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North Carolina Newspapers

Carolina watchman. volume (Salisbury, N.C.) 1871-1937, July 02, 1885, Page 1, Image 1

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, -i "l 1 --n . .-v:'T.:--:-. -'--y -y-.V-;.-. i''tfj4V. 'C:'-''---'-4-vFvi--.i ..v.:-',-ra-."--:? ;r-?rT4'r; iv-rp yy-y:y,ryyyHyFy TfliRPsERiEs. V -v V; - ; - - -. ' :'yV :.y'"yv. '. :: ,. :. yTfJ-' ;, i Tr,,lV i ! Ae reauoaj ion... : ' I il T I wealth." A small rain cloud which I iniiK io i " y 1'UWi1 ' M HOW IT IS ill The Peabody Pnnd. AMOKti THE A-D TEKMANET CURE FOR - ' and Indigestion Pit . VJV.., I ttOTTE, W , ;.fv "reat be lelit to inyseu W-AIUNG, Les'islatiire. - Member S.jC 1 o.29, 1384. ereby certify Charlotte, N. C. I uUe great pleasure f.Fut!f"'- ih value of your t I have used it wun reai rfujly recommend it to any one ; ' N. C. State Treasurer. L T IT Aden and T C Smith & . V I i ADQUA RTERS FOR .frflEIi.VKfc.Lt W'1 if 't FARM WAGONS. tji.CS, WftTtUTOW s i CIXCISSATI m -4 Spring wagons. ynaijdlJuaiiDriUs DISXRIBUI ED , "jpCHOOI8. ' " Dr. J. L. 11. Curry, General Agent of the Peabodv funds, has issued a cir cular giving the following information as to the distribution of that juna tor educational purposes : t - 1. The Feabody Fund is not aistnr- uted among the States according to . .. , i i L- - population, nor m propornon 10 me comparative destitution of any com munity. The Trustees, in their -aDso-solute discretion," withhold funds when they would not promote the genr eral purpose, jmd bestow liberalty when tney wouia De pruaucuvc ui. wusuvuu results. ' 2. The greater part of the .income will he hereaf ted used in the education nf tiu-ht-ra for' miblic schools. Aid- will be given to Normal Schools, es- tabhshed,, supported and controuea vy a State, if ihev arel of a high order. Normal Schools, where the art of teaching is the prominent branch of infrnpfiftTi will be Dreferred to iS4)r- m ill If-nnTtmehts in academies and colle jres. . 3. The Trustees give to the States scholarships irj the Normal College at Nashville. , Teachers1 Institutes, con ducted by trained experts, are also aided ; but. thje instruction must be practical adapted to public school teachers, and continued for some weeks. 4. Only public schools carried on under State aiispices will be aided.. 5. The entire cost of maintaining schools is in no case met by the Trus- A small part of the current ex- Cleveland and Headrlcks Fail to Provide for Their 'Households. N. Y. Herald Washington Letter. J ; There is something: in a name after all, at least with the present adminis tration. A man named Cleveland, who claimed to be a cousin of the President, was well eridorsni as a can didate for the post mastership at Quin- cy, 111. His backing; was very good, and the residents of ftiincy supposed his name sufficient to carry him through, even without endorse ment. The President did riot know wheth er this.Quincypplicitotj or ho fbr,he had, never heard of hira before; but so as to be'on the safe side he appinted another man to the place The President, does iot i intend that he shall be charged with filling offices with his relatives. There is a simi lar story connected wjth the appoint ment of Israel Lawtoh as Superinten ded of the mint at ! San Francisco, which was made to-day All along there has been but one applicant for the place, a gentleman named Hen dricks, whose strone -point, he imag- i . - 'i s ed was his name. He is a nephew ot Vice-President Hendricks. I here was a lot of Califoruiiins who wanted the place, but they did not take the trouble to file an a plication for it, for they .were sure Mr. Hendricks would be appointed. But it appears that Vice-President Hendricks would not tees. Tvns-s is contributed to encourage and , i rt 11 A VR A KES. stimulate the people to self-exertion in M'MMill the cause of free, popular education. I AW8 ; The amount of aid aivzn to schools, will be determined partly by the amount oj moneu raised by the btate tax, local tax, 'cultivators. ! i r . TeleWrapri Straw Cutters, -Avcan-l Dixie PLOWS, ; t ; ciiiallnra. Ekines ana uouers, : O anil B A AHD GPilSI iiilLLO, ;nyEn'iinc nna noiivr.4ui?s--v' KlsPrtrid Wys tmd iaps. rt-Airt, Shovels ana, qwi, I3ME-RA SED ULUVtii ottu ItflllB ' i.k -in l?1rr. iC. Mean People in Miurcu. : ers, or employ the power of great wealth. A small rain cloud which Sha was a little old jworaan. very noura its refreshment on a small field plainly dressed in bSacfc bombazine wjll produce the sweetness of blooms that, had seen much careful vear, and and fruits scatter it over a wide her bonnet was very . old llsliioned, area, and it will not even lay the and people stared at jier tottering. up dust it . will do no good whatever. the aisle of tne grana cuurcn, evi- j u ti)e energies ot some of ourpopu dently bent on secijring e of the lar literary womeu were concentrated best seals; for a great man .preacnea 0n a home and a family of children, on that day, and the! house was filled there would be harvest of happiness , Rev. George Morrison of Balti more, has received the following letter from Rev. Henry -Ward Beccher : I thank you for your friendly solic- iEp STORE! H itude. I am sure that in the end you will riot be disappointed, though ; won some points you may not agree with me. The foundation doctrines, Mj stock will consist of SUGATt. COFFEE 1 a A VINO bonjrlit out the Grocery De partment ofj J. D. McXeclr, I iutenU! conducting a First Class , $ I GROCERY STORE. as I hold them, are a personal GodriRCOA10 Zmi Molasses,, FLOtR I . . ' . . . ! 1 : I . I . . . - N J r . f . i, liUIier. UniCKenS. Krrtrs Ait 1 caT.. miHi auiAniiiriiv.iirpfiSea neunie. wuoianri virtno n.siniv rn if iiitvt i ireiiior nnrt rn pr over an uitncs r .. ' . ' t1- ' . . . 1 1 f t- i r ki.-. 1 I. 1 . .. . I 1- -1 r.M .!.... ijk. 1: rr. ' us rack Had heard 01 meiameui pprcuuuc, his learning, his intellect and good' ness, and they wondered! at the pre stimntinn ot the poor -oiu woman Sho must have been in ner uoiage, tjie carbon in diamonds ami in the 1 iestation-ot uod m for fihV went into the new of the rich- I cheerv fire on the hearth. Interior. Hts-office in redemntio'n supreme. I est member ot tne cnurcn, anu iook a 7 o noi ueueve jn me vaivinisnc iorm scat. The three ladies who were J Music ifas Charms. j of stating the? atonement. I do not seated there beckoned to the sexton, believe in the fall of the human race who lwnt over the intrndeTTand whis- I a kMS4 Vtonl inmnnood nf l.or. I in Adam. and. of course. I do not uroaticost, it becomes a prntiess I ie iiuman lamuy univerarijr biihui ; tend keeping everything usually kept ! in sprinkle of rain. Carbon dissipated the need and possibility and facts of th Grocery and Provision line; and bt - in the air is 'good, for the -eeneraH conversion : tbedivine agency 111 ' y?6c a"" to business and sclling3oW economy of nature, but eive us rather such a worlcrJesus Ulirist the mam- "Jt ?'A" V' "fc ,t ,ai " rirOT . .... uiiHreiinuc. vumu nuu we-me ac 1 . human conditions ; Ncelv's Store June4, 1885. pered something, but she was luirt! of mates of the NoHistown Asylum para- hold that Christ's work was to satis hearing, and smiled a little withered ded on Friday ! about the grounds, fy the law broken ly Adam for all smile, as she said, gently : Uh, 1 m wearinff' uniforms for the first time, his posterity Quite comfortable quite comforta-- They were very proud of their regalia, but has been ascending steadily since 5le' y i i ana wnen mey passea m review 01 ine creation. 1 am in neany accoru wun J.-M. HADEN. 2uis. .;' New "But you are not wauted here Trustees and Physician-in-chief Chase, revivals and revival preaching, with Said tlie sexiOli pompously , msis uuunv "uu r j i uiv : ciiivutiiig j ivin-o ui me not room.' Come with roe, my goodl blew harder and the fat cymball player, and in sy mpathy with all ministers I'll see that you have a wno imagines ne owns ine otaie or wh0 in the several ways seek to b.ultl woman n PoTinavl rnnifl plnnnpd t.h rvm hn I s t.rk- ' : C T.. "Not obm,,, said theUld woman, getherwith all his might, while the Christ, by whose faithfulness, gener ii,; nt iJr hr..nko.i nrooortions. man who beat the bass drum thumped osiland love I hone to be saved and . . a it i t ;iWHV il 1 1 1. nrir i . i v 1 1 1 " lu tv iiin.k. tiiir: i . ny, 1 7 - j - -j o ; oion VilUUlIlCaVi IXL XX Ulillvl UIO 4X1 U OA IX II ; and then at the fine; ladies. I'm not crowded a I IT lit I to heaven. My ser- i ii .f I. f L put niinsen on recory ,u xaur . ..,. umerhand way, and then she nephew, or even ask for his appoint. P Herr oK ment. Judge Lawton arnved here ..L . several days ago, and was an cant for another place, that of assis tant treasurer, at San Francisco. He was asked to withdraw his application bit. I rode ten rT'TvT tT tCu bL " published in the daily papers miles to liear the sermon to-day, be- When the bid stopped play- " tl cause" . f ; . W for want of breath, the lunatics a 11 " S" ,UH,,r" Wnt here the sexton took her uy i iuaU 1 em;u Baltimore -American. llie arm. and shook her roughly, in a Dr0U(n7. - In front of the main building, where Adjutant-General Jones issued or the review took ulace. there is a circu- ders on Monday that all r tela an 1 I 11. ..I ..t!l lidrg liof tliltl nillVPritl Inv nniinntra iltnjTa orimif vfl Trnivla 1T1 I Qln nurl llm nnmli'iiviao nn rl i - . I 11 1 1 1- VI nllll HUlOi M - y iu tailiug uinv, uvuuu w y uiuo ju umu VlllLCISi anil liic v,j 11 1 lJauii.o vvii. U whs an a i mi- . . , . t i iv !,: t . T-l i 1 -rv o hm.:.j o i ft n (wn nil wiv - ill irriL ft. iir i i miiii ihimiii'i i im iii i;i iik i i kiiii i xa i n i n n vc r .iiin 1 1 i rm 1 ;i mi i Will ALL ENTIRELY i v - 5 & Eresri! J. S. McCUBBINS, Sr., : continue the business at the ff)ld Stand, having closed out all the old stock. His present stock is Entirely New, and mil be offered on reasonable terms for Cash. Iai tcr, or firsticlnss MortgagesT f ' I j Those who coujd not pay all their niort friges last year jnay renew, if paper! a fV. sjtisfactory and appliance is made at pncQ. HIS STOCK CONSISTS OF I I I Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes, Hats, Clothing, Con- tectioneris, Crockery, Drugs, Bacon, tard Corn, Flour, Feed ami Provisions 6f all linds, with a full line of J High Grade Fertilizers, jis cheap as the cheapest. You will do IweU to see him before purchasing else wherc. ; I Salisbury, April 1st, 1885. 25:tf ' or we votumury uunu wunvny .v- for tjafc pjace,and i told that it lie i " ,t. , , l would file itfor the! position of Su- 6. AslalK public schpo s cannot be nt!rhlleiuleut of the iMii.t he would TafW5TS3 receivelhe oppoint.uent. Tne sug centres, to illustrate, by their example, lfi jmltre l.v. the best methods of -teaching, and to 6""" V i ' To, exert a healthful influence in favor of who . A bany visit ig son e "free schools for therwhote people." relatives, was u-uuj -y? Tbk lppfAd shall have at ot-his appointment. Mr. Hendricks, least 100 pupils; shall be properly grad- like Mr. Cleveland, was badly left, ed, with! a teacher for very50 pupils; but she arose meekly and Iett the circumference. new. Turniiiff quietly to the ladies, ed around this drive for three-quarters Fourth Regiments (except such com- who were spreaduigithejr rich dresses of an hour, playing "A Boy s Best panies as have failed this year to pass over the space shejreft vacant, she Friend is his Mother 1 and "Go to Sleep the annual inspection by the Inspec ted, gently : 1 r MyBabv:' They played continuous- tor.General), will appear at Asheville, "I hope, my dears, there'll be ly, , switching offtrom one tune to an- i,T heavy marching order, on Wed nes- room in heaven for Ins all." oiner- v"en. UT' nadf noweu ms . the 22J of Ju) next aud rej)ort .undersignel on Then she followed the pompous IJ for duty at 'Camp Scales so named or ,ui. nc the rear ; of the church, r v ' , ... ln honor of the Governor of rsortl.3 J where, in the last pew, she was seated J , -Lrtv, Q Carol . it ' I I l K 1 llliO, uuci uiiuium nun u uuuiiiuuu 1 & 4 1. Ma. flnnHA nitll 1 ell!lM I O ' J . A 1 uetwwii a ihiwuu-u sfcepi gj-ju plav IS nis 1, 11 in .Acoinn fo-ri mrvnftli ti I HI IcUmllnrp St a tot lift 11 1 S fl K to tlie .... ii.. in virsr ciass - -. . - - , t& War W.WrUmri!.Kt4 nii1.ltW 8'Mil.rf the enroll. 2arSSrT"yir;:. .. W. -recently the way r i s i : ii -niiiTiinr hi i r i " . . i . . - . . . .i V J Ailll I nULHLi I O A-Ji: 1A ha maHa U ia . ctoro nf (ho war l-.PfVVPPll I11P 1 w..- - i I o. iUUllCatiUJl 1UI aiu uiuoii yc luuu.v i ilic iiwwi J ' . " ' I . , , . before or near the beginning of the Stales is being written by Northern sing e word ne sauu ot soidiers and others. We gave the "inw pl' 23, 'S4. iflcyitnanatanyi'iuijs ciar uj vanu.6 i sijuui year, uuu nave mo djjjxvua b. im 9 -i m r n n riliu T ul. ii i u &ll vi ff : if ill.. avj v ' . pa im v k. i s all HZrllCJ U iv tvciu j.-..., ;- ITii 1 1 ig nore mo II thi :host flelumr boo! out. Be ssuc'-eedriitidlv-. Nonc;tail. Terms free. I r Book coi Hortland,,Maine, 81.-IJ' THE HED! iHNDS AT yMl the local school ofiBcers and the State number ot men in 'the Northern ar Snnerinitendent. y ! I ni;M ronnrfwl ' bv Gen. Drum, our pew r izz -. .il - - - '1 .mm rv- y. The trustees assume no control 1 w:th;h ft few days. We also men-i iy 1 inerebu.. whatever over, the schools receiving tonet that 400,000 soldiers recruited Peabody: aid, leaving all questions ot f Southern States fousht in the sexton to ina." The troons will be fur-i A Rnv' Rpf FriPnrl ,shed transportantion by the btatc,; by old man. i :a m. Aifkm- Tboir lnvintr wn and the State will furnish tents, straw, "bhemustbe crazy, said one or alx)Ve the average of the country band lights, fuel, water, medicines, accom-a the ladies in the pew which she had nd thpv niaved wuii trreat zest. It modations for the sick, and horses lord I - K ml O I . ' . . I was only when their instruments were officers required to mount; the troopsf taken from them that they .became un- must furnish their own rations, the nannv and lrntaoie. ur. inase saia military iuna ueinir insumciem. 1011 that the treatment was very beneficial, that purpose. During , the encamp-fi and that two of the band who had been ment stands of colors will be present-! persistent I violent patients had been restored to a efj to each regiment; with appropriate; ceremonies : a competitive battalion Notice to Settle : i All persons indebted lo the estate of Mrs Julia L. Smyth, dt-ccaseoV are requested to mawe iiniu(Kiiatc setiienient; anu ail per sons havm" claims airainst her estate arc notified that they must present them to the on or before the 22nd of April, once will be plead in bar qt ROBERT MURPHY, ANDREW MURPUY, Ex'rs of Julia Smyth. April 21st, 1SS3. Ow lg- at first occupied. M What can an nsraut old woman jlike her want to hear Dr. preach for? She would not be able to understand a so selection ot teachers, discipline, &c., to T-pai-npmv.:njjt the South. It . ... 1 1 al. vva v mb r " t . psr.annsn-. ..w 1 . was not really a war betweeu the the State or local authorities establish . 1 n l ' il 1 mg ana cmeny mainxamg w - Nopth and the' gQUth. but a war be- rT 1 ' ..... the JMorin ana 10. peeking the improvement jvstems of public education, Trustees will act in co-operation with The idea of her fofcing herself into pacifac state ot mind through the m- - .3 - . 111 I J t, Isn't that voluntary love- nuence or tne music tney piayea. . . I mi a ii l i l The hand, whicn nurnoers twelve crazy men, was organized last Septem ber. They practice two hours each day, and if they were allowed, they would blow their horns and. beat their drums all day and take them to bed with them at night. On the fourth day of July the band will head a pa- coming out of the vestry. Is he not grand ? "Splendid 1 What a stately man 1 You kiiMW he promised to dine with us while he is here." He is a commanding looking man. drill will be held, and the command; will be reviewed by the Governor ani Staff. mm . m 11- 1 1 u w ' w 1 irr iv&ii lkk mm. 11 v 7 w w wi ' n - ii.iv iii 11 1 uiir iiaiiu tiiii k 1 ti 1 l u lu i - btate systems ot public education, tne ; nnA UmlU looked over the creat crowd I ,u i,ooffa cuest of Rev. Dr. A. W. Miller. wwrm . , . 1 1 " 1 a. a 1 1 im mill am 1. u 11c niuc uuu hi v 1 -w i iuir 1111 nil" 11 luc o li l wa. j a aj 1 . 1. o...i. u AiLor cMa I nf ivnrlunnprs fathered in tne vast luventive Genius. The following are among THE LIQ1IT-I1UNNIKO DOM EST 1G is a TsfoVo PHnnfll authorities. thirds of the South on the other side, o worst, ppers in charge ot hve Keepers trom tne w vv.v.v.v 1 . . . ; 1 . . 1 i 1 aIihmaIi i.n f.nm Ad f coo n ovprv laif. i i 1 1 -TWlnimW all niirfiose of inter- The South contnoutetr two-ti irus as i u. .., r. ow" r. . "7y asiUIU- ferendwith StatI legillatlon or the ad- many soldiers to fight against her as U hand was on the, i3ite w en mSationof school laws, or-the ac- she sent into the field to fight for her. suddenly lea ning;over theread g- to re- n 1 l i. t iW i;-tt .1 . r i niv0 ihA m vfprioiis rupssasre. Ann tne trustees musii iicitc uuwij v. me reports ui xiujuiaui.-siisii j . 1 1 performing the duties of the trust ac- Cooper. North Carolina furnished then the three ladies iu the grand cording to the known will and expressed quite ouc-fifth of these. She gave pew were electrified to see him take an miao-p of the donor of the Educa-J th An 121.000. his way the whole length of the o tiiv vv.a ..- 1 I .i II tionalund. The false basis of inference in re- church to -return with the old woman. card toUe civil war is being pointed whom he placed in the lronl pew or A Salisbury Man in London. out by 8UCh papers as tlte Boston Post all, its other occupants making room Mr. W.T. Linton, a citizen of Salisbury, and the New York Jftentn Post, for her. The great preacher looked who sometime since went to London, The last named paper shows that the at her with a smile of recognition, anil tnen tne service proceeueu, uuw i . 1 y the novr elties that will be on exhibition at the Franklin Institute Exposition to be held in Philadelphia, beginning September 15th aud continuing till October 31 : Davidson's New President in the .- . CiTr. Rev. Dr. Lefevre, of Baltimore?, the president elect of Davidson College, arrived in the city yesterday and is the He is expected to' officiate at the prayer meetr iug this evening in the First Presbyterian church. Dr Lefevre, we understamj, has. virtually consented to accept the m 4 presidency of Davidson Collogo, aud pi this, we hope, there is no mistake, lje is a divine of great abilities aud acquire ments and is distinguished for his learn ing. He will make a capable and officiejit i) resident, and we know that his admin istration would redound to the best in Yadtifl Mineral Sjriip Academy, PALM ERS VI LLE, (Stan fro.) NC. C. II. MAKTI.N, TKINCirAL, 'Graduate of Wake Forest College, und also at1 tne university or lrginia. ' 'i rmoN, $5 la $i.r) per session of 5 months, jl Tiie only school la this section that teachear I the University of Va. methods. Vigorous ex- j tensive, thirourh. The cheapest school In the ; ; J. S. where theso world-reuowed methods are ,k taught. Good Uoai-d only per month. , 27 iy AfiaroAS, u n. martin, rnn. ; ORGANIZED 1859 An automat e scale canab e of tei eats of Davidson. vnariouc uuseiver. weip-hinsr erain as it flows in riiiinino- stream from the elevator. "Robert." remarked the wife of a " O , .-I . . CAPITAL & ASSETS, S750.000. Otitis the acknowledged Leader h tact that cannot be disnuted. W IMITATE IT. I MOXFP. F0TT AT, IT. urgestArmed. fae LiQhtcst HunniBg; j vi 'The Most Beautiful Wood Work. ltD IS WARRANTED j Jo be made of the best material, f Jo do atiy and all kinds of work. ! To lie complete in everv resnect. TU -wanted in ouoccupied territory. WSTIC SEWING MACHINE CO., i- , 1 Itichmo-nd, Va. "iftVLKLUTTZ & RENDLEMAN fm Salisbury, NC. and at the same time registering each penurious man, "I have tried to be a Pninn,i. is now in a bis business iu that ctrup-ale was not between slavery and and then the service proceeded, and . . . , total Quantities. The yood and faithful wife and have put city. . Mr. Linjtou's frieuds in this count- freedom, divided by geographical tines, he preached a sernion that struck lire pejster printing press seems to be an- jone favor to ask you before I dfe." ry will be interested in the toiiowing, It says that the usual statements are trom every neart. j other wonderful invention. An end- "What is-that, Margaret.' X oi which wo find in the London Grocer's well calculated to1 mislead the rising ' "Who was she ?" asked the ladies je!jS ron 0f blank paper is inserted in know I was born and reared in CIcN- jnrofiic.e. -a uo uuuo iu ucooiumu p-pneraiion. xt men eives ukuics iu i vmu M...v. . em 0r ,Iie macuine. anu in aii m- i lanti. xt was mcie x uiok Annhnr. which has now become an iudis- unm lmw fur tha Rnuth was divided they passed the sexton at the door. wiiM Bi,nri sn!iiv nf time it emer- mrl ihs hnnniest hours of our wedded nnanM nrticlev both in wholesale aud anA whnt. nrnnortion of its soldiers "lhe preacher s mot her, at ...... - .1 i I . ..!.. . ?. ' J . 1 1 .1 .i!. .nnfuol mnorir mannf;ict lirp. IS rll ..n (ha Wnrfhrm Birip I that IlinctlOnarV 1U ail IDlUieu IUIIC. UUIIICOUI'- " I ill UUiLIb V. w - - ; . r ltnODtS BUOWNE, 1'rest, (WAT. C. rOABT, Secretary A O raph. Advocate. HARDWARE. : j; i -u r . : y nssumiug very extensive proportions iu e c0y an instructive this conutry. Until very recently we jt says : believe that all sueh goods we're import- "Kentucky's population available ed. Not long since, however, the enter- for niilitary service was not ranch prisi ng firm whose name heads this notice, I larger thau Micjiigan's, yet no less on.i vrUn biivn for some time Dttst ouerat- Minn 10 774 Kentnckv men crave uu uuu - a. j n . ed as importers, started a manufactory tl,eir lives for the Union, as against the highest type ot womanhood and , t , tt i . n I . mi-a ncLt.:.. ri....AoeA I lia Kirrlipat ni:ir nf honor for woman in Keu Xjion Bquaie. ueio mcj . l,Ou iroru iAH-iui;uii. itimwow, ....w laid down exteusive plant and machinery sti for turning out dessicated cocoanut and F" crelible short space of time it emer- and the happiest hours of our wedded iswered from the etlier en(j ; tie frra of life were spent. You remember this, neatly bound pamphlets, printed at Robert?" :"es," (uneasily). "My True Womanhood However much it may be discred ited by people with advanced ideas, the rate nf five thousand ner hour relatives are all buried mere, ami iv ! I limit tlip touch of human hand, when I anrerone I wish to rest befide I ( I WHEN YOU WNTJ AT I.0W FIGURES oa thefandersigned at NO 3, Granite V ! I i: li '' U. A. AT WELL. Seat for the CardwellThpesher.M C.,June8th-tf. .f " . ill nearer the heart of the Confed- is that of the Ronjan matron, whose eracy, saenncea no less man 0,1 i ui mchwbsh. ,...v. i & bthe. uovelties in confectionery, such as her sons in the same cause. Missou- ters ana strong, c.uiuui sous, mis are familiar to our cousins across the rjt with not so many white males be- is old fashioned and hum-drum serr water, and have retained the services of tweeu the ages of 18 and 45 as Mas- monizing, but, if it is not true, set us one of the most successful American sachusetts by over 25,000, had a a picture of something better. The manufacturing confectioners. We have death roll in the Union army tf 13, woman who raises such a family is a seen some samples of the cocoannt which 887, while that of Massachusetts was heroine.' She endures mental and is turned out from this manufactory, the but 13,942. Delaware had only physica care and pain; She meets nnA in thin conntrv for this class of about halt as many white males as aim overcomes u" yauiw u; r- iroods. and we are bound to say that Rhode Island in I860, and her 882 lieut aud perseyenng; cflort. they excel in t-M ui, flavour and texture anything of the kind we have ever seen portion ot her popu i..r tv; i.-..,iri eir tlmfc Messrs. Lin- I fsland'a 1.321. UCIU.C ' 3 duuuiu ot; I ' . , I 411 ton Habbard & Cos. cocoanut is not It is after examening such sugges- her ; children. The Thome cylindrical type-setting and distributing machine will be in daily operation, .and its surprising operations will suggest witcncrait 10 the minds of some. The machine is so arranged that the type-setting and distributing portions may be operated independently or simultaneously. It is said to have a capacity of compos ing 8,000 ems per hour and for dis tributing an equal quantity of "dead" matter. She is The End of It. John Day, a young man of Sharon Township, Pa., got on a wild drunk one day last week. Re in hand and .wUnnt "F"; " FT l I f Wl Tlill in IllA h. . 1 toil terdaVHihn -T ol maKtnK more mon Sfca. X-ffii n?u eve.r possible at ftiiaW- You can Uveal v Z$ is. oun ,ttly. of a" the time. All .fc,:?' mar tat Vh w tt. A0A .hn.iit.niMl r Uror nro- coronelled to win moral victories over turning home with gun in ham .ofherpopuUtntlfiilude In Order that; she may . win filled with W' " them over the wayward tendencies of ciuaeu ue uum MJ a--.i if..'...i p-i... fami vcaL wnicn ne uiu, aim tuuvu. VtlW MlllC UI I1C1 I " J ' . ., L 1 J 1 t heavily loaded with sugar as is tne ca 'r1"'- " T ... . m . 1 !.... m aava I I lint r 11 A Til lT f II niXL IS 111 WT I IA I El.1 LU I VI Bliv w... mOSt Ol gllCII gOOUS, UUfc io ow vbi I " w- - t - place she brings happiness aud honor to ner nusoana a victory wnicn is (vith f.iiiir nrenared that the original delicate say : - .. 1: lit - I A VPFV HILCICALUI UUCOIIUII OII9C flavour 14 preserveu. . l .L-" V. I in tliA. Uut .lptrree satisnmforv to as to now niucn jungci uniu vc ...w ...t3... . . j . i .t. tt.,;.v r.i-a win their I her luiuuniiu heart, i J. n me second A I LLivll l liw J UlvU - va w i - i Almnaf. atlV eXCUSe tOr mSanitV may I . , . . I o.....t. ll I I i.lana liar hnmo orert ft fialnftrv 5r i i r J victory had. ine ;Oouin rcauy ucku i,,"v-n-j pass current in the summer, when lan- SQ Wilmington Star, nuence upon other homes in the oom- guor bars the way to investigation, but : munity. And finally, Jier children, the cavalry soldier out in Dakota who is alleged to have become a lunatic through exce?iye use of tobacco more Attorney General Garland is credi- U0 out to establisli other homes, rvLVVy J . . . . I nrl la pxprt ihpir ihnuence mmn o. ted with having a bushel of fairly I. the b,lg8 achived by mnnldv chesnuts, sthe most venerable 1 1 cts. Uftrna atalev reouiring inord - .:a uL;n nnf. whn ahnrI -j ' i.L rrr- ltai,"nUri tha i Vrmn- mai wi WHO . " 1V,N ( 1 v ' I Ol wmw ub wiutg" i uuu uu iiivicasiug - i uculiic. ocPt"1"- csJls on him, generally driving him Women oflea repine at their circum Wtyi to the great joy of tiie Attomer ribl limit., of i uselnlnee.. They ?&SS&&S .61, " 1 J . Vould.b.gre.tnter?,gw,t reform- killing the cat, whereupon he shot his fflfhpr dpnd. After the drunRen im- A v Aiwa - nnlsp. realizing what he had done, he attempted to kill himself. His mother witnessing all this, became a raying maniac. The young man is in jail to be tried as a patricide. And all this because the boy tilled himself with mnrnWnns whiskev. Here is a tem perance lecture that requires no touch nf th fancv to erive it force Drunk. A mnrdprpd father, a maniac mother, a patricide son. Brief, but how shock ingly horrible ! .And this is but one of the numerous tragedies that everyday records on the calendar of rum .--Char. Observer. when I am gone I wish to rest be them. Will you grant me tins jone iavor?" "There will be considerable expense attaching to it," (musingly). Oh, Robert I I will never rest in? my irrave ay n where else !" "Well, Ajag o. ..y .. . im i i .1 .... ir e. 1 ll tell you wnat i n,io. x uou i O . : i . . ' , . i . . ? 1 I I I want to be mean auouute ming.: i .. bury you here first, and then if I no tice any signs of restlessness on ?our part, I'll take you to, Cleveland." St. Louis Republicav. ' Editor Caldwell's Views ox Degrees Neither the University, Wake forest nor Trinity made a D. U. this year, nor a LL. U. Now if Rutherford would stop and some of the crop on hand die, we would have a return to the period jwhen rw.t nrprv inreacher and every lawyer wore a bustle behind r7Z Landmark. his name. States - Wasliinsrton Notes. Washington June 20. The Presideut baa HDnointed the following named pies nostmasters : J. W. McMaster, at Hazlehurst, Copiah county, Miss.; vice J. L. Meade, suspended ; Tlfos. IL frDearman. at Danville, Va. ; vice C. A. M. Wheeler suspended. j The postmaster at Hazlehurst was sus tended because having leen asked tore ui for reason affectiug the pnbljc wel fare not known to the department at the f iiU antraintment, he (lecliiied Lmnlianee. The po8tmaterat Danville was suspended for partisan sin p. Twenty-sixth Annual Statement jancakt i, issv ; ! LIABILITIES. b Cash Capital Unadjusted Losses Reserve for He-insurance ami all other l liabilities, Net Surplus 1 .$300,900 00 . j 24,000 ,16241? V . 255,263 ll $;ii,3so u SCHEDULE OF ASSETS : Cash la Nauonal Hank.... ....$ 1.904 0 Cash In hands of Ajjents l l,9fi329- Unlted States Registered Bonds State and Municipal Bonds National Bank Stocks Cotton Manufacturing Mocks Other Ical Stocks '. Real Estate (unincumbered city propertyj TJT J Loans.'Secured by flnt mortgages........ j soitt t S 19,866 , 179,800 0'i ,; 5i;-wff , 158,400 4 114,755 39.778 4" $741380 S3 Total Assets. J. ALLEN BRONVN. Agt. 8allsbnry, N. C, March 16, ls5. j 6m - SOMETHING NEW! LA WP CHIMNEYS that will not break by-heat, lar-sate At EN NIBS'. DIAMOND DYES All colors 'yon wish at ENNISS DON'T FORGET to all kinds a call for Seed f ENNISS'. TO THE LADIES: Cairand see the Flower Pots at '. ENN1S5 . NOTICE ! GO to Mrs. James JlrFurcroD'f to P ? Gentlemen anJ Ladies' "jj Sitisfaction guaranteed. ill e f boarding house. Ilesidence southeast end o f In niss Street. io.--j'" Salisbury, N. Jne2d 1835. 33:p.4t. Thev have a changeable color. 1 Incurs to me that worms are the can , of allThis trouble. I will try Shriner'i In dian Vermifuge . j ; - J'M 'in- m J 44 l - y r , 1 1 : : X, 1 -r" yf

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