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North Carolina Newspapers

The Wilson advance. (Wilson, N.C.) 187?-1899, September 28, 1883, Image 1

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m:s of a w i; i : k r, rii i i i:i i i; .m all PALI ui llll. UOIM.M. I 1 I I I ' ui.i: i s i us An Km oly gami-t t u.-i-L. fill A .-!! ,t II 1 1 -1 1 ' ill. . Ii mi ii .1 King I- In over .1 at II !'a, la-t a '.a.- I l ml I Din I Hip , Im g, w . r. , - .i-.ii., i in I a i I. il' Mm- I I I ev llll-. A i M l eu lis v Iv a ii la. la In i. chills ami ti- nr. v. i hr! nl' ili!l illn. I In J i-.l I l.'ei oldel " II. ),lll It is- nil :i new t ill .-llll ll llll- I.I--.1 pillitnd ."-I. lie. Ilins. i-r in i j,.-l s nli;l- hiinl 'II. iilr l nstal, nl I .'Mil I I -lull. I'.la.-kwnll Hi", w ill sun -Miln t In-ir .ml. a W, n ,. 1 1 1 1 III llll.' m ami t In- a 1 1 'l ins. ('.,.,, I,,,, , I iii ham I i nrnnl a " im Im-lrsn Li lt !i 1 1 1 1 Im w nrn a n I hi nn , cars iih' v milil ;;ii(s .a- 1 Ui i.iililn-a- I.. a i.-il I, il. -nl Ni i a. ii li IK III i t u mi a. i 1 1 1 n 1 1 i l-I arc w ncklin -. nlill W nnk lies. I 7 la' mini! hlic-. -I a nl a i - a lisml I'.ict in "III III.'!" -. Milan , I (.llll I ,s. MM a I. n i In -... I ha H i n-;iM'i Hill nr in "" I'H ii w an 1 1 i a In ci a l ! u. I',. . nl l'"-n I : ' 1 . 1 . -1 . ii I, 'i". I his i:c'il I m HI I n. an Mill ;""I ' C ..',,. t Si oiicw ali "ill nl' In n tni im 1 ted man named . 1 1 ' a 1 I mi l:i count . '.i bar lis w.i- iiii-.M-d Iriiin liomn ami on .11. ii lining m nh' Im was muml in l,'u.k Karr. I In- Mass, 1, 'iilntts 1, in p 1 -"-ml a i. v ai;ain-l in; nl hum. in skins. ' ' - ll I'll' Ml 'll .ill ; im- III Nnl I h ( 'al nillia. gi -latum llm tan M". tin -t Ili'VCI Mai. Jno. ( Win lias rn i.lrlil o at ir.ii ms been -lulled Ihc nl'iirc of I Ye I In- N . I '. (',11 t 'limp 1 n , .14I1 Hid (i. 11. II. I. II. ike el.-i t. .1 I.) llll I In- acam y . A negro was tried at t: e lasl Im in n.l ( '.linden court lor hav ing 1 u hiin W iln. lie v;i sent to jail 1'iar im. nl lis ami the woman was niderc.l to leave tin- Mate. I'lm I elngr.i phie news couves llm in Im niat imi that ( rnnnsboio u as slight shaken b an earth ii ikn Thursday nmrning of last wi ck. No damage was done. H. .Miimlay. p.i.-lor of the ll.ipiiNf church in ai rentoii. has am-eptn.I a nail to ( 1 men illn, S. ('. lb' is an able preacher ami we regret to sen him lnan our Slate. Tim T.nhmo -'Soui hnrnni " savs: -III- 1 iimorcd on 1 he -.1 rents of L'.ileigh that llm Alhnmaile i; l.'alnigh railmad has . hanged h tml-, lnit we can gel 110 definite information mc way or the other." A I'loilam.ition has '.ecu issued b the l'icsidniit I'm t he opening of the nili Cotlon l',.osit ion at New Oilcans, to commence lt. Tit T Monday in 1 )nm iu bi-r. ss(. ;ii"l contiiiim until .May lilth ls.. I' ie I'ostui.ix', -r (iciieral orders llm Test Ma-.tnl- at New Orleans imt 10 deliver registered letters or iin'iie.v orders o t,e New Orleans N dimial AVl ur M. A. Dauplin. Wl1" im I isiana lottery do IK1 .' llm Stat,-,, I-,,, -a,,,,.,!,.,,!." re l",i, wall Mi,..lul ,,,.,. ()(.0 '" l-I- A i-immm-mice N.n.t to i I;,. ...ii, I"'1- "It i r.s,.,-s 1, ni. 1,. 1, republican of this pa attempt to party e in't ie id." A .i.uiky ; limn tramp who s,n,l ht "ku.nio visit,. , tl0 e limiM' last wet k and (old1 I'm Aithiir that .lesiis Christ -'in. iss, nun to prcpaie as King n I'm- hi: Arthur n! t'.n I lilted St ,te: I be Wihniii, "lg.ih. regrets ;'mi Post," Radical I hat t lm-. .1:11 vis- i i.'l i.-seiitc.l North Carolina -t ! ' c ll. l e lm ueii atterances. ( patience with "V. .larvis i--o. 'vsnnted our State and coinpliin1,.1i bv the N, n ,-alanI-rs. W,- illv iM,id t N we could not h .t.. hail a he 1 'epreseiitative. volijm i; liegro 'Jilt 1 aged -muter count . S. ( ' 1 In-: -i-id u !ii 1 1 ie i 1 1 1 1 1 s g Ml I . and stab 1 t- pinte. r nap! 1 1 1 i i a Ihr ami Ml M It III I,.-: -Imi : .1 I lit- IK gH iiiiu ll'tV n ClllC tied iiiiii in In .Ii-., 111. ( i 'i ' .r. A mum man mimed .lohu il h,tm, in Si-i aiilnii. I'a.. iliiln"t, know i! w ,is In, nii-if ami pointed a pi-lnl playfully at l.'is sister, say -ing. "How Innk. I sha il sin ! ." Tin; hailsh. ail ami -am-. ball mil. in.! II,.-. '1 ll r la fa ii i in I aiiiK-r am i ti-i-li i t' t Im .1 '! riuiiy .an teaching Mi-chanm" tWellt gl.ul-,.ll.-ge. .lass tun am i nan say : ll. 1 1 n i ing lav,, mm i.-. k I In- I W nil! inl ll, W i nllli alinlll i'nr III i 1 1 1 1 1 g' 1 " 1 presume i health. ;., am 1 1 a v ni. Ki ll Klllle, ( -i t I s. il i soilted ( ni . lot nl' ( '.-lt-u.,1.1 sIk-.- W linn lii , Im hi e piit-s inn w ill has n Id go 'hi i ll m k ami g to f. 'I ia-a his siini-ii w ill in .1' Ma-arliu-lar is wit li a i. Ami unw orn' i.ini In ,,.! lining again. 'l m l Ii Minn- tiling In him. Tm 1 1 is an 1 1 1 1 t-i 1 1 1 ; 1 1 -t i 'a i ' i i t mm nl vv In. can IK L; l.ili a mill, ii'i'.ui a w all ii, I mm a -. Hi,' a i i - -. j i.l I ml . alnl -. i i il in n I'nr hours a! a Inn mail", illloln -. with nil I ma kin 14 a inl-l.i .l- l!a-.- ia- i l. i-:. !..v tin Nov. I. Tnlnjiliolin." As a I'''- s i:iiml I mil, Tim I n)i nsnlitat l (;s o Kiihlii k. who w as killml Norlolk i Smithnrn road lssl. h.U. aaiii-l (In nl.t.lllinil mail I'm- .iinininnt I.HOIl. A ! I..' ni ilmt that t In- .;.(;i.(. I'- is sn nli ii cci Unlit il 'A hiin wi lls !carm"! aimli-n ami wn nt imali jlll i ninln! il iii .r.'sii;a a man'-- lil'n a! 'I he Wilmington .-ta: tni II c:l s nl,!. !t i, nltly mlilml. an olii-n ilisa;M nn w it h i mlltnr. I hnin i ;. a no, nit his mlitolials lomil.'n. ami I In- mm. r ;m-l li'iiLi 1 1 iii- ami I mala- in I he j. lM'l nl lmw y . A 1 M 1 1 A . 1 1 is at t rant i c. Im-h inn a nn i 4' woman I a. it 1'. nr. llm wii.a-4 man. 1 ia- Invi r 1 1 tn i in- it hni as t w i ns I IM n i --.I I i!t- ill liis i i h- ill. Ti n !rn!n i - miim-il Ma 1 1 1: la mil being a'bln !. Ins hi nt he. . Tin ami U , - anii'wl I in 4lli-ii bi I w nn 1 I wnni - mm- r...c. Tim "Ut h i Ii ! 1 1 r i , ami is nammi iiiiam 1 Th.' New r.n.'lm nl a .singular dmani by V II. I'narce 1 11 .mis were in a it 1 lliilhi' nl Mrs. I'nllv nllll. Nutshell " ti lls ill thai lown thai im in Id 1 1 nnk in ' Im riiadwi.-k and Ilmt limy wnln stolen. iln told M i , ( 'had u ink nl it next morning w hen she examined the hunk and found thai her bunds were gniie- lleiirv A--kew and Nellie CoiU hold wem laarricd in Mast Hamp ton, Texas, last Monda. Wlmn Im firs', popped tin- ipmstma tlm young lady referred him lo ma. Ilnnry wouldn't stand Ihc racket, though, and said "No, I Askew." She accepted him. and that's how Nellie Cni'thohl of a husband. Voiing Andrew Hail, of Brook lyn, whose mother Is wealthy, has married a negress and (he family arc endeavoring to have the mar riage set aside on llm ground that he is.i liinalic. Hut Andrew vows he is not a lunatic and Unit he "would rather loose 2i-0,o;tO than lii black .Mary." Tlm fools are not all dead yet. There are a great number of fools in this country, and of almost endless variety. One of tlm latest discovery, bill by no means small in her line, is a woman from Cali fornia mi a visit to Saratoga in company with a little black dog with a gold collar, studded with emeralds ami pearls, worth :;((() :,mi 1,1 earrings which cost -,,!)0' The State Pair w ill be held at Raleigh, Oct. lm the Agricultural ami Mechanical Pair at Rocky Mount, Oct. I':?: the Guilford Fair at New Garden, Oct. -M : the I'dge combe Fair at Tarboro, Oct. :',n, the Roanoke anil Tar Hair Fair at Wcldon, Nov. : the Cumberland county Fair at Fay tteville, Nov. ii; the Dixie Fair at Watlcsboro, No v. It ami the Sampson Fair at Clinton. Dec. .1. Boston :s not the ouiy place where our State is making a show thanks lo the enterprise of the Richmond & Danville Railroad Company. The exhibit made by this Company at the Atlanta Ex position in lsSi attracted a great ileal of attention more, probably, than any single exhibit there. And the exhibit which this Com pany has at the Colorado National Mining and Industrial Exposition Denver is also attracting the attention it deseives. Brother Mills, of the-"Orphan's Friend," thinks all ministers of the gospel ought to shave. Good preaching seems to depend on shaving the face. The Wiliuinc- tuu '";t;,r" takl's iss,le :,nl t ks if the AjhwUcs, Moses, Solomon. David, Isaiah and other preachers of the olden times, shaved. The "Star concludes, "some of the j greatest preachers we have ever ! heard wore their Iteard. Shaving j or not is a fashion or a whim, ov a I conviction of duty,' POLITICAL POINTS W J I A T T II K 1 Ll II CIANS aim: TALK I Ml Al'.Ol'T. Till: i'UI.ITlCAL VALlillOS 1'itf oiihty endorsed Latham I'm f'ongrcss in llu- lirst district. I tall W. T. Cu t nr. nt' t'm- ('ntigres of ll.viln, ill llm til d il--limt. Aliiam S. may In; !y spept in. ami all tiiat , I. ut ImM make a tolnr- aliiv nml 1'lnMilnlit, roilll Hnw itt a-- ml ma . l imn' am tliiity-two iapnrs in Imliana nn.sni In Mm iinmina liminl Sniiatnr MnDnnalil tor tin- rm--iilnm . If this lie trill' I lm nr will I m im! Im .Inn." Thnriiiaii is ns.nnially miiilar a llion i; 1 1, n Panit'm const I nionl ;it.s. Tim San Francisco -('aH'" lnlinns la- wmihl c.irr. ralilmtiia :ii4';iiiist an man nmiiinalnil l. t lit' l.'npiih Imans. thinks Hint Tim Hi. km "I'r, Sc.ilo I'm' ('innrimr ami Stt'thlinan lor Liniitniianf (!iinrnor will innkn a strmii4' team tor 1S. An nqiinl y Li-iml Iimmi w oiil.l I m ( i ilinnr ami -hmt. W I T .. .1 ..... I . . ,1 I . i iinn ,iini,i4n ronihcr, me j;e publican candidate forCovcrnor of Ohio, was a student, at Delaware o, gn I,,, bolted and left because a IH1410 was permitted to niatrinu i n.-. Tim negro voters of the State w an! t o know all about this now ami I Im Judge declines to elucidate, lie will lose enough voles ill con. s( ipieln-n lo offset Judge lloadl.v's malaria. ! Maj. 'has .M. Slnadinan, of Wil- j iningtMn. is i, i;, He visited i ' im 1 'opi- t lm ot her day, and. t he Wiliiiingion b'eview" says, "the I'opn laid his hand upon his head ami l.lnssn.l tlm handsome W"il iii.iiglmiian. ami t li,-n ' com pi in mi it- n.l him upon his phrenological de velopment." 'i'lm Greensboro "Patriot'" says this may be serious business should Sleadinan receive t lm I b-moernl ie nomination for Lieutenant Governor. I I A 1: M ( N V 1 X N F.W Y K K. Tammany has exhibted a very com mendable spirit in (he matter of securing harmony in New York citv. The resolul ions and speeches bicat he the right spirit. The differ ences between Democrats, they say , are not of principle, but arc nomiiiaPaiid trivial, and they re solved that Tammany would mako every dibi t and every concession consistent with honor looking to an adjustment of differences, and that "we tender the right hand of fellowship to the county Democracy and the Irving Hall Democrats," and they then appointed a committee, to consult wil h the ot her organizations so as lo secure united action and a single harmonious delegation to the State convention. That's right. Let Tammany stick to that and the Presidential election can have but one result. The nominee of the Democrat ie parry w ill be. inaugu rated President on the 4th of March, ls.S,"). C II I'.KK V ! CnEEKY ! Mr. Patrick Henry Winston, an erratic local politician of North Carolina, has recently announced i his a.llmsiim tl. i',via;,..,,. , ....... K I H.lHL I'lll. ty. Mr. Winston is a peculiar genius, ami the Elizabeth Citv (N. C.) '-Falcon" relates the fol lowing true story attout hi.n. The "Falcon"' says he was once hissed and hooted from the hustings, while attempting to speak. The circumstances were these- It was mi sonic .niblic occasion at the North, in Baltimore, at a Demo- j 'atic meeting held in "front of Guys Hotel "Virginian', Sever al speakers were '"nvited to make addresses. Winston was on hand in fact he had just moved there from North Carolina to live, and was yet an utter stranger. With the cheek calculated to draw tears from the eyes of a brass mon key, our inipertubable hero 'min gletl" freely in the crowd and asked them to call for "Winston of North Carolina.' Thus beguiled, the unsuspecting citizens Jdid callj but the hour of triumph ' was short. Winston hatiu't got out the first sentence K-fore he was ordered off the rostrum by the indignant crowd. Then he folded his tent andsilently stole away. "Norfolk Virginian, Tin' event occurred in Pennsylvan ia, and not in Baltimore as the 'Virginian has it. El). C'OXKLIXG TtlXl AX Anecdote Ex.Senator Roseoe Conkling was in the city a few days ago and argued a case Itefore the Commissioners f Patents. After he had concluded his argument and f WILSON, NORTH CAROLINA, SEPTEMBER 28. 1883. I' l'iurnd to his hotel two or tliint 1"H tiimnls culln.l on hiin. I)inin4- tlm nvniuii onn of tlmin sni.l to i,jl: Senator. vmi nxi.nct to ;o in to politics ;i-ani .M,in f "(Hi. no. I am where I want to 1. ;,f this tiinn. j . ensa-e.l in repairing mv liiiai,,.,., ,U)1 iloinix very well. 1 may ;llt(.,. tu. liel.l auain, lnit eertainly I)ut t(. four or live years. I now (,.0i about polities a good deal like the milkman's horse. There was A poor lnit honest and energetic man over in my city who went into the milk business. Jle started by ear i.viii his milk vessels around in his hand. In time his business yrew to such proportions that he had to buy a horse. The horse had been in the service of his country at one time. The old milkman went on doing well, his horse do-in-4- him good service, until one day he stopped in front of the house of one of his customers and went in to I'liver his inilk. While in the house the fire alarm struck aud the horse started down the street as hard as he could go. Awav went the milk cans, wagons and all. This old horse had been in the lire depart incut service, and when he lizard the call he went. So, yo,. ; - e the application; "When the j people call I will l'o." Washing ton -'Critic. (1 en. (i it ant Talks. (liant the silent, has disappear ed, and we have instead Grant the lo.pianious. To a correspond ent last week he spoke freely and positively about political matters and political candidates. He freely declared that he would rather see Conkling President than any olh er man in the Cuited States: that hi- thought (hat the Democrats had so good a chance t his time that, lm wanted to see them make a good nomination, so as to assure a good President if they are victe- no,,s; 51,1,1 ,1,:,r' tIu' J )l'I,1,111' s 1 i ni i n , -1 1 1 ..v talked of, lie thought Kandall would make a goo 1, salt President, if the country had to take a democrat. When asked what lie thought of Bayard he j Unity declared that he would rath er see any other man in the coun try President. Speaking of Til den's candidacy, he said if he got elected and delivered his inaugiir :il he would never give his Vice President any chance of the suc cession, but would keep himself beforcjthe country as the Presi dent for his lull term of four years, even if he died the day alter the inauguration. About the part he took in coming to the rescue of Garfield after the nomination he admitted that it went greatly against the grain, in consequence ot Washburn's and Garfield's co quetting with the convention while pretending to serve other interests than their own. Roll Call In Heaven An incident is related by a chap lain who was in the army during one of our hard fought battles. The hospital tents had been fill ing up as the wounded men had been, brought to the .rear. Among the number was a young niau mortally wounded, and not able to speak. It was near mid night, and many a lovedjone from hoai'i lay sleeping 011 the battle field that sleep which knows no waking until Jesus calls for them. Tlni surgeons had been serving their rounds of duty, and for a moment all was quiet. Suddenly this young man , before speechless, calls :ii a clear, distinct voice, "Here!" The surgeon hastened to his side, and asked what he wished, ''Nothing", said he. 'the.y are calling the roll in heaven, and I was answering to my name.' lie turned his head aud was gone gone to join the great army whose uniform is washed white in the blood of the 'Lamb. lleader,Jin the great, roll call of eternity, jour name will be heard. Can you answer "Here !" Are you one of the soldiers of Christ, the great Captain cf Salvation ! Wanted His Honey Back. The Register of Deeds of Hock ingham, says the "Iloeket," receiv ed the following jKtstal card a few days ago : , N. 0 Sept. U'th, '83. Mr.. Register: Dear Sir: I write to line oat if there is any way to get my money back as I will have to Return These License as the girl has went back on me and is Run away. Let me know soon. Respectfully, A young man in Wilson, not a century ago, had the same expe rience, although he did not make application to have his money re funded. The debating society of a rural village has decided that it doesn't look consistent for a girl to be mem ber of church and wear powder on her hair to catch the young men. ABOUT FARMING. -:o:- THi: I'AR.MKR'S CONVENTION TO UK HELD AT RALEIiHl. i'K Ki:i vi' yarvs. I'lackwcll's Durham Tobacco Company will soon erect a :o,ooo addition to their immense estab bailment. A box of corn has been shipped from Warsaw. Duplin coimtv, to Uoston. 4ieli contains a number ol stalks whid, average 10 feet in length, with tlle ears of corn on them just as t.y hl t,H. Held. 1 hey welt son cotintv. raised in Sanip- A farmer must feed lis lu,Mis tt) get good crops, just as V(. ,(.e(ls his cattle to get giMtil bed 'i'here is a gnat deal of judicious j pa ing work t hat might be 0lH( on a few acres. Sixty ai res tilled is better than 1 lit poorly till ed. Mr. .1. J. Rattle has on exhibi tion at his store, a stalk of corn bearing 11 ears, and has a 1(1 acre field of the same kind, about one milt' from town, which he thinks will average ." ort; ears to the stalk, not withstanding the hni seasons ami iuoiijjuis 01 uie pasi crop .ear. 1.. 1 . . t-. 1 . . t . Rocky Mount "Reporter." Prof. Raird, of the National lish Hatchery, announces that all ap plications for German Carp must he 011 tile in the department, by 1 Octobnr the i:,th. He thinks' 1 there wil! be enough for all: but those who w ish to stock their poiuls 1 on licker, ami as wese returning should lose no time in apply- 'ruin tic con feel ioinncrv as I a forc ing through Gen. W. R. Cox Ral said, me an my hoiiible competitor eigh. J gits into an animating argilination I ndoubtetlly the bright tobacco eoiis:;rnin' of vcrrncity. and Mr. of this state and a portion of Vir-i FI,'"lll,in remarked .bit I wus a ginia is the known tt ; best paying crop riculfure. Mr. Rob ert Tillcy, of Granville, has obtain-' etl an average ol C-2'2 per acre for' six acres. This, with a possible oU per acreyield, shows the vast' difference in the money power of i the two crops. "Citizen." Deep plow ing w as lecomineiiile'l over one hundred years ago by l)i. Franklin, when lie said: "Plough deep while sluggards sleep, And you will have corn to sell ami to keep." Again, he gave the farmers a broad hint w hen he said: 'He that by tlm plow would thrive,)! Himself inust either hold or drive." We were shown Tuesday, says the ''Southerner." a pea vine which came from an ordinary black pea, covering over two hundred square feet of ground. About one half of the peas have been gather ed, these measured a little more than three pints, and numbered 5700. When all the. peas are gath ered it is certain that the increase from this one pea will be at least ten thyusand fold. The vine will be on exhibition'at the fair. We don't know that the Indian Bureau will benefit the Red man greatly by depriving him of his fire-water, if the case of Skumka, chief of the Umatillas .f Oregon, be a sample of the average results. This noble son of the forest was suffering from something akin to cramp-colic, and after pleading in vain for whiskey, with which he had beeu accustomed to ease his pain, turned, in despair, to Jamai. ca Ginger, and disposed of 20 bot ties. The ginger did not make the cure but it killed the chieftain, who died in great agony. He was buried with Indian pomp, and his horse killed in order to give hiut a free ride to the happy-huuting grounds, and the entire tribe is in mourning and wofully lament his untoward death and the absence of whisk y. TERRIBLE RATE OF INTEREST. We know -f a merchant who pays not to exceed 8 cents for meat aud compels those who trade with him under the lien system to pay 14 cents nearly "one hundred per cent" aud that too when he will get his money in two months. Is itwonderful that there is a grow ing demand that the lien system be abolished by law t This way of doing things will ruin the labor in any country. 100 per cent for two months is COO per cent per 'annum. The Farmers' Convention. A mass convention of the farm ers of North Carolina will be held in the grand stand, at the next State Fair. The first meeting to be held on Tuesday, the ICtli, and from day to day during the week. The objects of this convention will be to unite the farmers of the state in inexpensive State, county and neighborhood organizations .for mutual improvement and co-operation as farmers. We like this idea, and think some farmers from every township in the State should attend this State mass 'meeting, and thereafter, organize county, and township meetings for mutual f"T oveuient and protection. Whv not . .Men-mints organize tliein selves into ltoards of trade; the Physicians form medical societies; I 1 nit' i..iwers legal societies; Printers and Telegrapher.-, unions; the Druggists into tics and. in fact, most every the into im- I 1,1111.11 (ii caning in nie ot any I poiiaime have organized soniel ins j for their mutual protection and j improvement. Ami et.the fanners j the hard fisted yeomanry, till the : soil the most important of all I other callings. f,.-upon the farmers I depend all "other vocations. Still they stand single ami independ ent having no separate societies of their own for their development ami protection. A "Pickwickian"' Speecn. The monotony of the court room, says the Morganton 'Mountaineer' was unexpectedly relieved Tuesday evening when the case of the State vs. Eelix Fleming and Andy Walton for an affray was " 'ealleil, ami the accused announced y did not want any counsel, but , conduct the defense for ' for the liieiiK(.jv Antlv asceiitled witni's." and. bowed reverently t .1"" ami salutinu- ' jury haiitl. with a broa wave of tin atitiresseii ineu us follows : Gl-XTI.KMKX , J(l; .1, i:.i:: W e resires in few 'M-niinisnmnrus ' : remarks to limnlate t. , 011 hoiiible geiielums jist howtlese s-ix-tinlst an cers was reiiactetl on tie 'ltA ,,, tie combat. On tie arftt-rmtoi, j- lU, day in dispute nie an' seerel .- ciillml gciielums hail impaimd I., tie eoiifcctioiiiiinry tlown b'lown town here w liar dev inerchamlises l,,T "r so,m' slu U i-'ieinnpatt nie langweg, ami from tie eombati lication, hit commenced. I Vaul" ted and battered tie front oh his. ph.vsiognoinit v 'an him a strikin' an' a claw in at me will noellec' till all of a suddent he lit out an" hi' , me on my abdominal, an' geiiel- nieiis ob de piror, tlat kinder assas- sinatcd my indignation, (uproar in court ami cries for "onl r" from the shci-ill', an wid dat I downed him an' kicked him kinder vigrus oil de silbsterior ob de centre ob hi-j grabity an tlats 'bout all de combat ibility as come under my ob. servatory, an' dis Ise willin to swar j on tie holy evangolers, contrary to de peace ami dignity ob de sfattus niade an' pervided for sich e ises as Mr. Fleming, Edgecombe Items. Klio.M THK TAUIIOUO (Jl'lliK. We are going to have the best fair in the State, "ami don'i you brget it!" II. II. Shaw will (pen a provision store next week. lion. L. ('. Latham's wi'e is wry ill in Richmond. Dr. O'lla- gin doubts if she will recover. lJtlcr F. A. Chick will preach Oct. "jth. Mr. . r. W illiainson was elected 1st Lieutenant of the Kdgc eonhe (luanls. He will give ."0 towards paying for the new uni foini. Orren Williams is Captain, J. Y. Palis 2d Lieutenanr. and I. K.Kdgo Junior 2d Lieutenant. Steamboat communication to Wash ington is complete. Mrs. Ida Thigpen, wife of . I. II. Thigpen, died on the 15th inst. of typhoid fever, in the 25th year of her age. She leaves an infant child. The ra ces at the coming fair will excel those of previous fairs. A 12 year old son of J. T. l'roctor, five miles from Tarboro, fell from an apple tree, his foot striking a stubble on the ground, pierced it t the bone. The "doubting Thomases'' are busy over the delay of the A. & ll. Iiailroad moving on to Raleigh, and declare that the company have or are about to sell out to the W. & W. II. R. This same report has become stale in our ears. Wc have heard it for nearly ten years at least. . What is sincerity? Sine cera; without wax, as when a piece of furniture is cut out of the solid wood ; neither worm eaten or de fective, so that the holes must ever le filled with wax, and then varn ished over to give a false appear ance of soundness. But sound from surface to core; this is to Ik? sincere. As in the wood, so in the man his sincerity is the source of his strength. There re beautiful ly varnished Christians. In health and prosierity they seem all right, but the trial-strain of temptation is too much for them and their defec tiveness lecouies apparent. 'Xo,' said the sad-eyed man 41 nev er press a young woman to play upon the piano. I tried it once, to my sor row.' "Why, what followed P ask ed half a dozen eager voices. "She played," replied the sadyed man. shall never forget the lesson I learned that day." Bof-ton "Tran script . GOVERNOIJ .IARV1S. HIS SPEECH AT THE EOSTON DINNER. .1 n.'.vs ;,; t io ernor ,Jar is, olina, w ho lnit thi- f North citv for 1 '.11 New was t the Haven on Sat tird.n in the afternoon, the evening, guest t Middlesex club at its regular week ly tlinne'. In his farewell address in Host on, he said I came to 011r city ten days ao for the tirt time in my life. I Knew before I cann ot' the court cs. and hospitality of New Engl. mil, but I was not pre pared for the warmth ot the recep tion I have leccixed from all class es of the people of Massachusetts. The public attentions h.le been pleasing, vet it were possible 'hat they should come of formality ami for conrtcs "s sake. Rut when I have looked the Kt-olile of New Kn.aIlll ni . ,..,. ,-. ... - ,... .... .,1 - 1 , .. ; ,. i,.,,,. 1 .,.,1 welcome ill t heir e es, I have ex perienced, ami I will go back ami tell the people of the South that 1 have experienced, that we nie friends once more. (Applause) in my speeches here I have en tleavoretl to express what I know to be the sentiment all thrnugh the South, ami that is that we want all our past ttitl'ercnces to lm Inn md 111 I In- grave of oblivion. Here in 011r magnificent cities of the Novi h. your splendidly decl mjciI country, you may not feel the iieuj of this absolute rt-fiiicilial 1011 as iimcli as w e tlo at the South. et 1 ai sure that. if on stop'.., think lor a moment, you will set that troiti a business point of view, the time has come when we all should stand as American citi.eiis, recognizing our mutual and coin interests. Let the questions Wt are to discuss be cmoluic qie tions. questions hading on to tne future, amino line or pathway turning to the past. '; Applause.) I am (-'ire that great and prosper- oils as is your section of our com. mou count ry; bot h your interests ami pleasure are to see the South ern section ofourcoiintry lifted up. ami like yours prosperous. Ap plaiise.j The great inherited ques tions we set tied in the war ill the best blood of bot h sent ions of mil country. It may be 1 know not how it was but it may 1- that tin re was no ol Imr m -l hid nfsei tling them, lint they, were settle ml forever, ami settled ly us. leav ing nothing 'or the generations who come after us to be divided upon, j Applause.! We w;in t to see our section of the country great, prosperous and wealthy, as your section. We have come to leain something ' how these weie achieved by you. and we have learned one important lesson that in New F.iiglaml y on have no room for idlers and loalcis; that New Kngland has been buill up by the energy, push and perse verance of her sons ami daughters. All through North Carolina 1 have tried to inculcate I b it lesson, lo impress upon our people that while we look for capital ami labor from the North, and stand ready to welcome them, yet, after all. the destiny of the South remains .. ;.i. 11... ........1 , .,)' tlm Smith. Anil Mil 11 I HV r, .j.t.F - that destiny can only be made j grand by observing two principles.; It must be recognized in gootl ! frith, with a fixed purpose lolive up to it, that there is .0 be no separation of the sections of this great country. All the mountain ranges of the con u try run North and South; nature made no lines of separation, and God in his wisdom has decreed that there shall be no imaginary separation. And from the day tin flag which I followed in the storm of battle for four years was furled in lSu., to me it was furled forever, and I stood again beneath the fold of the Stars and StrijH-s, the ting of our common country. Applause. The other great lesson that 1 have tried to impress upon the people of North Carolina is that the destiny ami prosjierity of the State and the whole South depend ujhhi ihe ener gy ami enterprise of our sons and daughters; that her wasted fields must be made to boom again by work, and that work is honorable in all men in every M'ctioti oft he country. Applause. These senti ments, I am haypy to lie able to assure you, ns a visit to our State demonstrates, are taking hold of our people- It is prospering; new interests are being built up and old ones revived. I understand that this is, to some extent a jwlitical club, but I did not come North to talk polities. I came to shake hands with the people, to speak of Korth Carolina j M not P luse-keeplng on to them aud to show her resources Lls owh Lowk f be dif not.f asyouw-llKee them represented hh ParenU Wlth wLom be reindcL in the great Institute exposition! upon your Back Bay. Xotwith ! Women iove. money for what it gtauding that I am not to talk ik1- will bring them ; tntv honor and itics, I may say it Is an old fash- 1 worship money for its mere posses ion for candidates for Governor in s1"11- --MJMBEB 33 f North Carolina to go about the State together and assail each other en the same platform, lefore great crowds. call your atten tiou to this peculiar custom to say .that even on such occasions the best of good lecllng prevails be. tween the contending paities- Our colored people are satisfied. We have organized for th. ni normal sch.M.U and a State bureau. It. indeed. ou could w it- ' ness the development we areinak ing. lam sure it would be pe. uliaih gr.ttihnig to you. as it is gr.d il'. ing to all our people. ' Applause.' , An may I reiterate in conclusion that, rejoining in the progress ol my own State, I also lcjome in the splendid prospciity of. New Rutland bnc. tils,. 1! is a part of this great country of mine, for the welfare ol which I hae the same interest, and to the integrity of w huh I haelhe s.iine tln clopuictlt as yoHist-Kcs. Applause.; Uoston " Atlvei I isci " Littlfl True Love Story. Yesterday as trade had quieted dow 11. a clerk 111 one of the dry g Js M - stepped back to the Water bucket, a i,i I :is he did so he obseix , '1 I'l' stowed aw ay in a cor ; imr liav ing a sweet little tune alfl 1 to themsnb, ,. She wore a light I I'Hik dress anil a red hal. w hlle the i young man was liggedinhis best "miid iy black, and the apple in his thio.K was hidden behind an agon 1'iii.U high paper collar. It took I lm clerk a l.iiig time to drink a glass of water, bul he finally went ''"'k lo the counters, ami it was I' ' d thai every . lei k ill the house began to get thirsty. The ' -nl of I he til 111 finally w ent back 1 o see it il all meant, and leach I Ihc water--, see "I inorgn' km just in time to ''''dirnv his arm from around his : ! w hilc he licked ; ""MV.-waist, k'lSS lllllll hi- , j , lathe with his tongue. She had 1.. , 1. .1 inking him w ith a pin ami alter seeing him squirm and wrig gle 10 her heart's content, she gave 1 him t he pin w it h this remark : 'l ick inc. Ocorge, tick me." "I lilt-in k ei 1 I'lggie," replied her tieorge, "I love you too much to sin k you." And just at this June laic tin- cold -hearted merchant stepped ll to submit his esti male for a wedding outfit to them, when (ieiilge took his love by iheh.llid a lid sa ll ll t el etl tint. They went niio a furniture stoic ami got awav back, wln-ie they re mained until t lie of I he day was over, when I hey repaired lo Fsqnii e M w ll"s nlliff ami (leorge paid lor a license. No tloilbf at lit lie country home last night, tieorge ami I'eggy st I up before some coil III ry Squire ami I he golden knot was tied. Sweet be theii - honey 1110,111 ami happy their days in these low lauds of sin row . I h.lllolte "Join mil UbsciviT." The Wilson "Short-lot." Ml. (ImIIoW.iV. of iolifsholo. ail olbcial ol tlm Atlantic Toast Line l.'adway 'om paay , w a ; 'C Fayette villc a few tlay since. Mi.tiallow ay has lieeli going over the line of the W ilson I'loieiinn 1,'aiboad sci nr. ing llm right of w ay . and he states that work nu the 10, id will celtalii' 'v so-ill be com lin-lint-d. FaVnlln ! 'H ( llm I V ni " A little boy schoi in om .. w hih .f the . ll engaged the delight fnl exercises of defining words, a few day s since, made a mi-take which was not ali a mis take, lie said: "A demagogue is a vessel that holds Imcr, wine, gin, whiskey, or any ot her kind of in. toxicating liquor." He was proba bly thinking of demijohn, but he hit the truth just the same. "Nash ville Advocate." A pretty orphan girl with over 12,000,000 has teen advertising in the German papers for a Jiusbaud. She describes herself as 21 years old, orphan, Catholic, with a for tune 12,000,000 frances. She wants to marry a young man with a very honorable name, she may lm ad dressed as N O O 2s at the i09t office, I'msseals. In the Uniied States ! wouldn't remain single on 2. The average youag lady wants at least four feet of seat in a street car for a ride of six blocks, out she will ride half a day, squeezed In a buggy neat beside her young man and not find the least fault. A young and lcautifiit woman named Vict ori-i Vjrder, of Wiscon sin, poisoned her hnslKind. fihe has Icn arrested and has made a con fession. She killed him lcane he AJviTtiWtntlllsatiJ f. 1 I . li'r:.. u ! ,),. vn, Cash mint -,-co:ni:iy ail A !w utiles k-.Ksl iffon-cuv is glv, n. BILL ARP TALKS ( i.amknts Tin: boss or nn. mi:n of sixty y i:ak m;o HI It I H.hS IM.s'n f. 1 11 , 1 Most tVelV Is dead all the old folks. There .11. -t 1 1 ll Is. mijiiv tew lett of the old stock I I1.1t nM.,j to in, iv ai.Miml so bv. lv ami take the 1, fairs, some "I "I bus ss . 0,1 .,1 Simie ot us an- getting !,,i,, now . I he 1 inks 1 1, ii ! 1 1 , . . lip, but We tl.n"l klnnv the lieu i cunts. Old Father Time is ., script oiiii er.aml In- won't 1 Uiv substitute nor give aavl.odv .1 bomb proof plane. Theie i;e ,,,, qu.lttelliiasters. tomnn , imr potash gett. is 11, t,,s wai. u It Is light, tight, tight. ., (he Iln,,-. Somier or later ail of us have goi bi go. We , .m't desert, imr do.l-c. nor play si, k. mn si t ., ting,-, oil. and lln rn an!,,, luilonghs. ami pensions, and 110 tlischai ge. t heie is imt ev en a pi muoi mn tor g.., ' bicl or iiobh- d. ii ing. Theie is nothing but to do and die. Well, it is all right I know . 01 it w .iiild'rit have been sn, but it grieves me to hear t he U'll tolling nil about ami to see t he old si ock pa ssi n g a w a V . Thirty -t w 11 years ago I moved lo Home, and it was a ugh1 sin. 11 1 tow 11 nl :t. OO.I people. They an- not there now. What nie L it I can count on mv lingers, baldly a tlo ell of t he old set I lcrs. a ml t he v move about very slow. Old Mot In 1 hlle dietl Ihe othel tla . I I Id est of them all. She w a s always going aixmt doiiig good 01 fixing to. She out hv ed her old "M inn", I he Scotchman. 1 ml s! i' h v ed Imt children, but she never miiii-m tiered lo grid or trouble. these oM Scotch people have habits ami U iliciples like cast iron. They nev. el ' hange. The oh"M.Hiii," as wn eMeii V in, w as alw av s mci , . ami always at . , k ...aking harness, .... I I . 1 . imi ne .lieu 111 haviics,. ,. , his tune to e.,1 al.. to deep and lo pray ami to sing ;,. , ,,-.o the I'.i lle and Ins lne to , k. ,ni ,, never neglected the i--gar pio gramme. Old Maun W,. ,-ol.i ,,i sing, but thought he 1 ou,, and hi nt nisi. lei etl il as much a .lul v as t,, pray. Me was always in his m-.u at the church. lb- was a hea man. but he waddled up the hill to the meeting-house wil li al.nrilv. ami took his seat like he me. ml business and he did menu Imsi liess. I Ie said amen and allien all through the preacher's pi aver, ami then he opened Ins hymn-book with eagerness ami siood up right in front of the choir ami s m ; Iroin way dow n. Me ll lt d to o!h. . but was sure to gnt a b.lln ah id to. he ell ov ed il ami wanted lo 1I0 more than his snare. The 1 hoir did then liesl to. smother him lull ihev coiild'nt. Mis bellows vt. ie sliong ami blew loud. Mis kind ol Miming w onl. In't liav e been toleinled lion, : 1 1 1 v ol hit maii. lot he was alwavs a lit lie up or a hi I Ie don n. ,,,,. ,,. ,, iele.oll. Ills Voice wa- a good deal below has-., and cam 11 ,ke I here was a cog w heel la 1 1 1 I ' Ihlt ev ciy bod v t hat k Ihmv t he old III, ill clljoved Ills singing, lm it sei-lned to do hiin so inin h good ami at limes when Ihe Winds w el e VelV ielnlel t In- ol I iiiiii oii! -ay "Allien" al the end ot tin- - ina. I l ellinmbnl t hat o n- t Iln,- v In 11 i 1 1-1 1 iv (lailiell and lii-mg.- SIov.ill wi le leading music II, 1- old tllllllllg two leaves in In- lin n long min short meter, ami I he w .11 d - d;dnl lit the music, fhele u 1 n't enough of them, ami the old Maim liooi, his he. nl gavn a giiint ami till ed out w il h a cini)ile ol .1 nnli -. lb' heald -I litter behind hlui. and. looking H'llli.l. Ililltleled audibly, 'Thai's sumlhiu' wnrng ibout here." We joked him about 1; the next day, and lie laughed he s.i nt "All, well, y 011 kno.v that D uel Hnid sing milothe Lord a new song, and I deed if. Yes. I deed it." I wonder how many ihildien ..hi Mother White lias taught in Suit day school. She Inn had a cla- ot little ones ever since I knew her, and she taught them a'l the same thing," to hve GihI am! tell llm truth aud do rigid. 1 don't ihiuk she ever Improved 011 that die didn't kr.ow auj thing alioiit th. science of religion or the evidenc"" of t'hristianity, ami she didn't want ' to know. It was enough for tier that she loved her Maker, and loved eve" rybody and her Maker loved her. Her faith was ironclad; she lived . In it and hf died li it. If 1 c uld trade in chances for heaven," 1 ' would be wHIing to traile for her She is there, I reckon, and some of the children she taught are, theie, too, and they gate the old lady a welcome that was heaven enough for her. , ? 4Cbiir,V Mnndane, yoq cannot hcj6 to Micceed in the way you are going. Yon !ioukl take ad vantage of V;ir crportuni:.''--'Father,' replied the young man, U breast heaving with emotion, f hope I am too mur'j cd a;nan to take aJv;:J of anj thij.-g.'

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