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North Carolina Newspapers

The Franklin times. (Louisburg, N.C.) 1870-current, October 25, 1918, Image 5

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FOR SALE! Five nice city residences?the Dr. E. M. Per ry residence on Main street, the AUsbrook resi dence on Middle street, the cottages occupied by L. Kline and J. R. Bunn. .-nd the large two-story residence occnpied by Kt ?/. F. S. Love on Baker Heights. J. A TV MER HEAL E3'_^3 MAN Loui. ' : ? C. DO YOU KNOW THAT?A Bank Account is a confidential account, no in formation is given out unless directed by the depositor. THAT?An account may be opened by a married woman and be under her sole co itrol. THAT?An account may be opened by a minor and be under his sole control. THAT?An account may be opened by a parent for a child and be under control of the parent. THAT?An account may be opened as a joint account? by husband and wife, for instance?and on such an ac count either party may make deposits on, or withdrawals from the account. y ? THAT?A successful Savings Account depends entirely noon the Regularity of Deposits, no matter how small they^are. START a Savings Account now, and see" how good it [will look to you this time next year. THE CITIZENS BANK Henderson, N. C. "Tha Leading Bank in This Section Resources ?1,500,000.00 WANTED Ten men, boys-or women to learn t4i? harness and shoe re pair business at once. Apply to American tf?clric Shoe ihop R. E. L. LANCASTER, Mgr. Main Street - Louisburg, N. C. Why Pay High Priccs for Horses, Buggies and Harness. When all of the above mentioned can be bought cheaper from Yarborothan onyone. If there is any doubt ia your mind about this statement just price what I have and see if you don't save^money. 0. Y. YARBORO LOUISBUSG, N, C. A GOOD IMPULSE By MILDRED WHITE. (Copyright, 1018. by tho McClure Newspa per Syndicate.) ??What a changes, Kdna, in two short years I Life then was one round of pleasure." "Oh, cheer up, Alice Clay ton. Busy yourself with what's going on today and yoii^l find enough to do. Here I am puzzling myself to find a way to pay car fares* room rent, buy lunches and now a War Savings stamp ta mu mniuii. ?mi liniih ii uii-Pi m jib a work." i a The Claytons at ono time had l>*?eu J ^inong the wealthiest families in Sea- > Ville. Of liite fate had rteaU harshly I wiili them; mother an J father had (* been victims of an auto accident and a ? bu h'en cliange in 1h?.? stock market '??? ' ! I left ihn.1 v lili little more than the old ' homestead. j | "I have it, Alice!" exclaimed EJna | after a few thoughtful moments. "All | that old jewelry we lmve in the bottom of our trunk I will take to the melting pot tomorrow. Guess I will at least get one War Savings stamp for all we have stored away, and that will be my stamp for June. Come along now and help me get it out. Oh, there's my little silver watch, nearly ten years old. I doubt if I used it a dozen times. How proud I was the night I first wore it." Lunch hour next day was devoted to disposing of her treasures, and evening found her overjoyed with the results. "Oh, sis!" cried Edna; "Just look?two War Savings stamps t Isn't that great? I'm so happy I don't know what to do." "Yes, Edna, it's fine," said Alices "you're always so fortunate in all% your undertakings." "The little watch I gave to the Red Cross," continued Edna excitedly, "as they said it was too good for the melt ing pot." An. eventful month followed, and then came Edna's big vacation. "A fine chance to mend your old clothes," ad vised Alice as she was leaving for work Monday morning. "Yes," said Edna as she curled her self up on the couch, burled in one of the latest novels. Monday morning Fred Morse had been discharged from St. Vincent's | hospital, and expected to sail for New ?York the following day. Two long I weeks, tj?e longest lie had known In his whole life, had been spent In this hospital, the result of having been in jured doing his bit. Together with four others, he had been chosen to give a course of lectures at Camp Up land, n:id the next day they were to Fti'rt for the U. S. A. . "I'm completely lost without my I wrist watch," said Fred to his nurse, 1 Miss Synd. "Perhaps I can get you one; it was only last night the president of our Iteii Cross branch announced the re ceipt of some watches, and if there are any loft I will get one for you." "There," said Miss Synd as she pre sented r red with h watch that after noon, bor great brown eyes sparkling with Joy. "the only one loft." Fred tl;??!?{>??. !??.?? Mucvroly and, opening the cane, u siaa'l pie;e of paper drdpped Jim.1 mi uwrt uiiiwmiii'ii. Um tributed by Edna M. Clayton, Seavllle, Mass." Was he still unconscious, or wttr it really .true? -T*f?r>lt surely was so, for there on the cover was the fa miliar monogram. "E. M. C." fancy she was with him once again. He could hear her gayly chatting or humming a song as they paddled up r!? >'V in hi- favorite canoe. And Edna, pTtiTc clKM Ard and e\s of nzure blue. witii her fair golde n curls blowing in *the gentle summer b.eeze, resting so comfnrtaHy among the cushions. "Well," thought Fred, "my dear old sweetheart, I'll give you the surprise of your life when I land in New York." The persistent ringing of the door bell roused Edna from lier reading. What! A letter from Fred Morse post marked New York! Could*It be possi ble? Quickly tearing open the en velope she read of his receiving the wrist watch and the slip of paper in- j Bide. "Will be home by Wednesday, j Could we plan for a canoe ride Thurs- j day evening? I will phone you Wednesday night." Edna could hardly realize that Fred was really coming to see her again, as she had thought he had long since for gotten her. Anxiously she waited for the phone call, and with still greater tuxlety for Thursday evening to coma. The great, beautiful moon cast its ?livery light- ?pon the old familiar river as Fred and Edna slowly paddled to their favorite "cozy corner." 8bal tered by overhanging branches, Fred ?ettled himself down beside Bdna. gently drawing her head to his shoul ler, he whispered, "Will you be tnj >wn sweetheart*forever, Edna? I will !>e here for a month, and how happy I should be to know that were really nine before I return to camp. Say res, dear, and don't keep me In sus >en?*e." Edna faintly murmured the Seslrc-l ' Vs." and as Fred brushed >ack li# .? fair golden curls ho kissed iml kissed the rosy lip.? sco*i to be his rery own. "It seems all too good CD be true/1-} laid Edna a few hour* later aj they paddled toward tfie boathouse. *Who >ver dreamed of so moeh good luck lomlng from that meltlnjfpot achi>c\o?" ?It was well for you." ?aid Pred gaming it his wrist watch, "that jrou were roe eued from that melting pot or I would not be the happy fellow I am tonight. And hereafter, Edna, T shall tako the greatest pleasure in providing you with stamps to the fulfilment of your pl?dg>e, my own sweetheart, the dear est jflil In this whole Tvlde world.* Pianos Organs "Talking (Vlactmes Sewine- Machines If you want one see me quick. They are getting scarce and high. emember we have no agents to call on you. 5c, 10c, 25c and Up We are also making a specialty of this line. The reason why we can sell these goods cheaper is because of our many sales of larger goods. Best grade lard 25c pound. C C Hudson Company OVlItE-AWAKF JltllCiiiM) LltriSBBM, MHiTH CAROLINA Rocky Mouiitr~N. ^7 Try Fenner with your next load of. to bacco. Highest market prices guaran teed at all times. Best of accommoda tions for man and beast. Fenner sells tobacco FOR THE MOST money. 0 O 0' 0 There is a Reason FENNERS WAREHOUSE Rocky Mount, K. C.

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