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The Alamance gleaner. (Graham, Alamance County, N.C.) 1875-1963, February 02, 1928, Image 2

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^ ... ... ... _ . .. . > THK ALAMAMO QLKAMUt, QBAflAfc, ft, & \ THE GLEANER ! ISSUED XTKBY THURSDAY. J. n. KERNODLE. Editor. $1.00 A YEAR, IN ADVANCE. ?ntered at the Postoffloe at Graham. It. 0., aa aaooud-olaai matter. GRAHAM, N. C., FEB. 2, 1928. Stedman?Overman?Simmons. Three North Carolinians, now in the Congress of the United States where they have served with signal distinction for mauy years, had their birthdays in January. The eldest of these is Major Charles M. Stedman, Representa tive of this, the 5tb,Congressional District, who was 87 years old on January 29th. He is the oldest member ,of the House and the only Civil War veteran in Con gress; and, furthermore, he is the last one of that memorable conflict that will ever occupy a seat in the world's greatest law making body. Following his birthday he reported for duty, and was feeling good. He spoke of retiring a few j ears ago, but his fellow members of all parties Importuned him not to do so. He is loved and venerated by the en tire body of which he is a mem ber. His like will not again grace the halls of Congress in many years to come. Senator Lee S. Overman is next in point of age of the three. He was 74 on January 3rd. Senator Furnifold M. Simmons ? ds the youngest and was 74 on January 20tb. There are no more influential members of the Senate than these two. They are the peers of any there, and they have had much to do with the shaping of legisla tion. Any commonwealth in the ga laxy of States would be peculiarly honored to have three such distin guished statesmen us representa tives in the Congress st one and the same time. That the prestige of North Car olina is what it is in Congress is because her representatives have been given long years of service. No one knows what may bap pen, nor bavo either of these avowed their intentions as to the future, but The Gleaheb rises now to nominate each of them as his own successor so long as he will consent to stand for re-election. Protection?Prepardnen S enator Simmons favors spend ing $500,000,000 or $600,000,000, or whatever sntu is necessary, for flood control in the Mississippi valley. That's the right kind of talk?that's conservation. And next to that comes the strengthening of the U. S. Navy, which will require the expendi ture of many millions, if the tentative program is carried out. A strong navy does not mean conquest. Uncle Sam's policy is not for aoiquision of territory that way, but should ever be prepared tor self-protection. That cashier out in Oregon had the right idea and did quick action. Six bandits attempted to hold up his )iank. He shot twc of them dead and the others fled and he rushed ont after them and fired a parting Bhot. If othei cashiers could do as well, bank robberies wonld not be so fre quent. And, by the way, hold ops should be placed on the sam? looting with burglary as to pun isbment. In both they go pre pared to kill if resisted. Col'. Lindbergh is turning home * ward. Nearly two months age he crossed the Mexican border He has visited a number of tbi Central and South American cap itals where he has been treated royally and showered with distin gnished honors. Heis noo home ward-bound?today he lands 01 the island of Porto Bioo. In i ... day or so he will pass over Tar I >mlla headed ?er heme. i?T Did You Ever Stop To Think (Copyright 1927) iiy Ednon R. Waite, Shawnee, Okla That good advertising turns readers into buyers and makes buyers buy more? That success in business de pends on up-to-date business methods? That a sufficient volume of business is necessaiV to bring success? Advertising increases volume! That truth is a correct state ment of any reality, purpose, or fact?exactly as it exists andj never otherwise? That is why big business con cerns believe in truthful adver tising. J*heir service or goods will always stand the light of advertising; they know it and tell it through the printed page. That is one of the big reasons why people should patronize the business concerns that adver tise. National Democratic Convention Clem Shaver, chairman of the National Democratic Executive Committee, has issued the fol lowing call for the National Con vention to be held at Houston, Texas, on Jnue 26th: To Whom It May Concern: By action and authority of the Democratic National Committee, nnder a resolution adopted at a meeting held in Washington, D. C., January 12, 1928, a National Convention of the Democratic Party is hefeby called to meet in the City of Houston, in the State of Texas, on the 26th day of June, I 1928, at 12 o'clock noon, for the purpose of nominating a caudi . date for Peesidant -and a candi date for Vice Presidet of the r United States, to promulgate a party platform, and to take such other action as may be deemed advisable. Delegates and alter nates for each state shall be chos en to-the number of two delegates and two alternates for each United States Senator and two delegates and two alternates for each Roptesentative in Congress from the rospective states; and the District of Columbia, the Philippine^, Hawaii, Porto Rico, Alaska and the Canal Zone shall be entitled to six delegates and six alternates "each; and the Virgin Islands, two delegates and two alternates. In accordance with the action taken by the Democratic National Committee in authorizing the is suance of this pall, it is provided that no State or Territory shall elect any number of delegates with their alternates in excess of the quota to which such State or Territory may be eutitled under the basis of representation herein indicated. In authorizing this call the Democratic National Committee further provided that in order that opportunity m?y be afforded the various States to give ade quate representation to women as delegates-at-large, without dis turbing prevailing party custom, there may be elected from each State four delegates-at large for each Senator in Congress from such State with one-half vote each in the National Convention, and recommended to the States that one-half of the number of dele gates at-large shall be women. A total of 21,500 farmers ol North Carolina sold approximate ly three million potlnds of live poultry in cpoperative cxrlot ship 1 ments with a- market valne oi : $787,761.24 at a' saving of $168, I 761.27 over local prices during the , year 1927 according to records compiled by V. W. Lewis, live stock marketing agent More farmer* in North Caroline are recleaning and treating theta tobacco seed before planting this season than ever before in the history of the State. Some farm agents who have recleaning ma chines state that from 15 to 22 men bring in their seed each day One agent treated seed for IK growers in one day recently. Oat of eighteen birds enterec > at the Madison Square Gardei . Poultry Show in New York, pool ? try club members of North Caro . linn won six first places, thre< . third and five fourth ribbons This was in competition in thi * open classes against all.exhibitors , The cold weather troubles thi ; boll weevil very little; ito the *1 1 tomato freeing and thawing thai - tiurts b 1 in badly, pay ipaect ape timllnfh - -v>" NEGRO FARM AGENTS CONTEST FOR PRIZES J. W. Jeffries of Alamance Wins Loving: Cup As Best Judge of Dairy Cattle. Few white people realize that there is a small group of trained agricultural workers serving a pari of the colored population of North Carolina in an efficiehl add successful way. At the present time, the North Carolina State College employs 18 local uqgro agents who are located in those counties with a large percentage of colored farmers. These men are well trained and go quietly about their job teach ing the more progressive members of their race new facts 'about farming through the demonstra tion method. Last year, these 18 agents conducted nearly 7,0t)O different demonstrations and got reports from nearly all of them. This work is done under the su pervision of Prof. C. R. Hudson of the farm demonstration staff, assisted by L. E. Hall, colored dis trict agent. J. C. Hubbard, local agout of i Bertie county was awarded the gold medal offered by district agent Hall for the best all-around work during the year 1927; J. D.: Carlton of Rowan won the silver medal and S. T. Brooks of Robe son won the bronze medal. J. W. Jeffries of Alamance county won the silver loving cup for being the best judge of dairy cattle this year. Jeffries has a calf club among the boys and girls of his county and each of the 23 mem bers owns a pure bred Jersey aui mal. In a story writing contett held while the negro agents were at tending their annual short course at Raleigh recently, awards were made for the best written Htory and for the most accurate knowl edge of corn growing exhibited in the article. W. D. Brown of Hertford county wrote the best story, with McKay McNeill of Johnston second and A. D. Her ring of Harnett, third. E. F. Coi son of Duplin displayed the most accurate knowledge of corn grow ing,'McKay McNeill of Johnston was second and E. C. Lackey of Iredell was third. According to Prof. Hudson, these colored agents have been very successful in their work dur ing the past year and good results are beginning to appear in the territory where they are employ ed. Profits in Hogs Begin With Sow. The old brood sow is nu impor tant animal on North Carolina farms these days. The better the care given her, the higher the profits secured from her pigs. Realizing this, the Agricultural Extension Service of State College has prepared and' n6w has ready for distribution, extension circu lar 151 which tells in some detail how to handle the brood sow. The circular describes good meth ods of..feeding and management during the periods of flushing, gestation, farrowing and nursing. Exact rations to feed the sow dur ing these four periods are given and methods of feeding are ex plained. The bulletin points out that the farrowing period is one time that the sow needs more assistance than is generally given her. An individual house supplied with fenders or guard rails to prevent the sow from crushing the new born pigs is recommended and this house needs to be properly built and located so as to protect the young from cold winds and wet, unseasonable weather. Feeding following the farrbwing > period,' rebreeding the sow and marking the litter are three other ' subjects discussed. Clipping the teeth of the young is advocated i that the pigs may not tear- one i another and thus afford an en ? trance for disease- germs. The young pigs have teeth of needle like sharpness and a small pair i of pliers-or snips may be used - without injuring the gums, lips t or tongue. > The extension service workers i feel that the increased interest in - pork production in North Carolina i will make this circular very popu , lar. Only 5,000 copies-have been ) printed in the initial order and while reqneets received indicate that this supply will soon be ex 1 boosted, an additional order will > be secured if the demands receiv - ed warrant a reprint. -Copies ol * the present supply may be had ? free of charge by applying to the - Agricultural Editor, State Col ? ege; Raleigh. The stand of oats has been oat 9 at least 60 percent ih. some coon - ties due to the recent freese. t Same farmers plan to overcome ? i t|iis loaa by planting spring oat! Trustee's Re-Sale ol Real Property. tJnder and by virtue of the power of sale contained. in a certain deed pf trust mjide by Ji S. Clark (unmarried) .to Ca rolina Mortgage and Indemnity Company (now Carolina Mort gage Company), Trustee, dated the 1st day of March, 1926, and. recorded in Book 104 at page 319, in the office of the Register of Deeds of Alamance . county, default having been made in the payment of the notes there by secured, and the holder thereof having directed that the deed of trust be foreclosed, the undersigned Trustee will offer for sale at the courthouse door in the city of Graham at twelve o'clock, noon, on TUESDAY, FEB. 14th, 1928, and will sell to the highest bid der for cash, or at least one-half cash and the balance upon such credit as the Trustee may deter mine, the following described real estate in the Town of Meb ane, State ot North Carolina, and more particularly described as follows: 1st Lot: Beginning at a stake on the eastern side of 4th St., 50 ft. from the corner of Clay St; running thence S 66.45 de grees E 79.4 ft. to a stake on a ten ft alley; thence with the western line of said alley S 23.53 deg W 25 ft. to a stake on line of said alley; thence N 66.45 deg W 79.4 ft. to a stake in the eastern line of said 4th St; thence N 23 deg 15' E with the line of said 4th' St. 25 ft. to the beginning, containing 1985 square feet, more or less. 2nd Lot: Beginning at a stake on the eastern side of 4th St. 75 ft. from the corner of Clay St. running thence S 66.45 deg E 79.4 ft. to a stake on a ten ft. alley; thence with the Western line of said alley S 23.53 deg W 25 ft. to a stake on line of said alley; thence N 66.45 deg W 79.4 tt. to a stake in the eastern line of 4th St; thence N 23 deg 15' E with the line of said 4th St/ to the beginning, containing 1985 square feet more or less. The above de scribed lots were conveyed to The Clark Co., respectively, by J. S. Clark and, J. Arch. Long and wife, by deeds recorded in the office of the Register of Deeds for Alamance county in Deed Book No. 60, page 367, and Deed Book No. 60, page 366, same being lots No. 5 and 6 in the subdivision of the Meb ane Store property, plot of said subdivision being recorded in the office of the Register of Deeds of Alamance county. 3rd Lot: Also one-half (i) of the south wall of the two story building, together with the lot or parcel of land upon which said one-half of wall now rests and also an additional strip of land lying immediately west of said wall and adjoining the wall of- the Clark, Co., being about two ^2) inthes wide and running the whole length of the building and upon which the Clark building adjoins wall of said building- known as Tyson Malone Hardware Co. building; said wall and property lies at the intersection of Clay and 4th Sts. of said town and being one half 6f south Wall of the build ing of thb Tyson-Malone Hard ware Co.,, and to said wall is joined the N. wall of the Clark Co.;. said wall being conveyed to the Clhrk1 Co. by the Tysoh Malpbb toare Do. t?y deed dated ^ii^y 8, 1918, recorded in Book 85, page 518, 1 Property described in the foregoing description being con veyed by the Clark Co. to J. S. Clark by deed dated February ?, 1920, and filed for registra tion on the 2nd day of May, 1923, in the office of the Regis ter of Deeds for the county of i Alamance, State of North Caro lina, recorded in Book 76, page I 135. ; This is a re-sale of said prop ; erty and bidding will begin at , 15250.00. This the 25th day of January-, 1928. ? ; CAROLINA MORTGAGE COMPANY (Formerly Caro lina Mortgage and Indemnity 1 Company), Trustee. J. Dolph Long, Att|y. Mortgagee's Sfle of Real Property. By virtue of the authority given to the undersigned Mort gagee, in, a certain J^Jor tjgage Deed executed on the 30th day of July, 1925, by L. G. Turner and wife, Ida Turner, and re dorddd id the office of the Reg ister of Deeds for Alamance county in Mortgage Deed Book No. 81 at page 476, (default having been made in the pay ment of the indebtedness there by secured), the undersigned Mortgagee will.offer for sale to the highest bidder at the Court house door in Graham, N. 0., the following described real preperty at 12:00 o'clock, noon, on , . ." .. , - WEDNESDAY, FEB. 29, 1928. A tract or parcel of land in the county of Alamance and State of North Carolina, in Bur lington Township, adjoining the lands of Nettie Dailey, Dr. Walters and A. F. DeBruler and bounded as follows: Beginning at an iron stake on the North side of Guthrie Street and corner with lot No. 4; thence S 56 deg E (back sight) 152 ft to an iron stake on the line ot Dri Walters; thence in a westerly direction with line of said Walters 45 ft to an iron stake at corner of lot No 6; thence S 49? deg E 161? ft to an iron stake on North side of Fisher Street; thence with the line of Fisher Street 30 ft to the corner of Fisher and Guthrie Streetd; thence with line of Guthrie Street, 44J ft to an iron stake, the point of beginning, being Lot No. 5 in the sub-division of the John G. Dailey Estate, Burlington, North Carolina, on which is situated a two-story dwelling. Note: Guthrie Street is now called Rauhut Street. This property is sold subject to the prior lien of a deed of trust from L. G. Turner and wife, Ida Turner, to Pilct Life Ins. Co., Trustee, dated July 30, 1925, and recorded in Deed of Trust Book No. 96, page 153. This the 25th day of Jan uary, 1928. Alamance Ins. & Real Estate Co, Mortgagee. J Dolph Long, Att'y. After Winter's Colds It la Wise to Check Up on the Kidneys. TATCH your kidneys after eelda W and gnp! WW the kidnevs alow up. mpuritM remain in tea blood and are apt to make ana tired and achy with headaches. Hi11 iim? and often nagging backache. A common warning is scanty or burning secretiona Doari* PIUm, a stimulant diuretic, in crease the secretion of the kidneys an^ aid in the elimination, of waste impurities. Are endorsed by users everywhere- <4rf poor nefgUer/ DOAN'S "&s A STIMULANT DIURETIC ? KIDNEYS Rutcr Milburn Co. Mfeawo.BaDalo.IIY. Service By Publication. NOBTH CAROLINA, , Alamance County, Superior Court Before the Clerk. >' '? Mrs. Annie B. Combe, Admrx. Estate of A. L. Combe, and Arthur L. Combe, (Jr.), and Alice Combs Albnght and husband, Glenn Albright, . v Jno. N, Combe, single, Annie' Combe, Buel S. Combe, Mar tha V. Combs and Sidney C. Combe, the last four being minors. _______ In the above entitled cause, the defendants, and more ee pecially the defendant, Jno. N. Combs, will take notice that this action has been commenced in the Superior Court of Ala mance County, North Carolina, as a special proceeding, for -the purpose of securing an order of t|ie said Court, authorizing and directingv the sale under the orders of the Court of the real property of A. L. Combe, de ceased, for the purpose of ere. i ating assets to pay the debts of ; his estate by his Admrx., one i of the said petitioners, and for ! the further purpose of division | of any funds remaining from j the said sale, among the heirs at law of A. L. Combs, as pro- ] Tided by law. | And the said J no. N. Combs | ?will further take notice that he ig required to appear at the of- 1 fice of the Clerk of the Superior Court of Alamance County, at 1 the courthouse in Graham, N. j C., on or before the 13th day of j February, 1928, and answer or 1 demur to the petition filed in j this proceeding, or the petition eya will apply to the Court for \ the relief demanded therein. Done this the 11th day of January, 1928, E. y. MURRAY, C. S. C., Alamance County. J. Dolph Long, Att'y. V '? ' * '? ' North Carolina poultry club members sent an exhibit of 18 birds to tho Madison Square Poultry Show in New York during the week of Jauuary 16. !' ANNUAL STATEMENT j For the Year Ending December 31,1927, of the Condition and Affairs of the Graham Home Building Company of Graham, N. C. Commenced Business 1904. > p. o. address President, Chas. A. Scott Graham, N: C. Vice President, W. J. Nicks L ' Graham, N.iC. Secretary, Phil S. Dixon ; Graham, N. C. Treasurer,' Phil S. Dixon Graham, N. C. Attorney, J. Dolph Long ?' ? ^ Graham, N. C. DIRECTORS Chas. A. Scott, Jim Rich, W. J. Nicks, J. C. McAdama, W. R. Harden, A. P. Williams, H. J. Stockard, J. Dolph Long, A. D. Tate, P. A. Holt, P. S. Dixon. . Total Ohargat and Orodits End of Yiar ??!?.,? DEBIT CREDIT Cash in Bank or Banks S 10,550.00 Installment Stoclt 9,750.00 f 269,724.00 Matured Stock (Net?Without Profits) 65,155.00 58,710.00 Mortgage Loans 270,935.00 Stock Loans 30,615 00 14,200.00 Bills Payable 58,300.00 68,500,00 Interest Received 12,110,21 Fines 243 80' Fees , 216.00 Interest Paid Out on Borrowed Money 883.66 Salaries ^ ? 1,200.00 Advertising and Pointing _4 _.. 3.55 Taxes, License and Fees * 255 22 General Expenses ; 1 ; ... 142.50 Undivided Profits 36,885.92 Profits Paid Out on Matured Stock_.? 13,345.00 Contingent Fund ~ . 500.01 ? TOTALS $ 461.089.93 I 461,089 93 State of North Carolina ( < < Connty of Alamance \ 88' Home Buildioa Cam?B^Dixon, Secretary of the Graham IStateof'North^wJr u'? j and Loan Association of Graham, |gays that thaw nro ft.'08^ ? du'.y 8w?m. each for himself deposes and on the 31at daw jfj6' Je described officers of the Association, and that absolute nrnnertv _ccember la?t, all the above described assets were the or claims tho?ion ?jii ,8a Association, free and clear from any liens merit with tha M above stated; and that the foregoing atate or referred to ? *ii "nd explanation therein contained, assumed, diah? * al1 "d ??,rrect exhlbit of all assets, liabilities, in; Association on tl. and of the condition and affairs of the said inT^ that data " 88,dJ3l8t d?y ot December last, and for ti e year end and belief, resp?jctiiSy 8 to th? best of their information. knowledge Director^T n^t^T^ ^fl^ent; Phil S Dixon, Secretary; VV. J. Nicks, director, J. Do]ph Uag> Direbtor; w R A D *? 8nd 8Ubscribed before me, this 10th dsy of January. ' ' C w. E. BASON, N. P. (Seal) \ STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA Insurance Department l Daniel c bonfv t ka'ei?b- jann?c 1928 Jjfy that the shore i> ? > "'?? Insurance Commissioner, do hereby cer: Oaham Rome Build.*-Tf8 *nd ??rrect abstract oi the statement of the partment, showing the ',?l Graham, N. C., filed with tbia De Deoember, 1927. ndition of said Association on the 3Istdayof TDTja (Seal) neM my *Dd ?fficial seal, the day and date above written. G. BONEY, Insurance Commissioner. <Supe/*j of funefat 3erVicef' M Cost^p The Supreme Adventure. I ' The time^ inevitably conies I when each myst start on that I great adventure. I Our Services at your iaunediate I wM ataad at a lading tribute. I vaajuadooaty affonfed- I N* iH Jk Thompson. I ^ftinetaWircCtor# I 'r ? ? vAirijylcayie .SeiVicg j

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