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The Wilson advance. (Wilson, N.C.) 187?-1899, February 11, 1881, Image 1

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jTho AYilsoii Adviiitcc I Anvr.nTJMt; uathV Ono Square 1 tinir ll.OOf j One S.pnre 1 mo tth ,.?.3,5 j Our Sjnare 3 month 5,00 Ono Square C mouths 3K,0O' ; Ono Square 12 months ........l,oCf Liberal deductions made for larger sr j Tranint Advf rlUementi iuscrted t T j Cents per lin. r - AC: "-- -1 r vA 1"V AT ili'Y t'KiHAY H' Hi IK IJV j:- ill Tin: i:vu r.ior alm sr r. a tuy (ormvs. thv ,oirs. Ad na :-nrs.M t2.a 1.0 JV 3i. xo. v s- ;fjff If 1 5SP it I. ut I1 I --j I t c, 5! M r ! i :' : J. .T. Mf.j, w 1 i live 1 ra: ,'ia. Xa- i N. ".. iJi,-.; -' ".'h. Aged do y.-.r-.. a V.-s :. h'l 1:1 .., foe.r did h 'II, lnt.liV l Lril'i- ' ISif-'lJli tllf ll In-.-., Jan, She 77.'.j'i. .-','' I Willi Her M.i:j. L.v-t Friday rdg!. -cm. person or , ' m McGowan, who cam? lo Wilson persons biukc mV twii plauhs of M' II. .; fyvv years ag lo work in C. Uarnes" W F hvard--;" reattrurtV and entered c vi0p. loardctl with Mr. Win. uu'l se:itUrc-l thirds :i.r.i!u.l pretty j S o:oy . It w.t rumored before Mr. rn oimiiTio.Y. Tha Retail-License Qnestion in Wilso i Cou-ty. Monday t!io Coutitv lung, Larry Amcrs-vi, iarut1 Gay. Kerry tarry Hykin, Jas. T. S;nith. W.ish. i'ug col., Co:tlr ykin. T.J. I). l'Htc, Wilev Birnfs. T.,hn A. Clark. .1. M. rnhojnr. W. K. Farmer. 0. R. lionfrow, Jonathan Hectional Xews. NASIIVILLB. 1. 1 .i lrot!i;,c j.iilv. A. puiloc'k, a Carri ig : Xo'.Iey died that tl.ey were too inti- ers met in the C CUM Burn"1 M l)'it,. Dt'h Cf UH Infant. County Co,nmiont.f 2Iit;:,j. .! :- . :.( .1;" i: ill tln .- 1 1-;'. ( i '.. T.i I'm 1. . i'i 'ill;-!. .j -.viand's. :n is almost to fi ' ! . Mr. W. I):ivU, r.f n'i.itakcra Mi!!. ..a-:i Com - i v. uia'M! year wi t i .i i . i 17 1-aN-S'ii' cu'::, ! .rrels of c-ra i f ) - j 1 i i -1 s o I 'i! atues, an i had l! aeie in eimfjn a:;d V.' acres in wu'.er-ne-1 iiis ail of v!i:i.U liesj l men tended. xiiom.mon .ir.. .). a. i vnes. nil lani ov.ii House m tins n,,rc w. v vc. ..i i a. e.uo pa a;',l a hl lo a por- , ,n ltc. ITcltJ soon alter Mr. Volley 3 , placc an(l first actioll was to pu,8 &rJ Joraan Horn M y ; .. . . ciam Uetl!'; ro the only things that , death Mcffonan married his widow, ! a Juw wi,ica WinlU if carried into Dew. Ja.. T. WiL-in. Haroev Turbo ! A Mllo girl citt vta. S oU, tUi'U Levin Watson. W. J. Page, Irvin Kadfoid and l. llinc. :') ' i M;it, :; iv-'-. :ri of h.-. i.;t -i t-j ' A r a ineci ing ot liio Town Coiirviis 'I !tu-!l seed ioiior- hdd las1, l'ii lay ni j',t Mr. K 1 ward Water s was ciee'e 1 cofton weiii (.r fur the en vi n t vo years in aceor d- !:-e wr n the ael 1 i-' i'a .Mi ssed 1 !V tin: II; Vila's i i ' i) i-ep e I U ad'.re, were s!.:-n. i .ijs was a iasiarwv ' nad influenced her to eni her nronertv Tt ..- v:nn,M,. .,-.!.;K t.r.- ;ael and if the tubals can be lV.nd ! i:cre a..l inovc to Scotland Neck n,lu0r aw. Soo Commissioners mect . p-miin.ent should be .n.-ted out lo , wil0re they bought a lot, and being dis-; i,.) This law, as will be seen by ; them. Oar p dice iien should keen i satined '-wKhont the cash in his hands ' reading it. would have put an effectual ; eyes open for such rogues who he agVin induced hsr to sell her lot for '. 9:p to lienor license in Wilson county, :iiC l'vor " a!'-'rL 1ljr a ooa chance about $700 or .80 ). Having the cash ' au,i tilC f,.;eads ami advocates of pro- ; to steal. i he movefi ail Hie lurniture to hip cm. , . , i . . . . . i ... , 1 1 1 o ii i o . l w e , . p.)t at iMoiviUl to snippcii to ilson where the' were coming t") live. 1 he bagorage coivdstsd of two large trunks. On the contrary the li'i'.i r de. tiers and in one of which the money was depo-s- ft -ierds of the tr.ifi i were Iiig'd)' in iied. His wife was well saiistie I that t.cnsea at action of t!ie Com:ni- ilic mo:ier was in the trunk. When . , , , , . . , , 3 , , . sioners, an 1 began to complain mtter- Mcvjnwan went to get the cuecks lie . 1 only got one check wide!, was for the , l that lll0ir 'll'cr,V ll 1 Vin trunk 'which did not contain the money, j away from them. Mr. I). 11:11. who There being- no other business the board adW.rned to meet the first Mon da in March. tor of Hannah William coL who resides cr. the land of lr. J. M.Karl V 1 1 ... .I...t1. in .anvine, was uuruvu m uii i i v i I I Is e.i 1 en ';, ,'..- ,; A' -A ii ppO!!it I'.M'llt.s (, it. n-ii in :ha:j:! !' N tsi.v'dle M. !;. Cmtr-ii . for 1 h,. u i h a! II A. M o 'i;:: ( .'.;! s'n.i . i I A. Vi "-I i, i lo---- I'll. I in l;l V N. i-i.'.i.V ::..! .-.!;, ii.iy. 1 1 A i: :' ' !. i. .i S ;.,'!, i li-lliivi:-a;. id, M;n,!av '.i 1'. M. J'tst !' CJrf. I I !ID. Y tin1 iM- 'f .T:i ). !I. Tiio n; s iii v. lu .liiii lv Lawn i ',i;h tri.-d ty j i-l;i-f I'avis. 'I lie e :- 'a- oce ; h at rrc ileii -ia' inlrii'-l, and nriaa." 1 la a da: n of p'lainliif. ajTiiu-t the tk-fendant fr! toll, an.i h.i-;i:i.4 and lui' lu !j;ih-- of cut- to. i Lat in.'.u and his wi:neMts l'naL in lia i hronglit uiily f ur bales of eniton tn in n k.-t tlii-. sm-ii t on- ofw iiii-li was iuia-ii at l'i ;'-'r "in. an i I itiv;- at TJiornn-." n. !o-n Ta-im... ned I'"Ur bales hiai . .. : . . l .... 1 .. , : .1. i M i ' inn ; ' 1 1' ill' i 1 1 ii:- i- Honi nri-;iiii M. and 7 1'. M.i l'ik. In c-tabli-h his e'a'nn 1 A.M. !,c;ir' :i nit-re ninli. l. f fa''t t!i 're jiving their praise to the Commissioners for their n Vde action. 1 f you w int nuiii'but Hew Seed to Peacek iS. II c t a f. Sunday morning tl.eGthinst. Hannah and sister F.sther have thre did ben each. The women were both away from home cooking. llannalr at Kev. J. T. Lvon. nd Kstber at Mr. J. C. Harper'3. ' The girl, L'uzie. in stooping over the tire got. so neir that her clothes look fire hei Ihe ran out J. T. Lyon, 1 1 is supposed he kept the check for the 'lias been retailing lirpior near Str.ii- tiMnk wnic.i had the money m An Lujit-' A:r t.i i'iun. l'nn la-t number t I harper! Monthly emita'ai- tii ' f ulluwing, wlii.-b is ealculatf i ' to the JenCe some 00 yards from th toini-h a l ihoto who do not know ih ; ha'o- ! house and then back and tinder the of ourlYunhive r.aptisr iru-n.b: bed and tV'in fell on the floor. Father's -Oi.l f:ipi,in Stanley, who liv.s down I boy nine years old ran to Harper and in ii..- miiid e of K.ntnv. vs a pood el 1 i l4jkl whr lhat b!,rD,tl r .... I ...Onnn. tilt 1 limit Ul . 1, . , 1 .. , i i II. 'it. Ilil I'll tlil.1H.HWII ard-Mifl i,i:ii -i i.iinviHii'ii v would I ... 11.. I .1.-1 l.or iiio tavs ;.c oni? nrtuvuvo i"'"" uni a n: v at in-ei -n.f ci o no of me . , . i Tk i not . i r i i- i . i i i ! tnrce imifs nuer m ini'. ' i tonsburii was refused license ami great lnvthrrn. Maur rears a- tln-j were not i . , . i..n,i . inf.r.t i . ! ' .... oeu U"i Ull II oil ninvii i.iiv" letlinir her know anything about it. , ...... iov ;.. ..rolnbiiion c.rjles. s eoii-ieu..nlv orihad.x on the temp-.- , ..,iV,., MrtI,.,r i,.,- i.n ........ . , tn no iiuiiu. nnuiii .-".'vii - - Phi' trunk winch was clieeked cntne ,;i to Imvi.: gin-!$:lfclv lo Wilson, and McGowan and If t.-.r wif "c with it. Findii.2 that but At this when everybody ance .iue?ticr as thf-y -ie incur lime. '"Oa , ... . cioluc, ereburnw I : i i . . -. . i i .. i . i . . was on the alert to hear of othe r who ' LX ' ' . ' 1 ' ' . off ami .he was the mo.t ghastly RM rer. dou u in inv ii iou were ci'out to have j.... 'lit. "!-,one trunk caivm McfVowau returns to had faded to procure their license, it , , "Ut.t,ui tl(). -vour V., 1 " I ki Tin cwa- en,!- ...! ; l . , cmii-.i .uiniin,,. a ni an ' of th e motlifr. on rnch:n koreo i LnUe'd to IiUiu up the trail., winch was aniiounced autiMritatively that ; faithful ie the nei,b0-l.o were expected 1 i rhnrl form htr ."iM.- 1 , M" " ),;'. " , : con;alu;s lUf my- 1Anl wa 1 C ,,ex ' the Commissioners had granted licenses '. to exert themselves to entertain suhatly -..( cllild wt.rL? indeed heart rendering. i.eii;i- was fm tuiaite in being able , U4, w,f, received a nostal card i . ,, .1 ... om. t.h. h. hv.. .,, ,,,,;,. ... 1 ' ll , UU(; t .1 r !to Hattsand Jackson in Wilson, and .heritably the vi.suu.g brethren. Tuorf v,milh Hales, infant only a Tew weeks 10 -a:i-fy huu-eii. by 1 -Img in vitne--e-, trom the freight agent telling her she J . . , , .. . , ,r , . .. 111. 1 . 1 r rnpt n lib,.'- tVcik ind others 1,1 in- 1U nict each oth-r ja-,t In-fore ,,hl died on Momlay morning. u,m n wa...-e t ;i.n :y. wi h the as:i ance ' had be tor come and see to shipping A- ni- 11 ae.v v.vrc(.iv, anuouitis , , . 1.: in 1.1 r a-.d X-.r . )! )-v'. o 1 '-I' '. y. I--;,; ',,, l'a;ier .it I -1 Mr. D. C. (i. An::s'ro!'g ii';.!'.- jJ r.-i was !a I We! Ine-d ay i.i'it l- Mi-s dan . mairio'i i Jet t ie ' i i:i I 1 !' 'i, I . i !ii olh. r (if ("apt. IJ. J. Lancaster, of mbe. II -v. L. II. Ld of :. The Auv.YSr.-: cingratu ipp . l'.iuiupM';i' w )'. h deei liiil in of her furniture, as McfJowan had in- ; perhaps, in direct violation of their I n ur.p-i'.i. liitinui appealed to the Su-' formed him that he was goiirjr to lonve oflimiMfC. peri : Court. : lor some unknown parts, upon the j recipt of this card Mrs. McGowan lelli for Enfield to make iiiyest'i-rations. j .S7- c" Jl tee CoVn.i. Mil. L. liarnes, dr., of Lounlree, bit. i s I In. youthful c i;tor upon iils giud i Ihiines i Co., and IL (l. Coai.or, Ez , John Ph)w:hui (n' '.s Talk. Hie grand gathering, one of them s-aiJ: "What are yon Roing to do?"' "Vl!,' replied the man "'I've laid in u This action of the Commissioners ,rnon Qt e,rt rate whisLev' i : j ! has been sjioken of very harshly, and j '-A gallon!'' retorted his neighbor, with ! many have accused them of lack of a look of contttV; "why, I've got a bar I back-bor.c and courage. It docs in- r amI J0!l j as ;l,,lc to s'llrt the ' deed seem strange, after passing such' (,'-l' a - 1 ,ua :t. again, to tin- j.' it 1 . . 1 ' .! . r, ui . - f I; .-:..' U",-,i Ih 1 g r : : M : 1 1 : 1 ,0 1 ! ? 1 . . . : an i- ss. d'!H"ii).'vV night February Hrd, ( )ld Fields lowiiliip, the kitchen Ti iorp and Annie ,'d m 1' ' :) a Vl-.;1 l-ts Ot t 1. W. a 11 : 'u 1 1 i 1 ' i..i- . hiis'.'s garden . Move ill 1 e IV.i- 1 I 1 r I a I . d. i-Cl.'AW k (!" I - C! I ' ll! I C' I ' t 1 i : 1 J ai 1 . a- 'e-r-1' 1 - i ii i.- I t-i as iu-d received the '1 e i l'ii ci ', 1 y e v i r iii m a call. Mi. A. 11. High was burned. h'hcu vlic fimtly rcti ied sune liro was 1 :'t in the lire plaoe whicii caught tlie . i'.'ior a:nl i:u!ivi.i!'. d l'ie ira.'.Uu 1. l-.y- ; er tiling was lo-.t. So insurance. 1 i We y mpathiz.: with Mr. High in his ; i.-s. , ! i I Old Fiel Is t-.v: I- cbruary . I it, by ; 1 . I , i Mr. L. A. IL di to M,.s b.u best whhos are cU;ii led I t hi.s con.'il irnots iri Ii1i-I been ! l.! i.t l?..!..i.rl. .rlmrn !,., I " V ' I"""" - " . I I. I : ... I I I... i 1 ' ipubiisiiing John li.Mlghm.ufH Talk, by a biringent law, w.oci. tou.u ..o c . Hal,Wu.U bv I nkhi- ut him rroi.; bd.iad: j gone 1:1 the irterest, of the petition : u. Spurg 'on. an eminent and learn-1 misunderstood, thaS our Commission. ; nlC oI of C(,at WOnldhang j wnicii has I con eined by nearly, if1 cd divine of London, and we are ers con,plce:y turned their back on hv.ver than the other the 01m in whiee he in "ot quite all, of our merchants, and i pleased to know tuat nrut otonr su'5- j tjie5r first re0Jtioii and granted the ' carried his bottle. Kut the captain said iners are rea ling mem w nn mier- j I,heiv was one old brother down then- est and orolit. Li the Frctace to his-''- v-" 1 td'i oy a 1 . dcs:rous ot line iiuiiioei 01 utaiiieiq u ;ne ; havi ng the. law creating ; tao cttt-)ii vvciglxrs for, the town repealed. book Spurgenon says ply wit?: their requirements. It is not whose denominational views couldn't b ascertained i n that way: his t-Uirts hung 1 .. 1. I . . 1 .. 1 ;,, ,. n 'P. .11.-'' T Uvn . ,1 n.orn. 1.1 .oi. . , ,01. u .u..t , 3 .... om toji. exen a lottle in c-:icli pKiket.' uieu iu iaiK km oiouguiu.ju ii.. a ....t- . wl);lt 13 aen0raily ueneve.f. We can only add that it behooves ! strong (d I Proverbial expressions and , me commissioners 10 make home ex- IH , IMW wuvil 1 Where they are as "Vl! known as they are in this action, '."Te tlrhi!? it r-nne'ss iry to say that the things describe? in Il-.tper'.- County C' t.a isioners 111 session on Monday nno a good'y crowd iif town, llnta not hud timo to RCta report of their proceedings. Will do so in tini frt lvcxt week. A considerable quantity of cotton passed through town yestrdJ and to (lav g'mg1 to Wilson. V. 11. lituclrclor loaves for RichonWl ia a dy or twa buy a car load of unties. G. TLKNTCf N ASHES. llcur-f Losses by MvfOKttTavt'i'dl Insured. Full lirticuhn from onr Corresi)nilt'nt. KrSttons Advantic: On Wedncs -ni ."-ifii-ay i eema 1. K j . lary S'o:u- :i g ii .'J- Teacck A Ilar- young couple. May their 1 fe be de void of care and trouble, and may peace and happiness ever he alioUed to them m this vale of tears, is tiie sin cere wish of the editor. sii-.ej the above was writ ton wr received mon people. Hence refined taste and .-. re!,- m-;,,,. l.,r ui'i.r si.-.tiu- ii.:.!-. ih - i.iii i daititv words have been discarded for; n - -- - ra - 1 . 1 i 1 f i 1 . i 1 1 .' tin ;i : .1 . ii 1 1 i 11 Mil ill i l. !.. ..! - ., . I K.,.-r. r,-..,Tn.l 1-.1v- ! .vl.mnl win f. t 1 -, O e-llli' ? t ll 0 V (111 11 O t, oe5 II Ot I' X ISt ueigi.ers forliiMowaol Jfilson was le- ; ' I ' 11 4- -. I . , - in,ir,litl,r .bout. 4 o'clock the POOcf . .,, .. ., ...... .1 blows at the vices ot i?.e many, auu wi.a, to )C uded loo harshly. The ""l 1,1 " "-' IMI1"""1'1 1 r'v " " inea to ineuiemc inose morai virLUt-Si nvvxci- condemns no man, but. i)i''", im- illlMU,i: ,,'U'o- pC0uie ot tins oio, irien anu irue wuwb withoit which men are de Tailed and i " , ' i ehure'i, ;rml tl' leuutarion fet solrtiety i-1 , . . i.i.iI Af.,..U i 1 ... ..rn.Jj 1. t.ii.l COM.-iwvi. v-..-v-.. "',,.,.,..,:,.,,! , .,v .i, ... ..v. w.. , lie a'Jir. ll' 1 1 Mi.ii, in i in n , l'ii i .,..ii''i,,..i Dk I. I to the toiimg masses v.'..i;l-i not suit . the ooiMty. it (Cswe a i explanation ! we'd the pulpit and the Sabbath ; these and its columns are open toei'herof .vi in, iCM.icnce, in .-5 inuoga town- MoWly pages may teach thrift and in.las -hip, fi'dson county, on Thursday ! trv all the drvs of th-i we k, in the Cottage and t lie workshop; and it 'V bile ihere are -onie n:V-n!''oiis ci thv church who do not live up to t licit- rouuirc- JI'v A'i r. w'io has leeii it.w.u fi,r sonio tin a lo -tate. ui again ; , 1 in pa 1 -sc. .is hue. !) !.' I., ci .' '.' rem ii To er.a'de militarv organ.. -it ions and eiti.ens to attend t!i; Inaugural ( fiuiMtiies at Wr.shi'.igton, ). ('., o;: .March Id.. 1 s.S 1 , the following rates 1 veiling. Fel)rnarv 3rd, 1-S.t)l. d" L'acu- I monia, Louis Fitt nan, son of The(q!hi ; his and lieps -y l'iilman, aged about j -J years. I'.ie dvicc-asud was an hon j est, peaceable, hard working young j man, attentive to his own business and j not meddlesome in the a M' airs of Ids ineiehhurs. Cut down in the vigor of ; M:e CommissJoncrs for -.u.y cxplrjiia tiuu they may desire to make. some learn these lesions I shall not repent the adoption of the rustic style. rio'KjhriVin is a name I may justly claim. F.very minister has put his hand to the plough ; it is his business M CETING OF THE BOARD Oi5 OOUNfY COMMISSIONERS. Last Monday being the first Monday to break up the follow ground, and ; in February the county Commissioners manhood cast in good sec 1. That I have writ- . rne -,n tj,e (jourt House in this jlace I en in a semtJmmcrotM vein shall j. r ... ... , , n xv , j need no apology it mercoy souun bcis, by the electric and heart fenc ing cry of lire! tire!!- Ail rushed lo men'..-(and in what church are all the mem- the scm and did all in the icOWer 0i .1- good a- they lmuld be?) still the greater I, mortals, birt their elforls availed littl6 p.-rtion of l'rMmiiv ItaptMs sre plain j. u,, whuie bUhinfr'H portion of Ul6 . 1 1 ............ .f .. ... l Miaini iiniuu, inn ic.-i , I'.-iiijMi ait .1.11 un.'v-suming peonle, at.daic highly re-pect- ed. Wc have noticed this beoau-e we tliotiglit the ''Tin.'' Z". oTfi' fri'-ii'a'.s was LTYirouiidctl, and decidedly uncalled for. I neeu lai tipoi'-ijiy 11 iiiciv,t.j o.ntuvt. , . . .lpV I 1 1-""' 1 1 whn life to him -as fullest j ,-,ioral Leachiu" wins a hearing from1 j I-'ne-. . ..'owaft el ncy ;iud t.,llii:,e, ui Peacock i, liargrave's. A ; ir !.wj 1 11'- ltV a'..." 11 .ant a i II l-ii:' 1 I .-'' - an ) mul--- : ii !'.:: , ; 'h ' l'.hh in-t . ' -ie.'k. I'.. II. T vs. . N"i"v 1 iome Sewing " r I'i ,' I c inuot 1 ;. nee. 1 v! !' I o t.:t. r. Ann' I."- lot oil l' 0 iirew A-. ut. nave oeen a iopted. to Washington an of hope an4 promise, his untimely the luillion. There is no particular : Deans were present. 1 ne loiiomng death iias cast a "loom over iho cum- I virtue in being seriously u'ireatibie. ! were' the proceedings ot the uoaru inn .1 it v in which he lived. He leaves leturr, !roui ( hdd.boro. lo; Military Dhnrrd A. OUIvm, Esq. i which arc of interest to the general j rcrvder copied horn the minites : bo lies in uniform 10. 0'.I; for Civil- d'o-ivet- ":d. and gooil 10 iclitrii until Murcl town now lies iu ashes. Mr. 0. IK Foy of (C. II. F. ii Co.) and clerk were s!eeiiig on the' second; floor of their estaidikhm'ctft. the smoko' awoke them and the runh'cd out lear- iing clotHng Ijvhi'nd, but 6uccecdcd In' All kinds f s-ed. warrant. -.1 to b fresh saving a small portion of tho stisk contained on first litin use less to attempt saving the house. The wind was .blowing South Kast and the next building caught was the one occupied by S. C. leooncc second door but in few minutes the one occu- A Wvrd of Ad c ice to Youaj Mai. Gov. Jarvi-, in his inaugural address, gives th fallow in excellent advic : to the young mc 1 of the Siate, says he: ; 1 LOU. Taibor.) the same. p-e- I go; tig vj;irch st to tue to the siiorn lamb comfort and tain them in their sore adlic'.ious. sus- pied by I'. C. Wuttukcr (-ion in-law of youi tovvismAu Win. Murray) was 7" mi1 vis. tor M aoA its ut.-r 'i'; to (h 1' ' .s-.'d t '1 i .t. ' A li-t of letter and povtal cards , ..: ta-. Xotias. ooiiy w: ;tten reumuunz m tne post .':.'',-.! Wii-on. N. (.'., Feb. tfih. 'M : Mr- A-i:,i:' A'.itis )n, J.utherford a wi!"e aii-d child and several relatives a id friends to mourn his h ss, and to ! rrt young fHend K l ward A. Oldlm. , On motion it was carried fty ft ttnan them wc tender our hea:t-f,k sympa-' . Vtuu-m Mr'wn iin0,H VGtC al1 'UV-' 11 Hi.-re i b-o great a tendency. I fear, thv. Mac He whe tempere.hthe wind I F. 'ii'iir'iomTrniiig ih ' propasetl ''P'ov Me- for Kctail Liquor License h'creal'ter ! among M.r young m-n to Lravc the fanns - t I ... . ,.1.1.,.,. ,f niinilrv Lf.M.A titl- . ... 1.1:1. .1:.- .1 ... v ' . 11 .:.: ..;i . .:ii.i ii'iinsii" " o'- wi."": , eiuii.u. niiii-.ii wa- puuii-neo 1:1 ii.-i; . it stiOU ii I PTCSC 11 L a pe Ll laon -.itu inv.- n'-j,- j - . i fl , York U ral I. of the lio-h of.Ianuarr. ,.,.. )f tho ,.e,Js of V.l families by- 'rmi""J comp.eic.y cn,e.oPo.i ., W e reM odecc it beei.e fr f;n 1 ., ; orable vocaiin.s in citi.. and towns; ol hers. soo thereafter the' new store (not oc o( Kjiio.incr it in oie tr. "'u. ........ i r whrre tr.e . . . i I .... in - i. vr.iv. v.. v..- , more amni I'.iis. or me sun no-en -;iv: iiimi i -.i, i,j ,.,.'..t n wfrA il JIl.lTlll il l.llll 'lib Ml. I o burnod to the ground. All the Ihiil. lings burned belonged bought cf the dorn- of letter- he had re nin i a id a: t t ove vw ni. St: p-.u i i" uesl r.i'C alway r-ite- of tra h' ! '..-I v !.ol v i o ,:, - 'dr, ' ia iuot t'ad.i.e.ab'e l a -i I S v V a !v lla I y .V to'- a : 1 .' r'v of L mis lV.p be -old at late ga tow!i-iii. ( i' . . i !. A:ro:i: s.d t w;ii be a ! ; -i'-'d, !!!!,!,' and . i ! an oi; i 1 1 1 j . 1 e a i of any of li c 1" . d the .-ale. Aru.-tr.m-j-, W K Lyrd ... tV.lnu.bns i'y.''.i:; M .'v Davis. Ahr-un Farmer, lla-'v l.ei::i-. Win L"C;s col. .hm .1ci. i" a. Loudtn, de( iuii e. liryant Moore. .i.; New-i.-me. Mi-s Mo'uie lVit" h'-'.is 11 l .o.-'l-a n i;l-!.;s. Mi-s Mary Minnw. (i W 1 home, .loseph II Fzr.le. V L H'lnuelean, 'rid" Win Wdliain.-on. If t'o- ni'ov.' '..'tiers and p',.-'.al card arc no! called 1..: ':i "' 1 day lie y wi! be -sc ni to the' .lead iettei oiiije. M. C. Dan hi- iV M. 7V.-N 's. 1 lie letter rra is IFntt.i: in Norfolk last week we ha 1 ! nangtoi.. to" pleasure ot met ting .Mr. Art .ur C. i Freeman, a popular and enterprising j jeweler of that piace. Mr. Free man j in.s ju-t rc)h".;i-!ic d ei-ive 1 fnMii various so'irees this w'a-r the loiiow.-, i Mil. WM, F. dll.L: expected lobe carried on. glory o pi'-f s-ioir.l lif-. Public opinion he ca:: luruisli auyt Said law to hold ,TOod out of incorpora- i- not altogether blaineU is lor this mi-take. i , .ii -v--. . .1 . i ne n.ui I iii-teu fo correct it i r ii oifui ia cu on- ico Lu-vus. . . . ... .. i fV.. i And it was further carried that those the-e you: men into failure-, and t- our ) ' uiZf , , , failures info "ice-. suf t-esfii t inner l.cliampioii fenjimin Askew who l)r w!io live in incorporated towns should , , . . ., , . ,, , , . , ,. .... , - .... or mecliauie IS none ur ie-- r.nv. u'..-. .. : (j O lU-iUratlCe. 1 1 IS lOSI now iit ir..:i-i.v. .get all the-torn VommisstoTiers therein i Yoar int ore-tin e mi'irinieatioti L C. H. Fy tv. Ck about 2.80') hu.nt.le " . . ............. - . . i Insured in.d .North State ?l.')0'l ana ' r . . 1 . .1 f .1 I .1. .a...- t,iU- - , . ' u ' " """ l" -- ' Iiis stocti so thai I,.,, , , . , , - . wuu aojoiinn "u. - .ow. c ,j niciiinaraUly greater is ne iu .i io;n cam - to nana m..- a. .m., ami r na-i'-n . . . . n" in h.S hue at I ' e.-m ne i ions, otherwise no more , ",.-, t ,aa he r:ho fails in I he iiroh s-,1011. I, .... 1 III ,1 Ul 1 111. wil.i i" in i - . 1 , ... - 11. , i,U'r ' " ; ilnt there be eif-e'ed tie orgnn-' dr licenses to he granted. 11 was ie3 nun ru ai 10 ... . Ass,cpuion 0f T'kI a icIVlia $V)0 P.ea-ure .n answering commun cat.ons ; : ulso od that 110 person should . f"" i the exa np. of a y-.ung nend 'V,, t V relative lo the purchase ot jewt.ry. t.V.-. 11 1)1 l; 1' 1 l ' . , . 1 , , , lui ie a- woi tUy -f imra'ioa an 1 o, a;k all on stock. i mor a! C'.uimatce, c. i.'-i'lag ..f a m-mher have license lor less tl'Trn twelve .. . . ' . r . n . , o1 .... Mt Tin-; ono thing needful to a traveller ovf,r, .atl. with vo!,,,c:f ' , .,, Al hougu a tin of a I.C. W hitakcr. loss about $1.50 .- a good hot dinner yot, are ' A, :l o-h a (! )m;ilit. ' distinguished ex-Supp-Mir- Court du lg' ' Insured iii UM North State $700 and though W e! Ion Mr IJ. , t(.e , , ,uM v,ry probab.v h, able to do the T'J IN k he V a liCI-h, w 'f one of the Mate - in -t .i--ful ; y:iterlowil 0r Y. $jOrJ lai.icy wdliicgla to supply vcu (, orat ,,.,t s,in., till:ll)C:al J ' t!,eLa-i,o, Irl 7t "r;,: i S. K. Koonce loss about ?1.000 Insured :U " a,d I,:'e! ,i.;.t',r kn-S :Uid lhlUU-ig.,,d. and my m,ie of procdare would be "ubri, ,cl.ool housc sltc Vtk Creek b ' . ' ' " ... i iu the Old North State 1W ?H001 w a .- 11 i:a conatant, .-ii i:ig i la'.--'-4, ing Sinn p :-'ghte l. i' 1 1 -tan :ver-al rv -t-ai. aud he p a l. ::-g li ; . i ' S ( .' -" "o ci.ea' ' u,,' ai iag Liv or lh';u. ! : o; i ' ' c cept a a c i ,, I. II. in lev. n t ii v ci U. Mr. !: C. Mt.ore, o iu V ils ) day this wc, Mr. .1 oh'; Lane of the Wi'miugtoii ' ,-. iVv or. e us widi acdl We !i.e-day. ie a imiri-rsofth; -e:in-of Klgir "a1I(-u pointed to serve out the unexpired '-by and r-.-pect it ' iatt ieboro .1 - M: . W. Car a way oft he li. h b A"- -N'iv Was 1:1 town tliis wceU. 01 Mi ll -well dry .or, who liver.' rear Lie. IVlt coun'y, die. I Saturday, v 20'di. at her lioinc She wa- '.? of Mrs. Henrv Morris of Mr. d . S. Westbrook, of Faxons, f r iip-r Wtls-miaii was in town 1 1. 1-a t ek. Mr. d. C. M, e!..i dr.. of Tytreli eo'inty, W.V-. m to.T:. a few eays tliis Week. Miss Keh-?fea of Scotland Neck i on a vim Llie family of M:. . A. Crowa. Mr. O'ettingcr. wlio has been ab-eii' on a vi-it to I'.-.'' ' iro re an 1 Nm-'v Aiorlc, has returned h,.;r.e. a- billows: In the tht place, 1 would ad- township for colored school district L.U:!iT h-jvk p'ib'ishe 1. Th-n edi- ,lre-s a printed circular ir the in-iads of Xo. 1 1. tion ot Webstei's Fnaliridged Diction- lirerature. to ih patrons of !"iiT.iu. and Ordered that U. G. I'rivett be ap- arv recently is-ued. in t'ue pianti:y !' 10a, u-r :t contains, is laheved lobe lie; lar-est volume pui)li-!:cd. L will iiiiiiy readers to know thai. it. contains eight times the amount et ma'lcr contiine I in the i'i i'io, being si.iiirieiitr to make To lgui . volumes '.ha', usually st!! for si V". e.icii ! Its ocai i-.iiary eumori-es over muter iiiacwiiiis: 01 a rauroi. .-01,100 1 'I he example of .-u-h men is va'uible in any eumn.unity. and will give to labor the dig-', it Mr. Askews is the heaviest. 11 the partiei are heavy loosert. 'I his a calamity for Trenton, but poe, 1:1 tne which I w. 'ia'e of No Id le-lifftf' liu young man, ref'-rreota !y tie; io'- (.n,f,ri,risc. bercUiforc exbibL' cinor,i-,; po-e. a5o.,(,f.Ju lg- Man- . L"w' ' '-' " 1 1 .o o WOI ah 1' which ave i'O ot recen: ly been a tdv.'.i ) it has a new Li--graphical Hl.-tioaary, giving Lr.el impvU'.auL facts concerning i'.To' ; in ite 1 pv r-on.s. 1 i:. ;c is :. Mi -m : .o'N-.ah We' -ter. a l-rief history -f tie- Kng'.'sh 1-mguage. 1't iiioiplc- ol l'n.'uu:ie';tiio:i. Lists t p.e o C-lp;ure p-opcr na iies, lo.U!,! tieogi apiiical Nuuk-s, T'.J coin mon La- in. r 1f. '.Mil 1 ( .-aroliua, mi term ot H. r. 1 nvelt constable ol . . . . 1 . . 1 . 1 . 1 . . 1 : . . y .'ail r.r sun- liincK creeiv iowu-i.:p r ..... 1 T.t-iv i'e oartii--. and wi'h 1 i.e t.CX 1 " ' ' . . , .... ,a. : . .. ., ; t tl. .- .1! l-U-i'-v f,i-.r;i.o-i:i,.li- CiCCe i a .uooc umwii "1' ' " . t..'tr. 1 -v. t'.c eb eti in of . I. W. Uirnes w iic-'i.s as uii.'-h l;o uon-d jw .1 -ii. - 10 0,0. . , . .... ... . .1.- 1 ohi.fof who came forward and gave a jos'.itie l t.i ho, no. f-..-w b".:". ,1 a any o-ncr yooa imcsarc iw m; iuu' -. bond with John H. larncs a. surety. Wsu i;i tiiw pluU'. I ae 1-. 1 1 v ...1 ... ..... ..'....,. '-.,.i,i.,l nr. I business in order was to - - - .---r. ,. . . .... . , , er w hieii oo icputatioii as a ii:a'ii.:oir. an. 1 .."v"'v i ar u 0 Mt-sLutv Uvnun:-. dan: I'er of Ir. v-,-,1 for f was 1 . hii.g 1 ye. an and was loved by all those Jos. N. I'Vnutn, of P'armville. je i.t r. We rre inforu.i-1 tart ; Ihn ugli WiUon yesterday on r.mie to Ji : urtl OS I a )!". Mi-s Lee lVirkor. wiio has been 0.1 a vi-.t to h. r si-ter. Mrs. J. L. Home Jr. al ,1,.:. 1 T..i'o:e her death she her to eat or ch ink any-'- she had not e en swal of w;:'er in all that '-''on more marvelous g!i-h Christian Nr.Vvs, several page of JV.'vetbs, A;,'., a "orahidary ol Names of Noted Fictitious Fern.s and l. cos, and i.-acy other valtia'.de lea luies of wldeli. in- a volume o!" i.'.'Js uagts, emi'Cilisli?'! with b.'bo . .;,, Kngrav in g-, g, to makeup a great ' c ,J v, s.oie-.juuse oi u-OiUt KnoWiC -ge. u-tke a rra; ;-.e . ;u igenuna I'i: pr e;;hcr d. p'i-iici wiih my-eif r I a-n v:-.- e -r: ibt tii it if every ta! hav'uig momber-oip in tic c-nnmit t-o wo-.n 1 or ; -td i i tii' m t 1:1 t I sUgg-t we oi;! 1 do ;o i.-'i tovvard gaining the dc'-in- 1 .-n l. ';i ii;-:nV-r of t'.i-i Piiiloin athian - ? ..! tifu city. 1 e.m promi-e yon ihi-ir eo-i.e.i-rat I'd iu Ibis .-( iKuie. I have an '; ie r -".g."''.-i.',i, wfi.-'i I ih ink I coid-I be ma k- ii.iaueial v p ibie if managed light ly. t wit: 'ae in'.h; i--u- a r- ip.,-st to the h-rcii'V-! p i -i - of i '1- day. fa- poetical of-f.-iiag t I'. e"- 1 .;!, : . Tiie-e '.y u?1 he as gift j. W'.nl.l e mimaud a r.-a.s.m ibie liicUx-t Ir eii yi-ur pm a:.'I liaeit.-.- ei.-d iu ; any unnects. deday. (Tlrr sympa- K l. Jf'aters iieing duly elected as cotton wei-ih-'r for the town catn f rwurd an 1 presented his bond with S. IJ. Farmer as f-"urety which was ordered to be recorded. Oa n.oti.ii t ie board adjoured to at 1 'J J :i v a ( on;; K' tkij h v ft rr . Taesdi-, mee - .' r'- U C IOC A . Llccc-iiscs Uu.'liU f(i TToN ( j i i A I N" . I Tue at pe r b as .T .ii ot lhtttlcboro, has returned homo ac companied bv Mr-. Hoti.e. -a:: I).'. Trm.i. i"s fu;;il.UJ ru,t. V icn'ix iV I I n r.. . in Vi j an .1 c;-. iiui - i..-a- a: e c: ,-.L:u' f;.ion SCts, Veil. V. ' -X ll.ti-gra c to retail Liquor were grtr.led'to the following parties ior Hat- one year from ds : For To;, not J. J. iV)lmvr Urown. Joiin L. Farmer. 1'. J. lurn- tj ;.b-i and sliould-n. .. bull. d. I). Williams; For Wilson i'er- "i;, u,.;it -id- ry Taylor, W. A. Uatts. Feter Koa: .. "rs.?jMers . tree. J. J. Juclv-on : Lls'rl'f Creek. A. it... -wax on" . :c:.i:.g m a 1. ecu, P. .iter u-r. or .be Jb,e i-ngriAirg which adorn- j rhc f0;l0nrr cf jurors was" Chicken.-? - mr bh. graph-. In i-lr.ti-m t my a..- . Jrawu for spnntr ernv of the Set-erior '- , . ... , . . - 1 . . , lll-l'--. 'ti.-V. .piaiiitanc - up -.v.;;t i::o-:: ..uio k;.'j a oc Court w.iiclt vvi.4 begin u.e secona t; , y I will w rite a; a h.ti-r date. 1 Mur.dav in Marcli : lir-rry Nowsome, I.ard lli.p'ng. my 'bar .-ir. to have a I oiig let- V. A. Hoy kin. W. 1. Wootten, Itan-. IVahut, ;..-. I . ... tviil. .1.1 l'..i.-nr T I .11 i-pr. Sir rir.v Il ir. 1 oiacue? .-.-et, p., cj by the hand-,' ter ra vou m a lew velh a: ivgfiidi. vi ry riT Val Farmer, col , Ci'.bcrt l'urkcr, ' V i .-..wi' . U'WAKL A. OLDUA.M. Juuulh:.a LKj.v, Doc. Cvbb, Ji.o. Man- . Cunl uical uj-iLujLjiji , j We 'earn f.-orr.' the voI loro M"t- I J ((g,.r that Mr. Wra. C Li risey was .ii vitki: r ici:iOIM . ; found dead in iiis bed in New Hop 1 township, where lie was leaching school .viturd.ay morning. cy previous Wn.s N. C v,b. i?, 1: ftppeareJ in his usual health. Mii'lnne; 10 ' . , tone and nothing is kno'fn 01 u.s m .mer.ts. as there wai no Chi with1 bi ' him during his lat moments. V' Kinston Jwn-C!: X Grange 7jj subscriber writes mTthat One af liia , 21 ' ueighbors. Mr. Jarman has a ben egg ' l i!! fneasurin-; T inches in circumference & and that Mr. Ii. F. Herring has a turnip' 1 OLoi ii i measuring inchei. li! . mi r l.i-i ' 0 1; La-uhrth'- ?pcl are the bc;t. Teticcck- A. ll u-grav; have them.

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