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North Carolina Newspapers

Carolina watchman. volume (Salisbury, N.C.) 1871-1937, January 21, 1875, Page 1, Image 1

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The Carolina Watchman. VOL. V. THIRD SERIES SALISBURY N. C JANUARY, 21, 1875 NO. 66. WHOLE NO. 70 UBLISHKO WEEKLY. J. J. BRUNEB, Proprietor and Bditoi . J. J. STEWART A mo ci ate Editor. MATK OF M Bdlll'TION WEEKLY WATCHMAN. navableiu advance. ....$2.(0 Sftx Months, " 5 Copies to any address 1.25 10.0 ADVERTISI RATES : On Square (1 Inch) One-insertion $100 Rates for a greater number of insertions -.derate. Bpecial notices 25 per cent, more la regular advertisements. Reading notice per line ior eacn aim ctcu wmuvu 1 La From the Sander (Washington City) Herald. The celebration at Lincoln Hall, on Fri day evening, of Andrew Jackson's victory over the British at New Orleans, January 8, 1815. was the largest and meet harmonious meeting we have ever seen in the District of Columbia, The hall, at an early hoar, was filled to repletion with one of the most re spectable audiences ever seen at a public meeting anywhere, and, by the imtnens enthusiasm manifested, give evidence that the people Were thoroughly aroused every where over the Administration outrage to Louisiana. now. They forget that we are all Americans or freemen much more than we are Domo crats or Republicans. We Southern men have learned some things by bitter experience. We were once proud and lifted up, felt able to whip five Yankees apiece, and defied misfortune. We felt and spoke loftily. Mark what baa be fallen as. A mysterious Providence has brought us low iudeed. Our adversaries triumph, and "servants now bear rale over us.' Let me say, with due solemnity, to them who mock our sorrows and gloat over our downfall, that the hand which humbled us cau reach tbem. I can readily conceive how this reckless From the Cincinnati Commercial. THE NEW SCRIPTURES. Schurz on Sheridanizino- StatM m - Une of tbe most brilliant and masterl v w GENKSKS CHAPTER 1. f Mi Speeches were made by a number of dis- tramoliusr down of law and risrht under the - . .i -t tr I . . . ... unguisoea gentlemen, among tnem nun. Wm. M . Robbins, of N. C. who said- The call made upon me is a surprise. I came hsre not to speak, but to listen, and to a ami- .w . 1 1 aMnJaiwil mft PrAmrrall'fl A II uui jeswmnar we r- vcia u v a a hardihood "in breaking up Parliament, we scarcely expect to witness in oor own age and country a scene so much like it. When it becomes fashionable to put down State Legislatures because ttey differ with the Executive in political opinion, think you that Execntive would be likelv to submit patiently to impeachment, for instance, by a eozoon begat monad, Congress of opposite political faith, or any animalcule. THE FAVORITE HOME REMEDY Is eminently a Family Medicine; and by be ing kept ready for immediate report will save many an hour of Buffering and many a dollar in time and doctors' bill. .... llt; After over Forty Years trial it w still re ceiving the most unqualified testimonials to its virtues from persons of the highest character, aud responsibility. Eminent physicians com mend it as the most EFFECTUAL SPECIFIC Far all diseases of the Liver, Stomach and Spleen. The 8YMTOM8 of Liver Complaint are a bitter or bad taste in the mouth ; Pain in the Back, Sides or Joints, often mistaken for Rheumatism ; Sou Stomach j Loss of Appe tite; Bowels alternately costive and lax; Wwiaoha Iiwi of memory, with a painful sensation of having failed to do something which ought to havebcen done ; Dehilitv. Low Spirit, a thick yellow appearance of the Skin ana eye. urjr vuugn ...m tit ion. SnuiPiimefi minv of these svmtoms attend the disease, at others very few ; but the Liver, the laraest own in the body, is generally the seat f tli disease, and if not Reeulated in time, great suffering, wretchedness and DEATH will ensue. Pr DTHPEPSIA. CONSTIPATION, Jann dice, Bilious sttacks,SICK HEAD VCH, Colic, Denrcwion of Si.iritn, SOUR STOMACH, We:irt Hum. Ac.. c. The Cheapest and Purest Family Medicine in the world ! Manufactured only by 9. B. ZEILlNdtCO., Macon Ga., and Philadelphia. Priee tl.OO. Sold by all Druggists. He blushed a fiery red, Her heart went pit-a-pat ; She gently hung her head, And looked down at the mat. He trembled in his speech ; He rose from where he nt, And shouted with a screech, "You're sitting on my hat !" From the New Orleans Bulletin. MOTHER GOOSE FOR THE TIMES. NURSERY RHYMES. Sing a song of sixpence, A stomach full of Rye, A Governor and General Both told a lie. "The Governor in his office, Hiding the people's money, The General in a bar-room, Drinking "Peach and Honey." Humpty Sheridan sat on a wall, Humpty 6heridan had a great fall All of Grant's horses, and all of Grant's men, Cannot put Humpty together again. Fe.Fi Fo h um, 1 smell the blood of a V hue League man ; approve by my presence that I understand to be the purpose of this meeting ; namely, to revive the memory of events which shed lus tre upon the whole American people; to strengthen our lo-e of liberty and indepe dence by thinking of what they cost. It is well for us toloofe beyond the sad scenes of the late sectional conflict, and recall the common trials, common dangers, and com mon triumphs of earlier times that tbe spirit of the brotherhood may be reawakened in our souls. I am a Southern man a North Carolin- tan. This is tne nm tune l ever stooa De- fore a popular assemblage north of the Po tomac. It is a fitting time to give utterance to the real sentiments entertained by me and those who sent me to this Capital as their representee. I am here to promore peace. reunion, and revived feelings of fraternity among the American people of all sections. I am not hear to tear open old wounds, but to aid in healing them. As a citizen of the defeated and humiliated section, it might be thought natural for me to cherish bitterness and study revenge. And so, per haps, I might do if no one's fortunes but my own were at stake. But I cannot forget that in our homes there are innocent little prattlers who are to live after us. In our poverty we can leave them little else, but I want to leave them a happy, peaceful, free, well-governed country to live in. These, my countrymen, are the pledges of my pa triotism and the hostages which bind me to my allegiance. Most bartily, therefore, do I join with you in celebrating this day as a day ever memorable in the annuls of our common country. It is pleasant and profitable to recur to an event at the rjecollectiou of pride and satisfaction. The history of that event is so well known to you that I shall uot dwell upon its details. Will you pardon me for speaking from the heart, hi true simplicity and saying that while eifting here to night thinkiug of the event we celebrate and others too. which have occurred siuceone prominent thought has been uppermost, and it is this, that "pride goeth before destruction, aud a haugh ty spirit before a fall." The most striking thing to me about the battle of New Orleans is the arrogant spirit with which the British army marched into it with the impious cry of "booty and beauty" Upon their lips, aud the utter discomfiture which followed, with scarcely a scratch to the army of "Old Hick ory." It reminds one of the destruction of Seuuaehenb, when "The Angel of Death spread his wings ou the blast. And breathed in the face of the foe as he passed," - L It is impossible to avoid the thought that there are those who are at this moment seeking to subjugate that same city of New pie 0f Louisiana, that they are not vi K'iuis auu me mate ui ijouisiana, auu uo- ing so much of that same proud, reckless, and defiantly impious spirit shown by Pack- enham and his army. 1 he dissonmture will follow ; not bloody like theirs , but a political overthrow awaits the men who are actine thus recklessly which will prove, what as a Democrat 1 devoutly believe, that the peo ple of America still love liberty in their heart of hearts without respect to section or par ty. It is not ray purpose to indulge iu any bit of his many able sneeches in the ftn According to Tyndatt, Huxley, Spender) wm delivered by Senator Schun on tbe and Uvnctn. Louisiana outrage, a brief synopsis of which baa been printed in this journal. Tbe following is a passage in nil : On all sides we hear the Question ask. 1. Primarily the Unknowable moved ed : "If this can be done In Louisiana, it upon cosmos aud evolved protoplasm. such things be sustained by Congress, 2. And protoplasm was inorganic and bow long will it be before it can be done undifferentiated, containing all things in in Massachusetts and Ohio 1 How long potential energy; end a spirit of evolutions before the constitutional rights of all the moved upon the fluid mass. States, the self government of all the peo- 3. And the Unknowable said. Let pie will be tramnled under foot? tin iron heel of tbe military may pave the way atoms attract ; snd their contact begat long before a general of the army nay to a fearful crisis and appalling convulsions i:h it electrieitw. sit in the chair vnn .n. to Aii- VAntloTn Ta1 And the Unconditioned sttfareav tested election, in order to make a mSh StePLs tiatod the atoms, each eiteriU kind; and ity in the nato; and before a soldier . ... . . . . " . U.l. mn ...Li . lln " - - J tll .I.IL . I TT V . diers, bow long will it be before some stout 5 , uu wm uuo wic xiuuse oi nauoaai President wiP drive out Congress f When water. Representatives, pointing to tbe Speaker's o. And there went out a spirit of evo- mallet say, "Take away that bauble T" lutfon from the Un conditioned, and, work-1 Wild and exaggerated as these spprehen- ing in protoplasm, by accretion and sions may seem, yet these are tbe feelings aoBorpuon proaucea tne organic cell. yon will near expressed when tbe voice 6. And cell by nutrition evolved pri- of the people penetrates to yon. And I mordial germ, and germ developed proto- would ask you, can you risk what is pot- gene ; and protogene begat eozoon ; and sible and what not ? Wbo is there among and monad bepat us who but three years a?o woold have w a expected to be called upon to approve tbe ter language iu speaking of these proceed- If 1 did 1 should mgs. I am be misunderstood a son of one of those sister States which nave been standing for ten years with hands crossed and bound with fetters waiting for the word of deliverauce to be spoken b v Congress whatever, when he was in command of a mailitary so servient to lawless orders as De Trobirand the other day, who only re plied to the protests of expiring liberty by saying, "I am a soldier, and have nothing to do but obey orders." Moreover there is another imminent dan ger, Our Presidential eleetions come very ofren. If States are kept in pupilage aud guardianship under Federal coutrol. how long will it be before such an election will turn upon counting out or counting iu the votes of some single State whose statehood is questioned by one party or another ? Or a State will have two governments, as sever al have now, two sets of electiors, the re cognition of one of which sets will decide a Presidential election. When such a junc ture arises, and wbo can say it may not arise in a few years, what assurance have we that it can be passed over peaceably ? Is there not too much reason to fear that there would be an outbusrt of convulsion from tbe Lakes to the Gulf, neighbor clutch ing at the throat of neighbor over the whole laud ; not a sectional war as we lately had, but a true civil war, desolating every town ship, county, aud State ? May God avert such a calamity. Having fought through the whole late war, I am able to realize the fearful evils of war. and I trust we may see no more of it iu our country. Rut what I haye said shows how easily it might come, aud that, after all, as long as we depart, in the slightest oegree, from the plain prin ciples of tbe Constitution we walk upon a volcano. It is time for us to take reckoning in soberness as to the dangers that environ us. and avert them by recurring to tbe funda mental doctrines principles ofpopular liberty which lie at the base of our institutions. It is time for us, also, to banish the spirit ot sectional strife and ill feeling, and, recog nizing each other's virtues as well as fruits, (for we all have both ) learn to forget and forgive, and be brothers again. We of the South are not perfect. Neither are we so bad as our eueuiies paint us. Rut 1 am not going uow to enter upon any defence of our people. Permit me to say, however, in behalf of the duwntroddeu peo- assas sins ; and the best proot of it is this : Kel logg lives, Longstreet lives, Packard lives. and many others whose crimes have affronted high Heaven and whose oppressions might make even wise men mad." In eonclusioo, let me pay a tribute to the horic patience and forbearance of the peo ple of New Orleans. They show that greatuess which is superior to all others the power to rule their own spirits. Such fortitude under sore trial would do honor to any race of men ; it is glorious ; it must be God-given. I hail it as the inspiration of coming deliverance and the harbinger of Louisiana's redemption. I thank you, gen tlemen, for hearing me so patiently. I Stiring and spirited addresses were also made by Senator Bogy, of Missouri, Repre 7. And animalcule begat ephemera; gross, most unjustifiable usurpation of then began creeping things to multiply on Judge Durrell and the President's en the face of the earth. 8. And earthy atom in vegetables pro toplasms begat tbe molecule, and thence came all grass and every herb in the earth. 9. And animalcule in the water evolved fins, tails, claws, and scales ; and in the air wings and beaks ; and on the land they sprouted such organs as were nec essary as played upon by the envirno ment. 10. And by accretion and absorption came the radiata and mollusca, and begat articulata and articulata begat vertebra ia. 11. Now these are tbe generations of forcement of it as tbe lawful origin of State Government 1 And wbo of yon, when permitting that to be done, would have expected to see the United States soldiers march into a ball of a State Leg islature to decide its organization t Per mit that to-day, and who of you can tell me what we shall be called upon nay forced to permit to-morrow. Senators ! wo have arrived at a crisis I will not conceal that I cannot contem plate that this crisis without grave appre hension, tor what has happened already makes mo look torwaid with anxiety to what may still be in store for us. We are evidently on a downward slope, and to This lion eccaitomed to receive the tribute of the world's admiration, has been taken rather rudely by the beard, and has had some nlain talk (mm r Raleigh bard given in homely and unvar nished phrase. Te who go to that lordly cataract with reverential awe, and judgements trained to traditional submission, learn from Use following lines, hew to speak the truth fearlessly and independently :tou oo i roll on I tsos deep and dark Niagara I I wouldn't he surprised if y ug on wkesa I m away, you old cues ! , Taint much after all to roll over like that ; Get up and roll back again, if you to gain eclat, You old cuts I Neuse River is rcaddy and red and much on tbe "roll" of fame ; But I bet if she came to a plsee like that, She'd tumble over all the same without so much fuss, You old cuss ! Two Lad day Last, about three o ladies, daughter, of Pymanturing, were drowned m nango, two miles asm Sharpev.llr, They started to ernes an tka lea. Sv a wnen about thirty feet frees the ce gave way, letting both into the A brother who was a lo nrnj Hedce. of the fct -1 the tessee off heard their cry for hake, and mo straggled In &e to their asstalsnae. H -ttv'1 want not sjerr oesawlfaw kesw, in a vim deafmWaVef tXZhlt arhlLj aeTdsm- tW km, ami te swa the higher vertebrata, in tbe cosmic period the question is where we shall laud. It that tbe Unknowable evolutcd tbe bipedal j is not the success of Napoleonic ambitions mammalia. in this country that I tear, for if they ex- 12. And every man of the earth, while isted they would still find in America not he was yet a monkey ,and the horse while a French people to deal with ; but what he was a hipparion, and the bipparion be- I do have reason to fear, if we continue fore he was an oredon. on in that course, is this : thst our time- 13. Out of the acidan came tbe amphi- honored constitutional principles will be bian and begat the pentaductyle; aud the gradually obliterated by abuses of power peutadactyle by inheritance and selection establishiug themselves as precedents ; produced the hylobate; from which are that tbe machinery of administration may simiadae in all their tribes. become more and more a mere instrument 14. And out of the simiadae the lemur of ring rule, a tool to manufacture major- prevailed above his fellows and produced I iiics and to organize plunder, that in the the platyriuc monkey. I hollow shell of lcpoblican forms the gov 15. And the platyrine begat the eatar lerument w ill become the mere football of r!i i ue, the catarrh i ne monkey begat the an- I rapacious sad despotic factions. thropoid ape, and Uie ape, begat tbe longi Another case ot recovery from severe wound of tbe brain is recorded by Dr. Baldwin in the Richmond and Louisville Medical Journal. It appears that a lad. 16 years old, was accidentally wounded by the discharge of a pistol in the hands of a companion a ftw feet distant. Upon receiving the shot, the boy fell with vio lence, but did not lose consciousness. The ball, about the size of a buckshot, entered the right frontal bone an inch a bove the center of toe eye-brow, and, pass ing through the brain, lodged in the oc cipital bone near the center of tbe occipital cross. A silver probe passed by its own weight to tbe center of tbe brain, without a .sata a touching tne nail, j As a precautionary measure be was bled, and Epsom salts were administered. Tbe wound healed rapidly, without any constitutional distur bance, and in ten days he returned to bis home. He is still living in good health, and has never suffered tbe slightest incon veuience from tbe accident. U e them clinging to bore to get assistance from the But the young ladies had ed and exhausted that they were mull ' m Grant says the "Military" are net Law yers, and Grant is right, and failhoraawL Grant is himself something of a '-military," snd like "necessity knows no law." In his message Grant says that Gen. 8b dsn never "Expressed the determinet on coed beyond what the law m might authorise for the punishment of the atrocities which have been committed , and the commission of which cannot be mm ceesfully denied.'' Did Grant ever bear of such a docu ment as that called tbe Constitution of the United States 1 Did be ewer hear at such a thing ee mm export facto law t Did he ever hear tbe 4 th clause of the IX section of Article I of the Federal titution f It says. "4. No bill of attainder or 1. .1,-11 V r..4 n Dow he know that aaj law now or in the future affixing new mcnt to acts committed in the peat wooid be an ex pott ado law f SI M -. k ms - veniy "the military" are not lawyers, and verily, verily, Grant and 8 bee idee are "military." And yet, great Heaven. the destiny of tbe country is in hands ! Journal. reeogwj-KsiJeu What One Vote Did. A single vote in New York city, says the Express, made Jefferson President of the United States, and this one vote moved tbe poli cy ot the Government not only under Jefferson, but under his successor, Jsmes Madison. So a single vote of 100,000 votes made Marcus Men ton Governor of Massachusetts, fto one vote elected Wm. Allen, in the Gbillicotbe district, to Con gress in 1834, and one vote subsuqnently made mm United states beuator tor six years later. Tbe following case of the kind is still more remarkable: In 1630, . Ah Am eric ax Bask Lost at Ska. Ou the night of December 23d twe seamen were landed at Queens town, wbo are tbe ole survivors of a crew of twenty, of the American bark Amity, which sail ed from Philadelphia for Antwerp on the 19th of November. ; limy give the fol lowing account of the loss of the vessel and their mates: After having been three weeks at sea the vessel became water-logged. The. boats in which the men attempted to save their lives having capsized, those who escaped being drowned took to the rigging, but one after the other was washed off until only four re mained. Of these two became insane and refused to leave tbe rigging, when a Norwegian bark fortunately appeared ou tbe scene aud, by means of lines from the life boat, provided means of safety for the shipwrecked men. The two others i a . a got on boara tne Norwegian, and soon afterwards tho water-logged vessel dis Ihe omnipotent and triumphant North. Our iaeutativea Parker, of New Hainsphire. Vance, Be he alive, or be he dead, I'll grind bu bones to mak make me bread. There was a little General, No bigger than my thumb, He traveled in a pint-pot, And carried a little drum. He had some little garters, To garter up his hose, And a little pocket handkerchief To wipe his little nose. Who comes here? A grenadier. " What do you want? To make you fear. Dickery, dickery dare, little Phil flew up in the air. The people up North soon brought him down, Dickery, dickery dare. Needles and pine, needles and pins' Little Phil dares and his trouble begin. of North Carolina, and Harris, Virginia, and regret our inability to print all of them in full. The Fort Whipple and Doonch's bands rendered good music, and altogether this meeting was one that will be long re membered by those who parieipated. protests against usurpation are apt to be taken as the mere growliugs of iustly re-. strained offenders. So we have been con' ning the lesson of patient, silent endurance. waiting for the march of events to reveal the true situation. That time seems now at hand ." Noth i ng since the war has so strength ened my hones for our country's future as the uprising now seen over all the North in condemnation ot the recent acts of high handed usurpation in New Orleans. It proves that the heart of the people is yet sound at a a. . i cure. 1 1 A . U A I gcuciai, auu ucuuks lmuuu, tuuj p. cue u - : ! J j .1 i . t.i of the President and the Lieutenant General i v V,eWB ff T. 8 . .57 5 Tnue I have a special reason for avoiding-all op- Bma" a uear w,nS8 ,n particular, suow- probrious terms in speaking of those distin- ,ng a disposition to individualize, often guished men. I fought against them both accompanied by love of the minute, on many a bloody day, and 1 recognize ' Large ears are usually satisfied with their ability as captains and their bravery as learning the facts of a case, with the gen manly views, eral principles involved too strict an at- Large and Small Ears. Large ears, as has been observed, says the Phrenological Journal, hear things in i a i mauous oraug, and the oruug begat tbe chimpanzee, and tho chimpanzee ovulated the what-is-it. 16. And the what is it went into the land of Nod and took him a wife of the longimanous gibbons. 17. And iu process of the cosmic pe riod were born unto them and their child ren the anthropomorphic primordial types. 18. Tbe homunculus, the prognatbus, the troglodyte, auochton, the tarragon these are the generations of primeval man. 19. and primeval man was naked and not ashamed, hut lived in nuadrumauous IMu olone, ot Cincinnati, was a Laudi- innocence, and struggled mightily to dalo for the State Legislature. Walking harmonize with the environment. op Main street on the morning of the elee 20. And by inheritance and natural Hon, be overtook an acquaintance going selection did be progress from the stable to the polls, who intended to vote the op- and homogeneous to the comnlex and position ticket. Stone solicited bis vole. l I - - .... ... ... , . I l iii . t heretogeneous for the weakest died and "We are old friends,' said be, "and 1 meaejuggiers says: '-vsue mei wnicn the strongest grew and multiplied. know you will show an old friend that ! Minbman preformed was a very superior 21. and men grew a thumb for that he mark of kiudnes." Party spirit was 1 version of the maugo-tree feat of the In had need of it, and developed capacities then comparatively quiet. The vo;er re- j dian j ugglcrs. lie took an orange, cut it tor prey. 22. For, behold, the swiftest man caught the most animals, and the swiftest animals got away from the most men ; wherefore tbe slow animals were eaten and the slow men starved to death. 23. And as types were differentiated the weaker types continually disappear ed. m. a w.a .a aii z. And the earth was hlled with vio Ao event has takn place in which msy havedhe effect of the enthusiasm of Grant for lion by Congress of the ft selltd legislature. It seems that the inipiaesj bis Pinchbeck has been at kls old tricks, and has induced tbe present Kellogg ialature to elect bim Lmted O tor, instead of cbooting Casey, in accordance with the and expectations of tbe White H This is the second time that Grant overturned a government in tbe purpose of having his made a United Stales H easier. times ths pesiilent Pinchbeck, by bis ss perior smartness, has carried away the coveted prise. The best thing Grant nan do is te issue a wrnrlanmtUn Pinchbeck a bandit, en dan (boot bim N Y Sun, beeihsf hi mm wiakea Roee-bud Parties. the in society. A letter from New lye: -bod dinner party is a latest demoswCrsUaons Teik s p pea red. A - Stahtliho 1 MsTTAMOKPUOeiS. Some oue wbo has been viewing the bta THE SONG OF LITTLE PHIL When I was a little boy I had but little wit. It is some time ago, snd I've no more yet ; Nor ever ever shall, until when 1 die. For the longer I lire, the more fool am I. Poor oil Billy Pitt Kellogg, Poor ull Billy Pitt Kellogg ; They'll make htm a coat, Of an old Billy Goat; Won't it be mean to do so With a ring a ting tang, Aud u ring a ting tang, Poor old Billy Pitt Kellogg. flee, see, what shall I see? A knavish wag where a man should be. Three wise men of Washington, Grant, Williams and Morton. A II went to sea in a bowl : If the bowl bad been stronger. My song had been longer. At a recent meetiner of the Biological pociety of Paris, Mr. Henry exhibited petograpus ot bands of tbe upper classed of the Annamites. These hands were characterized by long finger-nails, which rere worn as a mark of nobility. One of soildera. Let us take broad, and do justice to every man. General Sheri dan is a gallant soldier. I know not how others feel, but for myself I feel an interest in the honest fame of every brave Soldier wbo fought on either side iu the late contest. I leve my comrades like brothers, and I respect all our gallant adversaries as "foe men Worthy or our steel." I Would guard the fame of all. And if this is ever to be a happy country again the time must come when Sherman. Thomas, Grant, and Sheri dan, and Lee. Jackson, and Johnson, and the horic men they led, shall all be cherish ed by America as her beloved sons, and their matchless deeds of daring and devotion be treasured as a common heritage. I sincere ly regret that Grant and Sheridan should have tarnished by their sad blunders tbe laurels they won in other days, just as I mourn over my old commander, Longstreet. as an archangel fallen. As a Democrat I b lieve good government can only be restored by the triumph of the principles which Old Hickory" up held, ami tor wnieh our party strut? tentiou to the enumeration of the details, especially all repetition of the most unim portant, h wearisome to them. People with such ears like generally, and are usually well fitted to conduct, large en terprises, to receive and and pay out money in large sums ; in buying or sell ing, would prefer to leave a margin rather than reduce the quantity of goods of any sort to the exact dimensions of tbe meas ure specified, and in giving would prefer to give with a free band and without too strict a calculation as to the exact amount. Small ears, on tbe contrary, desire to know the particulars of a f lory , as well as the main facts ; take delight often in examining, handling, or constructing tiny specimens of workmanship ; are disposed to be exact with respect to inches and ounce- in buying or selling, to the extent at least of knowing the exact number over or under the stated measure given plied, "Well, Dan, you are a pretty clev- open, and produced a serpent. This be iook uown into ino suaieoce, and borrow ing a robe from one, cut the snake's bead of and covered it wiiji the robe. When the robe was lifted again a fox was in place of the snake. The fox's bead was nut off. two robes borrowed, and when they were raised, there was a wolf, which was killed with a sword. Three robes and a leopard appeared ; it was slain with a javelin. er fellow. I don't care if I do." That ode vote elected Stone, and gave a majority of one in tbe Legislature, which made Thomas Ewing Uuited States Senator. Mr. Ewing's vote on the question of con firm ing Martin Van Buren as Minister Plenipotentiary to Great Britain enabled the Vice President to give tho casting vote against it, and so made Mr. Van Buren first Vice President and then P res tively novel entertammeut n saw . .a introduced at Newport tbree summers ago by Madame Da NoaQles, wife of the French Ambassador at Washington. Ths title of tbe affair Is iailnii from tka font that the dinner is gives in hessar as two or more young ladies wbo bane smt made their debut in society. It is something of a "coming out part v,M ouly instead of tne guests dancing fkey eat. Oo the occasion of which we write, four demoissells were honored four of tbe prettiest in all this great city, aeear ding to rumor. Eighteen sat down te dinner nine ladies (four of them "rose- bad") and nioe gentlemen. Delmouico pro vided the meal. The Kinaton Gazette says r Krnssi a can boast of the champion walkmt in tbe 1 our robes covered s most savage-looking I State, in the person of John Skeffswd, lence : for man strove with man. and tribe ident, and determined the general policy buffalo, that was killed with an axe. Five I col. On a wager be attempted tho last . " l. l 1 f . A ft. aw m tm i a t. ruDeB covered in parj, out not aitogetner or walking 3 miles in ons aosr snd a with tribe, whereby they killed off the weak and foolish, and secured the survival of the fittest. of the country for four years. a lordly elephant, who, when the sword was pointed st him, seized Minbman by the neck aud tossed him violently up. lie gles. Aud I think our triumph is not far . or received, People with such ears would, off. Our opponents, by their fatuity, illus- . in most cases, prefer a retail to a wholes trate the maxim that "whom the gods would sale business, destroy they first make mad." All on wit-1 tingly Grant and Sheridan are feeling for I A Syracuse girl declined to engage tbe heart of the Republican party with a herself to the object of her affections un- aagger. iei mem ieei : : ui bis father had given her a written not only sound f goad morals, rwtugrapas represented nails htteen e-giiiy oi moralizing guarantee that his son was larved n fantastic patterna, like certain hroached awhile ago about the danger of , . warranted to .4 .1. . 1 3 . . . ... man liMAIIHIIir nntfuil nrt orifh orrnniiiiii f wi it iue ciuwh nMntr..i i r. . :n : - - t- " h m ... Atitt4 ; n : . :n : "K'VVM lift illlt I'll Mill 111 1111a . .. .. . . tons. NotW thfltandin iftJ. i- . P"WL 6 D "'"Sf crth i i breeches Tbe Republican Administration gto, MM najis were bypertrophied. is proud and ditdainful of popular rights behave both in single and double harness." That girl did not intend to be seen in a divorce court. Magistrates' Duties. We presume but few persons are aware of the following law, to which the Golds boro Messenger calls attention : Chapter 71 of the laws of 1871-'72 provides that "the Justices of the Peace in the several counties of the State may assemble at the Court House on the first m r j .. . tonoay in eacn ana every year, and a majority of them being present, tbey may elect by ballot three discreet, intelligent tax paying citizens, to be known as tbe 'Finance Committee,' whose dnty it shall be to inquire into and investigate and re port by public advertisement, at tbe Court House and some public place in each township of the county, or iu a newspa per, if one is published in the county, a detailed and itemized account of the con- quarter, and tat fur taw several merits would undoubtedly have plished tbe feat. He walked six miles ia 61 minutes, when it was seen that ha would fail to make bis time and be was stopped. Tbe walking was dene en ear The Baltimore Gazette, in reviewing Gram's receui message on L misiaua mat- mounted feet foremost, and fiuaUy clung ters.says : by hi toes to the capital ot one of tbe "It is incarnadined with similar blood columns, Tepada now leaped from tbe splotches. It is not the Message of a stage, slighting upon the elephants shoul- mot t public street when thronged President but of a nartisan. It is hitter Ar W'itli a .liort r. I h 44 l. I tk .11 - m - u . w a u vb m o wi u mv waaua,u mv i - y 9 w d ivjv am sen w vi w uwmm)vwsysmma and vindictive. It is another attempt to beast on the head, until shriekinc. the nn- dnrini his walk he ran over a child ami "fire the hearts of the North" by giving wieldy animal reared upon his hind feet, stopped to pick it np, stopped to pull esT tbe sanction of the Executive to stole . twined bis trunk about one of the great his shoes st.d had to leave the sidewalk mcnts winch are intended to cover op tbe columns, and seemed trying to lift himself to pass around a cart that was real poiut at issue, and many of which from the ground and wrap his body around upon tbe pavement. With all are refuted by the testimony token on tho the great pillar. The music clashed out pediments, bad he con tinned, he would spot by the sub committee sent to New barbarously. Nordam flashed forth a das-1 have fallen short only 101 minutes. He Orleans to investigate and report upon tbe ling firework of some sort, snd the ele- svers thst be can accomplish lbs feat and pbant bad disappeared, and Tepada lay will shortly try it upon tbe stsge writhing in the fo'ds of a favorable ctrcomt great boa constrictor and holding up Min btuau npou bis feet. ' true condition of affairs." Ritualism in England has a test case .0 w mar s a a in tue courts, air. Macnonochie has been suspended for "using lighted candles as symbols ; holding processions in the ii i i i a the cbnrcli witn a banner bearing a rep resentation of the Virgin Mary; making Alixis' Plucky a no Faithful Bkidk. The pretty little maid of honor. dition of the county finance, together wilh tbe sign of tbe eross to the congregation ; ' whom the Grand Duke A lei is married all any information apperiaing 10 any ianus, wearing tbe cope, chasuble and alb, and nnunownsi to tne old folks appears to be or aoy malfeasance in office by any court having the 'Agnus Dei' sung after the as spunky as she is beautiful. Alexis, it officers The law further provides that the Com mittee shall have power to send for per sons and papers, and make it a misde meanor for any to refuse to obey their summons. consecration prayer in tbe communion service." The ease will have a speedy m W As illustrating the danger of leaving small children alone, a Chicago paper tells the sad fate of a little four-yea i -old boy in that city wbo was left by his parents the house, finding tiearing in the higher courts. alone in tne nouse. r inaing some car tridges be placed them on a stove, and j States but seven, none of whose Legiela added some kerosene. One of the car" tnrr mppt thia Wintpr tridges explored, tho bullet entering the j nia, Connecticut, Iowa, Kentucky, Mary little fellow's brain, cawing instant death. Und, New Hampshire and Oregon. will be remembered, was sent to America that he might forget her, but while that plan cured the Grand Duke, it didn't ap pease his bride, wbo was sent out of the Empire by special train. She went to No less than thirty Legislatures will t Geneva, and recently it appears that Count be in session this week. Some of tbem . Shouvaloff was sent to treat with her. are second and others special sessions, It was proposed that she should renounce and it has rarely occurred that so many all claims to the band of Alexis, change have been simultaneously at work. Tile j her name and disappear In return for Democrats control seventeen of them ; j this service she would reeeiva 1,000,000 the Republicans twelve, and Federal ' roubles down and and annuity of 75,000 bayonets one. The list include all the j roubles, which would be continued to ber ... .1 ii... m i cuuu iu cu iue tatter survivea ner : Oalifor-1 but Mrs. Alexis wouldn't loved Alexis too much for matters stand at present. do it. She that, and so The Oxford Children, Whan Nsthaniel 3d aeon, tbe "hoi iciao, was closing bis earthly career, be appointed his friend. Wcldoo N. Edwards, executor of his will, without requiring a bond, or any responsibility to coart. He knew thai Mr. Edwards wa man and could be trusted in ment of other people's money. Mr. wards lived a long time in Warren essmty, and no breath of aspic ion ever soiled his character for pure integrity. Hit mis van a model of honesty ior all lbs shDdfSsl el our land. As same lofty mountain rises above its Mlows and bathes its in the golden sunlight, so tbs name of W eldest N. Edwards looms as on ths horizon of history, and shines like a Hght boose to point out the pathway of safety . One of ibe last act of his life was to i tbe Orphan Asylum at Oxford, by hands of his esteemed friend, Hon. A. W. Venable, bis check for fifty dollars. Yes, the beauty of LJ life was UlesUated ia being good. - - I KJ 'M U ' . p. I

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