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North Carolina Newspapers

The Wilson advance. (Wilson, N.C.) 187?-1899, November 01, 1894, Image 1

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it- J on $ 1 .00 A VEAR CASH IN ADVANCE. LET ALL THE ENDS THOU AIM ST AT, BE THY COUNTRY S, THY GOD S, AND TRUTH S. THE BEST ADVERTISING MEDIUM VOLUME XXIV. WILSON, WILSON COUNTY, N. C, NOVEMBER i, 1894. NUMBER 44 Advan ri3 G0. I 1804. v in K You will sec from the above t inures that cioht years ago ! lie Cash Racket Store casted a- lot with the good people ot 'this little city, and notwith- laiuling the prediction made ;v so many that a "one price, ( ash before! delivery" business t ould not be successfully con dueled here, it has speedily q-own from a little 25x60 feet More to three times its origi nal size, and we believe it is only a question of time when we will be forced to get more room. What is the cause of this rapid increase in business? We answer Underbuy, Un dersell, One price to all. The first thing on the list is 10 cioz. Ladies' Silk Em broidered Handker chiefs worth 25c. Our price only 9c. The next is n.NK CASH STANDARD CALI COHS. CONSISTING of NAVY in nt:w patterns, HLACK and IiROWN GROUND WITH LARGK OR SMALL ITGl'RE. CUT WHAT YOU WANT AT sets A YARD. Then comes the ".Mascot," a new tiling in 6-4 all wool dn ;ss iocds at 44c. yard. Sold lsewhere at 62jc. a yard. The Cash Racket Stores J. ivl. LEATH, M'g'r. and ( ioldsboro Sts. PROFESSIONAL CARDS. j j huci:, Surveyor and Civil Engineer. WM.SON, - - N. C v.ivs' .:.iri('iir!. . Oliice next to 1 r. . nt 1 1 A iu!i tm.u. .Mm. I".. v'!imliir.l, W. II. V'iifl.oroitf li, Jr. WuODARD cc YARUOROUGH, A'.l, Wil MjN. ' - - N. C Will i";ici in in tin: courts of Wilson, N.i!t, 1 irrtn, Kdecombe and adjein c dililtii-S. X. 1'. Associated in Ciil practice j k. uzzi:ll, Attorney at Law, WILSON", - - N. C. I t i ti - s wherever services are re ;i.i: ! "7; All business will receive .'' ! 1 ; l attention. i ".!i e in Well's iiuihlin:. m G. CONNOR, 1 ! Attorney at Lave, WILSON", - - N.C. Mir.- I'.raw h tc ("u's. bank Building c ;i;o. M. LINDSAY, ttorncy at Law, SNOW HILL, N. C. : i rr : Wilson, Green Wayne 'iMiii!.-.t(iii I (unities. INSURANCE."'" LOR "iio inGurancs .;!! en tin-, .it il," office of W. K. U'ar v, iS: Co., over I i'st National Bank, iv II. G. WIIITKHKAD. W.iod&Shinoles. ' ' v press Shingles on hand at ' ' ' : v. ill sell cheap. SAW HI) WOOD, 'VI.I.L SI.ASONED, 1 hand and can he furnished notice. Yard on Railroad, '. . si side of Nash Street. C. N. NURNEY. S i ilM Steam Dye Woiks. ' ress paid on packages. ' 1 Inr price List. Address, Steam Dying Co., Scotland Neck, N. C. I'd -'- i -jv 52 The Oid Friend And the best friend that never fails you is Bimmons Liver Regu lator, (the Led Z) that's what you hear at the mention of this excellent Liver medicine, and people should not he persuaded that anything cl.-e will do. It is the King of Liver Medi cines ; is Letter than pills, and takes the place of Quinine and Calomel It acts directly on the Liver, Kidney and Bowels and gives new life to the whole sys tem. This is the medicine you want. Sold by all Druggists in Liquid, or in Powder to bo taken dry or made into a tea. -F.VKKV PACKA;E"a Has t!i Z Stamp lii jmI on wrapper J. II. ZEIL1X & CO., Philadelphia, Pa. Wjis KsI1it Vitk A Mvlli? For almost 106 years the people of this State have reposed belief in the pleading tradition that Wake county X. C. was named in honor of Esther Wake, the beautiful sister-in-law of Governor Tryon, the Royalit, who near the time of the Revolution ary war, by oppressive taxation, reared a palace in New Iierne which was at that time the stateliest mansion on the American continent, and the belief has been taught and held that by the galeiitry cf our ancestors the name was retained, when the names of Tryon, liute, and Dobbs counties were changed for more pa triotic apoeilatiors. The Raleigh correspondent of the Charlotte Ob-erver sas inconocl.i;-ls have now arisen who deny that Esther Wake ever existed, and assert that the whole tradition is a myth. Much lias been written about it. On application to Jude Walter Clark, your correspondent lean.s that he has already written Mr. Noel Gains burg, who has so long represented Noith Carolina in the public recoida cfiice in Loiah n, rc quoting him to open correspondence with the head of the Tryon family, ar.d learn the truth of the Esther Wake matter. Admiral Tryon, who last year weiit down with, his battle-ship, the Victoria, in the Mid.terianean, was a grandson of Gov. Tryon. Judge Clark is also endeavoring, through the same medium, to open communi cation with the representatives if Gov. Josiah Mart.n, the last royal Governor el Noith Cariiina. lie thinks tli it in the private papers of Governors Tryon and Martin tlure may be valuable hiiloiical material lor North Carolina, and possibly in Gov. Martin's papots something which will throw additional light on the immortal "Mecklenburg De claration." Xewbern Journal. ' W lij is ! s . I i i Hal. I. ?' This question is often heard ami nearly as often unanswered. It is not always remembered as V should be, that the occasion of ill-temper and irritability is often to be found in the physical condition of the persons affected. is the use of trying to harmonise a man whose liver has back on him? If a man is tortured with iheun.atisin, how can he be ex pected to be cheerful and always ready to tell a funny story? The only way to remove the difficulty is to get at the cause. I )) spepsia. rheumatism, impure blood and liver troubles yield to flood's Sarsaparilla; this is why it is an effective tranquilizer, a peaceful mes senger, and a preventive of domestic quarrels. I . ; 1 1 1 : 1 . I .earn to laugh. A good laugh is Letter than medicine. Learn how to tell a story. A well told story is as welcome as a sunbeam in a sick room Learn to keep your own trouble to yourself. The woild is too busy to care for your ills and sorrows. Learn to stop croaking. If you cannot see any good in the world keep the bad to yourself. Learn to hide your pains and aches under a pleas mt smile. No one cares to hear whether you have the earache, headache.or 1 hcunialism. Don't cry. Tears do well enough in novels, but they are out of place in real life. Learn to meet your friends with a smile. The good humored man or woman is always welcome but the dyspeptic or hypochondriac is 1 o want d am whe e. and is a nuisance at last. Ex. A FAIR TRIAL of Hood's Sar saparilla guarantees a complete cure. It is an honest medicine, honest ly advertised and it honestly CURES i WO WIDOWS CLAIM Baltimore's Social ana Business Circles Startled. DEAD MILLIONAIRE'S DIVIDED ESTATE Story of the Two Separate Families of the 1-Hto Mr. Sinclair, uf t atoimville, llrouuht to l.'tlit bythefcict-t!-m ;if of the Ustate., October 20. It caused s..:!.c-?iinr of a start in llaltimore's liiirhi -.-t l iisiiu'ss and social circles yes terday when tfio news came that a loyul action ha. I been bepfun in llrook i i X. Y., which reeotrnize-d two vo aicn as cia'nniii',' to be willows of the late Sinclair, of (.'atonsville. -Mr. Sin clair cam" n l!aiti:n.ii from llrooklyn in 1ST!. Mrs. I'ho -bc Sinclair, the second wife and widow, lives at (. atonsville. Story of (1st- .V,arriii;c in Florida. Tiie c.-tate has been in the hands of the aiimhiistratoi s for over two months. Mr. Sincl ur icft a number of relatives in I'.iMo'il.vii who uif heirs to half the e-.t:ito. A .special from Jacksonville last ni'ht says: 'illiaiu Sinclair mar- . ric 1 Rosalie I'eriKilI about eighteen ! years ago. iiiererpail family is one of the oldest and best known families in Florida. Mrs. Sinclair was a devoted Catholic, and it is said that that was the bone of ontention that eventually cans d a separation in 1SS0. Mrs. Rosalie Sinclair resided at St. Augustine for several years. It was t , , i wealthy. In lSs she went to Atlanta,1 , , 11 f , 1 , it4 i (a., and her friends here lost track of . . a I her until three years ago. She was then taken to a hospital in St. Augus tine, where she died aftev a few weeks illness. Hi irs of the First Wife's Sham. .Inst before her death Mrs. Sinclair wrote a will, bequeathing property, which she valued at SWO.OOO, to Catho lic institutions, but onlv about S15.000 ' ... 1 worth has been found. 1 he physician , ;n. .,.,.1 -.fUr,! m-;h ' 1 1 1 1 1 V 11 1 1 Ci uinvi 0 iiiivo.ivn uie. o ni; o tlait the lads' was undoubtedlj- of un sound mind. F. E. l'erpall, of St. A'u- j gustine, was made executor of the will : and represents the other seven heirs in this state. Their attorney claims that iii divorce was obtained by Mr. Sin clair, at least no record of it has been found in New York, Maryland or Flor da. and that their clients will be able to secure one-half of the property of the deceased millionaire. M 'KIN LEY SPEAKS AT SUN RISE, oj.ens l p For the Week at Olney, III., ?t Was known he had started to take to and Tresses Forward. a m.ijrhhorilg town to put ill the bank. Cincinnati. October Refreshed officers were put on his son's track and by a day s cessation from speaking, and yesterday morning they found him hid tlie attentions of reception committees, I don in a deserted log house twenty Governor McKinley reached Cincinnati miles from home. lie confessed the from l'luladclphia at S p. m. and ten minutes later left for Olney, 111., where at T a. m. he made the first one of twelve speeches between that point and ! Chicago. During a brief stop at Co-1 himlms yesterday afternoon for the' purpose of visiting Mrs. McKinley, the j governor was met by a committee from Nashville. Tenn., headed l3' Newell Sanders, chairman of the state central republican committee, and who made and earnest plea for a speech in that city next week. Every day for a week the governor has been deluged with dispatches fro... democrats and repub- j hcans in that city urging hnn to can- , eel one day of his Ohio dates and speak ! , . , , ... 1 111 that city before the close of the cam- . . . . , . . . ,, l r'Mrn. promising a special train ana all ' 1 " ' ,. . ' . , other faehties from Chicago to Nash- 11 , , , . , , . rT,, . 1 vdle and back into Ohio. The . Ohio ; cmm.ttee, however, would not let him , WHY ONE CANDIDATE REFUSED. ! i:ason Assigned for Not Aeeeptine the t'lianeellorship Surrendered by Caprivi. Lonpon, October '.!'.. The Herlin cor respondent of the Central News says: ' The appointment of l'rince llohenlohft and Ilaron Koeller will be published in lhe Kciehs Anzeiger today. It is re ported that before l'rince Hohenlohe was named a more conspicuous cindidate for the otlice as invited by the emperor to serve, but refused with !... ....... 5L. l -t Tt'iIi tr Tirt br.m-rht into daily conflict with Prince I'fismarck, who never will abstain from criticising his successors and their measures. While Eisniarck lives there will always be two chancellors and I do not care to be the second one.'" COXEY'S RESIDENCE BURNED. tiu-emii trie li t in Their Work on the Famous Commonweal (ieneral. Mas ir.'.iox. ()., October :.'.. -The handsome residence of J. S. Coxey, at Coxa na, four miles north of this city, was burned to the ground last night. A number of out-houses were also de .vroyed and but few household effects were saved. The origin of the fire is 101 k nown, but it is supposed to have been incendiary. The loss is estimated j at .si(),K)o. Socialism to Women anil Sailors. r.KimiN. October 2'.). The social dem-O'-ratie delegates in Frankfurt voted on Saturday to preach socialism more en ergetically to women and sailors, and lo extend their sympathy to the social i,ts who are being persecuted by the government. Italy's I'rojiosed Financial IJeform. I!(i:,iK, October 29. The ministers be gan yesterday evening a series of coun cils in which the proposed linacial re forms will be discussed until the par-liani'-ntary program shall be ready for the opening of the chambers late in November. I niiii i ; Kossuth Assuims Leadership. 1U pa Phs'i u, October -.'.i. Francis Ko siith came here today to assume the leadership of the Kossuthist party, lie was received at the train by a erowd in which were many political subjects and societies of the city. IO t:iiliiux I'stei in Tor Hi til. The versifier (reproachfully) So you didn't take the trouble to read my Doeni? What a poor opinion you must have of me! The girl Think what an opinion I might have lml of you if I had read it! Chicago Record. Go to Young's for Clothing. PORTLAND'S NIGHT OF TERROR. Half of :he Town liurninu. Miile the t Other Half Was l iit-ux. I'outi.axu. Mich., October J. From midnight until nearly day break yester ; day morning this town was in a slate 1 of terror. Revolver shots rang out fre quently. the marshal was twice tired at from iiinbush and half of the- town I burned out. The trouble started Fri- ' ! ...1 I 1 r r v ui) cvt-uiiiir wneu iuciviu .vicnooens found two strangers on his premises and drove him away. When he return ed from down town he induced Mar shal Copehaven to accompany him. As the two men were passing a dark cor ner two shots were tired, the bullets passing through MeRoberts' hat and the two strangers jumped out from a dark corner. The shots aroused sever al citizens who turned out to assist the marshal in rounding up the suspects. Before daylight the marshal had been IS red on twice more, but with the as- j sistanee of an impromptu posse he cap tured Charles Stewart, Henry uson, j Charles Clarke, Fred Merrill and Lou Xoyes, all believed to be the burglars wanted at Grand Ledge. All through the night at least half the citizens of . this place were either in the streets ; armed, or else guarding their homes and getting ready for all kinds of emer gencies. Over liftv shots were fired between midnight and daylight. The men captured were all heavily armed. WHEN DLIND MEN QUARREL. An a Result Out of Then In Stubbed La the Neck. New Yoke, October 29. John Con ners, a blind peddler of XSfl Third ave nue, was brought to IJellevue last night , with a blab wound in his neck which had been icflicted by William Kenney, j anotner oiina man, wno lives on iirsi . . ... , . . avenue near lhirty-third street. The . , J , , two men are partners in peddling lead ., , , 1 , . pencils. They also sing and collect pennies. Last night was a profitable one, and they went into several saloons. Kenny became intoxicated and accused his friend of cheating him. They tad a few words, and Kenny stabbed hiin. Detective Pender asked Conners if he wanted Kenny arrested, when Conners replied: "It was dead wrong for Hilly repneu: is was ueau wrong ior Juiy to By j t(K)k the raoney and then stick me, but it ain't right for me to send up a blind man like him." The detective, however, did arrest Kenny. THE FALL OF AN ALABAMIAN. Young Man Murder and Holm Ilia Father, I Caught, and He Then Suicides. Milan, Ala., October 2J. Several days ago William Milford, a young farmer, disappeared from home. His aged father was also missing. Yester day the old man's corpse was found in j the woods near his home with his head j natteneii out by a club a nit ins pockets : rilled of several hundred dollars, which 1 murder of his father, gave up the money, swallowed a bottle of morphine and whiskey and died. SHOT HIM THROUGH THE HEART The Nephew of Kansas' liovernor Murders a Kansas City Policeman. Kaxsah City, Kan., October i'J.h. D. Hampton, nephew of (Jovernor Lew elling, shot Edward Egan through the heart last evening in an alley in the rear of Egan's residence. Hampton was shot three times by Dennis Uyrnes, i V,.-.. V lu.r.iM.lnw Uonmt'.n ea mt of ice ,e wag prowliHg. aronnd in E d s he , , . - t. ... say, looking for a man. Lagan and his . . , . , father-in-law Byrnes, came out and did . . ,. , . not notice his pouccmau s uniform. A , A. i 1 i , quarrel arose that led to the shiv)ring. ,ai n n wag taken to the h iul alfd arrested. THE CALIFORNIA EARTHQUAKES The Shocks Felt at San IMeg" Continues to lie Felt Through the Week. Sax Dikgo, Cab, October 29. The shocks of earthquake which began last Tuesday afternoon, continued during the week and reached an end with a perceptible shock, felt throughout the region between Lakeside and Alpine. A spring of water which had been ob literated because of the earth again 6prang into existence. There are other similar occurences in the mountain ' l,uniry MARYLAND LYNCHING AVERTED Henry I.aonard, tlie Negro Fiend, ( aught and Lodged in the Brooklyn JalL IlAi.TiMoiiK, Md., October 29. Henry Leonard, the negro charged with at tempting to assault a young white wo man in Airne Arundle county lat week, was captured last night and lodged in the Brooklyn jail. An ang crowd be-g-an to collect in front of the jail and Marshal Frey was telephoned to send assistance. Tn poliemen were quickrv dispatched to the scene. Tlie crowd finally dispersed and no further trou ble is anticipated. Only Twenty Killed and Eighty Wounded. Loniox, October 29. The Japanese legation here has received official tele grams from Tok'io confirming the re ports of the fighting nt Kiulen. They state that the Japanese loss was twenty killed and eighty-three wounded. Field Marshal Count Yamagata is now at Caoju. Landing of Oyama's Force of Thousauds. Washington, October 29. The fol lowing despatch was received at the Japanese legation last night: "The Kt-cond army of Japan under Marshal Oyama effected a landing at Talien Wan with great success." Arkannaii Whiteca Go Free., Ark., October 29. The white cap cases resulted in acquittal. The jury had little trouble in arriving at a verdict, though two of the jurors were at first in favor of a verdict of guilty as charged. The zar Mot Los in if Strength. St. I'ktkusbckg, October 29. Accord ing to this morning's reports the Czar has not lott strength bince Saturday. "And you ask me to marry you!" excla'med the proud beantv, scornfu' ly. "You! Hiram Jenks! I would not for the world have any of my friends know you have subjected me to this humiliation!" "Then we'll not say anything about it, Miss Rocksey," said Hiram look ing about f r his hat. '"Great Scott! You can't feel any more sneak in' about it than I do." Ex. THE SEED OIL TRUST Combination That Permeates the j Southern Cotton Gtatss. j i I WHY THE PRICE CONTINUES SO LOW. ! j The Federal Court ut t'lii.ih! Asked to Knlr I'lum An lnAt.:iiiiin nf ItiA 1 Charges Made Against 'Ihciu. Ievelup:iicnt8 uf the ('use. Memphis, Tenn., October '.. The federal court was today asked by Tate brothers of this city, to i nter upon an . investigation of charges that luive been made against the cotton-see.1 oil owners : of the south to the eilVct tlait they have nearly all entered into a gigantic conspiracy to control the market for , cotton seed and that this combine ex- tends all over the southern cotton states. The allegations that are specific made in the public prints here reference only to the Memphis mills, and there are eight, and these are th largest in the world and the same owners control ii , . x . . , , ..... mills in Louisiana. Arkansas, Mississip- pi. Alabama and Georgia and the Caro- , two j-ears ago, cotton seed was worth per ton: last year 818, while now the market price is only S'J per ton. The mills which are alleged to be in the combine further decline to purchase at any price except from the producer, The seed sold at the Memphis market alone each year is worth in the neigh- borhood of g2,oou,ouo. j GRANT'S FORMAL ACCEPTANCE, Ki plains in His Letter W hy He Agatn Al- lo S Himself to Uecome a Candidate. ; Af.w 10KK, Octobers'.). .Mr. Hugh J. " c , ,- 1 c n 1 Grant last night formerly accepted the fish lor l5e &"'PIJJ of Messrs. there has been a Democratic-Populist nomination for mayor tendered him by , Fernie K. Gaskiil cv Co , Mr. Howard fusion and in South Carolina there is Tammany Hall. In his letter of ac- f ,ci,m nir , lr o ,..,,-.. ,. - , . ... , ,. 1 4 r . .1 casKui, a young man 22 vears. ot no Ponuhst rrkrt In Noitli ( aroh- cepta nee he says: "I accept the noun- , J .uu iupuii.11 uui. 111 -moi 01 v.uuu nation for mayor of this city, not be- aKe. a brother of Mr. Fernie Gaskill, : na anti North Dakota, the Republi cause of any ambition or desire of my lell overboard and was drowned. The cans and Populist h ive fused. In own to hold the ofiice again, but be- , , , , , . .- 111! cause I consider it to be my duty as fcc,dent haPPenetl about lour 0 cock Nevada the silver men have a ticket, a democrat to accede to the demand of in Neuse River. . Alabama Florida the party which has conferred so many n ' i ' i ' 1 ' honors upon me in the past. The cir- '. Lexington Dispatch; Robert . Georgia, Urcgon and V ermont have cumstances attending my nomination Blount a colored youth abcjiit iS a'ready held tlieir State elections. render it unnecessary for me to say, tf nrpiit. lit tiiv eiix'tirm t vimii ui.. Intel v free in every instance to do onlv that which, in my judgment, will best conserve tne interests 01 uie city ana retlect the greatest credit upon the par- ty to which, in common with a vast allegiance. I believe in a party organ- ization and fealty to that party. Tarn- many Hall is a potent factor in the elections of this city, but it has no monoply of democracy. All members of Tammany hall are democrats but all democrats are not necessarily members of Tammany hall. Having been nom- inated by the democratic parly and be- ing the only democratic candidate, I shall, if elected, be ever mindful of mis iact in aa matters relating to ap pointments as well as to party place:?." MAY POOL THEIR ISSUES. Plate Glass Manul'aeturers Meeting Ouletly at I'ittshurj;. PiTTSiiUKG, Pa., October ".). The p a egiassmamifacturensofthe cn.tcd Mates have been quietly meeting in Pittsburg for the ptist few days. Among those present were Oeorge W. ( hase, president 01 tne .narieroix company; E. H. Hitchcock, president of the Crys- tal glass company, St. Louis; A. L. Conger, president of the Kokomo Plate glass company, and the representatives of the local companies. Kusiness is badly demoralized, and the manufac- turers wanted to see what could be . . . . , A , done to hold iid rates and the tide. It. was the sincere wish of a majority that the old combination Nothing was done, but the indications are that another association will be formed. SENATOR GIBSON SNUBBED. Not Permitted to Officiate in a Democratic convention at in, ;(. Home. Eastox, Md., October 29. Senator cratic mass meeting in Music hall Sat,- urday. As United Senator he would naturally be consided the biggest man In his party, at his own home, liut he was not even given a seat on the plat- form in front of the people, who he was sent to Washington to represent. The central committee was plainly told sev eral days ago by a member of the anti Gibson democrats that if he should be made chairman of the meeting that at least one hundred prominent democrats would leave the hall in one body. Their , . - , , animosity toward the senator is based on that gentleman' course in the senate regarding the tariff bill. SHOOK THE EARTH FOR MILES, Terrific Kxplosion of Six Tons of Dynamite in a Magazine. , .. Cltll'PKWA I' ails, is., October 29. Six tons of dynamite exploded yester- day, causing s-,000 loss in property, 8id probably the death of Paul JJrohau. The shock was terrific and was heard for miles. A panic was created in the churches of Hloomer, twenty miles' irom Mere. iieavv umie giuss winuows were shattered in many parts of the city. In the vicinity of the magazine all the trees were uprooted and not a splinter of the building is to be found. Kains, and Colder Weather. Washington, October 2'X Forecast : For Georgia, generally fair during the day with south to west winds, followed in extreme northern portion by local rains, deciiVdly colder in northern por tion by Tuesday morning. For Ala bama, local rains in northern portion, probably fair in southern, south winds, shifting to west, colder tonight. Twenty I'ersoim I'erish In the O unite. Ucenos Aykks, October 2'J. The earthquake which was felt throughout the Argentine republic Saturday was most severe in the provinces of San Juan dc Lu "rontera and Ilioja. Many churches, theatres and private houses were destroyed. Twentv Dei-sons if. were destroyed. Twenty persom ie known to have perished. llueklen's Arniea Salve. I The Best Salve in the world for Cuts, ! Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, j KVv-fr SorQ T-tt-r ( "hro-mi-d ltai"ifl;. Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin En p- lions, and positively cures Files or no pay reiiuired. It is euaranteed to give pertect satisfaction, or money refunded, Price 25 cents per box For sale by . W. Hargrave, Druggist ... New Tiei and Bagging st hall price Young's. STATE NEWS. -Clinton Democrat: Oapt V. S. Thompson of Taylors Bridge lost eight cows and a number of sheep bv the recent flood.- They were on island mSix Rs and were cut off and drowned by the hijjh water. . -n i i 1 J I being drowned trying to save his stock. Hickory Tress: Judge Thos. E. Field's store at Tetra Mills went t jn fliUnes lhe ni ht of tlie ,Slh r " nst. The origin ol the fire was a mystery as there had been no fire . , . . mane m me store since iney were discontinued in the spring. 3,000 insurance 1,500 Field is a noble citizen and this com- ,njty js mined at his misfortune. Jacksonville Times: Mr. Frank T) , . , -r 1 1 1 acitret and wife, w ho reside a tew rt ' miles from Catherine Lake, was chiv- ing on Sunday near the lake, when a . . tree lell across the vehicle, instantly killing Mr. Padget and seriously in , -r " t i 11 JUrlP- ,m w,fe' Fhe t,eccasetI leaVCS a wife and three children to mourn tJlejr oss Newbcni Journal, Oct. 26th: As the Virginia Dare, Capt. Ben Willis, Was OP. her Way tO Newborn from por,Slllmnh Thursday mominir. With c , .. . years ot age, lell Irom tlie tram at Conrad's sidiivr List Sifunhiv nioht an(jjay by the track until eiht ' o'clock the next morning, when he . was picked up by a freieht train and bought to Lexington. It was found that the wheels had uassed over his Drs. R. L. Payne, and W. 1). . Crawford amputated the left foot; and although the other is badly crushed, . "cy have hope of saving part of it. -Scotland Neck Democrat: The State penitentiary is about se'f-sus- taining no.v. Passing Tiilery a lew days ago we observed a large num- j ber of new wagons taken off the j train there. Upon inquiring we! learned that they were for lhe State j larm near tnat puce ana mat Uiey , Were all made and completed in the 1 State penitentiary. This goes a Jong way lo.vards explaining the tact , , that the penitentiary is sell sustaining. They make what they need, , .... r . T , "Concord I imcs: L ist Monday night a I.orde was stolen from the t ,vr ' ,, i. . r st 1 JlCs ol ( siieiltl W ill 1 iiiDit, 01 N'-- 5' Tuesday Mr. I'm ipst came to C ncord to advertise for the stolen . .,r. , , .... ''''-d-U hile here he received a tele- jjrain from the sheriff of Rowan saying a negro with a strange horse had been an CSted ill Salisbury. Messrs. Henry lVpst and John R. Patterson 0 ,. , , , uci,t UP to Sansbury and brought the negro and horse to Concord. The .,,.., ;0 ', ,X ' ' ' e,ie eninu louuiy anu was on our chain an r until about ten d ivs a-o. He is now in jail here. t' be blind. He pretends Kuiilh's of the Maeeiiliees. tm c. r 1 . ! t he State Commander writes us from Lincoln, Neb , as follows: "Af- ter tryIn other medicines for what j seemed to be a very obstinate cough I 10 Olir tWO children, we tried Dr.! i-- , rv .u ! Kings New Discovery and at the; , i end cf two days the cough entirely j left them We will not be without it heieafrer, as our experience proves th :t it cures where all other remedies f;ti. Signed F. W. Stevens, State Com. Why not give this reat m dicine a trial, as it is guaranteed, and trial bottles are free at I largravcs Drug Store. Regular size 5 c and Si 00. The foliar Kiltton. Witic '"What's the matter Char lie" Hubbie "I've lost my collar but ton." Wifie -Where did you lose it?" Hubbie (trying to be sweet) "Now, don't ask me that, dear; don't you suppose il I knew where I'd lost jr pd 0 there amj lnd it?"Detroit " Free Press. ;rnlii;-. Col. Ham Jones says that Kitchin's speech at Dallas was like kutus Clio tech at Dallas was like Rufus ( . description of the boundry 1 . lintSi of Rhode Island. It began at a - k f ,5 lunin , ran lhem:e to a i ; flock of wild geese, and thence to fol with fire brands 10 tlieir tails. Charlotte Observer. Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U.S. Gov't Report Li NX h:n lions (his .Alimth. On the 6th of November congres- sional elections will be held in all the States, and State elections will be held m Cahiornia, Lolorada, ton- necticut, Delaware, Idaho, Iliinoi.s, r r i i- ,f . ... inuunw, iuh.i, i.iu.i.i-),.)i.ixmuium-id, Loss Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Mon judge tana, Nebraska, Nevada, New York, New Hampshire, North Carolina, North D.ikota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Ten nessee, Tc. is, Wisconsin, Washing ton, and Wyoming. Full Stite tickets will be voted for, except in Indiana, Iowa, Missouri. Montana, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, and Washington. In New York a Governor and Lieutenant Governor and judges wul be voted lor, and in the others minor officers and judges will be elected. The Populists have full State tickets in every State except in Nebraska anu DOiitn Carolina 111 tne lormer Louisiani, Maryland, Mississippi, j Few lersey, Rhode Island, Virginia t ant' West Virginia will not hold j q . , . . . -state elections tins bill. Atlanta Constitution. We direct the attention ol our readers to the advertisement of Sim mons Liver Regular on another page. We have used the medicine in our family, and are prepared to say from' ' ' . , ,. experience, mat lor a torpal liver or ' ' , , . , a disordered stomacn it u a good remedy. When traveling we usually carry some in our valise. From the Christain Visitor, Smithfield, N. C. - F.ii.ii.- vii..i, i jeopardy. The nubile schools in North Caro- 1 arc in .j Thc ,lls;oni,ts j 1 , . , t- talk well enough about their devotion ; Q tie c f ( ( m ' c.m be no doubt the comomation ! . ,. , , ; ol incapacity and rise.mty womd ! . , . . ; lritter avvav and ste.u th; monev that , ....t,t t,-. .... . in., rut,. ,.t,;i. '.-.-, r.i' ou;-:ii. m 111. t.tuv. ,j.iiii.ii of the State. The Republican record in regard to schools m Xorih Caro- lina is well known. In 1S6.S they collected $?S,o6rVoi for public -1 1 hh00l; ;n 1X60, $ 1 68,5ns iS; and , s7), $20;, 4 1 1 .01 , making a total of j.064il.ol collected in three years, which "ly "s V C)S I S6 Was SJlellt lor COInion Jmols.-C.-censbo, patriot, . - st iisrsuisi:. j Another man v.v.o sleeps at 111-m, With dreams serene and villous bright u h" k"nvs iK US ;:n" tutr-v i r i Is he who takes Tm; AovaN'.t: p. .per, ! And jiavs for it. Are you that man ? ! P-ecome so whiic 301 can. I ' and all women who arc nursing l:ibies, derive abuost incon eeivable bcnc lits from the liourishing properties of 9 This is the most nourishing food known to scuue.". it c:i- 0 riches the mother's milk and gives her ilrength. It ul-o makes babies fat and gives more nourishment to growing V children than all the rest of the food they cat. V Scott's Emulsion lias been prescribed by physicians for 6 twenty years for Rickets, Marasmus, "Wasting Diseases cf Oliildreu, Cougli3, Colds, "Weak Lunjs, Emaciation and Consumj.tioa. Sen.i for pamphlet on ScotC s limuLion. 1REE. A V Scott & Bowne, H. Y. All Druggists. 50 cents and SI. j )( ) 1 01 1 ci From Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Kidney, Liver, Lungs, or Bladder Trouble? If so, use Swir!ciV)rd's Arsenic Lijhia Water. Ofkick or C. K. Mookk, rhysieian and Surgeon, Tarbrro Street,'vN. C, (Jctober 2, 1S94. Mr. Os:.k Su ini:i ki : " Dear Sir. Yours received, and in reply will say that I have used your Arsenic-Lithia Water for the oast month in two cases of urine acid diathe- . ...:,u VM,. writ.f irtnrv rfnlts nntl tain forms of dyspejisia due to inactive secretions. As a pure table water it is all that could be desired. Very respectfully yours, ecc. C. F. Moouk. Hargrave's Pharmacy, sou; .iot:ct. n o M VW- wair His lixphiiutlion. "Go; any little jobof work, ma'am," inquired the dusty pilgrim at the back door, "that I can do to earn a bit of grub?" ' You've often asked me for cold victuals," replied the woman in sur prise, "but this is the first time you ever asked tor work." "Yes'm," rejoined the tourist cheerfully; "I'm on my vacation." Chicago Tribune. Vi-xiilioiis. "More trouble ahead, I perceive," remaiked the cow-, with signs of vex ation. ' Indeed," observed her daughter inquiringly. '"Yes, I read that red parasols are to be used aain this summer, and I don't know what I shall do, just re covering from nervous prostration as I am." Cincinati Tribune. t lii'ii OH,, ik 1 nil Hood's Sarsaparilla builds up the shattered system by giving vigorous action to the digestive organs, creat ing an appetite and purilying the blood. It is prepared by modern methods, possesses, the greatest curative powers, and has the most Wonderful record actual cures of any medicine m existence. Take only Hood's. Hood's Pills are purely vegetable, and do not purge, pain, or gripe. 2.5CtS. No I'l'iia-Oeiil imtVreiiei I lihllSs Alt I'l'i'iunir tirM'l Xlnttr , ,, , dml everybody seems! I think I , , . w , ... ., , mid better ask Miss Poundaway oundaway to play Ho:d Oh, Matilda! She's such an execrable pel former, you know. Hostess What difference does that make? It will start the conver sation all the same. Truth. A ( ni i'iiimly. A teacher asked In r class to name tivt diltcrenf r.f lK c l imiiy. Aoiiody answered until at , A ,. , . , kist one little girl raised l;er hand, .,,,r ,,.,, , ' . .K i ingly. ' Father cat, mother cat, and ' three little kittens!" Kx. Wantetl 1 00,000 bushels Cotton Seed. Young I5ros. ELI CITY "ACADEMY, (FOR liOTH SKXKS.) u.di:r m:v maxac,i;.h:nt. Fill Session Begins Monday Oct. 1st, '94. cti:ksk or ins i kpction tiiokough AM) !'K.( iK'AL. Ivx peril-need teachers in all Depart ments. Superior advantages in Music and Art. b'.xpi-nses very moderate. For fail particulars apply to Jami.s V. 1 1 ays, Prin., Ei.m Crrv, N. C. Mothers Emu Ls! 01 1 1 tier: have found it verv (fficacious in cer I

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