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The Franklin times. (Louisburg, N.C.) 1870-current, July 09, 1926, Image 1

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EVERYBODY BOOST LOTJISBURG The Franklin Time s LOUISBURG NEEDS A WEEKLY PAY ROLL A. F. JOHNSON, Editor and Manager THE COUNTY, THE STATE, THE UNION SUBSCRIPTION $1.50 Per Year VOLUMN LV. LOUISBURO, N. C., FRIDAY, JULY 9TH, 1926 (10 Pages) NUMBER 20 TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 21ST Opening Day Louisburg To bacco Market D. X. Currln To Bnn Union Ware house, B. W. Hotelier son To Bo Blverslde, Arrangements Not Per fected For Planters Announcement has been made that the Louisburg tobacco market would open for the sale of leaf tobacco this year on Tuesday, September 21st, 1926. This as will be noticed is some earlier than last year and when it is considered that the crop is later this year a considerable change can be noticed. Mr. D. T. Currin has leased the Union Warehouse and will operate It this year. Mr. Currin has been con nected with the tobacco market for several years during which time he has become widely popular as one of the best warehousemen in the State. He will have associated with him Mr. Orover Harris, as bookkeep er and Mr. R. E. Cash as field re presentative. He Informed the Times man this week that he "expects to keep the Union Warehouse over run all through the season If high prices good accommodations and treatment will be appreciated by the farmers The Riverside Warehouse will be run agal% this season by Mr. R. W. ..utcherson. Last year was Mr. Hut <. -son's first year in Louisburg, but i oraonstrated his ability as a capi. i.l : .-.e warehouse to the people of Frc:' .'in and adjoining counties and ma-:c :uany friends. He says he it going .o show the boys something in selling . >acco to the. farmers Inter ests this season. The arrangements for the operjtio:: of tha Planters Warehouse for this season has not been completed anc given out. Announcements to this end will be made in the near future With a full corps of buyers th< Louisburg market expects to take th< lead, in all surrounding markets thli year. JURY LIST The following jurors were drawl tor the regular August term of Prank Un Superior Court by the Board o County Commissioners Monday: First Week Dunns?H. K. Prlvett, W. H. Hor ton, H. M. Morgan, K. B. White. Harris?C. M. Cooke, J. A. Timber lake, I. D. Cooke. Youngsvllle?B. P. Frailer, J. F Murphy. Franklint^n?Richard Kearney, A M. House. Hayesyllle?T. J. Pinch. Sandy Creek?H. C. Edwards, W B. Burnette. Cedar Rock?P. L. Layton, Eddi erry, D. W. Inscoe. Cypress Creek?C. E. Debnam, S J. Howard, H. A. Wilder, J. C. Moon Louiaburgr?W. J. Cooper, J. W Perdue, H. G. Harrison. Seeond Week Harris?H. P. Perry, J. B Wlldei R. C. Cash, J. L. Byron, L. W. Marki Youngsrtlle?Isham Frailer. Franklin fen?W. B Preddy, Clyd Allen, A. B. Allen. HayesrlMe?R. I. Frailer, Jr. Sandy Creek?C. G. Cash, Talmag Gupton, A D. Bailey. Gold Mine?E. J. Puller. Cedar Rock?P. E. Dean, Z. B. Dsvti W. S. Boone, A. U Daniel, Willie Gup ton, T. W. Wheless, OUte Dorsey. Cypress Creek?A. A. Wilder, Arthu Pearce. Loutsburg?J. C. Wood. The following were drawn as a Jar for Franklin's Recorders Coart fo Monday, July 12th, 1926. Dunns?A. L Qay. Harris?M. P. Moye. Youngsrille?R. B. Gill, J. E. Hart Franklinton?J. 8. Joyner. Hayesrllle?E. J. Orlssom. W. h Smith. Sandy^Creek?R. E. Gar bee. Gold idlne?EsA Gupton. Cedar Rook?J. C. Champion. Loutsburg?S. S. Meadows, P. S White. KM. 8COGGIK ElfTEKTAIRS On Tuesday evening at her horn In Baker Heights, Mrs.-L. E. Scoggt entertained her bridge club in bono of her sister and house guest. Mis Kate White Williams, of Warrantor The house was beautifully decorate with summer flowers. Punoh wa served during the-game, and at th conclusion a delicious ice course wit salted nuts was anjoyad. Mrs. Scog gin's guests were:'Miss Kate Whit Williams and Mesdameo B. B. Perry M. 8. Clifton, G. M. Beam, W. ? Whit* H. H. Johnson, J. B. Yarborough, E ?K. Allen, B. H. Malone J. B. King A W. Person, J. M Allen. P. H. Allen. 1 W. Watsoh, J. B. Malone, Jr, J. L Palmar, Jamie White, A. B. Parry ani T. W. Smith of Richmond. EPWORTH LEAGUE DELEGATES ESTE ST AIRED The Womans Missionary Society o the Methodist Church enUrtattid th< delegates it the Bp worth Leafla Con ference at a picnic on the Loalsburi College Campus on Thursday after noon. A dellghtfW ?nppef consisting of fried chicken, sandwich en, pickle, Icsd tsa and lemonade was served. ASK PRESERVING OF FAMOUS SITEI Epworth Leaguer* Call For Memorial Where Flrst Conference Was Held The following resolution was adopt ed by the Epworth Leaguers of thel North Carolina Conference In the | Closing business session on Friday: "Whereas, a little more than 140 years ago the first annual conference in American Methodism was held at the Green Hill House near Loulsburg where wer?, assembled Bishops Co'o and As bury and 21 itinerant Methodist |preachers; and whereas this import - I ant site so dear to the heart of Met I | thodism of North Carolina should be | I purchased and preserved as a me. I mortal to the nioneers of early Me I thodism; Be it resolved that we, the mem. i bers of the North Carolina EpWOrtlT | League Assembly now in session at Loulsburg, July 2, 1926, do hereby pe tition the North Carolina Conference I to take such action as they deem ne 1 cessary to carry out the purpose of this resolution. As the young people i of the North Carolina Conference jwe pledge our loyal support to furth 'er this cause. Be it further resolved i that the president of this assembly appoint a committee of three mem bers to confer with the League As Isembly of the Western North Caro I llna Conference to co-operate with us j in this undertaking. | One of the most noteworth matters I of business of the assembly was the I recommendation of the organization I of a Student Council of Leaguers, to ;1 be composed of 68 members. This student council is subdivided into 11 ' i committees on organization, assembly 1 ? program, records, co-operation, dis trict, entertainment, discipline, ways and means, publicity, life service, and . recreation. The purppcs of the newly ' I created student council is to give the 11 leaguers themselves a larger share 11 in the responsibility and leadership I of the Epworth League in this con '1 ference After the plan was explained ' i by W. C. Ormond, of Hookerton, who : | was the author of it, an interesting discussion followed, and the plan was unanimously adopted. The 'president appointed the follow ing district secretaries for the ensu ing year; Durham, C. D. Barcllft; Elizabeth City, B. O. Merrltt; Fayette, ville, R. N. Hanner; New Bern, Euls Rackley; Raleigh, Philip Schwartz; Washington, lola Parker; Weldon, B F. Boone; Rockingham, Hazel Thomp son. Two hundred certificates of credit ; and 10 Christian culture diplomat were awarded at the closing sessior Friday night. ADOPTS SCHOOL BUDGE! Board of Education Met Monday; Ap points Committee To Investlgab Best Plan for Janitors and Me chaalcs The Board of Education met Mon day in regular session with all mem bers present The minutes of las meeting were read and approved. The superintendent was lnstructe< to sell the Red Bud school house an< site. TVH. Dickens. J. H. Joyner and E L Best were appointed a commute to work out some plan of supervlsloi for the truck.s and the lighting am heating plants of the county. The appointing of school commit teemen was deferred until the firs Monday in August. The Board adjourned to meet agali at 1:30 p. m. in a Joint meeting wltl the Board of County Commissioners At 1:30 p. m. the Board of Educa tion met in Joint session with th< Board of County Commissioners. Th school budget for 1926-17 was discuss ed in detfdl and was approved by botl boards as follows; 8alary fund to be raised by Count; Ad Valorem Tax 1926-27 192.646.66 Operating and equipment fund t< be raised by County ad Valorem Ta 1926-27, $1**26.00. Fund for the repdyment of loan: to be raised by County Ad Valor-en Tax 1926.27, 114,176.76. It was ordered to pay E. C. Perr $12.66 on expenses to Chapel Hill. A number of accounts ware allow ed. There being no further ostness th Board adjourned to meet again th jflrst Monday In August KISS KEAJD0W8 IKTKBTAIltS BBIMI CLUB ICUa Lonle HudOWl antertalnei the Tburedey evening brldre ohib ? Iter home oq Thursday of leet week Three tablee of bridge were glared Sandwich** and tee were (erred, tol lowed by an Ice. qparee. KIu Jeaeli Taylor Harria received the high aeon prlie Thoae prevent were: Iflaeei Jeaafe Taylor Harria. 8nale Meadow* Ida Mae Yaw, Babble Tamer mil Meademes Hoe* Earle. Walter Leon ard, W. D. Bgerton, Edward Griffin J. B. King, J. E. Malone, Jr, and tai Bouie ?,,v . I ICRS. JTOHHSOH K YTF RT A ISS Mra. H. H. John ion delightfully en tertained her bridge club Friday mora lng at 10! M at her home on Snnaet Avenue Belldona refrtehmenta were aervad in two oeoreee. Official Vote Franklin County Second Primary Saturday, July 3, 1926 V ?M U - ? 3 a 2 & .* s ? s 1 t - o M | Dunns 3 fc a X ? OB * 59 o >* a M 2 V 05 x a - ? 5 S ca S 2 o O 5 1 ? CD oo X O i 3 ?> m 1 J Total Jndff? Calrert 41 87 148)143 Harris 243 134 621171 I I 80 j 1195 100 3081 1293 28;461| 1252 Recorder Newell |12?|l34 Palmer 1156 86 64 135 183 39 103! 92 173j 59^901 1413 182 12 59 51 103 72 2741 1130 Coroner 1 | ? 1 1 1 M I Pearce 243 j144 149 178 101 llj 271 51ii 62!199| 1074 Parrish 221 47| 44 130 < 37]148!403 21S| 37 469 1255 Conn table 1 t 1 Thomas 1 1 355 Wiggs 1 - 1 411 HARRIS GETS JUDGESHIP! Newell Nominated For Re-| corder Fairish Gets Coroner Job While* Tho mas Loses To Wlggs For Constable Lonlsborg Township The total vote cast In the second primary on last Saturday was almost a thousand less than the tlrst pri mary. However voting was active and in fine spirits and good order throughout the day at all the pre. clncts. As a result W. C. Harris led Judge Calvert by a majority of 41 in Franklin county and around 2,000 in the district. S. A. Newell defeated J. L. Palmer for Judge of the Recorders Court by a majority of 283. And J. F. Parrlsh defeated his opponent, J. R. Pearce, .for Coroner in a majority of 181. The | only contest In a township office in 11 the second primary was In Louls burg township for Constable between J. E Thomas and A. S. Wlggs, wherein Wiggs led by a majority of 56. The tabulated returns appear In an other column. F. MITCHELL RE-APPOINTED Draw Juries For Courts | Rent For Bass Stables Placed At $1? Per Month; Many Reports Received; Adopts School Budget The Board of County Commission, era met in regular session on Monday with all members present. After ap proving minutes of previous meetings business was disposed of as follows: Arthur Lester requested the Board to make an appropriation to assist In replacing a horse the bees stung to death. The request was not grant ed. Road reports of the following town ships were received and ordered filed Sandy Creek, Cypress Creek, and Ce dar Rock. Report of E. C. Perry, Superinten dent of PubUc Welfare, was received and field. Report of Miss Daisy Caldwell. Home Agent, was received and filed Report of A. H. Harris, Farm Agent was received and filed. The Board allowed ? C. Perry $12.50 as part payment of expenses at sum mer school. Report of Dr. J I. Malone, Count; Health Officer, jras received and filed. The Board refused to pay O. W. Pearce damages sustained by his mule falling through a bridge. Report of J. A. Hodges, auditor was received and approved. U. F. Mitchell was reappointed road commissioner for three years from ex piration of his past term. Rant of Bass Stables was fixed at $18 per month beginning March 1st, 1?$?. The Board agreed to meet on July l?th at the county home for the pur pose of their annual Inspection. Commissioners Jones and Wilson were appointed a committee to pur chase a pump for the new county The school budget as presented by he Board of Education was adopted The Daughter of the Confederacy rare given $8.50 to pay for repairs a the fountain on the oourt square. The board with the assistance of ha Sheriff drew the jury for the Au ust term of Franklin Superior Court. Report of John Hedgepeth. Superln sndent of the county home, was re eived and filed. He reports 4 white ad IS colored Inmates. The BoaM adjourned to meet again n Friday? morning, July 8th, at $ 'dock. r WARRENTON DEFEATS LOUISBURG >Vnm-ulon Klwanlan-t Une?ts of Lou Lhurir Club Friday Night; Many Splendid Speeches Louis Joyner made a most excel lent speech welcoming the members of the Warrenton ^Kiwanls Club to Louisburg as guests of the Louis burg Club on last Friday night at the regular weekly banquet at the Franklin Hotel. Brodle Jones, the daddy of the baseball Idea In local Kiwanias responded In most appro priate words and a well delivered ad dress. Among the other speakers were BUI Polk, Steven Burwell, oi the visitors, and Will Yarborough and Harry Johnson for the local club. Many were the bouquets tossed aboui and human nature played Its part. Songs formed part of the evenlngi program and Arthur Mohn presiding called the meeting off on time. It waa a most enjoyable hour. In the afternoon the visitors gave Louisburg a most decisive defeat in a snappy game of baseall.. The score at the finish stood 11 and 5. Most ot the runs were made on errors as the score by Innings will show they were blocked In only about two In nings. The batteries were for Louisburg Barges, Allen and Beasley; tor War renton, Moore and Moore. Followini Is the box score and line up: Leulsburg. ABRHPAf Mohn 3b 5 0 1 1 1 ( Beam 2b 5 0 12 11 Burgess p 6 1 2 0 2 1 Beasley c 5 0 1111 Hatton rf 3 0 0 0 0 1 Johnson lb 4 1110 1 Malone as 4 li 1 0 3 1 Tlmberlake If 4 1 0 2 0 1 Harris cf 4 1110 1 Allen W rf p 3 1 0 0 0 1 Total 41 6 8 8 8 1 Warrenton. ABRHPAf Polk 2b 6 113 2 1 McQulre rf 5 2 2 2 ? C Jones sa 5 2 112 1 Moore J c 8 2 110 1 Gregory cf 5 2 0 1 0 1 Reed 3b S 0 1 1 I 1 Gardner lb 5 0 0 3 0 1 Davis If 4 1110 1 Moore W p 4 12 18 1 Total 4411 815 8 ? The score by Innings was as tol lows: Warrenton 604 000 040?11 Louisburg 100 000 220? I Summary: Left on bases, Louis harg 0, Warrenton 7; struck out b; Burgess 12, Allen 2, Moore 11; Base on balls Burgess 8, Moore i. Attend aace 300. COTTON BLOOMS Back Jones of Cedar Rock town ship near Sandy Creek church, wai the first to bring a cotton bloom t< ("the TIMES office from the 1834 crop This bloom was brought In on Tue* day morning and was a white one Although not being the first one t< arrive with his bloom P. M. Bennett ot aHrrts township, near Four Bridget broughf'ln a red bloom on Tuesday which Indicated It arrived Monday Others bringing In blooms this week stare as follows: ff John Driver, of near Lontsbarg, I white bloom Tneeday. J. J. Hamlet, of Gold Mine township a white bloom Tuesday. Johnnie Day, of Louisburg township a white bldom Tuesday. Med Champion of Harria township white bloom Wednesday. O. P. Hall, of Louisburg township, a white bloom Wednesday. FOR FIRST Ola88 JOB PRINTING FARMERS TOUR ITINERARY Forty-Five Formers WH1 Go Fron Franklin and Seventeen From t Vance; Arrangements for Accom modations Being Made On Monday, the last date for farm ers to enlist in the Farmers Tour to Washington, D. C., there were fbrty five farmers from this county who had paid tor their reservation on the bus and were making arrangements to be away on this trip during the week of July 12th. The following is the complete list of those who are taking the tour from this county: D. N. Nelms, Z. L. Cheaves. Sam Nash A. H Harris, Robert Conyers, J. O Purnell, M. D Wilder, Felix Banks. Wood Eaton, Will Dickens, J E. Nelms, J. T. Inscoe, J. H. Joyner, Alex Als I ton, Josh Dorsey, Willie Dean, H. J. I House. T H. Dickens, Claude Moore, J. H Mediin, J. L Uowden, Jr., Robert ! Jcnes, J. H. Goodson, C T Hudson, | S. C. Foster, Nick Perry, W. D. Bow. 1 den, H. H. Hobgood, Marvin Smith, J D. Newman, Johnnie Wilson, Henry | Mitchell, W H. Tharrington, F. E. Boyd, A. F. Johnson, A. H Fleming, Hugh Harris, C R. Bohanon, Will Mlt chiner, W G. Ball, A. W. Wilson, Wm. j Person, W. E. Roe, W S Goswlck, and Arthur Strickland. The itinerary is as follows: Monday night in Lexington, Tuesday night in Harrisonburg, Wednesday night in Winchester. TTiursday night in Wash ington, Friday night in Fredericks burg, and Saturday night home. The farm agents in each of the counties that we will pass through on the tour have been requested fo accompany us through their respective counties and designate the places of interest that we should see. They are also going to make arrangements for sleep ,lng accommodations in or near the , towns where we will spend each night. Senator Simmons has been requested to make the necessary arrangements ^or us while in Washington, secure ) a guide who is familiar with Washing , ton to conduct the party, and if pos sible arrange for our farmers to meet j the Secretary of Agriculture and also I His Honor, the President. Every farmer whose name appears In this article is urged to be present at a meeting to be held in the Farm | Agents office next Saturday afternoon : at 3:30 o'clock, at which time you will Ibe advised what we recommend for i you to take on this tour, hour of de , parture, and route of busses. If il ils impossible for any of you to be present, send a representative who can inform you of the plans of the i procedure. , Vance county will furnish sepenteen > for this trip making the total num : ber for the trip 62. 11 " RECORDERS COURT Xany Con tin nances (?r?uite?l: Onlj Two Cases Disposed of Judge G. M. Beam continued all th? ; cases except two in Franklin Record )' er's Court on Monday, tor sickness L of some of the parties Involved 01 I {other good excuse. The cases dis I posed of were as follows: L | State vs Frank Wilson, carrying > concealed weapon, not guilty. > State vs Willie Paul,, unlawful pos I' session of whiskey, pleads guilty I judgment suspended upon paynfeni Lot costs. ? | The following cases were contlnu I ed tor one week: I State vs C M. Wheless, assault wltl 3 deadly weapon, L | State vs Percy Mitchell operatlnj ) automobile intoxicated, t State vs Percy Mitchell, vlolatlni > prohibition law. ) | State vs V. Cooke, unlawful pos >; session of whiskey. 1 The following cases were contlnu )'ed for three weeks: State vs Ross Moore, assault wltl deadly weapon. State vs Ross Moore, nuisance. State vs John Moore, Ross Moore forcible trespass. State vs Octardus Hicks, Lawreno Thomas, Plummer Marshall, house . I breaking and larceny. ^MBS. GBEEN AND MBS JOHNSON HUBT IN AUTO WEE CI While returning from a trip to Lit tleton on Monday afternoon the Fort coupe driven by Mr. A. W. Green turned over and smashed up on th< Halifax foad about four miles from town. In the car with Mr. Green wai his wife and Mrs. Dr. Johnson, ol Philadelphia, who were painfully cui .'by the. felling glass and bruised bj )I the smash. Mr. Green escaped wltl 'a few bruises. The wreck was caused by a tronl ihnTn tire ruhnlng off while the car wai making pretty good speed. The occupants were all brought t< town and received medical attentlot and are now recovering nicely. MBS. BEAM ENTEBTAINS On Thursday evening at 8:30, Mrs O. M. Beam delightfully entertained her night bridge club In honor of het sister and house guest Mrs. T. W, Smith of Richmond, Vs. At the con. elusion of the game an loe eonres THURSDAY JULY 28TH Franklin Couny Day Fanners Convention Mr*. T. H. Dickens, President State Federation Heme Demonstration Clubs, Will Speak; W. H. Yarbor ouali Amonir Speakers; District, Chairmen Last week s edition of the Frank, lin Times notified the Franklin coun ty public that Thursday, July 28, will be county day at the Farmers Con vention which is to be held at State College in Raleigh from July 27th through July 29th. Such a statement is again brought to notice in an effort to impress on the public the import ance of that day and the Interest that should be manifest among the people of Franklin county. The second day of this convention, which has been set aside as county day is for the people of Franklin county to be known as Franklin Coun ty Day. It is hoped that such results will come from the day that it wrlll be known among all the representa tives from every county as weli as "Franklin County Day.' The slogan for the day takes its form in "The Silver cup for Franklin County." This cup is to be awarded the county hav ing the largest representatives regis tered at the convention which is to be multiplied by the number of miles from their particular county seat to ?Raleigh where the convention is be ing held. Last year the Forsythe re presentatives carried home the cup. Leading workers in this campaign are anxious that this year Franklin coun ty shall claim this honor. It is es pecially urged that every person from Franklin county register in the book provided for this occasion so that mere mileage may be added to Frank | lin's credit. Superintendent of County Schools j E L. Best has notified the county ? chairman that all the school trucks ; will be at the county's disposal on ' this day. This will no doubt increase ! the number' in attendance. For thosp who are further lnterest ' ed there will be demonstrations, ex hibits and helpful speeches. Mrs. T. H. Dickens, of White Level, Franklin County, who has the honor of hold. Ing the presidency of the State Fed . eratlSn of Home Demonstration Clubs :! will speak to the convention on this > day. Her subject will be "A Joyful i Country Life." Mr. W. H. Y'arborough. of Louisbug, Fanklln County, will al : so make a short address on soma subject related to county progress. The college campus provides suf ficient parking space for all the cars. The people may at their convenience brjng dinners from home and est them out of doors or secure their 1 meals in the college dining room at the cost of 25 cents per person. The chairmen as elected for the dif ferent districts in the county are as follows: Mrs. M. L. Fowler, Rlleya >, Cross, Roads, Youngsvllle R 1; Miss Hattie Perry, Pierces community, Ze 1 bulon R 2; Mrs. J. W. Perry. Plna "; Ridge community, Wakefield R 1; Mrs -! Mack Mullen, Bunn; Mrs. Stephen Tharrington and Mrs. Dave Spivey, Youngsvllle; Mrs. Cecil Holmes, Po comoke community, Youngsvllle; Mrs . R L. ConyersT Pope's community. 'Youngsvllle; Mrs George Gilliam. Prarkiinton; Mrs. H. C. Taylor, Lon isburg; Mrs. W. E. Uxzell. Map.eville; Mrs. Peter Bean. Cedar Rock; Mrs. We Person, Bordeaux; Mrs. W. D. Fuller, Wood; Mrs. T. H. Dickens, White Level; Mrs. Bill Young. Harris Cross Roads; Mrs. F"r?fok Gupton. Hickory Rock; Mrs. Henry Mitchell. Epsom; Mrs. J. M. Lamb. Seven Paths; and Mrs. ?. ?. Wheeler. Jus tice Mrs. S. B. Nash, Franklin ton. Is Frankltn County's chairman for the day. Further information may ha secured from any of the chairmen stated. NORMA TALMAGE IN SURPRISE ROLE The Winner Theatre's next Us at traction will give photoplay-goers what Is predicted as the biggest sur prise of the year. Screendom's most famous dramatic actress has turned comedienne and will open a days en gagements Monday and Tuesday. Norma TaImage is the star, and her latest pecture Is "Klki," an elaborate cinema version ot the David Belasco stage success- Entirely (Siterent from any role she ever portrayed on the screen during her long career. Klki" Is said to afford Miss Talmaga an ideal vehicle. The Princes Tetlve ot Graustark has changed Into a Paris street pals a ragged, short skirted ndas who lives by her wits and bewitching ways. Her adventures carry her Into theatrical life and into the homes of the rich. 8he winds up by ?wall, she finally realises her ambfttoa ta be a "great lady.". Miss Talmage's supporting cast m names?Ronald Cotmaa, tor. Marc MacQanjott, George K. Arthur. William Connelly, PranMe 8 wain. Idle words, Mks tdls hands, ate a

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