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Carolina watchman. volume (Salisbury, N.C.) 1871-1937, April 24, 1907, Page 3, Image 3

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VHE CAROLINA WATCHMAN. Local News Items. A farmer of the county stated this morning that while the fruit was nearly all killed by the recent cold snap h"e did-not think the wheat was seriously injured. Charlie Shaver, who lives on route 8, about 7 miles from Salis bury, has a horse 27 years of age t hat seems to be as strong as any horse much younger. The horse does as much hard work as the average horse. - As a rule a horse of this age is incapable of work and is turned in the pasture to get ail the enjoyment possible out of his few remaining years. W C. Crutchfield, former agent here of the Southern Railway Company, who has been located at Greensboro, has resigned his position and will become traffic manager fcr the Cotton Goods Shippers Dispatch Company, A revival meeting is in progress at the First Methodist church- It is being conducted by the pastor, E. K . McLarty, and considerable interest is being manifested. The pablio is cordially invited to at tend. ; John D. Barrier, of Concord, the former editor of the Concord, Standard, will address the Con federate veterans at Orgaan Church on May 9th. Alice Poe, a Charlotte negress, was arrested by officers here last week She is charged with lar ceny from parties at Whitney. Mrs. W. B. Strachan has gone to Fort Riley, Kan., to be pres ent at the marriage of her sister, Miss Fan McMeely, to Capt. W. B, Scales, of the United States Army, which will occur on Thurs day, May 2nd. Rumored Improvements at Spencer. It is rumored that the South ern Railway Company will estab lish a locomotive works at Spen cer and will manufacture its own WnmntivflB. There are also ru mors of a Pullman car works and other things. These may or.may not materialize. There are so many reports constantly being circulated as to what the railroad company intends doing that one need not be surprised at anything he hears. KILLED AT SPENCER. A Southern Fireman Meets His Death In a Collision on the Yards. 1 A collision occurrred - on the Spenaer yards yesterday morning and Fireman T. Is. Royall, of Greensboro, met his death as a result of the accident. About 5 o'clock in the morning a derrick train of three cars had a head-on collision with northbound reigbt train No 72. The trains neared each other at the north switch on the yards, and the crews of each train seeing that a collision was inevitable, jumped, with the exception of Royall, who was fireman- on No. 72. He stuck m m ' " t l to his engine, whicn was naaiy wrecked. When he was taken rom the mass of wreckage it was bund that his left leghad been badly crushed and mangled and that he had received other serious injuries.' The unfortunate man was brought to the sanatorium here where he died about 8 o'clock. The remains were prepared for burial at the undertaking estab ishment of G. W. Wright and ater were shipped to the home of the deceased in Greensborro It is reported that the crews of both trains were disregarding or ders when the accident occurred The railroad company will Jnves isate the matter in order that the blame may be placed where it belongs. OUR VOTING CONTEST. jirorsFor Jlext Court,1 : -;i . v-v ITnllnwfnflr ia ft liofcnf fVio -inTnTl Mr. Burragr Seems to be. ln the Lead for the next term - of the t Rowan SOmevnatiy. DUt 51111 Dig NOpe TOr Uiners. Superior court, - which -convenes With this" issue the Watchman's onthe firs Monday in May : . ? voting contest takes on renewed First wet k. A Parker. J M Mc interest as there remains only one Corkle, H A Lewis Klattz.'Jamea. short month more m which the W Miller, KerrFoster, J W Bost, contestants may do battle. There T A Cartner, W P Goodnight, .D will be five issues in May and V Poole, F J Childers.Frank June 1st, the day ' on which the Hoffman, W T Rainey, J Milas contest and low rate closes, will Stirewalt, G W Frix W H Craw be Saturday, six weeks henee. ford, C R -Morgan, H L Foster, This is plenty of time for a new Rufus Peeler, W C Goodman, M candidate to enter the field, me- F Turner, Leo C Wallace, W A teor like, and carry off the prize.' Agner, S A Toweli, 0 Minor, And the prize is worth the effort. James A Bailey W D Buckwell, It iB not always possible to make T H Kirk, B V Fisher, H W Shoaf, so much in so short a time, for James Foeter , PJH Bernhardt, J the oppottuuity seldom lingers so C Safrit, Wm A Basinger Sr, J P long. Remember success comes Harper, Wm M Lefler. to those who try, so if you "do not Second week.- -O M Holshouser, try you can blame no one save Julius C Holshouser, John C yourself. Get in the race and Goodman, F L Palmer, G W you will be surprised at the ease Earle, W F Turner, J A Rice, M with which you can obtain votes. M Bailey, G F- Hough. H Harper, The votes to date stand as fol- Levi Trexler, D -L Freeze, O Q lowsT Harrison, Jno A Peeler, M D Lef-j Walter Barrage. Richfield, ler, H S Petrea, George A Bost, No. 2, N. 0 , . . 52S,UUU B J Goodman, Henry W UauDie, T. W. Watkins, citry. No. 1,-18,150 j w Trxler, Geo A Boeer. J H Rev. H. A. Trexler, Man nmff. . Miss Carrie E Shaver, Rich field. JNo. 2. JN, U Rev. N. D. Bodie, city No, 4 John C. Goodman, Ores cent. J, S. Blackwelder, Moores vville, No. 3 A, Ernest Miller, city, No. 5. J. W. Keplev. city. No. 5, J, C. Holshouser, city, No.6. Wm. M. L. Fesperman, citv. No. 8. Miss Dovie Beaver, Rock well. No. 1 2,475 2., 100 1.025 575 425 A Boger, Carson, C C Dowell, Calvin Deal. The First Gas Lamp. January 28 is an interesting centenary, that of the first ex perimental lighting of a, street with gas lamps in England, for on that date, 1807, through the gOO exertions of Frederick Albert Win 225 sor, Pall Mall-was illuminated with a series of these now familiar sources of light. Winsor's work was the develop ment of the earlier experiments 150 and suggestions of William Mur- 125 Lwrtr. a Scottish minme engineer employed in the Redruth mines, rwnnroil Mnrdoek aDnears to ' M. . ., , , , -t at.iwr.1f.mlim1r.m--. Residence .of the late Isaac Lyerly, who, with his-wife, son and baby, was murdered by negroes on the night of July 18th, 1906. Photograph by Kluttz & Oates, Salisbury, N. C. 225 210 Of Interest to Old Soldiers. The veterans of the Charles F. Fisher Camp of llowan are invit ed to Salisburv bv the Daughters - I wen rio l of the Confederacy on Memorial John Howard'. Sah'sburv. . '. uekyt iuo LUbii May ui uxajr. xx. dinner, will oe provmea Mjnem . rf . , , . and Crosses of Honor will be dis- . v,a fit tn anwflgtthftt tributed to thote who have filled A of the , Kvange heal "IlTn tabe. in their app.ication,. The d- eran 8yDod w,l. be he at ner will be served at the Uraded """"" 7 ...ji.. nam11iaa!,aniAn. School ate a Memo, oelebra- May 1st. Rev. H. A. T 77 tion arranged by Mr Griffin. Ptr of the church and all Ln- S "nM ... Th.r. will be an urator for the ther.n. w,l. be warmlflwelcomed. vhlc'j2tt a Tmoctinmiii on inforoot.. overiihe Cornish moors at nignt. occasion, a tun attenaauce 01 tne :- rtrtr,0;0fai rtf Kofr veterans is earnestlv requested. ing one and it is expected that .""""T .: Si SH Mbs. John S. Henderson, Pres'dt Robert F, Hoke Chapter, 2t. U. D. C. The Quiet Workers. In every community there are good men and women who are un noted- and unrenowued.. They hold no office, they serve on no committees. When officials are to be elected their uames are not suggested. When honors are to be bestowed no one thinks of them. -Thejr are quiet keepers at home or patient daily toilers in honorable vocations, living hum bly on some qui t street, with a few flowers by the door, but God keeps his own tally Bheet of the citizens of a town ; and there is a possibility that when tho day of honorable promotion comes the ortunate ones will be of those who saw but little of honor at he hands of their countrymen. God's estimate of man does not depend upon how much he pays ger front foot for hiB property, or how many stations of responsibil ity he has held, or how costly an automobile he drives. Ex. there will be a large attendance. Speakers On Benificiary Edu cation, Rev. C. B. King, Rev. C. A.Brown. On Missions: Rev. J. ..hi. . i. il. r..u:- to. onanKS, Xiev. viej. o. xarueu. Hill DU IU IHB UilUMIIHU. Bnnoflnonoo pov T w Capt. Barker, of the Kowan Ki- Stricvler. Rev. J. L. Morgan. fles, has been notified that the n Ordination: Rev: 0. Diefen- First Regiment of which this dQrf Rey H M Btowq. company is a part, will go to r i i rt i r j Moreneaa uny ior a nve aaya eu- pi... c.irriyit Cnlk a mi k kJ Boternor Glenn Suggests FolK. p.amrtment. and will eo bv boat r j O mt I . from there to Jamestown to spend Altnougn governor vienn, 01 the rest of the ten dav's annual North Carolina, is not unmindful . -I r . i r . a til J. A.Z encamoment. The regiment will 01 tne iacu inai, me preset, riv it haw nniform and ment oi tne uemocrauc party : i. u:i i. n,r u.a Ufiems to favor the nomination of equipment' wuiio au iu.uioucvi. - The encampment will take place Bryan, he does not think the na i . - . j i . i. a : t u it.innai convention wouiu uaaKW a Died In Nashville. "NTfiws haa reached here of the death in Nashville, Tehn., o James Blackwell, and instructions were sent to. have the remains shipped to Salisbury. The de- had been at work at the Spencer at the exposition during North mistake if it should go South for filled with paa and fitted with a o tube, at the end of which the gas could be lighted. Carrying the bag under his arm, Murdock used to lighten his way home at night. On .meeting any one it is said that' he would give the bag a squeeze and thus send nnr. a innor tnn?iie of flame. This UUU M v 5 O lart fn Vii hftinff looked noon as & J A V w a A. the demon of the Cornish moors London Globe. - New Linen Fibre Front Brazil. The Brazilian linen plant is ex pected to exert an important in fluence upon the textile world in the near future. It is a common weed which reaches a height of 18 feet in 12 mouths. When care fully cultivated it matures with in three m uths, andean yield three crops iu a year. T I: i fibre has all the qualities neces sary for high-class use. str-'ugth, fiuene83 flexibility.. and adapta bility to blea.hing.'deing, etc. . Every pa t of the plant can be used for some industrial pnrpose, more espioially for the manufac turing of writing ppper. The cul tivation was commenced by thf State government and it is said to have emerged from the experi mental stage successfully Chi cago Tribune. Bodj of Uiss Pendleton Recovered. Stonn Va.vC.April.--The body- of ; Miss Mabel v Pendleton was found today half a mile -below the Bridge over Jackson fiver, at Clifton Forge, from which she and her lover, Stuart Gay, jumped to their d9ath on"-Thursday last after being turned back at Staun ton while en route to Washington to be married. The body of Gay has not yet been recovered. ' One Rhode Islaid Senator. Providence, R; I., April 28. Until January next Rhode Island will have but one United, States Senator, as the result of the fail ure "of the Republicans in the Legislature to agree upon a can didate. The-joint assembly ad journed tonight at th3 end of the 81st ballot, which Bhowed "that the deadlock was " as complete as before. - The contest was the most pro tracted and stubbornly fought in the political history of the State. Twenty-five ballots were taken at today's sitting, none showing any particular change in the line-up. SALISBURY MARKETS. .Plans for New Battleships Signed. Washington, April 18. Secre- -k m- - 111 iary Metcait today signea tne plans and specifications for the two 20,000-ton battleships to be built for the United States navy. They are to be of the general type of the Dreadnought of the British navy. The plans will be sent to as many navy yards and such private ship-building firms as signify their intention to make bids. They will be sent out on April 20, and bids will be opened on June 20. it VINOL nnrrentpd weeklv bv D. M Miller. - Apples, per busnel, $ l zo to $z uu Bacon, sides per B, 11 to 11J. shoulders, per ib . 11 to izji , ham, per K, 14 to 16. round, per tt, 10. to 12J. Butter, choice yellow, 20 to 25. abbage, per lb, 3 Chickens, per lb, 8 to Corn, per bushel, 85 to 90. Cotton, per n, 11. Ducks, 20 to 35. Eggs, per doz, 14. Flour.straight, per sack, $2.00 to $2.25 " pat, ?3.uuto Guineas, 25 to 30. Hay. per. hundred ft s, 50 to 60 Hides, green, per lb, 9c. to 11 Hides; dry, per ft, 10 to 12. Honey, per lb, 15 to 20. Lard, N. C, per lb, 10 to 13. Meal, bolted, per bu, 85. to 90 Oats, per bu, 45 to 50. Onions, per bu. $1.00 to $1.10. Potatoes. Irish, per bu. 90 to 1.00. Wheat per bush. 90 to $1. it heals trie bronchial tubes and remedies the cough For centuries old-fashioned cod liver oil has been prescribed by phy sicians the world over for coughs, bronchitis, weak" lungs and consump tion, but many could not take it on account of its useless fishy oil. AnTnne can take our delicious cod liver preparation, Vinol, which, con- taUlB all lUB-Ulculvmo . elements of cod liver on acuiauyi taken from fresh, cods' livers, but no oil. and wherever old-fashioned cod Hver oil or emulsions would do good, Vinol will do far more good, . Try It on our guarantee. . T. W. Grimes DrugCo. William B. Bmoot Blamark Capri SM00T & CAPPS, ATTORNEYS & CONSELORS AT LAW Room No 6, Court House Annex, SALISBURY, N Practice in State and. Federal courts. Handle collections, loan. money and handle promptly all business entrust ed to our care. hops. He left here last weeff or 1 Carolina week. Nashville to secure another posi tion. So far as his friends know, Vio moo in trnnfi health when he Uw VT M B left here. Sentenced to Death, Gus Lee, a negro from South Carolina, who was arrested here in January last by Ed. H. Marsh, HiEsWai ROBBen. has been convicted atOhester. S. Pete Johnson and Dock White, C, of murder in the first degree, two negroes of the swell type, who jand has been sentenced to be .ha ton nrftflnlnna of their handed on June 7th. Lee was at JXTO vii v- o race, were before the -mayor's work at the transfer shed here court Monday on a serious charge, when Mr. Marsh captured him. Jim Williams, another negro, Ha filled the description of the charges them with holding him negro wanted at Chester for mur up at the ..p rint of a pistol and der and proved to be the right making him turn over five dollars, man, Lee is said to have mur White claimed to be a detective, dered a negro boy in cold blood, and threatened Williams with a ; ' variety of things if he did not Lutheran Pastors Neet. shell out. Both men were piacea . T.ntll-an Poafnra AflHnma- tion of Rowan county met last week in St. John's church in Salisbury. The officers of the as- Nei Advertisements. sociation are, Rev. C. A. Brown, Ai W. Winecoff has a new ad president; Rev, N. D. Bodie, vice- in today's paper. It may con- president; J. L. Morgan, secre- tain something of interest to you tary. Among the the ministers , c, , t i n present were Revs. Geo. H. Cox, The Salisbury Jewelry Co., Ai ' t i.u- - ; J. Q Wertz, Fisher, N. D. Bodie, ca Is your attention to things m r ' ' ,rnmn n T , . -l. - C. A. Brown, B. S. Brown, C. L. theirlme- I Morgan, J. I. Morgan, V. Y. Moore, the dentist, Boozer .Parker. H. A. Trexler, its candidate. At the National, Governor Glenn said last night : The South is entitled to this May be Will Harris. Danville, Va , April 23. Wil Harris, a negro, is being held in jail here awaiting the arrival o officers from Smithfield, N. C, where he is wanted on the charge of a felony. Harris was arrested last Saturday night and placed in j jail as an important witness in the Pairs Men's Odd Pants 1m. . t A TT 1 1 TN 1111. . m . il i i A iu I An m i i i n t v a iiuiri it recognition, and it will not be '8 "cuu"-- ; very long before a Southerner is woman, wno was uea w u,u u. chosen as the candidate of the crowa oi warn uoy.. Democracy tor the presidency, first thought tbat ne was tne same There are many able men in our Will Harris wanted m North Car- section of the country who are oiina, ior muruer ui u -c-worthy of this high honor. Per- head, a negro, about ten days ago. Honallv. I do not think a better i ne cmei oi Fau lWu.uulu ' i . . i i j ri. mft nW be fleler.ted than Gov- came to ine Cly auu mvs Go Bar gain. under bond for their appearance before the Superior court. ernor Folk, of Missouri. He is clean cut, his heart is with the people, aDd he has "doim things, and the American people like a man who does things. I believe the Missouri Governor would ap peal to the American people as a candidate." Washington Post. ining Harris, stated that he was not the man wanted in Greens boro, but was wanted at Smith- fiela. Harris is also suspected of being an escaped convict frDm the North Carolina penitentiary at Raleigh. Mrs. Dr. Moore, the will be herejnext week. The Salisbury Drug Co,, change oi ad this week. Belk-Harry Co.have a lot of nice spring goods for .everybody and they want everybady to know it, so they advertise. ' Attention it called to the card of Messrs. Smoot & Capps, attor neys and counselors at law. These vonncr men are well eauipped to attend to any business entrusted to them and are reliable iu every particular. Blen, W. M. Kinard. A num has a dt of questions relative to the work of the pastor were discussed. Dinner was served by the ladies w of the church. Hat Pin In His Body. St. Paul. Minn.. April 22, For eight years, John Welche:, now aged 18, f Grundy county, la., has carried a 6-inch hat pin in his body, ' which traveled around causingjexcruciating pains at all times. Today the pin was - .taken out by surgeons. It has Wanted. I will pay ?JU per montn been increased ia accumu- ior iarm nanus anu luruisu . .. - . , . - An , . ., , j. - t lations of rust and natural de nouse, wooa ana garaen iree. a. - . . L. Thomason, Route 7, Salisbury, posits. Welcher bids fair to N. C tf." cover. " Seconds in Pants consists usually in the front and back cut from different bolts and are a little different shade, and you have to examine very close in many to find any defect. We have 150 pairs of these seconds, worth from $1.50 to $2.50, YOUR CHOICE, 98 GENTS and $1.25. The "Unwritten Law." x Lynchburg, Va., April 53. Judge W. G. Doving, who late yesterday shot aDd killed Theo dore Estes at Oak Ridge, the country estate of Thomas F. Ryan, was today admitted to bail in the sum of $5,000, the bail be ing allowed by Bail Commissioner Payne, of Amherst county. Charging Estes with drugging his daughter, Elizabeth, aged 19, and assaulting her wile in a drug ged condition, after learning of the alleged incident from the lips of his daughter, Judge Loving drove some eight or ten miles before lo eating the young man and he shot him down with a double-barreled ahntfirnn. without waitins for the victim to explain himself. Judge Loving represented Am herst county before moving to Nelson in the Legislature," and served as judge of the county court of Nelson until that court was abolished by the new consti tution. For three yearsYhe has Died of Ptomaine Poison, . Wadesboro, April 28; As a re sult of ptomaine poison two chil dren of Hugh Jordan, of this place, lie dead, while he and Ms wife, togethet with their other eight children, are, suffering in tense agony. The father and sev-1 eral children were taken sick Fri day, two others Saturday and the remaining members of the family Sunday and Monday. Drs. Ben nett, Ashe and Ross were called and spent last night and today! with the stricken family. No trace has been found of the per son that will in any way indicate its causes or Hb nature, but , the symptoms convince the doctors that it is a severe case of ptomamo poison. Special to Charlotte Ob server, . UMBRELLAS 25 CENTS. Big- stock of Umbrellas, all kinds of handles cong-o, boxwood and fancy steel rod; extra good value. Price, v. 1 25, 4Br 98c, and up. WIRELESS UMBRELLAS. Everybody knows the little wire is the weak- - 4 TTT -a A 1 - J est part ot an timoreiia. we nave inem maue without it. Try one the next you buy, Price, 98c and up. FEW EXTRA SPECIALS. Men's 10c Socks in black tan and red at" 5c Men?s 15c white foot Socks, at .... 10c Extra g-ood value in men's Negligee Shirts at ..50c and 1.00 WasTi four-in-hands, at 10 and 25c Malogo Hats, Boy's, . . . . . - 5c Malog-o Hats, Men's extra wide ... 10 and IDC DRY GOODS. We have lots pf g-ood values in this depart ment. - Best Calico and Apron Ginghams worth cents at 5c Fine selection of Dress Material in fancy mixed goods, also in black- and blue, Price . . 48, 75, 85 and 1.00 SILKS. . White Jap Silk at . ...... . . . . . . . . . . . 25c 44 " 36-in wide, at.. ..39 and 59c Beautiful patterns in dotted Silk at , ......50, 75 and 98c Cures Blood, Skin Diseases, Cancer, . Greatest Blood Purifier Free. or fo,U of humors. If you have blood poison, j zema. Itching, risings and bumps, scabby, plmp.v, uuue paiun, cauirru, tuoiuiir 4.tnm a. .nv hlnnA nv Rktn illannAn. tnko Bo tanic Blood Balm. (B B B) Soon all sores heal re- nii.i .nit nalnn nfon and th blood, is made pure and rich Draggists or by exprer s tl per , I Tised for chronic, deep-seated eases, aa lt I ib annermtendent. I enrea after all elaa taUa - I Our Millinery Department is a wonderful success. We are selling more Hats than ever before. Stylish Hats at reasonable prices is what you find here. It always pays to trade at , ' CO

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