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North Carolina Newspapers

Carolina watchman. volume (Salisbury, N.C.) 1871-1937, August 27, 1891, Page 3, Image 3

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If ! I A Carolina Watchman L O C 4 b : flH'nAV.AiTfiTT27,18tl ?AU the -Ri-a'tal "diools commence V;I)r n.itlur, of -China UroVC, in tHt- ,ity T.u-fy. " - .j :jli,s Annie Srtlnlca! 5fl Visiting m r ,T this , Watchman office for job Try i vw.rk. Ufcti.thiTc; - M irv h. Walton is visiting 'Kljtal. Kanifey rvijl be at both rallies, ' ,us Blind 'Tom will" he here ., A treat for balisbury . Win Jim Cook is waking tilings lively "with ltiK baby rattier, ui Thin office lenders thanksjto Mrs. A t' ir l'L for a basket of nice grapes. ,B;lliJirc company is attending t!l0 association . at Durham him vcck. --, ... T,,.r Sunday school held a pic .'n't Si John's mill oh the ilver-ktet Fri3'- TbcU-xt session of the Neave Music febool will commence lonitay, Rci tcmbcr 7th.- 5IS Kib-c Taylor, of Richmond, Va., jsviMLingat the home of (..apt. l,ear . this week. The various com mi l tees 'for the grand ' 'iall v riitl again. Sutuiday to complete r.rraremcnts. ' - Mr. Walter Murpay started en a fcoth r,n tcnr,(ln:mming fora New York house, last. Tuesday night. : nine-freight, ears were weeked at Vud t'tit lasl'Monday night, on the W. V. ('. "-'No one was Inn t. II. & L.V right have just received a : new line &f neek-w'ear, hats, shoes and!?. 0.11 and sec them. . . ,i- m. ,...; nml Minnie Wi-o, if Ftausville, are visiting friends and re- lirtivcs ia this city this week. . -The car shops-at this place have- shut d.nvn s.rk this week;' Nearly all the ;'lwnts afcott speeding -vacation. t pt.V( ral streets have been laid off and .l.-iijrt.lieaedVut-iu. the direction of the '; Wlored college in .the west end of town. Court is ia session this week. Judge - Ai infield is on the bench; A. SJiai n Leart, K-1m h foreman of the grand jury. ,' A goodly num1er. of Salisbury ladies -liiul- gentlemen attended a i ice lawn p-irly at the late re.-idenceof Col. Thomas . h UiilMT. ; ' ' iiili ii fin i 'miiiiifinT ---'- In the, great endeavor to boom and u'akf a Mtrvess of ih? rally, nlso hear in niimkthcvl jiir tins fill The ladies, espe cially. sho-.iM bo keening it in- mind and . , i r . prepaiin 'heir preserves, jellies, )5ckl B, etc., fjr t-4mrttion. Frnnk C!mmbof, an ohl. darkey very " in Km! iwwtltf(j yiears oli, t'Av liut iimrsuay moriunjf. lie was. n.n honest, lon.. Uniiirht-. kiinh nhlirnm' ii:ni liarc j. 7 o : n working old negro, lie took sick lues-, day aborning while" at work. Mr. John F. Eairlfe showed lis a fine pair of hami-made shoes of which he is the maker, made for Prof. Win. Cain, of he State Univershv. Mr. I3airl takes un the shoe trale with renewed Cncrev j, - WW this fall, and docs everything ia his line. Mr. S. B.Collv of Locke township. showed us a historical strand of heads this week. The heads consisted of five minnie balls ul! of which took effect in his body during the-late war. One of the balls iMissed through his body; another took off one of his little fingers. Durham is lively this week. Fire men's association met there this week. ;A arge crowd pas-cd here Monday en-route for the gathering. Besides the fireman's meeting there will be an Alli ance rally there Uo-morrow. Durham city furnishes all the necessary crpeuses for the rally. That's praiseworthy. An extra passenger train followed the regular passenger Sunday. It was carry: lug the employes of the Kichmondj & Danville" 'kVR. Company, changing iof lice from Washington to Atlanta.. They went in the eating house at Chnrlqtte and eat everything : up. There were more than one hundred and fifty of them . - TWENTY-EIGHT DEAD! . i A Horrible Wrock dn iha -.Wj : at 2.30 Last N.gbt. ! IT. 0. atolhcExpohiMi at a Small Cost' DEP-IlTI&ENT. Kiniasr News Catherad' in Thi3 and OUier States. Ranie cart- aii.l In ixwiry is ia r :li.i tl.-i.nif, HanOuj;, WEST, FKY AND LISSTSS KILLED. State Auditor Smiderlin andOtliers ln- jarcd Ashcvllle Fire iepari ment on Board. s icclal tclesram to the Watch mas. ";.! STATESVJtLK, N. C, Aug. 27, 2: 10 i. ro. A terrible wreck occurred at Boston's Bridge, two miles west of Statesville, at 2:30 a. m. this morning. The entire tram plunged from the ri-wtr into the creek, from a height of eighty feet. Engincir Wm. West, Hrcman Warren Fry att baggage master II. K. Linster, with twenty-five passengers were killed. Among the number being W. M Hous ton, of Greensboro. Among the injured aie State Auditor G. W. Sanderlin, Col. B. Cameron, of Gov ernment Staff, Tatrick E. liansom, A. L. Sink and wife, of Lexington, who were married last night at that place at 10 tAdock, and John Brown, of Salisbury, employe of railroad shops, of thid place, and U: E. Johnston, the newsOioy. I ai mers l.m tiii"nc m in iiirir UWI1 wngoiiM from almost any part of North Carolina. Carry provisions and camp out. Camping ground can be secured near f.iMsiiin groumls. Form parties id' a dozen or more wagons from the same neighborhood ami go and stay a fort night. Have your wagons covered with .1 a ..I. TA. ...w..r. .. 1 .i .. nnge their parties so as to meet at a eer- ; metals j s not rxohat.-; ue creates. l hat i e . . A i.r .1 . i... ... i. i ... . L . . . . i t lain liollii' on mo iinri ihiiiu ot'iorc i iiev j hi luMi.uiiiiu i ini nnsic vaiue. ...! i-irf e-nnn out lb-it ii.!it -irrwrJ-' ,,e d,,,lr ' Jrtntrs to ti.o surflsHnotUtr-K.lltir are lj sl.tll, camp out ui.u niglil Trrm adiel to il weulia of the wo.lcl." IUKU ill! :urijr .-IUI l iui lliu glCUli v:aj!i tion. Prepare the wagons so as to kce vi Anj I'uin u-Kiuiii.uH piinuir.; it is h ti a creator of soil i wealth It Is cl.ilrrifcl That tin prnm on !?' nut silver n?"lnT. jrw- it c.v rj if goil In tSIS on tlie l'Jflrt:- i?naT nmnimre tn nwr The Asheville Fire Asseciatjon who were on their way home from their meeting in Durham were on the train ami it is supposed that many of them are killed. Never in many years has such a wreck occurred in North Carolina. The town is completely overcome and the telegraph offices are crowded with peopl-e eager to know the latest discov eries. Dr. Whitehead left here this morning on a special tralii for the relief of the wounded. Another special left here at 2:00 p m. this evening for the scene of the wicck. The train was evowded. Dr. Whitehead has telegraphed to the directors of the hospital to have all things in readiness for the reception of wcuuded, who will be brought down .tboul 5 o'clock this evciuu';. f'mwliiffor Snmitrh walked hack to S atesville and reported the wrick, then it's'inl; (lnu ii iii an unconscious condition. In the death of Mr. West the n.ilroad has lost one of its best engineers, being 'in its service twenty yeai's. His wife iias But his hunger for the palatable dish was j j,een ovcreoine by the sad news ami is ....... - - i - i - i dry during the rain; and, if convenient, ' a .1. 1 . . . I Have eioin mao; so ua iu nave a lime tent for a lressing nom lor the lad'n s who accompany ine parly, lhcrc will he separate grounds lor persons having ladies in their party. The grounds will be staked off and a guard kept on duty to protect the property of the parly while . ... .i: . I T. r. . ? -. tney are aiteiiomg in rsur. lveii ii it takVs a week to make the trip fitun your home to Baleigh it will be a pleasant drive in October, and you will sec new country and new people as you are on tne i rip, ami mucn u interest aim in struct. Even the trip with vour family and friend to see the capital of your ysiut will reoav YOU ten limpo nvcr You will see tue City or oreat Oaks, tle magnificent capitol building, the Gov ernor's Mansion, the deaf and dumb school (which will give free entertain- inioit Tor the miolie). nt. Marv's ami - - - . - i'e:ip. insLiinies lor vounif iaiies. i c - 1 f-i , ... . t ...l -T.. A I .1 Ai'iuicmv. tne insane .sviiim. ine Slate Agricultural College (where the farmer lioys are being taught many useful thiugs). the State Penitentiary (one or the nnesi ouuaiiigs tn tne feoutii), . . t .! IT . 1 1 . ... . tne electric uj;nuHiii ciruiriuu tctiur, which in I heul selves are a marvel of wonder, and many other interesting feniures .which ull North Carolinians louirht to see. Go to Kajeigh with your own team, l? niuepeimeiit ot notcis, Tsxay WHAT is m We learu that the old Barriiisror miie . . has been bought by w-stern capitalists,! i. . J J 1- A. 1 1 t T . anu iv.i, .tney win ocveiop me mine. This mining property has been standing idle for some time, not because it has been exhausted, by anyf means, hut be cause of a disputed title in some av. This is aii old mine nbd one that was and is very rich. It is reported the old man B.irringcr of all bail several nail kegs of ucarly pure gdld sitting under his bed, which he had mined from this property, along the branches. His pick which he used in digging was completely plated with the precious metal. This mine has been rtanding still for some three or more years, but we hope by this exchange of hands thai it will go in ac tive operation nsrain. AVhen work was last suspended at the mine as rich beds as were ever found were iust in view. This section of country is traversed by this same vein. One frequently pees an cient gold holes, dug, perhaps, more than a century ago. Khsttz & Rcndleman want all the dried fruit, berries V vvnnt vnn tn L- nrnv wo will fiV VOU 33 KJUch affords. Eighteen years ago we Iwnn business in this town and by always paying . . - . .... .. n mi 1. ' .... .t . it... t....i cash fiir what we botiht and sticking to our motto, --ipc ,iesv kww " r' moiicv." we have been compelled to enlarge our store six floors filled and paeked with the most desirable goods V cte., tiroug1it to Fa'iebu-v. for them as the market rooms until now we have SALISBURY has ever seen. We have the latest styles of Dress Goods and arc nnxious for lh& iHiieM to kcc incin. we are prenaie: 10 wu si'wwis m x,.. , iiny other hotise in the place, look ai some oi our prices ; ai, vui ,,v. It is reported through newspapers that Mr. Boyd has sold the famous Carolina OWII team, l? uiucpcimcnu oi uutvin, mu I . .. as long as you please, and go back homeQlltcu "" located in Burke county. I I .. i.i.-lio.r Kilt k ulto1l 1,1 u I l.y ...nrtAiif O 1 MtAAl !- rt 1, . I Our ofiTcc" was visited by the official. shapcr of the Dur-t, editorially, printer devilistically, last Saturday: He came with blood in his eye and with the full intention of Hying on our flimsy hide for to their printer that the paper was about to bust. He soon cooled down, however, when he surveyed our size and the height of our windows from the ground. He says (he Dart can't 'bust" because its financial bas'sls better than ever. That's sufficient.' Long may it live. 'Come again, brother. as lollj; as juu nru."-, .lini ii. n.iv iiuiiiv;- Nt'"- i ; j- without its costing you but- a small Fr the: property he received the hand- ii-iMMinb. i sninc stun ol aiz.u t T!i:s is News. Mr I. Yale :, i;i t!u lower part of th: county was walking-over his plantation a Pfew days ago and. he came across a large onossiuu. Thinkintr it ih chance in life time to have a feast, he immediately attacked the 'possum. In the tussel Mr. Yates had a linger very nearly torn oil. A moiiir the amusements will be bal loon ascensions almost daily, where men and women go up to a height of two thousand feet ami jump from the balloon by tin; use ot what is called a parachute, a kind of umbrei la-shaped contrivance. You will see the glass workers engraving on glass; the making of pot ware; the weaving ot ciotn witn tne great looms; the distilling of spirits of turpentine; the . . i ..i .i. ii ginning oi couon wun me smallest gin I'vcr loan ii fact ii red: the manufacturinir of artificial flowers; arlists painting pic- . ll'.l A. . .A lures; the marvel oi ine present century, ilw. SwiiiOi Hick iLiilrond: the ircut dis plays from the Southern States, among which is the interesting l loriua exniint nitli its live :i libra tors and its tropical o fruits' I be StaLe of Texas, w ith its horned Tlie MuMiit. Mofyan !nlil Miniii" Pom- f '- -- o ... - - n --- ri ii v. f Australia, is the larire.-t 'ohl f 7 - o - mine in the world at present. Its pro- -l . U lli It . 1 -x ttuct lor tne nan year emmi wun ;uay JJlst. 18'Jl, a-reirateU 1,7(),(HJ0 at an expense ot lesiS than SO;U,tJK. JM ore- over, the tliVHlenils paid lor the perioc jif,ri"'at-ed SI. 170.000. or more than Cb n o -ii per cent, of the product, which, we must :ny, is a belter achievement than is shown in the yearly reports of any Amcr- 1 .1. t A lean goui mine mat we can recan at present. The output for the half year in tpustion was less than that of-the first half of the fiscal year by 22,1)21 ounces This mine has now produced 841,37-1 ounces of gold. WILL GET twenty pounds of the whitest sugar for $1.00; coffee, 20 cents; seven grades of flour; I resh hams, crackers cheese every wee at lowest. riv-. "'" ' - - We have a stock ot hoes equal to any anywhere along the proioscU route of THE It. & S. - A ii i c . .i t :..1.S n.l j Alwnva mnlrn rtlir stnros Vn"Ur ll"t"adoUrterS, VII KIIIIIS Ol fCIll) 1' III .IIDIIillg UWiaT'iin'-J" " - . . - i even if you don't want to buy, it will give us pleasure show you our goods asd tell you how cheap we will sell them. In our backjot jou will Find feed boxe for your horses. I - - - To the wholesale trade we offer special inducements. . v x ours niiAiuua iu t.-i .v, KLUTTZ & ItENDLEMAN. leonard's PARLOR QUEEN 35 I have for fen years leen seeking terms by which: I might bc ablo to have an OPvGAN consthicted dillerent from those which have, ocnjn tlio market, and I. have at last attained thejnethods so earnestly soilght; - THE SERVICES OF THE MOST SKILLED OEGAN-EUILDERS of the United States have been secured, and the proprietors of one ofthc. most ... ... - -.i ii i i r. naa'mt ' mo i iv 111 v enterprise - The Hourishiiig lactones in tne woriu nuvc Organ bears the following title : - LEONARD'S "PARLOB QT3EEN.". frogs a i:tl great jack-rabbits almost as -T n . , 0 if teoitt s I The Neave School of Music . ... now lying at the point of death The fireman and baggage mdster an both young men; ihe frnier is f Salis- ';. E?lit7.r IVimnoy . passed through this city "Monday -.night en his way to lial eij;li. He had been tip tlie W. N. C. on lii-iness.- M:-.s. Dr. (ieorge Cope started to Tennessee last Sunday evening for ' her .-two little iH.ys who were placed .there 1 the doctor some time ago. - f The delegates elected from the various Fymlay schools in the City are attending the eu'iuity convention at Grace Reformed thuTcTr' "to-iiay nuid to-inorrow. Mr. Charlie Ritchie and Master John 4 - Smitlideal siient Sunday in Norwood-. ku'ithdeal, Taylor & Co., will open u iiiirdware store in that town this fall. He on'.hand to sec and hoar the grund rallies. Salisbury and -Norwood may uevtr have another such opportunity. Turn out en " masse ut both -places and show your grit. The charge to the grand jury, Monday, was fine. Among other things the judge said he dfd not want men on lire jury who had nothing to do at home; iu other words did not want any loafers. Mrs.-J.lVTloucchc and Miss Maguie Bowers have opened up amillinerjL store in theseeond story of J. W. Bostiau's : fctore. In connection Airs. Kouecue luns a dres3makiug establishment. - Our kind friend aud noble townsman, Dr. J. F. Griffith, is certainly , due our congratulations forthc excellent address -of welcome which he delivered at the Dental Association in Morchead. -Thc race' track at the Fair grounds is about completed and willprcsent as line a piece f work as "can be found any where. The track will lie what money and labor. will make it, judrtHously ex pended. ' The rallies at Salisbury ami-Norwood next Tuesday and Wednesday will" be big things. The (citizens of Salisbury have, contributed liberally of their incans to makefile Salisbury meeting a success. . We arc sorrv to hear of the death of Mrs. Henry Peeler, which occurred last : Sunday. Slie was very old, being some where in the eighties.' Her husband died a Tew months'; ago at the age of ; eighty-five. . - Quite a contrast in the appearance of the weather Monday .-and Tuesday.. ' Monday was so hot the mercury was ; fairly qoz'uig out of the top ot the ther mometer. Tuesday wc saw; a. man wear ing an overcoat. Auditor O. W. Sanderlin has accepted a joint invitation from tho Rowan ct r eran Regimc-nt and the Fair Association committee -to "deliver an address j)ti f Thursday of Fairweek, Octoberthe 22d, at the Fair grounds. ' - If you want an organ or piano see the new advertisement of same in this issue. If at any time you want anything in tlie line of any of our advertisers give them ' . a call. We know them iersi.Hially. They T will serve you riaht. not to be overcome by the sight oV blood He fmally overcome his game, and after carii:tg him home ami having him dressed up the Miimal furnished him Uny and tlie latter of Stated ill food enoimli lor himself and family five Ainonu the injured days L'ictateV. ; .ki"Av.v'i F-rwin Tiueshci- Messrs. Hyde, Barber and Kestler closed, their lifih au.iual tour for a por tion oi Cleveland, Mt. Ulla and Steele ai e bei n; some of our ;. V. San lust liiiown men deiliu and others. The cause of the-vrcck is not known, but it i-; supposeil that some s'otmdrel had pulled the spikes. The truth is not known here, but it is thought this stall townships, August 18th. Number (Ji '"oiu..-ul : bushels tbredud, wheat, -10,711; oats, ! train has been rocked frequently at tins i place. x . ,. . The hospitial has been put in'readiness and the good women of the town are hels. Reported by 2.4'JL: total, l.'kl hook-ki eper, J. C. Nail. Barber, (I lodman & 0,11:5 bushels of whea. l,.j;;A bushtls for J. M. Harrison; 050 for Samuel Becker; lf,S for Henry Brown; 4o7 for (i. W. Co? riher; IMG for J. F. Car Vigar.: L"JG ior J B. Parker; '.'Ml for John Turner; llltt for Hope Shuliubcrger and iiS8 for William Heal, We stilMioie to hear from each thresh ing crowd in the county. Y. M. C. Hall. 'Monday night last, the Young Men's Christian Association opened a reading j . . :., ( lw.; .. 1, o 1 1 rPIir,- frvA i n 1 1 V PvtMlil : 1UUUI ill .IIVI1 lit. II. J.I.VJ VViVMLIIJ .. . . . . . an iuyitation'to all persons to drop in of evenings and to mingle with them in so cial as well as Christian enjoyment. They receive the very best of periodicals, both religious and secular, both weeklies and dailies. The -loom is open at all times exccDt Sunday nights, when it is exacted that each one has a church of his where he "will worship. The roouv has a fine piano and orgau,juul 111 connection an organized Choral Lnion, -which works in sympathy with the asso ciation," If -anyone has any hooks not especially used by them, they would be doing this band a service to donate such works to the library. Many have re sponded right liberally in this particular, and it is hoped that they w ill continue, that others may see their good work-. They will certainly have the thanks of the association. imany other features' which would require an article much iarger 1 nan mis 10 oe sciibe, is only a part of what is shown inside of tho Exposition Grounds without any additional charges. The many fea tures inside of tlie shows, under-cover, inside of the grounds, are wonderful. The woman who turns into a skeleti n before your eves, as it were, is a marvel to behold. The woman who can live midi r water, eiiting and drii.kin; the Indians 111 their wat-paml; the l hinese, Japanese, Turks, and people from eveiy poilionand country on ihe globe will lie of interest. Miss i be great Ex position Mid you in". 1 in. in 11 mil mi i 1 til' vor. r lit'i'. far enis should take fnudo carry their chil dren to M-e- this gieat Exposition. Do not work all the time anil ihcii die with out enjoy ing any of your labor or allow ing your children any pleasure. Enjoy il while you live. (Jo, Me the sigliis, and go in your own conveyance and save expense Tho.-e. w ho do not w ih to sleep in Iheir wagons can secure rooms furni.-hi.d with berths and bedding at filly tenls per day, as buildings aie spcch.lly erected on the giounds for the puipose. Those who desire to secure camping accommodations can write to John T. Patrick, Raleigh, N. C, before they Marl and make all arrangements, or they can find tlie camping grounds by calling at the gale ot the Exposition giounds Space for each wagon or team is ropeo oil', and has a gate to close it up, and each 1 .1 .1 .... .1 ... . 1 i 1 mt r 11 .1 :. 1. tin iiw. enclosure is inunnciin, i. The following report is given as the ,,,,1i,mmc with- , . , Ui'llMH.11 proceedings of court this week: lout special permission from those who Jesse Manuel, a. & b., guilty, 4 months ;,re with the team. All should go pre in iail; Will Jenkins, larceny, guilty, 1 pared to slay two weeks. years in penitentiary; Tom Khadrack, Will rcEt-tne tutorial work on Mol Cay, September 7th, 13S1. DAVIS SCHOOL A MILITARY INSTITUTE FOR BOYS and YOUHG MEH. Co.. threslud They threshed ready and w illing to do all they can foi the poor sufferers This Ms all the informatiou we haver been able to get up to the time of going to prcssj, ' Court Proceeding-. r till l,IHUV L4IUI o "W"J l!Oimpiete!ri,iiiratoryrourso. llfrtiorou&h Curse In Civil En- InttTluir. rial conimrrciiu Courso. It-ldtT.t Sur'cob.s K -knrarl Inr mi'iliriil iillfiilinn. C'ai.KX Ci.Mt Hand. Iuetrudlun 1:1 wii'ic .nut Art. Practical cuu;6u in 'lVlivrapby. VERY LOW iv A 1 r.. Kor JtrKister, with U rms una purticvlaxs, uartsa Locatiok Famous Col. A. C. DAVIS, Supt., Liauty au Uxvm.t ; WINSTON. N. C. , r5 THE r-ORTH CAROLINA Collet of Apiculture Mechanic Arts AND will ltt-'in its thii'l session on SeptLinbir ::d. S:tl iiiei-1-a.-.eil facilities ami eiuipm'nts I'l... . . ,C I, 111 I.V1IV 1 1 1 I i:l 1 I lOl-ll L . 1 in: run""'" year has irivi-u further evj.Ii-iui- of its pnielK-ai value, ami its vomit? mea sue uhea'ly 111 m.ili'l f'i- lesiiinsiLle 3:(ilioiis. Total o-l $100.00. Kaeh (i(i!;?y Superinteii'ic tit ot t-'.ii iii'u t n in iu exannni: a:iilieants 101 a.iiii: ;. 1 i . saai. t-or i-atalu JK-.-. ii'.::ie.-, . - -r t- r -r 1 t tt 1 i. ALda. U. UULL1AU.11, rresiaeni, l'.AM'.KJII, M Eh larceny, guilty, 2 years in penitentiary; James Newson, (white) laiceny, guilty, 2 years in penitentiary; Sam Jones, f. &r a., guilty, 4 mont hs iu jail; James lieal, a. & b., gu'rlUy, G months in jail. It is RupjioAeJw hat the grand jury w ill be dismissed to-day. Court will udjourn about to moirow . Oca. Cjrcely to Visit tli South. Our Itally. It is not a week off. Prospects arc bright. Let's make a grand success. Come forward and show that vou are in earnest altowtr w hat ou have been talk ing. Come in great numbers to show that you are a unit. Let your actions speak. We are working for a grand principl'.J Let's tl-y Hot make nnv mistake. Let conservatism guide all our actions. Let's be firm but not rash. Accord to all men that self-respect whielv we ask for oui- selves. We hope that all arrangements will be made beforehand, so that every thing will work smoothly. How Avould it -be to meet at some definite poiut and then all march in one solid phalanx, to the speaking grounds, with our national president leading the way, taking scats in an orderly, becoming mrtuuer and j-await the feasts before us? 'Wc do not mean to dictate to the committees who have these things in charge, but it simply appears to the writer that such would be nice. Allianecracn, one word by request, doirt for (jet to bring your baskets, YOU. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorii The Dentists nt Morclicjul. The Southern Dental Association by invitation of the North Carolina State Dental Society, held its twenty-third an nual meeting at Morchead City, August 11th to loth. j j 7 ; This organization is composed of re presentative dentists of all the Southern sUmIos from Maivlaiid to Texas, with quite a large number from the Western aud Eastern States, who nave oecomc members within the past few years. The entire membership numbers about seven hundred. IV tw ecu two ond three hundred were present at Morchead. The meeting was called to order by the president. Dr. (1. F. S- Wright, Ol JiOUtll Carolina, mm ,".niifil with nraver bv Ilev. Dr. Skinner, .. V. iTitiKt divine from Raleigh. An address of welcome was delivered by Dr. J. F. Crillith, or this city, wnicn was re sponded to by Dr. Stubblefield, of Nash ville, Tenn. Many interesting papers of a scienti fic nature were read and discussed. The clinics were largely attended, operations requiring unusual skill being performed. Dealers in denial supplier, n i'ioii, house of the kind in 1 1 1 .i - - - - j ... t'nis countiy, were present wun a line display of various kinds 01 insu oiuem.-, ..... ,.-l l.v t hvrrnfeSsioil of to-ihlY. On Weduostlay uignt ine niaie j.urmm Societv .gave a banquet in honor of I heir quests, tho Southern ueniai .'isouiauun to which were invited oiner prouum-m persons, divines, lawyers, physicians, alliancemen, politicians, Cic. ine lai heelM dentists lid thorn part v. eii, ai.o su far as we arc able to judge are not be hind their prolessionat urctnicn 111 any ...-t ;.ti l-ii- wlmtsoever. 11111 viv " " . .. ...... . -I ll.n Dr. (irilhth lntormeu us umi cr.iithomers and in fact all present, agreed that this was one id their most ueeessful meetings, and were, loud in 1. ;: for their North Carolina brethren. 1 . . .... 1 ... . . Being Very busy in an oiuciai way a in ntliaiieemanJU'e have not the time to mention many things connected with the dental gathering which might interest our readers, oniy to say that they were as line looking body, of men taken as ;. ivhole as we have ever seen tog-liier. Gen. Orcclv, lho"tcToTTno United States Weather Bureau, and the com mander of the famous North Pole explor ing expedition, has consented to visit the V..10 h .1 n T'YTiosii ion at Kaleiiih. N. C, and delviver an address. The Expo sition is to open October 1st and closes December 1st, 18'Jl. Oen. (irecly will . 1. .;.. i. nn i 11 1 i-'-;t i 11" address, and it lit II I I ...v-.x....--- - I Sir. i r .fj p ) ta l&&siZi r f J,-.i2Jii r Fire in the! West Ward. TZZZIr of th8 MMy T tn:it for thorfe who are so fortunate as to be present at the Ex position at that time. . m m i Helping the Soiilh. The northern railroad officials and the northern editors are doing much toward making a success of the Southern Inter state Exposition which is to be held in the City of Paleigh, N. C, October lat to I 1. ... 1...V Itf i,l A K MeClure. editor of tlwH Philadeliihia 'Times," writes the man agers, "I will do all that can be done through tho Times to aid the Exposition in the North," and this comes as a vol unteer ottering from Col. McClure. The Pennsylvania Railway Company says: " We will do all we can to aid in making a success of the Exposition. T Uli tn p-ill the. attention ot mv iriends to the fact that I have deter mined to consolidate uiy business atone point. ThcrefofeT ha?e closed my up town store and am doing business en lirely at the store on South Main street near the Salisbury Cotton Mills. lien I have a full line of Dry Goods, Notiens, Shoes, Groceries and Provisions. Coun irv nrndnee, a soecialtv. I want nn un- " j i 1 limited number of chickens and eggs at all limes, for which I will pay the highest nrice. Mr. A. A. llartmau is with me and will be pleased to wait on4iis friends? Hespectfully T. J. W. liKOW IS t. :.. K.o.,... in r-iitivato the voice alid much easier to situs with. It is easier to tune the violin aud other stringed instrument with and haves tho breakage of many strings. The response isso quick mat tne ima l""' ";v vy.! perfo. mel on it. It is so easily pumped and fingered that a live year-o u .... 1 . 1 I ! 4 .,..,1 MiA V- At'U 11 tit manipulate it. It is especially adapted to the souinern c.iu.awe, u.m J " ' warranted not to stick. His sold on FIVE YEARS' TEST and if found defective I agree to make it good free ofc barge or replace it with a new one. Write mo for particulars and mention the WATCHMAK. J. S. LEONARD, States vi ud-:, N. 0. EAMES s E ARHHABDT IJciliuny Academy. The pummer term of Bethany Academy will last four weeks yet. We are having a better school this term than any pre- ..o 'I I i ere has Deen a uauy ui- V IUHO "Hi i - - tendance of about sixty for the past six . .... Mr. II- A. Holshouscr has h;s tonacco barn about finished up. Ho has au ex cellent crop this year for his first. He w ill begin curing some of it this week. i.... f v l; Ti own and C. A. KoSC 1W ' . ... will be at the entertainment ot tlie v . H & F. M. Society, of St. Peter's ciiurcu, September oth. Mr. C 11. liarriiifoi ivh-u""i was out to see his friend, Miss " this section, last Wednesday night. He seems to have some future enterprise m Vlinv. , The little son of Mr. G. w . rai K bitten bv a moccasin last inursoay ..o I :.. Jriimr iw-rv well now. LfcVfc Col.l Hill, August 24lhlS01. James Edward Lai.icr, the smallest m,.n in the State, if not in the South, will be exhibited at the exposition am . r. ...It.- .ill rvr ihe country. He is ilHl I HilKl.T 11 1 vi - - .ltaleih-born and bred, 21 years o.d last Februarv stands a Kd ... incn. ...wl v-i v c ever hltle lellow. Kim tll'll I" ' ,1 - - - s CUronivlf- The Enter prising urn i- ture Dealers, Are .receiving new poods every day and wi.ll furnish your houso from the kitchen to the parlor. Wc handle a full line o house furnishing gods. V e RECEIVE TO-DAY x nice line of Walnut and Oak Suits and will sell them at price to suit every one. We have the pretticM anu non.iet i.ik of Bedsteads ever rillereil for sale m Rowan county. Don't tail to see tueiii. Don't fail t see our Park Sits fin $35 lo $15. Tbev are beauties: Don t buy any mr- niture until you Have om stock. U will pay you. Our trade ha men ascd to such au l-v tent that we have found it NECESSARY TO ENLARGE and have rented another room near our . At-oiit nno YYe' will uive a cash discount of K) per cent, for the next :K) d.iys. ome r.mi ce. our large stock Our are good quality and we will make the prices suit Yours with best wishes, EAMES & EARNHARDT. OIM AT mm i Wo arc closing out the remainder of our Summer Clothing and Straw Hats at cost. ' We do this in order to make room ior pur , Mammoth Fall and Winter Stock. Come and sec us and you will get a ijajigaix. We have just received a nice line of men's and boys' Pants, dark shades at all prices Also a new assortment of shirts o! alL kindsat low prices. We still keep a lull: lino oi collars, culls, tiunks, valises, etc. We solicit your patronage. Yours anxious to please, H.

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