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The Franklin times. (Louisburg, N.C.) 1870-current, July 22, 1969, Page 8, Image 8

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After The Moon: What Next? Assuming that man will now continue to explore the moon and that there will come a day when the whole bit will become ho-hum, where do we go from here? The next logical step is Mart. But what a step this is. The moon-as impossible as reaching it seemed a few years ago-is a next-door neighbor compared to Mars. And even landing on the moon places us no nearer Mars in distance. By Clin Times Mans Moon--a satellite of Earth -is 238,866 miles away. Mars t Fuller iging Editor ?which has satellites of its own is 34,000,000 miles. Man traveled to the Moon in less than four days. It is expected to take 237 days to reach Mars. Mariner 6 will sweep by Mars about July 31 to ob serve the equatorial zones. Mariner 7 will pass the planet five days later to take close up pictures of the southern pnlar mginn. Both vehicles are expected to transmit more than a hundred photographs, ranging from full disk views to de tailed studies from a distance of., about 2,000 miles. The pictures will show features only 900 feet wide. Mariner 4, the spacecraft that made the first historic pictures of Mars in 1965, managed a resolution of two miles. The best telescope on earth sights Martian 1 details about 100 miles wide. Instruments will teat Mar tian atmosphere for atomic and diatomic dements such as carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen. Some scientists feel that ozone may be the key to evolution on Mars. The presense of this oxygen variant above enters or low lands probably would indi cate the existence of oxygen molecule* that might support life, according to a National Geographic report. Ultra violet spectrometers on the Mariners can detect ozone down to one-thousandth of the amount in earth's atmos phere. Mars seems more earthlike than any other planet. The Martian day is almost identi cal to that of earth 's-- ?4 hours and 37 minutes. Its tilt on it* axis-about 24 degrees -reeembles that of earth's. The climates are similar al though nights on Man are aaid to be much colder than ours. Mars is the only other world known to have seasons. The white caps that cover the Martian poles expand in win ter and contract in summer. As the caps shrink, a wave of darkening occurs along their edge. Water vapor in the at mosphere above the poles ap pears to increase, suggesting that the caps consist of a layer of frozen water. The caps may contain more dry ice than ordinary ice. It is calculated that poles reach temperatures as low as minus 200 degrees F, which would freeze carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. Ma riner 7's low pass over the polar region may end specula tion here. But, once the answers to nan's questions about the moon are forthcoming, will the next logical step be Mars? In our lifetime? Who knows? Local Golfers Quality Four local youngsters qualified for the State Jaycee Junior Gold Tournament last week here at Green Hilt Country Club. A fifth was chosen first alternate. Johnny Hodges was low qualifier with an 18-hole score of 79. Woody Warren, Saunders Isley and Mike Murphy also qualified. Cliff Joyner, Jr. was first alternate. Hodges. Warren and Isley are slated to play in the State Tournament on July 28, 29, 30 at Arrow Head Golf Club in Mebane, N. C. UNITED STATES MANNED SPACE FLIGHTS PROJECT MERCURY DATE 5/5/61 7/21/61 717 0/6? 5/24/62 10/3/62 5/15-16/63 DATE 3/23/65 6/3-7/65 8/21-29/65 12/4-18/65 12/15*16/65 3/16/66 6/3-6/66 7/18-21/66 9/12-15/66 11/11-15/66 DATE 10/11/68 12/21-27/68 3/3-13/69 MISSION Mercury-Redstone 3 . Freedom 7; Cdr. Shepird Mercury-Redstone 4 Liberty Belle 7; Maj. Grjsjom Friendship 7; Lt. Col. Glenn Mercury-Atlas 7 Aurora 7 ; LCdr Carpenter Mercury-Atlas 8 Sigma 7; Cdr Schina Mercury-Atlas 9 Faith 7; Maj. Cooper MISSION Gemini 3, Molly Brown, Ma|. Grisaom, LCdr Young Gemini 4; Majors McDivitt and White Gemini 5; Lt. Colonels Cooper and Conrad Gemini 7 ; Lt. Col. Borman, Cdr Lovell Gemini 6; Cap. Schirra, Maj. Stafford Gemini 8; Armstrong, Maj. Scott Gemini 9 (A); Lt. Col. Stafford, LCdr. Cernan Gemini 10; Cdr. Young, Maj. Collins Gemini 1 1 ; Cdr. Conrad, LCdr. Gordon Gemini 12;Capt. Lovell, Maj. Aldrin MISSION Apollo 7 ; Capt. Schirra, Maj. Eiade, Cunningham Apollo 8; Col. Borman, Capt. Lovell, Maj. Anders Apollo 9; Col. McDivitt. Col. Scott, Schwcickart REVS. 0 3 6 22 11 0 0 4 4 9 34 S/C HRS. M S 15 22 1 15 37 5 5 23 56 05 13 II 19 49 PROJECT GEMINI S/C HRS. REVS. H M S 3 4 53 0 62 97 56 11 120 190 56 01 2-6 330 35 13 16 25 5 1 24 7 10 06 44 72 20 56 43 70 46 45 44 71 17 08 59 _ 94 34. 30 PROJECT APOLLO S/C HRS. H M S 260 8 45 147 00 11 241 00 53 REVS. 163 2+10 Lunar 151 MAN HRS. H M S 0 15 22 0 15 37 4 ? u ? a~ 4 56 05 9 13 11 34 19 49 MAN HRS. H M S 9 46 0 195 56 11 381 52 02 661 10 26 51 42 48 21 24 12 144 41 52 141 33 30 142 34 16 189 09 00 MAN HRS. H M S 780 26 11 441 00 33 725 02 39 CUM. MAN HRS H M S 0 15 22 0 30 59 -5 26 22 10 22 27 19 35 38 53 55 27 CUM. MAN HRS. H M S 27 63 41 259 33 49 641 25 51 1302 36 17 1354 19 05 1375 43 17 1520 25 09 1661 58 39 1804 32 55 1993 41 55 I ClIM. MAN HRS. H M S 2774 8 10 3215 8 43 3456 01 36 Rotary Tar Heel League Action By BILL BECKHAM The final week of Rotary league play for the 1969 regu lar season ii now history. Highlights of that week show ed a strong Cooper team bow ing in defeat on three occas ions; First-Citizens defeating Bunn for the second time for Bunn's only two Iosmi; Harris Pharmacy showing Its class by continuing to win; and final ly, the selection of the All -Star Teams for the two age brackets. It Is encouraging to the Uttle League as an entity that the Bunn entry suffered its only two defeats in the history of the league. While not wishing any team misfor tune, it is good that a better balance of victories versus losses has been attained with in the league. Hopefully, it is a sign that the Little League is stronger rather than the Bunn team being weaker. And we 4iave every reason to beleive that it is the former rather than the latter. The Junior League began with a better balance with the Redwings of Harris Pharmacy spurting toward the end to claim the League Champion ship. It was suspected that Bunn, Creed moor and Camp Butner would be the strength at the beginning. However, this proved to be a fallacy as Nash Farms of Louisburg played them even and the Redwings of Louisburg won the crown, as stated earlier. At an awards ? picnic affair for the league players and their parents at Louisburg College Student nion on Tueaday night, July 22; 7:00 P.M., sponsored by the Louis burg Rotary Club, the Little League All-Star line-up will be announced. Their first round of competition will commence July 30, against Raleigh at Garner. The Junior League Players have already been notified and are buiy at practice as their first game is Thursday, July 24, at Bunn against Garner. They will be present at the Rotary affair to receive their awards. We encourage all locals to follow these teams onward to vic tory. Special Bulletin!!! The Louisburg Junior League All-Star Team will play the All-Start of Garner Thursday night at 8:00 P.M. on the Bunn High School field. There will be no admission charge; however, donations are encouraged. David Batton, Chief Deputy to Sheriff Dement, is serving as official host to this occasion. He Is basked solidly by the Bunn Uons Club, Bunn citizens and Officials, and Junior League Officials from Louisburg \ \ Bill Beckham Junior League All-Star Team Warren Wrenn Victor Hawkins Tommy Aiken Rusaell Burrell Rex Seawdl Charles Keith Tim Dunn Johnny Evert Howard Mitchell Battle Steele Mike Terrell Keith Wright George Thomas Wilbert Walker Ricky Proctor Hanry Bryant Harris Pharmacy Harris Pharmacy Creed moor Nash Farms Camp Butner Nash Farms Bunn Camp Butner Bunn Creed moor Harris Pharmacy Bunn Harris Pharmacy Harris Pharmacy Creed moor Nash Farms Batting Pitching | Average Record .353 6 - 0 .302 4-1 .300 3 - 1 .528 3 - 3 .388 3 - 3 .275 2 -3 .555 .367 .378 .444 .445 .400 .409 .363 .324 .250 WANTED MEN - WOMEN from ages 18 and over. Prepare now for U. S. Civil Service job opening! during the next 12 months. Government positions pay high starting salaries. They provide much greater security than private employment and excellent opportunity for advancement. Many posi tions require little or no specialized education or experience. \ But to get one of these jobs, you must pass a test. The competition is keen and in some cases only one out of five pass. \ Lincoln Service has helped thousands prepare for these tests every year since 1948. It Is one of the largest and oldest privately owned schools of its kind and is not connected with the Government. For FREE booklet on Government jobs, Including list of positions snd salaries, fill out coupon and mail at once ? TODAY. You will also get full details on how you can prepare yourself for these tests. Don't delay - ACT NOW! LINCOLN SERVICE, Dept. NC-27-3B Pekln, Illinois I am very much interested. Please send me absolutely FREE (1) A list of U. S. Government positions and salaries; (2) Information on how to qualify for a U. S. Government Job. Name ".Age Street Phone aty State (D3B) 1969 Final Standings LITTLE LEAGUE Won Lost Bunn 13 2 lit CH. 10 K Cooper 9 6 Waccamaw 6 9 Sportswear 5 10 Pilot ? Pcarces 2 13 JUNIOR LEAGUE Won Lost Harris Pharmacy 12 Creedmoor 10 - Bunn 8 damp Bwtner 7 Nash Farms 7 Pilot - Paarcea 1 1 BANK WITH CONFIDENCE ALL BANKIN6 TRANSACTIONS STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL SAVINGS? CHECKING? LOANS? TRUSTS? INSURANCE Citizens Bank & Trust Co. Henderson, N. C. "THE LEADING BANK IN THIS SECTION" 1889 - 80 YEARS OF SERVICE & SECURITY - 1969 Staff Photo from CHS Television by (.lint Fuller. PRESIDENT NIXON TALKS TO THE MEN ON THE MOON Time Is Running Out Act Now: Get Big Savings FREE MOWER PROGRAM EXPIRES JULY 31st SAVINGS UP TO $218.00 TRY IT AND YOU'LL AGREE... CUB CADET does it all the way in a BIG WAY! 7 Models From Which To Choose FREE!! ?! Mounted Mower ?? (value up to $218.00) With Each Cub Cadet Limited off ft Sm them today / ?j# >??? .?t?? GET A FREE MOWER WITH A NEW INTERNATIONAL' CUB CADET TRACTOR 2 FREE OFFERS! GET A FREE CART WITH A NEW INTERNATIONAL' CADET BO RIDING MOWER Thar* are 5 models In the Cub Cadet Una. 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