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The Alamance gleaner. (Graham, Alamance County, N.C.) 1875-1963, October 09, 1919, Image 2

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THE GLEANER ■ ISSUED KVKBV THUIIBDAY. J. D. KEKNODLE, Editor. 1 SI.OO A YEAR, IN ADVANCE. Hie editor will not be responsible for f|tw> eg pressed by correspondents. , Bntered at tne Postofflce at Graham. N. 0., as second olasM matter. GRAHAM, N. C., Oct. 1), 19H) President Wilson's physician says the President is decidedly better and stronger than at any time since the beginning of his illness. This ia pleasing news. The obstructionists of the Peaco Treaty continue ,to worry the coun try, and the country iB getting g.od and tired of the worry. A day of reckoning is coming. A bunch of misguided negroes in Arkansas planned to slaughter the white jieoplo. The ill-advised ne groes are the sufferers. England's railway strike is over and work is resumed. It is a com promise. The fight between the steel mills and the strikers is still one of inde cision. Veterans Off To Atlanta. A number of Confederate Vet erans left Monday for Atlanta. Un der tho law, on last Friday the County Commissioners authorixed t;ie payment of tho railroad fares of such of tho veterans as wiahod to attend tho Reunion. The following boarded the train at Graham: J. N. 11. Clendenin, Jos. W. Holmes, It. J. Thompson, G. 8. Coble, Wm. Robinson, Win Boswell, W. C.'.Hornsday, D. 11 liolmea, J. T. Malone: at Burling ton: F. U. lilanchard, J. M. Apple, J.E.Anderson, Sidney Mansfield, W. A. Hall, .TTMI. Itoss, I'. 11. Boon, Q. W. Allen, Av. H. Moser, G. W. Anthony, M. J. Anthony, J. Mack Garrison, L. J. Fonville In addition to the above there may be others whose names wo fail ed to get, as no report was available from Mebane, Haw Kiver or Elon College. „ \ Tho House of Representatives thinks that a fool law should have teeth. It would be just like the tSenate to strike out teeth and in aert tongue* Hut. does the Harvard professor who discovered two comets iu two days "dohiswork on mere water"? DOD3ON TELLS THE HORROR OF CALOMEL Ton Don't *>ed t« wirken, or IHulliali Yourself to Nlarl l.lvrr. You're bilious, sluggish, consti pated, you teel hfii.laciiy, yoji* stomach may be sour, your hrc.iili bad, yi.ur skin sallow and you I . lleve'you need lie. dangero ih nil omel to start liver and bowels. Here's my guarantee! Ask y».ir druggist for u bottle of i 1 , bi.M Liver Tone ant take a s| ""iiful M night. It it d> m't st ir. > liver anit straighten v 'u i>c letter Mian eaiotnei aud griping and making / >.i o.eU, I uant you to go back t i ih • sto;. and get your money. Take calomel tii-day and lonv.r row you » 111 feel weak arrl sii li nauseated Don't lon- ;i diiy. TaU'- a spoonful ot harmless vegetal I Doilson's Liver Tine t -ill-jfil it; I wake up feeling splendid. It is perfectly harmless si glv> i' t your children any time, it ei i '■ salivate. Tho repeal of the Daylight- Having Law will mean large elec tric light and gits lulls for city folks. Every avoidable waste tnakes the things go higher that the farmer has to buy. JUST JN TIME Hiimr (.rslißßi I'roplr M»> \% »ll Till It'* - Don't wait till too late. Bo sure to be in time. Just in time with kidney ills. Means .curing the backache, the dizziness, the urinary disorders, That so often come with kidney troubles. Donn's Kidney Pds are for this • very purpose. Here is (Jraham testimony ol their thrtr worth. Mrs. W". T. Kzell, N. Maple Street, says: "I was almost disabled with rains in the small of my back, an i suffered all the time. I was s i nervous and had such headaches f could hardly endure the miser.v. One of our family had used Doan's Kidney Pills with good results and told me to try them. I took this remedy and the pains and all etb >r troubles disappeared." Price COc, at all deilors. IJon't ■lmply ask for a kidney remedy get Doan's Kidney Pills—the same that Mrs. Kzell had. Fo.«ter-Wl bum Co., Mfrs., Buffalo, S. Y. If Mitchell Palmer was 'pro- German," as Senator Kreling buysen charges, what would he have done had he been thoroughly "loy»l?" A REAL FLESH BUILDER. Argo Phosphatc contains phosphate ■uch aa physicians all over the world are prescribing to build UJJ all run down, enemic conditions and chang ing thin, enemic women with tone less Jissueß, flesh into the lOOßtJbeautifnl, rosy-cheeked and plump, round formed women im aginable. NOTICE:— Dr. Frederick Jacobsor saya: Argo-Phospbate builds up all ran-dovrn conditions in a few dayi jronderfully. Dispensed by Hayes Drug Co. REASONS FOR HIGH COST OF LIVING. c What Council of National Defense t Says After Investigation. j The Co'irticil of National Dc» 1 fense at Washington, after inuVc - \ ing investigation, arrives at the 1 following •conclusions an reasons for the high cost of living: j That the nation's productive ( powers have not been fully uti- t lizcd since the armistice. That too few goods, notably tho . necessities of life, have been pro duced, and that even some of I tiese , goods have been withheld from the market, and therefore from ' I ho people. • That the high cost of living is due in part to unavoidable war f waste and increase of money and ) credit. That there has been and is con- i siderablo profiteering, intentional and unintentional. The council believes that the remedies for the situation are: To produce more good*, and to produce them in proportion to the needs of the people. To stamp out profiteering and I stop unnecessary hoarding. To enfordil vigorously pn-.-i nt I laws and promptly to enact such . further laws as are necessary to prevent and puni-h profiteering and needless hoarding. To bring about, better co opera tion and method in distributing | ami marketing goods. To keep both producer an l con sumer fully informed as to what goods are needed and us to what supplies are available, so that production may anticipate the i country's demands. "I let tor standards of living are impossible without producing, more goods," said the councils announcement. "At the war's end and our allies ] had desperate need of the essen-i tials of life. We have had to share | our resources with them, but this » drain will gradually lessen. "The process of production re- : quires time. If production is J rapidly increased, vastly improved j conditions will prevail in America | when the of present and j , future labor begin to appear. "Team work is imperative. The , manufacturer, the farmer, thedis ! tributor must each immediately assume his part of the burden and enter upon his tiisk. "On American business rests a ] 11 a gravt responsibility for efficient " co-operation in bringing about L * full and proportionate product ion. On American labor rests an equally grave responsibility to at- j r tain maximum unit production j it and maintain uninterrupted dis '! tribution of goods if labor itscll is | not to suffer from further ri«es in | the cost of living. "The entire nation—producer, | distributor and consumer alike — should return to the unity that won the war. Uroup interest and undue personal gain must give - way to the good of the whole na tion if the situation is to lie ' squarely met." The council is composed of Sec retaries (taker, Daniels, f.ano, Houston, Hedlleld and Wilson, • aud Grover I!, Clarkson, as direr i tor. Caturrhal l>-aliir«« ( annul Itr urrU { lijr application*, !** iln-y cannot r«-iu li llkf l|lM-ltM»| |(Or(loll Of till* ••Mf. TlU'ff l«oul)- O»H- way to rurc ciilarrhui dualm-ft*. ami flint It In a t'onalllul remedy. Catarrhal iH'nirhn l cAiiaed •»> mi Inflamed -onlilh'U • •f LINT muootik 11nIiiof ih«> KIMIHI lilnn Tula*. 1 beti tltl« tiitM> U infUiiii"! )«»u liavo » rnni lillnir "*timl or liii|>t*rTr*t ll*h« lntf. and u hen It la •• i»flr«*l>* hcafocn* it th* n-*ull. I'nli'N" tilt* liifli*iiimll• •ti i mii lir hmlihmml and lit I ■ tm« r»t>i*4 to IU normal iHiiulltlon, iicarliitr will la* |i »>f lorvv* r. Many . faaft of l*afu«-aft are* i ium'il by i-atarrh, I which In nn inflam- 1 rottilllioti or the IUUI- OIM •urfitcca llall'm Cat rrii MtMli«-lh«» »ci* thru j Tlh i.| ( „,.| on tlif iiukkiUi nurture* of iht 1 I)I I t«*m. Wi» will glvi* One 11 ij' drill Dollar* fi»r any j »f ( Hturrlini hi ll(ll*>i (hat I'anitul I 4'iirtil |») Hall * Lji(art|i Mi'«h> loc. t lii'u Hl* frtK». All I>ruirtri|t* 7 a*. V J. I'll K.N RV A- C li.. TOIimIO. o. It is merely a choice between the mild r-sei vationisis aid the wild ones. When Boston's policemen goon strike wonder who - guards the sacred codfish ? The Square Deal is Born and Bred Into Fi«k Tires Back of Fisk Tires there's a concern whoße one ideal is: "To be the Beit Concern in the World to Work for and the Squarett Concern in Existence to do Business with." It is that backing that spirit of doing the square thing that puts into Fisk Tires the extra miles and the complete satisfaction in using them. Next Time— • BUY FlSK iff. MOON MOTOR CAR'CO. Graham, N. C. •—e-i.a- FISK TIRES SAXAPAHAW ITEMS, s .'or. of The Gleaner. • The regular Fall and Winter 1 ertp of, the Graded School opened Monday with a large attendance. Messrs. Wilson and "Doc" Wil- , iainson have returned from Green- | nlle, K. C., where they attended | the reunion of the Thirtieth Di- ] vision. Misses Connor and Mattie Win ingham, who are in school at El in College, spent the week-end at t heir home here. Mr. Ilanks I'ickard of Elon Col lege spent Sunday in Saxapahaw. .Miss Flora Winninghaiii spent Thursday in Klon College visiting her sisters, Misses Mattie and Connor Winninghaiii. Misses Tlielma and Lelia Shaw spent the W"ek in llurlingti.n, the guests of Miss Ethel Guthrie. Miss Bonnie Phillips spent the week in Burlington. HAD CHRONIC BRONCHITIS FOR TWENTY-SIX YEARS NOW WELL AND HAPPY , THIS IS WORTH READING _ The experience of Mr. E. J. Tou palik, 14:;8 Rose street, LaCrosse, I Wisconsin, is chiefly remarkable on account of the length of time he was afflicted. H» writes: "I hove been suf fering with chronic bronchitis for twenty-six years and every winter I would catch cold and become so hoarse I could not sneak for six or eight weeks. I could get only tem porary relief. "This winter 1 was taken with Grip and was In awful shape. A fellow workman advised me to take PE-RU-NA. I'y the time I had used three-fourths of a bottle, the hoarseness was gone, also that tired feeling. I am on my second bottle. Hereafter PE-RU-NA will bo constantly in my house. It. IB tho best medicine ever put up for the purpose." For any disease due to catarrh or catarrhal conditions, PE-RU-NA [ is equally dependable. Coughs, i colds, catarrh of the head, stomach trouble, constipation, rheumatism, pains in tho back, side and loins, bloating, belching gas, indigestion, catarrh of tho large and small in testines, are some of the troubles for which PE-KU-NA is especially recommended. PE-KU-NA can be purchased anywhere in either tablet or liquid form. We can scarcely expect a cut in the high cost of meats until wo cease demanding choice cuts only. EXCESSIVE ACIDITY is nt the bottom of most digestive ills. Ki'MOIDS for indigestion afford pleas ing and prompt relief from the distress of acid-dyspepsia.. MADE BY SCOTT A BOWNE MAKERS OP SCOTTS EMULSION - . It in earner to cultivate H J^IRL H uia^ination than her voice. The Best Insurance Against Influenza Prominent Educator Believes That Vapomentha is A Sure Preventive Dr. It M HIH'IH-, dim oveier of Hramc'R \ iipiniK titlin Salve. liiih a Idler from ('. C Wright. Sup« riuicndent of tbe Wilkes County. N. C. Public Schools, ill which h HJiy "We 11itve used Hrame's Vapo iiMiii.i.i Halve for neatly nil llie ilia for >\ IIM li it j* prcm-rilied iiixl lm\e a) ways m i ur« "l satisfactory- results. If used in t.ine it has never failed to break up colds, usually tin forerunner of Orippc, Inllii en/it nti«l I'lieuiuooia. | * I speak fmin personal observation. I believe if t Ins pnpiintion is unci I in time ii will prevent t li«* development of pneumonia HI every instant e, if used according to directions " Tin tlroii# stat« an iiI K are fully justi ft" "I by the remiilkable recoveries that f..11".vs llramt** VHpoinentba Halve is applied freely over the chest IIIHI throat Senator Reed complains that somebody has denounced him as "pygmy-minded." We are afraid lie is worse than that. -When wo note the largo number of automobile thieves now in evi dence we wonder how long it will be before airplane robbers will be lifting things through Vhe sky light. V ASPIRIN "FOR HEADACHE Mune "Bayer" is on Genuine Aspirin —say Bayer Insist on "Bayer Tablets of Aspirin" in a "Bayer package," containing proper directions for Headache, Colds, Pain, I Netvalgia, Lumbago, and Rheumatism. Name "Bayer" meana genuine Aspirin prescribed by physicians for nineteen years. Handy tin boxes of 12 tableta cost few cents. Aspirin is trade marlC of Bayer Manufacture of Monoaertw acidester of Salicylicacid. Boston, once a literary hub, is now literally a hubbub. Alfred G. Gardiner, editor of the Londou Daily News, has re signed. Another v.ctory for Lloyd George. i LIFT CORNS OR CALLUSES OFF Doesn't hurt! Lift any corn or callus off with fingers .it/1 (v i Don't Buffer ! A tiny bottle of Freezone costs but n few cents at any drug store. Apply n few drops on tlic corns, calluses mid "hard skin" on bottom of feet and then lift thm off. When. Freezone removes iioans from the toes or calluses from the bottom of the feet the skin beneath is left pink and healthy and never sore, tender or irritated. It's a question who's going to reap the biz harvest this fall—the clothes dealer or the clothes cleaner. and inserted in each nostril. Bmme's Vapoincntha Salve penetrates the pores of tin' skin, relieving congestion, at the Willie time healing vapors arise and are breathed through the mouth and nose, , loosing the plcglim and causing the pa tient to breathe freely. Its alisohile re liability is evidenced by dozens of unso lieited testimonials. Brume's Vapomentha Salve will relieve pneumpniii, intlut-nra, grippe, pleurisy, bronchitis, whooping cough, catarrh, asthma, tonsilitis, hay fever and inflammation of the akin. Yiipomcnthia is applied externally, and it will not stain the clothes, as ojher salves do. No home should ever lie without it. Ituy it from your druggist or direct from llrame Druu Co., North Wilkeslioro, N. C. A small I tot tic costs 80c; a much largeronc, containing six times as much, sl.Bo.—Adv. ♦■H I ■H > l I« N»*» *+++++ +++ + + +•♦ ++ + ♦ * i 11* 11 I't'»l"M J 1A DAYS OF IT ini 1« BIG FALL OPENING 1 u The Fair J Department Store, Graham, N. C., is going to hold | its Big Fall Opening Saleoi one ot the biggest Fall | Stocks ot Ready-to-Wear in its history. For 10 | big selling days we will put beiore the buying i public this big stock at prices lower than the I present market. So come to this opening. You f are welcome whether you buy or not. A call is | all we ask. Mark the date— I f ❖ Saturday, Oct. 11 + %* I and continues for 10 days. Read some of the big j bargains that go on during thfs sale: § t BOYS' CLOTHING OVERCOATS | |i Yes, we have anything you want in clothing for the Overcoats for men, Overcoats for the young men and -j* \ boys. All the leading styles, and at prices to suit you. Overcoats for the hoys, at a great reduction in prices, J j* Read some of the prices for this opening. Come and see them. [• #IB.OO Boy's Suits only $12.50 " ~" ? IS.OO * " 10,50 FALL HATS FQR MEN | I 12.00 " " 8.00 All of the latest styles and at prices lower than any- jj 10.00 " " "•95 where else. Price 1.95 and up. Come. J f s.SO " V 5.45 j. \ -«.«> " +?«•> FALL UNDERWEAR FOR MEN J I 7 b ' n i|i|.'ba ! Bought right and we will sell them right. Come to ? % SWEATERS gee ug an( j y OU w ill buy them here. I J For men and boys—we have anything you want in the + 1 Sweater Lino, and the prices are low. Come to see CAPS x | them at THE FAIR. Q ai)S f or mell an ,i Caps for the bfys—all of the newest + £ ~ and latest Fall style. 50c and up—come to see them. + MEN'S WORK PANTS. % J Yes, we have a big stock' of pants for the working BOYS KNEE PANTS J + man—any kind you want. We can fit all men's purses. Wo can fit all the Boys—any size—prices from 85c J * Price $1 95 and up. up. Bring the boys here for their pants. ~ I X i—— i + " J, t Men's Clothing-For j The Young Men [ Yes, we have a beautiful line of Men's and f Young Men's Clothing, all of the latest leading | shades and patterns, and at prices $5 to $lO | cheaper on the suit than elsewhere. I So why should you hesitate to let us dress you and | save you money. Just a call and be convinced. We | have anything you want. Come to this big opening f sale and save money. | [• . I Read, Don't Overlook Anything in print. ! t * * r - ______ + >• j. v-j- -f v v !11 !■ i■! +*fr«H'+++ , s ,, fr+ M M' , M M l , ++++++ , fr+++ .■ 288 Beautiful, Sure Enough Live Gold Fish TO BE GIVEN AWAY Friday and Saturday, October 10-11 AT HAYES DRUG CO. GRAHAM, N. C. SPECIAL NEXT SATURDAY-1 lb. real, sure enough Good Chocolate Candy for 73c. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. . Having qualified as Administrator of tbe riUle or Jru Kofftv, dlBCiWd, the under* signed herrbr DO tine* all peraona holding claims ngaJu«t said estate to present the Mine duly authenticated, on ir before tbe :>th day of Sept.. ItfJ), or to Is notice wl'l be pleaded In bar of tbeir recovery. All persons Indebted to aald rstate are requested to make Im mediate settlement. \ This Auf. 9Kb, Iflt. H. M. GATE® Ata*r of Jru Ho(r©r». dccM. linlUD fio. 2. Wm. I. Nurd, Alt'y. 4»ept«t Summons by Publication. Vorth Cartlini- ■ Alamance County. In the Superior Court November Term 1119-. Nora Vlttefs, v». A. C. Vicker*. The defendant above named will take notice that an action enti titled a* above has been, commenc ed in the Superior Court of Ala mance County, for divorce on the COAL I now have a good stock of coal on hand. Tennessee red ash, lump—this is the best coal on the market. Virginia free-burning split lump; also Egg coal suitable for cooking, and grates, and stoves. Pocahontas Run, for furnaces and smithing. I will appreciate your orders by giving you good, nice, clean coal. Please call on me for prices. Thanking you for any amount of business you may favor me with, I remain, Yours truly, T. C. MOON Graham, N. C grounds of adultery; and the de fendant will further take notice that he is required to appear at the term of the Superior Court of said county, to be held on the 4th Monday In November, IPIB, at the court house of said county, at Graham. North Carolina, and ans . \ wer or 'lemur to the complaint in said action, or the plaintiff wilt apply to the Court for the relief dltmaded in said complaint. This October 4, 1919. D. J. WALKER, Clerk Superior Court.

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