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North Carolina Newspapers

The Wilson advance. (Wilson, N.C.) 187?-1899, April 07, 1882, Image 2

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llT A 111 E I IOX A DVATsTl. - -----jthat Wiiuv, Fudav, April 7th, lo2. MMMSTIIII, -V I, M O Kditur 1 T-l lii ili l.jtO:l;. m.Wiiioi N. C. 'I ii. k' l.-r . THE ADVANCE. 1. 1. ui, a- fii Ki it iv N . I :. 1 : t-!'I j. Kill 11 tor kit luunlli-). l."' j.r. yar, 1,0'J i i.v h i ! -I o I: v'i l r .'. i f r - ..,!,.ju.-nt iii-rriKm by W I . f i Si'iir-. "ii tini" 1, Ill-I ll tll-' 'H1L '.M'.l U" 1. i Ins-r .'.Mr(i-:i. ny aii.1 rr rou tract. i.y m . -.i r. I ( OM.. i N II ATI". CnHiiunnic'ttion on mlr- ' l'"!!! 'll; 1 , Ail.C'oii.uii;iiii..iU'." "liould b'f .Tldi' 'l 'o .Ii;i'm s Danii-i, Manar. Tim Wii.tnv A iivav k. Wilson, N.C. i;i i;in;Nsor tin: takiit. I'm rcilize tin hnr-fTH imjnsetl upon them ly our j)ifnt t a rill' sys litn. It'ihfV I'll npui tin peoph in t In li:ipf of a i s it -t-t t iv thry Vtottltl Hot le home. Ueinx an inci , .lent. tl ohaie upon the imln-try of the fmiitn . they fail to attract the attention which t h e i r enormity infnN. We !:tar of them during political campaigns and through easiiMial sje,n-hes in congress, hut I In- pt oplr of this country do not iealic 1 he l ohhci v to w hich they are Mihjecectcd, utitlcr the specious jilea of protect ion to American industry. The l;itcspccch of Sen. itor Vance has d'one a reat deal towards en. liiitenin t!ie puMic mind upon this impojtant suhject. We have here tofoi e eoiiiiueiided it to our readers ; ml puhlished Mich extracts from it as the. crowded state of our c 1. uailis-' .woiihl allow. The recent 8peecTj1of I Ion. ( )scar Thompsom ot Krntuclvcy upon the 'same suhject is csffi'-t iall.v de.M-i vinr ol' t he atten l ion ii eeiy firmer in the county. "We j.:te a short extract Iroin it tt kIiou a few of th.' hnrdeas of the I i::n:-i s under t his t a rill'. 'Hi- rises in the morning, puts on his common il mnel .!iiit taxed !. pel cent.; his taed ."7 per cent.: shoes, t.i ed jier cent.; and hat, t ed !L' p r cent.; lakes the water Ji nn a I'lickel tax.-il .'!." jier cent, and wash-ihis his face and hands in a tin l J t !eil .;." per cent. ; drit them on a cheap cotton towel taxed h" pel- cent. lit its down to his hum-1 ole in.-. il ; i 1 n eats from a plate taxed ..Opt-,- cent.: with knife and fork 1'ixeil .".") per cent.: drinks his eolTee wirh su ;ir t axed 0 per cent.; seasons his food wit!i salt taxed !'. per cent.: pepper, t ixetl 01 percent. He looks round on his wife and children all ta.ved in the same, way: takes a chew of toll neo taxed l'.-'S jer tvnt. or lighls a cigir t e, IIS per cent. And. sir." c .-:i tin smiliglit frtun h'MWii I hat pours into his humble dwelling must tmnie tliroiigh window g'a s 1 a xt d ."! per cent.: ami yet he thinks he liv;s in the freest govern-la-ht, iiml 'i- heaven. Then he starts t. v.rk : puM a bridle taxed .'5a per ceii'f.' ' mi his hor.-.e, that has been !lod-the nails used in shoeing being taxed .": per cent., driven by a ham mer t i ed L't) per cent. and hithes him-fo a plow taed J."i per cent., M-ith Vii iius taxed .".S per cent., and after the day's labor is closed ai tl his family are a'l gathered around, he reads a chapter from his Rible taxed -a pel t eut., and kneels to Cod on an liable carpet taxed ."1 per cent:: and then he rests Ids wearied limbs oil a sheet taxed I."i per cent, and c ,t himself with ;t blanket that has paid KM percent. Nor do the;: g;a;ping manufacturers stop bore. bu even the broom with which his go t 1 wife sweeps the floor is t ixo I il per c.'ip.. and flu cooking w-v-UuM'd in preparing her hu--b i-i Ps frugal meal are taxed 42 per c. nr.. an I t he soda used to lighten his bre.i 1 taxed .V.l per cent. She sitsd e;i to her sew iug w it!i a needle t ixe.l !'." per cent, and a spool ol lire: I tae 1 7i p;-iceiit. to make a e . In) ( le f i.. 1 -.S f -'- j'v . ..-in., m n'Drv site v. ishes t knit warm sm-ks to j Lard Protect her luisdand and -liildr..i. ! -b'hisses - ii-mi t:ieJitf:T cold, she uses yarn taxed litf per cent.; atid thus daily and liouriy Vn-t the hard earnings of tin laborer g t: satisfy the mami fi'. turer,(';ui(l add to his ill gotten uvulta." WIIOMl'ST l.KAI) ? This tjuest tin has been q rte ablv discuss,,! recently by the New Era a weekly ncwsjvipcr published in Charleston S. ('. l,v a eolored man. After a thoughtful ami disji.-isionate eonsideratiou of the jiolitieal situa tion, it expresses the opinion that iily throu-rh the aid yfthe men of the S up!, ,. m (i,0 colored race in ike advancements, comiuensurat , with their need. And this opinion is based'upon the teachings of history and the sober lo-ic of experience. The whito-race has not actpiiretl its pieseid civilization .without icat I sacrifices h'" training. It nir, ; not therefore he reasonable expected tin; negro, kIiouM reach the' j,-.,,!,,. print of human attainment without a similar experience, lie lias 1m-wi advanced to high ami M'. sponsible jKMitions in the govern ment, since lie was clothed with cit- ' izenship, and in nearly afl instances h-haM failed to show fitness, ami has. abundantly demonstrated that the bestowal was too early. lie has ail-. vanced too rapidly, ami therefore is j unable to appreciate the unparalled ;d'aIltageS ftp HOW pOSSCSSeS. i lit .fv j-.ra IS OI opinion, lliai l lit- jijimi. r l : . r. . 4 ; . . l... l I I leia 01 iu iiiuue 111 me .souui. iiiui 'lie worked out by the Southern white ; i man, who will develope him into a i i worthy citizen, ami give him every ! ..i-'ht that h - is Mifitled to lecau-e it I ! i , will h- to the interest of the white j i man to do so. Assisted by those1 1 who know his wants and his capacity, ! they will supply the one by not over t r -iwdin the As the white man posesses the intellieiiw ami : pital the nero must yield to thesi- power j ful factors and cooperate with him i in order to obtain his prnjer share of prosjierity. "The white men must j mi v-i 1 his enltired etlitoi. the are i ; the onlv ones that can obtain for the ; nerro, the rights uaraiitetl by tlo; amemled constitution of the United States. 1 he Southern white man is j determined that the former burlestp-. 1 on govern inent in the South shall! never a'aiii exist, and w hile t Im v j are not lisjxsed to attempt to resist ) the United States, they will never j surrender the government to the! same power which formerly held it. ,, . .. ... ' , , Such are the convictions ami conclu sionsol'the New Era, a newspaper j owned by colored men, supported by j colored men, and edited by a colored man : a newspaper that is republican in politics, candid in speech and pro nounced in its party a "e..i iner , hii has the wisdom to comprehend the course of events, and the honesty to x press its views. HON. A. II. STEPHENS. j A (ieorgia exihange says that! H. A. H.Stki'Hkns, hasannoum j ed his intentions f retiring to pri- j vate life for the fifth time, but has j been unable heretofore to resist the; solicitations of the k,dfar people." i:ven now at his advanced age it is intimated that he might be induced to become a candidate for (Jovernor. aIk. Stkphkns has often been com paretl t) John lAXlOLPIl of Ibian oke, who although always in a 4-dy-ing eomlition" managed to keep in the public service. There appears to be a fascination altout ollicial life, often independent of its emoluments' which neither failing health nor ad vancing years is able to dispel. The eccentric Cieorgia statesman has out lived the generation w hich witnessed his entrance into public, life, and the questions which then agitatetl the country have either Imhmi settled er shelved imlelinitly, but he still lingers in the old familiar places, occasional ly startling the country by his iolit; c il eccentricities destined perhaps like Swift. 'To expire, a driveller and a show." WILSON MARKET REPORT Ki:visi:i and eoituEcTLi) Kvr.r.Y Tin nsr ay nx' BYNUM, DANIEL & CO- ('t)fton - - - KUu'lli Hagginjf .... loc'irj lhicon, North Carolina Hams - - j.', (,i k;; MiouJiJers and Sides I2t 14 Western Smoked Sides I' ll i.'U VI UnCa V2k s Oc, '20 (. '22 '20 i'i. 4o 12 ur 20 1 (:r Ho Is ("'. '2"t :V (It :5.- :5( t :W W (,i i pi Shoulders Dry Salted Shies Shoulders I lees wax lUitter Cot fee, Itio " Larguavre " l'eahurrv 44 .iMvn - - -" Mocha - - . Corn, ier bushel Corn meal, per bushel Cotton Ties per bunch Fggs Fioiir per bhl fit) ((7 M(J It!") (i -Jim 2H.a 0.H) o CO ." (t ( ID;. i-i h i") 4u i;o ri) (' 7," - "o C'i. t'.o """V'"oi Nyrup Potatoes I'cr bushel Peanuts, per bushel Peas, per bushel - -Hags, per Hj - - - Hice Tallow per tb - - -Turnip, per.bushl Wheat, per bushel - loO! ( 111! 1 1 v 1 t! (cr. S 40 l.ri 100 (a, l.VJ 0-ra.cly, ! HALIFAX. X. ('. Watches, rhxiks ami fine Jeuelrv ! repairing done neatly and with .'lis. patch orders solicited. AprT-Gni NOTICE! Iln v!ni qualified nu Ariniiteyirator an tl-.o , eovt CMKMAX EATMAN. .ita-.l, ii..litx i lu-rehv given to all porous ii deot- ' td totlu-.loet ns. 1 to ni.ikf in oil an.l to tlu. hei.lin.T t-!.,ims ar.,iit tin-: tkvf.ise.l to .re.-nt tlit-m duly auilu-ntioate.! i witbin the fiinr Iimit-d hv l.iw. Otlo-rvvUe this homo- will Ik ple.-el in bar of rccov ' try. ThU 13th Mrch lSsj. ! Mir TIIOS. .JEFF KATMAN, Admin. ! n ft fin ir-, n J & r, rtf S 1 sT on bo- LOWEST FH1CE5 F0WEI L'S pprpARPnrHinAir , r can ov trOPT V t or pp.FPA?.r?i CHEMICALS r.f. .I ' i t i'A ( rr.; , ,rM x r..- ; X T A re - .- -r n-j-.o rr:-'.:: Lone. spring tV umi::' r Stock Conilee. AT Augiistiis "Wright's '.vii i ii.:s.M.:: i-r.M.i:K in JiOOTS. S HOES. '1 III' N k - , V AI.I-Ks. I.KA'i i! i:K, 1 iNi;INt.S, 1'. 10 A IS SYCAMoltKSiKKKT, Peter slmre:, Virginia. iu-t and most ( 'omplete as-1 j sort ment ofOood-- to be foui Citv. l'lea-.e Ca.Il and F.xan ! ,.(,. -,.,, ;;r.i! m this i ino. Tin-: P J! mm N4-.T-4. Will Plant Sesd Witisoui Preparat'on ! vju.v i)fi:.-.:;i.5:, KTJIONCJ ami EASILY A 1 .J l.'STFI ). I -! 1 1 1 . M 1 I 1 ! I , i ' : I ; 1 I I , f t I 1 1 fi 1 1 1 . ... . . , , .... .J1...1I tityots( e(i to ue sow eti t an l.o regulated by tie' mT'AVs 1111 iier tlie botben. It can be rim a t he rows an' lii';ir to t !ie eiul-a-; near stumps tb.e p!o;v can go. feTAs there is about b".o: of the IMge coiobe Cotton Planters in use in Wilson and adjoining counties we do not tlrnk it necessary to publish any of the many flattering testimo nials we have re vived. We r spectfuily refer to nearly all of the practical fanners in ti-iis section a to its being the simplest, best, and most practical Fi. inter on the mar ket. I'D P. S LK P.Y firanrh, Uadlry k Farmor, Agenl.for Wilson Countv. Mr.lO-tf ' ' Wo will not weary you with statistics telling bow MESSRS. MAES Tit EIH BEST SIX-CORD SPOOL COTTON, Or how much thsy make daily, neither will we presume to give an opinion as to its quality. It u more important for you to find out: Whether the thread i3 strong and will save you time and annoyance? Whether it will run on your Sewing Machine ? Whether the colors will match all the I fashionable shades, and work well on silk goods '? The only possible way to arrive at the truth is to USE THE THREAD YOUHSEIi? I i Yon will ihtn Vnnrr t-tt i ;a vnA I .. Ak t SIX-CORD SPOOL COTTON. YOU CAN 3UY IT OF in nil o Tir i nTim i : i n inn ii .'or. X;n!i .ind Ool.Nl.on. WILSt (X, X. r. tree mmm Q T ) THK Onario MicXiio Griiano HIKES. 1IADLEY & CO. offki: thi: r iLi.owixr; staxdari fkiitilizkks foii thf i IS I-: A SON OF lssL: "CI I KSA I'F.A K K, '"i'l Fl M( XT," "OnKl sriX IAF COMFOrXD" "KXCFLFF.XA." and hist but not lea-t,-"FFJ:-S PRL:i'AIlFI AiiUKTLTl'llAli I. IMF.." ;srTllL 1'L'IiI.lC AUK I.W'ITKUTO CALL AND SFF lS sfl 23. -in c. l. miuR, Of N'irgiuia, Pres. FOUR GOLD OF XORTII CAROLINA, IT NOKFOLK, YA. factohy moxtalant. orr.:NoiFOLK. Capacity 30,000 Tons IVr Annum. Manufacturers of Standard Fertilizers and imjiorters of Kainit and Chemicals. liYKUM. DANIEL & CO. AGTS. Fcl) .'.L's-'-hiii NASI I STIJFT, WILSON, N. C. THE ROCKY MOUNT I MO N WORK S Are now in full and successful operation. All kind of machinery made to order. k m r.e';;iirf.l at slierl n tiio. Agen ts fur t lit . 'ii'.ii ton-., inn. uoik. " e :oe pit'.;ir((l j ii-viudtoour New LOl KY MOFNT TURN lidcky Moinil CoUojj Plow I i . . . t. nil,lt n spn-i.iliy .f tfese. Our O.uon .-- f.k Kri m .i. t.-....... rarolin.-) l';.ir (.1 '1 l.i y :n v said by jailt-s to i,t I'LU KF.l ' f . BLACKSBIIT HINC & REPAIRIwIC Of all kind- of in n-liincrv dont urul.-r enr h v. n ':e.- in .t x k :i full Itnc of all sinm triiii(ii.r.iMw. il .. i . .. ........ i . i vi -- ' iiiii i i . 1111,1,, iVC. 1 11 ill I Kill ask :i s!i-n e 'f tin e:i; roua-fr.jiH our friends an I t in- onM ! . S. K. FOl X TAIN, Alan. March lv FIRST IN THE s 1 p Gr Aim k lirai, Payers are invited f call and t .xan.inel i fore making 11 ( ir m n ! -x-. have the largest and linest and handsomest stock of 1 4 (ienfs Furnishi?! summer LItlii!i?, A Large and varied! Line oi' Ifress (Snods. Kmbroideries la-i .v - -n . . cesColIars,Cufls. While Goods. Hosiery! (Moves and Notions. i vPnnollat U,-V U han'1 a la,e l "ollselecteil stock of VH GOODS (SUOCI-KII-S, NOTIONS, liOu'J'S. SilOKS, Ac. ZE1GLEII SHOES A SPECIALTY. C'npt J. H. Baker is with us and till be pleased to see his IneiicU at our store. s:..i:..:: . , ... uiun-n-uroiKi-e, wiuclnre siiall merit bv fair, : w0 ar erv KfS'iect a,, .; - W4V SPUING & SUMMER SUITS. wi: aiu: AOFXTS for MKRHIAXT TAILOR: XF:W Sample of Cas-ii.ueres ami suiting the latest .tyles and designs lorpriuirati(l Miinmor (ioods. '(.. tak niesis-iiv-. and uarantoe tU. NO FIT! XO TAKE. Call at our Store and examine. FRONT X. WILOoX, Of North Carolina Sec, & Tr MEDALS, 11. SFI'FRVISOR OF AUKNCIKS, r-'L. C m m n )&m&&4JfcZ&?2gTtia oeVl.r it.;! ( i & 0 C o;..-r Knine-t of Mwtint t:. f'uriiidi ;t hi1 f iriu tnin.- PLOW, i:nJ pel i-iuti, ami our work au irai?ei-l. Wt- n ! w iu-r ii p.js ttid l-'jIlllcc-UoiH. ;i!md lirss iiiii . t . till.- ouiK-eiiit-tii S. K. FOFXTAIX. ) W. . TAYLOR, ' I roprictors C. ik x kli:, ) MARKET 1 We ods. rSlH'l !1 r twl - ' I ' T --n-i---Z2Uiyi .-v;.ji, Wilson, . U.-l' YORK. AXI) H -vv V. a havo WAHKILX t'c lUK.XLS. ioiiipiiiij-. U 19 K 1 F " i'i M TRY IT AND je o c o kxci:lli:i) i;v 1 row no Fi-rtilizcr.lOibs Cotton; 1 row J.n) lbs I'oconntke per acre 3.v-. r Ni:wih:hxk, X. ('., It' ism I made an experiment with iv ne rtw not fertiliretl I made ten of the same length, and under similar cultivation, but manured n MoKKiit the rate of -juo pounds per similar row s tnani:rel with phcdmi ki: at the rate of 1W pound.-, per ' 5 i.iade 4 j)ounds of sped cotton. I let Mr. (Jet. Lew i have a tew bar, 'Hr.'. ' madu 1- pourals seed cotton to the rwv, against pounds on nH- rr,",i 1 ! m-muretl. J. THOMAS WETIIRLV, T, v !M G2" jMUiml- Lint Cotton per Acre. - W', X. C, Novembt r I t, isj I sold your I'iK'oMoKi: to about seventy-tive fhintor-, and it , N ' r.niversal satifitcti(n; the bc-t 'videme.)f which is tiiat they all want it f'.yf I can report ii-2t pounds of lint cotton to an acre, manured itli i-(., !lXI can get you many ci tificates. c yoj'-v" I'ocomoke oens and mature--all the lowN. u X i;vi;i:i:m:, X. C., November lt, li ITstMl i-coiMOKi: tn swamp land, and am ati-lietl that it'apr!:',v . tloubledthe yiehFof cotton. I give r. n M( ik preference over ar,v f,','--i!' ' I have ever used. It opens and matures all the bowN ontlu stalk ' ' rf THOMAS LT(M s,,v Kecommendetl to Cotton rianters. T..i.i!ii;o, X. ('., ()(tt)lier, in, is I have used three kindsof (Juano thisSpring, ami imw'omok v ! I ex licet to use l hi of her ne y t vc.-ir. :i ! - i ' - - 1 - ' hi UJ!l ; -' .L IL M()() I Cotton bowls better nml matures earlier where Foconioke i !s. i ! HKAfi--or;v ( oI .ntv, X. C., November Nt, I The ton of rctcoMoKK purchaso-d of you was used on about ni'iie sc'r i land in cotton, nml am satisfied it pa'ul w t-il. Tin cottim matured e-lr li.- i I how led better than where other fertilizers were Used. I got from io'r I whcre'i-ocoMOKK was applied, ."no pound- seed cotton at first l ii kii i from l' rows alvngsule of it unmanured, I got only l!a pountN. ' j W. H.SWAWi. T I It sustains the plant during Drouth. i I'.i-ANcnvii.m:, 'a., November Idth j i i Am pha-d to report most favorable residts from the ne of v. air I-,., i frti!, muler my crops this season. J like itbetter than aiiv , tj,rr lf " , have used. it sustains the plant timing drouth b-tt,-r it, e. ntlwr i wed 1' it linnv :.e..i.. ..-;il : 4 " " ....v. . ........,,..... u il.llll '.C. SI'HMIIl, Fully equal to IVruvian, and will double the quantity he us'eYh'i-t ilu Wilson, N.-C., iWember J.Uli, list. : . ... . ... ... . , , u-j. mi;-. 1,1 riPUJMiiM-., aim 1 consider it Mi I bt, fully eqal to lVnixian. I have used manufactured 1 Juano e er niu-i L j war, and next season will use ten tons of ro vmoki.. .IAMFS j. TA YI.oi; Analy.-is by Dr. C. W AiiiintJiiia, - - - - Avail, i'hos. Acid, - -Insol. " - - Potah, K.O., - - - X.SO l.( .S Freeman, Lloyd. Manufacturers lufacturers NORFOLK, 'A., ami 1'OCOMOiCK, .Ml) G A YOfJiMO w i lsox, n.c. n. WUWKa, Setaltorciuids, Ac. For sale bv I Eel). ITolit tolIIlSlll B i i i i i i Oil THE FA KM MPS FSCAPM FKOM 1IK;H PKICKS. Ail (he leading brands of (iuano aow oilered .for sale f;r 400 Lbs. M 1 1) I ) J , J x a c( VI T( ) X. G-JST THE BEST Farmers look to Your Interest. THh OLD STAXDAIil) HIAXDS or iII'ANT ) T1IK I'.KSTKVKK Oirered for sale. '1 hoy are t!m first ever sold i Sovh Carolina and ju WjIs.oii and lor ninny years hav uia intuitu 1 (heir .Hperiorily overall other eompeti tors. r better (iFAXO in the ma r- ,m! I f,,n,)W'i"' )'.'UHl- v.-hicli v. are o.Tering this s.-on: P VVrr PATAPSCO, ACID J'UL'S i 1 1 A I i A XI ) K A I X I r. jJh'fore jiurcliasiug tlieir fert il i-riN F;rt...u ,,,' cr,r. i Slllt their interest -eallino-on au LtL : ill 1 1 1 1 i n 11 1 1 is; Rounti Fcbstf JUmi Veil ro to Aorfolk Slop at the Jordan House Kestauraut and Hotel -NO 30 WFST MARKET SQUARE I'.OAltDIM; FOlXiINf; si.uo, s,.o- , v, I)VV :.VI-S AT ALL ilOFIiS ON THK KFllOI'MAN I'L AX. y i; 1I..1.S.- 1- ct l.l.:illv I.M.-..U-1 ,rt ..,11 S 1 1,- it v, ;i w w i t h i a. Lr I -l -M V i il,- ! i.oiir Liu. ilinR, ;i . 1 j.iruei- ..f ai.u.u.. r t. 1 l,c loo tion w X-tv -i t-i i 1 'r ' h:txw t"" S t ful'. .-nil, F. ,h,v, Cmint-rfi-il tr .v, t:. I ,'!',M l F' " 1" tli.e .lirin- a Hotd T:.!, uitl. home r..i.,f..rt.-. tl.i- I,. ,-"- -vfI.. II. . II . . a. .iv oon. i.o- 1 1 --1 r. . li.u l.outu leu I'm, ii. in si:,.- Uic iJ..l.iroxi, . H.L Ol f.hL:- si'hK.XDii. i.i.v.vki: kku.m 12 m a o'ruiCK-oM.v i FriI lU-,:Ui k ii'l ( )ji r.n ' llroile ! Preftt-nk i Fit i.f Pnrkiw-tk '' Fry of H.ii jouJ Frp, : Vry of ' y-tri Fry of Suu;tp?, Fty ipf-;iu.3;e an,) lltnii,y ! Frv of F sh ... Fry of Vd ( h. s l'.-.,il-.l Mutton Chop .. , Frv ol' Livt-r j Fry r f l'rij.v 1 Stew of O. sir i ', Miik Strw t-.f Oyritr, ""' I ,-iii,i t "oii;-e ..'1 ..lo ..10 f7v JXk tJ.ZZ ' (''i''! kt"" J Ail tilc ;4'"'ve "r Kr l r.z - ( ;-ke anil t V.fii-e AMOS F. Seved every Jay fp.,,, u lJ l BE COKV! im: o ik: e noxi; foii cotton, omoki:. :ipplvinr it toCt)tto:i pounds, of ced cotton, on tln.,ti ,!' acre, I made :'." pound- of f'ell i i., . "i. o ei 1 e:i :i i-m iiii ml it t.. 1 1 ' . "' 'an;. IV.. Dahxky, StateCheniist of Xdrlli Carolina. L'Al.Ult.ll, X. C., Mine, tssi. L'.SLJ per el. 0O.4 t! s. at h: ll.HK -.'J.HI !.(.', 170. L'l.O 77.8 lJ)c. c. of. Mason & Dryden. are n ,ni.. : .. ...; Barnes & Co. TflA WI1.SOX, N. r. l i-,n rt iitte-l an.l )r.3 iitvr a Kiif'ici i.t 9- J lid f Fry of rW-falc, S I " .'Frv "f P.'-fok (!,i..n U.ill Frv of i:e-f!rik. O.-iiont hi.U i .t- t-- ; Half Oriier of Uroile.! Mertk Malf I rv of lla.u and F. " :i..lf Fry f O. stt i ' ...! ' I-i I1 Fry f SallSfe. . Si j II tlf Fry fSw.vr aiK tl.uninv " " Mail Fry of Fi-h.. '. 13 : 5 Half Fry of Vi Chor, !o ; Half OnJtr Iiioii..-LMim..ii Ch',,f '- Half Frv of I.iv..r 13 Half Fry r.f Tripe i 5 It ilf Stfw of O.Mi.rn I Had Milk v of ().;,,,-.. ''' ': wl:,-S;i ao.l alf 1 II.i!: Frv of Soft CimI 1 J -J") Aii tli'- .iliovc I. !f i,rl. r wish co"m xtra. . ,-,-i, extra. JOHDA.V, No. 'ht Market S piun. O (. luck.

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