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The Franklin times. (Louisburg, N.C.) 1870-current, November 06, 1969, SECTION B, Page 3, Image 11

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1970 Barley Diversion Requirements Announced ' The U. S. Department of Agriculture has announced that the qualifying minimum diversion of barley for parti cipation in the 1970 feed grain program will be 20 per cent of a farm's barley base acreage, the same as in 1969. Producers who wish to PVtl.-SAT ? ? ? ?-izrz.v** won im@ QXSS 3??srs SUN JOHN GLEN KIM WAYNE CAMPBELL DARBY HAL WAlllS' T 'i WA TECHNICOLOR* S?1 substitute wheat for oat-rye are also required to divert 20 percent of their oat-rye base to qualify under the 1970 program. Diversion require ments under this provision were 15 percent under- the 1969 program. The provisions were an nounced at this time to facili tate plans of producers of winter barley. Other features of 1970 feed grain program as they relate to barley, as well as corn and grain sorghum pro visions will be announced in the near future. Final Date Nears For Seeding Winter Cover - Producers who have not received ACP assistance this year should- file a request for winter cover crops. November 10, 1969 is the final seeding date. There is still many acres of land in Franklin County needing to be seeded for pro tection against the bad weather which is to come during the months ahead. The sooner this land is seeded the sooner it begins to benefit from the early growth of a cover crop. Since the final seeding date is fastly approaching, farmers are urged to come to the county office and file their requests without further delay. A happy spirit is the greatest possession that comes to man, regardless of his wealth or lack of it. Beware of the man who gives you advice, beginning like this: "I believe you can make more money if-" Ipuifburq SAT -SUN -MON -TUES NOV 8-9-10-11 ? * He's the f best private eye t in the business. % Mctro GoWwyn Mayer (wants ? MM Ben* Producton Starring James Garner Gayle Hunnicutt Marlowe' Carroll O'Connor Rita Moreno William Daniels MATINEE SAT. 2:00 MATINEE SUN. 3:30 TWO SHOWS NIGHTLY 7 & 9 WED -THURS -FRI -SAT - NOV 12-13-14-15 BATTLING IT OUT TOE TO TOE ANDSIDEBYSIDE ACROSS 2000 MILES OF THUNDERING ADVENTURE! am ? OUII' - cot"**" .. ^...ANMcCAtGO ^NYAGutA?gs-rijs,c.?, ^S=saS5S5M?aa^^^ uU?CCOm?iO*Om*occ^ 1 Q | "* ONE SHOW ONLY EACH NIGHT 7:30 SAT. MATINEE 2:00 ? PROGRAM INFORMATION? DIAL 496-3460 Garden Time If you want something dif ferent from your neighbors, or wish to create i point of interest in your home land scape, make arrangements now to espalier-train a suit able plant as you have time during the dormant season. The word Espalier means a trellis, framework (or wall) on which fruit trees or shrubs are trained in flattened form. The trellis may be made by using No. 9 galvanized wire attached to posts and stretch ed taut. Two or three wires may be attached and spaced about two feet apart, the first wire being two feet above ground. The framework may be shaped according to the pattern you wish to follow in training your plant. Any suit able wall (brick or wood) can be used. The advantage of the trel lis. or framework, lies in the fact that you can place either in full sun. This does not rule out the wall but it will be best not to use a wall in deep shade, as most of the plants suitable for espalier training require some sunshine. The trellis is better adapted for formal patterns while the wall is best suited for informal ones. While i number of plants are suitable for espalier train ing, perhaps the most com monly used are dwarf apple and pear trees, probably be cause of their early popu larity in France and England Others would include pyra cantha, lilac, flowering quince, crabapple. I suggest that you start with your plants so that train- i ing can begin as soon as plant ed. Ask your local nursery man to help you select a plant that will require the ! minimum of initial pruning 1 You will want to give your plant some extra care, so be gin with a good job of plant ing. The next step is selecting : and training your main branches so they will con form to whatever formal or informal pattern you select and also to the flat surface, if against a wall. Frequent pruning during the growing season will be necessary to properly direct the growth and maintain the flattened form. This will con sist of careful thinning out and heading back as needed. It will be necessary that the main stems or branches About Your Home Trees are certainly the most important feature of any home garden as far as decoration is concerned. They are the background but are most often treated hap hazardly People sometimes forget that trees have the power to make any house look permanent ot tempo rary. There is a strong tempta tion for people who build new houses on bare land to plant too many trees and these too close together. They don't take into consid eration that, by doing this, they are defeating the very purpose for which the trees were planted. That is. to grow and provide ornament and shade the yard. The best and safest thing for a person who is thinking of investing money in several be tied to the trellis or wall. You can figure out the best way to do this. Just remem ber that precautions should be taken not to use anything around the branch that will girdle it or constrict growth. trees for the yard or thinking of cutting down any tree al ready growing in the yard is to consult a tree expert or buy a good, well-known boot on trees and get down to some serious study on the subject. For example-too many people do not know that there is a great deal of dif ference between a Norway maple and a sugar maple. When the facts are known a sugar maple is much more to be desired because it increases in value as it ages, while a twenty year Norway nothing more than a liability. Another thing that should be taken into consideration is the size the tree being planted will be when full grown, in scale with the size of the house and property it is to adorn. On a large property, flowering trees and large shade trees planted in groups are effective. A cat may have nine lives but when you are on the highway remember you are not a cat. He who lives at high ten don usually blowt a fuse. Going to church is not a sure cure (or your sins but it will help. Even an intelligent man makes a fool of himself about some things. IT'S COMING - BANK WITH CONFIDENCE ALL BANKING TRANSACTIONS STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL SAVINGS-CHECKING-LOANS-TRUSTS-INSURANCE Citizens Bank & Trust Co. Henderson, N. C. "THE LEADING BANK IN THIS SECTION" 1889 - 80 YEARS OF SERVICE & SECURITY - 1969 BIG 38th ANNIVERSARY SALE VARIETY & DOLLAR STORES FRIDAY NOVEMBER 7th ANO ENDS SATURDAY 01 WM SERVICE! kU CHARGE ii!ii NOVEMBER ISth 51 Stores In North & South Carolina*Shop The Store Nearest You BIRDSEYE DIAPERS Soft & Absorbent $1.37 INFANTS WHITE ? DRESSES REG.Anniv. 98c Price ?" V r.'O iiwmi ?* INFANTS THERMAL Asstd. Colors fBLANKETS $1.27 1 CHILDRENS TWILL L0N6IES Sizes 3-8 Asstd. Colors 89c Anniv. Value Price 3 / V I SPONGE SQUEEZE MOPS $1.98 Anniv. Value Price 97< ADJUSTABLE METAL IRONIN BOARDS REG. Anni 4.88 Price REG. Ann- J3J7 PLASTIC TV -\ LAMP JS Anniv. Price 87C Brack's Boxed Chocolate Covered PEANUTS REG. ?49c 37< 12 PIKE UMBLFR SET Gold & Avocado , .? Anniv. ? 87(| mm Reg. 83c WE BELIEVE OUR HEALTH ft BEAUTY AIDS ARE THE LOWEST IN TOWN . . . You'll See, You'll Save At COMPARE PRICES . POPES 2-SOO-SMO 47* Reg. 79c Anniv. Price 57( ^IIDVING cm 0 I llt '-r Color lotion IN SHADE. I SELECTOR I PACKAGES! Makes Choosing u,iw Reg. $2.00 Truer Anniv. Price $1.27 Anniv. Price Re9- Anniv. 89c Price Size 57t NORWICH ASPIRIN No better aspirin at any price 100 TABLETS Anniv. Pric? 27< NEW! Decorator Box PONDS Dream/iower PERFUMED DUSTING POWDER COLGATE TOOTH BRUSH Med & Hard Anniv. Price LADIES COMB & BRUSH DRAPERY II 1 MATERIAL Large Selection of colors & designs V??S Anniv. 3 Yds. <**? si. oo Full & Twin Sire Chenille BEDSPR?ADS| Asstd Colors $3.95 Jnniv" Volue Pnce 32 Pc. Set DISHES ? Anniv. Price White Only Reg. $3.79 * 2.971 Foam Filled f V BED PILLOWS ? R?9- Anniv. a si .19 Price Q C iv-in? " " Decorated Dinner _ PLATES ^ Reg AnniV 2fc?. Pric* 6 For 97? ANNIVERSARY PLASTIC SALE CUTLERY TRAY Asstd Colors B-OM Reg. Price 79c DRAIN BOARDS Asstd Colors DISH DRAIN RACK DISH PANS Round & Square LAUNDRY BASKETS Your Choice 2i 97*

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