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The Franklin times. (Louisburg, N.C.) 1870-current, March 11, 1969, Page 6, Image 6

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Firm Charged In Timber Suit Judge Leo Carr has issued an order in Wake Superior Court temporarily restraining three lumber dealers from cutting timber in Mark's Creek Town Highway (Continued from Page 1) of the fiscal year have already been obligated \o other projects, and those phases of the overall highway program financed by such funds will proceed as planned for the remainder of the fiscal year. Based on information received from the State Treasurer's Office, the High way Bond Program is the victim of prevailing bond market conditions, and the red light will stay on for new bond-financed construction so long as these conditions prevail. Each of the 14 Highway Commis sioners has worked for the past several years on developing highway projects to be constructed with funds from the $300 million bond issue of 1965. In spite of the planning and design work which has gone into these projects, the Commissioners are faced today with the reality that they cannot be con structed because the bonds cannot be sold to finance that construction. In order to get the green light, to get the bond program rolling again, it is apparent thaf one of at least two things must occur. There must be a change in the bond market and a return to the point where the State's Highway Bonds can be sold at the legal four per cent interest rate, or there must be legisla tive action taken to raise the ceiling under which the bonds can be sold so that they -can be sold at prevailing market levels. The later will require approval of the people, as well as enabling legislation. But until some change occurs in either the bond mar ket or the interest rate ceiling, the red light will remain on for the highway bond program. ship pending a hearing on charges that they U9ed "trickery" and "fraud" to obtain timber rights. The judge's action came after an 81-year-old Wake County woman filed a suit for $200,000 in damages against the lumber dealers. The suit was filed by Miss Pattie Lee of Marks Creek Township against Mr. and Mrs. Percy Lee Barker of Wake County, Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Coble of Wilson County and Willis W. Nash Co. of Franklin County. Miss Lee contends in the suit that she is "almost deaf, not alert and at times unable to understand business transactions." Miss Lee says in the suit that Barker paid her $2,300 for the timber on her land and then sold it to Coble for $18,000. Coble, according toJUiss Lee, then sold the timber to the Nash Company for $35,000. All three defendants "knew of the fraud," according to Miss Lee. She is seeking $100,000 in damages to com pensate for the timber and $100,000 v in "punitive damages.'" Hearing "s1 (Continued from Page 1) ... in the fall of 1968, attorneys for the Department (of Justice) received information to the effect that many classes in the defendent school district had been organized on a racially seg regated basis, with Negro teachers teaching all-Negro classes and white teachers teaching predominantly white classes." The affidavit tells of the FBI being asked to investigate and says that in the investigation agents "inter viewed white and Negro teachers and pupils assigned to he various schools in the district, as well as several other Negro citizens of Franklin County." Mr. Schwelb concludes in his of ficial statement: "... I believe that the existing segregation is not reason ably attributable to any uniform non ZEBULON FLOOR COVERING & CARPET CENTER / PHONE 269-9938 BARBEE AVENUE, ZEBULON, N.C. ALL WORKMANSHIP & MATERIALS GUARANTEED Public Notice! Loughlin Gooawyn Jewelers HENDERSON, NORTH CAROLINA C^an Iflovu Supply IJou lAJith Sterling Silver 2^(atware, Oj^ iJhe l^oliovuincj krandi^ Cjorliam - international! IjUafface - l^eecl (JSarlon ^JJeirfoom - cjCunt Oowie - Steiff >3n ^Inij Quantities 25% OFF LIST PRICE Loughlin Goodwyn Jewelers 227 Garnett St. i Serving Henderson for Over 50 Years Mrs. Whitfield Named To Safety Group State Senator Edward F. Griffin announced today the appointment of Mrs. Richard Whitfield of Franklinton as a District Vice-Chairman of the North Carolina Women for Highway Safety. The Senator it a member of the committee malting the nomina tions. In making the announcement, Mrs. Whitfield is referred to as "a leader in our county in many programs for the betterment of our people". The organization is made up of women throughout the State who are very much interested in the highway safety program in order to reduce the number of unnecessary deaths on the highways and the 50-odd thousand people who were injured during the year 1968 as a result of drunken driving, speeding, and carelessness. A meeting of this most worthwhile organization will be held in Greens boro on March 29 for a study of the great problem at hand. racial testing."' The Board of Education has con tended that all elementary grade pupils were assigned to classrooms based on results of a nonracial reading test given prior to the court order and that first grade students were assigned according to maturity and experience as soon as possible after entering first grade. High school students attend classes accord ing to subjects the student selects. The Board has inspected a number of schools and individual classrooms in recent weeks and still maintains its position that there is no discrimination in the system. The government also attacks the Board policy of charging tuition for students whose parents reside outside the state. That's The Army First Private-Why did you salute that truck driver1? Second Rookie-Dori't be so dumb? That's no truck driver, that's General Hauling. Didn't you see the sign? USED TRACTOR BARGAINS 1- 4000 Ford Diesel w/Ltve P.T.O. 1- 861 Ford Diesel w/Live P.T.O. 1- 960 Ford Gas w/Live P.T.O. and Front Manure Loader 1- 640 Ford 1- Super Dexta Diesel w/Live P.T.O. 1- Dexta Diesel w/Live P.T.O. 1- NAA Ford 2- 35 Ferguson Diesel, 3 Cylinder w/Live P.T.O. 1- 35 Ferguson 1- T0-20 Ferguson Above tractors recondi tioned, repainted, and new tires where necessary. Equipment for above trac tors: Plows, Harrows, Scoops, Tillers, Rotary Cut ters, Cultivators, Rakes, and Baler. NEW FORD TRACTORS GASOLINE & DIESEL SALES & SERVICE FARM TRACTOR & EQUIPMENT COMPANY, INC. Telephone Geneva 8-818S P. O. Bo* 727 Henderson, N. C. Chairman Gwyn B. Price of the State Rural Electrification Authority (left) presents certificates for outstanding service as electric co-op directors to N. C. Brummitt of Rt. 1, Kittrell (center) and W. O. Fuller of Rt. 1, Louisburg. Brummitt was cited for 20 years service and Fuller for 15 years service. They are members of the board of directors of Wake Electric Membership Corporation of Wake Forest. The presentations were made during a meeting of Tarheel Electric Membership Association in Raleigh March 4-6. Wake EMC serves in Durham, Franklin, Granville, Johnston, Nash, Vance arid Wake Counties. *J0 X CLEANING TIPS.. DID YOU KNOW ? WATER IS USED IN 90 PERCENT OF YOUR SPRING CLEANING CHORES?' CLEAN, 80FT WATER MAKES THE JOB EASIER. START BY CLEANING YOUR WATER 80FTENER. 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