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North Carolina Newspapers

Carolina watchman. volume (Salisbury, N.C.) 1871-1937, February 26, 1885, Page 4, Image 4

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J: A ! I UEGTEnil 11 C. RAILROAD. I OFF1CK QEX. PASSENGER AOSST. -f ifis7N7a,.MAY 11th, 1884. SCHEDULE. ft - (Trim Na 1. t WEST.' JUST., f V 8TATIOXS. Ax. m. 1JI - 1111 j l p. mv laj 4l M V . T.t , f T.M 111 ' r 4.M r- Salisbury tv. U.05 a. m. statesvnle M- Ar. Newton I : " s.80 imciorr i I Mordant on j 4.26 6.44 8.54 9.43 I Mi 11,35 'Old Fort !!-. t Round Knob t Black Mountain 'Aafaevllle : i Marion i t it Alexander's s if Marshall ! i Warm Spring ! 1 M it Train No. , 4 (Train No. WEST. JCAsT. STATION 4.4 p. I. lAnnevllle i Pi;eon Hirer tWaynesvllle 1 XT. 9.J0 iAr. 11.13 Train -land! a random Train No. I connects at Sallibury with R. D. R. I ..from ail points sout a. i Train No. 1 1 IConnect at Salisbury with D. RJ R. from U ait point North and from i : statcsviiie with A . T. to. Raleigh. Connects at lhr. of C.C.A A. R ',',-- Connects at Warm Spring with E, TennVa. .', U'B.B.W Morrlstown and points Wett, 8. W - Train No. 2 at Warm Spring with E. T ..Va. Ga.RJt. X orrtstown the West & 8. V. Connects at TlU with AT. & O. biy. ; of C C. A. R. R at Salisbury with R. A Di R R. for all points orth and ast and for KalelgW. ' Through Ticket On sale At Salisbury, Statesyuie, Ashetine ana tne t T ' Sbrlnirs to all DrtnclDal cities. Ws A. TUEKr - A. O. P. A. PROFESSIONAL CARDS. j V XERR CRAICE. L. II. CLEMENT. CRA1GE & CLEMENT, JcVtoanoLGya J. - Zia ' ! Salisbury,? N. C. BLACKMER & HENDERSON . Attornejs, Counselors and Solicitors. ; Svlisbury, C. Jan.22d,'79-tf. J. M. HcCORKLE. T. F. KLUTTZ. iTJcCOItllLE & KLITTZ, ; JTTORNEyS and COUNSELORS j Onico on Council Street, opposite the Court House. 1 j ! CTATE OFIIORTH CflRCLIIIA, i - Howan : County. ; Ix tub Superior Court, Jan'y 10, 1 885. . Samuel B. Hart Adm'r of John M. Brown, Sr., Petitioner, i r . '. X Againit r George A. Brown, John Mi Brown. Jr., jo eph i. Brown, James ,L. Brown, Wm. L. Brown,' and Margaret Kerr; wile of Wm. S. Jerr, )eirs nt law Defendants. j ! This is a special, proceeding brought by the said administrator for an orderio sell the land ol his intestate lor assets; and the above1 named Wm. L. Brown, Margaret jverr ana ner imsband Wm. S. Kerr, being proper-parties defendant and non residents of .this State and residents of Texas, said Wm.L. Brown, Margaret S. Kerr and Wm. 8. Kerr. are hereby notified and summoned to appear lefore this Court and answer or demur . to the petition on tile in this ease, on or before the' 14th day of March, 1885, or judgment will bo taken proeonfco as to them ; -and this notice will be pu Misled in the "Carolina Watchman" newspaper six euccessive wet-KS irom tins dute. This Jan uary 10th, 18e5. JMl HORAII, C. S.C. ; of Rowan CouiSty. ; 13:0w Pnzs Send six cents postasre. and irecetTelreeJa costly box of ?oods which' will help you to I more mnnpr riirhr . than "ij J i.u woi w. Aiu 01 eitner sex, suc ceed from first: hour. -1 he broad ; road to fortune opens bf forether worker, and is absolutely sure. M Atonceaddress.tTac & Co., Augusta, Maine, t.. MRS. KATE MEDEENACH, ris vpiea;scu to a anounce to theUadies of Salisbury.;and sarroundinw country, that ne has opened s MILLINERY SToijp FASHIONABLE I Crawford new building on Main Street, adjoining-the room formerly occupied bv , a.acisnier viajior as a Hardware House. She is prepared to fill orders and respect ; fully invites ladies to call and Inspect her stock. Canupply on short notice any ui iu omre, relieves her -work - v.,.r.,..t..on,y fc'ive satisfaction but pleasrfre. : V ,u or(,ers "promptly and ! at charges .""v.cijiiq M3 possioie. Jnuellibie stamit iag on any kitid of:! material for Braid in nnd enihrmiUri) r 1 v 55 ; : miwinx jianu rawinr ior 3Iottos, Hat liands, . Handkerchiefs, &c. ..-, i'ihiu iu eiuoorate.' v J: f. a..p .' I i fix A . x i I 'J iA"? m,ent German scientist has recent j ly .discovered from a root extract, an alud I 7terifbrfTape Vorm.h .444-tJ.pleMjuit take and is not distress-ll- JnSsto JteTiiei but is peculiarly sicken, i I PnF. nd "0Pjing to the Tape - Worm, r which loosens itsf hold of its Tictim and ; passe away Jnf a Natural and easy .manner, entirely whole, with Head, and while still v.,:!iv.. .: 1.- ! n.- ! Vi Oneiysicjan lias nscd this1 specific jn e ver4()0es, without a sinde failure to hj Voidwrorm enttrcjuccess guaranteed. No cqu.rea vnui removeifl with head. Send stamp abnlrcajar arti ternisj 1 i . I ? Park Plato v.; -Ll "WJETrASK RlAjn Interested' in BiieilFnrail VooL ; Feathers, Beeswax, Butter, Cheese. Eg:8, iP Luyaiand produie I ccncrally to send tor our Price Currents, j Prompt returns on)dioigmcnt8:; -s iM'Jliiir 'B Rouh on Rats' clears out Eats, 31ice. "Rough on Corns,1 for Corns, Bunions. 15c.- i , ,7 f-M XI Kri;-f ;. Thin people. Well-Ilealth Renewer restores Jicalth.and vigor, curcs.i JvseiM4a, AC, . ! ,. I:, .... ! Rough onToothac1ic,"lnsf ant relic.lpc, Ladies il' ho would xkaln freshness, and vivacity don't fail' to try ' Wells Health nenewer." . " 'ij; J5ucbu-paiba, great kidney and urinary cure. :. lr: V"V:.. - f-1t i - - - Flics,; roaches, ants. Wd-lmjrsy rats, niice; cleared lout by "Rouiih on R!&''15c tv "Rouyh on Cou-rhs," trochcR, 15c liquid I Fcr children, slow in development, puny -- ' . V . N. ...... r?" and delicate, use "Wells -Health Renewtr.V "Rough oii Dentist Toot If Powtlcf, Tr Nervous .Weakness. Dyspepsia,' Sexual Debility cured hy "Wells' flealili Reiiekcf.1' Mother Swan's Worm Syrup, tor feverish-; ncss, w6rms, constipation"; tastclcss. j5c4 Stinging, irritation, all Kidney.a.nd Uri nary complaints cured by' 'Buchu-paiba. Night sweats, fever, chills, malaria- tlys-' pepsin, curedh by . Wells' Health Renew eS".' 3Iy husband (writes a ldy) is three times the man since using "Wells'. Healthy Re newer." $1. ' ; 4 fA If you arc failing, broken, worn out and nervous, use 44 Wells' Health Renewef.' $1, Prevalence of Kidney com piaiintTnlXiicr ira ; "Ruchu-paiba" - is quick, complete cure, f 1. '. ." ( wm 25 YSA3 m USE, Tbe Greatest tladisal 1'rianph of ike Age! SYMPTOMS OF A i TQRPHD-LIVER.- Tosscf r.ppctitc, BcwdacoKtlvc, Fajn la tho he-d, with a Csl ccccation !! the bsc!s pert. Pa'a ende? tbo BliouWer blaic, Fullccss after cat'.rff, witli ndic izc'lsasiou tc cxcrtjcncf body.or nifnd, Irritcbiii:7 cf Jcn3j3:-, 1057 Bpirito, ttUU nfcellcircl'baTlnarucslocJed coraodaty, csr!nccs, Dlzniaccs, FiutteriajastLo Ilc&rr, Dots bofcre tha eyes, IIcadcLo over tho riclit rye, XLcstlcscccrs, wiib. tlCcl drctss, Illrlily colored Urine cstt TUTT'S 111.13 aro especially adaptea to such cases, on 3 eflecta s:ich a cnaiig 1 orice:iiiff:id to ast n isli the sutTc rc r. thd HisesiivcOrTAXis.l'r'sciIa.rfjtooIs; ti'ra Tiiwi mm m Geat irAntcrWuKca chansed to . Glosst HLxtx Y7 a singlo nrplicaticn cf this DTE. It iraparta a nntural eclen ccti lactantanocusly. field by Drnrjicts, cr scat by csprcrs on roceiy; of gl. . . . t , . OfHco, Surrey St.; Kctv York " CELEBRATED To the needs of the tonHst, commercial trayeto and new settler, Hostetter's Stom ach Bitters Is peculiarly adapted, since It strengthens the digestive organs, and 7 1 7i wc PnJBIc energies to nnhealth ful influences. It removes and maiartai lever, eonsUpation. . preyena dyspepsia Ineys - and neaitnrully stimulates the kidneya maaaer, and enriches as well aaFpurifiet "5 "wo. wnen overcome by ratigue, whether mental or physicaL the wear and debilitated find it a reliable source d renewed strength and comfort. For sale by all Druggists and Dealers generally, ' POTJTZ'S HORSE AND CAT! LE POWDERS -.5. ," .5 I1 il? of Colic. noT of Ixsa ft.. Fowftra In time. ' 4n ! I,?wd,r-":nreanil prevent Ho lovfT I prevent Gapr. s Fowi.. Srt S?rct ,Cr Cent- and IURk thc firm DAVID r. rotTTS. Proprtetor " SALTia?OIL,CB. Are yri f.ii,r. t-y Weils' Hkat.ttt ?b. kewco, a pur 3, clean, trbclcscma i DEBILITY Z WEAKNESS. r5&3 J?.1 ric: iii unbailed ior 3?. FeiaVo l);seasl IncSVtiT. rtK,VS? of the Genito- W For Us- W nares use cachiL TP W s I m dfea-jtam mJM ft cm, Jersey CityV. J., IJX I vifTr:irl0CDresf Catarrh of tie ; Profit ill Tobacco Culture. . The tfonti6ii?6fX faicrs Jn ; thfs and adjiHn ? n Stale's "jsiicmg t a rr(et toViBdme -iEktciiVVldHolidccdiltVi- lctermlllillvuevUeJ llie cri)p 14 a-pr-. fitablc one or, nut will, , be instituted ts iislael that JUc prpgrcas ofHo- pa ceo culture , ;in ortli Caroliiia; Iiai becq, ; raarlieft liyjaLcisteud ylijuprove- nieuV hi the Quaucial audition; up the faroicrst?4iwhwe profits , are-said ' la range , froin SlCOtto $400 per'acrei The , figures look f innreasomilile Uut there. i not much doubt tliat'tolnicco is rone of the mtt;pnfitab!e' ci,0is that 'camba raisedvy . SiutlfeTiri;irhi- ers.:- Tlie iirsperiiy,"of 1 the iobaccHi planters 01 virgtiua, j&.enuicK ami Ten nesseeV' is j ro Vcrbial J "tliouchM( seems that the partial exhaustion of the lands of theT former ;btate", hai "cohsiilerabiy ren peed the . profitable ness of the crop there. West Virinoia is now producing bousiilerable , quan- tihes ot tobacco.,1 j , i i Tobacco has beeu raicd on a small scale with profit Jin tSouth Carolina. Patches of the weel .have been culti vated for home consumption in Geor ia almost ever since the i first settle- ineut of '-the country, and iu parts of Florida it has long been successfully grown. - A?tobacco crop is an expensive one. It requires heavy fertilization, thor ough preparation df' the soil; almost constant "worming," ami careful cul tivation, while the harvesting and curing of the crop requires experience and watchfulnees. The yield is usual ly from 600 to700 pounds per acre, while 1,000 pduwW-and over are frequently produced. Leaf tobacco is quoted in Richmond at from $5 per hundred and upwards ocQording to classification, fauey wrappers being worth coo.- It would dou this section of btless pay farmers in the Union to plant each an acre or two of tobacco in or der to find out something about the crop Irom actua experience. Sauan- nah Acw8. Scencs iii a Jfavy Yard. A LUtle Worlo by itself y and ichat goet 'on there. The Brooklyn nayy yard, like most military and naval posts and reserva tions, is a little world of itself. When one passes through the squalid part of the city that lies aboufcits walls and en ters the gieat gates,"where the solemn marines with gleaming bayonets keep guard night andj day, he is in another atmosphere. The hum of traffic from the twin cities sounds far away. Before him is a broad street stretching down to the riyep where men-of-war are ly ing. There are trees and green grass, si. ip j being repaired and ships being de molished, marines walking post and sailors moving about with the peculiar rolling gait which distinguishes the sea- faring man. A little hill to the driveway leads up a eft, to the command ant's house. Before the house stands an orderly in white gloves, and above his head a flag floats from the top of a lofty pole. About half way down the main street, in a building of yellow brick, is the offices of the commandant, where all the headquarters business of the 44 Naval Staijion of New Yorkv is transacted. Here also is 1the office of the captain of tne yard and one or two other functionaries. Other buildings, mostly of yellow brick, scattered about the yard are machine shops, sail-lofts, store houses, etcl There are two im mense wooden structure 3, under one of whxh is the unfinished frigate, New York, and under thk other the old Col ossus, now being demolished. Inthis, the ch ef naval station of the United States, there is always plenty of work to be done, -for ships of war are always being fitted out for seafof 'come in to go out of commission or to be re paired. For each particular work" there is a department. There are the depart ments of steam ngmeering, provisions anu cioimng, navigation, ordnance, etc. At an early hour in the morning the sound of the hammer and saw begins to be heard, the! machinery starts up; the workmen and clerks arrive, the of ficers in charge of the different depaitj ments enter their offices, and until four o'clock in the afternoon the business of the yard is in full blast. Imagine' the business of a 'gre t ship yard cmpinei witnlihe Supply Of provisions and man nf acturingsTrpplyrf JbthlnFlr several thouandlnien'aiia officers? the making of sails, fppes, spars, "enginesr flags and . signals the supply ing ; ord nance and the thousand and one thing tnat are used aboard a man-of-war from a pillow case to a carpet-or knife and fork. , Add too thisth wort'of! the paymaster's , department, where the ac counts of all the receipts and; dsbTirse ments consequent on 8uUi varibus iness and thex separate accounts of of ficers 'andimen and civa emblovesarp tept, and we will get some idea of 'the' wOrlft thLnaylrBUii i 0? . ' i - the Cobb d$ck the old line-of-battle ship Vermont is moored. . She is thd receive jjig snip, where men are enlisted-and it until.they. are transfered ; jto some seagoing ship. The officers stationed 6n- th4f Vermont arevgenndljr those wfio ;iat e just come T back from some' long ciuie ana are seni nere jo get a little jest and recuperate. J Frdm early in the morning Hintil noon the I officers are'kept busy' with the routine work of the snip, with drilling the ; men, ship ping recruits, etc. From 1 o'clock un til he dinner hour, at 50 b clpck, the ward! rciom door is deserted, and the curtains are drawn before the doors of j the" 'officers state rooms. Some) study- mg; .orL examination ior promotion; the found of a guitar proclaims that one is cultivating his musical abilities; an other may be attending; to his 'corres pondence or indulging in general liter ature. A portion of this time, too, is consumed by the officers in reading up on matters pertaining to their profes sion, for . American naval officers are justly pi-oud of their reputation as the best-informed set of naval officers in the world in matters pertaining to their profession and . strive honestly to de serve it' Is it possible that Some of the officers may have their afternoon brok en ill upon by an orHer to take a draft of mien to Norfolk, Newport or Boston, or by an order to attend a general court martial. A 5.30 the officers all meet at the dinner table in the ward-room, i " Other officers from some ship lying at the yard or a civilian friend or two may be pres ent at this time,and when the smoke of post prandial cigarettes mingles with the aroinja of black coffee what stories are told f "strangeadventures happened by land and sea! 1 hen the thunders, of MoDile bay awake anew, the Corean tigerflag goes down in defeat once more, and all the storms that blow off Hatteras and the Horn are loosened ;ain. There are stories, of Arctic ex ploration, too, and the rehearsing of many an old legend handed down from the time of Hull, Paul Jones or Decatur, and U&rd nowhere except on a man-of-war. T,he stranger at that board, see ing the Spirit which animates his hopes, will " go away satisfied that America mayjsafely commit her pride of the past and hopes of the future to the officers, of whom these are examples. The evenings the officers have to themselves until 10 o'clock, when the .i - lights are put out and sleep and silence reigii over the great ship New York Tribune. Ail Old Reprobate. HE TELLS OF Til E THICK THAT HE pl4y4:d upon his ajkxious wife. "Yon sec, Martha got in the habit ot sitting ii ior me at an early age, and she can't break it off". I could not pers-uade her to go to bed and mind her own buiiu'ss, so 1 studied on the matter.: ue live in one of the center houses of a block of fi ve-story-and atiu bujldings. There's scuttles in the roofs oi all vt the.n, and I per.-uaded Mr. Greenup, who lives in the ad- : .".'! i . i. .. .. . i jwuiiiigj iiouac iw iev me in ins House lust "night about 1 o clock, au:i 1 went i. I. : i. ' . up luoiign ins brume ami over to mine, so down in our bedroom. I ciUid tee Mariha Irom the head of the fetuir, sitting id the front room, eyeing the clock with a look that: was a very tait j cliromo.. But I undressed and quietly got into bed, and there 1 lay waiting developments ai d I then 1 u hear Martha give short, ndgety cough. Tlien I'd hear her get, up ami pi mice around a little, ai d by, ahd ly go to the trout win dows and slam the shutters. 44 A Iter I'd lain there about an hour I heard, her get up and go stand out on tne iront steps tor a good five min- lulesThen she came iu and slammed the doof and commenced coming up stair. Every other step she'd say : 'Oh, the wretch. Won't I; give it to iiimr l know where he it! He needn't think tp deceive nnl Oh, the villian!' -uuup uie .ime sne uati nearly got to the landing I think she must have seen thd light. streaming out of the door that i U left ajar. 1 could hear her stop . and 1 commenced to snore. I was afraid to look, voukuow. but could feel her cautiously cohfe up to the door and look in. "Well, sir, I'd giveii my pension trom the war of 17 J0 to V, Have seen her when she saw it was nie. 1 II bet it was fun. But I was alt a d W do anything! but snorv. Xheu i.fche cume into the room, and, lv 1 La . ! wh'v kIiu I -i'-vi t IipiI niwl G.iuul aruiitlj;1iad to nearly bite my ton gu oil' lb keep a straight face on me. I' could feel that she sat down iu a chair add was dumb-founded. I nev- er let oh ibut kept on 6iioring like liituiutT; but when she kicked over a chairil turned and pretendetl to wake ut,' kind of dazed like, and says: ".NVliy, Martha, dear,; aiu't you come to,Lel yet V I " Jarphlyi' taid she, awful slow and solemn, 'when did you come - Whyj must be four or five hours tfcVDon't yoti reinembeij when I icted in. a darTriMTt?rTTf.Kf I way. When she got to bed XpV&li she didn't s!eei a winir fi.r tlireel I 1 - - -. - . -T i t ' ' ' ! "ours. . , This morninff it wnim iri witrli SIX J Martlia;r could Unlllseep i?o "f11- M the;breakfast table and all the time I 'Us nUt the ou:ht 1 no- fullv bllSV at Knrootl,;.,, ' fi1,A,,,!,t flvr- nie kiud of grinning , uncef!ad,V by George, I thought the explosion was about to come. But it didn't, thongli the look of blank, unfathomable sus picioiishe wore on her face all the lime was the greattst, show on earth., tit nearly broke me up, and I've laughed till my ribs ache ever sincej I know it won't last. I know there's a dav of reckoning a coming, aud i the thcr-. mometerjs going clear out of itrht in the Jarphly family. But whi's gm'ng after trouble? It'll come soon enough without hunting it, and .I'm going to enjoy mat scuttle in the roof until the explosion comes." Chicago Tri bune, It Escapiii" n Lover. - i A celebrated julge, on riding up to a tavern, was surprised t see the laiidlorit s daughter,a girl of eighteen, pother hand on the l'enve and leap over it. I "Do that again, my lass, and I'll marry you! said the judge, pose.ed by some whim such as now and tlien seizes the most staid of men. The girl, without a moment's hesitation, again put her hand ou the fence an jumped back again. i : ; 1 he judge was good-as good as his word; for in a year or two! there was an old-lash toned wedding iit the old tavern. r Mrs. Barbauld, upon whose "Early Lessons and 'Hvmns in Prose" onr grandmothers were brought - up, once jumped up a tree to est ape - a too- peisistent wooer. When a girl she was noted for her lively spirit and bodily activity. She 'could- climb and jump as well as the boyg of her fathei's school. "' Her gymnastic feats and the roses on her cheeks made a deep impression upon a rich farmer, lie called upon her lalhcr, Dr. Aiken, aud beirged him consent that the youthful Letitia -r-she was hut fifteen might become a farmer's bride. 4Go and ask her yourself,' answered the doctor, pointing to the young lady, who was walking iu the garden, lie went, pleaded his case, aud was re fused. He remonstrated, urged, and became so importunate that Letiiiai climbed up a tree by the garden wall, dropped into the lane, and left her suitor astonished at her singular way of running, from a lover. The disappointed man lived and died a bachelor. He was not a read ing man, and was never known to purchase any book but "The Works ol Mrs. Barbauld," which, elegantly bound, adorned his parlor during life. Youth's Companion. Fate of a Chinese Parricide. Just outside' the west gates of Shan ghai city is a small bamiet where I i veil an old man aud son. The lat ter made it a practice of calliiig upon hi- father lor cash whenever he was in want of it, until the tning got rather inontoiivus for the failier, remonstrated with his son, and bcin aucily replied to, the lamer attempt ed to apply '4jiaiernai contvtion"oo his son; the sou in a mge then caught hold of the door bar aud brought it down with sncii force upon the lather's sk .11 that lie cracked it and killeo the old man.. The iieih bors hearing the row -assembled ai the door of the house where the mur der was committed ami capiured the, son as he was emteavoniig to escae. The members of The father s clan werei then called together, uod at fa soie. nn conclave it Was decided to ai(mi;iisier, on the !"pot the law t,et aside tor par ricides, ru stead of appealing to ijje magistrate, which invariably causes much delay, and perhaps the mur derer might efieet his escape in ijj. meantime. So the was bound hand and foot, and just without the hamlet a hole wasting, and the wretch ed murderer consigned to Us depths. The mud was throwu into' the .hole and the members of the clan .stamped ..i - . oy turns on tne grave uuui it. was level with the ground, and so without leaving a moilud or any mark to point out the parricide's grave, the asseml bled crowd dispersed silently' to theirl ttaiiy. avocations.- Aiie aoove occtir- i . ' . . rri r- r red not a week agO. Utleslttd Em- pire. Lock jtaw. correspondent of the ocientinc American says: !Let any one who hasran attack of the lockjaw take a small quantity of turpentine, warm it and pour it on the wound, no matter where the wound is, and relief will fillnw in less than a min nte. Nothing better can be applied to a severe cut or bruise t Ira n cold turpentine. It will give certain re-' net almost instantly. 1 urpeiitine is also a sovereign remedy for croup. Saturate and place flannel bu the throat and chest, and iu every case three or four drops on a lump,, of sugar may be taken inwardly' nouse, she'd eye rue when she th 1 wasu t looking; then.iwhenfl lice her. she'd turn awav mid 1m A'wnlroversyiia3 lately" arwon, or beeii;revived, con- cernino- the jnidterraL of the. breast Works f Gea. Jackson's' army nt I he battle of LNewrOrIeati.u Coi; V G. ... worth New Orleans .Times-Democrat 'con trail icts In tu, maintaining that it was itscsrtaiucdtevera I "dayarbeforefhe battle thai ttiou bates were ji asu lia ble on uccunt of their liability ; to ignite, and, were, by Gen. J ackson's ortler, remoyed, . uml that the battle was foiightjonjhe American side, be hind works! composed solely of the sucretl soi I ot, x.ousiajua. is tn par ties 'to ..this: controversy , agree that Uen. . Jackspn ueieatcii me, enemy, laud "is a hero in gpoil a ijtL , regular i . ' i . "'i ' .r ..1 - stanuing in line Aveniociaiic par. Shell ItoAD. 1 he, famous shell road of New Orleans is a boulevard of. 'almost mowy whiteness, nearly 200 feel in width and nine miles in length, extending lnmi the western limits of the citv, to Like I'ontchar- train. A summer evening drive along tins rofltl, through the forests of cy press and o:(k, the black inss hang ing in lestons across the way, pre sents a weml and novel sight. M. Charles avenue, the anstiKTatic -resi dent street uf the city, is iu thc outh em or new portion of the town, and is, perhaps the most beautiful of all. It is paved ktith usphilt, and from its beginning ai the Tivolt circle, whn stands the monuiueiit, to its ending in a country; road far beyond the vil lage of 'Jefferson, arey niaguificent houses, homjes of the wealthliest nien in the city, Varying in style of archi tecture' tiro jn. the typical Siuithern liouso, with tils great pillars and broad galleries' to ) he, latest craze the Swiss cottage. Beautiful lawns and gardens surrotiuu them, trom wlncli the rich perfume of range, myrtle, Cape jasa mine, and ujagiiotia co.ubiued fill the air. S BLOOD" And its unpamllelled abuses, are fully and freely discussed in a neat 3 piige buok, mailed f ree to! any address, by Blood Balm G., Atlanta, Ga. Drop a postal for it, as every man and woman needs It and will be delighted .with its valuable and entirely new revelations. Sometimes shjike a Nation of people and arouse them to action. Ex pressins simi lar to the 'following, from a well known Druggist of Atlanta, pour in from sections -where B.&-B has been 'used. I Atlanta, June 12, 1884. It is our firm belief thr.t B. B. B. is the pest Blood Iui ificr on the market. iWe ire selling four or Jive lottles of it to ONE ot anv other reparation of the kintk It has failed in no instance to give entire sat Ufaction. -Merit is the secicti W. 1 SMITH & CO., Druggist. This is the only-blood medicine known hat combinesuci; action, -certain eflect, cheap price aiid unbounded satisfaction. WE PROVE That one sintde bottle of B. B. B. will do as much work' in curing Blood Poisons, Skin Affections, Scrofula, Kidney Troubles, Catarrh and Rhuinsitisin as six bottles of any other preparation on earth. One titty -year-old chronic ulcer cured ; Scrofula ot children cured with one bottle. It never fails. We hold home proof in book form, tsend tor it. Large bottle $1.00, six for $5,00. Expressed on receipt of price, if your Druggist can't supply yon. aildress BLOOp BALM. CO., Atlanta, Ga. . AKE YOU T OTT Rti V H With ar,y d'e pecu X U JJlJJuliir to Jourgenile se? ; : ' J . Ifo, to yoti e bring tidings of co ntort and great juy. Vou'can - i ' . CUEED aad.reitored perfect health by using Bradfield'? ' Female Regulator J It 4s"a Vpecialiretnedy for all diseases per taming toTie wqoiI), and anv intelligent wo man, can-.cute lief sell Ly follovu lie dirtc- tious. . it is eiipeeially iii cists o suppressed or painfat nienhtrti ition, in whites and partial prolapsus. It a find immediate relief and permanently restore the u enstrual lumt'ton. Asa remedy to be u.-el dining that critical period known ii"()inOK( p Life." mis iiittiunuiv jiearaiiuo uas no rival. Skve&Her Life ! BlOOE, McIXTOflT Co., Qa, Dr. J. Bra dfteli Dear Sir: I hVe tak- en several bottleaiof your Female Keau ator jor iajiiogoi mewomuanu otner dntti.-s com bined, of sixteen years standing, and 1 really believe I am curd entirely, for which plea.e accept my lieartfeilt thanks and must niofound gruitude. L knpw your m'edicjne aaved niy you see I; cannot eak tc hkhly in i ii'iereuu uuienuro u lOtever 1 of my friends wh arc suflerin aa I was. Yours very respectfully, r jMltS. V. E. hTBBINS. . Onr Treatise cin the ' Health and Happi nesR" mailed free. Bbaj-ield KijGCLAToa Co., Atlanta, Ga. fiOTIGE! i The firm of Sljeppard, Swink & Honroe. propretors of Klutts -Warehouse has becu thU day dispolvetl ly mutual eoosebt. f ? Jaoi Shrppard, t D. A. Swikk. e ,. . v, L . -Jas. M. Moskoe.. SalMbory, 2s. C.j Jan. Ittli, I8S5.. 13:1m. J;- -!''-:: j.,- t- r. . - Dah Igreo , i ji a At tier to aN e w; 1 nrk paper. iasisVtltatithebreastwork8 pAiicI run! at i tvt llMIPS." JI lie VOCES MOT IE! RICHMOHD & i CONDENSEO iSCHrnm van. uin loa. i . ai... r - '?k'f 51. ail 3.38 a. in. 5.31 4 7427 " '44-5 . U,49 2 27p.m. lAd loa 5.15 Leave Charlotte... tSafirtbnry .1.... TJigh Point.. 9, 10,42 " 1 n,t. ArF.Oreensboro.. Leave Greenssboro . A r r. H i I Isboro... . . . ' Durham ....... " Raleigh ....L.... Lv. I 44 ........ Arr. GoldsHoro I.... -. Leave Itreeuabord 4 n J t Arrive at Johlsboo 5.00 a : ' 1 . 111. No. 51 orinecN a R R for all point. NorUS Ka.d"LB.6 i Danville. At Salisbury with v Aw f nil (niiiiin lit it CM till t A. ( . Jf with V & W R R dully. NoJ 5, o!d connect at CJreernboro with K & I P H for all. points on the .Salmi Iiraiuh trains gong west. Jan. 6th, 183L LeaveGohlsaoro . Arrive Raleigh Leave ' Arrive Durham ... i " niiisimi .... 1 ' Greens! ro.. Leave ' rrive High Pi.ont ' 8aliilury.... " Charlotte... aa.m.t: v i ti r..:i.. ii. t n .. . . M ll t.fe, Lv. j . ' i rt pn8imn k No. 50- Connects v i. t n . i . . . i. & C. Air Line tor ill poinii jSoolh. i No. 52 Connects a?l Cliarlutte with C. r & A.R.R. With HllpoiBtS Soillli anrtS,.,..V. . and with A & C Air-Line for alt t.... ' " f N. V. N. C. RAILROAD. ? ; ii.o a. m. - ? 1 . 5.10 ' - ! ?.os 44 ' 'Til- lil.37 7. I No 50 GoiNO SOCTII; I Daily. . J.. Sun. Lv. Greensboro j ull p ni Ar. Kemersville 12 3a" " Salem ': lb' " No. 51. Going Nobth. i s Dailv. - : .ex. Nun. Leave Salem L7 25 m Ar. Kernersville llJ 05 " , Greensboro 9 1 o " No. 5!'n ' "' 1 1 I I J k . 1 1 AI LA " VI 53 n VI ; STATE UNI VERSIfY RAILROAD, No. Dailyfi.Snn. 10.20 am 11.20 a m ' No. 2. -2 12.05 pm 2.25 p m Going .North Leave Chapel Hill ..I. Arrive University i. Goiso RorTn. Leave University......... Arrive Chapel Hill ...... For Oyspeptii, - CoKtirenfti, Sk-k Headachy il lironic DUn rli(ra, Jauadl Impurity of tlt lioji,FcTeraii Ague, Malaria, : anil all Dtfeaart rausrd by D rangemcpt of Li vci-, Iloveu -ud Kidaeri. symptoms or a iist:asei LITtX.: Bad Breath; Pain fn t!ie, tonKtiroa tbt 1 pain is kit under the FhotiUlcr-bbdr, misukalbf. Rheumatism; genenj loss of appictUe; BowA eenerally costive, s .nietimcs altcrnaimf wiAtuj thc headers troubled -With pain, i-. dull and bejtjj u-itn considerable lost vf ir.cinor-, accuipMei . Willi a painful sensati ijcflravin ui.'!oneoinakia. which ought to nave l-cn doncr-a flight, drj cr&, and flushed face is sometimes at. attendant, mistaken for consumption; the p.-.llunt compUi of we-r iness and debility ; nervous, e;!sily taitied. fect cold or burn-ngj Stimetimes a prickly sensatio of the skin exists; spirits are low and Scfotdm and, although satisfTcil;. tliat exercise would Ije bm fkial, yet one can; hartlly summon up fortitiidei try it in fact, dismals every remedy. Settnl of the above symptbi.-. attend the dis--av, but caw Have occurred when tut f-W of them eicd,y A examination fter dcuth has ho-n the livtf have-bcen txtensivtly, deranged. It 6hoald be asel: by all person, lda4 young, whenever any of tlic alwtt syinptptn appear. Pernona Traveling or Living la- Ta healthy l.ficulitieH, by taking a dose.oceuj ally to keetrtiij; I -ivef in heaLhy acnon,'riDw all Malaria, HillotiH Httat-ks IVtioeu.KM sea. Drowsiness, iJepression iT bpints, etc. B wdl invigorate like. a class of wine, butjsaia. toxlcaiiug beverage. If You have ' eilten anything -liaf t'igeHthm. or fed hiiavy after meals, of -sleP" les at night, take a jose-aod you will be relieved. Time and Doctors Bills will be ati by always keeping the Itefulator Irt t!t' IIniet ' For, whatever thc ailment may be, a tkowofily cafe purgative,; alterative and tonic w;. never be out of place. The remedy is hrl and does not Interfere with business sv pleasure. ', IT IS PJIKey VECETABtK. And has a!t the power and efficacy .f Cal" Quinine, without any bf the injurious after ewets. A Covem$rs Testtmony. Simmons'Liver k' gulator ha ln.en iniist family ior s-me time; and,! m satisfied valuable addition to. trtc medical science.- . J. GiLi.:SiioRTFK,(;overrofAX lion. Alexander II. Ste.hecs, of- ' says: Have derivei ftome Ltnefit .rra the Simmons Liver Regulator, and-ish to further trial. ; - j ? "T&e-nnlv Tlilittr that, never' Wta ReUeve.' I have Used manv remedies W pepsia, Liver AtJefitipn and Debility, ei - have iound anvthinto benefit me to the 1 Simmons Liver Krgtilator has. I en,'ro,fZ cesota to Georgia for it, ,,md would send further such a medicine, and Would advise all t8 ilarty fft cte'd to give; it a tri.J as it seems tn"7 tiling that never fails to relieve ' tr ' P,M.;:jANseT( Minneapolis, Miss. Dt. T. W. Mason says: From acwal te perienCcin the use of Simmons LiverRetu1"1 Sly practice I have keen and am satisfied and prescribe it as a purgative medicine- eTake ojdy the Genuine, which has oa the Wrapper' the red Z Trs-J and Signature of i? J. II. ZEILIX y. FOR SALE V ALL DRUCCISTS. ; TJlQ TTqIIoTT MntllQl lift ' 1U0 VullUJ l?lUltlui XJlID OF VIRGINIA.. OFFICII SI At M ON. IIOMEOFFJCK, VA - " tfVMU Vi' a AJ " - t to I Iir I ... t surance now orfercd tUa -public Is rouna-m . - a s n 1 . ley Mutual, which enable&y vblch to carry a .'- P Ucy at an actual averaffe cost uf Prt DDUtf- Forfurtherlnfoimatiijn.callonoraddr t Tu- Mrk-rziE. ilay'20. 18S3.1 - ' gjtusBr'11'1 S66: a weefe TIT solutely sure. rixK. - - bBSj, r orhir-h nrsumsof eltner '' v sure. No risk. ( ! I or old. can make fftat pay all the owe ib ' wltn absolute certainty; write for Pov; U. 1UU.KTT 4 v O , i o.v - J3:ly No. 51 Daily. 53o a m. i 6 05 7 io: AssioaBii WaiCHTS IKDIAH VEGETABLEPIUI FOB TH -2 MWftlW care oiiniUions of tout vou not to iro to sieen in me ;,P;it to come up to bed? and viy ti- it-kiA-Zio. w And all DlHou3Cornpl3l

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