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Carolina watchman. volume (Salisbury, N.C.) 1871-1937, February 21, 1917, Page 2, Image 2

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1 EMPEROR HAD TO MAKE WAY WOULD ABOLISH HOME WORK j ' mark thettreets. i 3rd. 1379. L Salisbury, N. 0, Feb. 21, 1917 "The boy life and girl life of Salisbury is at stake. Do your part, and do it now so that the campaign may .close tonight with ample funds to provide for the nomine- two Years' work. It's up to you," The above falsehood is an ex tract from a half-page advertise ment, set in big type and scatter ed abroad slandering Salisbury Royal Hungarian MaH Cart Had Prece dence Even Over Carriage of Ruler of Austria-Hungary. A good story is .being retold about the late emperor of Austria. Arrayed in the ordinary garb of an Alpine hunter dark green fustian jacket and short breeches, gray woolen knit ted stockings turned down below the knees, thick-soled, nailed snooting boots, and a-soft gray felt hat orna- j mented with blackcock feathers and a chamois "beard" Francis Joseph often spent -hours unrecognized in the f orea or on the mountainside. One day, while driving from one shooting-box to another, he met the mail cart, the driver of which was lustily blowing his horn in order to clear the road. "Get out of the way!" shouted he as he came up to the emperor's trap. "Why not get out of the way your self, and let us pass?" rejoined his maiestv. - ... "Because," answered the man, "tne . royal Hungarian mail, cart gives place neither to man nor tne aevu i "You are right," said tne emperor and intimating in the broadest way possible that the churches J ng, and tossed him a cigar, and, oarents of Salisbury have ; cast the boys and girls of the BEST PLACE OF RETIREMENT community out to go it as they may and that without pity, shame or recourse. This is a slander upon the community and an injustice to the good peo ple, the churches and other chris tian influences that have been so effective every where since the christian era. Such stuff ought to be denounced and resented by every good citizen in the city. doubt Salisbury ttas her quartc of the bad element, but the above statement is false, misleading and slanderous. One'e Own Soul Superior to All Other Situations to Man of Well Ordered Mind. Danish West Indies Bill WMi By Tha House Washington, Feb. 19. Without a roll call the house tonisrh passed the bill to coutinuetem porarily the present government in the Danish West Indies and appropriate $23,000,000 to pa? Denmark for the islands. The measure provides that goods con taining not more than 20 per cent of foreign mateial would be ad mitted to the United States frc of duty, but an export tax of $8 i. ton would be charged on sugar exports, A bill to authorize tht President to set up a temporary government on the islands, an 3 providing for investigation of the needs of the people mere has been favorably reported in the senate and the leaders expect to pass it and work out difference between the two measures in conference. PORTLAND CEMENT. Jrortland cement manufacture is now established in South Wales on a large scale. In the extensive area jfrom Penarth where the new fac tories have been constructed, west ward, beyond Aberthaw, cement imaking materials of such nature and .quality jftre found that the product from the district has already estab lished for itself a reputation to be ienvied. The position of Great Brit iahf it the markets for Portland ce ment is illustrated by the' figures for the year 1913, when the largest pro ducing countries were Great Britain with 3,000,000 tons, Germany with te.000,000 tons, and the United jStafes of America with nearly 15, uo,ouu tons. JUST STUMBLED ONTO IT. Director (apologeticallYV I meant to tell about that hole hi the isround, Jim. Screen Actor (climbing out) sxo ma iter; I found it. ( GOQD PLACE. "In the,magazines sent to the hos- ipital I found come with a lot of so ciety beauty cuts." "Took 'em to the right place to lhave the' cuts dressed." Men seek out retreats for them selves, cottages in the country, lone Iv seashores and mountains. Thou, too, art disposed to hanker greatly after such things ; and yet all this is the very commonest stupidity; for it is in thy power, whenever tnou wilt, to retire into thyself; and nowhere is there any place whereto a man may retire quieter and more free from politic than his own soul; above all. if he have within nun thoughts such as he need only regard attentively to be at perfect ease; ana that ease is nothing else than a well ordered mind. Constantly then use this retreat, and renew thyself there in; and be thy principles brief and elementary, which as soon as ever thou recur to them, will suflice to wash thy soul entirely .clean, and send thee back without vexation to whatsoe'er awaiteth thee. Marcus Aurelius. AND COST OF LIVING SO HIGH. Lysander, a New York state farm hand, was telling his troubles to a neighbor, and among other things said that the wife of the farmer who employed him was "too darned close for any use." "This very morning, said he, "she said to me: Lysander, do you know how many pancakes you have etthis mornm'? I 6aid, Uo, inaHinvI ain't had no occasion to count em.' Well,' she says, that last one was the twenty-sixth.' And it made me so dod- gasted mad I jest got up from the table and went to work without my breakfast." Prominent Educator Likely to Have Solid Support for Drastic Change He Has Advocated. Many parents will feel that there is sound common sense in the sugges tions made by Professor Hall-Quest of the University of Virginia in his addresses before Rochester teachers in regard to arranging school sched ules so that home work would be abolished and the amount of writing done by school children greatly re duced. Children in the upper grades in grammar schools have a great deal of writing to do and a consideraDie amount of home work besides. As the majority of children graduate from the grammar schools nowadays at twelve to fourteen years of age, study in the upper grades imposes a tremendous strain of the eyes and general health a period of life when it is likely to have permanent injuri ous effects. Professor Hall-Quest put his finger on the weak spot in the present school system when be said that children would learn vastly more if they were taught more how to study and use their minds instead of spending so much time writing. Much of the writing done is a waste of time because it makes no unpres sion whatever on the mind of the child. But the incompetent or lazy teacher finds it. an invaluable aid be cause discipline is more easily pre served when children have their hands occupied. Rochester Demo crat. . LIQUID LINGUIST THE COOK' 8 OUTING. Binks Shafer, do you know that woman across the street? Shafer She certainly looks fa miliar. Let me see. Irs my wife s new dress, my daughter's hat and my mother-in-law's parasol. Sure I Ifs our cook." Philadelphia Ledger. CRUEL SANTA. "Well, Johnny, was Santa Clans good to you this year ?" "Naw, he wasn t. He brought me a violin, and now I've got to take les sons and practice an hour every day' BAD NEWS FOR THE DOC. "Well, how's my patient this morning?" "I hate to worry you, Doc, but I feel pretty good this morning." Puck. "Pa, does whisky talk?" "Yes, my son, it knows tongues." many Selling Spectacles As a Business jvs. Fit ting Spectacles As a Profess on Many use simple tests for de terming as nearly as they can what glassest lie eyes can wear and call themselves opticians. Ours is strictly a profession, we use sciemlfic tests thawilj find the cause of the trouble and glasses are prescribed that will strike at the evil and overcome the cause. The new game of the Boy Scout aj QX TynniTig muuoa wujcviia vj xwuuw- ing written directions is developing the fact that many cities in the TJnit- w3 Qfaf am mtaTa9 ahnnt TiTiffiTi or signs at corners. The Boy Scouta of M Kansas City recently hiked 17 blocks before finding a sign telling the' name of the street on ' which they were traveling. WITH RESTRICTIONS. "I say, officer, can one speed on this driveway V "Sure, sor, but ye can't race un less ye go at a walk." QUITE ACCOMMODATING. She Sir, I cannot accept your af fection. He Very well. I will be quite as well satisfied if you return it. Alrays Gome to Y Make our stare your Headquarters when in We are always glad to hsve you stop with us your bundles here, and if you need anything in Salisbury, and leave Joo.U Browo, OptD. CHINA QRQVE, N. O. Dry Goods, Coat Suits, Millinery, - Shoes or Clothing, you cannot find a better place in thh section to get it than at our store. We show a well Belected stock and moder ately priced. Always come to our store and get posted on prices before you buy anything, Children's Dresses. Why bother with sewing when you can buy the dresses here al most as cheap as the material. Children's dresses 3 tP 6 4 to 14 years Nicely made long or short sleeves Price 4-0, 50, 59c Children's dresses made ot amos keag gingham beautifully made size 6 to 14 same price or last year only 98c Hi SPRING GOODS We are daily get ting in New Spring Goods. Crochet Threads. You cau always find a big selection of white and colored crochet threads here J & P Coats and American Maid silk finish crochet cotton 6 spools for 25c J & P Coats O N T mercerized tatting thread all numbers 5 to 80 10c a bail CMC, American Maid, Star, Columdia, Royal Society and its tatting threads in white and colors for 10c a ball Always trade at' ILK-HARRY 400 Typewriters All hindandallKrad. REMINGTONS l ii rk Tnot rurf iaai ttriih ffcr-ti mliinA Triu and rei air DSrts for all make ol 1 1 Tviuwriten EMPIRE TYPE FOLNU- fl RT, BUFFALO. N Y UM6 Ipr M STAMPS THE STOPPER. . HOW BROWN HAS FARED. I Chubha Have you heard Brown'a llatest joke ? 1 imbDe xes, it s ratner worse jthan the other one he had. Judge. i - j WHEN PROPERLY DRIVEN. Knicker The camel cannot pass (through the needle s eye. Bockgr But the reindeer have no trouble getting through. FATHER'S CHRISTMAS. 'Well, what did you get on Christ mas?" kecount was overdrawn." Lottie He wore my photograph over his heart, and it stopped the bullet. ' Tottse I'm not surprised, dar ling, it would stop a clock. Sketch. A HINT. "lightning rods are like waiters." "How is that r "They won't give good service un less they are well tipped. BUSINESS FAVOR. "The manager did that singer a great favor when he gave him a rec ommendation as to his singing." "I should say so. It amounted to indorsing his notes." IiUes to Creditors. Having qualified as executors of the ! last Trill and testament of Mrs M Lou tk' -fwv T,V W wriu. in fcu uo nj u persona f110 J-iU"i having claims as ainat tne saia aeced COSSIP OF A HAPPY HOME. ect to file an itemized, verified state ment of same with the under signed on ox before tha 26 th day of January, 1918 or this notice will be pleaded in bar of their recovery. Perrons indebted to "Hia wife always gets the' last ea-ate are notified to make prompt kroid j settlement. r-yrJBSm 5 uoiutuy kcib last. KU . -r t -j litgaiwning the door." . Ikas K Etmi Swi ngk fxeCQtors - w &m li 1 mmm r'ijKjj are easy to find and easy to jmmmmmmmmmmami " 53-i!i read by the Rayo Lamp. T" "Tv jj It gives a steady, mellow light, w- ' ' wmrrT S rtffcm est r the eves minus ths KhJ flicker of gas and the glare of I f If f ffjv.ijijS No troublesome lamp-shado or III chimney to remove when U Use Aladdin Security Oil the pHfjj" I ' fijj " iriii'iT most economical kerosene oil I , e't wl - i 111 d " ftr best results. L-MMmww-w-wwJ STANDARD OIL COMPANY I (New Jersey) I BALTIMORE, MD. I m Wa8hinpton,D.C. Charlotte. N.C Baalmmmmmt Norfolk, V. Charleston, W. Va LmbHZHIIJ Richmond, Va. Charleston, a C ri M mi M Get rid of dandruff it makes the scalp itch and the hair fall out. Be wise about your hair, cultivate it, like the women in Paris do. They regularly use ED. PINAUD'S EAU D QUININE the wonderful French Hair Tonic. Try it for your self. Note its exquisite quality and fragrance. Aristo cratic men and women the "world over use and endorse this f anion s preparation. It keeps the scalp clean and white and preserves the youthful brilliancy of the hair. Buy a 503 bottle from your dealer or send 10c to our Ameri can Offices for a testing' bottle . Above all things don't neglect your hair. PARFUMERIE ED. PINADD, Dept. M ED. PINAUD Bldg., New York riuunmnHiinninininnmuiHiiniunBi cOny x Hosiery M M M s MimxiiuiuiiiinnHiiuiiNuiiiiiininuuiiiii Yon Get GOOD Value at ANY Price Silk Lule or Cotton 25cto$5.t0 per pair Emery -Beers Compcmy.h t53-18t EAST 24th ST, WHOLESALE NEW YORK fi s fi 9 TT ROWAN HARDWARE & MA CHINERY CO. a M ri M M M n ri 11 a n General The old established line of Johnston Harvesting Machinery, the Bed Rook Island Drag Harrow, the Sunny South Cotton Planter and the "Little Dutch" Sulky Plow is being continued; a stock of which we have in our warehouse at this time. These farming tools are so well and favorably known to the farm ers of Rowan and adjoining counties that we feel it is only necessary to remind them of the approach of spring when the cultivating of the soil requires these implements. There never has been on this market machinery that 4s better adapted for the land in this section, and in the purchase of any of the above named machinery you can be assured of not only getting the best that can be obtained, but some thing that will really do your business. Don't wait until the very day you need farming machinery but let us have your order now. Everything we sell is unconditionally guaranteed, and if you make a purchase from us through misrepresentation or otherwise, you will confer a favor on us by making you complaints known. Rowan Hardware & Ma chinery Co., 11 'JPSftOBO.e ITJL5 fSSS -JOB PRINTING Done Promtly and rightly at the Watchman Office. ' Give us a trial. M n P M ri H M M M ri 1

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