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The Franklin times. (Louisburg, N.C.) 1870-current, March 14, 1919, Image 5

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O I-A RANTER If. alter using 1*4 ?ntir* coaynlt of can ac online to itr?ctioni, you ar? not satisfied in ertrr respect, Kir crucar will refund roaoey you paid for K. coffee I? is not touch ed by hand from the time it is first receiv ed irx New Orleans until jyo-u serve it on yoiir table. ? VERY POUND SOLD IH AM WDTYIDUAL AJR-TIOHT TIN CAM coffee The Reily-Taylor Company - New Orleans New Garage Now Open I take pleasure in announcing to m/ friends and the antomobll Ists generally that I have opened a^arage In the room adjoining 0. W. Ford & son on Nash Street ajul am fully prepared to give yon the best service on any work yoo'may wish for yonr car at reason able prices. / I hare with me as machinist, Mr. J. JL Pleasants, who has had four years experience in automobile repair work, in the automobile department of Dupont Works at Hopewell, Va. .1 will carry all Ford^arts and antomoblle accessories, gas and oils. I hare lnstallcd/6ie biggest gas tank In the county and will be In position to serje ug sustomers every day and Sunday. All work guaran^ed or your money refnnded. Hkidson's Garage Nash Street ? - - Louisburg, N. C. NOW OPEN ForjBiisiness New Automobiles HUDSON ? ^ING ? BUICK ESSEX L OAKLAND We will give you first class ser vice on all make of cars and trucks at the lowest possiple prices. Mr. C. B. Cla k, expert mechanic, will have charge of all repair work. BEST-HINlS MOTOR CO. I - . in the K. P. Hill Building. . ? LOUISBURG, - - North Carolina THE FRANKLIN TIMES A. >\ iOUSSOJi, Editor and Manager ?TAR DROPS FRIDAY, MARCH 14, 1919. LOOK AT YOUR LABEL. We call your attention to the importance of keeping a watch on the date of your MiadgaiMaiqHMiaBttawiritBeNa i miss a copy of the Franklin I Times. Under the Govern ment rulinjrs^ve can't send | a paper after the time it has I been paid for expires, and ..there are many expiring I each week. It "is next to I impossible for us to notify ! you by letter. Therefore, i we ask you to look after ! this little matter before I your time is out. O ? O Cotton sold for 25 1-2 cents yester day. ? ? ? ?See the Orphans at the Opera House Monday, March *4th. ? ? ? ?The Oxford Orphans will be in Loulsburg 'Monday, March 24th, 1919. ? ? . ?The Oxford Orphanage Singing Class wUl appear in the Opera House in Loulsburg on Monday, March 24th. Let everybody prepare to give them a, big welcome. f j Habitual ConstlpatlonCured In 14 to 21 Da?r "LAX-FOS WITH PEPS**' is a specially prepared Synip Tonic-kJtetive for Habitual Constipation. It affieves promptly but should be taken regularly for 14 to 21 days to induce regula/action. It Stimulates and Regulates, l^ry Pleasant to Take. 60c per bottle.. Loose quarters may become lost quarters. Save them by buying Thrift Stamps. GIRLS! LEMON JIICF, IS SKIN WHITENER How td make a creamy beauty lotion for u few centu. The juice of two fresh len^ons strain j ed into a bottle containing three oun ces of orchard white nWCkes a whole quarter pint of the mafet remarkable lemon skin beautifler af about the cost one must pay for a siuhll jar of the or dinary cold creams/Care should be taken to strain the fcmon Julco thru a fine cloth so no lemon pulp gets in, then this lotion Will keep fresh for months. Every/woman knows that lemon juice is u/ed to bleach and re move such blemishes as freckles sal lown-ess and tali and is the ideal' skin softener, whi toner and beautifler. Just try itY Get three ounces of orchard whi/e at any drug store and two lemons,from the grocer and make up a quartir pint of this sweetly fra grant lemon lotion and massage it dai ly into the face, neck, arms ami hands. NOTICE OF SALE OF U. S. GOVERN MENT PROPEltTY. The following property of the Unit ed States Government, purchased for use of Local Board of FmnMla Coulltv, North Carolina for which the Govern ment has no further use by reason of the cessation of operations bv the uoarq, ^ hi in- sum iiy authority ot tl^ ; secretary ot wnr. for cn?K! to TEe highest bidder, on sealed proposals Which will be publicly opened at 11 A. M. on the 32nd day or March. -1019. Ml UIU 1|U,111*111 III lIBhJILll 11U.I1 II IIM Franklin (:ou?tyLjecond floor Firm I National Bank building. Lift of Pronnrtv I One UnderVooci Typewriter, one 3x5 1-2 foot Poplar table Six Oak. split bottomed chairs, one Nickel lamp. Lot ink padaj One oil heater, Lot waste paper, estimated 200 lbs. J Property listed may be inspected un til Mar. 22nd, 1919. between hours of 10 A. M. and 5 P. M. at Local Board of fice. Bidders must enclose with bid mon ey order or certified clu-ck marked "Bid checK" for the amount of the bid payable to the order Thos. B. McCargo, D. O. & Agt. U. S. in N. C. This check or money order will be returned to all unsuccessful bidders at the timd the award is m?<re. Bidders^ must be present or repre sented when bids are opened. Success ful bidders will, upon acceptance of certified check or money order pre sentea ii> payment, be furnished with a receipted bill of sale Riving them ti tle lit any article awarded to th?>m, and muslf be prepared to remove any or all of tie articles awarded to them in the bidding, which removal must be with out/expense to iht> Government. ithe undersigned is rested with au thority to rejec any or all bids when in pis opinion the best interest of the Government may be served thereby. By authority of E. H. CROWDER. I Provost Marshal General. WM. H. RUFFIN, '-14-21 Chairman. Subscribe to The Franklin Times J 1.50 Per Year In Advance. PROMPT RELIEF for the addVuntresscd stomach, try two or tAree Kl-MOIDS after meal?, Dissolved on the tongue?keep Wonr stomach aweet?try Kl-riolds?the new ?id to digestion. \ MADE BY SCOTfr & BOWNE MAKERS OF SCOTT'S EMULSION Star Theatre ONE DAY ONLY Tuesday, March 18 Matinee and Night ?To Hell With The Kaiser" Presented by Screen Classics, Incorporated. Distributed by Metro Pictures Corporation. Scenario by June Mathis. Directed by George Irving. Photog . raphy by George Hdllister. Produced un der the personal supervision of Y Maxwell Ivarger. VST: Kaiser ) Robert Graubel).. Alice Monroe Ruth Monroe Winslow Dodge . Professor Monroe Satan , Crown Prince ... Laurence Grant Olive Tell Betty Howe John Sunderland Frank Currner .. Walter P. Lewis Earl Schenck Empress .1 Mabel Wright General Pershing .... t Frank Farrington Von Hindenburjr .. J .. Emil Hoch Von Tirpitz L George Trimble Von Hollweg .. I Carl Dane Von Mackensen J P. Reybo Count Zeppelin I Charles Hartley Councilor .1 W.-J. Gross Mother Superior .... L - Maud Hill Wnnnrifri Girl? j May MoAvoy And Two Thousand Others. ,1. _It tells how the Germans"cIe!^n3?3e3T3aBffl!?war ontne world, and shows the Kaiser in just the place )rou'd like-t? iee him. 2. Forty aeroplanes battle for 1 he supermacy of the air?the largest air fleet ev er shown in a picture. 3. The story begins with Germa ly's plot to rule the world before the war and carries on until it has demonstrated just how it is possible to win the war through air supremacy. 4. Patriotic features abound throughout the pcture. 5. One of the principal roles is iaken by John Sunderland, a Belgian aviator, who was wounded many times in aii" battles at the front. 6. It employs a cast of seventeen principals and over two thousand extras. 7. Shows how American aviators could captture the Kaiser. 8. Details how an American girl put an end to the Crown Prince. 9. Shows how we are fighting to win the war in the air, arid is therefore, in full accord with the sentiments of the United States Government. 10. In it are lifelike characterizations of the men who have made America famous and Germany infamous. * 1. Features Lawrence Grant as the Kaiser and Olive Tell as the American girl. 12. "To Hell With the Kaiser" is a picture that every red-blooded American should see and will be mighty sorry to miss. | Matinee 2:30 P. M. 25c To All Night 7:30 P.M. 50c To All

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