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The Wilson advance. (Wilson, N.C.) 187?-1899, April 07, 1882, Image 4

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;i it rw Mf if 1. N . I;-. J. L. HARDY, Proprbtre.--. i;o -rl,'' ri.r. n.w. f :,.(il n-'.m- attentive servant-. 1 l.u k meets ali trains. ; Jan" t. 5 IC 13- Ill jA.IS MAIN STREET, NORFOLK, VA., Auont fur the sale of;, glut irr irk CV?? celebrated Tin: Witsox Advance. Wilson, Fkioay, A i-ril Tth, THE FROifa misclllaneofn. y on SjM'isifg. 1HBLE WORKslJJl Strict, Petersburg Y 1 l 1 . I - ' ' l 1 ' - ' ' .Hi" .. , . pl TV:'LYretitrrd:.u. I under entire ;..0 (j!H.ii;i" new N.-ris.j; go"i!s percales t':i'"ic: V0 T"'n' to Madia,, Gingham In vari-ty, Sample Vent on appli:;Uo;i. l-V ' L.L.' VERRY. ProprU-tor. AiHtl'J'.SS CARIM AOl'.V. Yi :m ii 1 1) '.Iiu (U! IF FIN & MURK AY.1 ' NOH.'fil.K. VA. G..!-J.horo.SL.. Wilson. N. C. M. II, , f;l(-J Ur,. ,,f ( . ,..;. n-. .eel all : ) i '' V-ll!(.'". Ji will ,,, iw I .-. v I )"---1 Mi- P;ir.-. , In '. r liu A ,, l,:ilnl .i ll K :o:.i I'll -luii Hic. :imi:i lo.'- :i lov.-fn! . ..if .iiij i : li ii ii I ln.i.i! nai Hun y " i i . 1.1 lin IU 1'I li-T iiiM.i. Mill, fi ..i..,i 1 aUi'Milr-U mi iv in eveky Variety t1- FARMh'RS TAKE NOTICE WREim'WKSTEHURST & CO. j1 orf ollc, 7"iriri.i5i. v Patentees and Sole Manufacturers of tuc p n ! n Di nu ve MIL U U L u r LU vv . I 01 : AM) W. PIKE & WALNUT MANTELS, GEORGE 0. STEVENS, 'No. 49 Light Street,e- ""rJtALTI m&niz. Damond Cotton Plow V'l:i( h Lavf no (-'qrnl. (Jivt1 them as TI1IAL. I r . i". M(, F. I.. i. N A I A I . '.MOYK & NADAL. Wli.ilc aU- nn.l Il'-tail DRUGGIST, 9 'SiSI&-:r:l'-i:r WILSON, N. I lV. I '. .l-f'.l ; l'.li.lll.ri' ! l'OH SALF. I'.V r ',A!:i:'i"; and' : j. .1 OK 11 G- TOBACCO, - ,.. ! i 'iin-H, it'i :.-.:, i :,, ;;, Af,- W. cii'l I fi'iK'h ihuunl ; J i' nit li- ciuid jti ri'i.t. ' I 'is.riri'-torx iim! iikiihiI' n,tiiri,r "f ! . ..'- hii;m, n i:r i: i,i; i :; ! , n.-; i ' 1.1. J'i I.I s, .1 VP v l .-l. TmiTLI- im: i'khI's, i.mii cip-.-r v. fin m ti ii'.iii j J . I . M 1 . 1 , At'. j l i..:c :i.i'iit- fi,r " I 'iliyu'-Sure i;rc j .I ( 'n.. in It, .rur:i!'ii.i :ui'i I hv.ilaclu'." : j I'lt'-t ri'(li'ii.- vuw fully com M;iii. (i l iv r n i ti 1 1 1 . j -Movj: a nadai,, j . -vfi W'iNon, N. ('. Toisuot, N . C. np 4 son Org ans I ( GENERAL HGENTS FOB cl-----.- :N riiUkerinir A S-m Sti itV. M:it Inla-k, Avion -av Soiiti-.i-m : r'r.v--..y. ; je, i'i;mo, and .la-oinl- Hamlin, Shonitrjror and IVlh.'t $!$rr$ .v CoV., Or-ans. ; S.iii:-is tlic liiar for sowinir. In t!u- l iiv worm-a s v hiits at t'orty ctiit .. r dozi-n. In tin rity, al- tlir wicked mv t ires and ivaj. leais. And cv i whwr ill The siniii tiinr nu n s;v tin- wind and rt .iji t!ic whirlwind. Spring is a sea son that moves people especially niton the lt ol'."Ia. It is flu- M-.ison l'ov raising things tiisr tiling generally raised in the spiin- is ;he rear. After that ciiiies spring radihes and greens. I usee? s also mine in the spring. The mosquito eonu!rs his ledger and makes oat his hills for the slim mer. Karwi-s 1 iy in a fresh supply oflcs. D.tmestie and household inserts reueiate t !ieinsdves ami erawl and hite in their little beds. All nature stirs. Spring also stirs up the theatrical combinations and the mena.u'enes. The trained beasts and animals of all sorts and prepare to take the road. The tramp dreams of fresh fields and pastures new. farm houx'.s where he may liml the wo men unprotected making .strawberry shortcake. Spring comes every year. It brings new clothes to some and new fashions to all if they can afford them. Usually it b r i n s more clothes than people can afford to buy and fashions than they can allord to follow. Yet Spring brings with it the old clothes people have worn all last winter previous. These can be turn id ami ded ami made over, we will not say into new clothe, but into the semblance of the i:ew. The Sf. Imis (.Mo.) I,os-J)ispatch at the close of a lou.y; article says: In fact St Jacobs OA is pushing all other remedies out of the field, and, cx-'cll'-nt though some (if the lini ments, formerly offered are, the ef ficacy of St. .Jacobs Oil is magical in case ; oi' seia? ic.i, rheumatism, pleu risy, ne.iraljiia, nervous headache, lumbago and. scores of other disor ders ; while in the case sprains burns or injuries it is an absolute panacea, and for general use is better than the advice of many physicians. "A word to the wise is Mdiicicnt." WITH TIIK OLD III'.LIAULK PACIFIC ACID PIIOSPJIA It. jriv en unto be the bet 1-Vrtilizer placed on the market,. by-tho !et Fariners not ohIv in Wilson countv but adjoining counties. N e only ask dZO pounds ot MIDDUM.; L'i)TMX per ton. And will plant by tht tide of any 1 ertilizers soUl in our market; even thoe at t0 lniddlinn per ton. Wemuldve Imindredsof certiticates from the best men in the county, J.ut our 1 nosphate I.eiiK'so w.ll known to our Fanners and havin-been tried for niaiiy t'urn.l in everv in-tance rivini? more than natisfaction, we deem it unnecessary, uive u a call before buying and we win prove an we a. J. Lt WEAVER & CO. SEN D Y0 U R OltDE RS FO R J WE LRY ARTHUR C. FREE3IAN, 1 Hi Main Strwet, Head ,V;irkct Siure, Norfolk, Va. di:am:k in diamonds, watciiks, jkwklky, jtc. OFFKHS Ids stck at bargains. Wedding and Enirement Hins on hand. En-raving free of charge. Watches and Jewelrv repaired and warranted. Send your orders by mail and they will be prompt'ly tilled. '21 A- L'C l.'n ion Street, Norfolk, Virginia. M A N l" I'.Vt'T I' K 1 1 Its f)K 'A U HI AGIIS, I!L.(i Il.S AND JIA1:NK.SS OF HVLIV KIND Extension Top Carriages, Jump Seat Carriages, Jmnp Seat Top inggiVs, Side-bar --2-ly Surry Wagons, Side-;ar Top Huggies Panel Do,)r Jlockaways, Canoy Top Huetons, Pony Plueton, Side-bar ),n liuyifies, Dexter IJuggjes. 8'i osjj S'i-c-Eitim 1 S'.i jx-i'ieiK'O. WALKER BROS., ' B A E RS AKD MANUFACTURING CONFECTIONERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IX TOBACCO, CIGARS, Smn;s oin . FRUITS- NUTS. VINEGA1. CIDER. TET SOAPS r. ' 21 Timor. Street, A0RF01K, VIRGINIA Vvh'2'M lyj Orders Solicited arid Satisfaction (Juarai,tceU. ViKUAW1A vcnmore ! GRAVE STONKs i ; of evory description, mad. to ori RiiiKins in price from .- up j w- j sent by inail iniage paid with.ui!! eialVs(, for return. Wlu-n ord received they are tilled and for?'' ;ed. Iftbe work is not suiLf ; purcbaers are rm-stcd to return . ; v MY EXPENSE 41 ..d. v..n,-.vt,.,iJCIlt solicitrd ho .l J ! of country. ' lru ffb CIIAS. M. WaI.SU. Nhaiinoifm' WiSknvTonie C-OH-C INFALLIBLE CKILL CURE. The attention of Dru','jrit Dealer grnerally iscnllei tothj trt ; valuable mIieine, which kUi, ( fore the public and niedicnl fa tit, umlisputed u a cure for Fever ttA '. Aue, Bilious nd Rmittin ,r Dumb Chills, Enlarged Spleen, a.i mjj diseases arising: from malarial tr miasmatic poisons. It in no nostrum or patent humbug cluitnia r ; to cure all disen-cs, but only M,ef, arise from malarial Hijion, ' are very prevalent in Ens-trn Ctr!i- ina. Containing; a very valuable prp" aration of Iron, it renovate', tli uutj promotes the appetite and is a mn.i 'potent Alterative. Certiricute, of A infallibility from tome of our rt 'citizen will be furnished upyn p.j. ention, imil ifit fail, to five atimJ. tion wlifa used accordinjr to lirertjyB the money will be refunded. Prette ed onlv bv HENI Y C. 5 II AN! SOS, Druggit and Chemit 66 t Centre JAi'., Aug2 1m Ooldxboro, N. JOHN CLARK, JR. &C0'$ M0ELSI0B 00 1 tm4Sim r Win. A. BARBltEY, Agent. ;."" ( 'ombcll St ic t. New Oilcans, La., March L"Mi. ISSl. II. H. Warner vS: Co. :sirs I know from personal experience that your Safe Kidney and Liver Cure is a good thing; for chronic liver diflieiil t.v. .J. R. M( (Onnki.l. WILSON, N. C. EEese:isil Tliea'e V'. W. ?iVAKIS' ! SALE AND j :XCU Ai(lE STA BLESj Wilson. Xt (.'. Iluvir.g; ju.'-t returned with a! i'!u?aiul well seloe'ed lot ol' ; OK STOV THE BEST IN THE MARKET. Fourteen difTerrnt tws kiiu'ii. Tivn toes Tith rhiamt'U-1 It--rTini. i:n.tc4 to all requireuieau, and priced M suit ;l runes. LEADERS FEATURES: Pouble Wxl, VnUtht Wool Grate, AdjaitaMi- Ivnrirvr. Int. r- liatieabif At:; , malic Sliolf. ProiUns Iocr. wingiiij Ilonrth P! ',v:a?ini; ri;ie-Bto;. Eev.' (:. Euniiii UmK Cn l-lt-c. lv.ublo M;oit ee:itcr. Heavy Ilins ('run. Illuminated Fixe I.)v r, Nii!c(?l Kmfe, Ki. t 1 iv.ii.l., rr.iiwlci In Materia;, ::i l aa' li, nnd In ojK;rit;.)n. Maniifacturod by ISAAC A. 5HEPPARD A. CO., PaUmoro, Md. .;... . - I , i.j.;.. I,. (.llKKX .v t o., vn., . . BEST SIX-CORD FOP Machine or If and Use. THOMAS RUSSELL k CO. SOLF: A i I KN'TS. foi: SAI.K v Mines, iiadley&C, V1I.S')N. N. .1 EVELllY,.vc I. t I.IUNI-' rrrlght si. mi ait yr J. W. BEASLEY'S Sew ing Machine and Repair Ollice, "a."5 Churrh Hfrre. ?irfj!l4, Va. in now prenareil to fill anv: Where can be -r C--)ir :. ! found anv ot tin or Irom S. otoS.iOU 1:1 t ue ; uuV v .doek. -Iiiy porson ni:ewi id of a cood as -ood as wdien j ond hand machine u? machines -- . ' " . -..--.' 1,1 i"'11''1 1 ' ' (T.s. Send for iW.' ;C" Vi i 21 For fair dealing lia n..ill mm tksiT B I r.'i'er to most Tp :!ne ht-fore fiiv- fgt-! IYi I a,l' business! SBhl 11 -hannr elewheve KWj3f;. -mSi r ... " -N . UiK .1. w. hi:asli:v t ii si MB win ,id:t I.. ti, ivi-'shirrLnri 3&IPM :t' to ".aiui'H' niy' .stock : Machines ther- v'tiM'A in i: i. !'"! Kniruiti thanks f r past " lounge ami seekinii" a con j i; nice (if tin1 same. I am Vorv KosjK.ct full v. w, !:i)WAiii) i ;--n;r A rMwanl's old stand. ; Take Notice.! Anv person driiiL';a oo(l tannlv or di ivii:r i-e, van luiv him a Slahlos "U r a guarantee. IX NOlC'I Il CA IloLl NA. -a i!i-'nt"!'i'-ted l'i'oteionat . '. t. of lai yi and mk-c -l'ul exd ' cmplic.'cd by our State to vi-i--!res-;.ll i ur l'.eu v-hite State muI Si -oof-, ia refen-nce to the i (roi: r.ofn skxks.. Non-Sectarian. Al.le and -; .acd Faculty, K.Mcn-ive I .ihrar. . Apparatus. ,vh:i- liuildini,' , iiy l.oeatioi:. A I'lt a-.Uit F.du :i! Home. .Vo h-rue-.-, J'l-.ctical! i.d 'I'lionuib i-., our Molt i ies i i v Di-ciplun- !'i r i;.v, I'.,ii ma I I iv'ip!iue for ( iiii-. j o: avi:i:m,i: i ei .is, siTo J'l.i; vr.At;. otitute i. the eat of t,w .f the ew State Normal Schools. ;-fsion opens Monday, Sept. -"'th A ldiv- for ( 'at.iloiriu', ' II ASP ELL, A. M.. lM-ineinsl WiS.n, N.lf. ! 1(" Cliurch Street, Norfolk, Va. IBRQWH'S - 1 IJ pNfes 2 ri rfvSs --- r.Tk S 3 5r A PERFECT C7RENG 7 HHR.A SUL-. Kt.v.Vji. n:aN nrrn:., ......... : - --- - ii:---r-i' . o. lis . uuvii'v .r-.-.:::: , -i .'-i '.'. ..-v-';-- i ' J ij.c . l;.:-i,::-iJh-Uin'i.Vy. . - ( -'lylron Ire:a: ::t:c- ilvif v.;?l T.nt I.Vi. l-en tr. li er '-:vc he.-utachc. S : ' ;' 3 re. :-i-:s. Wn:- f aVi'IU ': - 2 ftu f-J c-.d r.r-.,ir- r:.;..- !. . . ,v t .1. r . . -. . r j . ' 11. i;, . ( M.. i.a;i. . .! It is really appalling to read the ac counts of the overllow of the Mississ ippi river and its tributaries. There is no abatement of the floods, but rather an inert ase, and destruction and devastion are spreading far and widw. Millions of dollars worth of property have been swept away. Starvation stares thousands in the face and great want and despair hover grim and rhatly at the verge of the relentless water. Never, in the history of tho river, has the inundation been so ex trusive, nor the ruin so widespread and complete. One report speaks of families who are living upon rafts, that their condition is mor-t deplorable. The Ire-bet has reached down into the sugar growing belt and is sweep- ing everything before it. Should thej river rise no higher or should then bet no more breaks in the leaves, it will) be week beforw the subsidence of the , waters will permit the reoceupying j of the lands in many localities. It is; a tale of sufa ringand woe such as we j have never before been called upon to record, and such as We hope never j to lie called upon again to chronicle.'.i Jl rU -r. ! I A merchant, whose store is on Ala-i bama Street, in Atlanta, ia., had one ' of the most remarkable mocking-birds i ever known. Ti e bird's name wa' Lilly. He could sing a great number : of songs, his favorites being "The ' Elephants walked the Lope" and "'Tis but a little Fadeded Flower." Fe-! ipient'.y he would imitate tiie shrill 1 whbtie of a policeman, and cause otti- i cers to come running to the store lint the mo-t interesting thing con nected with Lilly was his operatic peloriuances before an audience of mice. The cage would be placed in the middle of a certain room in the store, and the human spectators would ipijtly watch through a window. Lilly would then begin a low, mu-ical whistle, something like the call from ;t tiny -ilver bugle. The spectators would soon ee the head of a mouse come slowly up from a hole in the cornerofthe room ; a second moue would appear, in another moment out W'-uM come a third, and so on, until sometimes a doen mice could be seen gathered around tic cage. Their ears would he -tending straight up, and FARMERS FRIEND WW NO. U SYCAMORE STREET, I'ETELSHCHf J, VA., J- S.Cary, Manager. Oenuine Farmers Friend Plows, Hundterr' Chilled I'Jows, Malta Double i THE LARGEST Warerooms in the SoutW 9 ! J. T. Young- & Bro. j HK.U.FR IV- lINK IFATCIiKS. DIAMONDS. JKWKLKV. SILVER WALK I M'iiiiif:ietiri-r of all khi4 l Plain old Jewelry, Kings, Batlsen. Jto 1 lie 1.-Sl Cl, oaxlor, niiit 1,iM rioH firs(l!il, Aliitliiyu WMlelic. ;U I lie luWtH prii . .Mnl id ilvf-r mmh, forkt ic , fi.-;tier i Iihii cvi-r. Y jiir oriliT rt -lieited and will In; promptly aitrndni bj J. T. VOUNt'i & lilCO. l'KTKnuat' no, Va. -r "01 h 'TO.-tl li vei:y stahle. LIVERY STABLtS THE BEST IN TOVN! THE NICEST AND NKWEST LUGO IKS AND THL FINEST HOUSES FOR HIRE .IT Sr.E.Ei It It OS' lArcry Stabtes. Richmond, Va Oly First-Class Instruments, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS. fib) Main Street, i We have just completed vur h'tahlosnnd how have: a num ber of fine horse for hir. Our terms uru us reasonable h PIANOS, Steinway, Chickering, Halb t & Davis, Fisher, firovenstern t J tho?e of any first class Stahiei Fuller; OIKiANS, Mrw.n A Hamlin, Lurrlett, Wo,ds, Shoninger.Erben Pipe ' i ,.,.;,,ri1fl() fl nL,... oil Organs. All InMruments sold at lowest factory prices and fullv Warranted. . lU1 1 ue fi"-'HrilCC to ple-lfC all Cash or intallnient. lVrsons w idling information about Pianos and Organs, ; OUT patrons. w ill please w irite to IVb 10th ly RYLAND & LEE, RICHMOND, VA. Liim icr. LUIBER! jji If you desire a nice turnout aii' tiie call on us an 1 vra : wnl gn e it to you SKMiV IJRO'S ! VILSON N. C. Illlllli'f. i J WUtJi It A1LLVG A N I ORNAMENTAL WIRE WORKS. Parties in Want will please leave orders! xjftjj & co, With me ' WSlh Howard .t., IJnlfnnr.r. i V.'ire Hilling for ceiiieterie. lawni. jrr- 4 I 111 T I CJ f? P" ' ofin'ts ami baleonieM; wimJow zirr. If in want of Dry Goods, Groceries Con 4- tn-e guard, wire cloth, itf r , fandV'M taeH, .land and kl iron l!r bntr. -tfern. tr.H fli 3 !.- 5B::t.r.ars-:B--' -v : ,-r:-v.- i ' . nr..i 1TV, i)i' I. ii A I IJs. trfisr- sis fe3 Ss3 -ic i ;!n.l:m,Vr&t fec1;ioneries &c. I make a Specialty ofi .,r,,:",v'V .'iriXlirra-ntrlXA'Jobbing all kind of Goods. i Vy,s,' .,I,or A' to: GIVE MK A CALL AND OBLIGE, 1 hi- Too-t e.ip. ite n:el'lies. At the; end of e;" h Mng the mice would sexmper away, to n turn again when. ' Lilly would resume his performance, j A f.-w weeks airo, Hilly caught col l,; and. in spite of all that good niir-ing ! : could do, la died. Hi- body wasl ' buried under an oak, and a ie, ' about the -i.eof a -i!v r dollar, ma.-'.: Dealer in General Merchandise Wholesale Groceries antl (Jeneral CO V M I SS I ( x M y. IA 'if , N i s, PET EP.SRCIU;, VIP.GINIA. E E PS on hand a large -.lock ot dro ne s, they offer to dealer as low as y in rket this side of New York. ent for the City milling Company d oirr to the trado the lnst witter ound b olted me! ami chohest fpeir loVi-t pricf. JbI'-8 l -t r- -t !'l-!.ice

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