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North Carolina Newspapers

The Wilson advance. (Wilson, N.C.) 187?-1899, May 02, 1895, Image 1

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-' - ) Uf V yCA ' V... ... , , The i A YEAR, CASH IN ADVANCE. LET ALL THE ENDS THOU AIM'ST AT, BE THY COUNTRY'S, THY GOD'S, AND TRUTH'S. BEST ADVERTISING MEDIUM. .. VOLUME XXV. WILSON, X. C MAY 2, 1895. NUMBER 18. r" r THE il ALMIGHTY pun lilii MANY HAVE TOO FEW Never missing a chance to reach out our arms, Octo ius like, and take in out of the wet (as the shark took the lather), an thing that can be sold at a SACRIFICE. f ; I -1 Acting on that principle we have made some re-cent 'i purchases. Among our daily arrivals we shall place be ;!loiv our people some landslides that are .... ijPASIiii'ELY BEYOND THE WHISPER OF COMPETITION! I" I !'i Trices iliat will teach you in the silent logic of truth ihe difference between dealing with live and with dead ,n n between the cash and the credit system, between ' :ti e right and the wrong way. See the following: i Lot Ladies Hose, Fast black, seamless, at ioc Tins, ic. a paper, the best J pins. sc. 5 Pa jers Assorted Size j Needles for 4c, j :5c. manors ior 1 7c. iron China Ewer and Ua.Mn ior 68c. 24 Sheets Good Note I 'a per, c. Envelopes, : ; best, 3c. package. Oxford Slippers, 50c. a Impair. M Men's Cordova Calf l' Shoes. uNc. pair. M. -n's Fur 1 Iats, Satin j L:;V .l. 5OC. i l iili CASH RACKET STORES, J. M. LEATH, Manager. sd Goi.nsiiOKO Streets, WILSON, N V. i r . !' Geii'i-:l Interest.. j 'i. '.issi in r, tval coin:n indtrs are or- : ! tdii-.ive i : twelve hours' notice ; i !.;a it m id be. ,V,1 indications "new point to i n-H-nous fruit cop this yi ar. vi-n newspapermen can eat peaches i ( iiMin it somebody will donate en-am. la Texas the cotton weevil has sur .. ! the vi inter and wilt do great nii.i".; It will reduce the cotton eld'5 Mi r cent, this year. The vi-rniiient lias sent ex pens lostuuy : siii! uinii and Texas is urged to .i ii. .ii as a state. :,- .'s great exposition, next wi!; c held in the spring and ;.t r. This is because summer is as in m Mexico, cn me Is the evenings and nights t ii e ! 11 always cool, and 90 degrees in n!e is a rare thing in summer. iVwh is counting on a big crowd tii i ! vciliii r of the confederate . i 1 ! nni id on May 20th. Chief Mar--'i.ii Carroll will in a few days ap--.i-.d five assistants from each county i 1 tiv state one of whom is to be ikv'tdhy the vice-president of the ! .,!,. s L,.,,.ment Association. A l.nly at Took ys, La., was very sick i.ii iiiiioiis colic when M. C. Tisler, a 1 ; iniiiicnt niei t bant of the town gae i r a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, j ' :)-. 1 a and Diarrhoea Remedy. He . vs she wa well in forty minutes after 1 iUh- the. first dose. For sale by E. M. Men should really be in favor of bloomers. No matter how awkward they ate, they cant possibly step on a 1 -lily's train if she wears bloomers. 1.1 y .Vichinson (ilolie lERGURIflL. m . POISON Is V Is the result of the usual treatment of J .iimhI 1'iw.r.lf-nt The Bvstem Is filled WithJ i l-o crv :iul Pouish remedies -more to; -"t ibciL.ldi i.han the disease and in ai short while is in a far worse condition: ttmn bef jre. The most common result is 1 for which sns.ii the moat Tellable cure A few bottles will aflord relief where all elsn has failed. 1 snfT.-r,..! irnm a mn-ni attack of Mercurial i :'.!i.-u'hi lain, tu y arms and iHKSbelnu wollen T i mure ihnn twloe their natural size. causlnR 2' Hie piosi Hxrruplatlna pains. 1 apentbundreds 1' "t d.,l! irs without relief, but after tak- f "-' a r'w bottles of :t 1 ' iii'"ivelraullly.and . '-"ii now a well man, i, 'mplctely cured. I .';tnn hf-artllv reoom- 5"'"r '"derful medicine to anyone v i,.-. 1 wun in;a painini aineae. V W . F. DALEY, Brooklyn KleTated B. R. Our Tr.-utis on Rlnod and Skin DIscsms Balled ' ireu w any tdartM. SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., AUtota. Ga. Children Cryfoi DOLLAR! AND THE FEW TOO MANY! Trilby Veiling (lace), 9c. yard. B a r a g e Veiling, good quality, ioc. a yard. Another Special Torchon Sale, real linen, at only 5c. a yard. Muslin Caps for Infants. 1 he reason why we are so successful with our lines is that we buy them right and sell them cheap. No double price on anything in our vast stock. White Spreads our values are far better than ever. For $1.10 we can sell you a large spread, worth at least $1.50. ll Oogflit to he ll:iiy. Wilmington Review: The litt'e son born to Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. Creasy, a few days ago, lias a rather remarkable living ancestry. The little fellow has three great-grand- mothers, two great grand fathers, two grand-fathers and two grand-mothers, making a total of nine living grand- 1 parents; and none is "adopted." Is thec another wee bit of humanity in the State who can lay claim to so many grand blessings. iK'nill. w Hlll.ait h Clir.-fl by local applications as they cannot reach the diseased portion of the ear. There is only one way to cure deafness ! and that is !y constitutional remedies. Deafness is caused by an inflamed con dition of the mucous lining of the Eus tachi.m Tube. When this tube is in flamed you have a rumbling sound or imperfect hearing, and when it entire ly closed deafness the result, and un less thr infl,imali n can be taken out and this tube restored to its normal condition heating will be destro ed forever; nine cases out often are caused by catarrh, which is nothing but an in tlamed condition of the mucous surfa- ces. We will give one hundred dollars for any case of deafness (caused by catarrh) that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars; free, i V. J. CIILNEY & Co., Toledo, O. C3"Sold by druggist 75c. m i;iiick. . . Men become bald more frequently than women because of the closeness of the hats they wear, which keep the head too hot, induce prespiration and wcaken the hair the boys of the amous Bue of London , wno never wear nais nevci oci,iijic bald late in life. Ex. - KiM-kleii'x Arnica Salve. The Best Salve in the world for Cuts, Ritiises. Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin erup tions, and positively cures I iles, or in pay required. It is Kant.t:ed to give perfect satisfaction, or money refunded. Price 23c per box. For sale by H. W. Hargrave. Ob. jred On! em. Employer (to new office boy) II any one calls, James, be sure and re member that I am not in. (Hafan hour later ) Didn't you hear me call, you young rascal.' James Yes. sir, but I t'ought yt X wasn't in London Punch. Pitchc vCastorIa . C. 1x1 The Severest of Fires in the His tory of Charlotto, N. O. HOLLAND LEAVES FOR OTHER PARTS. Ttie ShurtMK in the tiarlotte Cachier'n Ai'connU Itrii0)h Many TI1011H uui-i. Other Interaminff News Throughout the Stutft. Chaui.ottk, N. C, April 20. One of the severe-st fires in the history of Charlotte occurred yesterday afternoon. The immense hHck warehouse of San ders ami Hlaekwood on College street was discovered to le ablaze at 3:!50 o'clock, in the third story of the jv-r-tion occupied by the hardware depart ment of Urown, Weddiugton & compa ny. The room was stored with wag ons, and wooilen jrootl s. The building could not be saved, and the fire broke out soon after in the part of the build ing occupied by the cotton brokerage firm of Howell Orr & company, which burned, as also the stores of Harrison Watts, W. K. Jturwell and II. G. Springs. The stores of J. W. Urown. J. T. Scarboro, J. A. Ovcrcash, Southern Chemical company. II. t. Link, Field lirothers, II. A Duncan, W. II. Hoover and the oilkees of .1. II. Sloan and com pany were chushed in by falling walls. The fire leaped across the street sev eral times and ignited saloons and liv ery stables there, but they wore saved Willi but slight damage. 1 lie origin 01 j the fire is unknown. The losses will be between S75.00J f.nd SI0'U!i. per haps three quarters covered by insur ance. NOTHING NEW FltOM HOLLAND. I Onitrrn Loil -Oil' tin a 'lsn Seenf The Shortage Now Ki-ilt tit'H S7.". ).). Ciia Ri.oTTF., N. (.'.. April 27. I'.usi- neas goes along ns it was wont to ;;t the Merchants' and Farmers National bank, and Examiner Miller is still at work. Hut there are no tiding-; of James R. Holland, the dcfaultim; and missing cashier. Speculation is rife. Some figure him in New York, others in Texas, others still in Mexico and many believe ho is in Charlotte or it-, vicinity still. The officers are working every clue. Yesterday morning a ne gro reported that Holland had tried 10 engage him to drive him (Holland' Tuesday to the home of his brothvr-in-law, Mr. Alfred Ivirkpatrick, in Shar on township, but that he was afraid and declined to do so; but that he I saw Holland get in his buggy at his ! home Tuesday night, and drive away 1 toward Sharon. Union this informa tion Marshall Allisou. and Police Ser geant Maker went to Sharon yester day and made every investigation, find ing nothing except that the story was false. The shortage in his accounts is found to be in the neighborhood of 8-75,-000. , . Hon. Carroll It. Wright to Sp ak. Ghkknshouo. N. C. April 27. lion. Carroll I). Wright. United States com missioner of labor, and now in charge of the census department at Washing ton, will make an address on "The Field of Self-Support and Usefulness for Women in the United States," em phasizing the need of industrial edu cation, and the rewards awaiting skill and the commencement ex ercises of the State Normal and Indus trial school here Mav 23rd. NORTH CAROLINA IN BRIEF. There is much mad dog excitement in Iredell. The first strawberries were offered on the Wilmington market Thursday at 35 cents per quart. The Sanford Express learns that dur ing the past month the Seaboard Air Line has made 540,000 on its passenger traffic alone. Governor Carr received from Dr. T. J. Hoybin, Dr. Pugh and other I'.alti moreaos 855 fur the fund for the Vance monument. Governor Carr has )! in hand and $200 is reported, while S7.500 is the amount required, u. A. Henry of Macon county, has run away with a Miss 15rison, leaving a wife and four children behind, the Franklin Press. Mrs. Josephine Potts, wife of Major W. A. Potts, of Washington, was strick en with appoplexy Wednesday and died in 25 minutes. The Monroe Enquirer lenrr.s that home fine nuggets of gold have bei-n found recently on Hie cut .ierston place in east Monroe township. Kcv. (5. W. Loin ix. coloroil. of South port, is rt'portml ly the Lcaiier ns hitt ing1 run away with a eonn ly your.;- iot orcil woman, a. meinhor of his '.lock. He took ulho SSiK), which he hail pro cured from a wi ow. lie ;ives a wife and two children Messrs. J. C. .Steele & Son. of Stato:-- 1 ville, arc unuiiifiictiirintf n hriok n;:i- chine in which, the Lnndnvirk says.! they tire having- a piniu t ratio, liiey hflvejfood numher of them si i i ovvr the south and have just now put up one in South Carolina and one in (ieorffiu.. The Enquirer wiy.s that usually t:orn is shipped to Union county, but the tide has turned this -ear. Three ear loads of corn have been shipped from Monroe within the past few weeks. So meat is being1 shipped there mul the farmers generally arc living at home. SENSATION AT HOUSTON, TEX. Urautl Jury harden the Mayor With the Vice and Corruption In the :lty. Houhton, Tex., April 'M. The grand Jury sent in a report yesterday, in ! which it scores the mayor and the chief j of police for allowing houses of ill- ! fame, gambling dens, variety theatres . and "fences" for stolen property to he run openly and holds the mayor dj- rectly responsible. The chief of police and his deputy wer indicted for refus ing to give information as to these places. The mayor has ordered the places elosed. Bid Marble Property Deal. !, April iS. The Tennes see Producers' Marble company yester day purchased the Williams property for 850,000. This Is the finest marble property around Knoxville. The autograph letters testifying to cures made by Ayer's Sarsaparilla and other preparations are kept on tile m the J. C. Ayer ct Co.'s otlice, Lowell, Mass. They are from all owr the world and are cheerfully shown to any one desirous of seeing them. SHABQARO GAINS A POINT. Thi Hull road Now Virtually Free From any Huycott, Atlanta. April 27. The Seaboard Airline has obtained an injunction against the Nashville, Chattanooga and St. Louis railway and the Western and Atlantic railway restraining them fr-xn i.;o.:eei'.ing under the decision of Judge Lumpkin until the United States supreme court can decide the issuo which have been carried before it. The order, granted has the effect of placing th status of the issues be tween thn Sealoard and the Weelern and Atlantic about the same as it was before the circular was issued by the Souther 11 railway and Steamship asso ci;:tiii, boycotting the Heaboard and refusing permissions to its roads to grant prorating arrangements to the Seaboard. Under the restraining or der granted by .iudgo Lumpkin, the west is iig;in opened up to the Sea board and the Seaboard is virtually frei Horn any boycott until the su- preine court decides the question in volved in the case which was submitted to Judge Lumpkin. THE FiOHT'S A SERIOUS ONE. Secret l"r tt rnititu at Kmory and Henry ullpfro at War. KiafToi., Tcnn.. April 2(1. Trouble is brewing between the faculty of Emory nnd Henry college and some thirty of the young men in school there. The faculty i.; opposed to the existence of fvctvt fraternal organizations in the sciiool, and the young men referred to ie;;:-er.e:it three sncli organ izjitions t"iior:--t!i "' A. ft." "K. S." and "K. A." Thcv recently ordered badges and are wea r ng tlu-m The faculty deem ed it ii- eessary to take some action in 'he and accordingly held a m icTisig for that purpose. It resulted in 'io;KTH'i;:g ;i:c. young men and warned them iC tiiey persisted in wear ing the badges it would lead to their exi'.ilsion. This i-aa.-c! quite a stir i;i:uaig the .students implicated, and they held a meeting last night to take action in t he jii.ttter. A member of the ' S. A. L." who attended the meeting states tii -1 the boys decided unani-mou.-dv to continue wearing their bauges regardless of what it might re- Bll.t Ml. fl.V EDGE'S DEATH. it :" 1,1 li.,- i.i.I. M.itii.rhtl Ah- iy. Aii..NTA. Ajvil "Jii. Mrs. John Mil ledge. ui:V of Colonel John Mil ledge, a noHeund beloved voina:i, died at her p::rtmeuts in the Kimball !'oii-.- e-,1. rda v .;: i.irig at 5 o'clock, ills. Millciijje had been critically ill for some 'one and her de.ith was not un expected. It was feared Wednesday she wonid not lire through the day. H-.r den t !i eaitii and peaceful. She ! i a natural 'sleep into the shadow of (he valley of death. Colonel Milledire. Mrs. A. (.. torn and two nurses" re ,, the .bedside of Mrs. Mil-ledj;-e wr-fii die died. Mrs. Milledtre was presiiiein of 1 he Ladies' Memorial ussociatiou ' at the lUna of her death, and lias always been an active factor in the, exercises on Memorial Day. Her death coming a s it do.-s on the eve of the da in whose observance she was so greatly interested lends additional sadness to it. DECLARES THEY AHE AFRAID. 0i!ni."i ' rv iiinrici of the iio- in n-fiisia coriv - n1 i. (i sine; v afj- ti-rich ;ti 011 th? Action of the "i.m-y i.c;ia.- Ht lll.noig. ill pril -J7. Seereta- 1 in sp.-::king of the action "dom ; ieagiie of Illinois 1 partii-ipatvs in the state ii.': "The fold crowd are to into the ti"ht for liny !t:io,v it ;.!! exhibit their weak ness. 1 he whole onltit could not carry auard in Chicago or a county in the state. Their manifesto will be a posi tive help to the silver movement for it w:l! convince the people that the alleg ed "honest money"' people are pure gold bugs." " SiELEY OPENS HIS CAMPAIGN. Irf-nvcK for '.li:! to Talk Silver Doc trine mill thf. I'rcihlency. W W!!!' i'os. April '.'T.Ex-Hepresen-tative Sibley, of Pennsylvania, will leave his home in that state today foi California to open his campaign as the nominee for the new silver party for the presidency. F.xtensive prepara rali' ns have been made for his recep tion and he will address meetings at a number of places along the Pacifflc coast. Senator Stewart is arranging his business ::1t";-irs so that he can join Mr. Sibley without itelav. WEEK'S NEWS CONDENSED. loveriiiiii iit Iluys Tennessee Lands. t'ii. ri'ANooiiA. Tcnn.. April 2ti. The :"ve;i:or Saturday purchased twenty ;uiv of laiid on Missionary Ividpe, on whieh is jiurt or Sherman's earthworks. Monuments an.t markers will be ereet cvl on the tract acquired. Eventually it will he eonvtrted into a park and will he an important adjunct to the Chiek :ir.)ii'ia V- thattonooira National mili- t;lr.v park. -:iii!hv.r i.tmiiI the Ieiiiiil- lUt.riMoitK. M l-. April 3t. Thre hundreii men employed at Tyson'H ehroino works wnt out on strike Sat n run v afternoon because their employ i ci-s refused to uraut an increase of tA i TMr CL.tJt in waes. Mr. Jesse Tyson, president o: ti' works, subsequently j listened to the demands of the men and granted the increase. The men return to work today 0:1 the new scale. Tuy'.or 'MH litild to What he Has. IVashinu ro.v. Ani il -Js The rumor that Kccor.ier V. Ii. .J. Taylor will seek a transfer to the place 011 the civil ser vice commission to tie soon vacated bj Mr linosoveli is no ne:irer the truth than the previous rumor that the re corder w.utrhT for himself that army chaplaincy. The reovder has officially announced that he it satisfied with A'hat he has (Irrr ' u a :ii:iu1; i! I liu ami Dellclt. Wir.i.iMA.NYii". Conn., April -27. De positor:! in the F.rst National bank of Wiiliuiiintic seemed to be doomed to lose iu;:rly every cent which they have put into the bank. The amount of the late Cashier Lisley's defalcation is not known yet, but more than a 8200, 000 deficit has already been discovered. 111 t'se Kast Tennessee Marble. Knoxvu i.k. April 26. The East Ten nessee Stone and Marble company yes terday closed a contract to furnish Ma sonic finishing for the interior of a S.'iiO.OOt) public building at Buffalo, N. Y. East Tennessee murble will be used exclusively. Children Cry for WHAT OF HIS ACTIOS Will Justice Jackson's Opinion Affect Harrison's Nomination ? THE PEXDIXG INCOME TAX DECISION. Why the Friend of the Ex-Vreskli-nt 0; pose the Hearing Itafore the Ten nessee Jurist Former Oppo sition to Kim Hi cullrO. Washington, April 29. The an nouncement that Mr. Justice Jackson will sit with his associates of the su premo court in the rehearing of the income tax case develops the fact that his opinion in the case will possess an interest for the politicians beyond the questions immediately involved. It may cut a figure in the contest grow ing livelier now every day for the re publican nomination for the presi dency. Judge .Inckaoti'ji Appointment. Mention was made recently of the protest entered by a number of repub lican leaders againbt the appointment of Judge Jackson by President Harri son. They took the ground and in sisted that the otlice should go to some member of their own party. It could only be in this way, they contended, that the appointment could be fully guaranteed. The party would be held responsible, and the party, therefore, should fill the otlice. There was no criticism of Judge Jackson in any wise affecting his professional equip ment. It was contened that he was a good man and a good lawyer. JSul, be ing a democrat of thorough training and deep conviction, ho be ex pected to take a democratic view of public questions in general. There would be a risk in this, these republican leaders s;ii L They earn eastly advised the appointment of a republican one whose training hud imbued him with convictions from the republican standpoint. President Harrison, putting all of these suggestions aside, stood upon the simple proposition that politics must not be permitted to obtrude in matters respecting the bench, so he selected Judge Jackson, a democrat, to succeed Judge La mar, a democrat. The 1'renent Interesting Points. There has now arisen one of those very interesting and important points upon which toitical parties divide. The repabllcau party, as a party, is against the income tax. The demo cratic party, as a party, i3 for the tax. The supreme court, without Judge Jackson, is evenly divided on the question of the constitutionality of the law. Judge Jackson is called upon to cast the deciding vote. The law would stand without his vote, but public sentiment demands a majority vote of the court one way or the other. If Judye Jackson is in favor of the tax republican leaders who opposed his ap pointment will, it is predicted, at once revive the fact of their opposition and insist that had their advice been taken and a good sound republican selected the tax would have been overthrown. These men are all anti-Harrison men as respects next year's presidential nominations of their party. The Jack son appointment was one of many to which the3 objected. They are organ izing to oppose him again should the movement in his behalf for next year take formidable shape, and every cir cumstance susceptible of use against him is being tabulated and filed away. Hut there is also the other side of the problem. If Judge Jackson decides against the tax it will be equally in the power of the Harrison men to claim for their favorite a share in the felicitation that will follow in republican circles. Heal Situation Not lITecteri. Nothing, of course, in all this will in anywise affect the real situation. Judge Jackson will pass upon the ques tion without regard to politics, or the source from which his official commis sion came. Nor does the fact that he is a democrat signify. Judge Harlan, who is a staunch republican, voted to uphold the law, while Judge Field, who is a democrat, gave the law one of the most resounding blows ever heard in the supreme court chamber. Politics are undoubtedly barred in the court on the income tax proposition. SILVER MEN DETERMINED. In Tela the Free ColuHge Faction of the Legislature Stnnd Firm. ArsTix, Tex., April . The lil to 1 silver men of the legislature held a cau cus last night at which they declared themselves unequivocally in favor of free and unlimited coinage of silver u the ratio of 10 to 1. This action is ex pected to lead within the next two years, to a permanent split in the de mocracy of Texas, and give the popu lists the reign of power. Ex-l" sited States Senator John Reagau has estab lished himself as leader of the new sil ver party and it is believed he will be nominated for governor in IH'M. COTTON MILL FOR ATLANTA. Use With a Ten Thousand Spindle Capaci ty Proponed. Atlasi'a, April 20. Announcement of the plans for the early establishment of a ten thousand spindle cotton mill was made here yesterday. The rniii will be established on the Chuttahoo chee river six miles from Atlanta, by the Whittier cotton mill company, of Lowell, Mass., assisted by local capi talists. W. li. R. Whittier, and Paul Ilutlnr of Lowell, are principal stock holders with several Atlanta capitalists in the deal. Work will be begun on May loth. Large Phosphate Shipment I rom Florida. PrsTA Corda, Fla., April 27. The steamship Undaunted, Elcoate master, has cleared for London with a cargo of 4,352 tons of phosphate. It is the lar gest cargo of phosphate ever shipped from a Florida port. The vessel was loaded in seven days. The NewspaperMen to be Trleil. Washington, April 20. District At torney Birney has given notice that he will today move the district court to set a day for the trial of Shrlyer and Edwards, the recalcitrant newspaper witnesses before the senate investi gating committee. Old Base Ball Man l.-au. Denver, April 20. "Long John" Ew ing. brother of the famous "Ruck Liv ing, and at one time pitcher for the New York base ball club, hai just died in this city of consumption. The re mains will be shipped to Cincinnati. Pitcher's Castorla. UNPARRALLELED IN BASENESS. 1 athor I'helan of St. Lonlo Opeoly ! liiilHirril For Ills Siamler. AsniRY, Park. N. J., April '.J.-In the Westminister church of Asbury Park last night a petition wa circu lated among the congregation as fol lows: To IU Reverence, M .:;-,i..-s...: S;iit.Ui, Cjuiio hV t',!o..i ,ii.; V...s:.:iu-:.n. D. (': We tho un .1iTsH;neu. Christian Kadeavor. ut Abnry P:irk. X. j.. rtH-et tally call your ai'.-;nl;on t.i tlie V.-lr!-.. fills,. 1:11, Kli.i;.e'.Vi: si .Itt'.rif'it p'lti'.l.MiiM t-, 1'ioh. r I'hi'Ii-.n. cue of Vriesis in St. I.t. This hase au-J iurM'u.v.i hl' - nuile upon tu.-re tban inrro Ri!l!i-R Jiiuii,, earnest. Qouiy wiitl irrc 1 , ;irl:i able villus Ciiri.,t!ans la Ani.-rii-a. It is uu parelleieil lu I'h l uM-nti. and enormity jtn.t Khoultl i-cnsl'n its author toevurHsttn : ii famy !!!ld eOlUUUiH,. WO !!,( f.-'.-Y I .", liw Iir.itMimiri! which it lu ir.u il ! lii-KnuVi!, unfrocktitl iui di:p.;Mt'.U from the hurti position u nic h lif has cp -kr.t!.!ss!y -JWrruced. Wo me eni-ouraucd to mukv this petition fri'm the iiiany protestations which y..u. as we!i as the Holy See you ably repici nt, have r'entiy fu!2y anil earnestly; win full conlHU-no that you" will irive it iinirn-i'iit'te ami Cartful ConsiiliTHtioi. THE VY2.ALTHY HEAD THE LIST. About Twenty IVj iVi't 11hv,i I :-.IUmI lo Miike Income Tax itetnroH. Washington, April 'ii Revised cal culations indicate that about it) per cent of the persons subject to the iu come tax have failed to make the re turn prescribed by the law. The lirst estimate placed the numltcr "f del in fluents at about 10 per cent. Each day adds to the ditlienlties and perplexities in the enforcement of the einusculated statute. Although secrecy is properly observed y the olUeiuls in regard to individual cases, it is generally under stood that manj of the wealthiest men iu the country have ignored the law completely. This is said to be particu larly the case with several well-known millionaires, whose incomes are deriv ed mainly from rents. The Vanderbilts are classed in this category, and sever al rich men in Philadelphia, P.altimore and this city are said to have failed to inform the internal revenue odieers of the character and extent of their in come. EXCITEMENT IN NICARAGUA. Inri-Hsh:R Interest roit. cl St:tti I rtliure . to N.-cure. Kixlilica ion. London, April '.:. Advices received here fnrn Managua state that the ex citement throughout Nicaragua in creases, ilreat disappointment is ex pressed at the failure of the United States to secure some modification of Great Itritain's terms. While the con servative course pursued by the Wash ington government was fully expected by President Zallaya and his cabinet, in view of the information furnished to them by the Nicaragua n minister at Washington, ti e people generally be lieved that the l.'nited States would in terfere. The Xicaraguan government is exerting itself to restrain the popu lace. No indication has yet been given of an immediate intention - to pay the indemnity, although the continued oc cupation of (Joriuto must sooner or later prove vry embarrassing to Nica ragua. " " 4 D'SREGA ROi T H E IN J U NOTION iispnsitry t omtalileji Coutlnae to Conlls rate l-iijino- Shijip 1 to south ( arollna. Coi.i'MiiiA. S. C. April Follow iug out his declaration of intention to dis regard Judge (hdii's temporary injunc tion, restraining all state, county and municipal orlieers frotri interfering with liquor shippe.l into this state. whiie in transit and in the hands of coiisi.Tuees until May liovernor Evans" liquor co-v-tables vesterdav af ternoon sebed .1 barrel of bottled beer, shipped by express from Augusta. Ga., to I). J. (iolde. this city. They broke it open and conveyed its confiscated contents to the tate tli.spensary. State liquor commissioner Mixson yes terday issued a circular to constables commanding them to be particularly vigilant in detecting and seizing liq uors. The further action of United States Judges is awaited with the keenest in'erest. THE EVICTIONS AT PULLMAN, Without Work ami ilolnml in Kent, the Old Workmen Must iio. Chicago, April '.'0. One hundred and fifty families at Pullman, who have paid no rent to tle Pullman company since the beginning of tne groat strike, have been served with notices of evic tion. All of the heads of these fami lies were employed in the shops before the strike, but none of them was able to get back. The Pullman ollieials say there is no "black list," but by an odd coincidence certain men are invariably told that there no work for them while other men are taken on even while the foreman is asserting that no more help is needed. The man who is blamed for this is Manager Mi Idleton. The sufferers believe that Mr. Pulitr.uu is ignorant of their condition. CONFEDERATE DEAD HONORED. .Sunday Memorial iixercliies tii Atlanta At teiKle.l I V tireat (.roivils. Atlanta. April -!'.). --Memorial day was observed here yesterday by tlie greatest crowd in the history of Atlan ta. The procession that marched to the cemetery win more than a mile in length. The streets were filled for miles with spectators. The ceremo nies at the cemetery were unusually impressive and Mr. L. L. Knight, the gifted young orator of the day, distin guished himself by his excellent ad- ot Yet I.eurneil of the Treaty. London, April 27. I n the house of commons yesterday Sir Edward Grey, under foreign secretary, announced that the government had not yet learn ed the conditions of tlw China-Japanese treaty of peace, but would communi cate them to the house whenever they should be received. Uprising of Indians in North Dakota. WiMVKft, Man.. April A special from Killarney says an uprising of half breeds and Indians is reported to have occurred at St. Juhns, North Dakota, just river the Manitoba boundary liue One Canadian settler living near the border was compelled to ilee to save his scalp The Mi-aru(Uin Government V t Silent. J Coi.ov. Col., April 27. Advices re- j ccivtd here from Nicaragua are to the ! effect that at 9 o'clock this morn- j ing the Nicaraguan government had j not handed its reply to the Uritish ad mirul. Printer shot by ills Wife. 1 avansah. (iu.. April 2'1. Milton J. ! Schvvcig;irt, ft. reman of the Evening 1 U illi tiu, was shot through the heart ! atei instantly kil'ud by his wife yes ' tenia v morning at three o'clock. SILVER INTDE WEST John Mayo Palmer Talks of the 16 to 1 Sentiment. HOLDS THE REISS OF DEMOCRACY. The Son of the Venerable Senator Thinks tne Movement la Ci rowing, and Be lieves tlie Uppoucuts of Sil ver Lack Organization. Chicago, April 29. John Mayo Pal mer, a son of United States Senator Palmer, and a member of the executive committee of the Honest Money league. returned yesterday from Spriuptield. Speaking of the silver sentiment throughout Illinois, Mr. Palmer said: The sentiment, in favor of the free 11ml tm limiteil coinaiie of silver at the ratio of 10 to 1. without International conference or a;ree i:ieet. si ems to have roinpkto possession ol the iemoer;n-y of Illinoise outside of Cook county. 1 oonferrei) with men of 11)! similes ol opinion u;w.'! Ihis suhject. w ith republican 11s well :.s lieino,-rats. I bilked with rciml'ncniu hei uiise sometimes lookers on se;; more of !h game than the players. 1 met old fri-n.l- with whom 1 ci.iilit talk coiiilileniially. und not the imiiression that, while thire is u verv stit'iij anl res;vvtaUe. sentiment throughout t'.n .t:ite iu opposition to this currency Ue -cry. yet the opponents of lii to I. are without or iruniz itioii. liiuiaiMiliy williout :ei:?itio3 ti su-il nml are singularly silent, hit' tin siiver men are vigorous, active ami f.'j;ressiv: It seems to me utterly impossible that tti. opMiirnts of 1(1 to I silver. RhouP! thi-y t:ik part iu tho June convent !on. could make uiij serious impression. Tin; convention will uu fpiesiiouuoly declare in favor of 1" lo 1 without conference, with nnv nation. Wo ot. po.-e tiiat. view, alllioiiuli ihi-e are il.f lercii.'es .? opinion uiaou.: us. will, as a ru:t take n pan in the convent ion, although in f.ome cMintu s iU le-.':itii.:i i will ' sent eom-po-i; 1 of lending' men. reprc.-.etitiil:' views wholly irrespective of t:.e sentiment in till particular locality. FOREIGN MARKET BULLETINS lisuril by t he AKrlcult iirl I r our! nu n Knihracin Amriemi I'ro.luels. Wasiiim; ton, April '27. The secre tary of agriculture will in about ten days begin the publication au i distri bution of a series of bulletins relative to the foreign ni.irkets for the ngricul tural products of the Dn.ted States letters were sent to the American con suls the world over last fall asking foi replies t" certain 'jnestions relative t the consumption in the loeiiitie-.. It which thcv nre credited, of meats cerenls. dairy pro-iuets. eoUon. toliaeeo. fruits, li.'piors. seeds, etc.; v!;cre they are procured, prices, etc. and all olhet statistical information. The bulletins it is believed, will be of great value ti all persons seeking foreign markets foi their products, as it wiil enable therr to select the most advantageous murk ets and give them in advance all the information desired relative to tht prices asked and received by their com petitors. CARLISLE WILL BE THERE. Ills Secretary Miys ill Knt Spe:tk in Kentucky I mil After the ton vent ion. '..Washington, April 20. Various an nouncement have lwori mndu in Ken tucky and elsewhere ihut Secretary Carlisle will participate in the Ken tucky campaign. It is stated by Mr. Vangcnden, the private secretary to Secretary Carlisle, that lie will partici pate in the campaign, but not until af ter the state convention, which will be held the latter part of June. The sec retary may, however, see fit to exereisa his influence it: a quiet way befc re the convention meets and close friends are not at all convinced that the secretary j may not be induced to ; peak iu the cam- j paign before the meeting of the state convention. THERE IS A CRISIS IN PEKIN. The Itatltlrnllon of the Japnu i'emie Treaty Very I'mtTtaln. London, April 2tt. The Central News correspondent in Shanghai sends this j dispatch: A I'ekin telegram says there j is a crisis mere. rome 01 me gener als favor war, and the censors, who ob ject to Li Hung Chang and the treaty negotiated by him contend that the yielding of territory ought to diminish the indemnity. The ratification is un certain. The officials will leave the de cision to the emperor. If the treaty be ratified, trouble in the army is likely. It is reported that Formosa will not be ceded, hut only the Pescadores. The new ports have been changed to Chung King, Han Chow, Koo Chow, and SSha She. I JAPAN AND THE JOINT PROTEST , I'ntrue Thnt the I jtlrr I! ,m ll. eu Aiinwer eI ('onitiM-nt. Lonimin, April 20 The Times cor respondent in itcrlin learns that it is untrue that .Tai:in has answered the joint protest. The Hamburger Naeh-r-.ehtcn ( Lismarekinn) in com men ting on the protest, says it hopes that (ler many's policy wiil be primarily tort main in touch with ltussia anil second ly with the otthcr xwers mainly con cerned, but to avoid even the appear ance of gravitating in any way toward the English sphere of interest. NICARAGU AN CANAL BOARD. The Organization l'rrr-iul ami Will Sail for the IsthMiiiM Neit lin k. j Wahiiinoton', April ii. The Nicara-j guan canal engineering board organ- . issed yesterday morning at the war de partment. No ofticers were elected as Colonel Ludlow, it is understood, will : act as chairman and disbursing otiieer. j The hoard will arrange to go to New York to examine the plans, and hope to ! getaway for khe isthmus early nextj week. Application will lie made for the attaching to the commission of u j naval surgeon. , Vblt f Wtf'hlntrtou Correipomli'titN. Washington, April 19. The corre spondents' excursion to Atlanta, Chat tanooga and other points is rnater hi lin ing in a most satisfactory manner. The party will be confined strictly to the professional correal 'Midents located at Washington, who go primarily to At lanta at the invitation of the fair man agers. There will he about 150 people in the party, one-third being ladies. The itinerary includes stops at Atlanta Chittauoog-.!., Kuuxvilie un.t Ashcville. Highest cf all ia Leavening THE LATEST ODTRAGE which the people of the South are resenting, is the efforts of po:iie to sell them imitations for the real Simmons Liver Regu lator, because they make more motiey by the imitation ; and they care little that they swindle the people iu selling them an inferior article. It's the money they are after, and the people can look out for themselves. Now tii is is just what the people are doing, and merchants are tiaving a hard time trying to get people to take the EtufF they offer them in place of Simmons Liver Reg ulator which is the "King of Liver Malicincs," because it never fails to give relief in all liver troubles. Be sure that you get Simmons Liver Regulator. You kmw it by r2g the same old stamp ft3a-4 J of the Red 7. on the RyK package. I c has fs never fail ed you, Cifciand people who have WggS? been per- Miadc-1 to tnk-j Homething else have aiw-iys com-.; back again to The Old Friend. Better not take rrr tliiiii; elsr but that made by J. , Zeilin & Co., rhiladelphia. Miners Strike tn the M:tilion D'ntrlrt. Canton, (., April '29. Another strike of miners in the Massillon district ! imminent. The arbitration scale of (ill cents accepted under protest last fall by the miners expires Jlay 1. All workers ure ordered out on thai date and to remain out until further order from the eoaventiou, which meets in Colu!nlus,-May 3. North Citrullna for M Hitiy. Wasihnotox, April i!7. Senator Pritcliard, of North Carolina, who is in the city, says he believes the next na tional convention will have a solid re publican delegation from North Caro lina in favor of McKinley for president, although Reed has many friends there. Senator IVitchard also believe that North Carolina will send a free coinage 1 delegation to the convention. Kpi'akor C'rlup Aminumvi for f II ior. Atlanta, C.a., April 2f. Speaker Crisp is out in an interview on the tinaneial question in which he declare himself in favor of the free coinage of silver. lie believes that the common people of all sections and of all partiee favor the restoration of the free coin age of silver, and that the pHrty rep resenting this demand will succeed iti the presidential tight in ts;.J. Treasury (Jold ltrnt rvo Iiit-rcMd. YVahiiimoton, April 27. The treasury gold reserve yesterday was increased by 8418,841 to ?yi,li(i,251 ; $B5,000 of which crime in the ordinary course o. business and S?:!;!8,M from the lielmont-. Morgan syndicate. The syndicate" still owes the government over tC,OO0,OlO on its contract but it is said to be still ahead of the terms of its agreement. ri-OKjMrtty Ah iol ut this 9?aitu(ifinrn. I'-oston, April 27. - The legislature recioved a message from Coventor (Jreenhalge recommending ait appro priation for tin exhibition at the At lanta exposition. Everybody is en couraged because of the improvement in the business condition, and it ia thought a period of prosperity is before the manufacturers. Jury In the "Oolilltrlck" Case IHiMgree. Kic-mioxo, Va., April 21. The jury in the ease of Smith alias Tarker. who was tried for swindling A. F. Withers out of 550,000 iu a gold brick transac tion, failed to ngree and were dischar ged yesterday They had been locked up for a week. They stood ten for ten years, two for one year. Machinery for the New SIlll at Until. ArousTA, Ca., April 27. Hon. Chan. Estes, treasurer of thu Aiken manu facturing company, has contracted for machinery for the new cotUm mill at Hath, S. in course of construc tion. The mill vv'ill start with fifteen thousand spindles and will make a bus grade of goods. The Florida Stainji Thief Arr.stft; Cof.nsnirs, (Ja., Aprft Vesterdn-v A. J. Messer was arrested in this city by a deputy marshal 01 a charge of bnrglarizinir 1he post oilleo at Deil wood, Fla.. miiiii' months ago. He got off with considera !'ie ea-h uml a largo number of stamp- and about six weeks ago he v;:s traced to tlos city with his wife but his ex.iot when-a Ixnsts could not be diseovcred until a few davs rrn 4ntlir itnuiur i lint r sli.ii:t Will Kt-algt Wasuimix, April 'i'.f.A rumor l.s in circululiou about the ca pilot Lo the elfect that Seerctary of State (ocsham Will resign his ottiee within th-. next few months and aecept the presieyTey of the I'ulliiian I'a lace Car Coiopaiiy at as alary of '.'5, 000 :i year. t ape 1 . itr aii-l Yitkln Valley i:erair;xatl.n Hai.ti.moki;, Md., April 27. The re organization committea of tba Cape Fear and Yadkin Valley railroad, rnndo W. IL KlaeUburn chairman, met yes terday and a settlement was reached with representatives of the North State Improvement company v, ho were pres ent. This remove the only obstacle to the reorganization of the road and the committee hojM's to secure a decree of foreclosure in June. Mr. II. I. Kimball IHail. Atlanta, April "'.1. H. I. KimbulJ, a prominent and wealthy hotel list and the builder of the Kimball house in this city died yesterday. He was a res ident of this city several years. Vitit jre Amtlier. Of all foolish things, the most inex cusable is ior grown men to call each other by harsh epithets. Tower. Latest U.S. Gov't Report PURE

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