, before then, by reading to leiter wbicl. cruel and uaorrccdemed marder tbat ever vapt.m apc.sui, v um , Bdd at tb. execution cf Captain lladdy, : must o given wp, or, 11 tun rmi ot mf.r.or riiktob.m, so mny ot tbe pr- pcira-or. as will, aceordin to tne tariu 01 exchange, be au equivalent. To do this will mark th. juvliee of your Kxccllcb.y' cbaracter; in lailure of it, I shall bold myself justified, in tb eye of God and man, for tbe rnfaur to which I shall re.ort. I brg your lixtcllency to be persuaded tbat it cannot be more di-sgree ablate vau to t addressed iu thi. lhau it i. for me to cfTer tt. but the .utject req tir-i. frankness and deciMoo - 1 10 Jour TwJ delermm.- ' vour answer. I have the honor to be, ko , two, is or itwistiva i,..p.. 1 "Geo. W'ASUt.NOToN." ! On tb. followiae day Sir Henry Clinton- this in a cbar.ct, riatio letter, in repugn . . . . ,' which be was gui ty ol in. meaones. 01 us- ue w v. . im diaeourlcoui laocuaee to Wa bineton. . , .. ... .r u. ". . .HJMiih.r.attl..fhefL,lm- tw) bad never stained bi Land with in- uocent blood," &.C ' deg , aud elided by sup- that similar oa.-a ot violations of humanity mil.t be) provcu aaiual the Anierieans ; but not a word 111 Uirect reply to the above eomtnumcatiou The ll.iu-li commauder too i oo ...earuie whatever to bring the murderer lo ju.iico I A forluight pa-aed away, and as yet no thing farther bad been done iu leUtiou to making no proposition to deliver L-pper cu, r . .c ........ c. ..... ... .m- outrse'ri. or oiuerwuo 10 buiuuiuuii.o ius matter . , . 1 ... 1 I .0 ,vy,j - .u, lows: ' U.AD-QOABTfitS, May 5ih, Iutf2. juiiemen," said General Hotan SiR I had the honor to reoeivo your will leave it to yourselves, to ur . i 1 letter of the" brst iutnt. Your Excellcu- jcy is acquainted with th. detcrmlualiou vxnreahed.u mv letter to cir lletiry lllu- 0 ,balf ,0 ,r rrom reeding from ....' Am.I I h.t-e no. to in that resolunou. otdrrs are given to ueig uate a H.ilt.b offioer for retaliation. '1 be .ml nl.ea ara fixed: but I .hall hone it.. r.nU nl LLr eourt marlail wi.l Drt'Veut . e. j,.j,-..i .l.-rti.tiea. GC. WASUINOTO.N " nn :. i .... f..ll :, .k. I,.,,,!. f S.r ('. j. n ... . i.r... : h.l Vvsrieiou, wuo nciuie . --- pcrseded Geueral UjerUou. Sir Guy an - . : . .. u and courteous manner. II. r.gretied that privat and authorised bad, on both lid.i, given way to those passions, which ought t . . .. r . i -... to hare received tbe atron.'est and most efficient control and which had begot aots of retaliation wbicb, without further pre ventions, might have an extent equally oa-. lamttous and dishonorable to both parlies ; the', as it ippeiyed to him. more extensive Ijr pernicious to the natives ana seiners oi the country; that, however luuch tbej Engliubmen from reproach, and individuals r .:...... i.t. nwi! - . . rnpfc nil crimi n ciuutci . iu 3 ...-. .fi ,.. intentione. ont of bis Brstact. after placed in eom- m.nd ... to ehtr.ffe Mr. Livinten, of V.. and aolieit hit concurrence iu . . j..i... IMI mtlturtl uticuuuci nntvu...... of wer-tb coiimooo intere.U of humanity n quired. In auer to ibis lettcrau- ingiou wrote as loiiow I ..... .. . , . "CIH 111 Wl nouor mis owcimiij; iu t'.,..tu,.,. . i, of the 7,h. : .1 ... . ' "7 " . " -.. - i i K..; ,ibC( ,U commeocemeut of ,1 bis unnatural ruoiiy aaiui inoro loiiu ntu ir.f" ! IraBnaoliou I have already exprecd my Cxed rexoiuiion formed after the most ,ma lure deliberation, and from wbivb I ball not reecde " Gto. WabiiixoTos." - "r room iu ... e.-.f placed iu u of U.e mo.t uubappy cir- f , u ui.I.rie.. tf bi. .: UU. Ut U wa uouice-a.rv Iu miu uJ lbm, who ere ol tl.rtt. like him. ell. of tbe olii 'atioi.a be be bad received from O.netal U a.bmgtou. The first wa dated May 4 lb., and was a. foilowa : "Sir: Tbe enemy persisting o that barbarous liue of couducltbey have puraaed duiiog the war, have lately n.O'l itibumau ly executed Capiaiu Jjualbau lladuy, ol ijle t eW jers, 5,1, te troop, lane 11 pil-Otl- cf tt) , m ou J0,lrg-, t,fr, an i jn eoI1qr0Ct bava wrt'leu to the Urn jh CommHd-i io Cbirl, 1 hat ui.le. the ptrp, lrBlor, 0( ii boirid ded wre d IIHleJ Up, 1 should he wodir .he uecesity cf reull,UUji , (lia ou, ,.,. ,.ft t. pai t lop l0 ,ucU lul4(llB, , proceedings. You .bercfore, immediaCely on tbe receipt cf dciL.t, by lot, from tue above 0UUjber, a Unii.-b capi.iu who i an uuoo- dl.ia.. nrl.on-r ;i .uch a 0110 iu our no Ian-....... f ... . l eifeunl,UDCe,t f(lfu .lu0l,gi the pr souer. 4t tlthtr 0l lUe ,,0.u , 1 V ..,.y I . ..i or u u Mu biTe fix,d .!. i..t.oi. ion 11 send bnu under a .f-,. M.n. i,ur ,i',r ,il order a proper guard to receive and conduct b,m .0 the place of de.tiu.lioo. For jour intonnatiou rcspeo- . .. . ... 1 ,.' .... nurf u.omocr ia piiuii, 1 un s , . ordered the eommissary of prisoner to fur lur- :.i. - r . I, i.i..i, --.11 l. forw.rded with tl.i,. I need not mention that every pos-iblo tenderness that is eou latent will, tbe SeCunty cf him, ehould b shown lo tbe person who.e utifortuoate lot it may be lo uQer." lbe other uerpatcb, winch Ocncral llo gan read, aod which boi. lbe dat ot May 1 3th, - an a foilowa : "Sia: It was much my wib, for tb jrpo-e of rctalisiioo, to have taken an of- lict r, who was an uocoud ittoual prisoner ot war ; but belug intorm -d by tne Secretary of Wtr, thai i.oon cf Ih.l dieripiion 1 lu our po-ver, I am uuuer the Unagreeable icoeasity to dirtct, that you immediately piuc. ed to .'lccl, in the 1.1 lutier before pro cribod, from among all lliu nu-li op tat,,, ho arc pi i.ouer. either by catitu , . ... 1 . . . U'ioi, or ou c ouveiiti j it. one, who to be scut -J as auuu a pwe.u.t.-, uuuer H .ecu latioL and rea.r.ctious contained in mv lor- i tue: letter 10 jou (he modo which would ba the least p.mlul to jour own feelings, and yet most lu.par- tall iu makiu tue uuuannv selecliou. Uue ,r . n,ir I,-r . nil ar.. ... ir,,,.l ... .Hit v, j j..-. 1 - - - " on to Pnii.delpnia. iu obeduuee to lue or- der 1 have jut rt ad. j But of cour.o uoue of the brave Riiton .1 ...... 1... ...... i .. . ... . ... , . L .... ..1 a w ..... r...:.. I ..... I b , .olciuuly protested aga.n.t U.e "!. ' r . . 1 ii 1,1-uce ol au act. Lien Uoomed luuoceut : m. n to uh-r for the Crimea ot others, they - . 1 were ailimg, a they wera prepared to un I derito suv ordeal he mijtbt propose hav- .ing all coufideuot in bia honor and impsr- Jtial.ty j Major Gordon remoortrated .gainst tl:. ....... ...1 .nil nrnnaitd 111 DOStDOQ.- k..r uU.ii.n and nrODOSed It! DOStDOO. ruent, to await the arrival of Captain Stan dish, who, he waa informed, m on hia way from Virginia, where be bad been left, on the march I the prisoners into Maryland. Hut General Hogao'a orders were pirern tory ; be could not wait so muca delay. When all is over," be conlinuea, ana . . - e. .u..-., it. th.f every indulgence shall be .howu which you could expect r my own .-..Mug. cJioial.'' A y.ct.n, to asbmgtoo a aterD of juu,V, was ,o b. drawn from tb. thirteen capt.loa tbea present; and tbo aide-be- ...... A ta Withdraw rOID IDC - - ,,r.-r- , was to decide the fate of one of those brav. men. It would be impo. iDie io aescnoe , p. during the absence ,ffio.ra. At first, the acunaiiooa of tbat group f th. a. Amerteau oflieera - - ..... same m ence wu.en n.u P7",,e" . m riiuipg oi m L. i: .1 .1.. Af Ihu I Adimin. d.r-.u Chief ?7'"P" and eaen oi tna uriiuo epiiu ; ; 1010 'Oe ottier a lace io reau iu.ic, u ' ! ik. ,..,n nf thu unfjrluuate UIIO lonnu" tmru oi I ne t uicrr ; ,bl-,he D."n,a . a, , i r.... f had Dd bv.but wt.o. w.a to lau.u. ia a. pr,.,. ,7." . L:-ur.i.: w:j v . . M-i-!, Gordon iu aio endeavored to jo-jiijer eou.itryuieii towara nun, auu a i now were 10 with aur.nee of their enure rebi-natiou lo their fate. Tbe mo-t ui.geiierous ueii wa. now exhibited by those brave uieo each one eipresoing a lab that tbe Im not fill unin either of bis Com- ' r .1. tl.. r.'.i .... ,ht ever but upon biunelt, lumatiiig, mat ........-.. - , an abenca oi a q-rter ot an uo-ir . ... , ..1 i. . (c me aim reiur ien acsvn.pautc.i nj ... w cr of draooiit., wiia t to taao charge ot tue unlortunatc, and cjuduol biu. to hi deMiuatioi., where the latter would , aaii tl; cou.uii.iuaiiou of :bia acntcuce. i Now wa arranged tbat fatal game, at! wbieb those thhteen m-n were topl.y; th. .t.'kr. ou were hie and rfU4, and the cbauec. twelveto ouej- a lottery that jut.u.ed but one pnis, 111 thirteen draught-; but that priie wal to be an nu- morn ty of f.u.e, such a now belongs to the memory of tbe " amiable Ai.dr. , cjku e.i ... .,..,.....-u .nd each hat contained thirteen narrow stripe of card paper, all of equal sin. In oue hat were tele blank an I oue card, 00 wi.icn wa iu-criieu cd a name, -too 010 or a ,, of feeiiog for ,our aituatton ; but b4, ou ,be poHtioii from whe;iee theystar s aud one blauK. A DUt. j daily expected a determinatiou of teJ, but th unjority Ko plungio,; into town L' I ttle uimes youu lad a drummer, wa oow called io. lo abcni was .xplained tbe part be was to perfjrm io iht fatal anie. 'He theo drew Irom tbe hat in the hand of one of the aids, a najie. and after reading it aloud, drew out from tbe other bat auotber strip of pa- per. which, after first examining himself, he hel J ovr his head, that all might see it, and then proclaimed it blank. Thus naaie after uarno was drawn from the hats, , aaeen.pai.ied by corresponding blank till ! " ". as many blanks bad been dra.n ou. I he eleventh drawing the de- "-.--,'" --r tain Agill, of the coard. General llogan, n," deeply agitated, pointed toward th. Utkj mat. and addressing himself to the cfScer of dragoons, while .carcely able ta artieu ate. .ueh waa bta emotioo. eatd . -- , , , l.;,in.iit tkst frontleman ia vour . " 1 e prlsauer, I waa low that tbe pent up feeling of ..... r....A ......, i ,h. denr.oa-1 tions of the stem decree of the Am.rican ' Koglaud, where iu health ...d buoyant ep.r-Commaod-r-i.. Chief, but in expressions ot he met the warm embrace ot . tbe deepest sorrow aod sympathy for poor . nPPJ mother. Asgjll, who was but a mere lad, scarcely - nineteen years of age. 11 was a lively, joy-j Asotiie Ckazy Man Jackson's lun on youth, the favorite of h a reimem, aud j soy ..eems to bj spreading. Gen Job lielavrd l.v all wba knew bitn. Resides " he ' Stuart . the vounnet aui anion.: th- most WM tbe only sjn of his mother, aud she a w dow," tbe ouly hope and dependence of . ,Hd Mis comrades crowded .boul" biin, aud eudeavored, while tbey preed t.ia bands aud ave way lo ihcir bit ter feeimg. 10 i-upport bim under Ibis u.j-t unhappy (rial of bis b'rmue-as. iJut the no- ble young o!dier, durmg these tuaiueuts, when hi brother v (Boers wjr droued 111 tear-., and loud iu their riciatuatious of gri.-f, doO'l, the ceute. of the group, beau tifal io tae calm dtuitv of cou-ciou hero- lit were tbu only dry eye in thai rooiu be alone ol all that crod, retained bis aclf possess! jii. W bile .hi iceue was being enacted in the chamber of lho Rlack Rjar, the publie loom and the Inn - u, witlioul wa inro-ig-ed t'V a tu i-i ol cilia -us and soldiers, uboiu . i. . . . .. u . . .....I lueruiiuroi iui iiu i,....4i.itu hll ,m0 upp,r ,0om had drawn to tbo spot; and wUeit the aniiouuoemeiit of the sad icuit was, a euddeu mourulul 1....I. 1 . nor il.,-i.i: Ijr ... s........ ...... r, ,h ...... l.Mj thir 1..,!.. . ,1,... h..!..l .1... hr.i 1.1 n aud murmirul words of .ympatby, aui ...... . . i. .. . .i.i tear uu.ue.l lariu irom eye. nut hwuui tiu-u to tbe uielli.iif mooJ. Aui when tha offioer left the hoa.e, to go qaaruri assigued them, lid tbe to the morrow. to orowd gsv loud expreisioa ta tbir lyaopalby " I tell 700 icliroed an old man, THE SKIRMISH NEAR IIARRISON- to tbe bby .uo'for,, of eontineiitaler, 1JU1.G AS OTllKU BULL RUN RE " tbem British l brave w. n,,i t. t..itw -they all went in che.fe TKBAT-IUCIJ UKSCKIPIION UF THE ing and now that the o-l, W..1CM b" t. SOKNK. tied, they're all rjio but lUw j. i Tbe SbcDnndoab Valley correspondent some young fellow tbat'n drawn the an.y of the New York Times, iu hi letter, daud Crd.'' . I Ilarriecaburg. 7th in:-t , decibe tbe par- " It'e hard for so niee a lad, repn; another eoidier. " I'd bo willing, anuot, to change piaeea -with biin, if be is red eoat for he a krare, good soldier, tbuugh be is but a boy. Aiot you ashamed of yourself 1" claimed a young woman, who woe weeping bitterlv as sbe looked into tbe face of .tbe soidier who bad lent i-poken ; " aiut youj a-hnmed of yourself, Joe Lincoln, io say ivui.ii, ..v " J foneofthoiebrav.iwitb that poor, sweet Iambi OU . altogether mi iDg to beeuot jn bu piata. ... ......u. .u I,.. . k..l ....I the rirl b u ret . . ami wuo loat poor, swee. . .....-,.. . - -- e , , into a fresh flood of tear,. . h. j be lo. '.lank .way, ashamed of tbe eelfies of. l: . 'mA eviaced their kind' AUU luua I IO libum ., An, r. tn cic.iuV! - , ... . i. . ,.,. . "i j r .J .e a , ... I tthn o..i.v effinr vet reruaiud a prisoner - " - n',r i Pl.iUdlfiUi- Kvery air....e.,.ct had; .v . .-...Uv- -.. . ' , 'hie set, ot j-iMi.e and bia .jiUpalh tor, the ouii- man. Iu the meantime every iLfluctce ha't heeu brought to bear iu Uvor of the cou- demned. Ilia oiJ f. iend Majjr Goido.i was iuueian;aiiie lu.iua ueu.u uu uu..c. . !...! ,:.!. ..n - ..!... ..inn .o..n uau .,..10..,-. ... . ,ulu. . for the ,ife of her only chill-, eecu the fatui - , -ki - V"" " T ..fftn. for a anvcial set in the tiriiotier ft li- -- - r ---- -- - - r or ; aou his 10m uaj 01 .1 u.e u. . . month from tjie time ot bia cotider. arioo, lifer was delivered to Captain A-giH, by an orderly. II. opeued it and read thus : Silt-it affjrds me singular satUfac lion ;o htv, j, ja p0(fe, l0 to you tht eneIod copy of an act of Oongre, of tb. 7th iastaot, by which you are relieved from lho diwatreatable cireuuitanoes in wbjch J(JU haTe bee, loo,. Supposing ,h,t y0(J woulj wUb ,0 g0 t0 yew lurk ti B08n p0aitI, I enclave a passport for purpUse. iour letter or tne toiu e,m8 regwlrlj to my band. I beg of yoj t0 beiiefe tb, mj not answering it eoo- Def dii DOt prowed rou, inattention to you, our oas, ,nd thoueht it belter lo.await bttj tbaD t0 feoj you wtb hopeslhat might ; ,he end, prove fruitless. Y"ou will al .rjbute ,j detention of the enclosed lettcis i :cb have been in my cotsessiin a fort- nibt, to tbe same cause. 1 csauot take letTe of you sir, witnout assuring you that in whatever light my agsncy in this uu- pleftsaot affair may be viewed. I was uerer influenced, tbrooghout tbe whole of it, by aan.'Uinary motives', but by what 1 con eeived to be a sense of duty, auicli loudly ea.led 00 me to u.e measures, however tii- agreeable, to prcve-ut a repetition of th .se eU0rmities. wbicb have been the suhi.-et discussion; and lhat this important end t llkeljp t0 ba ,u8v,ered, without the etla-iou 0f tbe blood of an innocent per.on. is uoi a ,.is.f A nu than u is n. s.r.&o. b'" j ... ..Cm " Aaeill was cow at liberty ; tnd in a few weeks he was treading the soil r bis native gallautofpur Jingadiers, who tl' ite lus oouducted himst'll nh grtt propriety, wns struck bv a strt ik of J icksoni-ui t:ie- , other day, aud what did be dj ? Way, be i picks up a b iu llal of cavalry au i to pieces ct ai i.nsi y , s eep . line a u.-n 01 : lintniug eiuifeiy arouu i M : Jieiian .t uiJ army, ki.ocii-. ' u i dras iut every t..u.g tuat soww i his way. b-iru c imp-, m agai.uus, 1 1 a u.j. 01 ts, wag...,., dep its aui 'bridges, liitf' 11.10 u.lioad tiui;.s, sie-.s ' eeVeral hundreJ line lals mules and bags cojpio 01 nuuuieu p i-uiil-i j comes posing lutoojr hue-, about day fcreak ju-.l as if uothiu bad h ipeaed. Tiiiui . . 1 ,1,1.1 1 I . swollen nver betaeeu himself au I bi. la.e. ; P" the foilor.og extract: The vti u ot J i.vksjui.iu iu it hv !:rjok 1 " I'he S.itken C.afo.lraoy i consider deep mio jo-jag Jtb. Rh tbee p!a:vjtyjed a Itr superior i tba Nortbern Uuiouin feiioas, the, will obronsie it u.'i u bearings ly Juropaau natijf, aod tat. exp'oits a. 0110 ot the mo-i iiri,!iaut, par:ioulariy by Eug'.auJ. l't;o two nations daring ai.d heroic over performed by wau j are c...-ilere J as distinct from each othct, Weil, we supiise wo must ub ml sa tiiuau"4.s t'.,o North is from tl'.o Sjjta I'o'e, aod thin'. Wuon a mau is hunting for bi. I couiderd a dmi.-ic. f.'oiu eacu other a father in law and soariug MuClell n out ot br wi'.s. much bo jl I 'j f W 'IVf Q hnu. liatiniions ara t're 1 lent, r 'ade by whih lho where will it al end . J.b i a.euj i ha will ho uneivil to tha . r,..-v - The Ohio LLiature refund to pits law allowing tb. troop of thai Stat, to vet while at th at ef war ,,jt 0f Jackoti aud the attack upon the Y"' :uard of bi arinj near Harrisooburg. '"owinc extract will be found panic- ular 1 wing panic- A SCOUl n io aod reported that out two niilci aeve i y or buy Rebel caval- ry, and a few inC , tbat tbe horsci aod men were loo tire tt to it b e r run or fiht. nd could be easily turcd. " We'll bavif a little" fuo, iben ; wou,. you like to I . ,.,,.! ,"- . . ; ouuua id , . . u-,, 'he i Cjl0''"1 ordered Captain ahellmire s eou. i'J'u1" a. . piiu v to tbe iroiit, no: as nkirwi Ubers, tut P uiucb d)J be r( tl b jt WM 8upp0!,cdJtho wood, had undcrpono tbat he oelected thu . . cu-toiuary precaution, un roae me coiurao, ib...tre at .boulder and carbine ready I Very iood a few scattering shots could be beard in frOLt, and as It was oeeeaaarr to . , ,. , - "ow w,'at wa g,DS . 1 g-1 cped up orucr,J ca 1 1 'e; inaltor . for reitiforeements." Not tbe scattering i ature of tbe tire iliat there a, any immeUate danger, I :.. .v.. was y"')iui' iei?urviv aiou 111 tne centra of thu cavalcade fheii the head came char giujj do. tu upon ua " Fall back ! Fall back ! A.ihby's cavalry and Jackson's whole army are oomiti. ' It was scarcely a time IjT 1cu101.5tra1.ct', when the cbancea were if one c. cared tbu pureuicg foe be d be riddeu doau by tii retreating fri- cuHs; ami drew my mare to a sort of for their live., aud burling ifi their precipi- tale tlht, tuures, carbines, blaLke's, aud ever) . u 1 1 . else to the earth that could pos sibly add auoiiuea to tlitif weight. Through the woods they tore, and out to an open pace, 1. hero a Liil cll.-red its broad brow .,r.. Ir, ,t 11 i,r , rr .1,. loVl! of the- ...others that bore ycu. if not for J0ar ottIl ,l!aI,.l00d-a aie V Uat no: offi(K.r Uopoi a!ter men, shoutia-" halt, B-ll ; but ayageiy fpurring their own Uejs auj ou da-hvs tne chaotic mass of Uoremeu, a though the arch nad tva af- Uf lUaj for(y 0f fif( yf Ashby's cavalry after all ! for hero tbey bait ou tbe cre.t ot this rough, rocky btil, dt.-chargi,, their carbines and revolver, at ,be bcii oi u. retreating stragglers, as our ll0rse'i;o ali.iin dowu. A few of our tuea houtitj'', "t'ur te.uiiei.t li a 1 captured and cut i) jwo..-, and we re the only one' lett." And a precious nt c- coaanls yea ate, cavairy get.ile.i.en, if your own story be t'ue, i) have bo ight your worthless ex- tetice by acntijiug thu lives cf your com- radva aud the hDuoot the dig ye bear What a Prizs we Missed. Wo under- Hani irom a ge.iueiuaii woj uas receutty seen a highly re.-pectaoie citixeu of Ne K.:ui Couuty, thai oar troops uuder diuart, un..-ed a vala.bic pntj tu the rcceul brtl 1 eeouuji.-s inoj, uiado in rear of tbe ue:ii v s lines Geo. Siuait's f-jrees passed tu iiietr march, an estate iu New Kent County, kuoaa as 11 impstead, nheroGeo. MoCleiuu had ealabltsued his headquar ters. Al ou.; point ou lbe march tbe Con federate weru withiu six hundred yards oi llamp-tead, aud 11 Las bceu siucj ascer tained 111. 1 at the very time tuey passod, .'iceJitilai, aud Atatf were ail iu me bni.d iug at, diuuer. I te ouiy troops near were bis usuai uody gmrd, unuibenug uot more tbau otu buii'iied cavalry. Had Geo. bluarl Kuowu lueso tacts, thtt buildtu could have bceu surrouuded, aud tbe Youug Na pj.eau 01 a. I YankecJom, with L.a whole, staff, uoulJnow have been'iu the military prison at ji l.-bury,jN C. It is be;ier pro bably that we unsicd this bi'n game, as lit Hie eveulot Lia ijre.jthe Yatiiees would, have 1ji.ii had a liue ifxcausa for the terri t. i- tbri.hiug wb.cU we are about to ilAcj oa the. 11. Rat to bro bagged McCle.laa aud stall', would 'jawe beeu oq jivaleol to catling olf trie ucsd ot.the gteat Yaukea army. I eler'urg EspeiS. toutlels ,V have teeii shown w l. ler, .as U'o Aitaiiia I ttfittgencer, wnuea by a liiy tu Li.idon, f.ouj which wo are ibe Nonb is fro- ija.u 1'jio, and coia- North sink, into ceutcaipt ana digrce. I hive never been mjre proud of my coun try itiar, oow. Vue N rtU IBJ il ro now Loia approoiated at tt.wir true value. I am auo prjjJ of our Pretest, the iloa. Jed. Davis Ail Europe u lor us. ad will pros i. soon a tb "

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