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North Carolina Newspapers

The Wilson advance. (Wilson, N.C.) 187?-1899, April 21, 1882, Image 1

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BTh: Aian:? Publishing Company "LET ALL THE ENDS THOU AIM'ST AT, BE THY COUNTRY'S, THY GOD S, AND TRUTH'S. Josephs Daniels UiPtagtv prVni nli nualh al.Ai. 5 flOKTKV. A .OVi:irNaiFEHMIOK. Let MM't idly dream and sing J in- he.ity of the wimly spring. And in green fields go Maing l'.etter lv far is a winter !!ght, When snows lio deep and hard and , white, And stars look down with twinkling , light On Nan and me out sleighing. The moonlight makes ji fairer day The restless hours seem to say, Oh, why are you delaying ?' 'i i.. . ., i ..;!. ). ;..., feet, Th. . leigh Im IU tingle clear and ; 1iit-,piiiiiii uir iiiiiiiiiii nmi '. '"K I sweet Lite ha.s never a joy to peat Name's and mine out sleighing. My love then nestles near my arm, i Among the furs so sou ami warm; And I, my heart obeying. Hend down to ec her beaming eyes Tend dow n to catch her loving sighs. And Oil! the time too swiftly (lies When Namie and I are sleighing. For the m m, when friends are by, Nannie is always ill and shy ; She hears not what Fin saying : Hut nestling in my sleigh, I kjiow She answerr every whisper low ; Ah melhow quickly love can grow. When Nannie and 1 are sleighing. I wooed her in the summer bright. In festive, dance and moon light night, And on the sea sands straying; I'.ut oh ! for all I would not miss The eager joy, the perfect bliss, The whispered "Yes," the trembling kiss Wh- n Nannie and I are .sleighing. Harprr't Weekly. nii.n:vi:it ri:w mvhi adv IIT IIEI.EX WHITNEY CI.AKK. 'I won't say beware of the w indow Fncle Simon," laughed Mr. Fever few's nephew, as he parted from his respected uncle at the railway st t i ion. "lint will say beware of the I l.tmlladies. 1 h e v r i- i .. i i t I II "!'! It I ) .i . . .1 : , their net,' and ou'll letch up on a hook vet if on don't look out." 'Hum, hum ! Never fear, Nephew Mem vane, never tear!" retorted ids uncle. "It's hard to catch an v!d bird w it It chatf." l!ut nevertheless he resolved to lie en his guard. . "She's a:i excellent housekeeper," Diimtha droped her golden lashes, muttered Mr. Feerlew, to himself, , am, ,Mr 0jieeks grew red as the vel as he tinislM d his saucer of Mraw-1 V(.t y j,,. of an ijj.,,, pink. berries, wiped his mouth on the She was about to replv to tho jias lieshlv iiNned napkin m his lap, ami j sioI1 jt ,,,.stion when- retired to his own room. "An excel-1 iciu Housekeeper, ne repeaieu ; -oui tin-re's no danger in that quarter. It is nice to have the house always in! apiilepic order, the lloors iis white as soap and elbow greaecati make' em; but I ain't a going to be made a cat's paw of, and marry my landlady, housekeeper or no housekeeper ! She ain't my stle. Miss Sparsely ain't, uuNway. She's every whit as old a I le thirty six if she's a day. New if she was voung and pretty. like that irirl on the train, with vel a ety cheeks and a dimpled chin, I milit le done for ; but as it is. I'm sale euouiru. Hesuics, there s a . . mitcr here. 1 never mm aliout the house, and it stands to l. 1 ..... .1 .... II 4 1. .. reason ,ss rMm- i o, , , .... ,e , win K lierseil. ,i i.m m ii .-m r K"' i ii .i 1 t i . i . . , . , ' all the tune, and I hail to di soine Miiii ' nice or cousin that does , . . ... the heft of the work when I ain't around. Snubs her unmercifull. too. Fill be bound. IFm! I mast hiok into this." "Not gone yet. Mr. Feverfew ?" cried Mis Sparsely, in a mincing Noi. c, as she made her appearance with a long handled brush ami a dust pan iu her hand. "Nevermind; I'll come back again after a while And she whisked away, returning in a short time to find t acant. . find the room ; . . i 4 . . i t : ... I "He's gone !' Ill ii r I e r i o .miss i Sparsely to heisell ; Mud won t be j back no more till noon. Iteg'lar as a works he is, ami Uoii t give no trouble at all. Never gi limbics at the apple sass, .vnd km eat griddle l ..w- I 1 1..... 1....- 1....... ..IT .. .. ' tivc iniinites. That's something fbrj ;ui oil hachelor like him. Hut then ! I t won't do to N. a fooling the morning; ...... i -1 .1 - IWH iikc r I is. hile!rhe sun we must make nay him'.s. Where kin I; iM.imhaber It wanted two long hours till noon Hie dew w :s sciircelv dried on tin I n " me:idow i'imss. :iml the inorniiiLT K'ories, shading Miss Sparselv's west lHU-ch. had not yet closed their purple j nps, when Mr. Feverfew, sauntered nmetlyup neat gravel walk,. between i"v of scarlet geraniums, yellow inarrigohls and prime old maidish touch me nots. Me walked soltly through the fresh Heouivd hall, opened the door of hts'(Mi axvay ,1:,ilv j,v :,bscnt mindca , . pedinto a training school for teach , ow.Mooni. and started back in sur- nests An extra charge is made on OI1 a high sclnsd section. Hut PMc ; tor thee caretully arranging. lisl to j loss surn'rintendent sint the -reater wic;it splasher towel over the wash.' . the siiiK'niu nueiu sm in tin n.ini, xtand, stood a vision a lovelv vision, ! ., portion of his time in actual sujht- witl. vehetv red lips and a dimpled ' .'Vi'liV Iow . vision; under this arrangement, a 1 1 sa.ed a train, is tole marned to the , , , 4. ir . chin the very girl w hose sparkling co iductor thereof. He will conduct very hojieful state ot affairs was al es and gold brown braids had at-, her to the alter and hereafter have ready attained in scholarship; for tr.icted Mr. Feverfew's attention the privilege of providing the train the c fruit hern and girls arc on tlir tr.iin. as vt v!l a- i union-the n. ' Mr. Eeve.few was non pluscd. i i rnni' imK lor my " hjwc- taclcs lu was going to Kay but eh an- ?cd the word to handkerchief. 'I : didn't know Miss Sparsely lml com- panv,M he added, 'art full v. ' "Oh. I ain't (nmpanv!" explained the girl. "I'm onlv Diantha-Miss ' Siiarseh's niece and 1 V- Wn clem- "g up your room. Mr. Feverfew glanced around the room. The rag carjict looked bright , sa new button, atter its caretul sweeping ; the white coverlet on the I t.Ill.l. n -4. j u,l!... ...... f ,....1 clean; the fresh Keonred window I jnancs shone and shimmered as if. ! daring one to look at them ; and the tall, hrass camllestlcks Had been .... U.I 1 . :it 4 I .1, ... 11:1. . 1:1 1: M.u ln,uul.-jR.u.nn1 IK,,,,,,U , 'J.' , if vmtp . L.14 utiv ) help T" Ventured Mr. Feverfew, ' with an admiring look at the little - I 1 1 : 1 1 s ! 1 brown lingers which had accomplish- ! ed SO much. i "Viilnulv lint iiirv" I litiiitlt-.i bri'ditlv. "I Mantha !" called a shrill voice, The girl darted awav, and Mr. Feverfew sat down to colnpos self. Jiir. ...... ZZ-Xkl T,,,,. .,., a,, u fairtv,- ,.r ,,,-ht t.v1;i,,, ,, keeps that girl hid when I'm around. ! iU' number of country seats in the- their friends from abroad; the tow n A rt fnl creatine ! lint I'll i'et uhe:id : S -uithern "Srates : iust recoverinir talk; the pride of all classes. Every t her yet. If it w as Mr. Feverfew's intention to surprise Miss Sparsely and worry her life out by poping in on her at the most inopportune and unexpect ed moments, he was emiuentlv suc cessful. Fur him when h what with expecting d:d not com, ".she couiunt skeersiy tell whether her ,v,s,l itlw.,l 1 She never assereed now that Mr. Feverfew was "as reg'lar wax-works." Indeed she declared that "he was as unieg ,ar as a imhi couiu ie, ami ! 1 1 t 1 1 1 iiiii! or cuiii iiiiscueu .ii ins iiiiiiii. 1 n t with all his nianoeuvers, Mr. Feverlew never c a u g h t Diantha cleaning his room again. Once or twice slie whisked past him in the hall, and disappeared like a will t he-wisp, and once he met her in the lane, carryiny a basket of red moun tain raspberries that her own nimble fill,rrv i i ,,:ri-.Mi And still Mr. - i i j "1 Mantlia will you le my wile 7 I mine to love and cherish while life I shall last t" I Thev were staiidiiir towther. ankle Li.w.T1 ii, h. t ill ..r.-lniirl-.r,. i,v- tiu. , . 4. ... .... .v . ...t...... )... Tlx. l.pi.rl.f .Min mcring through the leafy oaks, flecked I the bronzed brown braids with their ! ruddv liirht. ..j)janth.i Mrs. Sparsely !" called a shrill voice, "ir.eresrwo geniie- men here wants ooaru. Jxin you j.' It was Miss Sparsely. Piantha laughed. Mr. Feverfew started. She called you Mrs. Sparsely," he said. "What does she mean?'' "I am Mrs. Sparsely." she returned, as they started toward the hose. "I am your laml-laday." "S'ou you the land lady!" stam mered Mr. Feverfew, hopelessly puz zled ; "but but you ain't, you know." "lint I am. I am Mrs. Diantha Ktiiirselv. !ind I lmve 1 1. n widow ''" ',,' ',ifortwo-ve:.;s. After n.v husband's ow death. I did plain sewing for a living; Mt jt hv:nW j.., fo lllllli; M1 MMIM , 1-111 1 V 1111 uiot-i I I" j trv hoarders, and. as I was rather voung and v. I r..f Mr Sparsely 's aunt Miss Susan to stav with me and overhnik things. 'I'"" ' " Hut I do most of the work myself. "What did I tell you, 1'ncle Simon!' laughed young Mr. Merry vane, as he shook hands cordially with his new aunt. "Didn't I warn vou to lieware of i.1,,ii.,(uPS Hut Mr. Feverfew looked ... .. .. 1IIIO HIS I. 4.'S vio et eves witli a smile of satisla tion, and bon without a word. the raillerv "He's a luck v dog nfte all," nuit - tered the envious nephew to himself; ..;m,i jf landladies were all like Aunt i. ... 4- m i- ...lf'1 There w as a dcsjierate atl'ray in N,,w Yollv Sunday night in front of No. XV t Eleventh avenue, in'tween Morris (.ednev. of TiiiT Eleventh av-i niiiifi ..ii.l .i fMwwt'iu- Tiwlirlll TMie Indian trot the worst of it. He had , li is two arms severed from his TmmIv i.; !r.L-An liiu linl sitn-.wli ,Mi :nlti.- -t tlw Vrkville INlMCA ronrt yesterday, was fined 10 Indian was a tobacconist's sig UK The ;n and 'the property of Mrs. ' nnie Horack. At a New York restaurant f re mi..nt...l hv Wall street men over t,,ittv .'i.w iMM-ketel and! C0LDSB0RO AND WILSON. , what Till: t.EADiNU ERfCATIuXAI. JOIKNALXAYS OF THE iUAIKI HCHOOI.S. . , , , - , 'V'V W"' 1,M'-iI'tv fin,,v elops its own sjiecial type of school : lift e. Wr have long been on the l,Mk "t for the. community, down South, which h should work out a type f common school adapted to the j, .,,. suthern people, ! II: t'!,lt 1,v, instructors, and while combining the superiorities,, of our liest American mjnl keeping Khoid.l wifrk itself out into tin- form U-st adaptM for home use. In the little eities of ( and Wilson, N. we have lately seen two graded schools which seem to us models of uvati.m iitTn. instnwtioii fur towns . . . , .... . . , of theirvize, and which, if coip ed extensively, would work a vast ! midmost beneficent change in thej 'educational life of thousands of com. .......;;.. . ,rl.....t length and , IIIIIIIM It I IIKIIIIKMII ill," li 11,111 uuii ln.!n1tli of our s;iiitti-l:iiwl. just from the wreck of w ar and looking forward to a new and hopeful future, (loftlslmro contains poubly. 4000, and Wilson .'t.000, jn-oplc, of whom two-thirds are white. Up to last ! year, the schooling of the three or ! four hundred white children in lwth I j,iiU.,.H iutj Wen conducted in the I irregular and expeusie wa in which w e find it in the majority of these tow ns ; perhaps a hundred 1rvs and girls of the nuirior families gath- ml iu two wlect w.hoj,lHt t,MJ costIv for the many and tin) small for effec tive teaching ; the remaining hun dreds distributed in little squads wherever any lsdy was moved to open a refuge tor small children, or a church would establish a little an nex of a parochial school. A few broad-minded and energetic ieople saw their way through this muddle to something 1 tetter, and after a long contest, secured a charter empow ering the city to levy a tax additional to the limited State stipend to nip-; (Joldsboro schools; and every South port a free system of education. I u join town that is moving in itseduca fortuuately, the colored people were j tiomil work will do well to send a persuaded to oppose the movement, and still nun a in under the county superintendence, which, for the tow n, l mii( Up a molcl system of the in is generally a fnilure ; but, at last, ! Mtruetion of all its children in a free the children of the w hite people were j jrraded school. all gathered in one larg;- free school. - - - - --.-.- In lsith places there was a vacant! school building, well situated, which wis secured and put iu repair for the opening experiment. In both places .. (.,cf,,r.....u.nnt..ii.l..Mtu:0 I ll:lced !.. .'.....'. 1 n.4. ,.tt,MiJ,. HI SUMM-III,- LM...... ment. with full power to train his! no ii.? 1 ( surbordinate teachers, establish a , course of study, and organize the new machine. Happily, in both ; cases, the choice was a success; tlx Goldsboro master being a yong Mr, Moses, from Tenncsce, and the Wil 1 , . . rr 1:. ison simerintendent a Mr. romhusou, I ". ' ot Nolth " x' P-'S 11,1,1 ,M,n- W,',,T ro wolK "u ,l supll4,1.t.,1 at ovl.ry step hy a committee of the foremost men of; the town: while the people with singular unanimity, fell into line, re- , . it ...1 1 soiveu to give ine new Kianeu ...h.. ; a fair trial. 1 When we saw these schools they , ! had lieen in tiperation some live ,' months. With no disMisition to exagerate, we can lumestly say we ! never saw so much good work done for a community in live months in anv State of the I'nion. The chil ; x, ... A, 44 .. I ,ln u wrro nu'n ni irce, me .lueuu- i"""' ceding that of the majority iof cities and towns in New England; or Xew York: ami the enthusiasm of j V(MIIIJjst..M OVer their work was -, . , .t. . t . . . KO'.lli-Ill II ISMIUlIUI I" oeuom teachers were working with great harmonv. meeting f energy and ! every week for instruction in metlnwls hy su,rintendent, and doing their level liest in the school-room. , The ditbculties ol grading m a crowd of such diverse material had lneit overcome in a remarkable degree. 'and the instruction, in an graues. : w;th the text lsxiks. w as of the liest 1 ti . , . . trim T T ln llTilwr inrl of t M S-Il u ll j was a cam of superior student rndrr the six-cial tliiining ot tti niastrr. wbhli in time will Ik devel WILSOX, X. FRIDAY, APRIL 31, 1S82. wonderfully bright, ami repay god teaching tenfold. Hut the most remarkable achieve meut wan at the poiut where South ern school-keeping Iras lieen weak. viz: the discipline. ly a most haji py adaptation of monitorial ami semi-' military organization every room i wits handled with complete success; j : t,M t.hii,,mu M r,.,.,.ss ;,ml dismissal I kept in excellent order, and the prob- j lem of discipline, the combination of freedom for work and drill lor gov eminent, most remarkably . solved 7 The had been but one case of corjMir al punishment, and that of no signifi. eance, in either school. Of course the moving power was the enthusiasm ofthechilren and the high public spirit in tho school room; but the in genuity of the superintendent in utilizing the Southern love of mili- ' tarv organization clenched the nail I j , , i and gave an almost ideal order in j the school room. The most interesting sight of all ; was the community in its relations to the new -graded school. It had be- ; uh " f, comtthe D.ission of the olace: the j day visitors from other parts of tin- State were looking on with intense interest, and a dozen towns in North Carolina are preparing to try the ex lcrimeiit. It is demonstrated that for !?."i,00() a year, a Southern town of2,00 people can support a firs cl.iss graded school for lioth races, provided all hands will take hold; a few of the best people w ill serve as j trustees, and anexiwrt master super- iutcmhjrnt can be placed at the head, with power. It is K'st this man should 1e from the South, and there are plenty of sujH'rior young men and women who will answer the call for this work. There are already many excellent public schools in the South, both for white and colored children. lint no where have we seen all the difficulties- of the situa tion so happily overcome, as here. We advise our .Northern friends, travel ing South by the Kaiiroad Coast Line to stop and look at the Wilson and delegation of its best men and w omen to bring home a report of the way to WIT AND HUlVIUn. The strength of an alligator's jaw has lieen found tolie four times that I of a llOlSt'. IleililS to llllVO some ' ivse-rve p lvserve power 111 case he gets hold 01 J .l..Pl.,lv lVr H Vl,!irw ,,1,1 ;,.0rgia man traded an old buggv for mt at.rfs 4f 1o,m1 so1H. ihilt'y years ago. and the other day he took a trip down to the locality and found a village of 400 inhabitants on his purchase. Were there no rogues, there would 1... .... I!...! II;....-.... . ll,w. Ill" 110 111110 n 111 ,ui 11 , uivir . , .,..' 4. no muiesi. men uie ocmi s occii!.;!. ion would to gonc.-(White hall Times Teacher to a small Imiv : "What :thM,A tlu proverb ksv alnuit those in glass houses !" Small who live lwiv: "Pull down the blinds!" MF.DICAL. roil Meurafgia, Sciatica, Lumbago, Backache, Soreness of tha Chest, Gout, Quinsy, Son Throat, Swellings and Sprains, Burns end Scalds, General Bodily Pains, Tooth, Ear and Headache, Frosted Feet and Ears, and all other Pains and Aches. S, iSfraraKnTi on artli cquah St. JorB On. aa A intU entails but tho c.j-iTan4t:vcly triainr outlar t of SO l'ai. and crrv ' n with paia ; can hfiTe chonp tnd . proof vi iu claia-.a. j Diraciinni In Eleven Lansriace. SOLD BT ALL DRUGGISTS AND DEALERS IS i MEDICINE. I A-VOGEIR fc CO., i Baltimore, M4., V. M. Am I L Mb & h RICHMOND, VA. VAJtlTACirRtRI or Carriages of All Kinds nuggie. Phtons. Six-seat Carrlatrc. Jagger. Wagons Top and no Top, Ac. ; Mend forcircular PATKOMZK HOME FOLKS WhmTbey Tan do as well For Tea 1 1 ran F. Murray Rtfi-Menu tie laretv-t, vlieapert, nafr.t tnd ollrt Krg'iUr Life lumiraiire Coiupanj Wim-M am! ! will mii hi monri Kr Mr.l7-tf amonc you. r ililCULTUKALLIME AM ('AliTK)NATK OF LIME Best and Cheapont IVrtilirera ALSO Building Lime, at $1.25 Per SarreL Send for Circular. French Bros., ap.14-31 Kocky Point, S C. Hi. O- O-rsLcl-y, HALIFAX, N. C. Watches, Clocks and fine Jewelry repairing done nently and with 1 la patch orders solicitetl. Apr7-Gm For Sale! Just received direct from de posits a cargo of Genuine No 1 Peruvian Guano, which I offer in North Carolina, having paid Statu Taxes. Chas. K. Svrmt, Wilmington, N. C. Hy a man of over twenty years ox periencft a position as manager -f first class Cotton Factory, some where in North Carolina. Highest references. Address Manager. liox TiTX Williamantie, Conn. Apr.Hthft w ANTED. A good Buggy workman, of istudy habits to work in the Coach Shop in Marlboro, X. C. Applv to F.JO Y.N EH A CO., Marlboro, Pitt county, N.C. 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MER CHANTS OF M llSON, TOIS- NUT AND BLACK CREEK. MANSION HOUSE- M .H JAM E. PrnritrM . KNLAIUJED. IlrinoiUld, Ufur nished, Centrallr Iorated, ooI Ae - commotions, itatet Raonable.t-2tf POWVT T . vitro VC-.V ""'L ROHIMsON. FASHION A HI. P. KAnnitlXS. tarhoro ht.. w llJKiX.K.C. Having opened a f first-cIiMa Harbor- hop solicits the patronage of those whow UhgiMd work done. Satiifae-1 uuu Muaranieou. j Juiyli-ly ' In consequence of the death of Geo. H. Grlflin it become neceNtary to net tle the business of the firm of Uriffln A Murray. All person indebted to said firm will p!ae call at their place ot busine and swttle at once. WM. MUHHAY, KurvJvhif partner of(Irifl.u A Mur ray. lee. ttf. S W Seldner. W HULKS A LB LI Q 0 UR DEALER, No. 21 Koanoke Square, KORFOI.K, VA. Orders promptly attended to ao4 McblO-S tjatlsfactien (iuarautceJ. J. E. OIIAUA. ATTORN ET-AT-LAW, xrtriELD, M. C. 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Hy order of tho Hoard. A. i. ROOKS, Chairman of the Hoard of Justice of the Peace of Wilou County. NOTICE. Having been appointed Recelrer of the late Arm of Farmer A Walnwright, all persons indebted to them are here by notified to come forvrard and mak payment, and those holding claima against the same will prevent them properly authenticated for adjat uieHt. J. A. TYNKti. Nov. Uth, 1M1. if. M CtltT, M Haring leased all of th? machinery belonging to tho-late T. A. "NVainwnght, we ar now rrAfinrAi4 lainl Tamrv o r i v- pair nil kinds of MA P. TT T "V V iV J il JL XI Xi Ai JL a t kcp constantly on hand 1 " pipe and fittingr Also Yalrc. j of all kindi. Cotton gim fitted up iu lint-class order. OpCCial attention gircn to fitting up M., 1 -t 4 " . 4 t Ill VOrK. rifftllTlaleS IUI- 11 11 1 J 4 1 r msheaon all kinds of work. Ur - i 1 i. l J l tiers solicited, ana promptlr i executed. Hfliw 4 BBnton, WILSON. X. c. If. K. La toh achine Sips. VOL,. 13.- XO. 14 . . .. . . -1111 K.L. HUNTKR.P.n.6. VrV orrir at 'l - ld - flin tBJaT,c,u 1 THE, UN DCMKIMED, have forr.- ed a co-part ner hip forth prtle of ... .irrr . 'wi, ,n 11 imm mrna ivljolnfnjr country. Hrtunilnff tbankt Ua thir i,fnm. fc.r lU!r 1 1. .... nnar, they nolicit a continuance of the Mm. Office on N.ih Htrat nrw sltethe Court rtoiist lately mvupitHl by Ja. b. Wootlanl. q.t where one. or ikhii may be alway found whon i uwt prefwiMlouAlIy encaguil. W. S. ANTltlLSON il. IX. KYlS'KfS,. PCTKIWfUItO, VA. Re-Distiller, Refiner and Whl! I.iquor Deuler C& jriycitrnore tStroet, Keeps constHiiMy on hand a full wtock of Liquors, Wine, Ac. Mvor'a mall .J Fyo "SCXNY SOCTII" 'Wtdvkejr unaurptfaefi. Orderv aollelted meet aathfartion guaranteod. Feb lU-3iu U. MY II US. TALB0TT & S0E8 Shockoe Machine WORKS, RICHMOND, VA.. Maoiifactiirura of I'ortaM and aiUtUxuui Burinva aud Rollrra. Ha w Lf Ills. On iud (Wlitat Milla.Sbaftiug, Ilangera aud PoJlay I tiruina v atar n await. 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