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The Wilson advance. (Wilson, N.C.) 187?-1899, February 25, 1881, Image 1

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1 The Wilson Advance. The Wilson Advance r Zt PUBLISHED AT j WILSON, N.C EVi:KY ,AY- ! v V'oi:rI & Vuzinuv. si ust e;irTio it s i:s. v-l i I Si vin i n 1 imo Htxrji. One Square 1 tin:' 1,0 0' One Npiarv 1 month ..2,. :r Square :i mouths 5 ,1,1 One S-mare months ,oO (hie S"uatv 12 laonthn 5.1 0 1 Liberal ded"ft i.ini nisde for larger tp ; Tr?.nient Ad.rrtisemr nt inerled l 7ca .J Cents per line. ixr iu iih; i:vis mm affm at. ns; 1 n v t -tis -s. t.iy ..dus, a m i.:i ivr Fr'o Year 2.00 c; .hmihs 1.00 so. JCSEPHUS DANIELS. - Editor, ,v i i:utim: tii: i Tre- ('. A :72 a v. fck. Y'.Uli; U. Ilillll I ' l'v CO. V?', a WH'ly. Stiii-nii ,v "o. a to .jfi'i jt -liy. .J. W . Fanner. 'I'm -hlO !'. cf 1 III' I.'!'', -liits. MilN-r Woils. o ;i t Mai b- 1,0ml lirl l.: - Nf xt U'ediif.-s day is As'i Wednes- ;.)' (ion 1 SnnfT, at .'0c pcrpoiMid at Row J.iuds. (7o to Ioiicock k liarravc and get an electric hair brush. A1.1. kinds of Ikld and garden seed at Uowlatid's. Ail grades if calico at cent per , yard .'it J. T. McCraw's. All kiii!n ol'dres gools at co,t ai L. He.lbroner I'o's., A'cuts. ''O'.i, Them S'lu-llounets N" V Co.'t; they are daisies ..,T like hot cakes- going All I in'ls of winter goods at reduced ir cs at L. I leil A ''f-n'-s. I, roner Pro's..! 1,an:ii::. i ll's and Pni-t's garden - a goo 1 asot t ment. at Move iV. dal'i l'iii'i Store. Ci 0 A large stock of children's line , shoes in -real variety ur sale a; cost , :tt J. V. McCr.a's. (Kit -J.V) bal'-- of cit'oM w(-re soh in this market Tnes la , thr bestip:rdi t blinking J 1 cents I'.v botl.i-iK will receive to mor row :.Satiii'!av, inovning two car loads o! st. clc. T;ii is ihe best oj p rtunity ; vou will have to b' v. A large sto -k of dry-goods, icady made elothiiig. bo..ts and shoes, h its and caps J'm sale at .'. T. McC'raw's at cost. ', , .. 1 iow !i;U''ii ioi'er w 1. tne people oi : W. 1-ton b.-eouli ni to be exposed to the tire tienl wit',,., at any King with which to ward oil' the d'.ro 1 1? Mr. John tin.,. . in .on re.p.s.s us to . return thanks I o I, I .r ( ,d. David N A- colored friemU I r l heir lime y aid at the ii:e on the i i h of tl.e inst. j 1 r ! Oar frioml I. . E. I" :,., ..f K.-j ;r-'':','r part.-sw.b soon c m .ect ( . reenv i . a; . i i- ti, ,,.chi.. i u. ii a 1 11 1. 'iui w r. 1 in: on.s.'n , , . ' , 11.. 1 -......, :.. wo: 10. nv i e erapn. .ui. 10:0 t.nis n:i uterpr; hi d ic s we u 1 Ml an I what ho docs I j Pead the ad ei l isr m cut of that c 1 i oi -rated guano"! of. inone sol tin , WiUon by C. A. Vt.-ur.g. 1 1: gua-iois ..II t I. ,- it i. . . 1, . s, n: . d to he. :ilid I C- : 'e 1 ..,.i,,,.. ,.-. xv .ni 1 :vl isc our 'cadets to calP-n Mr. Young iin-l e. an. the u.euls i..f Pocomoke. Messrs. 1 lines, 11 alley A Co.. are the Wilstia agents f r the teleb.ated ; J1.0. Clark Jr. Cs., Mde-eial .nJ ' cott.-n. Couutiy merchants sin mid e umr.e '.lie magni.ccr.l r.ew siyie C4ibinet this liru, gives fiee of charge iith every twen'y f-a;r vb .e-.i eif thi c.,tton they sell. Thi-s s 1 inform the fnem's an i pat-ons of J. T. McCraw t!n.t he has moved to the store on the souih side 7'arbi ro street formerly occnpit d by W. J. Pulh ck, and has a large, well- se',e etc.! stock of tobacco, snu.f. cigars, coidcct'oi. erics, gret.'cnes. Ct he will sell cheap. etc.. Ve are glad to learn that FreT. Has- () sc,, je outstanding ace mats. m'.1 has been so fortunate as to secure i)0lt wait fur lom to alc vo 1 for the the m rvices f Miss Pu ttie Arnnudd to ' m,,.lCy pal co,,.0 forwar 1 and settle Mil ply v acancy made by the de- ; promptly and have a clea- c ns : i?-io partuto -f Mis Put. can. M:ss Arm- devoid of cheating a jointer. We lave tield will prove a va'uable assistant and ; ;l j,ir0 cia.ubat;on in Nash, and vt are will acceptably fid the place so worth' iat)X:oUS huh to increase the circu'a -i'v filled by Miss Duncan. : ti...u ot.d to cjllect accoutits due. Chas" Miller Walsh, p.ropr'.etor of the lockade Marble W rks tells the; pecp'e ( f Wilson some' .ing about his . . - mi-:noM this wee.. Mr. ivalsh tur- everything in his line to the satisfaction of a;iv ciis'.omer. If you want a tomb-stone write 10 him and et a descriptive catalogue. - 1 The largest and best as5C.tment e. als t,f the very latest sivlcs of . ,s.: if :.;l.J.-,,.'.- '1'",: .1, baiUCS , .Hiss'.--) :oiii e.'iii'iiui ii( . , . r n v, t. ' inst received at L. U, Noe a. - 'lo.'s. Kemember that H ey do not keep i., a lar -e brick building, but. that th-y do keep in tl a' old wooden store, wi.etu their rents are small, and they ilo'.ng their wn work is why they are selling eoodsso cheap, and as their motto is the irea'.-o -o... d ro tne "rect- est number, they invite all to give Vlicin a call. J Clr;rl V. J. Pollock and J. T. MeCraw l:;.vc in u;i exchange of stocks anil stores, and may bo f mad in their re spect, vc quarters Piillock on tl.e north side and McCr:iv on tLe souLL siile of T.irboro Street. TIi e fu st C -i rirtciTy Meeting for Witvno ciicuii, will be held at Slan tonsbur,; Fetiruary -;t'.i and 27il , etu bracmn Sa'nrdav and Simdiy. Kev. Win. Ch'ss, J). I)., Presiding Elder of ' the No 1 1 11 I) strict will preacb on occasion and a bnimster tlie sacra ' 1ne.1t ' 1 1 n jrniiig. e lord's Supper Sunday I fro. L. C. Va. .. f ' Tl ll ltev. Ij. ass 01 ew lieiac; wm prcai.h in Usji Mi,sioaary Iiaptist .hutch in this place next Sunday j morning and night. This is not Mr. I ass fiot visit to Wilson and many . ..11 ..1.....0.1 .:ii. ! aUi).,r,, , r... ,.,.wiftn ii j glad of an oppoiturniy to hear him again. 44 BLACK-DRAUGHT " cures eoftivc- m.h.-i anil .Wick-I l ;.il;i' !if. I'm .ea1- n I-;n-.u-k .v. Il-irirtavt The bal! "ivn at the Priggs II )use TuesJav night complimentary to Misses j Jcnie Th -rpe and Aur ic Lewis, two of Pocky Mount's b-dles, who are on a j to Wslion, was a very pleasant i .y. j ' j An It. -Pan band furnished the music and a very p'easant evening was spent j by all who ha;l the gooa fortune to be j t',c fyll(t JriJs it? Wilson lias had another fire. True that in tiie amount of t he loss sustained j t. is a s.n i'l fire, but viewed in the ' li.'l.t of what mij'it have boon it is of sufii - neat. imporince to warn our peo ', , .... 1 . ... 1 . . I. , I .. 1 pic oi ine u mcr iney arc nouMy e- 'pose I o without meaus t ) ward oflf j theereny. Would it not be weM for our j j City Fathers to 'ke some action? If; they coutitiu to do what :iva;1, j, !o ,.av rirol,(.p, ,f)'nni;3 t !,e ! rom sllim!iers :lt ,,ight? i T n .s t. as well let them enj y t heir rest as to aroese them to a scene of action where they are powerless, J r , i. ; r.. .1.:.. ... .,.,!,. c . 1 ,,...r ,. . r. - .. , 1.1 1 , . ; s l . 1 1 1 1 ' . .1 . 1 1 .m . 1 1 1 1 1 , : 1 1 i e 1 1 , 1 mu-iiiiii nim te. monius. , ; Fddie, son of Mr. Iviuehen Pitts, aged j lour car s At his ics'de'ice ue ir '. 11s p. ace , ,llndav. February 13: a. of heart dis- ease, in the ,Vth year.- f his ag- Mr. Cornelin Jordan. He leaves many .fViends and 1vl.1t ivcs to mo-urn his .s. ! At her residence in Fd;ecombe i leountv. oa Monday, Feb. 2Jst, rH FT:'.a:eth Forbc. relict of Joseph ! j..ri,lM ai:(. I -, years. She leuve five i re n and manv friends to mourn ; t ja.;r No h ;i '. 1 he or ha k-a ftr ladies w;.o i:ri!;.i WINE OF CARDUI. lor I va- ,tel Ji llatgrave. Sash ('-. ,,'. Nah co-ait convenes'ay n Nashville. As is iisiial a htige crowd will d-Mibtlt'ss he present. We desire to impress on ,1 e minds of those ol our sub- ., fibers who .re in am irs f. r their sub-scriptioti to t:;ke their p-)cket . titoks with tliem to court as a repre sentative of this paper wail bo present " Miss Nannie D mean, one I t..e . , 1 r.l pT 'bar ar.a ein.ue.-u teacners 01 ue " ns m t obeg.ate Institute, on 1 a highly accomplished young lady has. , e regret to y, bee:, compel ie I to resign ner poMi.0.1 ,n mat iniuuuon 1. . 1. 1 11. . trom UM.ea.iu ami eas re-.urnen 10 ner Iintnc in Ashland. Virginia. For sev j k t Mls, l);l;llM-r's health ' . , , . . d - has not been good, and last wee she , , ... . . ; was taken seriously ill, incapacitating ' her for teaching. Her si-der and ),r,,t ht-r-in 1 iw. P--of. aekwell, were summoiictl, and as soon as her cor.di- iion would ptimit she v.:ts carried i home. IDr many lriene.i re-.'let ner departure from Wilson and, wish her a ' Ispccdv restoration to Lealtb. 1 , 1 - 1 Wcwliie-ioay n ir lit, nt tLe rcilor.oo of Ui-v. Jos. K.'.cr, i:i this j.laco. Mr. V. Ii. Alley was unito'l in ra:;r. ri 10 trj Miss Si l'ioy Vi!itc:i l. all of this ,uc: Mr. Carter ofnt'iat). Hi'; waiters were: S. Ii. Allcv an.1 r. . -v. 1.. i." i tf 1 Miss Varin 1 V instead ; A. Ii. Ujykiu and Mini F. Aunis Carter. Artec tho rnarriMge the fi ici; J s of t!e linppy conp'o u paired to the resi dence of .'Jr. V. J. Ciiurc Ii well, w'.iere they spent a ver .leasant cvciiieg. Mr. Cbi.rehwell giving, vre learn, a uinptuous supper to the utwly wed. ,f.,l j.;4;r The Auvan. 1; extends best wishes i'-i-rl.tsi-d LnH'TS. p . , , ; ust 01 letters and postal cards v l(, v written r.-maini-i-r in t.-.ct fT.,v"at Wilson. N.CFeb 2:Jrd. -8l . F 1' Al.-i'augh. Frank Alspaugh. Iioda ArriiHion, Patterson Brewer. Hincent iiuttotn. Miss (Jeo Anna Jiatt'.e, Jack . .... t,..,.,,. " iKuucooi, i.ueiei nirues, J F Carson (2). Miss Klla Durham, :.Miss (1 Dea'is, Mrs hbza Diekerson, ! ... r i..rror t'lninKnv i-'i,n-l Oystn l-'ason, Tli s II Fisher & Son Kid Woodard Hooks, .1 P Jones, Jus F Keller, J A Sugg, G )V Thorn, Win Williamsor.. If lhe a'Mve biters and postal card are not called for :n 3 day they wil 00 beiu 10 uieuo; 1 icue. .mice "WINE OF CARDUI" four timea a day makes a happy household, For sab by i a.vck x II.irgr.ive. . fl'Io is it! Plain Tom, our Castrdia corrc?ion- jdent a-ks the question in his letter, " Why do all the farmers of our sec-i tion haul their cotton, buy their meat and horses and mules ia Wilson?" Tl.e reason is obvious. Our Wilson .... I . .. ... , . 1. . M ......... .1. .. !iviuuni5 u mua- in. e uxo'i u'cu j any U-wn in this Motion, and sell their j "uat as cheap as it can be purchased in the S: ate. Further Wilson is one , " I l c best .stock mai kefs in Ka stern Carolina. All three of our livery stab'e men arc good Layers and sell at a close margin and always keep suitable stock on hand. Wi son is improving ' , ver v raoidlv, a nd the farmers of I rank- ,, s;, nnv ;lllVin .s ho asSJre , ttat .!: was-,,, .lu-rc:,.',;, ,-.11 m,k.S : it to their advantage to trade with. 1 cm. To-morrow morn i ni; Sclby lln .s will eceive two ear loads of slock. If you want a burse or mule l'O to see them. The ie-v ver :ou of the New Testa- ment. wh'cjh has been so many years in '"irse of translation, ami which is nn quest iciaoly t ne most important litem- rX this century has seen, is 1 cing waited f r with curiosity and anxiety by hundre Is of thousands. It is nat generally known that a fir ediunu td'o'.iO.-'OU copies has already been manufactured in Kngland, an-1 lOO.bOO copies are said to be already in XfH' lurk Citv, not one of them I ermiited to be sold. They are await ing a tele-oam from the t.utimrit es in Fagland authorizi'ig their isue. The ;h t copies can only be 1 al at the ex travagai t price of tl'1 per copy. The Literary Kevulu'ion proposes fully to meet the deunu Is which its army of friends are making upon it bv doing probably the q-iics,., W;J . 1. in booii 1. making which has ever been accom plished. Ar-ni!ge:ncu:.s have been fully ma le to put the entire book into type inside of 2-1 ic-.irs from the time a printed copy of the F.r.gbsh edition can be procured, and within throe days at least 10 O00 copies will be Uji.uA reailv tor delivery to waiting purchas. ers. an-.l at leas'. ".t!.0 copies, will l e manufactured every day thereafter, until the tlemand is It will be printed in large, beautiful type, noat'y and strongly bound in c!-th in a vol ume of a 1. out 5"0 i.ages. and sold at the nominal price of 3a t en's. A fi Oliitio:. in half Russia, gilt too. will be c s . , f r,cont, an i 0,c ia U Tur kov n;)rocc oiit id -es. lor $1.25. (P course, lhe popu'ar demand will be e noi mull' ( :der; s will be fi. d in the .pier iu wTiic'i ti.ey arc received, with remittance. American Pook Ex ehange. New Y-rk. Selby Pros. .will receive two c -r beuls of stock t. morrow, (i'o and 1 1 r . 1 examine tuem b.fvrc pu:cha-i.'g else- wscrc. Mfsicil Lnisrtai.nmer.t. TI:C ladies o( the .Velliodist churcl.. : and e- ccially the yourj-jcr inerr.bcrs of Hie oonreaun ai.'ca iv ?(: ot their friend propose to give a nsnical enlertaii:meni at Mam-jna Hall Tuo av ni-' it to wl.icn inov coniia iv m-, titc everb,.J-.-. JJoMdos the mnica! feature ol the entertaihusenta scries of: tableaux will lie jdve:i. -r , 1 1 . 1 . . idone to uiakc it a complete siueess 1 !ie best, rausical talent in our town! 1 1 " .... 1 , 1 1 I and we are informed by those present v, id be eirjaircd ond as is known by; .. J 1 tli- so '.v'.io are in the habit of attending iLese cntcrtair.meuts, tucv are always ofa snf;Cri'jr or ' , AVe hazard uothing when we pre - ,15ct lhat U wi!1 1,0 the !'ost en- tertainment given in Wilson for some! time. We know wherco f we speak., because we know that tha manage incut of this affair nas been entrusted ( competent and exporienced and the talent enira-red cannot be ex celled. r.. o ...1 ... ' tt , , . , . attena. 1 Lc object is a commendable one and t.ebelios should be aided if, jU;Cir l;r:i;,eworl,y enterprise. The object hs to raise money to pe-';'; an organ tor tne .Metiiottist 0. , i and wc expect to see a largo au i.ence preseiu at uie nau iu?su:;y r.ignt tor lw0 ot'jc : to a praise- r.orinv uu.iei laiving. ana secoim. to pen.' a pleasant, e j lyab'.c evening. The price cf admission has been fixed ... i,,... nr .y ,... ... ! u(r.jrj everybody an opp.orlu.;ity of enjoying a mushal treat at a small ! cost. Take our tdvice and be t ure to : go and carry your sis' erf. your cousins J and your aunt s, and if you arc not I pleased then it wdl be because you ' are not in a mood to enjoy good music, for we know that the entertainment i "sill be exceptionally good, and the singing heavenly entrancing. but , we anticipjtte 1 io yourself and see if hat we've toll you will not be : l " BLACK-DrtAUQHT" ciiro;? dyjs eia, indigi stiun aim iuarthurn. For -ah li :rgrave- rjhits. Mr, A. L. Koun'.rec is in town this week. W. S. OTJ. I tow!, this week- wa 111 Dr. .J. S. Patt le and W.T.Muse, of , ik.y 3Iotmt, aieii, toMi. i - . , ... . . . the streets crying "fire fire Miss Jag:c 3iiu-rsy is on a visit toj t .. , ... . . , .. .. frli'n.U at Tarlioio. tLc lop of their v.:cos . Soon ,1,, -.v H U r. a visit tn t, ! ' . s:s!er Ic.s FI Pvrum iiiT"ib;ro j rush was made lor tlie lire winch proved ' ' ' ' ' " !...,, ,, . , Mr. T. P. Suggs has been absent in j Ztichmond thi we. on business. ! Kx-Senator X. P'.li.ddh, of Nash was in Wilson last Wednesday, Miss Tiliie. Mv-Intyre is 0:1 a vidt to ... friends in (ioldsboro Pev. N. M. Jurney of Wayne cicuil was m town M e-ducsday. F. A. Danie's K-q., of Coldtboro is in town th s week. Miss Fannie Pensnp. is on a visit, to s.ster, .p's, J, ii. Pawls in this ,, Mr. J. N. fannon, represent ing W. T. Plaek w ell A; 0r lya!!Kl!U was 1,1 lown Saturday. p. V, Jr.. j, j Norlblk this week in the interest nf ihn fir n of l-ountrce, Panics Ar Co. T. y Ross (if x . 1. vil'c. ac orn pannd nv Mis Laura S.v.u and Miss Flew la Pat Mergers. :e were in town to see the Kx-II-.prcsei.tut;ve G. N. Iwis. of Nash paid us a p'oasant visit iat Tuesday. Pr'e are gl . to learn that he has about lec jvered his health again. Plain Tom" was i-i this week. A last accounts h- had j i s t- hougi t a ne-v top buggy ai:d line vuit of edothos ar.d w.h on his way to a minister. Tnis looks rather suspicious'. P'e wero pleas"! to nvot in town f. few days ago Prof, Plackweil of Pans tlolph-dac-m co'.iege. P-of. Iilackwell tep.r.'seis the college as being in a llvurisbir.g Coiid.tion. We were pleased to receive a 0:1! from Mr. J. S. 'ferry. ,.;. cf our ('as talia s'jbscri'.ers ti.ts week. He repre '''. s t-very thing a;. out C..-'aha as 'eing in a goo i vj. iitiou. !) ... T . 1 - ' , , i.ev. .jos. j-.. v. a- t uau r. M:.s r. A an is. w ho hv.? been absent on a vis;t to Murfrees'i ro f.r s-veral wee-KS. nave re'urue 1. ir. Co , i.,it ii iiis puq-ii 1 a-- ."Siooatu i:i.,r;.i: I n.-gi.t, ar. J pre a :hel iw , ';.e a aoie Mrs. A. NV. P ,w!aa left last Fnd.i- for la rth. whither she was (-a! h. d er, Mi', A'i-iic by ! ! c 1 1 !n ,s . ,f h, r Speed. vt(.o i well kit ova in WiUon. JPe hope Miss Spec 1 will soon be re stored to perfect health, (r W. P'ount Fsq , an 1 F. A W oodard. Ii.. are ab-nt this week ia Washingiim ci'y whit they have gone to cxn..ine into some Confedo ' rave bonds which have iecial bearing, 1 . m m , ! -p. nt tha case ot Miss Mahau 1 uoaipson ; v. Ger.crsd JoLt:a Darn?s. - TOURKAWENT AND CORONATION CALL AT FREWONT. j l,,.,, , j i ., '. "hi :i Pi' H't I rnuay w l tie -iay I T vinu- ' meat i.i Fremont,. F0r weeks tli.? vour." t""t' ....u uern :"0k,,!- irVVa,1 to 11 wiUl !Ilas,Iit S antieinations. KvervtLIng bad been ! from Wilson t!iat the occasion was a mot cr. orab.e one. i ' . .....j.. ,vi,.-,i.j ll-OI- I ' - Fit i' c ' ir inn lor f n 1 . . . , 1 , , . ... . lil'l, (, W ti 'IPO I 1 . . : Klin,, t tn r.'i o r.r n ; . ,.' r . i.i 1 , n . 1 i u,v 1 it very , 1 .... !. 1 .:g.,.y. ihe tot. g occupied ' . ' - liic ui -;ij nijii iu Kiu.'iiw:iiice. X lie riding was goed, a .d some jf the Knigi;ts are specially deserving of j n:0;on n,r their skill i;1 ,iOrs0 man- ship. The successful knights crowned ! a follow,: I (J. M. .Capps. Knight of Fi ist Chance, crovuml Miss Amic Avcock.l" ' " '7' , Ou-eu of 1 ov nnd P.eauty Mr T II tM'n 0I,krc'1 0,1 ,ll"-v :il lhe dlsl!! Hooks Knight of Fremont! , relented U' li?T'" the crow, of First Maid of Honor, tllii,rCWl 1 b " ""U h"'lc c Miss Did i Dickerson : Mr. l. M ; "1 Jesse hold the keys. Peueock, Km ht of Future Prospertyj 1 gave the crown . of fecond Maid of; , 1 i(.llP u, 7. r-!Min,. v4.'vrini. Mr. L. II. Kiiv, Knight of the Proken Hearts, crowned Miss Sallie Feacock Thirl Maid of Iljiior. Mis? Aycock the O ieeu is at present attending school in M'ilso i at lhe Ih. ctitiito find 1 i.i 1 '..'ii'ii:' 1 hm - ded the Seminary last session. The Coronation ball was a big fea ture. !ind the hull was filled witli the . , , .'IX- . : VGiuh and beauty ot avno, audi many visitors of the surrounding conn ties. The dancing continued all niglit much to the enjoyment of all present. "WPJE OF CARDUI " enrc-s "irregular, paialul, or ilnliculi iiiLUtruatioii. For sale liy IVa.-nek iV Margrave. i 'Ve - ''('' ( Tin s'l 0 A ij'it. Tuesday right at about 12 o'clock !!io lhe r,iiss:,,; uf u law l" l,rc'venl when th larger portion of our citizens'- ii-hing with nets and seines iu Sap wore si'felv wrap()ed in the arms f pony cr;ek. Morpheas, and the young peop'.e 01, j Mi3 L,;ev w p.j.i.,, !ias rclurncd ; youthful pleasures bent were dancing I at the Pri-gs House. Use alarm of fire was sounded, the fne bell was rung to be the burning of Mr Hiitthinsjn's stables. It seems that the stable? were a light bh.s when the lire was d.s ! covered by some vount: men who were ! coming from a party sine distance . CT OilL 01 ioyu ou tne as:i ioao, wno ... ,1 .. V" . I. ,1 ... I . ! tirst sit it. A sjr:i as they saw the fire they save the alarm which !,., I - ; remain lor some tune, resu'.teel in bringing logchcr the: , , . , . , ,. , ,, 0 i I regret to have to report the death larger porti.ln of our male poi ulation ' .... ... , , , ,, r l 11 in Mr .:r i.'iio l mnprs n f-r fit r.i r but to what purpose? Wi'son has no fire e login e or no facilities for fight irg lire, a-i'l if he stables had leue been near the house it wjuII certainly have been burned also, f'no colored people worked heroically avl deserves praise and commeniatioa lor Jieii good work'. loirtr years' trial DRAUGHT" the h pn.y.-d "BLACK liver inciliciae in the world. F..r .-uh- by IVa-oi-k Sc Il.1rgr.1ve. A large audience composed of la lies nd geiitlemeu in town ami born the surrounding country greeted the Per gcrs al Mduiona Hal! last night. It was tli ics :.'i lie-ice tiiat wu iiave een at Ma:;...:. a Hall tor manv iMoath3, ar.d : I. j .-Tt .1 mance, wliil no, coming tally up V the ox; eetatious of the peo I le: vvits '.cry ere-Liable. The s A by Jfr. Holbrook was v.-ry fine, a. id was comphmauled very much. Ti.e S ixonh-' r.e -ar.d N- e.e. two j c: s of eiit;: civ i.e.v iiistrumeuts w. re the n a il c ".1 iosi'.y as t Lev w new to most cf the au-iionce, Oatiiewho'e l.e performance was ftiilv vr.irlh ti:e p'i -e of : Pr.i-sion : and the lovers S iaasi: ii.g v cry n.u 1. enjoyed the t-ve: Tl.e lb r.-, is a morally much bett-r j I-, -ni t ! , . -.- r ; r.- i o :n oa n c. a u I lor l.,a . rc.iso!i .ire worthy of (he support of tae b-etter clasj e.f oar pe . !;. P i-V. Last r-ld .y niht, about r o'clock. a I-.-.? aLrra of tire wrs given whl.i: eight a ertovd !a a few min-.'es. Mr. N iusrea !, who oves in the suhi s o the town, on ..r.,.,-u street, went out in ner smoke no ise eo l rn.' sou.o rD meat for the next eay, and as she . l.i.r,, ,, , 1 : c " ,.,,. r , 1 c.e ..... 1 4 -...c door an I 1 al her at h.s best saeed. Knowing tl. V. her edbrts to captaie him s'mgte-hiri.dfd would be futile she uave the alarm of fir a to draw a crowd," but .. .. r . - . the thief was t-uTelv awav oetore an crvud usetuUct!. " " ' NASH COI N IV ITK.MS. Nashvd'e. N. C. Feb. -J.Ud. K.-l. II .f1sY,,V7 Di,-i'l ryA rh.ti-j in the 5.'.74'i'V .;' M-ii!s--lUtr-'(?' rso.ud Cc.'i ' - ;v,1J.'u:,:, :'. Mr-, l'egy Derring aco 1 tb'J years died on Fi iday the lth inst., at the residence of Jaine- Harper no ir ('is i , ' t.oi i. 1 cr maiden name w.u llarri-1 c: , ; .111. .'.it iv.hct ; i.iiL-Linir hi iii.i- I tives an 1 frien Is to moi'rn l!iir loss. ,IUril : ,n ,., ' .'i. ill, !..,' ii,ii.",i .ni "nil ,: nr;;iiv lljivi. if'l v. I L i L 1 1 llliu iicui ' l'ieasant (Jrovc, in this c uity, die 1 . . on the nig'iL oi tiis L'ut, inst., alter a fvw hours illness. Pr. N. T. Drake's whiskey distUleiy in the HiUiyrdsten section will be in operation in a fc.v days. Jese J. Walker Iv-ip, a wr.rthy. and in every m-nemeni on .ooj i 1 1 a 1 1 " . inu s'oiie;nni ucnieen .;ts,i- ; vi'do .and T.rinislii'ri' so:! -it. vmir 11 i. 1 - j 1 1 1 . . 1 1 . r. ; I . . . I . . ! 1 "P -Mtotr.antof ev.drnce, a row ensued ! T0:l " SuU,n,:l' inHi1 f ''in" ovcr Pacini; of boll: : i 1 1 V -i c 1 1 v i 1 ! 1. till M , 11 r 1 1 ! 'i c i f nri,wr,iil I - .... w- . . .. ... 1 ..... ..... .... ... , i There is some excitement here c'n the burglary que ;ti on as several at- 1 nl w ti'iv.' !.nor. in-i.t,. rC 1 - t fr ,i,ijii I 1 doors and windows. The purpose is in doubt as attempts have been upon the houses of the poor colored as well as the wiitcs. It is to be hopjd the in . ... tru leremay yet be found out. I The hotels and boarding houses are! prospects. preparing for a Lig time next week, j Sucr.ti" Wins'. .id was in town l ist land chickens, batter, eggs, A-c, meet j M(.nday a,,d 9 uniuoned' a jury to ox j with ready s..le-. Horse traders :i.,i !M; into the state of Pritton Scotl's ! newspaper men, and meoicme venders are expected in full foiee. A petition bus goi.e up to Raleigh . 1V(l(U Ncw York wherc she has been aiteii '.ing the "Iloine I'or the educa tion of nur.'.-es." I understand she will graduate in about' wo months. 1 am pleased to be. able to say that! the report that Mr. V. P. Patcheior ! would go to Pocky Muunt to reside, is ' without foundation. j T he measles have appeared in the Ped Uak section. j javo n )0 ,lcft!l3 vol,!)(.r. No clue to . he guilty party thou-di Miss Phen Colev lies in a very ' , rj,... ci 1 1 ic ai e on 1 1 .1 1 1 .... i.v., ,i- l'.,,l lr.r, .in. ,, 1. r ri .ill. 1 . .1 11 I. A . y .' l 11. . . l.ll., , v. I. rv . JI , , ! 1 I O li a ill L'J I 1 tull.l'. 17 1, ji c 11 c IT 1 i I ' townsman. Maj. P. M. Cony r, at his ; lesi lence ia Franklin county. , Mis. w la PaV.le of (leorgia ik y's'.ting the family of her aunt, Mrs. M. K Scott. j At the m of tho ba ird of Cviunty Com nissioners the first Mon-; ... .,, . , , , ... . J Mr. (r. U . Lamb, vtIio, it will be r- tiay in this mo ill. all the members of , , , . . ,, mernoo'red, was employed in i. P. the board weie present, and orders (;MUtMl.-s tailoring e JaMUhmeut in' were drawn on tl.p County Treasurer Uds place, ab-.ut two years ago, corn to the amount offb-'i .13. L:q'ir li-; ,r;l-0d suicide by cutting himself in the v.vre gra-.Ud to J. T. Tay lor, throat in Kli.'tbet'i C.ty about two Whitakers, J. T. Spivey, liocky Wfc.i, a?0. Cause: ill health and want Mount, and v ihe La n at I iiope to scr the Aovan seated ut court next week. ,is 6u-ire. :: repre 1, C1 ALIA. Feb. 23: '; ISM. ;t () ; y,, ',). ,th per- Married at the re-i luce of Mr. J D. I'vliiiis or the 17th ins!., in Frank lin c-i-mty, A. Hamlet, J. P., off, :': t'.in 1, Mr. Jarcei:.;s Mioth Mi- P'.tie Jones, and on the same dsy at the res i of the brid ;'s fither, Mr. JmiCiupton cf Frat,kiiu led to t: , v 1 ,1 .1 1 .ar s Maul P.ttsi'ord, -laagh'er of Pev. J . A". Pi'tsfbrd of JFarren ; and to day Mr. John P. Aver.t of Nas'a was t.appdy uuitd in ruairuge to Mi- Mit'ao Joe 10 a of Littleton. N. C. Mrs Margaret Darren au eld and es'eenied iadv tbed at the resile-nce tf Mr. James Ilarner o:, the P-th, aged , , .. year-. M. tia 1 oef'n a uevoica a'lii is-... j,,,,,. member oi the Mission, . , 1 . it . . . ury baptist churcu tar o' years. Miss Lala (Pil, w ho Las been visit- ir rL.:v.ives for ome time in Kiu11j, , ' , , , , N. C. returned home a few days ago. . r - - c viug t-jthc soircc.'icss of ots tha acreage ul! be much ?:ual!cr than Lst War. I a:n glad to ffttff that "tlnmblcr Fuk"' C upton is nrt deaJ, and wrtte this to correct my ht. Why do all the farmers haul fieir cotton, buy thc?r meat and horses aud in Wihs ViV Why ii .t that we cannot l:'aye preaching Ler monthF? I'l.AIN" TO'i. 15I.ACK ClHvF.K, Hrsi In,-vctii Justices anl Afivor ' c-o;-,-v,o(. A.V. A few davsa'0 when Mr. 15. H. TvJ " - . ' ., .,..., . - .hi n iif u. inn jikivu ITCIB rtillrU. J ir.g from a visit to (ireenvillc the htrc' . , . ; oeeume uigiuenea ami unmunagibie throwing Mr. Tyler to '.ho ground with (both reins iu his har.ds spraining his , f ot '-o severely that he has not yet j been able to wafk. His wife was iu ; the bu.'gy and kept her seat while the i ' " eau-necK t speed until he was arrested by some --.who meet them- I 1 "iy Mr. P.itton Scott one of Hack Creek's oldest rltinm. Cnmeiu :uill tuuk a pM,,p warrant a.ui,lst ii , u',iri 1 ".o , I 1 . x- . ., , iui., i.i ?i iiiiiuiii, mi . 1 1. an 1 ' ; .Miiiee ewsome oismisscil 1 he caso 1 . s.Lv)it ami iiOiora in llio lo'ok up lor lhe night. duo. IIubtard, colored, nn old ofend er cf the law, was brought be fire May or Harris on a charge of disorderly conduct and was fined o and the cost. Miss A r.nie Powers of Wilson is in' town and will commence a bchool In a I fow (paos. She will oncL with fine mutm Ti0 NOrdict was that he wns incapr.cita'ed from attending to his own business or caring for his family from excessive use of strong drink. The guano Hags arc fijing on every corner in town. Miss Feltie Woodard of this place is' on a visit to relativci in ("lold dioro. Zi i t.. Mr. J. (J. Pradley, oi K Igecombo county, near Pattleboro, had his gin house, together with abovt 20 bales of cotton burned o! last Friday night about 7 o'clock. It was set 011 fir while Mr. P. and family were as sup- ! The lois is estimated to be abmit 2.00. No iusurance. I'lii'.ay" the 18th inst., about I o'clock a. in., the stables of Col. W. F. (.rcens, on his plantation 7 miles from this place, iu cojinty, to gether with one nude, a large quantify of forage-, cotton seed and farming utensils, were destroyed by fire. .Voi- (' H-ni't.. 0f aupiiort. Some thief entered the kitchen of Mr. J dm Forbes at toi-mot Monday night and helped himself out fef Lis' larder. Ti.e Pitt county poor Louse wai irne l Tuesday of last Week. No lives let. The P'-ho 1-i Par.k Trill rt2 opened ir. d-.t n') ia s. .: 1:1:1: i' i!i:iortT. V.'Ux'ON N. C. Vb. 2 lM?P ( O I TON Mi 1 jit MN. 3'h' li r bus ..'om Oat.. 1 i. a- II ' . - -N. . Pun per It N' (.'.-..-. .1,,. irrs a. JiOi k iui a' i'-r 1.25 0' ,... V) 1". J-'i ! ...Ti '-huiiloVr- ." I:"U;- t "I, .. k-1. s b'g.' - . Mil--. (J1Ccn ; ,, .. Far-': l't' fu Potatoe-- .n, Kiec . 'jvpj,,. Cwu '"1 ...Jo to A ) 20 I iV ....1-ropJi ii oj to l.J 10 - 17' -

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