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North Carolina Newspapers

The Wilson advance. (Wilson, N.C.) 187?-1899, April 07, 1882, Image 1

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1 H i A I, The Alar.3; Publishing Company si nonlht til. . 5 LET AL'. THE ENDS THOU AIY.'ST AT, BE THY COUNTRY'S, THY GOD'S, AND TRUTH'S.'' Josephm Daniels MtMgr WILSON, X. C, FRIDAY, APRIL 7, 1SWS. VOI,. 12.-XO. JO I 'i ; -t JIJ'I Hum Advance, The Wilson Advance. Wiij'v, Fr.niAV, April Tth, 1!S2 POETRY. ! IiI !I.!J.; TII5' fSAM. JlV KI.ISA ' ()K. "Ti well to woo, 'tis well to wed. For n the world hat h done Sim e myrtles prew and roses blew And morning brought the kiiii ; Kut have ncife, ye young and fair, K' sure ye pledge with truth ; 15.' certain tint your love will wear lieyond the day of youth ! Fur if you give not heart for hoart, A- well a lunid for hand, You'll find you've plnved the uuwibe part. And "built upon the sand." "Ti well to save, "tis well to have A goodly store of gold, A hold enough of "111111112 stuff, rr charitv i eol. J'ut p!aci not all trust your hope and . In what the t ep mine spring1, We etinuot live o:i yellow dust rninixeii with purer things. And lie who piles wealth alone Will often have to stand H'-iide Win eotTor ehet and own " Tin "built upon the Kami." "Ti: good t speak in kindly guise And soothe where'er we ean ; Fair speech should hind man to man. Ittit stop not at the gentlo words E t deed with language dwell. on" who pities starving hir D S'lould Hc.ttter 'rumbs as well ; Tie- mercy that is warm and true Mii't loud a helping hand, For thoe that talk yet fail to do Hut "build upon the sand The First of April. It H!:U'. KoKF'.bT (iKAVF.S. "No !" sighed Mr. Jelton Bellow, dejectedly, as he mixed a little more burnt umber on his puletto for the iiut-lirowu trusses of tho "Made M ir- U,i" that he was putting o i canva-s; klie don't hive imh ! Sh- can't ! No woman ever yet treated a man so, if he cared tvo straws for him." But it was not of MaiJ Marian he was thinking; it was of Dolly Brooke, the pretty girl whokp mother had rent w I the old hrown-brick h'-usti at the comer of the street, an I w hose eyes were so blu and Kpurkliui;, and yet so cruelly cohl. He had beon introduced t her, and hi 1 m-'t her a great many times, that winter, lie had even danced with' her at the Blue-bell Sociables, held Jut hand in the Caledonians, and stood bei let her in Virginia Real. ,,, did n .t think, from her manner , that she absolutely disliked l,uti he was very r-ure that she did not care fur him. And this unreasonable young artist made hlmselt miserable accordingly. "She mich darling !" he said to himself "such a human rosebud, with coloring in her hair ttueh as Tit ian never dreamed of and eyes that Halvator Hoa would have painted in ultra-marine, with sea-blue shadows ! H it where is the use of my mooning about her? I'd better accept uay- mon -IN "-,7: t( J" ..V; "n.ere ' him, .'en if I hae io sUru there in ( a garret Art will perhaps smile on ! me but D .llv Brooke never will !" I Ana he painted on. rjsently dab- bliag aw ay at "Maid Marian'" round noso, with a heart as heavy as nu(. wcr . moulded in leal. i very moment, Dolly Ur..oS.eOK-r Ca.ris othea was dusting the parlor at houu , w ith her hea l tied up in a blue cam- brie swe -ping-cAp, and her loveiy checks heightened w ith true feminine . k terci-e; "while Norah, the help stood meekly in the doorw ay, with a , in)bing-brush in her hand; i . . . i. " -i it you please, mis'., sain --, ra. "A Utter from AUK an u you'd please answer it miss, for not a' vt li I If. I 1,111 I llir . Holly left off polishing the base of thy little statue of Ceres, and look-, wurred can I w rite !" ed at Norah, with a prettily-puzziea expression of countenance. "But, Norah," said she, "'how ab surd ail this is ! How caul answer Michael's letter? How shall I know what to srtv to him ?" "Sure, mis5," said Norah, her hon est eyes lighting up, "an' that's 'asy Hough. .lust tell him, in tine, schol arly writing miss, that I love him ith all my heart. 7'W what lam I want him to undcrntundt miss; for Hire, ha ain't quiet in his mind about it, an he's w ay off in County ltoscom hion, Ireland." "Very well," sntd Dolly half smil bitf at the Idea, "Ell try. Come to 'e in half an hour, Norah." I A "id Dolly inexorably locked out her tw'- bttlo brothers, who were enraged t tiuir being debarred from tho fun of hearing Norah's love letter. "Go alxvtit your business, boys," Ktid Dolly severely. It's no affair of " Johnnv ami Millv looked indignant.! lv at one a-iot'ior i ' " i;V7 serve her out "' said Tohnnv i " - h t he know "' o Sa ' lv resp , 1 d Bi Iv " CllI,-ni'UU J' 'And1 these young lads, with their Mas haiaiu-ed on the garden wall, ikc lUphaelV cherubs, betook them- "'Ivoa to throwing stones at the cat, j w iiile they consulted as to the special , variety of Nemisis which should be ! Uedfti Dolly's unconscious head. j i i hi? lcjr, at lift. "lib V" said Billy. "We'll m tkr- an April Fool of her!" shouted Jolmnv. "Yes ; hut how '"'said Billy. ' "Ah-h-h !" -aid Jnhnnv. "You ai- i way v a softly, Bill. I'll toll vou bv and hv." "Von-, Norah aid Dolly, seated at the table, with the frsh sheet of p:i- ; per, tne now ftee' pen awl stand of ; Niolet nik . l..f.r her , "how arc we to i l,'in I l'N r Mikp V" I Vo,,. .. ? 1 v-..-..i. 1 .. j;i!idinprr:-eefjllv near the door, ' M' !y. ne exclaimed, broatiiWs I with a clean calico apron, ".an' ain't ' "Hi;J both hand iuy j that to plain like ? Make it a little ! own d.u liny I sweeter, miss the saints he good to ; J)oIlv turnel pink and then pale, (you! An' just tell him I love him , -I dou"t iiiidvistainl you, Al r. Ie true, tnough I haven't tokl luni so 1,0- fore, an' I'll be constant to him to the i wurreld'B end ! There !" : "Very well !" aid Dolly, eontrart- I ing her brovr. "Keep still for a few i minutes very still, mind !" And Norah, shifting her weight from one foot to the othr, scarcely dared to breathe, until at last Dolly flung aside the pen and pushed hack I ner cnair, re.vnng oui wnai sue nau j composed with all the grace of rheto- tealetfvct. 1 "Vi!llht nsL-arl And Norah, clasping her hands i delii'ht. aoswpre I- i "Oeh, mi-s, an' kook-print itsolf j couldn't be finer ! An' if ye'll sign it. '. our own true love," .Mike'll know who it h true and certain."; : "iiu-re s MiHiiuilii s oe.u ; 1 10 I) Uv, suddenly. 4LJmi, Norah ! We'll inclose the letter in an envel il" . ami posr u aic-r uinnei. i i.etv has been quite enough tune wasted . in love-letter writiii'' already' ! Atul then sh sat down, and t'el! intoa sort of half conscious reverie.! lovi "even poor Norah, i who can neither read nor write They all have lovers ecept me! Oh I womier l wonaer now ir wom-i . seem to have a lover ?' j And mstinctively her thughts wandered otl to P.elton P.ellew, the ; han.lsome, paled browed young I fist, whose studio was on the next street. Ah," she pondered. he t 'links of nothing but his art ! He has no tim to dream of love! Audit he had. I am scarcely vain enough to fancy that he would rare for me !" And Dolly Brooke cried a little. she lil not know why the love letter was gone. Dolly looked around her with a frightened face. The easement win slow was open a little way to admit t!iefrsh March sunshine, and she mid only im igine that the breeze had whirled the slieet out of the window. Poor Norah !" thought Dolly. She shall not be disappointed." And so she sat down and wrot e , it all over ngain as nearly as she' eould recollect the impassioned phra-"-; es, inelosed it in an envelope, ami di-: rected it. circiiiiistaiitiallv, to "Mr ' Michael Mull. my, Bl.incy Hill county : lioscoinmon, IiVl ind." ' i ii,l f..ii li,i Vi,vn i.-i ri-ii'. I if tn Utx ',. n,nu1. (lim.ry nnder the. windows of Mr. Bellews studio. Wiiile Billv and .lohimv, in the w ikmI -shed at the end of the g u -den, w here giggling over the first copy of poor Norah's tender effusion. WeJI kill birds with one stone,'1' said the precocious Billy, w hose rancor had been heigthened b Dolly's refusal to give him three li,.lniii.p-j ot' f-i sob-rj'v-i:nii af iliiiner. -WVI1 in ike an April Fool of tha i ii .... r around to see Dollv, and we'll play a ; . i joll game on hei . i And Johnny sitting huggmg his , knesss on the tio,r, chuckled aloud at i t he prospect. The tirst of Amil dawned, cliill ;U1 hU, ., sll,nVt.I V :,11V. , , f f, ,irii,ht' lim-ursor of .....iMr U..1W xv is ins spnug, aa.I M i . Bellew w a j m . - img to oi,v o.i .m.i.o .m.oi.i.i. w hen the posman rapped loudly at thv dar. and a letter directed in .,,hnn 's schol boy chirography w as i,;,,Mu.d in. ..... ... .. .... ..M....I i . .,,.,. Bellew broke if open in some w ihleriuent. but hi- face lighted ,,ai...v illoke if onen in some b. when he saw the well-known writ !. 11 ! ing within. W n it ! had he cai led a scrap of Dolly's writing the mere formula for some society game which thev had ulaved at her houses ; ariKiinl in his hieasi pocKet un si weeks not to know it now "My OWN SAVKrITIMAKT," It read, "I am resolved at last to'easf aside all false, pride, ami confess how dear voiiiare to me. If it lowers me in your opinion, 1 cm but accept my , lot in silence ; but if you will write to tell me that our heart mdeel n sjtouds" (Norah had especially exaulted on this particular expression, as Iveing just exactly what she wanted Mike to understand") "1 shall be the happiest jjirl in America. And so I sign my sen. Forever Your Own True Love." "All rue gins nae ioers. siic!v,. ,,.,,., ,i ii'n,,, i,,e. Which latter somewhat a b nipt (Jacobs Oil for rheumatism and neu fashion of ending had also Wvu the ralgia and fjuud mime, liate rc hef . . . everv time. he prouoiinee.l it the result terventen t rea ty . ;,ie hadlvr tried for the like it best, mis,' die had; sai.l "he will. indsd. : 1W'lt,)U 15tll,'w n':ul thc ,cttt'r OVl'r tice. three times. Ai.i 1 dreaming V he aked him- self. "The sweet" darling-she has read my secret soul ! 1 must have i ,VOn, my heart on my sleeve, r,r daws to peck at ! Write, indeed ! I u ;n go to her at once this hour, thi t,js x ,.rv N,.,.Md: I .i ;.. ..r..;,i ,, ... J i-T ist t!ic uncci tain sunshine with I Oillv one ide iiT left i' -briov i jM i"nr--I in.M rushed strai -lit i ,.. ,1. . .111 1 . 1 . 1" ' 1 .."-" " .NV'V i'1" 1,;,-va,'!,lt ns' :lt ! WI!.1(m;' bcwitchm- little mk iii!i;ijM morning-dress, wit'ij black velvet bo s l.isteued 011 if here ' ami th-re. -Mr. Bel!ev 1" she exclaimed, witli 1 t he pre t icst surprise, as hom-t Noral! wiJ,, , . ,-..,. ( , . , ,,mv. : .... ' ed iiim nr o t no parlor, .v " said vlie. Mr. IJellew's eoiiiitenaiiee f.-ll. . "Didn't you write t'lis letter f" he 1 Icm.iiiiieii. holding if out witli a blank expn-ssimi of face. j "Yes," said Dollv, iilaiM-in over' the the buniiliar words in extreme j amazement, "j wrote it. liar !ut : i don't know how it ever came into! vour hands '" I ..Y(; W ' jt t) s i(, t; j . .. , ... , ,v , ... .! erieo i .)ux . ours ! ing , int teais. "As if I eould ever send uci a letter as that to any gentle- man? I I don't know how you eo iltl taink so ill of in" a tin?!" Do!lv." faltered poor Kelt . in Ih l j,,w voi( ,.. , ir.? , hmt yoiI ..... o i really ear e hr !n ' liet her I me mt it or not, don't ' signify," sobbed Doily, with her f.iee stii, ,K,hilI(, ,ur i(,,(.k,t.!l;m(1. j v,.r(. ,,.( j o i". :. i v -vi.. i t III II I II i I MVS. I!I .111. It-lil'. ' g Mitly obtaining posession of one of her hainV Bc-aMse. J);lly, I 1 V: llwV !, lifti:. I sh-dl b; !,..,.,.'.!, "i .,n !;r,. ' i i'r M.i-i'- I ever should have had courage to: t(.n vo;, hU (l iriin-, but naw I feel i S) lV(, th t .L..nii,,.,! llot t ' ie;lV(l t, js , HV witj,,mt a d.-!iiii';- ;i ;W.. - ' ' Howthev settle 1 it nobody ever! ! knew nrecisclv.not even Billy win ! had his mischievous litile ear glued j .?g.iiiis the key hole, in gleeful an-1 ; riripatiou of i jolly old row ." But i he scampered down stairs, three j ; !:; at a time, to where dohny wa ; libeling a lot of April Fools, for' d'.-eration of the backs ol casual i ,l;.srl.s.i, .loliunv said he t he tiling ha-m't J all. Sh wa m't m nl , W'olK I at vorr.i a ceil", lie Kissed ner, assure, is you're alive, and she kissed him i b iek : and he pu" a ring on her tin jror ! "Po h !" s.iid .Johnny. Eve no p i- with such I rash ! Look here rv1 pj-j :ij t.;l fl)1); tt.ri, o! vmi ,ltU't von tliink think tliat'll be ,.,,!K,,-i', i wlieii' Mr. Bellew went away, feel-1 ing as if he were treidiiigou air, I Dolly came down into t h wood-shed. wli her yo:i:rg h: icr s eyed ner; like convicted crimina!. "Boys" said she. "F e e-uud you 'the was oat. I saw Billys writing on outside of that .letter which mailed to Mr. Bellew." "It was only an April Fool, any- j how " muttered Billf, turning very! red. 'o fellow tliiuk-! anything of that !" a hleil Johnny. j "You did very wrong," said Missj Brooke. -But you are two darlings j and I love you ever so much !" i issc l and hugged both ' tin- voung rej.n.hates- and then ran aw iv it : sf I'.rs omr unaware that tin- urtlul .lohmiy had succe.-ded m fl . x Ut tju. - i " ";. ,u,,s "'ul" .;iI v !VS. ,;m' . vA . ,MmIs : when thev in ocr I said tue juveii- : ile misant'i: ope. Nor was he altogether wrong : but. perhai.s it w a, worth the oblo.p.y of the thing t la so very, very happy as was Dollv Brooke. i:;itlarsel By 4tl;.eiis. Ivn No matter how useful a n y thing; may be in its.-lf, good endorsements j seem to increase it- iiscfulnes greatly ' byinsuringa w ider field for the dis play of its special merits. We were; thus impressed in view of the follow - i ing statements received by one of our representative from individuals connected w itii - ne of the largest i enterprises in our midst. Among others vliDp testimony was freely ' given was W. II. Stearns, Esq., Mas-' ter Mechanic of Conn. River Railroad, residing at No. 2s Royl.-ten street, who observed : St. .Jacobs oil has; had remarkable effect among the men employed here. One of them jam-1 mei x iirm very badly, and by the ! use of St. Jacobs ( i! was gieatly hen- etited, and the arm was healed. An-, 'other used it for severe rheumatic, pains in the knee, and pronounced the; ; Oil a complete success a- iie was cured ' : by itsiw. Mr. A. Ii. Taylor, of the , "Ruv Jt Taylor Manufacturing Co." was'pleased to say : "My aunt, Mrs. i Pillshurv. of Mount 'lair, N. J., ' while vi-iting at our house tried Si. trouble. Mr. J. B. We-ton, 4". Grecn- wood street, Supt. Car works, Boston lU,1 -'l':lI'y Bailro.i.1, thus addrte,! our re-orter : "1 am one more of the fortunate who have had the good back to be ar of t 'j-- ertu r,me,ly J. Jacobs o,l. ' ' ; m Vum; . a ,'; 1 S IiJ ,,j;tHj jt audit must contV-s I was n-prised'at the result. I am almo-t well and expect to he ntm-ie-o io a ,', t --. . ,-. '" .. WIT AND HUMOR. A bill to provide whipping powt for wife beater has deen introduced into the New Jersey lejilntur. New Jersey lawmakers don't want a married man to have any fun at all. Next thin; we knowthey Ml pass a law requirin:? married men to he at;home every niht not Inter than nine o'clock "Mother, why doe pa call you honey?" "IJecamo, inj dear, he lovei me," "No ma, that itm't it." "What is it, then? "I know." W ell, what is it?" "Yhy' it's because you have so much comb in your head, that.s why." The man who professes to believe that evil is only the under side of good, the dark ide of the moon, and prop erly a component part of human life, will never have the Kat in fact ion of dying from inflamation of the brain. He is a man after my own heart, pa," aid Julia reverting to her Augustus, "Nonsense," replied old Practinl' "he ii a man after the money jour uncle left you. And then all was quiet. People are made up of no many contradictory feelings, that wjyn a person's conduct surprises us we, for- ( get how much circumstance have to do with the outward aspect of life. Those men who destroy a healthful 1 constitution of body by intemperance and irregular life, do as manifestly kill themselves as thoee who hang or drown themselves. What a change, exclaims the novelist Roe, one little woman can make in a man'b life! Exactly: and what a bean ; of 'change' "by rotiuires v.hiledoing it. As you travel around the country you are more impressed with the conviction that the chief end of man is to patent medicine Kigns on tho fence. Stick to ono thing until it is done, and done well. The man who chases two hares, not only loses one of them' but is pretty sure to lose the other also. lie that is good will infallibly be come better; and ho that is bad will as certainly grow worse; for virture, vice, and time, are three things that never stand still. At last accounts Alfonso was oalling her 'Chrissie, dear,' and she was retorting with 'Fonny, daring.' Go it while you feel, that way, children. Teacher ; Peter, you such a bad boy that you are not fit to sit in the company of good boys on the bench. Come over here and sit by me, sir. It used to be 'called "moderate crinking," but now that scienc has inuadedthe subject, it ia regarded a "taking it in true physiological quantity." It must have been a great relief to Adam after his fall that thre were not a dozen or so of indignant neighbors to kick htm after he was down. Tiiere is nothing marvelous aboul curing by laying on hands. Hands laid on smartly and vigorously have cured many smart boye ofbadness. No school is more necessary to chil dren than patience, because either the w ill must be broken in childhood or the heart in old age. He that considers how little he dwells upon tho condition of others will learn how the attention of others is attracted by himself. Every thing falls and is called. A few feet under tie; ground reigns so profound a silence, and yet so much tumult on the wurface ! The man whom you can hire to work for nothing, when you come to pay him off is tho hardest kind of a 'nan to settle with. "You take a lode ofT my mind, "as the teller of a worthless mine said to the speculative purchaser 111 behanged if 1 don't," aid the convict when asked whether he intended to apply for a pardon. AVtc OrUant IHca 1iine. . , f MEDICAL." Nourciljta, Sciatica, Lvtnbtj, Backachi, Soreness of the Chsi, Govf, Quins, Soro Throat, Sniffings tnd Sprains, Burns and Scalds, Genera Bodily Pains, Tooth, Ear and Headache, Frosted Fst and Ears, and ell other Pamt end Aches. N'- Pr?r.irtt!n rj cr,rth tri.!ii Ft. J.crp On. U a . jr, itnfii Rnil rhmjt Exrjiil KiijsJt. A tr a! mail tut the rororrativp;T tnhitc outiaf nt .10 ont. cn.l every one tST-r nr Willi mi can hT? rlicr.p unl pit';vc proof cf lu cituBia. I-lrectior.i iu Ecrcn Lax.rur. HOLD BY ILL DXUQIST3 1!iD EEALElfl IJ JIEDICIJTZ. A VQGELiSR & CO., CL HrlS BhM&. R B U II 1 Tti!U0dUr tor ' Jt- -'-, v. z. J. E. OIIARA. ATTORN KY-AT-LA KN FIELD, V. C Prsai" in thf CMintrt of Il.-i'ifnx, 1'rlz crnl and Warr-n a. in th Snprme ami Fa-bra! Court of North Caio'in. McliS W A Andrrson. i Atlantic Fcvndry, ; 20 Water Street, Norfolk, Vn. ' Manufacturer of Every Description of! Castings Iron and Brass, At ahort Notice and Baltimore prices. ' No Extra Chnrge for Patterns on Hand of which I have quite an Extensive Variety. ' i Highest C'onh J'ru'e mil for Mdo.t. ! March 10 J y'eir. ' T the Citizens r Wilson and adjacent Towns. We, the nnJvrigntil, hrg U-ure to cnll jour )iltntiin to The Richmond Irrn Roof Paint & Cement I Would h platl to cor re f' in, I witli row on the nnLjtCM'f vour own interest. r will warrant a tiglit Itciof i:i erv inttni and will fiti joii thu 1:?H of TtKtiinotiiala oil ai(lirlion, Keapecifiillr, iil KCH P.RftS (Joldiboro, N. of UVwi To (fie JufJicrs of (he Peace Yeu are hereby notified to meet in the the Court House in the town of Wil son on the fourth Monday in May 182, to determine, whether the In ferior Court of Wilson County shall be discontinued. By order of the Hoard. A. (J. BOOKS, Chairman of the Board of Justices of the Peace of Wilson County. NOTICE. Having been appointed lleeeiver of the late tirm of Farmer A- Wainw right, all persons indebted to them are here by notified to come forward and mak payment, and those holding rlaim against the same will present them properly authenticated for adjust ment. J. A. TYNES. Nov. llth, 1881. tf. N OTICE. II Y VIRTl'K OF A DKCItEE OF TIII-: Suje: tor Court f ( 'oiiniy npprveil ly the Hon. John A. (iilmrr h: motion Dcttit W hit try, ii fi'l-.t by her Cmaidinn II II. l'.unn. Th"iinif i-igiu-il will m-11 before tlu- Coin t Hoiik lor in the town of X-iliri!I, on Mnndjiy, April 3rd, 1S2. One tru t of l.uui in N:fli Comity, North Carolina adjoining the Ian. In of loniy A. hitler at.d ih;rs contsiniiiji )nn huiulred aiul fouitoen (IN; acrr. niort or h'i. Snhjrct to ili- Power of Mr. Jolly H. 'hidy. which ha bt-Mi f Htil'ied by mill ami lxunb. Trm: Jin Third cah i'alanct at eijrbt niontliK with intrre-t frem da of at 8 r root Title rrlainrd till pwch.iHf innit-y is -.'x.i. II ii. tSlJNN, (iiiardian and ou)iiii.ioni. Mch 4t. vo tsci: HY VIRTUE OF A DECREE OF I th Superior Curt of Wilson County,! made on the 17th day of February I 1882, and duly approved by the Hon. John A. Gilmer, Judge, in a certain j Fetition pending in said Court, riled j iy MAHY K. CREWS, in her own behalf and BESSIE C. JOHNSON, an 1 infant, offering hv her guardian, the said MARY K. CREWS, I shall sell, at the Court House door in Wilson, I Monday the 3rd day of April 18S2 that j portion of the lot in the tow n of Wil kou on Tarboro Street, adjoining N.l A. Morriss, John D. Wells, Wiliei Daniel and others, beginning at N. A. j Morriss' corner on Tarboro Street and ranning with said street is feet, then ' nt right angle with said street 1 12 feet j to W. Daniel's line, then with said1 line about 2-s feet, then to John J . Wells' corner, then with John D. Wells' line 97J feet to N. A. Morris,' line, thenee w ith Morriss' line 10 feet, cornering thence with said Aorris-' ; line 44 feet to the beginning, exclusive ! of the building. A No that portion of ' said lot lying immediately back of the store owned by Move v Nadal, i being 21 feet wide by about loo feet deep. For more particular description see the plot on file in the office of the Clerk of the Superior Court. Terms: feltiCO cash; balance on credit of nine months interest from date at per, cent. Title retained until purchase, paid. II. G. CONNOR, Commissioner. Feb.!!7-tf. ' 1 L Uie I hi, KICHMOND, VA. m a x r r a c t v n r. i:s ok Carte of All Ms Buggie, Phtons, Six-seat Carrige, J agger. Wagons Top and no Top, Ac. Send for circular PATKONIZK HOME FOLKS WtenTbfy (an do as m p0r Yon. j Huoh V. Ml HKAV I j ReT?nt! ti e Iara";t, rhcap-t, nf-t n;.d j j!lrt It;r'i!ar Life Inurjncc ''oinpifiv idoing biiKinti ir ' ilsin. (iive him otir butner anJ . .:i :r; ..-e ii.r.!7-rf. j ,K- L. HrXTKK, 1. S.! Wy.' okhck at t ! - EN El ELD, N. V. jyj AN'tf ION HOUSE- 1 . , . xonroi.K, v. . M.S JAM FX, Proprietress. ENLAIKJED, HemtMleh-d, Kyfur-j ni-herl, Centrally Ixx-nted, (iood .e conimodatins Iuuos Ke:uonabh-.L' L'tf . COWEEE A KOIUNSON, 1 KAMI ION A KI.K :'. sr., wii.sox, . r. ; Having opemI a ir-.t-vlas Earbr-! simp solieits the patronage of those' who wish good work lone. Satlfac-i tion (;uaranteed. JJuIvIViy j for Said A Buggy Shop with a trade f fron, four tfisix thousand dollars per veur in the town of Black Creek. good ojiening in a good locality. One doz en new buggies- ori hand which will be sold cheap. Apply at once to W. S. ANDEPSON, Black Creek, N. C. Nov 2.1, tf. tick:. Inconsequence of the death of feo H. ftiilhn it hecomes miKirv tie the businevs of the firm of Crilliri A -hurray. All persons indebted to lid !,rrM w,n plfrsM-all t their place ol business and settle at WM. MCPIIAY, Surviving partner of firitlin A Mur m v. Dee. Htf. S W Scldiier. WHOrHKAI.K LIQOUR DEALER, No. 21 Boanoke Square, NORFOLK, VA. Orders promptly attended to and MchlO-S Satisfaction Guaranteed. 'OTICE. THE, END E US I (i N K I ), have form ed a co-partnership f irth.- practice of medicine in tho town of Wilson and adjoining. ountry. Returning thankr to their patrons for their liberal pat ronage, they solicit a continuance of the same. Office on Nash Street op posite the Court lately occupied by Jas. S. Woodard, Esq., w here one, or both may be always found w hen not professionally engaged. C.C. PEACOCK, M.D., W. S. ANDERSON, M. D. JanZZ 82.-1 y. TiR. U. W. J O Y N Hr -on :otft. By"II permanently located In. Wilson, N. C. All opperations- will ne neatly and carefully performed and j on term as reasonatde a o-i-ible i Teeth extracted w ithout pain. Ofhec ! Tarboro street next door to Post o.licc1 Jan : 12m. A. .M:?kky. II K. UtXTeK on ( i n; Il.-iving leased all of th" machinery belonging to thu lute' 1. A. Waimvnglit, wt ftro nowi l irejiarcd to I'lilld neAr, and re pair all kiln Is of 3i ac ii n' i: it v. Ve keep constantly on lia::d pi;:r and littings Also valves of all kinds. Cotton gins fitted up in first-class order. Special attention gireii to fitting up, Mill work. Estimates fui ! nished oi'. r.ll kinds of work. Or-' tiers solicited, and promptly executed. Murray & Benton WILSON. N. C Mar. 1-tf. i0TlCE. Tues-lav ;he lSth lur of April n r..i.!ri,r. f.f GKK'MAN LATM i at AN. tlor th ltC .life-1 I. I will k1 to tlit hiit hi.lder jx isinl property U-iooir.i: to the c..nnitin of or.e mn!f .sl hnpy, l.f .-,vr, two 2'j -lo-p, hr'lshr!d i,hi-hfB fiirnitia-. rc. haoi.n, V : . k: Ttrrn: Cs-li b-!"r- th- ri;h: toil, p er'.v is rikarel. I hi- LJth day ef 1 l?b2 TI?. 31.1? J -.T"A- .-'J-l .li:'. i , and 1 r .j- f I:, inn ilouxc Per Sale! I offer m v housw, wIU vn ne4 rix.m.-, in the town of Black rek tm al-. The lot is a Inrge one, eonfeeJe. ing two and oiie-ihlrd ares, Om arre In straw herrle whleJi fir gai ieio. iuies.uii eneep! My on forelling is that I am rlar I movr. Addresa, W. S. ANDE11SON. Pbiek ( reek, N.C. Nov. IV,, tf. "15. 3I.Y.13KS. PETEIISA'UO, VA. j He-Distiller, lb-finer and WholeJ j Liquor Dealer ' ?W Sycimiore Stnet, : K'eepi. constnntly on hand a full Wk : of laquop, Wine., Ac. Mver's mal ed "Sl'NNY SOt'TH" Whisker iniMirpae.1. Onhrs solicit! saui4 satisfaction giutrautes. Pel l'-3m; k. MYHKA. TALBOTT & SO S3 Shockoe Machlno WORKS, HICIIMOM), VA.. Mariifac'iin i ..f I.rii.bie unci htaMeour Kr.gim-s mioI H..M.TV. sHw Mill. fvm tH A liKiit .pll-, Mi.iftinK', Marufrrs and PIUt 1'i.ri.ine Wulri i,.N. TKaw Tmfrf Mituliui'-i y. Wfi.ulii Iron ''irl. Braae sni lrn Catii)gfi, M.iclunvrj ,t vry ! h- ' iflM. CIXSlSGb TUmUisq .VA CHIN MM A SPECIALTY. Kepniriiig Promptly ami Csrefallj Don Talbotfs Patent Spark Arrester. I'lif Intrnmni ihe Aga. It iloi-s not Utrv lln- drnft. It does not lUt ihre with :.r aiinr I ii'm.-. It will not choke up and rcjniree clrxiiin. It n-.iiii s no tlin rt dnmpHra lo he fm ed when raUin strum d.iMitm tx-lug- jerlioiiablc, ah tln-y i.tny bn irfi open u4 kIIio- lb" &..trk to -om-.J ll refir.;iv no water to -xtinjriib apsrka whicb, by eoinlHiiai ion, d t ro k I h tU ti ftcsi.l,. wl.'ii wat.-r t n-d. If MfrtMitt, tliu i !llt i-iif'v : ('c'troyed by vaHratM r thr waicr. nii'l the hoiler is kat la 0 1 by con4itinn. It i simple un-1 dnruble tixJian b rfl4 1 JM tt . It can he attached to any b'lf.wr. No . i a 1 1 1-r shoul l Im wiihont n ! 'leiii. Iiisiii auf-f eniiipaiiH'k will lhaifS vciie and lrns w In re tho rl.)ll Hngi and Spa i k A i I '-sttr. urt- iid : ara ri a charged for v:ip.-or lmi pwrr. taT'fciid for illnt raud oiienlars n4 I ! !-- list. Hi ancl. Moit-c: C'ohUhoro, X. t.'.. J. A. lan-f-r. oiiHl Manager. T. A. Grainger Ux al.M..'i:ig:: . noI4-lia fie. II. GrilMn, Jr. Agent tor Wil son, Nitsh, aiul J ranklia cou title, sa) Wilson, N. C. Empire Plaster Mills, WILMINGTON, X. 0. We aru prepared t deliver tlm BEST NOVA SCOTIA FP.ESH GROUJIO fUJTIt iGYISCM.) iw i:.ti.s vnit i.aiw;k it. J. It. BLOSSOM .V I'VANi, Feb'J-bil WIl.MlNOTo.V, ti.C. i m fbi can iiorsi: l l oriTKMOt.'TH, Ti. MOSTCotivenient to all Itallroad pots and Steamboat Landing. Katks: Firt I'bsir, j-r day, $2, Second Fhior, pTlay, I,-r0. North Carolina Travel U ItrstpAvV fullv Solicited. BBOWNLKY S IsT FILM, Prop's, Ft b::-V 'I-1 v TH V. I.KAHTX' t- IFNT1STS ftr TfTiT :;- rl,n: it ii nia r fc 41- ocr-l Ki.1ii or If, ihrrr forrih aTl)a.a nr'J I.iti r ar kfjl m r '. rrr, prf hlb will ?!. rnlt Thi. trn'U ha. nf w. kna .1 ti.rt tiTi- nii'l fr Tr. pi. ..IT ( g-ra onv m ii h''U -ti;j ablfii flnit r-llf Taa tl-fo-ry f t W.irn-r' - f- K Win r 1 ijrmr 0r num. jnrir r i-m f If atinni of he irjub f M.i' fr mi a nin.l k-opiral lt-f of ar a!ihi H o. iiia.'. i- -! ' B'f .rT f) itnra in vi'i.r-t- !v.!i f -r-' rts... art af.-lv :'-t jr ;in'l k--j ili.-m io '.rt r Ii tm i'OITlVK liKV.-.lV t 'V .ll h ll.-.. .u- m Hi ! Ar I't't of !' tl for T .nl I.iTr- HJa- hf -f inr rn.-- hmox.--r M-r. Ar i Mainnil IrTrr. anl '1 ll(nV-i.t-. f th- Ki(lm-', l.irr T't inarr i(tu I; an r--; l m .ml if- ruiol for ffnimm nr.? I'wi if v. It vi : ll "in t1 V-nir w.n 1 i in i'. i i f'-r liii' .rrt.'ru "t I iHinj f i rta wyniU. - li!''1 I ;rifl r c i "n. 'mnl, f r it ijr "V u; : ha: pi m hivjl. T ,i. rnu"!i, . ht- h lii tl.i.'urh umianf, a (nt i M,r 1. AI.Ol. I Slri HoTTJ.l.of t . '.f'ti 'M rr. ''t I. od hv ItrnjfM'a r:J ,,!ld. r. nt JXK IK' IJ. AH AVllWW TV : 1 I'cl'NTs r-- NM.1-. r .-r trwi , c . r- '. -r '. lfNK.R s SAl L lH VB.Tt-CT5. ? . . por lTIVti'.u:. " . . !

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