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The Alamance gleaner. (Graham, Alamance County, N.C.) 1875-1963, December 26, 1935, Image 2

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Emperor Haile Selassie Can Smile * Halle Selassie, emperor of Ethiopia, usually Is pictured as a serious, un smiling man. This snapshot, made as he was acknowledging the cheers of thousands outside bis palace on the anniversary of his ascension to the throne, shows that he can smile. Indiana Woman's Peace Plan Interests World Mrs. Grace I* Oswalt of West La fayette. I fid., photographed in her hotel suite in New York after she had told of her plan for world peace and for a ?'United States of the World.** Mrs. Oswalt proposes to |?ermit foreign na tions to pay into the International bank at Basel. Switzerland, the war debt# owed the United States. The yioney Is to be the nucleus for the support of the League of Nations, the World court, the International Bed Cross and all other peace agencies now In existence, working as part of the machinery of a United States of the World. Cleveland Will Have a Steel Exposition A mammoth exposition, depicting the romance of iron, steel and machinery and covering approximately 80 acres of Cleveland's downtown lake front, will be staged next summer in celebration of the city's centennial. Known as the Great Lakes Exposition, it will last through July, August and September of 1'JdC. Sketch is shown above. He's New Military Boss in Britain's Colonies Gen. Sir Cyril J. Deverell, G. C. B., K. B. E.t a colonel of the West York ?MS' mammmmu ? im 11 hiim (hire regiment, hag been appointed bead of the British Imperial general staff, chief imperial military pest. Matanuska Prepares for Winter r -v.;. v The hardy residents of the state of Minnesota who pulled up stakes and settled on government-owned land in the Matanuska valley, are now settling down for the long, hard Alaskan winter. This picture of the Palmer camp shows the temporary lumber sheds and warehouse. The colonists' tents are in the background. Many homes are springing up. Dolling Up the Capitol for Congress Paint en and cleaners ghown going over the main lobby of the capltol building In Washington In preparation for the opening of the seventy-fourth congress next January. The entire building is receiving an overhauling. o Scenes and Persons in the Current News 1?President ltoosevelt addressing 100,000 Georgians at the stadium of Georgia Institute of Technology In Atlanta. 'I?Director of the Budget Daniel Bell studying budget estimates In his office in Washington. 3?Chaffer Khan i Ojalal. minister from Persia, leaving the State depart,ipent after lodging formal protest against his arrest by Mary- ' land policemen for speeding. Site for the Seminole Storage Dam Looking Into the canyon of the North Platte river In Wyoming, where the Seminole storage dam, the main link in the Casper-Alcova reclamation project will be erected. Planned to stand 260 feet tall, the dam will be the "Boulder Dam of the Northwest." The footbridge in tfie foreground is located at the approximate upstream toe of the dam. California Grower Shows 14-lb. Sweet Potato Miss Uwen Steel of San Gabriel, Calif., displaying a huge sweet potato which Is said to be a record for its species. It weighs 14 pounds, 3 ounces, and is 11 inches in width. Miss Steel and the potato give testimony that ev erything grows sweeter and better in j California, say natives. The picture here would seem to back them up Id a statement like that Waters of the River Rhone Inundate Avignon ". .. :--v - - - ' . Avignon, capital city of the Department of Vaucluse and ancient town of the popes, acquired marine highways re cently when the Rhone river rose to nnusual heights and inundated most of the region. Motor and tram traffic wap almost entirely suspended. Says "Bad Bug's Blood" With Greatest of Ease Alois EEavrilla has been proclaimed t>y the American Academy of Arts and Letters to be the country's best radio announcer for pronunciation, articula tion, tonal quality, accent and culture. Teachers Whose Ears Were Cut Off 111 WWHOTnwnrrmr ? ? ? m?? * These two rural {chool teachers near Jalisco. Mexico, were attacked by w hat the Mexican government terms ' religious rebels." and their ears were cot off because they taught socialistic doctrines. Police officials assert many teachers have been mutilated and some have been killed. I . I 6^s=^improved^55^66 UNIFORM INTERNATiOnai Sunday i chool Lesson Br REV. P. B. FITZWATFR ty ?. Member of Faculty. Moody R I " Institute of Chicago * C Western Newspaper citloa. Lesion for December 2S I REVIEW: SIGNIFICANCE OF THE I EXILE AND THE RESTORATION I GOLDEN TEXT?The mercy of .1 I Lord l? from everlasting to e-.erlaat ?I I upon them that fearfhim, art hit right I eouanesa unto children's children. Psaim I PRIMARY TOPIC?How God Restored His People. JUNIOR TOPIC?How God P.estorei His People. INTERMEDIATE AND SENlop TOPIC?Learning Prom Great lien YOUNG PEOPLE AND ADULT TOPIC?God's Providence in History. The method of review must be de termined by the teacher. The grai!e of the class, the aptitude of the schol ars, and the genius of the teacher are 1 features to be considered. For senior and adult classes, the following sug gestions are made. I. Study the Lessons of the Quar. ter as Illustrating the Philosophy of History in God's Dealings With Hie People In Their Captivity and Restore tion. Assignment of topics should be made at least one week in advance. Only adult classes could be expected to use this method. The following subjects might be assigned: Why God permitted Israel to go Into exile: What cure the exile effected for Is rael What changed views of life resulted f-om the exile. The bearing of the exile upon prophecy. The relationship of divine chasten ing to divine love. II. Character Study. Assign the outstanding heroes of the quarter's lessons to members of the class to have them report This as signment should be made at least one week In advance. -Some of the out standing characters for consideration are Isaiah, Jeremiah. Ezekiel. Daniel Neheml-ah, Ezra, Zerubbabel, and Malacbi. III. Summary of Contents. This is a method readily usable at all times, and it can be adapted to most of the grades. The following sug- . gestions are made for the carrying out of this method: Lesson 1. The prophecy of Isaiah Is the grand center of the Old Testa ment It pictures the Servant of Je hovah. with great wisdom, gloriously . executing the divine purpose of re demption, at the cost of great suffer ing. Lesson 2. Before he was born, Jere miah was ordained by God as a proph et to the nations. He so really took to heart the doom which awaited his people that he wept sorely. Lesson 3. Jeremiah stood in the gate of the temple In order that the multitudes might hear him. He told the people that God required them to amend their ways, solemnly warning them of impending Judgments. Lesson 4. While Belshazzar and his lords were engaged In drunken revel ry, the mysterious hand recorded the divine Judgment There is a coming day of Judgment. Lesson 5. Because of Judah's apos tasy. God permitted the Babylonians to destroy Jerusalem and take the Jews Into captivity. Lesson 6. Ezekiel sets forth person al responsibility. On his part, it was to hear God's word and to sound forih the warning. The people's responsi bility was to hear and obey. lesson 7. Though Israel went into captivity as a chastisement, in d ie time the Lord restored tbem. In d :e time God will make good his covenant agreement with the Jews. Lesson 8. God used these prophets to stir up the people to build Gods house. Lesson 9. Ezra was commissioned to lead the people to forsake their siDS and return to God. Lesson 10. On hearing of the dis tress of his brethren in Jerusalem. Nehemiah took the matter to the Lord In prayer. The Lord gave him favor with the king, permitting him to go "back to build tne walls of Jerusalem, bearing credentials of authority from the king. Lesson 11. The method used fn bringing the people back to God was the reading of the Word of God to them. Because the Word was made plain to the people, they repented of their sins. Lesson 12. MalachJ. as an aid to Nehemiah In effecting reforms, point ed out the sins of the people. He set forth a day of Judgment when right eous retribution would he meted out to the wieMjpd, and rewards given to the faithful. We have now concluded our month5 of study in the Old Testament and wi". with the new year enter upon a study of the^jGospel of Luke. A Man O rich and various man! thou pal ace of sight and sound, carrying in the senses the morning and the night: and the unfathomable galaxy; In thy brain, the geometry of the city of God; in thy heart, the power of love and the realms of right and wrong!? Emerson. A Work Thank God! Work is sorrow's cure. Its hands like the hands of an enemy, but its voice the voice of an Eternal Friend.

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